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Joints and connections

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01/22/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150023724 - Lobular elastic tube alignment system for providing precise four-way alignment of components: An elastically averaged alignment system includes a first component and a second component. The first component includes a first alignment member and an elastically deformable alignment element fixedly disposed with respect to the first alignment member. The second component includes a second alignment member and an alignment feature fixedly disposed... Agent:

20150023725 - Structural joint: The present invention relates to a expansion joint to bridge an expansion gap between two parts of concrete slabs used in floor construction, especially in the manufacture of concrete floors such as for example in industrial floors. Such expansion joints are evidently required to take up the inevitable shrinkage process... Agent: Hengelhoef Concrete Joints Manufacturing Nv

20150023726 - Scaffold mount bracket: A scaffold mount bracket having an upper horizontal mount member, a wedge head, a lower horizontal mount member, a clamp, a vertical mount member, the vertical mount member having coupled proximate to the upper end thereof, and orthogonally thereto, the upper horizontal mount member and coupled to a lower end... Agent: Saferite Platforms, Inc.

20150023727 - Lock for securing front rail to wire shelving: A fastener for securing a rail to a wire shelf having a plurality of support rods extending in parallel spaced-apart fashion. The fastener has a fastener body with an elongate rail engaging flange, a shelf engaging flange, and a connecting shaft portion extending between the rail engaging flange and the... Agent: Fasteners For Retail, Inc.

20150023728 - Cabinet for air handler units: A plurality of panels affixed to one another used for construction of an air handler unit including a first panel member having first circumference affixed to a second panel member having a second circumference; wherein the second circumference is smaller than the first circumference to form a first flange.... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20150023729 - Office furniture system: An office furniture system for use in an open plan office environment, the furniture system configured as a “hybrid” system including features of both traditional partition systems and contemporary desking or benching systems. In one configuration, one or more work surfaces each include an electronic services bracket mounted beneath the... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150016863 - Mounting apparatus for screen: A mounting apparatus is used to secure a screen to a vending machine. The mounting apparatus includes a front plate defining an opening. The front plate includes a support piece protruding from an edge of the opening. A number of connecting members is mounted on the front plate. The support... Agent:

20150016864 - Alignment arrangement for mated components and method: An alignment arrangement for mated components includes a first component having a first and second elastically deformable protrusion. Also included is a second component operatively coupled to the first component, the second component comprising a first and second slot, each of the slots defined by a first slot sidewall segment,... Agent:

20150016865 - Assembly of components having different coefficients of thermal expansion: A component assembly includes a first component, such as an optical component, and a second component, such as a support component, having different coefficients of thermal expansion (CTEs). The component assembly also includes a spacer having a CTE matched to that of the first component, disposed between the first component... Agent:

20150016866 - Apparatus for retaining a ball joint, and an assembly and a method thereof: An assembly for enabling multi-adjustment of a lamp is provided. The assembly includes a frame to which the lamp is attachable, a ball joint, and an apparatus for retaining the ball joint. The ball joint has a head and a neck. The apparatus is attached to the frame, and includes... Agent:

20150016867 - Coupling for a positioner: The invention relates to a coupling (10) which comprises a first component (12) and a second component (14) as well as a spring-loaded entrainer (16) which is spring-loaded and mounted on said first component (12), which second component (14) is furthermore rotatably mounted relative to said first component (12) and... Agent: Samson Ag

20150016868 - Bushing arrangement for centring two shaft portions to be connected: A bushing arrangement for centring two shaft portions to be connected, having at least one outer bushing, and at least one inner bushing arranged radially inwards of the at least one outer bushing, the at least one outer bushing and the at least one inner bushing being connected via at... Agent:

20150016869 - Pivotal attaching structure and pivotal attaching method for relatively rotating members: A pivotal attaching structure and a pivotal attaching method, are provided, with which a rotary arm member can be rotatably supported in a retained state without need to perform mechanical swaging. A pivotal attaching structure for relatively rotating members includes at least one intermediate arm member having a rotational center... Agent: Shiroki Corporation

20150016870 - Anti-spalling edging: An anti-spalling edging comprising: a metal strip 21,31 adapted for concrete to be cast against, a return 22,32 along a top edge of the strip and forming a corner with the metal strip, a down-turn 23,33 from the edge of the return spaced from the strip and cut-outs in 26,36... Agent: Permaban Limited

20150016871 - Fastening structure for resin-foam core composite plate: In the present invention, a through-hole (2) and a compression periphery part (3a) at which the core of the resin foam (1c) is compressed are provided in a fastening part of a resin-foam core composite plate (1). A cylindrical part (11a) of a metallic fastening member (11) is inserted into... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20150016872 - Panel assembly and method of forming same: A panel assembly includes an outer member and an inner member, which overlap each other and jointly have an edge that includes a distal end portion of the outer member and a distal end portion projecting from an end of the inner member. The distal end portions are fastened together... Agent:

20150016873 - Sleeve with interior spline broaching system: A metallic sleeve (20) may be pressed with relatively low axial forces onto a softer metallic shaft (12) to produce a permanent interference fit between the sleeve and the shaft even if subject to high torque loads. For this purpose, the sleeve incorporates a plurality of successively reduced diameter, axially... Agent:

20150016874 - Drainage body connecting element: Trench drains are hollow or grid-like bodies which can be installed in the ground and are intended to receive precipitated surface water and slowly dissipate it into the ground or to store the water. These hollow or grid-like bodies are constructed from individual drainage bodies which must be firmly connected... Agent:

20150016877 - Ejector assembly: A ejector assembly, comprising: an ejector (10) with a shape of “L”, being provided to rotate around an axis; a lock element (20), being provided to move along a direction substantially perpendicular to a plan of the rotation of the ejector (10); wherein the ejector (10) includes a cut-out portion... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150016876 - Lever connector: lever bodies (31) include first shaft introducing grooves (34) which introduce lever supporting shafts (11) of a first connector housing (10) to first initial engaged positions P1, second shaft introducing grooves (35) which introduce action receiving shafts (23) of a second connector housing (20) to second initial engaged positions P2,... Agent:

20150016875 - Method and apparatus to attach device to din rail: Apparatus and methods for attaching and detaching a device to and from a DIN rail, the apparatus includes a housing carrier with a coupling assembly. The coupling assembly including one or more operator links, the one or more operator links rotatable relative to the housing carrier about a pivot, and... Agent:

20150016878 - Quick connect system for tractor steering wheels including steering wheels equipped with auto-steer motors: A quick connect system for a vehicle steering wheel system includes a sleeve concentrically received around a steering shaft of the vehicle and a hub concentrically received around and releasably secured to the sleeve by at least one fastener. Mating non-rotary interfaces are provided between the shaft and sleeve and... Agent:

20150016879 - Fastening device for backplane: A fastening device for fastening a backplane includes an enclosure, a fastening member, and two slide members. The enclosure includes a bottom plate and a top plate. A stop element is formed on the bottom plate and abuts against a front surface of the backplane. Two engaging poles extend down... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20150016880 - Shaft/hub connection element with elastic centering element: A shaft/hub connection for vehicles or for use in drive systems with a cylinder-shaped shaft component, containing elevations or depressions on the lateral surface and a hub component having a bore, including inside the bore also elevations or depressions, whereby the shaft component can be mounted inside the bore of... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150010341 - Lockable joint: A lockable joint such as a lockable ball-and-socket joint comprising a first arm having a swivel head and a socket, the swivel head being pivotably mounted to the socket, and a locking device arranged for locking the swivel head with respect to the socket, the locking device having a piston,... Agent:

20150010342 - Pin joint for an eccentric screw pump: A pin joint for eccentric screw pumps. The special design of the inner joint head of the pin joint, with its bores for the flushing liquid and the length of the joint pin, makes it possible also to carry out cleaning using the CIP method.... Agent:

20150010343 - Profile bar, profile assembly and method for producing a profile assembly: A profile bar (10, 10a) formed as an extruded part and consisting of a light metal alloy, in particular an aluminium alloy, with a rectangular in particular square, cross-section, wherein a longitudinal groove pair (20, 20a), comprising two longitudinal grooves arranged parallel to one another and at a distance from... Agent:

20150010344 - Joint assembly with reinforcing member and foam: A joint assembly that includes first and second joint members is provided. The joint assembly includes a reinforcing member that has an outer surface that defines a plurality of cavities. Foam is located in the joint members and engages the reinforcing member such that the foam is located in the... Agent:

20150010345 - Structure for attaching component to plate-shaped member: In a structure, which securely attaches a component to an opening portion in a plate-shaped member without stripping or turning over the plate-shaped member, each of a pair of mount members includes a first engagement portion engaged with a rear surface side of the plate-shaped member and a second engagement... Agent: Honda Access Corp.

20150010346 - Wrench quick release apparatus: A wrench quick release apparatus includes a sleeve, a positioning unit, a wrench unit and an elasticity unit. The sleeve includes a channel and an engaging section for engaging to a first plate. The positioning unit inserts in the channel of the sleeve, and includes one end inserted through the... Agent:

20150010347 - Load coupling for adjusting torsional natural frequency of a power train: A load coupling for adjusting torsional natural frequency of a power train includes a first flange having a plurality of annularly arranged connecting holes, a second flange having a plurality of annularly arranged connecting holes and a shaft that extends between the first flange and the second flange. A threaded... Agent:

20150010349 - Assembly structure for assembly member: An assembly structure for an assembly member includes a locking protrusion disposed in a protruding manner on a speedometer ring portion of a decorative ring and a locking portion formed in a meter case and configured to lock the locking protrusion. The locking protrusion includes a substantially quadrangular prismatic portion,... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150010348 - Structure for attaching component to plate-shaped member: A structure securely attaches a component to an opening portion in a plate-shaped member without stripping or turning over the member. Each of a pair of mount members includes a first engagement portion engaged with a rear surface of the plate-shaped member and a second engagement portion engaged with the... Agent: Honda Access Corp.

20150010350 - Coupling mechanism: A coupling mechanism comprising at least two complementary shaped connecting members and a spline member wherein the at least two complementary shaped connecting members are configured to engage with each other and spline member is configured to secure the at least two connecting members together when the at least two... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150003893 - Ball joint dust cover: In an elastic ball joint dust cover structured such that a spherical head portion formed in one end of a ball stud is retained within a socket, a shaft in the other end of the ball stud is fastened to a knuckle, a one end large-diameter opening portion is fixed... Agent:

20150003894 - Self-aligning end-on butt connectors: The present invention is self-aligning connector having first and second support structures and a collar. In some embodiments the first support structure has a wedge, the second support structure has a wedge receiving structure, and the collar has a pointed lock. In other embodiments a lateral support structure is supported... Agent:

20150003895 - Ball joint orientation device applicable to unipod: A ball joint orientation device applicable to a unipod includes a ball joint and stop members, in which one end of the ball joint is formed as a rotating part and is arranged in a ball joint seat in a universal swaying manner, and the other end extends to form... Agent: Zhongshan Sirui Photographic Equipment Industry Co., Ltd.

20150003896 - Ball joint and manufacturing method therefor: A ball joint is manufactured by molding a holder through casting by using a ball as a core and joining a shaft member to the ball after the casting through electric resistance welding. The ball joint includes: the ball; a resin sliding contact member including a first opening portion and... Agent: Thk Co., Ltd.

20150003897 - C-shaped attachment element for vehicle lock: An attachment element (1) connecting a locking bar (4) of a lock (2) of a motor vehicle to an actuation lever (5) of a motor vehicle lock (2), wherein the attachment element (1) consists of one part and is C-shaped, and wherein the limbs (11, 12) of the C-shape (10)... Agent:

20150003898 - Joint structure: A joint structure is a structure between an end portion in a longitudinal direction of a hat-section member that is a press-formed part of a metal sheet and another member, wherein the end portion in the longitudinal direction of the hat-section member is discontinuously split into three being a bottom... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20150003899 - Component connection: A component connection is provided. The component connection has a first component, at least a first male fixing element projecting from the first component, and a second component, the second component has at least a female fixing element, into which the male fixing element is fitted. At least the first... Agent:

20150003901 - Fitting structure of cylindrical member: A recess is formed in an outer circumferential surface of a first fitting cylinder. A flange and a second fitting cylinder are provided at one end of a second cylindrical member which is part of a dust cover. A sealing member is attached to the flange. A protruding portion is... Agent: Daikyonishikawa Corporation

20150003900 - Hand tool machine device: A hand tool machine device with a drive unit comprising at least one drive shaft, a transmission unit including at least one transmission element, a cooling unit including at least one fan element, and at least one sealing element configured to seal the transmission unit in at least on axial... Agent:

20150003902 - Tipped surfaces for mixed material joining and methods of making and using the same: A number of variations may include a substrate having a tipped surface constructed and arranged to make a joint with another substrate.... Agent:

20150003903 - Installation fixture having a micro-grooved non-stick surface: An apparatus and method adapted to mount an elastomer band in a mounting groove around a semiconductor substrate support used for supporting a semiconductor substrate in a plasma processing chamber, which includes an installation unit having a top ring, a clamp ring, and a base ring, and upon tightening of... Agent:

20150003904 - Cast socket structure, assemblies including the same, and methods of making and using the same: A number of variations may include a product including a cast socket structure that may be used to join rails of a vehicle.... Agent:

20150003905 - Interlocking scintillating display panels and method of use: The present invention is relates to scintillating display panels having integrated interlocking couplings formed in the edge margins of each display panel. The integrated interlocking couplings eliminate the manufacturing time and cost associated with the individual couplings, they also relieve the user of the repeated step of handing each individual... Agent:

20150003906 - Taper lock apparatus: A taper lock apparatus, including a screw defining a longitudinal axis and having a tapered end at one end thereof, the tapered end including a threaded bore extending partially along the longitudinal axis; a compression fitting having expansions, the fitting defining an internal space having an internal taper, the internal... Agent:

20150003907 - Device for connecting portable electronic devices to cameras: The present invention generally relates to devices and methods for attaching cameras, such as the GoPro® camera, to a portable electronic device (“PED”). In one aspect, the present invention is directed to a device for attaching a camera to a portable electronic device. The device comprises a camera mount, a... Agent:

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