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Karsten Freundt patents

Recent bibliographic sampling of Karsten Freundt patents listed/published in the public domain by the USPTO (USPTO Patent Application #,Title):

06/23/16 - 20160181037 - Device for transmission of forces
A device is disclosed for transmission of forces on a moving contact connecting bolt of a contact system including a switching unit with a moving contact and a further contact. The device includes an at least partially flexible conductor element for electrical connection of the moving contact connecting bolt to...
Inventors: Martin Boettcher, Karsten Freundt, Ludvik Godesa (Siemens Aktiengesellschaft)

02/04/16 - 20160035505 - Drive for a switching device
A drive, for a switching device including a contact system with a fixed and a moving contact, including an actuator for operating the moving contact for closing or opening the contact system, and also a mechanical transmission device arranged between the moving contact and the actuator. The transmission device includes...
Inventors: Martin BÖttcher, Karsten Freundt, Philipp Last, Maximilian Sieting (Siemens Aktiengesellschaft)

11/05/15 - 20150318129 - Switching device
A switching device includes a contact system having a movable contact to be moved along a movement direction, a stationary contact and an improved arc quenching device with a configuration for generating a magnetic field formed in a plane perpendicular to the movement direction and an electrode configuration having a...
Inventors: Karsten Freundt (Siemens Aktiengesellschaft)

06/19/14 - 20140167889 - Drive for a switching device
A drive for a switching device having a contact system with a fixed contact and a moving contact, includes a force initiation element for initiating a drive force, an actuator for actuating the moving contact to close or open the contact system and a transmission disposed between the force initiation...
Inventors: Jürgen Einschenk, Karsten Freundt, Unni Suresh (Siemens Aktiengesellschaft)

05/10/12 - 20120111707 - Stressing apparatus
In order to form a tensioning apparatus for a switch-on energy store of a circuit breaker, in which apparatus a tensioning shaft, which can rotate by means of a drive wheel, for tensioning the switch-on energy store is fixedly connected in each case to a cam and to a cam...
Inventors: Karsten Freundt, Klaus Klimek, Karl-heinz Voss (Siemens Aktiengesellschaft)

04/15/10 - 20100089734 - Switch-on energy store apparatus
In order to form a switch-on energy storage apparatus for a circuit breaker, wherein a switch-on energy storage device is held at a first end and is connected to a cam of a tensioning apparatus at a second end, with which tensioning apparatus means interact which limit a return movement....
Inventors: Karsten Freundt (Siemens Aktiengesellschaft)

04/01/10 - 20100078300 - Circuit breaker
A circuit breaker has at least one pole arrangement with a movable contact. A twin-armed lever is pivotally mounted for opening and closing the movable contact. A switch-on energy storage device is provided and a cam disc that is coupled to the switch-on energy storage device and, via an actuating...
Inventors: Karsten Freundt, Karl-heinz Voss (Siemens Aktiengesellschaft)

04/01/10 - 20100078298 - Interlocking lock for preventing a switch from switching on
A locking mechanism in a switch in the field of electrical power distribution prevents an energy storage device from being discharged. The mechanism has a pushbutton which, when the locking mechanism is in an unlocked position, is coupled by way of a force transmission element via an interlocking connection to...
Inventors: Karsten Freundt, Karl-heinz Voss (Siemens Aktiengesellschaft)

03/25/10 - 20100072045 - Switch pole with a mounting frame having latching means
A switch pole for interrupting an alternating electrical current has a supporting frame formed of insulating material. An interrupter extends in a longitudinal direction within the supporting frame between an input connection and an output connection and is configured to interrupt the alternating current between the input connection and the...
Inventors: Karsten Freundt, Ralph Löser (Siemens Aktiengesellschaft)

09/10/09 - 20090223793 - Moveable arm for a circuit breaker and method for making the same
A movable arm assembly for a circuit breaker includes a unitary structure having two blade portions being connected by a bend location. The bend location forms a gapless surface region. A contact is connected to the unitary structure wherein the gapless surface region and a contact surface of the contact...
Inventors: W. Dale Robbins, Karsten Freundt, Eduardo Vidal (Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.)

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.

(*May have duplicates - we are upgrading our archive.)

20120111707 - Stressing apparatus


The bibliographic references displayed about Karsten Freundt's patents are for a recent sample of Karsten Freundt's publicly published patent applications. The inventor/author may have additional bibliographic citations listed at the is not associated or affiliated in any way with the author/inventor or the United States Patent/Trademark Office but is providing this non-comprehensive sample listing for educational and research purposes using public bibliographic data published and disseminated from the United States Patent/Trademark Office public datafeed. This information is also available for free on the website. If Karsten Freundt filed recent patent applications under another name, spelling or location then those applications could be listed on an alternate page. If no bibliographic references are listed here, it is possible there are no recent filings or there is a technical issue with the listing--in that case, we recommend doing a search on the website.


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