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Joints and connections

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10/02/2014 > 18 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140294483 - Electric tool and battery pack for the electric tool: When a battery pack is mounted to a battery attachment part, the battery pack is slid in a horizontal direction (a direction substantially perpendicular to an upper-lower direction) with respect to the housing, e.g., along a long longitudinal direction of a battery-side rail part, such that tool-side rail parts of... Agent: Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd.

20140294484 - Low friction bearing assembly and link apparatus: A link apparatus includes a tubular member that retains 90% of ultimate tensile strength at a temperature of up to 625°. Two conical adapters are mechanically joined to respective ends of the tubular member. Two rod ends include a threaded shank and a socket. One threaded shank is threaded into... Agent: Roller Bearing Company Of America, Inc.

20140294485 - Joint assembly for crash test dummy: A joint assembly for a crash test dummy includes a first joint member for connection to a first member of the crash test dummy. The joint assembly also includes a first ball member received by the first joint member. The joint assembly includes a second ball member spaced from the... Agent:

20140294486 - Sealed spherical joint: A spherical joint comprises a socket, a ball stud, and a seal. The ball stud comprises a shaft, an inner ring positioned within an outer ring of the socket and within which the shaft is positioned, and a ring retainer attached to the shaft and retaining the inner ring to... Agent: Deere & Company

20140294487 - Connecting assembly for a vehicle: A connecting assembly for a vehicle, with a structural component (11) having a connection area (14), a joint (7) having a bearing element (4) and an inner joint component (3) fitted and able to move in the latter and which extends outward the assembly, in an axial direction (5). The... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20140294488 - Fixing element, method for welding a fixing element to a component and component connection: A fixing element has a base area that is provided for the purpose of being welded to a component, and a functional head protruding from a base area that is formed by at least one spherical, or sphere-like element. The fixing element may be welded to a first component and... Agent:

20140294489 - Member joining method and member joining structure: A member joining method includes the steps of forming an opening in an intermediate member composed of one part or at least two superposed parts, embedding an insert member formed of metal in the opening, placing a skin member formed of metal on an outer surface of the intermediate member... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140294491 - Weld metal having excellent temper embrittlement resistance: m

20140294490 - Welding process, welding system, and welded article: A welding process, welding system and welded article are disclosed. The welding process includes directing energy from one or more fusion beams to join a first element to a second element and to join the first element to a third element. The directing of the energy is at a first... Agent: General Electric Company

20140294492 - Frame connector assembly for large portable frameworks: A frame connector assembly is configured to releasably, rigidly, and safely join large frame members to one another to form temporary structures. A connector assembly typically comprises a housing, a hoop element, a first cam block, a second cam clock and a rotatable actuator adapted to be engaged by a... Agent: Moss Holding Company

20140294493 - Mounting clips for panel installation: A photovoltaic panel mounting clip is disclosed. The mounting clip bonds the panel to a beam or the like structure, both mechanically and electrically. It provides secure locking of the panel in all directions, while providing guidance in all direction for accurate installation of the panel to a mounting structure.... Agent: Georgia Techn Research Corporation

20140294494 - Quick attachment system for modular construction: A quick attachment system is disclosed. A first connector portion is defined along a surface of the first member and a second connector portion is defined along a surface of the second member. The first connector portion comprises a protrusion of the surface of the first member. The second connector... Agent:

20140294495 - Rotation-type joggle structure and furniture having the same: The present invention relates to a rotation-type joggle structure and a furniture with the same. The rotation-type joggle structure has a groove and a tongue cooperating with the groove. The groove has a bottom surface and two groove side faces. Width of the groove gradually increases from groove opening to... Agent:

20140294496 - Clamp assembly: A quick release clamp assembly comprising a clamp body for applying a radially compressive force to the outer surface of a pole, the clamp body comprising first and second end portions; a connecting member extending between the first and second end portions, the connecting member having first and second end... Agent: Gardiner Pole Systems Limited

20140294499 - Cartridge drive shaft gear: An interior member of a print cartridge gear including one or more slots in the interior member for receiving a pin, the one or more slots including a first portion extending from a distal end of the interior member towards a base end of the interior member, the one or... Agent: Static Control Components, Inc.

20140294498 - Furniture component joining system: A dovetail joining system for furniture provides hardware components that embody the male and/or female components of the dovetail joint, and these components are secured to structural components using standard screws. Male dovetail fittings have a cross-sectional profile complementary to a dovetail groove, and are secured to furniture components with... Agent:

20140294497 - Locking system for quick coupler: A quick coupler for holding an implement is disclosed. The quick coupler includes a frame having a first plate and a second plate. The quick coupler includes a locking system adapted to lock the implement in the first plate and the second plate. The locking system includes a securing latch... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140294500 - Corner connector for hollow profiles: The present disclosure relates to a corner connector for hollow profiles, including a base element having a first and a second wall section connected at a right angle and in one piece to each other on one respective lateral edge that forms a connecting edge, a first guide and connection... Agent: C E S Control Enclosure Systems Gmbh

09/25/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140286691 - Fuselage structure for a means of transport, means of transport and method for producing a fuselage structure for a means of transport: A fuselage structure for a means of transport includes at least two fuselage segments, in each case including an outer skin with an end edge. In a connecting region of two fuselage segments the end edges of the fuselage segments are spaced apart from each other. Connecting elements establish a... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20140286692 - Pivot holder structure for vehicle lighting unit: A vehicle lighting unit can have an aiming mechanism with a pivot holder structure such that a pivot attached to a reflector that holds a bulb is supported by a pivot holder integrally formed with a housing while the pivot is rotatable and an adjustment bolt is provided, so that... Agent: Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

20140286693 - Boot seal for machine system and method: A machine system includes a first component, a second component, and a joint assembly pivotably connecting the first and second components in a finite angular pivoting range. A boot seal seals between the first and second components, and has a rest configuration where the boot seal has a curvilinear taper,... Agent: Caterpillar, Inc.

20140286694 - Double assembly system that can be used for pivoting, rotating or folding operations: The invention relates to a double assembly system that can be used for pivoting, rotating or folding operations. The invention is suitable for use in the production of furniture or other construction elements and structures, for the purposes of folding and unfolding, opening and closing, and, depending on the spatial... Agent:

20140286695 - Corner reinforcement insert: The present disclosure relates to a corner reinforcement insert for wall elements having a double-angled edge, including a base part having a plate-shaped corner flange that is arranged at least substantially in a plane and has an angled inner circumferential edge and an angled outer circumferential edge and having a... Agent: C E S Control Enclosure Systems Gmbh

20140286696 - Method and apparatus for mounting a system module to a vehicle: An apparatus and method for mounting a trailer/dolly air brake system module onto a mounting surface of a trailer/dolly using a mounting element. More particularly, a trailer/dolly air brake system module is mounted to an I-beam or C-channel of the trailer/dolly via welding methods, fasteners, or clamps. This allows the... Agent:

20140286697 - Method for manufacturing joint member: There is provided a method for manufacturing a joint member including two or more carbon fiber composite materials having a thermoplastic resin as a matrix, characterized in that while heating and melting or after heating and melting at least one joining portion A of the composite materials, the one joining... Agent: Teijin Limited

20140286699 - Processes for welding composite materials and articles therefrom: The invention is directed at a method for welding a composite material and to welded structures thus prepared. The method includes a step of contacting a substrate material with a composite material, wherein the composite material includes a pair of spaced apart steel sheets and a core layer between the... Agent: Productive Research LLC

20140286698 - Welding material and welding joint: There is provided a welding material used for welding of SUS310 stainless steel base metal that contains at least one of Nb and V and is excellent in intergranular corrosion resistance, the chemical composition of the welding material consisting, by mass percent, of C: 0.02% or less, Si: 2% or... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20140286700 - System and method for interconnecting composite structures: A new and improved system for interconnecting components in a vehicle body structure, and especially for interconnecting fiber-reinforced composite components in a fuselage structure of an aircraft. The system includes: a first adapter member having a first mating portion configured to substantially conform with a profile of a first component... Agent:

20140286701 - Assembling of drawer: A furniture assembly which comprises a first furniture element which defines a first surface and a first groove in the first surface. The first groove defines a first side surface and an opposite second side surface. The furniture assembly further comprises a second furniture element which comprises a first tongue... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 33 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20140270904 - System for connecting and aligning a multiple piece catwalk trough: A system for connecting and aligning pieces of a catwalk trough that prevents sagging of the catwalk trough at a connection point between at least two pieces of the catwalk trough by applying a force to the pieces to counteract any separation forces.... Agent: Forum Us, Inc.

20140270905 - Rotary flex union: A rotary union is disclosed for use in semiconductor processing applications. The rotary is coupled between a platen base and a platen of a rotating platen assembly. The rotary union includes a coiled flexible tube member for passing a flow of cryogenic fluid to the platen for cooling during an... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20140270906 - Selectively modifiable layer for alteration of appearance or texture: A movable robotic structure including a frame or substrate, an outer skin connected to at least a portion of the frame and a vacuum source in fluid communication with the outer skin. The vacuum source, such as a vacuum pump, is activated to pull the outer skin into engagement with... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20140270907 - Connecting element: A connecting element for connecting two components includes a socket part provided for connecting to a first component, into which socket part is inserted a spherical element. From the spherical element, a function element projects which is provided for connecting to a second component.... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20140270908 - Adapter for connecting an auxiliary handle to a hand-held power tool: The present invention relates to an adapter for connecting an auxiliary handle to a hand-held power tool and which includes an adapter body, which is connectable to the hand-held power tool, and an adjusting guide, which is attached to the adapter body such that it is movable relative thereto, and... Agent:

20140270909 - Connection between two adapter parts of a supporting apparatus: A connection between two adapter parts of a supporting apparatus is constructed in a modular manner for supporting tools, workpieces or the like. Each adapter part has an attachment, and a connecting clip engages behind the attachments, which are positioned facing one another, and fixes the attachments to one another... Agent: Univer S.p.a.

20140270910 - Reconfigurable video and peripheral mounting system: A mounting system includes an interior arm having first apertures, first and second faces, to which the first apertures are open, and first and second side walls between the faces. An exterior arm may define a channel to receive a portion of the interior arm. The exterior arm further includes... Agent: Bell'o International Corp.

20140270911 - Extension pole mechanism for paint roller: An extendable pole mechanism may be used with a pair of poles that are longitudinally movable to adjust the overall length of both poles. The mechanism may include a housing that receives the poles and a trigger that is moveable with respect to the housing to adjust the mechanism between... Agent: The Sherwin-williams Company

20140270912 - Method for producing a spindle drive for an adjusting element of a motor vehicle: A method for producing a spindle drive for an adjustable element of a vehicle, wherein the spindle drive has a substantially tubular spindle drive housing and two connections for diverting driving movements, wherein at least one connection of the spindle drive has a connection head which is connected to the... Agent: Brose Schliesssysteme Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140270913 - Pin retention system: A pin retention system includes a pin having a circumferential groove disposed along the pin, and a plurality of retention elements sized to sit within the circumferential groove, each of the retention elements including a plurality of holes. The system also includes a plurality of dowels sized to slide within... Agent: Harnischfeger Technologies, Inc.

20140270915 - Connector devices: A variety of connectors can be used to connect cylindrical or other shaped tubes to one another. The connectors incorporate features that may facilitate connecting the tubes at a wide range of angles to form a variety of multi-dimensional shapes, while obviating the need to use tape or glue. Such... Agent:

20140270914 - Connector system: Paper cylinders or tubes may be connected to one another using any of a variety of connectors disclosed herein. The connectors incorporate features that may facilitate connecting the paper cylinders or tubes at a wide range of angles to form a variety of two- and three-dimensional shapes, while obviating the... Agent: Play From Scratch, LLC

20140270917 - Dual antenna feed clip: A multiple antenna feed assembly including an antenna feed support having a body made of an electrically insulating material and a method of forming the antenna feed assembly, are provided. The antenna feed support may have a slot adapted to receive a connector; and a gap formed in the body... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140270916 - Inverted bridging connector: A connection between a wall stud, channel-shaped bridging member and connector that resists torsional forces, the connector being suited to interlock with the interior of the bridging member channel and to be fastened to the bridging member outside the channel, depending on the orientation of the bridging member.... Agent:

20140270918 - Modular, faceted, block-and-shell node system for connecting elongate frame elements: A modular, faceted-component node system for uniting adjacent ends of elongate frame elements at selectively different types of frame-element-junction nodes in a frame structure including (a) a first type faceted node component adapted for attachments to it of ends of plural, elongate frame elements, operable as a singularity to form... Agent: Conxtech, Inc.

20140270919 - Product and method for building structures from pipe: A corner fitting includes a sleeve body having a hollow inner space and configured to coaxially fit over a pipe member of a predetermined size. An edge of the sleeve body at a second distal end has a corner cut portion, a protruding tab, and two recesses, the protruding tab... Agent:

20140270920 - Universal wedge clamp: A clamp and universal wedge clamp system is provided. The system includes a rigid clamp that is formed to define first and second arms that extend from opposite ends of a central member. The first and second arms each comprise a finger that extends inwardly toward the finger extending inwardly... Agent: Titan Formwork Systems LLC

20140270921 - Hybrid torque transmission mechanism: A hybrid torque transmission mechanism (10) comprises a torque receiving component (30) and a torque output component (50) connected to each other, so that they are able to rotate synchronously. The torque receiving component (30) is configured to receive power from an electric motor or gearbox (70), which is then... Agent: Johnson Electric S.a.

20140270922 - Welded blank assembly and method: A welded blank assembly includes a capping material in a weld region of the assembly. The capping material can help protect a weld joint joining first and second sheet metal pieces together. At least one of the sheet metal pieces has a coating material layer that is removed prior to... Agent:

20140270923 - Teardrop and offset notch bridging connector: A connection between metal studs and bridging members using a separate light gauge bridging connector with teardrop-shaped interface notches and longitudinally-offset interface notches that more effectively grip the web of the metal studs.... Agent:

20140270924 - Elastic tubing terminator: A tubing terminator is disclosed having two parts that are threaded together to receive and capture an expanded end portion of an elastic tube without exerting a compressive force against the expanded end portion of the tubing. The terminator has a C shaped handle and a threaded cap which together... Agent: Balanced Body, Inc.

20140270925 - Quick fit adjustment mechanism for extension pole system for paint roller: A quick fit adjustment mechanism may include a housing having one end that attaches to a pole and another end that attaches to an insert mounted to a paint accessory. A lever may be used to cause an actuator pin to extend from the housing into the insert to secure... Agent: The Sherwin-williams Company

20140270926 - Ball lock compensator for use with a robotic device: A compensation device configured to be positioned between a robotic arm and a robotic tool. The device may be configured to directly attach to the tool, or may be configured to be positioned away from the tool. The device generally includes a first section that connects to the robotic arm... Agent: Ati Industrial Automation, Inc.

20140270927 - Remote antenna deployment latch: A remote antenna deployment latch is disclosed. The remote antenna deployment latch includes a latch assembly having a latch pin movable to alternately secure an antenna in, and release the antenna from, a deployed position. The remote antenna deployment latch also includes an azimuth pin movable to alternately lock and... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140270928 - Pin mechanism: A pin release mechanism which includes a release pin, a bias spring, a spring guide, a moveable ball retainer and a solenoid assembly. The release pin is axially movable from a first to a second position. The bias spring is connected to the release pin and exerts a force biasing... Agent: G.w. Lisk Company, Inc.

20140270929 - Clip insert for drive coupler: A coupler assembly is shown and described. The coupler assembly may include an insert, where the insert comprises an aperture and a plurality of clips, each clip comprising a clip body and a spring tab. The coupler assembly may also include a coupler body having a core adapted to receive... Agent: Vita-mix Corporation

20140270930 - Nested torque tubes for photovoltaic tracking systems: A sun tracking solar energy collection system can include torque tubes that can be configured to allow the cylindrical body of one torque tube to nest with projections extending from an adjacent torque tube. The torque tubes can be formed with a plurality of rotatable shafts connected to each other... Agent: Sunpower Corporation

20140270931 - Pet toy: A pet toy having a first part with internal threads, and a second part having external threads. When the first and second parts are threaded together by interengagement of their internal and external threads, they cooperate frictionally with one another to prevent, or at least to make difficult, an unintentional... Agent: Artemis Rubber Technology

20140270932 - Modular furniture part: A modular furniture part includes a pair of frame bars, a plurality of board strips and a pair of frame connecting parts. The frame bars are spaced apart from each other and are each formed with a mounting groove that extends along a longitudinal direction. The board strips are arranged... Agent: Taiwan Shin Yeh Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20140270933 - Mechanical seed coupling: The present invention relates to an apparatus and method of manufacturing silicon seed rod in which two silicon seeds are joined into one long silicon seed rod by mechanical coupling. A mechanical seed coupler is a body in having an outer wall, an upper surface with an upper aperture, a... Agent: Mitsubishi Polycrystalline Silicon America Corporation (mipsa)

20140270934 - Construction system using a comb connector: A construction system uses a comb connector element in combination with flat or generally planar polygonal shapes of various types. The comb connector elements connect to the edges of the planar polygonal shapes. Each comb connector has at least one pair of connector members. Each connector member has a proximal... Agent:

20140270935 - Engine thrust reverser lock: In some aspects, an aircraft engine thrust reverser lock system includes a pin-capturing member. The pin-capturing member includes a body that is rotatable about an axis defined by a pivot extending through the body. The body includes an interior surface that defines a slot. The slot has an opening that... Agent: Woodward Hrt, Inc.

20140270936 - Auxetic locking pin: An auxetic locking structure can be used as a mechanism for securing two or more members in an assembly or other system. The locking structure has void patterns on its exterior surface which permit the locking structure to reduce its outer diameter upon loading in an axial direction. Once the... Agent: Rolls-royce Canada, Ltd.

09/11/2014 > 26 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140255081 - Profile connector: A profile connector for the anti-torsion protection of a connection of a first frame leaf profile to a second frame leaf profile in a butt-joint configuration includes a first supporting portion for a torsion-resistant support at the first frame leaf profile and a second supporting portion for the torsion-resistant support... Agent: Dorma Gmbh + Co. Kg

20140255082 - Truss end pad fitting: A mechanical fitting for connecting structures may include a base structure and a plate member. The mechanical fitting may also include a support structure for supporting the plate member at a predetermined spacing from the base structure. The support structure may include a truss structure.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140255083 - Compliant isolator: A mounting assembly includes an attachment assembly and a strap attachment assembly having a cylinder moveable relative to the attachment assembly along a first axis. The mounting assembly further includes a strap at least partially encircling the cylinder, wherein the strap has first and second strap ends with at least... Agent: Paccar Inc

20140255084 - Adapter for acetabular component positioning: An adapter for a tripodal stereotactic reference frame for use in arthroplastic surgery mounts a third leg of the frame at an angle with respect to the other two legs to facilitate use of said frame with varying surgical exposures.... Agent:

20140255086 - Coupling member for scaffoldings: A coupling member includes a hook-shaped coupling part arranged to be hooked into a gripping part of an upright and a locking arrangement switchable between a locking position and a release position. Further, the locking arrangement includes a pivotally attached first clamping part and a wedge-shaped locking part, which is... Agent:

20140255085 - Structural brackets for flat pack frames: A structural bracket, for use with flat pack frames, formed from a single flat sheet of metal that is constructed without the use of welding points so as to simplify the manufacturing process is provided. The flat sheet of metal may have a generally triangular configuration that includes notches at... Agent: Sanmina Corporation

20140255087 - Multifunctional adaptor: A multifunctional adaptor (10) for connecting at least one vehicle component to a vehicle support member (120) includes a body (30) having a base (50) and a shaft (70) that extends from the base (50). The base (50) terminates at a first axial end surface (52) and the shaft (70)... Agent: Trw Automotive U.s. LLC

20140255088 - Bodywork component: A bodywork component for a vehicle, in particular for a motor vehicle, having an inner portion and an outer portion which are connected to each other at least in part-regions by means of an edge-side folded/bonded connection. An edge-side projection of the outer portion is folded over an edge region... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140255089 - Fastening device for fastening a panel to a wall with a high resistance to pulling off and assembly comprising such a device: This is to fasten a panel to a wall. The device comprises a male member to engage on the panel and a female member to engage on the wall. For its engagement on the periphery of an aperture of the wall having a contour having two crenels facing each other... Agent:

20140255090 - Clamp with actuator operated locking mechanism: A clamp for removably securing flanges to one another includes a first clamp member having a first pivot connection positioned proximate one end thereof and an abutment portion positioned proximate an opposing end thereof, the first clamp member being configured to extend partially around the flanges. The clamp includes a... Agent: Davis-standard, LLC

20140255091 - Structure for connecting lower part pipe and upper part pipe of fixing pole for assembly furniture: A structure for connecting lower and upper part pipes of a fixing pole for assembly furniture. Two to four cutout holes are selectively formed in an insertion part, which is formed at the upper portion of a lower part pipe, at a predetermined interval on the vertical lines thereof such... Agent:

20140255092 - Assembly between a side member and a rear member of a piece of furniture: An assembly (1) between a side member (2) and a rear panel (3) for instance in a piece of furniture, a wardrobe or a kitchen element. The assembly consists of a flange part (3a) of the rear panel (3) inserted sidewards into a locking slot (6a) in the side member... Agent:

20140255093 - Simple engaging device: A simple engaging device includes a locating base with a pair of through hole sets being joined to the facial side of a flat piece of modular furniture, and two locating stems being joined to the lateral side of another flat piece; each of the through hole set has a... Agent:

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