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Land vehicles: wheels and axles

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10/02/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140292060 - System and method for a wheel lock ring assembly: Systems and methods disclosed herein may be useful for use in a wheel assembly. In this regard, a wheel assembly is provided comprising a wheel base having a side rim disposed about a circumference of the wheel base, and a lock ring disposed within a cavity between the wheel base... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20140292061 - Bicycle wheel with asymmetric carbon fiber rims: A bicycle wheel includes a hub. The wheel also includes a fully asymmetric carbon fiber rim. The carbon fiber rim includes a curved sidewall and a straight sidewall, the straight sidewall being thicker than the curved sidewall. The wheel also includes a number of symmetric left and right spokes connecting... Agent: Reynolds Cycling, LLC

20140292062 - Automotive rims: Generally described are specially designed tire or wheel-rims that are adorned with the logos of professional and college athletic teams. In one embodiment, rims according to the present disclosure provide automobile enthusiasts and sport aficionados a unique means of celebrating a favorite sports team, while adding a dazzling personal touch... Agent:

20140292063 - Rim for a bicycle wheel and bicycle wheel comprising such a rim: A rim (1) for a bicycle wheel, having a body (5) with a substantially annular extension and a radially outer portion (6a) shaped for coupling with a tire is disclosed. The radially outer portion (6a) includes an annular bottom wall (12) provided with a hole for an inflation valve, and... Agent: Campagnolo S.r.l.

20140292064 - Vehicle axles with variable track width: A variable track width vehicle axle has an outer axle casing (12) which supports two drive shafts (13) which are driven at their inner ends by drive means (23) and carry wheel attachment means (13a) at their outer ends. Each drive shaft including first and second parts (13a, 13b) which... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140284994 - Aerodynamic wheel cover assembly and method of mounting: The present invention relates to attaching aerodynamic wheel covers to the wheel of a truck or other heavy duty vehicle, and to a method of installation that requires less tooling for installation while substantially completely covering the wheel.... Agent: Realwheels Corporation

20140284995 - Optimum aerodynamic bicycle wheel: Embodiments described herein improve airflow around bicycle wheels by providing for one or more of: (1) a optimum leading edge width of a rim for preventing early stall in cross winds, while still allowing for sufficient stability without undue drag, whilst not unnecessarily increasing the rotating wheel and drag on... Agent: Enve Composites, LLC

09/18/2014 > 11 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140265531 - Bicycle hub assembly: A bicycle hub assembly includes an axle, a first axle bearing having an inner race sleeved on the axle and an outer race, a second axle bearing having an inner race sleeved on the axle and an outer race, an axle sleeve unit including first and second inner race stopping... Agent: Chosen Co., Ltd

20140265534 - Aerodynamically efficient spoke design for a vehicle wheel: A wheel for a vehicle includes an inner hub portion that is configured to receive an axle therethrough and which defines an axis of rotation at a center thereof. The wheel includes an outer rim portion. A plurality of wheel spoke portions extend generally between the inner hub portion and... Agent:

20140265535 - Partial wheel cladding: A wheel assembly including a cover portion permanently attached to a wheel. The wheel includes a wheel central hub portion, a wheel outer peripheral rim portion, a plurality of wheel spoke portions extending between the wheel central hub portion and the wheel outer peripheral rim portion, and a plurality of... Agent:

20140265532 - Push on plastic wheel trim: A push on plastic wheel trim includes a disc and plastic lug nut caps seated in apertures formed in the disc. Each cap includes at least one axial panel having a lug nut engaging surface projecting from its inner face and at least one aperture engaging leg, having a flange... Agent:

20140265533 - Wheel cover assembly and method of mounting: The present invention relates to attaching aerodynamic wheel covers to the wheel of a truck or other heavy duty vehicle, and to a method of installation that does not require the removal of the nuts retaining the wheel to the hub of the axle and allows the air pressure of... Agent: Realwheels Corporation

20140265536 - Segmented wheel and method and system for controlling a segmented wheel: An adaptable wheel has a central hub, radial segments connected to the central hub at a proximal end and extending radially from the central hub, each radial segment having a linear actuator configured to change a length of the radial segment; a shoe connected to a distal end of the... Agent:

20140265538 - Vehicle rim with print graphics and methods of making: A rim is provided for a bicycle wheel having an axis about which the wheel rotates and a center plane normal to the axis, including a tire-engaging portion located at an outer perimeter of the rim. An inner perimeter portion is located radially inwardly from the tire-engaging portion. The rim... Agent: Sram, LLC

20140265537 - Wheel rim: In a multi-piece wheel rim assembly for ATV, RTV AND UTV industrial vehicle, the wheel assembly includes a rim base, removable flange and a lock ring. In various embodiments, the rim base and removable flange may be made from aluminum and the lock ring from steel. The lock ring may... Agent:

20140265539 - Bicycle with improved chain line: A bicycle hub configuration that allows the use of a wider rear dropout spacing (e.g., increased from 130 mm to 135 mm) without substantially adversely affecting the alignment of the cassette relative to the chainrings.... Agent:

20140265540 - Axles, such as for bicycles: A suspension for a two-wheeled vehicle includes first and second fork legs. Each fork leg includes a dropout. Each dropout has an opening therethrough. At least a portion of one of the openings is threaded. Each of the dropouts includes a split-damp pinch bearing defining the opening and operable between... Agent:

20140265541 - Machine axle housing with integrated oil circulation system: A machine axle housing includes a central body having an oil reservoir and a pair of axle legs. The central body includes a ring gear, an oil channel, and oil port for conveying oil through an oil conduit to each leg. Machine brakes within the central body include at least... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

09/11/2014 > 6 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140252844 - Omnidirectional wheel that can be driven by a motor and vehicle provided therewith: P

20140252845 - Cycle wheel and manufacturing method thereof: A cycle wheel having a rim adapted to receive a tire. The wheel is equipped with a fairing attached on the rim. The fairing is at least partially made from a material having a density less than 120 kg/m3 and a compression set at 25% compression of less than 14%.... Agent: Mavic S.a.s.

20140252846 - Polygonal hub for fully floating rear drive axle of a vehicle: A polygonal hub for fully floating rear drive axle of a vehicle used in the break drum and wheel assembly comprising a hub (4) which rotates on the supporting member (10) of axle drive shaft assembled with inner bearing (5) and outer bearing (7) in the housing therein to enable... Agent:

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