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Land vehicles

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07/10/2014 > 18 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140191482 - 3-ski snowbike: The 3-ski snow bike designs transform bicycles into 3-ski snow bikes that can be used for downhill and cross country snow biking. It consists of a bicycle frame with 1 permanent front ski instead of the front wheel and 2 detachable rear skis on each side. The 2 rear skis... Agent:

20140191483 - Maneuverable strollers: Maneuverable strollers are disclosed herein. An example stroller disclosed herein includes a frame having a front wheel and rear wheel to support the frame. An intermediate wheel is positioned between the front wheel and the rear wheel. A carriage is coupled to the rear wheel, the intermediate wheel and the... Agent:

20140191484 - Wheel attachment: An apparatus for adding a propulsion wheel to a land based vehicle. When the apparatus is attached to a land based vehicle the apparatus is operationally configured to bias a propulsion wheel attached thereto to a position of engagement with a travel surface supporting the land based vehicle thereon.... Agent:

20140191485 - Conversion of two wheeled motorcycle to a three wheeled trike configuration: A kit and method of motorcycle to trike conversion using a mono-coupe style overlay plate on both sides of the rear swing arm and a non-straddle differential design incorporating hollow metal tube axles and high thrust load maximum surface area bearings, the having a differential assembly comprising a non-straddle differential,... Agent:

20140191486 - Multi-tapered suspension component: Energy storing suspension components for use in suspension systems for wheeled vehicles and trailers are disclosed. The energy storing suspension components include an axle seat portion, an end, and a limb extending between the axle seat portion and the end. The limb includes a first taper wherein the limb decreases... Agent: Hendrickson Usa, L.L.C.

20140191487 - Lateral support elements, gas spring assemblies and methods: Lateral support elements for engaging an associated flexible wall of an associated gas spring assembly can be displaceably mounted along an associated end member of the associated gas spring assembly, such as by way of an elastomeric mounting element. The elastomeric mounting element can be formed as an endless annular... Agent: Firestone Industrial Products Company, LLC

20140191488 - Wheel suspension system for a vehicle: A wheel suspension system of the type including a wheel support. A resilient connecting element connects the wheel support to a vehicle frame element. The resilient connecting element having a wheel support side and a frame element side. At least one joint element connects the wheel support side of the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140191489 - Early warning method and device for preventing wheelchair from tipping over: An early warning method and a device for preventing a wheelchair from tipping over are described. The early warning method includes projecting a laser light pattern, scanning the laser light pattern, making a comparison to determine whether the ground is a barrier terrain, and issuing an early warning to the... Agent:

20140191490 - Vehicle having a swivel wheel: A tricycle may be operable between a first mode of operation steerable by a tricycle rider, and a second mode of operation steerable by an individual pushing the tricycle. A rider handle, in the first mode, may be configured to be rotationally coupled with the stem in a manner permitting... Agent: Smart Trike Mnf Pte Ltd

20140191491 - Suspension fork: characterized in that the actuation device (60) has at least one first position for adjusting a short length of the suspension fork (1) (lowered suspension fork) and at least one second position for adjusting a long length of the suspension fork (1) (extended suspension fork).... Agent: Gustav Magenwirth Gmbh & Co Kg

20140191492 - Bicycle frame, bicycle and method for producing a bicycle frame: Bicycle frame formed by a half-shell (1) made of a thermoplastic material. The half-shell (1) is fibre-reinforced at least in regions, and includes a cover element (2), which is, at least in regions, connected to the half-shell and preferably closes the half shell.... Agent:

20140191493 - Bicycle on-board device and related support and mounting method: A bicycle on-board device is disclosed having an oblong shape and comprising a cavity, the device being sized for insertion in a bicycle oblong element, wherein it has two seats for fastening devices, said two seats being spaced apart along a longitudinal direction of the on-board device, and/or a groove... Agent: Campagnolo, S.r.i.

20140191494 - Bellows of a gangway of an articulated vehicle and articulated vehicle for public passenger transport with such a bellows: A bellows for a gangway of an articulated vehicle, the articulated vehicle having at least two articulately connected vehicle parts, and has an elastic sheath on its outer side.... Agent: Hubner Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140191495 - Snow glide board: The invention relates to a snow glide board, especially a ski, having a glide board body with one forward and one rear glide board body end and with a middle glide board section forming a binding section for fastening at least one binding and/or binding plate. The glide board body... Agent: V&#xf6 Lkl Sports Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140191496 - Vehicle seat assembly with side air bag and guide panel with spaced forward ends for creating a shearing force: In at least certain embodiments, the vehicle seat assembly comprises a frame, a seat pad, a trim cover extending over at least part of the seat pad with the cover having a release seam, and an air bag assembly including an inflator and an air bag. In accordance with an... Agent: Lear Corporation

20140191497 - Tension member for airbag, and airbag device: A tension member for an airbag, and an airbag device are provided in each of which the tensile force is controlled continuously with a simple configuration. An airbag device includes an airbag that is normally folded and is inflated and deployed in a case of an emergency, an inflator for... Agent:

20140191498 - Truck fuel tank system for improved crashworthiness: A revised location for the fuel system and fuel tanks to improve crashworthiness and reduce the occurrence of tank failure, fuel spillage, fire and/or explosion while still providing a sufficient range for the vehicle. The fuel tank system includes at least one fuel tank and a support structure. The at... Agent:

20140191499 - Method of fabricating type 4 cylinders and arranging in transportation housings for transport of gaseous fluids: A lightweight intermodal or road trailer based system for transporting refrigerated gaseous fluids is provided. The system includes an enclosed and insulated transportation housing, and a plurality of low-temperature resistant type 4 pressure vessels. The pressure vessels are at least three feet in diameter secured within the transportation housing for... Agent: Tranzgaz Inc.

07/03/2014 > 22 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140183829 - Active roll control system: An active roll control system that actively controls roll by changing roll strength of a stabilizer bar by varying a connection position of a stabilizer link, which connects both ends of the stabilizer bar on a subframe with a suspension arm, on the suspension arm. The suspension arm includes a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140183830 - Vehicle wheel suspension with wheel load variation via a deflection lever: A vehicle wheel suspension has a suspension spring, by which the vehicle body is proportionally supported on a supporting bracket of the wheel suspension. The wheel load acting upon a pertaining wheel as a result of this support is changeable in that the transmission ratio at a shift lever provided... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20140183831 - Walking aid device with foldable seat: A foldable seat for a walking aid. The foldable seat includes a rigidly affixed leg for added stability. The foldable seat is further configured to move from a use position in a support area of the walking aid to a storage area that minimizes the interference of the foldable seat... Agent: Nanyang Polytechnic

20140183832 - Collapsible platform truck: A foldable platform truck includes a platform, two wheel-connecting bars rotatably attached to the platform, a handle assembly, a handle release and locking mechanism for controlling the handle assembly, a pair of first gear members and a pair of second gear members. The handle release and locking mechanism has an... Agent:

20140183833 - Structure of front portion of vehicle body: Front side frames 1 of a vehicle are each vertically connected through a corresponding one of joint members 7 to a cross member 2 configured to support a suspension arm below the front side frame 1. The joint members 7 are each coupled to a back end of a corresponding... Agent: Mazda Motor Corporation

20140183834 - Sub frame structure of automotive vehicle: A sub frame attached to a vehicle-body rear portion from below comprises a pair of right-and-left side members and a front cross member which interconnects substantially respective central portions, in a vehicle longitudinal direction, of the side members. As attachment portions for attaching lower links, there are provided a central... Agent: Mazda Motor Corporation

20140183835 - Side-step device: A side-step device that includes a driving unit, a pinion gear, a driving gear unit, and a step. The driving unit is mounted on a vehicle body, and the pinion gear is connected to the driving unit and is configured to rotate. The driving gear unit is composed of an... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140183836 - Steering apparatus for vehicle: A steering apparatus for a two-wheeled motor vehicle includes a handlebars-side steering shaft supported by a head pipe, a wheel supporting cylindrical shaft supported by a front axle and over which a hub is fitted, and a steering link mechanism. First and second link members of the link mechanism are... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140183838 - Motorcycle suspension system: The present invention relates to a suspension system for a motorcycle and to frames incorporating such a suspension system. The suspension system includes a swing arm arranged for pivotal movement about a first pivot axis. The swing arm is also arranged for connection at a second location via respective axle... Agent:

20140183837 - Swingarm supporting structure for motorcycle: To provide a swingarm supporting structure which can prevent rigidity of a case from becoming excessive and which can improve a degree of freedom of design. The swingarm supporting structure comprises: a case (3) in which a power unit is stored; and a bracket (4) for freely pivotally supporting a... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140183839 - Bicycle on-board device and related support and mounting method: A support (200) for removably fastening a bicycle on-board device having an oblong shape along a bicycle oblong element is disclosed, characterised in that the support (200) has at least one first opening (210) configured to receive a shank of a first device (214) for fastening to the oblong element,... Agent: Campagnolo, S.r.l.

20140183840 - Interchangeable trailer hitch assembly: An interchangeable hitch assembly including a hitch member supported on a hitch post, the hitch member including plural hitches each in a separate radial position, where the hitch member is rotable to place one of the hitches in a selected position for attachment, a locking assembly adapted to hold the... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20140183841 - Tow hitch system with brake sensor: Sensors detect movement between a towing vehicle and a load and adjust braking forces proportionately to the movement.... Agent:

20140183842 - Snowboard binding and braking system: A snowboard binding and braking system and accompanying apparatuses which afford the user enhanced balance, control and snowboard braking ability. The system includes a foot securing member, in conjunction with a braking system. The instant apparatus also includes a brake control actuator and a braking arm to prevent the board... Agent:

20140183843 - Strollers with removable child supports and related methods: Strollers with removable child supports and related methods are disclosed. An example stroller and child support assembly disclosed herein includes a stroller frame comprising a front support, a rear support, and a handle. The example stroller and child support assembly also includes a front wheel coupled to the front support... Agent:

20140183844 - Collapsible shopping cart: Provided is a dynamic shopping cart with collapsible walls. The shopping cart can either be used with the collapsible wall in place or in collapsed position.... Agent:

20140183845 - Interior trim component for motor vehicle, adapted for covering an airbag: The present invention relates to an interior trim component for a motor vehicle, in particular a dashboard, adapted for covering an airbag. The trim component is adapted to break along a main weakening line during deployment of the airbag, said trim component comprising an inside area relative to the main... Agent: Faurecia Interieur Industrie

20140183846 - Vehicle seat provided with side airbag device: A seat back board made from resin is fitted to side frames of a seatback frame from a seat rear side. A seat width direction outer side portion of the seat back board is integrally formed with a case portion that houses a side airbag device that is fixed to... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140183847 - Vehicle with an instrument panel: An instrument panel is integrated into the vehicle, and extends from the driver to the passenger side in a longitudinal extension. The vehicle encompasses a steering wheel, which is arranged on the driver side, and protrudes from the instrument panel in a direction oriented opposite the traveling direction of the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140183848 - Movement limiting band for an airbag module and method for producing said movement limiting band: Elongate woven pulling means (10) for an airbag module comprises plural longitudinal portions (12, 14, 16, 18, 20) that have different warp densities. An airbag module for a vehicle safety system comprises an airbag, pulling means (10) coupled to the airbag and an activation unit coupled to the pulling means... Agent: Trw Automotive Gmbh

20140183849 - Lawn care vehicle adjustable seat: A riding lawn care vehicle may include a frame, a seat base and an adjustable seat. Wheels of the riding lawn care vehicle may be attachable to the frame. The seat base may also be coupled to the frame. The adjustable seat may be coupled to the seat base of... Agent: Husqvarna Consumer Outdoor Products N.a., Inc.

20140183850 - Wheel guard for vehicle: Disclosed herein is a wheel guard for a vehicle which may sufficiently absorb and reduce high frequency noise of various frequency bands produced from a tire, using resonance apertures 11a, resonance necks 11b, and resonance chambers 20. The wheel guard includes a resonance wheel guard that is fixed to a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

06/26/2014 > 23 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140175762 - Vehicle having a level compensation system: A vehicle having a multiple of level compensation systems is disclosed. The vehicle comprising a chassis having a left frame, a right frame and a base plate, a first level compensation system comprising a pivot joint for pivotably connecting the left and right frames to the base plate around a... Agent: Zoomability Ab

20140175763 - Electronic control suspension system for vehicles: An electronic control suspension (ECS) system for vehicles is provided. The ECS system includes a strut assembly which is coupled to a vehicle body, and a lower portion of which is inserted through the housing so as to absorb the rocking from the wheel. A vehicle-height control module converts a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140175764 - Vehicle height control device for motorcycle: A damper is provided with a vehicle height control unit including: a jack housing of a hydraulic jack provided at an upper end portion of a vehicle body side tube such that a plunger which defines a jack chamber is fitted on the jack housing so as to be movable... Agent: Showa Corporation

20140175765 - Fastener and dolly: A dolly comprising a chassis, a castor having a fork and a wheel rotatably mounted to the fork, and a fastener for fixing the fork of the castor to the chassis of the dolly. The fastener comprises a head which is shaped to the peripheral shape of the wheel of... Agent:

20140175766 - Method and apparatus for assisting users of conventional stand alone walkers: A system of attaching a trailing seat attachment to a walker so a person can sit down while using the walker without the need to turn around. The system comprising a pair of facing identical wheeled walkers coupled by an extension rod there between, where the walker includes spring loaded... Agent:

20140175767 - Vehicle having a transverse leaf spring wheel suspension: The invention relates to a wheel suspension for a vehicle, in particular a motor vehicle, having a transverse leaf spring arranged transversely relative to a vehicle longitudinal axis. The transverse leaf spring is supported at each of the two sides of a vehicle longitudinal center plane by at least one... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140175768 - Bicycle with battery mount: A bicycle including a frame, a bottom bracket coupled to the frame and adapted to support a crankset, and a battery pack supported by the frame. The battery pack has a powered end cap with a tapered protrusion and a battery connector on an end of the tapered protrusion. The... Agent: Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.

20140175769 - Vehicle having a chassis that converts to a protective carrying case: The teachings provided herein are generally directed to compact, carry-on vehicles configured to shield a user from the drive mechanism. The vehicles are generally foldable, carry-on vehicles having a chassis that converts to a protective carry-on case for the vehicle. The vehicles are foldable with a drive mechanism that is... Agent:

20140175770 - Multi-person tricycle: Various embodiments of a multi-person tricycle are disclosed. In at least one embodiment, the multi-person tricycle includes two front drive wheel assemblies, each having an independent drive train assembly, and includes a rear wheel assembly operably connected to a steering mechanism which may be simultaneously or independently operated by one... Agent:

20140175771 - Shock-absorbing seat stay for bicycle: A shock-absorbing seat stay for a bicycle includes a seat tube connecting mount having a first coupling portion with a first through hole, an extension member, a shock-absorbing member and a fastening unit. The extension member has a second coupling portion with two connecting lugs each having a second through... Agent:

20140175772 - Platform system for an articulated machine: A platform system for an articulated machine is disclosed. The platform system can include a first platform which can be pivotally supported by a front frame of an articulated machine. The front frame of the articulated machine can be pivotally coupled to a rear frame of the articulated machine at... Agent: Caterpillar, Inc.

20140175773 - Flow rectifier assembly: A flow rectifier assembly including a manifold with a variable orifice disposed therein. Further, the flow rectifier assembly includes one or more valves disposed in the manifold and fluidly connected to the variable orifice to provide a uni-directional flow over the variable orifice. Each of the one or more valves... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140175774 - Pre-weakened cover for an airbag and method of making: A pre-weakened cover of an airbag module is provided including a layer having an outer show surface and an opposing inner surface. A plurality of first cuts is arranged at a first angle on the inner surface. A plurality of second cuts is arranged at a second angle on the... Agent:

20140175775 - Side airbag: A side airbag gas bag is provided for a motor vehicle, in particular a passenger car. The gas bag includes, but is not limited to an occupant region and a child seat region adjoining thereon, which with inflated gas bag optionally forms a recess for receiving a contour of a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140175776 - Pyrotechnic actuator assembly and airbag module comprising such actuator assembly: The invention relates to a pyrotechnic actuator assembly (10) for release of a retaining means (12) in a vehicle safety system (14) comprising a housing (16) composed of a first housing part (18) and a second housing part (20) fixedly connected to the first housing part (18), the two housing... Agent: Trw Airbag Systems Gmbh

20140175777 - Elastic structure for use in an energy absorption system of a motor vehicle as well as energy absorption system as occupant protection and/or pedestrian protection: An elastic structure for use in an energy absorption system of a motor vehicle is provided. The elastic structure includes a structure configured as occupant protection and/or pedestrian protection expandable by a medium. An elastic function structure at least partially covers the structure and acts as a gas barrier. An... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140175778 - Airbag apparatus for vehicle: Disclosed is an airbag apparatus for vehicles including a vent hole in an airbag cushion for discharging inflating gas. A cover is provided on an outer surface of the airbag cushion and is adjustable between a state where the cover is spaced apart from the vent hole to open it... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20140175779 - Lawn care vehicle with rear wheel steering assembly: A riding lawn care vehicle may include a frame and a steering assembly. Wheels of the riding lawn care vehicle may be attachable to the frame. The steering assembly may include a steering wheel operably coupled to rear wheels of the riding lawn care vehicle via a cable system. The... Agent: Husqvarna Ab

20140175780 - Assembly with a seat belt height adjuster and seat belt presenter: In an assembly comprising a belt height adjuster (104) and a belt feeder for feeding a belt webbing (110) the belt feeder includes an arm (112) which is adapted to be moved, especially pivoted from a home position into a feeding position by means of a drive. The arm (112)... Agent: Trw Automotive Gmbh

20140175781 - Linear drive: A linear drive, especially for a belt tensioner, includes a housing (10) including a piston seat (12), a piston element (16) accommodated in the piston seat (12) and a pyrotechnical drive element adapted to supply gas for displacing the piston element (16). The inner wall of the piston seat (12)... Agent:

20140175782 - Systems and methods for mounting a fuel system: The invention provides systems and methods for mounting a fuel system to a vehicle. In some embodiments, the invention provides systems and methods for mounting a fuel system comprising a fuel tank to a vehicle chassis using a bracket, which may be a multi-part bracket, and may be referred to... Agent: Agility Fuel Systems, Inc.

20140175783 - Systems and methods for mounting a fuel system: The invention provides systems and methods for mounting a fuel system to a vehicle. In some embodiments, the invention provides systems and methods for mounting a fuel system comprising a fuel tank to a vehicle chassis using a bracket, which may be a multi-part bracket, and may be referred to... Agent: Agility Fuel Systems, Inc.

20140175784 - Slideboard: A slideboard for sliding on snow has a core (4), a sidewall (2) on the lateral surfaces (10) of the core (4), a base (5) as well as upper reinforcement plies (6) on the upper side of the core (4). The sidewall (2) laterally covers the upper reinforcement plies (6)... Agent: Head Technology Gmbh

06/19/2014 > 31 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140167370 - Device for the compensation of body movements of a motor vehicle: A device for the compensation of body movements in a motor vehicle, having an arrangement of four first piston-cylinder units which are assigned to in each case one wheel of the motor vehicle, wherein a compensation unit is provided which has a fifth piston-cylinder unit and a sixth piston-cylinder unit,... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

20140167371 - Vehicle height control device for motorcycle: A vehicle height control device comprises a vehicle height control unit including a jack housing of a hydraulic jack provided at an upper end portion of an inner tube, a suspension spring provided between an upper end of a hollow pipe and a plunger of the hydraulic jack, a pump... Agent: Showa Corporation

20140167372 - Electronic control suspension system for vehicles: Disclosed herein is an electronic control suspension (ECS) system for vehicles. The ECS system includes a strut assembly which is coupled to a vehicle body and a lower portion of which is inserted through the housing to absorb the rocking from the wheel. The system further includes a vehicle height... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140167373 - Rolling pvc cart for curbside ricycle bins: s

20140167374 - Wheel kit attachment apparatus for hand operating golf bags and sport duffel bag: This is a wheel kit attachment apparatus for the hand operating of a duffel bag or a golf bag comprising of two parts, a handle and a single piece platform with wheels. Both parts mount to a bag by drilling ¼″ hose and fasten with plastic tree fastener or shield... Agent:

20140167375 - Lawn care vehicle with rear wheel axle assembly: A riding lawn care vehicle may include a frame, a steering assembly, and an axle mount. The axle mount may include a first sleeve and a second sleeve disposed at opposite ends of the axle mount. The first and second sleeves may receive top portions of a first axle rod... Agent: Husqvarna Ab

20140167376 - Foot-powered scooters having enhanced stability, turning and control: A scooter includes a frame having a leading end adjacent the front of the scooter and a trailing end adjacent the rear of the scooter, a front wheel mounted adjacent the leading end of the frame, and a rear wheel mounted adjacent the trailing end of the frame. The front... Agent:

20140167377 - Kingpin driver: A kingpin driver comprising a first cap, where the first cap includes an opening; a second cap positioned at an opposing side of the kingpin driver, where the second cap includes an opening, and where the second cap comprises a larger circumference than the first cap; a plurality of connection... Agent:

20140167378 - Traction control apparatus and method for a tandem axle system: A traction assist system for a vehicle having a tandem-axle system includes a drive axle and a non-drive axle attached to a suspension beam on opposite sides of a pivot about which the suspension beam is rotatable. A device selectively applies a force to the suspension beam on the side... Agent: Ridewell Corporation

20140167379 - Retractable stair assembly for a truck or trailer: A retractable step assembly for a vehicle includes a track assembly mounted on a vehicle frame beneath a workbed, a step assembly, and a pivot assembly that engages the track and step assemblies together. The step assembly moves between a storage position where it is disposed between tracks of the... Agent: Mac Trailer Manufacturing, Inc.

20140167380 - Front fork: A front fork includes a fork body having an outer tube and an inner tube relatively movably inserted into the outer tube in an axial direction, a damper housed in the fork body to dampen relative movement between the outer and inner tubes, a biasing member that biases the fork... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20140167381 - Front wheel supporting structure for straddle-type vehicle: A front wheel supporting structure for a straddle-type vehicle includes a front arm which supports a front axle and which extends rearward from a front axle to a location behind a front wheel, and a pair of upper and lower link members which is turnably connected to two vertically separated... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140167382 - Front wheel supporting structure for straddle-type vehicle: A front wheel supporting structure for a vehicle comprises a front arm for supporting a front axle and a suspension mechanism for resiliently suppressing vertical swinging motion of the front arm. The suspension mechanism includes a damper member disposed along a lateral direction between a head pipe and the front... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140167384 - Carbon fiber rim, bicycle including the same and manufacture method thereof: A carbon fiber rim comprises a circular rim and a heat conduction layer. The circular rim comprises carbon fiber composites, and has two opposite side surfaces facing two brake pads and two opposite hooks extending outward radially to hold tires. The heat conduction layer is arranged on the side surface... Agent: Awise Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.

20140167383 - Stabilizing device and method for handcycle: A stabilizing device for a handcycle has an axle including an inner shaft and an outer shaft. A first stabilizing component is coupled to the inner shaft. A second stabilizing component is coupled to the outer shaft in proximity to the first stabilizing component. A locking component is configured to... Agent: Lasher Sport, LLC

20140167385 - Rear-wheel suspension system for two-wheeled vehicle: A rear-wheel suspension system for a two-wheeled vehicle includes a pair of right- and left-side center frames; a swing arm; and a shock absorber, wherein the shock absorber includes a tubular buffer and a spring, wherein the intake system part is a curved tubular member, wherein a position of the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140167387 - Rear portion structure for saddle type vehicle: Stay members to which various parts are to be attached are provided at a rear portion of a motorcycle, and stay supporting portions that support the stay members are provided on a vehicle body frame. The various parts include side bag supporting members and a carrier member. The side bag... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140167386 - Rear structure of saddle riding type vehicle: A saddle riding type vehicle without a case body for surrounding rear direction indicators. A rear portion of a motorcycle includes a rear cowl covering sides of a vehicle body frame, a grab rail disposed on vehicle body sides of a rear occupant seat of a tandem seat above the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140167388 - Height adjustable wheelchair seat: The present invention provides a wheelchair device configured to reduce the likelihood that a user might fall out of a wheelchair. The device includes a wheelchair frame, a lever, and a seat cushion, whereby the seat cushion is flexible and configured to sink into a recessed and angled orientation when... Agent:

20140167389 - Grain wagon having wheel well covers attached with fasteners: A grain cart has a wheel supported frame with a tow hitch, and the frame supports a hopper or container having front and rear walls connected by opposite side walls to define a chamber, and the walls incline downwardly and inwardly to a grain removal zone. Wheel well covers project... Agent: J. & M. Manufacturing Co., Inc.

20140167390 - Elevated cradle for supporting conduits extending between a vehicle tractor and trailer: A cradle for supporting conduit extending between a truck and articulating trailer. The cradle includes a radially curved and open ended body which is resiliently supported upon an adjustable vertical support member for permitting lay-in receipt of the harness. A mounting assembly for the vertical support member positions the same... Agent:

20140167391 - Coupler lockout device: A lockout device for a trailer hitch coupler includes a bottom member and a ratchet body. The bottom member includes a body, a coupler blocking member extending from the body in a vertical direction for engagement with a trailer hitch coupler, and an extension extending from the body in the... Agent: Master Lock Company LLC

20140167392 - Touring snowboard boot binding with adjustable leverage devices: Some embodiments disclosed herein provide systems, methods, and apparatus relating to a touring snowboard binding comprising an adjustable lateral leverage device. In some embodiments, the adjustable lateral leverage device may comprise at least one first attachment generally at a top corner of a highback of a touring snowboard boot and... Agent:

20140167393 - Foldable stroller frame having three sections joined to and foldable around a common hub structure: A foldable stroller frame has three sections (a lower-front section, a lower-rear section, and an upper-rear section) joined to and foldable around a common hub structure. The hub structure includes two hubs located on the left and right sides of the stroller frame. The lower-rear section is attached to a... Agent: Baby Trend Inc.

20140167394 - Airbag tear seam shapes: A vehicle interior panel for use over an airbag includes a substrate having an airbag door region and a decorative covering disposed over the airbag door region. A tear seam is formed in the decorative covering along a path having an end portion that is non-orthogonal with respect to a... Agent:

20140167395 - Side airbag device and method of sewing side airbag: A side airbag device has: a side airbag that inflates and expands at a time of a side collision, and that has a lower chamber (high pressure chamber), and an upper chamber (low pressure chamber), the high pressure chamber and the low pressure chamber being formed by base cloths (a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140167396 - Low mass passenger airbag design: An airbag module including a housing, an airbag disposed within the housing, and a chute enclosing the airbag within the housing. The chute includes a seam formed therein that is operable to open during deployment of the airbag, wherein the chute includes a projection that extends toward the housing, and... Agent:

20140167397 - Arrangement for a motor vehicle: A motor vehicle has a cover module (4) formed from a brittle material and a rollover hoop (10) in a passive position below the cover module (4). The rollover hoop (10) moves to an active position in a rollover and breaks through at least the cover module (4).... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

20140167398 - Lawn care vehicle adjustable steering assembly: A riding lawn care vehicle may include a frame and a steering assembly. Wheels of the riding lawn care vehicle may be attachable to the frame. The steering assembly may be operably coupled to the frame and configured for steering at least one wheel of the riding lawn care vehicle.... Agent: Husqvarna Consumer Outdoor Products, N.a., Inc.

20140167399 - Hybrid vehicle and conversion kit: A conversion kit for converting an ATV into a low profile, vehicle with a driver cage and roll bar. The conversion kit includes a sub-frame assembly made of lightweight tubular material. During assembly, the ATV's front suspension, handlebars, front wheels, front shocks, and hand and foot controls are disconnected from... Agent:

20140167400 - Safety belt strap for arrangement on a vehicle seat of a motor vehicle: A safety belt strap is proposed for arrangement on a vehicle seat of a motor vehicle, with a belt tensioning section. The safety belt strap is able to be shortened via the belt tensioning section. The belt tensioning section has two marginal regions and a central region, which connects the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

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