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Land vehicles: wheels and axles

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12/04/2014 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20140354034 - Electric vehicle: An electric vehicle having an in-wheel motor drive system including: a wheel bearing unit rotatably supporting a drive wheel; a motor unit; and a reducer unit interposed between the motor unit and the wheel bearing unit, a motor torque command value Tmr being calculated from: (i) an estimate ̂Te of... Agent: Ntn Corporation

11/27/2014 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140346842 - Vehicle wheel: A vehicle wheel includes an additional air chamber member on an outer circumferential surface of a well functioning as a Helmholtz resonator in a tire air chamber. The additional air chamber includes a body including an additional air chamber and a communication through hole for communication between the additional air... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140346843 - Vehicle wheel: A vehicle wheel includes a main body fitted between a first vertical wall surface and a second vertical wall surface of the wheel, a first flange portion extending from the main body toward the first vertical wall surface, and a second flange portion extending from the main body toward the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140346844 - Wheel cover: A commercial vehicle wheel cover including a frame having a locking door, at least two hinge points, at least two spring attachments, and at least two retaining features. The frame has a front side and a back side, with the at least two hinge points arranged integrally and circumferentially on... Agent: Consolidated Metco, Inc.

20140346845 - Wheel made out of fiber reinforced material and procedure to make an according wheel: The invention is directed to a wheel (1) which comprises a rim (4) and a thereto connected spoke structure (3) made out of fiber reinforced plastic material. An insert (2) is embedded in the fiber reinforced material at the center of the spoke structure (3). The insert (2) protrudes in... Agent:

20140346846 - Method for manufacturing a two-part hybrid wheel made of a light alloy, in particular aluminum: e

20140346847 - Wheel spider: A wheel with a rim as well as a wheel spider, where the wheel spider has a hub and spokes. The wheel includes spokes including one or more linearly stretched textile strands as reinforcement material of a fiber composite and each linearly stretched textile strand runs at least once from... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Carbon Components Gmbh

20140346848 - Vehicle wheel components, including vehicle wheels, comprising a surface coating and method for producing such vehicle wheel components: An industrially applicable method for preparing color-coated vehicle wheel components and vehicle wheels, which is characterized in that the metal body is at first machined at least in areas to be coated, after which at least two layers of paint are applied one after another, and at least one layer... Agent:

20140346849 - Bicycle rim: A bicycle rim includes a radially outer peripheral part, a radially inner peripheral part, at least one first slanting member, and at least one intermediate member. The at least one first slanting member radially extends between the radially outer peripheral part and the radially inner peripheral part in a first... Agent:

20140346850 - Wheel bearing apparatus for a vehicle: A vehicle wheel bearing apparatus has an outer member, an inner member, double row rolling elements, and seals. At least one seal of the seals has a metal core press-formed from steel sheet with a cylindrical fitting portion. A radial portion extends radially inward from the end of the fitting... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140339884 - Wheel bearing assembly: An improved skateboard or roller-skate truck is disclosed containing a novel yoke, base, grommet, wheel and bearing combination which delivers high precision steering, advanced steering control and more precise wheel alignment. The truck comprises a base plate and a yoke having a body portion with an aperture through it. There... Agent:

20140339885 - Wheel bearing apparatus: A wheel bearing apparatus has an outer member, an inner member including a wheel hub and at least one inner ring, and double row rolling elements freely rollably contained between the inner and outer raceway surfaces of the inner and outer members via cages. A hardened ring-shaped gear member is... Agent:

20140339886 - Wheel rim: A bicycle wheel rim, the rim having an outer annular portion adapted to receive a tyre and an inner peripheral radial portion having a plurality of circumferentially arranged spoke openings wherein the inner peripheral radial portion is the braking surface.... Agent:

20140339887 - Vehicle wheel: A vehicle wheel includes a wheel body and a plurality of rim blades. The plurality of rim blades is coupled to at least one side surface of the wheel body. Each of the rim blades is provided with at least one airflow guide section and at least one airflow-assisting section.... Agent:

20140339888 - Axle assembly with inboard axle shaft bearings that support a differential mechanism: An axle assembly having a housing, a ring gear received in the housing, a ring gear bearing, a pair of shafts, a differential mechanism and a pair of inboard bearings. The ring gear bearing contacts the housing and the ring gear to support the ring gear for rotation about an... Agent:

11/13/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140333120 - Motor-reducer with integrated brake and inverter for direct transmission to the wheel of an electrically driven vehicle: Gear-motor with integrated brake for direct drive to the driving-wheel of an electric-traction vehicle where a traction motor is integrated with a gear-reducing device connectable to the driving-wheel of the electric-traction vehicle in correspondence with a hub, where the gear-reducing device is housed into a structural supporting box connectable to... Agent: Pmp Pro-mec S. P. A.

20140333121 - Wheel rim with a rim base made of fiber composite material and method of manufacture: The invention which relates to a wheel rim having a rim base (3) of fiber composite material and a wheel disk (2) connected to the rim base (3) in a radial marginal section is based on the problem of improving the connection between the rim base (3) and the wheel... Agent:

20140333122 - Rim well with integrated flange made of fiber composites as well as method for manufacturing same: A rim well with integrated flange made of fiber composite as well as to a method for manufacturing same. The flange is formed by inwardly directed protuberances of fiber layers of the rim well, wherein the fiber layers transition to the flange from the rim well without interruption of the... Agent:

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