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Joints and connections

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11/13/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140334867 - Pivot joint for a stroller frame: A pivot joint can lockably pivot a front struts, a rear struts and a push arms on each side of a stroller. The pivot joint includes a pivot mount, a first driving plate, a second driving plate and a locking mechanism. A release mechanism is adopted to associate between the... Agent:

20140334868 - Mechanical method for improving bond joint strength: A method for improving joint strength between a first and second member comprising the steps of: applying a sealant material including a matrix material at least partially encasing rigid components to the first and second members; joining the first and second members upon an application of force that is applied... Agent:

20140334869 - Method of treating joint in ceramic assembly: A method of forming an improved sealed joint between two or more shaped ceramic structures includes providing at least first and second ceramic structures joined together by a joint comprising one or more of silicon, a silicon alloy and a silicon compound, the joint including an exposed portion interior of... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140334870 - Configuration comprising a component and a fixing system for elastic attachment of the component to a panel-shaped support part: A configuration has a component equipped with a retaining foot and a fixing system with a fixing element for elastic attachment of the component to a panel-shaped support part. The fixing element has a central connecting region in the form of a shaft, to which a support plate is attached... Agent:

20140334871 - Plug-in connector housing: The invention relates to a plug connector housing consisting of at least one housing upper part and at least one housing lower part which together form a plug connector housing. The housing upper part and the housing lower part each have a contact surface, said contact surfaces being at least... Agent: Harting Kgaa

20140334872 - Activation mechanism for the release of a guidepost: An activation mechanism to release a guidepost from a seabed structure is described. The guidepost includes a tubular main body, an operating mechanism at the upper end of the main body, a locking mechanism at the lower end of the main body to enable attachment to the seabed structure, and... Agent:

20140334873 - Propeller shaft and constant velocity universal joint used therein: A propeller shaft is proposed which comprises an outer cylindrical member formed with a sleeve portion that has a splined cylindrical inner wall with which a splined cylindrical outer wall of a shaft is engaged; an inner cylindrical member installed in the outer cylindrical member; a torque transmitting unit through... Agent:

20140334874 - Panel mount system: A panel mount for non penetrative fastening of a panel (such as a glass pane) able to be mounted to a structure, and preferably to a vertical or side surface of that structure, which provides a pair of clamp jaws defining an elongate slot in which an edge of a... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140328613 - Shaft coupling assembly and method: A shaft coupling assembly retains a shaft end in a coupling element channel using a fastener inserted through a coupling element bore and a recess in an engagement segment of the shaft end to engage the coupling element to exert a clamping force on a shaft interface of the engagement... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140328614 - Hybrid component and method for producing a hybrid component: A hybrid component is formed by a profiled component of a first material, which is materially bonded in certain sections to a component made of a second material, and is connected by a form-fit and/or force-fit connection outside the sections with a material bond. This creates sections that relieve the... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20140328615 - Method for assembling parts made of sic materials by means of non-reactive brazing in an oxidizing atmosphere, brazing compositions, and gasket and assembly obtained by said method: A method is described for assembling at least two parts made of silicon carbide based materials by non-reactive brazing in an oxidizing atmosphere, each of the parts comprising a surface to be assembled, wherein the parts are placed in contact with a non-reactive brazing composition, the assembly formed by the... Agent: Commissariat &#xc0 L'&#xc9 Nergie Atomique Et Aux &#xc9 Nergies Al Ternatives

20140328617 - Component mounter mounting head holding device: A component mounter mounting head holding device for detachably holding a mounting head to a head holding section of a component mounter, including: a pin to be engaged provided on a connection section for a head holding section of the mounting head; an engaging member provided on the head holding... Agent: Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140328616 - Spring lock: A spring lock includes a sinusoidal spring that has one or more crests and troughs formed along a length of the sinusodial spring, the length extending along a sliding axis, the one or more crests and troughs forming a sinusoidal spring profile. The spring lock further includes a lock bar... Agent: Utah State University Research Foundation

20140328618 - Connection device for cable management arm and slide assembly: A connection device includes a connection member attached to one of a cable management arm and a slide assembly, an insertion piece attached to the other one of the cable management arm and the slide assembly, and an engaging member attached to one of the connection member and the insertion... Agent:

20140328619 - Non-complex cable to panel connector with inseparable parts: A scaffolding connector. A first part includes a first plate, a first rod portion extending downwardly therefrom then upwardly to define a cradle, and a second rod portion extending upwardly therefrom then downwardly into close proximity therewith. A second part includes a second plate inseparable from the second rod portion.... Agent: Paul Kristen, Inc.

10/30/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140321900 - Assembly for protecting an item of merchandise against theft, which can be assembled in a temporary manner: Assembly for protecting a product against theft, includes a first part having a spike intended to pass through the product, and a second part provided in a first zone with an orifice for inserting the spike and locking elements to prevent the spike from being withdrawn after insertion. The second... Agent: Exaqtworld

20140321901 - Light-permeable fixing component: A light-permeable fixing component includes a fixed body and a receiving channel. The fixed body has a fixing portion disposed on around an outer surface thereof, and the fixing portion can be in the form of a thread, hook engagement bodies, snap-engagement bodies and a column body. The receiving channel... Agent:

20140321902 - Ball joint mounts: An improved antenna ball joint mount is provided that includes a hollow socket mechanically coupled to a spherical member with a locking part. The hollow socket and the spherical member are fully detachable to simplify the installation of an antenna. A user is able to set a position of the... Agent: Rf Elements S.r.o.

20140321903 - Swivel device: A swivel device has a swivel shaft (2) rotatably mounted in a housing. A portion of the swivel shaft (2) projects from the housing (1). A swivel lever (3) is fixably mounted on the shaft (2) and is swivelable relative to the housing (1). The swivel lever (3) is arranged... Agent: De-sta-co Europe Gmbh

20140321904 - Rotating mechanism of a working lamp: A rotating mechanism, for a working lamp with a housing and a base, including a connecting column, a ball joint, and a seat; wherein a second end of the connecting column extends inside the housing; the ball joint is rotatably mounted inside the seat and a elastic member pushes the... Agent:

20140321905 - Joint part: Provided is joint part capable of suppressing diffusion of carbon and nitrogen contained in the steel member to the TiAl-based alloy member and suppressing formation of voids, titanium carbide or a nitride due to diffusion of carbon and nitrogen contained in the steel member, and thereby suppressing decrease in the... Agent:

20140321906 - Light-permeable fixing component: A light-permeable fixing component includes a fixed head portion, a fixed body, a receiving channel, a light-permeable body and a sleeve. The fixed body is connected to the fixed head portion. The fixed body has a fixing portion. The fixing portion is disposed at the fixed body. The fixing portion... Agent:

20140321907 - Stamped clevis: A clevis including: bridge portion; a neck portion extending from the bridge portion in a first axial direction; a threaded opening passing through the bridge and neck portions through which a longitudinal axis passes; and first and second folded sidewalls extending from the bridge portion in a second axial direction,... Agent:

20140321908 - Standard and ledger of a scaffolding system, and method for erecting the same: A standard (10) of a scaffolding system (1), comprising an elongate tubular wall (12), having a central longitudinal axis (Ls), and at least one supporting projection (14) that protrudes radially outwardly from said tubular wall (12). When the standard (10) is in a vertical orientation, the supporting projection (14), seen... Agent: Scafom International B.v.

20140321909 - Turkey tail fan support decoy: A turkey decoy for receiving and supporting a real or artificial turkey tail fan is disclosed herein. The turkey decoy can be configured in a stake-supported configuration where the turkey tail fan is supported on a stake and remotely movable by a hunter operating the turkey decoy. Alternatively, the turkey... Agent:

20140321910 - Pinned structure: A pinned structure includes a first member having a first fastening feature extending through opposed surfaces of the first member for retainably receiving a portion of a pin therein. A second member having a surface includes a second fastening feature formed therein for receiving a portion of the pin extending... Agent: Tait Towers Manufacturing, LLC

10/23/2014 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140314467 - 5 degrees of freedom alignment-correcting preloaded bearing connection system: Exemplary embodiments provide a rotary misalignment-compensation bushing connection system that may be used in large-scale operations where several components are mounted in alignment on a single pin. For example, the misalignment-compensation system may be used in preloaded connection of a male lug rotatably mounted between a first lug and a... Agent: T&t Engineering Services, Inc.

20140314468 - Lower corner connector for modular sports goal: A lower corner connector for a modular sports goal comprises a first tube having a generally circular inner surface and a second tube extending substantially perpendicularly to the first tube. The first tube has an open end for receiving an upright and a base opposite the open end for resting... Agent:

20140314469 - Method and system for interconnecting structural panels: Building or structural panels may be joined, such as to form walls or floors. The panels may be connected in various orientations via one or more connectors. The connectors may mount to anchors associated with the panels. The panels may have outer skins located over an expanded core comprising a... Agent:

20140314470 - Connector for a modular rack: A connector for a modular rack includes a base and a plurality of connecting members. The base includes a connecting pipe which has a circular inner passage, and the inner passage has a top open end and a lower open end larger in diameter than the top open end. The... Agent:

20140314472 - Hollow profile connection - gusset element: A hollow profile connection to connect at least two hollow profiles. The connection includes a gusset part, the end pieces of which are insertable into the hollow profiles. At least the end pieces of the gusset part are assigned to the ends of the hollow profiles have a profile formed... Agent: Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik Ag & Co Kg

20140314471 - Hollow profile connection - gusset plate: A hollow profile connection to connect at least two hollow profiles via a gusset plate which makes contact with the end regions of the hollow profiles to be connected, in the outer region thereof. At least the end regions of the hollow profiles in cross-section have a profile formed by... Agent: Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik Ag & Co Kg

20140314473 - Process for connecting functional elements to a shaft: A method for connecting functional elements (14) to a shaft (10, having the following steps: (a) forming elevations (12) for receiving the functional elements (14), said elevations (12) being machined out of the shaft (10) by removing material, and (b) welding the functional elements (14) to the elevations (12) on... Agent: Basf Se

20140314474 - Furniture unit: The invention relates to a furniture unit (1) having a box-shaped frame structure (2) delimited by two side panels (4), wherein one side panel (4) comprises at least two functional sections (5, 6), on which hardware sections (7) are arranged in order to mount furniture components (8) and in particular... Agent: Fehre Design Gmbh

20140314475 - Connector: A connector comprises a first coupling part having a flat surface with a shaft projecting therefrom; and a second coupling part having a corresponding flat surface and a hole, such that the flat surfaces may be in abutment when the shaft is inserted into the hole and the first coupling... Agent:

20140314476 - Connection arrangement of at least two bodies, in particular at least two bodies of components of a mechanical automation group of movements, with a removable constraining group: A connection arrangement (10) comprising at least two bodies (11a, 11b), in particular at least two bodies of components of a mechanical automation group of movements, to be connected to each other and a constraining group (12) of these two bodies (11a, 11b) removably to each other, wherein each of... Agent:

20140314477 - Connector: A connector 11 includes a connector housing 13, terminal fittings 17, and a spacer 15 which is placed in a spacer attachment hole 21. Each spacer side surface 29 has a first lock projection 31 and a second lock projection 33. Each connector housing inner surface 23 is formed with... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20140314478 - Traction sheave clamping device: A traction sheave clamping device for detachably fixing ropes to the traction sheave of a Koepe hoist, having at least one clamp crossbeam, at least two anchoring elements for engaging in wedge-shaped or hook-shaped grooves in the face sides of the traction sheave/cable chuck rim sheets, and stud bolts for... Agent:

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