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Joints and connections

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12/04/2014 > 18 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140356046 - Vitreous or at least partially crystalline joining material and uses of same: The amorphous, or at least partially crystalline, glass-based joining material is suitable for high-temperature applications, particularly in fuel cells and/or sensors. In addition to SiO2 and B2O3 as glass formers, the joining material similarly contains BaO and CaO, whereby the amount of Al2O3 is limited. The joining material has a... Agent: Schott Ag

20140356047 - Load coupling and method for adjusting torsional natural frequency of power train: Load couplings, power trains, and methods for adjusting torsional natural frequencies of power trains are provided. In one embodiment, a load coupling includes a first flange, a second flange, and a shaft extending between the first flange and the second flange. The load coupling further includes an annular ring extending... Agent:

20140356048 - Universal connector: The universal connector includes a main rod defining an axial direction, a main body, a positioning member, and a fastening member. The main body has a first through hole, two arms, and a second through hole penetrating through the arms. The main body is sleeved onto the main rod by... Agent:

20140356049 - Reconfigurable robot end-effector assembly: A reconfigurable end-effector assembly includes a master boom, a limb, and branches. The branches extend radially outward from the limb. Tandem branch joint assemblies connect the branches to the limb, and include a first and a second branch joint each having a cam lock. Tool modules mounted to the branches... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140356050 - Two stage quick-release structure for foldable bicycle: A two stage quick-release structure includes a first tubing member, a second tubing member, a first pivoting portion, a first buckling portion, an elastic hook and a safety fastener. When the user assembles the foldable bicycle for bicycling, the first tubing member is rotated to connect with the second tubing... Agent: Fairly Bike Manufacturing Co., Ltd

20140356051 - Mitered joint compression fastener: Disclosed is a four piece symmetrical compression fastener for a mitered joint. The fastener includes two L-brackets, each L-bracket having two flat plates intersecting each other at angles in two dimensions, the intersecting edges of the flat plates forming two right angles. The L-brackets are spaced apart from each other... Agent:

20140356052 - Hot melt assembly structure and assembly method thereof: A hot melt assembly structure includes a support member and an assembly member. The support member has a hot melt hole and at least one rib adjacent to the hot melt hole. The assembly member includes a main body and a hot melt body connected to the main body. The... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20140356053 - Method for connecting members together and connection structure: Provided are a method for connecting members together that can easily form a connection structure, which has about the same high level of connection strength over the entire range of a position of superposition, in a short time, and a connection structure. The method is a method for connecting two... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140356054 - Connection structure applied to a fan for connecting a metal member with a shaft by means of laser: A connection structure applied to a fan for connecting a metal member with a shaft by means of laser. The connection structure includes a metal member and a shaft. The metal member has an opening, a first side and a second side. The opening is formed through a center of... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20140356055 - Joining method, joint structure and method for producing the same: When a first joining object and a second joining object are joined to each other, the first joining object has a first metal composed of Sn or an alloy containing Sn, the second joining object has a second metal composed of an alloy containing at least one selected from among... Agent:

20140356056 - Hybrid diffusion-brazing process and hybrid diffusion-brazed article: A hybrid diffusion-brazing process and hybrid diffusion-brazed article are disclosed. The hybrid diffusion-brazing process includes providing a component having a temperature-tolerant region and a temperature-sensitive region, brazing a braze material to the temperature-tolerant region during a localized brazing cycle, then heating the component in a furnace during a diffusion cycle.... Agent:

20140356057 - Joint assembly and method of assembling the same: A joint assembly is provided. The joint assembly includes a first component and a second component that includes a first portion and a plurality of flexible members extending therefrom for coupling the second component to the first component. The plurality of flexible members are preloaded in a predetermined direction and... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140356058 - Steel pipe socket and method of connecting steel pipe pile and steel pipe column using the same: A method of connecting a steel pipe pile and a steel pipe column using a steel pipe socket according to the present invention may include: preparing the steel pipe socket including a socket supporting portion which covers an upper end surface of the steel pipe pile; inserting a plurality of... Agent: Research Institute Of Industrial Science & Technology

20140356059 - Quick-coupler: A quick-coupler for coupling a tool, including a coupling mount for receiving a first locking part and a locking mount for receiving a second locking part, wherein a securing element, which can be actuated by a pressure medium, is associated with the coupling mount for capturing and/or securing the first... Agent: Kinshofer Gmbh

20140356060 - Fastening device for backplane: A fastening device for fastening a backplane includes an enclosure, a fastening member, and a pivoting member. The enclosure includes a bottom plate, a top plate opposite to the bottom plate, and a number of partition plates connected to the bottom plate and the top plate. The bottom plate forms... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140356061 - Cable slider with symmetric pieces: A device which can slide up and down on a chain or cable, can be loosened to attach to the chain or cable, but does not have any parts that come free when the part is loosened. The device includes first and second pieces, each made of structural material, the... Agent: Production Resource Group L.L.C.

20140356062 - Securitized assembly of two pieces via screwing process: This invention relates to a device for fastening comprising a jaw, a screw with a diameter d and a shaft, the jaw having two parallel flanks surrounding a portion of the shaft, with the shaft having a peripheral recess in line with the screw in assembled position and with each... Agent: Zf Systemes De Direction Nacam S.a.s

20140356063 - Fastening device: A fastening device includes a resilient clamping member and a holder cup respectively stopped at opposing inner wall and outer wall of a support structure, a rubber female connector accommodated in the holder cup, a fastening member adjustably inserted through the rubber female connector, the holder cup and the resilient... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140348571 - Joining bulk metallic glass sheets using pressurized fluid forming: Provided in one embodiment is a method of joining one or more articles together using pressurized fluid to deform a bulk-solidifying amorphous alloy material and form a mechanical interlock between the respective surfaces joined together.... Agent:

20140348572 - Universal joint and variable structure: The object is to provide a universal joint that, has a secure range of motion, does not deviate from the center of rotation, and does not generate bending moments between itself and a joint that links a plurality of movable members. A plurality of movable members (3A-3F and 3a-3f) and... Agent: Japan Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20140348573 - Telescopic arm for a refuse vehicle: A telescopic side arm for a refuse vehicle has an inner and outer boom. A mounting assembly secures the outer boom with a refuse vehicle. A plurality of bearing pads is positioned between the inner and outer booms to provide smooth movement between the inner and outer booms. A plurality... Agent:

20140348574 - Release device for the locking means of a seat rail: The invention relates to a release device for the upper rail and the lower rail of a longitudinal seat adjustment system of a motor vehicle seat. A release device is provided, which release device has a lever that preferably rotatably supported on the upper rail of the vehicle seat. An... Agent:

20140348575 - Seam welding: A process is provided for seam welding advanced high strength steel sheets together. Respective end portions of first and second advanced high strength steel sheets are placed in overlapping contact with one another, and subjected to first and second weld passes. In the first weld pass, a seam welder including... Agent:

20140348576 - Joining method and joining component: In joining members to be joined (1, 1) by heating the members to be joined (1, 1) that are mated with intervening an insert (2) while applying opposing loads to the members to be joined (1, 1), so as to allow eutectic reaction to occur between the members to be... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20140348577 - Tie bolt employing differential thread: A tie bolt for joining two parts together has a shaft. The shaft in turn has a primary thread for engaging a first part and a secondary thread for engaging a second part, wherein the primary thread and the secondary thread have different pitches. The tie bolt may be used... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140348578 - Locking device: A locking device for a vehicle seat, includes a pawl for locking a mating element, which pawl is pivotally supported about a first axis, and a tensioning eccentric that is pivotally supported about a second axis, which is parallel to the first axis, between a locking position and an unlocking... Agent: Keiper Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140348579 - Structure for preventing dropping of propeller shaft: A fall-off preventing structure of a propeller shaft does not allow a companion flange to be completely pulled off and dropped from a spline shaft when a nut loosens and comes off. In the propeller shaft, a round shaft part is provided on a front end of the spline shaft,... Agent:

20140348580 - Composed element, multi-layered board and panel-shaped element for forming this composed element: Composed element including at least two panel-shaped elements, which each have an edge zone in which coupling means are present in the form of a profiled part respectively extending in the longitudinal direction of the respective edge zone, as well as each including an end face extending transversely to the... Agent:

20140348582 - Modular long handled tool component system: An industrial long handled tool component system is provided having interchangeable tool heads, connectors, handles and grips. The novel connector system provides a polygonal locking bar concentric with a round outer reinforcing collar both engaged by a material connector insert and separated by plastic isolations seals. The novel connector promotes... Agent: Mag-lok Tools, Inc.

20140348581 - Mounting system for a vehicle and method of using the same: A mounting system for mounting an accessory to a vehicle is disclosed. The mounting system generally comprises a receiving hub configured to be secured to the vehicle, typically to the handlebar thereof, and a mounting element, mounted to, or integral with, the accessory, configured to be releasably received into the... Agent: Soucy International Inc.

20140348583 - Base corner piece for single-handed mounting on a switch cabinet: The invention relates to a base corner piece for single-handed mounting on a switch cabinet, comprising a supporting portion that can be screwed to a frame profile of the switch cabinet in a mounted position of the base corner piece, and is characterised in that the base corner piece has... Agent: Rittal Gmbh & Co. Kg

11/20/2014 > 15 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140341634 - Anchor point in a motor vehicle: A motor vehicle having a cabin for one or more occupants, one said one or more occupants being a driver of the vehicle, the cabin comprising: at feast one anchor point for supporting an accessory, the anchor point comprising a receiver for receiving a corresponding adaptor of an accessory, the... Agent: Jaguar Land Rover Limited

20140341635 - Brazed component and method of forming a brazed joint therein: A brazed part includes two or more components that are brazed together and has related method of making. Using a method of locating parts relative to one another, an inter-component gap between the components may be formed. Subsequently, during brazing, flow control features formed along the inter-component gap may then... Agent: Gkn Sinter Metals, LLC

20140341636 - Oral care implement and refill head therefor: A refill head (100), and oral care implement incorporating the same, wherein the refill head (100) can be uncoupled from a stem (220) of a handle (200) by withdrawing the refill head (100) from the stem of a handle (200) along the longitudinal axis of the oral care implement, which... Agent: Colgate-palmolive Company

20140341637 - Device for fixing the oil pump leaf on a hermetic compressor crankshaft: A device for fixing the oil pump leaf on a hermetic compressor crankshaft used in small- and medium-sized refrigeration machines, such as refrigerators, freezer, water dispensers and others. The device (1) is coupled to a leaf (2) or without coupling and may be manufactured by polymer injection and/or composites, or... Agent:

20140341638 - Coupling arrangement and furniture piece: In the case of a piece of furniture (100) having a first panel (12) and a second panel (13), the panels are coupled together with the aid of a coupling arrangement (10) such that, from a starting position of the panels (12, 13), a guided translation (T1, T2) and a... Agent:

20140341639 - Locking connector assembly: A locking connector assembly is configured to securely connect a first component to a second component. The locking connector assembly may include a female connector having first and second female ends and a longitudinal passage defined therebetween, and a male connector having first and second male ends. Either of the... Agent:

20140341640 - Suspended ceiling grid adapter: l

20140341641 - Composite structure and method: In one embodiment a method to form a composite part comprises joining a first structural element and a second element to form a fillet at an intersection of the first structural element and the second element, positioning an inflatable radius filler in the fillet, positioning the composite part in a... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140341642 - Back-shielded welding method and welded structure using the same: A back-shielded welding method according to the present invention includes communicating a front surface-side and a back surface-side of two welding base materials (2, 3) with each other in the welding base materials (2, 3) that abut against each other; forming notched portions (21, 22) in abutting edge portions (15,... Agent: Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.

20140341643 - Structure and method for mounting a metal collar: A composite steel plate has a core material and steel plates on both sides of the core material and has mounting holes. A metal collar has a flange, a sleeve portion extending from the flange, and a locking portion extending from the sleeve portion and having a thickness thinner than... Agent:

20140341644 - Piece of furniture and method for manufacturing furniture: A piece of furniture comprises one or more furniture parts as well as one or more furniture fitting elements which are connected to the furniture parts via attachments. At least one of the attachments is formed by, on the one hand, an opening in the wall of the respective furniture... Agent:

20140341645 - Seam clamp for solar panel and rooftop objects: Disclosed is a seam clamp for securing equipment, such as solar PV panels, to standing roofs. The seam clamp includes an outer clamp member, an outer support member, and an inner clamp member. The inner clamp member and outer clamp member both include a clamping jaw projecting inward toward each... Agent: Sunmodo Corporation

20140341646 - Anchoring device for filament body made of fiber reinforced plastic: [SOLVING MEANS] An anchoring device according to the present invention secures tendons formed of a filament body made of fiber reinforced plastic by inserting a male member into a female member to sandwich the tendons between them. Each of the female member and the male member is formed in a... Agent:

20140341647 - Profiled frame element: A profiled frame element to be mounted on a longitudinal profiled element (L) having at least one groove (3). The profiled frame element (R, R1) has a bottom support (1) and a guiding projection (2). At least one channel (4) is provided which is suitable for accommodating different wall thicknesses.... Agent: Patea Gmbh

20140341648 - Front pin lock for a tool attachment device: A quick coupler (1) for attaching a tool (2), comprising an attachment bracket with two parallel attachment pins (3a, 3b), to an earth moving vehicle, where the quick coupler (1) comprises a frame (4) with a first cutout (5) and a second cutout (6) arranged ranged substantially perpendicular to each... Agent: Steelwrist Ab

11/13/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140334867 - Pivot joint for a stroller frame: A pivot joint can lockably pivot a front struts, a rear struts and a push arms on each side of a stroller. The pivot joint includes a pivot mount, a first driving plate, a second driving plate and a locking mechanism. A release mechanism is adopted to associate between the... Agent:

20140334868 - Mechanical method for improving bond joint strength: A method for improving joint strength between a first and second member comprising the steps of: applying a sealant material including a matrix material at least partially encasing rigid components to the first and second members; joining the first and second members upon an application of force that is applied... Agent:

20140334869 - Method of treating joint in ceramic assembly: A method of forming an improved sealed joint between two or more shaped ceramic structures includes providing at least first and second ceramic structures joined together by a joint comprising one or more of silicon, a silicon alloy and a silicon compound, the joint including an exposed portion interior of... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140334870 - Configuration comprising a component and a fixing system for elastic attachment of the component to a panel-shaped support part: A configuration has a component equipped with a retaining foot and a fixing system with a fixing element for elastic attachment of the component to a panel-shaped support part. The fixing element has a central connecting region in the form of a shaft, to which a support plate is attached... Agent:

20140334871 - Plug-in connector housing: The invention relates to a plug connector housing consisting of at least one housing upper part and at least one housing lower part which together form a plug connector housing. The housing upper part and the housing lower part each have a contact surface, said contact surfaces being at least... Agent: Harting Kgaa

20140334872 - Activation mechanism for the release of a guidepost: An activation mechanism to release a guidepost from a seabed structure is described. The guidepost includes a tubular main body, an operating mechanism at the upper end of the main body, a locking mechanism at the lower end of the main body to enable attachment to the seabed structure, and... Agent:

20140334873 - Propeller shaft and constant velocity universal joint used therein: A propeller shaft is proposed which comprises an outer cylindrical member formed with a sleeve portion that has a splined cylindrical inner wall with which a splined cylindrical outer wall of a shaft is engaged; an inner cylindrical member installed in the outer cylindrical member; a torque transmitting unit through... Agent:

20140334874 - Panel mount system: A panel mount for non penetrative fastening of a panel (such as a glass pane) able to be mounted to a structure, and preferably to a vertical or side surface of that structure, which provides a pair of clamp jaws defining an elongate slot in which an edge of a... Agent:

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