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Konstantinos Sarrigeorgidis patents

Recent patents with Konstantinos Sarrigeorgidis listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

Konstantinos Sarrigeorgidis - Related organizations: Apple Inc. patents, Marvell World Trade Ltd. patents

Apparatus, system, and method for adaptive sleep schedule for control signal decoding

07/28/16 - 20160219519 - This disclosure relates to implementing an adaptive sleep schedule for PDCCH decoding. In some embodiments, prior to receiving PDCCH signaling, a user equipment device may schedule wireless communication circuitry to prepare for and decode the PDCCH signaling, which may include dynamically preparing a first interrupt for the wireless communication circuitry
Inventors: Moustafa M. Elsayed, Tarik Tabet, Konstantinos Sarrigeorgidis

High efficiency transmitter architectures for a localized single-carrier frequency division multiple access transceiver

07/28/16 - 20160218900 - This disclosure relates to a system and method for generating single-carrier frequency division multiple access (SC-FDMA) transmissions using a high efficiency architecture. According to some embodiments, frequency resources allocated for a transmission may be determined. The allocated frequency resources may have a bandwidth less than a channel bandwidth of a
Inventors: Lydi Smaini, Konstantinos Sarrigeorgidis, Tarik Tabet, Syed Aon Mujtaba

Receiver architecture with analog complex filter for ofdma reception

07/28/16 - 20160218758 - Methods and devices are provided for processing a received communication signal by a UE using an analog complex filter and using a single analog-to-digital converter (ADC). A control channel of the communication signal may be decoded to determine the frequency range in which a payload channel is located. The UE
Inventors: Lydi Smaini, Tarik Tabet, Konstantinos Sarrigeorgidis, Syed Aon Mujtaba

Apparatus, system, and method for pdcch preparation in radio frequency circuitry

05/05/16 - 20160127990 - An apparatus, system, and method for performing PDCCH preparation in RF circuitry are described. In one embodiment, power may be provided to a crystal oscillator to exit a first sleep state. One or more clocking signals may be provided to RF circuitry based on output from the crystal oscillator. Calibration
Inventors: Moustafa M. Elsayed, Tarik Tabet, Konstantinos Sarrigeorgidis

Dsp assisted and on demand rf and analog domain processing for low power wireless transceivers

03/31/16 - 20160095055 - A wireless user equipment (UE) device may include a receiver and transmitter. The UE device may dynamically vary the fidelity requirements imposed on the analog signal processing performed by the receiver and/or the transmitter in response factors such as: amount of signal interference (e.g., out-of-band signal power); modulation and coding
Inventors: Konstantinos Sarrigeorgidis, Tarik Tabet, Moustafa M. Elsayed

Power allocation for encoded bits in ofdm systems

12/24/15 - 20150373649 - Power allocation for encoded bits in OFDM systems. OFDM symbol subcarriers may be allocated to a wireless user equipment (UE) device by a base station. A first portion of the allocated subcarriers may include systematic bits and a second portion of the allocated subcarriers may include parity bits according to
Inventors: Tarik Tabet, Konstantinos Sarrigeorgidis, S. Aon Mujtaba

Decoding of pcfich in lte for power saving and range improvement

12/17/15 - 20150365930 - An apparatus, system, and method for reliable decoding of control information during LTE wireless transmissions is described. A mobile device may decode the PCFICH blindly, which may include obtaining resource elements (REs) that are reserved for Physical Downlink Control Channel (PDCCH), based on a largest value of a control format
Inventors: Tarik Tabet, Konstantinos Sarrigeorgidis, Moustafa M. Elsayed

Intermodulation cancellation of third-order distortion in an fdd receiver

12/10/15 - 20150358047 - A transceiver device may include a transmit path that generates a modulated transmit signal based on a baseband signal, and a receive path that receives a receive signal, which is subject to third-order order distortion caused by intermodulation noise resulting from a continuous wave blocker intermodulating with transmit leakage from
Inventors: Konstantinos Sarrigeorgidis, Tarik Tabet, Syed A. Mujtaba

Method and apparatus for recursively computing equalizer parameters for multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) wireless communication channels

08/14/14 - 20140226703 - A wireless receiver includes an input module, a channel module, an equalizer module, and a decoder module. The input module receives a message over a wireless communication channel. The message includes a plurality of training fields and first data. The first data includes user data perturbed by the channel. The
Inventors: Konstantinos Sarrigeorgidis

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