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Land vehicles

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05/21/2015 > 39 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20150137463 - System and method of using air suspension to improve vehicle unloading: An aft suspension system for a pickup truck comprises four corner assemblies, where one corner assembly is located at a suspension position corresponding to each of the wheel corners for the vehicle. An air supply unit includes a reservoir, a compressor, and an ECU is fluidly connected to the corner... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

20150137464 - Suspension lift kit for quad cycle: A lift kit for the suspension strut of a Quad ATV cycle including an upstanding sleeve with an upper edge with a collar of reduced diameter defining an upwardly facing annular shoulder at a bottom of the collar, a shock absorber inserted in the sleeve, a washer sitting on the... Agent:

20150137465 - Fold flat article support assemblies with simplified release latches and stowable service shelves: This application discloses folding, compact support structure assemblies for supporting an article or receptacle including a simplified latch and a support assembly case that move together in tandem as an integrated unit in order to effect release of the support structure assemblies from their operative position, facilitating movement of the... Agent:

20150137466 - Attended wheeled vehicle with front wheel steering: The invention provides a means of steering the front wheel of an attendant pushed wheeled vehicle by using independent levers; one lever to turn a front wheel right and one lever to turn left. The steering invention also allows for use of a fixed handle bar to efficiently propel the... Agent:

20150137467 - Stroller locking mechanism: A locking device for baby strollers is described which is automatically engaged and disengaged based simply on the presence or absence of a human hand on the stroller handle. If there is no hand on the stroller, the lock is automatically engaged, and if a hand is present on the... Agent:

20150137469 - Scooter having position recovery and shock-absorbing functions: Disclosed is a scooter with shock-absorbing means in the front and rear thereof, thereby allowing a quick recovery when changing directions while riding or when riding over an obstacle on the road, and minimizing the impact transmitted from the road, thus having the benefit of making the use thereof easy... Agent: Greentrack Co., Ltd.

20150137470 - Scooter with rear swivel wheel: A personal mobility vehicle or scooter includes a least one swivel caster wheel supported at the rear of the scooter. The scooter has a body that includes a deck and a handlebar assembly. The scooter includes at least one front wheel with the deck extending between the at least one... Agent:

20150137468 - Vehicle: The vehicle a pair of left and right wheels includes a seating section configured such that a driver is able to take a seat by straddling the same, foot placement sections located beneath the seating section to be respectively provided at left and right positions with the seating section interposed... Agent:

20150137471 - Land vehicle steering system including selective inboard and outboard wheels adjustment: A land vehicle steering system capable of selectively moving the left and right steerable wheels inboard and outboard of the vehicle, and selectively adjusting the distance between the left and right steerable wheels. The steering system includes left and right steering assemblies. Each assembly includes: a pivot arm pivotally secured... Agent:

20150137472 - Vehicle: Provided herein is a vehicle having high driving operability during turning. The vehicle having a right wheel provided at the right of a main body and a left wheel provided at the left of the main body, includes a right lower arm that connects the main body to the right... Agent:

20150137473 - Retractable vehicle step: A retractable step for use with a vehicle comprises a stepping member having an upper stepping surface, a first arm, and a second arm. The first arm has a first end pivotally attached to the vehicle, and a second end pivotally attached to the stepping member. The second arm also... Agent:

20150137474 - Dynamic seating components for wheelchairs: A wheelchair includes a pivotable mechanism. The pivotable mechanism allows for a pivoting movement about an axis defined by an interface between adjacent components. These components may be (a) a seat member and a back member, (b) a seat member and a footrest, (c) a foot rest and a footplate... Agent: American Track Roadster, Inc.

20150137475 - Bicycle with rear drive assembly for elliptical movement: A bicycle with a rear drive assembly configured to allow pedal boards to be pivotable while moving in an elliptical trajectory and which allows a cyclist to ride in an erect position is disclosed. A front end of each of the pedal boards is pivotably connected to an end of... Agent: Aruan&#xe3 Energia S/a

20150137476 - Steering and suspension systems: A vehicle suspension system includes a spring, a neck assembly, and a rod. The neck assembly has an outer shell housing a hollow stem having an upper end and a lower end. The stem is rotatable respect to outer shell. The upper end is coupled to an upper bracket having... Agent: American Design And Master-craft Initiative, LLC

20150137477 - Bicycle frame with assymetric seat support: A bicycle including front and rear wheels and a frame supported by the front and rear wheels. The rear wheel defines a central plane of the bicycle. The frame includes a main frame and a rear frame that is movable relative to the main frame. The main frame has a... Agent: Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.

20150137478 - Bicycle suspension: A bicycle suspension comprises a cylinder element, a piston element, and a stroke adjustment structure. The cylinder element includes an internal space extending in an axial direction of the cylinder element. The piston element is provided in the internal space to define a first air chamber and a second air... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20150137479 - Motorcycle foot anchor: A motorcycle foot anchor includes a foot anchor including a base, a body and an end portion. The base of the foot anchor is coupled to a motorcycle frame. The foot anchor protrudes from the motorcycle frame. A plurality of concentric grooves including pointed edges are disposed on the foot... Agent:

20150137480 - All terrain adapter for folding wheelchair: An adapter for coupling an all terrain attachment to a folding wheelchair. A crossbar includes a clamp at each end thereof for coupling between the side frames of the folding wheelchair. An extension bar is coupled at one end to the crossbar and at the other end to the all... Agent:

20150137481 - Suspension for scooter: A personal mobility scooter can include a front frame portion and a rear frame portion detachably coupled to the front frame portion. The front frame portion can have a front frame, at least one front wheel rotatably coupled to the front frame, and a rear suspension coupled to the front... Agent:

20150137482 - Intelligent hitch apparatus for vehicles: A hitch apparatus for a vehicle includes a microcontroller unit, a drawbar, and a coupling apparatus secured within the drawbar via a pin. The pin and/or the drawbar includes one or more force sensors, each configured to measure a force vector on the pin and/or drawbar during towing of a... Agent:

20150137483 - Leveloader: A hitch device comprising: (a) a hitch bar that connects the hitch device to a vehicle; (b) a hitch mount in communication with the hitch bar; (c) a ball mount, a ball, or both that is in communication with and extends through a portion of the hitch mount; (d) a... Agent:

20150137485 - Cap having expanded pad and towing pipe mounted said cap: There are provided a cap having an expanded pad and an apparatus having a towing pipe provided with the cap. The cap includes a body having opened ends and an expanded pad attached to an inner circumferential surface of the body. The expanded pad does not close the opened ends... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150137484 - Maximum security/maximum versatility ball mount assembly: A hitch accessory retaining device includes a pair of opposed engagement pins and a biasing device. When positioned within a shank body, the engagement pins are slidable within shank pinning apertures and are normally urged in outward, extended positions by the biasing device. When biased outwardly, a portion of each... Agent:

20150137486 - Spherical plain bearing for an articulated joint: A spherical plain bearing is configured for use within an articulated joint in an articulating vehicle. The spherical plain bearing includes an outer member defining an exterior surface and an interior surface which defines an interior engagement surface, and an inner member is encircled at least partially by the outer... Agent: Roller Bearing Company Of America, Inc.

20150137487 - Foldable cart: A foldable cart includes a frame mechanism, a wheeled rear support mechanism and two spaced-apart handle units. The frame mechanism can be in a collapsed state or an expanded state. The wheeled rear support mechanism is mounted pivotally to a rear side of a main frame body of the frame... Agent:

20150137488 - Airbag for a vehicle occupant restraint system: An airbag (20) for a vehicle occupant restraint system comprises a first fabric layer (10) and an opposed second fabric layer (12) each being formed of a composite fabric of wefts and warps and delimiting a chamber (14) adapted to be filled with gas. Plural weaving threads (16) are provided... Agent:

20150137490 - Airbag arrangement for a closeable or openable roof opening of a motor vehicle: An airbag arrangement for closeable or openable roof opening 2 of a motor vehicle has a gas cushion arrangement which is to be anchored to the vehicle roof 1 and which is suitable in the inflated state for covering the surface of the roof opening 2, wherein the gas cushion... Agent:

20150137489 - Driver airbag module having multiple deployment paths: An exemplary driver airbag module may include an inflatable cushion having a chamber that inflates up to a maximum volume. The airbag module may also have a fabric diffuser disposed within the chamber. The inflatable cushion and the fabric diffuser can be configured to deploy at least a portion of... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC.

20150137491 - Panel with integral hidden door cover and method of manufacture and materials thereof: A panel having a deployable cover for an airbag module is provided. The panel having: an outer layer having a show surface and an inner surface opposite the show surface; a tear seam formed in the outer layer, the tear seam defined by a plurality of holes formed in the... Agent:

20150137492 - Multi-stage airbag in vehicle with reconfigurable: A steering wheel is locatable between an operational position at a driver seat of a vehicle and a stowed position in the vehicle. A first airbag is coupled to the steering wheel, and a multi-stage airbag laterally overlaps the driver seat and a passenger seat of the vehicle next to... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150137493 - Vehicle side airbag device: A vehicle side airbag device includes: an inflator for generating gas by activation; a bag body provided in a side portion of a seatback of a vehicle seat and configured to be inflated and deployed toward a vehicle front side relative to the side portion when the gas is supplied... Agent:

20150137494 - Flexible electro-resistive impact detection sensor for front rail mounted airbag: A flexible electro-resistive impact detection sensor is mounted on an outboard portion of the front bumper for signaling an offset rigid barrier impact event to a forward corner of a motor vehicle and deployment of a small offset rigid barrier airbag mounted on the front rail. The airbag, is attached... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150137495 - Airbag: The present invention relates to an airbag including: an inflator; and an airbag cushion which is deployed by gas flowing into the airbag cushion from the inflator, in which the airbag cushion has a burst portion at least a part of which is torn from the airbag cushion so as... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150137496 - Airbag device: An airbag apparatus that prevents a reverse flow of a gas between chambers to allow internal pressures of the chambers to be maintained. The airbag apparatus includes: a cushion portion with a divided internal space including a first chamber and a second chamber; a deflector surrounds a periphery of an... Agent:

20150137497 - Universal vehicle self-right apparatus: A self-right apparatus is a device for automatically returning an overturned vehicle to an upright orientation. The device features a base plate that is mountable to a vehicle and a flip plate that is hingedly connected to the base plate via a pivot axle. The flip plate is held in... Agent:

20150137498 - Powered landing gear with cross-port disable valve travel limiter: A travel limiter for landing gear extension legs which employs a pair of mechanically-operable cross-port valves fluidly coupled to the hydraulic circuit and connected between the telescoping upper and lower leg assemblies to mechanically sense when each travel stop limit is reached. The valves are mounted in the upper leg... Agent:

20150137499 - Energy absorbing steering apparatus: An energy absorbing steering apparatus in which shock applied to a steering column is absorbed by plastic deformation of a bracket for suspending the steering column from a vehicle body. The bracket includes: a first plate portion; a second plate portion bent from a rear edge of the first plate... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20150137500 - Passenger service vehicle: There is disclosed a passenger service vehicle having an upper deck (100) and a lower deck (110), and a passenger staircase (400) extending between the upper deck and the lower deck. The staircase is positioned internal to the vehicle. In some examples, the staircase has at least an upper stair... Agent:

20150137501 - Trailer and method of manufacturing same: Trailers and methods of manufacture are provided. One trailer embodiment includes a storage vessel which may include hoppers and which may be partially formed from a plurality of top wall segments having peaks or other components angled relative to one another to provide improved aerodynamics. A jig is disclosed to... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 31 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150130145 - Wheel suspension for vehicles: Herein provided is a suspension assembly that can constantly maintain a frictional force between the ground contact surface of a rear wheel and the road surface when a vehicle goes around a curve. The suspension assembly includes a suspension mechanism and a linkage mechanism. The suspension mechanism is configured to... Agent:

20150130146 - Gas spring and gas damper assembly: A gas spring and gas damper assembly (1 10; 200; 400) can include a gas spring assembly (128; 202; 402) and a gas damper assembly (130; 204; 404). The gas spring assembly can include opposing end members (206, 208; 406, 408) and a flexible spring member (210; 410) secured there... Agent:

20150130147 - Attachment for sliding boards: A binding for a sliding board includes a stationary part connected to the board, forming a rotating body, and provided with a retaining and fastening arrangement; and a moving part provided with an attachment and retaining arrangement for attaching and retaining same in relation to the retaining and fastening arrangement... Agent:

20150130148 - Luggage case structure with protruding lower portion: A luggage article having a lower portion supporting a pluralities of supports and including a plurality of walls forming a luggage case structure defining an interior cavity and having a front wall, back wall, opposing side walls, and a bottom wall, at least one support assembly being mounted on a... Agent:

20150130149 - Child restraining seat: A child-restraining safety seat assembly includes a safety seat with a body defining a secured seating area sized to securely hold a child or smaller-than-average adult human and a fixed-shape rotatable restraining member mechanically coupled to the body and having an open position where the seating area is unobstructed and... Agent:

20150130150 - Children balancing vehicle: A children balancing vehicle comprises a front vehicle rack, a handle set, a rear fork, a seat tube and a fastening component. The front vehicle rack has a front fork. A front wheel is assembled below the front fork while a stand pipe is disposed thereon. A vehicle rack body... Agent:

20150130151 - Extruded adjustable skateboard: Embodiments are provided of skateboard decks and skateboard assemblies each having a unitary body of extruded aluminum, the body having a top surface, a bottom surface, a first longitudinal edge and a second longitudinal edge. Each embodiment can have a handle portion formed in the unitary body and configured to... Agent:

20150130152 - Steering apparatus for vehicle: The present invention relates to a steering apparatus for a vehicle, and an embodiment of the present invention can improve a repair efficiency of a vehicle due to easy detachment between a dust cap and an inner cover.... Agent:

20150130153 - Automatic shock absorber system for bicycle: An automatic control shock absorber system for a bicycle is provided. The system includes one or more sensors. A controller outputs a control signal to a damping adjuster according to the one or more sensors, such that the damping adjuster controls level of damping force based on the sensors.... Agent: Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd

20150130155 - Skateboard / longboard truck with advanced pivot mechanism: A skateboard or longboard truck comprises a hanger and a baseplate assembly. A redesigned hanger, a large ball pivot, a load-redirecting pivot cup, a tapered kingpin and other improvements give the hanger a high kingpin ratio and a high angle of mechanical advantage, thereby improving the performance and turning characteristics... Agent: Dashboards Skimboards Company, LLC

20150130156 - Skateboard / longboard truck with advanced pivot mechanism: A skateboard or longboard truck comprises a hanger that includes a structural member that embraces an axle or pair of axles that support two wheels. The axle or pair of axles include two bearing standoffs that separate a bearing surface of the axle from a face of the structural member... Agent: Dashboards Skimboards Company, LLC

20150130154 - Skateboard / longboard truck with improved mechanical advantage: A skateboard or longboard truck comprises a hanger and a baseplate assembly. A redesigned hanger, a large ball pivot, a load-redirecting pivot cup, a tapered kingpin and other improvements give the hanger a high kingpin ratio and a high angle of mechanical advantage, thereby improving the performance and turning characteristics... Agent: Dashboards Skimboards Company, LLC

20150130157 - Heavy-duty vehicle axle/suspension system with composite beam: The invention relates to an axle/suspension system that includes a composite beam and separately pultruded axle connection and bushing end brackets. The composite beam has an internal support with vertical stitching to minimize delamination, which is lightweight and maintains rigidity of the beam while still maintaining flexibility. The beam includes... Agent:

20150130158 - Driven axle of a dual-track vehicle: A driven axle of a dual-track vehicle is provided in which a wheel-guiding control rod on the body of the vehicle or on a cross member connected to the body of the vehicle is stabilized spatially in an slightly elastic fashion via a control rod bearing on the body. The... Agent:

20150130159 - Suspension arm for vehicle: d

20150130160 - Amusement vehicle with rowing-type auxiliary device: An amusement vehicle with rowing-type auxiliary device mainly comprises a rotating apparatus pivotally disposed on the chassis and a controlling apparatus disposed on both sides of a seat of the chassis. The controlling apparatus comprises two controlling wheels pivoted on the chassis, a pair of transmission assemblages disposed on the... Agent: Huizhou Huaer Wantong Industry Co.,ltd.

20150130161 - Swing arm: There is provided a swing arm for a motorcycle. A base section is connected to a chassis framework via a pivot member. A pair of rear-arm sections extend rearwards from the base section. A pair of bracket sections are respectively provided at rear end portions of the rear-arm sections to... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20150130162 - Omnidirectional vibration isolating foot peg: A motorcycle foot peg (10) constructed to help isolate a rider from vibration and impact forces normally transmitted through a solid foot peg. The isolating foot peg is applicable for on and off road use where prolonged vibration or discrete impacts may cause injury. The foot peg has an adaptable... Agent:

20150130163 - Adjustable ballasted pull hitch: An agricultural implement with a ballasted hitch having an open ended tube and removable ballast blocks sized so that they can be loaded into the hitch tube by hand. The blocks are removably retained in the hitch by a bolted plate or, alternatively, a retaining bolt or pin. The number... Agent: Cnh Industrial America LLC

20150130164 - Platform trailer with reinforced neck: A platform trailer includes a neck reinforcement structure located in the neck region. The neck reinforcement structure includes a first beam reinforcement structure located adjacent an inner side of the first beam that is oriented toward the second beam, and a second beam reinforcement structure located adjacent an inner side... Agent: East Manufacturing Corporation

20150130165 - Towing apparatus: A towing apparatus that is operable to receive and store a tow rope and is further configured to protect the tow rope when not deployed for use. The towing apparatus further includes a shank that is configured to couple with a receiver of a conventional frame hitch. A base plate... Agent:

20150130166 - Height adjustment device for a handle of a rollator: The invention concerns a height adjustment device (1) for a handle (4) of a rollator, comprising:—an inner tube (2) telescopically received in an outer tube (3), the handle (4) of the rollator being connected at the upper end of said inner tube (2),—a locking assembly (10) adapted to lock the... Agent: Invacare International Sarl

20150130167 - Airbag package for an occupant restraining system of a motor vehicle, occupant restraining system, and method for producing such an airbag package: The invention relates to an airbag package (1) for an occupant restraint system of an automotive vehicle comprising a folded airbag (2) and clearances formed between the material of the airbag, wherein the airbag package (1) has a real package volume Vreal composed of the airbag volume VSack of the... Agent:

20150130168 - Airbag with attachment means: An airbag for a vehicle has an attachment pocket with a through-opening, which extends through the layers of the attachment pocket, a first flat attachment means with a through-hole, wherein the first attachment means is arranged in the attachment pocket so that the through-hole is exposed on both sides of... Agent: Key Safety Systems, Inc.

20150130170 - Airbag for vehicle: A vehicular airbag includes an airbag cushion, a cushion cover, and a flap. The cushion cover surrounds the airbag cushion. The flap is disposed between the airbag cushion and the cushion cover. The flap includes end portions joined to the cushion cover.... Agent:

20150130169 - Vehicle interior panel and vehicle airbag apparatus: An instrument panel has a base member and a cover member, which is adhered to the top surface of the base member. A first cleavage groove serving as a start point of rupture of the base member caused by inflation pressure of an airbag is formed in the back surface... Agent:

20150130171 - Side curtain airbag for vehicle having inflatable extension: A curtain airbag system for an automotive vehicle is disclosed. The system includes a curtain module substantially embedded in the roof rail in its normal, non-inflated state. The module includes an inflatable curtain attached to an inflator. The inflatable curtain has a forward portion. An elongated and inflatable extension is... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150130172 - Vehicle body structure: A vehicle body structure includes a pillar, a roof rail, a pillar trim panel mounted to the pillar, a pillar airbag and a curtain airbag. The pillar airbag is mounted to the pillar in a stowed orientation between the pillar trim panel and the pillar. The pillar airbag is arranged... Agent: Nissan North America, Inc.

20150130173 - Actuator and vehicle protection system: An actuator, especially for a vehicle protection system, comprises at least one wire (14) variable in shape depending on temperature made from a shape memory alloy and an elongate pyrotechnical element (12) connected to the shape-variable wire (14) so that upon ignition of the pyrotechnical element (12) the wire (14)... Agent:

20150130174 - Doghouse structure with integrated tether strap: The present invention relates to the securing of a garnish in a vehicle. The garnish is disposed over the airbag and secures to one or more apertures in the vehicle. The garnish includes a cover, which hides the airbag before it is deployed. A tether is attached to the cover.... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20150130175 - Trailer and method of manufacturing same: A trailer and method of manufacturing a trailer are provided. The trailer has a storage vessel which may include hoppers and which is partially formed from a plurality of top wall segments having peaks. The peaks or other components may be angled relative to one another to provide improved aerodynamics.... Agent: Mac Trailer Manufacturing, Inc.

05/07/2015 > 36 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150123359 - Suspension strut extension and angle correction device: A system and method for modifying a ride height of a vehicle is disclosed. A vehicle lift system has a first suspension strut extension device, having an extension member fixed between an upper plate mount and a lower plate mount. The upper plate mount is secured to a top edge... Agent:

20150123358 - Vehicle suspension system and method for increasing the roll rate of a vehicle: The present invention relates to a vehicle provided with a sprung mass, including a vehicle frame, at least one axle provided with first and second ends, and a suspension system provided with a mechanical springs and leveling springs. The mechanical springs connect the axle ends to the frame and are... Agent: Volvo Group North America, LLC

20150123360 - Wheel-unit-ready ski for ski-mounted vehicle: The invention is a snowmobile ski that is adapted to accommodate wheel units that are movable between a deployed position and a stowed position. The floor of the ski has one or more wheel openings, which allow wheels to drop down to the deployed position. A wheel unit may have... Agent:

20150123361 - Adaptive wheeled carrier and transport device: A wheeled carrier for manual movement of material includes a base frame with a pair of frame rails. The frame rails are turned down at the front end with a first bracket connecting the rails and providing a mounting point for at least one wheel and a receiver between the... Agent:

20150123362 - Wheeled compartmentalized cart: A cart is provided to carry chairs and a large shade umbrella. The cart, regardless of configuration, will also contain a number of convenience pockets to carry stadium blankets, binders, tablet PCs, sunscreen, etc. It also contains a large pocket with a thermal lining in which to carry beverages. This... Agent:

20150123363 - Handcart: A handcart includes a handle, a cart frame and combination members. The handle and the cart frame are firmly combined together by the combination members, which are respectively composed of two combination seats, two fixing seats and an adjustment member. The combination seats and the fixing seats, which are made... Agent:

20150123364 - Recycling bin: A recycling bin includes a top portion configured to be in an open or closed position, a bottom portion, an optional middle portion, the optional middle portion comprising solid walls about the outer surface, an enclosure portion comprising a shelf with a door panel within the recycling bin, the door... Agent: Electronic Recyclers International, Inc.

20150123365 - Supporting walking aid: A walking aid supporting the weight of the body of an aided person. The walking aid being programmable and specialized according to each of the left and right bearings. The walking aid comprises a support structure mounted on wheels and includes a bottom element and a top element for supporting... Agent: Safe Step And Walk Movement

20150123366 - Adjustment device for a vehicle chassis, comprising a sliding pad: An adjustment device (1) for a chassis of a vehicle. The adjustment device includes at least one spindle (2), at least one slide-block (3), an axial guide (5) for the slide-block (3) and at least one connecting element (4, 17). The connecting element (4) is arranged, on the one hand,... Agent:

20150123367 - Multi-axis caster angle control system of an extendable wheel assembly: A wheel assembly for vehicle includes a wheel, at least one lower suspension link and one upper part, the wheel being arranged to rotate at 360°, to steer the vehicle around a pivot line, a projection of the pivot line onto a vertical projection plane including a vertical axis passing... Agent:

20150123369 - Coupled torsion beam axle type suspension system: A coupled torsion beam axle type suspension system may includes trailing arms respectively coupled to opposite ends of a torsion beam, and vehicle body-engaging units, each provided in a front end portion of a respective trailing arm and engaging the respective trailing arm to a vehicle body. Each vehicle body-engaging... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150123370 - Coupled torsion beam axle type suspension system: A coupled torsion beam axle type suspension system (CTBA) may include trailing arms respectively coupled to opposite ends of a torsion beam, and a vehicle body-engaging unit provided in a front end portion of each of the trailing arm and engaging the each of the trailing arms to a vehicle... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150123371 - Coupled torsion beam axle type suspension system: A coupled torsion beam axle type suspension system may include trailing arms respectively coupled to opposite ends of a torsion beam, a trailing arm bush coupled to a front end portion of the trailing arm, a link bracket mounted in front of the trailing arm bush and engaged therewith in... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150123372 - Coupled torsion beam axle type suspension system: Disclosed is a coupled torsion beam axle type suspension system. In particular, the coupled torsion beam axle type suspension system includes trailing arms respectively coupled to opposite ends of a torsion beam and a vehicle body-engaging unit provided in a front end portion of each of the trailing arm and... Agent:

20150123368 - Coupled torsion beam axle type suspension system: A coupled torsion beam axle type suspension system may include trailing arms respectively coupled to opposite ends of a torsion beam, and vehicle body-engaging units, each provided in a front end portion of a respective trailing arm and engaging the respective trailing arm with a vehicle body. Each vehicle body-engaging... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150123373 - Step pad cargo system: A cargo step pad comprising a container having a bottom and a plurality of sidewalls defining an opening and a lid coupled to the container and operable between a closed position, wherein the lid extends laterally beyond the opening, and an opened position, wherein at least a portion of a... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150123374 - Automated retractable vehicle step: Powered retractable vehicle step assist systems and methods are provided. The steps systems are configured for installation (e.g., after market installation) and use with a vehicle. The system can include a stepping member movable between a retracted position and a deployed position with respect to the vehicle. The system can... Agent: Lund Motion Products, Inc.

20150123375 - Retractable vehicle step: A retractable vehicle step is attachable to a vehicle or truck. The vehicle step facilitates access to a cargo hold, interior, or roof of the vehicle. Advantageously, the vehicle step may provide clearance space relative to a tailgate of the vehicle by displacing a stepping member of the vehicle step... Agent:

20150123377 - Bicycle frame with passive seat tube pivot joint: A bicycle frame assembly that includes an upper frame member and a lower frame member that each extend between a head tube and a dropout. A seat tube extends between the upper frame member and the lower frame member. The seat tube is preferably connected to a bottom bracket of... Agent: Trek Bicycle Coporation

20150123376 - Seat tube assembly for a bicycle or the like: A bicycle seat tube assembly includes an arced component, a bottom bracket positioned below the arced component, and a seat tube including a pivot attachment at a lower end of the seat tube. The arced component includes a lower curved surface with a plurality of holes. The pivot attachment is... Agent:

20150123378 - Tilting trailer comprising a sliding articulated drawbar: A tilting trailer is proposed that includes a chassis mounted on an axle that pivots with respect to wheels of the trailer. The trailer includes an articulated drawbar mounted on the axle, the articulated drawbar being mounted so that it is free and sliding with respect to the chassis; and... Agent:

20150123379 - Trailer coupler locking device: A locking device for obstructing towing of a trailer has a lock base and a lock bracket. The lock base has an upright ball-shaped member and two legs each with an aperture. The lock bracket has two arms. When the locking device is in a locked condition, both arms are... Agent:

20150123380 - Collapsible two seat perambulator: A buggy for transporting children has a frame and wheels that are rotably mounted relative to the frame to support the frame above a ground surface. A primary seat is operatively supported by the frame for supporting a first child. A secondary seat is operatively supported by the frame for... Agent:

20150123381 - Foldable carriage: A carriage having a frame, where the frame is foldable between a use position and a storage position. The frame includes an attachment point for a plurality of frame components and a pivot lock for retaining the frame in the use position. The pivot lock is operated by rotating a... Agent:

20150123383 - Front airbag device: A front airbag device in which an airbag module can be detached from a steering wheel with a simpler operation is provided. A front airbag device includes a steering wheel and an airbag module. The airbag module includes a housing. The steering wheel includes a positioning hook and a retaining... Agent: Autoliv Development Ab

20150123382 - Protective flap for airbags: An airbag assembly can include an airbag cushion and a protective flap. In some arrangements, the protective flap is positioned over at least a portion of an inflatable region of the airbag cushion to prevent the inflatable region of the airbag cushion from being pinched due to securement of the... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20150123384 - Airbag apparatus: An airbag apparatus according to the present exemplary embodiment includes: an airbag housing which accommodates an airbag; and an airbag cover which is coupled to the airbag housing while covering the airbag accommodated in the airbag housing, and has a tear line that is torn by expansive force of the... Agent:

20150123385 - Adaptive knee airbag for vehicle occupant restraint device: A knee airbag (10) for a vehicle occupant restraint device can adopt a deployed position of use between a fixed vehicle component (12) and the legs (14; 16) of a vehicle occupant. The knee airbag (10) comprises an airbag sheath (18), at least one exhaust orifice (20) formed therein and... Agent: Trw Automotive Gmbh

20150123386 - Active bolster with in-mold assembly of bladder and trim panel: An active bolster for an interior trim surface of an automotive vehicle has a plastic-molded outer trim panel with a closed-loop bonding section on an inside surface. A plastic-molded expandable bladder member has a central attachment section configured to attach to a support structure of the vehicle, a bonding flange... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150123387 - Silicone rubber sheet and airbag device: An airbag device including an inflator, an airbag and a silicone rubber sheet. The silicone rubber sheet is used for a flow passage to feed gas from an inflator to an airbag and is produced by stacking 0.5 mm or more of silicone composition comprising: 100 parts by weight of... Agent: Takata Corporation

20150123389 - Lean-compensating motorcycle with channel wheels: A lean-compensating motorcycle for balancing a user includes a lower frame with wide wheels and an upper frame supporting a rider. The lower and upper frames pivot on an axis substantially parallel to the motorcycle's line of travel, and a pivot drive governs pivoting movement. The pivot drive is controlled... Agent:

20150123388 - Variable-attitude systems for training wheels for bicycles and mini-motorcycles: Variable-attitude systems used with training wheels for children's bicycles and mini-motorcycles are provided, which include a metal arm, mounted on a bicycle or mini-motorcycle frame, by a second metal arm and by a hinge joint, wherein elastic elements are provided, housed around the joint which, through the two arms thereof,... Agent:

20150123390 - Rops retention system for a work vehicle: A ROPS retention system for retaining a suspended cab frame relative to a chassis frame of a work vehicle may generally include a support bracket configured to be coupled to the chassis frame. The support bracket may be positioned relative to the cab frame such that a gap is defined... Agent:

20150123391 - Steering correction and support device and methods of making and using same: A device for correcting a length and an angle of a steering shaft in a rack and pinion steering system of a vehicle after a distance between a steering wheel and a rack is altered comprises a coupler having a straight portion and an angular portion. The straight portion has... Agent:

20150123392 - Oil sump and axle carrier with an oblique flange face: An oil sump and an axle carrier of an internal combustion engine in a vehicle having obliquely inclined flange faces for fastening to one another. The flange faces being obliquely inclined relative to a longitudinal direction of the vehicle or a longitudinal direction of the vehicle.... Agent:

20150123393 - Access ports for accessing covered fuel tanks of a work vehicle: In one aspect, a work vehicle may include a cab and a fuel tank coupled to the cab. The work vehicle may also include a cab housing configured to cover the fuel tank. The cab housing may define an access port configured to provide access to the fuel tank. In... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 35 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20150115555 - Wheeled system for coolers: A wheeled system for coolers including a wheel support and a handle support securable to a cooler using handle grips and tie-down anchor points defined on the cooler body. The wheeled system can include a telescoping handle, brake, lock, and connector tightener.... Agent:

20150115556 - Mobility walker with spring and exercise straps: A mobility walker. The mobility walker includes a removably attached lower section, middle section and upper section. Four wheels are connected to the lower section. A harness attachment spring is attached to the upper section. A user wearing the harness is attached via the harness to the harness attachment spring.... Agent:

20150115557 - Kart with movable visual effect: A ridable kart having a front portion rotatably coupled to a rear portion. The front portion includes an inner surface that is adjacent to an outer cover portion and the two surfaces move relative to one another. The outer cover portion includes window portions or openings through which a portion... Agent: Razor Usa, LLC

20150115558 - Scooter with removable toy: A scooter having a handlebar assembly that includes a vertical portion supporting a handlebar. The vertical portion includes an opening at its top end and the opening is configured to receive an elongate portion of a toy. The assembly also includes a ring portion at the opening of the vertical... Agent: Razor Usa, LLC

20150115560 - Fiber composite component and method for producing a fiber composite component: A fiber composite component, in particular a torsion-bar stabilizer for a motor vehicle, having an elongate main body which has a plurality of tubular layers which are each formed from fibrous threads and casting resin, wherein the tubular layers are arranged in one another in the radial direction of the... Agent:

20150115559 - Torsion beam for an anti-roll bar of a motor vehicle: A torsion beam for an anti-roll bar of a motor vehicle is provided having a main body which is produced from a carbon fiber material, and at least one non-metallic bearing layer which is applied on the main body in order to form one sliding bearing side of an anti-roll... Agent:

20150115561 - Vehicle suspension arm: [Solution] In formation of a lower arm 2 for vehicle suspension, an arm body 10 includes a pair of side plates 11 opposed to each other, a bottom plate 12 formed integrally to connect the side plates 11, and a spring receiving seat member 13 attached to the side plates... Agent: Yorozu Corporation

20150115562 - Systems and methods for automated air suspension pressure drop: Various systems and methods for automated air suspension pressure drop are disclosed.... Agent: Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC

20150115563 - Methods and apparatus for controlling a fluid damper: A spring for a suspension is described. The spring includes: a spring chamber divided into at least a primary portion and a secondary portion, and a fluid flow path coupled with and between the primary portion and the secondary portion. The fluid flow path includes a bypass mechanism, wherein the... Agent: Fox Factory, Inc.

20150115564 - Light weight tubular twist beam: A tubular twist beam comprises a tubular body 20 including a U-shaped groove 22, tubular end sections 28, and transition sections 26 therebetween. The width w of the U-shaped groove 22 decreases continuously from each transition section 26 to a center point C of the tubular body 20 and is... Agent:

20150115565 - Axle fixation for a sprung vehicle axle: The invention relates to an axle fixation, an axle plate (5), and an axle link (2) for a sprung vehicle axle. The components of the axle fixation are a preferably tubular axle body (1), an axle link (2) which crosses the upper face and lower face of the axle body,... Agent: Bpw Bergische Achsen Kg

20150115566 - All-terrain wheelchair: An all-terrain wheelchair includes a rigid and easy-to-assemble frame. The frame has a seating area with armrests toward the rear of the frame and an adjustable footrest area toward the front of the frame. Attached to the rear axle of the frame and outside the seating area are found two... Agent:

20150115567 - Dual-track tilt mechanism: The present invention is directed to a tilt-in-space wheelchair that limits the shift of the center of a gravity of a wheelchair occupant during tilting. The wheelchair comprises a main frame adapted to be supported on a surface by wheels, a seat frame for supporting a occupant, and an arc... Agent:

20150115568 - Mounting device for bicycle front derailleur: A mounting device for mounting a front derailleur to a bicycle frame. The mounting device includes a mounting portion that is adapted to be adjustably mounted such that it is positioned around an axis that is defined by a bottom bracket of the bicycle frame, and an indicator configured to... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20150115569 - Bicycle rear suspension with a two axis wheel path: Disclosed herein are rear suspension systems for bicycles that coupling the rear wheel of the bicycle to the bicycle frame through a swing arm assembly. The structures disclosed herein allow for independent movement of a swing arm assembly in both a vertical and horizontal directions.... Agent: Bicycle Fabrications LLC

20150115570 - Weight transferring tow dolly: My weight transferring tow dolly is releasably attachable to a receiver hitch of a towing vehicle such as a pickup truck and generally provides a dolly frame formed of plural structurally interconnected box beams having a height adjustable suspension carrying an axle with wheels and tires at opposing end portions,... Agent:

20150115571 - Smart tow: A system and method for providing visual assistance through a graphic overlay super-imposed on a back-up camera image for assisting a vehicle operator when backing up a vehicle to align a tow ball with a trailer tongue. The method includes providing camera modeling to correlate the camera image in vehicle... Agent:

20150115572 - Tubular back beam assembly for vehicle and method of manufacturing the same: Disclosed are a tubular back beam assembly for a vehicle and a method of manufacturing the tubular back beam assembly. The tubular back beam assembly may include a plurality of main members, each of which is formed by cold rolling and hot stamping. The plurality of main members may be... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150115573 - Self-locking compact coupling: A coupling is provided for connecting a two-track trailer having at least one drawbar, to a non-motorized vehicle, or to a vehicle having an auxiliary drive, particularly a bicycle. The coupling has two interacting coupling parts releasable from one another and respectively connectable to the vehicle and to the drawbar.... Agent:

20150115574 - Base fabric for airbags: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a base fabric for airbags with excellent deployment speed, internal pressure retention and workability, and an airbag using the same. The inventive base fabric for airbags has resin arranged in at least one surface of the cloth which comprises synthetic fibers,... Agent:

20150115577 - Airbag apparatus: An airbag apparatus includes an airbag that deploys and inflates while being unfolded from an accommodating portion, when inflating gas flows into the airbag; and a regulating member that is able to regulate the deployment and inflation of an airbag. The regulating member is flexible, and includes a temporary holding... Agent:

20150115575 - Vehicle airbag assembly: A vehicle airbag assembly includes an attachment bracket, an elongated support member and an airbag. The attachment bracket attaches to a vehicle body member and includes a hinge portion. The elongated support member is pivotally connected to the attachment bracket for pivoting movement about a pivot axis defined by the... Agent: Nissan North America, Inc.

20150115576 - Vehicle passenger protection system: A vehicle occupant protection system comprises an airbag (20) which in the folded state is accommodated in a backrest (14) of a vehicle seat (12) and in the deployed state extends between two seats (12, 52) of the vehicle. The airbag (20) includes a thorax zone (36) for laterally covering... Agent:

20150115578 - Conveyance seat: A conveyance seat has a cushion body, at least a portion of which is formed using foam material, and an airbag apparatus having an airbag that is deployed according to a predetermined condition. At least a portion of the airbag apparatus is covered by the cushion body. A door portion... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20150115580 - Combination passenger air bag and knee air bag: An apparatus (10) for helping to protect an occupant (20) of a vehicle (12) includes an air bag (16) inflatable between the occupant's head/torso and an instrument panel (36) of the vehicle (12). A knee bolster (18) is inflatable between the occupant's legs/pelvis and the instrument panel (36). A flexible... Agent:

20150115579 - Non-symmetrical knee airbag: An exemplary knee airbag assembly may include an airbag cushion that has a first end and a second end. The airbag cushion may be inflatable from a stowed position to a deployed position in which it has a length and a thickness. The exemplary knee airbag assembly may also include... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150115581 - Curtain airbag for a vehicle: A curtain airbag for a vehicle includes a main chamber shaped in such a way that, in the position being mounted on the vehicle, in the inflated state the main chamber covers an inner side structure of the vehicle. The curtain airbag further includes an additional chamber which, in the... Agent: Autoliv Development Ab

20150115582 - Head protection airbag apparatus: An airbag has a configuration in which the lower edge of the inflation shielding section is positioned lower than a belt line that is composed of the lower edge of the window at the time of the full inflation. The airbag is roll-folded such that the lower edge side thereof... Agent:

20150115583 - Airbag device: A chamber required to be inflated and deployed at an early stage in an airbag is inflated and deployed in advance so as to protect an occupant at an early stage. An airbag device (1A) is provided with an airbag (10A) which protects an occupant (90) in a vehicle by... Agent: Ashimori Industry Co., Ltd.

20150115584 - Partial low risk deployment vent assembly for an airbag assembly: An exemplary vent assembly for an airbag assembly having an airbag cushion may have at least one panel attachable to the airbag cushion. The airbag cushion may be inflatable by a gas, and may define at least one opening that has a first area. The at least one opening may... Agent:

20150115585 - Vehicle door energy absorption pad: An energy absorption (EA) pad mountable on a vehicle door interior trim panel provides controlled collapse under side impact collision forces to minimize contact between the door and a vehicle passenger. The EA pad is in the form of a hollow body having an endwall, a sidewall, and an open... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20150115586 - Vehicle: A vehicle includes a pair of front wheels, at least a pair of rear wheels, a frame portion supported by the pair of front wheels and the pair of rear wheels, a first seat portion and a second seat portion supported by the frame portion and arranged side by side... Agent:

20150115588 - Buckle assembly for a vehicle: A buckle assembly for a vehicle includes a buckle member, an anchor bracket, and a webbing strap. The buckle member includes a connector that defines a buckle opening. The anchor bracket is operatively disposed in adjacent relationship to the buckle member and is configured for attachment to the vehicle. The... Agent:

20150115587 - Self-releasable safety belt: The present invention is pertaining to a self-releasable safety belt (1) for a motorcycle or equivalent vehicles, characterised by a strap (2) including a first end and a second end, a retractor (3) receiving the first end of said strap (2) for stowing and locking the strap (2), a detachable... Agent: Green 5 Holding Pte Ltd

20150115589 - Mobile fluid storage tank: A mobile fluid storage tank for the use and storage of fluids comprising a unibody construction.... Agent:

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