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Liquid purification or separation March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110073535 - Residential reverse osmosis system: Some embodiments of the present invention relate to a reverse osmosis (RO) system that includes a housing and a pre-filter within the housing such that feed water flows into the housing and enters the pre-filter. The reverse osmosis (RO) system further includes a membrane element within the housing such that... Agent: Ge Osmonics, Inc.

20110073536 - Substainable technology for treatment of batik waste effluent: The treatment system known as SMBR for treatment of batik waste effluent, said system combines the activated sludge process with a semi permeable bio-membrane submerged in the process water that is capable of treating and filtering particulate waste constituents from the mixed liquor solution of batik effluent, thus subsequently provide... Agent:

20110073537 - Canister filter system with drain that cooperates with filter element: A filter element disclosed herein includes a center tube defining a central reservoir and including an interior sidewall. The filter element further includes an end plate and a pocket defining a port extending from the end plate into the central reservoir. The pocket includes an inner wall, an outer wall,... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20110073538 - Standpipe with flow restriction valve, and filter cartridge: A “no filter, no run” filtration system that is designed to verify that a filter cartridge is present to safe-guard against damage to fuel injectors, associated fuel components, etc. and engine malfunctions. Fuel flow to the engine is prevented altogether or permitted in an amount insufficient to allow engine operation... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

20110073539 - Liquid chromatography component: The present invention aims to provide a liquid chromatography component including a column and a prefilter, which is hard to cause an increase of supplied liquid pressure even when the measurement of a sample is repeated. The present invention is a liquid chromatography component, which includes: a column with filler... Agent:

20110073540 - Forward osmosis membranes: Forward osmosis membranes include an active layer and a thin support layer. A bilayer substrate including a removable backing layer may allow forward osmosis membranes with reduced supporting layer thickness to be processed on existing manufacturing lines.... Agent:

20110073541 - Crystalline polymer microporous membrane, method for producing the same, and filtration filter: To provide a crystalline polymer microporous membrane, which contains a crystalline polymer microporous film containing a crystalline polymer; and a fluorosurfactant covering at least part of the exposed surface of the crystalline polymer microporous film, wherein the crystalline polymer microporous membrane has a plurality of pores, where the average pore... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110073542 - Basal screen for enhancing algal biomass growth: A three-dimensional grid for use as an algal turf growing surface contains a horizontal planar basal net containing a series of horizontal planar members and upwardly directed members.... Agent:

20110073544 - Denitrification process: A method of mixing organic carbon with any water having dissolved TN and applying the mixture to manmade stratified sand filters and applying the water to the soils and inducing in situ denitrification caused by the discharge of water having the proper Carbon to Nitrogen ratio for soil bacterial metabolism... Agent: Holmes And Mcgrath, Inc.

20110073543 - System and method for using urea as a nitrogen source in a bioreactor: The disclosure describes systems and methods for utilizing urea in a bioreactor as a source of nitrogen.... Agent: Anticline Disposal, LLC

20110073545 - Treatment of aqueous liquid: Aqueous liquid having an oxygen demand flows into a treatment vessel where it is treated by suspended aerobic bacterial solids in the presence of dissolved oxygen. A pressurised flow of the treated liquid passes to a clarifying membrane separator effective to separate the flow into a discharge stream of clear... Agent:

20110073546 - Heated air assisted membrane separation of water and fuel from engine oil in an internal combustion engine: Contaminating water and/or fuel material may be removed from a stream of internal combustion engine lubricating oil being circulated over parts of an operating engine. A suitable membrane material is supported in a suitable housing. At least a portion of the oil stream is flowed over one side of the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110073547 - Ce(iv)-initiated graft polymerisation on polymers containing no hydroxyl groups: The invention relates to a process for the preparation of a separating material having improved binding capacity, and to materials prepared and to the use thereof for the separation of charged or uncharged biopolymers from liquids.... Agent: Merck Patent Gesellschaft

20110073548 - Separation system and method: A separation system comprises (i) at least two separation units, each separation unit comprising a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet, wherein the separation units are connected in series outlet to inlet to form a line of separation units, and (ii) sensing and adjustment means, provided in-line between each separation... Agent: Ge Heal Thcare Bio-sciences Corp.

20110073549 - Clog resistant media retainer assembly: A media retainer assembly for retaining filter media in a filter assembly includes a top plate for supporting the filter media, the top plate having a top surface, a bottom surface and a plurality of openings extending therethrough; a bottom plate having a top surface and a plurality of openings... Agent: Itt Water & Wastewater Leopold, Inc.

20110073550 - Method for operating a filter apparatus and filter apparatus: The disclosure relates to a filter apparatus together with a method for the filtration of liquids, such as, in particular, water, with a housing with an inlet and a filtrate outlet for filtered liquid, with a filter means which is arranged in the flow path of the liquid between the... Agent:

20110073551 - Filter modules for improved media utilization and use in generally cylindrical housing: Filter modules for use in a water dispenser, carafe, or other gravity-flow water filtration and dispensing unit are self-supporting, rigid and porous, and are adapted in size and shape to substantially fill a generally-cylindrical housing. The filter modules are molded forms of high-porosity compositions, so that they are consistent in... Agent: Omnipure Filter Company, Inc.

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110068053 - Filtering device: Provided is a filtering device including a filter part having a plurality of filters stacked to filter contaminants in fluid, and a sample part disposed on an outer plane of the filter part and having a plurality of samples corresponding to the filters, respectively. Therefore, a filter exchange period can... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110068054 - Valveless siphon decanter and methods of use: A valveless siphon decanter for processing fluid within a tank having a siphon tube external to the tank, the siphon tube having an output, a boom extending substantially transversely from the siphon tube, the boom providing a path for the communication of fluid from within the tank into the siphon... Agent:

20110068055 - Aquarium filter system: An aquarium filter system mainly has a base and an uprightly mounted filtering cylinder; the filtering cylinder is provided therein with a pump unit, it can be optionally used to spray forceful water jet on the surface board of the base or to pump air into the filtering cylinder to... Agent:

20110068056 - Method for the biological treatment of an effluent and associated plant: The invention relates to a method for the biological treatment of an effluent to be treated and containing at least two forms of pollution, one of which is more easily biodegradable than the other, which comprises using a main biological treatment area in which the raw effluent is contacted with... Agent:

20110068057 - Systems, apparatuses and methods for treating wastewater: Systems, apparatuses, and methods of treating wastewater are provided. In some aspects, a container may be provided and may include a first member, a second member spaced apart from the first member, and media supported by and extending between the first and second members. An organism may be introduced into... Agent: Bioprocessh20 LLC.

20110068058 - Apparatus and process for treating wastewater: An apparatus for treating wastewater is provided, which comprises a biological reaction tank and a membrane separation device. The membrane separation device is provided outside the biological reaction tank. A mixing device is provided inside the biological reaction tank and an aeration device is provided inside the membrane separation device... Agent: Beijing Ecojoy Water Technology Co., Ltd.

20110068059 - Mercury removal with sorbents magnetically separable from treated fluids: Methods and apparatus relate to treatment of fluids to remove mercury contaminants in the fluid. Contact of the fluid with active outer surfaces of particles magnetically separable from the fluid loads the particles with the mercury contaminants. Magnetic separation then removes from the fluid the particles loaded with the mercury... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20110068060 - Waste water treatment systems and methods: Systems, apparatus and methods are described that control and manage wastewater collection and treatment. One or more sensors monitor and measure levels of contaminants, other chemicals and or environmental conditions in a well of a collection station and/or in inflow and/or outflow mains. An additive that can include one or... Agent: Anue Water Technologies, Inc.

20110068061 - Integrated measurement system for use with surgical fluid salvage containers: A reservoir for use with a blood collection system includes a housing, a pre-filter, and a spring mechanism. The housing defines a cavity and has an inlet for receiving fluid from a source. The pre-filter is located within the cavity, removes particulates contained within the fluid, and allows the fluid... Agent: Haemonetics Corporation

20110068062 - System for removing contaminants from a water circulation stream: Suspended solids are removed from a circulation line extending between an oil storage tank and a water reservoir. A filter is positioned between the storage tank and a circulation tank for collecting suspended solids carried by a circulated water stream from the storage tank. A pressure sensor and a transducer... Agent: Culoco Energy, Inc.

20110068063 - Apparatus for removing hydrocarbons and contaminates: One or more apparatuses for removing hydrocarbons and contaminates are provided. The apparatus for removing hydrocarbons and contaminates can include a hopper in communication with a material moving device. The material moving device can be at least partially disposed within a trough. An injection port can be disposed in the... Agent:

20110068064 - Method and apparatus for separation of pharmaceutical materials on the basis of their density: Systems and methods for separating particles of pharmaceutically active materials, based on differences in density.... Agent: Syracuse University

20110068065 - Filter assembly: A filter assembly for filtering particles from a fluid is disclosed. The filter assembly comprises a first plate, a second plate, and a channel. The first plate includes a first face, a second face, and a first set of apertures extending between the first face and the second face. The... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110062060 - System and method for communication between a fluid filtration apparatus and filter: A system allowing the wireless transfer of data between a fluid filtering apparatus having a controller and a filter when the filter is positioned within the fluid filtering apparatus is described. The system includes a reader circuit and tag circuit in which the tag circuit includes read-only information and an... Agent:

20110062061 - Filter assembly with modular relief valve interface: A fluid filter for assembly includes an upright housing having a base portion and a cover to allow viewing of a fluid level. The base portion has a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet. A filter element has a filter media for filtering the fluid, a bottom end cap connected... Agent: Davco Technology, LLC

20110062062 - Power recovery apparatus: According to one embodiment, a power recovery apparatus used in a desalination apparatus including a reverse osmosis membrane which extracts fresh water from seawater and ejects concentrated water includes a pressure conversion section and a seawater supply section to collect energy of the concentrated water. The pressure conversion section includes... Agent:

20110062063 - Power recovery apparatus: According to one embodiment, a power recovery apparatus used in a desalination apparatus including a reverse osmosis membrane which extracts fresh water from seawater and ejects concentrated water includes a pressure conversion section and a seawater supply section to collect energy of the concentrated water. The pressure conversion section includes... Agent:

20110062064 - Filtration device: A filtration device is provided with a filter tank, filter medium unit, magnet, and submerged air discharging mechanism. The filter medium unit includes a large number of magnetic filter medium granules formed of metal balls. When the magnet is in a first position, the magnetic filter medium granules magnetically attract... Agent:

20110062065 - Exchangeable media filter: A filter element for a pool or spa including a sintered plastic outer cylinder of a first diameter, a sintered plastic inner cylinder of a second diameter less than said first diameter; the inner cylinder being position coaxially with respect to the outer cylinder to define an annular interior chamber;... Agent:

20110062066 - Exchangeable media filter: A filter element for a pool or spa including a sintered plastic outer cylinder of a first diameter, a sintered plastic inner cylinder of a second diameter less than said first diameter; the inner cylinder being position coaxially with respect to the outer cylinder to define an annular interior chamber;... Agent:

20110062067 - Process to maintain large clean recreational water bodies: f

20110062068 - Pool filter: A pool filter for use in pool piping or other fluid conveyance system. The pool filter may include a housing defining a fluid chamber for receiving one or more filters. Multiple openings may be defined in the housing for receiving and removing fluid from the fluid chamber. The openings may... Agent: Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.

20110062069 - Subsurface sewage disposal and wastewater treatment system: A modular subsurface sewage disposal and wastewater treatment system is presented for treating effluent from a septic tank. The system includes an elongated member, leach field medium and at least one pipe. The elongated member is arranged in one of a serpentine or a ladder-shaped configuration and includes a core... Agent:

20110062070 - Apparatus for treating wastewater, particularly wastewater originating from a process for the production of photovoltaic cells: m

20110062071 - System for treating liquids with wave energy from an electrical arc: The system has a storage tank and two or more arc whirl devices disposed in a top of the storage tank. Each arc whirl device includes: (a) a pump volute or hydrocyclone, (b) a throat connected to the pump volute or hydrocyclone head, (c) a parabolic reflector having a vertex,... Agent: Foret Plasma Labs, LLC

20110062072 - Filter with main and supplemental filter elements and optional bubble breaker: A fluid filter providing several degrees of filtering is designed to be receivable in a filter container that is closable by a cover. The filter itself includes both an annular main filter element, through which fluid to be filtered can pass radially to undergo primary filtration, and a supplemental filter... Agent: Purolator Filters Na LLC

20110062073 - Thermoplastic injection molding method for capping a tubular filtration medium: A method for over-molding a tubular filter element 16, at least at one end 16b thereof, with a thermoplastic end cap 12. The over-molding method can be used to manufacture easily and cost-effectively a filter cartridge, of good durability, from an unprecedented range of polymeric materials and components. The thermoplastic... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20110062074 - Hollow fiber membrane module with covered membrane outer periphery: The present invention provides a hollow fiber membrane module having fixing layers to which one or more hollow fiber membrane bundles each including a plurality of hollow fiber membranes are fixed at respective ends thereof using a casting resin, a hollow portion of each of the hollow fiber membranes being... Agent: Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation

20110062075 - Space reducing filter with supplemental fluid processing element: A fuel filter, such as a filter for filtering gasoline or diesel fuel to be supplied to an internal combustion engine, includes an annular main filter element through which fluid to be filtered can pass radially, and a supplemental fluid processing element disposed within the main filter element to which... Agent: Purolator Filters Na LLC

20110062076 - Spiral wound type filter cartridge: Disclosed herein is a spiral wound type filter cartridge and more specifically, a spiral wound type filter cartridge in which activated carbon fiber is provided. The inside of spiral wound type filter cartridge is capable of serving as a carbon filter in a water purifier, thus eliminating the necessity of... Agent: Woongjincoway Co., Ltd.

20110062077 - Filter with eptfe and method of forming: A filter media product and method of making the same wherein the filter media is pleatable and has at least one support scrim comprised of a melt bonded non-woven material or a fuse bonded non-woven material bonded to a layer of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene. The filter media may have a single... Agent:

20110062078 - Membrane regeneration: The invention provides a method of regenerating a fouled membrane removed from a process line. The membrane is regenerated by immersing at least a portion of it into an agitated enzyme solution. The agitation is provided by a gas injected into the enzyme solution and is thought to assist enzyme... Agent: Orica Australia Pty Ltd.

20110062079 - Process for treating water by a nanofiltration or reverse osmosis membrane system enabling high conversion rates due to the elimination of organic matter: The invention relates to a process for treating freshwater, sea water, brackish water or water exiting a drinking water treatment plant containing organic matter, with a view to the potabilization thereof, recycling thereof, desalination thereof, or with a view to the purification thereof for an industrial application, said process comprising... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20110062080 - Bio-denitrification apparatus and method for making and using same: A denitrification system is disclosed, where a plurality of biological regenerated adsorptive cells or units. Each cell includes a counterflowing absorptive media and waste water to achieve a two or three zone biomass nitrate/nitrite degradation environment. The system includes a backwash water recirculation loop and a media recirculation loop, where... Agent: Kinder Morgan Operating L.p."c"

20110062081 - Process for treating waste from a membrane filtration plant: The subject of the invention is a water treatment process, comprising a first pretreatment step that produces pretreated water and sludge, said pretreated water then undergoing at least one membrane filtration step that produces waste and a permeate, said permeate being conveyed to a potabilization system characterized in that said... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20110062082 - Membrane separation of water and fuel from engine oil in an internal combustion engine: Water and fuel contaminating material may be removed from a stream operating engine. A suitable membrane material is supported in a suitable housing. At least a portion of the contaminated oil stream is flowed over one side of the membrane and water and fuel material diffuses through the membrane to... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110062083 - Systems and methods of microfluidic membraneless exchange using filtration of extraction outlet streams: A device, system and method for exchanging components between first and second fluids by direct contact in a microfluidic channel. The fluids flow as thin layers in the channel. One of the fluids is passed through a filter upon exiting the channel and is recycled through a secondary processor which... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20110062084 - Method for removing phosphorus: A method for removing phosphorus includes at least the steps of: 1) placing lanthanum hydroxide (absorbent) into a device for removing phosphorus, and allowing sewage having a phosphorus content of less than 100 mg/L to flow through the device; 2) adding sodium hydroxide (regeneration solution of the absorbent) when the... Agent:

20110062085 - Method of removing metal contaminants from high-density brines: A method for the removal of soluble metal ion contamination from fluids is disclosed. The method includes passing the contaminated fluid through a filter medium comprising a reducing metal and a filter aid, such as diatomaceous earth, and collecting a filtrate with lower concentration of soluble metal ion contamination. The... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20110062086 - Mobile system and method for generating and dispensing a chemical: A mobile system for generating and dispensing a chemical includes a portable platform comprising a source of a gaseous chemical, the gaseous chemical forming a solution in water, and a fluid coupling through which the gaseous chemical is delivered to a body of water.... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20110062087 - Methods and systems for collecting cells of a biological specimen: Methods and systems for collecting cells on a filter disposed in a specimen fluid containing suspended cells of a biological specimen. A short vacuum pulse is applied across a filter to sip specimen fluid. A percentage or portion of the filter surface area covered by cells is determined is representative... Agent: Cytyc Corporation

20110062088 - Fluid filter system and related method: A system and related method for separating floating and nonfloating particulate and entrained, suspended, and/or dissolved contaminants from a fluid. The system includes a tank with a lower chamber spaced from an outlet or upper chamber by a confinement deck. The deck includes one or more sockets for receiving one... Agent:

20110062089 - Method for treating liquids with wave energy from an electrical arc: A method for treating a liquid is disclosed using an apparatus having: (a) a pump volute or hydrocyclone, (b) a throat connected to the pump volute or hydrocyclone head, (c) a parabolic reflector having a vertex, a focus and an opening at the vertex, wherein the opening is connected to... Agent: Foret Plasma Labs, LLC

20110062090 - Feedwell for a gravity separation vessel: A feedwell for a gravity separation vessel for introducing a feed stream such as oil sand slurry to the gravity separation vessel is provided comprising a walled member having an upper perimeter edge, a lower perimeter edge and a substantially continuous wall extending from the upper perimeter edge to the... Agent: Syncrude Canada Ltd. In Trust For The Owners Of The Syncrude Project

20110062091 - Liquid vacuuming and filtering device and method: A liquid vacuuming and filtering device may include a container having an interior sealed from the ambient, a vacuum pump in communication with the interior, a two-way valve connected to the container interior, a flexible hose connected to the valve, a filter positioned within the container interior and connected to... Agent: Exair Corporation

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110056875 - Filter apparatus and filter element for such a filter apparatus: The invention relates to a filter apparatus, especially intended for incorporation into a fluid reservoir tank (10) with at least one preferably exchangeable filter element (18) through which fluid can flow from the inside outward and which is surrounded, in each case maintaining a presettable radial distance and with formation... Agent:

20110056876 - Desalination system: Certain embodiments provide a desalination system including a desalination plant, a carbon dioxide contacting plant, a carbonate filtering plant, and an electrolysis plant. The desalination plant works to separate raw water into fresh water and high salinity condensed water. The carbon dioxide contacting plant works to bring carbon dioxide into... Agent:

20110056877 - Lubricant purification system: A lubricant reclamation system having a reclamation device (100) is sectioned into three processing sections: a centralized core section (150), a peripheral filtering section (170), and a base filtering section (190). A series of peripheral conduits (172, 182) are disposed within the peripheral filtering section (170) having an entrance port... Agent: Puradyn Filter Technologies, Inc.

20110056878 - Membrane filtration system: According to one embodiment, a membrane filtration system includes a raw water tank, a first tank, a second tank, a nanofiltration membrane module comprises a nanofiltration membrane, and removes the solute from the raw water with a solute removal rate of 1% to 30%, a first pump for supplying the... Agent:

20110056879 - Air and contaminant isolation and removal apparatus and method: A lubricant reclamation system having a moisture absorbent cartridge (140). The cartridge (140) is fabricated placing a Superabsorbant Polymer (SAP) (142) within a boundary of polyester mesh (143). Moisture is extracted from a lubricant or other fluid and absorbed by the SAP. The moisture latent SAP bonds to the polyester... Agent: Puradyn Filter Technologies, Inc.

20110056880 - System for stiffening the plates of a large-diameter multi-stage column: Device for stiffening the plates of a multi-stage column with a diameter of more than 2 meters, whereby each plate supports a particle bed and the flow of at least one fluid passes through it from top to bottom, whereby said device consists of a number of beams that are... Agent: Ifp

20110056881 - Household water filter: Apparatus for water purification and used in drinking water supply systems and individual filters. The apparatus allows an increase in quality of the water purification by means of a helical arrangement of a granular filter and an increase of the number of passages in which the water is purified. A... Agent: Obshtshestvo S Ogranichennoy Otvetstvennostyu "firma "ratna"

20110056882 - Micromachined bilayer unit of engineered tissues: Methods and materials for making an apparatus which duplicates the functionality of a physiological system is provided.... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20110056883 - Filter segment for use in a filtration device and a circular segment for holding a filter segment: The invention refers to a filter segment for use in a filtration device, especially a rotating filter for filtering liquids with a frame element (1) made at least partly of plastic and a filtration surface enclosing it, in which at least a flat filter material (2) spanning the filtration surface... Agent: Huber Se

20110056884 - Systems and methods of blood-based therapies having a microfluidic membraneless exchange device: The present invention is directed to devices, systems and methods for removing undesirable materials from a sample fluid by contact with a second fluid. The sample fluid flows as a thin layer adjacent to, or between, concurrently flowing layers of the second fluid, without an intervening membrane. In various embodiments,... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20110056885 - Valuable resource recovery system and operation method thereof: A valuable resource recovery system includes an engineered powder supply unit that supplies an engineered powder into drainage water (the engineered powder can adsorb a valuable resource and can be desorbed from the engineered powder), an agitation unit that agitates the drainage water supplied with the engineered powder, an engineered... Agent:

20110056886 - Oil spill recovery process: A process for collecting spilled oil, comprises deploying a mechanically expanded sheet of foam so that it contacts spilled oil, the mechanically expanded sheet of foam comprising an oleophilic composition, absorbing oil into the expanded sheet of foam to produce an oil-containing expanded sheet of foam so that the expanded... Agent:

20110056887 - Removal of oxo anions from water: The present invention relates to a process for removing oxo anions from water and aqueous solutions having a high proportion of silicate by means of a filter arrangement comprising at least one anion exchanger and at least one oxo anion-specific adsorber, and to a filter arrangement to be used for... Agent: Lanxess Corporation

20110056888 - Low power atmospheric water generator: Embodiments of the invention include a system and a method for purifying and storing water produced from atmospheric air to provide a safe, inexpensive source of potable water. Improvements over prior systems and methods include the use of two isolated air chambers, one for ambient air used to capture moisture... Agent:

20110056889 - Refuse processing method: b

20110056890 - Stormwater filtration apparatus, system and method: A stormwater filter cartridge includes a housing having a water inlet and a filtered water outlet, and a filter medium disposed along a flow path between the water inlet and the filtered water outlet. A drainage space forms at least part of the flow path and is disposed between a... Agent: Contech Construction Products Inc.

20110056891 - Transportable water treatment system and chlorinator: A transportable water treatment system includes: a lower cage housing a water purifying apparatus, a middle cage housing a first water storage tank, and an upper cage housing a second water storage tank. The transportable water treatment system has a footprint approximate to the area of the lower cage. A... Agent: Water Missions International

20110056892 - Macrocyclic pore-apertured carbon nanotube apparatus: A macrocyclic pore-apertured carbon nanotube apparatus is disclosed. The carbon nanotube apparatus can be used to filter or exclude ions, solutes in solution, as well as particles suspended in a colloidal mixture. The nanotube apparatus includes a carbon nanotube having a carboxylated portion at least one pore entrance and at... Agent: Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, LLC

20110056893 - Apparatus and method for separating and concentrating fluids containing multiple components: An apparatus that allows for separating and collecting a fraction of a sample. The apparatus, when used with a centrifuge, allows for the creation of at least three fractions in the apparatus. It also provides for a new method of extracting the buffy coat phase from a whole blood sample... Agent: Biomet Biologics, LLC.

20110056894 - Method and system for filtering water, in particular, an ultrafiltration method: A water-filtering method has effectiveness and reduced contamination, and is in particular an ultrafiltration method, and a filtration system contains a plurality of individual filtration modules, each of which is supplied with untreated water via at least one untreated water inlet, and whose filtrate is removed via a filtrate outlet.... Agent: Krones Ag

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110049023 - Pool cleaning vehicle having improved logic: A swimming pool cleaning vehicle is disclosed herein. The vehicle includes a housing and the housing having a body shell and a frame and an interior with the housing. The housing, having an outlet, for releasing air from the shell. The shell being removable attached to the frame, the frame... Agent:

20110049024 - Method for treating runoff water using a series of treatment sequences to remove fine pollutants and clay: A treatment system for removal of contaminates includes the introduction of a flocking agent and the settling of resultant aggregations of particulate material, followed by filtration of the remaining water to remove residual flocking agent and particulate matter. Water thus treated is sufficiently clean to discharge into downstream receiving waters,... Agent:

20110049025 - Debris catcher with retention within screen: A debris catcher uses induced circulation from a venturi to urge debris laden flow into the lower end of a housing. An inlet tube maintains velocity so as to keep the debris moving with the fluid stream as it goes up the inlet tube. A screen fits over the open... Agent:

20110049026 - Hollow fiber membrane module for water purifier: A hollow fiber membrane module with good ventilativity is disclosed, which is capable of reducing a time period for completely filling a water space of housing with water introduced through a water inlet by quickly replacing the air in the water space with the water thereby improving the efficiency of... Agent:

20110049027 - Storm drain protector: A storm drain protector with a top layer having a generally horizontal surface in which there is at least one hole that allows water to pass vertically through the surface. The horizontal surface also has several vertical projections emanating from the surface that permit the passage of water over the... Agent:

20110049029 - Apparatus to separate light fluids, heavy fluids, and/or sediment from a fluid stream: Three flow paths within a single container are provided for the separation of contaminates, such as floating debris, heavy trash, lighter fluids and heavier fluids, from an effluent stream. A first flow path is provided for low flow conditions wherein the effluent stream pools in a first chamber within the... Agent:

20110049028 - Stormwater control system and related method: A stormwater control system including conveyance, filtration and discharge systems. The conveyance system includes a set of conduits and connections providing a flow path through a compacted soil embankment from an upper inlet to a lower discharge area of an underlying soil infiltration zone. The control system has configurations for... Agent:

20110049030 - Chromatography column with large diameter end fitting openings: A column for use in chromatography, the column having a tube with a bore that can contain a packing medium captured between two porous plugs positioned at opposite ends. End fittings are attached to the tube ends, the end fittings having a duct with a duct opening having a diameter... Agent:

20110049031 - Device for generating micro- and nanoflow mobile phase gradients for high-performance liquid chromatography: A device for generating micro- and nanoflow mobile phase gradients for high performance liquid chromatography includes a generator of micro- and nanoflows of at least two mobile phases in different percentage compositions; an n-position gradient distributor having inlet and outlet ports and n couples of ports for a like number... Agent:

20110049032 - Device for dissolving oxygen into water and apparatus for making superoxygenated water employing the same: An apparatus for making oxygenated water capable of producing super oxygenated water and retaining the dissolved oxygen for long time periods, while being applicable to an open reservoir as well as a closed reservoir and having simple structure so as to be implemented in small as well as large size... Agent:

20110049033 - Water treatment apparatus having meshed tubes provided with cilia and water treatment method using the same: A water treatment apparatus includes a plurality of meshed tubes made of synthetic yarn and provided with cilia; a plurality of tube stack cages containing the meshed tubes; and an aeration diffuser positioned between the tube stack cages and configured to provide air so that to-be-treated influent water moves to... Agent:

20110049034 - Modular cross-flow filtration system: A filtration system (10) comprises an array of filtration vessels (12) mounted on support assemblies (14). each vessel (12) houses a number of primary stage filtration elements (16) in the form of microfiltration and/or ultrafiltration membranes and a plurality of secondary stage filtration elements (18) in the form of nanofiltration... Agent:

20110049035 - Filter assembly: A filter assembly is provided for removing entrained material from a fluid stream. The assembly includes a manifold with a port through which the fluid is received into or removed from the assembly, and a housing into which is inserted a tubular filter element having walls of a filtration medium.... Agent:

20110049036 - Retaining device, especially for flat roof drains: A retaining device 1 comprises a cup-shaped trap basket 2 including a circular support edge 3. A holder 4 is disposed at the trap basket 2, includes at least two holding arms 5, 6 movable between a “holding position” and “release” position, and is a separate assembly adapted to be... Agent:

20110049037 - Membrane module and membrane cassette: A membrane element is provided between a pair of water collecting cases. Water collecting spaces in which permeate having penetrated through the membrane element is collected are formed in the water collecting cases. The water collecting case of one membrane module and the water collecting case of the other membrane... Agent:

20110049038 - Filtration module including membrane sheet with capillary channels: A filtration module comprising at least one membrane sheet comprising a plurality of capillary channels in parallel arrangement with each other and which are in fluid communication with a header.... Agent:

20110049039 - Thin plate apparatus for removing debris from water: A product that is an apparatus for removing debris from water containing such debris using a perforated plate, a backer plate, and a skimmer, positioned adjacent the back of the perforated plate to provide a means of removing debris from the perforated plate without scraping the debris from the perforated... Agent:

20110049040 - Molecular exchange device: The present relates to a molecular exchange device. In particular, the present invention relates to a molecular exchange device comprising an outer tube extending from an approximal end to a distal end of the device; an inner tube defining at least one fluid passageway, the inner tube positioned concentrically within... Agent:

20110049041 - Fuel filter element: A fuel filter element includes a first layer and a second layer. The first layer has a first pore size. The second layer is stacked on the first layer and has a second pore size smaller than the first pore size. The second layer is a filter paper made of... Agent:

20110049042 - Porous adsorptive or chromatographic media: A porous substrate capable of adsorptive filtration of a fluid having a porous self-supporting substrate and one or more porous, adsorptive polymeric coatings comprising from about 1 to about 80% of the void volume of the pores of the substrate. The resultant substrate has good convective and diffusive flow and... Agent:

20110049043 - Insertion-point seal for spiral wound module: An improved method of fabricating a spiral wound module seals a juncture between each scroll face, preferably a smooth, trimmed scroll face, and a central permeate tube. The tube is generally perpendicular to the scroll face. Modules produced using the improved method have fewer insertion point leaks than those produced... Agent:

20110049044 - Crystalline polymer microporous membrane, method for producing the same, an dfilter for filtration: To provide a membrane capable of efficiently collecting fine particles for a long period of time, disclosed is a polytetrafluoroethylene microporous membrane wherein the mean pore size in the surface of the membrane is larger than the mean pore size in the back thereof and the mean pore size continuously... Agent:

20110049045 - Nanostructured sorbent materials for capturing environmental mercury vapor: The present invention is a method and material for using a sorbent material to capture and stabilize mercury. The method for using sorbent material to capture and stabilize mercury contains the following steps. First, the sorbent material is provided. The sorbent material, in one embodiment, is nano-particles. In a preferred... Agent:

20110049046 - Dewatering structure for dewatering a water-contained object: A dewatering structure includes a receptacle body, a dewatering unit and an operation apparatus. The receptacle body includes a receptacle tub and an assembling space, in which the receptacle tub and the assembling space are independent from each other. The operation apparatus includes an operation unit and a base. The... Agent:

20110049047 - Gas sparger for an immersed membrane: A gas sparger produces an intermittent flow of bubbles even if provided with a continuous gas flow. The sparger has a housing to collect a pocket of gas and a conduit to release some of the gas from the pocket when the pocket reaches a sufficient size. Optionally, a cover... Agent:

20110049048 - Water purification system: The present invention concerns a water purification system comprising an ultrafiltration unit, a reverse osmosis unit, and a tank. The ultrafiltration unit is upstream of the tank on an operation conduit and the tank is upstream of the reverse osmosis unit on a reverse osmosis conduit. A backwash conduit is... Agent:

20110049049 - Water purification system skid: The present invention concerns a water purification system comprising a tank section and a membranes section, wherein the tank section can be positioned with respect to the membranes section to accommodate the specific requirements of the location housing the water purification system.... Agent:

20110049050 - Method of controlling a separation unit having a reverse osmosis element and reverse osmosis unit: A method of controlling a separation unit, having a reverse osmosis element, a raw water pump, a concentrate and permeate outlet conduit, where a predetermined yield is substantially kept constant, and where the raw water pump is controlled in response to a flow rate measurement of the raw water between... Agent:

20110049051 - Process for separating propane and propylene using a distillation column and a membrane separation column: Process for separating propane and propylene using a distillation column and at least one membrane separation unit constituted by one or more modules operating in series, said membrane separation unit being placed either upstream, or downstream, or upstream and downstream of the distillation column.... Agent:

20110049052 - Method for inhibiting the deposition of silica and/or silicate compounds in aqueous systems: A method inhibits the deposition of silica and/or silicate compounds on a surface in an aqueous system. The method includes the step of adding a polymer to the aqueous system. The polymer comprises the reaction product of a natural oil component and an alkylene oxide. The polymer of the subject... Agent:

20110049053 - Method for inhibiting the deposition of silica and/or silicate compounds in aqueous systems: wherein R is an alkyl group having at least 2 carbon atoms; R1 is selected from the group of a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group, an aryl group, an ester, an amide, and an imide; k is 2 to 4; and n is at least about 10. The additional constitutional... Agent:

20110049054 - Wastewater treatment system: A treatment system and process is described herein to separate constituent parts from aqueous-based products or by-products, such as wastewater from a cellulosic ethanol process. The treatment system may include an ultrafiltration system, a first reverse osmosis system and a second reverse osmosis system. The treatment system may be configured... Agent:

20110049055 - Reverse osmosis composite membranes for boron removal: Improved methods for reducing boron concentration in seawater or brackish water, while simultaneously maintaining or improving the salt rejection of membrane and flow performance of polyamide reverse osmosis (RO) membranes include contacting the water with a composite membrane comprising moieties derived from an aromatic sulfonyl halide, a heteroaromatic sulfonyl halide,... Agent:

20110049056 - Composite materials containing nanoparticles and their use in chromatography: Novel porous materials comprising nanoparticles, use in chromatographic separations, processes for its preparation, and separations devices containing the chromatographic material are described by the instant invention. In particular, the disclosure describes porous inorganic/organic hybrid particles embedded with nanoparticles selected from oxides or nitrides of the following: silicon carbide, aluminum, diamond,... Agent:

20110049057 - Metal immobilization using slag fines: A method for immobilizing metal in soil includes blending slag fines with soil to form a media. The slag fines immobilize metal present in the media and reduce leaching of the metal into water.... Agent:

20110049058 - Methods and kits for stabilizing oxidizers and sanitizing water: The present invention is directed to a kit and method for preventing a body of water from clouding, comprising: (a) a first container containing a first water treatment composition, the first water treatment composition comprising 2,2-dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide (DBNPA); and (b) a second container containing a second water treatment composition, the second... Agent:

20110049059 - Water quality control in covered reservoir: A system for controlling water quality of a reservoir including one or more covers that at least partially cover a reservoir, one or more water quality sensors that sense physical, chemical, and biological water quality characteristics of water in the reservoir, a mixer for circulating/mixing water layers of the reservoir,... Agent:

20110049060 - Indicators principally for use in connection with water-treatment materials for pools and spas: Indicators especially (although not necessarily exclusively) useful for assessing effectiveness of pool or spa water-treatment materials are described. The indicators may provide effectiveness information visually or otherwise, with certain versions including a numerical or graphical display with or without a warning light. Various versions additionally may connect directly to housings... Agent:

20110049061 - Method for treating odor in wastewater: Disclosed herein is method of treating wastewater to remove odorous sulfide compounds. The method includes measuring a concentration of a dissolved sulfide compound contacting the wastewater with an enhanced hydrogen peroxide solution to produce a molecular ratio of not more than four to one of hydrogen peroxide to the dissolved... Agent:

20110049062 - Process for producing electrolytic manganese dioxide: This invention relates generally to processes for extracting iron and/or calcium from geothermal brines.... Agent:

20110049063 - Method and device for extraction of liquids from a solid particle material: A method, system, and device for separating oil from oil sands or oil shale is disclosed. The method includes heating the oil sands, spinning the heated oil sands, confining the sand particles mechanically, and recovering the oil substantially free of the sand. The method can be used without the addition... Agent:

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