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Liquid purification or separation July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110180464 - Shut off valve for a reverse osmosis water filtration system: A shut-off valve for use in a reverse osmosis filtering system including a housing defining an interior in fluid communication with a water inlet, a water outlet, and a permeate inlet, the housing having a fluidic network with a flowpath that connects the water inlet and the water outlet, a... Agent: Watts Water Technologies, Inc.

20110180465 - High efficiency reverse osmosis system: A high efficiency reverse osmosis system which utilizes a tuned injector in fluidic communication with a reverse osmosis membrane. The tuned injector includes an injector housing, an injector nozzle, a mixing chamber and an injector throat. The tuned injector utilizes line hydrostatic pressure to inject raw water with an injector... Agent:

20110180466 - Device for aeration and ventilation of a fuel system: The invention relates to a device for aeration and ventilation of a fuel system of a motor vehicle, with a pipe union for connecting the device to the fuel system, the pipe union being connected via a connecting element to a three-way valve via which the pipe union can be... Agent:

20110180467 - Submerged biofiltration purifying apparatus: A submerged biofiltration purifying apparatus includes a settling zone being a 3D space having open top, bottom, and two lateral sides; one or more filtering zones coupled to the two lateral sides of the settling zone, and each being a 3D space with open sides and having soft contact media... Agent:

20110180468 - Clean filter housing: A filter housing providing improved cleanliness is provided. In one embodiment, the filter housing includes a body, a cover plate and a clean fluid manifold assembly. The body has a first plenum defined therein which is configured to accommodate multiple filter elements. The clean fluid manifold having a recess and... Agent:

20110180469 - Fuel filter: Disclosed is a fuel filter in which is disposed in a fuel suction port of a fuel tank or in a fuel line and used to filter the fuel. At least one of filter materials constituting the fuel filter is made into a multifunctional filter material having a function of... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20110180470 - Aqueous iron removal process and apparatus: A process and associated apparatus to reduce both ferrous (Fe++) iron and ferric (Fe+++) iron from an aqueous solution. A pH swing process is described in which a phosphoric acid solution is first added and then a base chemical is added. The combination results in generation and precipitation of iron... Agent:

20110180471 - Method for making a bag filter housing: A spinning method for making a seamless filter housing 50 with an elliptical bottom 52 and a bottom opening 58 for a drain port. An inlet port 62 is added after fabrication along with any optional sensor ports 64. The seamless filter housing 50 made with this process.... Agent:

20110180472 - Plate filtering device for plastic melts: A plate filtering device (10) for plastic melts has at least two stationary housing components (7, 9) with a movable plate (4) with a filter insert (5) disposed between them. A locking bushing (6) that extends up to the movable plate is placed at the downstream housing component (9), and... Agent: Kreyenborg Beteiligungen Und Verwaltungen Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110180473 - Integrated biological wastewater treatment and clarification: Apparatus for integrated biological wastewater treatment and clarification including a tank having a wastewater inlet for receiving wastewater to be treated and having a treated, clarified wastewater outlet for providing treated, clarified wastewater for use, the tank having an upper turbulence region, a lower solids settling region below the upper... Agent: Aq-wise -wise Water Technologies Ltd.

20110180474 - Radial flow membrane biofilm reactor: A membrane biofilm reactor (MBfR) device for treatment of water avoiding biofouling comprising: a central core tube having a wall defining a lumen and one or more perforations in the wall defining a perforated region, the core tube further having a first open end and second substantially closed end; a... Agent:

20110180475 - process for treating wastewater: The present invention relates to a process for treating wastewater. The process includes the steps of (a) mixing different constituents of said wastewater inside a container, (b) withdrawing said wastewater from container, (c) feeding said wastewater to a bioreactor, (d) contacting said wastewater with an isolated microorganism or an isolated... Agent:

20110180476 - Novel anammox bacterium isolate: Disclosed is an isolated bacterial strain Candidatus Brocadia caroliniensis strain, having Accession Deposit Number NRRL B-50286. The strain is capable of oxidizing ammonium and releasing di-nitrogen gas.... Agent:

20110180478 - Filtration systems and methods related thereto using carbon nanotube-infused fiber materials of spoolable length as a moving filtration medium: Filtration systems containing a filtration medium and methods related thereto are described herein. The filtration system includes a plurality of fibers of spoolable length, where the fibers are a carbon nanotube-infused fiber material. The filtration systems can be operated with reel-to-reel processing or in a continuous manner in order to... Agent: Applied Nanostructured Solutions, LLC

20110180477 - Low energy system and method of desalinating seawater: A low energy system and process for seawater desalination wherein the system has at least an electrodialysis apparatus that produces partially desalinated water and a brine by-product, an ion exchange softener, and at least one electrodeionization apparatus. The softener treats the partially desalinated water stream to remove or reduce the... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

20110180479 - Zero liquid discharge water treatment system and method: A treatment system includes a feed source, a first treatment unit for separating a feed into a first product and a concentrated feed containing less than about 7% total dissolved solids, and a membrane distillation unit for separating the concentrated feed into a second product and a superconcentrated feed containing... Agent: Milton Roy Company

20110180480 - Reverse-osmosis system with an apparatus for reducing noise and method for reducing noise in a reverse-osmosis system: The present invention relates to a reverse osmosis system having an apparatus for noise cancellation of the reverse osmosis system, wherein the apparatus has at least one sensor for the detection of at least one noise emitted by the reverse osmosis system; at least one controller connected to the sensor... Agent:

20110180481 - High pressure flash chromatography: A method for separating a sample using high pressure flash chromatography is provided. The method comprises the steps of: i) providing a pressurized vessel containing an adsorption material; ii) pressurizing a compressible fluid, optionally containing a cosolvent, to create a mobile phase; iii) premixing the sample with the mobile phase... Agent: Thar Instruments, Inc.

20110180482 - Methods and devices for dynamic filtration of pharmaceutical products: A device for dynamic filtration of a pharmaceutical product is provided. The device includes a resin configured to selectively retain one or more components from a mixture having the pharmaceutical product, where the resin is configured to be activated by a medium of the mixture. The device further includes at... Agent: General Electric Company

20110180483 - Filtration method, method for purifying polishing composition using it, method for regenerating filter to be used for filtration, and filter regenerating apparatus: According to the present invention, a filtration method capable of prolonging the life of a filter and regenerating it without impairing the efficiency can be provided. Further, a filter regenerating method and a regenerating apparatus, for efficiently regenerating a filter, are provided. The filtration method of the present invention is... Agent: Fujimi Incorporated

20110180484 - Separation device with dual drives and a method of reducing donutting in a separation device: The invention provides a separation device (20) for separating pulp from a feed material, the separation device comprising a tank (1) for receiving the feed material, a rake assembly (21) mounted for rotation within the tank (1) to move pulp towards an outlet (22) thereof and a shearing device (23)... Agent: Outotec Oyj

20110180486 - Method for cleaning hydraulic liquid, computerprogram product, control unit, and industrial truck: Method for cleaning hydraulic liquid in a industrial truck, wherein said industrial truck is an electrically powered industrial truck having a battery as an energy source with a hydraulic system comprising, a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic reservoir, and a return pipe to the hydraulic reservoir with a return filter, wherein... Agent: Bt Products Ab

20110180487 - Optimized water treatment installation and process: The invention relates to a process for treating water in an installation comprising a plurality of filtration units, said process comprising at least one step of filtration of said water in said filtration units under initial filtration conditions, and an optional step of modification of the value of at least... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20110180485 - Ultraviolet light activated oxidation process for the reduction of organic carbon in semiconductor process water: In a system for decomposing organic compounds in water for use in semiconductor manufacturing, a chemical reactor vessel having a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet, a persulfate anion addition system upstream of the reactor vessel, and a light emitting device contained within the reactor vessel. The light emitting device... Agent: Fluid Lines

20110180488 - Eco-resource slag effective utilization system: Slags, including the harmful-substance-containing slags, are not directly melted but are neutralized and processed into eco-resource materials, so that the slugs can be effectively utilized to purify and revive a large area of polluted water without any burden on the environment. Predetermined proportions of a non-recyclable harmful-substance-containing unused slag selected... Agent: Kantokanzai Co., Ltd.

20110180489 - Cleaning device for artificial pools: A cleaning device for artificial pools comprises a flexible sheet formed from an oleophilic and hydrophobic material, and that is buoyant in water. In a preferred embodiment, the sheet is circular and is formed from a plurality of individual layers secured in overlapping relation to one another. Each of the... Agent:

20110180490 - Styrene reduction agent: A method of reducing styrene emissions in aqueous cured-in-place pipe closed molding processes and other aqueous environments using a styrene reduction agent, The reduction agent generally comprises a calibrated mixture of salts including sodium chloride plus three persulfate salts: ammonium (APS), potassium (KPS), and sodium (NPS). These ingredients are combined... Agent:

20110180491 - Method and apparatus for treating organic matter-containing water: Raw water is made to pass through a raw water supply pipe 1 by opening on-off valves 1a and 5a, and by closing on-off valves 3a and 12a. Oxygen is supplied to the raw water in the raw water supply pipe 1 by opening an on-off valve 2a of an... Agent: Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

20110180493 - Device and method for processing a cooling and rinsing liquid: A device and method for processing a cooling and rinsing liquid from a dirty liquid is disclosed. The device includes a first container, which is connected to a feed line for the dirty liquid, a second container, which is connected to a discharge line for the process cooling and rinsing... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20110180492 - Portable lubricant filtration system and method: A portable lubricant filtration system and method is provided for facile pre-filtering of used or new lubricant prior to pumping the lubricant into its intended machinery.... Agent: Trico Corporation

20110180494 - Device for filtering motor oil along with blow-by vapours treatment: Device applicable to common internal combustion engines for filtering motor oil from the undesired solid fraction in parallel to an expansion/separation treatment of the liquid phase and filtration of the blow-by flows in an expansion/condensation chamber provided with electrode.... Agent: S.m.o.c.

20110180495 - Vortex-enhanced filtration devices: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a device for filtration comprising at least one rotor configured to create Taylor vortices on at least one side of a filtration membrane, thereby providing substantially enhanced mass transfer across the membrane.... Agent: Kkj, Inc.

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110174703 - Method and apparatus of submersible intake equipment: An apparatus having flotation ballasts, a flotation platform and on the flotation platform, an intake equipment, such as a screen, check valve and/or pump intake and a coupling for a discharge pipe. In an embodiment of the present invention comprises, there are a plurality of substantially symmetrical flotation ballasts, each... Agent:

20110174704 - Fuel filter device: A suction filter has a filter member including multiple filter layers stacked in a thickness direction. The suction filter removes extraneous matters contained in fuel when the fuel passes through the filter member in the thickness direction. The filter member has gaps among the filter layers adjacent to each other... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110174705 - Filter cartridge and system using linear actuation: A filter cartridge for a filtration system including an outer shell having a first end and a second end, an inlet and an outlet located on the first end, and at least one cam track located on the outer shell. The cam track including a first opposing surface and a... Agent:

20110174706 - Systems and methods for water harvesting and recycling: This disclosure describes a system for recycling and reusing water from sprinkler systems to water or irrigate a yard or an area of land. The system includes a water reclamation tank that stores water captured from beneath the area of land. When it is time to water the area of... Agent:

20110174707 - Ballast water utilization system: A ballast water utilization system including: a ballast water treatment apparatus 3 which is an apparatus for treating microorganisms or bacteria in seawater or freshwater and requires cleaning at least once a day while treatment is continuously performed; and a ballast tank 4 storing ballast water treated by the ballast... Agent: Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

20110174708 - Sample stirring device, liquid chromatography device using same, and sample container stand: A sample stirring device of the present invention includes a driving roller and two follower rollers for coming into contact with a sample container including a cylindrical portion for containing a sample to be stirred. The driving roller is driven for rotation to stir the sample contained in the sample... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20110174709 - Wastewater treatment system and wastewater treatment process: The wastewater treatment system according to the present invention includes a plurality of reaction sequences including a first sedimentation tank, a reaction tank, a final sedimentation tank, a first channel which connects the first sedimentation tank and the reaction tank and a second channel which connects the reaction tank and... Agent: Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd.

20110174710 - Separating device for separating magnetizable particles and non-magnetizable particles transported in a suspension flowing through a separating channel: A separating device (1, 10, 11) for separating magnetizable particles and non-magnetizable particles transported in a suspension flowing through a separating channel (3), has at least one permanent magnet (4) arranged on at least one side of the separating channel (3) for producing a magnetic field which deflects magnetizable particles... Agent:

20110174711 - Self contained disposable tangential flow filtration liner: Tangential flow filtration device is provided wherein liners are provided between the filtration element and the top and bottom holders or manifolds. The liners incorporate the flow channels and inlet and outlet ports, as well as an optional sensor mount. The liners and filtration element are independently compressed, so that... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20110174713 - Brine seal for a filtration device: A filtration device having a tubular pressure vessel and a tubular filter assembly is provided. The tubular filter assembly is housed within the tubular pressure vessel and includes a filter element and a split ring seal circumscribing the filter element. The split ring seal has an annular body that includes... Agent: Hydranautics

20110174712 - Filter assembly: A filter assembly for filtering a liquid or gaseous medium includes a filter housing for receiving an exchangeable filter insert. The filter housing has a housing head and a housing cover that can be removably connected to the housing head by means of a connecting element. The connecting element interacts... Agent:

20110174714 - Drainage fitting for air-conditioner drainage device: A drainage fitting is mounted to an air-conditioner drainage device having a waste collector provided with an inlet and an outlet. The drainage fitting is composed of a drainage connector having an annular protrusion externally and defining an upper part and a lower part, between which the annular protrusion is... Agent: Holimay Corporation

20110174715 - Leaf filter system and replaceable filter leaf apparatus: A filter and replaceable filter leaf apparatus are provided. The filter includes a housing defining a cavity having fluid inlet and outlet ports and a lid member with a manifold coupled to the outlet port and being adapted to conduct a fluid flow between the outlet port and a plurality... Agent:

20110174716 - Installation for treating a biological liquid: Installation for treating a biological liquid, including a circulation pump (5), a filter element (9), a container for collecting treated liquid, a first circuit section connecting a source of said biological liquid to an inlet orifice of said filter element (9), including a circuit element adapted to cooperate with said... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20110174717 - Filter device: A filter device having a liquid inlet, a liquid outlet, a filter housing, and at least one filter element. At least one water collection chamber is configured to collect water separated out of the fuel. A mechanism for suppressing biological activity is disposed in at least the water collection chamber.... Agent:

20110174718 - Fuel filter: A fuel filter having a filter housing including at least one filter element. A water collection chamber configured to collect water separated out of the fuel. An active carbon filter is disposed downstream of the water collection chamber and a water-soluble dividing device is disposed between the water collection chamber... Agent:

20110174719 - Apparatus and method for securing underdrain filter block: An underdrain filter block for use in draining and backwashing a filtering media in a filter bed includes a top wall, a pair of side walls extending from the top wall, and a bottom wall extending between the pair of side walls. The top wall, the pair of side walls,... Agent: Itt Water & Wastewater Leopold, Inc.

20110174720 - Multifunctional electroprocessed membranes: Described is the application of layer-by-layer (LbL) electrostatic assembly techniques to electrospun nanofibers in order to fabricate novel, breathable electrospun fiber-based chemical and biological detoxifying protective fabrics and filters. The combination of layer-by-layer electrostatic assembly and electrospinning technique allows one to take advantage of high specific surface area, light weight... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110174721 - Filter with quick disassembly mechanism: A filter with quick disassembly mechanism includes a hollow cylinder having an open top and an open bottom, the cylinder comprising a lower extension including a plurality of flanges equally spaced apart along an outer surface, each flange having an inclined top surface; and a funnel comprising a mouth adapted... Agent:

20110174723 - Composite semi-permeable membrane and method for producing same: It is an object of the present invention to provide a composite semi-permeable membrane exhibiting excellent chemical resistance and having practical water permeability and salt-blocking property, and a method for producing the same. The present invention relates to a composite semi-permeable membrane, including a porous support and a skin layer... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation A Corporation

20110174722 - Zeolite separation membrane, method for producing the same, and bonding agent: A separation membrane according to the present invention is characterized by having a porous tube containing an alumina as a main component and an attachment member disposed in a connection position of the porous tube, wherein the porous tube and the attachment member are bonded by a ceramic oxide-based bonding... Agent: Hitachi Zosen Corporation

20110174724 - Method and apparatus for precluding telescoping in a fluted filter device: A fluted filter element may include one or more bridging elements to provide resistance to telescoping of the layers of the fluted filter element. The bridging elements are attached to one or both of the filter faces via adhesives, and/or mechanical means, and may also take the form of one... Agent: Baldwin Filters, Inc.

20110174725 - Filter module and process for manufacture of same: A filter module comprises a body of wound layers of a sheet material, said body having inner and outer peripheral surfaces, a winding axis and a passage along the winding axis and in fluid communication with the inner peripheral surface, the sheet material having openings forming two channel types from... Agent: Pall Corporation

20110174726 - Filter module and process for manufacture of same: A filter module comprises a body of wound layers of sheet material, said body having inner and outer peripheral surfaces and a winding axis and a passage extending along the winding axis and in fluid communication with the inner peripheral surface, the sheet material having openings forming two channel types... Agent: Pall Corporation

20110174727 - Membrane cartridge: A filtration membrane and multiple channel groove patterns 38 and 39 are provided on a filtration plate 36, and permeated liquid outlet nozzles 41 and 42 for collecting and taking out a permeated liquid in the channel groove patterns 38 and 39 are provided at the circumferential edge of the... Agent:

20110174728 - Polysulfone polymers and membranes for reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration: The invention provides modified polysulfones substituted in one or more of the phenyl rings by functional groups and membranes composed of the modified polysulfones. Also provided are methods for the preparation of monodispersed nanoporous polymeric membranes. The membranes are useful for reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, and ultrafiltration, particularly for purification of... Agent: Technion Research And Development Foundation Ltd.

20110174729 - Feed distribution arrangement in a liquid treatment space: An arrangement in a liquid treatment space clarifying liquid by gravity. A feed assembly leads the liquid to be treated into the treatment space by a fixed distribution channel. The feed assembly includes at least two elongated and in a longitudinal direction thereof straight feed channels being fixed stationary in... Agent:

20110174730 - Algal purification system with efficient solar light utilization: The present invention relates to an algal purification system. In particular, the present invention relates to a biological purification system incorporating light-converting materials and sun trackers to enhance photosynthesis of algae therein in order to treat wastewater from municipal, agricultural and industrial sources.... Agent:

20110174731 - Submerged attached growth reactor: Described herein is a Submerged Attached Growth Reactor (SAGR) which provides nitrification (ammonia removal) from wastewater in cold to moderate climates. The system described herein is novel in that the SAGR reactor includes more than one influent distribution point. Specifically, in addition to the first influent distribution point at the... Agent:

20110174732 - Diatomaceous earth products containing reduced soluble metal levels, processes for reducing soluble metal levels in diatomaceous earth products, and methods of using the same: Disclosed herein are diatomaceous earth products containing reduced soluble metal levels, processes for reducing soluble metal levels in diatomaceous earth products, and methods of using the same. In particular, diatomaceous earth products are disclosed that have been treated with at least one surface metal blocking agent, and then subjected to... Agent: World Minerals, Inc.

20110174733 - Filter system for extracorporeal depletion of activated polymorphonuclear leukocytes (pmns): The invention relates to a filter system for removing activated PMNs and mediators which are responsible for the activation thereof, and optionally mediators which are simultaneously, but independently of activated PMNs, responsible for a state of illness from body fluids, process for production thereof and use thereof. The inventive filter... Agent:

20110174734 - Non-dispersive process for insoluble oil recovery from aqueous slurries: The development and application of a novel non-polar oil recovery process utilizing a non-dispersive solvent extraction method to coalesce and recover oil from a bio-cellular aqueous slurry is described herein. The process could apply to recovery of algal oil from a lysed algae slurry, recovery of Omega fatty acids from... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20110174735 - Unit and method for preparing a sample for the microbiological analysis of a liquid: The method comprises the step of obtaining such a unit (1), of disposing the filter (2) and collection (3) modules in a first position, of passing a liquid from the filter module (2) to attain the collection module (3), of disposing the filter (2) and collection (3) modules relative to... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20110174736 - Forward osmosis device: The invention relates to a forward osmosis (FO) device (10) with a semipermeable membrane (5, 5a) capable of performing forward osmosis between a first (F1) and a second fluid (F2). In a first fluid confinement (4a), a first swirl generator (7a) is positioned and in a second fluid confinement (4b)... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20110174737 - Ion chromatography systems with flow-delay eluent recycle: A chromatographic method including chromatographically separating sample ionic species in an eluent stream, detecting the separated sample ionic species, catalytically combining hydrogen and oxygen gases or catalytically decomposing hydrogen peroxide in a catalytic gas elimination chamber, and recycling the effluent stream from the chamber to the chromatography separation column. The... Agent: Dionex Corporation

20110174738 - Methods of synthesizing carbon-magnetite nanocomposites from renewable resource materials and application of same: A method of synthesizing carbon-magnetite nanocomposites. In one embodiment, the method includes the steps of (a) dissolving a first amount of an alkali salt of lignosulfonate in water to form a first solution, (b) heating the first solution to a first temperature, (c) adding a second amount of iron sulfate... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Arkansas

20110174739 - Lithium recovery device using separator reservoir, lithium recovery method and lithium adsorption/desorption system using the same: The present invention relates to a lithium recovery device comprising a separator reservoir and manganese oxide, a lithium recovery method using the same, and a lithium adsorption/desorption system. The separator reservoir includes a vacant space therein and an outer wall made of a polymer or a membrane of other useful... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geosciences And Mineral Resources

20110174740 - Organic absorbent product and method: An organic absorbent product is derived from beetle-killed lodge-pole pine trees only that are made into grist, then dried, moisturized, pelletized, and ground to form fractured portions (e.g. fractured pellets or fines) of beetle-killed lodge pole pine, and a method for making the same and their usage. The absorbent product... Agent: Lbi, LLC

20110174741 - Cyclonic separation system comprising gas injection means and method for separating a fluid mixture: An apparatus for separating a fluid mixture includes a uniaxial cyclonic separator (2) having a separation chamber (18) for separating the fluid mixture by cyclonic action into a first fluid and a second fluid. An inlet (16) is located at a first end of the separation chamber (18) for receiving... Agent:

20110174742 - Method and device for water renovation: With a method for renovating wastewater, the wastewater is fed into an electro flocculation cell (E) and is subject to electro flocculation. The electro flocculate (WF) processed in the electro flocculation cell is fed into a ripening tank (R) and remains there. The electro flocculate (WF) originating from the ripening... Agent:

20110174743 - Hybrid composites for contaminated fluid treatment: Compositions, methods of making the compositions, systems, and processes for treating a fluid containing a contaminant are presented. The treatment reduces the concentration of contaminants, such as such as toxic metals, metalloids, oxyanions, and dissolved silica. The reduction in concentration of a contaminant may be sufficient so as to effect... Agent: The Texas A & M University System

20110174744 - Reactor and method for supercritical water oxidation: A reactor for supercritical water oxidation includes an essentially vertical reactor section and an essentially non-vertical reactor section. The vertical reactor section has a cross-sectional area which is substantially larger than the cross-sectional area of the non-vertical reactor section. The vertical reactor section has an inlet in an upper portion... Agent:

20110174745 - Apparatus and method for supplying slurry for a semiconductor: Disclosed is an apparatus for supplying slurry for semiconductor, including a filter which filters slurry particles larger than a predetermined particle size; an air injector which is connected with the filter so as to back-wash the filter using compressed air injected into the filter; a slurry collecting tank which is... Agent:

20110174746 - Water treatment methods: The present invention relates generally to a system and method for treating wastewater in a filter media apparatus having a draft tube system. The filter media may be walnut shell media.... Agent:

20110174747 - Process for selective separation and for the simultaneous increase in purity, of spent, fragmented, organic materials by means of aqueous media having chosen densities: Process for the selective separation, and for the simultaneous increase in purity, of two spent, fragmented, synthetic organic materials having different densities, mixed together or mixed with various contaminating materials to be eliminated, by means of dense aqueous media, each aqueous medium of which has a chosen density “ds” as... Agent: Galloo Plastics

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110168608 - Water treatment apparatus: A water treatment apparatus having a vessel defining a chamber adapted to contain a water treatment chemical over which a dosing liquid can flow from an inlet to form a dosing reservoir at the bottom of the vessel. A supply of dosing liquid is connected to the inlet. The interior... Agent: Gaffey Technical Services Limited

20110168609 - Dosing control system and method: A method and system of controlling addition of a treating agent based on a control function comprising a plurality of demand values is disclosed. Process parameters of a fluid to be treated are measured and one or more control signals are generated based on the measured process values and the... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

20110168610 - Process and device for dewatering a hydraulic fluid: The present invention provides a method and a device for dewatering a hydraulic fluid of a hydraulic system, in particular in the aerospace sector, comprising a container which has a sorbent, a feed which supplies the hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic system to the container for the hydraulic fluid to... Agent:

20110168611 - Wastewater treatment system and method: The wastewater treatment system provides multiple techniques for decontaminating wastewater contained within a single system, thus optimizing the decontamination of the wastewater. In one embodiment, the wastewater treatment system includes a steel-reinforced plastic tank having first and second partition walls dividing the tank into first, second and third chambers. The... Agent:

20110168612 - Storm water filter basket with floating bypass panels: The present invention is a nutrient separating baffle box having a screened filter basket therein for a storm water drain system and especially to a screened filter basket having floating bypass panels to allow the capture of floating debris in the filter basket and when the basket cannot pass enough... Agent:

20110168613 - Filter assembly: A filter assembly comprises a filter housing (23) into which a filter element is insertable. A core element (38) is provided extending within the housing (23). The filter assembly comprises a coupling assembly (200) that is insertable into the housing (23), the coupling assembly (200) comprising a leaf spring (201)... Agent: Parker Filtration B.v.

20110168614 - Device and procedure for extracorporeal blood treatment: An extracorporeal blood treatment device including a filter having a primary and a secondary chamber separated by a semi-permeable membrane, a withdrawal line connected to the primary chamber and associated to a first pump, a return line at the outlet of the primary chamber, a first pre-infusion line (109) connected... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20110168615 - Apparatus for treating liquid containing impurities: An apparatus for treating a liquid containing impurities may comprise: a filtering chamber for receiving liquid containing impurities, the filtering chamber containing granular media and configured to permit the granular media to interact with the liquid containing impurities, thereby removing impurities from the liquid to produce filtrate; a filtrate section... Agent: Parkson Corporation

20110168616 - System and process for removing nitrogen compounds and odors from wastewater and wastewater treatment system: A wastewater treatment system includes independent wastewater treatment facilities. Each of the facilities has a number of wastewater treatment subsystems. A wastewater collection subsystem holds wastewater to be treated. A pump subsystem moves wastewater from a wastewater collector to a filtration subsystem having a bioreacting filter. The filter has a... Agent:

20110168617 - Advanced wastewater treatment device having movable dividers: Disclosed herein is an advanced wastewater treatment device. The device includes a wastewater treatment bath having an anaerobic bath in which phosphorus is discharged, an anoxic bath in which denitrification of nitrate nitrogen is performed, and an aerobic bath in which decomposition and nitrification of organic matter is performed. A... Agent: Sis Eng Co., Ltd.

20110168618 - Device for separating ferromagnetic particles from a suspension: A device for separating ferromagnetic particles from a suspension has a tubular reactor and a plurality of magnets which are arranged outside the reactor, the magnets (9) being movable along at least a part of the length of the reactor (2) up to the vicinity of a particle extractor (5)... Agent:

20110168619 - Filter device and filter element: The invention relates to a filter device having a cup-shaped filter housing (1), comprising a filter element (13) held therein and having at least one end cap (21), and a retaining device serving for the detachable fixing of the filter element (13) along the longitudinal axis (3) thereof, said retaining... Agent:

20110168620 - Apparatus and method for coating diatomaceous earth filter grids: A device, method and system for delivering measured amounts of diatomaceous earth into a pool filter system.... Agent:

20110168621 - Two stage fuel water separator and particulate filter: A water separator and particulate filter with a first or outer stage configured to coalesce water from fluid such as fuel, and a second or inner stage configured to separate coalesced water from the fluid and also remove fine solid contaminants from the fluid. The coalescing stage includes a pleated... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

20110168622 - High efficiency, high capacity filter media: A high efficiency, high capacity fluid filter element that is suitable for meeting stringent cleanliness requirements has multiple filter layers. These layers include a cellulose and glass fiber first layer, a water repellant polybutylene terepthalate meltblown second layer, and a protective third layer providing structural support to the first and... Agent: Purolator Filters Na LLC

20110168623 - Feed side passage material and spiral separation membrane element: A feed side passage material is provided in which sufficient antibacterial activity is obtained even in the spaces among constituent yarns and which hence can effectively prevent biofouling. Also provided is a spiral separation-membrane element employing the feed side passage material. The feed side passage material, which is for use... Agent:

20110168624 - Spiral wound carbon membrane and preparation method thereof: Disclosed is a spiral wound carbon membrane and preparation method thereof. The spiral wound carbon membrane is composed of one or more integral and windable membrane layers composed of a porous support and carbon materials containing fillers filled in the surface, pores and gaps thereof. The spiral wound carbon membrane... Agent: Yingkou Huarui Xiangsheng Chemical Technology Company Ltd

20110168625 - Nonwovens produced from multicomponent fibers: A water non-dispersible polymer microfiber is provided comprising at least one water non-dispersible polymer wherein the water non-dispersible polymer microfiber has an equivalent diameter of less than 5 microns and length of less than 25 millimeters. A process for producing water non-dispersible polymer microfibers is also provided, the process comprising:... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20110168627 - Membrane module: The present invention relates to a method for curing adhesives used in the manufacture of membrane modules containing polymeric membranes, particularly polyimide based membranes used for the nanofiltration or ultrafiltration of solutes dissolved in organic solvents using microwaves. To maximise the chemical resistance of the adhesive used in these organic... Agent: Membrane Extraction Technology Ltd.

20110168626 - Reverse osmosis membrane, reverse osmosis membrane apparatus, and hydrophilic treatment method for reverse osmosis membrane: A reverse osmosis membrane that can maintain high permeability for a longer time, a reverse osmosis membrane apparatus, and a hydrophilic treatment method for a reverse osmosis membrane. A reverse osmosis membrane to which poly(vinyl alcohol) is absorbed, wherein the poly(vinyl alcohol) is an ionic poly(vinyl alcohol). Preferably, adsorption of... Agent: Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

20110168628 - Polyamide hollow fiber membrane, and production method thereof: A hollow fiber membrane is produced through a thermally induced phase separation process by dissolving a highly hydrophilic polyamide resin in a high-boiling-point solvent such as an aprotic polar solvent at a temperature of not lower than 100° C. The hollow fiber membrane has a membrane surface having a water... Agent: Unitika Ltd.

20110168629 - Process for recovering heavy oil utilizing one or more membranes: An oil recovery process utilizes one or more membranes to remove silica and/or oil from produced water. In one method, the process includes separating oil from produced water and precipitating silica. The produced water having the precipitated silica is directed to a membrane, such as a ceramic membrane, which removes... Agent: Hpd, LLC

20110168630 - Graft copolymers, methods for grafting hydrophilic chains onto hydrophobic polymers, and articles thereof: The present invention relates to synthetic methods for grafting hydrophilic chains onto polymers, particularly hydrophobic polymers such as poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC), poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF), and chlorinated polypropylene (cPP). Resulting polymers include comb polymers which can have a microphase-separated structure of hydrophilic domains provided by the hydrophilic chains. Articles prepared from... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110168631 - Methods and apparatuses for water filtration using polyarylether membranes: e

20110168632 - Method and device for separating fractions of a mixture: The invention concerns a method for separating fractions of a mixture to be separated, in a device (1) comprising: several chromatography columns (21, 22, 23,) mounted in series; an open separation loop comprising in input a point for injecting (6) eluent in one of the columns and in output a... Agent:

20110168633 - Method and system of controlling liquid surface level in ion-exchange resin tower and interface level sensor: A liquid surface level control method for an ion-exchange resin tower according to the present invention comprises steps of determining an operation signal (S18, S28, S38) of a discharge device of liquid (6) to be discharged from the ion-exchange resin tower (2a, 2b, 2c), based on a liquid surface level... Agent: Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

20110168634 - Procedure for the preparation of constant height calcite beds with turbid water control: The present patent refers to a new procedure for the preparation of constant height calcite beds through the continuous dosing of calcite by gravity under water, along with the control of whatever turbid waters might be generated during use of the procedure. The procedure is characterized by the use of... Agent: Fundacion Canaria Centro Canario De Agua

20110168635 - Method for removing impurities from biopolymer material: The present invention relates to a method for removing impurities from biopolymer material, e.g. polysaccharides, polypeptides or polynucleotides. More particularly, the present invention provides a method of reducing lipopolysaccharide levels in a lipopolysaccharide containing biopolymer material, comprising the successive steps of: a) providing an aqueous solution containing 0.05-50 wt. %... Agent: Bender Analytical Holding B.v.

20110168636 - Chelating compounds and immobilized tethered chelators: Methods are described for removing aluminum from a solution using novel di- and tripodal compounds as chelators.... Agent:

20110168637 - System and method for controlling multiple sized water softening tanks: A water softening system including a first treatment tank having a first water capacity, a second treatment tank in parallel with the first treatment tank and having a second water capacity that is less than the first water capacity, a flow meter connected to the first and second treatment tanks,... Agent: Culligan International Company

20110168638 - Methods of using adsorption media for separating or removing constituents: Methods of using an adsorption medium to remove at least one constituent from a feed stream. The method comprises contacting an adsorption medium with a feed stream comprising at least one constituent and removing the at least one constituent from the feed stream. The adsorption medium comprises a polyacrylonitrile (PAN)... Agent:

20110168639 - Wastewater treatment method and wastewater treatment apparatus: the magnetic particles are added to the wastewater after adding the inorganic flocculant to the wastewater to flocculate suspended solids in the wastewater, after that or substantially at the same time as the magnetic particles are added, the high molecular polymer is added to the wastewater, and flocculates of the... Agent: Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd.

20110168640 - Gas bubble generation for coalescing: Apparatus is provided for introducing gas bubbles 30 (usually air bubbles) into a liquid stream 14 to coalesce material such as unwanted bits, or particles, of hydrocarbons that lie in the liquid stream along with wanted dissolved bits of metal, for removal of the hydrocarbons. The apparatus is constructed to... Agent:

20110168642 - Dynamo powered ultraviolet water purification system: A system and method for powering an ultraviolet (UV) water purification system utilizing a dynamo. A dynamo, operably attached to the UV water purification system, generates power from a rotatable crank which is actuated by a user around an axis of the rotatable crank. When the crank is rotated, the... Agent:

20110168641 - Method and computer program product for treating liquid containing impurities: A method and a computer program product performs a backwash process, which facilitates a reduction in a reject rate associated with a water treatment tank. A determination is made as to whether or not the water treatment tank is in need of a backwash process, and if so, the following... Agent: Parkson Corporation

20110168643 - Method and apparatus for treating liquid containing impurities: A method and an apparatus for treating a liquid containing impurities may include a filtering chamber configured to permit granular media to interact with liquid containing impurities, thereby removing impurities from the liquid to produce filtrate; a filtrate section for receiving the filtrate; a gas supplying system for delivering gas... Agent: Parkson Corporation

20110168645 - Method for preparing a fluid fraction from blood: A novel composite of glass fiber paper and reinforcing material that is useful for high speed manufacturing of devices comprising it is disclosed. The composite is formed by pressing into a glass fiber paper, having multimodal (at least bi-modal) composition, a hydrophilic reinforcing material. The composite has anisotropic separation properties... Agent: Akers Biosciences, Inc.

20110168644 - Systems and methods for personal water filtration: A portable vessel for fluids has an integrated filtration system. A pressing assembly fitted to the vessel includes a stopper, a rod having a top end and a filtration assembly. A vessel top receives the pressing assembly such that the rod of the pressing assembly is slidably attached to a... Agent: Ozolab

20110168646 - Land based and pontoon based forced air thermal evaporator: A method of evaporating waste water utilizing waste heat employs a forced air thermal evaporator system having an air heat exchanger with: a waste heat inlet, a waste heat outlet, a cold air inlet and a hot air outlet; a compressor connected with the cold air inlet to force air... Agent:

20110168647 - Modular filter elements for use in a filter-in-filter cartridge: Disclosed are modular filter-in-filter elements, namely an outer filter element and an inner filter element which may be assembled to form a filter cartridge for use in separation methods and systems. The outer filter element typically functions as a coalescing element and the inner element typically functions as a particulate... Agent: Cummins FiltrationIPInc.

20110168648 - Gasification apparatus with continuous solids discharge: A process for the discharge of slag and ash from a gasification reactor is disclosed. These solids are directed from the gasification reactor into a water bath housed with the gasification reactor in a pressure vessel. There are at least two lock hoppers underneath the water bath which are fed... Agent: Uhde Gmbh

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20110163016 - Reverse osmosis system: Embodiments of the invention provide a reverse osmosis system including a feed water inlet, a reverse osmosis module coupled to the feed water inlet, and at least one blend valve. The blend valve can be coupled to a permeate outlet and the, feed water inlet and can be capable of... Agent:

20110163017 - Wastewater treatment method and apparatus: The present invention discloses a method and apparatus for separating particles and dissolved matter from a produced water fluid stream. Specifically, the present invention includes a first pressure source which transports untreated produced water or contaminated aqueous fluid into a separator annulus with a filter element disposed therein. The untreated... Agent:

20110163018 - Hydrogen cooled generator lubricant drain system: A hydrogen cooled generator includes a lubricant drain system. The lubricant drain system includes a hydrogen detraining tank having a hollow interior portion. A sensor is operatively mounted in the hydrogen detraining tank. The sensor is configured and disposed to detect an interface zone between an amount of lubricant and... Agent: General Electric Company

20110163019 - Waste water treatment apparatus: A waste water treatment apparatus includes a physical filter unit. The physical filter unit includes a filter screen layer therein to filter impurities which are large particles and a distal end connected with a changeable fluid dirt activation unit to discharge the bubbles and particles of the waste water. A... Agent:

20110163020 - Effluent weir: Device for removing clarified liquid effluent from process and wastewater equipment vessels. The device includes a horizontal square pipe with a perpendicular adjustable height riser. The device is to be used singularly or in a multiple unit parallel arrangement with process or wastewater equipment as a means of optimizing the... Agent:

20110163021 - Gray water utilization system having aerator control: The invention relates to a grey water utilisation system comprising a grey water container, a clear water container, a membrane filter and an air pump as well as at least one first air line from the air pump to the membrane filter, said membrane filter including a filter housing which... Agent: Spinflow Gmbh

20110163022 - Integrated sewage treatment plant: An integrated sewage biochemical treatment plant containing mechanical treatment devices, a sewage-and-sludge mixing chamber with a circulation pump and a combined biological treatment device, includes a plane feed biofilter, a spray line, collecting trays and drain collectors connected to water-jet aeratic columns sunk in the aeration zones, and aftertreatment devices.... Agent:

20110163023 - Device for the equilibrium dialysis of fluids: The invention relates to a device for the equilibrium dialysis of fluids having small volumes. The object of the invention of creating a device for equilibrium dialysis , the device being designed as a simple as possible, being universally usable and reliable in the use thereof, with which a large... Agent: Scienova Gmbh

20110163024 - Biological fluid filtration system and biological filter used therein: A biological fluid processing or fluid filtration system is provided having novel open and closed loop processing systems wherein the gases transferred into and out of the system during processing pass through a porous medium in upstream and/or downstream gas inlet or outlet housings or vents in a manner which... Agent:

20110163025 - Membrane cartridge: A channel groove pattern 38 allowing the passage of a permeated liquid having passed through a filtration membrane 37 is provided on one filtration plate surface of a filtration plate 36, and a permeated liquid outlet nozzle 39 is provided on the filtration plate 36. The channel groove pattern 38... Agent:

20110163026 - Automatically cleaned filter: An automatically cleaned filter comprises a motor; a base above the motor; the base being formed with at least one filter seat, a water inlet, a water draining hole and an annular groove; at least one filter core installed on a respective one of the filter seat; the filtering material... Agent:

20110163027 - Devices for water treatment: A device for use in water comprising a carrier having an interior cavity and one or more openings allowing ingress to and egress from the interior cavity; and a moss contained within the interior cavity in which the carrier completely encloses the moss.... Agent: Embro Corporation

20110163028 - Biofilm reactor containing spiral structure and water treatment device using the same: The present invention provides a biofilm reactor comprising a spiral structure and a water treatment facility using the same. The biofilm reactor comprises an inlet pipe for supplying water, an air supply pipe for supplying air, and an outlet pipe for discharging the water and air that passed through the... Agent:

20110163029 - Method for substance separation using a cellulose hydrate membrane in size exclusion chromatography: There is proposed a separation method for mixtures of materials, using a cellulose hydrate membrane having a porous double structure which consists of micropores having a diameter in the range from >100 nm to 20 μm and ultrapores which have a diameter of <100 nm and which are not accessible... Agent: Sartorius Stedim Biotech Gmbh

20110163030 - Dialysis systems and methods: This invention relates to dialysis systems and methods. In some implementations, a method includes applying vacuum pressure to a device of a dialysis system, and then determining, based on a detected fluid level or measured pressure, whether the device is functioning properly.... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20110163032 - High recovery sulfate removal process: A high recovery sulfate removal process comprises treating a feed water stream conditioned with antiscalant from a source with a reverse osmosis membrane system to produce a purified water permeate stream and a reject stream containing the retained or rejected ions and organic matter. The reject stream is further treated... Agent: Siemens Pte Ltd

20110163031 - Method and apparatus for recovery of water containing silica: Disclosed are embodiments of a method and apparatus for the treatment of water containing silica in order to recover as much treated water from a water source as possible while minimizing the generation of waste products. Other embodiments include removing specific elements from the water source and utilizing those elements.... Agent: Camp Dresser & Mckee, Inc.

20110163034 - Method and device to early predict the kt/v parameter in kidney substitution treatments: A method for determining or predicting the adequacy parameters that will be achieved at the end of a kidney substitution treatment during said kidney substitution treatment wherein the kidney substitution treatment is provided by a machine, which has an extracorporeal blood system pumping the patient blood through the blood chamber... Agent: B. Braun Avitum Ag

20110163033 - Noise-reducing dialysis systems and methods of reducing noise in dialysis systems: A dialysis system includes at least one pneumatic valve, a pneumatic pump in fluid communication with the pneumatic valve, a pneumatic line communicating with an inlet and an outlet of the pneumatic pump, a flow restrictor placed in the pneumatic line, and a logic implementer. The logic implementer is programmed... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110163035 - Nanofiber-containing membrane, a composite membrane, a process for producing them and their use: A nanofiber-containing membrane has a specific surface area of 0.1 to 1000 m2/g, porosity of 10 to 99.5% and a pore size of 0.01 to 10 μm. This provides a nanofiber-containing membrane having properties of high specific surface area, high porosity, nanoscale pore size, high pore uniformity and so on.... Agent: Taiwan Textile Research Institute

20110163036 - Method and apparatus for generating fresh water, and method and apparatus for desalinating sea water: An object is to provide a fresh water generating method that is capable of efficiently producing purified water, such as fresh water, from unpurified water, such as sea water. Provided is a fresh water generating method for generating fresh water by way of reverse osmosis membrane filtration, which includes mixing... Agent: Kobelco Eco-solutions Co., Ltd.

20110163037 - Filtration of a hydrocarbon from a fluid: An apparatus, method, and system for treatment of industrial waste water and/or marine vessel bilge water before discharge into waterways, said waste water having hydrocarbon, and synthetic oils, chemical or surfactant based hydrocarbon emulsions, and water soluble hydrocarbons, containing hydrocarbon coated organics and fine suspended particulate matter, said treatment utilizing... Agent:

20110163038 - Methods for hydrodynamic control of a continuous water purification system: Methods and apparatus for removing contaminants from liquid using a continuously circulating stream of purifying media are disclosed. In one embodiment the method includes mixing a regenerated purifying media with a contaminated liquid containing diverse contaminants; co-currently transporting the purifying media and the contaminated liquid in a mixed state; removing,... Agent:

20110163039 - Device and method for separating ferromagnetic particles from a suspension: A device for separating ferromagnetic particles from a suspension has a tubular reactor having at least one magnet, a suspension being able to flow through the reactor. The reactor (2) has at least one extraction line (3) branching off from the reactor (2), to which extraction line a negative pressure... Agent:

20110163040 - Vessel and method for treating contaminated water: A method for removing immiscible fluid from contaminated water includes at least one chamber; an injection line in fluid communication with an inlet of the one chamber; bubble generation means in fluid communication with the injection line for injecting gas bubbles into the injection line and allowing mixing in the... Agent: Glr Solutions Ltd.

20110163041 - Method for controlling the disturbance of networked pulp: The invention provides a method (20) for controlling a disturbance (15) to networked pulp in a separation device comprising a tank (1), the method (20) comprising the steps of introducing a feed material into the tank at a flux (21); allowing pulp to settle out of the feed material and... Agent: Outotec Oyj

20110163042 - Removal method of manganese from waste water: e

20110163043 - Method for treating floor polish stripping wastewater and washing wastewater: To provide a method for treating floor polish stripping wastewater and washing wastewater that is suitable for treating stripping wastewater produced in stripping with a strongly alkaline stripping agent when a floor polish coating film coated and formed on a floor surface is recoated and for treating washing wastewater produced... Agent: Diversey, Inc.

20110163044 - Ceramic structure for water treatment, water treatment apparatus and method: A ceramic structure for water treatment, a water treatment apparatus and method are provided. Immersion efficiency of a photo catalyst and a specific surface area of the immersed photo catalyst can be improved using a ceramic medium including a ceramic paper prepared of a ceramic fiber. Accordingly, it is possible... Agent: Lg Hausys, Ltd.

20110163045 - Method and system for treating contaminated water: Methods and systems for treatment, remediation, and purification of contaminated water at an optimal pH for are provided herein, as well as a database for use in said methods and systems. The methods and systems are based on identifying one or more contaminants in the contaminated water, and identifying an... Agent: Ramot At Tel-aviv University Ltd.

20110163046 - Mobile uv light treatment systems and associated methods: Of the methods provided herein, one includes a method comprising: providing a turbid treatment fluid having a first microorganism count; placing the turbid treatment fluid in a self-contained, road mobile UV light treatment manifold that comprises a UV light source; irradiating the turbid treatment fluid with the UV light source... Agent:

20110163047 - Additive dispersing filter and method: A method and apparatus for dispersing an additive from an additive cartridge disposed in a housing of an oil filter is provided. The method including the steps of: using stagnation pressure to disperse the additive from the additive cartridge; and regulating a flow rate of the additive from the additive... Agent:

20110163048 - A method and a device for cleaning of so-called waste oil: The present disclosure relates to a method and a device, in the form of an oil separator, for cleaning so-called waste oil, which contains oil and water, wherein the cleaned oil is so clean that it can be re-used. The oil separator (1) includes a first separation tank (3) for... Agent:

20110163049 - Water treatment apparatus and system: The present invention relates generally to a system and method for treating wastewater in a filter media apparatus having a draft tube system. The filter media may be walnut shell media.... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

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