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Land vehicles

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12/04/2014 > 24 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140353933 - Remotely adjustable suspension coupling: Apparatus and associated methods relate to displacement-independent remote adjustable coupling of a first suspension member to a second suspension member. In an illustrative embodiment, the first suspension member may move substantially independently of any motion of the second suspension member, when in an uncoupled state. When in a coupled state,... Agent: Skinz Protective Gear

20140353934 - Vehicle: A spring constant of each of four suspension springs and a shared load on each of four wheels are adjusted so that a sprung resonance frequency corresponding to two front wheels and a sprung resonance frequency corresponding to two rear wheels are mutually different. From among the four shock absorbers,... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140353935 - Shopping cart: A shopping cart features a frame forming a chassis portion and a handle portion. A number of casters are attached to the chassis portion while a basket attached to the handle portion. A pair of basket supports are positioned on opposite sides of the basket. The pair of basket supports... Agent: Unarco Industries LLC

20140353936 - Vehicle suspension comprising light weight leaf spring assembly: A vehicle suspension leaf spring assembly is arranged to be mounted in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle on opposite sides thereof. The leaf spring assembly has a first end, which is arranged for pivotal connection to a first bracket on the vehicle; and a second end, which is arranged... Agent: Volvo Lastvagnar Ab

20140353937 - Multilink rear axle for a motor vehicle: A multilink rear axle comprises a wheel carrier, a leaf spring, a first lower control arm, an upper control arm, and at least one member. The wheel carrier can rotatably support a wheel of the vehicle. The leaf spring can extend in a width direction of the vehicle that is... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140353938 - Damper assembly with monotube and dynamic compression valve and vehicle having same: The damper assembly has a damper housing at least partially defining an interior chamber. A free piston is positioned in the damper housing to separate the interior chamber into a gas-filled chamber and a fluid-filled chamber. A piston assembly is configured to move within the fluid-filled chamber and separates the... Agent:

20140353939 - Bicycle driven by hands: The invention discloses a bicycle, which comprises a handlebar assembly (1); an upright tube (2) having a first end fixedly connected with the handlebar assembly (1) and a second end rotatably connected with a front fork arm (6); a rocker arm (14) extending from the second end of the upright... Agent: Grace Scientific R&d And Consultant Limited

20140353940 - Tiltable motorcycles with two front steering wheels: Motorcycles are provided which include a frame, two front steering wheels, a steering pipe rotatably connected to the frame and rigidly connected to two supporting assemblies, one for each front steering wheel and a steering group consisting of two pairs of transversal arms—upper front, lower front, upper rear and lower... Agent:

20140353941 - Inverted pendulum type vehicle: An inverted pendulum type vehicle includes a vehicle body frame having a footstep on which for positioning a rider's feet, a main wheel subjected to an inverted pendulum control, and stand arms pivotally mounted between a standing position and a housing position for supporting the vehicle body frame in a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140353942 - Travel trailer stabilizer system: A travel trailer stabilizing system having a right and left compound above-axle strut for bracing a trailer body at the axle or axles, each compound strut having an overlever arm for applying a stiffening force with a mechanical advantage to oppose any oscillatory motion of the frame on the tires.... Agent:

20140353943 - Vehicle towing apparatus and method of towing a vehicle in a test: A vehicle tow bar assembly having a latch assembly and a remotely operated actuator for unlatching the tow bar assembly from a tow line. The latch assembly may have a pivot lever that is retained by a latch pin until released. Alternatively, the latch assembly may have a pair of... Agent:

20140353944 - Non-regular electrical stimulation patterns for treating neurological disorders: Systems and methods for stimulation of neurological tissue and generation stimulation trains with temporal patterns of stimulation, in which the interval between electrical pulses (the inter-pulse intervals) changes or varies over time. The features of the stimulation trains may be selected and arranged algorithmically to by clinical trial. These stimulation... Agent:

20140353946 - Collapsible two seat perambulator: A buggy for transporting children has a frame (3a, 3b, 5) and wheels (9) that are rotatably mounted relative to the frame to support the frame above a ground surface. A primary seat (8) is operatively supported by the frame for supporting a first child. A secondary seat (17) is... Agent:

20140353945 - Foldable wagon: A foldable wagon is provided having a collapsible frame that converts the wagon from a use configuration to a folded configuration for storage and transportation. The foldable wagon has a collapsible frame positonable in an open position and a collapsed position, a plurality of wheels coupled to the collapsible frame,... Agent: Radio Flyer Inc.

20140353947 - Foldable trolley: The present invention relates to a foldable trolley having a trolley frame and a flexible fabric bag or the like. The invention is characterized by its unique design that includes a light weight structure, a large supported space and can be conveniently folded and unfolded. The trolley can alternatively be... Agent: Zenithen Usa, LLC D/b/a Z Company

20140353948 - Vehicle accessibility system: A system for facilitating access to a vehicle includes a vehicle frame and a plurality of wheels supported by a surface, wherein each wheel is coupled to a control arm coupled to the frame. A body is supported by the frame and defines a passenger compartment with a driver's side... Agent:

20140353949 - Curtain airbag and curtain airbag device: The disclosure discloses a curtain airbag comprising a roll body that is constructed by winding an airbag main body toward an upper edge portion side of a vehicle body, and a tether that is integrally embedded in the airbag main body or is attached to the airbag main body, has... Agent: Takata Corporation

20140353950 - Passenger protection device: A passenger protection device in which an airbag capable of expanding by receiving a predetermined action signal is disposed on the position of a shoulder belt, and a webbing is wound by means of one winding device, wherein the airbag is folded along a gate-shape guide-form slide guide having high-rigidity... Agent:

20140353951 - Leg restraint device for side-facing seated vehicle occupants: A leg restraint for side-seated vehicle occupants that includes a leg-restraining member for being mounted in proximity to a side-facing vehicle seat and selectively moveable between a deployed, laterally-extending leg-protecting position and a retracted, non-leg interfering position, and a sensor for detecting abrupt movement in the direction of forward travel... Agent: B/e Aerospace, Inc.

20140353952 - Passenger airbag, passenger airbag device, and vehicle: A passenger airbag and a passenger airbag device in which when the passenger airbag starts to inflate with an interfering object close to the IP, gas in the airbag is caused to quickly flow out through vent holes to reduce the impact on the interfering object, and a vehicle equipped... Agent:

20140353953 - Safety protection apparatus: The present invention relates to a safety protection apparatus for motor traffic means, comprising a support frame fixedly connected to a seat of a motor traffic means and a protection cabin for accommodating an infant. The upper end of the protection cabin is rotatably connected to the support frame, and... Agent:

20140353954 - Steering wheel: The present invention aims to provide a steering wheel in which a decorative member is easily mounted and fixed to a steering main body without a need to employ fixing parts such as screws, and which is capable of effectively absorbing an impact by appropriately deforming the decorative member at... Agent: Nihon Plast Co., Ltd.

20140353955 - Rollover protection structure: The ROPS comprises a highly rigid behind-cab-frame, a mounting-plate of which is bolted to the truck chassis. A roof-canopy is integrated into the frame. The ROPS includes a brace which holds the frame upright, and ensures that the roof-canopy remains in position, protecting the cab, during rollover. The frame is... Agent: Stanley Appleton Corporation

20140353956 - Side-by-side utility vehicle: A utility vehicle includes a plurality of ground engaging members and a frame supported by the plurality of ground engaging members. The frame assembly extends generally along a longitudinal axis of the utility vehicle. The utility vehicle further includes a front seating section coupled to the frame. The front seating... Agent: Polaris Industries Inc.

11/27/2014 > 19 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140346746 - Stroller frame with an automatic brake mechanism actuatable by hand detecting: A stroller frame with an automatic brake mechanism actuatable by hand detecting includes at least a first rear wheel, a first locking mechanism, a second rear wheel, a second locking mechanism, a battery and a hand-detecting handle. The hand-detecting handle is capable of detecting the caregiver's hand by a change... Agent:

20140346745 - Wheelchair: Provided is a wheelchair having a frame and a wheels mounted thereto, the wheelchair including: a removable seat having a rigid mount portion, a frame mounting element rigidly coupled to the frame and configured for rigidly coupling to the mount portion, and an adjusting mechanism coupled to the mounting element... Agent:

20140346747 - Suspension arrangement: A passenger service vehicle includes one or more suspension mounts. Each suspension mount attaches a front axle to a chassis. In some cases, the axle is a drop beam axle. The or each suspension mount is further mounted with one or more suspension components of the following: suspension arm links,... Agent: Alexander Dennis Limited

20140346749 - Gas spring and gas damper assembly and method: A gas spring and gas damper assembly includes a first end member, a second end member and a flexible wall that at least partially defines a first spring chamber therebetween. A damping chamber wall at least partially defines a damping chamber. A damper piston is received within the damping chamber... Agent: Firestone Industrial Products Company, LLC

20140346748 - Leveling valve for discharging and supplying fluid: A leveling valve for discharging and supplying air from and to a plurality of utilization elements comprises a valve disc arrangement configured to direct air between a source of pressurized air, an exhaust port, and the utilization elements. The valve disc arrangement comprises a first and a second valve disc,... Agent:

20140346750 - Rubber spring, rubber suspension system and truck: The present application provides a rubber spring, including a first mounting plate and a second mounting plate, the first mounting plate having a first V-shaped plate with an opening angle larger than 90°, and the second mounting plate having a second V-shaped plate with an opening angle larger than 90°;... Agent: Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (china Corporation)

20140346751 - Bicycle for transporting a child with increased stability: The aim of the invention is to improve the stability of bicycles fitted with at least one seat for transporting children, by recentering and lowering the centre of gravity of the child via a specific frame structure, optionally in combination with a choice of reduced wheel diameters and/or an increase... Agent:

20140346752 - Cycle and associated components: A recumbent cycle includes a toothed belt drive system and rear suspension. It also includes a double A-arm suspension assembly and at least one transmission having a planetary gear arrangement.... Agent:

20140346753 - Road holding ability mechanism for the two front wheels of a motorcycle: The present invention provides a road holding ability mechanism applied to a motorcycle with two wheels in front. The mechanism may be configured on a three-wheeled motorcycle which has two front wheels and a single rear wheel or on a four-wheeled motorcycle with two front wheels as well as two... Agent: Aeon Motor Co., Ltd.

20140346754 - Fifth wheel hitch assembly having direct-mount mounting brackets: A fifth wheel hitch assembly is provided. The assembly includes at least one mounting bracket adapted to support a hitch plate and a vehicle frame rail having a vertical portion and at least one horizontal portion, wherein the at least one mounting bracket is disposed on the at least one... Agent: Saf-holland, Inc.

20140346755 - Heavy duty vehicle multi hitch and alignment system: An improved trailer hitching system adaptable to quick coupling with both ball and pintel hook trailer couplers without the need to remove the pintel hook trailer coupler. The system incorporates an improved trailer hitch ball capable of meeting or exceeding all the Class I-V trailer hitch ball load requirements and... Agent:

20140346756 - Stroller with telescopic and locking members: A stroller for carrying a child or child restraint system, that may comprise an additional storage area or child support system when expanded. The frames include a mechanism whereby the base of the frame is expanded rearward to create a storage space roughly behind the baby seat, and optionally where... Agent:

20140346757 - Cart: A collapsible or foldable cart, shopping cart, utility cart or supermarket cart. The cart includes: a basket mounted on top of a plurality of wheels; and a bridge element to engage with an edge of a vehicular trunk. The bridge element is connected at a point located between the basket... Agent:

20140346758 - Vehicle body structure: A vehicle body structure includes a pillar, a roof rail, a pillar trim panel mounted to the pillar, a pillar airbag and a curtain airbag. The pillar airbag is mounted to the pillar in a stowed orientation between the pillar trim panel and the pillar. The pillar airbag is arranged... Agent: Nissan North America, Inc.

20140346759 - Active bolster: An active bolster for a vehicle is provided, wherein the bolster comprises an expansible hollow interior that is inflatable and is self-supporting in both an inflated and in an uninflated position. The bolster has an inflator module for inflating the expansible hollow interior. The bolster has an inner wall for... Agent:

20140346760 - Steering system: In a steering system, a first through-hole is formed in a stationary bracket secured to vehicle body. A second through-hole is formed in a movable bracket that is movable relative to the stationary bracket in a prescribed direction at the time of a secondary collision. A pin passed through both... Agent:

20140346761 - Steering shaft bearing unit: A steering shaft bearing unit for rotatably mounting a steering shaft of a steering column for a motor vehicle includes an outer metal sheet having at least one circumferentially closed region for accommodating at least one bearing for rotatably mounting the steering shaft, and at least one securing region for... Agent:

20140346762 - Retractable steps for low floor vehicles for transporting passengers: In one embodiment, a vehicle for transporting passengers can include a passenger section, an elevated passenger section, a subfloor discontinuity, and a retractable step. The subfloor discontinuity can be located between the passenger section and the elevated passenger section. The subfloor discontinuity can span the elevation change. The retractable step... Agent:

20140346763 - Low floor vehicles for transporting passengers: In one embodiment, a vehicle for transporting passengers can include a chassis, a support member, and a labyrinthine girder. The support member can be rigidly engaged to and project from the chassis. The labyrinthine girder can include a coupling platform that is coupled to the support member. The labyrinthine girder... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 23 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140339782 - Wheel stabilization mechanism and method: A wheel stabilization mechanism includes an actuator configured to be coupled to a vehicle body and a wheel stabilizer configured to be movably coupled to the vehicle body such that the wheel stabilizer is configured to move with respect to a wheel. The actuator is configured to move the wheel... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140339783 - Personal positioning creeper: A personal positioning creeper (PPC) for assisting mechanics, technicians and factory workers who need access to various angles and heights on a vehicle, aircraft, factory equipment, etc. The PPC allows the operator to simultaneously maneuver from lying supine near the ground, to moving upward and rotating into a full sitting... Agent: The Ez Creeper Company Inc.

20140339784 - Foldable walker apparatus: There is provided a mounting assembly including a frame portion of a walker apparatus having a first bore and a second bore extending in a direction generally perpendicular to the first bore. The assembly includes a shaft rotatably connected to a wheel fork. The shaft is partially disposed within the... Agent:

20140339785 - Ball joint and control arm for a motor vehicle: A ball joint includes a base body, a ball socket formed in the base body, and a ball pivot having a joint ball which is received in the ball socket. The joint ball is held in the ball socket by a locking ring which has a flange portion bearing upon... Agent: Benteler Automobiltechnik Gmbh

20140339786 - Shilly-car: A shilly-car includes a main frame module with a rear-wheel tube and a main-frame tube, a front connecting tube and a swing module. A seat cushion is mounted onto a T-shaped structure comprised of the rear-wheel tube and main-frame tube, and two wheels are installed at both ends of the... Agent: Kunshan Jian Xiang Wei Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd.

20140339787 - Multiple speed planetary gear hub for a stepping motion propelled bicycle, tricycle or vehicle: The invention relates to a multiple speed planetary gear hub for a stepping motion lever propelled bicycle, tricycle or vehicle. The planetary gear hub consist of two or more planetary gear sets mounted in series rotatable around a drive shaft, and a speed selector or control device to select the... Agent:

20140339788 - Suspension system for autonomous transports: An autonomous transport robot for transporting a payload, the autonomous transport robot including a drive section assembly having at least one motor and a pair of drive wheels coupled to the motor, a frame configured to support a payload, a transfer arm connected to the frame and configured for the... Agent: Symbotic, LLC.

20140339789 - Fifth wheel hitch kingpin assembly: A kingpin assembly comprises a housing having a recess located therein, a kingpin having at least a portion located within the recess of the housing, a collar member operably coupled to the kingpin, and a collet member extending about the kingpin and frictionally engaging the housing and the kingpin.... Agent: Saf-holland, Inc.

20140339790 - Fifth wheel hitch kingpin assembly: A kingpin assembly comprises a housing having a recess located therein, a kingpin having at least a portion located within the recess of the housing, a coupler member operably coupled to the kingpin, and a collet member engaging the housing and the kingpin, and engaging the coupler member such that... Agent: Saf-holland, Inc.

20140339791 - Hitch assembly for truck frame with integrated hitch mounting structure: An after-market hitch assembly is provided for securing to a cross member of a truck which is specifically adapted for securing a hitch assembly thereto prior to installation of the truck bed. The after-market hitch assembly adapted for securing to the hitch frame after installation of the truck bed without... Agent: B & W Custom Truck Beds, Inc.

20140339792 - Front tow extended saddle: A front tow saddle including a tie-down assembly for connecting with one or both of the spring and spring shackle of a towed truck.... Agent: Atc Transportation LLC

20140339794 - Collapsible support frame: A collapsible support frame particularly for an infant pushchair comprises in an erect configuration at least a centrally located elongate spine and a seating cavity within the support frame in which to receive a seat. The spine being coupled at or towards one end to a coupler and at or... Agent:

20140339793 - Single-hand foldable baby stroller: The present invention reveals a Single-Handedly Foldable Stroller that includes a Hand Tube, a Front Leg Tube, a Front Helm, a Rear Leg Tube, a Rear Helm, and 2 Joint Components. Said Joint Components connect the Hand Tube, the Front Leg Tube and the Rear Leg Tube with each other.... Agent: Dongguang Master Kids Toy Co., Ltd

20140339795 - Trim assembly for covering airbag: A trim assembly for covering an airbag, comprising: a carrier provided with a through-opening for the airbag; a surface decor; an inlay applied between the carrier and the surface decor and covering the through-opening, the inlay extending, on one side, beyond an edge of the through-opening to overlap a region... Agent: Faurecia (shanghai) Management Company, Ltd.

20140339797 - Airbag apparatus: An inflation portion of an airbag, which is inflated by inflation gas, is partitioned into an upstream inflation portion and a downstream inflation portion via a partition member. When being tensioned in a planar manner, the partition member has a length in a longitudinal direction that is longer than a... Agent:

20140339796 - Inflatable restraint deployment ramp: An inflatable restraint assembly includes a vehicle pillar and a pillar trim component that is attached to the vehicle pillar, the pillar trim component having an upper end. A curtain airbag module has an inflatable curtain portion that is disposed in a stowed configuration prior to deployment and moves to... Agent: Nissan North America, Inc.

20140339798 - Airbag and airbag device: An airbag and an airbag device are provided in which a posture of inflation and deployment of the airbag can be held easily and simply even if the airbag is mounted on an instrument panel having a convex portion in the space of inflation and deployment of the airbag. An... Agent: Takata Corporation

20140339799 - Actuator assembly for an airbag module in a vehicle safety system, airbag module, vehicle safety system and manufacturing method: The invention relates to an actuator assembly for an airbag module in a vehicle safety system comprising an actuator (10) and a tensioning means (20), wherein the actuator (10) includes a release member (12) which in the idle state of the actuator is connected to a retaining member (11) and... Agent: Trw Airbag Systems Gmbh

20140339800 - Snow and debris accumulation prevention system: A snow and debris accumulation prevention system for vehicles having a vehicle body and tires, utilizes a flexible, easily removeable, integral continuous length material curtain, or a curtain made up of interconnected material sections. The curtain has a top edge and a bottom edge. A sleeve runs through the length... Agent:

20140339801 - Retention harness: A retention harness for restraining a user within a vehicle. The harness includes a waist strap, a waist strap buckle assembly, two over the shoulder straps, a rear connector, and a forward connector. The waist strap is attachable to the waist strap buckle assembly. Each over the shoulder strap is... Agent: The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140339802 - Ice skate blade guard with safety feature: An ice skate blade guard comprises a device for limiting/preventing falls and injury on the ice when skate blade guards are inadvertently left on when the skater enters the ice. At least one longitudinally-extending bar, blade, or other member provided on the bottom of the guard is sufficiently narrow, sharp,... Agent:

20140339803 - Mobile reservoir system and method for reusing unused clean water: The present invention supports a reservoir system and method that allows a household or user to collect, retain and reuse unused clean water (i.e. clean water left in buckets, glasses, cups, etc.) instead of dumping it down a drain. Rain water may also be collected, retained and used. The reservoir... Agent:

20140339804 - Canister arrangement structure of motorcycle: A motorcycle is provided with a vehicle body frame including a pair of left and right main frames and a pair of left and right seat rails disposed on the rear sides of the pair of left and right main frames, and the motorcycle is also provided with a canister... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

11/13/2014 > 19 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140333038 - Pneumatic suspension system of a motor vehicle and method: A suspension system includes spring bellows that are associated with pneumatic springs of vehicle axles, connectable by lines having level control valves to a main pressure line, and can be shut off with respect thereto. The main line is connectable by valves alternately to a compressed air source and a... Agent:

20140333039 - Seat attachment for a stroller: The invention relates to a seat attachment for a stroller, single stroller and double strollers. Such a seat attachment may be used to reversibly convert a single stroller into a double stroller. More specifically, versions of the seat attachment relate to a seat attachment for a stroller capable of supporting... Agent: Baby Jogger, LLC

20140333040 - Foldable walker apparatus: There is provided a collapsible walker having a pair of spaced-apart, operatively interconnected frame members. The walker includes a folding mechanism for selectively bringing together the frame members. The walker includes a collapsible basket. The collapsible basket comprises a pair of substantially planar supports connectable with respective ones of the... Agent: Evolution Technologies, Inc.

20140333041 - Apparatus and method for moving large and/or heavy objects: A wheeled cart and a method for moving large and/or heavy objects along the ground which comprises a pair of main wheels mounted on an axle, a pair of side frames located between the main wheels and an open front basket mounted between and fixedly connected to the side frames.... Agent:

20140333042 - Door step device for vehicle: A door step device for a vehicle includes: a step panel; a rack gear part which extends from the a step panel and has a locking groove formed at a side thereof; a pinion gear part which gear-meshed with the rack gear part, and rotates by power from a driving... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140333043 - Gear and lever transmission system and method: Phase gear and lever mechanism converts reciprocating power to rotary power with phase gear providing power stroke of greater duration than travel stroke so as to develop efficient power through a power stroke. A modified lever and gear mechanism converts reciprocating power to rotary power at variable out power ratio.... Agent:

20140333044 - Folding bicycle and method of use: A folding bicycle and method for folding the folding bicycle is provided. The folding bicycle comprises a frame having a first end and a second end; a first wheel connected to the second end of the frame, the first wheel and the frame being located in a first plane; a... Agent:

20140333045 - Ergonomic wheelchair with ventral support: An ergonomic wheelchair with ventral support has an ergonomic shape where the person is placed in a position with support areas at the person's frontal area. The wheelchair is provided with a frame made of a reticular structure as a main support, mounted over four wheels, with the two rear... Agent:

20140333046 - Trailer hitching and tracking steering: Improvements in a trailer hitching and tracking steering system are disclosed include a new style RV or wagon style RV that includes an extendable, variable position tow bar that accommodates misalignment of a tow vehicle. The tow bar can be rotated for storage within the RV wagon. Further improvements include... Agent:

20140333047 - Locking mechanism for ski bindin: The present disclosure relates to a single piece base portion (10) for a locking mechanism (30) for a ski binding (1), in particular a cross country or touring ski binding. The base portion (10) comprising: a planar resting portion (11); one or more, preferably two, support sections (12) extending out... Agent:

20140333048 - Locking mechanism for ski bindin: The present disclosure relates to a single piece base portion (10) for a locking mechanism (30) for a ski binding (1), in particular a cross country or touring ski binding. The base portion (10) comprising: a planar resting portion (11); one or more, preferably two, support sections (12) extending out... Agent:

20140333049 - Foldable golf cart: A foldable golf cart includes a top part pivotably connected to a bottom part. A handle is pivotably connected to the top portion of the top part and has a movable member which is located corresponding to the locking portion on the top of the top part. When the handle... Agent: Yuann Tay Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20140333051 - Airbag for vehicle: An airbag for a vehicle of the present invention includes: an inflator; and an airbag cushion, in which first and second slits are formed in the airbag cushion so as to be spaced apart at a predetermined distance, and one end of the inflator is inserted into the airbag cushion... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20140333050 - Steering wheel: The present invention provides a steering wheel. Hook portions configured to engagingly fit an airbag module is directly supported by a boss portion independent of spoke portions. In addition, a tip end part's side of each of hook claws in each of the hook portions is arranged so as to... Agent: Nihon Plast Co., Ltd.

20140333052 - Automobile airbag door: An automobile airbag door includes a base member, a three-dimensionally knitted inner cushion layer, which is arranged on one side of the base member, and a covering arranged on a side of the inner cushion layer that is opposite to the base member. The base member and the inner cushion... Agent: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

20140333053 - Vehicle and an airbag assembly for the vehicle: A vehicle and an airbag assembly are disclosed. A bladder includes a first expandable region defining a first maximum width between first and second sides of the first expandable region along a first axis when in a deployed position and a second expandable region defining a second maximum width between... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140333054 - Marking device for a personal mobility vehicle: A marking device that is supported by a personal mobility vehicle, such as a scooter, is movable from a first position, in which the marking device does not contact the riding surface, and a second position, in which the marking device contacts the riding surface. The marking device includes an... Agent: Razor Usa LLC

20140333055 - Integrally molded polymer hitch step: A trailer hitch step, integrally molded of a polymer compound, is capable of accepting a predetermined off-axis vertical load without an objectionable degree of torsional displacement, while also being capable of resiliently absorbing energy from rear impacts.... Agent: MacneilIPLLC

20140333056 - Vehicle body structure: A floor panel of a vehicle body is provided with bulging sections in which seats are disposed to the left and right of a tunnel section, and a rear tunnel cross member extending in the vehicle width direction at the rear ends of the bulging sections. The vehicle body is... Agent:

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