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Liquid purification or separation September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 38 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20110233116 - Water separator: A water separator for continuous separation of water, air and particles includes an inlet pipe, an outlet pipe, an upper chamber connected with a lower chamber, and a three-way valve located in an air connection pipe being adapted to establish a connection between the upper and lower chambers in a... Agent:

20110233117 - Multi filter lubricant purification system: A lubricant reclamation configuration includes a series of fluid inlets that distribute the fluid to a series of parallel arrangement of individual filter assemblies. A filter control valve assembly is assembled between the distribution manifold and each respective filter assembly individually controlling fluid flow between the distribution manifold and each... Agent: Puradyn Filter Technologies Inc.

20110233118 - Sports bottle device with filter isolated from filtered fluid: A sports bottle device including a pair of compartments forming filtered and unfiltered chambers, a filter in the unfiltered chamber and an isolation device isolating the filter from the filtered chamber.... Agent:

20110233119 - Sports bottle device with filter isolated from filtered fluid: A sports bottle device including a pair of compartments forming filtered and unfiltered chambers, a filter in the unfiltered chamber, an isolation device isolating the filter from the filtered chamber and a piston pump for pumping fluid to the filtered chamber.... Agent:

20110233120 - Food scrap strainer: A food scrap strainer includes a housing, a first straining basket disposed within a lower portion of the housing, and a second straining basket disposed within the housing above the first straining basket. The housing includes a first retaining portion and a second retaining portion. The first basket includes a... Agent:

20110233121 - Permeable capsule: This invention designed a Permeable Capsule to make the traditional pavements such as asphalt, concrete, stone pavers to become permeable to stormwater. Permeable Capsule reduces water pollution and replenishes groundwater in paved areas. Permeable Capsule allows traditional asphalt, concrete, as well as block-pavers (existing or new) surfaces to become permeable.... Agent:

20110233122 - In-tank filter of fuel pump moudle: Provided is an in-tank filter, which is a component of a fuel pump module positioned in a fuel tank of a vehicle, etc., to supply fuel to an engine. The in-tank filter includes: a filter media filtering foreign materials; an upper container made of a synthetic resin material and having... Agent: Coavis

20110233123 - Apparatus, system, and method for filtration of a dosing fluid in an exhaust aftertreatment system: An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for a filter for filtering a dosing fluid in an exhaust aftertreatment system. The filter may comprise a dosing tank configured to contain a dosing fluid, a filter media disposed within the dosing tank, and a support structure supporting the filter media to... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

20110233124 - Acidic water and its use for drainage or separation of solids: The present invention relates to an aqueous composition, which has a pH value of 6.0-9.0 and which contains salts or esters or both of carbonic acid at a concentration, which is at least 0.01% calculated from the total weight of the aqueous composition, and flocculants, coagulants, or microparticles or a... Agent:

20110233125 - Systems and methods of creating a biofilm for the reduction of water contamination: In some embodiments, a system may reduce contaminants in water. A system may include a biofilm in a container. The biofilm may be formed from one or more bacteria coupled to one or more substrates. The bacteria may be selected to maximize the reduction of contaminants in water. The system... Agent: Sam Houston State University

20110233127 - Profiled strip and separating assembly formed therefrom: A profiled strip for the installation in honeycomb-like separator packages and a honeycomb-like separator package formed by a plurality of profiled strips are described. The profiled strip has two long base sides and two connection sides. It is distinguished by the fact that a single groove connection portion is respectively... Agent:

20110233126 - Reverse osmosis pressure vessel end cap assembly: A reverse osmosis pressure vessel end cap assembly includes a seal plate positioned within a pressure vessel shell, with one or more load plates positioned to retain the seal plate in position. A load ring is captured or expanded by the load plates to secure the load ring into a... Agent:

20110233128 - Separator assembly: A novel separator assembly for a spiral flow reverse osmosis apparatus is provided. In one embodiment, the separator assembly comprises a central core element comprising at least two permeate exhaust conduits and not comprising a concentrate exhaust conduit. Each permeate exhaust conduit defines an exhaust channel and one or more... Agent: General Electric Company

20110233129 - Fuel filter for motor vehicle: A fuel filter for motor vehicle, with a filter housing, a fuel inlet and a fuel outlet formed in the housing, as well as a cylindrical filter element arranged in the filter housing, and in a given case with terminal elements closing the ends of the filter element in a... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20110233130 - Method and arrangement for fixing an endless wire: The invention relates to a method and an arrangement for fixing an endless wire (2) to a cylindrical drum (1). The endless wire (2) is shrunk around the whole circumference of the cylindrical drum (1), such that the edge portions (3) of the endless wire (2) are located near the... Agent: Metso Paper, Inc.

20110233131 - Filtering and condensing apparatus of suction type: A filtering and condensing apparatus of a suction type comprises a sludge tank for containing sludge to be filtered and condensed, and a plurality of filtering plates aligned with each other so as to be disposed to be adjacent to each other in the sludge tank. Each plane portion of... Agent: Metawater Co., Ltd.

20110233132 - Self-cleaning screen assembly for filtering irrigation water: A self-cleaning screen includes a rotatable drum made of mesh material and an inlet pipe extending through a front end of the drum. A flotation structure supports the drum with the inlet pipe and the lower part of the drum submerged during use. A cleaning spray system located within the... Agent:

20110233133 - Direct flow filter including an integrated flexible seal: A direct flow filter has a first portion and second portion that are flexibly coupled along a joint that comprises a flexible sealing strip.... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

20110233134 - Feedwell assembly for clarifier: A feedwell assembly is provided to assist in evenly distributing a source liquid to a clarifier and for dissipating the energy of the source liquid during flocculation is provided. The feedwell assembly comprises a downwardly extending influent pipe providing a source liquid containing solids. An outer pipe surrounds a portion... Agent: Lula-westfield, LLC

20110233135 - Density baffle for clarifier tank: A baffle system for a clarifier tank where the tank has a tank bottom, a periphery and a substantially vertical peripheral wall bounding the interior of the tank, said tank having an effluent channel. The baffle system includes a plurality of baffles mounted on the clarifier tank, each baffle having... Agent:

20110233136 - Water treatment process: The present invention provides a process for treating water that comprises chloride ions, other ions (e.g., ferrous ions, sulfide ions, or sulfite ions) and microorganisms.... Agent: Auxsol, Inc.

20110233137 - Systems and methods for purification of liquids: The present disclosure provides methods and systems for purifying liquids. In a particular implementation, the system includes a forward-osmosis unit for diluting a water source for a downstream desalination unit. A pretreatment unit may be located hydraulically upstream of the desalination unit, such as upstream or downstream of the forward-osmosis... Agent:

20110233138 - Polymer composition and dialysis membrane formed from the polymer composition: A biocompatible polymer composition suited to forming a dialysis membrane includes a matrix material and at least one xanthone. The composition may be formed into a membrane for inserting into a dialyzer filter whereby free radicals in the fluid are removed by the membrane.... Agent: The University Of Akron

20110233139 - Treatment of water: A process for treating impure water includes adding magnesium hydroxide and/or ammonium hydroxide to the water. This neutralizes the impure water and reacts with dissolved metals in the water. The metals are precipitated as metal hydroxides/oxides, which are removed from the water. Thereafter barium hydroxide is added to the water.... Agent: Tshwane University Of Technology

20110233140 - Water deflection silt collection system: A device for removing silt from flowing water by temporarily slowing the water enough to permit silt to settle naturally to the bottom is disclosed. The water may be slowed by a combination of increased depth and obstructions in the form of rough rocks and chain link fencing.... Agent:

20110233141 - Wastewater treatment system and methods for constructing the same: A wastewater treatment system capable of reducing or eliminating point discharge. The wastewater treatment system includes a wastewater treatment unit and a wastewater treatment lagoon in fluid communication with the wastewater treatment unit. The wastewater treatment lagoon can be located at a higher elevation than the wastewater treatment unit. The... Agent:

20110233143 - Mobile flowback water treatment system: Disclosed is a process for reclamation of waste fluids. A conditioning container is employed for receipt of waste material on a continuous flow for treatment within the container by immersible transducers producing ultrasonic acoustic waves in combination with a high level of injected ozone. The invention discloses a cost efficient... Agent:

20110233142 - Water purification system and method: A water purification system and method for removing inorganic, organic and biological species from water. The system and method involve simultaneous treatment of water using mild heat, a photoactive catalyst such as titanium dioxide and UV irradiation.... Agent:

20110233144 - Solids removal system and method: The present invention is directed to a method and apparatus for improved separation or clarification of solids from a solids-laden liquid. Entrained gasses can also be removed. A liquid to be treated is introduced into the inlet of a solid-liquid separator modified to include one or more sources of vibrational... Agent:

20110233145 - Calcium hypochlorite compositions comprising zinc salts and lime: The present invention is directed to a water treatment composition, comprising: 35-95 wt % calcium hypochlorite; 1 to 50 wt % magnesium sulfate or a hydrate thereof; 0.1 to 10 wt % lime; and 0.1 to 55 wt % of a water soluble zinc salt or a hydrate thereof; wherein... Agent:

20110233146 - Synergistic wastewater odor control composition, systems, and related methods therefor: Some aspects of the invention can involve compositions, systems, and related techniques that control or reduce objectionable odor characteristics of a body or a stream of wastewater. The compositions, systems, and related techniques can comprise one or more compounds that adjust metabolic activity of at least a portion of microorganisms... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

20110233147 - Method and apparatus for producing high-purity water from low-purity water: A method produces high-purity water from low-purity water, which is not limited to seawater but includes sewage. The method includes having one or more types of gases capable of forming gas hydrates and low-purity water come into contact under conditions in which the temperature is higher than the freezing point... Agent: Cdm Consulting Co., Ltd.

20110233148 - Filter apparatus and filter plate system: A filter apparatus comprises a filter having first and second opposed surfaces. A first reservoir is positioned adjacent with the first surface and in communication with the first surface, and a first inlet-outlet port is in communication with the first reservoir and spaced from the first surface. A second reservoir... Agent: Stemcell Technologies Inc.

20110233149 - Skimmer, barge and methods for recovering and transferring heavy oil or bitumen: Skimmers, barges and related methods recover heavy oil or bitumen from contaminated water environments such as tailings ponds. The skimmer has an articulated mesh-like conveyor driven around a drum by a drive sprocket. A pusher mechanism discharges bitumen or heavy oil from cavities in the conveyor. In one embodiment, the... Agent: Environment Recovery Equipment (6859194 Canada Ltd.)

20110233150 - Centrifugal fluid filtration devices, systems, and methods: Fluid filtration devices, systems and methods are disclosed. The device comprises, for example, an influent feed tube; an influent receiving bowl in fluid communication with the influent feed tube; and a plurality of radial arms having filters therein configured to rotate about an axis within the influent receiving bowl. The... Agent:

20110233151 - Cross flow filter device: Cross flow filter device comprising a longitudinal first filter element (1) having a first width (w1) and a longitudinal central axis (8), a longitudinal second filter element (2) having a second width (w2) and being longitudinally installed substantially concentrically inside said first filter element (1), a housing (3) surrounding said... Agent: M. Eurlings Inabata Europe Sa Bekaert Advanced Filtration

20110233152 - Multi-layer coalescing media having a high porosity interior layer and uses thereof: Disclosed are coalescing media for coalescing a mixture of two phases, namely a continuous phase and a dispersed phase. The disclosed coalescing media has multiple layers with distinct porosities, where an interior layer of the coalescing media has a higher porosity than the layers immediately adjacent to the interior layer.... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

20110233153 - Radial flow column: Aspects and embodiments of the present invention are directed to apparatus and methods of filtering a fluid to reduce a level of at least one contaminant therein. The filtering of the fluid may be accomplished with a radial flow filtration column comprising a fluid chamber having an inlet, an outlet,... Agent: Siemens Pte. Ltd.

09/22/2011 > 29 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20110226680 - Heat exchanger and method for heat exchanging: A method for exchanging heat between an effluent fluid and a blood fluid and a heat exchanger for heat exchange. The heat exchanger comprises a first and a second fluid circuit extending through the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger further comprises a stack of fluid plates and a membrane arranged... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20110226679 - Sink-side filter: The present invention is a liquid filter that includes a removable filter cartridge that is easily accessible for quick, easy replacement, the filter being installed directly adjacent to or preferably in direct contact with the sink itself utilizing the opening originally intended for the spray attachment on the sink, or,... Agent: Protect Plus, LLC

20110226681 - Ballast water treatment system: A system for treatment of ballast water used in a ship includes a filtering unit which filters the ballast water taken into a ship; an ultraviolet treatment unit for sterilizing the ballast water filtered by the filtering unit by using ultraviolet rays; and a control unit for controlling the filtering... Agent: Panasia Co., Ltd.

20110226682 - Methods and apparatus for a pool treatment and water system: A pool/spa water treatment system may include a pump and a pool filter. The pump may include a pump inlet and a pump outlet. The pump inlet and outlet may be aligned on a first axis or within a first vertical plane. The pool filter may be offset a select... Agent: Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.

20110226683 - Sewage treatment system: A sewage treatment system is revealed. Water with contaminants is drawn from sources to the sewage treatment system for automatic and fast water purification. Thus clean drinking water is generated. The water with contaminants is sent to a treatment tank by a motor. Then non-toxic and odorless chemicals are sprayed... Agent:

20110226684 - Water purification system and apparatus: A water purification system including at least: a water purification apparatus comprising one or more water purification components to provide a purified water stream, the apparatus having one or more user-operable controls; a programmable controller in the water purification apparatus, and connected to the user-operable control(s) for receiving control commands... Agent: Velia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20110226685 - Fluid purification systems and methods: Apparatuses and methods for removing volatiles from fluid systems. The apparatuses and methods include evaporator sections. The apparatuses and methods may furthermore include a heater disposed at least in part in the evaporator section, which may have a ridge on its surface. The apparatuses and methods may furthermore include an... Agent: Next Generation Filtration Systems, Lp

20110226686 - Gas transfer device and use of a structured membrane: The invention relates to a gas transfer device comprising at least two chambers and at least one gas-permeable and liquid-impermeable membrane, wherein the chambers are separated from one another by the membrane(s), and wherein the membrane(s) is/are structured on at least one side and channels and/or branching structures, in particular... Agent: Novalung Gmbh

20110226687 - System and method for uniformly distributing a fluid through a filter bed in a filter: A system and method for uniformly distributing fluids (e.g., washing and in-service) through a filter bed of a filter. The system and method of the present invention can be used with any type of filter that uses media to remove impurities from a fluid. The filter bed can include one... Agent:

20110226688 - Liquid filter arrangements and methods: A liquid filter arrangement is provided, as well as methods of assembly and use. Advantageous features, relating to a preferred filter cartridge and a preferred slide arrangement, are provided.... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20110226689 - Separation membrane and method for producing the same: A separation membrane including a separation-functional layer is provided, wherein the separation-functional layer contains a polyvinylidene fluoride-type resin having a melt viscosity of 3,300 Pa·s or more, and also the separation-functional layer has a three-dimensional network structure. A separation membrane is provided having high virus removal performance, high pure water... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20110226690 - Polymer blend, polymer solution composition and fibers spun from the polymer blend and filtration applications thereof: The invention relates to a web or filter structure such as the filtration media comprising a collection of fiber comprising a first polymer and a second polymer in a fine fiber or fine fiber web structure. The combination of two polymers provides improved fiber rheology in that the fiber has... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20110226691 - Filter device: A filter device is disclosed. The device includes at least one substantially flat filter media that may be encapsulated between non-permeable films. Some embodiments comprise ports for introducing a fluid to be filtered and for evacuating the filtered fluid. Various substrates may be employed therein in cooperation with the at... Agent:

20110226692 - Oil-water separator with self-priming pump: an upper portion of the rough separation portion, a portion above the main separation portion, and an upper portion of the water discharge portion are put in communication in a manner enabling venting and air that has entered into the separator portion is sucked and discharged by the self-priming liquid... Agent: World Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110226693 - Separator for separating solids from an influent: A separator 2 for separating solids, such as grit, from an influent, such as water, the tray assembly 4 comprising a plurality of nested tray units 14 which are spaced apart from one another along a vertical separator axis 16. Each tray unit 14 comprises a substantially conical tray 18,... Agent:

20110226694 - Methods of reducing radiotoxicity in aqueous acidic solutions and a reaction system for same: A method of reducing radiotoxicity in an aqueous acidic solution is disclosed. The method comprises oxidizing actinide ions in an aqueous acidic solution to hexavalent actinide ions. An organic phase comprising at least one organophosphorus extractant is added to the aqueous acidic solution. The at least one organophosphorus extractant comprises... Agent: Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC

20110226695 - Method for producing fresh water: Provided is a method for producing fresh water, having a plurality of desalination processes in parallel where raw water or pre-treated raw water is treated by a first semi-permeable membrane unit, and the resulting permeate of which a pH is raised is treated in the second semi-permeable membrane unit, comprising:... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20110226696 - Polyurethane oil de-emulsification unit: A process for separating an aqueous emulsion including an aqueous phase and an non-aqueous phase into separated aqueous and non-aqueous phases, to provide a recovered non-aqueous phase, and to provide a recovered aqueous phase containing an acceptable level of the non-aqueous phase. In the process, at least one body, and... Agent:

20110226698 - Dynamic filtration: A novel dynamic filtration method and apparatus reduce the bio fouling and the scaling on the membrane surface during separation processes. A membrane separator is rotated while receiving feed to be separated into a component and waste. Because of the reduction in bio fouling and scaling on the membrane surface,... Agent:

20110226697 - Functional nanofibers and methods of making and using the same: The present invention is directed to functional nanofibers, methods of making the functional nanofibers, and products such as filters and membranes comprising mats of the functional nanofibers.... Agent: Nano Terra Inc.

20110226699 - Nanoporous silica polyamine composites with surface-bound zirconium (iv) and methods of use: Silica polyamine composites (SPC) made from silanized amorphous nano-porous silica gel and poly(allylamine) (BP-1) were functionalized with phosphorus acid using the Mannich reaction, resulting in a phosphonic acid modified composite (BPAP). Zirconium (IV) was immobilized on BPAP. Arsenate anions strongly adsorbed on the ZrBPAP composite in the pH range 2... Agent:

20110226700 - Reduced copper sulphide sorbent for removing heavy metals: A sorbent, suitable for removing heavy metals, particularly mercury, from fluid streams containing a reductant such as hydrogen and/or carbon monoxide, is in the form of a shaped unit containing ≦0.1% by weight in total of heavy metal selected from mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium and antimony, and 4-75% by weight... Agent: Johnson Matthey PLC

20110226701 - Enhancing sedimentation performance of clarifiers/thickeners: Some mineral processing plants encounter difficulties in dewatering pulps using clarifier/thickener (C/T) equipment due to a layer of fine particles, air bubbles and chemicals formed at the top of the liquid in the thickener. Such layers are very stable and form a cap on the C/T. The dewatering performance of... Agent: Arr-maz Custom Chemicals, Inc.

20110226702 - Solubilized heavy metal binding reagent: A solubilized reagent for treating and binding heavy metals and method of producing and process of using the same. The solubilized reagent includes an isolated supernatant of a slurry or a saturated or supersaturated solution of alkali metal/alkaline earth metal carbonate, alkali metal/alkaline earth metal sulfide, and triple super phosphate.... Agent:

20110226703 - Method for sterilizing liquid and liquid sterilization device: A method for sterilizing liquids, wherein quantities of liquid flowing through at least one reaction chamber are irradiated by at least one UV lamp and are removed after irradiation. The UV lamp continues to be operated for a period Δt1 after removal of the quantity of liquid. A liquid sterilization... Agent: Brita Gmbh

20110226704 - Wastewater treatment onboard small marine vessels: Methods, apparatus and systems for treating wastewater onboard small marine vessels. A pre-determined volume of wastewater generated onboard the vessel is mixed with a larger volume of seawater. This mixture is disinfected and subjected to further oxidation. The excess oxidants are neutralized and the treated effluent is discharged overboard the... Agent: Severn Trent De Nora, LLC

20110226705 - Apparatus and method for dissolution of ozone in water and catalytic oxidation: A system and method for oxidation treatment of water in which ozone gas is dissolved in water by passing a mixed gas-liquid stream through a monolith at an elevated pressure that is close to the preferred gas output pressure for an ozone generator. The monolith is preferably contained at least... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20110226706 - Filter comprising a halogen release system and chitosan: A filter to provide potable water may generally comprise an inlet in fluid communication with an outlet, a halogen release system intermediate the inlet and the outlet, a filter material comprising chitosan or a derivative thereof intermediate the halogen release system and the outlet, and a scavenger barrier intermediate the... Agent: Water Security Corporation

20110226707 - Liquid accelerator apparatus: An apparatus and a method is disclosed to filtrate liquids, such as water, waste water, agricultural liquids or other industrial liquids. The apparatus and the method rely on a novel technology where an acceleration apparatus facilitates generating energy that fractures the bonds between organic and inorganic particles and water molecules... Agent: Micro Systems Technologies

09/15/2011 > 35 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20110220558 - Upstream ozone contact tank for removing residual ozone: The present invention relates to an upstream ozone contact tank for removing residual ozone. The upstream ozone contact tank comprises an inlet through which purified raw water flows, at least one contact chamber, at least one reaction chamber, an upstream contact chamber, and an outlet that discharges ozone-treated raw water.... Agent:

20110220559 - Water purifying filter assembly module: e

20110220560 - Apparatus, system and method for detecting the presence of genuine serviceable product components: A process, system, and component configuration are described that discourages customer acceptance/use of will-fit, reconditioned, and counterfeit product components, by determining whether or not a serviceable product component is genuine. If a component is determined to not be genuine, then appropriate action may be taken to warn operators and document... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

20110220561 - Seawater desalination system: According to one embodiment, a seawater desalination system includes a membrane filtering pump, a first to third flowmeter, a filtering membrane, a high-pressure pump, a pressure gauge, a reverse osmosis membrane, a discharge valve and a control module. The membrane filtering pump outputs seawater according to a first control signal.... Agent:

20110220562 - Dialysis system venting devices and related systems and methods: This disclosure relates to dialysis venting devices and related methods. In some aspects, a dialysis system includes a fluid inlet line, a venting device in fluid communication with the fluid inlet line, and a fluid outlet line in fluid communication with the venting device. The venting device can include a... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20110220563 - Filter device and filter element: The invention relates to a filter device. The invention further relates to a filter device comprising a filter element (1), which can be removably accommodated in a sheathing (13) and the filter material (9) of which, through which the fluid to be cleaned can flow, separates a space (3) forming... Agent:

20110220564 - Reverse osmosis for maple tree sap: A maple sap reverse osmosis system that comprises a feed pressure pump configured for receiving maple tree sap, a filter bank, at least one pressure pump operatively connected to the feed pressure pump through the filter bank, at least one recirculation pump operatively connected to the at least one pressure... Agent:

20110220565 - Method of extending tailings pond life: The present invention is directed to a method for extending the life of tailings ponds produced from purge streams containing inorganic salts such as sodium carbonate, which method comprises treating such purge stream with gaseous carbon dioxide. This treatment converts the sodium carbonate into sodium bicarbonate. As the pond evaporates,... Agent: Fmc Corporation

20110220566 - Method for manufacturing a filter end disc and a fluid filter, filter end disc: In a method for manufacturing a filter end disc (7), for example for a fluid filter (14) of a motor vehicle, a first plastic molding material (M1) and a second plastic molding material (M2) are injected in succession into a tool mold (1) in a monosandwich method or co-injection method... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20110220567 - Devices for separating, mixing and concentrating magnetic particles with a fluid: The present invention is related to devices for manipulating magnetic particles that are suspended in a fluid, possibly containing a biological entity of interest, the magnetic particles being able to bind the entity of interest, the fluid being contained in a reaction vessel constituted by a large upper compartment with... Agent:

20110220568 - Portable filter assemblies: A portable housing contains and forms a space around a filter element to form a portable filter assembly that can provide filtered hydration from a portable fluid reservoir. The housing includes an inlet port, which is in fluid communication with the space, and an outlet port, which is in fluid... Agent: Clean & Clear Corporation

20110220569 - Composite membrane including coating of polyalkylene oxide and acetophenone compounds: Composite membranes including a coating of polyalkylene oxide and acetophenone compounds along with various methods for making and using the same. In one embodiment, the composite membrane comprises a thin film polyamide layer including a coating of a reaction product of a polyalkylene oxide compound and an acetophenone compound. In... Agent:

20110220570 - Heavy metal remediation system: The invention provides a system of heavy metal sequestration by bacteria. The bacteria expresses the ppk, mt, and/or β-galactosidase (lacZ) genes and can tolerate at least 25 μM mercury, 1,000 μM zinc, 250 μM cadmium, and 3,000 μM Pb. The system allows for facile determination of the presence of heavy... Agent:

20110220572 - Filtering system and method: Disclosed is a filtering system and method which facilitates to maximize cleaning efficiency, minimize heat energy consumption for cleaning, and shorten cleaning time by a concentrated heating only in a filtering membrane for a maintenance cleaning or recovery cleaning, wherein the filtering system comprises a membrane module including a filtering... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20110220571 - Method of making and using adsorbent to remove heavy metal from waste water: The present disclosure describes using the naturally present dissolved chemicals as precipitants from local water sources to form an adsorbent. The adsorbent may be collected and used at the right pH and temperature to purify and remove heavy metals from waste water. Once the heavy metals are removed the concentration... Agent: King Abdulaziz City For Organization Name Science And Technology "kacst"

20110220573 - System and method for separating solids from fluids: A system for separating solids from fluid including a solid-laden fluid including a base fluid, a first separator configured to receive the solid-laden fluid and separate the fluid into a solids portion and an effluent, and a membrane separator configured to receive the effluent and separate the effluent into a... Agent: M-i L.L.C.

20110220574 - Membranes with functionalized carbon nanotube pores for selective transport: Provided herein composition and methods for nanoporous membranes comprising single walled, double walled, or multi-walled carbon nanotubes embedded in a matrix material. Average pore size of the carbon nanotube can be 6 nm or less. These membranes are a robust platform for the study of confined molecular transport, with applications... Agent:

20110220575 - New chromatographic media based on phenoxy alkyl and alkoxy-or phenoxy-phenyl alkyl ligands: o

20110220576 - Adsorbents: An adsorbent suitable for heavy metal absorption is described, comprising a thiol functionalised support containing a stabilising amount of an alkaline metal reacted with said thiol functionality. The adsorbent may be used to remove heavy metals e.g. mercury and/or arsenic, from wastewater streams such as produced water or flue gas... Agent: Johnson Matthey PLC

20110220578 - Adsorbents: An adsorbent suitable for heavy metal adsorption is described, comprising a thiol functionalised support wherein the adsorbent has a BET surface area in the range 200-500 m2/g, a pore diameter in the range 70-150 Angstroms and a pore volume≧0.25 cm3/g. The adsorbent may be used to remove heavy metals e.g.... Agent: Johnson Matthey PLC

20110220577 - Process for the removal of arsenic and chromium from water: The present invention provides low cost and highly effective method for the removal of arsenic and Cr(III&VI) from contaminated water using zinc peroxide nanoparticles (20±5 nm) capped with glycerol/PVP/TEA upto the permissible range of drinking water. As Arsenic and chromium occurs naturally in the earth's crust. When rocks, minerals, and... Agent: Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

20110220579 - Removal of metal ions from aqueous effluents: The invention relates to a method of reducing the ionic metal content of aqueous effluents. The inventive method consists in bringing an aqueous effluent loaded with metal ions into contact with at least one hydrogen-covered metal.... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique (c.n.r.s.)

20110220580 - Device for separating ferromagnetic particles from a suspension: A device for separating ferromagnetic particles from a suspension has a reactor (2) through which the suspension can flow, with at least one magnet (3, 4) arranged on the outside of the reactor (2), wherein the reactor (2) has an interior space (7) and an exterior space (8) surrounding the... Agent:

20110220581 - Hydrophobically modified polyamine scale inhibitors: Hydrophobically modified Si-containing polyamines are useful for treating scale in industrial process streams. Preferred hydrophobically modified Si-containing polyamines are particularly useful for treating aluminosilicate scale in difficult-to-treat industrial process streams, such as in the Bayer alumina process streams, nuclear waste streams and kraft paper mill effluent streams.... Agent: Cytec Technology Corp.

20110220582 - Coalescer device and separation method: The present invention generally relates to a coalescer device and separation method employing the coalescer device for coalescing material comprising a dispersed liquid phase from an emulsion.... Agent:

20110220584 - Methods for removing impurities from water: A method for removing undesired substances from liquid water may comprise the steps of: subjecting an oxygen-containing substance to an environment; increasing a temperature within said environment; ionizing said oxygen-containing substance; forming an electrostatically enhanced oxygen species; transferring at least some of said electrostatically enhanced oxygen species to said liquid... Agent: Thermo Technologies, LLC

20110220583 - Removal of selenium from refinery wastewater: The invention provides a method of efficiently removing selenium from water. The method involves: adding an oxidant to the liquid, adjusting the liquid's pH to below 7.5, adding ferric salt in an amount such that less than a quarter of selenium in the liquid precipitates and adding a poly dithiocarbamate... Agent:

20110220585 - Method integrating electrochemical oxidation and flocculation processes for pre-treatment of coking wastewater: A new method that integrates electrochemical oxidation and flocculation processes for removing ammonia nitrogen in coking wastewater is disclosed in this invention. It comprises steps as follow: first, adjusting the PH of coking wastewater and adding Fe2+ into the wastewater; then leading the wastewater containing Fe2+ through such 5 areas... Agent: Nanjing University

20110220586 - Fluid filtration and particle concentration device and methods: Fluid filtration devices and methods of filtering fluids are described. The devices generally include a housing and an annular filter assembly, wherein the filter assembly is located inside the housing and comprises a filter material. The filter material may be, for example, an electroformed nickel screen having a smooth working... Agent:

20110220587 - Method of treating water with chlorine dioxide: surrounding a reaction chamber, in which the ClO2 is generated, with water, wherein the water surrounding the reaction chamber is simultaneously the water to be treated; and passing a reaction solution comprising the ClO2 formed in the reaction chamber out of the reaction chamber through an outlet directly into the... Agent: Infracor Gmbh

20110220588 - Wastewater treatment apparatus and method: A method of wastewater treatment comprises: providing waste water to a vessel within a solar collector; and superheating the waste water under pressure within the vessel using solar energy of the solar collector, thereby to provide oxidation conditions from said solar energy to oxidize organic matter. The water may then... Agent: Elcon Recycling Center (2003) Ltd.

20110220589 - Fluid treatment apparatus, a fluid treatment system and a method for producing a flow of fluid comprising ozone: A fluid treatment apparatus provided with a diffuser, the diffuser comprising a porous wall and an inlet coupled to an ozone tube to provide ozone to the porous wall, is disclosed. The apparatus is constructed to, in use, provide a flow of fluid along the surface of the porous wall... Agent: Verhoeve Milieu B.v.

20110220590 - Temperature adjustment of a fluidic sample within a fluidic device: A fluidic device configured for separating components of a fluid includes a flow path within an interior of the fluidic device, and at least one heatable frit positioned in the flow path and arranged to selectively adjust a temperature of the fluid in the flow path within the interior of... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20110220591 - Bladed drum for rotary separator system and method: A separator method and apparatus that includes a rotatable drum defining an annular passageway therein, a plurality of blades coupled to the rotatable drum and located in the annular passageway, each of the plurality of blades including a leading section, a trailing section, a concave surface, and a convex surface,... Agent: Dresser-rand Company

20110220592 - Filtering methods and configurations: Passing a fluid though a single filter module effectively removes at least two different types of impurities from the fluid. The fluid is directed through at least two different types of filtering media within the single module. The at least two different types of filtering media are separated from one... Agent: Clean & Clear Corporation

09/08/2011 > 23 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20110215037 - Uv water purification spigot: A compact point of use water purifier intended for both urban and rural areas of developing countries, consisting of a spigot with integrated UV radiation source adjacent to an outlet orifice to selectively on demand expose untreated water when the spigot valve mechanism is activated to dispense water for consumption.... Agent:

20110215038 - Solar powered skimmer for a swimming pool: The skimmer has a conveyor belt which travels in ascending and descending paths. The lower portion of the belt is adapted to be immersed in the water in a swimming pool for skimming debris floating on the surface of the water. The debris is carried upward by the belt and... Agent:

20110215039 - Lightweight modular water purification system with reconfigurable pump power options: A modular water purification system is optimized for versatility and weight using a pump component that is mountable by standardized fittings into alternative prime mover modules that can receive and power the pump. The pump can be a heavy high pressure pump for a reverse osmosis stage, interchangeably mounted on... Agent: Terragroup Corporation

20110215041 - Magnetic separation apparatus and waste water treatment apparatus: m

20110215040 - Method for extracting at least one compound from a liquid phase comprising a functionalized ionic liquid, and microfluidic system for implementing said method: A method for extracting at least one chemical or biological compound from a liquid phase including at least one functionalized ionic liquid, via a liquid extracting fluid that is miscible with the ionic liquid, and a microfluidic system implementing the method. The extraction method includes moving, on one surface of... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique

20110215042 - Diffuser assembly with buoyancy vessel: A diffuser assembly with a buoyancy vessel and a chamber for buoyantly raising the diffuser assembly for maintenance work. The diffuser assembly has a support structure, diffusers connected to the frame, and a buoyancy vessel positioned on the frame, capable of alternating between a state of buoyancy or ballast.... Agent:

20110215043 - Filter assembly: A filter assembly for filtering a fluid. The filter assembly at least one filter in a housing, an inlet lid mounted over the filter housing and including an inlet for the inlet of fluid into the housing, and an outlet lid mounted over the filter housing and including an outlet... Agent:

20110215044 - Separator drum having distributor: A rotatable separator drum includes a vertical rotating axis of rotation and at least one flow channel having an inlet opening and an outlet opening. Also included is at least one retaining dam arranged in the at least one flow channel in a region between the inlet opening and the... Agent:

20110215045 - High fidelity through hole film, and associated method: A membrane is provided, comprising a first membrane layer having a first side and a second side. The first membrane layer defines a plurality of holes extending along a first axis between the first side and the second side. Each hole is defined by the first membrane layer as a... Agent:

20110215046 - Filter medium and structure: Thermoplastic bicomponent binder fiber can be combined with other media, fibers and other filtration components to form a thermally bonded filtration media. The filtration media can be used in filter units, such as breather caps. Such filter units can be placed in the stream of a mobile fluid and can... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20110215047 - Locating feature for screen: A vibratory separator screen assembly, the screen assembly including a frame having a top surface and a bottom surface having a tapered recess configured to receive a locating element disposed on the vibratory separator. The system also includes a screen element... Agent: United Wire Limited

20110215048 - To water treatment systems: The present invention is directed to a fluid flow control assembly for regulating fluid flow, and may find particular application in additive dispenser systems. Typically a baffle arrangement (210) comprises a plurality of baffle elements (202) within a chamber (208). The arrangement forms an alternating sequence of restrictions and cavities... Agent: Peta Enterprises Limited

20110215049 - Filtering element and method for making the same and water treating device: A filtering element and method for making the same and a water treating device, wherein the filtering element comprises a water permeable support (1) having an organic material layer (3) on the surface, and an organic filtering membrane (2) which is covered on the surface of the organic material layer... Agent:

20110215050 - Control of filamentous bacteria induced foaming in wastewater systems: A method of controlling filamentous bacteria responsible for foaming and bulking in wastewater systems with virulent bacteriophage. The method includes, optionally, identification of problematic filamentous bacteria and matching virulent bacteriophage, use of bacteriophage from phage libraries and concentration of filamentous bacteria and bacteriophage from the wastewater to be treated.... Agent:

20110215051 - Method and apparatus for the filtration of biological solutions: A system, method and device are disclosed for bio-processing a feed stream and providing a constant output by operating a continuous single-pass tangential-flow process. The single-pass process provides high conversion concentration while operating at relatively low feed flow rates, and the process can also be used to provide constant output... Agent: Spf Innovations, LLC

20110215052 - Process of recovery of exhausted ionic liquids used in the extractive desulfurization of naphthas: A process for recovering ionic liquids comprising the steps of: providing a first ionic liquid mixture, the first ionic liquid having a halogen metallate anion, the mixture containing an organic solvent; adjusting the pH of the mixture to pH 7-10 by the addition of a base to form a first... Agent: Instituto Mexicano Del Petroleo

20110215053 - Fluid processing: Fluid processing apparatuses and systems are disclosed. In some embodiments the fluid processing apparatuses include a movable enclosure, a plurality of filter housings disposed substantially within the movable enclosure, and a stand disposed within the enclosure. The filter housings are in fluid communication with one another. Each filter housing defines... Agent:

20110215054 - Method and apparatus for solar-based water disinfection: A highly portable solar UV disinfection and water storage container with a uniquely traceable security seal that passively indicates by means of a permanent photochromic color change the efficacy of the UV disinfection process performed upon the drinking water within the sealed container.... Agent:

20110215055 - Uv irradiation apparatus and method: A method and an apparatus are described for use in the irradiation of fluids. The apparatus has an elongate conduit (312) having a central axis (334) and two or more elongate ultraviolet radiation sources (114) extending along the interior of the conduit for irradiation of the fluid within the conduit.... Agent: Statiflo International Limited

20110215056 - Thiosulfate removal methods and systems: Described herein is a cost effective method and system for removal of thiosulfate from a solution in-line with a process system. The method and system include passing the solution in contact with an open-structured substrate impregnated with a Group 16 element, which results in removal of thiosulfate from the solution... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20110215057 - Wastewater treatment apparatus: A water treatment unit includes a mixing chamber surrounding the upper end of a riser containing an impeller. Water can be moved from a body of water up through the riser, and out through laterally directed openings into the chamber adjacent to an air inlet. The water moving out the... Agent:

20110215058 - Backflow collection receptacle and method for reclaiming the same: The present disclosure provides a collection receptacle and a method for reclaiming backflow from a wellbore. The collection receptacle, in one embodiment, includes an enclosure configured to collect solid and liquid matter, and an elevated auger extending into the enclosure and configured to remove the solid matter from the enclosure.... Agent:

20110215059 - Filter medium for strainers used in nuclear reactor emergency core cooling systems: A filter medium for strainers used in the emergency sump of a nuclear power plant ECCS. The filter medium is employed with double wall, concentric tube type strainer modules. The filter medium is preferably constructed of a woven or knitted stainless steel wire material and is shaped in a cylinder... Agent:

09/01/2011 > 36 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20110210048 - System for controlling introduction of a reducing agent to a liquid stream: A method and system of providing ultrapure water for semiconductor fabrication operations is provided. The water is treated by utilizing a free radical scavenging system and a free radical removal system. The free radical scavenging system can utilize actinic radiation with a free radical precursor compound, such as ammonium persulfate.... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

20110210049 - Water treatment systems with communication network links and methods: A modularizable system for water treatment having a low energy requirement to process water for reuse at the residence which results in a reduction in the amount of fossil fuels required to power large water processing stations and transfer water from water plants to individual residences is disclosed. The system... Agent:

20110210050 - Formulation of novolak resins for enhancing the acid resistance of polyamide compositions: Novolak resins are incorporated for enhancing the acid resistance of polyamide compositions. Polyamide compositions containing such novolak resins are useful for producing various plastic shaped articles, such as calibrated particles or injection-molded parts, and are particularly useful for the recovery of sludge, liquids, and gases present in underground reservoirs, especially... Agent: Rhodia Operations

20110210051 - Apparatus and method for storing and releasing sulfur containing aromatic compounds from a fuel stream of an internal combustion engine: Disclosed is a fuel filter for removing sulfur containing compounds from an internal combustion fuel stream. In one embodiment, the fuel filter comprises at least one column comprising an adsorbent. In one exemplary embodiment the adsorbent is capable of removing sulfur containing compounds, especially sulfur containing aromatic compounds, from fuels... Agent:

20110210052 - Cavitation chamber degassing system: A system and method for degassing a cavitation fluid is provided. The cavitation system of the invention includes a cavitation chamber with one or more cavitation drivers and a degassing system coupled to the chamber. One or more heaters, such as resistive heaters, are coupled to an external surface of... Agent: Impulse Devices, Inc.

20110210053 - Combination filter arrangement: The invention relates to a combination filter arrangement (1) having a hollow cylindrical filter element (2) for filtering a first fluid medium, having a temperature compensation medium separated by means of cylindrical separating wall (5), as a second fluid medium in an area between the separating wall (5) and an... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20110210054 - Safety vent structure for extracorporeal circuit: In general, this disclosure relates to extracorporeal fluid circuits. In some aspects, an air-release device for allowing air to be released from a liquid in extracorporeal circuitry includes an elongate chamber having a bottom region and a top region and a fluid entry port and fluid exit port at or... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20110210056 - Gas phase approach to in-situ/ex-situ functionalization of porous graphitic carbon via radical-generated molecules: Embodiments disclosed herein include graphitic stationary phase materials functionalized through a gas-phase functionalization reaction, as well as and methods for making and using these materials, including the use of these materials in separation technologies such as, but not limited to, chromatography and solid phase extraction. In an embodiment, a functionalized... Agent: Us Synthetic Corporation

20110210055 - High capacity ion chromatography stationary phases and method of forming: The present invention provides a new design for high capacity stationary phases for chromatography, for example, ion chromatography. The stationary phases include a first polymer layer in contact with and at least partially coating the substrate of the stationary phase. The first polymer layer serves as a foundation for the... Agent: Dionex Corporation

20110210057 - Multicapillary column for chromatography and sample preparation: A multicapillary column especially useful for liquid chromatography and sample preparation comprising a plurality of uniform capillaries coated with an insoluble stationary phase, wherein the thickness of the stationary phase is correlated with the radius of the individual capillaries for high efficiency.... Agent:

20110210058 - System and method of self-adjusting screen clamp: A system and method allow for the installation and removal of curved screen elements from a shaker table. Pneumatic cylinders are used to move hold down bars either up to allow for screen elements to be installed or removed from the screen bed section assembly, or down to clamp screen... Agent: Cpi Wirecloth & Screens, Inc.

20110210059 - Non-pleated tubular depth filter having fine fiber filtration media: A non-pleated depth filter element in the form of a tubular ring of depth filter media is provided. Multiple wraps of sheets, some including fine fibers, are employed. The depth filter element has particular applications to liquid filtration applications.... Agent: Clarcor Inc.

20110210061 - Compressed nanofiber composite media: A coalescing media includes a compressed composite filter media comprising substrate layers and hydrophilic fine fiber layers for separating free water emulsified in fuels.... Agent: Clarcor Inc.

20110210060 - Expanded composite filter media including nanofiber matrix and method: A composite filter media includes an expanded substrate media carrying fine fibers, wherein the fine fibers are extended with the expanding substrate media, thereby improving dust holding capacity and slowing down pressure drop increase.... Agent: Clarcor Inc.

20110210062 - Method of making a filter media with an enriched binder: Water filtration media having a charged material affixed directly to binder material used in the fabrication of the filter media. A microbiological interception enhancing agent is added to the binder directly. The media having a charged material and a microbiological interception enhancing agent both affixed directly on a binder material... Agent: Kx Technologies, LLC

20110210063 - Atmospheric pressure microwave plasma treated porous membranes: Versions of the invention include compositions and methods for making them that include a polymeric porous membrane with one or more atmospheric pressure microwave plasma modified surfaces. The modified porous membrane is stable, non-dewetting, and retains its mechanical strength.... Agent:

20110210064 - Filtration material for desalination: The invention discloses a filtration material for desalination, including a support layer, and a desalination layer formed on the support layer, wherein the desalination layer is a fiber composite membrane and includes at least one water-swellable polymer. The water-swellable polymer is made of hydrophilic monomers and hydrophobic monomers, and the... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110210065 - Device and method for treating water involving a filtration through at least one submerged membrane: The invention relates to a device and a method for treating water to be treated, said method involving a filtration through at least one membrane coupled to an activated sludge reaction chamber, characterised in that added particles are present in at least one volume of activated sludge in contact with... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20110210066 - Waste fluid treatment using filamentous fungus or actinomycete: The present application provides a higher grade purification method of waste fulid in decomposition of organic substances than the conventional active sludge method using monocellular microorganisms. The method includes a first step of growing a filamentous fungus and/or actinomycete on a porous or fibrous carrier made of polypropylene or polyethylene... Agent:

20110210067 - Use of porous hollow-fiber membrane for producing clarified biomedical culture medium: Use of a porous hollow fiber membrane for producing a clarified biomedical culture medium by a method including a filtration step of distributing a biomedical culture medium over the porous hollow fiber membrane, a tube wall of the hollow fiber membrane being constituted of a blend of a hydrophobic polymer... Agent: Asahi Kasei Medical Co., Ltd.

20110210068 - Water dispensing methods and systems: A method includes performing at least two of the following three treatments to produce at least two types of treated water: reverse osmosis, alkalinization, and carbon filtration. The types of treated water are individually dispensed at different times from a common spout. A method includes individually cooling the types of... Agent:

20110210069 - Water treatment device and method: A water treatment device comprises: a membrane desalination unit; a first conduit transporting a first stream of feed water to the membrane unit; a second conduit transporting a first stream of product water from the membrane desalination unit; an electrical separation unit; a third conduit transporting a first stream of... Agent:

20110210070 - Hollow fiber membrane module, hollow fiber membrane module unit, and water treatment method: A hollow fiber membrane module, a hollow fiber membrane module unit using the hollow fiber membrane module, and a water treatment method using the module or the module unit enable the efficient contact of microorganisms on the surface of a membrane with a gas, the module and the unit having... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20110210071 - Remediation system for transition metal ions and method for same: In at least one embodiment, a remediation system for oxic water having transition metal ions includes a first chamber defining a first cavity having a first inlet and a first outlet. The first cavity includes oxic water having dissolved ions of reduced species of chalcogenides. The system also includes a... Agent: Safe Mines And Waterways, LLC

20110210072 - Pure water manufacturing method and pure water manufacturing apparatus: In production of ultrapure water by purifying primary pure water with a secondary pure water manufacturing apparatus and a tertiary pure water manufacturing apparatus, high-purity ultrapure water is produced, wherein generation of hydrogen peroxide is minimized and the concentrations of TOC, DO, and hydrogen peroxide are reduced to the limit.... Agent: Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

20110210073 - Polymeric sorbents for removing low level contaminants: The present invention relates to functionalized polymeric sorbents and processes of employing them to remove low level contaminants from fluid streams. Poly(glycidyl methacrylate-co-trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate) functionalized with a compound having the structure NH2—R1OH wherein R1 is a substituted or unsubstituted phenylene may be particularly useful to remove low levels of phenol... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20110210074 - Removal of myoglobin from blood and/or physiological fluids: A polymer sorbent clears myoglobin from blood and/or other physiological fluids and solutions. Normal saline or human serum in which myoglobin was dissolved is perfused by a peristaltic pump through a column packed with the polymer sorbent. After a four-hour perfusion, the myoglobin level in normal saline fell from initial... Agent:

20110210075 - Electrocoagulation devices and methods of use: The present invention provides electrocoagulation devices and methods for using the same to treat water to remove at least a portion of suspended, dissolved solids, or a combination thereof.... Agent: Auxsol, Inc.

20110210076 - Process to maintain large clean recreational water bodies: The invention discloses a process to implement and maintain large water bodies with color, transparency, and cleanness characteristics similar to swimming pools or tropical seas, at low cost. The present invention also discloses a structure to contain large water bodies, comprising a system for the removal of impurities and surface... Agent: Crystal Lagoons Corporation LLC

20110210078 - Electrolytic cell and system for treating water: A water treatment system is disclosed having electrolytic cell for liberating hydrogen from a base solution. The base solution may be a solution of brine for generating sodium hypochlorite, or potable water to be oxidized. The cell has first and second opposing electrode endplates held apart from each other by... Agent: Process Solutions, Inc.

20110210077 - Method and system for providing ultrapure water: A method and system of providing ultrapure water for semiconductor fabrication operations is provided. The water is treated by utilizing a free radical scavenging system and a free radical removal system. The free radical scavenging system can utilize actinic radiation with a free radical precursor compound, such as ammonium persulfate.... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

20110210079 - Catalytic wet oxidation systems and methods: A system and method for the treatment of process streams. A catalyst mediates a wet oxidation process at elevated temperatures and pressures for treating at least one undesirable constituent in an aqueous mixture. A catalyst may be selected for its solubility at a detected pH level of the aqueous mixture.... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

20110210080 - Process and system for removal of organics in liquids: The invention concerns a process for removal of organics in liquids, especially dilute, toxic organics in water, wherein the liquid is contacted with microcapsules containing oxidizing agents, in combination with a photo-catalytic membrane. The invention is also related to a system for removal of organics in liquids.... Agent: Sinvent As

20110210081 - Fine fiber liquid particulate filter media: A filter media for liquid particulate filtration applications is provided. The filter media includes a substrate and fine fibers, which are compressed together.... Agent: Clarcor Inc.

20110210082 - Microfluidic device for inducing separations by freezing and associated method: A microfluidic device is provided for inducing the separation of constituent elements from a microfluidic sample by introducing phase changes in the microfluidic sample while contained in a microfluidic channel in the device. At least a portion of the microfluidic sample is frozen to cause fractional exclusion of the constituent... Agent:

20110210083 - Apparatus and method for separating solids from a solids laden drilling fluid: A method for operating a shale shaker to separate solids from a solids laden fluid, the shale shaker comprising a basket for holding at least one screen and a vibratory mechanism for vibrating the basket to an acceleration value, the method comprising the steps of monitoring the magnitude of the... Agent:

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