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Internal-combustion engines

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12/18/2014 > 43 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20140366815 - Air heat exchanger: An air heat exchanger comprising a front-end heat exchanger (101), a fan (8), a ventilating duct (11), a back-end heat exchanger (102), a fan power source (20) and a fan drive shaft (7), wherein the front-end heat exchanger (101) and the back-end heat exchanger(102) are connected in series by a... Agent:

20140366816 - Modular cooling unit for automotive vehicle: A modular cooling unit is configured with a heat exchanger having a tunnel port extending at least part way through the core of the heat exchanger. A cooling fan motor is mounted within the tunnel port, so as to minimize the overall length of the cooling unit.... Agent:

20140366817 - Extended operation engine coolant composition: The invention relates to an engine coolant composition, and a method of increasing the operational life of a coolant composition in an engine, wherein an isononanoic acid is incorporated into the generally glycol based coolant fluid in place of nitrous acid or its salt to reduce pitting corrosion on iron... Agent:

20140366847 - Linear actuation for continuously variable-stroke cycle engine: A variable-stroke reciprocating internal combustion engine, the engine having an engine shaft and a piston configured to reciprocate within a cylinder chamber having an axis, each piston having a first piston part operable to move in unison with or separately from a second piston part to define piston strokes for... Agent: Yan Engines, Inc.

20140366818 - Rotary valve internal combustion engine: A rotary valve internal combustion engine has a piston connected to a crankshaft and reciprocatable in a cylinder, a combustion chamber being defined in part by the piston. The engine has a rotary valve rotatable in a valve housing fixed relative to the cylinder, the rotary valve having a valve... Agent: Rcv Engines Limited

20140366819 - Six-stroke cycle engine having scavenging stroke: A six-stroke cycle engine includes an intake passage including a throttle valve, and an exhaust passage including a catalyst. The six-stroke cycle engine includes a scavenging passage including a first end defined by a scavenging port and a second other end connected to the intake passage upstream of the throttle... Agent:

20140366820 - Apparatus for actuating valves in vehicles in variable valve control manner: An apparatus for actuating valves in vehicles in a variable valve control manner, may include an eccentric cam mounted on a cylinder head and rotating with power transmitted from a crank shaft, a high-pressure pump connected to an oil pump, wherein one end of the high-pressure pump may be pushed... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140366821 - Camshaft phaser: An internal combustion includes a crankshaft and a camshaft rotatable by the crankshaft. The internal combustion engine also includes an oil source, an engine cover, and a drive member disposed within the engine cover for transferring rotational motion from the crankshaft to the camshaft. A camshaft phaser actuated by an... Agent:

20140366822 - Method for controlling cam shaft in engine: A method for controlling a cam shaft in an engine, may include determining whether a current phase angle of a cam shaft relative to a crank shaft exceeds a predetermined reference range set for determining abnormality of alignment of the cam shaft relative to the crank shaft (S10); when it... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140366823 - Valve timing adjustment apparatus: A main locking mechanism locks a phase at a main locking phase, at which an intake valve is closed at timing later than a bottom dead center, by inserting a main locking member into a main locking hole. A sub locking mechanism locks a phase at a sub locking phase... Agent:

20140366824 - Valve timing adjustment apparatus: A planetary carrier supports a geared rotor from an inside in a radial direction, and receives a radial load in a first region, which is offset to one end from a center position in an axial direction. A ball bearing roller supports the planetary carrier from an outside in the... Agent:

20140366825 - Variable valve timing control device of internal combustion engine: When an intermediate lock by an intermediate lock mechanism is released, one of two lock keys, which restricts a shift in a direction opposite to a direction that valve timing of an intake valve has been controlled by controlling the valve timing of the intake valve to a phase-advance side... Agent:

20140366826 - Retention device for valve actuating mechanism: A retention device to secure a finger follower and lash adjuster of a valve actuating mechanism together includes a ring member disposed in a groove of a movable piston of the lash adjuster. The retention device also includes a plurality of connecting members formed from the finger follower and extending... Agent:

20140366827 - Lash adjuster: A lash adjuster is configured that reduces the impact at the time when a pressure force is exerted on a pressure-receiving effector, and reliably opens a valve by the necessary amount. This lash adjuster includes, in a relatively movable manner, the pressure-receiving effector that receives the pressure force and a... Agent:

20140366828 - Work implement with an internal combustion engine: A work implement has an internal combustion engine that drives a tool of the work implement via a clutch. The clutch has at least one driving element which is operatively connected to the internal combustion engine and at least one output element which is operatively connected to the tool. The... Agent: Andreas Stihl Ag & Co. Kg

20140366830 - Engine-powered tool: An engine-powered tool 1 includes a starter motor 106 to be driven by electric power supplied from a battery 80 to start an engine, start control means 102 to be driven by electric power from the battery 80 to control rotation of the starter motor 106, and a switching element... Agent:

20140366829 - Starter protector having delay circuit, delay circuit thereof and mobile vehicle: A delay circuit is coupled to an electromagnetic coil and includes a power input end coupled to a first end of the electromagnetic coil, a first switch module coupled to the power input end, a second switch module coupled to a second end of the electromagnetic coil, a first timing... Agent: Universal Global Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140366831 - Induced flow intake for an internal combustion engine: The present concept is an intake system for a multi cylinder internal combustion engine head which includes a multi-cylinder longitudinally oriented inline cylinder head at least one intake valve corresponding to each cylinder, and an intake runner extending longitudinally within the head, the intake runner interconnecting and communicating intake gases... Agent:

20140366832 - Internal combustion engine and control method therefor: An engine including: a primary balancer driven by a crankshaft via a gear drive device and rotates in a direction reverse to a direction of the crankshaft; an electric motor driven by the primary balancer via a belt drive device to rotate in a direction reverse to the direction of... Agent:

20140366834 - Connecting rod for a reciprocating-piston engine: A length-adjustable connecting rod for a reciprocating-piston engine. At least one first rod part and second rod part are telescopically displaceable relative to and/or into one another. The second rod part forms a guide cylinder and the first rod part forms a piston element which is longitudinally displaceable in the... Agent:

20140366833 - Connecting rod with bearing-less large end: A connecting rod of an internal combustion engine, that includes a large bore, and an interior bore surface. The current art uses soft metal bearing surfaces to reduce wear, and friction between the connecting rod inner diameter and the crankshaft journal surface. The soft metal bearing surface is a separate... Agent: Mahle Inc.

20140366836 - Actuator for lobe switching camshaft system: Systems and methods for actuating lobe switching in a camshaft system in an engine are disclosed. In one example approach, a method comprises deploying a first pin into a groove of a camshaft outer sleeve while a second pin remains in place due to an absence of a groove in... Agent:

20140366835 - Avoidance of a safety fuel cut-off during partial engine operation: A method for operating an internal combustion engine that includes at least two cylinders, includes operating the internal combustion engine in a first operating mode in partial engine operation, in which at least one of the cylinders is not fired, monitoring the internal combustion engine during the partial engine operation... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140366837 - Split-cycle-engine multi-axis helical crossover passage with geometric dilution: The current application is directed to mechanical devices that mix gasses, including an end section of a split cycle engine crossover passage. The end section forms, using high-pressure air from the crossover passage and fuel from the injector, a swirling, entwined mixture on multiple axes with distributed rotational frequencies that... Agent:

20140366838 - Intake system for engine: Output performance of the engine may be maximized by a configuration in which air is supplied so as to maximize volumetric efficiency of the respective cylinders in a multi-cylinder engine including a plurality of cylinders.... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140366839 - Transient event fuel apportionment for multi fuel engine system: A method for controlling fuel flow in a multi fuel engine during transient events is disclosed. A specified fuel substitution ratio may be used for apportioning multiple fuels available for providing power to the multi fuel engine to provide input power for operating the engine at a desired engine speed.... Agent:

20140366840 - Fuel apportionment for multi fuel engine system: A method for controlling fuel flow to apportion a plurality of available fuels in a multi fuel engine is disclosed. An input power for operating the multi fuel engine at a desired engine speed is determined at a PI controller, and a fuel flow rate for each of a plurality... Agent:

20140366841 - Throttle cable retainer: In at least some implementations, an apparatus includes a throttle valve rotatable between an first position and a second position, a connection member coupled to the throttle valve and a wire retainer coupled to the connection member. The connection member is adapted to be coupled to a wire that controls... Agent:

20140366842 - Conbustion control device for gas engine: To improve output and thermal efficiency of a gas engine by advancing the ignition timing to a maximum extent while knocking is suppressed, in the plurality of cylinders, by a simple and low-cost means, in a first calculation part 32, a knocking limit ignition timing Tia of a representing cylinder... Agent:

20140366843 - Arrangement and method for estimating a fuel mixture's content of a supplementary fuel: An arrangement and a method for estimating a fuel mixture's content of a supplementary fuel. A combustion engine (1) includes a common rail system with a high-pressure pump (6) which feeds to an accumulator tank (7) for storage of the fuel mixture before it is injected into the engine (1).... Agent:

20140366844 - Injector system, in particular injector block for fuel injection systems: An injector system used as an injector block for fuel injection systems of mixture-compressing, spark-ignited internal combustion engines includes: a first block element which has a fuel distribution channel, and at least one second block element on which a first connecting piece and at least one second connecting piece are... Agent:

20140366845 - Method for operating a direct fuel injection system: A method, comprising: during engine cylinder operation with fuel from a first injector and not a second injector: increasing a rail pressure of a fuel rail coupled to the second injector in response to a temperature increase of a tip of the second injector. In this way, by raising the... Agent:

20140366846 - Control apparatus for internal combustion engine: A control apparatus for an internal combustion engine includes a fuel injection valve having a nozzle body that includes a fuel receiving part provided at a downstream side of a seat part with which a seat contact part comes into contact, and a plurality of nozzle holes. The control apparatus... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140366848 - Internal combustion engine control system: The internal combustion engine control system includes an injector 3 (116) to supply fuel to an internal combustion engine 11, means 110 for calculating power distribution time for the injector, a sensor 105 to detect a valve opening of the injector, and means 112 for calculating and storing valve opening... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140366849 - Fuel pump assembly: A fuel pump assembly comprises a pumping plunger for pressurising fuel within a pumping chamber during a plunger pumping stroke; and a cam follower arrangement for imparting drive to the pumping plunger including a cam follower member which cooperates with the pumping plunger. The cam follower arrangement is biased into... Agent:

20140366850 - Egr controller for internal combustion engine: When the engine is in a specified operation state in which the EGR valve is brought into the full-close condition, the holding force for holding the EGR valve at the full-close position is corrected by correcting the control duty signal of the EGR valve. The control duty signal is corrected... Agent:

20140366853 - Egr controller for internal combustion engine: While an engine is at idling state with an EGR valve fully closed, an EGR controller estimates a leak quantity of an exhaust gas flowing into an intake passage and performs a biasing-force-increase control in which the EGR valve is biased toward a full-close position. When the leak quantity of... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140366852 - System and method for exhaust gas re-circulation: An exhaust gas re-circulation mixer for use with an engine is disclosed. The exhaust gas re-circulation mixer may include an inlet air port configured to receive inlet air, an outlet configured to release a mixture of the inlet air and exhaust gases and a body integrated with and connecting the... Agent:

20140366854 - Method for operating a drive assembly and drive assembly: The present invention relates to a method for operating a drive assembly having a gasoline engine (1) and an exhaust gas cooling system. According to the method, combustion air fed through an inlet valve to a cylinder (3) of the gasoline engine (1) is compressed by an exhaust turbocharger (12)... Agent:

20140366851 - Method for controlling an egr circuit of a motor vehicle engine, valve for implementing said method, and engine having said valve: A three-way valve configured to provide the connection between a gas intake circuit and an exhaust gas recirculation circuit is disclosed. The valve includes a first shutter for regulating the airflow rate, a second shutter for regulating the recirculated exhaust gas flow rate, a single motor for driving the two... Agent:

20140366855 - Engine apparatus: An engine apparatus that utilizes a gas pressure regulation valve not only for pressure adjustment but also for removal of lubricant. An engine apparatus includes a blow-by gas returning device to return a leakage of blow-by gas from a combustion chamber to an intake system. The engine apparatus includes an... Agent:

20140366856 - Closed breather system: In a closed breather system which returns blow-by gas 1 extracted, through a gas extraction tube 5, from an engine 3 to an intake tube 7 through a ventilator 2 for separation and recovery of oil mist, a three-way valve 13 is incorporated in the gas extraction tube 5 to... Agent: Hino Motors, Ltd.

20140366857 - Secondary air supply device for internal combustion engine: A secondary air supply device for an internal combustion engine, the secondary air supply device includes a secondary air supply passage, an air pump, a control valve, a pressure sensor and an electronic control unit. The electronic control unit is configured to: (a) when the control valve is opened so... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 34 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20140360450 - Marine engine lubrication: (ii) lubricating the engine cylinder(s) with a lubricant having a BN of 20 or less and having a detergent additive system comprising at least two different metal detergents each having one surfactant group selected from phenate, salicylate and sulphonate, or one or more complex metal detergents containing two or more... Agent:

20140360451 - Marine engine lubrication: (ii) lubricating the engine cylinder(s) with a lubricant having a BN of 20 or less and having a detergent additive system comprising one or more different metal detergents having a surfactant group selected from phenate, salicylate and sulphonate, or one or more complex metal detergents containing two or more different... Agent:

20140360458 - Internal combustion engine with paired, parallel, offset pistons: An internal combustion engine; wherein at least two cylinders continuously communicate via the cylinder head; and wherein the connecting rod in one cylinder is offset from the connecting rod in the second cylinder by an angle between 1 and 90 degrees as measured from the crankshaft.... Agent:

20140360444 - Control device for internal combustion engine: An ECU 50 acquires a wall surface temperature of a combustion chamber 14 or an engine water temperature or the like that correlates therewith as a wall temperature parameter. The ECU 50 is equipped with data for a pre-ignition suppression temperature region that is a region in which the pre-ignition... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140360445 - Engine cooling system: An engine cooling system may include a housing forming an enclosed duct having an air intake opening, at least one heat exchanger positioned within the duct such that ambient air entering the air intake opening contacts the at least one heat exchanger, at least one radiator circulating coolant for the... Agent:

20140360473 - Variable compression ratio engines and methods for hcci compression ignition operation: Variable compression ratio engines and methods for homogeneous charge, compression ignition operation. The engines effectively premix the fuel and air well before compression ignition. Various embodiments are disclosed including embodiments that include two stages of compression to obtain compression ratios well above the mechanical compression ratio of the engine cylinders... Agent:

20140360446 - Hybrid vehicles with radial engines: A radial cam engine with an optimized cam configuration can provide improve performance over crankshaft internal combustion engines. The cam configuration can include a flat-top or flat bottom piston motion, multiple lobe cam configurations, matching piston force with torque/force ratio in combustion phase, asymmetry piston motions for improved power transfer... Agent: Thien Ton Consulting Services Company Limited

20140360447 - Gas exchange valve of an internal combustion engine: A gas exchange valve of an internal combustion engine may include a hollow valve stem and a valve disc. The valve disc may include a valve bottom and a hollow valve cone which is connected to an outer edge of said valve bottom. The hollow valve cone may taper with... Agent:

20140360449 - Valve timing control device: A sealing member is supported by a holding surface of a vane rotor and slides on a sealing surface formed by an inner surface of a housing rotor, so as to seal an advancing chamber and a retarding chamber from each other. The sealing member has a pressure-receiving surface and... Agent:

20140360448 - Camshaft guide member: A camshaft guide member is provided for guiding a camshaft through a plurality of axially aligned camshaft bearings in an engine along a camshaft rotation axis. The camshaft guide member includes a first end, a second end and a contact surface extending between the first end and the second end.... Agent:

20140360452 - Method for producing a built hollow valve: A method for producing a hollow valve of an internal combustion engine may include providing a hollow valve stem, a valve cone, and a valve bottom; pushing the valve cone over the valve stem via a press fit, wherein the valve cone includes an outer surface transitioning to the valve... Agent:

20140360453 - Valve guide insert with frictional pre-broach retention feature: A valve guide insert for lining and relining a valve guide bore in an internal combustion engine includes a one-piece, thin-walled, cylindrically-shaped metallic tube made from reformable bearing material having first and second ends and an intermediate portion. An inwardly tapered portion is disposed at the first end, wherein an... Agent: K-line Industries, Inc.

20140360454 - Engine system having a backflow valve and method for operation thereof: An engine system is described. The engine system includes an oil drain passage in fluidic communication with an oil separator. The engine system further includes a backflow valve positioned at an outlet of the oil drain line, the backflow valve having a first configuration where the valve provides a predetermined... Agent:

20140360455 - Connecting rod for internal combustion engine: A connecting rod for internal combustion engines and the like has a rod, an upper connecting rod part, and a lower connecting rod part the rod is composed of at least two parts including a left part, as considered in direction of rotation of a crankshaft clockwise, having a straight... Agent:

20140360456 - Rotary internal combustion engine with pilot subchamber and ignition element: A rotary engine an insert in one of the walls of the outer body having a pilot subchamber defined therein communicating with the internal cavity of the engine. An ignition element extends in an element cavity defined through the insert adjacent the subchamber. A portion of the element is in... Agent:

20140360457 - Idar-ace inverse displacement asymmetric rotating alternative core engine: The disclosure provides engines or pumps that includes a rotatable shaft defining a central axis A, the shaft having a first end and a second end. The shaft can have an elongate first island disposed thereon. The first island can have a body with a volume generally defined between front... Agent:

20140360459 - Reduced torque variation for engines with active fuel management: In one exemplary embodiment, a method for active fuel management in an engine having a plurality of cylinders is provided, the method including stopping a fuel flow into a first set of the plurality of cylinders, the stopping causing a deactivation of the first set of cylinders and continuing injection... Agent:

20140360460 - System and method for control of fuel injector spray using ultrasonics: The present disclosure provides an improved system and method of operating a fuel injector of an engine to provide at least two different types of fuel spray in a combustion chamber of the engine by application of ultrasonic pulses to fuel in the fuel injector during an injection event. A... Agent:

20140360461 - Dedicated egr cylinder post combustion injection: Systems and methods for increasing an amount of fuel injected into a dedicated exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cylinder in an engine are disclosed. In one example approach, a method comprises, prior to combustion, injecting a first amount of fuel to a dedicated EGR cylinder, and after combustion and during an... Agent:

20140360462 - Throttle having two channels with control via each channel: The invention relates to a double distributor for distributing the intake fluid of an engine, comprising a body in which first and second flow channels are arranged, first and second movable shutters being positioned in said flow channels, said distributor also including an actuator motor and kinematics for simultaneously actuating... Agent:

20140360463 - Control device for internal combustion engine: A control device of an internal combustion engine performs an air-fuel ratio feedback control to set an air-fuel ratio to a target air-fuel ratio, and determines abnormality of a fuel system based on a feedback correction amount by the air-fuel ratio feedback control. The control device of an internal combustion... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140360464 - Internal combustion engine control device: In an internal combustion engine control device, a predetermined margin torque is set such that it is possible to maintain a predetermined engine idling speed by adjusting ignition timing with respect to load fluctuations during idling operation. The margin torque is set to decrease, as a load, acting on the... Agent:

20140360465 - Cold starting device and cold starting method for vehicle: A cold starting apparatus and a cold starting method for a vehicle may include: a throttle body configured to make air flow in an engine; a heater device installed at the throttle body, and configured to preheat the air passing through the throttle body; and a cold starting injector installed... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140360466 - Internal combustion engine having a starter device: An internal combustion engine has a supply channel supplying combustion air. A throttle element is arranged in the supply channel and the position of the throttle element is adjustable by an operator-controlled element. The engine has a starter device which has an operating position and a starting position. In the... Agent:

20140360467 - Internal combustion engine having a starter device: An internal combustion engine has a supply channel for supplying combustion air. A throttle element is arranged in the supply channel. The engine has a starter device which enables a defined free flow cross section in the supply channel in a starting position. The starter device latches in the starting... Agent:

20140360469 - Fuel injection valve and device for injecting fuel: The fuel injection valve (1) for the intermittent injection of fuel into the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine has a valve housing (12) that defines a longitudinal axis (14) and is provided with a high-pressure chamber (16). The connecting part (20) of the valve housing (12) has two... Agent:

20140360468 - Method of organizing the working procedure in a spark ignition gas piston engine: A piston engine intakes, at the compression stage, lean gas-air mixture from a cylinder to the ignition chamber. The residual gases are at 500° C. to 700° C., and are composed of: carbon dioxide 6.7% to 5.6%, oxygen 6.6% to 8.8%, water vapor 12.8% to 19.8% with the air excess... Agent:

20140360470 - Method for diagnosing a drift in at least one injector of a common-rail fuel injection system: A method of diagnosis of a drift of at least one injector of an injection system with a common ramp, which includes a pressure regulating control unit and a richness regulating control unit, the pressure and richness regulating control units being driven by an electronic computer according to values of... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20140360471 - Control system for internal combustion engine and inert gas concentration detecting device for compressed natural gas: In a control system that includes a pressure accumulating portion that supplies CNG to a fuel injection valve and a regulator that adjusts a pressure in the pressure accumulating portion to a set pressure and of which a valve element opens when CNG is supplied to the pressure accumulating portion... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140360472 - Fuel injection device: A fuel injection device for smooth discharge of a gas accumulated therein comprising a fuel pump, a solenoid valve for injecting pressurized fuel into the intake passage of an engine, a high-pressure fuel passage extending from the fuel pump to the solenoid valve and has a medially positioned constant-pressure chamber,... Agent:

20140360474 - Method and system for providing fuel to internal combustion engines: The present invention relates to a system and method for providing fuel to internal combustion engines including fuel activation prior to injection. The method carried out by the system comprises dissolving a mixture of gasses providing improved fuel dispersing after fuel injection into a combustion chamber. Dissolved gasses desorption is... Agent:

20140360475 - Cooling module: A cooling module, composed of at least one first and one second heat exchanger, are connected in a common frame or directly to one another, it being possible for cooling air to flow through both heat exchangers. The second heat exchanger has a greater structural depth than the first heat... Agent:

20140360476 - Dual coil ignition system: A dual coil ignition system is provided. The dual coil ignition system includes a first inductive ignition coil including a first primary winding and a first secondary winding, and a second inductive ignition coil including a second primary winding and a second secondary winding, the second secondary winding connected in... Agent:

20140360477 - System and method for determining valve operation: Systems and methods for determining operation of a cylinder deactivating/reactivating device are disclosed. In one example, degradation of the cylinder deactivating/reactivating device is based on intake manifold oxygen concentration.... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 41 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140352635 - Apparatus for the generation of hydrogen for internal combustion engines: Device for generating hydrogen for internal-combustion engines essentially comprising first means for generating hydrogen (H2) and second means for generating oxygen (O2) that addresses the technical problem of storing hydrogen, as well as the derived problems of using a substation to produce the fuel required to start and run the... Agent: Antonio Gonzalez-amaliach Cano

20140352636 - Powertrain cooling system with cooling and heating modes for heat exchangers: A cooling system has an engine heat exchanger in thermal communication with engine oil in an engine. A transmission heat exchanger is in thermal communication with transmission oil in a transmission. A pump has a pump inlet and a pump outlet. A valve assembly is in fluid communication with the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140352638 - Camshaft adjusting device: A camshaft adjusting device having a vane-type adjuster, which includes a stator which is rotatably drivable by a crankshaft; and a rotor which is rotatably supported in the stator and is connectable to a camshaft, a plurality of radially inwardly projecting projections, which divide an annular space between the stator... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140352637 - Electric control device: An electric control device includes: a cam having a variable distance between an outer periphery and a center; a control shaft having one end, which contacts the outer periphery of the cam, and displaceable according to a rotation of the cam to adjust a valve lift amount; a motor rotating... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140352639 - Valve timing control apparatus: A valve timing control apparatus is provided with at least one of: an advance-angle control starting device configured to start to control a relative rotational phase of a camshaft with respect to a crankshaft to an advance side when an internal combustion engine starts and when a valve lift amount... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140352640 - Ceramic glow plug equipped with pressure sensor: A ceramic glow plug equipped with a pressure sensor including a ceramic heater, a holding device, a housing sleeve, a housing, a movable member and a pressure sensor. A heat-generating main portion P whose resistance is 75% of the total resistance of the ceramic heater is located forward of the... Agent:

20140352642 - Component catch for crash robustness: Systems are disclosed to restrain movement of engine components in the event of a collision. A system may comprise an upper intake manifold; a cam cover; a shear catch located between the upper intake manifold and the cam cover; an upper component of the shear catch is arranged on the... Agent:

20140352643 - Intake manifold assembly: An intake manifold assembly includes an intake manifold body defining an interior manifold cavity. The intake manifold further includes a throttle mount coupled to the intake manifold body and defining a mount passage in fluid communication with the interior manifold cavity. The throttle mount is configured to be coupled to... Agent:

20140352641 - Sealing solution for reduced diameter intake manifold post: A sealing arrangement for a post for an intake manifold having a first portion and a second portion held together is set forth. Each of the portions extends from a shell half that, when the two shells are attached to one another, form the intake manifold. Each of the portions... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140352644 - Mount structure of intake air flow control valve device: In an intake air flow control valve device a flange formed in a housing of the intake air flow control valve device is bolted to a cylinder head via a first gasket and a second gasket along opening outer peripheries of a first intake air passage and a second intake... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20140352645 - Cylinder liner and cylinder head for combustion engine: A cylinder liner for being mounted to a cylinder head of an internal combustion engine includes an inner liner face for guiding a piston of the internal combustion engine, an outer liner face, and a liner end face facing the cylinder head in a mounted state and connecting the inner... Agent:

20140352646 - Heat-insulating member and structure of combustion chamber for engine: There are provided a heat-insulating member which enhances a thermal efficiency of an engine to enhance fuel efficiency, and a structure of a combustion chamber for the engine. A heat-insulating member 1 includes a substrate 5, an insulating porous layer 3, and a surface dense layer 2. The substrate 5,... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140352648 - Method for determining a position of a piston in a piston pressure accumulator by resistance measurement and suitably designed piston pressure accumulator: The invention relates to a method for determining a position of a piston (5) in a piston pressure accumulator (1) and a ON correspondingly designed piston pressure accumulator (1). A housing (3) accommodates a displaceable piston (5). An electrode arrangement (15) having a plurality of 4-point measurement electrode pairs (17)... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmmh

20140352649 - Piston: A piston for an internal combustion engine may include a plurality of pin bores for accommodating a piston pin. The pin bores may be transversely oval to a longitudinal axis of the piston. The pin bores may be formed in a circular cylindrical manner at a zenith of α=0° and... Agent:

20140352647 - Piston for an internal combustion engine: The invention relates to a piston (10, 110) for an internal combustion engine. Said piston comprises a piston head (11), a piston skirt (12) and a peripheral recess (24) between the piston head (11) and the piston skirt (12), an annular peripheral cooling channel (17), which is open towards the... Agent: Mahle International Gmbh

20140352650 - Steel piston with cooling gallery and method of construction thereof: A piston and method of construction is provided. The piston includes a top part fixed to a bottom part. The top part has an uppermost surface with annular inner and outer upper joining surfaces depending therefrom. The bottom part has a pair of pin bosses with pin bores aligned with... Agent:

20140352651 - Housing cover, in particular plastics oil sump: The invention relates to a housing cover made from plastic on an engine housing or gearbox housing made from metal in an internal combustion engine, said housing cover being secured by a plurality of fastening screws (5) against the housing, wherein the housing cover is secured against a bearing surface... Agent: Ibs Filtran Kunststoff-/ Metallerzeugnisse Gmbh

20140352652 - Engine oil supply system and a method of controlling an engine oil supply system: An engine oil supply system for a motor vehicle and a method of controlling an engine oil supply system of a motor vehicle is disclosed in which, particularly during an engine overrun period or an engine shut-down, kinetic energy from the slowing engine is used to drive an oil pump... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140352653 - Power delivery devices for reciprocating engines and related systems and methods: In some aspects, a power delivery device configured to couple to a reciprocating element of a reciprocating engine is configured to couple to a power output element via a substantially steady, invariant (e.g., constant) moment arm in order to generate increased torque and power.... Agent:

20140352654 - Rotary wing engine: Embodiments relate to a rotary internal combustion engine with a sealing structure that enables a rotor and a plurality of wings within a housing to form a plurality of sealed chambers. The wings are connected to the rotor and can rotate about a first axis with reference to the rotor,... Agent: Rotary Wing Engine, Inc.

20140352655 - Transition from homogeneous charge compression ignition combustion mode to spark ignited combustion: A method of controlling an engine includes initiating a transition from homogenous charge compression ignition (HCCI) to spark ignited (SI) combustion mode of the engine under low load. The method includes commanding an exhaust valve actuator to increase lift of the exhaust valve to maximize expulsion of combustion chamber contents.... Agent:

20140352656 - Intake port throttling control for dual fuel engines with asymmetric intake passages: Systems and methods for controlling intake flow to dual fuel internal combustion engines are disclosed. The system includes an intake system for providing a charge flow to a plurality of cylinders of the engine through at least two asymmetric intake passages connected to respective intake ports of each cylinder of... Agent:

20140352657 - Centerflow throttle valve: A throttle valve includes a valve body defining a flow passage. A plurality of non-overlapping occluder members are mounted in the flow passage and have synchronized movement due to devices externally of the flow passage. The occluder members have mating edges which engage when closed together to substantially restrict flow... Agent:

20140352658 - System and method to diagnose fuel system pressure sensor: A system includes an ignition detection module, a pressure sensor, a pressure variation module, and a pressure sensor diagnostic module. The ignition detection module detects when an engine is started. The pressure sensor generates a first pressure signal indicating a first pressure within a fuel system of the engine when... Agent:

20140352659 - Methods and systems for cylinder bank misfire detection and reactivation: Various systems and methods are described for deactivation and reactivation of a cylinder bank in a V-engine. In one example, the cylinder bank is deactivated responsive to an indication of misfire based on crankshaft acceleration and exhaust air fuel ratio. The cylinder bank is reactivated sequentially based on exhaust catalyst... Agent:

20140352660 - Hand-held power tool with an internal combustion engine: A hand-held power tool has an internal combustion engine provided with a throttle trigger adjustable between an idle position and a full throttle position. The engine has an operating mode selector adjustable between an operating position and a start position. In an intake passage of the engine, a throttle element... Agent: Andreas Stihl Ag & Co. Kg

20140352661 - Method for purging condensate from a charge air cooler: Methods and systems are provided for cleaning out condensate stored at a charge air cooler. In response to increased condensate accumulation at a charge air cooler, airflow through the engine is increased to purge the condensate while an engine actuator is adjusted to maintain engine torque. Combustion stability issues of... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140352662 - Combustion state determination device for internal combustion engine: A spark ignition type internal combustion engine 1 causes a spark discharge generated between a center electrode 22 and a ground electrode 23 and an electric field generated via an antenna 16 facing inside of a combustion chamber 6 to interact to generate a plasma and ignite a fuel-air mixture.... Agent: Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

20140352663 - Method for purging condensate from a charge air cooler: Methods and systems are provided for cleaning out condensate stored at a charge air cooler. In response to increased condensate accumulation at a charge air cooler, airflow through the engine is increased to purge the condensate while an engine actuator is adjusted to maintain engine torque. Combustion stability issues of... Agent:

20140352664 - Flow limiting system: The present disclosure is related to a flow limiting system for a dual fuel engine is disclosed. The flow limiting system includes a first valve configured to regulate a flow of a liquid fuel therethrough based on a pressure difference across the first valve. The flow limiting system further includes... Agent:

20140352665 - Engine apparatus: Upon arranging a separator tank in a V bank formed between a pair of cylinders, an arrangement position thereof is set to be a position unsusceptible to an influence from an exterior. The separator tank in which a fuel pump that stores liquid fuel in an interior thereof and feeds... Agent: Mikuni Corporation

20140352666 - Common rail injector having swirl spray nozzle: The present disclosure relates to a common rail injector having a swirl spray nozzle which has a tip having an orifice at a lower end portion of a housing. An upper portion of the tip is closed by means of a cup-shaped nozzle portion, the nozzle portion has a cylindrical... Agent:

20140352667 - Fluid injector for a combustion engine: A fluid injector for a combustion engine includes a central longitudinal axis, an injection valve housing with an injection valve cavity, a valve needle axially movable within the injection valve cavity, and an electromagnetic actuator unit that actuates the valve needle. The electromagnetic actuator unit includes a pole piece fixedly... Agent:

20140352668 - Systems and methods for heating a pre-compressor duct to reduce condensate formation: Methods and systems are provided for providing auxiliary heat to a pre-compressor duct wall to reduce condensate formation. A coolant valve may control the delivery of heated engine coolant to the pre-compressor duct wall. The coolant valve may be adjusted based on condensate formation at the pre-compressor duct wall.... Agent:

20140352669 - Methods and systems for providing transient torque response: A method and system for providing a suitable engine torque response during a transient condition is presented. In one example, when a desired inlet manifold pressure is greater than a throttle inlet pressure of a first throttle, a second throttle positioned upstream from the first throttle is opened to increase... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140352671 - Method of rebuilding an egr cooler: A method of rebuilding a salvaged EGR coolers is disclosed in which the existing heat exchanger elements are removed from the salvaged stock EGR cooler housing and replaced with a heat exchanger element made from a pair of heat exchanger tube sub-assemblies. Each of the heat exchanger tube sub-assemblies includes... Agent:

20140352670 - System and method for operating an engine: A method for operating an engine is disclosed. In one example, internal EGR is increased during conditions where cooled EGR is at a higher concentration during a decreasing engine load so that homogeneous compression ignition may be initiated at lower engine loads.... Agent:

20140352672 - Exhaust system having egr through compression valve: An exhaust system is disclosed for use with an engine. The exhaust system may have a compression relief valve associated with an engine cylinder. The exhaust system may also have an exhaust gas recirculation passage extending from the compression relief valve to an intake of the engine cylinder.... Agent:

20140352673 - Blow-by gas recirculation device for internal combustion engine: If the pressure of the section of the air intake path downstream of a compressor wheel becomes higher than the pressure of the section on the upstream side, a flow of air is produced in a bypass pipe and an ejector draws in blow-by gas from within a first gas... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140352674 - Multiple layer bypass hydrocarbon trap: An air induction system for an engine includes an air filter box configured to receive an air filter that separates the air filter box into an atmosphere side and a filtered air side, a clean-air duct coupled downstream from the air filter box and upstream of the engine relative to... Agent:

20140352675 - Pressurization device: The present disclosure relates to an apparatus (10) for pressurizing a first substance, such as a liquid, gas or particulate material, to a pressure substantially equal or similar to the pressure of a second substance, i.e. a reference substance. The pressure of the reference substance may be transient so the... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 39 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20140345546 - Coal-to-liquid systems and methods: A Coal-to-Liquid Fuels production process by which carbon dioxide (CO2) exhaust by-products are significantly reduced, if not eliminated, through a system comprising the generation of a first hydrogen (H2) product and carbon from coal and generating carbon monoxide (CO) by reacting the Carbon (C) with CO2. A second hydrogen (H2)... Agent:

20140345548 - Cooling apparatus for internal combustion engine and motorcycle including the same: A cooling apparatus includes a cooling passage provided in an internal combustion engine, a water pump, a radiator, a first passage through which the water pump and the cooling passage are connected to each other, a second passage through which the cooling passage and the radiator are connected to each... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140345547 - Cooling system of engine: A cooling system of an engine may include an engine that has a cylinder block where a cylinder is formed therein and a cylinder head that covers the cylinder block, a radiator that is disposed outside the engine, a first thermostat that is disposed on a coolant line connecting the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Companay

20140345549 - Motorcycle: A motorcycle includes a cylinder body, a cylinder head disposed above the cylinder body, and a plurality of dowel pins configured to position the cylinder body and the cylinder head. The cylinder body includes a plurality of cylinders and a plurality of bolt insertion holes. The cylinder head includes first... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140345572 - Reciprocating internal combustion engine: A method for determining a heat addition needed to achieve a target/limiting combustion temperature of a working fluid in a thermodynamic cycle in an engine can include determining a third state of the thermodynamic cycle, where the third state is defined by a third internal energy E3Qless and a third... Agent:

20140345581 - Internal combustion engine: An internal combustion engine is disclosed. The internal combustion engine includes a head, a first and second cylinders, a first and second doubled-end pistons, a wrist pin, a connecting rod, and a crankcase. The first and second doubled-end pistons are disposed within the first and second cylinder, respectively. The wrist... Agent:

20140345550 - Valve timing control apparatus: A valve timing control apparatus includes a housing rotor, a vane rotor, a control valve, and a lock mechanism which locks a rotation phase at a stop time and a start time of an engine. The control valve has an atmospheric port communicating with atmosphere air; a discharge port through... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140345551 - Internal combustion engine and motorcycle equipped with the engine: In an internal combustion engine, upper and lower crankcases include a crank chamber, a clutch chamber in communication with the crank chamber, and a cam chain chamber. The upper crankcase includes a second upper partition wall configured to separate the cam chain chamber and the clutch chamber from each other.... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140345552 - Spark plug and internal combustion engine: To improve a heat conductance of an center electrode of a spark plug in which its center electrode protrudes to a combustion chamber from the defining surface of the chamber, the ignition plug includes a center electrode to where high voltage for spark discharge is applied; an insulator having a... Agent: Imagineering, Inc.

20140345553 - Starting element: A starting element (100) for use, for example, in a drivetrain of a motor vehicle, includes a piston (310) which divides a first volume (560) that can be filled with a fluid from a second volume (570) that can be filled with a fluid, wherein the piston (310) comprises at... Agent:

20140345556 - Device for automatically stopping and restarting internal combustion engine: A device for automatically stopping and restarting an internal combustion engine is provided with a crank angle sensor (1) that detects a crank angle of an engine (10), a fuel injection unit (11) that injects fuel into the engine, and the device is also provided with a starter activation prohibition... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140345554 - Electromagnetic switch for the starter of a heat engine, comprising at least two movable contacts: An electromagnetic switch for the starter of a heat engine, including a first terminal (B1), a second terminal (B2), a first mobile contact (C1) which is movable between an inactive position and a power supply position, and at least one second mobile contact (C2), which is placed between the first... Agent:

20140345555 - Push button starting system module for outdoor power equipment: A self-contained starting module for outdoor power equipment that has control circuit and a start button. The starting module includes internal control circuit that can be either microprocessor based or analog. The control circuit receives a start signal from a start button of the starting module. The control circuit monitors... Agent: Briggs & Stratton Corporation

20140345557 - Thermal spray coated engine valve for increased wear resistance: A valve for use in an internal combustion engine is disclosed. The valve includes a stem connected to a fillet disposed between the stem and a seat face. A port receives the stem and accommodates a seat insert that engages the seat face when the valve is in a closed... Agent:

20140345558 - Engine and straddle-type vehicle: An engine of a straddle-type vehicle includes a seal between a surrounding wall and a pipe. A cylinder head includes a first surrounding wall portion and a second surrounding wall portion. One end of the pipe is pressed in against the first surrounding wall portion. The second surrounding wall portion... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140345559 - Mechanical component for internal combustion engine, manufacturing method of mechanical component for internal combustion engine, and mechanical component: A mechanical component for an internal combustion engine includes a mechanical component body made of one of aluminum and aluminum alloy and used for the internal combustion engine, a nickel plating layer formed to cover a surface of a predetermined portion of the mechanical component body, and a reforming layer... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140345560 - Engine lubrication system: A system for lubricating an engine is disclosed. In one example, the system includes an oil purging passage in fluidic communication with an oil gallery within an engine block. The system may provide for reduced engine degradation related to debris that may be found in engine oil.... Agent:

20140345561 - Piston and connecting rod assembly: In an assembly (1) for a combustion engine, consisting of a piston (2) and a connecting rod (17), the piston includes a piston crown (3), a piston skirt (4) and portions (10, 14) for accommodating a piston pin (6) through which the piston is intended to be supported on the... Agent:

20140345562 - Single-stage and three-stage internal combusion rotary engines: The three-stage engine comprises a compressor, which feeds air to a combustor for fuel injection, combustion and expansion of gases which rotate the rotor and generate torque. The afterburner receives the combusted gases from the combustor for secondary combustion and exhaust. Each unit consists of a cylindrical housing joined together... Agent:

20140345563 - Integrated fuel injectors and igniters and associated methods of use and manufacture: The present disclosure is directed to injectors with integrated igniters providing efficient injection, ignition, and complete combustion of various types of fuels. These integrated injectors/igniters can include, for example, insulators with adequate mechanical and dielectric strength to enable high-energy plasma generation by components that have very small dimensions, multifunction valving... Agent: Mcalister Technologies, LLC

20140345564 - Idling stop control device, vehicle and vehicle control method: An idle reduction control device mounted on a vehicle equipped with an engine and a brake comprises: a pumping operation detector that detects a pumping operation of the brake; and an engine controller that controls a start and a stop of the engine. The engine controller stops the engine after... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140345565 - Ignition control device for internal combustion engine: An ignition control device is applied to an engine configured to generate one or more discharges within an ignition period. Regarding the device, a discharge voltage within first period or an amount of fuel included in the gas is referred to as a first parameter, which first period is from... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140345566 - Secured double-channel controlling device for automobile engine: The invention relates to a device for dosing inlet fluid in an engine and for regulating the temperature thereof, comprising a dosing body wherein a first and a second circulation channel are arranged. First (10) and second (20) movable flow dosage flaps are arranged in said circulation channels. Said dosing... Agent:

20140345569 - Device for injecting fuel into the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine: A device for injecting fuel into the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine comprising at least one injector. The injector includes an injector body, a high-pressure accumulator integrated into the injector body, an injection nozzle, a high-pressure bore, and a feed bore. The injection nozzle defines a nozzle chamber... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140345568 - Engine intake apparatus and method: Intake apparatus for an engine comprising: injection means for injecting fuel into a flow stream of intake gas through the apparatus; and heating means for heating intake gas passing through the apparatus, the apparatus being operable to inject fuel into the flow stream of intake gas by means of the... Agent:

20140345567 - Fuel injection system and preheating device: A fuel injection system for an internal combustion engine may include at least one distributor unit to supply liquid fluid and a plurality of preheating systems each connected to the distributor unit. The respective preheating systems may have a preheating chamber and at least one heating element. A plurality of... Agent:

20140345570 - Method of fuel activation and system to deliver it to a diesel engine: A method for activating a diesel fuel by saturating it with air, CO2 or any other type of gas and system to deliver it to an internal combustion engine (gas turbine, diesel engine or any HC fuel combustion unit) for combustion. The high pressure pump delivers the fuel from the... Agent:

20140345571 - Determining the opening behavior of a fuel injector by means of an electrical test excitation without magnetic saturation: A method for determining an opening behavior of a combustion engine fuel injector having a coil drive includes: applying to a coil of the coil drive an electrical test excitation that is weaker than an electrical standard excitation applied to the coil during normal operation of the engine, such that... Agent:

20140345574 - Tank venting system and method for diagnosing same: A tank venting system of an internal combustion engine having an intake manifold, a fuel tank, and an activated carbon filter includes: a tank vent valve; at least one check valve; and a pressure sensor situated between the tank vent valve and the check valve. For diagnosing this tank venting... Agent:

20140345573 - Turbo bypass switch valve mounting on air box: A system which includes a turbo bypass switching valve (BSV) positioned at a beneficial location as a direct mount on an air box to achieve compliance to OBD hose-off requirement via electronic actuation of the BSV and monitoring of the fuel tank pressure sensor for pressure change. When the turbocharger... Agent:

20140345575 - Canister purging for plug-in hydrid electric vehicles: A method for desorbing fuel vapors from a canister of a vehicle having an internal combustion engine and a fuel tank includes detecting the temperature within the interior of the fuel tank using a temperature sensor positioned within the fuel tank. The canister is in fluid communication with the fuel... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140345576 - Evaporated fuel treatment apparatus: An evaporated fuel treatment apparatus includes a diagnosis section for leak diagnosis of an evaporated fuel tightly-closed system. In first diagnosis stage in which an atmosphere on-off valve is in close state after an ignition switch is turned off, the diagnosis section performs first leak diagnosis, based on relationship between... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140345577 - Charge air cooler, and intake manifold including the same: A charge air cooler includes a housing and a heat exchanger core positioned within the housing. The heat exchanger core includes a first core section, a second core section, and a centrally located section positioned between the first core section and the second core section. The charge air cooler also... Agent:

20140345578 - Inner fin: There is provided an inner fin wherein: a sheet material is formed into an offset configuration in which grooves and ridges are formed alternately in a widthwise direction, and the grooves and the ridges are offset laterally at right angles to a gas flowing direction at predetermined length intervals in... Agent: Tokyo Radiator Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140345579 - Engine exhaust gas recirculation cooling system with integrated latent heat storage device: A method includes operating an internal combustion engine producing, as a byproduct, exhaust gases. The flow of exhaust gases are segregated into a first, relatively hot flow and a second, relatively cold flow. The second flow is directed to an intake of the internal combustion engine for combustion with fresh... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140345580 - Oil drain structure for oil mist separator: An oil drain structure for an oil mist separator including a drain pipe extending from the oil mist separator into the internal combustion engine, the drain pipe having an oil discharge hole extending through a lower end portion of the drain pipe along an axial direction of the drain pipe,... Agent: Mahle Filter Systems Japan Corporatiom

20140345582 - Ignition coil for internal combustion engine: An ignition coil for an internal combustion engine is provided with a coil section that includes a primary coil and a secondary coil, and a connector case section. The primary coil is formed by winding a primary electric wire about the outer periphery of a primary spool made of a... Agent:

20140345583 - Semiconductor device and internal combustion engine ignition device: A semiconductor device includes an IGBT, a constant voltage circuit, and protection Zener diodes. The IGBT makes/breaks a low-voltage current flowing in a primary coil. The constant voltage circuit and the protection Zener diodes are provided between an external gate terminal and an external collector terminal. The constant voltage circuit... Agent:

20140345584 - Exhaust gas sensor controls adaptation for asymmetric degradation responses: Methods and systems are provided for converting an asymmetric degradation response of an exhaust gas sensor to a more symmetric degradation response. In one example, a method includes adjusting fuel injection responsive to a modified exhaust oxygen feedback signal from an exhaust gas sensor, the modified exhaust oxygen feedback signal... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

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