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Joints and connections

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09/04/2014 > 7 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140241786 - Safety device for quick-fit attachments used for fitting a tool to the end of the arm of a hydraulic excavator: Safety device for quick-fit attachments comprising two parts (1) and (2), of which one (1) is borne by the arm of the digger while the other (2) is secured to the tool (for example a dipper), said first part having a cradle (3) formed by a pair of hooks, able... Agent: Klac Industrie

20140241787 - Expansion joint comprising a hybrid polyurea-polyurethane header composition: Provided is a header composition for an expansion joint system. The header composition includes a hybrid polyurea-polyurethane composition and is designed to have a short cure time at low temperatures. Also provided are an expansion joint system incorporating the hybrid polyurea-polyurethane header composition and a method for applying the header... Agent:

20140241788 - Swivel attachment and branch line restraint: A swivel attachment and/or branch line restraint device with angular versatility and mobility for facilitating connection of installation components to support a pipe or other load relative to a support surface is provided. Advantageously, embodiments of the device provide a plurality of rotational or swivel degrees of freedom, which are... Agent: Cooper B-line, Inc.

20140241789 - Locking device for an extendible tube assembly: A locking device for an extendible tube assembly has: an extendible tube, an enforced locking block and a controlling member. The extendible tube includes an inner tube and an outer tube, an end of the outer tube having a through hole on a pivoting base. The enforced locking block has... Agent: E Dan Industrial Co., Ltd

20140241790 - System and method of forming an injection-bonded joint: A method of forming an injection-bonded joint may include forming a chamber wall within a bondline region between mating surfaces of a first part and a second part. The chamber wall may divide a bondline length and define at least one adhesive chamber. The method may include injecting a structural... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140241791 - Link mechanism and universal coupler based on the same: Provided are a link mechanism which can be variously combined and can be easily assembled and disassembled, and a universal coupler including the same. The link mechanism according to one embodiment of the present invention includes a first plate and a second coupling piece. Here, the first plate has a... Agent: Robotis Co., Ltd.

20140241792 - Attachment system for an exterior cover of a vehicle mirror assembly: A carrier plate including mounting tabs. A cover including attachment sockets releasably engaging the mounting tabs. A spring clip carried in each of the attachment sockets releasably engaging the mounting tabs. A bezel extending around the carrier plate including a bezel lip extending along select portions of the bezel, and... Agent: Lang-mekra North America, LLC

20140241793 - Vortex-induced vibration suppression device and mating collar system: A system including a vortex-induced vibration (VIV) suppression device dimensioned to suppress a vortex-induced vibration of a support structure, the VIV suppression device having a base portion that encircles at least a portion of the support structure and a support member formed along the base portion. The system further including... Agent: Viv Solutions LLC

20140241794 - Connector system for structural framework: A connector system of a structural frame work for display structures, the system comprising a socket device and a plug device that can be coupled to the socket device, the socket device including an outer housing and a socket member in the socket housing, the socket member having a socket... Agent: Botak Sign Pte Ltd

20140241795 - Steering arrangement: A steering arrangement includes a steering spindle and a steering coupling provided with a fork crown bearing a connecting element that connects an end of the steering spindle to the steering coupling in the form of a plug connection. To enable the combined steering spindle and steering coupling ends to... Agent: Daimler Ag

20140241796 - Connection element for a support frame system: A connection element for a support frame system includes at least two part elements configured substantially in U shape and joinable together in mirror-inverted form. The elements can be plugged into one another in mirror-inverted form, with the first part element connectable to at least one fastening element and with... Agent:

20140241797 - Simple engaging device for modular furniture: A simple engaging device for modular furniture includes a hinge-shaped base located at a joint of two flat pieces of the modular with a stationary plate member attached to one of the flat pieces, a screw nut attached to the other flat piece, and a set screw with a handle... Agent:

08/21/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140234014 - Pivoting horizontal and vertical scaffold members and a method of erecting an offset scaffold platform: One embodiment of the invention is a horizontal scaffold truss that has upper and lower horizontal scaffold members offset but fixedly joined with braces. Each upper and lower members have a connector positioned on each end of the respective lower and upper members, where at least one of the connectors... Agent:

20140234015 - Adjustable joint for microphone: A microphone stand is provided that includes a dual mic frame that carries a first microphone and a second microphone.... Agent:

20140234016 - Brace for articulation: A brace for articulation is described. The brace has a first rod, a second rod, and a joint connecting the two rods. The joint has a pair of circular toothed rings provided with a central hole and arranged overlapping. Each circular ring is fixed to one end of the first... Agent: Tecnoway Srl

20140234017 - Long light metal billet and method for manufacturing the same: A plurality of short light metal billets 1 obtained by pressing light metal pieces are stacked in a long container 2 having an inside diameter D that is larger than an outside diameter d of each of the short light metal billets 1, are pressed in the long container 2... Agent: Kurimoto, Ltd.

20140234018 - Connecting member of structure: A bracket includes a cylindrical portion and a plate-shaped portion that are integrally formed. The cylindrical portion is provided at one end side of a blank along one direction and is provided with a slit extending over an entire length of the cylindrical portion in the one direction as a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140234019 - Alarm method for avoiding inappropriate rudder bar actuation: A method for producing a connector, in particular for repair, in particular in the field of aviation and aerospace, including the steps of: providing a base layer; attaching a first layer of fibre composite material having a first rigidity to the base layer; attaching a second layer of fibre composite... Agent:

20140234020 - Device for fixing a lower glass for a construction machinery cabin: An apparatus can detachably fix the lower glass of the cab according to a working environment through simple adjustment of an adjustment knob. The apparatus detachably fixes the lower glass of the cab according to a working environment includes a lower bracket fixedly installed on a lower side of a... Agent:

20140234021 - Shaft with a flange connection: A flange connection on a shaft having at least two diameters of different size, wherein the diameter of the flange connection is smaller than a diameter of the roller bearing seat. Machine parts on the shaft can thereby be rapidly and simply interchanged without the flange having to be removed... Agent:

20140234022 - Method and apparatus for suspending duct by inserted corner members: An air transport duct, and sections of such duct, capable of connection to a support by support members and attachment members formed from two mating members. Each section has two terminal open ends and a flange disposed around each open end for connection to a flange of an adjacent section.... Agent: Jbt Steel Industries, Inc.

20140234023 - Attachment/detachment mechanism and operation tool system: According to one embodiment, an attachment/detachment mechanism detachably fixes an insertion member and an outer sheath member. The mechanism includes a removal preventing member and a rotation preventing member. The removal preventing member is configured to restrict movement of the insertion member inserted in the outer sheath member relative thereto... Agent: Olympus Corporation

08/14/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140227021 - System, method, and apparatus for clamping: A number of racks which are configured to allow a number of devices to couple thereto are provided. In some embodiments, the racks are for use with a number of medical devices. Devices may be coupled to a rack by clamps. The racks may include a number of connectors which... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140227022 - Swivel connector: A swivel connector includes a first flange portion with a first flange aperture. A swivel portion has first and second leg portions, each with an aperture, extending outward from a second flange portion with an aperture. The first and second leg portions define a first opening that receives the first... Agent: D B Industries, LLC

20140227023 - Link actuating device: A link actuating device includes input side and output side link hubs, and two sets of link mechanisms. Each of the link mechanisms is a three-link-chain link mechanism including four revolute pairs, and includes input side and output side end links rotatably connected to the input side and output side... Agent:

20140227024 - Assembly for connecting rebar segments: An assembly for connecting a first rebar segment and a second rebar segment. The assembly includes a first wedge and second wedge, each defining a hollow for receiving the first and second rebar segments, respectively. A first barrel and a second barrel each define a passage for receiving the first... Agent:

20140227025 - Furniture modeling system with extendable members: A system of extendable members and connectors can be used to model three-dimensional objects, such as furniture. The members and connectors may be arranged to approximate the shape and dimensions of a piece of furniture. In this way, a user of the system can visualize how well the furniture modeled... Agent:

20140227026 - Accessories for communication devices: A modular accessory adapter configured to be selectively attachable to at least one of a communication device and a case for a communication device. The modular accessory adapter includes a first member configured to be rotatably coupled to a second member such that the first member is rotatable relative to... Agent: Olloclip, LLC

20140227027 - Force application ring for foamed radomes: A force-applying element for fixing radomes provides an annular flange region. The force-applying element provides at least one fixing region, which extends from the flange region in the direction towards the radome to be fixed, and its outer surfaces are surrounded by the radome in a form-fit manner.... Agent: Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140227028 - Centrifugal pump connection device for electrical submersible pump unit: The invention relates to a centrifugal pump connection device for electrical submersible pump unit; two or more centrifugal pumps are fixedly connected successively from top to bottom, the lower end of a centrifugal pump body being a connecting flange and a rabbet at the lower end of the connecting flange... Agent: Cnpc, Bohai Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

20140227029 - Hollow shaft coupling: A hollow shaft coupling for connecting a shaft to a hollow shaft, where the hollow shaft coupling can be arranged completely in the hollow shaft and can effect clamping both radially inwardly as well as radially outwardly. The coupling enables a first clamping unit to clamp the hollow shaft coupling... Agent: Ringfeder Power-transmission Gmbh

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