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Land vehicles

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04/16/2015 > 27 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20150102568 - Machine suspension and height adjustment: An assembly for supporting a vehicle chassis on a wheel of the vehicle includes a wheel attachment component for attaching the assembly to the wheel, a chassis attachment component for attaching the assembly to the vehicle chassis, and a suspension component. At least one adjustment element is coupled with the... Agent: Agco Corporation

20150102569 - System and method of adjusting the chassis height of a machine: A vehicle includes a chassis, a plurality of ground engaging elements supporting the chassis above a ground surface, a motor for driving at least one of the ground engaging elements to thereby propel the machine along the ground surface, and a chassis height adjustment system for selectively raising and lowering... Agent: Agco Corporation

20150102570 - Machine suspension and height adjustment: An assembly for supporting a vehicle chassis on a ground engaging element of the vehicle includes a first attachment component for attaching the assembly to the ground engaging element, a second attachment component for attaching the assembly to the chassis and an adjustment component for shifting the first attachment component... Agent: Agco Corporation

20150102571 - Machine suspension and height adjustment: An assembly for supporting a vehicle chassis on a wheel of the vehicle includes a frame pivotably connected to the vehicle chassis at a connection location and a wheel attachment component slidingly coupled with the frame. The wheel attachment component is positioned on a first side of the connection location... Agent: Agco Corporation

20150102572 - Machine suspension and height adjustment with rotary actuator: An assembly for supporting a vehicle chassis on a wheel of the vehicle includes a wheel attachment component for attaching the assembly to the wheel, a chassis attachment component for attaching the assembly to the chassis, and a suspension component for regulating motion transfer between the wheel attachment component and... Agent: Agco Corporation

20150102573 - Luggage article with cantilevered wheel bracket having elongated arms: A luggage article may include a plurality of walls together defining an outer structure of the luggage article, a wheel bracket attached to and extending from one of the walls, and a wheel attached to the wheel bracket. The wheel bracket may comprise first and second elongate arms extending along... Agent:

20150102574 - Juvenile walker: A juvenile walker includes a seat supported for movement on a movable base. The elevation of the seat can be changed by a caregiver.... Agent:

20150102575 - Vehicle suspension: A golf cart vehicle is disclosed having a suspension that includes a single suspension device that provides for a plurality of functions. In one embodiment the single suspension device includes a plurality of transverse mounted leaf springs that are longitudinally spaced apart from one another to provide a spring and... Agent:

20150102576 - Subframe for a motor vehicle: A subframe for a motor vehicle includes at least one transverse structure oriented in a transverse direction of the vehicle, a first and a second longitudinal member oriented in a longitudinal direction of the vehicle and connected to the at least one transverse structure by respective first and second cast... Agent:

20150102577 - Walking aid: The present invention relates to a walking aid suitable for supporting patients with cerebral palsy whilst walking and/or during physiotherapy. The walking aid comprises a frame supported by a pair of wheels positioned next to one another, and a support element connected to the frame, for securing the walking aid... Agent:

20150102578 - Two-wheel vehicle structure: The present invention provides a two wheel vehicle structure, including: a vehicle frame and a multi-ratio transmission system. The vehicle frame has two wheels and an input tubular member. A crank is attached at each end of the input tubular member. The multi-ratio transmission system includes: a multi-ratio transmission device,... Agent:

20150102579 - Two-wheel vehicle structure: The present invention provides a two wheel vehicle structure, including: a vehicle frame and a multi-ratio transmission system. The vehicle frame has two wheels and an input tubular member. A crank is attached at each end of the input tubular member. The multi-ratio transmission system includes: a multi-ratio transmission device,... Agent:

20150102580 - Two-wheel vehicle structure: The present invention provides a two wheel vehicle structure, including: a vehicle frame and a multi-ratio transmission system. The vehicle frame has two wheels and an input tubular member. A crank is attached at each end of the input tubular member. The multi-ratio transmission system includes: a multi-ratio transmission device,... Agent:

20150102581 - Tilt adjustment of ball mount head: A ball mount head has a pivotable connection to a shank portion of a weight distribution hitch. A tilt selector receives a bolt through a hole and is connected to one of the shank portion and the ball mount head with two pegs extending into two of at least three... Agent:

20150102582 - Vehicle system: A vehicle system is disclosed herein. The vehicle system includes first and second shell members, each extending along respective first and second axes between respective stern ends and junction ends. Each shell member also includes respective hull walls extending along the respective axes, interconnecting the respective stern ends and junction... Agent:

20150102583 - Fifth wheel fluid lock safety system and method: A tractor-trailer vehicle system and method comprising a safety sensor disposed on a fifth wheel assembly to indicate an unlocked position of the fifth wheel assembly. The safety sensor is configured to transmit a signal, either hard wired or wireless, to a valve controller which maintains a valve in the... Agent:

20150102584 - Underbed support assembly for fifth wheel and gooseneck hitch systems: An apparatus for attaching either a gooseneck trailer hitch or a fifth wheel trailer hitch to a truck bed can include a single cross-member, a gooseneck ball receiver and a plurality of mounting pads. The single cross-member can be attached to first and second truck longitudinal frame rails. The gooseneck... Agent:

20150102585 - Ski boot frame: Disclosed are boot frames comprising: a base; an ankle support; and at least one strap configured to secure a boot to the boot frame; wherein the base comprises: a) at least one side support, b) a toe binding, and c) a heel binding.... Agent:

20150102586 - Adjustable axle assembly for an agricultural vehicle: An axle assembly for an agricultural vehicle that includes an axle configured to be coupled to a wheel. The axle comprises a body and a first arm extending from the body. The body is configured to be disposed within a frame member of the agricultural vehicle and to contact an... Agent: Cnh America LLC

20150102587 - Foldable jogging stroller frame with an auto-swiveling mechanism for rear wheel sets thereof: A foldable jogging stroller frame with an auto-swiveling mechanism for rear wheel sets thereof without return-springs, in which the foldable jogging stroller frame may include a front strut, a pair of push arms pivoted with the front strut by a pair of lockable joints, a pair of rear struts pivoted... Agent:

20150102588 - Non-slitted tear seam for mini-wrappers: An airbag assembly may include an inflatable airbag with a stowed configuration and a deployed configuration, and a restraint member that keeps the inflatable airbag in the stowed configuration. The restraint member may have a frangible portion designed to tear at a pre-established threshold level of tension to permit deployment... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20150102589 - Multi-wrap airbags and related methods and systems: Methods, apparatus, and systems for packing or deploying airbag cushions, such as driver side airbag cushions, to improve unfolding kinematics and/or otherwise improve performance. In some implementations of methods for packing an airbag cushion, a first portion of an airbag cushion may be compressed and then secured in a compressed... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20150102590 - Passive knee bolster: A bolster assembly for a vehicle is provided, the bolster assembly comprising a body, and a plurality of brackets provided on a front surface of the body, the plurality of brackets being arranged in paired sets. Also provided is a plurality of energy absorbing elements, wherein each of the plurality... Agent: Salflex Polymers Limited

20150102591 - Deployable structure to provide protection when vehicles roll over: A deployable structure to provide protection when vehicles roll over, which is made up of a “V” shaped structure (1) closed at the top where both the lateral vertical bars (4) and the uppermost horizontal bar (7) can fold and unfold telescopically, resulting in an increase in the width and... Agent:

20150102592 - Wheel of a vehicle: A wheel carrier of a vehicle is provided with at least one spur to selectively deflect a wheel mounted on the wheel carrier in a predefined deflection direction in the event of an accident-generated application of force on the wheel.... Agent:

20150102593 - Vehicle with chassis height adjustment: A machine includes a chassis, a plurality of ground engaging elements supporting the chassis above a ground surface, a motor for driving at least one of the ground engaging elements and a plurality of assemblies supporting the chassis on the ground engaging elements. Each of the assemblies is configured to... Agent: Agco Corporation

20150102594 - Anti-aquaplaning device for a vehicle: Device to avoid the aquaplaning problem on a vehicle (10), the device being applicable at least on the drive wheels (28) of the vehicle and including a tank (12) of fluid under pressure that is connected to a plurality of fluid ejectors (26) associated with the respective wheels and suitable... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 20 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150097346 - Convertible scooter ride-on: The present invention relates to a convertible scooter ride-on and, more particularly, to a convertible toy that converts between a scooter and ride-on toy. The convertible scooter ride-on includes a base with a plurality of wheels attached thereto and a seat portion pivotally attached with the base. A handle pole... Agent:

20150097347 - Adjustable skating blade system: A piece of footwear, such as ice skating boots, is provided wherein a skating blade system is operable to be pivoted, tilted and/or rotated about at least two axes so as to enable the skating blade to be vertically aligned with the knee/upper portion of the lower leg (e.g., proximal... Agent:

20150097348 - Modular accessory attachment system for a utility cart: Three different families of mobile utility cart accessories may be quickly and easily attached to a mobile utility cart of the present invention using the inexpensive, but flexible modular accessory attachment system of the present invention. This is accomplished by releasably slidably attaching the accessories to vertical rails mounted adjacent... Agent: Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

20150097349 - Multi-purpose toy with interactive elements: As one implementation example, an apparatus is described which comprises a base, the base comprising a plurality of wheels which enable the base to be moveable. The apparatus further comprises a frame, wherein the frame is removably engaged with the base, a handle engaged with a top portion or a... Agent:

20150097350 - Coupling structure, coupling member having coupling structure, and method for manufacturing coupling member having coupling structure: A coupling structure includes a hollow rod section formed of a metal pipe and fastening sections formed by plastic deformation of the metal pipe so as to be connected with end sections of the hollow rod section. The fastening section includes a pair of base end sections which are each... Agent:

20150097351 - Stabilizing bar mounting structure: According to a further embodiment, an automotive vehicle including a body frame having opposed side frames and a subframe having opposed side members is disclosed. The subframe includes a stabilizer bar connection assembly comprised of generally U-shaped recess formed in each of the opposed side members and a generally U-shaped... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150097352 - Suspension system for a skateboard or other rider platform: The present invention is directed to an undercarriage of a person powered wheeled vehicle and, more particularly, to a cantilevered spring for absorbing shock and vibration.... Agent:

20150097353 - Motorized retractable step apparatus: A motorized retractable step apparatus includes one or more steps that move between a retracted position and a deployed position. The step apparatus includes a drive member that spans the length of the step apparatus and rotates to retract or deploy the steps. The step apparatus uses a direct drive... Agent: Lippert Components, Inc.

20150097354 - King pin coupler: A fifth wheel for use between a tractor and a trailer wherein the trailer has a king pin comprising a frame mounted on the tractor, a lower plate member, an intermediate plate member formed of a low friction material and mounted on the lower plate member, an upper plate member... Agent:

20150097355 - Fifth wheel latching assembly: A fifth wheel latching assembly is provided having first and second locking assemblies. The first locking assembly includes first and second jaw members, which are movable between open and locked configurations. In the locked configurations, at least one of the first and second jaw members locks a kingpin in place... Agent: Dethmers Manufacturing Company

20150097356 - Coupler lock: A coupler lock for attaching to a trailer hitch coupler. The hitch coupler has a socket. The coupler lock includes a locking bar and a plug member for receipt within the socket of the hitch coupler and supported by the locking bar. The coupler lock includes a base structure removably... Agent:

20150097357 - Antiparallelogram folding structure, stroller, chair, pram, table trolley: The foldable bearing structure includes a set of coplanar wheels and a folding device including a set of lower arms; at least a rear upper arm; an antiparallelogram deformable in a vertical plane, the antiparallelogram including two crossed segments; at least a first sidebar located in the vertical plane; the... Agent:

20150097358 - Electric cart apparatus: An electric cart apparatus includes a basket in which objects are to be held. A plurality of front and rear legs is erected downward from the basket. First ends of oblique links are coupled with the basket. Second ends of the oblique links are coupled with lower sections of the... Agent:

20150097359 - 3-layer \"c\" shaped side airbag: An airbag assembly may include an airbag with a first fabric panel, a second fabric panel attached to the first fabric panel, and a third fabric panel attached to the second fabric panel. The first and second fabric panels may define a first inflatable cushion and the second and third... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20150097360 - Curtain airbag device: A curtain airbag device where an airbag main body provided along a roof side rail is deployed in the form of a curtain inside the vehicle compartment by operation of an inflator. The airbag main body includes a first expansion part disposed at a position overlying a center pillar and... Agent:

20150097361 - Mobile stabilisation device: A mobile stabilization device consists of at least one linear gear forming a track adapted to be securely attached to a vehicle. A movable counterweight member including at least one gear that is adapted to cooperate with at least one linear gear and thereby move linearly along the track, and... Agent:

20150097362 - Tractor counterweight mounting: A top link for a tractor front counterweight support linkage. The link is a fixed length elongate body having at a first end a pivoting connection with a chassis of the tractor and at a second end a slot to slidably receive an attachment bolt connectable to a tractor front... Agent:

20150097363 - Personal mobility vehicle restraint: A safety restraint adapted for securing a personal mobility vehicle in a transport vehicle, against movement in a direction opposite to the direction of normal motion of the transport vehicle, the safety restraint comprising: a retractor comprising a spool on which an elongate piece of material is wound; the elongate... Agent:

20150097364 - Hook and loop mechanism for prevention of fuel tank rotation: A system for securing a fuel tank to a mobile machine includes a mounting frame connectable to the mobile machine and having a substantially rigid portion configured to support the fuel tank, and a mounting strap connected to the mounting frame and configured to secure the fuel tank to the... Agent:

20150097365 - Mud flap system: A mud flap system for a tractor is described. The mud flap system includes brackets that clamp or secure to a frame of the tractor. Lateral extensions engage to the brackets to support covers over a top surface of rear wheels of the tractor.... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 28 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150091260 - Dolly for moving tall loads through thresholds with low clearance: A shallow-draft dolly for moving a pre-fabricated storm shelter or other load throw threshold with minimal clearance. In one embodiment, the dolly has two side rail units, each with a lower and an upper bar; four wheel arms with attached wheels extending from the ends of the side rails, at... Agent:

20150091262 - Stability control system: Embodiments of a suspension for a vehicle is provided. The suspension includes, for example, a frame and a locking assembly. The locking assembly inhibits tipping of a frame of the vehicle when tipping of the frame is detected.... Agent:

20150091261 - Dual inline hydraulic device: A system for varying an eyelet-to-eyelet distance of a vehicle. The system includes top and bottom mounting components defining the eyelet-to-eyelet distance, the top mounting component being operatively connected to a frame of the vehicle, and the bottom mounting component being operatively connected to a supporting component of the vehicle.... Agent:

20150091263 - Interchangeable axle suspension spacer slider system and method of making same: An interchangeable axle suspension spacer system of method of using same, in conjunction with an in-line skate frame, wherein the system includes a wheel means and shock absorbing apparatus having multiple layers, wherein certain layers are compressed within an embedded wall while others allow the for restricted tracking along a... Agent:

20150091264 - Convertible transport trolley having a pair of fold-away legs and simultaneously fold-away wheels: A transport trolley (CT) comprises: a pair of legs (J1) each having a lower end to which there is coupled a plate (PT1) on which at least one wheel (R1) is mounted so as to rotate in a transverse direction, first load supporting means (S1) coupled to the lower ends... Agent: Peugeot Citroen Automobiles Sa

20150091265 - Garden utility cart: A garden utility cart suitable for carrying leaves and different types of tools efficiently is box-shaped and sized to hold a standard thirty gallon garbage bag, with a large elastic band around the rim to secure it into place. The cart is used to carry garden waste, leaves, or tools... Agent:

20150091266 - Wheeled containers for memory foam mattresses: A wheeled container for a memory foam mattress includes a plastic container having an upper end and a lower end with a bottom surface that extends to a lower edge of the container, a pair of wheels rotatably mounted to the plastic container at the lower edge of the container,... Agent:

20150091267 - Baby car seat insta-stroller: A car seat mobility assembly configured to couple to an infant car seat. The car seat mobility assembly has a telescoping handle coupled to one or more wheel brackets each a wheel coupled thereto. The wheel bracket is configured to couple to the car seat. The car seat mobility assembly... Agent:

20150091268 - Plates allowing adjustment of caster and camber: An apparatus allows for the independent adjustment of caster and camber for vehicles utilizing MacPherson strut front suspensions. The apparatus has, in stacked arrangement, a fastener plate, a lower plate, and an upper plate. Camber adjustments are generally made by manipulation of the lower plate and caster adjustments are generally... Agent:

20150091269 - Suspension assembly having a sway bar: A suspension assembly for a vehicle has left and right suspension arms, left and right shock absorbers operatively connected to their corresponding suspension arms, a sway bar operatively connected to the left and right suspension arms, left and right hinges pivotally connecting corresponding ends of the sway bar to their... Agent:

20150091270 - Modular rail and step system: A modular side rail and removable step system for a vehicle is disclosed. In one aspect, the kit includes first, second, and third removable steps that may be mounted to the side rail. In one aspect, the side rail main body has a channel-shape defining a longitudinal opening between an... Agent:

20150091271 - Suspension apparatus and suspension system: A first front fork includes an outer tube, an inner tube, a tubular cylinder provided inside the outer tube and the inner tube, a rod member moving relatively in an axial direction of the cylinder and having a space portion inside, which is formed in the axial direction, a piston... Agent: Showa Corporation

20150091272 - Locking threadless bicycle headset: The set of bicycle headsets that are threadless and/or have pressed frame cups/races can be locked to prohibit the nominal rotation of the headset and bicycle handlebars about the bicycle's steer tube by this invention. This invention uses standard threadless headset components in addition to three newly invented components: The... Agent:

20150091273 - Valve unit for inflating wheels: A valve unit (1) with a single-piece valve body (4) includes a cylindrical collar (5), a valve seat (7), a main duct (9) and an auxiliary duct (10). The cylindrical collar (5) projects from a reference plane (12) obtained in the valve body (4) and is configured so that it... Agent:

20150091274 - Header trailer with improved steering: A trailer for transporting a harvester header comprises a chassis, a rear axle assembly and a front axle assembly. A steering force transfer mechanism is arranged to transfer a steering force hydraulically from a first one steerable wheel supported on the front axle assembly to a second one steerable wheel... Agent:

20150091275 - Eclipse smart dolly: An adaptable dolly device is described which is configured adaptively adjust in length according to the size of the cargo at hand to be transported. The device is designed to reduce the overall time spent loading and unloading a truck when transporting goods by effectively combining the faculties of a... Agent:

20150091276 - Knee protection airbag apparatus: A knee protection airbag apparatus includes an airbag and a front panel. The front panel includes a lower panel portion and an upper panel portion. When the airbag inflates, the airbag causes the upper panel portion to move to the front, and deploys in a space on a rear surface-side... Agent:

20150091277 - Steering wheel airbag cover: An airbag cover includes a ceiling wall portion provided on a steering wheel, and covered an airbag. The ceiling wall portion has an attaching door portion and a non-attaching door portion opened to the left and the right, causing a predetermined fracture portion to facture by the inflating airbag. The... Agent:

20150091279 - Dual-chambered passenger airbag: An airbag includes an outer shell defining an interior, at least one vent opening structured to enable fluid communication between the interior and an exterior of the airbag, and a divider dividing the airbag interior into an upper chamber and a lower chamber. The divider is deflectable in a first... Agent: Tk Holdings Inc.

20150091278 - Seat-mounted airbag apparatus and vehicle seat: A seat-mounted airbag apparatus includes an inflator that is provided in a vehicle seat and generates gas by being activated; a shoulder airbag that is formed in a long bag shape and is housed in one side portion of a seatback of the vehicle seat, with one longitudinal end portion... Agent:

20150091280 - Vehicle: A vehicle has a front seat in which an airbag is deployed so as to inflate in an interior of a seat back in response to a collision, and a rear seat disposed behind the front seat. The vehicle includes: a rear occupancy detector that detects the presence of a... Agent:

20150091281 - Vehicle seat: A plurality of elastic support members extends across a seat back frame that forms a skeleton of a seat back of the vehicle seat. A seat pad is disposed on the front sides of the elastic support members. An airbag is disposed between the elastic support members and a back... Agent:

20150091282 - Vehicle seat airbag system and vehicle seat: A vehicle seat airbag system includes an airbag which is caused by the vehicle seat airbag system to inflate and develop within a seat back. A plurality of elastic installation supporting members is provided within a seat back frame that forms the framework of the seat back of a seat... Agent:

20150091283 - Occupant protection system: An occupant protection system includes a seatbelt device mountable on a vehicle seat and an airbag device mountable in a vicinity of a fastening area of the seatbelt device where a buckle section of the seatbelt device buckles a tongue. The airbag device includes an airbag inflatable between a lap... Agent:

20150091284 - Device and method for activating an air bag for a vehicle and an air bag system for a vehicle: A device for activating an air bag for a vehicle, the device having a pressure vessel for supplying a gas under pressure using at least one exit opening for letting out a first volume flow of the gas to the air bag, a valve element connected to the pressure vessel,... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150091285 - Airbag and airbag device provided with the airbag: An airbag according to the present invention has: an airbag main body that is provided with a gas introduction opening; and an inner cloth portion that is arranged to cover the gas introduction opening in the airbag main body. The inner cloth portion has a first and a second opening... Agent:

20150091286 - Atv having arrangement for a passenger: An all-terrain vehicle includes a plurality of ground-engaging members and a frame supported by the plurality of ground-engaging members and having a front end and a rear end. The all-terrain vehicle further includes a straddle seat coupled to the frame and an attachment rack supported by the frame. The attachment... Agent:

20150091287 - Method for releasing a restraint device for a rider on a vehicle and a corresponding vehicle: A method for releasing a restraint device for a rider on a vehicle, the restraint device having a connecting element by which the rider is detachably connected to the vehicle, includes: ascertaining an inclination angle and/or a slope angle of the vehicle; ascertaining a rotational rate about a longitudinal axis... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

03/26/2015 > 36 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20150084289 - Systems, devices, and methods including a stand-up wheel chair having automatic stability control: Systems, devices, and methods are described for providing, among other things, a stand-up wheel chair having automatic stability control.... Agent: Elwha LLC

20150084290 - Ride performance optimization in an active suspension system: An active vehicle suspension system includes an active damping mechanism operatively coupled to a vehicle wheel and configured for controlling a damping force applied to the wheel responsive to a control signal. A controller is operatively coupled to the damping mechanism and configured for generating a control signal to the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150084291 - Mobile cooler with sled or ski attachment: Disclosed is a cooler that is adapted for use on various terrain. The cooler includes an insulated body having an inner compartment defined by a bottom wall having side walls extending upwardly therefrom, and a lid hingedly attached at the open upper portion of the body. The body further includes... Agent:

20150084292 - Steerable sled board and the like: A steering sled board includes a supporting board for supporting a center of mass of a rider and a steering control which includes a steering board aligned with and movably coupled in front the supporting board in an inline manner, wherein the steering board is self-rotatable with respect to the... Agent:

20150084293 - Mechanic's creeper: A mechanic's creeper includes a front frame, a middle frame and a back frame. The front frame is configured to rotate with respect to the middle frame, and the middle frame is configured to rotate with respect to the back frame. A front pad mounted on the front frame has... Agent:

20150084294 - Stroller accessory: A stroller accessory. The stroller accessory includes a seat where the seat is configured to allow a user to sit. The stroller accessory also includes one or more wheels. The one or more wheels are attached to the seat and are configured to allow the stroller accessory to move. The... Agent:

20150084295 - Pull rod bag with stretchable wheels and wheel stretching operation mechanism: A pull rod bag with telescopic wheels (1) and a wheel telescoping operation mechanism, the wheel telescoping operation mechanism comprising: two pushing parts (9), the front end of each pushing part (9) can be connected with the rotating shaft (7) of a corresponding telescopic wheel (1); a transmission unit, comprising... Agent: Starry Limited

20150084296 - Sports bag with integral transportation system: Disclosed is a sports bag assembly with an integral wheeled transportation system. The bag assembly can accommodate the transportation and storage of sports equipment. The wheels can be deployed and retracted with a single mechanical movement, and may be stowed within the geometry of the bag. The bag assembly can... Agent:

20150084297 - Dolly for moving, stacking, and storing tubular truss: A dolly is provided for us in moving, stacking and storing tubular truss.... Agent:

20150084298 - Multipurpose wagon: A multipurpose wagon having a wagon body, front and rear wheels and a handle. The wagon body has a front portion and a rear portion, the handle being coupled to the front portion, a front wall adjacent the front portion and a rear wall adjacent the rear portion. Additionally, the... Agent:

20150084299 - Skate assistance system and method: This patent applications references the Provisional Patent Application 61/872,763, with the filing date Sep. 2, 2013. A system for training a skater using a device that the skater pushes in front of them, or pulls behind them. The device is pushed, or pulled, by the skater with handle bars. The... Agent:

20150084300 - Chassis module and camber angle adjustment: One exemplary vehicle chassis module may include a knuckle, a sub-frame and a camber control link coupled to at least one of the knuckle and the sub-frame via a slot and a surface surrounding the slot. The vehicle chassis module may also include a bolt fastener having a head corresponding... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150084301 - Vehicle with suspension stystem: A vehicle includes two wheels on each side, with the pair of wheels on the left side mounted on a single bar that pivots up and down about a pivot point (left side wheel pivot plate) fastened to an axle that runs through the vehicle chassis from side-to-side. A pair... Agent:

20150084302 - Suspension arrangement for a vehicle: A vehicle suspension arrangement for a vehicle having a chassis rail and a transverse axle arranged substantially orthogonal to the chassis rail is provided. The vehicle suspension arrangement includes a coil spring having a predetermined resilience characteristic, a first end for coupling to the chassis rail of the vehicle at... Agent: Rassini, S.a. De C.v.

20150084303 - Vehicle suspension mounting system: A vehicle suspension subsystem is provided having a leafspring that is mounted to a vehicle frame with a clevis type mounting bracket. An end of the leafspring includes an eyelet which receives a bushing, the bushing in turn receiving a pivot. The clevis type mounting bracket is mounted to the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150084304 - Extendable step for a truck: An extendable step with a receiver assembly and a step assembly for a pickup truck is provided. The receiver assembly includes a receiver tube with an internal channel. The receiver tube is configured to attach to a hitch of a vehicle, such as a pick-up truck. The step assembly may... Agent:

20150084305 - Systems, devices, and methods including a stand-up wheel chair having automatic stability control: Systems, devices, and methods are described for providing, among other things, a stand-up wheel chair having automatic stability control.... Agent:

20150084306 - Spring assisted jumping bicycle: The present invention is a bicycle having a frame capable of flexing under downward force so that when downward force is applied a front spring assembly and a rear spring assembly are able to store and release the energy allowing the bike to jump in the air. The spring assemblies... Agent:

20150084307 - Mobile manual standing wheelchair: The present invention relates to a novel approach to improving the use of wheelchairs by offering the ability for the wheelchair to transition between accommodation for a seated position, and accommodation for a standing position, more particularly, wherein the inventive mobile manual standing wheelchair allows for a standing position during... Agent:

20150084308 - Systems, devices, and methods including a stand-up wheel chair having automatic stability control: Systems, devices, and methods are described for providing, among other things, a stand-up wheel chair having automatic stability control.... Agent:

20150084309 - Work vehicle chassis articulation joint: An articulated chassis work vehicle has an articulation joint rotatably coupling separate engine and equipment frames of the vehicle chassis. The articulation joint can have upper and lower joint assemblies. One or both of the upper and lower joint assemblies are constructed and arranged so that a corresponding bearing assembly... Agent: Deere & Company

20150084310 - Universal fifth wheel plate cover and method: An improved universal greaseless fifth wheel plate cover and method of installation are disclosed. The fifth wheel plate cover can be retrofitted to almost every existing conventional (greased) fifth wheel, or it could optionally be manufactured into new fifth wheels. The disclosed device comprises a slip plate, which preferably is... Agent:

20150084311 - Road tractor semi-trailer combination: The fifth wheel is equipped with a handle for displacing a locking pawl which locks the kingpin in the fifth wheel in coupled state of the road tractor and the semi-trailer. This handle is connected via a pulling cable to the sensor unit for displacing the sensor unit to the... Agent:

20150084312 - Foldable scooter: Foldable scooter comprising a footboard, a front wheel, a rear wheel and a steer. The front wheel is suspended to a front frame carrying the steer. The front frame is connected to the footboard by a lockable hinge allowing hinging about a hinging axis by the front frame relative to... Agent:

20150084313 - Folding chassis for an umbrella-fold child's pushchair: A folding chassis (1) for a child's pushchair comprising a plurality of up members (10, 11, 13, 13) for supporting the wheels and a support for the child, in which at least two members (10, 11, 13, 13) of said plurality of members are articulated to one another in such... Agent: Napa Valley

20150084314 - Support member for a trailer: Embodiments include a support member for an extendable trailer with one or more flange members and one or more web members. In an embodiment, the web members include tabs and the flange members define slots. Other embodiments are also included herein.... Agent:

20150084315 - Vehicle passenger protection system: A vehicle occupant protection system comprises an airbag (20) which in the folded state is accommodated in a backrest (14) of a vehicle seat (12) and in the deployed state extends between two seats (12, 52) of the vehicle. The airbag (20) includes a thorax zone (36) for laterally covering... Agent:

20150084316 - Head protection airbag apparatus: In a head protection airbag apparatus, an airbag includes an airbag body and a tension cloth. The airbag body has an end side inflation portion which is arranged in an end portion on the tension cloth side. The end side inflation portion is divided from other general inflation sections in... Agent:

20150084317 - Occupant position detection device and airbag deployment control system: An occupant position detection device is an occupant position detection device disposed inside a vehicle to detect a position of an occupant, and includes: a detector comprising two or more sensor electrodes disposed forward of a seat and at least one sensor electrode disposed at a position more rearward and... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20150084318 - Airbag device: An airbag device includes: an airbag; an inflator; a gas discharge state switching member; and a tether belt which is one example of a connecting member. The gas discharge state switching member is switched over from a gas discharge state to a gas non-discharge state by being pulled into the... Agent: Ashimori Industry Co., Ltd.

20150084319 - Base fabric for air bag which hardly causes \"bottoming\" upon collision: There is disclosed a non-coated base fabric for air bag characterized in that maximum value of inner pressure of a woven fabric in measurement of dynamic air permeability at 50 to 65° C. is 70 to 100 kpa and biaxial strain rate of the base fabric at that time is... Agent: Toyobo Co., Ltd.

20150084320 - Systems, devices, and methods including a stand-up wheel chair having automatic stability control: Systems, devices, and methods are described for providing, among other things, a stand-up wheel chair having automatic stability control.... Agent:

20150084321 - Utility vehicle with rops and loading platform: A utility vehicle includes a front boarding section, a rear boarding section having a rear seat unit, a ROPS delimiting space including a front boarding space acting as a ride-in space of the front boarding section and a rear boarding space acting as a ride-in space of the rear boarding... Agent: Kubota Corporation

20150084322 - Device for targeted guiding of a wheel relative to a vehicle body in case of a collision and adjusted wheel rim therefore: A device for targeted guiding of a wheel relative to a vehicle body in the case of a collision includes a capture device for the wheel, which when viewed in the transverse direction vehicle is fastened on one end in the region of a longitudinal member of the motor vehicle... Agent:

20150084323 - Motor vehicle safety belt: Disclosed is a motor vehicle safety belt including: a belt which includes a shoulder belt, and a waist belt, and restricts a body of an occupant; a retractor which is installed at a door side of a vehicle body, and winds up at one end of the belt; a tongue... Agent:

20150084324 - Ski training apparatus: A ski training apparatus includes a ski pole having proximal and distal ends. A first guide member is coupled to an upper surface of a respective ski worn by a ski trainee and includes a first receiver portion defining a first open interior area and an open top. A second... Agent:

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