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20150144087 - Gasoline compositions and method of producing the same: Gasoline fuel and method of making and using it. The fuel comprises from 5 to 20 vol.-% paraffinic hydrocarbons originating from biological oils, fats, or derivatives or combinations thereof. Further, it comprises oxygenates, such as ethanol present in a concentration of about 5 to 15 vol.-%; or iso-butanol present in... Agent: Neste Oil Oyj

20150144085 - Metal complex, and absorbent material, storage material and separation material comprising metal complex: The metal complex comprises a multivalent carboxylic acid compound, at least one metal ion selected from ions of metals belonging to Groups 2 to 13 of the periodic table, an organic ligand capable of multidentate binding to the metal ion, and a C1 or C2 monocarboxylic acid compound. The metal... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd.

20150144086 - Method for auto-adding energy-saving activator and apparatus for the same: An apparatus to auto-adding an energy-saving activator has a container and a control unit. The container has a heater electrically connected to a control circuit of the control unit. The control unit has a vibration sensor and a sound sensor. When both the vibration and sound sensors transmit signals, the... Agent: Gather Forward Technology Ltd.

20150144077 - System for checking a combustion engine coupled with an electric generator of a hybrid terrestrial vehicle having a drive line driven by at least one electric motor: System for checking a combustion engine (1) coupled with an electric generator (2) of a hybrid terrestrial vehicle having at least a drive line (61, 62) driven by at least one electric motor (51, 52); the combustion engine (1) comprising at least one subsystem to be checked; the system further... Agent: Fpt Motorenforschung Ag

20150144079 - Degassing tank, and motor vehicle cooling system provided with such a degassing tank: The present invention relates to a venting tank, suitable for being fitted in a cooling system of a motor vehicle and defining an inner space intended for receiving a coolant, the venting tank including at least one inlet and at least one outlet for the coolant which are arranged below... Agent:

20150144078 - Motor vehicle engine cooling system and method: A motor vehicle engine cooling system includes a fluid flow control device having first and second fluid inlets and first and second fluid outlets. The first fluid inlet is arranged to be connected to a cylinder head coolant outlet of the engine and the second fluid inlet is arranged to... Agent:

20150144080 - Apparatus for modifying engine oil cooling system: A method of modifying the oil cooling system of a diesel engine includes the steps of removing the original equipment liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger and installing a manifold having a configuration adapted to match the mounting configuration of the oil passages of the original equipment liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger. The manifold has... Agent:

20150144103 - Internal combustion engine: An internal combustion engine comprising an engine block comprised of a main cavity, an intake plenum, and an exhaust plenum; a crankshaft supported within the main cavity of the engine block; a rotating piston assembly contained within the main cavity of the engine block and comprised of a rotatable cylinder... Agent:

20150144081 - Engine valve deactivation system: A system and method comprising four valves per cylinder of a multi-cylinder engine is provided to control cylinder intake and exhaust valves independently from other cylinders in response to engine operating conditions. The engine valve deactivation system for the engine may comprise two or more cylinders wherein each cylinder has... Agent:

20150144082 - Radial camshaft pressure medium transfer: A camshaft unit includes a camshaft having a radial channel, a hydraulic phase setting device communicating with the radial channel for adjusting the phase length of the camshaft with respect to a crankshaft via hydraulic pressure medium and a pressure medium channel embodied as a solid cylinder head component. To... Agent:

20150144083 - Engine having variable valve timing device: An engine having a variable valve timing device may include a camshaft having a cam that lifts a valve, a valve body with one side fixed with the camshaft and the other side fixed with a fixed housing, variable wings protruding on an outer circumferential surface of the fixed housing,... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20150144084 - Valve timing adjusting apparatus: A vane rotor includes a laminated portion and seal portions. The laminated portion includes a plurality of metal plates, which are stacked in an axial direction. The seal portions are placed on two axially opposite sides of each of an advancing port, a retarding port, and a supply port. Each... Agent:

20150144088 - Variable intake system for vehicle: A variable intake system for a vehicle to regulate an amount of intake air according to driving conditions of an engine may include an air cleaner connected to an intake duct which draws in intake air and forms a flow path for the intake air inside the air cleaner, a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150144090 - Engine having cylinder block: Disclosed are an engine having a cylinder block and a method for manufacturing an engine having a cylinder block. The engine may include cylinder liners each having a cylinder space formed therein, a protruded portion formed on an outside circumference thereof, and a flat surface formed on one side of... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20150144089 - Insert and internal combustion engine comprising insert: An insert that can be positioned in a gap between a first front face of a cylinder liner, the first front face facing a cylinder head, and a second front face of the cylinder head, the second front face facing the cylinder liner. The insert includes at least one compressible... Agent:

20150144091 - Cover assembly: The invention relates to a cover assembly for covering of a cylinder head with a lid, a frame and at least one air-oil separator, as well as the use of such a cover assembly as an enclosure for at least one cylinder head of a combustion engine of a vehicle... Agent:

20150144092 - Seal assembly for rotary-piston internal-combustin engine: The invention relates to seal assembly for a rotary piston internal combustion engine comprising a rotating block (11) of a rotational 12 shape with radially situated cylinders (12) with pistons (13) and an outer stationary case (10) with at least one intake port (14) and/or exhaust port (15). The outer... Agent:

20150144093 - Control device for direct injection gasoline engines: A control device for direct injection gasoline engines includes a fuel injection control part (engine control device) composed to control a fuel injection aspect of an injector. The fuel injection control part changes an injection mode of the injector by changing the lift amount of the injector and the injection... Agent:

20150144094 - Shaping a fuel charge in a combustion chamber with multiple drivers and/or ionization control: The present disclosure is directed to injectors with integrated igniters providing efficient injection, ignition, and complete combustion of various types of fuels. These integrated injectors/igniters can include, for example, multiple drivers used to shape charges, controllers used to modify operations based on ionization parameters, and so on.... Agent:

20150144095 - Gasoline direct-injection engine: A gasoline direct-injection engine is provided. The engine causes a self-ignition of a fuel injected into a cylinder by an injector and at least containing gasoline. The engine includes a controller for controlling the fuel injection by the injector. A geometric compression ratio of the engine is 15:1 or higher.... Agent:

20150144096 - Compression-release engine brake system for lost motion rocker arm assembly and method of operation thereof: A compression-release brake system comprises an exhaust rocker arm, an actuation piston slidable in a piston bore in the exhaust rocker arm so as to press an exhaust valve, a supply conduit formed within the exhaust rocker arm, and an exhaust valve reset device mounted to the exhaust rocker arm.... Agent:

20150144097 - Controlling a compression release brake: A method and a system are described for a compression release brake in an engine comprising an exhaust manifold connected to a turbine provided with a variable turbine geometry wherein said turbine is further connected to a back pressure valve for controlling the pressure drop over said turbine wherein the... Agent:

20150144098 - System and method for diagnosing a fault in a throttle area correction that compensates for intake airflow restrictions: A system according to the principles of the present disclosure includes a desired throttle area module, a correction factor module, a throttle control module, and an airflow compensation diagnostic module. The desired throttle area module determines a desired throttle area based on a driver input. The correction factor module determines... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150144099 - Method of controlling an engine of a motor vehicle: Systems and methods for a vehicle comprising a stop-start system and in particular to a motor vehicle having a belt driven integrated starter-generator (BISG) drivingly connected to an accessory drive belt of an engine of the motor vehicle are provided. The BISG may be used during an engine stop event... Agent:

20150144100 - Carburetor to electronic fuel injection conversion distributor: A carburetor to electronic fuel injection conversion distributor is used in conjunction with a compatible engine control unit and a compatible throttle body so that carbureted engines can be converted into electronic fuel injection engines. The conversion distributor includes a stator distributor housing, a rotor shaft assembly, and a top... Agent:

20150144101 - Control apparatus for an internal combustion engine: A control apparatus, which is for an internal combustion engine with a spark plug having a center electrode and a ground electrode disposed so as to form a spark discharge gap therebetween, includes a voltage applying section for applying a voltage to the spark discharge gap, a constant-voltage path including... Agent:

20150144102 - System and method for controlling fuel injection timing based on spark ignition timing while heating a catalyst to the light-off temperature: A system according to the principles of the present disclosure includes an ignition timing determination module, an injection timing determination module, a spark control module, and a fuel control module. The ignition timing determination module determines a first crank angle. The injection timing determination module selectively determines a second crank... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150144104 - Method and device for controlling a filling in a cylinder of an internal combustion engine: ascertaining the indicated pressure difference (ΔpSR) as a difference between a predicted intake manifold pressure (psrpred) and an actual intake manifold pressure (pSR), the predicted intake manifold pressure (psrpred) corresponding to an intake manifold pressure which is necessary for reaching the setpoint filling (rlsol) at an aspiration curve which is... Agent:

20150144105 - Lpg fuel system: Disclosed is a liquefied petroleum fuel system for internal combustion engines that improves fuel economy by mixing vaporized liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and ambient air at substantially equal random kinetic energies. The system maintains a certain vapor pressure in the LPG tank and delivers the LPG in a gaseous phase... Agent: Greenkraft

20150144107 - Method of controlling fuel to be injected within a combustion engine: A method of controlling the injection of fuel into cylinders of an internal combustion engine provides a method of distributing injection of fuel among cylinders of the engine so as to inject a quantity of fuel which is reliable and accurate, even when the quantity of fuel for each cylinder... Agent: Perkins Engines Company Limited

20150144106 - Minimization of the combustion noise of an internal combustion engine based on a detection of an instability of the position of the maximum of a cylinder pressure gradient: A method and a device for regulating the combustion noise of an internal combustion engine includes operating the internal combustion engine, detecting a profile of the cylinder pressure in the engine over time, determining a profile of the gradient of the cylinder pressure over time, defining the temporal position of... Agent:

20150144108 - Control system of low pressure fuel pump for gasoline direct injection engine and method thereof: A low pressure fuel pump control system of a GDI engine may include a low pressure fuel pump primarily pressurizing fuel supplied from a fuel tank, a high pressure fuel pump secondarily pressurizing fuel from the low pressure fuel pump, a low pressure fuel pump pressure sensor and a high... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150144109 - Control device for internal combustion engine: A control device for an internal combustion engine is provided which can stabilize behavior when a fuel injection valve is opened, and reduce a variation in the amount of fuel injection of the fuel injection valve. A control device (200) for an internal combustion engine includes high voltage difference detection... Agent:

20150144110 - Method and control device and detection device for recognizing an entry of a motor vehicle into a traffic lane opposite a driving direction: A device for determining the loading of a fuel vapor accumulator of an internal combustion engine includes: a vibratory mounting of the fuel vapor accumulator; and a sensor for measuring a natural frequency of the fuel vapor accumulator. For determining the loading of a fuel vapor accumulator of an internal... Agent:

20150144111 - Fuel vapor processing apparatus: A fuel vapor processing apparatus may include a canister capable of adsorbing fuel vapor produced in a fuel tank, a closing valve provided in a vapor passage connecting the canister and the fuel tank, a purge passage connecting the canister and an intake passage of an engine, and a control... Agent: Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150144112 - Reducing turbocharger ice damage: The present technology provides methods and systems for reducing ice buildup in a closed engine breather system. The systems comprise an air inlet duct, a compressor wheel and a compressor cover. The compressor cover comprises a breather gas port. The breather gas port is placed in the compressor cover at... Agent:

20150144113 - Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine: A method for operating an internal combustion engine is described, the internal combustion engine including a cylinder having an inlet valve for supplying fresh air from an intake manifold in a controlled manner, an air filling being set in a certain operating mode by predefining a closing point in time... Agent:

20150144114 - Controller for internal combustion engine with supercharger: An object of the present invention is to enable monitoring whether a target throttle opening degree to be given to an electronically controlled throttle is not out of an appropriate range, in a controller for an internal combustion engine with a supercharger. To this end, in a controller according to... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150144115 - Ignition device: An ignition device includes a center electrode, a center dielectric covering the center electrode, a ground electrode disposed so as to form a discharge space with the center dielectric, and a high energy source for applying an AC voltage between the center electrode and the ground electrode to generate a... Agent:

20150144116 - Control system for internal combustion engine and controlling method for internal combustion engine: A control system executes failure detection of a direct injector when a port injector stops injection and the direct injector injects, and executes the failure detection when a recirculation passage is closed by an EGR valve.... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 54 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20150136047 - Mixed-mode combustion methods enabled by fuel reformers and engines using the same: Disclosed here is an adaptive mixed-mode combustion method, which is mainly for internal combustion engines, either compression ignition or spark ignition, or mixed-mode engines using both compression ignition and spark ignition. The combustion method is composed of steps of partially charging fuel reformates through intake ports, or charging fuels with... Agent:

20150136068 - Liquid injection for scavenging: Methods are provided for controlling an engine. One method may include boosting engine intake air to a cylinder; and injecting an amount of a scavenging fluid into the cylinder based on an amount of cylinder residual exhaust gas. A scavenging fluid, such as water or windshield washer fluid evaporates on... Agent:

20150136048 - Heat storage in engine cooling system: A heating and cooling system for an internal combustion engine comprising a heat storage circuit and a radiator circuit, and a method of controlling such a system are disclosed. The heat storage circuit comprises a heat storage container in which engine coolant is stored and allowed to flow into and... Agent:

20150136049 - Laser ignition device and operating method therefor: A laser ignition device for an internal combustion engine, in which the laser ignition device has at least one laser spark plug and a cooling device for temperature control, in particular cooling, of the laser spark plug. The cooling device has a cooling circuit, containing a coolant, which is thermally... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150136050 - Systems and methods for closed crankcase ventilation and air filtration: A system for providing air to an internal combustion engine comprises a crankcase ventilation unit that receives unrefined blowby gas from a crankcase, separates oil from the unrefined blowby gas, and discharges refined blowby gas. A conduit delivers the refined blowby gas to an air cleaner housing. The air cleaner... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

20150136089 - Internal combustion engine comprising variable compression ratio mechanism: This internal combustion engine comprising a variable compression ratio mechanism either measures an exhaust temperature or exhaust pressure which varies according to an actual expansion ratio, or measures a physical quantity which varies according to the exhaust temperature and/or the exhaust pressure, and estimates the current mechanical compression ratio on... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150136051 - Camshaft and follower geometry: An internal combustion engine includes a camshaft with a lobe rotatable about a camshaft axis and a follower and which follows the lobe and is reciprocated along a follower axis by the lobe. A contact force is generated between the lobe and the follower such that the contact force is... Agent:

20150136052 - Method for operating a valve train of an internal combustion engine and corresponding valve train: A method and apparatus for operating a valve train of an internal combustion engine having a main camshaft for which at least one rotationally-fixed cam carrier is provided that can be shifted between two axial positions is disclosed. An actuator cooperates with at least one shift gate to axially shift... Agent: Audi Ag

20150136053 - Roller lifter lubrication guide: A roller lifter or hydraulic roller lifter, including a lifter body, a roller, axle, internal piston assembly and a lubrication guide depression at a lower wall of the lifter body to direct lubricant to the roller and roller axle.... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150136054 - Pressure-measuring glow plug device: A pressure-measuring glow plug device includes a module housing, a glow plug configured to ignite a combustion mixture in a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine, and a pressure-measuring device. The pressure-measuring device has a pressure sensor configured to detect the pressure in the combustion chamber. The glow plug... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150136057 - Construction machine: Provided is a construction machine including an air cleaner having a cylindrical outer peripheral surface and an air intake pipe, wherein the assembly of the air cleaner and the air intake pipe can have a reduced width size in the front-rear direction. The air intake pipe has a returning portion... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20150136055 - Intake control device: The present invention provides an intake control device that appropriately restricts the flow of intake air when a valve body is set to a restriction position while the valve body is smoothly operated. The valve body is configured such that it is supported so as to be capable of swinging... Agent:

20150136056 - Method and apparatus for improving engine performance: A method of modifying an engine after the engine has been initially sold by the manufacturer of the engine, wherein the engine has an air intake pipe and an air flow sensor, wherein the air intake pipe has an exterior wall surface and an interior wall surface, and wherein the... Agent:

20150136058 - Carburetor air intake housing and air flow enhancing securement plate: An air intake housing and flow enhancing plate for a carburetor with a fluted and contoured air intake opening that flushly aligns with and matches the shape of the carburetor air intake opening. The low profile plate is made of metal for durability and heat resistance. The centrally located air... Agent: Five Star Fabricating, Inc.

20150136059 - Pull start engine starter assistance device: A kick start engine starter assembly is provided herein, which is a universally adaptable kick start device for use on most push mowers and other pull-start engines, allows a user the capability to pull start a hand start lawnmower with the assistance of the user's leg.... Agent:

20150136060 - Valve for a valve device: A valve for a valve device may include a valve stem, which in an axial direction relative to a valve stem axis merges into a valve disc projecting from the valve stem radially. A valve cap may be included composed of a metal. The valve cap may be attached to... Agent:

20150136061 - Engine control valve with improved operation: The invention relates to an engine control valve including a body defining an inner duct and comprising a flap (10) mounted such that it can pivot by means of a shaft (12) of the flap (10), said flap (10) including a first portion (11). The flap can pivot between an... Agent:

20150136062 - Combination of cylinder and piston ring: A combination of a cylinder 62 of an internal combustion engine and a piston ring 40 for sliding an inner periphery of the cylinder, wherein at least a sliding face of the cylinder is composed of an aluminum alloy including 8 mass % to 22 mass % of Si and... Agent: Kabushi Kaisha Riken

20150136063 - Piston pin: A piston pin for connecting a small connecting rod eye of a connecting rod with a piston of an internal combustion engine may include an inner bore with an eccentricity relative to an outer surface of the piston pin. The eccentricity may amount to a maximum of 0.5 mm. The... Agent:

20150136064 - Oil strainer and oil storage device for vehicle: An oil strainer which sucks an oil is disposed within an oil pan connected to a lower portion of a combustion engine. The oil strainer includes a strainer main body, which accommodates a filter element and extends so as to be inclined relative to a horizontal line, a suction port... Agent:

20150136066 - Lubricant feed mechanism for engine: Provided is a lubricant feed mechanism for an engine in which space above a cam cap is not used. A lubricant feed mechanism for an engine is configured to feed lubricant through a cylinder head, a camshaft, and a cam cap to a cam of a valve gear. The mechanism... Agent: Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20150136065 - Lubrication system for four-stroke engine: An engine includes an oil pan used for storing lubricating oil, a crankcase, a cam box, a rocker, and a distribution chamber used for separating oil & gas mixture into oil mist and liquid oil. A lubricating system comprises: the oil pan and the crankcase are communicated through an oil... Agent: Suzhou Cleva Precision Machinery & Technology Co., Ltd

20150136067 - High efficiency internal explosion engine: A four-stroke, piston-powered internal explosion (“IE”) engine for providing power output through a rotating crankshaft. The IE engine includes an engine block having power cylinders formed therein for receiving working pistons, bearing means for supporting the crankshaft, and a crankshaft supported within the bearing means having an output end extending... Agent:

20150136070 - Control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine: A control apparatus for an internal combustion engine is capable of switching a combustion mode between a spark ignition combustion mode for combusting a mixture formed in a combustion chamber with spark ignition and a compression ignition combustion mode for combusting the mixture with compression ignition. When the combustion mode... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150136069 - Inverted v-8 internal combustion engine and method of operating the same modes: An internal combustion engine having two banks of four piston and cylinder assemblies arranged in an inverted V configuration so that there are four pairs of assemblies each pair having cylinders with adjacent combustion chambers intercommunicated by a passage extending therebetween. Crank shaft driven pistons in said cylinders movable within... Agent:

20150136071 - Isothermal compression based combustion engine: Systems and methods are disclosed that include operating an isothermal compression based combustion (IsoC) engine by injecting isothermally compressed air into a combustion engine immediately prior to a combustion event in order to increase the efficiency of the engine, improve emissions, and substantially eliminate autoignition and associated design constraints. The... Agent:

20150136072 - Dual fuel injector and engine using same: A dual fuel injector may be used to inject both gas and liquid fuel into a cylinder of a compression ignition engine. An injector body defines a first set of nozzle outlets, a second set of nozzle outlets, a first fuel inlet and a second fuel inlet. A dual solenoid... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150136073 - Dual fuel injector and engine using same: A dual fuel injector may be used to inject both gas and liquid fuel into a cylinder of a compression ignition engine. An injector body defines a first set of nozzle outlets, a second set of nozzle outlets, a first fuel inlet and a second fuel inlet. A dual solenoid... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150136074 - Method and system for improved dilution purging: Methods and systems are provided for expediting EGR purging in a hybrid vehicle during transient operations, such as tip-out to lower load conditions. In response to decreasing engine torque demand, engine fueling is disabled and a motor is used to spin the engine unfueled until a desired LP-EGR rate is... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150136075 - Exhaust brake: An exhaust brake may include an exhaust pipe configured to include an exhaust upstream and an exhaust downstream, a butterfly configured to be mounted between the exhaust upstream and the exhaust downstream in the exhaust pipe, a bypass pipe configured to include a bypass upstream starting between the exhaust upstream... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150136076 - Method and system for improved dilution purging: Methods and systems are provided for expediting EGR purging in a hybrid vehicle during transient operations, such as tip-out to lower load conditions. In response to decreasing engine torque demand, engine fueling is disabled and a motor is used to spin the engine unfueled until a desired LP-EGR rate is... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150136077 - Control strategy for engine-operated compressor: An engine controller causes a propulsion engine of a motor vehicle to be fueled in a fueling mode of operation and not to be fueled in a non-fueling mode of operation. A controlled device, such as a clutch or regulator, controls operation of a pneumatic compressor which forces compressed air... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company LLC

20150136078 - Airflow control apparatus: An airflow control apparatus does not impede fluid flow and does not reduce intake efficiency even when a flow passage area is decreased by the valve area. The airflow control apparatus includes a housing whose interior forms a fluid passage, bushes attached to the housing interior, a shaft held by... Agent:

20150136079 - Detection of coking in the intake tract of an internal combustion engine: A method for detecting coking in the intake tract of an internal combustion engine having direct fuel injection is provided. The internal combustion engine has variable intake valve control. The variable intake valve control makes it possible to change the open time of the intake valves in relation to the... Agent:

20150136080 - Methods and systems for determining engine misfire: Systems and methods for improving detection and mitigation of engine misfire are presented. Engine misfire is determined by sampling exhaust pressure of a cylinder only during a time when an exhaust valve of the cylinder is in an open state. If misfire is indicated, an actuator is adjusted to reduce... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150136081 - Altitude fuel limiter for engine and method of using the same: An altitude fuel limiter and method for controlling an engine using the same is provided. The altitude fuel limiter includes a torque screw sleeve extending from an inboard end to an outboard end. The torque screw sleeve has an interior surface defining a central bore extending axially within the torque... Agent:

20150136082 - System for managing catalytic converter temperature: Various methods and arrangements for controlling catalytic converter temperature are described. In one aspect, an engine controller includes a catalytic monitor and a firing timing determination unit. The catalytic monitor obtains data relating to a temperature of a catalytic converter. Based at least partly on this data, the firing timing... Agent:

20150136083 - Inverted v-8 i-c engine and method of operating same in a vehicle: In an inverted V-8 engine capable of operating in power level steps with four pairs of piston and cylinder assemblies having fuel injectors with dual options, the improvement which comprises a three component frame structure having cooperating interengaging surfaces containing two banks of four inline crankshaft connected piston and cylinder... Agent:

20150136084 - Fuel distributor: A fuel distributor, which is used in particular for fuel injection systems of mixture-compressing spark ignition internal combustion engines, includes a tubular base body, a first holder and a second holder. The first holder is connected here to the tubular base body at a first fastening point of the tubular... Agent:

20150136085 - Holder for fastening a component on an internal combustion engine, a bearing sleeve for such a holder, and a fuel injection system: A bearing sleeve for a holder, which is used for fastening a fuel distributor on an add-on structure, includes a first sleeve part and a second sleeve part. The first sleeve part has a rigid sleeve body and a damping element which is integrally connected to the sleeve body of... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150136087 - Fuel supplying device: A fuel supplying device supplying fuel from a fuel tank to combustion device may comprise a fuel pipe configured to communicate the fuel tank with a delivery pipe of the combustion device, and a sensor unit configured to detect a property of the fuel. The fuel pipe may branch into... Agent: Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150136086 - System having a fuel distributor and multiple fuel injectors: A system, which is used in particular as a fuel injection system for the high-pressure injection in internal combustion engines, includes a fuel distributor and a plurality of fuel injectors. Each fuel injector is situated on a cup of the fuel distributor. At least one of the fuel injectors is... Agent:

20150136088 - Debris diverter shield for fuel injector: A tubular debris shield and diverter mounted in a high pressure flow passage within a fuel injector, provide the dual functions of passing the main flow of high pressure fuel with large debris particles to relatively large discharge openings, such as the injector spray holes, while allowing some high pressure... Agent:

20150136090 - Method for operating a fuel system for an internal combustion engine: A method for operating a fuel system for an internal combustion engine having a metering device, an electrical actuating device, and a valve element includes: activating the electrical actuating device in at least one first cycle in such a way that the valve element switches into a second position corresponding... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150136091 - Jet pump of fuel pump module for vehicle: A pressure jet pump of a fuel pump module for a vehicle can prevent an engine from stopping and disordering due to unstable fuel supply, by keeping fuel supply stable in driving under bad conditions. The pump includes: a nozzle portion into which some of fuel pressurized by a fuel... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150136092 - Control device for internal combustion engine: An object of this invention is to appropriately control the valve timing (VT) even in a case where a plurality of local maximum points or local minimum points exist on a characteristic line representing a relation between the VT and an air amount. An engine 10 includes VVTs 42 and... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150136094 - Egr gas cooling device for hybrid vehicle and egr gas cooling method for hybrid vehicle: An EGR gas cooling device for hybrid vehicle provided in an EGR system for refluxing a part of exhaust gas of an engine as EGR gas to an intake passage and configured to cool the EGR gas in a hybrid vehicle including the engine and a motor as travel drive... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150136093 - Engine boosting system and method therefor: The engine boosting system includes an engine having an intake manifold, exhaust manifold and exhaust gas recirculation loop fluidly connected therebetween. A boost circuit including a storage vessel is in fluid communication with the intake manifold and with the exhaust manifold. A throttle is located downstream of the exhaust manifold,... Agent: Perkins Engines Company Limited

20150136095 - Oxygen sensor and internal combustion engine comprising said sensor: A sensor for detecting the oxygen content in the intake tract of an internal combustion engine includes: a sensor element having a measurement electrode; a metal cap that surrounds the sensor element; a heat dissipation element that connects the sensor element and the metal cap; and a bracket for the... Agent:

20150136096 - Internal combustion engine: When a blow-by gas collides with an outer circumferential wall of a tubular member, part of oil mist in the collision gas is liquefied (an oil droplet). The oil droplet takes in the oil mist in the blow-by gas which flows into an intake pipe in succession, and moves on... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150136097 - Control system for multi-fuel internal combustion engine: An object of the present invention is to provide a control system for a multi-fuel internal combustion engine capable of using gaseous fuel and liquid fuel, with which variation in an air-fuel ratio of an air-fuel mixture following a switch in the fuel used by the internal combustion engine is... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150136098 - Spark plug extension: The following invention relates to an ignition coil assembly for an ignition system comprising an ignition coil where said assembly has a main axis and is configured for insertion into and/or removal out of a well associated with an internal combustion engine, wherein the assembly comprises an elongated extension body... Agent: Sem Ab

20150136100 - Fuel injection device: A fuel injection device is provided with an injection instruction unit that instructs multiple fuel injection valves that inject fuel into respective multiple cylinders of an engine to perform fuel injection while the engine is stopped. The injection instruction unit instructs the multiple fuel injection valves to perform the fuel... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150136099 - Valve for a fuel system for a combustion engine and method for controlling a fuel system for a combustion engine: A valve (4, 4′) for a fuel system for a combustion engine: A ball retainer (26) is provided with a cavity (28) to accommodate a ball (22). The ball (22) has a first seal surface (30) to cooperate with and abut sealingly against a seat (32). The ball retainer (26)... Agent:

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Thank you for viewing Internal-combustion engines patents on the website. These are patent applications which have been filed in the United States. There are a variety ways to browse Internal-combustion engines patent applications on our website including browsing by date, agent, inventor, and industry. If you are interested in receiving occasional emails regarding Internal-combustion engines patents we recommend signing up for free keyword monitoring by email.

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