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Land vehicles

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01/15/2015 > 29 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20150014948 - Pallet truck assembly: A powered pallet truck with a selectable effective reduced turning radius, and an intermediate roller assembly for mounting on the powered pallet truck, are provided. The intermediate roller assembly can include a base, a linear actuator pivotably connected at a base end to the base, a linkage pivotably connected to... Agent: J. H. Ryder Machinery Limited

20150014949 - Carrying device attachment: Embodiments are disclosed that relate to attaching carrying devices to one another for convenient transport. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a system comprising a first carrying device and a second carrying device. A catch is disposed on an anterior surface of the first carrying device, and a receiver is... Agent:

20150014950 - Cart: A two-wheeled cart is especially adapted for use as a game cart and may be easily towed by a conventional mountain bike. The cart has two interchangeable wheel positions. In the first wheel position the wheels are attached to the frame at opposite lateral sides of the cart and in... Agent:

20150014951 - Axle lift system: An axle lift system for a trailer may include: a moving block coupled to an axle of the trailer; a fixed block coupled to a frame of the trailer; a winch; and a cable, the cable communicating with the moving block, the fixed block, and the winch, the axle lift... Agent:

20150014952 - Steering device: Left and right front wheels are steered by rotation of steering shafts, and a steering force from a steering wheel is inputted into the steering shaft. Mutually adjacent ends of the shafts are coupled to a ring gear and a sun gear of a planetary gear set, a steering angle... Agent:

20150014953 - Mechanical axle/suspension spring seats for thin-wall axles: The invention relates to a spring seat for a mechanical spring axle/suspension system that includes continuous window welds and facilitates the use of a thin-wall axle, thereby saving weight and cost. The seat secures at least one mechanical spring of the axle/suspension system to an axle of the axle/suspension system.... Agent:

20150014954 - Method and device for stabilizing a vehicle against rolling movements: An anti-rolling stabilizer for a motor vehicle is provided. The stabilizer includes a U-shaped torsion bar having an elongated base and two free ends. The elongated base is coupled to a vehicle frame and each of the free ends is coupled to one of a right-hand and a left-hand wheel-guiding... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150014955 - Subframe for a motor vehicle: A subframe for a motor vehicle for pivotally connecting wheel suspension elements and for supporting a stabilizer which extends in a transverse direction of the motor vehicle, said subframe includes lateral longitudinal members extending in a longitudinal direction of the motor vehicle and at least one cross member connecting the... Agent:

20150014956 - Rear wheel suspension, and a motor vehicle: A rear wheel suspension including first and second suspension devices carrying a right and left, respectively, rear wheel rotating in a wheel plane forming a toe angle with respect to a longitudinal axis and a camber angle with respect to a vertical axis. A transversal beam connects the first and... Agent: Swedish Advanced Automotive Business Ab

20150014957 - Side-by-side flexible twin bicycle: Various embodiments of a side-by-side flexible twin bicycle are disclosed. In at least one embodiment, the side-by-side flexible twin bicycle includes two bicycles joined together side-by-side by means of a plurality of interconnecting pivoted link bars. One or more driver riders may simultaneously or independently operate said side-by-side flexible twin... Agent:

20150014958 - Body frame of motorcycle and method for manufacturing the body frame: The body frame has a head pipe 2 supporting a steering shaft, a main frame 3 extended rearward of a vehicle body from the head pipe 2, and a down frame 5 extended downward of the vehicle body from the head pipe 2, wherein the down frame 5 includes a... Agent:

20150014959 - Patient transport platform: Embodiments of a patient transport platform employing one or more adjustable columns interposed between a base having caster wheels with one or more intermediate large wheels, the adjustable columns accommodating deployment and retraction of the large wheels and elevation and positioning of an articulating patient stretcher chair. In various embodiments,... Agent:

20150014960 - Transport apparatus for transporting heavy objects: A transport apparatus for transporting heavy objects includes a chassis, which includes at least two side parts and a platform part and rear part between them, a load space arranged in the middle of the chassis, and at least one wheel mounted on each side of the load space of... Agent:

20150014961 - Vehicle provided with a vehicle part: The present invention relates to a vehicle (1), comprising a vehicle part (26) comprising:—a connecting frame (20) mountable in substantially rigid manner on the vehicle;—a transport frame connectable to the connecting frame and provided with at least two steerable wheels (32, 34); and—wherein control means are provided which are adapted... Agent: Sck Machinery

20150014962 - Splitboard binding apparatus: A boot attachment system is provided for a split board, wherein the boot attachment provides two alternative attachment configurations. The first configuration provides a ‘ride mode’ in which the rider's boots are attached across the two halves of the split board allowing the joined board halves to be used as... Agent:

20150014963 - Ski binding heel unit: An apparatus for selective holding of a footwear heel to a snow travel aid is provided. The apparatus is of the kind that comprise a base mountable to the snow travel aid, an upper portion slidable relative to the base and at least one forward connector for connecting the upper... Agent:

20150014964 - Ambulatory assistance device: An ambulatory assistance device includes a base having a set of wheels the base configured to at least partially surround a patient's body to provide a maximum level of support along all possible force vectors. The base includes ballast to lower the center of gravity of the ambulatory assistance device.... Agent: Penta Mobility, Inc.

20150014965 - Load carrier with mode changer: A multi-mode load carrier is convertible to assume a storage mode, a cart mode, and a hand-truck mode. The load carrier includes a rolling base and a base pusher having a handgrip.... Agent:

20150014966 - Expedition carts and associated systems and methods: Exemplary embodiments of an expedition cart are provided. The expedition cart includes a chassis configured and dimensioned to support a load. The expedition cart includes a first gusset plate and a second gusset plate secured to the chassis. The expedition cart further includes a first sleeve mounted to the first... Agent:

20150014967 - Device for protecting passenger of vehicle: Present invention relates to a device for protecting a passenger of a vehicle which includes curtain air bag (CAB) modules disposed at left and right sides of a roof panel inside the vehicle, a driver air bag (DAB) module disposed at a steering wheel inside the vehicle, and an eccentric... Agent:

20150014968 - Motor vehicle instrument panel with airbag deployment opening: The invention relates to an occupant protection airbag system for a motor vehicle. The airbag is stored in the vehicle instrument panel behind an airbag opening comprising a plurality of flaps constructed integrally with the instrument panel. The flaps open along respective separation lines and pivot about hinge lines when... Agent:

20150014969 - Airbag device: An airbag device may include a cushion each of both sides of which is formed with a vent hole through which introduced gas is discharged outside, a vent tether a front of which is connected to a front surface of the cushion and a rear of which is extended toward... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150014971 - Inflatable restraint deployment ramp: An inflatable restraint assembly includes a vehicle pillar and a pillar trim component that is attached to the vehicle pillar, with the pillar trim component having an upper end. A curtain airbag module having an inflatable curtain portion is disposed in a stowed configuration prior to deployment and moves to... Agent:

20150014970 - Side airbag device for vehicle: In a present side airbag device for a vehicle, a side airbag has a main bag and an inner bag that is disposed within the main bag. When gas for inflation and expansion is supplied from an inflator to an interior of the inner bag, the inner bag, while inflating... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150014972 - Method and system for activating at least one triggering element for a passenger protection means: A system for activating a triggering element for a passenger protection unit includes: a high-side control circuit establishing a first connection from an energy source to the triggering element, a low-side control circuit establishing a second connection of the triggering element to ground, and a regulating device regulating a firing... Agent:

20150014973 - Airbag module including airbag with diffuser: An airbag module includes an inflatable cushion, an inflator configured to provide inflation gas for inflating the cushion, and a diffuser for directing the inflation gas from the inflator into the airbag. The diffuser is tubular and includes a first opening at one end for connecting to the inflator. The... Agent:

20150014974 - Wheeled vehicle having a side door and a flexible lateral cover: A vehicle has a frame, a cockpit area, a roll cage, two seats disposed side-by-side, an engine, four wheels, a steering has device, and two lateral sides. Each of the two lateral sides h a lateral passage disposed adjacent to one of the two seats. A door has front and... Agent:

20150014975 - Rescue dual buckle vehicle seat belt, and a method of assembling, and using the same: The present invention relates generally to a vehicle seat belt, and a method of assembling, and using the same. More particularly, the invention encompasses an apparatus for providing at least one rescue buckle so as to form a dual buckle vehicle seat belt in a vehicle, and a. method of... Agent:

20150014976 - Dynamic vehicle mudguards: Dynamic vehicle mudguards are provided. A dynamic vehicle mudguard for attachment to a vehicle includes a first portion, a second portion, and a hinge portion. The hinge portion is coupled to the first portion, and the second portion is coupled to the hinge portion and separated from the first portion.... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150008652 - Hand cart: A hand cart includes a body component, a grip component, a support component, a position adjustment mechanism, and a controller. The grip component is arranged relative to the body component at a grip position. The support component is arranged to link the body component and the grip component. The position... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20150008653 - Yard maintenance vehicle with cable steering assembly for tight turning: A riding yard maintenance vehicle may include a frame, a steering assembly, and a cable. Wheels of the riding yard maintenance vehicle may be attachable to the frame. The steering assembly may include a steering apparatus operably coupled to front wheels of the riding yard maintenance vehicle via a cable... Agent: Husqvarna Ab

20150008654 - Single-shell spring arm: The invention relates to a single-shell spring control arm, for a wheel suspension of a motor vehicle, comprising a first end portion for attaching to a chassis beam a second end portion for attaching on the wheel side, and an increased-width portion which is arranged between the two end portions,... Agent:

20150008655 - Tri-fold, vehicle chassis: The teachings provided herein are generally directed to compact vehicle drive mechanisms that can be used in the design of a foldable, carry-on vehicle. The compact drive mechanisms presented herein, for example, have contributed to the advent of the compact, carry-on bicycles set-forth in the teachings which include drive-and-steering units... Agent:

20150008656 - Fifth wheel trailer safety device: A safety device for use with a fifth wheel trailer hitch. The safety device is mounted to a first and second rail, these rails secure both the fifth wheel hitch and the safety device to the frame of a vehicle. The safety device is generally U-shaped and extends rearwardly of... Agent: Integrity Innovations Group, LLC

20150008657 - Hitch coupler receiving apparatus: A hitch coupler receiving apparatus includes a base having opposite first and second surfaces, and a pair of spaced-apart first and second openings extending through the base from the first surface to the second surface. A pair of opposing, elongated first and second walls extend outwardly from the base first... Agent:

20150008658 - Fifth wheel hitch support assembly: A fifth wheel mounting assembly comprises first and second support members adapted to couple to frame members and support assembly that comprises first and second portions slidably engaging the first and second support members and adjustable along a length thereof, the first and second portions including an upwardly-opening recess, first... Agent:

20150008659 - Stroller frame with a hidable release actuator: A stroller frame with a hidable release actuator includes a foldable frame, a locking mechanism, a release mechanism and a baby carrier. The locking mechanism is mounted on the foldable frame for locking the foldable frame in the erected configuration. The release mechanism has a release actuator operatively mounted on... Agent:

20150008660 - Collapsible cart: The present invention relates to a collapsible cart which has a substantially rectangular base comprising four side regions, four corner regions and hinge assemblies disposed at each corner region, hinged upright frame assemblies having a lower end rotatably connected to the hinge assemblies at the base, and an open top... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 24 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150001816 - Apparatus and methods for increasing the buoyancy of a wheeled vehicle: An apparatus for increasing the buoyancy of a wheeled vehicle includes a ski to be disposed under at least one tire or wheel of a wheeled vehicle; a boot having a bottom wall secured directly or indirectly to the ski and side walls substantially perpendicular to the bottom wall, wherein... Agent:

20150001817 - Adjustable mounting members for skateboards and related methods of use: The present disclosure provides advantageous skateboard assemblies (e.g., advantageous skateboard mounting member assemblies). More particularly, the present disclosure provides advantageous adjustable mounting members/assemblies for skateboards and related methods of use. In exemplary embodiments, the present disclosure provides for adjustable, movable, slideable, rotatable, interchangeable and/or removable mounting members/assemblies for skateboards. The... Agent: Original Skateboards, LLC

20150001818 - Steerable sled board and the like: A steering sled board includes a supporting board for supporting a center of mass of a rider and a steering control which includes a steering board aligned with and movably coupled in front the supporting board in an inline manner, wherein the steering board is self-rotatable with respect to the... Agent:

20150001819 - Snow body board: The invention provides a snowboard designed to be ridden in a seated position. The top of the board is an oval or egg-shaped board having a blade attached to its underside by means of a riser. The blade is attached to the underside of the board lengthwise by means of... Agent:

20150001820 - Hauler apparatus: A hauler apparatus transports a five gallon bucket from one location to another without the use of manual hauling which would result in a more efficient means of transporting various materials. The apparatus may include a frame, a vertical support, a handle, a rod base, a forward foot, an axle,... Agent:

20150001821 - Stroller: A stroller configured to support a child is provided that includes a frame, a plurality of wheels supporting the frame, a forward facing seat supported by the frame, a rearward facing seat supported by the frame, a seat back positioned to support a child reclining in the forward facing seat,... Agent:

20150001822 - Drainable section stabilizer sleeve: A product comprising a drainable section stabilizer sleeve for a vehicle body structure.... Agent:

20150001823 - Rotated section stabilizer: A product including a section stabilizer which may be inserted into a hollow section of a vehicle body and rotated into place which may add reinforcement to the area.... Agent:

20150001824 - Stabilizer link and manufacturing method therefor: A stabilizer link and a manufacturing method therefor in which there is less concentration of stress, the stud releasing load is improved, and the accuracy of centering of the ring member is improved. A second subassembly is formed by inserting a ball seat of a first subassembly into a ball... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

20150001825 - Vehicle axle suspension system: A suspension system is provided for a movable, supported vehicle axle. The suspension system includes a pair of hydraulic suspension cylinders, which are placed between the vehicle axle and a supporting vehicle structure. Each hydraulic suspension cylinder includes a first work chamber connected to a first pressure accumulator, and a... Agent:

20150001826 - Suspension arm for automobile: s

20150001827 - Tandem bicycle: A tandem bicycle is provided that have a shortened wheel base between the front and rear wheels that allows a rider to ride comfortably alone from either the front or rear seats, or with a passenger in the front seat. The frame length of the inventive tandem bicycle is comparable... Agent:

20150001828 - Step-through bicycle frame: A bicycle having a bicycle frame comprising a head tube, a top tube, a down tube, a bottom bracket and at least one chain stay. A single, tubular member has a first portion that forms the top tube and extends downwardly from the head tube toward the bottom bracket and... Agent:

20150001829 - Suspension for mountain bicycles: Unique suspension apparatuses, systems and methods useful for mountain bicycles among other applications are disclosed. In certain exemplary embodiments the suspension is self adjusting to meet different performance objectives. The suspension may utilize pedaling force to substantially stiffen or lock out movement of the suspension, for example, during climbing. The... Agent:

20150001830 - Portal trailer for a tugger train: A portal trailer for a tugger train, consisting of a front, rear and middle trailer section, between which respectively a receiving area for a dolly to be carried along is provided, wherein the front is connected with the middle and the middle with the rear trailer section each via a... Agent: Jungheinrich Aktiengesellschaft

20150001831 - Tightening mechanism for trailer drawbar hinge assembly and method of using same: A tightening mechanism for a hinge assembly includes a first housing having a pair of outwardly extending spaced apart ears having aligned first bores extending through them. A second housing has a length which allows it to fit between the ears and has a pair of abutting second bores which... Agent:

20150001832 - Ski brake: The present invention relates to a ski binding (1) with ski brake (50), particularly a touring and telemark binding, comprising a front retaining element (11) and a rear retaining element (15) and also a tensioning device (25) designed to connect the front and rear retaining elements such that they can... Agent: Rottefella As

20150001833 - Unilateral transition means for adapting a wheelchair: A transition means for adapting a wheelchair is disclosed wherein a user or an occupant of the wheelchair is enabled to repeatably alternate the wheelchair between an original mode and an adapted mode by engaging and disengaging a unilaterally-connected adaptive implement.... Agent:

20150001834 - Non-visible tear seams for airbag coverings: A vehicle interior panel includes a decorative covering with a non-visible tear seam that forms a deployment opening through the covering during airbag deployment. The tear seam is formed by mechanical piercing of a skin layer of the covering from the decorative side. The skin layer is formed from a... Agent:

20150001835 - Front passenger seat airbag apparatus: In a front passenger seat airbag apparatus, a partition wall portion is disposed in an airbag to partition the inside of the airbag into a front chamber and a rear chamber. The entire outer circumferential edge of the partition wall portion is jointed with an outer circumferential wall of the... Agent:

20150001836 - Airbag apparatus for a front passenger seat: An airbag apparatus for a front passenger seat includes an airbag inflatable into a generally square conical contour whose top is deployable at the front end. The airbag is mounted on a case together with an inflator by the periphery of a gas inlet port which is located proximate the... Agent:

20150001837 - Airbag control unit: An airbag control unit including two, independent trigger control paths that operate sets of first and second switches placed in series with a power source, sets of trigger outputs, and a ground. Each trigger control path is capable of detecting a shock and determining if the shock is a crash-level... Agent:

20150001838 - Magnetic vehicle body panel protector: The present invention provides a magnetic flexible and trimmable vehicle body panel protector sheet used to protect a vehicle body panel from scratches and abrasions to the body panel and finish. The protector comprises a magnetic sheet that adheres to a vehicle's metal body panel by magnetic force. The protector... Agent:

20150001839 - Rear integration of a suspension system and fuel tanks in fuel cell vehicles: A fuel cell powered vehicle fuel storage system is disclosed having a suspension system, a fuel tank, and a support system, wherein the suspension system, fuel tank, and support system cooperate to carry vehicle structural loads and the reaction loads of the suspension system and to maximize a volume of... Agent:

12/25/2014 > 43 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140375001 - Vehicle suspension device: A vehicle suspension device includes a suspension device main body configured to support a wheel of a vehicle to a vehicle body of the vehicle; a varying device configured to cause an upper connecting portion stiffness and a lower connecting portion stiffness to be variable, the upper connecting portion stiffness... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140375002 - Modular control system: A modular control system is adapted to adjust an aftermarket system in a vehicle via the vehicle head unit. The head unit includes a user interface operable by the user to control the aftermarket system. An aftermarket control unit is in communication with the user interface of the vehicle head... Agent:

20140375003 - Apparatus and methods for relocating assembled non-penetrating anchors: A carrier for an assembled fall hazard anchor includes a frame including a rear bar and first and second carrier handles connected to the rear bar to define a plane. Wheels are rotatably connected to opposite ends of the rear bar and located outwardly of the carrier handles. First and... Agent:

20140375004 - Cleaning cart: A cleaning cart is provided that includes a base, a plurality of wheels and a storage region depending from the base, and a bucket restraining device. The base has a first side wall, a second side wall, and a front wall, the base having at least one portion configured to... Agent:

20140375005 - Caster switch unit for carry-and-transport device: A carry-and-transport device includes a caster unit and a straight-wheel unit. A control unit which has a sleeve and the sleeve is located corresponding to the straight-wheel unit of the carry-and-transport device. A movable frame is connected to the sleeve and has an auxiliary caster unit connected to the lower... Agent:

20140375006 - Modular suspension system: Modular suspension systems for customizing a stock automobile are presented including in any combination: a pair of asymmetrical control arm components having a control arm connection geometry sized to replace a pair of stock control arm components, where the pair of asymmetrical control arm components include at least additional control... Agent:

20140375007 - Self-illuminating skateboard: Provided is a skateboard having a transparent or translucent deck, elongated along a longitudinal axis, and having top and bottom surfaces. First and second wheel assemblies are respectively attached to the bottom front and bottom rear portions of the board. Each wheel assembly comprises a truck and two wheels. Each... Agent:

20140375008 - Self-illuminating skateboard: A skateboard is provided having a transparent deck. First and second wheel assemblies are attached to the front and rear portion of the skateboard, respectively. The wheel assemblies each include a truck and two wheels. Each respective wheel comprises a wheel covering having a translucent surface and a wheel interior... Agent:

20140375009 - Skateboard with engraved grip surface: A recreational sports board includes an engraved upper surface providing an attractive detailed image having recessed portions with sufficient depth so as to also provide a suitable grip surface for the rider's feet. A depth of the recessed portions may vary across the board from one location to another location... Agent:

20140375010 - Supporting and braking assembly for a motor vehicle wheel: A supporting and braking assembly for a motor vehicle wheel has a supporting member, defined by a single piece adapted to be coupled to a suspension of the motor vehicle and provided with a central portion coupled to a rotating hub by means of a bearing. The supporting member is... Agent: Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.a.

20140375013 - Independent wheel suspension for the driven wheels of a vehicle: An independent wheel suspension for the driven wheels of a vehicle is disclosed. The suspension includes a wheel carrier for rotatably supporting a wheel of the vehicle. The wheel carrier is connected to a torsion-resistant transverse link. The torsion-resistant transverse link is connected to the vehicle structure via two structure-side... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140375012 - Rear shock absorber mounting structure for vehicle: A rear shock absorber mounting structure for a vehicle includes a rear shock absorber upper cover which may be mounted on a wheel housing and on which a rear shock absorber may be engaged and supported, an inner dual rail member which may be mounted on an inner surface of... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140375014 - Trailing arm suspension beam assembly: A suspension assembly includes an axle member, a first trailing beam assembly and a second trailing beam assembly. The first trailing beam assembly and the second trailing beam assembly each include a first end operably coupled to a vehicle frame and a second end that includes a downwardly opening recess,... Agent:

20140375011 - Rear suspension mounting structure for electronic vehicle: Provided is a rear suspension mounting structure for an electric vehicle, which can reduce the overall weight and can enhance steering stability by forming a torsion beam and a trailing arm using different materials. In one embodiment, the rear suspension mounting structure includes a hub fastened to the center of... Agent: Hyunday Wia Corporation

20140375015 - Motorized reverse trike with tiltable body: A motorized reverse trike with a tiltable body comprises a frame with a header pipe, two front wheels, a tilting mechanism arranged on the header pipe, two suspension mechanisms hinged between the two front wheels and the tilting mechanism respectively, a steering mechanism with handlebars hinged between the header pipe... Agent:

20140375016 - Vehicle steering head: A tricycle having limited steering includes a front wheel mounted to a lower end of a wheel fork. A support tube is connected to a frame. A seat is mounted to the frame. A rear axle is included. Rear wheels are mounted to the rear axle. An upper end of... Agent:

20140375017 - Device for introducing at least one lengthwise extended technical functional part into a frame section of a vehicle: In a device for introducing at least one lengthwise extended technical functional part in a frame section of a vehicle, in particular a bicycle, including an insert section that is to be abutted against an opening in the frame section, through which the functional part can be guided, it is... Agent:

20140375018 - Trailer including frame constructed with structural members having integrally formed sections: A trailer including a frame supporting a trailer bed and having rotatable wheels and a tongue for pivotal attachment to a land vehicle hitch. The trailer frame includes left and right side structural members and crossbeam members attached between the side members. Each side member includes a U-shaped portion having... Agent:

20140375019 - Trailer including frame constructed with structural members secured together with integral overlapping tabs: A trailer including a frame supporting a trailer bed and having rotatable wheels and a tongue for pivotal attachment to a land vehicle hitch. The trailer flame includes left and right side structural members and crossbeam members attached between the side members. A front end member is attached between terminal... Agent:

20140375020 - Removable ball hitch: A ball hitch has an actuator substantially disposed in a towing ball member. The actuator includes a pivotable handle, which in the stowed position forms part of the outer profile of the ball, but which can be pivoted upward to be used to rotate a shaft portion of the actuator.... Agent:

20140375021 - Method of selecting the foot plane angle in a sliding activity: In various sliding activities or sports, such as ice skating, a desired angle for the foot plane within a boot is selected. When conditions change, such as going to a different location or even changes within the original location such as temperature changes, the original foot plane angle is no... Agent:

20140375022 - Wheelbase for movable structure: The present invention is a wheelbase for a movable structure, comprising: a first frame unit connected to either a front wheels or a rear wheels; a second frame unit connected to the other of the front wheels or the rear wheels and located below or above the first frame and... Agent:

20140375023 - Wheel assembly for handcart: A handcart includes a main body, a number of wheels, a linkage apparatus, and a supporting apparatus. The main body includes a bottom wall. The wheels are installed on the bottom wall. The supporting apparatus includes a supporting pole slidably installed in a middle of the bottom wall, a bracket,... Agent:

20140375024 - Airbag module and module housing: A housing for an airbag module includes an extrusion incorporating a body portion and a cover extruded integrally with the body portion so as to form a single monolithic unit.... Agent: Tk Holdings Inc.

20140375030 - Closing device for a housing for an airbag: A device to attach to a housing of an airbag is disclosed herein. The device includes a flap connected to an opening of the housing, wherein the flap comprises a rigid structure; and a hinge to connect the flap with the housing. The rigid structure comprises a zone of weakness... Agent:

20140375031 - Cover element composed of plastic for a driver's airbag module and cover consisting of such a cover element and a casing arranged on the latter: A plastic cover element (10) for a driver airbag module having a side wall (22) extending from a lower end (22a) to an upper end (22b), enclosing an interior space. The upper end (22b) is covered by an overlap (30) which extends in a radial direction across the side wall... Agent:

20140375026 - Method for injection molding of an airbag case: p

20140375025 - Safety device for vehicle: Safety device fir vehicle, adapted to be arranged facing an airbag, comprising a chute channel delimiting a recess adapted to receive the airbag, said chute channel being formed by a reinforcing member, a first flap, and a first net. The first flap and a first reinforcing portion are overmolded onto... Agent: Faurecia Interieur Industrie

20140375027 - Safety device for vehicle: f

20140375029 - Safety device for vehicle: a flap at least partially covering the recess, the flap being overmolded onto the first portion of the net. The device further comprises a strip overmolded onto the second portion of the net, and the chute channel is overmolded onto the strip. A safety system and dashboard comprising such a... Agent:

20140375028 - Vehicle seat: A seam of a seat front part is joined to a clip inside a groove on a surface of a seat pad, and tucked into the groove. In a vehicle seat having an airbag unit, inside the seat corresponding to a seam of a seat side part, a webbing is... Agent:

20140375034 - Delayed venting in a curtain airbag: An airbag, or inflatable curtain airbag assembly, can include one or more chambers and vents. The vents can be in fluid communication with one or more of the chambers. The vents can be configured to delay passage of inflation gas from an interior of the airbag into an interior chamber... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140375032 - Driver seat airbag system: A driver seat airbag system includes: an airbag that receives a supply of gas for inflation during a collision of a vehicle and is inflated and deployed between a steering wheel and an occupant in a driver seat; an inner bag that has a smaller capacity than the airbag, receives... Agent:

20140375033 - Roof airbag device and occupant protection device: A roof airbag device includes a roof airbag housed in a part that includes a front end side in a vehicle longitudinal direction in a center part in a vehicle width direction of a roof. The roof airbag includes: a front deployed part that is deployed in front in a... Agent:

20140375035 - Driver seat airbag system: A driver seat airbag system includes: an airbag that is housed in a pad section of a steering wheel, receives a supply of gas for inflation during a collision of a vehicle, and is inflated and deployed between the steering wheel and an occupant in a driver seat; and an... Agent:

20140375036 - Vehicle collision damage mitigation system: A vehicle collision damage mitigation system includes: a vehicle having a crashable zone on a front side of a dash panel in a vehicle longitudinal direction; a body airbag device that inflates a body airbag that is provided on a front surface of the dash panel by a pressure of... Agent:

20140375037 - Delay orifice opening: An airbag apparatus for a vehicle including an airbag stored in a folded state in a portion of a vehicle body and an inflator that provides a gas for inflating the airbag. The airbag including a main chamber and a delay chamber. The main chamber operable to be inflated earlier... Agent:

20140375038 - Airbag with adjustable safety valve: Airbag with adjustable safety valve comprising a vent aperture made in the fabric of the airbag, at least one membrane of an elastic material attached to said fabric at a union area, said membrane being stretched across the width of said vent aperture and defining a variable area with an... Agent:

20140375039 - Doors for console boxes: Embodiments of the present invention may include a door for a console box having a door outer, a door inner and a lock mechanism. The door inner is mounted to the door outer, and has a pair of mounting walls. The lock mechanism releasably locks the door at a position... Agent:

20140375040 - Auxiliary storage system: An auxiliary storage system for attachment to a vehicle, including a storage container and a hitch assembly for releasably connecting the storage container and the vehicle together. The hitch assembly includes a central body, a first connection subassembly for attaching the central body and the vehicle together, and a second... Agent: Nashco Enterprises Ltd.

20140375041 - Vehicle body reinforcement unit: A vehicle body reinforcement unit includes a reinforcement member disposed between a pair of frame portions of a vehicle body and including a pair of displacement members that is displaced relative to each other in association with a relative displacement of the pair of frame portions, the reinforcement member including... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140375042 - Position device, paraticularly for a belt feeder, and belt lock device: A positioning device (12), especially for a vehicle seat belt feeder, comprises a flexible load-bearing element (16) and a molded part (18) comprising a plurality of molded elements (20) each of which annularly surrounds the elastic load-bearing element (16) and includes axial bearing surfaces. The axial bearing surfaces of the... Agent:

20140375043 - Modular fuel storage system: A modular fuel storage system can include a container, a cover, a storage tank and fuel fill and delivery lines. The container can define an interior space therein and the cover can be configured to engage the container to enclose the interior space. The storage tank can be configured to... Agent:

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