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05/28/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090134074 - Water purification, enhancement, and dispensing appliance: A water purifying and enhancement system of a modular construction designed as a built-in appliance located under the countertop or as a free-standing (stand alone) unit. The water appliance has a water inlet for obtaining water from a supply source, scale reduction device, booster or re-pressurization pump, pre-filtration, U.V. sterilization,... Agent: Jean Kyle

20090134075 - Control apparatus for a liquid dispense system: A control apparatus for a liquid dispense system having at least one liquid outlet and at least one flow control device for controlling the dispense of liquid from said outlet(s) during a dispense operation, said control apparatus including an operating device for controlling the operation of at least one flow... Agent: Drinker Biddle & Reath Attn: Intellectual Property Group

20090134076 - Screen changer: The invention relates to a screen changer in a system that processes flowable plastic, with an element that is movable between two positions, wherein the movable element is movable by a hydraulic cylinder, and with a motor that operates one of the hydraulic pumps, wherein a hydraulic supply line runs... Agent: Bohan Mathers

20090134077 - Treatment system: A treatment system comprising a holding tank for a source liquid, a pump having a pump inlet for the intake of source liquid and a pump discharge, at least one conduit connected to the pump discharge and a liquid dispenser connected to the one conduit, the dispenser comprising a container... Agent: C. James Bushman

20090134078 - Oil filter assembly: An oil filter arrangement (10) comprises a housing (12) provided with a reception compartment for receiving a filter element (20), which is insertable in the housing and which the oil radially passes through, an oil output and a support tube (22) which is arranged in the reception compartment and supports... Agent: Dreiss, Fuhlendorf, Steimle & Becker

20090134079 - End-of-faucet filter: Various embodiments of an end-of faucet filter assembly connectable with a faucet on a standard sink and having a plurality of outlets corresponding with selectable modes of operation are disclosed herein. One mode of operation provides unfiltered, aerated water dispenses from the filter assembly. A second mode of operation provides... Agent: Smith Hopen, Pa

20090134080 - Purified water production and distribution system: A closed loop water purification system comprising a feed water line (42) to supply feed water, a high pressure feed pump (62), a filter assembly (66) having an inlet supplied by the high pressure feed pump, a distribution line (68) and a reject water line (70), the reject line returning... Agent: David A Jackson Klauber & Jackson

20090134081 - Adjustable filter basket for a storm water drain system: A nutrient separating filter basket apparatus for a storm water drain system has an adjustable filter basket installed in a storm water drain pipe system to receive storm water runoff therethrough. The filter basket collects organic materials, such as grass clippings, leaves and tree stems therein and is adjustable for... Agent: William M. Hobby, Iii

20090134082 - Piston for a linear spool valve: A piston for a linear spool valve, the valve comprising a body having a inner surface. The body is made of a material with a relatively low heat expansion coefficient α1. The piston comprises a contact member having an outer surface and being adapted to reciprocate within the body of... Agent: The Nath Law Group

20090134084 - Chlorinator system for wastewater treatment systems: A chlorinator for wastewater treatment systems having a circulation pump, circulation tank, and return flow line, which includes a reservoir of disinfectant fluid and a dosage container communicating with the reservoir, and a siphon communicating with the return flow line and dosage contain to dispense a determined quantity of disinfectant... Agent: Crain, Caton & James

20090134083 - Water circulation systems for ponds, lakes, municipal tanks, and other bodies of water: A circulation system for bodies of water. In one set of embodiments for larger bodies of water, modified horizontal plate designs are provided at the entrance of the draft hose. The plate designs have sections that pivot downwardly as the flotation platform and depending draft hose are rapidly raised in... Agent: Dorr, Carson & Birney, P.C. One Cherry Center

20090134085 - Soup and sauce grease remover: A simple device, skimmer or utensil perfect for removing unwanted fat, impurities or foam from excess starch accumulated on the surface of soups, stocks, sauces, stews, or boiling pasta; wherein the skimmer is slowly inserted into the cooked liquid and by gently rotating its handle back and forth and gradually... Agent: Ottoniel Reyes Lopez

20090134086 - Sealed rotational water treatment apparatus: A sealed rotational water treatment apparatus is disclosed, and the sealed rotational water treatment apparatus includes a container, a power unit, a pipe shaft, and a plurality of filtering units. The container includes a sealed room, an inlet, an outlet away from the inlet, and a valve connected with the... Agent: Joe Mckinney Muncy

20090134087 - Noncircular replaceable fuel filter elements and systems including the same: One embodiment is a filter assembly wherein the shape of the filter is a non-circular geometry. Other embodiments include unique apparatus, devices, systems, and methods to remove contaminates from a flow of fuel while at the same time providing a unique filter and filter assembly geometry. Further embodiments, forms, objects,... Agent: Krieg Devault LLP

20090134088 - Fluid filter for automatic transmission and installation method for the same: A fluid filter is provided with: a case member that is installed on a valve body in which fluid paths are formed and forms a filter chamber in cooperation with the valve body; a filter element that is disposed in the filter chamber and includes a filter medium and a... Agent: Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C

20090134089 - Fish tank filter: A filter for use in filtering and treating contaminated water in an aquarium tank includes a filter bag for receiving a continuous supply of contaminated aquarium water pumped under a predetermined pressure into the interior of the bag. The wall of the bag is composed of a porous filter membrane... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye P.C.

20090134090 - Separating components of aqueous mixtures, suspensions, and solutions: Systems and methods are described for separating components of aqueous mixtures, including aqueous solutions and suspensions. In one implementation, an apparatus flows the aqueous mixture over a hydrophilic surface to form a first region of purified water and a second region of at least one concentrated non-aqueous component. The apparatus... Agent: Lee & Hayes, PLLC

20090134091 - Method for removing undesirable components from water while containing, cultivating, and harvesting photosynthetic marine microorganisms within water: Undesirable components are removed from water while photosynthetic marine microorganisms within the water are contained, cultivated, and harvested. An apparatus is placed within the water. The apparatus has a mesh lining adapted to permit the water, the undesirable components, and nutrients to enter through the mesh lining while at least... Agent: Law Offices Of Michael Dryja

20090134092 - Membrane filtration device and process: An element for use in ultrafiltration or microfiltration of potable water has a large number of small diameter hollow fibre membranes attached between two headers. Side plates attached to the sides of the headers define vertical flow channels containing the membranes. The elements may be placed side by side and... Agent: Bereskin And Parr

20090134093 - Process for treating effluents from the oil industry for discharge or reutilization: A process is described for treating effluents from oil production units for discharge or reutilization, to remove oil and other soluble toxic contaminants such as sulphides, benzenes, toluenes, xylenes and polyaromatic hydrocarbons, before discharging or reusing this effluent, especially in an offshore environment. This process for effluent treatment includes a... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20090134094 - Separation of hydrocarbons from water: A method for the removal of entrained hydrocarbons, particularly aromatics, from water by extracting the hydrocarbons in the water with a hydrocarbon which is relatively less soluble in the water than the entrained hydrocarbon. The hydrocarbons are then separated from the water by a process of coalescence/separation. The extractant is... Agent: Exxonmobil Research & Engineering Company

20090134095 - Process and apparatus for treating a heavy hydrocarbon feedstock: An apparatus and process for treating a heavy hydrocarbon feedstock having a specific gravity differential between components of the feedstock is disclosed. The apparatus includes a treatment vessel having an inlet for receiving the feedstock. The apparatus also includes a primary separation container located in the treatment vessel, the primary... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20090134096 - Submersible reservoir management system: A method for submerging a submersible reservoir management system for large water reservoirs to circulate the water, monitor and add chemicals to the water and reduce temperature gradients. The method comprises locating a submersible Pump assembly in the reservoir, the assembly comprising one or more pumps, one or more jet... Agent: Jo Katherine D'ambrosio D'ambrosio & Associates, P.l.l.c.

20090134097 - Deep well sparging: Method for treating contaminants on a site, especially a deep well site includes delivering a first stream of a first gas to a first port of a laminar microporous diffuser and delivering a second stream of a second gas to a second port of the laminar microporous diffuser to effect... Agent: Lathrop & Gage LLP

20090134098 - Systems, devices, and methods for directly energizing water molecule composition: Systems, devices, and methods for generating energized water molecules and administering same to a human or other biological subject. The system includes a humidifying apparatus, and excitation apparatus, and a control system. The system may further include a fluid management system to assist in the delivery of energized water molecules.... Agent: Seed Intellectual Property Law Group PLLC

20090134099 - Treatment of solid particles with functional agents: Provided are methods of modifying solid particles with functional agents to provide anti-microbial media. The anti-microbial media comprise a surface-modified inorganic component which is a reaction product of an anti-microbial component and an inorganic component. Methods of making the media include agitating inorganic base material in a processing tank substantially... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20090134100 - Elongated film tape, method of using same to prepare a filter, filter and method of using filter: An elongated film optionally having double-sided adhesive tapes adhered to both ends can be used to wrap a paper core and thereafter covered with a curable resin that is then cured to form a filter, especially a water filter, having a hardened canister about the paper core. The resulting filter... Agent: Norris, Mclaughlin & Marcus, Pa

20090134101 - Filtration system: A filter comprising a filter element with a filtering medium, mounted in a housing having a first end and a second end, and a passageway A removable generator to provide heated fluid for regenerating the filter element is to be connected to the housing adjacent the second end The second... Agent: Greenberg Traurig, LLP

20090134102 - Separator and process for removing solids from drilling liquids: The invention provides a separator for the removal of solids from a drilling liquid, the separator comprising a tube settler (4) through which the drilling liquid can flow and beneath which a particle collection container is arranged for collecting solids separated from the liquid in the tube settler, wherein the... Agent: Shell Oil Company

05/21/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090127170 - Filter device, especially for filtering liquids in internal combustion engines: A filter device for filtering liquids in internal combustion engines has a filter housing and a filter element inserted into the filter housing. A liquid to be filtered is introduced into the filter housing and flows through the filter element. An overflow valve is arranged between an entry side and... Agent: Gudrun E. Huckett Draudt

20090127171 - Water supply system with filtration and retrofit assembly: A water supply system in accordance with the invention includes pumping in which there is a mechanical co-dependency between the generations of liquid-draw pressure and filtration-drive pressure, but a hydraulic dependency of the application of the filtration-drive pressure upon release of water from the liquid-draw pressure. In one preferred embodiment,... Agent: Schneck & Schneck

20090127172 - Oval seal cartridge with no dirty drip: An assembly is disclosed that includes a centerpost assembly and a fluid filter cartridge. The centerpost assembly includes a main body having an inlet flow opening, an open interior, and a radial flange. An interior shelf is positioned proximate the inlet flow opening of the main body. The interior shelf... Agent: Krieg Devault LLP

20090127173 - Tertiary filter septic system and method: This application relates to an apparatus and method for treating effluent. The effluent may be derived, for example, from an upstream secondary treatment plant. The apparatus employs a plenum positionable within a fluid-impervious container. The plenum includes a fluid filter portion containing a hydrophilic material, such as peat, capable of... Agent: Oyen, Wiggs, Green & Mutala LLP 480 - The Station

20090127174 - Oil strainer for transmission: An oil strainer for a transmission including a resin-made upper case which is formed in a side surface of an upper part of a communication port for communication with a pump and which has an upper flange along the outer periphery thereof, a resin-made lower case which is provided with... Agent: Westerman, Hattori, Daniels & Adrian, LLP

20090127175 - Water aerating device for aquarium: A water aerating device for an aquarium includes a pumping device having an impeller for pumping a water, a receptacle attached to the pumping device, a tube disposed on the pumping device for forming an annular space between the receptacle and the tube which has a bore for supplying the... Agent: Charles E. Baxley, Esquire

20090127176 - Modular water treatment unit: A modular water treatment unit including a modular tank having a plurality of joined tank parts defining respective chambers arranged in series for treating water, each tank part having opposite side walls with adjacent side walls of adjacent said tank parts being joined at their common upper ends which define... Agent: Hoffman Wasson & Gitler, P.c Crystal Center 2, Suite 522

20090127177 - Porous inorganic/organic hybrid particles for chromatographic separations and process for their preparation: Novel material for chromatographic separations, processes for its preparation, and separations devices containing the chromatographic material. In particular, the disclosure describes porous inorganic/organic hybrid particles having a chromatographically-enhancing pore geometry, which desirably may be surface modified, and that offer more efficient chromatographic separations than that known in the art.... Agent: Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP

20090127178 - Portable water purification device: A portable water purification device includes a base, a fixed sleeve, a tube, a filtering unit, and a movable sleeve. The base includes a channel for providing filtered liquid. The fixed sleeve is fixed on the base and includes a first peripheral wall and a first axial hole. The tube... Agent: Pai Patent & Trademark Law Firm

20090127179 - Fluid separator with smart surface: A separating system for separating a fluid mixture incorporates a smart surface having reversibly switchable properties. A voltage is selectively applied to the smart surface to attract or repel constituents of a fluid mixture, such as oil and water produced from a hydrocarbon well. The smart surface can be used... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20090127180 - Process for combining solids thickening and dewatering in one vessel: A granular filter media dry cell (or filter or bed) for dewatering a liquid composition of water and particulate solids. The liquid composition is applied to the granular filter media to remove water from the liquid composition by passing through the granular filter media with the particular solids collecting on... Agent: Fisher, Christen & Sabol

20090127181 - Method and apparatus for water restoration: A treatment tank for treating waste water or other liquid is provided. The treatment tank has an interior cavity of the treatment tank, a liquid introduction system for introducing a liquid to be treated, into a top end of the treatment tank, an exit aperture for removing liquid from a... Agent: Standley Law Group LLP

20090127182 - Permeate tube and related methods: A novel positive traction permeate tube and fittings therefore are described for use in spirally wound membrane filtration elements for filtration and separation applications. Membrane filtration elements incorporate the novel permeate tube. Methods of making the novel positive traction permeate tube are also disclosed as are the preferred sanitary stainless... Agent: Breneman & Georges

20090127183 - Filter device: The invention relates to a filter device with a housing (10) composed of at least two housing parts (12, 14) which are to be connected detachably to one another, said housing holding a filter element (26) which comprises a support tube (28) and a filter material (32) surrounding the support... Agent: Roylance Abrams Berdo & Goodman

20090127184 - Flow-through device for the treatment of a fluid and flow-through element used thereby: Flow-through device for treating a fluid, mainly including a housing in the shape of a pot (2) with a lid (3) which is provided with an inlet (4) and an outlet (5) for the fluid and an exchangeable tubular flow-through element (6) provided in the housing which is provided with... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20090127185 - Filter element: The invention relates to a filter element for filtering fluid for a motor or gearing, comprising a first filter medium which is arranged in a cylindrical way, with the fluid impinging in a perpendicular way on the circumferential surface of the first medium for filtering in an associated filter apparatus,... Agent: Baker & Hostetler LLP

20090127186 - Separation membrane for use in treatment of liquid comprising aromatic ether polymer hydrophilized with hydrophilizing agent: e

20090127187 - Crystalline polymer microporous film, manufacturing method of the same, and filtration filter: A crystalline polymer microporous film including: a plurality of pores penetrating through from a first surface to a second surface, wherein the average pore size of pores at the first surface is larger than the average pore size of pores at the second surface, the average pore size of pores... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20090127188 - Waste gas/wastewater treatment equipment and method of treating waste gas/wastewater: Waste gas/wastewater treatment equipment treats waste gas in a scrubber 18 by using micronanobubble water produced in a micronanobubble reaction vessel 31 as washing water. Waste gas is efficiently cleaned by the substance surface high-velocity cleaning function which micronanobubbles have. The washing water having been used in the waste gas... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20090127189 - Method and apparatus for waste water treatment: A method for treating wastewater wherein the wastewater is introduced in prescribed doses of wastewater to a first treatment zone, establishing a negative pressure gradient using mechanical ventilation within said zone causing exhaust air flow to remove gases and promote evaporation in the zone. Excess wastewater passing through the zone... Agent: Kusner & Jaffe Highland Place Suite 310

20090127190 - Water treatment process: A water treatment process comprising: (a) providing bioactive material in waste water, the bioactive material containing microorganisms capable of removing one or more impurities from the waste water, wherein at least 40% by volume of said bioactive material in said waste water is in granular form; and (b) passing a... Agent: Morrison & Foerster LLP

20090127191 - Process for treating a solid-liquid mixture: A process is disclosed for treating a mixture of a solid and a liquid, the mixture including a contaminant. The process comprises the step of subjecting the mixture to cavitation wherein at least a portion of the contaminant is chemically decomposed. The process subsequently comprises the step of introducing a... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20090127192 - Liquid-liquid extraction method and apparatus: A method and apparatus for extracting organic chemicals from water. In particular an apparatus and procedure to effect the liquid-liquid extraction of semi-volatile organic compounds from water in original sampling bottles by rotating a mixture of solvent(s) and/or solvent and salt with sample water for a prescribed period of time... Agent: John R. Troost

20090127193 - Dialysis systems and methods: This disclosure generally relates to dialysis systems and related methods. In one aspect of the invention, a dialysis system includes a device configured so that a medical fluid can pass therethrough, and the device is adapted to remove one or more substances from the medical fluid as the medical fluid... Agent: Fish & Richardson PC

20090127194 - Electrodialysis reversal and electrochemical wastewater treatment method of compound containing nitrogen: Provided is a wastewater treatment method using an electrodialysis reversal (EDR)-electrochemical wastewater treatment (EWT) combined process, the method including: separating inflow wastewater which contains nitrogen compounds into product water and concentrated water using an EDR facility; and decomposing the concentrated water into target materials to be eliminated from the wastewater... Agent: Perman & Green

20090127195 - Purification of isocyanate functional polymers: Methods are provided for isolating and purifying components useful, either alone or in combination with other components, as adhesives or sealants for medical/surgical applications.... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20090127196 - Method for recycling wastewater: A method of wastewater reutilization by which reusable water can be stably obtained from a wastewater. Ozone is added to a wastewater, such as water resulting from sewage treatment, in such a small amount as to result in a residual ozone concentration as measured before membrane filtration of 0.01-1.0 mg/L.... Agent: Burr & Brown

20090127198 - Fluid filter system: An endcap including a first plate member including a radial inner portion, a radial outer portion, and defining a longitudinal axis. The endcap also includes a flange disposed between the radial inner and outer portions of the first plate member and projecting axially along the longitudinal axis in a first... Agent: Caterpillar/finnegan, Henderson, L.L.P.

20090127199 - Method and device for fluoride removal from drinking water: A water filtration device and method in which water is pumped through a chamber containing iron oxide particles or material, which allows removal of ionic contaminants, including fluoride. Water is then pumped through a plurality of ultrafilration tubes. The water enters the sides of the tubes into the tube interior... Agent: Schneck & Schneck

20090127197 - Polymer functionalized molecular sieve/polymer mixed matrix membranes: The present invention discloses polymer functionalized molecular sieve/polymer mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) with either no macrovoids or voids of less than several Angstroms at the interface of the polymer matrix and the molecular sieves by incorporating polymer functionalized molecular sieves into a continuous polymer matrix. The MMMs exhibit significantly enhanced... Agent: Honeywell International Inc Patent Services

20090127200 - Barrier with a seated ion exchange bead and method: Ion transport apparatus (e.g. an electrolytic eluent generator or a suppressor for ion chromatography) in which ions in a first chamber are transported to a liquid in second chamber through a wall comprising an ion exchange bead sealed in a bead seat. The wall is capable of transport ions but... Agent: Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP

20090127201 - Process and apparatus for removing hydrogen peroxide: A process for removing hydrogen peroxide in water which comprises bringing water for treatment containing hydrogen peroxide into contact with a catalyst for decomposing hydrogen peroxide obtained by depositing nano-colloid particles of a metal of a platinum group which have an average diameter of 1 to 50 nm to be... Agent: Frishauf, Holtz, Goodman & Chick, PC

20090127202 - Fast reduction of iodine species to iodide: In a method for a retention of iodine species which are comprised in an aqueous solution a nucleophilic agent or a mixture of a plurality of nucleophilic agents is added to the aqueous solution. Further, a soluble ion-exchanger agent or a mixture of a plurality of soluble ion-exchanger agents is... Agent: Siemens Schweiz Ag I-47, Intellectual Property

20090127204 - Device and method for the treatment of biomasses with permanent magnets: A device for the treatment of biomass, including: a biomass cavity; a first magnet arrangement having at least one first permanent magnet; and a second magnet arrangement having at least one second permanent magnet; all first permanent magnets of the first magnet arrangement being situated on the outer periphery of... Agent: Greer, Burns & Crain

20090127203 - Method and apparatus for treating marine growth on a surface: A confinement arrangement is used to confine a volume of heated fluid against the surface. The confinement arrangement is retained against the surface by maintenance and mounts rollers so that it can be moved over the surface to treat other parts of the surface. A heated fluid is provided to... Agent: Kelly Lowry & Kelley, LLP

20090127205 - Amino acid, carbohydrate and acrylamide polymers useful as flocculants in agricultural and industrial settings: Modified polysaccharides, acrylamide copolymers, water-soluble amino acid copolymers, and combinations thereof are described for uses including flocculation of solids, particularly flocculation of soil in an agricultural settings and clarification of process waters from oil-sands mining operations. Also described are methods of preparing selected amino acid copolymers and modified polysaccharides.... Agent: King & Spalding LLP

20090127206 - Blood component processing system method: A method used in connection with processing of blood components, wherein blood products are then filtered via a filter rotating along with a centrifuge rotor and the sensed pressure may be used in connection with controlling the pumping of the blood products and/or in connection with determining the location of... Agent: Caridianbct, Inc. Mail Stop: 810 1f2

20090127207 - Apparatus for treating ballast water and method for treating ballast water: The present invention relates to an apparatus for treating ballast water, the apparatus being capable of treating ballast water so as to meet the ballast water standard established by the IMO exactly at low costs. The treatment apparatus of the present invention comprises a filter (4) that filters sea water... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20090127208 - Zero valent metal composite, manufacturing, system and method using thereof, for catalytically treating contaminated water: Zero valent metal composite, manufacturing thereof, using thereof, and system including thereof, for (in-situ or ex-situ) catalytically treating contaminated water, such as sub-surface water, surface water, above-surface water, water vapor, or/and gaseous water. Composite includes powdered diatomite matrix incorporated with nanometer (1-1000 nm) sized particles of a zero valent (transition)... Agent: Martin D. Moynihan D/b/a Prtsi, Inc.

20090127209 - Reactor and method for anoxic treatment of a material in a fluid reaction medium: A reactor for treating with pressurized water a material in a fluid reaction medium. It comprises a body (2) delimiting a reaction area (10), an inlet (48) for the material to be treated in the reaction area (10), a point (46) for introducing an oxidant into the reaction area (10),... Agent: Anderson, Kill & Olick, P.C.

20090127210 - Method and apparatus for water remediation: A method and apparatus for water remediation in general and particularly, for killing bacteria, algae and other microorganisms in water used to fracture-stimulate oil and gas wells and using a coagulant and/or a flocculant for removing the dead microorganisms. A biocide is first introduced into a pit or tank containing... Agent: John M. Harrison

20090127211 - Filtration media pack, filter element, and methods: A filtration media pack is provided having a plurality of layers of single facer media. The layer of single facer media includes a fluted sheet, a facing sheet, and a plurality of flutes extending between the fluted sheet and the facing sheet and having a flute length extending from a... Agent: Merchant & Gould PC

20090127212 - Chemical cleaning agent and process for cleaning filtration membranes: Methods for cleaning a membrane, such a porous polymeric ultrafiltration or microfÊltration membranes (eg PVdF or Halar), comprising contacting the membrane with an aqueous solution comprising a monopersulfate anion. Buffers, chelating agents, catalysts, and combinations thereof can be added. The monopersulfate anion is most advantageously in the form of a... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20090127213 - Agitating device and method for sewage treatment: The invention relates to an agitating device, in which a hyperboloid agitating body (6) is connected to a drive mechanism (2, 3) by means of a shaft (4). Several ribs (7) running from the circumferential boundary (Ur) in the direction of the shaft (4) are provided on the upper side... Agent: Kanesaka Berner And Partners LLP

05/14/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090120851 - Water treatment system with moisture detector: A water treatment system including a UV bulb, a moisture detector, and a control circuit responsive to the moisture detector to terminate power to the bulb when moisture is detected. The moisture detector includes a nonconductive substrate and a pair of conductors on the substrate. When moisture is not present,... Agent: Warner, Norcross & Judd In Re: Alticor Inc.

20090120852 - Method and apparatus for separating fluid components: A floating element for separating components of a physiological fluid comprises two parts that are relatively movable. The two parts define a prescribed volume between them when at their maximum separation, and one of the parts may be moved toward the other to express the fluid contained in the volume... Agent: Clark & Brody

20090120853 - Endless stream fish tank: A single tank configuration of a fish tank or livewell includes an outer container; an inner container installed inside the outer container, the inner container having a first end with an entry hole and a second end with an exit hole; and a pump installed between the inner and outer... Agent: Akerman Senterfitt

20090120854 - Inertial gas-liquid separator with valve and variable flow actuator: A self-governing continuously variable inertial gas-liquid separator has an axially movable valve controlling axial flow through a nozzle orifice, and a variable flow controller upstream of and controlling the valve.... Agent: Andrus, Sceales, Starke & Sawall, LLP

20090120855 - Storm drain basin gate system: A gate system for an opening through which fluid flows, such as the opening to a storm drain typically found in the curb of an urban street. The system is biased to a closed condition to keep trash out of the drain during dry and low fluid flow situations, then... Agent: Jones Day

20090120858 - Fuel filter device: A fuel filter device includes a bag-shape filter body and a space forming member disposed in the filter body. The filter body includes an upper surface part, and a lower surface part welded with the upper surface part at edges to form a bag shape. At least the lower surface... Agent: Kanesaka Berner And Partners LLP

20090120856 - Skimmer cover and helical ramp apparatus: A device to allow animals trapped in a swimming pool skimmer to escape via a helical ramp integrally attached to a skimmer cover with an exit hole in the top. The invention provides for the replacement of an existing skimmer cover with the said invention to provide a simple hassle... Agent: Brian M. Meagher

20090120857 - Swimming pool maintenance apparatus: A swimming pool skimmer maintenance apparatus (10) includes an elongate tubular handle (12) having a hook end (14) and an opposed sealing end (16). The sealing end includes a sealing structure such as a spherical ball (116) defining a sealing surface effective to seal a skimmer suction port to prevent... Agent: Wallace C. Bair

20090120859 - Water aerating and dirt collecting assembly for aquarium: A water aerating and dirt collecting device for an aquarium includes a pumping device having a paddle device for pumping and circulating the water contained within the aquarium, a receptacle having an entrance coupled to the pumping device for receiving the water from the pumping device and for agitating the... Agent: Charles E. Baxley, Esquire

20090120860 - Water aerating and dirt collecting assembly for aquarium: A water aerating and dirt collecting device for an aquarium includes a pumping device having a paddle device for pumping and circulating the water contained within the aquarium, a receptacle having a three housing members coupled to the pumping device, a vessel disposed on an upper housing member and having... Agent: Charles E. Baxley, Esquire

20090120861 - Plant for recovering a polluting fluid contained in the tanks of a sunken vessel: The invention relates to a plant for recovering a polluting fluid contained in the tank (4) of a sunken vessel (1) comprising a plurality of pipes (5) fixed to a deck (2), wherein each pipe comprises a first and second ends and, according to the beaching position of the sunken... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20090120862 - Method of ecological restoration of water bodies containing excess nutrient: A sea water desalinating system with jetting cavitational technology includes a sea water collecting device for collecting sea-water, a water transmitting pump communicated with the collecting device, a coarse filtering device communicated with the water transmitting pump for filtering impurities, a fine filtering device communicated with the coarse filtering device... Agent: Zhen Zheng Lu

20090120863 - Miniature ozone generator and use thereof for purifying water: The present invention concerns a miniature ozone generator device for purifying water. The device comprises a printed circuit board having an ozone producing circuit printed on it which comprises anodes and cathodes alternatively printed and connected in parallel relationship to each other and to a power supply device. The electrodes... Agent: Baker & Hostetler LLP

20090120864 - Wearable dialysis methods and devices: The present invention provides a portable continuous dialysis system configured as a wearable belt in fluid communication with a separate portable unit in the form of an easy to carry bag-pack or case, or a fanny pack wearable around the shoulder. In one embodiment, the wearable belt unit comprises a... Agent: Patentmetrix

20090120865 - Disposable multi-layered filtration device for the separation of blood plasma: Provided is a disposable multi-layered filtration device for the separation of blood plasma which can be applied to a biochip and appropriate for disposal uses. The filtration device for the separation of blood plasma includes: an upper substrate including a blood inlet; an intermediate substrate including a filtering unit for... Agent: Ampacc Law Group

20090120866 - Self-cleaning filter for agricultural irrigation water: The invention relates to an improved self-cleaning filter for agricultural irrigation water having a support base (8) for the rings (3) traversed by perforated tubes (4) which clean them, allowing the axial movement of the tubes (4) having an integral upper cover (5) at the opposite end which presses them... Agent: Sanchelima & Associates, P.A. Jesus Sanchelima, Esq.

20090120867 - Apparatus and method for de-watering and purifying fuel oils and other liquids: This invention relates to the removal by centrifugal force and by coalescence of water and other impurities from diesel fuel, jet fuel, gasoline, kerosene, bio-diesel fuel, ethanol enriched fuel, heating oil, hydraulic oil, cutting oils, and other liquids with a specific gravity of less than one. The invention provides a... Agent: Ronald E. Greigg Greigg & Greigg P.l.l.c.

20090120868 - Transmission oil filter comprising a melt blown layer at the downstream side: A transmission oil filter has a filtration layer of fiberglass medium and, downstream of the filtration layer, a melt blown layer applied to the filtration layer for preventing or reducing introduction of fiberglass into the liquid to be filtered. The filtration layer of fiber glass medium has two faces and... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh, Dept: Vr-p Plant 5.4

20090120869 - Fuel injector filter: A filter (100, 200) is provided especially for high aspect ratio particles in a conduit (102, 202) for a fuel injection system. The filter (100, 200) can be an edge filter (100) or a sack filter (200) with an annular gap (116, 212) between the filter section (106, 206) and... Agent: Mcgarry Bair PC

20090120870 - Apparatus, system and method for recovery of artifacts and eradication of invasive species in aquatic environments: An apparatus, system and method for recovery of artifacts and eradication of invasive species in aquatic environments. The structure may comprise an elongate flexible bladder blanket divider having first and second ends. The structure may have an open bore vertical support operably coupled to the first and second ends. Each... Agent: Gfd Patents, LLC

20090120871 - Devices for water treatment: A device for use in water comprising a carrier having an interior cavity and one or more openings allowing ingress to and egress from the interior cavity; and a moss contained within the interior cavity in which the carrier completely encloses the moss.... Agent: Popovich, Wiles & O'connell, PA 650 Third Avenue South

20090120872 - Composition and bioremediation method for water polluted by hydrocarbons: The invention relates to a novel composition and a novel method for the in situ bioremediation of water polluted by hydrocarbons, in particular oil. To remove, for example, an oil slick that is floating on the surface of a body of water, the new composition can be dispersed in powder... Agent: Speckman Law Group PLLC

20090120873 - Filtration with internal fouling control: Filtration processes and systems are provided for the separation of a filterable fluid stream by a filtration membrane module with uniform transmembrane pressure and flux along the membrane and internal control of membrane fouling via intermittent periodic reduction of the pressure differential between the permeate and retentate sides of the... Agent: Genencor International, Inc. Attention: Legal Department

20090120874 - Membrane for filtering of water: Disclosed are novel water membranes comprising lipid bilayers incorporating functional aqua-porins. The lipid bilayers are arranged in sandwich structures including hydrophilic or hydro-phobic support materials. Also disclosed are water purification devices/systems, including reverse osmosis filtering devices that include membranes having functional aquaporins. Methods of water purification and methods of preparing... Agent: Clark & Elbing LLP

20090120875 - High performance mixed matrix membranes incorporating at least two kinds of molecular sieves: The present invention discloses a new type of high performance mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) and methods for making and using the same. The MMMs comprise a continuous polymer matrix and at least two types of molecular sieves dispersed therein. The continuous polymer matrix in the MMM contains at least one... Agent: Honeywell International Inc Patent Services

20090120876 - Means for removing protein-bound substances: The present invention relates to a means of dialysis for removing protein-bound substances from a biological fluid, especially blood or blood plasma, which contains at least one means for solubilizing protein-binding substances to be removed into the biological fluid and/or dialysis fluid, and to a process for removing protein-bound substances... Agent: Klauber & Jackson

20090120877 - Method for desalination: The invention provides a process for producing a desalinated aqueous liquid. The process comprising passing a de-gassed aqueous liquid (115) through a reverse osmosis membrane (110). The process may additionally comprise the step of degassing an aqueous liquid (105) to produce the degassed aqueous liquid (115).... Agent: Woodcock Washburn LLP

20090120878 - Separation of a mixture of polyhydric alcohols: The present invention provides methods of separating at butanediol compound from a mixture containing polyhydric alcohols and butanediol compounds. The mixture of polyhydric alcohols typically contains propylene glycol and ethylene glycol in addition to the butanediol contaminants. Butanediol contaminants are removed by contacting the mixture with a chromatographic matrix. Either... Agent: Sterne, Kessler Goldstein & Fox P.l.l.c.

20090120879 - Material for transfer of substance in liquid comprising polymer blend: There is provided in the present invention a material for transfer of a substance in a liquid, which can trap/remove an objective substance contained in drainage water, waste water or a liquid at a limited area, and also can readily retrieve the polymer after trapping the objective substance from the... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P.

20090120880 - Process for preparing magnetic particles for selectively removing contaminants from solution: e

20090120881 - Treatment blends for removing metals from wastewater, methods of producing and process of using the same: Treatment blends for removing metals from wastewater, method of producing and process of using the same. Treatment of industrial wastewater streams relate to the use of a pretreatment blend and a treatment blend, which remove heavy metals in industrial processes. The aqueous pretreatment blend comprises: 1) ferrous sulfate heptahydrate, 2)... Agent: Christie, Parker & Hale, LLP

20090120882 - Device for treating fluids, especially water sterilization, comprising an electrodeless gas discharge lamp: A fluid treatment plant, particularly a water disinfection plant, having more efficient energy utilization and increased service life in discontinuous operation, is producible as a simple mass-production product, that can be handled easily and is particularly suitable for household use. UV emitters are avoided that are complicated or that cannot... Agent: Panitch Schwarze Belisario & Nadel LLP

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20090114577 - Flow rate calibrated, mechanically adjustable stormwater flow diverter: An object of this invention is to provide an improved stormwater diversion device that offers a more precise, easy to install and accurate means for diverting stormwater flow than any of the aforementioned prior art techniques. Referring now to the drawings, a flow rate gauge (1) is displayed on top... Agent: Gregory S. Duncan

20090114578 - Suction filter for an automatic transmission: A filter assembly includes a filter housing including an inlet, through which hydraulic fluid enters the housing, and an outlet, through which hydraulic fluid exits the housing, valve housing containing a bypass valve located adjacent the inlet in a chamber, the valve including an orifice that opens and closes in... Agent: Macmillan, Sobanski & Todd, LLC

20090114579 - Trash screen for side entry pit: A protection device for a side entry pit, device having a frame to clamp to the exposed edge of the cover of the pit, and a screen of chains attached to the frame and extending beneath the opening of the pit to prevent trash from entering the pit. The protection... Agent: The Nath Law Group

20090114580 - One piece tapping plate for heavy duty filters: A one-piece tapping plate for a filter assembly, the tapping plate being configured to secure the filter assembly to a filter mount of an oil circulation system is provided. The tapping plate comprising: a unitary structure having a plurality of openings for providing a plurality of fluid pathways for a... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20090114581 - Aquarium filter: An aquarium filter assembly is mounted to an aquarium tank and defines a water flow path therethrough from upstream to downstream from an inlet to an outlet. A replaceable filter element is mounted in a filter chamber.... Agent: Andrus, Sceales, Starke & Sawall, LLP

20090114582 - Enclosure for a portable hemodialysis system: An enclosure for containing a portable hemodialysis unit includes a housing suitable to support components for performing hemodialysis including a dialyzer, one or more pumps to circulate blood through the dialyzer, a source of dialysate, and one or more pumps to circulate the dialysate through the dialyzer. The housing may... Agent: Deka Research And Development Corporation C/o Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20090114583 - Ion exchange equipment: Ion exchange equipment which can deal with counter-flow regeneration or split-flow regeneration while simplifying a water collector. The ion exchange equipment comprises a first water collection pipe (14) communicating with a first channel (10) formed in a lid member (7) at a resin containing section (2), and second water collection... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090114584 - Keyed system for connection of filter cartridge to filter holder: Embodiments of a key system for filters and their connecting heads, brackets, or other holders are shown. The filter cartridge and its holder each have a keyed surface, one being a protruding “key” and one being a recessed “lock”. Cooperation of these keyed surfaces is required in order for the... Agent: Pedersen & Company, PLLC

20090114585 - Liquid filter arrangement; components; and, methods: Liquid filter arrangements are described and shown. The arrangements generally include a filter head, a seal adaptor, and a filter member comprising a shell enclosing a cartridge. Unique features for interface between the filter cartridge and the filter head are provided. Also provided are unique filter head features and cartridge... Agent: Merchant & Gould PC

20090114586 - Ion exchange resin tower and detection method of lifetime of resin therein: An ion exchange resin tower including a tank, a supply line, an output line, and a plurality of sampling tubes is provided. The supply line guides a liquid into the tank, such that an ion exchange occurs between the liquid and the ion exchange resin in the tank. The processed... Agent: Jianq Chyun Intellectual Property Office

20090114587 - Negative pressure reverse osmosis filtering membrane system: A negative pressure reverse osmosis filtering membrane system includes multiple reverse osmosis filtering members, multiple buckle units, multiple sealing members, a first base and a second base. Each of the reverse osmosis filtering members includes a supporting plate, a first membrane, a second membrane, and an aperture. The first membrane... Agent: Pai Patent & Trademark Law Firm

20090114588 - Fuel filter assembly with flow restriction sleeve: A “no filter, no run” filtration system that is designed to verify that an appropriate filter cartridge is installed. A flow control sleeve is provided on a standpipe to control the flow of fluid, for example fuel, into the standpipe. The sleeve can be axially moveable between closed and open... Agent: Hamre, Schumann, Mueller & Larson, P.C.

20090114589 - Tri-flow filter element with venting: A filter element and assembly which has three flow paths, has particular application to a fuel supply system for a diesel engine for filtering flow from the fuel tank as well as fuel returning from the engine that is to be recirculated back to the engine. The filter element and... Agent: Don W. Bulson (park) Renner, Otto, Boisselle & Sklar, LLP

20090114590 - Winding core pressure relief for fluted filter: A filter element including a winding core, a sheet of fluted filter media, a relief notch, and an adhesive. The winding core has a pair of ends spaced apart from each other and extending laterally between a pair of opposed sides. The sheet of fluted filter media is wound around... Agent: Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren P.C.

20090114591 - System and method for pretreating biomass: According to one embodiment, a method for heat treatment of a biomass includes allowing biomass in a pretreatment reactor to undergo a pre-treatment reaction process. The pre-treatment reaction process yields pretreated biomass along with soluble components. A first liquid having a first temperature is transported into the pretreatment reactor and... Agent: Baker Botts L.L.P.

20090114592 - Method for purifying waste water with added oxidizing agent: The invention concerns a method for purifying wastewater loaded with organic matter, said method including: a step of contacting wastewater with a biological culture containing a purifying biomass and a step of separating performed by filtration through organic or inorganic membranes. The invention is characterized in that at least part... Agent: Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz LLP

20090114593 - Method for filling and rinsing a set of blood lines: The invention relates to a method for the filling and flushing of a blood tube set, comprising a pump segment for a blood pump, an arterial line connected to an inlet of a dialysis machine and a venous line connected to an outlet of a dialysis machine, via a substituate... Agent: Jacobson Holman PLLC

20090114594 - Pervaporation membranes highly selective for volatile solvents present in fermentation broths: Liquid membrane systems are provided for use in pervaporation techniques that achieves high selectivity, ensure stability and prevent contamination of the fermentation broth. Tri-n-octylamine (TOA), tri-laurlyamine or tri-decylamine as a liquid membrane is immobilized in the pores of a hydrophobic hollow fiber substrate having a nanoporous hydrophobic coating on the... Agent: Mccarter & English , LLP Stamford Office

20090114595 - System and method for regeneration of a fluid: A system comprising a blood circuit including a membrane arranged in a blood filter (7) in which blood is in contact with a first side of said membrane; and a dialysis circuit in which a dialysis fluid is in contact with the other side of the membrane for exchange of... Agent: Capitol City Techlaw, PLLC

20090114596 - Nanofilm and membrane compositions: Nanofilms useful for filtration are prepared from oriented amphiphilic molecules and oriented macrocyclic modules. The amphiphilic species may be oriented on an interface or surface. The nanofilm may be prepared by depositing or attaching an oriented layer to a substrate. A nanofilm may also be prepared by coupling the oriented... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20090114597 - Geotextile composite for filtration of contaminated liquids and sediments and methods of using same: Geotextile composite configured to filter liquids The geotextile composites include a pre-filter layer, a post-filter layer and at least two intermediate filter layers disposed between the pre-filter layer and the post-filter layer. At least one fibrous web that includes composite fibers and adsorptive particulates is disposed between the at least... Agent: Jenkins, Wilson, Taylor & Hunt, P. A.

20090114598 - Water softening device and method: The present invention provides a water softening device for application in a household appliance comprising a flow-through capacitor for the production of wash amplified water (WAW) from tap water, having less than 5° FH, being suitable for use in said appliance when the device is in operation; the configuration of... Agent: Unilever Patent Group

20090114599 - Removal of organic pollutants from contaminated water: There is provided a method or a system for purification of water from neutral and anionic organic contaminants using either a mixture of a complex of an organic cation adsorbed on clay as a micelle, and a granular material or a complex of an organic cation adsorbed on clay as... Agent: Browdy And Neimark, P.l.l.c. 624 Ninth Street, Nw

20090114600 - Metal compound removal: The present invention relates to a process for separating at least one metal compound and/or a component thereof from a mixture, said process comprising contacting the said mixture with a heteropoly acid or heteropoly acid anion, thereby producing a precipitate comprising the heteropoly acid or heteropoly acid anion and the... Agent: Basf Catalysts LLC

20090114601 - Device and method for dynamic processing in water purification: A transformational approach to water treatment is provided that incorporates membrane-free filtration with dynamic processing of the fluid to significantly reduce treatment times, chemical cost, land use, and operational overhead. This approach provides hybrid capabilities of filtration, together with chemical treatment, as the water is transported through various spiral stages.... Agent: Fay Sharpe / Xerox - Parc

20090114602 - Biosolids-based food additive for animal feed, methods of production, and business application thereof: The present invention is directed to processes and business methods and wastewater treatment units for converting the waterborne residuals from wastewater generated by food processing plants into an ingredient suitable for use in animal feeds. The ingredient produced by the processes of the present invention has a high protein content... Agent: Cooley Godward Kronish LLP Attn: Patent Group

20090114603 - Wastewater treatment: A vessel configured to float on a body of seawater has a wastewater treatment system having a wastewater intake port for intaking wastewater onto the vessel, a wastewater treatment component for treating the wastewater to produce treated wastewater and sludge, and a treated wastewater conduit for transporting the treated wastewater... Agent: Osha Liang L.L.P.

20090114604 - Method and system for photocatalytically decomposing organic pollutants using electromotive force of solar cell: The present invention relates to a method and system for photocatalytically decomposing organic pollutants using the electromotive force of a solar cell. The present invention provides a method and system for decomposing organic pollutants, which can greatly increase the rate of decomposition of organic pollutants at low cost by combining... Agent: The Webb Law Firm, P.C.

20090114605 - Portable ozone generator and use thereof for purifying water: The present invention relates to a portable device for generating ozone in water, purifying the water and making it drinkable. The device comprises a housing; at least two electrodes, including an anode and a cathode extending from the housing into the water and each having semi-rough or rough surfaces in... Agent: Baker & Hostetler LLP

20090114606 - Agglomeration for the treatment of acid mine drainage: Provided is an agglomeration for neutralizing acid mine drainage which includes a neutralizer and binder component consisting of steel slag in an amount of 75% to 95% by weight of the agglomeration, a sodium carbonate selected from the group consisting of soda ash and pulp liquor in an amount of... Agent: Mckay & Associates, PC.

20090114607 - Fluidic device and method for separation of neutrally buoyant particles: A technique using a curved channel of a spiral device to introduce a centrifugal force upon neutrally buoyant particles flowing in a fluid, e.g. water, to facilitate improved separation of such particles from the fluid is provided. As these neutrally buoyant particles flow through the channel, a tubular pinch effect... Agent: Fay Sharpe / Xerox - Parc

20090114608 - Fluid analytical device: A fluid analytical device is provided comprising a body, a reservoir, an inlet channel and a separation unit. The reservoir is formed on the body. The inlet channel is formed on the body connected to the reservoir. The separation unit is formed on the body connected to the inlet channel,... Agent: Quintero Law Office, PC

20090114609 - Methods and apparatuses for filtering water from oil and gas wells: The invention relates to a method and apparatus for filtering contaminated water from an oil or gas well.... Agent: Manelli Denison & Selter

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