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Land vehicles

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10/02/2014 > 34 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140291943 - Vehicle height adjusting apparatus of motorcycle: A vehicle height adjusting apparatus of a motorcycle includes a damper-side ECU connected to a vehicle network in which in-vehicle ECUs and a vehicle operating state detecting sensor which are mounted on a vehicle are connected to each other, in which the damper-side ECU attached to a damper, computes a... Agent: Showa Corporation

20140291944 - Suspension device: A suspension device has longitudinal force compliance steer properties to steer a rear wheel to toe-in or toe-out according to increase in longitudinal force applied to wheel treads of a rear wheel. The suspension device includes: a hub bearing housing; suspension links having both edges pivotally attached to a vehicle... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140291945 - Gas spring assembly for a vehicle suspension system: A gas spring for a vehicle suspension system includes a cylinder, a rod disposed within the cylinder, a relative movement between the rod and the cylinder changing the volume of a chamber formed between the rod and the cylinder, and an accumulator in communication with the chamber. Compression of gas... Agent:

20140291946 - Skate boot force absorbing appliance: A skate boot appliance for absorbing impact force of landing skating maneuvers by disposing a plunger or displacement member in a receptacle in response to an impact force, such that the receptacle is attached to a skate boot bottom and has a counterforce mechanism for resisting displacement below a threshold... Agent:

20140291947 - Ski article: A ski is provided and includes a ski front portion, a ski rear portion, a ski middle portion having a ski side, at least one ski blade portion, wherein the ski middle portion connects the ski front portion with the ski rear portion and wherein the at least one ski... Agent:

20140291948 - Strut for snowmobile: A snowmobile ski comprises a body having a pair of rails laterally spaced from one another and interconnected at a tip. A spindle assembly connects the ski to suspension elements of the snowmobile. The spindle assembly has a pair of legs connected to respective rails to allow snow to pass... Agent:

20140291949 - Device and method to move a bale of agricultural material: A device to move material comprises a front frame comprising an axle extension, a wheel connected to the front frame via an axle connected to the axle extension, and two arms rotatably connected to the front frame via hinges, each arm rotatable about an axis that is substantially perpendicular to... Agent:

20140291950 - Medical support apparatus: A medical chair includes a seat supported by a base and actuators adapted to both tilt and lift the seat with respect to the base. A controller controls the actuators to both lift and tilt the seat as the seat moves from the sitting position to the standing position. The... Agent: Stryker Corporation

20140291951 - Independent wheel suspension for the non-driven wheels of a vehicle: An independent wheel suspension for the non-driven wheels of a vehicle comprises a wheel carrier for rotatably mounting a wheel of the vehicle, the wheel carrier being connected to a first transverse link and a second transverse link. The first transverse link is configured to be torsionally stiff and comprises... Agent: Ford Global Technolgies, LLC

20140291952 - Infant crawling assist apparatus: Provided is a device for facilitating babies learning to crawl. The device includes a padded U-shaped frame and a set of wheels attached thereunder. The U-shaped frame includes a set of stabilizing rods at opposite ends to prevent a baby from falling to one side while using the device. The... Agent:

20140291953 - Steering attenuator assembly for motor vehicle: A steering attenuator assembly including a first and second sleeves defining axial passages, the second sleeve engaged within the first sleeve and movable relative thereto in an axial direction, and first and second spring members fitted internal to the attenuator, the first spring member arranged to compress under compressive loading... Agent: Powers And Sons, LLC

20140291954 - Yard maintenance vehicle with cable steering assembly: A riding yard maintenance vehicle may include a frame, a steering assembly, a cable and at least one set of guide pulleys. Wheels of the riding yard maintenance vehicle may be attachable to the frame. The steering assembly may include a steering apparatus operably coupled to front wheels of the... Agent: Husqvarna Ab

20140291955 - Torsion axle assembly with connection node component: A torsion axle assembly for a rear suspension of a vehicle is provided. The torsion axle assembly includes a torsion axle cross beam, a first trailing arm, a second trailing arm, and a connection node component. The torsion axle cross beam has a first end and a second end. Each... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140291956 - Vehicle front suspension: A vehicle front suspension includes a lower suspension support structure, a transverse link, a steering knuckle and a lower knuckle breakaway structure. The transverse link has an inboard side and an outboard side, the inboard side being attached to the lower suspension support structure. The steering knuckle has an upper... Agent: Nissan North America, Inc.

20140291957 - Step profile for a rescue vehicle, in particular for a fire fighting vehicle: Step profile (100) for a rescue vehicle, in particular for a fire fighting vehicle, comprising an extruded profile body (10) with a mainly rectangular cross section and a mainly flat upper step surface (12), characterized in that the cross section of the profile body (10) comprises a first groove (20)... Agent: Iveco Magirus Ag

20140291958 - Motorcycle: A motorcycle includes a seat located above the right and left seat frames, a first engagement portion disposed at an underside of the seat, a housing box located below the seat and supported by the right and left seat frames, a key cylinder attached to a lower surface of the... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140291959 - Foldable bicycle: A vehicle is configured for conversion between an expanded arrangement in which forward and rearward portions of a main frame member are coincident and a folded arrangement in which the forward and rearward portions are non-coincident. A hinge coupling enables relative pivoting of forward and rearward portions about a main... Agent:

20140291960 - Saddle-ride vehicle: A saddle-ride vehicle includes a steering shaft, a head pipe, a main frame, a top bridge and a bottom bridge, an upper end bearing and a lower end bearing, a potentiometer, a bracket, and a thread nut. The steering shaft has a shaft axis. The head pipe supports the steering... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140291961 - Rear structure and rear equipment for straddle type vehicle: In a rear structure for a straddle type vehicle including a front seat, on which a rider sits, seat rails for supporting a rear seat, on which a pillion passenger sits behind the rider, grab rails, which are attached on a vehicle body on the sides of the rear seat,... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140291962 - Automated axle steering control system: The invention disclosed herein is a new steering control mechanism attached to a truck frame extension which permits trucks towing goose neck trailers to have more maneuverability while towing the trailer. Specifically, a steering control plate rests between two metal stops located on a tie rod connecting the two wheels... Agent:

20140291963 - Hitch guide assembly with displaceable guide member: Hitch guide assemblies having a displaceable guide member are described. In certain embodiments, the hitch guide assembly comprises a guide a guide member and a guide mechanism that is adapted to displace the guide member upon the application of an external force to at least a portion of the guide... Agent:

20140291964 - Vehicle towing device, vehicle structural member and vehicle comprising a vehicle structural member: A vehicle towing device with a first extremity comprising a towing member, a second extremity comprising an attachment arrangement, and an elongated part extending there between is provided. The elongated part comprises a first portion and a second portion. The second portion has a conical outer contact surface extending peripherally... Agent: Volvo Car Corporation

20140291965 - Splitboard binding apparatus: The present disclosure includes a binding apparatus for use on a splitboard. The binding apparatus may be used to change the splitboard between a snowboard for riding downhill in a ride mode and touring skis for climbing up a hill in a tour mode. The binding apparatus can include at... Agent:

20140291966 - Ski binding device for fastening a mountaineering boot on a downhill ski or the like: A ski binding device for fastening a boot on a ski is described. The device includes a toepiece and a heelpiece fixed to the ski and structured to selectively retain the boot. The heelpiece includes a turret and a hooking projecting appendix (“HPA”) that juts out from the turret towards... Agent:

20140291967 - Modular binding for sports board: Disclosed is a snowboard binding for coupling a snowboard boot to a snowboard. The binding includes a highback that extends upwardly from a midfoot or heel region of the binding to provide rear support for the boot. In one embodiment, the highback is formed of a plurality of modular components... Agent:

20140291968 - Snowboard binding: A snowboard binding includes a base plate and a heel support attached directly or indirectly to this base plate so that it can pivot. Intermediate elements mount the heel support and can be adjusted in the longitudinal direction of the snowboard binding. Thus, the effective length of the snowboard binding... Agent:

20140291969 - Folding ball trolley having minimized volume: A folding ball trolley having minimized volume has a frame, a bag and multiple resilient elements. The frame has four stand rods, four top seats, four sliding seats, four wheels, four connecting rod assemblies and four mounting rods. The bag connects to the mounting rods and the mounting rods pivotally... Agent:

20140291970 - Inflatable airbag arrangement comprising a flap connected to an instrument panel by a linear link having four parallel retaining portions: The invention relates to an inflatable airbag arrangement comprising a dashboard body presenting a window, a flap closing the window and being hinged to a transverse hinge edge of the window, and a firing channel fastened to the bottom face of the dashboard body. At least one tie is fastened... Agent:

20140291971 - Passenger seat airbag apparatus and a folded airbag used therein: A folded airbag includes an outer circumferential wall which has a passenger side panel section disposed at a passenger side when inflation of the folded airbag is completed and a vehicle body side panel section extending forward from the passenger side panel section when the inflation of the folded airbag... Agent: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

20140291972 - Knee airbag device for an automobile: Axial forces on the shins of small-bodied occupants and medium-bodied occupants may be suppressed or prevented, and protective performance of the knee areas of large-bodied occupants is assured. A vehicle knee airbag device is equipped with a knee airbag main body portion that is formed in a thin bag shape... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140291973 - Seat cushion airbag apparatus: A seat cushion airbag apparatus is applied to a vehicle seat including a seat unit having a seat cushion supported, from a lower side thereof, by a supporting portion of a seat frame, and an air blowing duct having a blow-out port below the seat cushion, wherein a conditioning air... Agent: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

20140291974 - Vehicular seats: Embodiments of the present invention may include a vehicular seat having a seat pad, a seat cover, an airbag module, and webbing. The seat cover covers the seat pad. The airbag module is provided inside the seat pad, and has a bag body. The webbing is arranged so as to... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20140291975 - Belt presenter system: A belt presenter system for a seat belt system of a vehicle includes an arm (22) mounted on a vehicle pillar, wherein the arm (22) can adopt a feeding position (A) and a parking position (P). An end portion (40) of the arm (22) is connected to a fixed arm... Agent: Trw Automotive Gmbh

20140291976 - Portable snow sports equipment locker: A portable snow sports equipment locker is disclosed. The portable snow sports equipment locker features a varying depth and tapered shape. A pair of doors allows access to the interior of the portable snow sports equipment locker. Optional wheels assist in transport of the portable storage locker. Various interior pockets... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 22 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140284890 - Sports device with runners: A sports device with runners, in particular an ice skate, includes an exchangeable adapter with which the composite sliding blade is equipped. The running sole has a profiled slide strip made of a resilient material and side faces are provided with a negative cutting angle. The adapter is connected releasably... Agent: Onyx-systems Patentmangement Gmbh

20140284891 - Foldable walker apparatus: The present invention provides a folding mechanism for a walker apparatus. The folding mechanism includes a pair of spaced-apart inner frame members. Each of the inner frame members has a first part and a second part hingedly connected together. The folding mechanism includes a pair of link members diagonally extending... Agent: Evolution Technologies Inc.

20140284892 - Tipping support for a stroller: A detachable tipping support device used to prevent strollers from tipping over because of a disproportionate rear weight is disclosed. The support device comprises a telescoping kickstand shaft and a detented, spring biased stroller connection means. The kickstand shaft comprises a movable grip housing an internal spring biased mechanism that... Agent:

20140284893 - Box with a wheel assembly and a tow strap: A box with a wheel assembly platform has a tow strap with a folded position stowed in a recess in the platform and an unfolded position accessible outside the box. In one embodiment, the strap is incorporated in a pre-assembled handle pack positioned in the recess. The strap may be... Agent: International Paper Company

20140284894 - Transport system: A transport system for transporting at least one item of goods to be transported includes a base unit, at least one transportation unit for moving the transport system, and at least one transport goods area for accepting the at least one item of goods to be transported. The at least... Agent:

20140284895 - Device for limiting swivel of a wheel: A device for limiting swivel of a wheel includes a fixed seat, a positioning groove, a driving member, and a limiting member. The fixed seat permits a fork to be connected pivotally thereto, and permits a frame to be connected fixedly thereto. The driving member is connected rotatably to the... Agent: Wonderland Nurserygoods Company Limited

20140284896 - Step device for vehicle: A step device for a vehicle includes a step member, a drive member provided at the step member and configured to drive a slide door to open and close, the step member including a metal-made rail portion configured to be fixed to a vehicle body and configured to guide the... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140284897 - Transmission unit with a planetary gearing system: A transmission unit includes a planetary gearing system including a ring gear connected to a bicycle frame, a planet carrier with planet gears, and at least one sun gear that is engaged with the planet gears. A rear wheel shaft is coaxial with respect to the sun gear. A driving... Agent:

20140284898 - Recumbent vehicle: A recumbent vehicle is disclosed, which generally consists of a front, seat and rear chassis. The seat chassis is operatively connected to upper and lower pivot joints, which allow for the seat chassis, and thus the rider, to move independently from the remainder of the vehicle. Said upper and lower... Agent: Co2zero, Inc.

20140284899 - Mobile vehicle: A two-wheeled vehicle 1 includes a steering section 6 which steers a front wheel 4. The steering section includes a steering shaft link 13 which turns about a first steering axis 10 together with a second steering axis 11, a front-wheel support section 14 which turns the front wheel 4... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140284900 - Steering system for trailers: t

20140284901 - Ski binding: The invention relates to a ski binding (1) for fastening a ski boot, comprising a front retainer (2); a rear retainer (3); a tensioning mechanism (20) acting between the front and the rear retainer whereby the ski boot can be clamped between the front (2) and the rear (3) retainer... Agent: Rottefella As

20140284902 - Wheeled carrying device: A man-powered (e.g. manually pulled or pushed) multipurpose wheeled carrying device with ground clearance for transporting people, animals, equipment and goods over unsurfaced roads or tracks. The carrying device may include a chassis, a front dependent suspension and a rear dependent suspension, wherein each of the dependent suspensions comprises a... Agent: Next Generation Stretcher Ltd.

20140284903 - Pit pal: A wheeled cart that is meant to house all the accouterments necessary to the act of outdoor cooking to consolidate all the items used when barbecuing into one convenient unit, while also liberating the user from frequent trips inside the house to gather further necessities.... Agent:

20140284904 - Airbag door: Disclosed is an airbag door including: a panel which has tear lines, in which the tear lines include: a first tear line which is extended in a left and right direction of the panel; second tear lines which are extended from left and right end portions of the first tear... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20140284905 - Airbag device: When an inner bag is inflated inside an outer bag, impact on an occupant received by an airbag is reduced. An inner bag (30) is inflated with gas supplied from an inflator (3). A gas exhaust port (31) is formed on the inner bag (30) and allows the gas to... Agent: Ashimori Industry Co., Ltd.

20140284906 - Side airbag device for vehicle: A side airbag device for a vehicle includes an inflator, which is provided in an outer side portion of a vehicle seat back in a vehicle width direction, and is operated and generates gas when a vehicle side impact is detected; a side airbag, which is provided on the side... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140284907 - Vehicle side airbag device: A deployment guiding cloth is wound from an outside in the vehicle width direction, on an outer peripheral portion of a folded side airbag. This deployment guiding cloth extends toward a vehicle front side and is interposed between the side airbag that is partially deployed and a vehicle cabin side... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140284908 - Activation system for actuators of a vehicle seat device: An activation system for actuators of a vehicle seat device, including a first control device; a gas pressure accumulator having a gas pressure accumulator valve situated on it; a pressure distribution device functionally connected to the gas pressure accumulator; and a connecting device situated between the first control device and... Agent:

20140284909 - Tilt steering apparatus: Construction of a tilt steering apparatus is provided that is capable of preventing the occurrence of unpleasant noise during height adjustment of a steering wheel 1, and maintains sufficient durability and smooth operation. The tilt steering apparatus of the present invention is provided with stoppers 65 in at least two... Agent:

20140284910 - Steering shaft bearing unit for rotatably mounting a steering shaft: A steering shaft bearing unit for rotatably mounting a steering shaft of a steering column for a motor vehicle includes at least one circumferentially closed region for accommodating at least one bearing for rotatably mounting the steering shaft, and at least one securing region for securing the steering shaft bearing... Agent:

20140284911 - Apparatus for cleaning wheelchair tire: The cleaning apparatus is essentially an adjustable bar having an adapter on one end and a cleaner head on the opposing end. The adjustable bar includes a main cylinder head pivotably attached at a first pivot to the adapter, the main cylinder head having an opening configured to receive a... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 127 patent applications in 95 patent subcategories.

20140265167 - Hands free carriage and harness assembly having multiple modes of towing a load: A carriage assembly, harness and towing assembly is disclosed, which allows for significant freedom of movement for a user. The carriage preferably comprises at least a single, two-wheel axis and at least one motion damping device provided with a plurality of coupling members attaching the carriage to the harness. One... Agent:

20140265171 - Gear system to assist with transportation on uneven ground and stairs: A gear system to assist with transportation on uneven ground and stairs comprising three or more axle systems with outer gears that all mesh with inner gears so that the axle systems, which are supported at either end by a triangle bracket secured by bushings, turn in the same direction.... Agent:

20140265168 - Active suspension with on-demand energy flow: Various embodiments related to hydraulic actuators and active suspension systems as well as their methods of use are described.... Agent: Levant Power Corporation

20140265170 - Active suspension with on-demand energy flow: Various embodiments related to hydraulic actuators and active suspension systems as well as their methods of use are described.... Agent: Levant Power Corporation

20140265169 - Integrated active suspension smart valve: Various embodiments related to hydraulic actuators and active suspension systems as well as their methods of use are described.... Agent: Levant Power Corporation

20140265172 - Air suspension height control valve with dual ride height positions: A height control valve assembly having a housing with an air supply port, first and second ports, and an exhaust port. A valve positioned in the housing has a first surface in fluid communication with the air supply port and a second surface. The valve moves between first and second... Agent: Haldex Brake Products Corporation

20140265173 - Leveling method and system with velocity compensation: A vehicle 10 includes an electric actuator system 11 that operates according to a method 12 to move the vehicle 10 from an un-level condition to a level condition. The system 11 includes electric actuators 22-25 disposed substantially near the four corners of the vehicle 10 and a controller 32,... Agent:

20140265175 - Ice skate: An ice skate comprising a blade holder having U-shaped inner and outer members that are spaced apart to define a hollow space therebetween. The U-shaped outer member has an elongated blade-supporting base and front and rear pillars that are spaced apart in a longitudinal direction of the blade holder. At... Agent:

20140265177 - In-line skate braking device: A braking device is provided for an in-line skate where the braking device selectively alters the motion of the in-line skate depending upon the angulation of the in-line skate relative to a surface. As a user angulates or tilts the in-line skate, the braking device increasingly engages the surface to... Agent:

20140265176 - Adjustable roller skate: An adjustable roller skate includes an adjustable sole assembly, a lock, a cover assembly and a wheel assembly. The adjustable sole assembly includes a rear sole and a front sole. The rear sole is formed with a transverse wall. The front sole includes a longitudinal bar extending from a rear... Agent:

20140265174 - Rib-stiffened sports board: A sports board has a board body having a top surface and an opposed bottom surface, a binding attachment structure formed on or in the board body, and a plurality of ribs collectively having longitudinal portions and transverse portions each having a thickness and a height that are predetermined to... Agent:

20140265178 - Snow rider: The Snow Rider provides a rider with a platform that is stable, simple to use, and provides a significant amount of control for the rider. The Snow Rider makes use of two pairs of parallel-oriented articulated skis that are interconnected by a platform on which the rider's bindings are attached.... Agent:

20140265179 - Rotatble footplate integrated with a bearing assembly imbedded in a single-board sport board: Exemplary embodiments of the present invention would provide a rotatable footplate integrated with a corresponding bearing and well assembly that is imbedded into, screwed into, or otherwise, integrally a part of, a single-board sports board, such as a snowboard.... Agent:

20140265180 - Tarp tow: It is connected to a lawn tractor or vehicle for towing any foldable sheet type material such as a tarp, (construction) plastic, or cloth across the ground to move large debris or material. This assembly contains multiple tubing, stabilizers, and hardware that allow a direct connection to a lawn tractor... Agent:

20140265181 - Reconfigurable transport apparatus: A transport apparatus includes a frame, a lift mechanism supporting the frame, and a litter deck for supporting a person. The litter deck is adapted to be reconfigured between a chair configuration and a cot configuration. The litter deck is also adapted to be removably mounted to the frame, with... Agent: Stryker Corporation

20140265182 - Caster system for mobile apparatus: A mobile imaging device includes a base having at least one caster, a first drive mechanism that moves the system in a transport mode and translates an imaging component relative to the base in a scan mode, and a second drive mechanism that extends caster relative to the base to... Agent: Mobius Imaging, LLC

20140265183 - Strawberry box cart with worker support: A strawberry box cart. The strawberry box cart includes a cart surface, where the cart surface is configured to support a strawberry box. The strawberry box cart also includes two or more wheels, where the one or more wheels are configured to support the weight of the strawberry box cart.... Agent:

20140265184 - Shopping cart: The present invention relates to a shopping cart of the types used by shoppers in supermarkets and/or self-service stores or shops and of the types stored by being horizontally fitted into one another, which has several improved maneuverability and handling features and which basically comprises a basket (1) formed by... Agent:

20140265185 - Mobile device holder: A mobile device holder includes a holding portion, a lower shelf fixedly attached to a base of the holding portion and configured to support a mobile device, an upper shelf slidably affixed to the holding portion and slidable along a plane defined by the holding portion toward the lower shelf... Agent:

20140265186 - Portable cooking apparatus: A portable cooking apparatus comprises a heating assembly, and a support assembly for supporting the heating assembly. The support assembly comprises first and second legs. Each leg comprises an upper segment and a lower segment. The legs are pivotably coupled to each other generally between the upper and lower segments.... Agent: Onward Multi-corp Inc.

20140265187 - Box with deployable wheels: A box with deployable wheels. The box includes peripheral walls and side panels defining an enclosed interior compartment for receiving an object. At least one deployable wheel assembly is disposed along the bottom peripheral wall. The deployable wheel assembly includes a wheeled base assembly pivotably moveable through an opening in... Agent: Eastpoint Sports Ltd., LLC

20140265189 - Lever support assembly: A support assembly for supporting and moving objects including a lever, such as a dolly, that utilizes a support portion, a base portion, and a fulcrum to support and move an object. The support portion forms a vertical support while the base portion is substantially horizontal. The object engages both... Agent:

20140265190 - Tote transport: A tote transport assembly that includes a base, a handle, a partition, and a lid. The base includes a plurality of wheels that facilitate vertical or tipped transportation of the ice cart through an environment. The base and the partition and the partition and the lid are shaped to facilitate... Agent:

20140265191 - Hand truck: A hand truck includes a movable main body including a bottom frame and a reclining frame, and a push member fulcrumed to the reclining frame and having a driving portion that is disposed above the bottom frame. The push member is operable between a non-pushing position where the driving portion... Agent: Taiwan Shin Yeh Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20140265192 - Hand trolley with a load tray co-working with wheel sets: A hand trolley with a load tray movably connected with wheel sets includes a handle frame, two wheel sets and a load tray. The handle frame has two pivotal connecting portions used to connect with the wheel sets and the load tray. The wheel set is provided with an acting... Agent:

20140265193 - Height adjustable support: A support comprises a device mount adapted to be connected to a user device such as a monitor. The device mount is supported on a first pivot for rotational motion about a first axis of rotation. A slide assembly comprises a carriage where the carriage is mounted for translational movement... Agent:

20140265194 - Self-contained janitorial caddy: A self-contained janitorial tool caddy is disclosed. The tool caddy has an inner circular element which can be in the shape of a cylinder. This inner circular element fits around the base of a standard commercial trash barrel. The inner circular element has one or more outwardly disposed compartments designed... Agent:

20140265188 - Braking system, rollator and transport chair with the same: A braking system is mounted on a rollator or a transport chair and includes a braking part and an operating system. The braking part is mounted adjacent to a wheel of a rollator or a transport chair. When the operating system is unactuated, the braking part abuts a corresponding wheel... Agent: Flying Eagle Technology Inc.

20140265196 - Bicycle transport case: A transport carrier or case for storing and/or transporting a partially disassembled bicycle is disclosed. The carrier includes means for mounting the partially disassembled bicycle to a base while providing for adjustment of the mounting means dependent on the size of the bicycle. Also disclosed are wheel retention means for... Agent:

20140265195 - Latch assemblies and children's products that include latch assemblies: Latch assemblies and children's products that include the latch assemblies are disclosed herein. The children's products may include a children's ride-on vehicle. The children's ride-on vehicle may include a vehicle body, a plurality of wheels, and a hinged assembly that is coupled to the vehicle body. The hinged assembly may... Agent: Mattel, Inc.

20140265197 - Job box: Briefly, the invention involves a transportable storage box, e.g. job box, for heavy duty applications. The job box provides an indoor or outdoor storage enclosure for homeowners and professionals to keep tools, sports equipment or other items clean and dry. The job box is constructed for stackable cooperation with like... Agent:

20140265198 - Bogie axle for a machine: An agricultural machine is disclosed. The agricultural machine includes a frame including a first axle on a first side of the frame and a second axle on a second side of the frame; and a bogie axle pivotably mounted on each of the first and second axles of the frame.... Agent: Kuhn North America, Inc.

20140265199 - Walker: An apparatus having an upper frame adapted to at least partially encircle a person; a lower frame; a scissor mechanism for coupling the upper frame to the lower frame, wherein the distance between the upper frame and the lower frame can be varied by adjusting the scissor mechanism; and a... Agent: Entropy Enterprises, LLC

20140265200 - Skateboard strap: A strap attached to a skateboard is provided. The strap may be a retractable strap. The present invention includes a housing that houses the retractable strap within. The housing may be a first riser for the skateboard. The present invention may include a connector in which the strap releasably connects... Agent:

20140265201 - Automotive rear suspension subassembly: An automotive rear-suspension subassembly includes a rear-suspension frame, a first and second independent suspension, and a steering actuator coupled with each independent suspension through a bellcrank. The frame includes a front cross-member, a first side-rail, and a second side-rail, and defines a first side and a second side. The actuator... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140265202 - Steering knuckle: The present invention provides improved aftermarket vehicle lowering steering knuckles that are superior to existing aftermarket steering knuckles because they are capable of lowering a vehicle while maintaining or improving vehicle handling, increasing caster, and improving alignment capabilities. Embodiments of the vehicle lowering steering knuckles of the present invention improve... Agent: Kw Automotive North America, Inc.

20140265204 - Powered ride-on vehicle of an airplane design with steer and tilt combination and simulated combat capabilities.: A motor powered riding vehicle with an airplane appearance consisting of a chassis, body and shell. The chassis is in contact with the ground via the wheels. The body includes a seat for the operator and an area to accommodate the controls and battery, if electric power is used. The... Agent:

20140265205 - Vehicle suspension: A suspension assembly having a frame hanger, a first control arm mounted between the frame hanger and an axle attachment member, a second control arm mounted to the frame hanger and to the axle attachment member, wherein the second arm extends from a centerline of the first control arm at... Agent: Hendrickson Usa, L.L.C.

20140265206 - Vehicle front suspension lower control arm attachment system: A number of variations of the invention may include a method including providing a front lower control arm attachment system including a sleeve locator stamping and at least one threaded sleeve extending there through, and attaching the front lower control arm attachment system to a vehicle engine cradle. A number... Agent:

20140265203 - Load dependent damper for a vehicle suspension system: A damper assembly for a vehicle suspension system includes a damper and a valve block coupled to the damper. The damper includes a tubular sidewall having an inner surface that defines an inner damper volume and a plunger separating the inner damper volume into a compression chamber and an extension... Agent: Oshkosh Corporation

20140265207 - Leaf spring and mount: An axel mount for a leaf spring comprises a housing, an aperture, a support, and a mechanical stop. The support runs lengthwise on a shelf of the housing and has a length generally equal to a length of the housing. The mechanical stop is coupled to the support and reduces... Agent:

20140265208 - Bicycle rear suspension: The vehicle includes a frame member to be suspended relative to the ground. The suspension of the invention includes an arm (such as a swingarm), a slide link, and a control link. The arm having a first end and a second end; it extends between the frame generally at the... Agent:

20140265209 - Pole propelled velocipede: A two wheeled tandem vehicle is propelled by hand-grasped poles. A forward wheel on a forward member and a rear wheel on a rearward member align along a longitudinal axis. The forward member rotates about a vertical steering axis. A saddle and footholds support the rider and allow the rider... Agent:

20140265210 - Scooter having a variable speed cam drive system: This invention is directed to a variable speed drive system comprising: a frame having front and rear wheels; reciprocating pedals rotatably attached to the frame for supporting the rider; a pedal cam attached to one of the pedals at a hub where a distance between the hub and a first... Agent: Zike, LLC

20140265211 - Manual wheelchair system for improved propulsion and transfers: A manual wheelchair including a frame, a drive wheel connected to the frame, having a first axis of rotation and configured to rotate relative to the frame, a push rim connected to the frame, having a second axis of rotation extending substantially parallel to the first axis of rotation of... Agent: Department Of Veterans Affairs, Technology Transfer Program

20140265213 - Bidirectional input unidirectional output driven vehicle having clutch device at load end: The present invention is provided with a manual input device capable of bidirectional inputting, the output end thereof is served to output to the input end of a bidirectional input unidirectional output transmission device, the output end of the bidirectional input unidirectional output transmission device performs output in a constant... Agent:

20140265214 - Dual drive system for a non-motorized vehicle: A dual drive system for a non-motorized vehicle comprising a first drive unit disposed on a vehicle frame, wherein the first drive unit has a rotary action and is operatively associated with a first wheel assembly for turning a wheel; and, a second drive unit disposed on the vehicle frame,... Agent: Zike, LLC

20140265212 - Lever drive system for a scooter: A lever drive system for a scooter including a crank arm having a first distal end pivotally carried on a frame and operatively associated with a drive sprocket, wherein reciprocating movement of the crank arm causes rotation of the drive sprocket for moving a drive chain operatively associated with a... Agent: Zike, LLC

20140265215 - Drive system with contoured cavity: The present invention is an improved drive system for a personal vehicle comprising: a frame with a steerable front wheel and rear wheel connected to a drive axle connected to a crank arm by a drive linkage; a roller rotatably attached to the crank arm; a pedal pivotally attached to... Agent: Zike, LLC

20140265216 - Bicycle frame: A bicycle frame having a first frame section carrying a handle bar assembly and a front wheel assembly; a second frame section carrying a crank unit and a rear wheel assembly; a first primary connecting arm carried by said first frame section being received into a second primary connecting arm... Agent: Zike, LLC

20140265217 - Cycle transmission exhibiting low steering interference effects: A novel transmission for cycles that significantly reduces torque interference with steering operations is provided. Such a transmission allows for improved recumbent cycling capabilities. The inventive device thus includes a combination of a fixed transmission assembly that reduces torque levels and a movable transmission assembly that multiplies torque levels, allowing... Agent:

20140265218 - Dual drive sprocket pedal bike: This invention is a bicycle for a standing rider including a frame, a drive support attached to a front support member having a front end and a rear end; a front crank arm rotationally attached to the front end of the drive support and attached to a front sprocket; a... Agent: Zike, LLC

20140265219 - In line derailleur: The present invention is a derailleur comprising: a base plate disposed between the perimeter of a drive sprocket nest and a pedal sprocket; a chain guide attached to said base plate for moving a chain laterally causing said chain to move form sprocket to sprocket in a sprocket nest; a... Agent: Zike, LLC

20140265220 - Low profile derailleur for chain driven personal vehicle: The present invention is a low profile derailleur for a chain driven personal vehicle with an attachment plate, a frame, a positioning angle included in said attachment plate, a transition rail attached to said attachment plate, a chain guide slidably attached to said transition rail, allowing said chain guide to... Agent: Zike, LLC

20140265221 - Bicycle brake assembly: Various bicycle brake assemblies are described. In some embodiments, a bicycle brake assembly for applying a braking force to a wheel comprises a brake arm comprising a frame pivot joint and a brake pad pivot joint, the frame pivot joint configured to pivotally connect the brake arm to a bicycle... Agent: Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.

20140265222 - Hydraulic rim brake: The present invention provides a bicycle having front and rear wheels, a frame supported by the wheels, and a brake system. The brake system includes a caliper arm pivotally coupled to the frame at a pivot point, a pad secured to the caliper arm at a location spaced from the... Agent: Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.

20140265223 - Infant scooter: A vehicle for infants includes a footboard, a front and rear chassis support fixed to it, wherein each chassis support supports at least one wheel, a steering bar which is connected to the front chassis support, and gripping at the upper portion of the steering bar. The vehicle furthermore includes... Agent: Micro Mobility Systems Ag

20140265224 - Mobile vehicle: A mobile vehicle 1A includes a front-wheel support mechanism 4 having a trail adjustment mechanism 9, a steering actuator 8 which generates a steering force for steering a front wheel 3f, a trail adjustment actuator 15 which generates a driving force for changing a trail of the front wheel 3f,... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140265225 - Bicycle fork with compliant tip: The present invention provides a bicycle comprising front and rear wheels, a frame supported on the front and rear wheels and including a front fork. The front fork comprises a steerer tube defining a steering axis, a fork blade coupled to and extending downward relative to the steerer tube, and... Agent: Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.

20140265226 - Methods and apparatus for structural reinforcement of vehicle suspension members: A method and apparatus for assembling a suspension. In one embodiment, a method includes altering a temperature of a first suspension component and then pressing the first suspension component and a second suspension component into engagement while the temperature remains substantially altered.... Agent:

20140265227 - Bicycle tensioning device: A tensioning device for bicycle front and rear wheel assemblies. A skewer assembly with a thumbnut is securable to the wheel assembly with a quick-release assembly. Portions of the skewer assembly are removable from the quick-release assembly by turning the thumbnut a partial turn, such as a quarter of a... Agent:

20140265228 - Bicycle with aerodynamic upper head tube: The present invention provides a bicycle comprising front and rear wheels and a frame including a main frame having a head tube and a top tube secured to the head tube at an intersection spaced from an upper end of the head tube. The intersection has a first lateral width,... Agent: Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.

20140265230 - Frame structure for saddle-ridden-type vehicle: There is provided a frame structure for a saddle-ridden type vehicle. A pair of tank rails are jointed to a head frame and extend rearward of a vehicle body from the head frame. The head frame includes a head pipe portion and a pair of arm portions being continuous with... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20140265229 - Straddle-type vehicle: A straddle-type vehicle that possesses desirable properties associated with a front-to-rear direction with respect to the vehicle and a twisting direction includes a bracket including a first attachment portion, a second attachment portion and a coupling portion. The first attachment portion is attached to a down frame. The second attachment... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140265231 - Bicycle with compliant rear structure: The present invention provides a bicycle comprising wheels and a frame supported on the wheels. The frame includes a seatstay assembly defining a seatstay axis and including a spring assembly having a spring member (e.g., a leaf spring) at an angle of at least 5 degrees relative to the seatstay... Agent:

20140265232 - Shifting machine structure: A shifting machine structure contains: a base unit, a seat unit, a hydraulic unit, a cushion support unit, a rod unit, and a control handle unit. Thereby, a pressing pedal and a releasing pedal of the hydraulic unit are pedaled to move the elderly or patients toward a desired position... Agent:

20140265233 - Wheel mechanism for converting a child vehicle between multiple configurations and associated method: A wheel converting mechanism for a child vehicle having a wheel includes an elongate body having a first portion, a second portion, and a third portion, wherein the third portion of the elongate body is configured to be coupled to the wheel of the child vehicle. The first portion and... Agent: Huffy Corporation

20140265234 - Universal foot tray for wheelchairs: A universal tray apparatus includes a tray and mounting components. The mounting components preferably include at least one arm that connects to the tray, as well as at least one mounting portion that can be reversibly fastened to an existing portion of a wheelchair. One or more of the arms... Agent:

20140265235 - Bicycle training stabilizing device: A manual stabilizing device is designed to be used and operated by a person positioned adjacent a bicycle being ridden by another person, such as a child. The inventive device includes an elongated handle and an engaging jaw that allow a user to grab or connect with an element of... Agent:

20140265236 - Stand bracket for a bicycle: The present invention relates to a stand bracket 100 including a mounting portion 102 and a body portion 106. The mounting portion 102 is arranged so that the stand bracket 100 can be connected to a bicycle. The body portion 106 includes a connector for connecting with an item. The... Agent: Harris Tooling International Pty. Ltd.

20140265237 - System and method for bicycle sharing and rental: A system and method for bicycle sharing and rental with a rack and one or more bicycles. The rack has a base with one or more locking arm(s), wherein each locking arm has a first end secured to the base and a second end, further wherein the second end has... Agent:

20140265238 - Fender for a wheeled chair: Apparatus for covering the tire of a wheelchair to prevent contact with the tire by the chair's occupant. A pair of fenders cover the upper portion of the large tires on a wheel chair. Each fender includes a body, a front attachment, and a rear attachment. The body is configured... Agent:

20140265239 - Hitch position encoder with reference indicator for agricultural work vehicle: An output control system of an agricultural work vehicle includes a controller, a reference indicator communicatively coupled to the controller, and a dial communicatively coupled to the controller. The controller is configured to control power output through an output value range between a minimum output value and a maximum output... Agent: Cnh America LLC

20140265240 - Weight distribution system: A weight distribution system is shown and described. The weight distribution system may include a spring arm configured to be operatively engaged between plate members of a ball mount, and a pin member inserted into the spring arm, the pin member configured to secure the spring arm with the ball... Agent:

20140265241 - Dolly: The present invention provides an improved dolly which is not only effective in terms of return logistics but also simple in design and easy to use. The novel dolly includes a chassis, which has an upper side with a load carrying surface, and an opposing underside. The dolly also includes... Agent: K. Hartwall Oy Ab

20140265242 - Mobile massage and spa units: A mobile massage and spa unit includes a body, a lighting system and a massage table. The body includes a front, rear, and side walls and a divider extending between the side walls to divide the body into a front section and a rear section. A perimeter of the rear... Agent:

20140265243 - Steerable trailer chassis: A steerable trailer provides the ability to offset the center line of the trailer to the tow vehicle with a swivel tung and pivoting axels. The steerable trailer can alter the turning radius of the trailer and improve the turning and backing of the trailer. Typically, a trailer moves relative... Agent:

20140265244 - Automatic rolling fifth wheel hitch: A fifth wheel hitch is shown and described. The fifth wheel hitch may include a base frame configured to be secured to a load bed of a towing vehicle, a trolley operatively engaged with the base frame, the trolley adapted to move along the base frame between first and second... Agent:

20140265245 - Removable gooseneck hitch safety chain bracket: A safety chain bracket assembly is shown and described. The safety chain bracket may include a tubular sleeve adapted to attach with a hitch socket of a towing hitch, the tubular sleeve including an aperture configured to receive a hitch ball, and a bracket body engaged with the tubular sleeve,... Agent:

20140265246 - Trailer tongue lock & guide: A device having a first member disposed at an angle with a second member such that the first member is integral with the second member along a first edge there between having a mounting plate attached to top edges of the first and second member respectively and a mounting spheroid... Agent:

20140265247 - Adjustable aircraft towbar: An improved aircraft towing apparatus, which is attachable to a small vehicle such as a golf or utility vehicle. The apparatus has a swiveling hitch bar pivotally mounted to a vehicle and a tow bar sleeve pivotally mounted to the center of the hitch bar, with the tow bar sleeve... Agent:

20140265248 - Expandable trailer: An expandable trailer that is easy to store and transport yet is still large enough for most applications. The expandable trailer is shiftable between a relatively compact, retracted configuration for easy storage and/or transport and a relatively larger, expanded configuration for use in hauling items. Improved structures and mechanisms for... Agent:

20140265249 - Tow adapter: Disclosed in this application is a tow adapter suitable for coupling a device to be towed to a towing vehicle. The adapter includes a bracket for attachment to a vehicle and a loop and hook for receiving a tether attached to the bracket, the hook attached to the bracket central... Agent: Amanda Bent-bolt Company

20140265250 - Pivoting tow hook: Described in this application is a tow adapter for coupling a device to be towed to a towing vehicle. The tow adapter includes a bracket adapted to be attached to a vehicle to support a tow adapter; a loop suitable to support a tether to enable the towing vehicle to... Agent: Amanda Bent-bolt Company

20140265251 - Articulated hitch coupler: An articulated coupler permits vertical displacement of a towed vehicle relative to a towing vehicle while preventing lateral or horizontal displacement of the towed vehicle relative to the towing vehicle. Multiple linkage arms provide coupling for special configuration towed vehicles such as short wheel-mounted lifts that experience torsional forces due... Agent: Bruno Independent Living Aids, Inc.

20140265252 - Gooseneck hitch ball: A hitch ball is shown and described. The hitch ball may include a ball member, a body extending from the ball member, and a locking member in communication with the body. The hitch ball may also include a first release mechanism positioned in the ball member, the first release mechanism... Agent:

20140265254 - Conveyance cart: A conveyance cart that can convey a loaded burden, includes: a body frame supported by a wheel; a deck provided liftably against the body frame to load a burden; an electric actuator electrically driven to expand or contract to lift or lower the deck; and a controller that is configured... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20140265253 - Shopping stick: A mobile device for transporting items capable of hanging that includes a generally vertical member, a handle, and a base to which the vertical member is connected. The base includes at least three mobility apparatuses that permit the mobile device to be moved over a surface. The vertical member, which... Agent:

20140265255 - Dual-purpose safety baby carrier: A dual-purpose safety baby carrier includes a seat having armrests and a bottom to which a cover defining a receiving chamber is mounted. Upper and lower positioning sections are mounted to a back of the seat. A control bar is movable along the upright tubes between a position where a... Agent: Beto Engineering And Marketing Co., Ltd.

20140265256 - Systems and methods for moving people: The invention generally relates to people movers fabricated from at least two frame assemblies pivotably connected, for example, in a v formation, wherein the forward end of each frame assembly is pivotably connected such that the rearward end of each frame assembly can be at a variable offset distance so... Agent:

20140265257 - Chair to assist physically challenged persons in swimming: The chair includes a main frame, defined by a top frame member and two side frame members; two axle support plates, at or in communication with the side frame members of the main frame, the axle support plates having a plurality of openings to receive a wheel axle and optionally... Agent:

20140265259 - Child carrier system: A convertible child carrier is provided comprising a pair of opposing central hub members having telescopic rear legs pivotally attached the hub members at a first end. Each of the legs has a pivotable wheel affixed to a second end. The child carrier further includes a yoke member generally defining... Agent:

20140265258 - Detachable side-by-side stroller: The present disclosure is directed to a detachable side-by-side double stroller comprising an Interlacing-Interlocking Mechanism (“IIM”) that allows the two sub-unit strollers to attach and detach efficiently, easily, and without the use of detachable or foldable wheels. The IIM comprises a first portion of a rear axle at a first... Agent:

20140265260 - Airbag, in particular for a motor vehicle: An airbag for a motor vehicle includes a support structure with a plurality of support elements. The support structure is moveable from a storage position to a support position and by which a support volume of the airbag is covered at least partially in the support position. At least one... Agent: Daimler Ag

20140265262 - Airbag assemblies with heat shield deflectors: Heat shields are used to shield an airbag from hot gasses issuing from an inflator. The heat shields can have a low thermal conductivity and may be capable of melting during a deployment event.... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140265265 - Airbags with sewn leak reducing panels: An airbag, or inflatable cushion assembly, can include an inflatable cushion and a throat liner. The throat liner can be coupled to an interior surface of the inflatable cushion at one or more coupling sites. The one or more coupling sites can include one or more panels that can be... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140265266 - Airbags with sewn leak reducing panels: An airbag or inflatable cushion assembly can include an inflatable cushion and a throat liner. The throat liner can be coupled to an interior surface of the inflatable cushion at one or more coupling sites. The one or more coupling sites can include one or more panels that can be... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140265264 - Inflatable airbag assembly with an internally mounted inflator: An inflatable airbag assembly can include an inflatable curtain airbag and an inflator. In some arrangements, the inflatable curtain airbag may include an inflator housing region where the inflator may be at least partially disposed. In some arrangements, the inflatable airbag assembly may also include a mounting assembly that includes... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140265263 - Mounting arrangements for airbags: An airbag cushion assembly can include a mounting assembly and an airbag cushion. The mounting assembly includes a plate which may be coupled to the airbag cushion, and which may also include a fastener which is used to attach the assembly to a vehicle.... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140265261 - Steel reinforced personal airbag system: An airbag assembly having a canister portion and a chute portion. The chute portion has a plurality of windows in order to engage hooks of the canister portion. In order to reinforce the hook and window engagements, an insert molded reinforcing strip is molded into the chute. The reinforcing strip... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140265267 - Panel with integral hidden door cover and method of manufacture and materials thereof: A panel having a deployable cover for an airbag module is provided. The panel having: an outer layer having a show surface and an inner surface opposite the show surface; a tear seam formed in the outer layer, the tear seam defined by a plurality of holes formed in the... Agent:

20140265268 - Curtain airbag for small overlap: An airbag assembly may include an inflatable curtain airbag with a stowed configuration and a deployed configuration. The inflatable curtain may have a first protection zone and a second protection zone that inflates forward of the first protection zone to provide enhanced protection. The second protection zone may be double-folded... Agent:

20140265269 - Air bag deployment restrictor: An apparatus (10) for helping to protect an occupant of a vehicle that has an instrument panel and a windshield includes an air bag (14) packaged in an air bag module (30). The air bag (14) is inflatable to a deployed position between the instrument panel and a vehicle occupant.... Agent: Trw Vehicle Safety Systems Inc.

20140265271 - Curtain airbag assembly with a reinforced region: An inflatable curtain airbag system can include a first inflatable curtain airbag, a second inflatable curtain airbag, and a reinforced region. In some arrangements, the reinforced region may include a region where a portion of the first inflatable curtain airbag overlaps a portion of the second inflatable curtain airbag. In... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140265273 - Curtain airbag device: A curtain airbag device has an airbag that is accommodated in a state where the airbag is wound or folded; a bracket that has a guiding plate portion which guides the airbag inward in a passenger compartment of a vehicle when the airbag is deployed and is provided with a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140265272 - Curtain airbag housing structure: The housing structure for a curtain airbag includes: an airbag body; an inflator configured to inflate and deploy the airbag body; a bracket configured to fix a base end portion of the airbag body to a roof side or a front pillar; and a tether configured to anchor a front... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20140265270 - Fold over design for small overlap: An airbag assembly may include an inflatable curtain airbag with a stowed configuration and a deployed configuration. The inflatable curtain may have a first protection zone and a second protection zone that inflates forward of the first protection zone to provide enhanced protection. The second protection zone may be folded... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140265274 - Airbag module: An airbag; module including an airbag; configured to inflate between a steering wheel and a vehicle occupant and an inflator configured to provide inflation gas to the airbag. The airbag includes a first vent opening and a second vent opening, and the first and second vent openings are configured to... Agent: Tk Holdings Inc.

20140265275 - Delayed vent in airbag curtain: An airbag, or inflatable curtain airbag assembly, can include one or more chambers and vents. The vents can be in fluid communication with one or more of the chambers. The vents can be configured to delay passage of inflation gas from an interior of the airbag into an interior chamber... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140265276 - Radial flow disc inflator: Air bag cushion inflators can include a body including a base member coupled to a diffuser member, the diffuser member including a sidewall with exit ports and a ceiling. A combustion chamber may be positioned within the body and includes a cap with an opening formed therein. A filter element... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140265277 - Airbag apparatus: An airbag apparatus has an airbag formed by sewing fabric portions together at peripheries thereof. A periphery sewn portion of the airbag has two terminals separated from each other. The terminals are formed by leaving sections of the peripheries of the fabric portions unsewn. A surrounding sewn portion is formed... Agent: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

20140265278 - Dual chambered passenger airbag: An airbag 10 includes at least one panel 12 defining an interior 104/102 of the airbag, and a divider 100 positioned in the interior so as to divide the interior into an upper chamber 102 and a lower chamber 104. A valve mechanism 200 is operatively coupled to the divider... Agent: Tk Holdings Inc.

20140265279 - Synthetic fiber: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a synthetic fiber which is for use in fabrics having uniform fiber density, permeability and the like, is appropriate for high-density, high-speed weaving, and exhibits excellent weft insertion stability. This synthetic fiber is characterized by having: a fiber density of 200-720... Agent:

20140265281 - Airbag assemblies with constrained stabilizer straps: An airbag assembly can include a stabilizer strap attached to an airbag, and the stabilizer strap can cooperate with a housing to prevent undesired rotation or skewing of the airbag during deployment. A portion of the stabilizer strap can be positioned at an interior of the housing and can interact... Agent:

20140265280 - Airbag with deflector: An airbag can include a base panel and a cushioning panel that cooperate to define an inflatable chamber. A deflector can be positioned between the base panel and the cushioning panel. The deflector can be attached to the base panel so as to define a lower inflation aperture that directs... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140265282 - Methods and devices for restraining airbags: Devices for restraining deploying airbags are disclosed, along with methods for using, making and refurbishing such devices. The devices and methods are designed to improve the safety of individuals in the vicinity of undeployed airbags, in particular, when there is a chance that the airbag may deploy unexpectedly. Unexpected airbag... Agent:

20140265283 - Service vehicle operation training system and method: The system is adapted to be installed on a vehicle and comprises a skid simulation system and a lateral stability system. The skid simulation system generally comprises deployable auxiliary wheel assemblies which, when lowered, reduce or eliminate the weight placed upon the conventional wheels and tires. The auxiliary wheel assemblies... Agent:

20140265284 - Reduced-size vehicle with large internal voids: Various embodiments of reduced-size vehicles such as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility vehicles (UVs) are disclosed herein. In at least some embodiments, the vehicles include frames that are wider near the front and rear sections of the vehicles than within the mid-sections of the vehicles. This, in combination with the... Agent: American Off-road Technologies, LLC

20140265285 - Utility vehicle: A utility vehicle includes a plurality of ground engaging members and a frame supported by the plurality of ground engaging members. Additionally, the utility vehicle includes an operator area having a front seating section and a rear seating section.... Agent: Polaris Industries Inc.

20140265286 - Seatbelt anchor assembly: A seatbelt anchor assembly includes a ferrule, a cable, and seatbelt buckle. The ferrule can be mounted at one end to a seat base or other mounted structure of the vehicle, and can further include an anti-rotation pin that is received in a locating hole of the seat base to... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140265287 - Supplemental restraint system and associated methods: A supplemental restraint system comprises a channel adapted to receive a seat belt, a first flange adapted to retain the seat belt formed on a first edge of the channel, a second flange adapted to retain the seat belt formed on a second edge of the channel opposite the first... Agent:

20140265289 - Controlled pressure release for seatbelt pretensioning devices: The seatbelt pretensioner, which is designed for reducing slack in seatbelt webbing upon deployment in response to a triggering event, comprises an igniter that generates gas in response to the triggering event, an elongate body defining a chamber for receiving and the confining gas generated by the igniter, a piston... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140265288 - Linear pretensioner for motor vehicle seatbelt restraint systems: A pretensioner for a motor vehicle belt restraint system mounted to a structure of the vehicle. The pretensioner is connected to a belt restraint component that is also connected to the belt restraint system. The pretensioner includes a conduit made of tubing and having first and second ends. At least... Agent:

20140265291 - One-way locking linear pretensioner: A one-way locking assembly having an axially moveable member extending through a locking structure. The locking structure including an engagement member contacting an exterior surface of the axially moveable member and being movable relative to the exterior surface of the moveable member in a first direction while being substantially immovable... Agent:

20140265290 - Reduced width linear pretensioner for motor vehicle seatbelt restraint systems: A guide that can be included as part of a pretensioner for a motor vehicle belt restraint system. The pretensioner includes a frame having walls that define an interior compartment. Located within the interior compartment is a piston assembly having a gas generator in communication with a piston. The gas... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140265292 - Four-point seat belt device: A four-point seat belt device includes right and left lap belts to press the hipbone of a passenger sitting in a seat, two shoulder belts to press both shoulders of the passenger, a driving unit to perform winding of the lap belts and the shoulder belts, and a latching detecting... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140265293 - Scraper assembly for an off-road vehicle: A scraper assembly includes a first scraping member configured to be positioned below a horizontal centerline of a rotating assembly and rearward of a vertical centerline of the rotating assembly. The first scraping member is configured to remove debris from the rotating assembly at least while the rotating assembly is... Agent: Cnh Industrial America LLC

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20140252730 - Laterally tiltable, multitrack vehicle: A laterally tiltable, multitrack vehicle is disclosed. The vehicle includes a vehicle body and at least three wheels, with two of the wheels being assigned to a common axle to form a first wheel pair. A first wheel control part suspends the first wheel of the wheel pair from the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140252731 - Laterally tiltable, multitrack vehicle: A laterally tiltable, multitrack vehicle is disclosed. The vehicle includes a vehicle body and at least three wheels, first and second wheels of the three wheels being assigned to a common axle to form a first wheel pair. The vehicle includes at least one wheel control part suspending each of... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140252732 - Laterally tiltable, multitrack vehicle: A laterally tiltable, multitrack vehicle is disclosed. The vehicle includes a vehicle body and at least three wheels. The first and the second wheels are assigned to a common axle to form a first wheel pair. Each wheel of the wheel pair is rotatably mounted on a wheel support. The... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140252733 - Laterally tiltable, multitrack vehicle: A laterally tiltable, multitrack vehicle is disclosed. The vehicle includes a vehicle body and at least three wheels. The first and second wheels are assigned to a common axle to form a first wheel pair. A first wheel control part suspends the first wheel of the wheel pair from the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140252734 - Laterally tiltable, multitrack vehicle: A laterally tiltable, multitrack vehicle is disclosed. The vehicle includes a vehicle body and three wheels. The first and second wheels are assigned to a common axle to form a first wheel pair. A first cylinder unit supports the first wheel of the wheel pair on the vehicle body and... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140252735 - Shock absorber: A shock absorber includes a first passage (111) or (112) and a second passage (32), (99) or (235) in communication with each other and configured to allow a working fluid to flow between two chambers (16) and (17) based on movement of a piston (15), and a passage area adjustment... Agent:

20140252736 - Skate with injected boot form: A boot form for a hockey skate is made of multiple plastic materials having different hardness properties, or different flexural moduli, and is formed via an injection-molding process or another similar process. One or more of the plastic materials may be reinforced with fibers of glass, carbon, aramid, or another... Agent:

20140252737 - Infant transport apparatus and method: An infant transport apparatus includes a Bucket assembly, an Insert assembly, and a Ring assembly (i.e. a BIR arrangement). The bucket assembly includes a bucket construction and a handle assembly. The bucket construction includes two bucket-based, leg-receiving apertures adjacent the bucket bottom. The inner bucket surface defines a volumetric space... Agent:

20140252738 - Drive axle for an industrial truck: A drive axle for industrial trucks is, by fastening mechanisms, on the one hand able to be connected to the vehicle frame and, on the other hand, connected to the axle housing. Flexible elements that take effect in the main directions of force in such a manner that they are... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20140252739 - Front vehicle-body structure of vehicle: A longitudinal member is configured to transmit a part of a collision load occurring in a vehicle head-on collision to a suspension cross member by way of a front portion, a bending portion, and a rear portion. A lower arm, a portion of which is co-fastened to a vehicle body... Agent: Mazda Motor Corporation

20140252740 - Chassis system for commercial vehicles: A chassis system for commercial vehicles includes an axle stub element and a linkage element, wherein the linkage element has a recess and the axle stub element has a first mounting section, wherein the first mounting section is arranged in the recess of the linkage element and is force-locked at... Agent:

20140252741 - Vehicle front suspension: A vehicle front suspension includes a lower suspension support structure, a transverse link, a steering knuckle and a lower knuckle breakaway structure. The transverse link has an inboard side and an outboard side, with the inboard side being attached to the lower suspension support structure. The steering knuckle is pivotally... Agent: Nissan North America, Inc.

20140252742 - Vehicle front suspension: A vehicle front suspension includes a suspension support structure, a transverse link, a front link breakaway structure and a rear link breakaway structure. The transverse link has an inboard side with a front connection structure connecting a front end of the transverse link to the suspension support at a first... Agent: Nissan North America, Inc.

20140252743 - Air spring cover with switch-based air volume: An air spring for vehicle undercarriages, including an air spring cover and rolling piston. The air spring cover and rolling piston are connected by an air spring bellows. The air spring cover accommodates a first and second clamping ring for clamping the air spring bellows to fix the air spring... Agent:

20140252744 - Bicycle frame with internal strut: A bicycle including a front wheel, a rear wheel, and a bicycle frame assembly supported on the front and rear wheels. The bicycle frame assembly includes a front fork supported by the front wheel, and a main frame that has a head tube and a down tube extending rearward and... Agent: Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.

20140252745 - Aero seat post mounting device: An aerodynamically shaped seat post fabricated from carbon fiber is mountable to a seat tube by placing left and right bushings within the hollow center of the seat post. These bushings are accessible and engageable to left and right bolts when the desired height of the seat post is reached.... Agent: Felt Racing, LLC

20140252746 - Bicycle electronic display and shift lever mount: A bicycle comprising front and rear wheels, a bicycle frame and front fork supported on the front and rear wheel, a handlebar coupled to the front fork, and a component mounting assembly. The component mounting assembly includes a base coupled to the handlebar, a first component (e.g., an electronic display)... Agent: Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.

20140252747 - Wheelchair with security features: Wheelchair designs and enhancements are provided for use with conventional wheelchair design. The designs and enhancements include bariatric extension panels and security features making it suitable for use in high security areas such as prisons and psychiatric wards.... Agent:

20140252748 - Flexible ergonomic sportsboard wedges: Flexible binding wedges are provided with flexion slots cut in a widthwise direction to allow flexibility when mounted to a sportsboard such as a snowboard. “T” inserts through the wedges provide a mount for boot bindings. Flex adjustment bushings may be inserted into the slots to adjust the flexibility of... Agent:

20140252749 - Bicycle trailer front wheel arrangement: A front wheel arrangement on a bicycle trailer is provided. The connecting hook is arranged to be rotated on the connecting axis that comprises a locking arrangement for locking the front wheel in an in-use position and in a rest position.... Agent: Thule Child Transport Systems Ltd.

20140252750 - Knee airbag for vehicle and folding method thereof: A method of folding a knee airbag includes folding a lower portion of the knee airbag perpendicularly to a vertical central axis so that a lower end of the knee airbag is placed on the front panel of the knee airbag, individually folding both sides of the knee airbag toward... Agent: Autoliv Development Ab

20140252751 - Cushioned barrier for pets in a vehicle: A cushioned barrier for a pet in a vehicle comprising a central body, where the central body includes a first vertical surface and a second vertical surface, and where the central body is covered in a textured cover; a first protrusion on the first vertical surface; and a second protrusion... Agent:

20140252752 - Trailer stabilizer: A trailer stabilizing device for stabilizing a parked freight trailer, the trailer stabilizing device comprising a frame separate from the support frame of the parked freight trailer, the stabilizing device frame having mounted thereto wheels and a hitch, the stabilizing device including a repositionable jack.... Agent: Stabilock LLC

20140252753 - Steering column for a motor vehicle: A steering column for a motor vehicle includes a console part for securing the steering column to a body of the motor vehicle, and a steering shaft bearing unit for rotatably mounting a steering shaft of the steering column. The steering shaft bearing unit is mounted between at least two... Agent:

20140252754 - Pivoting mud flap assembly: A mud flap assembly for a vehicle includes a mud flap and a mud flap bracket. The mud flap is attached to the mud flap bracket. The mud flap bracket is in turn attached to the vehicle by an attachment means so that when the mud flap is pinched between... Agent: Hendrickson Usa, L.L.C.

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