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Land vehicles

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08/07/2014 > 33 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20140217685 - Conversion scooter: A conversion scooter is adapted for use as a sit to ride scooter in a first configuration and a stand to ride scooter in a second configuration. The conversion scooter has a frame, a steering assembly and a seat removably coupled to the frame. The steering assembly can be steered... Agent:

20140217686 - Roller skating apparatus: A hand ice skating mechanism in conjunction with an athletic protective mechanism utilizing a glove portion including a front portion and a rear portion, wherein the rear portion includes a blade retaining portion and a blade assembly in communication with the blade retaining portion.... Agent:

20140217687 - Roller skating apparatus: A hand roller skating mechanism in conjunction with an athletic protective mechanism utilizing a glove portion including a front portion and a rear portion, wherein the rear portion includes a wheel retaining portion and a wheel assembly in communication with the wheel retaining portion.... Agent:

20140217688 - Trash/recycling cart: The specification discloses a high-profile, low-volume trash/recycling cart that is compatible with existing pick-up equipment and includes a reduced volume. The cart includes a container and a pedestal supporting the container. The pedestal increases the overall height of the cart to be conveniently handled by existing automated handling equipment. The... Agent: Cascade Engineering, Inc.

20140217689 - Portable generators: A customizable portable generator system and methods for assembling the same are disclosed. In one example, the generator system generally includes a universal frame including a plurality of mounting interfaces configured for detachably attaching one of a plurality of different engines and a plurality of wheel assemblies and/or support legs.... Agent: Kohler Co.

20140217690 - Multi-tier utility cart: A utility cart has four corner posts arranged in rectangular pattern and at least one lower shelf including a recess in the push side edge and a top shelf that, instead of the recess, includes a handle. The other three sides of each of the shelves are substantially the same... Agent:

20140217691 - Steering wheel arrangement for a motor vehicle: A steering wheel arrangement for a motor vehicle has a steering wheel which is coupled in terms of movement to a steerable axle of the motor vehicle via a steering axle. The steering wheel is arranged rotatably on a steering column having a housing body. The housing body has at... Agent: Audi Ag

20140217692 - Suspension device for vehicle: A vehicle suspension device includes a first fluid path through which a first upper port opening into a first hydraulic cylinder and a second lower port opening into a second hydraulic cylinder communicate with each other, a second fluid path through which a second upper port opening into the second... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140217693 - Vehicle wheel suspension with a hydraulic vibration damper: A vehicle wheel suspension is provided having a hydraulic vibration damper, which is connected in parallel to a suspension spring which proportionally supports the vehicle body. A rebound spring is provided, which preferably and typically becomes effective in the event of larger spring deflection distances. The support point of the... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20140217694 - User propelled ride-on vehicle: A user-propelled vehicle is adapted for use as a ride on vehicle. The user-propelled ride on vehicle has a frame, a rider support platform, a steering column, a front cross member, a rear cross member, and a plurality of a caster assemblies coupled to the front and rear cross members... Agent: Radio Flyer Inc.

20140217695 - Crank assembly: This invention provides a novel solution for an optimally powered crank for a human-powered vehicle, such as a bicycle. This invention includes a novel system and method to optimize the length of each crank arm throughout the revolution of the crank assembly. First, a crank arm assembly is attached to... Agent:

20140217696 - Multi-passenger tricycle: A tricycle is provided for supporting multiple passengers. The multi-passenger tricycle has a frame member, a steering assembly, a rear axle assembly, an auxiliary handlebar and a rear passenger foot platform. The steering assembly is rotatable and is coupled to a first end of the frame member. The rear axle... Agent:

20140217697 - Rear suspension system for bicycles: A rear suspension system for bicycles, such as freeride, downhill and trail-style mountain bikes. The suspension system includes a rear suspension for coupling the rear wheel of the bicycle to the bicycle frame, a rear shock absorber disposed entirely in front of the seat tube of the frame and a... Agent:

20140217698 - Adjustable assembly for bicycles and methods of using same: An adjustable assembly for a bicycle includes a first support having an interior surface and a second support slidably positioned within at least a portion of the first support. One of the first support and the second support is adapted to attach to a first bicycle portion, and the other... Agent: Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.

20140217699 - Front tow extended saddle: A front tow extended saddle is disclosed. The saddle allows a first towing truck to mount a second truck, facing forward, behind the first truck, in order to tow the second truck to a distant location. The saddle allows the towed truck to face forward during transport, thus allowing for... Agent: Atc Transportation LLC

20140217701 - Convertible trailer and attachments: In some embodiments, a convertible platform system may include a platform, a first platform attachment, and a second platform attachment. The platform may include a first side at least two wheels, a loading system, and a coupling system. The first platform attachment may include a first surface which couples, during... Agent:

20140217700 - Wheel loader: A frame locking bar is supported pivotably with respect to a rear body. The frame locking bar is constructed to be able to lock an articulated structure by fixing a front body and the rear body to each other to thereby prevent swing thereof. A fixing mechanism is constructed to... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20140217702 - Snowboard: A snowboard which incorporates a rocker element instead of a camber.... Agent: Mervin Manufacturing, Inc.

20140217703 - Heel retainer with auxiliary lever: A heel retainer for a combined downhill and touring binding for a ski, including: a base plate which can be fastened on an upper side of the ski; a connecting structure; a tensioning device for securely holding a ski boot in the heel retainer, including a sole retainer; a shifting... Agent: Marker Deutschland Gmbh

20140217704 - Heel retainer with roller-shaped sole retainer: A heel retainer for a ski binding, includes a base plate using which the heel retainer can be fastened to an upper side of a ski or snowboard; a connecting structure connectable to the base plate; and a tensioning device using which a ski boot is tensioned onto the ski.... Agent: Marker Deutschland Gmbh

20140217705 - Child's active transportation device and method of use: A child's active transportation device comprising: a steering rod permanently or removably affixed to a wheel base, said wheel base having a platform and mechanism or device for affixing a plurality of wheels to said wheel base, and also having a plurality of wheels and associated equipment and method of... Agent:

20140217706 - Compact foldable stroller: A juvenile stroller includes a mobile base and a juvenile seat mounted on the mobile base. The mobile base includes wheels and a foldable frame carrying the juvenile seat.... Agent:

20140217707 - Airbag device: An airbag device (1), having an airbag (10), is installed in a side wall (91) inside a vehicle cabin. The airbag (10) includes an inflatable section (30) configured to be inflated with gas and is disposed in an upper portion of the side wall (91). An inflator (2) supplies gas... Agent: Ashimori Industry Co., Ltd.

20140217708 - Outer cover having reinforcing fibers for an instrument panel airbag door: An outer cover for an airbag door of an instrument panel includes a substrate formed from a polymer. A score line is formed into a first surface of the substrate to define an airbag deployment tear seam. A fiber is embedded into and integrally formed with the substrate. The fiber... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140217709 - Curtain airbag device and occupant protecting device: A curtain airbag device comprising: a main deploying portion that, at a time when at least one of a small overlap impact or an oblique impact arises, receives a supply of gas and expands, and is deployed in a shape of a curtain along a side window glass; an outer... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140217710 - Curtain airbag device and occupant protecting device: A curtain airbag device comprising: a main deploying portion that, at a time when at least one of a small overlap impact or an oblique impact arises, receives a supply of gas and expands, and is deployed in a shape of a curtain; an auxiliary deploying portion that is provided... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140217711 - Steering wheel assembly for a steering wheel of a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a steering wheel assembly for a steering wheel of a motor vehicle, with a gas bag accommodated by a housing, which for the protection of a driver is inflatable by means of a gas generator, with a shiftably mounted carrier for accommodating the housing, which can... Agent: Takata Ag

20140217712 - Airbag device: An airbag device that can limit the movement of a strap outside an airbag even when the other end of the strap is released is provided. An airbag device includes an airbag 2 that is folded in a normal state and deployed in case of emergency, an inflator 3 that... Agent: Takata Corporation

20140217713 - Steering apparatus: A steering apparatus includes a steering shaft, a column rotatably supporting the steering shaft, a bracket attached to the column, a capsule configured to be fixed to a vehicle body and having upper and lower holding plates sandwiching the flange portion, a coupling part coupling the flange portion and the... Agent: Nsk Ltd

20140217714 - Chassis structure: A chassis structure used in a vehicle having a front, a left, a right, and a rear wheel, including: two front oblique beams disposed to sandwich the front wheel and extending from a central portion of the chassis structure respectively toward between the front wheel and the right wheel and... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140217715 - Vehicles having rear seat belt assemblies: A vehicle includes a roll cage, at least one rear seat, and at least one rear seat belt assembly. Each rear seat is positioned within a rear protected area at least partially defined by the roll cage. Each rear seat belt assembly is associated with a respective one of the... Agent: Honda Motor Co.,ltd.

20140217716 - Baffled fluid tank with stairway access: A tank for transporting fluids on a truck chassis includes a front wall, side walls, a back wall, a top, and a floor. Interior stairs extend from the floor to an opening in the top to allow stair access into the interior with integrated safety handrails on the fill port... Agent: Western Technology Services International, Inc.

20140217717 - Hinge mechanism, collapsible ascension ski having such a hinge mechanism, and related methods and kits: A hinge mechanism includes a first hinge element, a second hinge element, and a locking element. The first hinge element may include a first plate portion and a first plurality of substantially parallel fingers spaced from one another. The second hinge element may include a second plate portion and a... Agent: Backcountry Garage, LLC

07/31/2014 > 33 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 18 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140203527 - Vehicle having a swivel wheel: A tricycle may be operable between a first mode of operation steerable by a tricycle rider, and a second mode of operation steerable by an individual pushing the tricycle. A rider handle, in the first mode, may be configured to be rotationally coupled with the stem in a manner permitting... Agent:

20140203528 - Manual shopping chair: The manual shopping chair includes a frame supported by a left rear wheel, a right rear wheel, a left front caster wheel and a right front caster wheel. A wheel lock disk with a plurality of radially extending slots is connected to each rear wheel. Springs urge lock bars toward... Agent:

20140203529 - Tow type running stroller: A two-wheeled stroller is disclosed and claimed. The stroller is a tow-type stroller to enable a child to accompany an attendant who is engaged in walking or running activity over a variety of ground surfaces and grades at various walking and running velocities. The stroller includes a carnage assembly, a... Agent:

20140203531 - Scooter rear shock damping structure: A scooter rear shock damping structure comprising a frame and an elastic unit is disclosed. The frame is disposed under a back end of a stepping plate. A forwardly extending front pivotal connect portion of the frame is pivotally connected to the stepping plate. Back positioning pieces backwardly extending from... Agent: Laing Ban International Inc.

20140203532 - Steerable twist-beam rear suspension: A torsion beam axle for a wheel suspension of a motor vehicle. The torsion beam axle has a torsionally compliant transverse section. A trailing arm is fixed at each opposed end of the transverse section. Each trailing arm supports a wheel carrier that pivots about a respective steering axis. The... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20140203533 - Side-by-side vehicle: A vehicle may include a CVT unit or a power source which requires ambient air. An air inlet for an air intake system coupled to the CVT unit or the power source which requires ambient air may be provided in a side of a cargo carrying portion of the vehicle.... Agent: Polaris Industries Inc.

20140203530 - Suspension strut for a vehicle: A hydraulic strut system that damps vehicle vibration and includes a compressible fluid, a strut, and a valve plate. The strut includes three concentric tubes defining an inner cavity, an intermediary cavity, and an outer reservoir cavity, the inner cavity and intermediary cavity being fluidly coupled, wherein the inner cavity... Agent: Fluid Ride, Ltd.

20140203534 - Modularized containerized amphibious vehicle transport: An apparatus for a water vessel, wherein the water vessel includes at least one container configured to transport at least one vehicle, wherein the at least one container is configured to transport the at least one vehicle while the at least one container is in a body of water. The... Agent:

20140203535 - Retractable cabin access system for machine: A retractable cabin access system for a machine is disclosed. In the current disclosure, the retractable cabin access system includes a linkage member, a stairway, and a lock mechanism. The linkage member couples to the frame. The stairway is pivotally coupled to the linkage member and moves between an engaged... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140203536 - Riding walkers having pedal drive assemblies: In at least some embodiments, a riding walker assembly includes a support assembly and a drive assembly. The support assembly may include a frame work supporting a seat assembly, and a plurality of wheels operatively coupled to the frame work and configured to rollably engage a floor surface. The drive... Agent:

20140203537 - Movement assistive device and wheelchair equipped with same: A movement assistive device includes a vertical lift module and a horizontal extension module. The vertical lift module has a lift table vertically movable upward and downward. The horizontal extension module is arranged atop the lift table to move upward and downward along with the lift table and can be... Agent:

20140203538 - Scooter foldable seat structure: A scooter foldable seat structure comprising an elongated plate is disclosed, wherein a footplate and a seat plate pivotally connect to two ends of the plate respectively; an elongated front supporting element pivotally connected to a bottom side of the plate; a first movable connecting element foldably connected to the... Agent: Laing Ban International Inc.

20140203539 - Method and device for the serial production of a vehicle assembly, bearing unit, vehicle steering wheel and horn module for a steering wheel assembly and steering wheel assembly: A method for series production of a vehicle assembly, especially an interior assembly, including a vehicle-side support, especially a vehicle steering wheel (12), and a component to be fastened at the support, especially a horn module (14), wherein a module-side bearing unit (22) consisting of at least two bearing members... Agent: Trw Automotive Safety Systems Gmbh

20140203540 - Vehicle safety device: A safety device positioned between an interior trim element of a vehicle and an airbag, comprising:—a chute channel designed to accommodate the airbag, the chute channel delimiting an opening for deployment of the airbag;—a flap at least partially covering the opening when the airbag is in the uninflated state;—a hinge... Agent: Faurecia Interieur Industrie

20140203542 - Vehicle side airbag device: A vehicle side airbag device with a decreased load on the chest of passenger and an increased initial restraining performance resulting from a side airbag. In the side airbag device, a vent hole portion is formed from the stitching portion between a main panel and a side face panel being... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140203541 - Vehicle side roof rail air bag: One variation may include a roof rail air bag having a bulge portion constructed and arranged to extend medially into the occupant cabin of a vehicle a distance greater than the remaining portion of the roof rail air bag. Another variation may include a roof rail air bag having a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140203543 - Vehicle structure: A vehicle structure includes: a suspension member for supporting a suspension mechanism of a vehicle; a rear-portion support member (inner members, a dash panel) provided above a rear portion of the suspension member and supporting the suspension member; a fastening member for fastening the rear portion of the suspension member... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140203544 - Adjuster, frame and vehicle: A golf cart includes a frame, an adjuster, and a pair of suspension assemblies that reduce changes in camber angles in a pair of wheels caused by an adjustment of a ground clearance. The adjuster includes a pair of first adjusting portions and a pair of second adjusting portions. Each... Agent: Yamaha Motor Power Products Kabushiki Kaisha

07/17/2014 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140197611 - Skateboard assembly and skateboard having the same: A skateboard assembly and a skateboard having the same are provided. The skateboard assembly includes a truck and a frame. The truck includes a pivot that has two oppositely extending axial sections, and the frame includes a pivot hole, and a first segment and a second segment extending at two... Agent:

20140197612 - Mechanical stop for axle/suspension systems: An axle/suspension system for heavy-duty vehicles having a frame and at least one suspension assembly operatively connected to the frame, the axle/suspension system including a mechanical stop having a plurality of links and a first end and a second end, the second end rigidly attached to the suspension assembly and... Agent: Hendrickson Usa, L.L.C.

20140197615 - Directional damper for heavy-duty vehicle axle/suspension systems: A directional damper for heavy-duty vehicle axle/suspension systems includes damping means disposed at least between the vehicle and a suspension assembly of the vehicle. The damping means provides directional damping to the suspension assembly with respect to a selected datum, such as the beam or the main member of the... Agent: Hendrickson Usa, L.L.C.

20140197613 - Vehicle axle suspension, and vehicle comprising such vehicle axle suspension: The invention relates to a vehicle axle suspension comprising:—a tubular axle body (3) having a longitudinal axis;—resilient suspension arms (5) which extend in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle on both sides of the vehicle, and which cross the axle body substantially perpendicular, each suspension arm having a curved portion... Agent: Vdl Weweler B.v.

20140197614 - Wheel axle suspension: A wheel axle suspension for attaching a wheel axle to a vehicle chassis has a trailing arm extending crosswise to the axle body and an axle pad arranged between the axle body and the trailing arm. At least one clamping strap, having a generally U-shape with a front leg and... Agent: Vdl Weweler B. V.

20140197616 - Sand-rideable bicycle with positive traction gear assembly: An unmotorized sand-rideable bicycle utilizes oversized balloon tires that have an enlarged footprint to permit the bicycle to ride up over even loose sand to provide ease of pedaling, as well as enhanced steering and stability over that associated with standard bicycles. A positive traction gear assembly may be employed... Agent: All Terrain Bike Inc.

20140197617 - Rail suspension with integral shock and dampening mechanism: Generally, examples described herein may take the form of a bicycle including a front frame, a rear frame operably associated with the front frame and configured for coupling to a rear wheel, and a suspension system operably associated with the front frame and the rear frame. The suspension system includes... Agent:

20140197618 - Gooseneck hitch assembly: A hitch assembly having a ball stud assembly and a sleeve with an open end dimensioned to receive the ball stud assembly. The ball stud assembly including a ball portion and a locking assembly. The ball stud assembly is movable between an extended position in which the ball portion extends... Agent:

20140197619 - Collapsible four wheel golf cart: A collapsible golf cart comprises a frame member, a handle, and a carriage. The handle is pivotably coupled to the frame and the frame is pivotably coupled to the carriage. The carriage has a pair of front wheels and a pair of rear wheels. The golf cart is moveable between... Agent:

20140197620 - Multi-chamber driver airbags: A driver airbag can be deployed from a steering wheel of a vehicle. The airbag can include a first inflatable chamber and a second inflatable chamber that can be deployed adjacent to the first inflatable chamber. The airbag can further include a one-way valve that controls inflation gas movement relative... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140197622 - Knee side face restraint airbag device: A knee side face restraint airbag device comprising an inflator that generates gas upon actuation; and a knee side face restraint airbag that is disposed in a folded state at an outside in a vehicle width direction at an inside of a vehicle interior member, that inflates and deploys towards... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140197621 - Seat with side airbag guide chute: A seat assembly for a vehicle includes a back frame, and a foam cushion assembly positioned adjacent the back frame. A trim cover is secured over the foam cushion assembly. The trim cover includes a first edge and a second edge sewn together to define a tear seam. A side... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140197623 - Rust repair kit for ford mustang 1979-1993 front frame rails: A Rust Repair Frame Rail Kit for left or right side for the model year 79-93 Ford Mustang. They are position from the firewall to the front radiator support. They are cut out of 12 and 14 gauge metal with a PlasmaCam System then bent to form the part. The... Agent:

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