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Liquid purification or separation April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110094949 - Dechlorinator and method of dechlorination: A dechlorinator for dechlorinating a stream of water comprises a housing comprising an inlet and an outlet. The housing defines a flow path between the inlet and the outlet. A filter is operatively supported in the housing and located in the flow path. At least one dechlorinating tablet is operatively... Agent:

20110094950 - Shaker screen filter for a drilling fluid shaker: An improved shaker screen filter for a well fluid shale shaker includes a main frame arranged for being arranged in the well fluid shale shaker for screening, preferably under vibration, of drilling mud, wherein the mainframe is subdivided into a plurality of smaller cell frames, one or more cell plug... Agent: Optipro As

20110094951 - Filter with memory, communication and pressure sensor: The present invention describes a system and method for accurately measuring the pressure within a filter housing. A pressure sensor and a communications device are coupled so as to be able to measure and transmit the pressure within the filter housing while in use. This system can comprise a single... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20110094952 - System for recovering hydrocarbons from water-containing hydrocarbonaceous material using a constructed infrastructure: A constructed permeability control infrastructure can include a permeability control impoundment defining a substantially encapsulated volume. A comminuted water-containing hydrocarbonaceous material can form a permeable body within the encapsulated volume. The impoundment includes a water vapor outlet for removing water vapor from the encapsulated volume. A heating device is also... Agent: Red Leaf Resources, Inc.

20110094953 - Chromatography column: A chromatography column includes a tube, a fit assembly, a first end fitting and a second end fitting. An annular protrusion extends from an end face of the tube to a protrusion height and circumscribes a chamber in fluid communication with the axial bore. Both the chamber and the bore... Agent:

20110094955 - Separating agent for optical isomers and separation column for optical isomers: This invention provides a separating agent for optical isomers, which has high asymmetry recognition ability and can be used particularly at a high flow rate when used for the separation of the optical isomers, and a separation column for optical isomers having the same. This invention provides: a separating agent... Agent:

20110094954 - Valve for use in high-performance liquid chromatography having a spherical seat with beveled outer faces: A valve for use in high-performance liquid chromatography has a spherical seat and a ball that, when it abuts against the seat, constrains a fluid from flowing through the valve and is capable of moving axially in order to allow the fluid to flow through the valve. The spherical seat... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20110094956 - Filter elements: A filter element has a non-magnetic frame defining a fluid flow opening. The non-magnetic frame has at least one mounting surface for mounting against a ferrous material. Two or more magnet-enclosing channels are supported by the non-magnetic frame. Two or more permanent magnets are provided within each magnet-enclosing channel. The... Agent: Bay 6 Solutions Inc.

20110094957 - Screen seal: A seal for preventing the bypass of solids from a filter screen assembly that can be used in water and wastewater treatment. The seal can include an L-shaped bracket and a housing that can include a channel-shaped member. A first panel of the L-shaped bracket can be inserted into a... Agent: Hydro-dyne Engineering, Inc.

20110094958 - Filter device for filtration of a fluid: A filter device for filtration of fluid has a filter element of a zigzag-folded filter medium that is flowed through in a radial direction of the filter element. An additive for functional change of fluid properties of the fluid to be filtered in the filter device is provided. The additive... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20110094959 - Filter retainer: A filter retainer supports filtering materials on both surfaces of the filter retainer. A pair of etched circular plates having a large number of circumferentially arranged through-holes formed by chemical etching are joined to each other at a condition where the positions of corresponding through-holes are aligned to coincide with... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toukai Spring Seisakusho

20110094960 - Method of forming a rewettable asymmetric membrane: The present disclosure provides rewettable asymmetric membranes and methods of forming rewettable asymmetric membranes. More specifically, methods are provided for forming rewettable asymmetric membranes having a copolymer and a polymerized material retained within the porous substrate.... Agent:

20110094961 - Extraction of solute from solute-bearing material: This invention is directed to a process for separating a solute from a solute-bearing material. A substantial amount of solute is extracted from the solute-bearing material by contacting particles of the solute-bearing material with globules of an extraction solvent. The particle size of the solute-bearing material and the globule size... Agent: Epic Oil Extractors, LLC

20110094964 - Membrane filter for water treatment: The invention relates to a membrane filter for water treatment, comprising a head piece including a permeate collecting chamber with a permeate outlet, and at least one fiber bundle made from capillary membranes, which are secured into the head piece with an end that is open towards the permeate collecting... Agent: Koch Membrane Systems Gmbh

20110094963 - Membrane separation method and membrane separation device: To provide a membrane separation method capable of attaining reduced adsorption of a membrane-fouling substance contained in treatment water onto the surface of a separation membrane during membrane separation of the treatment water, to thereby lead retarded deterioration in membrane separation performance, and a membrane separation apparatus for performing the... Agent: Kurita Water Industries, Ltd.

20110094962 - Regeneratable filter for extracorporal treatment of liquids containing particles and use thereof: The invention relates to a regeneratable filtering and adsorbing system, combining the properties of membrane filtration with those of particle-based adsorption in a closed housing.... Agent:

20110094965 - Enhanced high water recovery membrane process: Disclosed is an economical process for the purification of water containing soluble and sparingly soluble inorganic compounds using single-stage or two-stage membrane processes that integrate membrane water purification with chemical precipitation softening and residual hardness and silica removal from the membrane concentrates using ion exchange resins and silica sequestering media,... Agent:

20110094966 - Chiral stationary phases for chromatography based on aromatic allyl amines: New chiral stationary phases (CSPs) based on chiral selectors covalently bound on a solid support were prepared. Chiral selectors were obtained from enantiomerically pure aromatic amines and 3,5-dinitrobenzoic acid and then linked to the support surface through the allylic double bond. Such obtained materials allow enantioseparation of racemates or enantiomerically... Agent:

20110094967 - Composite material composed of polymer materials and a porous mineral matrix and the production and use thereof: The present invention relates to a composite material, particularly a composite material designed as a molded body and/or suited for the production of molded bodies, composed of polymer materials and a porous mineral matrix, said composite material expanding under the action of liquids, particularly aqueous liquids and/or aqueous oil emulsions,... Agent: Inotec Glienke & Glienke (gbr)

20110094968 - Flocculant composition for dewatering solids laden slurries: Flocculant compositions containing a cellulosic compound, a superabsorbant polymer, and a flocculant, are useful for preventing the formation of an aqueous phase during the shipping of fly ash slurries.... Agent: Profile Products L.L.C.

20110094969 - Removal of arsenic from drinking and process water: A method of removing arsenic and heavy metals from water using metal salt hydroxide-gels is provided. The arsenic present in water is adsorbed onto the hydroxide-gels which can effectively be filtered through a diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration bed. The combination of DE mixed hydroxide-gels is also effective in removing arsenic... Agent:

20110094970 - System, methods, processes and apparatus for removing finely dispersed particulate matter from a fluid stream: Disclosed herein are systems and methods for removing fine particulate matter from a fluid, comprising a separator that separates an inflow fluid stream into an overflow fluid path and an underflow fluid path, where the underflow fluid path is treated with a tethering material that attaches to the coarse particulate... Agent:

20110094971 - Treatment agent for aqueous waste liquid and treatment method for aqueous waste liquid: There are provided a treatment agent and a treatment method for physically solidifying an aqueous waste liquid such as a floor wax peeling polluted water and the like simply and also speedily. On an occasion when treating the aqueous waste liquid physically, the treatment agent added to this aqueous waste... Agent: Fuji Mentenir Co., Ltd.

20110094972 - Water treatment: A sanitizing agent for maintaining a biocidal effective bacteria count in a body of water comprising a metal ion donor for donating a metal ion and a compound containing a hydantoin ring with the combination of the compound containing the hydantoin ring with the metal ion donor enhancing the effectiveness... Agent:

20110094973 - Swimming pool rake and debris catcher apparatus and system: An assembly and method for capturing debris before it enters a skimmer mechanism in a pool are described, herein. A basket filter assembly is comprised of a frame assembly, which is constructed of water- and rust-proof material that has a mesh material placed around and attached to it. The basket... Agent:

20110094974 - Method and device for cleaning filter cloths of filter press dewaterer: An object is to provide a method and a device for cleaning a filter cloth of a filter press dewaterer that are capable of restoring a filter cloth by effectively cleaning the filter cloth while saving the amount of water used for cleaning without using an acid which requires wastewater... Agent:

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110089091 - Filter device: A filter device having a filter element received in a filter housing, the filter housing has an inlet and an outlet. The filter element separates a crude chamber that communicates with the inlet from a pure chamber that communicates with the outlet. The filter element has an axially and eccentrically... Agent:

20110089092 - Apparatus for filtering and/or conditioning and/or purifying a fluid such as water: An apparatus for filtering water has an interface and a filtration/purification canister removably mountable thereon. Connecting the canister to the interface automatically opens a check valve in the interface to permit water to flow from the interface into and through the canister, and then back to and through the interface... Agent:

20110089093 - Optimized work exchanger system: An optimized system for conserving energy used in the process of reverse osmosis which creates, controls and measures a virtual septum within an energy recovery work exchanger, multiple-orifice distribution plates, vessels of varying sizes and tanks placed at optimum elevations.... Agent:

20110089094 - Pool filter: A pool filter for use in pool piping or other fluid conveyance system. The pool filter may include a housing defining a fluid chamber for receiving one or more filters. Multiple openings may be defined in the housing for receiving and removing fluid from the fluid chamber. The openings may... Agent: Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.

20110089095 - Separating agent for optical isomers and separation column for optical isomers: This invention provides a separating agent for optical isomers, which has high asymmetry recognition ability and can be used particularly at a high flow rate when used for the separation of the optical isomers, and a separation column for optical isomers having the same. This invention provides: a separating agent... Agent:

20110089096 - Thin layer chromatography plates and related methods: In an embodiment, a method for manufacturing a thin layer chromatography (“TLC”) plate is disclosed. The method includes forming a layer of elongated nanostructures (e.g., carbon nanotubes), and at least partially coating the elongated nanostructures with a coating. The coating includes a stationary phase and/or precursor of a stationary phase... Agent: Brigham Young University

20110089097 - Attachment and system for dewatering material: A system (300) and attachment (200) for removing water from a material is disclosed. The system (30) can include: transporting (310) a material to be dewatered on a porous conveyor belt; conveying (320) the material to be dewatered between a top press attachment and bottom press attachment to release moisture;... Agent:

20110089098 - Buoyant wastewater aeration apparatus and method: A buoyant wastewater aeration apparatus includes a buoyant float pod and at least one air conduit leg removably attached at a leg input end to a respective air supply outlet. The float pod further includes a leg-retainer structure that accommodates efficient engagement/dis-engagement of the air conduit leg at a known... Agent: Fbc Technologies, Inc.

20110089099 - Foreign substance filtering film for drain and mehod for manufacturing same: A foreign substance filtering film for a drain of the present invention includes a main body having at least two or more through-holes; and a grip extended from an outer periphery of the main body such that the grip is spaced distant from the center of the main body. The... Agent:

20110089100 - Self cleaning filter for liquids: Self-cleaning filter for liquids with a basic element consisting of one cyclic elastic membrane 17 which covers completely the rims of a stable cavity 16. The rims of the cavity bear engraved shallow channels 25, while its concave part and bottom, bears great openings (26, 28). During the operation phase,... Agent:

20110089101 - fuel filter: A fuel filter, in particular for Diesel engine fuel, comprising a closed casing, the internal volume of which comprises at least a first chamber, connected to an inlet for the fuel to be filtered, and a second chamber connected to an outlet for the filtered fuel. A filter screen and... Agent: Ufi Innovation Center S.r.l.

20110089102 - Self-cleaning filter for washers: A self-cleaning filter for a washing apparatus. Water entering a filter assembly travels along a spiral pathway that facilitates the separation of heavy solid debris from the water. A filter element prevents both light and heavy solid debris from entering a conduit leading to spray nozzles, thereby preventing clogging of... Agent: Steris Inc.

20110089103 - Vented filter cartridge for water treatment device: A filter cartridge has a shell defining an upper portion with an upper interior volume and a lower portion with a lower interior volume. The cartridge is for use in gravity-fed water treatment systems have an upper untreated supply and a lower filtered container. A hydrophilic porous particulate carbon powder... Agent: Filtrex Holdings Pte Ltd.

20110089104 - Replaceable fuel filter element and fuel filter assembly: One embodiment is a unique replaceable filter element. Further embodiments, forms, objects, features, advantages, aspects, and benefits shall become apparent from the following description and drawings.... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

20110089105 - Hybrid aerobic and anaerobic wastewater and sludge treatment systems and methods: A hybrid method and system of treating wastewater with reduced energy usage is disclosed. The treatment system has a sorption system, an anaerobic digester that digests or converts at least a portion of the solids or sludge from the sorption system, and an aerobic treatment tank that partially reduces oxygen... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

20110089106 - Dynamic anaerobic aerobic (dana) reactor: An anaerobic water purification system including an anaerobic water purification unit receiving water to be treated and providing an anaerobic-treated water output and biomass carriers for supporting anaerobic microorganisms in the anaerobic water purification unit.... Agent: Westt

20110089107 - Intimate coupling of photocatalysis and biodegradation in a photocatalytic circulating-bed biofilm reactor: Systems and methods are provided for intimately coupling advanced oxidation process (AOP) with biodegradation for the treatment of contaminated water. The system comprises a particulate bed having carrier particles that have a microbial film effective for biodegrading contaminants in the contaminated water. An advanced oxidation reagent is irradiated by a... Agent: Arizona Board Of Rgents

20110089108 - Aeration and filtration system and process for treating wastewater: An aeration and filtration system and process for treating wastewater is described, the system having an ejector able to mix gas and liquid, an oxidation tank able to contain a solution of wastewater and biological sludge, a filtration means, a pipe able to convey the wastewater and biological sludge solution... Agent: Mazzei Injector Company, LLC

20110089109 - Method for treatment of sludge: Method for treatment of sludge, which includes precipitated aluminium and/or iron hydroxide, whereby the sludge first is added acid and thereafter is subjected to at least one membrane filtration process, whereby a permeate or a concentrate is obtained, including trivalent aluminium and/or iron ions in solution. The aluminium and/or iron... Agent:

20110089110 - Filled polymeric membranes, use and method of manufacturing: A method of manufacturing a filled polymeric membrane includes a first step of preparing a filler suspension having a solvent for a glassy polymer and nanometre-sized particles. The nanometre-sized particles in the filler suspension are aggregated in aggregates having an average aggregate size in the range between 50 nm and... Agent: Vlaamse Instelling Voor Technologisch Onderzoek N.v. (vito)

20110089111 - Hemodialysis apparatus and method for hemodialysis: A hemodialysis apparatus includes a dialyzing device, a measuring device and a calculation device. The dialyzing device dialyzes and ultrafiltrates blood of a patient circulating extracorporeally to perform hemodialysis treatment. The measuring device measures a variation rate of a body weight of the patient and a variation rate of a... Agent: Nikkiso Co., Ltd.

20110089112 - Method and device for the removal of partially protein bound substances: A method and a device to increase the efficiency of dialysis for the removal from blood of substances that are more or less tightly bound to carriers such as albumin. According to the invention this is accomplished by a simultaneous significant increase of the flow rate of the dialysis fluid... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20110089113 - Twin tank water treatment system and method: Embodiments of the invention provide a twin tank water treatment system and method. The water treatment system includes first tank with a first set of sensors and a first resin bed, a second tank with a second set of sensors and a second resin bed, and a valve assembly with... Agent:

20110089115 - Methods for prevention and reduction of scale formation: Disclosed herein are methods of preventing or reducing scale formation or corrosion by combining at least one scale-forming fluid comprising at least one scaling compound with at least one anti-scale material chosen from at least one scale-adsorbent agent. The methods may reduce or prevent the formation of scale on surfaces... Agent: World Minerals, Inc.

20110089114 - Process for absorbing and adsorbing oil degradation products from lubricating oils: Disclosed in certain embodiments is a method of removing a compound from a lubricating fluid comprising contacting the lubricating fluid with a solid medium having acrylamide functionality to absorb or adsorb the compound.... Agent:

20110089116 - Method for improved removal of cations by means of chelating resins: The present invention relates to a method for improved removal of cations, preferably alkaline earth metals, in particular calcium and barium, from aqueous solutions using chelating resins having aminomethylphosphonic acid groups and iminodimethylphosphonic acid groups having high dynamic absorption capacity for cations at a low residual content of the cations... Agent: Lanxess Deutschland Gmbh

20110089117 - Removal of silicon from brine: A process for removing silicon compounds from aqueous NaCl brine includes, first, adjusting a weak brine to a pH value of less than 3 with hydrochloric acid. Iron(III) chloride or other trivalent iron ions are added to the acidified weak brine, the obtained weak brine is then continuously fed to... Agent: Uhde Gmbh

20110089118 - Surface-roughened high-density functional particle, method for producing the same and method for treating target substance with the same: The particle of the present invention is a high-density particle to which a target substance can be bound, wherein the surface of the particle body is a roughened surface. The particle is characterized in that a substance or functional group to which a target substance can bind is immobilized on... Agent:

20110089119 - Treatment additives and methods for treating an aqueous medium: A method for clarifying an aqueous medium containing suspended material is provided. The method includes dispersing a treatment additive in the aqueous medium containing the suspended material for coagulating and flocculating the suspended material and then separating the suspended material from the treated aqueous medium. The treatment additive includes a... Agent:

20110089120 - Processing captured vehicle fluid: The present application is directed to a system and method for processing fluid captured from a vehicle surface to provide a desired fluid product. The system includes sensors and control circuitry to determine system fluid volume levels and/or the ambient temperature of the system to safeguard the system against non-requested... Agent:

20110089121 - Dispensers especially adapted for use in vessels such as swimming pools and spas: Dispensers, principally of water-treatment chemicals, are detailed. The floating dispensers may be inherently unstable in use, rotating approximately ninety degrees (from a generally vertical position to a generally horizontal one) over the useful lifespan of the chemicals initially contained within. Movement of the dispensers to horizontal positions signals users to... Agent:

20110089122 - Liquid removal apparatus: A liquid removal apparatus adapted to separate liquid from a composite slurry of liquid and solids. The apparatus includes a movable, permeable membrane having opposing first and second sides. A ‘loaded belt portion’ of the second side is configured to receive the slurry. A permeable membrane support system is configured... Agent: Aquaclear Technology Limited

20110089123 - Mobile water treatment: A mobile water treatment apparatus to on-load a dirty fluid into a storage container attached to a motor vehicle and transport the fluid in the storage container from a first location and to a second location where the fluid is filtered by a filtration system attached to the motor vehicle.... Agent: Ibex Incorporated

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110084006 - Uv liquid storage and dispensing device: A liquid storage and dispensing device with a filter for removing minerals and a UV light source for killing pathogens existing in a liquid. A liquid is introduced into the device via the inlet. The liquid passes through the filter into a collector. The filtered liquid flows from the collector... Agent:

20110084007 - Pure sip: The “Pure Sip” system will reliably address biological, as well as chemical, contamination in the distribution system after treatment at a central purification facility. The Public water supply industry relies heavily on the “multiple barrier” approach in the protection of public health; the “Pure Sip” Point of Use (POU) treatment... Agent:

20110084008 - Increased efficiency strainer system: In accordance with the present invention, there is provided an increased efficiency strainer system which is particularly suited for use in the emergency core cooling system of a nuclear power plant. In certain embodiments of the present invention, the strainer system includes one or more strainer cassettes or cartridges, with... Agent:

20110084009 - Increased efficiency strainer system: In accordance with the present invention, there is provided a strainer system comprising a plurality of strainer modules, each of which comprises multiple cassettes or cartridges assembled together in a prescribed arrangement. In the strainer system constructed in accordance with the present invention, the “clean” sides of the strainer modules... Agent:

20110084010 - Serviceable oil filter device: A serviceable device for filtering lubricating oil includes an inlet and an outlet, a first filtering element and an absorption filtering element. The absorption filtering element is configured to absorb a fluidic contaminant present in the lubricating oil when in contact with the absorption filtering element. A flow path for... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110084011 - Wastewater treatment system and method using high energy light: Embodiments of systems including wastewater treatment systems that utilize high energy light to destruct organics in wastewater are provided. In some embodiments, such systems may include a gas purifier that is configured to purify a gas. The wastewater treatment system treats wastewater from the gas purifier via the use of... Agent: General Electric Company

20110084012 - Hydrocyclone flotation system and water pollution prevention system equipped with the same: The present invention discloses a hydrocyclone floating separator, comprising: a vortex generating body which includes a water inlet, swirls water introduced through the water inlet, and includes a water outlet discharging the swirled water; an air injection unit for injecting air into water introduced through the water inlet; a drain... Agent: Korea Aquosys Co., Ltd.

20110084013 - Axial labyrinth seal for filtration systems: An axial face seal is described that may be employed to seal a spiral membrane element of a filtration system. A seal can be formed using a first seal plate for capping the spiral membrane element to engage a corresponding face of a second seal plate of an adjacent spiral... Agent: Toray Membrane Usa, Inc.

20110084014 - Droplet-based digital microdialysis: The invention relates to a droplet-based digital microdialysis method that utilizes discrete perfusate droplets marched through a microchannel in an intermittent manner. The droplets sequentially reside on a microdialysis membrane that is in contact with the test fluid, e.g., fluid in an extracellular space. The droplets remain stationary at the... Agent: University Of Alaska Fairbanks

20110084015 - Sump filter restraining device: A sump filter assembly for filtering hydraulic fluid supplied by a transmission sump includes a filter housing, a support member, a retainer member, and a biasing member. The filter housing has a top surface and a bottom surface, wherein the bottom surface opposes a bottom surface of the transmission sump.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110084016 - Filtration assembly including a central tube interacting with a filtration cartridge and with a seal permanently mounted on said central tube: A filtration assembly is provided for a fluid flowing in an engine or an apparatus that includes a tank on which a central tube is mounted for interaction with a filtration cartridge including an upper flange and a lower flange between which extends a filtration medium. The central tube is... Agent: Cummins Filtration

20110084017 - Reinforced, pleated filter structure: A pleated filter structure includes a pleated filtering substrate and a pleated, polymer, mesh reinforcing sheet or netting for assisting in maintaining the pleated configuration of the filtering substrate. The pleated, polymer, mesh reinforcing sheet or netting includes a mechanically degraded polyalkylene terephthalate as the primary polymer therein. A method... Agent: Delstar Technologies, Inc.

20110084018 - Ring filter: A ring filter with a frame and a filter fabric. The frame has two axially spaced apart ring-shaped frame elements which are connected to one another by transverse struts. Between the frame elements and the transverse struts the filter fabric is arranged, and frame has two open ends which are... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110084019 - Antithrombogenic surface: Provided is a surface showing excellent antithrombotic properties. Also provided is a medical device having the same. An antithrombotic surface comprising polymer layers which are in different charged states and alternately layered, characterized by having three-dimensional peaks and valleys formed thereon. The antithrombotic surface as described above which is further... Agent: Snt Co.

20110084021 - Method of ecological restoration of water bodies containing excess nutrient: A method of ecological restoration of water bodies containing excess nutrient includes steps of: (a) taming Daphnia magna to be able to eat blue-green algae as an algae eating plankton with a taming composition fermented from spirulina powder, active yeast, and saccharide, so as to digest blue-green algae in the... Agent:

20110084020 - Novel systems and methods for converting gaseous byproducts of wastewater treatment into energy: A method for removing methane from biogas is described. The method includes: (i) receiving biogas including methane and other components into a first tank; (ii) receiving water into the first tank; (iii) contacting the biogas with the water inside the first tank; (iv) dispensing methane gas from an outlet of... Agent:

20110084022 - Process for treating nitrogenous wastewater with simultaneous autotrophic denitrification, hetertrophic denitrification and cod removal: A process for treating nitrogenous wastewater contains an autotrophic denitrification reaction, a heterotrophic denitrification reaction and a COD removal reaction simultaneously and mixedly taking place in a single reactor. The nitrification reaction is caused by nitrifying bacteria, in which ammonium is oxidized into nitrite. The autotrophic denitrification reaction is caused... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20110084024 - Filter with memory, communication and concentration sensor: The present invention describes a system and method for accurately measuring the concentration of a substance within a filter housing. A concentration sensor and a communications device are coupled so as to be able to measure and transmit the concentration of a particular substance within the filter housing while in... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20110084023 - Portable water purifier and method of purifying water of using the same: A portable water purifier having a shell, a solar cell, a power storage system, a micro booster pump, and a membrane module. The solar cell is disposed on the shell. The power storage system, the micro booster pump, and the membrane module are disposed integratedly in the shell. The solar... Agent:

20110084025 - Water purifier and water purification method: To provide a water purifier containing: a diluting unit configured to bring targeted water into contact with a nonvolatile compound-containing aqueous solution via a semi-permeable membrane to separate water from the targeted water by the membrane, and to dilute the nonvolatile compound-containing aqueous solution with the separated water; a separating... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110084026 - Biomimetic membranes, their production and uses thereof in water purification: The present invention discloses a water membrane comprising a lipid bilayer supported on a single side thereof on a water permeable dense support layer, this lipid bilayer being composed of one or more lipids and aquaporin proteins are embedded therein, further wherein the water permeable dense support layer is impermeable... Agent: B.g. Negev Technologies Ltd.

20110084027 - Clumped sorbent material: The present invention pertains to a natural product litter composition as well as methods of preparing and using a natural product litter as a sorbent for liquids. The sorbent contains 1 to 10% by weight Aspen particles and 90 to 99% by weight ground grain byproducts including red dog wheat... Agent: Pet Care Systems, Inc.

20110084028 - Separation media and methods especially useful for separating water-hydrocarbon emulsions having low interfacial tensions: Separation media, separation modules and methods are provided for separating water from a water and hydrocarbon emulsion and include a fibrous nonwoven coalescence layer for receiving the water and hydrocarbon emulsion and coalescing the water present therein as a discontinuous phase to achieve coalesced water droplets having a size of... Agent: Ahlstrom Corporation

20110084029 - Waste treatment system: A system and method for removing water from sludge is disclosed. The method (100) includes: de-watering (102) the sludge comprising an output from a wastewater treatment system to form a semi-solid sludge cake; dispensing (104) the semi-solid sludge cake in a hopper and dispensing a dewatering agent in a recipient... Agent:

20110084030 - Method and system for monitoring and/or tracking sodium hypochlorite use: A method of monitoring sodium hypochlorite usage, which includes providing a chemical system comprising: a tank of known capacity mounted upon a scale, the scale being capable of generating a series of signals related to the weight of the tank when empty and at various levels of fill; and a... Agent: Force Flow

20110084031 - Treatment of a waste stream through production and utilization of oxyhydrogen gas: Methods and systems for reducing a redox active contaminant in a waste stream in a waste treatment system involve performing a unit process of the waste treatment system by contacting redox active contaminant in the waste stream with oxyhydrogen-rich gas generated on-site by an oxyhydrogen gas generator that implements water... Agent: Xogen Technologies Inc.

20110084032 - Additive dispersing filter and method of making: A method for dispersing an oil additive into an oil passing through a filter, the method comprising: filling a first cavity of an additive cartridge with an additive; locating the additive cartridge within a housing of the filter, the additive cartridge being located within a flow path through the filter,... Agent:

20110084033 - Method and apparatus for separating particles in a fluid: An apparatus and method for separating particles dispersed in a fluid. The apparatus includes, in succession, an inlet channel, a constriction channel and an outlet channel, the channels configured to receive a fluid dispersion and to create at the junction of the constriction and outlet channels a fluid dispersion flow... Agent: Oncnosis Pharma Aie

20110084034 - Displacement filter apparatus and method: A method and apparatus for filtering a slurry utilizing a displacement filtering principle. The filter apparatus desirably includes an inner filter and an outer filter. Both the inner and outer filters are preferably substantially annular in shape and positioned concentrically with respect to each other. A particulate collection volume is... Agent:

20110084035 - Filtration apparatus and associated method for microwave-assisted chemistry: A filtration method and associated apparatus are disclosed for improving the separation yield of matrix based compositions. The method includes the steps of positioning a matrix based composition that includes at least some liquid in a filter vessel and applying a moderate over-pressure to the composition upstream of the filter... Agent: Cem Corporation

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110079546 - Membrane filtering device managing system and membrane filtering device for use therein, and membrane filtering device managing method: Provided are a membrane filtering device managing system by which the membrane filtering device can be managed with a better precision and membrane filtering device for use therein, as well as to a membrane filtering device managing method. At least two sensors of an electric conductivity sensor 11, a flow... Agent:

20110079547 - Plasma extraction apparatus: A system that is suitable for extracting plasma from blood received from a blood supply is provided. The system comprises a housing, an inlet opening for receiving the blood, a filtration chamber comprising a membrane, and a plasma compartment. The membrane forms a barrier between the blood and the plasma... Agent: Chromedx Inc.

20110079548 - Hollow yarn film filtering apparatus: Provided is a hollow yarn film filtering apparatus (7) for filtering a stock solution by passing it through a hollow yarn film dipped in a treating bath (24). The hollow yarn film filtering apparatus (7) is characterized in that filtered liquid discharge passages (12a and 12b) are connected to a... Agent: Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation

20110079549 - Device and filter cartridge for filtering liquid state medium: Device for filtration of liquid medium, having a filter housing (2) with a filtration chamber (3) delineated by a base element (10) and a cover (20). A drain duct (15) in the base element to drain medium from the filtration chamber. A filter cassette (30) fitted detachably in the filtration... Agent:

20110079550 - Filter system and filter element for filtering fluids: A filter system for filtering fluids has a filter head and a filter cup with a rim area, wherein the filter cup is connected detachably by the rim area by a rotational and/or plug-in movement to the filter head. A filter element is exchangeably arranged in the filter cup. A... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20110079551 - Water treatment cartridge: A water treatment cartridge, or insert, for use in connection with a water treatment device such as a gravity-fed water pitcher or the like includes a support structure and water treatment material arranged in combination with the support structure. The support structure may, for example, generally enclose the water treatment... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110079552 - Separator and separator cartridge: A separator includes: a channel having a first surface; a plurality of columnar members formed on the first surface and having a cross section in the shape of a crescent, the plurality of columnar members being arranged in a row direction along a longitudinal direction of the channel, and in... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110079553 - Filter media suitable for hydraulic applications: Filter media, including those suitable for hydraulic applications, and related components, systems, and methods associated therewith are provided. The filter media described herein may include two or more layers, at least one of the layers having a relatively high percentage of microglass fibers. Additionally, the filter media may be designed... Agent: Hollingsworth & Vose Company

20110079554 - Method for treating mixed wastewater from pharmaceutical chemical industry park: A method for treating mixed wastewater from pharmaceutical chemical industry parks including introducing mixed wastewater into a regulation tank for regulation of water flow and water quality, and then into a hydrolysis tank having a hanged filler and employing upflow water distribution, into an anaerobic tank employing upflow water distribution,... Agent: Nanjing University

20110079555 - Aquarium filter: An aquarium filtration and drainage system comprising an undergravel filter with a compartment containing biomedia which is positioned over a drain at the bottom of the aquarium.... Agent: Aquatica Gallery LLC

20110079557 - Materials for the solid/liquid extraction of heavy metal ions, containing supported n-functionalized polyazacyloalkanes:

20110079556 - Separation of solids from liquids by filtration and centrifugation: A method and apparatus for efficiently performing solid phase extraction techniques for cleanup of samples to be used in analysis for pesticides, food products, etc. An insert to a centrifuge tube is disclosed which provides for mixing the solid and liquid, after which centrifuging is used to separate the liquid... Agent:

20110079558 - Method of controlling diffusive sodium transport in dialysis: A method of controlling diffusive sodium transport from the dialysate solution to the blood of a patient undergoing hemodialysis treatment or from the blood to the dialysate solution includes calculating SNa+average, an average of the patient's historic serum sodium concentrations, and estimating SNa+estimated, the patient's pre-dialysis serum sodium concentration, based... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20110079559 - Device and method for treatment of canals: A method of treating an agricultural-water canal to decompose organic debris in the agricultural-water canal is disclosed. The method provides a controlled delivery of biocide particles to the surface of water by entraining biocide particles in a gaseous stream and then scattering the biocide particles across the surface of the... Agent:

20110079560 - Catalytic wet oxidation systems and methods: A system and method for the treating at least one undesirable constituent in an aqueous mixture utilizing a particulate solids catalyst. The aqueous mixture and the particulate solids catalyst form a slurry which is wet oxidized.... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

20110079561 - System and method for producing hot water without a flame: The present invention provides a system and method for producing hot water without a flame. The system and method heats water to at least a specified temperature without a flame by providing a source of water and a prime mover, pumping water from the source of water into one or... Agent: Omnitherm, Inc.

20110079562 - Liquid separation using relative motion and fluid effects: The embodiments disclosed herein are generally directed to the separation of mixtures of liquids and solids, of liquids and liquids, and/or liquids and solute using a separation medium. The separation medium can be a membrane with a small pore size or a fine mesh. In some embodiments the properties of... Agent:

20110079563 - Improvements in feedwells: The invention provides several improvements in feedwells, one of which being a feedwell (100) comprising a mixing zone (49) for dissipating the kinetic energy of a fluid comprising pulp, a settling zone (50) for promoting flocculation of the pulp and at least one inclined deflecting element (101) for at least... Agent: Outotec Oyj

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