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Kaisheng Yao patents

Recent patents with Kaisheng Yao listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

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Natural motion-based control via wearable and mobile devices

03/31/16 - 20160091965 - A “Natural Motion Controller” identifies various motions of one or more parts of a user's body to interact with electronic devices, thereby enabling various natural user interface (NUI) scenarios. The Natural Motion Controller constructs composite motion recognition windows by concatenating an adjustable number of sequential periods of inertial sensor data
Inventors: Jiaping Wang, Yujia Li, Xuedong Huang, Lingfeng Wu, Wei Xiong, Kaisheng Yao, Geoffrey Zweig

Hyper-structure recurrent neural networks for text-to-speech

12/17/15 - 20150364128 - The technology relates to converting text to speech utilizing recurrent neural networks (RNNs). The recurrent neural networks may be implemented as multiple modules for determining properties of the text. In embodiments, a part-of-speech RNN module, letter-to-sound RNN module, a linguistic prosody tagger RNN module, and a context awareness and semantic
Inventors: Pei Zhao, Max Leung, Kaisheng Yao, Bo Yan, Sheng Zhao, Fileno A. Alleva

Advanced recurrent neural network based letter-to-sound

12/17/15 - 20150364127 - The technology relates to performing letter-to-sound conversion utilizing recurrent neural networks (RNNs). The RNNs may be implemented as RNN modules for letter-to-sound conversion. The RNN modules receive text input and convert the text to corresponding phonemes. In determining the corresponding phonemes, the RNN modules may analyze the letters of the
Inventors: Pei Zhao, Kaisheng Yao, Max Leung, Mei-yuh Hwang, Sheng Zhao, Bo Yan, Geoffrey Zweig, Fileno A. Alleva

Recurrent conditional random fields

06/11/15 - 20150161101 - Recurrent conditional random field (R-CRF) embodiments are described. In one embodiment, the R-CFR receives feature values corresponding to a sequence of words. Semantic labels for words in the sequence of words are then generated and each label is assigned to the appropriate one of the words in the sequence of
Inventors: Kaisheng Yao, Geoffrey Gerson Zweig, Dong Yu

Assignment of semantic labels to a sequence of words using neural network architectures

03/05/15 - 20150066496 - Technologies pertaining to slot filling are described herein. A deep neural network, a recurrent neural network, and/or a spatio-temporally deep neural network are configured to assign labels to words in a word sequence set forth in natural language. At least one label is a semantic label that is assigned to
Inventors: Anoop Deoras, Kaisheng Yao, Xiaodong He, Li Deng, Geoffrey Gerson Zweig, Ruhi Sarikaya, Dong Yu, Mei-yuh Hwang, Gregoire Mesnil

Conservatively adapting a deep neural network in a recognition system

09/11/14 - 20140257803 - Various technologies described herein pertain to conservatively adapting a deep neural network (DNN) in a recognition system for a particular user or context. A DNN is employed to output a probability distribution over models of context-dependent units responsive to receipt of captured user input. The DNN is adapted for a
Inventors: Dong Yu, Kaisheng Yao, Hang Su, Gang Li, Frank Seide

Feature space transformation for personalization using generalized i-vector clustering

07/31/14 - 20140214420 - Personalization for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is associated with a particular device. A generalized i-vector clustering method is used to train i-vector parameters on utterances received from a device and to classify test utterances from the same device. A sub-loading matrix and a residual noise term may be used when
Inventors: Kaisheng Yao, Yifan Gong

Subspace speech adaptation

07/05/12 - 20120173240 - Subspace speech adaptation may be utilized for facilitating the recognition of speech containing short utterances. Speech training data may be received in a speech model by a computer. A first matrix may be determined for preconditioning speech statistics based on the speech training data. A second matrix may be determined
Inventors: Daniel Povey, Kaisheng Yao, Yifan Gong

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