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Land vehicles

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04/10/2014 > 23 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140097583 - Goalie skate: The inventive skate consists of an upper that is designed to accept the foot of the user. Other portions of the upper are preferably constructed using a semi-rigid material, such as fiberglass, nylon, plastic, etc. These semi-rigid portions of the upper decrease the flexibility of the upper in certain sections,... Agent:

20140097584 - Adjustable lift assembly for hand trucks: A system is provided for temporarily converting a conventional hand truck to provide an adjustable platform. The system may comprise a shelving unit and a control unit, where the control unit is configured to raise and lower the shelving unit on the frame of the transporting device. The shelving unit... Agent:

20140097585 - Dk3d dolly: A load bearing dolly securely attached, via lashing straps, to opposite ends of any moveable object such as: household furniture items, appliances, or various manufacturing/industrial equipment. Each rectangular dolly frame being carpeted on all contact surfaces creating friction and containing two 360 degree swivel casters of various sizes and optional... Agent:

20140097587 - Universal paint tray cart: The disclosed universal paint tray cart has a top surface for setting various sizes of paint trays on, wheels for moving the universal paint tray cart and one or more paint tray coupling devices. Each paint tray coupling device is coupled to a slot opening in the universal paint tray... Agent:

20140097586 - Rollable paint bucket: A rollable paint bucket which will be maneuvered on a floor by the painter manipulating an extended handle of a paint roller assembly is disclosed. The bucket will have a body, a plurality of rolling members and a structural configuration which permits placement of the paint roller on the bucket... Agent:

20140097588 - Wind-up control link: A vehicle suspension may include a leaf spring, a link member and a bumper. The leaf spring may include first and second ends and a body extending between the first and second ends. The first end may be pivotably coupled to a first mounting structure and may be configured to... Agent:

20140097589 - Methods of vehicle suspension: A method is provided, including providing a hub for mounting a wheel to a frame; providing a first mounting pivotally connected at one end to a first position on the frame; providing a second mounting pivotally connected at one end to a second position on the frame; providing a first... Agent:

20140097590 - Reinforcement of shock absorber mount: A reinforcement is installed in a mounting portion of a shock absorber of a vehicle to improve strength of a vehicle body. The reinforcement realizes a new type of a reinforcement which covers a mounting portion affected most by an excitation force from a shock absorber and is simultaneously coupled... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140097591 - Working vehicle: The cover member has an outer edge portion configured by the upper end extending portion, the front end extending portion, and the rear end extending portion in which a front end of the upper end extending portion and an upper end of the front end extending portion are connect to... Agent: Kubota Corporation

20140097592 - Knee-walker: Knee-walkers allow amputees and individuals with injuries to maintain independent movement. Their stability and steering is very important. The invention comprises a knee-walker (10) comprising a frame (20), at least two ground-engaging wheels (50) at the front, a seat (90), a steering column (70), and a steering belt (200) linking... Agent:

20140097593 - Movement damping apparatus and valve: In a movement damping apparatus, a magnetorheological fluid is pressed through a flow path. A device generating a variable magnetic field comprises a core around which a coil is wound as well as pole surfaces in the flow path, the magnetic field acting on the magnetorheological fluid by means of... Agent: Inventus Engineering Gmbh

20140097594 - Foldable tricycle with seat actuation: A foldable tricycle includes a first frame, a second frame movably coupled to the first frame, and a seat for supporting a rider, wherein the seat operates as an actuator for moving the first and second frames relative to each other. Additionally, a method of handling a foldable tricycle movable... Agent: Huffy Corporation

20140097595 - Articulating hitch apparatus for vehicles: A hitch apparatus includes a frame configured to be secured to a vehicle and that is pivotable about a first axis, a guide that is movably secured to the frame and pivotable about a second axis substantially transverse to the first axis, and a tow bar movably secured to the... Agent: Williams Innovations, LLC

20140097596 - Snowboard binding with improved deck connection: A snowboard binding, comprising a base plate which has a cavity for accommodating a disk adapted to allow the connection between the base plate and the snowboard deck, the disk having an elongated shape with the central regions provided with recesses, the cavity of the base plate having complementary protrusions... Agent:

20140097598 - Compactible stroller: A collapsible stroller includes a mobile base and a juvenile seat coupled to the mobile base. The mobile base includes a foldable frame and wheels.... Agent: Cosco Management, Inc.

20140097597 - Transport chair allowing transport of multiple passengers: A transport chair enables one person to provide mobility to two passengers simultaneously. The transport chair can include two seats, allowing a care giver to provide a fast, safe and less stressful solution for providing mobility to multiple passengers. The transport chair can collapse similar to a conventional wheelchair to... Agent:

20140097599 - Collapsible utility cart: A cart includes a platform assembly, a handle assembly, first wheel assembly and a second wheel assembly. In use, the cart may folded from a deployed position in which it rolls along a surface to transport items, to a stowed position, in which it is collapsed in a compact geometry... Agent:

20140097600 - Airbag device: An airbag device includes an airbag, an inflator, a retainer and an airbag cover. The airbag is usually folded, and expands and develops in an emergency. The inflator supplies gas to the airbag. The retainer secures the airbag and the inflator. The airbag cover houses the airbag. The airbag cover... Agent:

20140097601 - Vehicular passive safety device: A vehicular passive safety device includes a vehicular seat, a far-side airbag device, and a roof airbag device. The vehicular seat has a seat cushion and a seat back. In the far-side airbag device, a far-side airbag that is accommodated in a lateral portion of the seat back located inside... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140097602 - Spool airbag: A driver airbag cushion includes a front panel and a rear panel that are joined together along a joined perimeter to form an airbag cushion. The airbag cushion is shrunken in diameter along the joined perimeter by a means of a short rope, a group of pleats, or a group... Agent: Cis Tech, LLC

20140097603 - Exterior airbag cushion for vehicle: An exterior airbag cushion for a vehicle includes a cushion body which is deployed forward from a front end of the vehicle, a vent hole which is formed in the cushion body, and a variable guide which has a cover shape and covers the vent hole in such a way... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140097604 - Exterior airbag cushion for vehicle: An external airbag cushion including: an outer cover that inflates to cover the front of a bumper of a vehicle; a plurality of separation walls that are disposed inside outer cover to divide the inside into a plurality of chambers in the transverse direction of the vehicle; and low-pressure variable... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140097605 - Steering column assembly for a motor vehicle: A steering column assembly for a motor vehicle is provided. The steering column assembly may include a main steering column shaft; a first tubular member; a first attachment feature; and a second attachment feature. The first attachment feature and the second attachment feature may be formed of an injection moldable... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

04/03/2014 > 28 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140091538 - Suspension for vehicle: A upper arm 4b of a suspension for a vehicle is constructed by: a casing 12 that is supported by the vehicle so as to be able to pivot in the up-down direction; a pair of screw shafts 20 that are supported by the casing 12 so as to be... Agent: Nsk Ltd.

20140091539 - Electric suspension device and motorcycle: An electric suspension device includes a cylinder, a sub-tank, a first oil passage and a second oil passage, a damping force adjusting valve, and a damping force adjusting motor. The cylinder is rotatable about a mounting axis. The first oil passage connects a first inner oil chamber and an outer... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140091540 - Wheelbarrow lateral support: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to a wheelbarrow having a wheelbarrow lateral support. The wheelbarrow lateral support includes a first arm, a second arm, and a horizontal support area configured to connect the first arm and the second arm. The wheelbarrow lateral support further includes a first extension... Agent:

20140091541 - Roll container: A roll container is suitable for transporting post, namely letters. The novel roll container which includes two opposing parallel side wall frames, wherein the front ends of the side wall frames define the width of the front opening of the roll container. The roll container also includes a door, and... Agent: K. Hartwall Oy Ab

20140091542 - Ride steer adjustment device and method of adjusting ride steer: A ride steer adjustment device for a vehicle includes an insert sleeve that has an opening configured so that the insert sleeve has an interference fit with a tie rod ball stud when the tie rod ball stud extends through the opening. The insert sleeve has external threads and is... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140091543 - Vehicle with at least three stable bearing points on the ground: A vehicle with at least three stable bearing points on the ground, of which at least one at the front and at least one at the rear of the vehicle, comprises an arm fixed to the front of the vehicle, at a free first end of which arm are mounted... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20140091544 - Riding device with grind pegs: An expandable top collar system (10) for a golf bag (12) is provided for providing one or more expandable apertures (36) facilitating a smaller lateral aspect collapsed mode (14) and a larger aspect expanded mode (16). The system (10) includes expansion means (37) and securing means (49) associated with each... Agent: Nextsport, Inc.

20140091546 - Scooter assemblies: In some embodiments, a scooter comprises a deck configured to support a rider, a front wheel and a rear wheel, a steering column, and a foot brake. The steering column can include a steering tube and a handlebar assembly, and the steering column can be used to steer the scooter... Agent: Bravo Sports

20140091545 - Three-wheeled rear-steering scooter: A three wheeled scooter comprises a chassis having forward and aft ends with a front wheel non-pivotally mounted to the forward end and a pair of rear wheels coaxially mounted to the aft end. The chassis defines a longitudinal axis and includes a support assembly and a handle assembly extending... Agent:

20140091547 - Rolling child carrier: A child carrier includes a wheeled base and a child seat coupled to the wheeled base. The child seat is adapted to support a seated child during movement of the child carrier along the ground.... Agent:

20140091548 - End member and gas spring assembly including same: An end member for a gas spring assembly is dimensioned to receivingly engage an end of a flexible wall. The end member can be formed from polymeric material and can include a side wall receiving the end of the flexible wall. The end member can also include a base wall... Agent: Firestone Industrial Products Company, LLP

20140091549 - Preconstrained torsion suspension assembly, e.g. for a trailer: A torsion suspension assembly comprises a first housing and a first biasing body within the first housing, a second housing and at least a second biasing body within the second housing. A shaft has a first end supporting a suspension arm adapted to support a wheel or wheel assembly, an... Agent: Mayer Integration Inc.

20140091550 - Dual steerable vehicle: A tricycle may be operable between a first mode of operation steerable by a tricycle rider, and a second mode of operation steerable by an individual pushing the tricycle. In both such first and second modes, the frame of the tricycle is configured to rotatably support the rear wheels and... Agent: Smart Trike Mnf Pte Ltd

20140091551 - Bicycle conversion kit and tricycle apparatus: An apparatus is provided for bicycles to make them more utilitarian and functional. The attachment is easily attached, and potentially attached without damage or significant modification to the bicycle. The apparatus includes a frame member attached to the bottom bracket portion of the existing bicycle, and a gimbal attached to... Agent: Hauler Cycles, LLC

20140091552 - Motorcycle: A motorcycle includes a seat supported on a pair of seat frames of a vehicle body frame. A rear wheel is disposed under the pair of seat frames in a side view of the motorcycle, and is swingable in an up-down direction. A damper includes a hydraulic jack to adjust... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140091553 - Lowboy trailer with steerable rear assembly: A steerable rear assembly is disclosed for a lowboy trailer. The assembly includes a lowboy trailer deck and a neck extending partially upwardly rearward and partially horizontally rearward from the deck. A front bogey is positioned beneath the horizontally extending portion of the neck, and the front bogey is connected... Agent: Crisp & Crisp Inc.

20140091554 - Multi-task trailer hitch assembly: A multi-function, anti-rotational, power-sports utility hitch receiver assembly includes a four-sided hollow receiver tube having a forward end configured to attach to a tow vehicle and a rearward end configured to house an attachment of an accessory shank. Aligned apertures are present in the opposing sidewalls between the forward end... Agent:

20140091555 - Apparatus for altering the ramp angle of a ski binding and method for optimizing the (fore-aft) balance of a skier: An apparatus and method for balancing a skier comprising a ramp angle toe on the toe bearing surface of a ski binding. The ramp angle plate has positions of varying heights for inducing a ramp angle when the toe of a boot rests on the ramp angle plate on the... Agent: Biostance LLC

20140091556 - Free heel touring-style ski binding slip differential cassette: The present invention pertains to a spring or alternative elastic, resilient, compressible media cassette for a touring-style ski binding, such as used in alpine touring or telemark skiing. The touring ski binding slip differential cassette provides the skier with variety of tuning options to manually adjust binding size, stiffness, and... Agent:

20140091557 - Full auto splitboard binding: A splitboard binding was developed specifically for boots that have toe and heel landings for full auto binding bails. The binding is also designed to interface with splitboard and solid snowboard bolt patterns. The basic components of the design can be broken up into two pieces, the parts that stay... Agent:

20140091558 - User interface for a power folding stroller: A user interface for a power folding stroller includes: a rotational mechanical joint positioned on the handlebars of the stroller. The rotational mechanical joint is coupled to electrical sensors that must be activated by the user rotating a ring combined with a second step of pressing a button to activate... Agent: Thorley Industries LLC

20140091559 - System providing baby bag, backpack and stroller functionality: A system is configured to provide functionality of a stroller, a bag and a backpack to transport a child and equipment. The system has a frame with front legs, back legs and support handles connected to a central hub on the right and left sides. The push handles are each... Agent:

20140091560 - Retractable umbrella stroller: A retractable umbrella stroller comprises a pair of push arms, a pair of second sliding mounts and a pair of foot rest mount. The pair of push arms are slidably and retractably coupling with a pair of front struts. The pair of second sliding mounts are fixedly mounted on the... Agent: Lerado (zhong Shan) Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140091561 - Airbag device for front passenger's seat: An airbag device for a front passenger's seat includes an airbag module and an instrument panel. The airbag module is provided in front of a front passenger's seat of a vehicle, and inflates and expands an airbag with gas jetted out by an inflator. The instrument panel includes an upper... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140091562 - Airbag and airbag device: Provided are an airbag and an airbag device that are capable of reducing impact on an occupant at an out of position while providing restraining ability with respect to the occupant in a normally seated state. An airbag device includes an airbag 2 that is normally folded and accommodated in... Agent: Takata Corporation

20140091563 - Ball mount holder assembly: A ball mount holder assembly for mounting to a carrying device includes a body having opposed sides and a stake flange that extends substantially perpendicularly from one of the opposed sides that is adapted to be secured to a surface. A pin flange extends substantially perpendicularly from an opposite one... Agent:

20140091564 - Semi-tractor trailer for distribution of natural gas and system and method for use of same: A semi-tractor trailer for distribution of natural gas and a system and method for use of the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, a semi-tractor trailer supported fuel receptacle has a plurality of metered fuel dispensers along the sides thereof to permit customers to park along side the semi-tractor trailer... Agent:

20140091565 - Recreational-board fender and splash guard apparatus and system: The invention relates to a fender and splash guard device and system configured to be secured to either an axle or a truck of a recreational and personal boarding device including, but not limited to, skateboards, long boards, and or mountain boards thereby protecting the rider from any projecting debris... Agent:

03/27/2014 > 21 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140084553 - Collapsible motorized stair chair: A motorized stair chair for transporting a human subject having a chair frame having front and rear sections; a collapsible seating assembly attached to the front section of the chair frame; ground-contacting wheels coupled to the chair frame; a motor coupled to the chair frame; a removable battery configured to... Agent: Ferno-washington, Inc.

20140084556 - Vehicle height adjusting device: Provided is technology of raising or lowering vehicle height even if the grasp of vehicle speed is disabled. A vehicle height adjusting device includes a rear suspension capable of changing relative positions of a vehicle body frame and a wheel of a motorcycle including a transmission configured by a plurality... Agent: Showa Corporation

20140084554 - Vehicle height adjusting device for motorcycle: In a vehicle height adjusting device for a motorcycle, the vehicle height is adjusted on the basis of proper vehicle speed information when a failure occurs in a vehicle speed sensor. In the vehicle height adjusting device for a motorcycle, when a failure occurs in a vehicle speed sensor, a... Agent:

20140084555 - Vehicle-height adjustment apparatus of motorcycle: In a vehicle-height adjustment apparatus of a motorcycle having the hydraulic jack attached to the damper, damping force characteristics of a damper are stabilized, the influence of the charged gas pressure of an oil reservoir chamber is eliminated, and the sealing performance of a hydraulic jack is reduced. In the... Agent: Showa Corporation

20140084557 - Ball pick: A specially formed ball shaped disc 40 to 50 mm in diameter to be utilized on the PIC® inline skate, U.S. Pat. No. 5,738,360, to allow for extreme jumps, spins, and footwork moves in the sport of inline figure skating. The ball pick disc is made of molded rubber or... Agent:

20140084558 - Work surface opening mechanism: A cart comprising a base, and a work station supported by the base. The work station including a compartment, a work surface disposed above the compartment, and an opening mechanism. The work surface moveable between an open position to provide access to the compartment and a closed position to deny... Agent:

20140084559 - Wheeled walker with dual-brake systems: A wheeled walker with dual-brake systems has a frame, two grips, at least three wheels, a seat cushion, at least one brake assembly, at least one manual system, and at least one seat actuating system. The brake assembly selectively stops the wheel. The seat actuating system is connected to the... Agent: Hui Zhou Andon Industries Co., Ltd.

20140084560 - Wheel cover for wheeled vehicles: A wheel cover for a wheeled vehicle which can be placed onto an associated wheel and secured using the same securing mechanism used to secure wheels to the wheeled vehicle. The securing member can be, for example, a nut typically used to attach wheels to the wheeled vehicle. The wheel... Agent: Bravo Sports

20140084561 - Drop-down bicycle trailer: The present invention generally relates to a trailer for attachment to a bicycle. The trailer is designed such that when the trailer is decoupled from the bicycle, the trailer can stand without tipping over. Additionally, the coupling assembly used for coupling the trailer to the bicycle, together with the handle... Agent:

20140084562 - Wheelchair transit bracket assembly: A wheelchair transit bracket assembly is provided and includes a clamp configured for attachment to a portion of a wheelchair frame. A pivot is attached to the clamp and is configured for rotation relative to the clamp. The pivot is configured for attachment to a tie-down assembly. The tie-down assembly... Agent: Sunrise Medical (us), LLC

20140084563 - Steering stop for bicycle handlebars: A steering stop for bicycle handlebars, comprising a first stop element adapted to be fixed to the head tube of a bicycle fork, and a second stop element cooperating with the first stop element to limit the steering angle. The second stop element is adapted to be mounted to the... Agent:

20140084564 - Universal frame for electric bikes and human powered bicycles: The present invention relates to a universal frame for electric bikes and human powered bicycles, the frame body of the universal frame is consisted of a top tube, a down tube, a seat tube, two seat stays and two chain stays, wherein a holder is welded on the junction of... Agent: Vulcan Sports Co., Ltd.

20140084565 - Two-wheeled motor vehicle: A two-wheeled motor vehicle has a rear cushion unit that includes a damper cylinder having one end part linked to a swing arm, a sub-tank connected to the damper cylinder and an adjustment mechanism for adjusting a damping force in response to operation of the operation element is provided between... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140084566 - Vehicle recovery tool: A vehicle recovery tool is used to tow disabled vehicles. The recovery tool includes a structural member that is mounted on an axle assembly including wheels. The structural member is configured to be coupled to or engage a vehicle to be towed that is positioned behind the recovery tool and... Agent:

20140084567 - Installation adapter for hitch: An installation adapter includes four downwardly extending tabs which mate into the cylindrical ball tube of an underbed portion of a hitch. A center hole on the installation adapter designates a location for drilling a pilot hole upward through the bed of the pickup truck. Four arms on the installation... Agent: Curt Manufacturing, LLC

20140084568 - Anti-rattle hitch assembly: An anti-rattle hitch (100) includes a tubular insert (102) that is configured to be inserted into a receiver (90). A wedge mechanism comprising a first wedge member (112) and a second wedge member (114) are disposed in the insert, and have slidably engaged angled faces. The second wedge member includes... Agent:

20140084569 - Safety apparatus for arresting a fall of a worker: A safety apparatus (10) includes a frame unit (12) placed on a surface (102). A cable (62) is mounted around a pulley (60) rotatably mounted to the frame unit (12) about a rotation axis (58). A slide (90) is slideably mounted to the frame unit (12) along a slide axis... Agent: Garlock Safety Systems Inc.

20140084570 - Airbag apparatus and method for assembling the same: An airbag apparatus includes an airbag, a retainer secured to the airbag, and an elongated inflator attached to the retainer. The inflator discharges gas for inflating the airbag. The retainer includes an attaching protrusion, which protrudes in a direction intersecting an axis of the inflator and secures the retainer to... Agent: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

20140084571 - Airbag apparatus: Inside of an airbag is partitioned by a partitioning member into an upstream inflation portion, which is inflated by a supply of gas, and a downstream inflation portion, which is inflated by inflow of the gas from the upstream inflation portion. The partitioning member includes a wide portion where an... Agent: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd

20140084572 - Active bolster with protected weld for bladder: An active bolster for mounting at an interior trim surface of an automotive vehicle has a plastic-molded, expandable inner wall having a welding flange disposed at an outer perimeter and a pleated region bending inward from the welding flange. A plastic-molded outer wall overlies the inner wall, wherein the welding... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140084573 - Positioning structure for a firearm on a vehicle: Positioning structure for an armament on a vehicle equipped with an armored cockpit (A) and wherein the armament is constrained to the top of the vehicle. The positioning structure engages directly to the frame of the vehicle and in particular to the reinforcement bars (B) typically called roll-bars, which delimit... Agent: Oto Melara S.p.a.

03/20/2014 > 21 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140077464 - Motorcycle: An object of the present invention is to control according to a vehicle height an auxiliary device provided in a vehicle. A motorcycle 1 having a damper 10A interposed between a vehicle body and an axle includes vehicle height detection means 80 for detecting a vehicle height, with this vehicle... Agent:

20140077466 - Motorcycle: An object of the present invention is to stabilize a rider's driving position in spite of a change in vehicle height. Provided is a motorcycle 1 that adjusts a vehicle height by interlocking a rear-wheel-side vehicle height adjusting operation based on controllable actuation of a hydraulic jack 41 provided in... Agent:

20140077465 - Vehicle height control device for motorcycle: An object of the present invention is to provide a vehicle height control device for a motorcycle which enables a vehicle height to be retained at any intermediate position and which implements instantaneously switchover of the vehicle height. A vehicle height control device for a motorcycle has vehicle height detection... Agent:

20140077467 - Insulated cooler with pole receiving channel: The present invention relates to an insulated cooler that is configured for the reception of an umbrella therein. The cooler comprises upper and lower surfaces that house two internal compartments and a central section separating the compartments. The central section comprises a central channel that extends from the upper section... Agent:

20140077468 - Luggage / cart system: The invention is a new design of luggage/cart system, which you can push or pull. It is in a horizontal position consisting of three or more wheels. The handle is a unique design to extend out and up at any angle. Wheel deployment and retraction is controlled by handle extension... Agent:

20140077469 - Trolley apparatus for unloading and supporting heavy coils of wound filament material from a winding machine to a packaging table: A trolley for moving heavy objects such as wire coils from a machine to a container at a packaging table is provided. The trolley includes spring-loaded spaced arms movably mounted for vertical height adjustment so that the arms are just below the coil when it is on the machine and... Agent: Reelex Packaging Solutions, Inc.

20140077470 - Balance bike: A balance bike includes a frame, and front and rear wheel assemblies respectively pivotally mounted on two opposite ends of the frame. The rear wheel assembly is pivotable with respect to the frame to synchronously adjust a seat height defined as a vertical distance that extending from a saddle of... Agent:

20140077471 - Transport and assembly system and method for composite barrel segments: A barrel assembly for a composite structure includes a barrel of composite material, a first end ring, and a mid support. The barrel of composite material has a first end, an interior surface and an outer surface, and the first end ring is removably attached to the first end. The... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140077472 - Heavy-duty axle/suspension system: An axle seat bracket-to-beam connection for a heavy-duty axle/suspension system includes at least a pair of spaced apart weld stops that are attached to a beam of a suspension assembly of the axle/suspension system. A weld is laid along an interface between the axle seat bracket and the beam between... Agent: Hendrickson Usa, L.L.C.

20140077473 - Vehicle bearing apparatus: A first side-face spline of a hub spindle and a second side-face spline of a constant velocity joint each has a tooth tip formed by tip tilted surfaces tilted from tooth flanks constituting a tooth chevron, an internal angle of the tooth tip is set to be less than 180... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140077474 - Folding bicycle and method of use: A folding bicycle and method for folding the folding bicycle is provided. The folding bicycle comprises a frame having a first end and a second end; a first wheel connected to the second end of the frame, the first wheel and the frame being located in a first plane; a... Agent:

20140077475 - Motorcycle footboard heel rest: A heel rest apparatus for a motorcycle footboard comprises a one-piece heel rest structure and a locking structure securable to a mating portion of the one-piece heel rest structure. The one-piece heel rest structure includes a heel rest portion and a mounting portion. The heel rest portion has an inwardly... Agent:

20140077476 - Collapsible vehicle: A powered vehicle has a rear frame assembly and a front frame assembly that are pivotally attached to one another, and can be pivoted from a normal fully-extended operating position to a folded position in which the frame assemblies are positioned substantially adjacent to one another, effectively reducing overall vehicle... Agent:

20140077477 - Carrier for transporting bulky, relatively heavy objects: A carrier for transporting bulky, relatively heavy goods, the carrier capable of being operated by a single individual.... Agent:

20140077478 - Airbag in privacy wall: Embodiments of the present invention provide an airbag system designed to deploy from a privacy wall in a diagonal manner.... Agent: Zodiac Seats France

20140077479 - Airbag housing for vehicle and manufacturing method thereof: An airbag housing for a vehicle and a manufacturing method thereof may include a main body receiving an airbag configured to expand upon collision of the vehicle and an inflator expanding the airbag, and including an end being open such that expansion of the airbag spreads in one direction, and... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20140077480 - Airbag module for a vehicle seat assembly: An bag assembly is provided with a flat lateral profile for increased compactness in the lateral direction. A folded airbag is inflated by an inflator to unfold and project in a longitudinal direction. The folded airbag has a central fold extending in the longitudinal direction and a pair of distal... Agent: Lear Corporation

20140077481 - Instrument panel integrally including an airbag door: In this instrument panel, a groove portion for forming an intended splitting portion in the door main body portion of the airbag door is formed at a cover layer side of the door main body portion. Therefore, when the door main body portion inverts from the recessed shape to a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140077482 - Motor vehicle with occupant protection device: A motor vehicle includes an occupant protection device which is provided for a side region of the motor vehicle. The occupant protection device includes a sensor capable of ascertaining an air pressure signal, and a control device capable of evaluating the air pressure signal and activating the occupant protection device... Agent: Audi Ag

20140077483 - Motor vehicle: A motor vehicle having a first vehicle seat, a first seat belt, assigned to the first vehicle seat and having an assigned first receptacle, at least one second vehicle seat, a second seat belt, assigned to the second vehicle seat and having an assigned second receptacle, a first receptacle sensor... Agent: Volkswagen Ag

20140077484 - Frac tank and trailer assembly: Applicant provides a novel tank and trailer assembly adapted to receive fluids, including frac fluids therein, at a wellsite. The frac tank of the tank/trailer assembly is comprised of a fabric composite material rather than steel. This makes the frac tank lighter and easier to haul (empty) over the highway.... Agent:

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