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Kevin Yong Ung patents

Recent bibliographic sampling of Kevin Yong Ung patents listed/published in the public domain by the USPTO (USPTO Patent Application #,Title):

09/24/15 - 20150269787 - Vehicle maintenance using identification tags and onboard data processing system
A method and apparatus for maintaining a vehicle. Identification information for a part on the vehicle is read from an automated identification technology tag, wherein the automated identification technology tag is on the vehicle and associated with the part. Part information for the part is retrieved from an onboard data...
Inventors: Anil Kumar, Kevin Yong Ung (The Boeing Company)

07/31/14 - 20140210598 - Systems and methods for rfid inspection
A radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader is provided. The RFID reader includes a transmitter/receiver module configured to transmit a radio signal at a plurality of different power levels, and a control module coupled to the transmitter/receiver module and configured to control the power level at which the radio signal is transmitted...
Inventors: Timothy M. Mitchell, Anil Kumar, Winfeng Li, Kevin Yong Ung (The Boeing Company)

12/06/12 - 20120306666 - Aircraft part control system
A method and apparatus for managing parts. Location information is displayed for a part on an aircraft on a mobile device. A determination is made as to whether the part is present in a location using a sensor system in the mobile device when the mobile device is in a...
Inventors: Alekzander Hao Xu, Winfeng Li, Arun Ayyagari, Anil Kumar, David B. Blackwell, Kevin Yong Ung (The Boeing Company)

06/14/12 - 20120146815 - Managing a plurality of radio frequency identification devices
A method and apparatus for managing identification devices on an aircraft. An occurrence of an event is identified using information for a plurality of identification devices. Each of the plurality of identification devices is associated with a plurality of components on the aircraft. The information for the plurality of identification...
Inventors: Swanee Yourkowski, William P. Coop, Rebecca J. Shore, Kevin Yong Ung, Robert Lee Avery, Arun Ayyagari (The Boeing Company)

02/23/12 - 20120044092 - Aircraft safety and configuration monitoring system and method
An aircraft safety and configuration monitoring system includes a plurality of RFID equipped items, a plurality of RFID interrogators communicating with the plurality of RFID equipped items, a processor communicating with the plurality of RFID interrogators and adapted to determine an issue with respect to any of the plurality of...
Inventors: Rebecca Shore, Steve Kopecki, Winfeng Li, William P. Coop, Thanh D. Hoang, Swanee Yourkowski, Kevin Yong Ung, Yucheng Zheng, Robert Lee Avery, Christopher B. Kettering (The Boeing Company)

03/04/10 - 20100052911 - Systems, methods, and apparatus for rfid tag detection
A system for tracking objects that include radio frequency identification (RFID) tags associated therewith. The system including a structure substantially defining an enclosure, a reflective interior of the enclosure configured for the reflection of radio signals, at least one conveyor belt that transports the objects through the structure, at least...
Inventors: Marc Rollo Matsen, Donald Dabelstein, David B. Blackwell, William Preston Geren, Arun Ayyagari, Kevin Yong Ung, Craig F. Battles, Jason Bommer

08/27/09 - 20090212914 - Data management for intermittently connected sensors
A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer usable program code for managing data on an intermittently connected sensor. A data management system manages the data on radio frequency identification tags. The data management system comprises a radio frequency identification tag capable of storing the data, program code stored on the...
Inventors: Kevin Yong Ung, Richard Neil Blair, Arun Ayyagari, Craig Farris Battles, Thanh Duc Hoang, Brian James Smith, William P. Coop, Marc Rollo Matsen

The Boeing Company

(*May have duplicates - we are upgrading our archive.)

20120306666 - Aircraft part control system


The bibliographic references displayed about Kevin Yong Ung's patents are for a recent sample of Kevin Yong Ung's publicly published patent applications. The inventor/author may have additional bibliographic citations listed at the is not associated or affiliated in any way with the author/inventor or the United States Patent/Trademark Office but is providing this non-comprehensive sample listing for educational and research purposes using public bibliographic data published and disseminated from the United States Patent/Trademark Office public datafeed. This information is also available for free on the website. If Kevin Yong Ung filed recent patent applications under another name, spelling or location then those applications could be listed on an alternate page. If no bibliographic references are listed here, it is possible there are no recent filings or there is a technical issue with the listing--in that case, we recommend doing a search on the website.


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