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Internal-combustion engines

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02/05/2015 > 37 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20150034035 - Ethanol-based fuel and use thereof: An ethanol-based fuel is disclosed that includes 40 to 90% by volume ethanol and 60 to 10% by volume castor oil. The fuel may also include one or more additives in a total amount of up to 10 wt. % of the total weight of the ethanol and castor oil.... Agent: Caterpillar Motoren Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150034036 - Gasoline composition, method and use: A gasoline composition comprising, as an additive, one or more quaternary ammonium salt(s) (i) formed by the reaction of a compound of formula (A): and a compound formed by the reaction of a hydrocarbyl-substituted acylating agent and an amine of formula (B1) or (B2): wherein R is an optionally substituted... Agent: Innospec Limited

20150034034 - Lubricating oil composition: An automotive lubricating oil composition for an internal combustion engine comprises (A) an oil of lubricating viscosity in a major amount; and (B) oil-soluble additive components in respective minor amounts comprising (B1) a zinc dihydrocarbyl dithiophosphate additive; and (B2) an alkylenebis(dihydrocarbyldithiocarbamate) where at least one of the hydrocarbyl groups in... Agent: Infineum International Limited

20150034025 - Flexible fuel generator and methods of use thereof: A portable flexible fuel generator, having an engine, includes: a cylinder and a spark plug in the cylinder, a primary fuel tank fluidly connected to the cylinder, an air intake path fluidly connecting atmosphere to the cylinder, a start module including a starting fuel tank holder and a starting fuel... Agent:

20150034042 - Control system and method for dual fuel engines: Control systems comprising electronic control modules (104, 106) may be configured to control operation of a dual fuel internal combustion engine (1). In case of a failure of an electronic control module (104, 106), the dual fuel internal combustion engine (1) may interrupt operation. The disclosed control system and method... Agent: Caterpillar Motoren Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150034026 - Internal combustion engine of an automotive vehicle with a heat storage device that provides reusable heat: A heat storage device keeps engine coolant hot during operating pauses of the engine allowing quick heating during a cold start of the engine. The capacity of the heat storage device for coolant is twice as large as the capacity for coolant of the coolant circulation system and the engine.... Agent:

20150034027 - Hybrid electromechanical coolant pump: The invention relates to a coolant pump having an impeller which is arranged on a pump impeller shaft and having a drive device for the impeller, which drive device has a mechanical drive and an electric-motor drive. The impeller shaft is divided into a driving section and a driven section,... Agent:

20150034028 - Targeted cooling with individualized feeding ports to cylinders: A cooling system for an engine having a plurality of piston cylinders. The cooling system can include a liquid coolant source having liquid coolant and a cylinder cooling passage network having an inlet and an outlet for receiving and transmitting the liquid coolant. The cylinder cooling passage network having a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150034029 - Internal combustion engine having at least one cylinder: An internal combustion engine having at least one cylinder with a reciprocating piston, and in which the cylinder head and the cylinder block are integrally arranged as a head-block unit, having at least one exhaust-gas turbocharger.... Agent: Avl List Gmbh

20150034052 - Engine control device: The present invention relates to a control device for use with an engine including a variable valve mechanism and a compression ratio varying mechanism that changes a top dead center position of a piston. The control device calculates a base target compression ratio based on engine operating conditions and sets... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20150034060 - Exhaust valve assembly for a two-stroke engine: An exhaust valve assembly has a valve actuator, a first valve part (FVP) operatively connected to the actuator, a second valve part (SVP), and at least one auxiliary valve operatively connected to the second valve part. When the actuator is in a first position, the FVP is in a fourth... Agent:

20150034031 - Internal-combustion engine having a system for variable actuation of the intake valves, provided with an electrically actuated valve having two ways and three positions: An internal-combustion engine includes a system for variable actuation of intake valves, including a control valve for each cylinder, which controls communication of a pressurized-fluid chamber with a discharge channel. The control valve has at least three different positions, namely, a first completely open position, a second partially open position,... Agent:

20150034032 - Valve timing adjusting device: In a valve timing adjusting device, a vane rotor includes a second supply oil passage connectable to a first supply oil passage of a second shaft. A check valve is provided between the vane rotor and the second shaft, and permits a flow from the first supply oil passage toward... Agent:

20150034033 - Variable valve timing control device: A variable valve timing control device includes a driving side rotation member configured to synchronously rotating with a crankshaft, a driven side rotation member positioned coaxially to the driving side rotation member and integrally rotating with a camshaft, an intermediate lock mechanism selectively switching a locked state and an unlocked... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150034030 - Cam carrier assembly for an internal combustion engine: A cam target wheel for a camshaft of an internal combustion engine is disclosed. The cam target wheel includes a first half-wheel and a second half-wheel. The first and second half-wheels are provided with connecting means for their reciprocal connection.... Agent:

20150034037 - Iron-based alloys and methods of making and use thereof: An iron-based alloy includes, in weight percent, carbon from about 2 to about 3 percent; manganese from about 0.1 to about 0.4 percent; silicon from about 0.3 to about 0.8 percent; chromium from about 11.5 to about 14.5 percent; nickel from about 0.05 to about 0.6 percent; vanadium from about... Agent: L. E. Jones Company

20150034038 - Engine housing of an internal combustion engine and internal combustion engine fitted therewith: The invention relates to an engine housing (4) with a cylinder block (6) and a cylinder head unit (5) comprising a head portion (8) and at least one integrally cast cylinder portion (9) with an internally lying piston bearing surface (11). The cylinder portion (9) of the cylinder head unit... Agent: Steyr Motors Gmbh

20150034039 - Internal combustion engine fitted with combustion pressure detection device: An internal combustion engine fitted with a combustion pressure detection device includes: an internal combustion engine having a combustion chamber, a pressure detection device having a housing, a diaphragm, and a detection member, and having a shoulder part. The diaphragm is provided on the front end side of the housing... Agent: Citizen Finetech Miyota Co., Ltd.

20150034040 - Foam part with in-molded grommet and method of making the same: A part with an in-molded grommet and a process of making the same. The part includes a core of cured foam; and a grommet with a flange opposite a rim. The flange is surrounded by the core and the rim and/or an adjacent tapered section of the grommet are not... Agent:

20150034041 - Engine: Internal-combustion engine (1), comprising an engine housing (2), which has an interior space (3) with an inner wall (4), which section-wise corresponds to a segment of a circular cylinder and section-wise corresponds to a segment, which deviates from the form of a circular cylinder, wherein a rotary disc (5) is... Agent: Mair's - Drehscheibenmotor, Inc.

20150034043 - Subchamber type combustion chamber for diesel engine: A subchamber type combustion chamber for a diesel engine, which reduces fuel consumption rate and combustion noise. To achieve the object, a subchamber type combustion chamber is communicated with a main combustion chamber through a nozzle hole, a fuel injection nozzle faces into the subchamber, and a glow plug extends... Agent: Kubota Corporation

20150034044 - High efficiency compression ignition, indirect injected diesel engines and methods thereof: Inventive embodiments are directed to components, subassemblies, systems, and/or methods to improve combustion efficiency in compression ignition, indirect injection, diesel engines, and in particularly for diesel engines having a removable pre-chamber. In all embodiments, a combustion system is fitted with a pre-chamber adapted to cooperate with a piston in a... Agent: Opfor Advanced Technologies, Inc.

20150034045 - Engine combustion control at low loads via fuel reactivity stratification: A compression ignition (diesel) engine uses two or more fuel charges during a combustion cycle, with the fuel charges having two or more reactivities (e.g., different cetane numbers), in order to control the timing and duration of combustion. By appropriately choosing the reactivities of the charges, their relative amounts, and... Agent:

20150034046 - Engine: An engine of the invention includes an engine main unit having cylinders, an intake line, an exhaust line, a supercharger, a turbo sensor detecting a rotational speed of the supercharger, a control device controlling, based on signal from the turbo sensor, an operating state of the engine main unit that... Agent: Yanmar Co., Ltd.

20150034047 - Control device for internal combustion engine: An object of the invention is to provide a control device for an internal combustion engine that regularly and forcefully removes deposit that is accumulated in cylinders and restrains consecutive occurrences of pre-ignition beforehand. The internal combustion engine has a low-speed pre-ignition region in which a possibility of occurrence of... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150034048 - Method and device for zero-fuel quantity calibration of a fuel injector: In a method for calibrating a fuel metering system including an injector of an internal combustion engine performing a pilot injection chronologically prior to a main injection, at least two test injections chronologically prior to the pilot injection are provided for the injector, the first test injection being carried out... Agent:

20150034050 - Multi-layer piezoelectric element, and injection device and fuel injection system provided with the same: A multi-layer piezoelectric element includes: a stacked body comprising an active section, and inactive sections disposed at opposite ends in a stacking direction of the active section; an electrically-conductive bonding material disposed on a side surface of the stacked body from the active section to the inactive sections; and an... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150034049 - Rolled steel bar for hot forging, hot-forged section material, and common rail and method for producing the same: A rolled steel bar for hot forging consisting, by mass percent, of C: 0.25-0.50%, Si: 0.40-1.0%, Mn: 1.0-1.6%, S: 0.005-0.035%, Al: 0.005-0.050%, V: 0.10-0.30%, and N: 0.005-0.030%, and the balance of Fe and impurities, i.e., P: 0.035% or less and O: 0.0030% or less, wherein Fn1=C+Si/10+Mn/5+5Cr/22+1.65V−5S/7 is 0.90 to 1.20.... Agent:

20150034051 - Injection nozzle for injecting media into a combustion chamber: An injection nozzle for injecting media into a combustion chamber includes a nozzle body having a tip with spray holes and protruding into the combustion chamber, and a heat protection sleeve that surrounds and is positioned on a combustion chamber side of an end area of the nozzle body. The... Agent:

20150034053 - Fuel injector and method for forming spray-discharge orifices: A fuel injector for fuel injection systems of internal combustion engines has an energizable actuator for actuating a valve-closure member, which, together with a valve seat face configured on a valve seat body, forms a sealing seat. Downstream of the valve seat face, a plurality of spray-discharge orifices are formed,... Agent:

20150034054 - Plunger valve for a propane carburetor: A plunger valve. The plunger valve includes a body and a set of flutes on the body configured to reduce wedging during operation and eliminate flutter when connected to a diaphragm. The set of flutes includes at least four flutes and are each symmetrically spaced about the axis of the... Agent:

20150034055 - Method for igniting a fuel/air mixture, ignition system and glow plug: What is described is a method for igniting a fuel/air mixture in a combustion chamber of an engine, wherein a pencil, which is electrically insulated with respect to walls of the combustion chamber and contains a heating resistor, is electrically heated to a temperature of at least 800° C. in... Agent:

20150034056 - Heat exchanger for gases, in particular for the exhaust gases of an engine: A heat exchanger (1) for gases, in particular for the exhaust gases of an engine, comprising a bundle of tubes (2) arranged inside a casing (3), intended for the circulation of the gases in order to exchange heat with a coolant, at least one gas tank (6) that can be... Agent:

20150034057 - Internal combustion engine: An engine includes: a first part that is provided in a first passage that interconnects an inside of a crankcase and a part of an intake passage at a downstream side of an adjustment part adjusting an intake air amount and changes gas flow in the first passage; and a... Agent:

20150034058 - Fuel supply control device for diesel engine: A diesel engine fuel supply control device which supplies mixed oil containing petroleum-based fuel oil and unpurified waste oil to a diesel engine as fuel is configured to regulate the amount of waste oil supplied from a first fuel tank to fuel mixing means and the amount of petroleum-based fuel... Agent: Kanazawa Engineering Systems Inc.

20150034059 - Ignition system: An ignition system for an internal combustion engine includes an ignition transformer with two primary windings. The ignition system is designed to generate, for a given ignition event, a unipolar current through the secondary winding by way of a control circuit that is configured to first energize and deenergize the... Agent:

20150034061 - Control system for multifuel internal combustion engine: An object of the present invention is to reduce the difference between the torque generated by an internal combustion engine and a required torque in a control system for a multifuel internal combustion engine that can use CNG and liquid fuel. To achieve the object, the control system for an... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

01/29/2015 > 40 patent applications in 38 patent subcategories.

20150027385 - Operating a power plant with pyrolysis oil based fuel: A power plant may include a power house, a tank farm, and a fuel treatment building. The power house may include an internal combustion engine adapted to be operated with pyrolysis oil based fuels. The power house may further include a conditioning and circulating system with a conditioning unit and... Agent: Caterpillar Motoren Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150027387 - Control device for cooling system: A device (100) that controls a cooling system including adjusting means for being able to adjust a circulation amount of coolant in a first flow passage, including an engine cooling flow passage, an EGR cooling flow passage and a radiator flow passage, and a second flow passage, including the engine... Agent:

20150027386 - System for regulating coolant flow in an engine: A fluid regulator for an engine coolant system includes a thermostat. The thermostat is configured to route engine coolant through an engine and a radiator in one mode and through the engine to bypass the radiator in another mode.... Agent:

20150027389 - Lubrication system for an internal combustion engine, and method for lubrication: Embodiments for a lubrication system for an internal combustion engine are provided. In one example, a lubrication system for an internal combustion engine comprises a lubricant circuit, a radiator for cooling the lubricant, a heat accumulator arranged upstream of the engine for warming up the lubricant, the heat accumulator connected... Agent:

20150027388 - Oil jet: A body (2) of an oil jet (100) is provided with: an oil supply port (6) which opens into an oil passage (62) in a cylinder block (60) of an internal combustion engine; a cylinder (4) one end of which is communicated with the oil supply port (6) and the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150027390 - Exhaust gas recirculation system for a motorcycle engine: An EGR gas passageway member is removably attached to a motorcycle cylinder assembly between the cylinder head and the cylinder of said motorcycle cylinder assembly in manner such that presence of the EGR gas passageway member is partially concealed. The EGR gas passageway member allows motorcycles to be provided with... Agent:

20150027391 - Internal combustion engine with liquid cooling: Example embodiments for reducing thermal load in one or more exhaust gas lines are provided. One embodiment includes an internal combustion engine with liquid cooling, comprising at least one exhaust gas line, at least one coolant jacket, and a common boundary wall separating the at least one exhaust gas line... Agent:

20150027418 - Internal combustion engines: An internal combustion engine comprising at least one cylinder and a pair of opposed, reciprocating pistons within the cylinder forming a combustion chamber therebetween. The engine has at least one combustion igniter associated with the cylinder, a portion of the combustion igniter being exposed within the combustion chamber formed between... Agent:

20150027392 - Mechanically controllable valve drive arrangement: A mechanically controllable valve drive arrangement includes gas exchange valves each having cylinders associated therewith, a camshaft comprising a peripheral contour, a bearing, an adjusting lever comprising a first end and a second end, a valve lift adjustment device comprising a control shaft which acts on the first end, and... Agent:

20150027393 - Valve timing control device: A valve timing control device includes a lock mechanism having a hole portion formed in one of the driving-side/driven-side rotational members, a sleeve in the hole portion, a lock member in the sleeve and capable of projecting and retracting with respect to the other of the driving-side/driven-side members, and a... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150027394 - Laser spark plug having an improved seal between the combustion chamber window and the casing: A casing for a laser spark plug, in particular, of an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle, or of a stationary engine; the casing including at least one casing part and a combustion chamber window joined to the casing part to form a seal at least regionally; characterized in... Agent:

20150027395 - Control device for spark ignition type internal combustion engine: To alleviate or eliminate a problem of unburned fuel discharged to the outside of a cylinder in a case in which an air fuel mixture is insufficiently combusted in a combustion chamber. During the expansion stroke in which a high voltage is applied to an ignition plug via an ignition... Agent: Imagineering, Inc.

20150027396 - Handheld work apparatus and elastic connecting piece for a handheld work apparatus: A handheld work apparatus has at least one tool which is driven by a combustion engine. A portion of an intake channel of the combustion engine is formed by an elastic connecting piece which has a first section and a second section between which an expansion fold is arranged. The... Agent:

20150027397 - Rolling bearing and internal combustion engine equipped with such a rolling bearing: The invention relates to a rolling bearing provided with at least one row of rolling elements disposed between an inner raceway and an outer raceway. At least one of the raceways is coated with a tungsten sulphide (WS2) coating. The invention also relates to an internal combustion engine (M) having... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20150027398 - Workpiece having a cut-out for receiving a piston: The invention provides for a cylinder bore coating system that includes at least one cylinder bore configured to receive an axially movable piston. The at least one cylinder bore has a recessed area having an axial length and a radial depth. A first coating layer is arranged within at least... Agent:

20150027399 - Method for manufacturing high strength flake graphite cast iron, flake graphite cast iron manufactured by the method, and engine body comprising the cast iron for internal combustion engine: The present disclosure relates to a flake graphite cast iron simultaneously having high strength, good machinability, and fluidity, to a method for manufacturing same, and to an engine body comprising the flake graphite cast iron for an internal combustion engine and, more particularly, to a method for manufacturing a flake... Agent:

20150027400 - Cast light metal piston, in particular an aluminum piston: A cast light metal piston for an internal combustion engine may include a piston crown and a piston skirt adjoining the piston crown. The piston skirt may include two skirt walls arranged on a pressure side and a counterpressure side, respectively. The piston skirt may have two box walls connecting... Agent:

20150027401 - Piston and connecting rod for an internal combustion engine: The invention relates to a piston (1) of an internal combustion engine, which piston (1) has a piston head (2) with a ring field (3) and a skirt part which is arranged on the piston head (2), wherein the skirt part has at least two load-bearing skirt-wall sections (4a, 4b),... Agent: Ks Kolbenschmidt Gmbh

20150027402 - Thrust plate: A system including a stationary housing having a recess formed therein and a thrust plate positioned within the recess in the housing. The thrust plate may have a non-circular profile for preventing rotation of the thrust plate relative to the housing, and may be secured within the recess without the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150027403 - Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine: A method for starting an internal combustion engine in which fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber using a multiple injection before an initial ignition of a fuel/air mixture, the fuel being injected directly into the combustion chamber during an intake stroke using a first injection and using a... Agent:

20150027404 - Multi-fuel plasma injector: The inventive subject matter provides apparatus, systems and methods for treating and delivering a fuel to a combustion chamber of an engine in order to improve efficiency of the engine. In one aspect of the invention, a fuel injector that cooperates with an internal combustion engine to combust a first... Agent: Thrival Tech, LLC

20150027405 - Engine starting device of idle reduction vehicle: A current is supplied to a driving relay that drives a bypass relay when restarting an engine after idle reduction, and the current supply to the driving relay is interrupted when the engine is started for the first time based on operation of a driver.... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150027406 - Adjustable fuel trim module for diesel engine: An adjustment mechanism for allowing fine-tuning the amount of fuel to a Diesel engine by an operator of the engine is provided. A module conveniently within reach of the operator of the engine allows the operator to tune the engine independent of any throttle setting while the engine is operating.... Agent:

20150027407 - Altitude compensation for internal combustion engine: In order to address turbo lag at altitude, a vehicle boosts output torque of an internal combustion engine with electric motor torque generated from a battery. The residual charge of the battery is increased at altitude to provide a sufficient reserve for the corresponding increase in turbo lag. The invention... Agent: Jaguar Land Rover Limited

20150027408 - Diesel engine combustion chamber, method for igniting a fuel-air mixture in a combustion chamber of a diesel engine and diesel engine: The present invention relates to a combustion chamber of a diesel engine in accordance with the preamble of Claim 1, a method for igniting a fuel-air mixture in a combustion chamber of a diesel engine in accordance with the preamble of Claim 14, and a diesel engine in accordance with... Agent:

20150027409 - Ignition timing control device and ignition timing control system: An ignition timing control device (31) has a knocking detection device (41) that detects knocking of internal combustion engine (1) and an ignition timing adjustment device (43) that receives a knocking signal outputted from the knocking detection device (41) and a signal concerning the ignition timing of internal combustion engine... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20150027410 - Tightly extrusion-coated component and method for producing such a component: A component is described as including a base part, a sealing element, and an extrusion coat, which extends at least partially around the base part and at least partially around the sealing element, the extrusion coat keeping the sealing element in an elastically deformed state.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150027411 - Control apparatus for operating a fuel metering valve: A method and control apparatus are disclosed for operating a fuel-metering valve associated to a fuel pump arranged to supply fuel into a fuel rail, the fuel-metering valve having a valve member and an electric actuator arranged to move that member for regulating a fuel flow-rate. The control apparatus includes... Agent:

20150027412 - Engine fuel control system: An engine fuel control system includes a fuel metering valve operable to control the flow of fuel between a supply line and a delivery line. The delivery line is configured to receive fuel from one or more fuel pumps. The engine fuel control system further includes a pressure raising arrangement... Agent:

20150027413 - Terminal structure of high-pressure fuel pipe for direct injection engine: Provided is a terminal structure of a high-pressure fuel pipe for a direct injection engine which can prevent stress concentration to a brazed portion between a pipe and a connection part effectively. In the terminal structure of a high-pressure fuel pipe for a direct injection engine where a connection head... Agent:

20150027414 - Fuel injection controller: A fuel injection controller controls a fuel injector which injects a fuel directly into a cylinder of an engine. The fuel injection controller conducts a correction to increase a fuel injection quantity injected from the fuel injector according to a fuel-adhered quantity which is an amount of the fuel adhered... Agent:

20150027415 - Method for controlling pressure in a high-pressure region of an internal combustion engine: A method for controlling pressure in a high-pressure region of an internal combustion engine includes adjusting a fuel outflow from the high-pressure region into a low-pressure region by means of an injector, which has a control valve adjusted by a piezo actuator and a control chamber. The method includes charging... Agent:

20150027416 - Engine fuel pump and method for operation thereof: A method of pressuring fuel for a direct injection fuel system via a fuel pump in an engine is provided. The method includes, during a first mode, adjusting a magnetic solenoid valve (MSV) to control pump outlet pressure and during a second mode, deactivating the MSV and controlling pump outlet... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150027417 - Filter head for an exchange or housing filter: A filter head for a pre-filtration filter for fuel has an electric pump received in a pump channel. A connecting channel connects the pump at a suction side with a clean side of the filter. An outlet channel connects the pump at a pressure side with a main filter for... Agent:

20150027419 - Exhaust gas cooler for an exhaust gas recirculation system, and an exhaust gas recirculation system with such an exhaust gas cooler: The invention relates to an exhaust gas cooler for an exhaust gas recirculation system, in particular of a motor vehicle, said exhaust gas recirculation system having a total cooling power (PG) and a total pressure loss coefficient (DG). The exhaust gas cooler comprises: at least one cooling portion (20, 20′)... Agent: Cooper-standard Automotive (deutschland) Gmbh

20150027420 - Exhaust gas feed device for an internal combustion engine: An exhaust gas feed device for an internal combustion engine includes an exhaust gas recirculation duct comprising an end, an outlet, and an outflow cross-section. An air intake duct opens into the exhaust gas recirculation duct. A flow-guiding element is arranged in and at the end of the exhaust gas... Agent:

20150027421 - Flow rate controller of internal combustion engine: A flow rate controller of an internal combustion engine includes a flow rate change section configured by including an EGR valve, a bypass valve, and a diesel throttle, as the flow rate change section capable of changing at least one of a flow rate of exhaust gas that is recirculated... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150027422 - Crankcase ventilation inside-out flow rotating coalescer: An internal combustion engine crankcase ventilation rotating coalescer includes an annual rotating coalescing filter element, an inlet port supplying blow by gas from the crankcase to the hollow interior of the annular rotating coalescing filter element, and an outlet port delivering clean separated, air from the exterior of the rotating... Agent:

20150027423 - Mixing valve of an internal combustion engine: A mixing valve of an exhaust-gas recirculation device of an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle includes an intake flap and an exhaust-gas flap coupled rigidly to one another via a coupling rod. During driving of the exhaust-gas flap, the intake flap is first pivoted in the opposite direction... Agent:

20150027424 - Self ignition operation of alternative fuel internal combustion engines: A method for operating a self ignition internal combustion engine (ICE) with a low cetane fuel such as alternative fuels, for example pyrolysis oil, as well as an ICE are disclosed. To reach self ignition conditions one may provide the internal combustion engine to have a compression ratio of at... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 29 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20150020763 - Method for removing trace levels of oxygen from direct combustion device combustion products: A method for removing trace levels of oxygen from combustions products.... Agent:

20150020765 - Combustion bowl of piston: A piston for a compression ignition internal combustion engine includes a piston body having an outer cylindrical surface defined along a longitudinal piston axis. A piston includes a combustion face defining a combustion bowl including an inner bowl surface, an inner rim portion and an outer rim portion. The combustion... Agent:

20150020757 - Engine with cylinder liner with bonding layer: A cylinder liner for an engine block assembly of an internal combustion engine is provided. The cylinder liner includes a liner member formed of cast iron and presenting an outer surface. A first portion of the outer surface of the liner member is machined to a reduced outside diameter. An... Agent:

20150020758 - Shutter device: Provided is a shutter device having a fail-safe function to prevent occurrence of overheating even when an actuator becomes inoperable. The shutter device includes a shutter valve (11) which opens and closes an air port, a lever (14a) having one end connected to a rotating shaft (16) of the shutter... Agent:

20150020759 - Variable displacement pump: A variable displacement pump includes an urging mechanism to urge a cam ring in an eccentric direction and to increase the urging force when an eccentricity is decreased, a first control chamber to apply a force to the cam ring in a direction decreasing the eccentricity, and a second control... Agent:

20150020760 - Four-cycle internal combustion engine: A four-cycle engine has an engine block having a cylindrical bore and an enclosed oil reservoir. Lubrication oil is inhaled from the oil reservoir and splashed to lubricate inner parts of the engine. The engine is provided with a cylinder head assembly having a pair of overhead intake and exhaust... Agent:

20150020761 - Engine startup device: An engine startup device is provided having a helical-spline-engaging part where an output shaft (5) and a moving body (3) are coupled with each other, wherein a notch (37b, 38b) is formed on a power-transmitting-side tooth surface (37a, 38a) of at least either one of the output shaft and the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150020762 - Sound generator for an anti-noise system for influencing exhaust noise and/or intake noise of a motor vehicle: A sound generator 103 for an anti-noise system for influencing sound waves propagating in exhaust systems or intake systems of vehicles driven by an internal combustion engine includes a loudspeaker basket 123, a membrane 122 supported by the loudspeaker basket 123, a permanent magnet 121 supported by the loudspeaker basket... Agent:

20150020764 - Ignition system for low grade synthesis gas at high compression: An igniter system for a reciprocating piston internal combustion engine having one or more cylinders including at least one igniter per cylinder is disclosed. The igniter system can comprise: a combustion chamber connected to a main cylinder of the engine by a restricted diameter bore, wherein a lean burn fuel... Agent: V-grid Energy Systems

20150020766 - Prechamber device for an internal combustion engine: The disclosure is directed to an internal combustion engine having an improved prechamber device. The prechamber device includes features that provide improved mixing of fuel and air, specifically, a plurality of ribs positioned in a cavity of the prechamber device. The improved mixing of fuel and air yields improved uniformity... Agent:

20150020767 - Piston, engine and operating method for reduced production of particulate matter: A piston for reduced production of particulate matter during combustion of a fuel directly injected after a top dead center position includes a piston body defining a piston body diameter of about 263 mm, and a combustion face upon the first axial body end. The combustion face includes a combustion... Agent:

20150020769 - Apparatus and method for igniting a gaseous fuel in a direct injection internal combustion engine: An apparatus and method for igniting a gaseous fuel directly introduced into a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine comprises steps of heating a space near a fuel injector nozzle; introducing a pilot amount of the gaseous fuel in the combustion chamber during a first stage injection event; controlling... Agent:

20150020768 - Fuel injector spray pattern: A fuel injector having an injector axis, comprising a first nozzle aiming in a first radial direction; a first nozzle pair aiming in radial directions each equally angled relative to the first direction, closest to the first radial direction, and having a longest radial offset; a nozzle second pair in... Agent:

20150020770 - Fuel mixture system and assembly: A system and attendant structural assembly operative to establish a coordinated mixture of gaseous and distillate fuels for an engine including an electronic control unit (ECU) operative to monitor predetermined engine data determinative of engine fuel requirements and structured to regulate ratios of the gaseous and distillate fuel of an... Agent:

20150020771 - Fuel mixture system and assembly: A system and attendant structural assembly operative to establish a coordinated mixture of gaseous and distillate fuels for an engine including an electronic control unit (ECU) operative to monitor predetermined engine data determinative of engine fuel requirements and structured to regulate ratios of the gaseous and distillate fuel of an... Agent:

20150020772 - Method for operating an internal combustion engine: An internal combustion engine has an intake channel which opens via a first valve into a crankcase of the engine. The first valve opens at a first frequency (f1). The engine has a second valve, which controls the quantity of fuel supplied into the intake channel. The quantity of fuel... Agent:

20150020773 - Stop control apparatus for internal combustion engine: A stop control apparatus (100) for an internal combustion engine performs stop control of a three-or-less cylinder internal combustion engine (200). The stop control apparatus for the internal combustion engine is provided with: a determining device (161) configured to determine a compression stroke immediately before the internal combustion engine stops;... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150020774 - Governor system assembly: A governor system assembly and related method for assembling the same. The assembly may include a governor gear, a weight, and a locking pin pivotably coupling the weight to the governor gear along a pivot axis. The locking pin includes a locking segment rotatable into engagement with the gear about... Agent:

20150020775 - Enhanced tractive power at low speeds: A method is disclosed for operating an internal combustion engine in which a coolant temperature of an engine coolant of the internal combustion engine is determined and is compared with a predetermined threshold temperature. If the coolant temperature is higher than the predetermined threshold temperature, a thermal input into the... Agent:

20150020776 - Fuel delivery system containing high pressure pump with isolation valves: A fuel delivery system including a high pressure fuel pump assembly. The assembly includes first and second output fuel paths each in communication with a fuel pump chamber. A main pressure relief fuel path is in communication with the fuel pump chamber and includes a pressure relief valve. A first... Agent:

20150020777 - System and method for estimating high-pressure fuel leakage in a common rail fuel system: A system and method for measuring fuel pressure decreases in a fuel accumulator of an internal combustion engine is provided. The system includes the ability to stop a fuel flow to a fuel accumulator of the engine. Pressure signals are transmitted to a control system of the engine until the... Agent: Cummins Inc.

20150020778 - Fuel injector nozzle: A fuel injector includes a needle moveable along a central axis to initiate and terminate an injection event, and a nozzle body that receives the needle. The nozzle body includes a needle seat, a nozzle sac, and a passageway between the needle seat and the nozzle sac. The passageway defines... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company LLC

20150020779 - Fuel tank pressure relief valve cleaning: Methods and systems for cleaning a pressure relieve valve for a fuel tank are disclosed. In one example approach a method for cleaning a pressure relief valve that is normally activated at a preset negative pressure in a fuel system comprises, during a test cycle, reducing fuel system pressure to... Agent:

20150020780 - Device and method for diagnosing evaporated fuel processing device: An evaporated fuel processing apparatus includes a blocking valve configured to selectively allow and shut off communication between a canister and a fuel tank, and adsorbs evaporated fuel by the canister by opening the blocking valve during fuel filling, wherein the evaporated fuel occurs in the fuel tank, and performs... Agent:

20150020781 - Engine inlet for egr-air flow distribution: An intake manifold having an EGR-air flow distributor for distributing the desired air flow and EGR-air mixture through the intake manifold to each cylinder is disclosed. The EGR-air flow distributor includes a set of guide vanes defining plural flow channels in a plenum region of the inlet manifold. The EGR-air... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150020782 - Turbo pump: An exhaust turbo pump of an internal combustion engine has multiple pairs of turbine and compressor wheels rotatable about a common axis, an inner pair of wheels being connected by a tubular shaft rotatable relative to a spindle connecting an outer pair of wheels. One pair of wheels comprises a... Agent:

20150020783 - Internal combustion engine: A second recirculation passage recirculates blow-by gas at an upstream section, which is upstream of an impeller of a turbocharger in an intake passage. A first passage branches and extends from a downstream section, which is downstream of the impeller in the intake passage. A second passage that forms part... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150020785 - Crankcase ventilation device: A vehicle may include an internal combustion engine having a crankcase and a crankcase ventilation device. The crankcase ventilation device may have at least one oil separating device and an oil return that feeds separated oil back to the crankcase. The vehicle may include a conveying device for driving a... Agent:

20150020784 - Dual flow check valve for positive crankcase ventilation system: A dual flow check valve includes a valve body having an inner valve cavity, a first valve opening, and a second valve opening. The dual flow check valve further includes a seal disposed within the valve body. The seal is operatively coupled within the valve body such that the seal... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 29 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150013631 - Low molecular weight fuel additive: The invention includes a method of improving the combustion efficiency of a fuel-burning device. The method includes the steps of adding a low molecular weight polymer to the fuel of the fuel-burning device and burning the fuel with the polymer in the fuel-burning device. The invention also includes fuel compositions... Agent: Himmelsbach Holdings, LLC

20150013624 - Engine crankcase breather with mesh filter: An engine crankcase breather includes a housing having a lower end including an inlet opening and an upper end including an outlet opening. The inlet opening lies in a horizontal plane and the outlet opening lies in a vertical plane. A mesh filter is positioned within the housing and includes... Agent:

20150013625 - Removing of blow-by gas out of crankcase without auxiliary drive: The present disclosure refers to a blow-by gas removing device for an internal combustion engine having a crankcase. The blow-by removing device may comprise an engine component rotatably driven about a longitudinal axis. A fan wheel may be fixed to the engine component such that the fan wheel rotates together... Agent: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Gmbh

20150013648 - Variable geometry power transfer for fluid flow machines: A fluid flow machine includes a casing including a cylinder and a crankshaft support. A piston is slidably disposed in the cylinder for reciprocating along an axis of the cylinder. A crankshaft includes a main bearing journal rotationally supported in the crankshaft support, a crankpin radially offset from an axis... Agent:

20150013649 - Combustion chamber constructions for opposed-piston engines: A combustion chamber for an opposed-piston engine includes a squish zone defined between circumferential peripheral areas of opposing end surfaces of the pistons, a cavity defined by one or more bowls in the end surfaces, and at least one injection port that extends radially through the squish zone into the... Agent: Achates Power, Inc.

20150013626 - Variable valve timing control device for internal combustion engine: Intermediate position feedback control is executed when valve timing of an intake valve is at an intermediate lock position, an intermediate lock is needed, and an engine revolution speed is greater than a first engine revolution speed R1. Forced lock control is executed when the valve timing of the intake... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150013627 - Engine valve control mechanism: A valve control mechanism is configured that is capable of optimally controlling an engine by lifting an intake valve only by the necessary amount, while suppressing noise at the time of operation. This valve control mechanism includes a control member that rotates around a control axis due to a driving... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150013628 - Motor vehicle valvee train adjustment device: In a motor vehicle valve train adjustment device comprising at least one camshaft with at least two axially displaceable cam elements wherein at least one cam element has a cam track with a valve lift and a cam track with zero valve lift for a deactivation of at least one... Agent: Daimler Ag

20150013629 - Adjustment shaft activation of a valve operation for combustion engines for operating gas exchange valves: An adjusting shaft actuating device of a valve train for internal combustion engines includes a cam unit with first and second cams rigidly connected thereto. The second cam is spaced apart from the first cam in axial and peripheral directions. The device also includes a lever unit non-rotatably arranged on... Agent:

20150013630 - Device for the variable control of at least one valve, for example for a reciprocating engine: A device for controlling at least one valve, the device comprising a body having a non-deformable cavity communicating exclusively with the outside via at least four rectilinear cylinders that are closed respectively by an opening piston (P1) actuated by an opening cam (C1), a closing piston (P2) actuated by a... Agent:

20150013632 - Device for preheating a fluid, notably a combustion engine coolant fluid: The invention relates to a device for heating a fluid, essentially comprising a heating body with a solid element and one or more electric resistors of rectangular section of the PTC type which are arranged in grooves on the exterior surface of the solid element. The latter comprises a U-shaped... Agent:

20150013633 - Pressure measuring glow plug: A pressure measuring glow plug includes: a housing in which a heating pin for igniting a combustion mixture of an internal combustion engine and a pressure measuring unit for recording a combustion chamber pressure of the internal combustion engine are situated. The heating pin has a glow current contact for... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150013634 - Welded engine block for small internal combustion engines: A small air-cooled internal combustion engine includes an aluminum cylinder block and an aluminum cylinder head welded to the aluminum cylinder block.... Agent:

20150013635 - Engine combustion system: An engine combustion system includes a power cylinder and a gear assembly, the piston having respective intake and exhaust valves. The power cylinder includes a connecting rod pivotally attached to a bottom of the piston and extends vertically downwardly in vertical alignment with a gear assembly. A movable rack gear... Agent:

20150013636 - Camshaft adjuster and stator cover unit for automatic adjustment of a locking device: A stator-cover unit (1) for a camshaft adjuster designed for use in an internal combustion engine, having a toothed ring (2) for receiving a torque, there being integrally connected to said toothed ring a stator (3) in the form of a housing, having a locking cover (4) which is separate... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150013637 - Control device and control method for internal combustion engine with supercharger: An internal combustion engine (1) is provided with a supercharger (12) and a cylinder direct injection fuel injector (10). When the engine shifts in a low-speed supercharging region at a state where the wall temperature of a cylinder bore (3) is low, liquid fuel adheres to a wall surface of... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150013638 - Dual-fuel diesel engine and operation method of the same: When shifting to the single combustion mode, an electromagnetic opening-and-closing valve V1 is closed so as to block a gas fuel. Then, an electromagnetic opening-and-closing valve V3 is opened so as to discharge the gas fuel remaining in a gas fuel supply path to the outside of the system. Then,... Agent:

20150013639 - Valve device for a motor vehicle: A valve device for a motor vehicle includes a housing, a flow channel located in the housing, and a flap arranged in the flow channel for closing the flow channel. The flap has regions in which a shaft penetrating the flap is fastened, and the shaft is rotatably supported in... Agent:

20150013640 - Internal combustion engine control apparatus: There is provided an internal combustion engine control apparatus including an exhaust gas recirculation amount estimation unit that can estimate an EGR flow rate with an accuracy enough to appropriately control an internal combustion engine. An internal combustion engine control apparatus according to the present invention has an exhaust gas... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150013641 - Fuel combustion enhancement apparatus of internal combustion engine: A fuel combustion enhancement apparatus of an internal combustion engine, which is capable of greatly reducing fuel and improving combustion efficiency and torque and reducing exhaust gas, includes a power source terminal, a conductor plate 10 for gas activation, an amplifier 30, and a gas activation enhancement device 20 which... Agent:

20150013642 - Fuel system and corresponding method: A fuel injection system for supplying pressurised fuel to an internal combustion engine is provided. The fuel injection system includes a low-pressure hydraulic circuit, a fuel pump with a pumping element and an outlet valve for supply of pressurised fuel to a common rail, and an injector for delivering fuel... Agent: Volvo Lastvagnar Ab

20150013644 - Decoupling element for a fuel injection device: A decoupling element for a fuel injection device has a low-noise construction. The fuel injection device includes at least one fuel injector and one receiving bore in a cylinder head for the fuel injector and the decoupling element between a valve housing of the fuel injector and a wall of... Agent:

20150013643 - Fuel injection assembly for a combustion engine: A fuel injection assembly for a combustion engine includes an injector body, an injector cupradially enclosing an axial end of the injector body, and a spring clip coupling the injector cup with the injector body. The spring clip includes a ground plate with a main extension plane perpendicular to a... Agent:

20150013645 - Stiffened fuel injector: A fuel injector for the injection of fuel, which includes a fuel supply element for supplying the fuel, a current bar which extends at least partially parallel to the fuel supply element, and an extrusion coat, which surrounds the fuel supply element and the current bar, the extrusion coat encompassing... Agent:

20150013647 - Method for operating a fuel injection system with fuel injection valve regulation to increase the quantitative accuracy, and a fuel injection system: A method for operating a fuel injection system of an internal combustion engine uses a piezo actuator that includes, in addition to the active piezo region used to actuate the servo valve, a passive piezo region that acts as a force sensor. A force measurement is performed using this force... Agent:

20150013646 - Multifunctional fluid level and quality sensing device: A multifunctional fluid level and quality sensing device including a fluid level sensor and a capacitive sensor for detecting fluid level, fluid quality, errors in the sensing device, and issues in a fluid delivery system. In detecting fluid level, impedance of the capacitive sensor is used in improving sensing performance... Agent:

20150013650 - Systems, methods, and devices with enhanced lorentz thrust: Methods, systems, and devices are disclosed for delivery a fluidic substance using Lorentz forces. In one aspect, a method to accelerate particles into a chamber includes distributing a fluidic substance between electrodes configured at a location proximate a chamber, in which electrodes include a low work function material, generating a... Agent: Mcalister Technologies, LLC

20150013651 - Dedicated egr engine with dynamic load control: An internal combustion engine comprises a first engine bank and a second engine bank. A first intake valve is disposed in an intake port of a cylinder of the first engine bank, and is configured for metering the first flow of combustion air by periodically opening and closing according to... Agent:

20150013652 - Method and system for prioritizing vehicle vacuum: A vacuum prioritization system for a vehicle is disclosed. In one example, use and availability of vacuum provided via vacuum sources is allocated to higher priority vacuum operated actuators when a pressure in the vacuum system exceeds a threshold pressure. The lower priority vacuum operated actuators have access to vacuum... Agent:

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