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Joints and connections

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05/14/2015 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150132044 - Locking quick connect fitting: A locking quick connect fitting allows for the easy attachment and detachment of stays and rigging on sailboats and other related applications. The invention eliminates the need to handle clevis pins and cotter pins when setting up or tearing down the rigging of a sailboat, and especially for the standing... Agent:

20150132045 - Motor-vehicle cast part: The invention relates to a shaped part (1) composed of metal, in particular steel, for a motor vehicle, comprising a hole (2) for a fastener and a perforated reinforcement plate (3) composed of metal, in particular steel, that covers the hole (2) and is fastened to the shaped part (1),... Agent:

20150132046 - Frictional weld joint for an article comprising a thermoplastic material: A frictional weld joint couples together first and second body portions of an article. The first body portion has a first nominal wall thickness and a first joint surface. The second body portion has a second nominal wall thickness and a second joint surface. A total bead height is defined... Agent:

20150132047 - Rigid coupling: A slotted rigid coupling is configured in such a manner that an inner peripheral surface portion of a shaft hole, the inner peripheral surface portion being located within the slit-equipped fastening section of the coupling body, has an inner diameter d. The inner diameter d of an inner peripheral surface... Agent: Harmonic Drive Systems Inc.

20150132048 - Reinforcing member fixing device for primary barrier of liquefied natural gas storage tank: A fixing device of a first barrier-reinforcing member is disclosed. An exemplary embodiment provides a fixing device of a first barrier-reinforcing member for supporting first and second corrugated portions that are formed in a first barrier to cross each other in a liquefied natural gas storage tank including a heat-insulating... Agent:

20150132049 - Spring loaded retainer device for securing suction wands: A spring loaded retainer device for securing suction wands is disclosed. The device includes a handle configured to be gripped by an operator, a hollow cylinder, and a plunger disposed within the hollow cylinder, where a proximate end of the plunger is secured to the handle used to pull the... Agent:

20150132050 - Ferrule retention: Disclosed is a locking assembly for axially locking a ferrule in a socket. Also disclosed is a socket configured to the locking assembly. The locking assembly comprises a block that is able to be positioned and secured in the socket adjacent to the opposing end of the ferrule. The locking... Agent:

20150132052 - Coupling element, coupling arrangement and method for producing a coupling element: A coupling element with an axis of rotation (A), about which the coupling element can rotate, having a plane-sided spur toothing extending axially with respect to the axis of rotation (A) and having teeth, the spur toothing being designed in such a way that it can engage into a plane-sided... Agent:

20150132051 - Serration having an offset construction point: A component that is to be mounted so as to be rotatable about an axis of rotation and transmits torque along with a rotating partner includes a first serration that extends about the axis of rotation and is to mesh with the rotating partner which has an adequate second serration... Agent: Neapco Europe Gmbh

20150132053 - Engaging mechanism: An engaging mechanism includes an engaging member and an engaged member freely detachably engageable with the engaging member. The engaging member includes an engaging main part and an engaging claw part formed on the engaging main part, both resiliently deformable. The engaging claw part has an inwardly curved engaging surface... Agent: Akusesu Corporation

20150132054 - System and method of limiting axial movement between components in a turbine assembly: A system for use in limiting axial movement between a hanger and a fairing assembly within a turbine assembly is provided. The hanger includes an inner radial hanger bend portion that defines a hook channel therein. The fairing assembly includes an outer surface, a hook member extending from the outer... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150125200 - Housing with self-mounting feature: A housing with a self-mounting feature is provided. The housing includes a base that is configured to define a hook that cooperates with a back side of a panel and a first edge of an opening of the panel to secure the housing to a front side of the panel.... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20150125201 - Method for the connection of sheet metal parts and component assembly as well as setting head and die button: The invention relates to a method for the connection of an upper sheet metal part and a lower sheet metal part of which at least one is formed as an organic sheet metal part with the aid of an auxiliary joining part and an apertured metal washer, wherein the auxiliary... Agent:

20150125202 - Connecting hole having a teeth-like configuration: A connecting hole having a teeth-like configuration, disposed on a female connecting article for connecting a male connecting article, includes a plurality of tooth portions spaced apart from each other and arranged radially about a center of the connecting hole at a predetermined angle. The male connecting article includes a... Agent:

20150125203 - C-shaped clamping device: Disclosed herein is a C-shaped clamping device. The clamping device includes: a C-shaped clamp (20) having facing parts (22) on opposite ends thereof; a cylindrical member (30) inserted into a C-ring of the clamp; a coupler (40) installed in the clamp and passing through the facing parts of the clamp,... Agent: Korea Pneumatic System Co., Ltd.

04/30/2015 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150117935 - Bicycle locking and parking device: A bicycle locking and parking device for parking a bicycle is provided. The bicycle locking and parking device comprises a parking seat, a control module, a locking unit, and a bicycle locking mechanism. The bicycle locking mechanism comprises a locking groove, a first locking member, a reciprocating displacement limiter, a... Agent:

20150117936 - Connector apparatus: A connector apparatus has a first portion and a second portion. The first portion mounts to an upright that has knobby hand grip protrusions. The second portion provides a connection for a laterally extending cross-member. The first portion interacts with the knobby hand grip protrusions to have a combination of... Agent: University Health Network

20150117937 - Flux-cored wire for welding ultrahigh tensile strength steel: c

20150117938 - Coupler assembly: A coupler pin couples an output sleeve of rotary unit to an input member of a rotary sensor with interference fits. The coupler pin has a first part and a second part. A key groove is formed in an inner surface of a coupling bore in the output sleeve. The... Agent: Deere & Company

20150117939 - Plastic component and method for producing a plastic component: The invention relates to a plastic component with at least one fastening element attached to the plastic component, wherein the fastening element comprises at least one attachment section for attachment to the plastic component and at least one fastening section for fastening a part to be mounted on the plastic... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20150117940 - Release assembly and method of forming drilling tool: A release assembly and a method of forming a drilling tool for rock or overburden drilling is provided. The release assembly is arranged axially between two drilling tool components. The release assembly includes a release mechanism allowing an initial axial length to shorten when a joint of the drilling tool... Agent:

20150117941 - Device for preventing theft of a first vehicle component, which is releasably connected to a second vehicle component: A device is provided for preventing theft of a first vehicle component which is releasably connected to a second vehicle component. The theft preventing device includes a cover member arranged for obstructing removal of the first component from the second component and a locking member, which is configured for locking... Agent: Volvo Lastvagnar Ab

20150117942 - Dowel element: A dowel element is provided and includes a shank portion including first and second mating parts. One of the first and second mating parts includes a first exterior surface and is formed to define an anti-fretting relief including a second exterior surface recessed from the first exterior surface in a... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150117944 - Male or female element for a conic coupling: A male or female element (12, 2) for a conic coupling, the element comprising: an end surface (16, 6) and two angled side surfaces (18, 8) disposed either side of the end surface (16, 6); wherein at least one of the side surfaces (18, 8) has a non-planar profile.... Agent:

20150117943 - Method for machining a functional part: In a method for working a functional part, which extends in a longitudinal direction and has a lateral surface that surrounds a longitudinal central axis of the functional part running in the longitudinal direction and has an end face bounding the functional part at a free end in the axial... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Presta Aktiengesellschaft

20150117945 - Clamp device for use with a decompression panel in an aircraft assembly: A clamp device includes a clamp portion defining a threaded opening therein. The clamp portion is configured to contact a first side of a beam. The clamp device also includes a threaded fastener configured for insertion into the threaded opening via a hole defined within the decompression panel. The clamp... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150117946 - Mounting structure of resin components: A mounting structure of two resin components includes a primary component including an insertion piece extendedly provided from a base portion, and an engagement recessed portion formed in the insertion piece; and a secondary component formed capable of being mounted to the primary component and including an insertion portion configured... Agent:

04/25/2015 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.
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