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Land vehicles

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09/04/2014 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140246836 - Rideable snow sled with replaceable nose section: A replaceable nose section is provided for use on a rideable snow sled wherein the nose section comprises a support structure which can be easily fitted to a snow sled, and a flexible, resilient nose section shell which is adapted to be fitted to the support structure. The support structure... Agent: Tech 4 Kids, Inc.

20140246837 - Hand truck for storing and movng multiple storage bins: The present invention relates to an improved hand truck configured to hold multiple storage bins, such as recycle bins. The hand truck comprises a main body structure having a generally elongated, upper vertical first frame, a generally horizontal lower horizontal frame, and pair of wheels 16. A plurality of storage... Agent:

20140246838 - Wheelbarrow leg stabilizer: A wheelbarrow leg stabilizer having a slip resistant lower surface is provided. Preferably, the slip resistant lower surface includes a plurality of edges structured to engage the ground and thereby increase the starting friction. More preferably, the edges are part of a deformation in the leg stabilizer body. When the... Agent: Ames True Temper, Inc.

20140246839 - Steering spindle arrangement: A steering spindle has a steering spindle connection connected to a fork crown of a steering coupling via an intermediate piece. The steering spindle connection and the intermediate piece are formed as plug partners at ends facing each other, by means of at least one tongue and groove guide element... Agent: Daimler Ag

20140246840 - Manually powered vehicle: A manually-powered vehicle propelled by muscular force, whose user maintains a standing position, and whose drive is hand-held. The vehicle according to the invention includes two drive wheels, with independent mechanisms installed inside them, which transform the swinging motion of the levers into unidirectional gyration of the drive wheels axis... Agent: Torqway Sp. Z.o.o.

20140246841 - Tilt-in-space wheelchair using multiple controlling paths: A wheelchair is disclosed herein. The wheelchair includes a base frame extending in a fore-aft direction and a lateral direction perpendicular to the fore-aft direction. The wheelchair also includes a plurality of wheels supporting the base frame for movement. The wheelchair also includes a seat frame operable to support a... Agent:

20140246842 - Level launch and retrieval positioning system: The following specification discloses a boat trailer equipped with a powered boat launch and retrieval system that negates the shallow entry of a launch ramp. The system consists of six main components. 1. A custom bow eye. 2. A damping push/pull bar. 3. An “A” frame weldment with pivotal (base)... Agent:

20140246843 - Ski binding for fastening a mountaineering boot on a downhill ski or the like: A ski binding device for fastening a boot on a ski is described. The device includes a toepiece and a heelpiece fixed to the ski and structured to selectively retain the boot. The heelpiece includes a turret and a hooking projecting appendix (“HPA”) that juts out from the turret towards... Agent:

20140246844 - Side airbag module assembly: A side airbag module assembly for a vehicle seat back rest features a molded plastic cover (22) with a Class A surface constituting the outside of the cover visible after installation in the backrest (60). An airbag holder portion (24) made of plastic is molded onto the cover (22). The... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140246845 - Seat belt system: A seat belt system (20) includes a manifold assembly (60) having an inner housing (68) and an outer housing (70) which extends at least part way around the inner housing. One of the housings (68 or 70) is movable relative to a vehicle with a portion of the seat belt... Agent: Trw Vehicle Safety Systems Inc,

20140246846 - Tether airbag control system: An airbag includes at least one panel defining an interior of the airbag and a divider attached to the at least one panel so as to divide the interior into a plurality of chambers. An internal tether is attached to the at least one panel and to the divider so... Agent: Tk Holdings Inc.

20140246847 - Steering column and manufacturing method thereof: A steering column has an overall hollow and cylindrical shape at least part of which is formed using a column member. The column member includes a main body portion having one-side end section and the other-side end section and a cylindrical member having one-side end section and the other-side section.... Agent: Nsk Ltd.

20140246848 - Steering column device: A steering column device includes a steering column for supporting a steering shaft in a freely rotatable manner, and a guide plate and a column bracket for assembling the steering column onto a part of a vehicle body. The steering column device further includes coupling bolts coupled to the column... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

08/28/2014 > 25 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140239601 - Roll control: Various embodiments of a sway control system are disclosed. Various embodiments may have pivoting or sliding control arms. Said control arms are operatively coupled to a plurality of ground-engaging elements, of a vehicle, via connecting rods. A dampening and or or cushioning element employed in the assembly comprised of said... Agent:

20140239602 - Autonomous control damper: A damper system for a vehicle comprises an electrically adjustable hydraulic shock absorber and a damper control module. The damper control module is disposed with and coupled to with the shock absorber. The damper control module determines a target damping state of the shock absorber based on data received from... Agent: Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

20140239603 - Vehicle steering adjustment apparatus and method of use thereof: A device for use in a vehicle steering system, said device comprising at least one actuator affixed to a wheel linkage of at least one wheel of said vehicle steering system. The actuator comprises a rotation assembly engagable with a first wheel linkage segment, an electric motor for actuating movement... Agent:

20140239604 - Synchronized mechanical robot: The present document describes a robot for transforming a rotation movement into a vertical/horizontal displacement on the ground using legs, said robot comprising a chassis; a rotation shaft connected to said chassis; a plurality of leg modules connected to said shaft at a first end for rotating around said shaft;... Agent: Innovation Synchronx

20140239605 - Adjustable chassis system: Various embodiments, aspects and features of the present invention encompass a system and method for an adjustable chassis system (“ACS”) that may be removably fixed to a payload object so that transport of the object across rough or uneven terrain is made less burdensome. Notably, some embodiments of an ACS... Agent:

20140239607 - Vehicle wheel axle lifting device: A vehicle wheel axle lifting device is provided, including a fixing portion, a cantilever and an urging arm. The cantilever and the urging arm are respectively mounted to the fixing portion, and the cantilever and the urging arm are swingable respectively around different axes so as to allow a first... Agent:

20140239608 - Sheet-metal control arm for a wheel suspension of a motor vehicle: A sheet-metal control arm for a wheel suspension of a motor vehicle includes a base body, and two eyelets arranged in spaced-apart relationship at least at one end of the base body. Each eyelet has an opening, with the openings of the eyelets receiving a chassis bearing. At least one... Agent: Audi Ag

20140239606 - Gas spring end member as well as gas spring assembly including same: A gas spring assembly (200) with a flexible wall (206) being a rolling lobe (240) with an end member (204) including a side wall (238) and a plurality of corrugations disposed along the side wall. A cover (246) can be secured across a cavity (248) formed in the gas spring... Agent:

20140239609 - Cargo truck multi-stage extendable personnel platform: A personnel platform for installation on a cargo truck comprises a mounting bracket securely fastened to a framing structure of the cargo truck beneath a personnel door, a platform deck mounted to a sliding mechanism securely fastened to the mounting bracket, wherein the platform deck is operable to be slidably... Agent: Rom Acquisition Corporation

20140239610 - Suspension for handcycle: A suspension device for a handcycle has a first frame member and a second frame member pivotally coupled to the first frame member. A shock absorber is disposed between the first and second frame members. A lever assembly is disposed between the first and second frame members to transfer motion... Agent: Lasher Sport, LLC

20140239611 - Quickly foldable bicycle: What is disclosed is a quickly foldable bicycle. A front arm and an intermediate arm are hinged together; the intermediate arm is fixed on the intermediate tube; a rear fork is hinged on the intermediate tube or on the intermediate arm; a seat tube is slidably sleeved inside the intermediate... Agent: Dahon Technologies, Ltd.

20140239612 - Sound generator for spoked wheel vehicles: The present invention relates to sound generation for amusement purposes, and more particularly to sound generation devices for use with vehicles having wheels with spokes such as bicycles and tricycles. Embodiments of the invention include a base having a slot extending from one end part way down one side for... Agent:

20140239613 - Safety and construction trailer: A safety trailer has semi-tractor hitches at both ends and a safety wall that is fixed to one side of the trailer. That side, however, can be changed to the right or left side of the road, depending on the end to which the truck attaches. A caboose can be... Agent: Concaten, Inc.

20140239614 - Tool-free adjustable binding for sports board: A binding is adapted for coupling footwear, such as a boot, to a sports board. The binding permits easy adjustment of the binding's position on the board, while also allowing for removal of the binding from the board for improved utility of storage or transport. Adjustment, engagement between binding and... Agent: Flow Sports, Inc.

20140239615 - Toepiece which releases automatically as a result of twisting: A toepiece (10) for a binding device for securing a boot to a gliding board comprises a fixed part (11) which is intended to be secured to the gliding board, and a mobile part (12) which is mounted on the fixed part with a possibility of relative movement (T) with... Agent:

20140239616 - Sports cart: A sports cart with a folding tubular frame, a central steering column, a pair of real wheels, a centrally located front wheel, a lower basket member, a secondary holding rack, a handlebar assembly, a front wheel fork assembly, a brake member, a steering column to handlebar assembly folding and locking... Agent:

20140239617 - Airbag assembly: An airbag includes a rear panel, a front panel, and an extension panel. The rear panel has an inflation aperture for receiving an inflation gas. The front panel has at least one communication aperture, and the front panel is connected to the rear panel at a peripheral seam to define... Agent: Nissan North America, Inc.

20140239618 - Vehicle side airbag device: A vehicle side airbag device includes: an inflator provided in a side portion on an outside, in a vehicle width direction, of a seat back of a vehicle seat, and generating gas by being activated when a vehicle side collision is detected or anticipated; and a side airbag provided in... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140239619 - Curtain airbag device and occupant protecting device: A curtain airbag device comprising: a main deploying portion that, at a time when at least one of a small overlap impact or an oblique impact arises, receives a supply of gas and expands, and is deployed in a shape of a curtain along a side window glass; an auxiliary... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140239621 - Head protection airbag apparatus: A head protection airbag apparatus includes an airbag that is folded and received in an upper edge of a window on an inside of a vehicle, an upper edge of which is attached and fixed to a body of the vehicle, and inflated and protruding downward from a storage region... Agent: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

20140239620 - Head-protecting airbag device: In a head-protecting airbag device, an airbag includes an inflatable curtain portion that is deployable over an inboard side of a window and an overlap inflatable portion that overlaps with an inboard side of the inflatable curtain portion at airbag deployment. The overlap inflatable portion is so configured as to... Agent: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

20140239622 - Air belt and air belt apparatus: An air belt having mesh webbing sufficiently strong and sufficiently expandable in the circumferential direction of a bag-shaped belt and an air belt apparatus including the air belt are provided. An air belt includes a folded member being a bag-shaped belt folded in a band shape and mesh webbing covering... Agent:

20140239623 - Gas generator: A gas generator includes: a pressurized gas chamber formed by a cylindrical pressurized gas chamber housing filled with a pressurized gas; a combustion chamber connected to a first end portion of the pressurized gas chamber and including an ignition device and a gas generating agent therein, a diffuser portion connected... Agent: Daicel Corporation

20140239624 - Collection tank: A collection tank for use in a vacuum operated earth reduction system, the collection tank comprising a closed first end, an open second end defining a tank sealing flange and a body extending between the closed first end and the open second end. An internal chamber defined by the body,... Agent: Mclaughlin Group, Inc.

20140239625 - Bulldozer: A bulldozer includes a cab, a fuel tank arranged to a rear of the cab, and first and second engaging members. The cab includes a driver seat and an air-conditioning cooling module projecting rearward from an upper end portion of the cab. The first and second engaging members are provided... Agent:

08/21/2014 > 22 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140232074 - Trailer axle suspension system and a method of control: A trailer axle suspension system and a method of control. The trailer axle suspension system may be deflated when the trailer is approaching the dock and proximity of the trailer to the dock is within a predetermined limit.... Agent: Arvinmeritor Technology, LLC

20140232075 - Mechanic's creeper: Pockets (39) are formed on each side of the buttocks-receiving section (33), and radiused surfaces (41) extend from the side surfaces of the buttocks-receiving section (33) to the pockets (39) for the comfort of the user. The bottom surface (22) includes a plurality of parallel recesses (47) extending under all... Agent: Whiteside Mfg. Co.

20140232076 - Convertible luggage and luggage cart assembly: A luggage and luggage cart assembly includes a piece of luggage selectively moveable between a collapsed configuration and an expanded configuration. The luggage has a greater longitudinal length in the expanded configuration as compared to the collapsed configuration. A cart is selectively moveable between a retracted position and an extended... Agent:

20140232077 - Golf trolley having steerable front wheel: A golf trolley including: a frame assembly, a handrail, a rotating device, a front wheel assembly, and a locking device. The handrail is disposed on the frame assembly. The rotating device is disposed on a front end of the frame assembly. The front wheel assembly is rotatably mounted on the... Agent: Ningbo Wentai Sport Equipment Co., Ltd.

20140232078 - Combination walker and transport chair with removable utility tray: A wheeled walker with a removable utility tray has a frame, front and rear wheels, a pivotable seat, height-adjustable handlebars, push handles, a back rest, brake handles and cables to arrest the walker, a pair of crossbars supporting the frame and a detachable utility tray with a lip to engage... Agent:

20140232079 - Equipment trolley: An equipment trolley with a support framework, which has at least one shelf area for receiving items of equipment, and a base plate, wherein support arms provided with castors are mounted on the base plate. In order to create an instrument trolley that ensures a very high degree of stability... Agent:

20140232080 - Axle lift assembly: An axle lift assembly includes a beam slidably coupled with and extending on a longitudinal extent of a vehicle frame. A trailing arm has a first end pivotably coupled with the beam. An axle is rotatably coupled with an intermediate portion of the trailing arm. An air spring is disposed... Agent: Saf-holland, Inc.

20140232081 - Vehicle component: A vehicle component with at least two connection points, a structural component that extends between the connection points and rigidly connects them with one another. The structural component comprises at least one insert made of a ductile material and at least two connection zones that support or form the two... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20140232082 - Suspension system: A suspension system includes an upper cylinder chamber, a lower cylinder chamber, and a variable valve that adjusts the opening area of an opening of the lower cylinder chamber. The suspension system includes a first communication path through which the upper cylinder chamber of one of damping force control cylinders... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140232083 - Torsion bar spring arrangement for a wheel suspension of a motor vehicle: A torsion bar spring arrangement for a wheel suspension of a motor vehicle includes an actuator arranged on a vehicle body or on a subframe and constructed to variably pre-tension the torsion bar spring arrangement, a coaxial first torsion bar spring having an output side that is connected by way... Agent: Audi Ag

20140232084 - Suspension device: A suspension device is provided with: a coiled spring which allows a vehicle body to elastically receive the vertical movement of a wheel and which is disposed at a position facing a side of the tire of the wheel; and a movement restriction section which is provided within the inner... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20140232085 - Gear-shifting system for manually propelled wheelchairs: Apparatus for a manually-powered wheelchair comprising a frame and first and second wheel rotatably coupled to the frame. Each wheel includes a hand rim and a drive wheel. For each of the first and second wheels, a multiple speed transmission coupled to the wheel comprises a transmission output coupled to... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

20140232086 - Air bladder suspension: An air bladder suspension. The air bladder suspension of the present invention may be used with a vehicle wheel and a tricycle add-on wheel. The air bladder suspension may include a cantilever or seesaw type configuration and absorb shock when the tire of the wheel hits a ripple or bump... Agent:

20140232087 - Reconfigurable snowboard/ downhill skis and binding: Combination ski-snowboard devices reversibly configured in both: a ski configuration comprising two skis each with both an inside and outside edge and a ski binding mounting systems, and in a snowboard configuration having two outside edges and two binding mounting systems. Methods for converting ski-snowboard devices from a snowboard configuration... Agent: Rodin, Ltd

20140232089 - Collapsible two seat perambulator: A buggy for transporting children has a frame (3a, 3b, 5) and wheels (9) that are rotatably mounted relative to the frame to support the frame above a ground surface. A primary seat (8) is operatively supported by the frame for supporting a first child. A secondary seat (17) is... Agent: Phil And Teds Most Excellent Buggy Company Limited

20140232088 - Combined shopping trolley baby stroller: A folding and combined shopping cart/stroller includes a four-wheeled cross-shaped frame that carries a box-shaped basket and a child seat, thereby creating a functionally designed rigs for manual transportation of goods. The raised platform is positioned above and fixed to the shaft and hang between the front and trailing arms.... Agent:

20140232091 - Air bag assembly and tether: An air bag (102 or 320) having a tether (30 or 130), the tether formed into a hook (155, 157) and loop or eye (142) configured to be looped about a structure including an inflator (332) to which the air bag and tether are to be secured.... Agent: Key Safety Systems, Inc.

20140232090 - Airbag device for vehicle: An inflator for supplying a gas into an airbag body in a collision of a vehicle is mounted on a peripheral edge portion of a roof of a vehicle body through a bracket, the bracket is formed having a long plate shape along the peripheral edge portion of the roof,... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20140232092 - Airbag device for motor vehicles: The invention relates to a gas bag for vehicles, having a flat, two-dimensional shape when being in an uninflated, vented condition and a three-dimensional shape in an inflated condition, the gas bag having a main piece with opposite end portions, each of the end portions having an end contour, and... Agent: Trw Automotive Gmbh

20140232093 - Airbag system for passenger protection: An airbag system (3) having a two-chamber airbag (4), wherein the main chamber has an impact surface (7) which the vehicle occupant can contact and a support surface (8) with the main chamber (5) supported on an interior fitting (2) of the vehicle. A secondary chamber (11) forms a support... Agent: Autoliv Development Ab

20140232094 - Counterweight assembly for a self-propelled derrick rig assembly: Improvements to base beams and self-propelled derrick rigs are described. The base beam can have two or more stabilizer arms which can be deployed. The base beam is also designed to support the derrick rig. An optional counterweight assembly can be connected to the front of the rig. The self-propelled... Agent: Black Hawk Energy Services

20140232095 - Motor vehicle support structure: A motor vehicle structure has an A pillar (5), a sill, a front wheel (8) and a slide-off surface (50) for the front wheel (8). The A pillar (8), as viewed in cross section, exhibits a higher strength in an inner region (49) than in an outer region (48) in... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

08/14/2014 > 25 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140225336 - Hydraulic suspension system for lowering the ride height of a vehicle: A hydraulic system for lowering the ride height of a vehicle includes at least one hydraulic shock mounted to the suspension of the vehicle. Each of the hydraulic shocks has a floating bearing in the hydraulic shock, and an inlet. The inlet is hydraulically connected to a central manifold that... Agent: Msi Defense Solutions, LLC

20140225337 - Double bowed ice skate blade with elongated ice contract point: The present invention is a double-bowed ice skate blade having an attachment section with a constant thickness and a blade section with a continually variable thickness, with the thickest segments occurring at the toe-end and heel-end of the blade. The center section of the contoured ice skate blade has a... Agent:

20140225338 - Heeling apparatus: Provided is a heeling apparatus. The heeling apparatus includes a sole including a forefoot portion and a heel portion. The heel portion has an opening formed therein. In one embodiment, the sole includes a removable portion. The heeling apparatus further includes a wheel assembly including wheel rotably mounted to an... Agent: Heeling Sports Limited

20140225339 - Shopping cart weather shield: A shopping cart cover for providing protection to a user and contents of a shopping cart during inclement weather conditions, such as rain or snow, or providing shade against the sun. The cover includes four legs that can collapse or expand and attach to the cart using one or more... Agent:

20140225340 - Safety device automatically helps prevent runaway baby strollers: Because sidewalks are slanted for rain run-off, they pose a safety risk for baby strollers if the person pushing the stroller stops and doesn't apply the brake. If s/he releases the stroller's handle when the brake is not applied, the stroller may veer off towards the curb owing to gravity,... Agent:

20140225342 - Multiple axle equalizng rubber suspension (ert): A suspension system for a vehicle includes a frame mounting bracket for mounting to the vehicle. First and second levers are pivotally mounted to the frame mounting bracket. First and second rubber torsion axle assemblies are rigidly mounted to the first and second levers, respectively. A control arm pivotally connects... Agent: Air Suspensions, Inc.

20140225343 - Method of producing a chassis control arm, and control arm for a vehicle: In a method of producing a chassis control arm, at least one end of a blank is provided with at least two webs which are arranged in spaced-apart relation and define a clearance there between. Each of the webs is formed with a bearing opening, with the bearing opening of... Agent: Audi Ag

20140225344 - Thrust sliding bearing and mounting structure of a strut-type suspension using the thrust sliding bearing: A thrust sliding bearing 1 includes a synthetic resin-made lower casing 2, a synthetic resin-made upper casing 3 superposed on the lower casing 2, and a synthetic resin-made thrust sliding bearing piece 4 interposed between said upper casing 3 and the lower casing 2.... Agent: Oiles Corporation

20140225345 - Air spring with stepper motor driven pneumatic valve: The subject invention reveals an air spring arrangement comprising: a first mounting member, a second mounting member, an air spring volume, a height sensor, a controllable valve, a position controllable drive, wherein the first mounting member and the second mounting member are arranged so as to mount the air spring... Agent: Veyance Technologies, Inc.

20140225341 - Flexible spring members as well as gas spring assemblies and methods of manufacture including same: Flexible spring members can include a flexible spring wall and at least one girdle hoop. The flexible spring wall can include a plurality of convoluted wall portions disposed in longitudinally-spaced relation to one another. The girdle hoop can take the form of an annular ring that is at least partially... Agent: Firestone Industrial Products Company, LLC

20140225346 - Compact, collapsible bicycle: The invention relates to a compact, foldable bike with small wheels and a bicycle drive for driving the rear wheel, comprising a traction mechanism or a spur-gear transmission, driven by a crank, the distance of the bottom-bracket axle to the rear-wheel axle being larger than half the outer diameter of... Agent:

20140225347 - Vehicle suspension system: This invention relates to a vehicle suspension system where two or more flexible members are arranged in a non-planar way with a distance there between. These flexible members are being rigidly mounted between a frame structure of a vehicle and a wheel structure of the vehicle and the arrangement of... Agent: Lauf Forks Ehf

20140225348 - Foldable frame for two-wheel vehicle: A foldable frame for bicycle is disclosed in the present invention. The foldable frame can be folded up in three simple steps because of the application of two releasable locking systems: (1) release a front locking system; (2) release a rear locking system; (3) fold up a pair of rear... Agent:

20140225349 - Sport motorcycle gps bracket: A mounting bracket plate for a personal electronic device for attaching to a motor vehicle.... Agent: Paleo-tech Concepts

20140225350 - Spring bar lift and attachment system: A spring bar lift and attachment system includes a bracket assembly, a ratchet mechanism, and a flexible strap. The ratchet mechanism is secured to the bracket assembly, and the bracket assembly is configured to be secured to a portion of a frame of a trailer. The flexible strap includes a... Agent: Strap-tek LLC

20140225351 - Multiple axle equalizing rubber suspension: A suspension system for a vehicle includes a frame mounting bracket for mounting to the vehicle. The suspension includes front and rear rubber torsion axle assemblies. Front and rear lever assemblies are respectively pivotally attached to the vehicle at front and rear lever pivot points. Outer housings of the rubber... Agent: Air Suspensions, Inc.

20140225352 - Vehicle seat and resin seatback spring: A vehicle seat is obtained that allows good assembly operation characteristics of a side airbag device to a side-frame of a seatback frame. In a vehicle seat, stud bolts and nuts that fasten and fix a side airbag device to a side-frame are covered by a frame attachment section of... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140225353 - Airbag coolant releasing device and airbag device: There is provided an airbag coolant releasing device for releasing a coolant into an airbag. The device includes: a cylinder which is formed into a cylindrical shape; a coolant pack which is formed of a flexible film, wherein a coolant is sealed in the coolant pack and the coolant pack... Agent: Takata Corporation

20140225354 - Airbag with slit vent: An airbag can include a panel that defines at least a portion of an inflatable chamber. The airbag can also include a slit vent that is at least partially defined by the panel. One or more seams can encompass the slit vent and can permit the slit vent to naturally... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140225355 - Airbag tethering clip assembly: A tethering clip assembly is configured to tether first and second panels of a vehicle together. The assembly includes first and second plates, a mechanical fuse connecting the first plate to the second plate in a compressed state, and at least one spring member connected between the first and second... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140225356 - Vehicle and shoulder bolster member: A vehicle includes a pair of front wheels, a pair of rear wheels, a frame portion, a seat unit including a first seat portion and a second seat portion arranged side by side in a width direction of the vehicle and supported by the frame portion, a steering wheel in... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140225357 - Vehicle: A vehicle includes a pair of front wheels, at least a pair of rear wheels, a frame portion supported by the pair of front wheels and the pair of rear wheels, a first seat portion and a second seat portion supported by the frame portion and arranged side by side... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140225358 - Vehicle: A vehicle includes a pair of front wheels, a pair of rear wheels, a frame portion, a first seat portion, a second seat portion, a third seat portion, a steering wheel, and a grab bar. The first seat portion, the second seat portion and the third seat portion are supported... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140225359 - Vehicle: A vehicle includes a pair of front wheels, a pair of rear wheels, a frame portion, a first seat portion, a second seat portion, a third seat portion, a roll-over protection cage, and a three-point type seat belt unit for the second seat portion. The first seat portion, the second... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140225360 - Tire spray collecting assembly for trucks and trailers: The present invention relates to a tire spray collecting assembly for a vehicle, such as a truck and/or trailer. There is accordingly provided a tire spray collecting assembly connectable to a fender of a vehicle. The assembly includes an air diverter connectable to the rear end of the fender for... Agent:

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