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Jeremy H. LIN patents

Recent bibliographic sampling of Jeremy H. LIN patents listed/published in the public domain by the USPTO (USPTO Patent Application #,Title):

04/12/12 - 20120089890 - Fec code and code rate selection based on packet size
Techniques for encoding and decoding data are described. In an aspect, multiple code rates for a forward error correction (FEC) code may be supported, and a suitable code rate may be selected based on packet size. A transmitter may obtain at least one threshold to use for code rate selection,...
Inventors: Ravi Palanki, Jeremy H. Lin, Aamod Khandekar, Alexei Gorokhov, Avneesh Agrawal (Qualcomm Incorporated)

11/04/10 - 20100279709 - Ultimode support in wireless communications
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate multimode communication in wireless networks. Receiving and/or transmitting components can comprise a plurality of receive paths over which antennas can forward concurrently received signals to facilitate simultaneous or shared receiving of signals related to disparate communication technologies. The receive paths can be implemented...
Inventors: Reza Shahidi, Sanjeev A. Athalye, Jeremy H. Lin, Victor A. Abramsky (Qualcomm Incorporated)

09/16/10 - 20100232356 - Layer two segmentation techniques for high data rate transmissions
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided to enable a reduction in processing power while handling high data rates. An apparatus includes a processing system configured to service a MAC PDU. Here, the MAC PDU includes a MAC header and at least one...
Inventors: Shailesh Maheshwari, Liangchi Hsu, Aziz Gholmieh, Rohit Kapoor, Etienne F. Chaponniere, Danlu Zhang, Jeremy H. Lin (Qualcomm Incorporated)

03/18/10 - 20100067598 - Method and system for llr buffer reduction in a wireless communication modem
A system involves a transmitting device (for example, a first wireless communication device) and a receiving device (for example, a second wireless communication device). In the receiving device, LLR (Log-Likelihood Ratio) values are stored into an LLR buffer. LLR bit width is adjusted as a function of packet size of...
Inventors: Hemanth Sampath, Avneesh Agrawal, Jeremy H. Lin (Qualcomm Incorporated)

10/01/09 - 20090248920 - Off-line task list architecture
A flexible and reconfigurable digital system (for example, a wireless modem) includes a set of sub-circuits. Each sub-circuit includes a task manager and an amount of configurable hardware circuitry for performing a type of operation on a data stream. The task manager of a sub-circuit can configure and control the...
Inventors: Arunava Chaudhuri, Iwen Yao, Jeremy H. Lin, Remi Gurski, Kevin W. Yen (Qualcomm Incorporated)

10/01/09 - 20090248774 - Reuse engine with task list for fast fourier transform and method of using the same
An improved processing engine for performing Fourier transforms includes an instruction processor configured to process sequential instruction software commands and a Fourier transform engine coupled to the instruction processor. The Fourier transform engine is configured to perform Fourier transforms on a serial stream of data. The Fourier transform engine is...
Inventors: Arunava Chaudhuri, Hemanth Sampath, Iwen Yao, Jeremy H. Lin, Raghu N. Challa, Min Wu (Qualcomm Incorporated)

10/01/09 - 20090247156 - Reference signal management in mobile systems
A reference signal management (RSM) program executing on a mobile device detects multiple reference signals, allocates those reference signals into groups, and performs reference signal management functions using information conveyed in the reference signals. The RSM program detects both broadband and narrowband reference signals and maintains updated groups of reference...
Inventors: Hemanth Sampath, Jeremy H. Lin, Kurt W. Otte, Rajat Prakash (Qualcomm Incorporated)

10/01/09 - 20090245431 - Zeroing-out llrs using demod-bitmap to improve performance of modem decoder
A demodulation mask bitmap includes binary mask values. Each mask value corresponds to an input resource element to a demodulator. For each mask value of a first state, a demodulation engine of the demodulator is not clocked and the demodulator outputs a zero-valued resource element. For each mask value of...
Inventors: Raghu N. Challa, Jeremy H. Lin (Qualcomm Incorporated)

10/01/09 - 20090245334 - Wall clock timer and system for generic modem
A modem (for example, a modem within a cellular telephone) includes a plurality of Wireless Communication System Modem Sub-Circuits (WCSMSCs). Each WCSMSC receives a control signal generated by a corresponding one of a plurality of programmable timers. Each timer receives the same sequence of count values from a wall clock...
Inventors: Arunava Chaudhuri, Iwen Yao, Jeremy H. Lin, Remi Gurski (Qualcomm Incorporated)

10/01/09 - 20090245230 - Compensating for drifts occurring during sleep times in access terminals
A method and apparatus are presented for compensating drifts in access terminals occurring during a sleep time. The method includes determining whether a sleep time exceeds a threshold, buffering time domain samples containing acquisition pilots and a paging channel, powering down RF circuitry in the access terminal after buffering samples,...
Inventors: Hemanth Sampath, Ravi Palanki, Jeremy H. Lin, Tamer A. Kadous (Qualcomm Incorporated)

10/01/09 - 20090245222 - Return link time adjustments in fdd ofdma or sc-fdm systems
A method for adjusting timing in a Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM) system, including receiving a request to perform a timing correction, generating a time domain FDM symbol, and controlling the timing correction in the time domain FDM symbol by at least one of adjusting a length of a cyclic prefix,...
Inventors: Hemanth Sampath, Jeremy H. Lin, Sunil K. Kandukuri Narayan, Sameer Vermani (Qualcomm Incorporated)

10/01/09 - 20090245192 - Reconfigurable wireless modem sub-circuits to implement multiple air interface standards
A flexible and reconfigurable digital system (for example, a wireless modem) includes a set of sub-circuits. Each sub-circuit includes a task manager and an amount of configurable hardware circuitry for performing a type of operation on a data stream. The task manager of a sub-circuit can configure and control the...
Inventors: Arunava Chaudhuri, Iwen Yao, Jeremy H. Lin, Ali Rostampisheh, Raghu Challa, Hamanth Sampath, Min Wu, Joseph Zanotelli, Mrinal M. Nath (Qualcomm Incorporated)

10/01/09 - 20090245092 - Apparatus, processes, and articles of manufacture for fast fourier transformation and beacon searching
In embodiments, a wireless receiver employs a hardware-based Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) engine controlled by firmware. The FFT engine executes tasks stored in a task list. Each task is associated with a different portion of a signal, for example, one or more Orthogonal Frequency Division Modulated (OFDM) symbols. Each task...
Inventors: Hemanth Sampath, Xin Zhang, Jeremy H. Lin, Nistha Sharma, Ravi Palanki, Sunil K. Kandukuri Narayan (Qualcomm Incorporated)

10/01/09 - 20090245091 - Buffered demod and demap functions
An apparatus operable in a wireless communication system, the apparatus may include an FFT symbol buffer and a demapping device. The FFT symbol buffer can feed FFT symbol data derived from received communication signals to a channel estimation device and a shared buffer. The channel estimation device can also provide...
Inventors: Jeremy H. Lin, Arunava Chaudhuri, Raghu N. Challa, Hemanth Sampath (Qualcomm Incorporated)

08/20/09 - 20090209272 - Efficient sleep mode operation for ofdma systems
A communications system and method for a wireless mobile device is provided. The method includes performing sleep mode operations in a device and performing wake-up operations with one or more base stations in view of the sleep mode operations in the device. The method also includes demodulating a communications channel...
Inventors: Ravi Palanki, Jeremy H. Lin, Hemanth Sampath (Qualcomm Incorporated)

Qualcomm Incorporated

(*May have duplicates - we are upgrading our archive.)

20120089890 - Fec code and code rate selection based on packet size


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