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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110120921 - Circulation type water purifier: There is provided a circulation type water purifier which maximally prevents production of bacteria and microbes by periodically circulating water in the water purifier, and improves lifetime and power saving of a pump by varying the number of circulation times depending on an amount of water used. The circulation type... Agent: Dongyang Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110120922 - Segmental bio-retention basin system: A retention basin enclosure includes a plurality of prefabricated concrete vertical wall segments, a baffle unit and at least one steel connecting dowel. Each wall segment includes a horizontal top end that defines a notch and two vertical edges that define at least one cylindrical bore. The baffle segment includes... Agent: Hok Product Design, LLC

20110120923 - Storm drain anchored grate cover: A drain grate filter assembly having a filter sheet member, wedging anchors and mechanical fasteners, whereby the assembly is connected to a drain grate by inserting wedging anchors into the apertures of the grate, placing the filter sheet member atop the grate and inserting fasteners through the filter sheet member... Agent:

20110120924 - Drain cover with locking mechanism: A drain cover with a locking mechanism which has a cylindrical body with a first end, a second end, an end wall at the first end and a peripheral sidewall that extends between the first end and the second end. The peripheral sidewall has an exterior surface and an interior... Agent:

20110120925 - Exchangeable media filter: A filter element for positioning in a filter compartment of a spa includes a plastic mesh outer cylinder and a plastic mesh inner cylinder, the inner cylinder being positioned coaxially with respect to the outer cylinder to define an annular interior chamber with a filter element of annular cross-section disposed... Agent:

20110120926 - Pre-assembled separation columns: There is provided an integrated system for liquid separation, such as LC, CE, affinity chromatography, and ion exchange chromatography, comprising a column and end-fittings embedded in a plastic material, such as a thermoplastic polymer. The system may further comprise an electrospray emitter directly connected with the outlet of the column,... Agent: Proxeon Biosystems A/s

20110120927 - Combined sedimentation and pressure floatation wastewater treatment tank: A combined sedimentation and pressure floatation wastewater treatment tank includes a tank body, a sedimentation treatment device and a pressure floatation treatment device. The tank body contains a predetermined amount of wastewater for treatment. The sedimentation treatment device is used to remove relatively heavier sludge from the wastewater by means... Agent:

20110120928 - Easy change filter assembly for reverse osmosis membrane water purification system: A filter head including a lid extending along a central axis. The lid includes a filter bowl receptacle positioned coaxially about the central axis, a central receptacle positioned coaxially within the filter bowl receptacle, and an intermediate receptacle positioned coaxially between the central receptacle and the filter bowl receptacle. A... Agent: Watts Water Technologies, Inc.

20110120930 - Double fiber bundle dialyzer: A dialyzer composed of: first and second dialyzation chambers, and an intermediate chamber interposed between the first and second dialyzation chambers. Each dialyzation chamber has opposed first and second ends and contains a filter member that separates the chamber into a blood compartment and a dialysate compartment. Each of the... Agent: Mirimedical LLC

20110120929 - Systems and methods for treating water using iron: Systems and associated methods for treating contaminant-containing wastewater are provided. The systems generally include a reducing zone for reducing the oxidation-reduction potential of the water and a clean-up zone comprising zero valent iron for removing at least a portion of the contaminant from the contaminant-containing water. The systems are operable... Agent: Alcoa Inc.

20110120931 - Filter module and system having spirally wound membrane filters, and method for the production thereof: The invention relates to a filter module having one or more spirally wound flat filter elements comprising permeate outlet openings on one or two edges, a method for the production of the filter module, and a filtration system formed from one or more filter modules... Agent:

20110120932 - Diffusion and/or filtration device: The present disclosure relates to a diffusion and/or filtration device, such as a dialyser, hemofilter, or ultra-filter, having improved flow characteristics. The invention also relates to an end cap for the device.... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20110120933 - Oil strainer with structure for preventing air accunulation: An oil strainer includes a body member which includes a circumferential wall projecting in a first (downward) direction toward an oil pan, and a cover member covering an inside space surrounded by the circumferential wall, and including a suction hole to suck an oil from the oil pan. The body... Agent: Jatco Ltd

20110120936 - Anti-biofouling materials and methods of making same: Anti-biofouling nanocomposite material at least partially loaded with copper or silver ions and methods for making same are disclosed. Metal affinity ligands are covalently bound to the polymers that are charged with the metal ions to allow for slow release of metals.... Agent: University Of Toledo

20110120935 - Crystalline polymer microporous membrane, method for producing the same, and filtration filter: A crystalline polymer microporous membrane containing a crystalline polymer microporous film containing a crystalline polymer, and having an asymmetric pore structure; polyhydric alcohol covering at least part of an exposed surface of the crystalline polymer microporous film; and a crosslinking agent, wherein the polyhydric alcohol is crosslinked with assistance of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110120934 - Method of producing multiple channels for use in a device for exchange of solutes between fluid flows: The present invention relates to a method of producing multiple channels for use in a device for exchange of solutes between at least two fluid flows. The invention further relates to such a device. At least a first and a second sheet are comprised. The method comprises the steps of... Agent: Air To Air Sweden Ab

20110120937 - Filtration filter and method for producing the same: A filtration filter including a cartridge, which contains a crystalline polymer microporous membrane having a plurality of pores, where the average pore diameter of a first surface of the crystalline polymer microporous membrane is larger than that of a second surface thereof, and the average pore diameter of the crystalline... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110120938 - Crystalline polymer microporous membrane, method for producing the same, and filteration filter: A crystalline polymer microporous membrane containing a crystalline polymer microporous film containing a crystalline polymer, and having an asymmetric pore structure; fluorine alcohol covering at least part of an exposed surface of the crystalline polymer microporous film; and a crosslinking agent, wherein the fluorine alcohol is crosslinked with assistance of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110120939 - Crystalline polymer microporous membrane, method for producing the same, and filtration filter: A crystalline polymer microporous membrane containing a crystalline polymer microporous film containing a crystalline polymer, and having an asymmetric pore structure; a surfactant covering at least part of an exposed surface of the crystalline polymer microporous film; and a first crosslinking agent, wherein the surfactant is crosslinked with assistance of... Agent:

20110120941 - Composite membranes with performance enhancing layers: A composite membrane includes a filtration membrane with a surface; and a layer on the surface of the filtration membrane. The layer includes a polymer including a poly(ethylene glycol) moiety cross-linked with an ammonium salt or a precursor of an ammonium salt... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110120940 - Polymeric films made from polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (poss) and a hydrophilic comonomer: A composite membrane includes a filtration membrane and a layer on a surface of the filtration membrane. The layer includes a polymer including a polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) derivative with a hydrophilic moiety attached to at least one vertex thereof. A method for making a composite membrane includes applying to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110120942 - Modified polyamide membrane: A modified polyamide membrane and method for making and using the same. The present invention includes many embodiments including methods comprising contacting a polyamide membrane with certain modifiers, including but not limited to certain oxazoline and/or thiazoline-based compounds, derivatives and polymers thereof. In one embodiment, the surface of a polyamide... Agent:

20110120943 - Biocompatible filter member for body fluid dialysis and fabrication and use thereof: A biocompatible filter member for body fluid dialysis is provided. The filter membrane comprises a porous substrate comprising a metal oxide, and the filter member has all exposed surfaces provided with a biocompatible coating. A method of making the biocompatible filter member is further provided.... Agent: Nanexa Ab

20110120944 - Bioremediation system and methods: Algae-based bioremediation systems and methods in which algae is grown in a photobioreactor with nutrients supplied from a nutrient system. An effluent stream in need of remediation is ported to a pond or lagoon and the lagoon is inoculated repetitively with algae grown in the photobioreactor. In an embodiment, a... Agent: Biovantage Resources. Inc.

20110120945 - Apparatus and process for wastewater treatment and biological nutrient removal in activated sludge systems: An apparatus (100) and process (400) for the treatment of wastewater and biological nutrient removal in activated sludge systems. The process uses substantially vertically downwardly presented inlet jets for delivering the incoming wastewater and recycled activated sludge into the body of liquid in a reactor, in a vertically downward direction... Agent: Ekologix Earth-friendly Solutions Inc.

20110120946 - Method for removing gases from a container having a powdered concentrate for use in hemodialysis: An apparatus and a method for filling a container containing a dry powdered salt concentrate for use in dialysis with purified fluid and removing the trapped air or gases generated during the filling of the container, while maintaining the required fluid level in the container and without the need for... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20110120947 - Hydrophobic cellulose membrane, method for the production thereof, and use of same in hydrophobic interaction chromatography: There is provided a crosslinked cellulose hydrate membrane having a porous double structure which consists of micropores having a diameter in the range from >100 nm to 20 μm and ultrapores which have a diameter of <100 nm and which are not accessible to Blue Dextran having an average molecular... Agent: Sartorius Stedim Biotech Gmbh

20110120948 - Trapping nanostructures: A trap Including: an inlet configured to receive a fluid conveying nanostructures; ionic liquid configured to trap the nanostructures; and an outlet for the fluid.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110120949 - Hollow fiber membrane module, hollow fiber membrane module unit, and water treatment method: A hollow fiber membrane module, a hollow fiber membrane module unit using the hollow fiber membrane module, and a water treatment method using the module or the module unit enable the efficient contact of microorganisms on the surface of a membrane with a gas, the module and the unit having... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20110120950 - Processing and analysis techniques involving in-vessel material generation: In at least one embodiment, the inventive technology relates to in-vessel generation of a material from a solution of interest as part of a processing and/or analysis operation. Preferred embodiments of the in-vessel material generation (e.g., in-vessel solid material generation) include precipitation; in certain embodiments, analysis and/or processing of the... Agent: The University Of Wyoming Research Corporation D/b/a Western Research Institute

20110120951 - Apparatus and methods for packing chromatography columns: A chromatographic apparatus may include a hydraulic lifting mechanism axially movable from a lowered position to a raised position such that a column and flange of the apparatus are axially movable with the hydraulic lifting mechanism. In a packing system, a mobile column module may be moved into engagement with... Agent:

20110120952 - Method for producing a target substance using a simulated moving bed chromatography separation system: Disclosed is a method for producing a target substance by separating it from a mixture using a simulated moving bed chromatography (SMBC) separation system, which can minimize decreases in separation performance due to interference from a liquid accumulation portion. A material, in which the target substance in the material can... Agent:

20110120953 - Water treatment system and method: A method and apparatus for producing purified water. Treated water may be provided for domestic use wherein the water may be treated by removing selected dissolved species while retaining properties that may improve the properties or aesthetics of the water.... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Holding Corp.

20110120954 - Selective materials separation using modified magnetic particles: m

20110120955 - Methods for removing fats, oil and grease and recovering tallow from wastewater: A method for recovering tallow from food or animal processing wastewater includes adding a flocculant to the wastewater to agglomerate suspended fats, oil and grease particles in the wastewater, separating solid waste materials from the wastewater and processing the solid waste materials to recover tallow. The flocculant includes polyacrylamide or... Agent:

20110120956 - Method and system for treating ballast water: Ballast and/or cooling water biocidal treatment and disinfection systems and techniques are provided. The systems utilize oxidation reduction potential control to regulate addition, or concentration of an electrocatalytically generated biocidal agent to disinfection levels in ship buoyancy and to biofouling levels in ship cooling water systems. The disinfection and biofouling... Agent:

20110120957 - Method for treating liquids: The present invention relates to a method for treating fluids, characterised in the steps of radiating the fluid with UV light, producing and dispersing gas bubbles in the fluid in the rays of the UV light, in order to increase the scattering of the UV light in the liquid. The... Agent: Wallenius Water Aktiebolag

20110120958 - Wastewater treatment: A method for treating wastewater treats wastewater. In an embodiment, the method for treating wastewater includes treating wastewater comprising a chemical oxygen demand. The method includes dissolving an iron compound in the wastewater. The method also includes adjusting the pH of the wastewater to reduce the chemical oxygen demand of... Agent: United Laboratories International, LLC

20110120959 - Hydroclone based fluid filtration system: A variety of improved hydroclone based fluid filtering systems are described. The hydroclones generally include a tank having an internal chamber and a filter (preferably a surface filter) that is positioned within the internal chamber. The filter defines a filtered fluid chamber within the internal chamber of the tank. The... Agent: Clean Filtration Technologies, Inc.

20110120960 - Processes for water and wastewater treatment, including stationary cloth media filtration: The present invention relates to stationary cloth media filtration systems and devices, as well as processes and devices for uniform flow distribution and improved cloth media filter backwashing.... Agent: Aqua-aerobic Systems, Inc.

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110114545 - Device for the purification of waste water: The invention relates to an apparatus for cleaning sewage, having a housing (1) of substantially rectangular outline which is formed in the manner of a transportable container, wherein a plurality of compartments (C1, C2, C3, C4) are provided one behind the other along a longitudinal direction of the outline, wherein... Agent: Invent Umwelt-und Verfahrenstechink Ag

20110114546 - Water container having germicidal water purification unit: A water container having a germicidal water purification unit. Water stored in a reservoir passes through a conduit that extends through an array of light sources that operate in at least one of the visible light frequency range and the ultraviolet frequency range to purify the water. The light sources... Agent:

20110114547 - Systems and methods for the separation of propylene and propane: Embodiments of the present invention generally disclose membrane-based systems and methods for the separation of propylene and propane that overcome certain issues associated with prior art devices and take advantage of a temperature drop across the associated separation membrane.... Agent: L'air Liquide Societe Anonyme Pour L'etude Et L'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

20110114548 - Systems and methods for reducing off-gassed ozone: Systems and methods for producing ozonated water on demand. In particular, these systems comprise a water source, an ozone source, and a nozzle that mixes ozone and water to form a highly concentrated, ozonated water solution. Instead of requiring the ozonated water to be re-circulated to achieve a desired ozone... Agent:

20110114549 - Microfluidic device comprising separation columns: A microfluidic chip comprises a first substantially linear separation column having a first length, the first separation column comprising a first stationary phase particle density distribution along the first length; and a second substantially linear separation column having a second length connected in series with the first separation column, the... Agent: Agilent Technolgies, Inc.

20110114550 - Solid-liquid separating system: A solid-liquid separating system of a parallel plate conveying type can efficiently dehydrate sludge at an inlet and effectively dehydrate it at an outlet, and assures good solid-liquid separating performance. A filter is constituted by a first plate group and a second plate group which perform the parallel motion and... Agent:

20110114551 - Submerged hollow fiber membrane module: A submerged hollow fiber membrane module includes a cylindrical housing having openings at the upper and lower ends, in which at least a part of an upper half of an external exposed part of a peripheral wall is composed of a porous component and a lower half of the external... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20110114552 - Solid-liquid separator using roller system: A solid-liquid separator using a roller system includes a casing, rollers disposed within the casing and each provided with a screen that is formed in the outer periphery thereof with plural pores for separating via the plural pores a solid substance from a solid-liquid substance disposed outside the rollers and... Agent: Takai Tofu & Soymilk Equipment Co.

20110114553 - Hollow porous membrane and process for producing the same: A hollow porous membrane with a reduced cost and excellent separation characteristic, water permeability, and mechanical strength and a process of producing the hollow porous membrane with an excellent adhesive property between a support and a porous membrane layer at a low cost are provided. The hollow porous membrane includes... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20110114554 - Multi-component filter media with nanofiber attachment: A composite filter media is formed from electrospun fine fibers and a multi-component substrate filter media comprising at least two different materials, one of which is a low melt polymeric material, wherein the low melt polymeric material acts as a bonding agent.... Agent: Clarcor Inc.

20110114555 - Filtration media: A fibrous filtration media such as an electrostatic filtration media, whose fibre surfaces have been modified by exposure to a plasma deposition process so as to deposit a polymeric coating thereon.... Agent: P2i Ltd.

20110114556 - Soft fail algae growth system and method: Methods and systems for preventing or minimizing the death of algae in algae growth systems in the event of a loss of power comprise automated selective alteration of operating parameters of the growth system to minimize the impact of the loss of power.... Agent: Biovantage Resources, Inc.

20110114557 - Cleaning in membrane filtration systems: A method of cleaning permeable, hollow membranes (6) in an arrangement of the type wherein a pressure differential is applied across the walls (15) of the permeable, hollow membranes (6) immersed in a liquid suspension, the liquid suspension being applied to the outer surface of the porous hollow membranes (6)... Agent:

20110114558 - Solvent removal process: A process for removing a solvent from a first solution, said process comprising positioning a selective membrane between the first solution and a second solution having a higher osmotic potential than the first solution, such that solvent from the first solution passes across the membrane to dilute the second solution,... Agent:

20110114559 - Hollow fibre membrane: The present invention relates to a composite hollow fibre capillary membrane in particular for exploiting the value of dialysate and a method for the production thereof as well as its use in particular in haemo and peritoneal dialysis.... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20110114560 - Spiral type membrane element and spiral type membrane filtering device having the membrane element, and membrane filtering device managing system and membrane filtering device managing method using the device: Provided are a spiral type membrane element that can ensure a larger amount of electric power without performing a cumbersome work and a spiral type membrane filtering device having the element, as well as a membrane filtering device managing system and a membrane filtering device managing method using the device.... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110114561 - Spiral type membrane filtering device and mounting member, and membrane filtering device managing system and membrane filtering device managing method using the same: Provided are a spiral type membrane filtering device by which an electric component can be re-used and a mounting member, as well as a membrane filtering device managing system and a membrane filtering device managing method using the same. An interconnector (42) attachable and detachable to a membrane element is... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110114562 - Fluid filtration medium: The present application relates to improved filtration of fluids. Particularly, a surfactant-treated zeolite material may be utilized for removing turbid particles from a volume of fluid, such as water.... Agent:

20110114563 - Element removal process and apparatus: A process and apparatus for removing elements is described herein.... Agent: Global Materials Technologies, Inc.

20110114564 - Preventing silica and silicate scale with inhibitors in industrial water systems: A method of inhibiting the deposition of silica and silicate compounds on surfaces in water systems by treating the water with an effective amount of an alkoxylated amines or imidized polymer from alkoxylated amines either alone or in combination with acrylic acid or maleic acid homo- or co-polymers and phosphonates.... Agent: Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

20110114565 - Dissolved air flotation clarifier: A dissolved air flotation clarifier for removing impurities from a liquid to be clarified. The dissolved air flotation clarifier includes a housing having an inlet for receiving a liquid to be clarified. The housing further includes a reaction zone, a clarification zone and an effluent channel. The reaction zone has... Agent:

20110114566 - Process and apparatus for separating hydrocarbons from produced water: A process for removing hydrocarbons such as oil from produced water entrains high concentrations of very small gas bubbles within produced water inside a vertically-oriented primary separation tank by means of aerators immersed in the water inside the tank. Oil droplets coat the gas bubbles which form a buoyant oil-rich... Agent:

20110114567 - Precipitation device, method and associated system: A precipitation device comprises a precipitation element disposed within a vessel and configured to define a precipitation zone and a solid-liquid separation zone between the precipitation element and the vessel, the precipitation zone configured to receive a first stream of saline liquid and to precipitate solids from the saline liquid,... Agent:

20110114568 - System and method for treating wastewater: A wastewater treatment system includes a chemical treatment process tank for receiving and chemically treating wastewater. The wastewater treatment system also includes a blending system for receiving and activating a flocculating agent such as a polymer. The wastewater treatment system further includes a static mixer for introducing the flocculating agent... Agent:

20110114569 - Apparatus and method for treating ballast water: An apparatus and method for precisely controlling production, injection, and removal of disinfectants using electrolysis according to the flow rate of ballast water are provided, where the ballast water flows into or is discharged from the ballast tank to manage the ballast water or ships so that destruction or disruption... Agent: Samsung Heavy Ind. Co., Ltd.

20110114570 - Apparatus and a method for continuous thermal hydrolysis of biological material: A method for performing continuous thermal hydrolysis of sludge by feeding the sludge into a tube reactor subsequently elevating the temperature and pressure in the reactor. The sludge is cooled by introducing water into the sludge instead of cooling the sludge with a heat exchanger or a similar unit.... Agent:

20110114571 - Ozone generator systems, methods and apparatus: Corrosion Resistant Ozone Generators, including ozone generating chips, for various purposes including spas, pools and jetted tubs as well as methods for making and using such Corrosion Resistant Ozone Generators.... Agent:

20110114572 - Water treatment apparatus and methods: Fluid-treatment apparatus and methods are detailed. The apparatus may be plumbed in-line and have inlets and outlets near their tops rather than near their bases. They additionally may provide one or more channels through which fluid may flow so as to induce fluid flow through a central region. A platform... Agent: Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.

20110114573 - Devices and methods for removing contaminants and other elements, compounds, and species from fluids: Embodiments of the present invention provide filtration media that includes graphene powder, compositions including the media, filtration devices for use with the media, and methods for using the filtration media and compositions to remove unwanted contaminants and/or other elements, compounds, and species from fluids.... Agent:

20110114574 - Drinking container with filter filling reservoir: A drinking container includes a main reservoir; a filling reservoir; a filter connecting the filling reservoir to the main reservoir; a plunger assembly having a plunger head sized complementary to the interior of the filling reservoir and a shaft extending therefrom to allow the plunger head to be urged into... Agent:

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110108471 - Water treatment apparatus and method: A mobile wastewater separator and recover unit and method for the separation and disposal/recovery of waste water for example in the oil and gas industry. It is fully self-contained and maintains the ability to separate heavy solids, floating contaminants, and water for recovery and reuse or disposal as required. Main... Agent: Jc Environmental Inc.

20110108472 - Floating treatment streambed: A floating streambed comprising a circulation pump having an inlet hose or pipe, an inlet hose or pipe depth adjuster, and one or more treatment channels comprised of permeable matrix. The floating streambed floats on a water body. Water enters the inlet hose or pipe from the water body and... Agent: Fountainhead L.L.C.

20110108473 - Micromechanical filter for microparticles, in particular for pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and also process for production thereof: A micromechanical filter for microparticles is suitable in particular for filtering pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and comprises a substrate and a perforated membrane permanently connected to the substrate, for filtering out microparticles from a medium while flowing through the membrane, and furthermore a device for removing the filtered-out microparticles from... Agent:

20110108474 - Extracorporeal fluid circuit: A dialysis fluid cassette that includes a rigid body and a flexible backing covering a recessed portion of the rigid body to at least partially form a gas release chamber.... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20110108475 - Solid-liquid separator using roller system: A solid-liquid separator using a roller system includes a casing, rollers disposed within the casing and each provided with a screen that is formed in an outer periphery thereof with plural pores, a supply device disposed outside the rollers for supplying into the casing under appropriate pressure a solid-liquid mixture... Agent: Takai Tofu & Soymilk Equipment Co.

20110108476 - Water screen belt module: A water screen or conveyor belt module includes one or more projections in its top surface for increasing the surface area of the top surface. Each projection includes fluid flow openings that provide a pathway for liquid to drain or fluid to flow between the top and bottom of the... Agent: Laitram, L.L.C.

20110108477 - Tubular screen support and system: A tubular screen support system includes, a screen, a base pipe in substantially coaxial alignment with the screen defining an annular space therebetween, and at least one tubular supportive of the screen relative to the base pipe positionable within the annular space having perimetrically localized variations in a radial dimension... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110108478 - Hydrophilic polyethersulfone filtration membrane, process for producing the same, and dope solution: A hydrophilic filtration membrane having high chemical resistance, high strength, high water permeability and high blocking performance, and being superior in fouling resistance is provided. A hydrophilic filtration membrane containing a hydrophilic polyethersulfone having a contact angle of 65 to 74 degree, a molecular weight of 10,000 to 100,000, and... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110108479 - Wastewater treatment system: Disclosed is a system for treating wastewater. The system includes a microorganism clad structure positioned in a body of wastewater such that the microorganism clad structure is at least partially submerged in the body of wastewater. The apparatus also includes an aeration device, such as a propeller-type, surface mounted aeration... Agent: Aeration Industries International, Inc.

20110108480 - Purification of oil sands pond water: A method of enhancing flux of tailings settling pond water from an oil sands process through a membrane separation system and purifying the water comprising is disclosed. The process comprises the following steps: (a) treating the water with an effective amount of one or more water-soluble cationic polymers, amphoteric polymers,... Agent:

20110108481 - Water desalination using directional solvent extraction: Substantially pure water is produced via desalination using a directional solvent that directionally dissolves water but does not dissolve salt. The directional solvent is heated to dissolve water from the salt solution into the directional solvent. The remaining highly concentrated salt water is removed, and the solution of directional solvent... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110108482 - Dialyzer with dual safety valves: The present invention discloses a novel method, device, apparatus, or system, which includes a dialyzer casing having a dialysate inlet and outlet with check valves disposed adjacent thereto, allowing the dialysate to flow only in one direction. The casing also has a fluid inlet and outlet for body fluid to... Agent:

20110108483 - Filter unit with filter bank: The invention relates to a filter unit for purification of impure water, which could be seawater intended for ballast water, pool water, waste water or the like. The purification is performed by means of filter modules comprising filter means with dead end filter elements of a sintered material, and the... Agent:

20110108484 - Method of improving performance of a reverse osmosis system for seawater desalination, and modified reverse osmosis system obtained thereby: A method for improving performance of an original reverse osmosis system for seawater desalination, the original system comprising a high pressure pump, a reverse osmosis membrane arrangement, a pump hydraulic line and a turbine hydraulic line, the method comprising operating the motor at a power lower than a normal operation... Agent: I.d.e. Technologies Ltd.

20110108485 - Device for chromatographic separations: A device is provided for chromatographic separations comprising a manifold comprising a plurality of connectors for connecting to one or more chromatographic separation columns and/or feed or extraction tubing. At least one central duct is formed between at least two connectors forming an inlet and an outlet respectively. The central... Agent:

20110108486 - Iodine extraction processes: Processes for extracting iodine from an aqueous solution, such as brine, are disclosed. Activated coconut carbon particles are mixed with the solution to adsorb iodide through pores in the activated carbon particles. The activated carbon particles are then treated with sulfur dioxide gas and water to form hydrogen iodide. The... Agent:

20110108487 - Geotextile composite for filtration of contaminated liquids and sediments and methods of using same: Geotextile composite configured to filter liquids and related methods are provided. The geotextile composites include a pre-filter layer, a post-filter layer and at least two intermediate filter layers disposed between the pre-filter layer and the post-filter layer. At least one fibrous web that includes composite fibers and adsorptive particulates is... Agent:

20110108488 - Boron-selective resins: The present invention relates to boron-selective resins containing glucamide structures, a method for production thereof and also use thereof for removing boron from liquids, preferably from seawater, drinking water or process waters in or from the electronics industry.... Agent: Lanxess Deutschland Gmbh

20110108489 - Integral electrolytic treatment unit: An electrolytic filtration system incorporating a filter vessel and an electrolytic element into a simple compact system which avoids the use of toxic chemicals and eliminates the need for large reservoirs to ensure adequate contact time to remove iron and other problem contaminants. The electrolytic filtration system includes a filter... Agent:

20110108490 - Efficient filtration process of water in a tank for recreational and ornamental uses, where the filtration is performed over a small volume of water and not over the totality of the water from the tank: An efficient filtration process of water from a tank is performed over a small volume of water and not on the totality of the water from the tank. The process includes emitting ultrasonic waves in the tank; and adding a flocculant agent to the water. The tank bottom is covered... Agent: Crystal Lagoons Corpotation LLC

20110108491 - Desalination using supercritical water and spiral separation: The present application relates to systems and methods for the desalination of water. The systems and methods receive source water containing particles therein from a source of water such as, for example, the ocean. The source water may be pre-treated to remove suspensions and/or sub-micron organics in the source water.... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20110108493 - Biocidal compositions and methods of use: Provided are biocidal compositions comprising 2,2-dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide and a compound selected from the group consisting of 1-(3-chloroallyl)-3,5,7-triaza-1-azoniaadamantane; tris(hydroxymethyl)-nitromethane; and a hexahydrotriazine compound. The compositions are useful for controlling microorganisms in aqueous or water containing systems.... Agent:

20110108492 - External filtering and absorbing device for use in a local containment area: An External Filtering and Absorbing Device for Use in a Local Containment Area contains filter material with a mesh size not less than 50 microns for removing contaminants from ballast or bilge water from a ship or effluent from a storm drain. Examples of contaminants removed are aquatic nonindigenous species... Agent:

20110108494 - Carbon dioxide delivery system: Included herein is a carbon dioxide delivery system. The system may include any of the following: (1) a body of a liquid; (2) a carbon dioxide recapture element in communication with the body; (3) a carbon dioxide generator in communication with the recapture element; and (4) a carbon dioxide effluent... Agent:

20110108495 - Specimen analysis and extraction system: The invention relates to the process of automating a laboratory process for analysing the chemical properties of powder. The functions that have been automated are the scooping of an accurate volume of powder into beakers, adding an accurate volume chemical solution, agitating for a predetermined time, settling, withdrawal of the... Agent:

20110108496 - Method of filtration using cloth media and self-aligning backwash assembly: The present inventions relate to water and wastewater treatment devices including stationary cloth filter media support structures forming effluent plenums for the filtered influent and self-aligning backwash assemblies for efficient periodic cleaning of the cloth filter media.... Agent: Aqua-aerobic Systems, Inc.

20110108497 - Dewatering device having a bladder: A dewatering device for batchwise separation of liquid from particle-laden sludge, the dewatering device comprises a closed, downwards openable container having at least one liquid-pervious wall, the container being arranged to be filled with said sludge during a filling phase, a bladder located centrally inside the container, the bladder is... Agent: Stigebrandt Hydroteknik Ab

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20110100885 - Ballast water treatment device: Disclosed herein is a ballast water treatment device. The device includes a filtering unit filtering ballast water introduced into a ship using a filter, a vortex generating unit generating an artificial vortex in the ballast water filtered by the filtering unit, and an ultraviolet treatment unit having an ultraviolet lamp... Agent: Panasia Co., Ltd.

20110100886 - Restrictor plate with securing system: A restrictor plate assembly is disclosed. The assembly is adapted for being positioned within a catch basin throat so that the throat extends rearward of the assembly. The assembly has a longitudinally extending restrictor plate and a restrictor plate securing system, which includes a first clamp arm, pivotally positioned against... Agent: Campbell-ers L.L.C.

20110100887 - Downspout debris collector: The Downspout Debris Collector is a water filter (D) located approximately four feet above the ground inside a fifteen inch section of downspout. (A) It is inserted into an eleven inch opening cut into an existing downspout. This filter is a ¼ inch holed wire screen (B) riveted horizontally inside... Agent:

20110100888 - Washbox: Exemplary systems and methods relating to washboxes are described.... Agent: Blue Water Technologies, Inc.

20110100889 - Sterilzation and anti-bacterialzation equipment: The present invention relates to sterilization and anti-bacterialization equipment, in which an anode electrode and a cathode electrode having capability of creating active oxygen species are installed, and active oxygen species are created by making water to be treated intervene between both of electrodes and energizing the water between both... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110100890 - Process for re-mineralizing water deficient in magnesium: The present invention relates to the process of re-mineralizing treated potable water that has had hardness components removed by dissolving a magnesium compound in the treated water. The resulting concentration of magnesium, pH level and alkalinity level are controlled by the inclusion of a calcium compound such as calcium carbonate... Agent:

20110100891 - device of magnetically separating a sample: Present invention relates to a device magnetically separating a sample. The preferred material for the device is plastic. The device is a cuboid plate, which consists of one or two bottom sides and at least two lateral sides. The bottom side has wells on it to accommodate magnetic elements, and... Agent: Magqu Co. Ltd.

20110100892 - Adapter for fastening a filter element: An adapter is provided for fastening a filter element in a cylindrical receiving opening of a bottom part of a lower piece of a filter housing. The adapter has at least one seal arranged in a peripheral groove on the circumference of the adapter to permit fluid-tight separation of a... Agent: Sartorius Stedim Biotech Gmbh

20110100893 - Filter system for filtering fluids: A filter system for filtering fluids has a housing, an inlet, and an outlet. A filter element is arranged inside the housing. A cover closes the housing and provides access to the filter element inside the housing. A securing device prevents the housing from being closed by the cover when... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20110100894 - Plant oil extract device and method for using the same: A plant oil extraction device that has a main body member with a hollow interior that receives a plant. A filter member is removably mounted on the main body and has a groove therein that receives glass frit. Thus, when a solvent is placed in the hollow interior with the... Agent:

20110100896 - Connection of belt connectors designed as wire hooks to a belt method for producing and connection: In a method for producing a connection of belt connectors embodied as wire hooks to a belt it is proposed that the wire hooks held in the cover element are pressed into a belt embodied as a filtering belt, then the applied material is heated, and plasticized material of the... Agent:

20110100895 - Membrane module for fluid filtration: Embodiments of the invention provide a membrane module including a first plurality of fibers capable of filtering fluids that are helically wound in layers creating a mono helix. Fluids to be treated can flow radially with respect to a longitudinal axis of the mono helix or parallel to the longitudinal... Agent:

20110100897 - System and method for liquid purification: A liquid purification system includes an upflow liquid purification system which receives a first flow of liquid. The upflow liquid purification system treats the liquid in response to the liquid flowing upwardly through the upflow liquid purification system. The liquid purification system includes a downflow liquid purification vessel which receives... Agent:

20110100898 - Fluid filter: A fluid filter includes a base plate, a canister, and filtering media contained in the canister for filtering fluid from an inlet port to an outlet port. Notches are formed into an outer periphery of the base plate. An annular bead of the canister side wall is partially formed into... Agent: Baldwin Filters, Inc.

20110100899 - Perforated hexagon-hole tube support for synthetic screen separator: A separator cartridge includes a support tube formed of a perforated strip of metal configured to normally have a first diameter and a spaced array of hexagonal apertures formed therein and a substantially cylindrical screen member having a diameter less than the first diameter of the support tube, wherein a... Agent:

20110100900 - Monolith membrane module for liquid filtration: A monolithic multi-channel substrate having a porous monolithic body or cross-flow filtration module defining a plurality of flow channels disposed in the body and extending from an upstream inlet or feed end to a downstream outlet or exhaust end. Porous channel walls surround each of the plurality of flow channels.... Agent:

20110100901 - Improved filtering drum for fibre suspensions in water: The invention concerns a filtering drum (1) for fibre suspensions in water, comprising a plurality of shaped bars (2; 11, 13) with mainly longitudinal development, arranged side by side in order to define a tubular structure having substantially circular cross section, with the inner lateral surface (4) covered by a... Agent: Comer S.p.a.

20110100903 - Method for determining physiological state of microbial community and wastewater treatment method: The present invention provides a method for determining the physiological state of a microbial community, which rapidly and precisely determines the physiological state of a microbial community present in a treatment tank of a wastewater biological treatment facility; and a wastewater treatment method utilizing the same. In the method for... Agent: Seiko Pmc Corporation

20110100902 - Mixing device, system and method for anaerobic digestion: The present invention relates to a device for digesting organic matter comprising: a vessel having an interior with side walls for containing a material capable of processing the organic matter, and a plate positioned within the interior of the vessel for concentrating the material on a lower section of the... Agent:

20110100904 - Method and unit for the purification of wastewater with aerobic granular sludge: The invention relates to a biological wastewater purification method using a reactor including a first compartment (2) and a second compartment (4), the lower parts of which are communicated with one another. The water to be treated enters the first compartment, while the second compartment houses aerobic granular sludge at... Agent: Degremont

20110100905 - River water purification apparatus and method using treatment soil layer and permeable filtering medium layer: Provided are an apparatus and a method for river water purification using a treatment soil layer and a permeable filtering medium layer. The river water purification apparatus includes a treatment soil layer and a permeable filtering medium layer which are sequentially and alternately stacked. The treatment soil layer includes a... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20110100906 - Biofilm remediation of acid mine drainage: A method of prevention of acid rock drainage excludes oxygen from waste rocks that contain ferrous sulfides by building an oxygen bio-barrier over exposed surfaces of the waste rock. The bio-barrier may be formed by applying a slurry to the rock. The slurry may contain several components such as microbial... Agent: Allegheny-singer Research Institute

20110100907 - Membrane cleaning with pulsed arilift pump: A method of cleaning a membrane surface immersed in a liquid medium with a fluid flow, including the steps of providing a randomly generated intermittent or pulsed fluid flow along the membrane surface to dislodge fouling materials therefrom. A membrane module is also disclosed comprising a plurality of porous membranes... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

20110100908 - Waste water treatment: In the treatment of domestic and municipal waste water environmental pollutants, such as ammonia, oxides of nitrogen, organic matter which gives rise to what is known as chemical oxygen demand (COD) [and biological oxygen demand (BOD)], and solid matter, should be removed from the waste water In a typical treatment... Agent:

20110100910 - Ceramic dead-end filter, a filter system, a method of filtering and a method of producing a ceramic dead-end filter: The invention relates to a ceramic dead-end filter for filtration of liquid. The ceramic dead-end filter comprises at least one ceramic filter membrane having a first side with a front surface and a second side. The ceramic membrane comprises a selective front layer providing said front surface and the selective... Agent: Cometas A/s

20110100909 - Method and apparatus for limiting diafiltrate waste: The present invention describes a process and a device for saving diafiltrate by partial regeneration using adsorbers. An object of the invention is to decrease the requirement of dialysate and/or substituate in the depletion of a substance of class X by means of special microstructured adsorption/filtration devices. An object of... Agent:

20110100911 - Wastewater treatment system with ozonation for microconstituent removal: In a sewage treatment system, microconstituents, including personal care products and pharmaceutical materials, often difficult to degrade biologically, are removed by supersaturating the untreated wastewater feed with ozone. This breaks down refractory microconstituents into more readily biodegradable materials, subsequently treated preferably in an activated sludge membrane bioreactor process. The oxygen... Agent:

20110100912 - Immersion type membrane separator device: An immersion type membrane separation device is disclosed. The immersion type membrane separation device includes a membrane module case including a plurality of membrane modules, a diffuser case positioned under the membrane module case, the diffuser case including a diffuser, and a supply unit for supplying air to the diffuser,... Agent:

20110100913 - Water purifier and water purification method: To provide a water purifier, containing: a diluting unit configured to bring targeted water for purification into contact with an aqueous solution containing a volatile solute and a polymer via a semi-permeable membrane so as to separate water from the targeted water by the semi-permeable membrane, and configured to dilute... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110100914 - Ultrafiltration process: An inorganic membrane suitable for ultrafiltration or nanofiltration, and methods for making and using the membrane. The membrane has a organic polymer deposited on the feed surface, but is not able to perform separations by solution-diffusion.... Agent: Membrane Technology And Research, Inc

20110100915 - Packing material for hydrophilic interaction chromatography: (In this formula, m denotes 2-6 and n denotes 1-4. X1, X2, and X3, independent of each other, denote a methoxy group, ethoxy group, or halogen. Up to two of X1, X2, and X3 can be any of the following groups: a methyl group, ethyl group, propyl group, isopropyl group,... Agent: Shiseido Company, Ltd.

20110100916 - Solid support with a grafted chain: Articles that contain a solid support with a grafted chain extending from the solid support, methods of making these articles, and various uses of the articles are described. More specifically, the grafted chain has a functional group that can react with or interact with target compound. Alternatively, the functional group... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110100917 - Method for recovering amine from amine-containing waste water: Provided is a method for recovering high-concentration and high-purity amine from amine-containing waste water generated from nuclear power plants and thermal power plants. The method includes: capturing amine and concentrating waste water using a cation exchange resin; separating amine from the concentrated amine-containing waste water; and carrying out further separation... Agent: Soonchunhyang University Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation

20110100918 - Water purifier directly connected to faucet: The present invention relates to a water purifier of tap water. According to the present invention, a metal having a higher ionization tendency is ionized by exposing the metal to water to be purified. The metal having a higher ionization tendency is selected based on iron (Fe) and limited to... Agent:

20110100919 - Method for preparing platelet rich plasma and concentrates thereof: A process for separating platelet rich plasma from a blood sample using a platelet rich plasma separator system is disclosed. The system includes an inner wall having a top edge and a central axis that is surrounded by a depth filter having a capacity to receive all of the erythrocytes... Agent: Biomet Biologics, LLC

20110100920 - System, method and apparatus for purifying biological fluids such as blood and constituents thereof: Provided herein is an innovative hemoperfusion system and method including a thermal-fused broad-spectrum biocidal iodinated interactive polymer for the treatment of biological contaminants in body fluids. In one exemplary embodiment, the system and method utilizes a Triosyn® thermal fused broad-spectrum iodinated interactive polymer, included in a hemoperfusion column, for devitalizing... Agent:

20110100921 - Device for separating particles in and from liquids and use of said device in biotechnology, biological research, diagnostics and the treatment of diseases: The invention describes a device for separation of particles from liquids, comprising a cylinder (1) in which is movable situated at least one filter-disc (2), which is solidly mounted to a filter piston (3), and a plunger-disc (4), so that by moving the filter piston (3) the filter-disc (2) and... Agent:

20110100922 - Treatment vessel for a waste water treatment process system: A treatment vessel (10) for a waste water treatment process system. The vessel (10) including a first section (12) and a second section (14). The first section (12) has a substantially constant first cross sectional area and is adapted for housing a granulated aerated charcoal biofilter material. The second section... Agent: Nubian Water Systems Pty Limited

20110100923 - Particle separator: A method and apparatus (10) for separating magnetic and non-magnetic particles from water in a domestic central heating system is disclosed. A magnet (60) is located in the housing and the inlet and the outlet are arranged so that, in use, water flows through the apparatus in a cyclonic motion... Agent: Alpha Fry Limited

20110100924 - Compact wastewater concentrator and contaminant scrubber: A compact and portable liquid concentrator and contaminant scrubber includes a gas inlet, a gas exit and a flow corridor connecting the gas inlet and the gas exit, wherein the flow corridor includes a narrowed portion that accelerates the gas through the flow corridor. A liquid inlet injects liquid into... Agent: Heartland Technology Partners LLC

20110100925 - Washbox: Exemplary systems and methods relating to washboxes are described.... Agent: Blue Water Technologies, Inc.

20110100926 - Filtration system forcing water in either direction: A filtration system is provided that may be used in remote areas; a pump for forcing water through a filter is powered by at least one solar panel and may force water through the filter in either direction; in a filtering operation, water is passed in a forward direction until... Agent:

20110100927 - Methods and compositions for reducing chlorine demand, decreasing disinfection by-products and controlling deposits in drinking water distribution systems: Methods and compositions for improving water quality by reducing chlorine demand, decreasing disinfection by-products and controlling deposits in drinking water distribution systems include adding low concentrations of supplemental oxidants, for example, RE-Ox® to the systems.... Agent:

20110100928 - Preparation and use of nano size peroxide particles: Nano-size particles of calcium dioxide and magnesium dioxide for remediation of contaminated water or soil and processes for preparing and using nano-size particles of calcium dioxide and magnesium dioxide.... Agent: Lehigh University

20110100929 - Mop bucket: A mop bucket comprises a bucket defining a first compartment and a second compartment. The bucket is rotatable between an upright position and a second position. A first fluid movement path is provided between the second compartment and the first compartment such that liquid in the second compartment drains to... Agent:

20110100930 - Systems and methods for extracting sand from raw slurry material: The present invention may be embodied as a processing system for processing raw slurry material. The processing system comprises a barrel member, at least one pre-processing member, and a plurality of separator members. The at least one pre-processing member and the plurality of separator members are supported by the barrel... Agent: Daritech, Inc.

20110100931 - Method of optimizing feed concentration in a sedimentation vessel: A feed system is used in a sedimentation vessel. The feed system includes an inlet for receiving a quantity of feed slurry and an outlet for delivering the feed slurry to a separation zone within the sedimentation vessel. The feed slurry includes a mixture of solids and liquids that are... Agent: Westech Engineering, Inc.

20110100932 - Separation media slurry tank: A method for handling separation media slurry in a tank, before transferring the separation media slurry to a column or a container. The method comprises the steps of: —blowing gas from the bottom of the tank into the sedimented media in the tank and thereby the sedimented media starts to... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-science Ab

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