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Issei Suzuki patents

Recent patents with Issei Suzuki listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

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Map personalization based on social cues

03/16/17 - 20170076328 - To generate a customized digital map, signals indicative of activities of a first user at a first geographic location and a second user at a second geographic location are received. A digital map of a geographic area that includes the first geographic location and the second geographic location is generated.
Inventors: Issei Suzuki


02/06/14 - 20140039260 - An endoscope includes a flat surface which is provided at a distal end of an inserter to be inserted into a subject and is approximately perpendicular to an axial direction of the inserter, an observation window which has a light entrance surface located at a position higher than the flat
Inventors: Takehiko Koga, Issei Suzuki

Gas barrier film, process for production of gas barrier film, and electronic device

05/09/13 - 20130115423 - The present invention provides a gas barrier film having high barrier properties, folding/bending resistance and smoothness and excellent cutting suitability, and also provides an organic photoelectric conversion element equipped with the gas barrier film. The gas barrier film is characterized by having a gas barrier layer unit (5) on a
Inventors: Hiromoto Ii, Satoshi Ito, Makoto Honda, Kiyoshi Oishi, Issei Suzuki

Photovoltaic module

06/14/12 - 20120145226 - A photovoltaic module includes cable retaining section provided on rear surface of planar photovoltaic panel that converts sunlight into electric power and configured to retain first and second output cables drawn around on rear surface of photovoltaic panel. The cable retaining section includes intermediate plate erected on the rear surface
Inventors: Yoshiyuki Suganuma, Issei Suzuki

Photovoltaic cell module

05/17/12 - 20120118382 - A photovoltaic cell module includes a flat-plate-like photovoltaic cell panel, which has a photovoltaic cell, a front face cover covering the light-receiving surface of the photovoltaic cell, and a rear face cover covering the rear face of the photovoltaic cell; includes a framing member that has a cross-sectionally U-shaped panel
Inventors: Yoshiyuki Suganuma, Issei Suzuki

Solar cell module

02/02/12 - 20120024354 - The solar cell module includes a solar panel that includes a transparent substrate and is configured by aligning solar cells, a reinforcing frame arranged on the back surface of the solar panel, and a shock absorbing unit arranged between the solar panel and the reinforcing frame, where the shock absorbing
Inventors: Issei Suzuki

Terminal box and solar cell module

03/31/11 - 20110073157 - A terminal box has a box body that has a shape of a box having an opening on one surface, has a body-side hinge structure on an end thereof, and accommodates therein an output-cable connecting unit, and a cover that has a cover-side hinge structure forming a hinge structure with
Inventors: Issei Suzuki

Solar battery module device

09/02/10 - 20100218810 - A solar battery module device includes a solar cell module formed by arranging a plurality of solar battery cells; a rack-shaped frame having a substantially rectangular shape supporting an outer-edge portion of the solar cell module by surrounding a whole periphery of the outer-edge portion; and a reinforcing frame that
Inventors: Yoshiyuki Suganuma, Shinsuke Miyamoto, Naoki Ito, Hiroyoshi Takikawa, Issei Suzuki

Solar cell module

06/03/10 - 20100132768 - A solar cell module is structured by laminating a plurality of layers including a cell arrangement layer, on which a plurality of solar battery cells are arranged. To improve the designing property and productivity, in a blank region, which is a region other than where the solar battery cells of
Inventors: Naoki Ito, Yoshiyuki Suganuma, Shinsuke Miyamoto, Michiya Marubayashi, Issei Suzuki

Solar cell module device

06/03/10 - 20100132767 - A solar cell module device includes a solar cell module formed by arranging plural solar battery cells; a reinforcing frame arranged on a back surface of the solar cell module; and a buffer material made of a rigid material and arranged between the solar cell module and the reinforcing frame.
Inventors: Shinsuke Miyamoto, Yoshiyuki Suganuma, Naoki Ito, Hiroyoshi Takikawa, Issei Suzuki

Gas barrier film, resin base for organic electroluminescent device, organic electroluminescent device using the same, and method for producing gas barrier film

07/02/09 - 20090167164 - Disclosed is a gas barrier film which uses a polymerizable inorganic compound and has both high barrier property and high surface smoothness. Also disclosed are a resin base for organic electroluminescent devices using such a gas barrier film, an organic electroluminescent device and a method for producing a gas barrier
Inventors: Kazuhiro Fukuda, Koji Ozaki, Hiromoto Ii, Hiroaki Arita, Issei Suzuki

Moistureproof cellulose ester film, polarizer-protective film, and polarizer

02/26/09 - 20090053496 - A moistureproof cellulose ester film which has satisfactory optical performances, excellent moisture permeability, and excellent dimensional stability; and a protective film for polarizers which comprises the film. This moistureproof cellulose ester film comprises: a cellulose ester film and, deposited on at least one side thereof in the following order, one
Inventors: Hiroaki Arita, Kazuhiro Fukuda, Koji Ozaki, Issei Suzuki

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