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Liquid purification or separation June invention type 06/11

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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110155655 - Modular integrated water-purifying device: In a kind of modular integrated water purifying device, including reaction tank, sedimentation tank and filter pool, a pump is connected to the top side of the reaction tank through pipes and valves. There are variable grid hole mixing paddles in the reaction tank, forced outlet pipe at the bottom... Agent: Tongji University

20110155656 - Fuel filter, in particular for motor vehicles: A fuel filter having a filter element for filtering out particles and water from a fuel flowing through the fuel filter and having a water drainage unit for conveying filtered-out water out of the fuel filter, in which the water drainage unit is embodied as a stand-alone unit that may... Agent:

20110155657 - Tee-connector for use in a filtration system: In accordance with one embodiment, a connector for use in a fluid circuit includes a first housing having a hollow interior and an inlet and an outlet. The hollow interior includes first filter elements that are open at first and second ends thereof. The first ends of the first filter... Agent: Nephros, Inc.

20110155658 - Static dissipative filtration media: A filtration media that incorporates a static dissipative media layer for dissipating the static charge that builds up as a fluid, such a fuel, passes through the filtration media. The filtration media includes a filter media suitable for filtering fluid, and a static dissipative media layer. The static dissipative media... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

20110155659 - Porous membrane and preparation method thereof: Disclosed is a porous membrane with high tensile strength, good elongation at break, and good water permeability, and a method for manufacturing the same. The porous membrane comprises a bead structure including plural spherical crystallites, wherein macro voids isolated from one another with the plural spherical crystallites are formed in... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20110155660 - Modified membrane: A multilayered modified membrane and method for making the same, comprising a modified discriminating layer that can have a fouling resistant surface, improved salt rejection, antimicrobial properties, and/or improved solute, and/or small organics rejection as compared to membranes with unmodified discriminating layers.... Agent:

20110155661 - Water filter materials and water filters containing a mixture of microporous and mesoporous carbon particles: A filter and filter material for providing or treating potable water is provided. The filter includes a housing having an inlet and an outlet, a filter material disposed within the housing, the filter material formed at least in part from a mixture of a plurality of mesoporous and microporous activated... Agent:

20110155662 - Thin, porous metal sheets and methods for making the same: Thin, porous metal sheets and methods for forming them are presented to enable a variety of applications and devices. The thin, porous metal sheets are less than or equal to approximately 200 μm thick, have a porosity between 25% and 75% by volume, and have pores with an average diameter... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20110155663 - Wastewater treatment system: A wastewater treatment system for removing settled material from a supply of wastewater includes an open-top clarifier tank for holding wastewater having a minimum upper surface level, a support member supported above the clarifier tank and a wastewater treatment module positioned to be located at least partially below the clarifier... Agent:

20110155665 - Method and system for high recovery water desalting: A method of desalting an aqueous solution includes performing a demineralization process on a concentrate solution to produce a demineralized solution and performing a desalting process. A method of recovering an aqueous solution includes performing a first membrane based separation process on a feed stream to produce a permeate stream... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110155664 - Method for the removing and reducing scaling: The invention relates to improved elimination of scale in processing systems. The method removes existing scale while also eliminating buildup. The invention relates to phosphate and sulfate scale. The invention further allows for improved anti-scaling without the need to make any pH adjustments. The method provides all factor listed while... Agent:

20110155666 - Method and system using hybrid forward osmosis-nanofiltration (h-fonf) employing polyvalent ions in a draw solution for treating produced water: A method and system using hybrid forward osmosis and nanofiltration is disclosed for treating produced water containing contaminant species. The system comprises a forward osmosis cell and a downstream nanofiltration cell. A draw solution fluid cycles between the forward osmosis cell and the nanofiltration cell. The draw solution contains polyvalent... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20110155667 - Microfluidic device for blood dialysis: The invention provides microfluidic devices and methods of using such devices for filtering solutions, such as blood.... Agent:

20110155668 - Separation medium for chromatography of various biomolecules: The present invention relates to a separation medium, comprising an inner core of a porous material provided with charged ligands, and an outer lid comprising a porous material provided with charged ligands, wherein the charge of the ligands in the inner core is opposite that of the charge of the... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20110155669 - Method for trace phosphate removal from water using composite resin: The invention discloses a novel method for trace phosphate removal from water by using a composite resin. Firstly, adjusting the pH value of the raw water to 5.0˜9.0 and prefiltering the water, then leading the filtrate through an absorption tower packed with the composite resin, the trace phosphate in the... Agent: Nanjing University

20110155670 - Method for removing hydrofluoric acid and organic fluorides from a fluid stream: A method is provided for removing HF and organic fluorides from fluid streams in which the fluoride species exist as impurities and, in particular, from hydrocarbon fluid streams containing no more than about 1.0% by weight total fluorides. The method consists of first contacting the fluid stream with a nonpromoted... Agent: Uop LLC

20110155671 - Concentration of suspensions: The present invention relates to a process of concentrating an aqueous suspension of solid particles comprising the steps of adding at least one organic polymeric flocculant to the suspension thereby forming flocculated solids in which the flocculated solids are allowed form a layer of solids and thereby forming a more... Agent: Ciba Corporation

20110155672 - Surface water filtration device: A plate is positioned across an inlet to a catch basin and a filter strainer is inserted through an opening through the plate and into the basin. A tertiary filter completely surrounds the strainer and is suspended below the plate. Surface water flows through a primary grate that covers the... Agent:

20110155673 - Oil spill recovery system: A method for separating an oil-substance mixture includes communicating the oil-substance mixture into a first separator tank to separate the oil from the substance, and communicating a remaining portion of the oil-substance mixture into a second separator tank to separate the oil from the substance of the remaining portion.... Agent:

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110147282 - System for automatic water discharge management: A water discharge management system is provided. The water discharge management system includes a water processing system, a controller provided with an executable recapture protocol, and a plurality of controllable multi-way valves which control and implement a regeneration cycle of the water processing system based upon the recapture protocol. Each... Agent: Hellenbrand, Inc.

20110147283 - Water treatment for cooling towers and large commercial ponds using a non-chemical residual program: A water treatment system can be used to treat bodies of water as found in cooling towers and large commercial ponds to rid the potential of biological contaminants and mineral formations found in heat exchange equipment, on the sides of walls, basins and piping that create corrosive damage and loss... Agent:

20110147284 - Self powered water purification system: A water purification unit to purify potentially contaminated water is provided. The water purification unit is in fluid communication with a water source and has a pump to draw water from the water source. The water is passed through at least a main filter to purify the water and dispensed... Agent: Innovative Water Technologies, Inc.

20110147285 - Reverse-osmosis water desalination plant: The invention relates to a reverse-osmosis water desalination plant comprising: a reverse-osmosis membrane unit (TP); at least one high-pressure pump (HP); a pressure-exchange-type energy collector (SRE) capable of transferring pressure from the concentrate leaving the membrane unit to a portion of the water to be treated; sensors for various operating... Agent: Degremount

20110147286 - Filter unit for shower system: A filter unit for a shower system includes a filtering housing and a filter core. The filtering housing includes a main body having a water inlet and a plurality of water outlets, wherein the water inlet is arranged to connect with the water supply tube so as to allow water... Agent:

20110147287 - Membrane fixation system for a swimming-pool cleaning apparatus: System for attaching a membrane on a cleaning device for swimming-pools. The invention concerns a system for attaching a net to a swimming-pool cleaning device, enabling the net to be held perfectly taut and to be correctly and fully attached to a separate container from the cleaning device that can... Agent:

20110147288 - Integrated aquarium filter assembly including filter media components and an upstream water pump: Disclosed are filter assemblies for an aquarium tank. The disclosed assemblies include a filter basket assembly in which one or more filter baskets are connected, either directly or indirectly, to a filter pump basket. The filter pump basket typically is located upstream of the one or more filter baskets and... Agent: Central Garden And Pet Company

20110147289 - Wind, solar and hybrid wind-solar water circulation and aeration methods and apparatus: Circulation and aeration systems for ponds, lakes, sounds, treatment basins, and other bodies of water. In one set of embodiments, water is pumped in a downward direction to circulate ambient oxygen from the atmosphere and produced by plant photosynthesis to deeper strata. In other embodiments, water is circulated within predetermined... Agent:

20110147290 - Fuel filter: A fuel filter includes a filter element disposed in a filter housing. The filter element is penetrated by fuel flowing in a radial direction from a raw end to a pure end. The fuel filter has a first water separator and a smooth-flow second water separator disposed in series with... Agent:

20110147291 - Wastewater treatment apparatus: wherein the magnetic separation portion has a structure in which fluid piping is arranged at a magnetic field generating portion, and magnetic powder in the magnetic flocs is recovered by using the high pressure pump to pump the recovered magnetic flocs to the fluid piping of the magnetic separation portion,... Agent: Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd.

20110147292 - Cellulose hydrate membrane, method for the production thereof, and use thereof: There is provided a cellulose hydrate membrane having a porous double structure which consists of micropores having a diameter in the range from >100 nm to 20 μm and ultrapores which have a diameter of <100 nm and which are not accessible to Blue Dextran having an average molecular weight... Agent: Sartorius Stedim Biotech Gmbh

20110147293 - Wastewater treatment ship: A wastewater treatment ship is provided which is capable of purifying and treating oil bearing wastewater collected from a ship or the sea, wastewater such as domestic water and of reusing the purified water on the ship and easily discharging it. The wastewater treatment ship has a hull able to... Agent: Kanto Kosan Co., Ltd.

20110147294 - System for processing magnetic particles: A system for separating a solid magnetic substrate from liquid contents of a reaction vessel, the system comprising at least one micro-well plate having a plurality of rows and a plurality of magnets arranged in at least two rows. In one embodiment, the at least two rows of the plurality... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20110147295 - Desalination device using selective membranes and magnetic fields: Device designed to desalinate brackish water which performs said function by the combined action of magnetic fields generated inside the device and ion-selective membranes, thus obtaining two separate water currents, one with a low salt concentration and the other reject current with a high salt concentration. It comprises an external... Agent:

20110147296 - Filter press: Filter press with press frame containing side beams (2) to support filter plates (17) movably along the longitudinal axis of the side beams (2), where the filter plates (17) are oriented at right angles to the longitudinal axis of the side beams (2) and connected to one another, and where... Agent: Andritz Technology And Asset Management Gmbh

20110147298 - Annular collar for encapsulated water treatment system: A water treatment system is provided having an encapsulate manifold with a reverse osmosis cartridge and one or more filter cartridges, and an annular collar to adapt and connect the manifold to the cartridges. The filter cartridge includes a detent for being received within a slot in the manifold head... Agent: Ecowater Systems LLC

20110147297 - Filter: A filter including a filter bowl (4), filer head (48) and filter element (2). The filter element (2) comprises a locking ring (12), a first end cap (6) coupled to the locking ring (12), a filter media (10) coupled to the first end cap (6), and a locking rib (30)... Agent:

20110147299 - Coalescence media for separation of water-hydrocarbon emulsions: A coalescence media for separation of water-hydrocarbon emulsions comprises an emulsion-contacting sheet formed of: (a) at least one component of the group consisting of natural fibers, cellulose fibers, natural-based fibers, and cellulose-based fibers, at least one component of the group consisting of high-surface-area fibrillated fibers, surface-area-enhancing synthetic material, glass microfibers,... Agent: Ahlstrom Corporation

20110147300 - Composition for preparation of hollow fiber porous membrane and preparation method using the same: A composition for preparation of a hollow fiber porous membrane including 40-60 wt. % a polymer matrix, 20-30 wt. % an organic mixed solution, and 20-40 wt. % a water-soluble substance. The polymer matrix is a polymer capable of dissolving in an organic solvent and melt processing. The organic mixed... Agent: Tianjin Polytechnic University

20110147301 - Nonwovens and articles containing submicron fibers: Nonwoven web products containing sub-micron fibers, and more specifically nonwoven web products having sub-micron fibers formed by fibrillation of polymer films, and nonwoven materials and articles incorporating them, and methods of producing these products.... Agent: Polymer Group, Inc.

20110147302 - Oil/water separator: An oil/water separator includes an ingress (21,221) for an oil/water mixture and a coalescing means (16,116) through which the oil/water mixture passes to reach an oil retention chamber (17,217). Preferably, the coalescing means (16,116) is an open cell foam, such as reticulated polyurethane foam, and is provided in an annular... Agent: Conder Products Limited

20110147303 - Bioretention system with high internal high flow bypass: The invention provides a bioretention system comprising one or more chambers and a high flow bypass system with top and bottom weirs for water filtration and storm water flow management. The invention also provides methods that are useful for managing storm water flow and inhibiting the flow of pollutants, debris,... Agent: Kristar Enterprises, Inc.

20110147304 - Biological and ballasetd flocculation treatment of wastewater: A method for treating wastewater comprises biologically treating the wastewater in a fixed-biomass biological reactor and then treating the wastewater in a ballasted flocculation system. The ballasted flocculation system produces a clarified effluent and sludge containing inert granular material having biomass accumulated thereon and suspended solids. The inert granular material... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20110147305 - Liquid-liquid extraction tower having center feed inlet and process: This invention relates to a liquid-liquid extraction tower comprising a feed inlet and a plurality of stages and an area for collection of the extract; at least one stage comprising a mixing zone having a driven center horizontal impeller positioned between a pair of horizontal annular shroud baffles having open... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110147306 - Use of cationic coagulant and acrylamide polymer flocculants for separating oil from oily water: Methods for treating oily wastewater comprising adding to the wastewater a cationic coagulant and an acrylamide copolymer flocculant. The acrylamide copolymer flocculant may comprise either an anionic acrylamide copolymer flocculant or a cationic acrylamide copolymer flocculant or both. The acrylamide flocculants may be present in an emulsion or mixture along... Agent: General Electric Company

20110147307 - Method for recovering carboxylic acids from dilute aqueous streams: Improvement in separating lower, C2 saturated and/or C3, and/or C4, saturated and/or unsaturated mono carboxylic acids from aqueous streams via extraction by using as the extractant an organic acid or ester or mixtures thereof with a melting point below 10° C., a normal boiling point between 190 and 280° C.... Agent: Arkema Inc.

20110147308 - Charged porous polymeric membranes and their preparation: A charged porous polymeric membrane comprises a porous polymeric membrane substrate comprising a polymeric membrane material and a first polymer having a first functional group, the first polymer is compatible with the membrane material, and a charged polymer has a second functional group, the charged polymer can react with the... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

20110147310 - Method and apparatus for generating fresh water, and method and apparatus for desalinating sea water: An object is to provide a fresh water generating method that is capable of efficiently producing purified water, such as fresh water, from unpurified water, such as sea water. Provided is a fresh water generating method for generating fresh water by way of reverse osmosis membrane filtration, which includes mixing... Agent: Kobelco Eco-solutions Co., Ltd.

20110147309 - Process for the desalination and elimination of boron from water and equipment to carry out said process: The present invention relates to a method for performing desalination and eliminating boron from water, which comprises carrying out a first reverse-osmosis step where the saline water is supplied into a reverse-osmosis membrane container which comprises a plurality of membranes interconnected in series, arranging between two of said membranes a... Agent:

20110147312 - Automated system and method for monitoring chromatography column performance, and applications thereof: The present invention provides automated systems and methods for monitoring column performance in process chromatography, and applications thereof. In an embodiment, column performance is monitored by generating a plurality of process values such as, for example, conductivity values or pH values with a detector during a chromatography step transition between... Agent: Biogen Idec Ma Inc.

20110147311 - Chromatography column and maintenance method: A method of maintenance of a chromatography column is described which does not require the use of a hoist or crane for disassembly. The method provides improved operator safety by reducing the need for the operator to work below a suspended or supported load within the column. The provision of... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20110147313 - Process for the treatment of the aqueous stream coming from the fischer-tropsch reaction by means of ion exchange resins: Process for the treatment of the aqueous stream coming from the Fischer-Tropsch reaction comprising: feeding the aqueous stream containing the organic by products of the reaction to a distillation or stripping column; separation from the column of an aqueous stream enriched in alcohols having from 1 to 8 carbon atoms... Agent: Eni S.p.a.

20110147315 - Method of water discharge management: A method of water discharge management in a water processing system is provided. The method includes providing a supply of a first solution, providing a supply of a second solution, and selectively supplying the first solution to a water processing system and the second solution to the water processing system.... Agent: Hellenbrand, Inc.

20110147314 - Water desalination apparatus and method: A desalination apparatus is disclosed which uses a salt sponge unit to remove a majority of salt from water. A parallel plate capacitor can be connected after the salt sponge to remove remaining salt ions. The salt sponge is a nanoporous, high surface area carbon scaffold to which crown ethers... Agent: Bae Systems Information & Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20110147316 - Deoiling of sagd produce water: Methods of deoiling oily water such as SAGD and frac produce water. The oily water is treated with a natural coagulant selected from tannins and chitosan. A cationic and/or anionic flocculant may also be added to the treated oily water. The thus treated oily water may be subjected to conventional... Agent: General Electric Company

20110147317 - Catalytic compositions, composition production methods, and aqueous solution treatment methods: Composition production methods are provided that can include providing PdO nanoparticles on a nitrogen-doped titanium oxide surface to form a catalytic mixture. Catalytic compositions and/or bactericides are provided that can include a substrate supporting Ti, O, N, and Pd. Water purification methods are provided that can include exposing an aqueous... Agent:

20110147318 - Miniature ozone generator and use thereof for purifying water: The present invention is concerned with a miniature ozone generator device for purifying water. The device includes a printed circuit board having an ozone producing circuit printed on it which includes anodes and cathodes alternatively printed and connected in parallel relationship to each other and to a power supply device.... Agent: Ozomax Inc.

20110147319 - Use, for filtration, of hollow elements formed from a helical winding: The invention relates to the use, for filtering one or more particle-laden fluids, of at least one hollow element obtained by the winding in touching and/or non-touching turns of a wire (F) of cross section (s), said hollow element having at least one closed end and a [free area (Sfree)/area... Agent: Total Raffinage Marketing

20110147320 - Filter media and articles including dendrimers and/or other components: Articles such as filter media, which include dendrimers and/or other components, are provided. The filter media may further include a water repellant (e.g., a fluorinated species) to impart desirable properties to the media such as high water repellency. The filter media may also have a high efficiency as a function... Agent: Hollingsworth & Vose Company

20110147321 - Filter with adjustable porosity: A filter includes a filter chamber of adjustable volume. The filter chamber encloses a compactable filter medium through which fluid to be filtered may flow. The filter medium includes a plurality of filter particles. A filter particle has an initial shape and is deformable upon application of a deforming force,... Agent:

20110147322 - Lubricant supply filtration system and method: A system and method of filtering lubricant in a lubricant supply system are provided. Lubricant from a lubricant source is directed into and through a coarse filter that is configured to remove, from the lubricant, particulate of at least a first dimension. A fraction of the lubricant discharged from the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

06/16/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110139689 - Monitoring a preparative chromatography column from the exterior during formation of the packed bed: In an axial-flow cylindrical preparative chromatography column that utilizes a piston to close off the top of the resin space inside the column and thereby eliminate void spaces at the top of the resin, a sight glass is incorporated in the column wall to allow monitoring of the packing height... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

20110139690 - Error correction for a liquid concentration detector of a blood purification apparatus: A blood purification instrument for extracorporeally circulating a patient's blood and a concentration detector detects a concentration of liquid during blood purification wherein the concentration detector has a light emitter irradiating light onto the liquid, a light receiver receives the light as transmitted through the liquid, a reference light receiver... Agent: Nikkiso Co., Ltd.

20110139691 - Pressurized wastewater effluent chlorniation system: A pressurized wastewater effluent chlorination system including a treatment tank defining a contact chamber and an aeration chamber. The treatment tank receives wastewater effluent. The system includes a pressure vessel within a liquid chlorine storage container positioned in or near the treatment tank. Preferably, the pressure vessel is a floating... Agent:

20110139692 - Travelling band screen machine: A traveling band screen machine (1) is proposed with a careful fish return. To this end, the screen panels (4) each have a fish lifting channel (26) in which fishes (28) in a liquid-filled collecting recess (27) are lifted out of the stream of liquid and then emptied in the... Agent:

20110139693 - Conveyor belt filter device: The invention pertains to a conveyor belt filter device comprising: (a) an endless filter belt of flat, interconnected filter elements that can be respectively pivoted relative to one another about a horizontal link axis; (b) flexible driving means that are respectively provided to both sides of the filter belt and... Agent:

20110139694 - Anti-clogging drainage inlet: The anti-clogging drainage inlet is adapted for use in lawn or field environments that require drainage systems to prevent flooding or unwanted pooling during periods of rain. The inlet includes a grate mounted to a rectangular frame. The frame and the grate are adapted to be positioned in the opening... Agent:

20110139695 - In situ ph adjustment for solid and groundwater remediation: The present invention provides a safe, low-cost, effective composition and method for the remediation of contaminated subsurface material, the composition comprising solid alkaline material preferably in combination with stabilizing agents, that can be used to increase or maintain the pH of a subsurface zone and improve the performance of in... Agent: Solutions-ies, Inc.

20110139696 - Treatment system for ship's ballast water: A water treatment system to be installed in a tanker or other cargo ship for destruction of aquatic organisms and microorganisms that may be contained in the water, usually seawater, being pumped into the ship's ballast tank or tanks. Included is a ballast pump having an intake conduit for drawing... Agent: Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

20110139697 - Compacted air flow rapid fluid evaporation system: A total water desalination system is disclosed that includes a centrifugal separator, a feed-water device controlled by a relative humidity sensor, an air pump, an evaporator core, an air dryer, a non-particulate coalescent air filter, and an air flow/brine gravity separating tank. The evaporator core typically contains multiple conical processing... Agent:

20110139698 - Apparatus for treating water, particularly filter apparatus, and cartridge: A device for treating water having a cartridge, which includes a container for receiving treatment means and a connecting head. Furthermore, a connecting device is provided, which is equipped with a holder, a valve device, and a locking device. The holder has at least one side wall, on which the... Agent: Brita Gmbh

20110139699 - Spin-on filter with external threads and methods: A filter arrangement for threadably securing to a filter head includes a housing having a surrounding wall defining an interior volume, an open mouth providing access to the interior volume and an end opposite of the open mouth. The surrounding wall has an exterior and an interior. A filter media... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20110139700 - Collection can for precipitated powder substance and the use thereof: A collection process for precipitated powder substance is mainly for storing toxic or highly radioactive powder or dust in air and involves collection operation in water or other liquid to collect powder insoluble to the liquid and heavier than the liquid. To be suitable for underwater operation, a powder precipitation... Agent:

20110139701 - Filters comprising an activated carbon particle coated with pdadmac and methods of making same: Embodiments of systems and methods for producing a coated activated carbon comprise the steps of providing activated carbon particles having a particle size up to about 100 μm, and coating the activated carbon particles by spraying droplets of a cationic polymer solution onto the surface of the activated carbon particles,... Agent: Pur Water Purification Products, Inc.

20110139702 - Metal removing agent and metal removing filter: A metal removing agent has a capability of removing metal clusters and metal ions from fuel with high efficiency. The metal removing agent is made of resin having anionic functional group of a functional group density within a range of 2 to 25 mmol/ml. The anionic functional group contained in... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110139703 - Screening grid: A screening grid for discharging solids from a liquid flow. The grid includes a driveable screening strip that can be inserted into the liquid flow and includes two lateral link chains between which carrying rods extend, carrying groups of adjacent screening links. All screening links include projecting parts that extend... Agent:

20110139704 - Blood dialyzing apparatus: A blood dialyzing apparatus includes a blood dialyzing filter for dialyzing blood by using a pressure difference between the blood and a dialysis solution, and a supplying means for supplying the blood and the dialysis solution to the blood dialyzing filter in order to alternately generate a state where a... Agent: Bhk Co., Ltd.

20110139705 - Apparatus for maintaining a water level in a dry filter tank or a fish tank: Apparatus for use in combination with a conventional dry filter tank or fish tank for maintaining a predetermined water level without the use of electric motors or pumps. One apparatus comprises at least one container for holding a supply of water having a mouth portion and a dispensing opening, and... Agent:

20110139706 - Reduced solidity web comprising fiber and fiber spacer or separation means: A web can comprise a substantially continuous fiber mass and a separation means dispersed into the fiber. The web having a preferred thickness resulting from forming a polymer material and a particulate into a fine fiber layer can have a variety of end uses. A filtration media can include a... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20110139708 - Composite semipermeable membrane and manufacturing method therefor: The present invention provides a composite semipermeable membrane in which an separation function layer is formed on a microporous supporting membrane, wherein the separation function layer is formed from (A) a silicon compound in which a reactive group having an ethylenically unsaturated group and a hydrolyzable group are directly bonded... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20110139707 - Nanoporous inorganic membranes and films, methods of making and usage thereof: A method for fabricating isolated pores in an inorganic membrane includes the steps of patterning the inorganic membrane to selectively expose a portion of the membrane, forming a plurality of tracks of material damage in the exposed portion of the inorganic membrane by irradiation with energetic ions, and chemically etching... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110139709 - Process of forming crosslinked copolymer film, crosslinked copolymer film formed thereby, and water purification membrane: Azidoaryl-substituted cyclooctene monomers and synthesized and used in the preparation of various copolymers. Among these copolymers are those prepared from ring-opening metathesis polymerization of cyclooctene, polyethylene glycol-substituted cyclooctene, and azidoaryl-substituted cyclooctene. These copolymers are useful in the formation of crosslinked films that reduce fouling of water purification membranes.... Agent:

20110139710 - Cyclone separator: The present invention discloses a cyclone separator (1) which comprises an inlet section (2), a first cone (3) and a steady flow section (7) that are connected in succession, wherein the inlet section (2) is provided with at least one tangent inlet (11) with which a inflow pipe (8) is... Agent: Sino-gas & Oil Technology Co., Ltd

20110139711 - Pressure tank: A pressure tank assembly for use primarily in a plumbing system connected to a well or other water supply system includes a tank containing a bladder and a ring around the bladder in the tank midway between the top and bottom ends thereof. Water is introduced into the ring and... Agent:

20110139712 - Method and apparatus for generating fresh water, and method and apparatus for desalinating sea water: An object is to provide a fresh water generating method that is capable of efficiently producing purified water, such as fresh water, from unpurified water, such as sea water. Provided is a fresh water generating method for generating fresh water by way of reverse osmosis membrane filtration, which includes mixing... Agent: Kobelco Eco-solutions Co., Ltd.

20110139713 - Method of treatment for waste water using microbialgrowth promoter: The invention comprises a method of treating waste water using a formulation that stimulates microorganisms and increases biological activity. Also included is the method for preparing the formulation used in the method. The formulation is both environmentally and physically safe. The formulation in the inventive method increases the respiration and... Agent:

20110139714 - Process for reducing bulking sludge in activated sludge wastewater treatment: The present invention pertains to a process for reducing the bulking sludge in an activated sludge plant for wastewater treatment wherein an iron(ll) or iron(lll) salt and at least one fatty amine or fatty amine derivative are used, and to compositions comprising the iron(ll) or iron(lll) salt and one or... Agent: Akzo Nobel N.v.

20110139715 - Membrane system backwash energy efficiency: A method of backwashing a membrane filtration system comprising at least one permeable membrane, preferably a hollow fibre membrane, the method comprising the step of applying a pressurised gas at a variable pressure to permeate remaining present in the system when filtration process is stopped or suspended to provide liquid... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

20110139716 - Method and apparatus for generating fresh water, and method and apparatus for desalinating sea water: An object is to provide a fresh water generating method that is capable of efficiently producing purified water, such as fresh water, from unpurified water, such as sea water. Provided is a fresh water generating method for generating fresh water by way of reverse osmosis membrane filtration, which includes mixing... Agent: Kobelco Eco-solutions Co., Ltd.

20110139717 - Membranes and associated methods for purification of antibodies: The invention relates to a device for separating unwanted compounds from an antibody containing biological sample. The device comprises a porous support and a polymeric resin disposed within the pores of the porous support. The device may further comprise a viral clearance membrane upstream or downstream from the polymeric resin.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110139718 - Piston movement control for preparative chromatography column: In an axial-flow preparative chromatography column that contains a piston, commonly termed an adaptor, that is lowered over the top of the resin, the ability to lower the piston in a controlled manner to minimize the chances of damage to the resin is achieved by use of an aperture either... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

20110139719 - Magnetic particles and method for producing thereof: The invention provides a magnetic particle which can immobilize the intended substance easily and efficiently; and a method for producing thereof. The invention relates to a magnetic particle, comprising an aggregate which comprises a magnetic substance and a compound having an alkyl group, and a gel layer which covers the... Agent: Chisso Corporation

20110139720 - Interruption of measured variable analyses in an automatic water softening system when defined operating situations are present: the control means (11) ignores at least one of the one or more instantaneous measured values for readjustment of the adjustment position of the blending means in one or more defined operating situations, and instead uses the respectively last corresponding measured value that was valid prior to occurrence of the... Agent:

20110139721 - Magnetic separation apparatus and magnetic separation method, and wastewater treatment apparatus and wastewater treatment method: A magnetic separation apparatus, comprising: a separation tank to which wastewater containing flocculated magnetic flocs is supplied; a disk-shaped or a drum-shaped separator that adsorbs the magnetic flocs with magnetic force while being rotated, the separator being arranged in the separation tank; and a collection device that collects the magnetic... Agent: Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd.

20110139722 - Pipeline magnetic separator system: A system, apparatus and method for magnetically separating a fluid flow passing through a pipeline are provided. A magnetic separator assembly having a plurality of elongate magnetic members is provided. Each magnetic member can have a first end and a second end. A cleaner plate can be provided that can... Agent:

20110139723 - Disposable fluid path systems and methods for processing complex biological materials: Disclosed herein is a disposable fluid path for processing complex materials. The disposable fluid path comprises a gravity assisted disposable system for separating a biological sample into two or more distinct submaterials through sedimentation. The fluid path is comprised of a sample delivery conduit and bag-set wherein the bag set... Agent: General Electric Company

20110139724 - Composition and method for reducing chlorite in water: A composition and method for reducing a concentration of chlorite in water. The composition comprises a mixture of ferrous iron and a polyaluminum chloride. The mixture is contacted with a water containing chlorite.... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

20110139725 - Apparatus for treating pool water, and in particular swimming pool water, with a halogen derivative, and an associated method of using the apparatus: c

20110139726 - Filtration media coated with zero-valent metals, their process of making, and use: The present invention generally relates to filtration media for treating fluids, particularly water. In one aspect, the invention relates to the filtration media coated with nano-sized, zero-valent metals. In another aspect, this invention relates to the processes for making such nano-sized, zero-valent metal-coated filtration media. In yet another aspect, the... Agent:

20110139728 - Device and process for substance separation in a microstructured apparatus: The invention relates to a device for separation of substance mixtures on the micro scale. The invention further relates to a process for separating substance mixtures using the inventive device. The device is a device for separating substance mixtures and for performing chemical reactions between immiscible fluid media on the... Agent: Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik Bts Gmbh

20110139729 - Method and system for biofouling control of shipboard components: A chlorine based bio-fouling control subsystem is utilized to facilitate shipboard water management systems such as ballast water management that employ filters. The biofouling control system can serve as a subsystem to promote antifouling and reduce the filter clogging due to biofouling, which improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110139727 - Pool cleaning vehicle having structure for cleaning and sanitizing pool water: Disclosed herein is an improved pool cleaning vehicle with the ability to clean and sanitize pool water. The vehicle includes a housing having an interior. The vehicle includes a chemical dispenser member connected to the housing. The chemical dispenser member has a hollow interior suitable for storing chemicals for sanitizing... Agent:

20110139730 - Filtration method using polyimide nanoweb with amidized surface and apparatus therefor: The present invention is directed to the preparation and use of aromatic polyimide nanowebs with amide-modified surfaces. Uses include as a filtration medium, and as a separator in batteries, particularly lithium-ion batteries. The invention is also directed to a method comprising the aromatic polyimide nanoweb with amide-modified surface. The invention... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110139731 - Filter structure and method for filtrating: The invention provides a filter structure. A second porous film having a plurality of second holes is disposed on a first porous film having a plurality of first holes. The second holes are smaller than the first holes. The filter structure is dried by an easy and power-saving method such... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

06/09/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110132815 - Portable water treatment system and apparatus: A portable water treatment system and apparatus is disclosed that can effectively and efficiently treat aqueous fluids by quickly and reliably adjusting and controlling the free residual level of disinfectants, contaminants or additives through the addition of one or more treating agents such as oxidizing chemicals and/or other special-purpose additives,... Agent:

20110132816 - Filter provided with a clogging detector and an assembly for detecting the presence of a filtering element therein: The invention concerns a filtering assembly comprising, firstly, a housing consisting of a case (2) and a lid or filter head (3) sealingly assembled together, secondly, a removable filtering element (4) sealingly connected at one of its ends to the housing, said filtering element (4) consisting of a resistance structure... Agent:

20110132817 - Systems and methods associated with straining a pipeline: A system associated with straining media in a pipeline includes a perforated plate with perforations that are configured to remove debris from media. The perforations include an inlet edge that is chamfered. The inlet edge is an upstream edge with respect to a flow direction of the media.... Agent:

20110132818 - Retrofittable control unit for a softening apparatus: A control unit (1, 1a) for a softening device (2), comprising a primary inlet (4) for untreated water, a primary outlet (7) for blended water, a sensor for determining the water hardness of the untreated water WHraw or the blended water WHblend, a secondary outlet (5), a secondary inlet (6),... Agent:

20110132819 - Delivery system for the removal of contaminants in lubricating and hydraulic fluids: A delivery system for removing contaminants from lubricating and hydraulic fluids. The delivery system can include a reusable sleeve and a first end cap and a second end cap coupled to the reusable sleeve. The delivery system can also include a disposable absorbent cartridge containing absorbent material capable of removing... Agent:

20110132821 - Anaerobic waste treatment apparatus: An anaerobic waste treatment apparatus comprises a container wherein randomly oriented bio-film media are disposed. An example waste treatment apparatus includes a container and optionally has at least two zones of bio-film media that are disposed within the container. In one example, the bio-film media includes torus-shaped materials, or other... Agent:

20110132820 - Biotrickling filter treatment method utilizing waste tires and a biotrickling filter treatment tank thereof: A biotrickling filter treatment method includes the steps of: waste tires arranged in an organic treatment area to form at least one waste tire array; forming biological membranes on the waste tire array; and circulating wastewater in the organic treatment area to pass through the waste tire array and ventilating... Agent:

20110132822 - Floating bioreactor system: An aeration and microbial reactor system for use in decontaminating water including a housing adapted to float within the medium such that a top portion thereof remains adjacent a top surface of the contaminated water while the bioreactor containing inoculated carrier media is attached below. Beneficial microbial populations thrive and... Agent:

20110132823 - Stand alone rain water cllector: Stand alone structure for the sole purpose of collecting rainwater. Four radial arms attached to a trunk support a tarp. Rain falling on the tarp falls into four funnels at the four ends of the tarp. These funnels feed into piping and then in turn into a water tank. Water... Agent:

20110132824 - High performance sewer system: The system comprises one or more of the following: primary treatment units, flexible pipes, and optionally, one or more pumps. The system is designed and installed in a manner that enables the flow of liquid to be predominantly due to gravity, although one or more pumps may optionally be included... Agent: Clearford Industries Inc.

20110132825 - Filtering device: A filtering device may includes a bag-shaped filter member that is capable of being connected to a fuel inlet port of a fuel pump disposed in a fuel tank in order to filtrate fuel drawn by the fuel pump, and a wall member that is connected to the filter member... Agent: Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110132826 - Block configuration for large scale membrane distillation: Embodiments of the present invention seek to provide a membrane distillation system having compact design and simplified connection system for fluid flow paths used in the system. According to one aspect, a membrane distillation system includes at least one membrane module and at least one like configured heat exchanger module,... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

20110132827 - Composite filtration and demineralization apparatus: A filtration and demineralization apparatus that is capable of reducing the cost of the apparatus and building cost by using an apparatus whose height is limited, and that is also capable of ensuring sufficient treatment capacity, as well as good operability, is provided. A filtration and demineralization apparatus 10 comprises... Agent: Organo Corporation

20110132828 - Fluid filter system: An endcap including a first plate member including a radial inner portion, a radial outer portion, and defining a longitudinal axis. The endcap also includes a flange disposed between the radial inner and outer portions of the first plate member and projecting axially along the longitudinal axis in a first... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20110132829 - Spin-on filter with external threads and methods: A filter arrangement for threadably securing to a filter head includes a housing having a surrounding wall defining an interior volume, an open mouth providing access to the interior volume and an end opposite of the open mouth. The surrounding wall has an exterior and an interior. A filter media... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20110132830 - Hollow yarn film filtering apparatus: A filtration equipment of hollow fiber membrane of external pressure type in which pressure is applied to raw liquid from outside of hollow fiber membranes housed in a casing to cause filtrate to pass inside the hollow fiber membranes is provided. The filtration equipment may include a pair of hollow... Agent: Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation

20110132831 - Horizontal belt vacuum filter with overhead fluid removal: A horizontal belt filter incorporates a filter web, a belt carrying the web in a substantially horizontal plane, at least one fluid removal member disposed above the web upstream of a rake device. The fluid removal member may comprise a channeling dam in conjunction with at least one fluid guide... Agent: Flsmidth A/s

20110132832 - Horizontal belt vacuum filter with overhead fluid removal: A horizontal belt filter incorporates a filter web, a belt carrying the web in a substantially horizontal plane, at least one fluid removal member disposed above the web, at least one fluid guide disposed at an end of the fluid removal member and adjacent the web and the belt for... Agent: Flsmidth A/s

20110132833 - Self-cleaning filter and filtration system for lubricants: The disclosed self-cleaning filtration system and self-cleaning filter solves various problems by replacing a standard filter cartridge with an adapter screwed in place of the cartridge, a filter of limited size with a motor for rotating an inlet cover plate and an outlet cover plate over a body with a... Agent:

20110132834 - Composite semipermeable membrane and manufacturing method therefor: In manufacturing a composite semipermeable membrane useful for separating a liquid mixture selectively, it is rendered possible to provide a composite semipermeable membrane that exhibits reduced deterioration of water permeability and solute removing property as a result of drying and that demonstrates reduced economic burden and load for waste liquid... Agent:

20110132835 - Methods of inhibiting microorganism growth using moss: The invention provides a method of inhibiting microorganism growth comprising contacting a substance susceptible to microorganism growth with an amount of a non-decomposed moss effective to inhibit microorganism growth, wherein the moss is selected from the group consisting of sphagnum papillosum, sphagnum cristatum, and mixtures thereof.... Agent: Embro Corporation

20110132837 - Method and system for treating wastewater: Methods and systems for utilizing biological wastewater treatment processes to remove nutrients from wastewater containing reduced sulfide compounds may include treating the wastewater in an anaerobic zone, an anoxic zone, and an aerobic zone. The wastewater is first treated in the anaerobic zone to uptake residual biodegradable organic material using... Agent: Ch2m Hill, Inc.

20110132836 - Systems and methods for nutrient removal in biological treatment systems: The present invention relates to systems and processes of wastewater treatment and, in particular, to systems and methods of treating wastewater utilizing biological treatments utilizing two mixed liquor recycle streams for nutrient removal.... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

20110132838 - Dialysis system with ultrafiltration control: Systems and methods are disclosed for performing hemodialysis that include fluid handling systems that provide accurate control over the type and level of hemodialysis being performed. The system includes a first pump for pumping dialysate into a dialyzer and a second pump for pumping dialysate out of the dialyzer. The... Agent:

20110132839 - Sulfate removal from water sources: An integrated process for removing sulfate from water sources, such as pretreated acid mine drainage (AMD). The multivalent cation (MVC) content of a sulfate stream is reduced by strong acid cation (SAC) ion exchange and sulfate is concentrated with a membrane system and separated as precipitate and overflow. Precipitation results... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

20110132840 - System and method for using carbon dioxide sequestered from seawater in the remineralization of process water: Disclosed is an improved method for remineralizing desalinated water. The desalination system includes, but is not limited to, a conventional reverse osmosis membrane system, forward osmosis membrane system, electro dialysis system, Multi Stage Flash (MSF) system, and Multi Effect Distillation (MED) system.... Agent: Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.

20110132841 - Dialysis system including multi-heater power coordination: A dialysis system includes a first fluid heater, a second fluid heater, a supplemental power source and a logic implementer. The logic implementer is configured to use the supplemental power source such that when the first and second heaters are powered simultaneously, a collective current draw does not exceed a... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110132842 - Method, apparatus, and processes for producing potable water utilizing reverse osmosis at ocean depth in combination with shipboard moisture dehumidification: Devices and methods for producing purified water. The device includes a reverse osmosis subsystem, a dehumidification subsystem and a purified water storage tank fluidly coupled to the subsystems such that purified water produced by each can be locally stored. A vehicular platform, such as a ship, can be used to... Agent:

20110132843 - Composite as adsorbent and catalyst, manufacturing method thereof, and method of treating wastewater using same: A composition as adsorbent and catalyst is manufactured by adding activated carbon into a aqueous solution comprising a plurality of metal salts, adjusting the solution to a predetermined pH value according to the types of the plurality of metal salts, drying the solution while slowly stirring at the same time,... Agent: Hungkuang University

20110132844 - Method for improved removal of cations by means of chelating resins: The present invention relates to a method for improved removal of cations, preferably alkaline earth metals, in particular calcium and barium, from aqueous solutions using chelating resins having acetic acid and/or iminodiacetic acid groups having high dynamic absorption capacity for cations at a low residual content of the cations and... Agent: Lanxess Deutschland Gmbh

20110132845 - Method for extracting a metal particulate from an aqueous solution using a sol-gel derived sorbent: Disclosed is a method for extracting metal particulates for an aqueous solution using a sol-gel derived sorbent.... Agent:

20110132846 - Feedwell dilution system for thickeners in oil sands: A feedwell dilution system for diluting an influent feed stream, which include at least one eductor assembly, and a feedwell assembly. The at least one eductor assembly includes a feed pipe which converges to a narrow throat portion or nozzle; a mix tube positioned downstream from the narrow throat portion... Agent: Flsmidth A/s

20110132847 - Methods and apparatus for wastewater treatment: Wastewater is treated by providing a distribution conduit and providing a diffuser assembly. An aperture is created in the distribution conduit having an initial minimum diameter. The diffuser assembly, in turn, comprises a diffuser membrane in fluidic communication with a mating tube. The mating tube has an initial outside diameter... Agent:

20110132848 - Apparatus and method for chlorinating swimming pools: A submersible apparatus, having at least one aperture formed in the body of the apparatus and one or more sanitizing or disinfecting tablets being contained within the apparatus, is placed into a swimming pool or other body of water. Initially, the combined mass of the apparatus and the chlorine tablets... Agent:

20110132849 - Infusion of combustion gases into ballast water preferably under less than atmospheric pressure to synergistically kill harmful aquatic nuisance species by simultaneous hypercapnia, hypoxia and acidic ph level: Aquatic nuisance species (ANS) in ship's ballast water are killed by permeating to equilibrium a gaseous mixture consisting essentially of, preferably, ≧84% nitrogen, ≧11% carbon dioxide and ≦4% oxygen through ship's ballast water until the ballast water itself becomes (i) hypercapnic to ≧20 ppm carbon dioxide, and, by association, (ii)... Agent:

20110132850 - Method of optimizing feed distribution in a sedimentation vessel: A feed structure may be used in conjunction with a sedimentation vessel in order to separate solids and liquids, which may be in a slurry, from each other. The feed structure comprises a feed chamber housing a central wall. At least one port is positioned at the base of the... Agent: Westech Engineering, Inc.

06/02/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110127203 - Disposable tangential flow filtration liner with sensor mount: Tangential flow filtration device is provided wherein liners are provided between the filtration element and the top and bottom holders or manifolds. The liners incorporate the flow channels and inlet and outlet ports, as well as a sensor mount. The liners are made of an inexpensive material and therefore are... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20110127204 - Stormwater gully: A stormwater gully comprises a chamber in which an outlet assembly is installed. The outlet assembly comprises filter units connected to an outlet housing. In use, stormwater can flow from the chamber in an upwards direction through filter units into the outlet housing. The outlet housing has an outlet, which... Agent: Hydro International PLC

20110127205 - Sedimentation basin for sewage treatment plants: The invention relates to a sedimentation basin for sewage treatment plants, the sedimentation basin separating materials such as sand, rocks or broken glass, from waste water, which materials settle by gravitational action. The waste water is introduced in the inlet region of the sewage treatment plant. The sedimentation basin is... Agent:

20110127206 - Filtration system having fluid couplings: The invention relates to a filtration system that includes one or more flat filter, capillary tube filter, or wound filter modules having a single or double permeate drain on the edge side and fluid couplings for connecting the filter modules to a fluid distributor or additional filter modules. The fluid... Agent:

20110127207 - Filter arrangement: An arrangement for use in a liquid treatment unit, which includes a generally tubular housing having a liquid inlet in one end and a liquid outlet in the opposite end, a generally tubular filter element arranged generally concentric inside the housing, through which liquid is fed from outside the filter... Agent: Wallenius Water Aktiebolag

20110127208 - Methods, compositions and devices utilizing structurally stable cyanuric acid hydrolase: The present invention relates to stable cyanuric acid hydrolase enzymes, compositions, and devices for use in the treatment of a liquid, such as water. The present invention also relates to methods of using these enzymes, compositions and devices for the treatment of a liquid, such as water.... Agent:

20110127209 - Frame system for membrane filtration modules: A module arrangement (5) according to an embodiment of the invention consists of a plurality of membrane modules (6) arranged in a two dimensional array (7) and extending between upper and lower block-type manifolds (8) and (9), respectively. The array of modules is further divided into sub-groups of modules (10)... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

20110127210 - Filter unit and filter cartridge: A filter unit of type in which liquid to be filtered is made to flow from a center channel through a bottom channel to a side channel. The filter unit has enhanced air removing performance, and the residual amount of the liquid is reduced by reducing the so-called hold-up volume.... Agent:

20110127211 - Diesel fuel filter: A diesel fuel filter assembly may include a first filter paper combining moisture particles of water contained in diesel fuel to increase the size of the water and a second filter paper that filters off lumps of moisture particles of the water enlarged by the first filter paper.... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20110127212 - Crystalline polymer microporous membrane, method for producing the same, and filtration filter: A crystalline polymer microporous membrane containing a crystalline polymer microporous film containing a crystalline polymer, and having an asymmetric pore structure; polyamine covering at least part of an exposed surface of the crystalline polymer microporous film; and a crosslinking agent, wherein the polyamine is crosslinked with assistance of the crosslinking... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110127213 - Process for producing a filter, in particular for a rotary separator: A filter, in particular for a rotary separator, is produced using an energy beam melting process, for example an electron beam, starting from powder made from the same material as a porous filtering portion to be formed, for example from a titanium alloy; on the basis of a three-dimensional model... Agent: Avio S.p.a.

20110127214 - Energy optimization in an anaerobic, facultative, anoxic aerobic plant, using fine bubbles, without sludge production: System for treating waste water with intermittent aeration and low energy consumption, which comprises: a pump sump or a sump controlled by a PLC in order to achieve control of pumping, level and flow of liquid; the liquid is pumped to the aerobic treatment device or to the UASB device,... Agent:

20110127215 - Method and apparatus for the bio-remediation of aqueous waste compositions: Numerous different types of waste compositions generally in an aqueous environment are bio-remediated under aerobic conditions utilizing highly diverse and multiple microorganisms within a reactor. The process is carried out with the microorganisms attached or bound by a variety of different surface characteristics to packing substrates, located within the reactor,... Agent: Imet Corporation

20110127216 - Method and device for biological treatment of water in swimming pools: The invention relates to a method for biological treatment of water in swimming pools. The method requires neither chlorine nor other toxic chemicals in the pool water, since near-surface pool water is mechanically purified in a first water circuit and suspended matter situated in the pool water is first retained... Agent:

20110127217 - Oil sands process water treatment for reuse: A process for treating oil sands process water is provided, comprising removing free oil and grease from the oil sands process water to produce de-oiled process water; reducing the total suspended solids by subjecting the de-oiled process water to filtration using a membrane system to produce filtered process water; and... Agent: Syncrude Canada Ltd. In Trust For The Owners Of The Syncrude Project

20110127218 - Regenerator configurations and methods with reduced steam demand: Steam for use as stripping medium in a regenerator is recovered from a portion of the regenerator bottom product using a pervaporation unit. In most preferred aspects, the portion is selected such as to maintain neutral water balance in the stripper for a desired regeneration level.... Agent: Fluor Technologies Corporation

20110127219 - Porous membranes made up of organopolysiloxane copolymers: The object of the invention is porous membranes (M) comprising organopolysiloxane/polyurea/polyurethane/polyamide/polyoxalyl diamine copolymers of the general formula (1), where R, X, Y, D, E, F, B, B′, m, n, a, b, c and d have the meanings indicated in claim 1, with the proviso that at least 10% of the... Agent: Wacker Chemie Ag

20110127220 - Method for treating water by advanced oxidation and ballasted flocculation, and corresponding treatment plant: The invention relates to a method for treating water charged with colloidal impurities, either dissolved or suspended, in a treatment plant, wherein said method comprises: the step of contacting said water, in an advanced oxidation area, with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of at least one transition-metal salt; a flocculation... Agent: Otv Sa

20110127221 - Method to remove toxic heavy metals: e

20110127222 - Trapping magnetic cell sorting system: A system for sorting and trapping magnetic target species includes a microfluidic trapping chamber designed to receive and then temporarily hold magnetic particles in place within the module. An external magnetic source moves relatives to the fluid chamber as the magnetic particles flow the device in the fluidic medium. The... Agent: Cynvenio Biosystems, Inc.

20110127223 - Process for treating pond water: A process for the treatment of phosphoric acid plant pond water where an increased recovery of phosphorus values from the input pond water is achieved through the dilution of the initial pond water with clarified water from the product generation stage and/or the final stage clarified water. The recycle of... Agent: Veolia Water North America Operating Services, LLC

20110127224 - Filter media for use in pool filters: A sand filter for use with swimming pools includes a tank that has a hollow interior space and a top diffuser for allowing spent pool water to enter the tank and for distributing the pool water inside the tank. The sand filter also includes filter media formed as a bed... Agent: Industrial Insulation Group

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