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Land vehicles

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02/05/2015 > 28 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150035240 - Wheeled travois: A collapsible, wheeled travois that may be used to transport multiple passengers in a hands-free mode is provided. The wheeled travois is quickly and easily assembled and includes detachable wheels, support members, load carrying surface, and harness.... Agent:

20150035241 - Vehicle suspension system: A driven wheel suspension system for a vehicle (100) having a chassis (12) suspended from a driven wheel (10) is disclosed. The suspension system includes a suspension mechanism including a driven wheel carrier member (11) rotatably connected to the driven wheel (10). The suspension mechanism is configured to isolate the... Agent:

20150035242 - Repel assembly and method: A repel assembly and method includes an engagement surface having an adhesive plane for securing to an object, a plurality of attachment spikes extending from the engagement surface at an angle transverse to the adhesive plane and a transport surface for supporting a fixture coupled to the plurality of attachment... Agent:

20150035243 - Device for transporting back rails: Certain embodiments are directed to a device configured for transporting riser railings.... Agent:

20150035244 - Lawn care vehicle with rear wheel steering assembly: A riding lawn care vehicle may include a frame and a steering assembly. Wheels of the riding lawn care vehicle may be attachable to the frame. The steering assembly may include a steering wheel operably coupled to rear wheels of the riding lawn care vehicle via a cable system. The... Agent:

20150035245 - Controlled pressure casting: An automotive component including a composite casting is provided. The composite casting includes a steel member and an end cap fastened to an end portion of the steel member. A cast coupling member is cast about the end portion of the steel member including the end cap, thereby positively and... Agent:

20150035246 - Cross arm bushing assembly useful for vehicle suspension: A cross arm bushing assembly for use in a vehicle suspension is provided having a bushing with an outer surface adapted for rotation with respect to an end of a control arm, a cross arm assembly positioned within the bushing that includes a cross arm having a first end and... Agent: Hendrickson Usa, L.L.C.

20150035247 - Vehicle suspension device: A vehicle suspension device includes a suspension device main body configured to support a wheel of a vehicle to a vehicle body of the vehicle; an upper intervening member configured to be intervened between a vertically upper portion of the suspension device main body and the vehicle body so that... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150035248 - Extendable bicycle: The present invention relates to an extendable bicycle comprising: (a) at least two wheels (100,500), each having an axis (120), and each capable of rotating around its own axis; (b) an extendable handle bar (200) for steering said extendable bicycle; (c) an extendable chair (400); and (d) an extendable frame... Agent:

20150035249 - Body frame for a saddle-type vehicle, and vehicle including same: A forged head pipe for a motorcycle frame is integrally formed and includes a main frame attachment portion, a pipe portion, and a lower extension extending downwardly from the pipe portion. A down frame attachment portion is provided on the lower extension, and is spaced away from the main frame... Agent:

20150035250 - Collapsible bicycle: A motor vehicle includes a body configured to house a removable frame, a spare wheel, a removable headrest, and a jack. The frame, the spare wheel, the removable headrest, and the jack can be assembled into a bicycle. Thus, the bicycle includes at least one component having a dual use... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150035251 - Anti-fall device for two wheeled vehicle: An anti-fall device for a two-wheeled vehicle intended to prevent the vehicle and the rider thereof from falling when the camber angle reaches the limiting angle corresponding to the limit of grip of the tires, for a given circular trajectory and a given coefficient of grip, while enabling this limiting... Agent:

20150035252 - Road trailer with orientable secondary wheelset: A road trailer (1) includes, under a chassis (2) with fixed draw bar (4), a main wheelset (3) and a secondary wheelset (6). A retraction device (M, V, 6d) allows the wheelset (6) to be moved in such a way that the trailer (1) rests on the ground (S) selectively... Agent:

20150035253 - Hitch detecting system: A hitch detecting system for a vehicle. The system includes a coupling assembly arranged to connect the vehicle to a hitchable apparatus. A sensor is operably coupled to the coupling assembly and monitors one or more parameters related to the coupling assembly. A controller is provided in communication with the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150035254 - Hydraulic equalizing spreader bar with dual spread links: A spreader bar includes a frame having a leading end and a trailing end. A pivot member is pivotally mounted to the trailing end of the frame and adapted to be removably connected to a spreader bogie. Spread links adapted to be removably connected to a trailer are pivotally and... Agent:

20150035255 - Towing implement for vehicle with a passage and related method: A towing apparatus for use with a vehicle having a passage, such as a walkway through a roof bolter. The apparatus includes a towing implement adapted for spanning the passage in an operative condition and for exposing the passage in a stowed condition. The towing implement may include a first... Agent:

20150035256 - Trailer coupling: A trailer coupling with a ball support and a coupling ball arranged at a free end of the ball support. A coupling ball holder is fitted onto and can rotate on the coupling ball. A locking element is provided on the coupling ball holder by which the coupling ball holder... Agent: Zf Friendrichshafen Ag

20150035257 - Urban vehicle: A scooter (10) is provided comprising a deck portion (12) mounted on a pair of front wheels (14); at least one tail portion (16) foldably coupled to the deck portion (12) and being narrower than the deck portion (12) and mounted on at least one rear wheel (18) thereby providing... Agent:

20150035258 - Folding wagon: The present invention is a wagon that can be folded along a middle plane that bisects the wagon between a front and rear portion. The folding wagon comprises of wheels, a folding frame, a support structure, a front panel a handle connected to the frame, wheels, and a bag hanger... Agent:

20150035259 - Wheeled carrier with brakes: A portable transporting carrier for standard size buckets and for standard size propane gas tanks with wheels connected by an axle element and configured to position and support the bucket or the tank on the axle element and with an offset handle positioned over a center of gravity of the... Agent:

20150035260 - Foam-in-place interior panels having integrated airbag doors including substrates with airbag chute-door assemblies for motor vehicles: Interior panels having integrated airbag doors for motor vehicles are provided. In one example, an interior panel comprises a substrate having outer and inner surfaces and an opening extending therethrough. An airbag chute-door assembly is mounted to the substrate and comprises a chute wall that at least partially surrounds an... Agent:

20150035261 - Foam-in-place interior panels having integrated airbag doors including substrates with airbag chute-door assemblies for motor vehicles: Interior panels having integrated airbag doors for motor vehicles are provided. In one example, an interior panel comprises a substrate having an opening. A skin covering and foam cover the substrate. An airbag chute-door assembly is mounted to the substrate. The airbag chute-door assembly comprises a chute wall that at... Agent:

20150035263 - Dual chambered passenger airbag: An airbag includes an outer shell defining an interior of the airbag, and a divider positioned in the interior so as to divide the interior into a first chamber and a second chamber. A valve mechanism is operatively coupled to the divider. The valve mechanism includes an opening enabling fluid... Agent:

20150035262 - Side airbag device for vehicle: In an inflated and expanded state of a side airbag, a forwardly extending portion, provided at an upper portion of a rear side bag portion, extends from a side of a shoulder portion of a seated passenger toward a vehicle front side and is disposed above a front side bag... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150035264 - Single stage dual chambered passenger airbag: An airbag includes at least one panel defining an interior of the airbag, and a divider positioned in the interior so as to divide the interior into a first chamber and a second chamber. A first valve assembly is operatively coupled to the divider for controlling the gas flow between... Agent: Tk Holdings Inc.

20150035265 - Shoulder belt latch load-limiting system: A seat belt arrangement includes a vehicle floor, a seat, and a latch assembly including a deformable element. Shoulder and lap belt webbings are attached to the latch assembly. The shoulder belt webbing is associated with the deformable element. According to one embodiment the latch assembly includes a latch plate... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150035266 - Integral tank in frame: An integral tank frame for an emergency response vehicle is provided. The integral tank frame includes a tank mounted within an envelope of space of a ladder frame. The ladder frame has side rails that support the tank on either side thereof. The tank can be mounted to the side... Agent: Spartan Motors, Inc.

20150035267 - Vehicle fuel tank system for improved crashworthiness: A fuel tank system which has a revised mounting system and a revised location for the fuel system and fuel tanks to improve crashworthiness of the vehicle by reducing the occurrence of tank failure, fuel spillage, fire and/or explosion during and after a collision or similar event, while still providing... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 29 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20150028549 - Active road noise control system: An active road noise control system for a vehicle (10) comprising am or more inertial actuators (30) for suppressing vibrations in the chassis of the vehicle (10) and/of vehicle body (8).... Agent:

20150028551 - Recuperating passive and active suspension: An automobile includes an active suspension system and a leveling system. The leveling system receives high pressure fluid from the active suspension system in order to change static vehicle height and compensate for static load changes.... Agent: Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

20150028550 - Integrated system of independently-variable multi-wheel steering and road contact geometry: Wheel assembly for a vehicle includes a wheel, at least one lower suspension link and an upper attachment joint, both being able to be attached to the vehicle, the wheel being able to rotate at 360° to steer the vehicle around a pivot line positioned by said at least one... Agent:

20150028552 - Hydraulic height adjusting system for a vehicle: The system includes: a first pair of hydraulic linear actuators between a vehicle body and a respective rear wheel such that extension and compression the actuators causes increase and a decrease, respectively, in the height of the body from the ground at the rear axle; a second pair of actuators... Agent:

20150028553 - Adjustment system for straps on snowboard bindings: The invention consist of a tool-less system applied for adjusting the wrist-strap and the toe-strap on snowboard bindings, where such tool-less system is made up with the combination of 3 elements, 1. It is tool-less so the attachment position of the binding strap can be unlocked from one position on... Agent:

20150028554 - Hand truck system with removable bin: A wheeled hand truck system is provided having a removable and/or stackable bin or container formed by sidewalls and a bottom surface, the container having a plurality of leg slots and strap slots on one or more of the side walls, and a plurality of base plates secured to or... Agent:

20150028555 - Caster mounting interface for industrial cart: An industrial cart has a caster interface which allows for the quick changing of wheel casters on the cart without the use of tools. The caster interface forms a three-sided pocket into which a wheeled caster seats. A plate of the caster seats within the pocket through an open end... Agent:

20150028556 - Frame hanger for vehicle suspension: A frame hanger having a frame bracket adapted for connection to a vehicle frame rail, a spring box attached to the frame bracket, a gusset attached to the frame bracket and positioned within the spring box to form a first spring module and a second spring module, said spring box... Agent: Hendrickson Usa, L.L.C.

20150028557 - Bicycle chain guide: The present invention reduces or eliminates suspension induced lower portion chain grow for rear derailer equipped bicycle drive trains using a pivoting mount for the common chain guide pulley. Attached about or near concentric with the chain ring and bottom bracket this mounting plate has a pivotally connected link to... Agent:

20150028558 - Wheelchair bowling kit: A wheelchair bowling kit and bowling wheelchair are described. Embodiments of the wheelchair bowling kit can be implemented to allow a handicapped bowler to bowl more conventionally. Generally, the wheelchair bowling kit can include a drive mechanism and a locking mechanism. The drive mechanism can be implemented to propel a... Agent:

20150028559 - Wheelchair structure and suspension assembly: The present invention relates to wheelchair improvements and, in particular, to a wheelchair including a monocoque structural skin according to one aspect, and a suspension assembly according to another aspect.... Agent: Next Generation Mobility Pty Ltd

20150028560 - Human-powered drivetrain: Embodiments described herein are configured to receive forces generated by a user moving their appendages, and convert the force into mechanical force and/or energy. More specifically, embodiments may convert axial and/or tangential force into rotational force. The rotational force may be utilized to power devices, drivetrains, vehicles, such as bicycles,... Agent:

20150028561 - Bicycle frame: A bicycle assembly can include a bicycle frame that can have a main frame, a sub-frame and a shock absorber. The sub-frame can move in relation to the main frame and the shock can be used to regulate that relationship. A extension body can be used to establish a rear... Agent:

20150028562 - Accessory exchange system for trailers: An accessory exchange system for trailers for that provides for various interchangeable accessories to be attached to the trailer. The accessory exchange system for trailers generally includes a mounting bracket for mounting to the frame of a trailer, a base coupler extending from the mounting bracket, a support arm removably... Agent: Excel Plastics, LLC

20150028563 - Wide swing drawbar support assembly: A drawbar support assembly includes a rail member attached to a hitch frame, a slider member and a drawbar support. The slider member is slidable in the rail member. The drawbar support has rollers which rollingly engage the slider member so that the drawbar is swingable laterally. The rail member... Agent: Deere & Company

20150028564 - Tow hitch with movable coupling: A tow hitch with a main body which is adapted to be fixed relative to a towing vehicle, and a coupling movable relative to the body between a first position arranged to engage a tow bar, and a second position for towing.... Agent:

20150028565 - Removable chain attachment insert: A chain attachment insert has a body with a flat underside, and provides an open loop chain attachment for receiving a chain or hook in a socket in the bed of a truck. A T-bolt portion of the chain attachment insert is received in the socket. A hole through the... Agent:

20150028566 - Boardsport foot-binding mounting plate: The invention is an accessory boardsport foot-binding mounting plate. The invention provides a means for the rapid adjustment of foot-binding mounting angles without the use of tools. The invention is comprised of two concentric discs, which, in isolation from each other, have no moving parts. The invention is to be... Agent:

20150028567 - Rotatable snowboard binding interface assembly: A device is provided for adjustably mounting a snowboard binding to a snowboard. The device includes a snowboard binding interface assembly configured to attach to the snowboard and attach to the snowboard binding. The snowboard binding interface assembly includes a base plate configured to rotate relative to the snowboard and... Agent:

20150028568 - Collapsible three-wheeled all-in-one golf cart: A cart that combines the utilities of a conventional three-wheeled pushcart and golf bag into a single piece of equipment. The cart comprises a collapsible three wheeled configuration and push bar. These collapsible mechanisms enable the cart to be transformed into two positions: folded or extended. The cart is also... Agent:

20150028569 - Protective covering apparatus and method for vehicle handlebars: Protective covering bags for handlebars for vehicles such as motorcycle as the like, which allows the vehicle to be operated while the bags are in place over the handlebars. Specifically, a covering apparatus for protecting the handlebars and handlebar controls of a handlebar-controlled vehicle, comprising: a left-handed covering comprising a... Agent:

20150028570 - Airbag tear seams formed by irradiation: A method of making a vehicle interior panel includes irradiating a covering layer material in a manner that reduces the strength of the material while preserving the thickness of the covering layer. An irradiated portion of the covering layer is arranged to at least partially overlie an airbag door region... Agent:

20150028571 - Airbag module with an airbag exhibiting a vent opening closed in the folded state by an arrester strap and procedure of its manufacture: An airbag formed of an airbag fabric (10) having a slit-shaped adaptive ventilation opening (11) which in the folded-up state of the airbag is held in at least a partially closed state by an arrester strap (20) having an end overlapping the adaptive ventilation opening (11) and fastened to the... Agent:

20150028572 - Rollover protection device for a motor vehicle, and motor vehicle: Rollover protection device (10) for a motor vehicle has a supporting frame (11) extending in the vehicle transverse direction and rollover protection cassettes (12). Each rollover protection cassette (12) has a rollover body (14) that can be deployed from a housing (13). A connecting profile (15) of the supporting frame... Agent:

20150028573 - Collapsible step platform and receiver post: A collapsible step platform and receiver post are adapted to be attached to a vehicle hitch receiver. Oblique cross members of the step body provide additional protection in the event of a rear-end collision.... Agent: MacneilIPLLC

20150028574 - Steering column for a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a steering column for a motor vehicle, which steering column can be displaced in at least one displacement direction, which comprises, for the purpose of displacement in the displacement direction or in at least one of the displacement directions, a spindle drive driven by a drive... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Presta Aktiengesellschaft

20150028575 - Method, system and apparatus for stabilizing vehicle occupant's shoulder during side collision impact: A vehicle occupant restraint method, system, and apparatus. The system includes a seat belt associated with a seat of a vehicle and a shoulder belt portion of the seat belt comprising a shoulder stabilizing zone and a thorax belt portion, wherein the shoulder stabilizing zone includes a larger width dimension... Agent: Honda Patent & Technologies North America LLC

20150028576 - Hockey skate shield: A skate shield for use with ice skates. The skate shield includes a rigid shell made at least of outer and inner layers of fiber reinforced plastic or polymer (FRP), and a fastener assembly for releasably securing the shell to a boot portion of the ice skate. The shell includes... Agent:

20150028577 - Snow ski tip connector and training aid: A ski stabilizing and training device used in combination with a pair of skis to assist a novice skier in learning to ski includes a metal coil spring which acts as an orienting and spacing device for the tip portions of the pair of skis. A pair of attachment members... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 34 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20150021865 - Self-righting means for leaning vehicles; primarily by gravity: A low cost leaning vehicle stability and self-righting system that primarily uses gravity to return a leaning vehicle position to its original stable upright position. The system accomplishes this by increasing the leaning vehicle's Center of Gravity (CG) above the resting upright position—thus increasing the CG energy state—the more the... Agent:

20150021866 - 4-way leveling: Representative implementations of devices and techniques provide leveling for a vehicle, such as an overland vehicle. A leveling signal is received by a leveling arrangement coupled to the vehicle at a wheel position. The leveling arrangement rotates a rocker plate with respect to the body of the vehicle, changing a... Agent:

20150021868 - Truck assembly: A truck assembly having a mounting plate with a first mounting bracket with a first arm, a second arm and a ridge; a cushion with a front surface that defines a concave segment, a rear surface that defines a notch that receives and seats the ridge, and a first lateral... Agent: Riedell Shoes, Inc.

20150021867 - Wearable device: A wearable device configured to selectively provide roller transportation includes a shoe configured to at least partially accept a foot of a user of the wearable device, the shoe comprising a foot interface surface configured for selective contact with a bottom of the foot, a wheel assembly configured to selectively... Agent:

20150021869 - Knee scooter: A knee scooter apparatus includes first and second concave cradle sections for receiving and supporting the knees of a user. An adjustable length cross member can be attached to the first and second cradle sections. The cradle sections can be supported on a floor surface by a plurality of wheels... Agent:

20150021870 - Handcart with pivoting shelf: A handcart comprising a frame, a double handle grip, a load accommodating bottom shelf and a load accommodating top shelf, the top shelf being pivotably secured to the double grip handle, wherein the double grip handle of the handcart includes a U shaped top piece which is secured to the... Agent:

20150021871 - Fishing rod storage container: Described is a fishing rod storage container comprising a lid pivotally connected to a container housing by one or more hinges. The container housing comprises a pair of elongated sides and an interior volume adapted to store fishing equipment. The container housing further comprises a plurality of lower half supports... Agent:

20150021872 - Maneuverable strollers: Maneuverable strollers are disclosed herein. An example stroller disclosed herein includes a frame having a front wheel and rear wheel to support the frame. An intermediate wheel is positioned between the front wheel and the rear wheel. The example stroller includes a support having a first end and a second... Agent:

20150021873 - Wheel system for a vehicle: A wheel assembly for use with a vehicle is provided. The wheel assembly includes a first inner wheel portion, a second inner wheel portion positioned adjacent to the first inner wheel portion, a first wheel bladder coupled to the first inner wheel portion, and a second wheel bladder coupled to... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150021874 - Noseguard assemblies for skateboards and related methods of use: The present disclosure provides advantageous skateboard assemblies (e.g., advantageous skateboard guard assemblies). More particularly, the present disclosure provides advantageous guard/noseguard assemblies for skateboards and related methods of use. The present disclosure provides for mountable, interchangeable and/or removable guard/noseguard assemblies for skateboards. The skateboard guard assemblies typically include a contoured or... Agent: Original Skateboards, LLC

20150021875 - Manually operated wheelchair having integrated differential to allow full range of motion under one-handed operation: A wheelchair includes a seat for supporting an occupant and a frame supporting the seat, where the frame further includes a first pair of wheels and a second pair of wheels connected by a differential for reversibly locking the second pair of wheels such that propulsion of only one of... Agent:

20150021876 - Folding bicycle: The present invention produces a folding bicycle (1) having a frame (2) which extends in the main plane of extent (24), a front wheel (53) which can be pivoted about a first axis (56) which extends perpendicularly with respect to the main plane of extent (24), and a rear wheel... Agent:

20150021877 - Bicycle frame and bicycle, and baby carriage using same capable of two-wheel and three-wheel conversion: A cycle frame easily converted from a bicycle to a tricycle and vice versa, and to a cycle and a baby carriage using same. The cycle includes a main frame including a main support and a pair of sub-supports branching from the main support, a pair of conversion frames, front... Agent:

20150021878 - Portable cardiopulmonary support cart systems: Portable support cart systems are provided. The support cart can include a trailer-hitch-type connection that can attach to a movable bed, such as a gurney, for easily and conveniently transporting the cart system together with the bed. Also provided are detachable frames for transporting medical support components, as well as... Agent:

20150021879 - Adapter with s-cam: An adapter which serves as an anchor point for coupling a trailer to a vehicle. The adapter adapted for mating in the socket of the vehicle. The adapter rotatable between a locked and an unlocked position. The adapter including a locking member which, when rotated, moves a follower partially through... Agent: Pulliam Enterprises, Inc.

20150021880 - Control system for downhill skis: A control system for downhill skis enables effective, continuous control of ski-to-surface resistance, to accommodate changing steepness and other conditions during a downhill ski run. Controllably positionable brake elements are mounted on the skis, centrally between the side edges thereof. Positioning motors are mounted on each ski and are operable... Agent:

20150021881 - Apparatus, system, and method to couple a user to a recreational device: An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for coupling a user to a recreational device. The apparatus includes a base plate, a heel cup, an ankle retention member, a toe retention member, a cable, at least one cable anchor, and a tensioning device. The base plate receives a user's foot.... Agent:

20150021882 - Apparatus and method: A vehicle frame assembly (4) including a hinge device (16), the hinge device (16) having first and second hub devices (22) and a third hub device (22) interposed between the first and second hub devices (22), the first and second hub devices (22) releasably engage with the third hub device... Agent: Scs (london) Limited

20150021883 - Wheel stabilizer: A number of variations include a wheel stabilizer.... Agent:

20150021885 - Curtain airbag module: Disclosed is a curtain airbag module including a curtain airbag cushion, an inflator of supplying and inflating gas into the curtain airbag cushion, and a lamp bracket fixed on a vehicle panel to support the curtain airbag cushion which is integrally provided with a lamp pattern to deploy the curtain... Agent: Autoliv Development Ab

20150021884 - Side airbag apparatus: An airbag is formed in a bag shape by joining margins of one pair of main body cloth portions. Inflation gas is supplied from an inflator to the airbag according to an impact given from the side of a vehicle seat. With this supply, the airbag deploys and inflates. A... Agent:

20150021886 - Airbag module and module housing: A housing for an airbag module includes an extrusion incorporating a body portion and a cover extruded integrally with the body portion so as to form a single monolithic unit. At least one endcap formed separately from the extrusion is operatively coupled to an end of the extrusion so as... Agent: Tk Holdings Inc.

20150021887 - Side airbag apparatus: An airbag main body is divided into a first inflation chamber, a second inflation chamber, and a third inflation chamber. The third inflation chamber is inflated beside the lumbar region of an occupant. The vertical partition has a communication hole that connects the first inflation chamber and the second inflation... Agent:

20150021888 - Vibration-damping inflator and airbag module for a vehicle including said inflator: An inflator (10) for a vehicle airbag module comprises an external housing (12) in which a combustion chamber (36) is formed, wherein the inflator (10) can be supported to be oscillating on a body-side component of the vehicle, especially on a component of the airbag module. Inside the external housing... Agent:

20150021889 - Airbag with slit vent: An airbag can include a panel that defines at least a portion of an inflatable chamber. The airbag can also include a slit vent that is at least partially defined by the panel. One or more seams can encompass the slit vent and can permit the slit vent to naturally... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20150021890 - Steering apparatus: A steering apparatus includes an engaging portion movable in a predetermined moving direction at a time of a secondary collision; a fixation portion fixed to a vehicle body; and an absorbing member. The absorbing member includes a fixed portion fixed to the fixation portion, an engaged portion facing the engaging... Agent:

20150021891 - Cradle assembly attachable to a vehicle: A cradle assembly for a vehicle having an underbody is provided. The cradle assembly includes a cradle body attachable to the underbody of the vehicle by at least one fastener. The cradle body may define at least one pathway, which may have a first pathway portion and a second pathway... Agent:

20150021892 - Rail and method of making and using the same: A number of variations includes a rail and method of manufacture thereof wherein a rail may be fabricated from a first segment, a first node, and a second segment, wherein the first segment is attached to the first node, wherein the second segment is attached to the first node, and... Agent:

20150021893 - Center tunnel integrated truss architecture: A number of variations may include a center tunnel assembly which may include a series of truss structures.... Agent:

20150021894 - Full height tunnel section with enclosed exhaust: One variation may include a vehicle center tunnel which may include an enclosed exhaust system.... Agent:

20150021895 - Anchor plate mounting structure of vehicle seatbelt: An anchor plate mounting structure of a vehicle seatbelt includes an anchor plate that is provided on a mounting portion provided on a surrounding portion of a vehicle seat, and has a belt connecting portion to which an end portion of a lap belt of the vehicle seatbelt, the lap... Agent:

20150021896 - Tongue and seat belt device using the same: [Solution] A seat belt slide portion 17 has a recess portion 20 provided in a seat belt slide surface 18 and a specified number of projections 27 provided in the recess portion 20. The seat belt slide surface 18 has a shoulder belt-side seat belt slide surface 22 that is... Agent:

20150021897 - Restraining device for a rider of a vehicle, method for using such a restraining device, garment for a rider of a vehicle, and safety system for the detachable binding of a rider to a vehicle: A restraining device, for a rider of a vehicle, includes a restraining belt that is integratable or is integrated at least partly into a garment of the rider, the restraining belt being configured so as to encompass at least one bodily region of the rider, and includes a connecting element... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150021898 - Vehicle fender extension for drilless assembly with receiving shoe: A vehicle fender extension component for drilless assembly to the leading or trailing end said vehicle fender includes a main body structure and a plurality of clamping elements. The main body structure has a top, bottom, front, back and first and second sides with downwardly extending flanges. The main body... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 29 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20150014948 - Pallet truck assembly: A powered pallet truck with a selectable effective reduced turning radius, and an intermediate roller assembly for mounting on the powered pallet truck, are provided. The intermediate roller assembly can include a base, a linear actuator pivotably connected at a base end to the base, a linkage pivotably connected to... Agent: J. H. Ryder Machinery Limited

20150014949 - Carrying device attachment: Embodiments are disclosed that relate to attaching carrying devices to one another for convenient transport. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a system comprising a first carrying device and a second carrying device. A catch is disposed on an anterior surface of the first carrying device, and a receiver is... Agent:

20150014950 - Cart: A two-wheeled cart is especially adapted for use as a game cart and may be easily towed by a conventional mountain bike. The cart has two interchangeable wheel positions. In the first wheel position the wheels are attached to the frame at opposite lateral sides of the cart and in... Agent:

20150014951 - Axle lift system: An axle lift system for a trailer may include: a moving block coupled to an axle of the trailer; a fixed block coupled to a frame of the trailer; a winch; and a cable, the cable communicating with the moving block, the fixed block, and the winch, the axle lift... Agent:

20150014952 - Steering device: Left and right front wheels are steered by rotation of steering shafts, and a steering force from a steering wheel is inputted into the steering shaft. Mutually adjacent ends of the shafts are coupled to a ring gear and a sun gear of a planetary gear set, a steering angle... Agent:

20150014953 - Mechanical axle/suspension spring seats for thin-wall axles: The invention relates to a spring seat for a mechanical spring axle/suspension system that includes continuous window welds and facilitates the use of a thin-wall axle, thereby saving weight and cost. The seat secures at least one mechanical spring of the axle/suspension system to an axle of the axle/suspension system.... Agent:

20150014954 - Method and device for stabilizing a vehicle against rolling movements: An anti-rolling stabilizer for a motor vehicle is provided. The stabilizer includes a U-shaped torsion bar having an elongated base and two free ends. The elongated base is coupled to a vehicle frame and each of the free ends is coupled to one of a right-hand and a left-hand wheel-guiding... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150014955 - Subframe for a motor vehicle: A subframe for a motor vehicle for pivotally connecting wheel suspension elements and for supporting a stabilizer which extends in a transverse direction of the motor vehicle, said subframe includes lateral longitudinal members extending in a longitudinal direction of the motor vehicle and at least one cross member connecting the... Agent:

20150014956 - Rear wheel suspension, and a motor vehicle: A rear wheel suspension including first and second suspension devices carrying a right and left, respectively, rear wheel rotating in a wheel plane forming a toe angle with respect to a longitudinal axis and a camber angle with respect to a vertical axis. A transversal beam connects the first and... Agent: Swedish Advanced Automotive Business Ab

20150014957 - Side-by-side flexible twin bicycle: Various embodiments of a side-by-side flexible twin bicycle are disclosed. In at least one embodiment, the side-by-side flexible twin bicycle includes two bicycles joined together side-by-side by means of a plurality of interconnecting pivoted link bars. One or more driver riders may simultaneously or independently operate said side-by-side flexible twin... Agent:

20150014958 - Body frame of motorcycle and method for manufacturing the body frame: The body frame has a head pipe 2 supporting a steering shaft, a main frame 3 extended rearward of a vehicle body from the head pipe 2, and a down frame 5 extended downward of the vehicle body from the head pipe 2, wherein the down frame 5 includes a... Agent:

20150014959 - Patient transport platform: Embodiments of a patient transport platform employing one or more adjustable columns interposed between a base having caster wheels with one or more intermediate large wheels, the adjustable columns accommodating deployment and retraction of the large wheels and elevation and positioning of an articulating patient stretcher chair. In various embodiments,... Agent:

20150014960 - Transport apparatus for transporting heavy objects: A transport apparatus for transporting heavy objects includes a chassis, which includes at least two side parts and a platform part and rear part between them, a load space arranged in the middle of the chassis, and at least one wheel mounted on each side of the load space of... Agent:

20150014961 - Vehicle provided with a vehicle part: The present invention relates to a vehicle (1), comprising a vehicle part (26) comprising:—a connecting frame (20) mountable in substantially rigid manner on the vehicle;—a transport frame connectable to the connecting frame and provided with at least two steerable wheels (32, 34); and—wherein control means are provided which are adapted... Agent: Sck Machinery

20150014962 - Splitboard binding apparatus: A boot attachment system is provided for a split board, wherein the boot attachment provides two alternative attachment configurations. The first configuration provides a ‘ride mode’ in which the rider's boots are attached across the two halves of the split board allowing the joined board halves to be used as... Agent:

20150014963 - Ski binding heel unit: An apparatus for selective holding of a footwear heel to a snow travel aid is provided. The apparatus is of the kind that comprise a base mountable to the snow travel aid, an upper portion slidable relative to the base and at least one forward connector for connecting the upper... Agent:

20150014964 - Ambulatory assistance device: An ambulatory assistance device includes a base having a set of wheels the base configured to at least partially surround a patient's body to provide a maximum level of support along all possible force vectors. The base includes ballast to lower the center of gravity of the ambulatory assistance device.... Agent: Penta Mobility, Inc.

20150014965 - Load carrier with mode changer: A multi-mode load carrier is convertible to assume a storage mode, a cart mode, and a hand-truck mode. The load carrier includes a rolling base and a base pusher having a handgrip.... Agent:

20150014966 - Expedition carts and associated systems and methods: Exemplary embodiments of an expedition cart are provided. The expedition cart includes a chassis configured and dimensioned to support a load. The expedition cart includes a first gusset plate and a second gusset plate secured to the chassis. The expedition cart further includes a first sleeve mounted to the first... Agent:

20150014967 - Device for protecting passenger of vehicle: Present invention relates to a device for protecting a passenger of a vehicle which includes curtain air bag (CAB) modules disposed at left and right sides of a roof panel inside the vehicle, a driver air bag (DAB) module disposed at a steering wheel inside the vehicle, and an eccentric... Agent:

20150014968 - Motor vehicle instrument panel with airbag deployment opening: The invention relates to an occupant protection airbag system for a motor vehicle. The airbag is stored in the vehicle instrument panel behind an airbag opening comprising a plurality of flaps constructed integrally with the instrument panel. The flaps open along respective separation lines and pivot about hinge lines when... Agent:

20150014969 - Airbag device: An airbag device may include a cushion each of both sides of which is formed with a vent hole through which introduced gas is discharged outside, a vent tether a front of which is connected to a front surface of the cushion and a rear of which is extended toward... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150014971 - Inflatable restraint deployment ramp: An inflatable restraint assembly includes a vehicle pillar and a pillar trim component that is attached to the vehicle pillar, with the pillar trim component having an upper end. A curtain airbag module having an inflatable curtain portion is disposed in a stowed configuration prior to deployment and moves to... Agent:

20150014970 - Side airbag device for vehicle: In a present side airbag device for a vehicle, a side airbag has a main bag and an inner bag that is disposed within the main bag. When gas for inflation and expansion is supplied from an inflator to an interior of the inner bag, the inner bag, while inflating... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150014972 - Method and system for activating at least one triggering element for a passenger protection means: A system for activating a triggering element for a passenger protection unit includes: a high-side control circuit establishing a first connection from an energy source to the triggering element, a low-side control circuit establishing a second connection of the triggering element to ground, and a regulating device regulating a firing... Agent:

20150014973 - Airbag module including airbag with diffuser: An airbag module includes an inflatable cushion, an inflator configured to provide inflation gas for inflating the cushion, and a diffuser for directing the inflation gas from the inflator into the airbag. The diffuser is tubular and includes a first opening at one end for connecting to the inflator. The... Agent:

20150014974 - Wheeled vehicle having a side door and a flexible lateral cover: A vehicle has a frame, a cockpit area, a roll cage, two seats disposed side-by-side, an engine, four wheels, a steering has device, and two lateral sides. Each of the two lateral sides h a lateral passage disposed adjacent to one of the two seats. A door has front and... Agent:

20150014975 - Rescue dual buckle vehicle seat belt, and a method of assembling, and using the same: The present invention relates generally to a vehicle seat belt, and a method of assembling, and using the same. More particularly, the invention encompasses an apparatus for providing at least one rescue buckle so as to form a dual buckle vehicle seat belt in a vehicle, and a. method of... Agent:

20150014976 - Dynamic vehicle mudguards: Dynamic vehicle mudguards are provided. A dynamic vehicle mudguard for attachment to a vehicle includes a first portion, a second portion, and a hinge portion. The hinge portion is coupled to the first portion, and the second portion is coupled to the hinge portion and separated from the first portion.... Agent:

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