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Liquid purification or separation August inventions list 08/11

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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110203977 - Filtration apparatus and water treatment apparatus: The filtration apparatus of the invention includes a filtration member 12 which has a ribbon-like suspended-solid-capturing member for capturing suspended solid present in fed treatment water 1, wherein the filtration member is charged in a filtration tank 11 such that a filtration portion of the filtration tank has a percent... Agent: Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

20110203978 - Water softener with closed-pressure aeration: A water softener including a water softener tank having an inlet and an outlet. A cation exchange media is positioned within the tank through which water, passing from the inlet to the outlet, is flowed. A valve pedestal is connected to the top of the tank. The valve pedestal includes... Agent:

20110203979 - Floor drain: A floor drain (10; 60; 70) comprising a channel body (14; 90) defining a drain channel (24) and having a drain opening (26), a frame (16; 62) defining a receiving opening (32) which can be inserted at least partially into the drain channel (24) and a cover (18) that can... Agent: Schlueter-systems Kg

20110203980 - Collection bag for a swimming pool vacuum: A debris collection bag made of a water permeable material is adapted for removable attachment to a self-contained swimming pool vacuum head that uses a motor driven propeller to generate thrust for picking up debris and forcing it into the collection bag. The bag includes a main upper portion that... Agent:

20110203981 - Filtering device for ponds and the like: A filtering device, allowing to provide an effective filtering without either requiring particular efforts to the user or imposing him or her to operate in excessively hard positions, comprises a filtering element comprised between a first and a second supporting surface, the distance between the supporting surfaces being adjustable, so... Agent:

20110203982 - Filter device: A filter device includes a filter housing and a filter element disposed in the filter housing. The filter element is configured to be penetrated by a fuel flow in a radial direction from a raw end to a pure end of the filter element. A water separator is disposed at... Agent:

20110203983 - Treatment device and treatment bag: The present invention provides a treatment device that can greatly decrease not only an installation area but also a power cost and can further improve durability of a movable member and a treatment bag used for this treatment device. The present invention is characterized in that the inside of a... Agent:

20110203984 - Apparatus for deodorizing sewage treatment plant sludge by using native microorganisms: The present invention relates to a deodorizing apparatus using native microorganisms. Specifically, the present invention relates to a deodorizing apparatus using native microorganisms for removal of malodors of sewage treatment plant sludge, comprising a native microorganism activating tank, where a colony of the native microorganisms in a spore state is... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20110203986 - Filtration assemblies and methods of installing filtration units in filtration assemblies: This invention relates to filtration assemblies and methods of installing filtration units in filtration assemblies. Filtration assemblies may include first and second end pieces, at least one filtration unit between the first and second end pieces, and at least one alignment rod arrangement. The alignment rod arrangement may extend between... Agent: Pall Corporation

20110203985 - Keyed system for connection of filter to filter holder: A filter and its holder each have a keyed surface, one being a protruding “key” and one being a recessed “lock,” wherein cooperation of these keyed surfaces is required in order for the filter to be installed in the holder. Modification/adaptation of the keyed surfaces, by changing the location, number... Agent: Omnipure Filter Company, PLLC

20110203987 - Reverse osmosis system: The invention concerns a reverse osmosis system (1) with a membrane unit (2) comprising an inlet (3), a permeate outlet (4) and a concentrate outlet (5), a high-pressure pump (8) that is connected to the inlet (3), a pressure exchanger (11) connected on its concentrate side (10) to the concentrate... Agent: Danfoss A/s

20110203988 - Scrapping device for a pressurised filtration plant: The present invention relates to a pressurized filtration plant that includes: a sealed tank (1) in which discs (2) are provided including filtering sectors (20) carried by a rotary shaft (3) and connected to collectors within said shaft, a dispenser (10) enabling the egress of filtrates, the discharge of spinning... Agent: Gaudfrin

20110203989 - Disc filter sector and sector component: A disc filter sector and a disc filter sector component which are made of a plastic composite containing a matrix plastic and a fibre reinforcement. The fibre reinforcement used is a natural fibre, such as a wood fibre.... Agent: Metso Fabrics Oy

20110203990 - Chlorine resistant polyamides and membranes made from the same: A chlorine resistant polyamide is formed from the reaction product of an amine and an acid chloride monomer wherein the acid chloride monomer is modified with electron-withdrawing groups that exhibit sufficient activity to (i) minimize any chlorination on both the amine and acid chloride side and (ii) minimize N-chlorination. A... Agent:

20110203991 - Carbon block filter: The present invention relates to a process for making metal impregnated bound Carbon block filters. In particular the present invention to a process for preparing a moulded Carbon block filter impregnated with a metal selected from Silver, Copper or Zinc, with relatively low level of variation in metal content across... Agent:

20110203992 - Hybrid aerobic and anaerobic wastewater and sludge treatment systems and methods: A hybrid method and system of treating wastewater with reduced energy usage is disclosed. The treatment system has a sorption system, an anaerobic digester that digests or converts at least a portion of the solids or sludge from the sorption system, and an aerobic treatment tank that partially reduces oxygen... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

20110203993 - Treatment stages for selenium removal: Methods and apparatus relate to treating fluid to at least reduce selenium content within the fluid. The treating includes conditioning stages to alter a composition of the fluid prior to removal of the selenium content from the fluid. The composition of the fluid after the conditioning stages facilitates the removal... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20110203994 - Forward osmosis separation processes: Separation processes using engineered osmosis are disclosed generally involving the extraction of solvent from a first solution to concentrate solute by using a second concentrated solution to draw the solvent from the first solution across a semi-permeable membrane. One or both of the solute and solvent may be a desired... Agent: Yale University

20110203995 - Device for performing a chemical transformation in fluidic media: A device is provided for performing chemical transformation in a fluid, with a flow distributor having at least one fluid medium inlet, at least one fluid medium outlet, and at least one confinement wherein the chemical transformation is performed; and a means for rotating, rocking, wagging, or oscillating the device.... Agent:

20110203996 - Process for the containment of oil spills: The inventive process involves the treatment of oil spills on a water or a solid surface. Once an oil spill has occurred, the oil spill is contained into a certain area. There after, the oil is sprinkled or spread upon with an adsorbent material which has a tendency to soak... Agent:

20110203997 - Magnetic separation system comprising flexible magnetic pins: A magnetic separation plate for use in methods employing magnetic particles, said magnetic separation plate comprising a support plate and magnetic pins in a predetermined geometrical arrangement, said magnetic pins having a fastening portion, an intermediate portion and a separation portion and being fastened to said support plate at their... Agent: Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.

20110203999 - Dewatering of drilling mud using a filter press: A method of separating a mixture of liquid and insoluble solids in a filter press may comprise: diluting the mixture; adding a flocculating agent to the diluted mixture and stirring to form a chemically processed mixture; pumping the chemically processed mixture into a chamber between two filter plates in the... Agent:

20110203998 - Method for removing ammonia nitrogen in coking wastewater: A new method for removing ammonia nitrogen in coking wastewater is disclosed in this invention. It comprises steps as follow: introducing coking wastewater into a reaction pool into which magnesium and phosphate are added; adding sodium hydroxide to regulate the PH of the mixture around 9.0-10.5; separating the supernatant and... Agent: Nanjing University

20110204000 - Method for removing selenium from water: There is provided a method for removing selenium from an aqueous influent, comprising: adding a water-soluble reducing agent to an aqueous influent containing an oxidized selenium compound (Sex, wherein x is the oxidation state and x>0); reducing said Sex using said reducing agent at a temperature; removing said Se0 from... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20110204001 - Device for extracting cakes resulting from pressurised disc filtration, and associated extraction method: The present invention relates to a device for extracting cakes resulting from pressurized filtration from a sealed tank (1) in which rotary filters (2) are provided, the tank being provided with a hopper (1b) for recovering solid particles and having an extension, in the lower portion thereof, in the form... Agent: Gaudfrin

20110204002 - Method and device for separation of a loose mixture in a fluid medium: Method of separation of loose mixture in fluid medium consists in the gravity feed of particles, aerodynamic monotonically increasing effect on them at acute angle to the vertical line by the cascade of slot jets and the outlet of separated fractions into separate collectors. Before aerodynamic effect on loose mixture... Agent: Airomachus, Co.

20110204003 - Method for cleaning a water environment of sludge and a device for cleaning a water environment of sludge, in particular an aquarium, miniature decorative pond, or oceanarium: A device and method for cleaning a water environment of sludge, comprising a chamber connected to a supply channel and a driving module. A supply channel (3) has a connector pipe outlet (32) in the upper zone (13) of the chamber (1), and the outlet (301) is located in this... Agent:

20110204004 - Process for water treatment and recovery of industrial waste water: A process for the purification and recovery of a contaminated liquid, the process comprising: a source of contaminated liquid effluent, a primary filtration station having at least one filter; a first holding tank for receiving effluent from the primary filtration station, a dosing station; a mixing station; at least one... Agent: Fogety Holdings Pty Ltd

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110198271 - Water purifier for outdoor: An outdoor water purifier using a ceramic filter is disclosed. The outdoor water purifier is installed in home water pipes or water supply pipes for various industrial purposes to sterilize water and improve water purity. The outdoor water purifier includes a water gauge that measures the flow of tap water... Agent:

20110198272 - Preparative separation/purification system: The present invention aims at providing a preparative separation/purification system for vaporizing an eluate in a short period of time, while enhancing the efficiency of collecting the target substance by accelerating the initiation of collecting the eluate. The preparative separation/purification system in which water containing a target component is passed... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20110198273 - Multi-stage storm drain filter insert: A multi-stage drain filter insert (10) comprises a first basket (14) installed in a drain (D) inlet (I). A second basket (20) fits inside the first basket and is installed therewith for debris in the water flowing into the insert to be collected in a bottom of the second basket.... Agent: Stormwater Maintenance Company

20110198274 - Filter for fuels and lubricants: A filter for fuels and lubricants for use in engines, such as internal combustion engines, includes a vessel having an inlet and an outlet for fuels, lubricants and other fluids, which contains a multiplicity of layers of a thin, non-woven fabric. The non-woven fabric includes in a first part made... Agent:

20110198275 - Manual foot actuated/solar power - air compressor air pressure driven, emergency reverse osmosis water purification system: A semi-portable water purification system utilizing, a foot actuated or air compressor pumping unit, a reverse osmosis unit, optional post filter for removing odor and color, and other contaminants from a water source. The foot/compressor operated pumping units feed compressed air into a high-pressure tank which source water has been... Agent:

20110198276 - System for removal of contaminants from industrial streams: A method and system for removing from an aqueous system which is contaminated therewith: (1) mercury present as colloids, ions and/or organically bound compounds, and (2) hydrocarbons solubilized, dispersed, and/or emulsified in the said system. Pursuant to the invention the aqueous system to be treated (such as “produced water”)is passed... Agent:

20110198277 - Filtration apparatus: A filtration apparatus for performing solid-liquid separation by immersing a plurality of hollow fiber membranes in a to-be-treated liquid containing a suspended component so that the treated liquid permeates the hollow fiber membranes. The filtration apparatus includes the hollow fiber membranes folded double; a treated liquid collection means communicated with... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer, Inc.

20110198278 - Filter unit for treating water and other liquid media: A filter unit for treating water includes at least two ceramic filter membranes; and a mount for the at least two ceramic filter membranes, wherein the ceramic filter membranes are formed in the shape of plates and each have a filter-active outer side and at least one internally lying discharge... Agent: Itn Nanovation Ag

20110198279 - Beverage bottle filter system: The present disclosure generally provides a beverage bottle filtering system that provides adequate filtering of water taken from the bottle at a suitable rate. In one embodiment, the present disclosure could include a support system to adequately secure the filter media within a filter housing while ensuring a sufficient compression... Agent: Pure Water Global, Inc.

20110198280 - Liquid filtration media, filter elements and methods: A filter and filter media configured and arranged for placement in a fuel stream is disclosed. The filter and filter media allow for filtering of liquid fuels, such as diesel fuel. In certain embodiments the filter media includes a media fiber (such as glass) and a binder fiber (such as... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20110198281 - Multi-layer three-dimensional structures having features smaller than a minimum feature size associated with the formation of individual layers: Embodiments of multi-layer three-dimensional structures and formation methods provide structures with effective feature (e.g. opening) sizes (e.g. virtual gaps) that are smaller than a minimum feature size (MFS) that exists on each layer as a result of the formation method used in forming the structures. In some embodiments, multi-layer structures... Agent: Microfabrica Inc.

20110198282 - High flux high efficiency nanofiber membranes and methods of production thereof: A membrane is provided including a coating layer having cellulose nanofibers produced from oxidized cellulose microfibers and an electrospun substrate upon which the coating layer is applied. The nanofibers of the electrospun substrate have a diameter greater than that of the cellulose nanofibers. The membrane also has non-woven support upon... Agent: The Research Foundation Of State University Of New York

20110198283 - Membrane cleaning with pulsed airlift pump: A method of cleaning a membrane surface immersed in a liquid medium with a fluid flow, including the steps of providing a randomly generated intermittent or pulsed fluid flow along the membrane surface to dislodge fouling materials therefrom. A membrane module is also disclosed comprising a plurality of porous membranes... Agent:

20110198284 - Method for the treatment of wastewater containing ammonia: A method for treating wastewater containing ammonium in a de-ammonifying activated-sludge system includes converting a portion of the ammonium into nitrite using aerobically oxidizing bacteria and converting another portion of the ammonium and the nitrite into elementary nitrogen using anaerobically oxidizing bacteria so as to generate a surplus sludge. The... Agent: Cyklar-stulz Abwassertechnik Gmbh

20110198286 - Separative bioreactor: A bioreactor that combines the steps of recombinant expression and separation of a biological product by binding the secreted biological product with a resin, discarding the nutrient medium and eluting the biological product as a concentrated solution, eliminating the steps of sterile filtration and volume reduction. The method also allows... Agent: Therapeutic Proteins Inc

20110198285 - Zero discharge water desalination plant with minerals extraction integrated with natural gas combined cycle power generation: A desalination and minerals extraction process includes a desalination facility fluidly coupled to a minerals extraction facility. The desalination facility includes a nanofiltration membrane section producing a first tailings stream and a reverse osmosis membrane section producing a second tailings stream and a desalinated water outlet stream from an inlet... Agent: Katana Energy LLC

20110198287 - Spiral wound hollow fiber membrane module for membrane distillation: Membrane modules, and contactor apparatuses that utilize these modules, comprise a membrane contactor layer and a condenser region and optionally a core. The modules comprise a membrane contactor layer comprising a membrane envelope and a plurality of hollow fiber membranes disposed therein; a feed fluid pathway defined at least in... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110198288 - Fouling resistant membranes formed with polyacrylonitrile graft copolymers: The present application is generally directed towards polyacrylonitrile— (PAN—) based, amphophilic graft copolymers, for example, for the production of membranes for liquid filtration. In one aspect, the present invention provides systems and methods for preparing high flux, fouling resistant nanofiltration membranes whose pore size can be readily tuned. In some... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110198289 - Heat exchanger and method for heat exchanging: A method for exchanging heat between an effluent fluid and a treatment fluid and a heat exchanger for heat exchange as well as an arrangement and a kit comprising a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger comprises a first and a second fluid circuit extending through the heat exchanger. The heat... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20110198290 - Control scheme for a reverse osmosis system using a hydraulic energy management integration system: A reverse osmosis system and method of operating the same includes a first pump receiving feed fluid at a first pressure and increasingly pressurizing the feed fluid to a second pressure higher than the first pressure. A membrane housing having an inlet, a membrane, a permeate outlet and a brine... Agent: Fluid Equipment Development Company, LLC

20110198291 - Purifying agent for oily liquid containing polychlorinated biphenyls: A column 1 for removing an interfering substance to an analysis of polychlorinated biphenyls contained in an oily liquid such as an electric insulating oil from the oily liquid, includes a first column 10 packed with a multilayer silica gel 13 in which an upper layer 14 of a sulfuric... Agent:

20110198292 - Desalination of water: A method and apparatus is provided for use in desalinating water. A desalination processes uses a polymer material to bind sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl) ions in salt water. Once the polymer binds to the sodium and chlorine ions, they can be separated from the water. Once separated from the... Agent:

20110198294 - Apparatus to extract magnetic particles from suspensions: A system for concentrating magnetic particles suspended in a fluid comprising a vessel for containing said fluid having an inner base surface that slopes downwards towards a collection region, the collection region including a retrieval well for collecting magnetic particles; a magnet assembly for positioning under and in proximity with... Agent:

20110198293 - Magnetic separating device: The disclosure relates to a magnetic separating device for isolating magnetically labelled particles from a non-magnetic medium comprising a body portion (1) having a magnetising portion (3) for providing a magnetic field and a surface by means of which the body portion may stand on a supporting surface; and a... Agent: Invitrogen Dynal As

20110198295 - Installation for water treatment by flotation and corresponding water treatment method: The invention relates to a flotation water treatment plant comprising at least: an inlet zone (31) for the water to be treated, which is coagulated and flocculated beforehand; a mixing zone (32), for mixing pressurized and then depressurized water with said water to be treated; a flotation zone (35) separated... Agent:

20110198296 - Sulfide flotation aid: The invention provides a method of improving a flotation separation process. The method involves PAPEMP, a material previously thought to only be of use in controlling scale deposit on surfaces of equipment used in cyanide leaching. In the invention the PAPEMP is added to the flotation separation process for improved... Agent:

20110198297 - Water filtration system: A water filtration system (2) and method includes a conduit network (4) configured to transport a treatment stream of water. An air compressor (10) is in fluid communication with the conduit network (4) configured to inject compressed air into the treatment stream (2) oxidizing a first portion of the dissolved... Agent:

20110198298 - Floating capillary filter and method: Systems and method for floating a capillary filter system in a fluid and filtering the fluid via capillary action are described. The floating filter system may include one or more floatation devices configured to provide suitable buoyancy to cause the floating filter system to float within the fluid to be... Agent:

20110198299 - Purification sheet assembly combining flow obstacles and electric field formation: An apparatus and method of a fluid containing microorganisms purification, comprising a stack of sheets each having patterns of ribs protruding from its surfaces and an embedded conductive foil connectable to a voltage source. In-between the stacked sheets the ribs engage to form fluid passageways in which electric field is... Agent:

20110198300 - Device and process for removing microbial impurities in water based liquids as well as the use of the device: The present invention relates to the technical filed of electrochemical elimination or reduction of microbial impurities of liquids. The liquids treated may inter alia include wastewater, industrial process water and water intended for human consumption. The device comprises a disinfection chamber connected through a liquid inlet located in the bottom... Agent: Adept Water Technologies A/s

20110198301 - Modular filter assembly: Disclosed herein are modular filter assemblies having a plurality of stacked filter plates formed from a porous material. The filter plate can comprise a planar base portion from which a convoluted ridge wall, having a ridge outer side surface, a ridge inner surface, and a top ridge surface extends. A... Agent: Porex Corporation

20110198302 - Floating marine debris trap: A system for capturing and containing waterborne floating debris in bays, harbors, rivers, and other waterways with current, tidal, or wind action flow. This system utilizes a hinged capture gate attached to any of the commercially produced oil slick containment boom systems along with an anchoring deployment that orients the... Agent:

20110198303 - Method and apparatus for disturbing networked pulp: The present invention provides a method (20) of separating pulp from a feed material within a tank (1), the method comprising the steps of (23) introducing the feed material (22) into the tank (1); (24) allowing the feed material (22) to settle in the tank (1); (25) allowing the pulp... Agent: Outotec Oyj

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110192771 - Solid-liquid separator with self-priming pump: In the solid-liquid separator which is connected with self-priming pump, used to separate sludge in the liquid by cyclone mechanism arranged in separation portion, wherein, the separation portion is directly or indirectly connected to a suction system of the self-priming liquid pump that is an upstream side of the pump... Agent: World Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110192772 - Device for filtering the liquid processing medium used in shaping operations performed by cutting: A device for filtering a liquid processing medium used in cutting has an intake and first filter cells with inlet, filter element, and outlet. The filter elements can be back-flushed. A disposal container as well as a suction conveying device are provided. For filtering, the intake is connected by first... Agent:

20110192773 - Partitioned separator water treatment system with upflow filter: The present invention supplies a series of baffle boxes inserted in the drain water stream with a final box possessing an upflow filter and a hydrocarbon absorbing boom. The system can also support a storm flow bypass that directs high-flow storm runoff water directly to the outlet to protect the... Agent:

20110192774 - Fuel filter: A fuel filter is provided with a communicating portion between the inside and outside of a bag in a bag-shaped filter medium which is used by communicating an internal space with a fuel flow passage. Also, an interval between inner walls, which constitute the communicating portion and are located at... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20110192775 - Storm drain catch basin filter with sampling port: A storm water catch basin filter having a sampling port such that a real-time sample can be taken of water flowing through the filter without the need to remove the filter, the sampling port being an opening preferably covered by a removable closure member or a self-sealing valve.... Agent:

20110192776 - Low phosphorus water treatment systems: A water or wastewater treatment system to reduce phosphorus or other pollutant concentrations in water or wastewater may include an optional primary treatment stage in fluid communication with a biological secondary treatment stage. The secondary treatment stage may, in turn, be fluidly connected with a tertiary treatment stage, which may... Agent: Ch2m Hill, Inc.

20110192777 - Cleaning and material separating device for wastewater, particularly from livestock husbandry: The invention relates to a device for cleaning fluid media containing particulate matter, particularly from livestock husbandry, by means of ozonization in a closed ozonization container (11) and subsequent separation of the particulate matter portions. A vertically extending hollow cylindrical fixture (17) is disposed in the closed ozonization container (11).... Agent: Entwicklungsges. Frank Mohr U. Gerhard Kruger, Jun. Gbr

20110192778 - Integrated high throughput system for the analysis of biomolecules: Described is an affinity microcolumn comprising a high surface area material, which has high flow properties and a low dead volume, contained within a housing and having affinity reagents bound to the surface of the high surface area material that are either activated or activatable. The affinity reagents bound to... Agent:

20110192779 - Thin layer chromatography plates and related methods: In an embodiment, a method for manufacturing a thin layer chromatography (“TLC”) plate is disclosed. The method includes forming a layer of elongated nanostructures (e.g., carbon nanotubes), and at least partially coating the elongated nanostructures with a coating. The coating includes a stationary phase and/or precursor of a stationary phase... Agent: Brigham Young University

20110192780 - Household effluent purufication plant: Plant comprising a homogenization tank (100) equipped with a stirrer (120) and with a pumping unit (140), a connecting pipe (300) leaving the pumping unit (140) comprising an injector of reagents (310) and a static mixer (320), a second chamber (200) surmounted by a mixing tank (210) into which the... Agent:

20110192781 - Housing for reverse osmosis filter cartridge and method of forming same: Housings for reverse osmosis filter cartridges and methods of making the same. The housings include: (1) a hollow cylindrical liner formed of a thermoplastic polymer that is adapted to surround a reverse osmosis filter cartridge; (2) a hollow head assembly that includes a transition collar portion formed of a thermoplastic... Agent: Enpress, LLC

20110192782 - Fluid filtration system: A fluid filtration system is disclosed comprising a manifold assembly comprising a mounting bracket, an alignment collar connected to the mounting bracket, and a latch assembly moveable with respect to the mounting bracket and alignment collar. The system further comprises a filter cartridge comprising a filter cartridge outer surface and... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110192783 - Potting method: A membrane module includes at least one hollow fibre membrane; a first resin layer formed around an end of the at least one hollow fibre membrane; and a second resin layer chemically bound to the first resin layer, wherein the second resin layer is of greater flexibility than the first... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20110192784 - Rotary fan press: A system for extracting liquid from a mass comprising a portable platform having an upper surface, a system mass input, a polymer feeding and blending system on the upper surface, a liquid extraction assembly on the upper surface, and piping having a first section between the system mass input and... Agent:

20110192785 - Hydration pack: A hydration pack (10) includes a bladder (11) attached to a pump (12) via a feed tube (13) and to a bite valve mouthpiece (14) via a drinking tube (15). The bladder (11) incorporates a filter cartridge (16) which is capable of ultra-filtration and thereby effective to remove viruses as... Agent: PritchardIPLimited

20110192786 - Fuel filter: A fuel filter for filtering engine fuel received in a fuel tank when the engine fuel is fed to an engine may include a filter member that is received in the fuel tank and is capable of being connected to a fuel inlet port through which the engine fuel is... Agent: Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110192787 - Hollow fiber membrane and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to a through-one-end water collection type hollow fiber membrane and a method for manufacturing the same. According to the present invention, an internal sealing part is formed in the hollow part of the membrane at its free end. The internal sealing part supports an external sealing... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20110192788 - Method for producing porous thermosetting resin sheet, porous thermosetting resin sheet and composite semipermeable membrane using same: Disclosed is a method for easily producing a long porous thermosetting resin sheet which has no resin coating film on the surface. Also disclosed are a porous thermosetting resin sheet produced by the method, and a composite semipermeable membrane having excellent chemical resistance and practical water permeability and salt-blocking property.... Agent:

20110192789 - Metal or metal oxide deposited fibrous materials: A method for electrospraying nanosized metal or metal oxide particles onto a substrate. A metal oxide deposited fibrous material comprising a substrate, fibers and metal oxide particles may be made using the method. The material may be a flexible and porous fibrous matrix on which metal oxide particles may be... Agent: Drexel University

20110192790 - Water purification apparatus: A water purification apparatus comprising at least: (a) one or more water purification components in a housing; and (b) a handset integral with the housing, and moveable between a supported position on the housing and a suspended position beyond the housing, the handset including one or more water purification controls... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20110192791 - Method and device for biogenic waste treatment: The present discloses a method and a device for biogenic waste, or bio-waste treatment, and said method is as follows: Firstly, the biogenic waste is evenly mixed with water vapor, or steam, heating and pressurizing so that the temperature reaches 130-190° C. and the pressure reaches 1.5-1.9 MPa after mixture,... Agent: Jun Yang

20110192793 - Method and apparatus for lysing and processing algae: Methods and apparatus for processing algae are described in which a hydrophilic ionic liquid is used to lyse algae cells at lower temperatures than existing algae processing methods. A salt or salt solution is used as a separation agent and to remove water from the ionic liquid, allowing the ionic... Agent: Streamline Automation, LLC

20110192792 - Method and apparatus for processing algae: Methods and apparatus for processing algae are described in which a hydrophilic ionic liquid is used to lyse algae cells. The lysate separates into at least two layers including a lipid-containing hydrophobic layer and an ionic liquid-containing hydrophilic layer. A salt or salt solution may be used to remove water... Agent: Streamline Automation, LLC

20110192794 - Advanced filtration device for water and wastewater treatment: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a filtration module and/or a novel method of making a frameless filtration module for water or wastewater treatment that can produce filtrate that is free of particles, reduce precipitated hardness, colloids and organic compounds. The designed apparatus, which is either encapsulated or in... Agent:

20110192795 - Water treatment method including powdered activated carbon recycling: The invention relates to a water treatment method with a view to purifying the same or making it drinkable, characterised in that the method includes the following steps: a step of injecting powdered activated carbon (PAC) into said water in order to obtain a water to be treated/PAC mixture; a... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20110192796 - Ultra-pasteurization for dialysis machines: Disclosed herein are water purification and supply systems for medical devices and methods of using. In an embodiment, the system includes A dialysis system includes a filtration system capable of filtering a water stream, a water purification system capable of purifying said water stream in a non-batch process, a mixing... Agent:

20110192797 - Method and device for extracting an analyte: The invention provides extraction columns for the purification of an analyte (e.g., a biological macromolecule, such as a peptide, protein or nucleic acid) from a sample solution, as well as methods for making and using such columns. The columns typically include a bed of extraction media positioned in the column... Agent:

20110192798 - Methods of making and using filtering unit for a virucide substance: A filtering unit for removing a virucidal substance from a biological fluid including an outer casing having at least one input aperture and at least one output aperture. The outer casing including a filter medium, which separates the filtration unit into an input compartment and an output compartment. The filter... Agent:

20110192799 - Sorbent compositions: Mats for absorbing one or more fluids are disclosed. The mats comprise fiberglass and optionally, one or more additional fibers, such as low melt thermoplastic binders. Multilayer are disclosed featuring glass fiber sandwiched between one or more nonwoven fabrics on one or more faces. Methods for manufacturing and using the... Agent:

20110192800 - Magnetic-cored dendrimer, the method for preparing the same, and the contaminant treatment method using the same: wherein A represents a metal nanoparticle; Z is a hydrophilic functional group or hydrophobic functional group; and m and n each represent an integer 1 or larger. More particularly, provided are a magnetic-cored dendrimer end-capped with hydrophilic or hydrophobic terminal groups, and a method for preparing the same. The magnetic-cored... Agent: Iucf-hyu (industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University)

20110192801 - Method for treating a liquid by flotation induced by floating particles: A method or process for removing suspended solids from water. The method entails utilizing floating particles that include a flocculant material secured or coated to the floating particles. The floating particles are directed into a lower portion of a treatment zone and as the floating particles with the attached flocculant... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20110192804 - Apparatus and method for separating and concentrating fluids containing multiple components: An apparatus that allows for separating and collecting a fraction of a sample. The apparatus, when used with a centrifuge, allows for the creation of at various fractions in the apparatus. A buoy system that may include a first buoy portion and a second buoy member operably interconnected may be... Agent: Biomet Biologics, LLC

20110192803 - Apparatus for treating a cooling and rinsing fluid and control method for a treatment apparatus: An apparatus (2) for treating a cooling and rinsing fluid stemming from a soiled drilling fluid (15), including a first container (20) that collects the soiled drilling fluid (15), a second container (21) that is connected to a discharge line (38) for the treated cooling and rinsing fluid (36), a... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20110192802 - Control method for hydrocarbon hydrocyclones: The overflow and underflow effluents of a conventional hydrocyclone are discharged into enclosed vessels, so that the operating pressure may be manipulated for each effluent independently of other operating parameters. Each of the effluent vessels is equipped with a source of pressurized gas to form a gas blanket over the... Agent: Flsmidth A/s

20110192805 - Devices and methods for water removal in distillation columns: Water is removed from oily water produced during operation of a separation column by withdrawing the oily water from the column during separation into an external separator where the oily water is separated into a water phase and an oily phase. The oily phase is then heated to a temperature... Agent: Fluor Technologies Corporation

20110192806 - Chemical delivery media and methods of preparation and use: The present invention discloses integrated chemical delivery media that comprise a substrate and incorporated chemical additives. The invention also teaches methods of preparing such chemical delivery media as well as the use of such media for water treatment applications.... Agent:

20110192807 - Method, apparatus and systems for treating contaminants in a waste fluid: The invention relates to a method, apparatus and system for the treatment of organic and inorganic waste in a waste fluid. The method involves a co-current plug flow of fluid in a reactor in which ozone mass transfer conforms to the effective life of the ozone used in the treatment.... Agent: Acos, LLC

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20110186491 - Aerobic treatment/clarifier system for use in an aerobic wastewater treatment system: An aerobic treatment/clarifying system for use in an aerobic wastewater treatment system. The system comprises a structure which defines at least one compartment, at least one aerobic treatment chamber and at least two clarifying chambers being formed in the compartment.... Agent:

20110186490 - Apparatus for concentrating a solution: An apparatus for concentrating solution includes a plurality of nozzles (1) to spray solution into minute particle mist, a gas supplier (2) to transfer gas-mist mixture containing mist by supplying carrier gas to mist sprayed from the nozzle (1), and a separator (3) to separate a component with a low... Agent:

20110186489 - Gasification grey water treatment systems: In one embodiment, a grey water treatment system includes an oxidation reactor for oxidizing grey water. The grey water treatment system also includes a biological reduction and precipitation system with microbes designed to remove one or more target components from the oxidized grey water.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110186492 - Stormwater treatment system with two chamber treatment container and overflow tray: A stormwater treatment system having a treatment container with two chambers, a treatment chamber and a bypass chamber. The bypass chamber includes an inlet for receiving stormwater. Disposed adjacent the inlet is an overflow tray secured to the walls of the bypass chamber. The tray includes an inlet opening for... Agent:

20110186494 - Multi-port chlorine generator: A chlorine treatment apparatus includes a housing with a cavity containing a chlorine generator for chlorinating a liquid such as water and at least three openings to the cavity. The chlorine generator may be an electrolytic cell. Some embodiments may include one or more plugs for closing the openings. The... Agent: Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.

20110186493 - Organic eco-agricultural water system: An organic eco-agricultural water system includes a water source, a water discharge device connected to the water source by a pipeline, and ozone generators installed in the pipeline between the water source and the water discharge device and controlled to generate ozone and to supply generated ozone to the water... Agent:

20110186495 - Apparatus, systems, and methods for water treatment: An apparatus, system, and method relating to a modular water treatment apparatus that utilizes sidestream injection coupled to static mixing are described. The apparatus, system, and method utilizes ozone, with or without hydrogen peroxide, for effective disinfection and/or decontamination of contaminants present in waste water. The disinfected, decontaminated water is... Agent:

20110186496 - Appliances for the alkalizing of water: The invention is directed to point of use devices and appliances for alkalizing water that is to be ingested. The devices comprise straws, carafes, countertop units, water bottle units, and any other devices that will treat the water at the point of use. The water will flow through the point... Agent:

20110186497 - Sealing configuration with metal-coated structure: A sealing configuration is configured for sealingly coupling a first fluid flow path of a first device to a second fluid flow path of a second device. The sealing configuration comprises a contact surface comprising a structure configured for increasing a surface pressure when coupling the first device to the... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20110186498 - Screw separator: A screw separator for separating solids out of suspensions, having at least one housing and at least one feed pipe for the suspension, at least one discharge pipe for liquids, and at least one outlet for the at least partially dewatered solids. At least one strainer basket is provided in... Agent:

20110186499 - Screw separator: A screw separator for separating solids out of suspensions, having at least one housing and at least one feed pipe for the suspension, at least one discharge pipe for liquids, and at least one outlet for the at least partially dewatered solids. At least one strainer basket is provided in... Agent:

20110186500 - Screw separator: A screw separator for separating solids out of suspensions, includes at least one housing and at least one feed pipe for the suspension, at least one discharge pipe for liquids, and at least one outlet for the at least partially dewatered solids wherein at least one strainer basket is provided... Agent:

20110186501 - Module insert for installation in a liquid filter: A module insert includes at least one water level sensor, at least one valve and at least one flow channel for the water. The module insert has at least one container having sorbent mechanism for collecting contaminants from the separated water. A pressure-resistant housing is configured to protect an interior... Agent:

20110186502 - Combination traveling water screen apparatus: Provided is a combination traveling water screening apparatus capable of improving collection and filtering efficiency of floating matters and reducing maintenance costs. The apparatus includes a frame (100), a motor (200) installed on the frame and providing a drive force, drive and driven sprockets (310) installed at both sides of... Agent: Kc Samyang Water Systems Co., Ltd.

20110186503 - Device for processing a cooling and flushing liquid: A device for processing a cooling and flushing liquid from a dirty liquid is disclosed. The device includes a first container, which cooperates with a suction device for the dirty liquid and collects the suctioned dirty liquid, a second container, which cooperates with an overpressure device, and a filter element,... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20110186504 - Pleated filtration media having tapered flutes: Pleated filtration media, media packs, filter elements, and methods for filtering fluid are provided which contain three dimensional tapered flutes in the media surface, the flutes configured to improve filter performance. In certain embodiments the flutes have defined peaks that reduce masking between adjacent pleats, the flutes have ridges along... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20110186505 - Filter module and process for manufacture of same: The present invention provides a filter module comprising a body of wound layers of a sheet material, said body having an inner and an outer peripheral surface, a winding axis and a passage extending along the winding axis of said body and in fluid communication with said inner peripheral surface,... Agent: Pall Corporation

20110186506 - Asymmetric nanotube containing membranes: This invention relates to heterogenous pore polymer nanotube membranes useful in filtration, such as reverse osmosis desalination, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and gas separation.... Agent: Nanoasis

20110186507 - System and method for processing and reusing graywater including for use in a home and garden: A system and method for processing and reusing graywater. At least two vertical flow wetland units are provided, each of which comprises a container filled with at least one granular substrate and at least one species of a hygrophilous plant, and an outlet. At least one of the wetland units... Agent:

20110186508 - Membrane biofilm reactor for removing contaminants from ground water: Apparatus and methods for water treatment are described, particularly for the simultaneous removal of nitrate, perchlorate, and other organic contaminates from contaminated water using a membrane biofilm reactor (MBfR).... Agent: Applied Process Technology, Inc.

20110186509 - Processing of water using microorganisms: A method for microbiologically processing water includes treating the water in a bioreactor with microorganisms, wherein at least 70% of the microorganisms can break down 2-propanol and/or acetone.... Agent: Christ Water Technology Ag

20110186510 - Systems and methods for reducing sludges produced by wastewater treatment facilities: The invention relates to methods and systems of improving sludge removal and maintaining effluent quality. The methods include directing an incoming wastewater stream to a treatment facility, the steam having a flow of at least 20,000 gallons per day; the incoming wastewater stream having at least 50 mg/L solids and... Agent:

20110186511 - Liquid chromatography apparatus and liquid chromatography: A liquid chromatography apparatus is provided with a sample preparation unit, a column that separates components of a sample, an eluent supplier that includes a feeder for supplying eluents to the column, a flow path directional valve capable of introducing fixed amounts of the sample and the eluents to the... Agent: Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.

20110186512 - Process for disinfecting a filtration works for pretreatment of saltwater, and installation for the implementation thereof: Method for disinfecting a filtration works (F) for the pretreatment of salt water, particularly seawater, upstream of a water desalination unit (1) using a reverse osmosis membrane, whereby an operation of disinfecting the filtration works is carried out periodically by adding a bactericidal agent to the water that is to... Agent: Degremont

20110186513 - Water treatment systems and methods: Water treatment systems and methods are provided to minimize membrane fouling and the required maintenance that results therefrom. A water treatment system includes a pressure vessel with a plurality of spaced-apart membranes disposed therein, and an impeller or other means for circulating feed water through the interior of the vessel... Agent: Dxv Water Technologies, LLC

20110186514 - Artificial lung: An artificial lung includes a housing, a tubular hollow fiber membrane bundle contained in the housing and providing a multiplicity of hollow fiber membranes having a gas exchange function, a gas inflow port and a gas outflow port communicating with each other through hollow portions of the hollow fiber membranes,... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110186515 - Process for treatment of water/oil emulsions: A process for the treatment of water/oil (W/O) emulsions is described which includes the addition of an ionic liquid, under heating, to a water/oil emulsion containing between 0.5% and 85% of water per volume as a dispersion phase, until the concentration of the ionic liquid in the emulsion remains within... Agent: Petroleo Brasileiro S.a. - Petrobras

20110186516 - Method of producing a carbon nanotube fragment: This invention provides a process for producing a carbon nanotube fragment. In particular, this invention provides a method of producing a carbon nanotube fragment by the steps of 1) dispersing a carbon nanotube in a mixed acid of sulfuric acid and nitric acid, and 2) subjecting the dispersed carbon nanotube... Agent: Biosensor Incorporated

20110186517 - Dialysis machine, in particular peritoneal dialysis machine: The present invention relates to a dialysis machine, in particular a peritoneal dialysis machine, to which a fluid system having a multi-chamber container with at least two chambers with individual solutions separated by a partition arrangement to be opened mechanically can be coupled having a controller and at least one... Agent:

20110186518 - Polymer composition with phytochemical and dialysis membrane formed from the polymer composition: A biocompatible polymer composition which includes a matrix material and at least one of an isoflavone and a flavone at least partially dispersed in the matrix material is suited to use in a membrane for hemodialysis and other in vivo and in vitro applications.... Agent: The University Of Akron

20110186519 - Process for manufacturing a composite sorbent material for chormatographical separation of biopolymers: The present invention relates to a sorbent material for separation and purification of biopolymers, particularly nucleic acids, having a solid support substantially modified with a copolymer coating comprising aromatic monomers and crosslinking compounds and unsaturated esters or ethers preferably attached to the support via a vinylchlorsilane. The use of these... Agent: Nex Tec Gmbh

20110186520 - Impregnated expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (eptfe) tubing as a stationary phase: A solid-phase extraction device utilizing a section of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) tubing as the stationary phase is disclosed. The microscopic pores of ePTFE tubing are impregnated with a binding agent having an affinity for a target constituent within a matrix. The matrix is prepared and loaded onto the stationary phase... Agent: Datachem Laboratories, Inc.

20110186521 - Filtration system for preparation of fluids for medical applications: Systems, methods, and devices for preparation of water for various uses including blood treatment are described. In embodiments, fluid is passed either by pump or passively by gravity feed, through various filtration elements from a fluid source to a treatment fluid container. The latter forms a batch that may be... Agent: Nxstage Medical, Inc.

20110186522 - Removal of nuisance anion and anionic materials using polyalkyleneimines such as polyethyleneimine: The present invention features a method of removing one or more nuisance anionic materials, such as pharmaceuticals and dyes, from a solution, such as wastewater. Related aspects of the invention include an apparatus and kits for carrying out the methods of the invention.... Agent: University Of South Florida

20110186523 - Method and apparatus for removing metallic matter from an oil well circulating completion fluid stream: A method and apparatus for removing metallic material from a circulating well fluid stream provides a treatment vessel that is divided into first and second sections. Each of the sections includes a magnetic field that can be in the form of one or more magnets. In one embodiment, multiple magnets... Agent: Petroleum Specialty Rental, LLC

20110186524 - Porous ferro- or ferrimagnetic glass particles for isolating molecules: Porous, ferro- or ferrimagnetic, glass particles are described that selectively bind molecules of interest, especially nucleic acid molecules; under appropriate conditions. Methods of preparing the porous, ferro- or ferrimagnetic, glass particles and their use for identifying or separating molecules of interest are also described. Kits comprising the porous, ferro- or... Agent: Qiagen Gmbh

20110186525 - Treatment of recovered wellbore fluids: A process for treating a recovered wellbore fluid, where the process includes contacting an aqueous wellbore fluid with ozone, wherein the aqueous wellbore fluid comprises organic contaminants; and separating the aqueous wellbore fluid into an organic phase and a clarified water phase is disclosed.... Agent: M-i L.L.C.

20110186526 - Transportable reactor tank: Disclosed is an improved water treatment apparatus. The treatment apparatus is pressurized and operates on a continuous flow of fluids which are subjected to hydrodynamic waves, acoustic ultrasonic waves in combination with injected ozone. The treatment tank includes a tangential inlet that induces a rotating flow into the tank thereby... Agent:

20110186527 - Method and a means for the separation of oil from a coolant/lubricant: When, according to the invention, an oil separator (1) is configured with a core of lengths of pipe (4) extending in parallel, and an oil-containing agent (5) is conveyed through these channels (3) in the pipes (4), the oil molecules will settle as an oil coating (6) on the channel... Agent:

20110186528 - Grit removing device, grit removing system and a method for the same: The present invention relates to a grit chamber, wherein the chamber body of the grit chamber is in the shape of a hollow cylinder with a cone-shaped bottom; a grit channel is installed below the center of the cone-shaped bottom; a grit removing device is installed in the grit channel;... Agent: Beijing Helee Bio-energy Technology Co., Ltd

20110186529 - Solar-powered water purification system: A water purification apparatus enables water purification in the field. An illustrative water purification apparatus can comprise at least one water purification filter and a solar-powered pump configured to pump source water through the at least one water purification filter, producing purified water.... Agent:

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