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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150147108 - Modular structures for motion stages: A modular structure includes a structural element, a rod, a knuckle, a rod mount, and a bearing holder. The knuckle is connected to a first end of the structural element and the rod mount is connected through the structural element. The bearing holder is removably connected to an actuated member... Agent: Invent-a-part

20150147109 - Security system: A security system for securing a device by rotatably joining the device with a first object. The device may be protected from damage, yet still accessible while joined with the first object. The device includes electronic devices that function while joined with the first object. The device includes a device... Agent:

20150147110 - Base for vehicle glazing unit, glazing unit, method for manufacturing the glazing unit, and use of the base: A vehicle glazing unit including a glazed element and at least one base for reversible attachment of an accessory to the glazed element, the base including an aperture for passage of the accessory, the base including a non-flat outer face which is fastened opposite a non-flat inner face of the... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20150147111 - Structural component including a tempered transition zone: The invention provides a hot stamped structural component (20) for an automotive vehicle, such as a B-pillar, including a first part (22) formed of a high strength steel material joined to a second part (24) formed of a high ductility steel material. The structural component (20) also includes a locally... Agent:

20150147112 - Flex assembly of pallet base and deck: Resin pallets having a deck and a base, where the deck and base are joined by an interlock, which is optionally reversible, are described. Methods of making such pallets by assembling the pallets by interlocking parts to form the pallets, in an optionally reversible method, are also described.... Agent:

20150147113 - Frameless furniture system: An article of furniture having a first furniture element connectable to a second furniture element. The first furniture element has a key that includes a groove portion adjacent a tab that extend above a surface of the first furniture element. The second furniture element defines a key hole wherein the... Agent:

20150147114 - Multi-directional load joint system: A structural joint includes a first member having a first base portion and a first leg portion. The structural joint further includes a second member having a second base portion and a second base portion. The first base portion and the second base portion are coupled together at an overlapping... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20150147115 - Hidden fastening device for boards: A hidden fastening device for boards comprises a female fastening part attached to a board, and a rotatable male fastening part attached to another board to engage with the female fastening part. The rotatable male fastening part further comprises a rotatable male fastening base with a base opening, a lock... Agent:

20150147116 - Torque transmission device: A torque transmission device includes a shaft which has shaft teeth around its outer circumference, a hub which has hub teeth on an inner circumference, wherein the hub is arranged on the shaft in such a way that the shaft teeth and the hub teeth mesh with one another in... Agent: Audi Ag

05/21/2015 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150139715 - Nonshiftable coupling with torque monitoring: Device (10) for transferring torques from a first machine component (13) to a second machine component (12), particularly in a wind turbine (11), said device comprising a first connecting hub (19) for connecting to the first machine component (13), a second connecting hub (21) for connecting to the second machine... Agent:

20150139716 - Multi-position tool coupler: A coupling system for coupling a tool to be carried over the earth to a mobile tool carrier. The system includes an attachment base for attaching the coupling system to the mobile tool carrier and a center pivot assembly with a pivot that allows a tool support arm to swing... Agent:

20150139717 - Locking mechanism for telescoping members: A locking mechanism for inner and outer telescoping members includes a housing fixedly attached to the axial outer end of the outer telescoping member. A cam member is mounted on the housing for pivotal movement between a locking position applying pressure urging a pressure pad in a radial through opening... Agent:

20150139718 - Modular connector system: A modular connector system for facilitating the construction of a playing area or non-playing area, such as an outdoor or backyard ice hockey or skating rink, a netted or lighted area, sand box, garden, and the like. Spanning boards and/or inserted poles can be used to join side connectors to... Agent:

20150139719 - Shear connector for corrugated sheet steel and concrete: A shear connector for corrugated sheet steel and concrete, comprises a flange plate welded at an upper end portion of the corrugated sheet steel, with more than one U-shaped steel channel welded in the longitudinal direction at an upper edge of the flange plate, the channel walls of each U-shaped... Agent:

20150139720 - Joining process, manufacturing process, arrangement of components and vehicle seat: A joining process is proposed for connecting a first component to a second component, whereby in a first process the first component and the second component and an adhesive material arranged between the first and the second component are prepared, whereby in a second process the first and the second... Agent: Johnson Controls Gmbh

20150139721 - Apparatus to retain a cleaning implement: An apparatus to retain an article includes a housing, a first jaw, a second opposed jaw, a pivoting ratchet arm, and a lever. The housing is adapted to receive a handle. The first jaw is adapted to pivot with respect to the housing. The pivoting ratchet arm is dimensioned to... Agent: S.c. Johnson & Son, Inc.

20150139722 - Socket attachment structure and spring member: A socket attachment structure for attaching a socket to a substrate, the socket including a plurality of contact probes that respectively contact the substrate and a contacted body at both longitudinal direction ends thereof, a probe holder that accommodates and holds therein the plurality of contact probes according to a... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

20150139723 - Float connector: A floatation device includes at least one connector that intertwines with a connector of another floatation device to couple the floatation devices together.... Agent:

20150139724 - Socket assembly: A socket for coupling an end piece to a leg member of an article of furniture is described. The socket is insertable into an opening in the leg member and the socket has an opening therein for receiving a stem of the end piece. The socket comprises a tubular body... Agent: Carpin Manufacturing, Inc.

20150139725 - Apparatus or a method: An apparatus comprising: a support comprising a planar support surface; first protrusions protruding from the planar support surface and located on the planar support surface to position a first planar component within a first area; and second protrusions protruding from the planar support surface and located on the planar support... Agent: Nokia Corporation A Corporation

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