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Land vehicles

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11/13/2014 > 19 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140333038 - Pneumatic suspension system of a motor vehicle and method: A suspension system includes spring bellows that are associated with pneumatic springs of vehicle axles, connectable by lines having level control valves to a main pressure line, and can be shut off with respect thereto. The main line is connectable by valves alternately to a compressed air source and a... Agent:

20140333039 - Seat attachment for a stroller: The invention relates to a seat attachment for a stroller, single stroller and double strollers. Such a seat attachment may be used to reversibly convert a single stroller into a double stroller. More specifically, versions of the seat attachment relate to a seat attachment for a stroller capable of supporting... Agent: Baby Jogger, LLC

20140333040 - Foldable walker apparatus: There is provided a collapsible walker having a pair of spaced-apart, operatively interconnected frame members. The walker includes a folding mechanism for selectively bringing together the frame members. The walker includes a collapsible basket. The collapsible basket comprises a pair of substantially planar supports connectable with respective ones of the... Agent: Evolution Technologies, Inc.

20140333041 - Apparatus and method for moving large and/or heavy objects: A wheeled cart and a method for moving large and/or heavy objects along the ground which comprises a pair of main wheels mounted on an axle, a pair of side frames located between the main wheels and an open front basket mounted between and fixedly connected to the side frames.... Agent:

20140333042 - Door step device for vehicle: A door step device for a vehicle includes: a step panel; a rack gear part which extends from the a step panel and has a locking groove formed at a side thereof; a pinion gear part which gear-meshed with the rack gear part, and rotates by power from a driving... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140333043 - Gear and lever transmission system and method: Phase gear and lever mechanism converts reciprocating power to rotary power with phase gear providing power stroke of greater duration than travel stroke so as to develop efficient power through a power stroke. A modified lever and gear mechanism converts reciprocating power to rotary power at variable out power ratio.... Agent:

20140333044 - Folding bicycle and method of use: A folding bicycle and method for folding the folding bicycle is provided. The folding bicycle comprises a frame having a first end and a second end; a first wheel connected to the second end of the frame, the first wheel and the frame being located in a first plane; a... Agent:

20140333045 - Ergonomic wheelchair with ventral support: An ergonomic wheelchair with ventral support has an ergonomic shape where the person is placed in a position with support areas at the person's frontal area. The wheelchair is provided with a frame made of a reticular structure as a main support, mounted over four wheels, with the two rear... Agent:

20140333046 - Trailer hitching and tracking steering: Improvements in a trailer hitching and tracking steering system are disclosed include a new style RV or wagon style RV that includes an extendable, variable position tow bar that accommodates misalignment of a tow vehicle. The tow bar can be rotated for storage within the RV wagon. Further improvements include... Agent:

20140333047 - Locking mechanism for ski bindin: The present disclosure relates to a single piece base portion (10) for a locking mechanism (30) for a ski binding (1), in particular a cross country or touring ski binding. The base portion (10) comprising: a planar resting portion (11); one or more, preferably two, support sections (12) extending out... Agent:

20140333048 - Locking mechanism for ski bindin: The present disclosure relates to a single piece base portion (10) for a locking mechanism (30) for a ski binding (1), in particular a cross country or touring ski binding. The base portion (10) comprising: a planar resting portion (11); one or more, preferably two, support sections (12) extending out... Agent:

20140333049 - Foldable golf cart: A foldable golf cart includes a top part pivotably connected to a bottom part. A handle is pivotably connected to the top portion of the top part and has a movable member which is located corresponding to the locking portion on the top of the top part. When the handle... Agent: Yuann Tay Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20140333051 - Airbag for vehicle: An airbag for a vehicle of the present invention includes: an inflator; and an airbag cushion, in which first and second slits are formed in the airbag cushion so as to be spaced apart at a predetermined distance, and one end of the inflator is inserted into the airbag cushion... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20140333050 - Steering wheel: The present invention provides a steering wheel. Hook portions configured to engagingly fit an airbag module is directly supported by a boss portion independent of spoke portions. In addition, a tip end part's side of each of hook claws in each of the hook portions is arranged so as to... Agent: Nihon Plast Co., Ltd.

20140333052 - Automobile airbag door: An automobile airbag door includes a base member, a three-dimensionally knitted inner cushion layer, which is arranged on one side of the base member, and a covering arranged on a side of the inner cushion layer that is opposite to the base member. The base member and the inner cushion... Agent: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

20140333053 - Vehicle and an airbag assembly for the vehicle: A vehicle and an airbag assembly are disclosed. A bladder includes a first expandable region defining a first maximum width between first and second sides of the first expandable region along a first axis when in a deployed position and a second expandable region defining a second maximum width between... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140333054 - Marking device for a personal mobility vehicle: A marking device that is supported by a personal mobility vehicle, such as a scooter, is movable from a first position, in which the marking device does not contact the riding surface, and a second position, in which the marking device contacts the riding surface. The marking device includes an... Agent: Razor Usa LLC

20140333055 - Integrally molded polymer hitch step: A trailer hitch step, integrally molded of a polymer compound, is capable of accepting a predetermined off-axis vertical load without an objectionable degree of torsional displacement, while also being capable of resiliently absorbing energy from rear impacts.... Agent: MacneilIPLLC

20140333056 - Vehicle body structure: A floor panel of a vehicle body is provided with bulging sections in which seats are disposed to the left and right of a tunnel section, and a rear tunnel cross member extending in the vehicle width direction at the rear ends of the bulging sections. The vehicle body is... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 21 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140327217 - Ice skate blade assembly: An ice skate blade assembly for attachment to a footwear comprising a flexible sole includes; an elongated blade comprising an ice engaging edge; the elongated blade and the ice engaging edge comprising a flexible region; the elongated blade and the ice engaging edge flexible to flex in the flexible region;... Agent:

20140327216 - Skate: A skate having a skate boot with a non-lasted boot shell, the shell having a first non-lasted three-dimensional sub-shell and a second non-lasted three-dimensional sub-shell, the second sub-shell being interior to and adjoining the first sub-shell, the first sub-shell comprising a first material having a first density and the second... Agent:

20140327218 - Sit or stand strollers and methods of making the same: Sit or stand strollers and methods of using and making the same are described herein. An example stroller includes a frame having a first set of mounts and a second set of mounts. The example stroller includes a first seat removably couplable to the frame via either the first set... Agent:

20140327219 - Motor-vehicle multi-link suspension system including a transverse leaf spring: A motor-vehicle multi-link suspension system includes, for each wheel, two lower transverse arms and a substantially longitudinal or inclined lower arm, each having one end pivotally connected to a respective wheel support and the opposite end pivotally connected to the motor-vehicle structure. A leaf spring is arranged transversally with respect... Agent: Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.a.

20140327220 - Trailing arm yoke suspension with brake actuator clearance: An underslung trailing arm suspension assembly is disclosed for use on heavy duty low clearance trailers having a unique beam configuration to provide clearance for a transversely mounted air brake actuator connected directly to a disc brake housing. The suspension beam includes a unique plate mounted near an axle seat... Agent:

20140327221 - Pivoting axle system: A pivoting axle system for an aerial lift vehicle with a chassis includes a left axle supporting a left wheel and a right axle supporting a right wheel. The left and right axles are pivotable between a transport position and a working position. A first hydraulic cylinder is connected at... Agent:

20140327222 - Running board bracket: A bracket for mounting a running board to a vehicle. The bracket comprising a main body comprising a support surface, an interlock structure and a mount element. The support surface provides a surface for supporting the running board. The interlock structure provides a mechanical engagement with a lower flange of... Agent:

20140327223 - Access step for agricultural machine: An agricultural machine includes: a base member; and a step assembly coupled with the base member. The step assembly includes: a support member coupled with the base member and configured for moving relative to the base member between a support member storage position and a support member operating position; and... Agent: Cnh America LLC

20140327224 - Unicycle with inner leg supports: A pedal-powered one-wheeled vehicle with apparatus coupled to the pedals for laterally stabilizing a user's legs. The user can apply inward pressure to the leg stabilizing apparatuses to achieve greater lateral stability and more precise control of the vehicle. Means may be provided for keeping the leg stabilizing apparatuses from... Agent:

20140327225 - Device of human conveyance: A device for human conveyance includes a frame and a resilient member that has two ends. Upon exerting a flattening force on the resilient member, increase in distance between the two ends and the increase in distance is converted into movement of the platform by, for example a ratchet system... Agent: Mindworks Holdings, LLC

20140327226 - Foldable bicycle: A foldable bicycle is provided in its self-propelled use position in its folded-out state, for transporting and for storage in its folded-up state and in both its folded-out and folded up states has fixing components for maintaining the reliability of these states, and in its folded-up state it has significantly... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140327227 - Wheel axle assembly: A wheel assembly quick release lever pivots against a thrust washer to apply a force along the length of an axle. The thrust washer is pressed toward a sleeve nut at the opposite end of the axle, which displaces the thrust washer relative to the axle, drawing the sleeve nut... Agent:

20140327228 - Anti-rattle device for receiver hitches and accessories: An anti-rattle device is shown and described. The anti-rattle device may include a pin member configured for insertion into aligned apertures of a draw bar and receiver hitch, and a block member configured to be inserted into an interior cavity of the draw bar and to receive the pin member.... Agent:

20140327229 - Tongue weight donut scale: A tongue weight donut scale includes a tongue weight donut scale body having an upper planar surface, a lower planar surface, and a central opening having an inner diameter, a weight sensor coupled to the tongue weight donut scale body and generating a signal representative of a weight on the... Agent:

20140327230 - Locking mechanism for ski bindin: The present disclosure relates to a single piece base portion (10) for a locking mechanism (30) for a ski binding (1), in particular a cross country or touring ski binding. The base portion (10) comprising: a planar resting portion (11); one or more, preferably two, support sections (12) extending out... Agent:

20140327231 - Wheelchair comprising a height-adjustable and incline-adjustable seat: The invention relates to a wheelchair which comprises: a underframe (1) to which front steerable wheels (6) and rear drive wheels (7) are fixed at a distance from one another; a sealing frame (3) which is height-adjustably fixed to said underframe (1), mounted so as to be able to pivot... Agent: Otto Bock Mobility Solutions Gmbh

20140327232 - Combined type nursing bed: A combined type nursing bed. A moveable backrest is provided on a fixed bed body, and a wheelchair is disposed at an end of the moveable backrest. The wheelchair includes three rectangular plates, a wheelchair support, and a second driving mechanism. When in use, the three rectangular plates are driven... Agent:

20140327233 - Folding travel stroller latch and wheel positioning system: A foldable frame for a stroller having front and rear legs with wheels disposed at the ends thereof and a handle support joined at a folding mechanism. The folding mechanism synchronizes motion of the front leg and handle to collapse them adjacent to the rear leg. The mechanism also actuates... Agent: Artsana Usa

20140327234 - Head restraint system: An inflatable head restraint system comprises an inflatable airbag and a housing for storing the airbag in a packed condition, the housing located behind the back of a head and/or a nape of a user of the inflatable head restraint system. The airbag includes a portion at least partly enclosing... Agent:

20140327235 - Steering apparatus for vehicle: Provided is a steering apparatus for a vehicle including a steering column, a mounting bracket laterally installed at the steering column and having a pair of through-holes formed at each of both sides and spaced apart from each other, a guide block including a base section and a pair of... Agent: Mando Corporation

20140327236 - Apparatus, system, and method for controlling movement of a user on snow: An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for controlling movement of a user on snow. The apparatus includes a support member and a snow interface. The support member is elongated in a lengthwise direction. The snow interface is coupleable to the support member. The snow interface has a gliding surface... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 28 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140319787 - Wheel suspension for a motor vehicle: A wheel suspension for a two-track motor vehicle includes a multi-link assembly having control arms that are articulated on a vehicle body and on a wheel carrier, a rotary actuator for an active suspension control system, with a motor-gear-unit constructed to transfer torques as actuating forces to the multi-link assembly... Agent: Audi Ag

20140319788 - Air suspension system of a motor vehicle: A vehicle air suspension system includes at least two spring bellows assigned to pneumatic springs on opposite vehicle sides of a vehicle axle. The springs can be connected via connection lines, each of which is provided with a level-regulating valve, to a main pressure line and can be shut off... Agent:

20140319789 - Stroke detection device for front fork in motorcycle and motorcycle equipped with stroke detection device: A stroke detection device includes a stem shaft which is formed of a conductor in a shape of a cylinder, in which a center line of the cylinder is located in parallel to center lines of inner tubes and outer tubes of front forks coupled to a bracket, and which... Agent: Showa Corporation

20140319790 - Ice skate attachment: An ice skate attachment assembly for converting a single runner blade ice skate into as multiple runner blade ice skate is provided. The assembly includes a skate guard having a bottom surface and including a channel for receiving and supporting the single runner blade of the ice skate. The assembly... Agent: Rollergard, LLC

20140319791 - Raiser for skidpan practice with motorcycle and device comprising such a raiser: The invention relates to a raiser (2) for skidpan practice with motorcycle, comprising a supporting portion (3) with support wheels (5a-c) and a raising portion (6). The raising portion (6) is attachable to the front wheel of the motorcycle in such a way that it allows the front wheel to... Agent:

20140319792 - Foldable walking stabilizer device: A foldable walking stabilizer device for a disabled person having a U-shaped base with caster assemblies on each leg of the base and up-right members extending from the base, the upright members having brake assemblies normally pre-venting the caster assemblies to move and adapted to release the casters for movement... Agent:

20140319793 - Adjuster, frame and vehicle: A golf cart includes a frame, an adjuster, and a pair of suspension assemblies that reduce changes in camber angles in a pair of wheels caused by an adjustment of a ground clearance. The adjuster includes a pair of first adjusting portions and a pair of second adjusting portions. Each... Agent:

20140319794 - Vehicle step assembly: An impact resistant collapsible step assembly for use with a high profile vehicle is described. The step assembly includes an elongate support member or first step having a first and a second opposing ends, a step platform or second step positioned adjacent to the support member, the step platform having... Agent: International Truck Intellectual Property Company, LLC

20140319795 - Scooter having a gearing system: The invention is directed towards a scooter comprising a frame, front wheel carried by the frame, rear wheel carried by the frame, a pair of reciprocating pedals attached to the frame, a drive assembly for transferring force from the reciprocating pedals to the rear wheel comprising: a pedal cam having... Agent: Zike, LLC

20140319797 - Quick-release bicycle crank assembly: A quick release bicycle crank assembly for a bicycle allows installation and removal of cranks from a crankset without the use of tools. The quick release mechanism has a coupling and a spindle wherein the coupling includes an outer sleeve that opens and closes the coupling, thereby allowing the spindle... Agent: Pacific Cycle, LLC

20140319796 - Student, teacher, administrative and research coordinating helper: Presently in this technological world students are facing more problems in the areas of reading and writing, there is no proper technology invention to enhance reading and writing. Due to the poor technology integration, we all are facing many problems. The present invention, “Student Teacher Administrative and Research Coordinating Helper”... Agent:

20140319798 - Drive system for a pedaled vehicle: A pedaled vehicle includes a frame having a crank for receiving a power input from a rider, a wheel rotatably coupled to the frame, and a drive system. The drive system includes a first sprocket operatively coupled to the crank, a second sprocket operatively coupled to the wheel, and a... Agent: Huffy Corporation

20140319799 - Quick release structure for a bicycle: A quick release structure for a bicycle includes a locking rod fixed securely, wherein the locking rod has a polygonal groove formed therein. The driving post of the locking rod includes a polygonal head. As desiring to lock the locking rod on the bicycle frame or to unlock the locking... Agent:

20140319800 - Longitudinal bicycle folding system: The invention relates to a longitudinal folding system for bicycles that comprise at least: handlebars including a locking element, a partition and a release button; a saddle pillar with a reinforcement and a female connector; a foot rest; a main bar; an anchor; a central bar which can pivot in... Agent:

20140319801 - Mechanical restraint for securing motorcycle rider footwear to footpeg: A restraint is configured to restrain a rider's footwear to a motorcycle footpeg along at least a nearly vertical first axis. The footpeg extends away from the motorcycle along a second axis. The restraint is based upon a combination of a hook and a clasp. The restraint can be engaged... Agent:

20140319802 - Coupler assembly: The present application describes a gooseneck coupler assembly that may include a gooseneck trailer pivot, an extension arm, and a pivot retention mechanism having a ball socket. The ball socket may engage with a hitch ball located on a towing vehicle. The gooseneck trailer pivot may be mounted on a... Agent:

20140319803 - Flexor with fastening clip: A flexor unit for a ski binding, in particular a cross country or touring ski binding, including a flexor element which is attached, attachable or integrally formed with a base element for interaction and attachment with the ski binding in a removable manner, the flexor element comprising a single piece... Agent:

20140319804 - Movable bed: In a movable bed composed by combining a bed main portion and a wheelchair, the wheelchair has chair back bottom rails having cutout portions in a chair back bottom, and a chair back guide portion installed rotatably about a rotation point with respect to a chair base portion, the chair... Agent:

20140319805 - Safety trailer: The present invention is directed to differing embodiments of safety trailers, which have first and second platforms and a safety wall positioned therebetween. The platforms and safety wall define an area protected from vehicular incursions.... Agent:

20140319806 - Airbag cover: An airbag module is provided. The airbag module may include an inflator, an inflatable airbag, a housing and a cover. The cover may include a retainer hook and a snap-lock configured to engage the housing.... Agent: Tk Holdings Inc.

20140319807 - Airbag: An airbag includes: a gas introduction portion; and a folded bag-shaped airbag main body capable of being inflated and deployed in a first direction toward an object to be protected, by gas introduced from the gas introduction portion. The folded airbag main body includes: a deployment portion disposed to face... Agent: Nihon Plast Co., Ltd.

20140319808 - Tether clip and garnish attachment device including the same: A tether clip includes: a seat portion; a tether portion standing on the seat portion; an anchor portion connecting to one end portion of the tether portion that is opposite to the other end portion thereof; an engagement retention portion located at each of both sides of the tether portion... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140319809 - Airbag, in particular for a motor vehicle: An airbag for a motor vehicle includes a support structure having a plurality of hollow body parts. The support structure is moveable from a storage position to a support position by inserting gas into the hollow body parts and by which a support volume of the airbag is at least... Agent: Daimler Ag

20140319810 - Landscaping machine, landscaping machine cover, and method of use thereof: Disclosed herein is a landscaping machine that includes a protective rollover bar having a left bar portion extending from a left side of an operator seat, a top bar portion extending from the left bar portion above the operator seat, and a right bar portion extending from the top bar... Agent:

20140319811 - Pre-stressed rolling bearing, notably for a steering column: The invention concerns a rolling bearing (1) having an inner ring (2), an outer ring (3) and a row of rolling elements (4) disposed between the rings (2, 3). At least one of the rings (2, 3) includes a housing (6), at least two raceway elements (7, 8) mounted in... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20140319812 - Vehicle-occupant protection structure and vehicle-occupant protection method: The strength of an instrument panel member (12) at a portion thereof between a steering shaft support part (16) and a linking part (13) on the side near a steering shaft (11) is set lower than the strength of the instrument panel member (12) at a portion thereof between the... Agent: Mazda Motor Corporation

20140319813 - Adjuster, frame and vehicle: A golf cart includes a frame, an adjuster, and a pair of suspension assemblies that reduce changes in camber angles in a pair of wheels caused by an adjustment of a ground clearance. The adjuster includes a pair of first adjusting portions and a pair of second adjusting portions. Each... Agent:

20140319814 - Multi-adaptable power automated traction apparatus: A pair of Back Country skis each are mounted with an apparatus; having DC powered controls, tilt switch, pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) gas powered pneumatic actuators operating gripping parts; controlled by a servo unit. A pair of foot wear (hiking boots) having a DC powered servo-solenoid-valve units controlling pressurized CO2,... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 25 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140312580 - System and method for vehicle chassis control: There is provided a vehicle comprising a chassis, two surface-engaging front wheels, at least one surface-engaging rear wheel and a propulsion unit for driving either the front wheels or the rear wheel or wheels. Each front wheel being connected to the chassis by means of a front wheel support assembly,... Agent:

20140312581 - Torsion slide suspension: A torsion slide suspension has a pair of polyethylene slides on each side of the suspension that is received in slide channels on a trailer frame. The torsion slide suspension has a rubber spring on top for bearing against the trailer frame and provides suspension to support the wheels of... Agent: Anderson Mfg., Inc.

20140312582 - Modifiable skateboard: This invention is directed to a modifiable skateboard comprising: a deck; a first set of mounting slots defined in the bottom of the deck for receiving attachments arranged orthogonally to the long axis of the deck; a second set of mounting slots defined in the bottom of the deck for... Agent:

20140312583 - Ice hockey runner-blade assembly: A customizable hockey skate includes a removable runner-blade assembly such that a runner-blade assembly having a first stiffness may be readily replaced with a runner-blade assembly having a second stiffness. The runner-blade assembly may be removably attached to first and second cups that are optionally removably attached to the sole... Agent: Easton Sports, Inc.

20140312584 - Lifting trolley: The present invention relates to a trolley, and more particularly to a lifting trolley capable of raising and lowering goods. The lifting trolley includes a trolley frame, a drive mechanism, and a bearing mechanism. The bearing mechanism is vertically slidably connected to the trolley frame, and the drive mechanism is... Agent: Dongguan Prestige Sporting Products Co., Ltd.

20140312586 - Stroller: A stroller includes a stroller frame, a front seat assembly, a rear seat assembly, and an accommodating basket. The stroller frame includes two side support assembly disposed oppositely. The front seat assembly and the rear seat assembly are disposed between the two side support assemblies. The accommodating basket is disposed... Agent:

20140312585 - Stroller with a receiving frame and support straps for receiving car seats: A baby stroller for receiving car seats is disclosed. The stroller has a frame structure including two car seat receiving frames spaced apart in a longitudinal direction. The two frames are located at different heights, allowing the two car seats placed thereon to overlap each in the longitudinal direction. On... Agent: Baby Trend Inc.

20140312587 - Riding vehicle with self-correcting steering: A children's ride-on vehicle with a self-straightening mechanism/feature directed to self-correct or self-straighten the steering of the vehicle as it crosses varying types and conditions of terrain. The vehicle includes a main body, a front shaft connector to connect at least one wheel to the main body, a rear shaft... Agent: Prince Lionheart, Inc.

20140312588 - Swivel wheel mounting for a scooter: Scooters typically have a fixed rear wheel and a rotating front wheel on a length forming a handle. Such scooters are not always able to be used to perform tricks and stunts because they have a fixed rear wheel that can inhibit this. In particular many children and adults wish... Agent:

20140312589 - Deck wheeled device: A deck wheeled device is provided comprising a deck, a subframe connected to at least one point of the deck, at least one truck assembly connected to the subframe, at least one wheel connected to each truck assembly, and at least one spring connecting each truck assembly to the deck.... Agent:

20140312590 - Air suspension system of a motor vehicle and method for controlling same: A vehicle air suspension system of includes at least one or more bellows assigned to an air spring of one or more vehicle axles. The bellows can be connected to a main pressure line and can be blocked off therefrom the latter via a connecting line having a level control... Agent:

20140312591 - Blow molded toy cycle: A blow molded toy cycle has a female bearing area with tapered and recess sections. A fork has a corresponding male bearing area that includes a tapered section and an annular protrusion section. A protrusion spaced at a distance from the annular protrusion extends from the shaft and has a... Agent:

20140312592 - Rear suspension system for a bicycle: A bicycle may include a rear suspension system to absorb forces impacting on the bicycle by allowing a rear wheel of the bicycle to be displaced relative to the bicycle frame. The rear suspension system may be adjusted in some versions to affect the travel path of the rear wheel... Agent: Yeti Cycling, LLC

20140312593 - Folding vehicular utility trailer: Disclosed are systems and methods for a folding vehicle trailer. The trailer design is able to be made of various lengths and widths from as well as multiple axle configurations. This trifold design is compact and allows for vertical stacking of sectionalized components to minimize space, while maintaining great flexibility... Agent:

20140312594 - Extendable trailer mount: The inventive technology relates to methods and apparatus for an improved self-contained extendable trailer mount that may be independently used, and/or retrofitted to existing vehicle mount/hitch systems.... Agent:

20140312595 - Drawbar assembly: The present invention relates to a drawbar assembly for interconnecting a vehicle such as trailer, to another vehicle, such a motor vehicle. The drawbar assembly includes a drawbar beam that pivots upward and downwardly and has a coupling portion at an outer end that interconnects to a co-operating coupling portion.... Agent: Beak Holdings Pty Ltd.

20140312596 - Safety chain engaging device for gooseneck hitch: A safety chain engaging device for a towing vehicle having a gooseneck hitch attached with a rail of the towing vehicle is shown and described. The safety chain engaging device may include a first bracket configured to be secured with the rail of the towing vehicle, and a second bracket... Agent: Cequent Performance Products, Inc.

20140312597 - Suspension system for a ski: Suspension systems are provided for skis. In some implementations, the suspension system includes a spring-like element and a support structure configured to attach one end of the spring-like element to the central half of the longitudinal running length of a ski body. The spring-like element is configured so that the... Agent:

20140312598 - Ski binding device for fastening a mountaineering boot on a downhill ski or the like: A ski binding device for fastening a boot on a ski is described. The device includes a toepiece and a heelpiece fixed to the ski and structured to selectively retain the boot. The heelpiece includes a turret and a hooking projecting appendix (“HPA”) that juts out from the turret towards... Agent:

20140312599 - Convertible stroller assembly: A stroller assembly includes a cushion below the seat fabric connected between the pair of primary rear legs and the pair of lower front legs, the cushion having a pair of straps on an upper side when the stroller assembly is an open configuration. The pair of handle bars are... Agent:

20140312600 - Vehicle interior trim panel: A vehicle interior trim panel includes a main portion, a first side portion and a second side portion. The main portion includes a grip assist handle. The first side portion extends along a first side of the main portion. The second side portion extends along a second side of the... Agent: Nissan North America, Inc.

20140312601 - Belt strap for a safety belt system: A webbing includes, in the longitudinal direction, an expansion region having a first webbing width and a connection region having a second webbing width. The second webbing width is thinner than the first webbing width. In a state of use the webbing is folded up into a winding width, which... Agent: Daimier Ag

20140312602 - Bicycle wind resistance trainer: A wind resistance apparatus removably attachable to a bicycle is provided. The apparatus includes a disc oriented to provide wind resistance as the bicycle moves; and a connecting piece coupled to the disc at one end of the connecting piece and including a mounting portion at another end of the... Agent:

20140312603 - Steering system of automobile: A steering system of an automobile may include a mounting bracket having a flange portion supporting a steering column and contacting with an automobile body, and an opening hole formed at the flange portion and opening toward one side of the flange portion, a capsule slidably coupled to the opening... Agent: Namyang Ind. Co., Ltd.

20140312604 - Mud flap system: A vehicle mud flap system is presented. This system provides the ability to allow a user a single person to replace a mud flap on a large truck such as a mining truck in approximately an hour. Currently, 3-4 people and about 3 hours are needed. The vehicle mud flap... Agent:

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