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Joints and connections

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02/05/2015 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150037085 - Rotary coupling: A rotary coupling having first and second mounting interfaces. The rotary coupling also having a rotary joint rotatably connecting the first and second interfaces in preselected rotational orientation, wherein the rotary joint has selectively engageable redundant engaging means for interengaging the first and second interfaces for maintaining a preselected one... Agent:

20150037086 - Thread-reinforced axial coupling: The present disclosure relates to a coupling for transmitting forces, acting along a longitudinal axis, between two attachment components, having two coupling parts, which are disposed along the longitudinal axis and which each have a connection region and a coupler region, the connection regions of the two coupling parts facing... Agent: Sgf Sueddeutsche Gelenkscheibenfabrik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150037087 - Lead-free solder alloy: A lead-free solder alloy consisting essentially of, in mass percent, Bi: 31-59%, Sb: 0.15-0.75%, at least one element selected from Cu: 0.3-1.0% and P: 0.002-0.055%, and a balance of Sn has a low melting point for suppressing warping of a thin substrate during soldering. It can form solder joints with... Agent: Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

20150037088 - Lead-free solder alloy: A lead-free solder alloy capable of forming solder joints in which electromigration and an increase in resistance during electric conduction at a high current density are suppressed has an alloy composition consisting essentially of 1.0-13.0 mass % of In, 0.1-4.0 mass % of Ag, 0.3-1.0 mass % of Cu, a... Agent: Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

20150037089 - Lever connector: A fitting lever (30) includes a pair of lever bodies (31), shaft fitting holes (32) which are formed on opposed inner surface (31a) of a pair of lever bodies (31) and in which lever supporting shafts (11) of a firs connector housing (10) are pivotably fitted, cam grooves (34) which... Agent:

20150037090 - Threaded reinforcing bar coupling for deformed reinforcing bar, and threaded deformed reinforcing bar: A threaded reinforcing bar coupling for a deformed reinforcing bar according to the present invention connects a pair of reinforcing bars (1, 1), which are deformed reinforcing bars, with male threaded portions (1c) provided at end portions of the reinforcing bars and a threaded cylinder (2). In each reinforcing bar... Agent:

20150037091 - Bracket assembly: In one embodiment, the present disclosure provides a bracket assembly comprising a bridge which in turn comprises a central span, a wing attached to the central span, an arm receiving slot; and one or more alms comprising a central region and a flange, wherein said central region and said flange... Agent:

20150037092 - Web component and method of making a web component: A web component suitable for use with a snap-fit assembly is disclosed herein. The web component includes, but is not limited to, a sheet metal member that has a periphery and a first side and a second side. The sheet metal member also includes a plurality of protrusions that extend... Agent: Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

20150037093 - Coupling element with non-regular shaft interface: A shaft coupling assembly includes a shaft coupling element having a coupling wall defining a channel configured to receive a shaft end of a shaft. The channel includes a coupling interface configured to mate to a shaft interface defined by the shaft end. Each of the coupling interface and the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150037094 - Paddle converter: A paddle converter for securing two singled bladed canoe paddles to form a single twin bladed kayak paddle. The paddle converter includes a body configured to structurally support a first canoe paddle and a second canoe paddle. The paddle converter also includes a groove on the body configured to receive... Agent:

20150037095 - Method and device for manufacturing a part made of a thermally insulating composite material and section comprising same: A method for manufacturing a profiled section made of a thermally insulating composite material. A thermoset matrix is injected into an injection box where continuous natural fiber rovings circulate. The continuous natural fiber rovings and a portion of the thermoset matrix are pultruded. The natural fiber volume ratio is between... Agent: Innobat

01/29/2015 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150030374 - Isolated shearing mechanism for downhole tools: A shearing mechanism in which a male component mates into a female component, the male component having a first groove extending around the male component and the female component having a second groove extending around the female component, the first groove and the second groove cooperating when the male component... Agent:

20150030375 - Sensor system, sensor, and detachment tool: This sensor system includes: a sensor that is provided with a sensor cover having an opening formed on one end and a sensor main body which is detachably disposed on an inner portion of the sensor cover; and a detachment tool used to detach the sensor main body from the... Agent: Hochiki Corporation

20150030376 - Ball joint: A ball joint is provided with a ball stud having a ball-head unit formed on a lower end of a stud unit, a socket that houses the ball-head unit so as to be pivotable therein, and has an opening unit from which the stud unit protrudes, formed on an upper... Agent:

20150030377 - Rotatable connection: A rotatable connection between a first component and a second component, the rotatable connection comprising: a first connecting piece composed of metal and which is to penetrate the first component over at least the entire thickness of the first component, in which at an end facing the second component, the... Agent:

20150030378 - Structural connectors for dragline boom and mast tubular clusters and methods for repair, reinforcement and life extension of dragline booms and masts: A construction for a boom such as a dragline boom provides a spade plate that connects lacing members to a main chord at a cluster. The spade plate is curved. One edge of the spade plate has tabs attached to the lacing members. Another edge of the spade plate is... Agent:

20150030380 - Fastener receptacle strip: A structural assembly comprising a first component having a ramped surface, and a fastener assembly for fastening the first component to a second component, the fastener assembly including a receptacle strip of resiliently deformable material attached to the ramped surface of the first component so as to assume the contour... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

20150030379 - Solid state deposition methods, apparatuses, and products: The described embodiments relate generally to methods to enhance cosmetic surfaces of friction stir processed parts. More specifically a method for applying cold spray over a weld line generated by the friction stir processing is disclosed. Methods are also disclosed for blending the cold spray applied over the weld line... Agent:

20150030381 - Methods of manufacturing elongate weldments: Methods of manufacture include welding two or more elongate members together to define an elongate weldment, wherein the welding results in a weld region that is in tension and regions adjacent to the weld region that are in compression, and longitudinally stretching the elongate weldment. Tools and systems for manufacturing... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150030382 - Hot-formed previously welded steel part with very high mechanical resistance and production method: t

20150030383 - Outrigger connection locking device: There is provided an outrigger connection locking device used in a crane apparatus including a boom, a swivel base that supports the boom so as to be raised and lowered, a carrier frame on which the swivel base is mounted, and an outrigger removably mounted to the carrier frame. The... Agent:

20150030384 - Furniture system and arrangement thereof: A modular furniture system capable of being arranged in different configurations in a settee area of a bowling center, for example, is disclosed. The furniture system includes at least one modular furniture element with a fastening mechanism which includes a first assembly and a second assembly. The first assembly of... Agent:

20150030385 - High-capacity radial fit coupling bolts: A high capacity radial-fit coupling bolt (or “expanding sleeve bolt”) has a pair of tapered sleeves about a shank of a bolt to which can be applied a tensioning load. An extrudable ring, or a compression ring, is interposed between a head nut or head flange at one end of... Agent:

20150030386 - Track mount base with momentary release: A locking rail base, formed of a case having a shell formed with a hollow cavity with an opening thereinto, a stabilizer, and a passage through an end of the shell; a T-bolt anchor having a shank with flukes adjacent one end; and a T-bolt cylinder received into the cavity... Agent:

20150030387 - Connector system and building components for use in building construction: An example connector system embodiment may be used to quickly align and interconnect two framing members, planar panels or other building components, e.g. during erection of prefabricated or component housing. The connector system includes a male connector and a female connector. The connectors can be attached to, or may be... Agent:

20150030388 - Bundling tool: A bundling tool includes first and second bundling members in plate like shapes. The first and second bundling members respectively include central parts that cover wires, first locking parts that are bendable and extend from first sides of the central parts, and second locking parts that are bendable and extend... Agent: Protec Engineering, Inc.

20150030389 - Integral composite bushing system and method: A composite bearing comprising a densified portion, wherein a hole location is positioned at the approximate center of said densified portion; and a plurality of filament tendrils, wherein the plurality of filament tendrils are configured to wrap around the hole location to create a “U” shape.... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150023724 - Lobular elastic tube alignment system for providing precise four-way alignment of components: An elastically averaged alignment system includes a first component and a second component. The first component includes a first alignment member and an elastically deformable alignment element fixedly disposed with respect to the first alignment member. The second component includes a second alignment member and an alignment feature fixedly disposed... Agent:

20150023725 - Structural joint: The present invention relates to a expansion joint to bridge an expansion gap between two parts of concrete slabs used in floor construction, especially in the manufacture of concrete floors such as for example in industrial floors. Such expansion joints are evidently required to take up the inevitable shrinkage process... Agent: Hengelhoef Concrete Joints Manufacturing Nv

20150023726 - Scaffold mount bracket: A scaffold mount bracket having an upper horizontal mount member, a wedge head, a lower horizontal mount member, a clamp, a vertical mount member, the vertical mount member having coupled proximate to the upper end thereof, and orthogonally thereto, the upper horizontal mount member and coupled to a lower end... Agent: Saferite Platforms, Inc.

20150023727 - Lock for securing front rail to wire shelving: A fastener for securing a rail to a wire shelf having a plurality of support rods extending in parallel spaced-apart fashion. The fastener has a fastener body with an elongate rail engaging flange, a shelf engaging flange, and a connecting shaft portion extending between the rail engaging flange and the... Agent: Fasteners For Retail, Inc.

20150023728 - Cabinet for air handler units: A plurality of panels affixed to one another used for construction of an air handler unit including a first panel member having first circumference affixed to a second panel member having a second circumference; wherein the second circumference is smaller than the first circumference to form a first flange.... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20150023729 - Office furniture system: An office furniture system for use in an open plan office environment, the furniture system configured as a “hybrid” system including features of both traditional partition systems and contemporary desking or benching systems. In one configuration, one or more work surfaces each include an electronic services bracket mounted beneath the... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150016863 - Mounting apparatus for screen: A mounting apparatus is used to secure a screen to a vending machine. The mounting apparatus includes a front plate defining an opening. The front plate includes a support piece protruding from an edge of the opening. A number of connecting members is mounted on the front plate. The support... Agent:

20150016864 - Alignment arrangement for mated components and method: An alignment arrangement for mated components includes a first component having a first and second elastically deformable protrusion. Also included is a second component operatively coupled to the first component, the second component comprising a first and second slot, each of the slots defined by a first slot sidewall segment,... Agent:

20150016865 - Assembly of components having different coefficients of thermal expansion: A component assembly includes a first component, such as an optical component, and a second component, such as a support component, having different coefficients of thermal expansion (CTEs). The component assembly also includes a spacer having a CTE matched to that of the first component, disposed between the first component... Agent:

20150016866 - Apparatus for retaining a ball joint, and an assembly and a method thereof: An assembly for enabling multi-adjustment of a lamp is provided. The assembly includes a frame to which the lamp is attachable, a ball joint, and an apparatus for retaining the ball joint. The ball joint has a head and a neck. The apparatus is attached to the frame, and includes... Agent:

20150016867 - Coupling for a positioner: The invention relates to a coupling (10) which comprises a first component (12) and a second component (14) as well as a spring-loaded entrainer (16) which is spring-loaded and mounted on said first component (12), which second component (14) is furthermore rotatably mounted relative to said first component (12) and... Agent: Samson Ag

20150016868 - Bushing arrangement for centring two shaft portions to be connected: A bushing arrangement for centring two shaft portions to be connected, having at least one outer bushing, and at least one inner bushing arranged radially inwards of the at least one outer bushing, the at least one outer bushing and the at least one inner bushing being connected via at... Agent:

20150016869 - Pivotal attaching structure and pivotal attaching method for relatively rotating members: A pivotal attaching structure and a pivotal attaching method, are provided, with which a rotary arm member can be rotatably supported in a retained state without need to perform mechanical swaging. A pivotal attaching structure for relatively rotating members includes at least one intermediate arm member having a rotational center... Agent: Shiroki Corporation

20150016870 - Anti-spalling edging: An anti-spalling edging comprising: a metal strip 21,31 adapted for concrete to be cast against, a return 22,32 along a top edge of the strip and forming a corner with the metal strip, a down-turn 23,33 from the edge of the return spaced from the strip and cut-outs in 26,36... Agent: Permaban Limited

20150016871 - Fastening structure for resin-foam core composite plate: In the present invention, a through-hole (2) and a compression periphery part (3a) at which the core of the resin foam (1c) is compressed are provided in a fastening part of a resin-foam core composite plate (1). A cylindrical part (11a) of a metallic fastening member (11) is inserted into... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20150016872 - Panel assembly and method of forming same: A panel assembly includes an outer member and an inner member, which overlap each other and jointly have an edge that includes a distal end portion of the outer member and a distal end portion projecting from an end of the inner member. The distal end portions are fastened together... Agent:

20150016873 - Sleeve with interior spline broaching system: A metallic sleeve (20) may be pressed with relatively low axial forces onto a softer metallic shaft (12) to produce a permanent interference fit between the sleeve and the shaft even if subject to high torque loads. For this purpose, the sleeve incorporates a plurality of successively reduced diameter, axially... Agent:

20150016874 - Drainage body connecting element: Trench drains are hollow or grid-like bodies which can be installed in the ground and are intended to receive precipitated surface water and slowly dissipate it into the ground or to store the water. These hollow or grid-like bodies are constructed from individual drainage bodies which must be firmly connected... Agent:

20150016877 - Ejector assembly: A ejector assembly, comprising: an ejector (10) with a shape of “L”, being provided to rotate around an axis; a lock element (20), being provided to move along a direction substantially perpendicular to a plan of the rotation of the ejector (10); wherein the ejector (10) includes a cut-out portion... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150016876 - Lever connector: lever bodies (31) include first shaft introducing grooves (34) which introduce lever supporting shafts (11) of a first connector housing (10) to first initial engaged positions P1, second shaft introducing grooves (35) which introduce action receiving shafts (23) of a second connector housing (20) to second initial engaged positions P2,... Agent:

20150016875 - Method and apparatus to attach device to din rail: Apparatus and methods for attaching and detaching a device to and from a DIN rail, the apparatus includes a housing carrier with a coupling assembly. The coupling assembly including one or more operator links, the one or more operator links rotatable relative to the housing carrier about a pivot, and... Agent:

20150016878 - Quick connect system for tractor steering wheels including steering wheels equipped with auto-steer motors: A quick connect system for a vehicle steering wheel system includes a sleeve concentrically received around a steering shaft of the vehicle and a hub concentrically received around and releasably secured to the sleeve by at least one fastener. Mating non-rotary interfaces are provided between the shaft and sleeve and... Agent:

20150016879 - Fastening device for backplane: A fastening device for fastening a backplane includes an enclosure, a fastening member, and two slide members. The enclosure includes a bottom plate and a top plate. A stop element is formed on the bottom plate and abuts against a front surface of the backplane. Two engaging poles extend down... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20150016880 - Shaft/hub connection element with elastic centering element: A shaft/hub connection for vehicles or for use in drive systems with a cylinder-shaped shaft component, containing elevations or depressions on the lateral surface and a hub component having a bore, including inside the bore also elevations or depressions, whereby the shaft component can be mounted inside the bore of... Agent:

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