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Interactive video distribution systems

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12/04/2014 > 47 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140359646 - Integrating content on remote device accessible via internet with hospitality media system: A hospitality media system includes a media system controller and a plurality of media devices located in a plurality of rooms and coupled to the media system controller. Each room has one or more in-room media devices located therein for performing a media function. A connection port allows a user... Agent:

20140359645 - Issuing credit according to remaining purchase information of on-demand video service: The present invention relates to a method of issuing credit to a subscriber by a managing device in an on-demand video system. The method includes receiving a request for credit information on a subscriber from a receiver, determining exchangeable credit based on the remaining purchase information on the subscriber in... Agent: Castis Co., Ltd.

20140359644 - Method and system for providing an interactive shopping channel: A method and system for providing an interactive shopping channel. A head-end server may be configured to access product information, to access customer information specific to a set-top receiver, and to process purchase requests. The head-end server can be used to generate metadata which can be associated with broadcast video... Agent:

20140359647 - Monitoring, trend estimation, and user recommendations: Novel tools and techniques are provided for implementing media content monitoring, trend estimation of media content, and/or recommendation generation for media content. In some embodiments, media content—including, without limitation, movies, television programs, music, video games, and/or the like—may be presented to a user(s) via a content recommendation device (“CRD”), and... Agent:

20140359648 - History record and proxy rating for media recommendations: A view history of a user viewing a program is generated. The view history record is used to generate a proxy rating of the program when the user does not assign a rating to the program. The proxy rating is used by a recommendation engine to generate recommendations.... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20140359649 - Methods and apparatus for audience data collection and analysis in a content delivery network: Methods and apparatus for collection and processing of data relating to users of a content-delivery network. In one embodiment, the content delivery network is a cable or satellite or HFCu network, and the apparatus includes an architecture for routinely harvesting, parsing, processing, and storing data relating to the activities of... Agent:

20140359651 - Electronic device and method of controlling the same: A method of controlling an electronic device is disclosed including a first step of displaying at least one first item corresponding to each of at least one candidate authorized user in response to a predetermined input, a second step of displaying a second item whose display state is changed according... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140359652 - System and method for sharing videos: The invention relates especially to a system (1) for sharing videos comprising: a creation module (20) for creation of a region of interest allowing a first user (U1) to create at least one region of interest from a video and create tags and privacy rules for said created region of... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20140359650 - Text input method, electronic device, and storage medium: According to one embodiment, a text input method includes: displaying, by a first apparatus comprising a first display, a first input area configured to receive text input on the first display; providing, by the first apparatus, identification information of a second input area configured to be displayed on a second... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140359653 - Systems, methods, and computer program products for providing video-passwords for user authentication: This invention is related to authentication schemes utilizing advertising video-passwords, which require the user to watch and remember parts of a given advertisement video. Different embodiments of the invention can utilize just time reference point information, or can optionally include grid element, click point, tag phrase, or a combination of... Agent:

20140359655 - In-flight entertainment system: A content delivery system comprising a content database storing a content item and a content license; a video server configured to retrieve the content item and the content license from the content database and to send them to a player device; a registration server configured to receive credentials from a... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140359654 - Methods and apparatus for moving video content to integrated virtual environment devices: A media transfer method includes displaying, on a display device, a program guide including a plurality of items corresponding to media content; determining which of the plurality items are moveable items; displaying, on an integrated virtual environment device, an image identifying the moveable items; and transferring at least one of... Agent:

20140359658 - Information display device and information display method: An information display device includes: a communication interface which obtains program-related information items related to a video program a user is viewing; a display unit including a metadata display area and a outside-of-time-range advertisement display area; and a control unit which (i) selects, from among the program-related information items obtained... Agent:

20140359657 - Method for embedding and multiplexing audio metadata in a broadcasted analog video stream: A method for embedding, multiplexing and broadcasting of multiple audio metadata in an analog video stream and thereby generating output analog video containing multiple separable audio-video tuples of optimum quality. Further, a user study is performed on a sample tutorial video for various frame rates and resolution to calculate the... Agent: Tata Consultancy Services

20140359656 - Placing unobtrusive overlays in video content: Methods and systems for placing an overlay in video content are provided. A method receives video content and input indicating an overlay to be placed in the video. The method determines, based on overlay and video properties, locations where the overlay can be placed. The method presents suggested locations for... Agent:

20140359661 - Content with customized advertisement: The invention provides a method and system for customizing advertisements to the individual viewer or user receiving a content which may be generic or customized, subject to or independent of, a broadcast schedule.... Agent:

20140359659 - Display controller, document management server, and broadcast transmitter: According to one embodiment, a display controller includes a receiver, a display, and an interface. The receiver receives address information indicative of a storage location of document information from a television receiver and receives the document information from the storage location. The document information is based on a broadcast signal.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140359662 - Generating alerts for live performances: A live performance is monitored by analyzing an input data stream comprising real-time updates related to the live performance. Different sets of excitement levels, excitement curves, alerts and teasers are generated based on the analysis and reported to a plurality of subscribers using any of a variety of mobile communication... Agent:

20140359660 - Method and system for targeted commerce in network broadcasting: A system and a method for using the system for targeted commerce in network broadcasting are provided. The system includes an interface device configured to receive a multimedia stream from a network, wherein the multimedia stream includes a close captioning string and wherein the interface device is further configured to... Agent:

20140359665 - Digital tv and method for controlling same: Disclosed are a digital TV and a method for controlling same. The method for controlling a digital TV according to one embodiment of the present invention includes: displaying a user interface (UI) capable of selecting the standby mode for a power-off operation; and disconnecting the power source for a display... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140359664 - Display apparatus, method of controlling display apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium: A method of controlling a display apparatus is provided. The method of controlling a display apparatus includes generating a display screen which displays a default home screen, from among a plurality of home screens, and a portion of a home screen, from among the plurality of home screens, different from... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140359663 - Information processor and display control method: According to one embodiment, an information processor includes a display, an operating module, and a controller. The display includes a display screen. The operating module is configured to be capable of receiving an operation with respect to an image displayed on the display screen. The controller is configured to receive,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140359666 - Method and apparatus for presenting dynamic media content: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a set top box (STB) comprising a controller to analyze scheduled media content with limited temporal accessibility provided by a content provider, select a portion of the media content based on the analysis of the media content... Agent:

20140359667 - Method and apparatus for providing user control of advertising breaks associated with a media program: A method, apparatus, article of manufacture, and a memory structure for presenting an advertisement for playback in conjunction with a streamed media program are described. The method permits the user to control advertising breaks and in particular, the timing of advertising breaks associated with the media program.... Agent:

20140359668 - Method, electronic device, and computer program product: According to one embodiment, method includes: acquiring information on programs corresponding to channels scheduled to be broadcasted for time slots, the time slots including first time slot, second time slot after the first time slot, and third time slot after the second time slot; selecting, for the time slots, at... Agent:

20140359669 - Video-on-demand content based channel surfing methods and systems: An exemplary method includes a media content presentation system 1) maintaining a video-on-demand (“VOD”) channel surfing list associated with a user of a media content access device, the VOD channel surfing list identifying a plurality of VOD content instances selected from a library of VOD content instances that are available... Agent:

20140359670 - Method and apparatus for network content download and recording: Methods and apparatus for providing content to users of a network that can be selectively recorded via the user's equipment. In an exemplary embodiment, the network comprises a hybrid fiber coax (HFC) network, and on-demand (OD) sessions are used to provide high-speed download of the requested content to the users.... Agent:

20140359671 - Method and system for generation and playback of supplemented videos: The present invention is a method and system for generation and playback of supplemented videos which include interactive features. The supplemented video includes hotspots that allow a video viewer to interact with the video when the video viewer sees an object. The hotspots can be manually defined. Information regarding the... Agent:

20140359672 - Streaming multicast content to a television via a mobile device: A device may receive information that identifies available content associated with multicast streams available for transmission via a network. The device may determine content selected from the available content. The selected content may be associated with a multicast stream available for transmission via the network. The device may receive the... Agent:

20140359673 - Video receiving apparatus for processing a video content receivable from a plurality of distribution platforms, and method thereof: A video content receiving apparatus (103a; 103b) includes an interface (209, 301) for interfacing to at least one associable video reproducing apparatus (102), and including: a receiver for receiving video contents from at least one source of contents (104) through a connection (201a, 203a; 201b, 203b) connected to a plurality... Agent: Sisvel Technology S.r.l.

20140359674 - Method and system for providing a home cable network: Methods and systems for cross-protocol time synchronization may comprise, for example, in a premises-based network, receiving, by a root node network controller in the premises, signals that conform to one or more first communications protocols, where the signals may be received from sources external to the premises. The received signals... Agent:

20140359675 - Address mapping in a hdmi network: A network device for a home entertainment network including a network controller configured to provide Ethernet communication capability, HEC, and CEC, consumer electronics control, communication capability, and a database generator unit configured to generate a database containing information about a network device of the home entertainment network, and a unique... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140359676 - Method and system for enabling video communication via ethernet utilizing asymmetrical physical layer operations: Signals may be communicated between a video source and a video rendering device via and asymmetrical multi-rate Ethernet physical layer (PHY). The asymmetric multi-rate PHY may support multiple rates. The asymmetrical multi-rate Ethernet PHY may handle compressed and/or uncompressed, encrypted and/or unencrypted video signals and may handle audio/video bridging. One... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140359677 - Set-top box with interactive portal and system and method for use of same: A set-top box with an interactive portal and system and method for use of the same are disclosed. In one embodiment of the set-top box, the set-top box is deployed to provide an interactive portal in a hospitality establishment having multiple rooms, such as a hotel. The set-top box is... Agent:

20140359678 - Device video streaming with trick play based on separate trick play files: Network services encode multimedia content, such as video, into multiple adaptive bitrate streams of encoded video and a separate trick play stream of encoded video to support trick play features. The trick play stream is encoded at a lower encoding bitrate and frame rate than each of the adaptive bitrate... Agent: Sonic Ip, Inc.

20140359679 - Content streaming with client device trick play index: An apparatus downloads files of encoded video including interspersed key frames over a communication network. The apparatus plays back video from the downloaded files and creates a trick play index based on the downloaded files. The trick play index indicates network locations of the key frames in the encoded video... Agent: Sonic Ip, Inc.

20140359680 - Network video streaming with trick play based on separate trick play files: Network services encode multimedia content, such as video, into multiple adaptive bitrate streams of encoded video and a separate trick play stream of encoded video to support trick play features. The trick play stream is encoded at a lower encoding bitrate and frame rate than each of the adaptive bitrate... Agent: Sonic Ip, Inc.

20140359681 - Playback synchronization across playback devices: Systems and methods for synchronizing the playback of streamed content on multiple playback devices is disclosed. The systems and methods include receiving time information based on a network time source in the playback devices connected to a defined network. The playback clock in each playback device is set based upon... Agent:

20140359682 - System and method for content validation: A method includes receiving at a directory server a notification from a client system, where the notification indicates that the first client received a corrupt packet of a playfile from a first peer. The method also includes determining if the first peer is a poor quality peer, updating a first... Agent:

20140359683 - Content placement: A method includes forecasting demand for media content items of a media distribution system based on historical demand information to generate forecasted demand. The method includes generating a mixed integer program model based on storage constraints of a plurality of distribution nodes of the media distribution system, bandwidth constraints of... Agent:

20140359684 - Client terminal and operation method of client terminal, transmission server and operation method of transmission server, and program: An application (program) 111 capable of operating on a browser 91 presents VoD contents which it can select itself, based on control information, and requests a VoD server 72 for distribution of VoD contents selected out of the presented VoD contents via a first network which is a bidirectional IP... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140359688 - Method and system for trigger management in an interactive television environment: A trigger manager and related processes and systems for managing triggers for a plurality of subscribing set-top boxes in an interactive television environment are provided. In response to receipt of a configuration update request originating from a specific set-top box, the trigger manager accesses a database of subscribing set-top box... Agent:

20140359686 - Method for providing interactive services: It is provided a method for providing an interactive service. At the side of a device among a plurality of devices, each being assigned one of two types, the method comprises the steps of receiving a first request associated with the interactive service requesting for responses associated with the interactive... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140359687 - System and method for reproducing first reproduction data and at least second reproduction data, computer program and computer program product: A system for reproducing first reproduction data and for reproducing second reproduction data includes: a first reproduction device, configured for reproducing the first reproduction data; and a second reproduction device, configured for reproducing the second reproduction data. The system is configured such that the first reproduction data is transmitted to... Agent: Deutsche Telekom Ag

20140359685 - Video processing method, television dongle, control terminal, and system: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a video processing method, a television dongle, and a control terminal. The method includes: receiving, by a television dongle, video information downloaded from the Internet; when a playing terminal needs to play the video information in a muted manner, decoding the video information,... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140359689 - Clock recovery in transponder-bonded systems using bcrs and marker packets at a set-top box: A transponder-bonded receiver system with clock recovery may include memory an and one or more processors coupled to the memory and configured to execute one or more program modules to perform: receiving multiple data streams each including a number of data packets, and a number of marker packets with embedded... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140359690 - Functionality extending kit of display apparatus and controlling method thereof: Provided herein is a functionality extending kit of a display apparatus, the kit including a receiver which enables content to be viewed using an inserted card; a tuner configured to tune to a channel; an extending connector including a standard pin area connected to a signal line of a standard... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

11/27/2014 > 44 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20140351834 - Method and system for video-on-demand (vod): Providing video-on-demand (VOD) content to a subscriber may be disclosed. First, a request for a VOD session may be received from a companion device. Next, in response to the received request for the VOD session, a catalog of VOD content may be sent to the companion device. A selection of... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20140351835 - System and method for measuring longitudinal video asset viewing at a second-by-second level to understand behavior of viewers as they interact with video asset viewing devices that access a computer system through a network: A computer-implemented method of using channel tuning data from a video asset viewing device connected to a network to measure video asset viewing at a second-by-second level during one or more user defined lead-in periods, and then correlating that with video asset viewing during a user defined target period, for... Agent: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

20140351836 - Content providing program, content providing method, and content providing apparatus: A content providing program causing a computer to execute content provision processing including, acquiring a first viewing situation of a first viewer viewing a provided content in association with time when the content is provided; registering, on the basis of the first viewing situation, as feedback desirable content, missed content... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140351837 - Methods and systems for displaying contextually relevant information from a plurality of users in real-time regarding a media asset: Methods and systems are described herein for quickly and easily displaying supplemental information about an event occurring in a media asset. In some embodiments, a media application may use a content-recognition module to determine the context of an event and distribute itemized tasks to multiple entities in order to generate... Agent:

20140351840 - Filtering and tailoring multimedia content based on observed user behavior: A user is given the ability to control the display of content items such as advertisements, by for example skipping over content items that are not of interest. Metadata tags associated with non-skipped viewings of content are stored and tracked. Subsequently, candidate content items are scored according to their metadata... Agent:

20140351839 - Method and system for facilitating demand-driven distribution of content: Methods and systems for facilitating distribution of content are disclosed. In one example embodiment, a method of facilitating demand-driven population and management of online content within a video-on-demand (VOD) service includes receiving trend information and a link reference at one or more input ports, the reference being at least indirectly... Agent:

20140351838 - System and method for providing a secure access-controlled enterprise content repository: The disclosed system provides enables controlling access to content, such as videos, based on authentication information provided by a user of the system. In one embodiment, after authenticating a user, the system provides a database of media, such as corporate training videos, the scope of which is determined based on... Agent:

20140351841 - Methods and apparatus for monitoring and/or collecting viewership statistics: Methods and apparatus for collecting program viewership information are described. A viewership monitoring module is provided access to decrypted program content allowing program information to be recovered without having to capture output program content using a microphone or camera. The monitoring module is loaded onto a secure device, e.g., a... Agent:

20140351842 - Method of collecting usage information: A method and system for micro-cloud computing is described. An application serving node, which is a specifically configured piece of customer premises equipment such as a set-top box, is the server for a micro-cloud network. Various user devices that form part of the micro-cloud network, such as television sets and... Agent:

20140351844 - Communication device and communication method: According to one embodiment, communication device includes communication module, operation module, image generator, and transmission controller. The operation module receives user operation. The image generator generates a first display image displayed on a display screen of a target device. The transmission controller performs, when there are contents to be transmitted... Agent:

20140351843 - System to avoid viewing commercials in real time: Presented is a system that allows a user who subscribes to the system to avoid viewing commercials with unacceptable content (e.g. alcohol related, sexual content) during real-time television broadcasts. The system has a residential component consisting of a control unit having a user interface a local database and a specialized... Agent:

20140351845 - Methods and apparatus for controlling content distribution: Methods and apparatus for controlled distribution of program content are described where program content for certain regions may be selectively blocked. The described methods and apparatus allow content distribution to authorized regions while providing control to the content provider to effectively block program content delivery to regions not entitled to... Agent:

20140351846 - Methods and appartus for providing parental or guardian control and visualization over communications to various devices in the home: Methods and apparatus for providing a supervisor such as a parent or guardian with a way to monitor and control the delivery of content, e.g., video and audio programs, to users of devices within a home. Exemplary embodiments include methods and apparatus for operating a home network monitoring device located... Agent:

20140351847 - Electronic device, and method and storage medium: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a receiver, a transmitter, a management module, and an informing module. The receiver receives a purchase instruction from a user. The transmitter transmits the received purchase instruction to a server via a network. The management module manages a purchase history of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140351848 - Method, cryptographic system and security module for descrambling content packets of a digital transport stream: A method and cryptographic system for descrambling content packets, included within a digital transport stream, having conditional access messages and header data. The method and system require a deciphering algorithm, processed by a descrambler of a multimedia unit, using an initialization vector as a first input and a control word... Agent: Nagravision S.a.

20140351849 - Information display device: An information display device includes: a display unit, an information obtaining unit which obtains program-related information related to a video program displayed on a video display device following the video program; and a terminal control unit which causes the display unit to display the program-related information obtained by the information... Agent:

20140351850 - Retail outlet tv feature display system: An automatic feature demonstration mode for TV products that can be used in retail stores. TV features that otherwise would be overlooked by customers or misrepresented by the sales staff are advertised on the TV itself. The system may be used to convey information beyond TV features.... Agent:

20140351851 - Use of multiple embedded messages in program signal streams: Methods of generating video streams including advertisement information sufficient to support advertisement countdown times and other functions such as advertisement auto pause functions are described. In accordance with various embodiments, advertisement duration is determined from one or more messages included in a video stream, e.g., prior to the corresponding advertising... Agent:

20140351852 - Inserting advertising content: Content may be inserted at a duplicating device by inserting advertising content into a duplicated feed, and transmitting the duplicated feed to the terminal. The transmission of the duplicated feed is performed in response to a state of the terminal.... Agent:

20140351853 - Inserting advertising content: Content may be inserted at a duplicating device by inserting advertising content into a duplicated feed, and transmitting the duplicated feed to the terminal. The transmission of the duplicated feed is performed in response to a state of the terminal.... Agent:

20140351854 - Managing splice points for non-seamless concatenated bitstreams: Receiving a video stream in a transport stream comprising a plurality of compressed pictures, wherein information in the video stream includes plural data fields comprising: a first data field corresponding to a location in the video stream of a potential splice point, wherein the first data field identifies a location... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20140351855 - Method for generating an on-screen menu: A method for generating an on-screen menu comprising menu buttons and other menu items, e.g. help text, is characterized in that one or more groups of menu buttons or menu items are defined, wherein a group comprises one or more menu buttons or menu items and has associated a defined... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140351856 - Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same: A virtual channel table for broadcasting protocol and a method for broadcasting by using the virtual channel table includes identification information identifying and permitting discrimination of active and inactive channels contained in the virtual channel table. At a receiver, the virtual channel table transmitted from the transmitting side is parsed,... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140351857 - Method, electronic program menu and processing device for displaying television program related information: The present invention relates to a method for displaying information associated with television program, which includes: fetching a plurality of sequentially arranged program listings and corresponding program notes; generating an electronic program guide according to the program listings and corresponding program notes; and displaying the electronic program guide. The electronic... Agent: Haier Group Co., Ltd.

20140351858 - Interactive user interface for television applications: An iTV user interface includes a navigable menu area through which a user can select from among a variety of services and a content display area in which formatted data associated with a selected menu service are displayed to the user. The formatted data is displayed in a rotating or... Agent:

20140351859 - Guide acquisition method in absence of guide update information on all transponders: Guide acquisition method and apparatus for receiving a satellite broadcast stream containing guide data, encapsulating said broadcast stream containing guide data in a network communication protocol, assigning a multicast address to said broadcast stream containing guide data, transmitting said broadcast stream containing guide data, receiving a request for said guide... Agent:

20140351860 - Media synchronization within home network using set-top box as gateway: Techniques disclosed herein include systems and methods for transmitting TV program related content to IP connected devices on a home network, or other local area network. Users can watch television while simultaneously receiving content related to TV programs currently being displayed on a television. TV centric and TV program related... Agent:

20140351861 - Differentiated psip table update interval technology: An apparatus, method and data structure for generating at least one table in a broadcast environment, are provided. The apparatus includes a generator to generate an event information table (EIT) and an extended text table (ETT). The ETT has program guide information for an n-hour span and has a transmission... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140351862 - Differentiated psip table update interval technology: An apparatus, method and data structure for generating at least one table in a broadcast environment, are provided. The apparatus includes a generator to generate an event information table (EIT) and an extended text table (ETT). The ETT has program guide information for an n-hour span and has a transmission... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140351863 - Differentiated psip table update interval technology: An apparatus, method and data structure for generating at least one table in a broadcast environment, are provided. The apparatus includes a generator to generate an event information table (EIT) and an extended text table (ETT). The ETT has program guide information for an n-hour span and has a transmission... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140351864 - Television broadcast receiver: The control portion of a television broadcast receiver individually processes, in a pseudo manner, a network application as one of choices of an “input target” and/or a “reception channel” and starts up, when the choice of the “input target” and/or the “reception channel” corresponding to the network application is selected,... Agent:

20140351865 - System and method for real-time composite broadcast with moderation mechanism for multiple media feeds: A method of operation of a composite broadcast system includes: receiving a client AV stream from a user station and a user profile associated with the client AV stream; receiving a user interaction from the user station; approving the client AV stream for airing based on the user interaction and... Agent:

20140351866 - Live event augmentation: Systems, devices, and methods for live event augmentation are provided. A central server computer system detects intelligent beverage containers at an event. The beverage containers include an integrated electronic display. Extrinsic data is received during the course of the event that is used to generate a message. The message is... Agent:

20140351867 - Entertainment network for passengers in a means of transportation: An entertainment network for passengers in a means of transportation, such as an airplane, having at least one data server for video and/or audio data. A routing device is connected to the data server. The entertainment network has at least one playback device which is provided for a passenger for... Agent:

20140351868 - On-board communication devices for a cab of a vehicle, each with a media server and a radio module by means of which the devices are connected to one another in a wireless fashion: Embodiments relate to an on-board communication device, a plurality of communication devices, a communication system for a passenger compartment of a vehicle, and/or a vehicle having a passenger compartment and a communication system, wherein the on-board communication device comprises at least one media server and at least one wireless data... Agent:

20140351869 - Managing remote distribution of content recorded at a television receiver: Various arrangements for providing remote access to locally-recorded television programming is presented. In some embodiments, a DVR is presented that it is configured to receive input indicating a timer for recording a television channel during a time period. The DVR may record television programming on the television channel during the... Agent: Echostar Technologies, LLC

20140351870 - Numeric channel tuner and directory server for media and services: Embodiments disclosed herein describe an apparatus, method and system for indexing online media content and services into numeric channel numbers and enabling a user device to access such content and services by entering the channel numbers. Embodiments may include a media and services tuner software module that resides on a... Agent: Worldrelay Inc.

20140351871 - Live media processing and streaming service: A live media processing and streaming service provides a content provider with media processing and distribution capabilities for live events. The service provides capabilities for capturing a live event, configuring programs from the live event, formatting the programs into a mezzanine format suitable for streaming, storage of the presentation manifest... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140351872 - Decentralized media delivery network: A decentralized approach to delivering a media file to a requesting subscriber in a network of subscribers comprises the steps of segmenting the media file into a plurality of segments and distributing the segments of the media file among the network of subscribers, and responding to a request from the... Agent:

20140351873 - Method of processing non-real time service and broadcast receiver: A method of processing a non-real time service of a broadcast receiver includes receiving a signaling information table including additional information on contents configuring a non-real time service and a content identifier for each content, acquiring the additional information on contents and the content identifier for each content from the... Agent:

20140351874 - Method and apparatus for transmitting media data for mmt system, and apparatus and method for receiving media data: Provided are a method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving media data, which can provide D-layer timing information, which is transmitted from a media transmission service based on an MMT system and required for timely synchronization playout time of the media and media. The apparatus for transmitting the media data... Agent:

20140351875 - System and method for supporting multiple identities for a secure identity device: A multiple-identity secure device (MISD) persistently stores a single identification code (a “seed identity”). The seed identity need not be a network address, and may be stored in an integral memory of the device, or on an interchangeable card received in a physical interface of the MISD. The MISD is... Agent: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

20140351876 - Broadcast receiver and computer program product: According to one embodiment, a broadcast receiver has a receiving module, a display controller and an output module. The output module is configured to output, when a first display module changes from a first state where a first video image is displayed to a second state where a second video... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140351877 - Service usage reporting data transport: Methods, apparatuses, and non-transitory computer-readable storage mediums for providing and/or processing service usage reporting data. The reception apparatus includes a receiver, a parser, and a processor. The receiver receives closed caption service data. The closed caption service data includes closed caption data within a first service block having a service... Agent: Sony Corporation

11/20/2014 > 47 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20140344840 - Information recommendation device, information recommendation system, and information recommendation method: An information recommendation device includes: a first evaluation unit which calculates, for each of a plurality of content items being broadcasted, a first evaluation value which is defined depending on a user; a second evaluation unit which calculates, for each of the content items, a second evaluation value which is... Agent:

20140344839 - Methods and systems for compensating for disabilities when presenting a media asset: Methods and systems are disclosed herein for supplementing media assets in order to compensate for a particular disability of a user. Specifically, a media guidance application determines whether or not a user can comprehend a media asset based on the particular disability of the user. Upon determining that the user... Agent:

20140344841 - Methods and apparatus to detect carrying of a portable audience measurement device: Methods and apparatus to detect carrying of a portable audience measurement device are disclosed herein. An example portable audience measurement device including a housing; a media detector in the housing to collect media exposure data; a hinge having an arm to rotate in response to an applied, the arm to... Agent:

20140344842 - Video efficacy measurement: Techniques and mechanisms are described herein for facilitating the detection of user responses to media content. According to various embodiments, movement data associated with a presentation of a media content item may be received from a client device. The received movement data may then be compared with movement calibration information... Agent: Mobitv, Inc.

20140344843 - Methods circuits apparatuses systems and associated computer executable code for providing viewer analytics relating to broadcast content: There is provided according to some embodiments of the present invention methods, circuits, apparatuses, systems and associated computer executable code for providing viewer monitoring and analytics relating to broadcast or otherwise published content. A server communicating with mobile viewer appliances adapted to detect emission(s) from presentation device(s) and to convey... Agent: Viewerslogic Ltd.

20140344844 - Portable multi-purpose audience measurement systems, apparatus and methods: Portable multi-purpose audience measurement systems, apparatus and methods are disclosed. Example methods disclosed herein include executing media metering software downloaded onto a portable device. Such example methods also include halting execution of the media metering software in response to determining that the portable device is being used for a native... Agent:

20140344845 - System and method for real-time new event detection on video streams: Techniques are disclosed for detecting new events in a video stream that yield improved detection efficiency in real time. For example, a method determines whether a given event is a new event in a video stream. The video stream includes a plurality of events. A first step extracts a first... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140344846 - Receiver, program and receiving method: A receiver includes: a broadcast reception unit configured to receive a broadcast signal; a communication unit configured to acquire the user identification information by communicating with a terminal device; a policy determination unit configured to read the policy associated with the user identification information from a related data storage unit... Agent: Nippon Hoso Kyokai

20140344847 - System and method for multi-channel video streaming: A video or multimedia distribution system receives multiple video streams and transcodes them into a single stream of video data packets with each of the video data packets for respective ones of the video streams being assigned a port number corresponding to the respective video stream. The video data packets... Agent:

20140344848 - Device recommendation engine: A first user device receives, from a service provider network, digital media content and presents the digital media content to a user. The first user device receives, from the service provider network, an indication that a second user device, associated with an account of the user and providing a higher... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20140344849 - System and method of managing digital rights: A method includes sending a user interface to a device associated with a content source. The user interface includes a listing of media content recorded by a network recorder. The media content is associated with the content source. The network recorder recorded the media content in response to requests received... Agent:

20140344850 - Constructing a transport stream: A plurality of sets of primary product keys is established or generated, each set containing at least two different primary product keys. One primary product key of each set is made available to each receiver or group of receivers, such that each receiver or group of receivers is provided with... Agent: Irdeto B.v.

20140344851 - Methods for the covert transmission of data for identification: A method for determining an identifier of a conditional access card used in a conditional access system, in which the conditional access card autonomously modulates the timing of data packets sent by the conditional access card, according to a sequence that depends on the identifier of the card. The sequence... Agent:

20140344852 - Advanced streaming playback/dynamic ad insertion: According to some embodiments, systems, methods, apparatus, and computer program code are provided to process video source data to insert ad or other content into a video stream for distribution to client devices.... Agent:

20140344853 - Comment information generation device, and comment display device: A comment information generation device includes: a video input section, to which a video is input; an information input section, to which positional information is input to display a comment to track an object in the video; an initial trajectory acquisition section that acquires an initial trajectory that is a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140344855 - Method and apparatus for generating automatic media programming through viewer passive profile: The system described herein works by eliminating the need for a viewer to actively select media. Instead, this new method creates a viewer passive profile by analyzing viewer and media metadata and then provides such media directly to the viewer through the system whenever the system is activated or whenever... Agent:

20140344854 - Method and system for displaying speech to text converted audio with streaming video content data: A cloud based video delivery system along with a method and graphical user interface for streaming synchronized video content data to a group of user devices are disclosed. The user devices of the group receive speech to text converted audio (or speech-to-text communications) generated by the different users of their... Agent:

20140344856 - System and method for synchronized interactive layers for media broadcast: A system and method for broadcasting to a plurality of client side devices over a network, such as the Internet, using visual layers for assembly in a media broadcast. In response to receiving input for simulating the media broadcast defined by content objects and arrangement of each layer in the... Agent:

20140344857 - User interface for video delivery system with program guide overlay: A graphical user interface implemented on user devices and method for displaying a program guide is disclosed. Upon invocation of a program guide from an active area tab, a program guide overlay is displayed over a video portion of the graphical user interface. Additionally, when the program guide overlay is... Agent:

20140344859 - Capturing and sharing media content: A media device allows users to watch and capture portions from a media stream. Users may then share the captured media content with other users. In one embodiment, the media device receives a media stream, plays the media stream, and caches a portion of the media stream as it is... Agent:

20140344858 - Recording of multiple television channels: In various embodiments, a selection of a television program to record may be received by a television receiver. The television program may be broadcast on a first television channel and as part of a first transponder stream. A plurality of television channels that are transmitted as part of the first... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20140344860 - Broadcast image output device, broadcast image output method, and televison: A broadcast image output device includes: a reception unit that receives a broadcast; an output unit that outputs a plurality of home screens in each of which a broadcast image relating to the broadcast received by the reception unit or an app image is allocatable to each section of a... Agent:

20140344862 - Broadcast receiving apparatus and method for operating the same: Disclosed are a broadcast receiving apparatus and a method for operating the same. A broadcast receiving apparatus according to an embodiment of the present invention includes an interface to access an electronic device that stores home screen information including a background image and a plurality of execution items, and to... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140344861 - Method and system for trending media programs for a user: A client determines that a user is attempting to access media program recommendations. In response to the determination, the client attempts to collect media program recommendations to be presented to the user. Media program recommendations may be derived locally by the client, by the client and a multimedia device locally... Agent:

20140344863 - Method and system for presenting electronic programming guides: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a media processor having a controller to present a graphic user interface (GUI) for customizing an electronic programming guide (EPG), the GUI including a plurality of scrollable media channels, each media channel accompanied by an image, a... Agent:

20140344864 - Differentiated psip table update interval technology: An apparatus, method and data structure for generating at least one table in a broadcast environment, are provided. The apparatus includes a generator to generate an event information table (EIT) and an extended text table (ETT). The ETT has program guide information for an n-hour span and has a transmission... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140344866 - Broadcast program information search system and method: A content program information search system and method is described. The system comprises a digital signal receiver for detecting and displaying a content signal and/or detailed content information for one or more search terms from a digital signal transmitted from a transmitter; and a server having a database for storing... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140344865 - Scheduler apparatus employing a gopher agent for use in a television receiver: In a television system in which at least program title information for programs which are to be transmitted in the future is transmitted in advance to form a channel guide listing, apparatus is provided for searching the listing for specific user-entered information, and upon successful conclusion to the search, the... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140344867 - Smart channel entry system: An interactive system is provided in which information is displayed in response to the entry of the digits of a channel number. The interactive system may be implemented on a television, a computer, or a radio system. The displayed information may be program listings information such as the channel designator... Agent:

20140344868 - Switching method of different display windows of a tv: The present invention provides a switching method of the different display windows of a TV. Before the switching, the TV displays the TV programs, received from the broadcast system and a server, in a main window and a sub-display window respectively, and the switching method includes the following steps that:... Agent: Haier Group Co.

20140344869 - Enhanced television services: A method and system to permit TV viewers to interact with program content broadcast over a subscriber network, such as cable, satellite, internet, or cellular telephone. The details of the ability for the viewer to interact is embedded as data in the program signal. The subscription provider broadcasts a visual... Agent:

20140344870 - Media network environment: Methods and apparatus for managing devices and content in a network environment. In one implementation, a network media environment includes: a first hub network including a first server and a first client, and said first server is connected to said first client; a second hub network including a second server... Agent:

20140344871 - Video-on-demand system: A video-on-demand system including a video server storing video-on-demand content and for streaming video-on-demand through a first layer of an internet page having a first layer and a second layer; and a controller for causing there to be formed in the second layer a plurality of selectable overlay images such... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140344872 - Method and apparatus for employing stored content at receivers to improve efficiency of broadcast system bandwidth use: A receiver unit in a digital broadcast system receives a broadcast signal comprising content segments and control data, and generates an output signal using the content segments and previously stored content segments. The previously stored content segments are retrieved from a local memory device using the control data for playback... Agent:

20140344873 - Methods and apparatus for providing multi-source bandwidth sharing management: Methods and apparatus for providing one or more services such as video on-demand, switched digital video, or Internet services using shared bandwidth. Exemplary embodiments include methods and apparatus for providing video on-demand and switched digital video to a set of customer premise equipment devices using a first dedicated portion of... Agent:

20140344874 - Method of network node performance ranking: The invention relates to a method of determining maintenance priority for different portions of a CATV network. By calculating a health score for each node of the network based on a plurality of measurements performed downstream from the nodes, the nodes and the downstream segments of the network may be... Agent: Jds Uniphase Corporation

20140344875 - Method for transmitting media data having access unit divided into media fragment units in heterogeneous network: The present invention generates a media processing unit (MPU) from the component units of media fragment units in configuring a media processing unit, thus achieving the effects of packaging media data corresponding to various media data structures.... Agent:

20140344877 - Reception device, program, and reception method: A reception device includes an access control unit configured to determine whether access to the application programming interface is permitted based on a determination according to the type stored in the application storage unit to correspond to the application identification information set in the call instruction. In addition, the reception... Agent: Nippon Hoso Kyokai

20140344876 - Smart touch set-top box device and smart multimedia playing system: A smart touch set-top box device comprises a touch screen, a LCD, a microprocessor, a television signal processing unit, a speaker, a wireless communication unit and an Ethernet communication unit, wherein the touch screen is arranged on the front end of said LCD for detecting the touch location of a... Agent: Gadmei Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140344878 - System for establishing communications with a mobile device server: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, receiving a message transmitted from a web server application operating in a mobile device and inserting an identifier of a gateway device into the message to produce a modified message. The modified message includes a request to... Agent:

20140344880 - Systems and methods for evaluating online videos: Systems and methods for evaluating online videos. One method includes receiving a URL; determining a URL type; detecting whether the URL includes one or more videos; determining at least one of a size of the video, a position of the video on a web page of the web page URL,... Agent: Veenome, Inc.

20140344879 - Weighted ingest policy management in a content distribution network: An ingestion controller, system, and method for managing ingestion of electronic content in a Content Distribution Network (CDN). The content is received from one or more content sources (CSs) through an inbound content pipe having a maximum bandwidth capacity. A database stores bandwidth weightings assigned to each CS by a... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140344881 - Devices, systems, and methods for managing multimedia traffic across a common wireless communication network: Systems, devices, and methods are disclosed for managing multimedia traffic across a common wireless communication network. Embodiments may include content devices, end point devices, a network node, and a wireless dongle. The network node and the wireless dongle may have application functions transmitting and receiving application data streams including a... Agent: Domanicom Corporation

20140344885 - High definition television signal compatibility verification: A system for providing television (TV) service including high definition television (HDTV) service, and for providing verification that a subscriber has connected an HDTV to the system includes a TV service provider headend and a set top box (STB). The HDTV may have an HDTV digital video interface (DVI) interconnect.... Agent:

20140344883 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: [Solving Means] There is provided an information processing apparatus that acquires a startup document of data broadcast including instruction information that instructs to acquire an application information table related to an application for presenting a data program related to a television program, acquires the application information table based on the... Agent:

20140344884 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, application information table supplying apparatus, and application information table supplying method: [Solving Means] An information processing apparatus includes a broadcast content processing unit that receives and processes broadcast content, and a controller that acquires, for each request for acquiring an application capable of being processed together with the broadcast content from a server, an application information table in which first information... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140344882 - System and method of video quality adaptation: Systems and method of video quality adaptation include acquiring video data to be streamed. An available bandwidth on a communications network is determined. A determined playback speed is determined based upon a bitrate of the video data to be streamed and the available bandwidth on the communications network. The video... Agent: Verint Video Solutions Inc.

11/13/2014 > 46 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140337867 - Method and system to confirm co-location of multiple devices within a geographic area: A method and system to confirm co-location of multiple devices within a geographic area, while filtering spurious alarms, is provided. An example method comprises processing first GPS data obtained from a first GPS sensor and second GPS data obtained from a second GPS sensor. A sensing data evaluator compares a... Agent: Nagravision S.v.

20140337868 - Audience-aware advertising: Embodiments of the present invention provide an audience-aware advertising that are advertisements coordinated with both a present media presentation and the media presentation's current audience. An audience-aware advertising pod is a container for advertising content that is shown in association with a media presentation. The audience-aware advertising pod may include... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140337870 - Method and apparatus for managing access plans: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, wirelessly receiving adjustment information from a mobile communication device, wirelessly receiving a request for video content from the mobile communication device, generating multiple versions of the video content, wirelessly transmitting a second version to the mobile communication... Agent:

20140337871 - Method to measure quality of experience of a video service: It is characterised in that it comprises calculating a Key Performance Indicator, or KPI, from measurable network parameters of said network for each video provided by said video service, assigning a Key Quality Indicator, or KQI, to each KPI by means of analytical models and calculating a global KQI function... Agent: Telefonica, S.a.

20140337869 - User behavior based data population of devices: A system and method include tracking user behavior exhibited by interaction with a device, creating a preference profile as a function of the tracked user behavior, accessing the preference profile prior to populating the device, and using the preference profile to select an order of population of the device.... Agent:

20140337872 - Multimedia interaction method and related multimedia system: The present disclosure provides a multimedia interaction method in a multimedia system. The multimedia system includes an electronic device and a mobile device. The multimedia interaction method includes the mobile device retrieving information associated with a multimedia program and displaying the information associated with the multimedia program when the electronic... Agent: Cloudcity Technology Ltd.

20140337873 - System and method for determining broadcast dimensionality: An apparatus, system and method for determining levels of audience engagement relative to encoded audio data, where an encoded audio data is captured in a mobile device. The audio data is captured over one or more predetermined time periods, and processed to determine characteristics of the audio data. The characteristics... Agent:

20140337874 - Reception device, reception method, program, and information processing system: Provided is a reception device including a reception part configured to receive first content, a feature amount extraction part configured to extract a feature amount from data of the received first content, an identification result acquisition part configured to acquire an identification result for the first content identified using the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140337875 - Close fulfillment of content requests: Systems and methods are described for subscriber-driven resource shifting in an attempt to maximize delivery of desirable content to subscribers while minimizing the impact of that content delivery to network infrastructure resources. When a media plan subscriber requests access to media content, and the requested object is determined not to... Agent: Viasat Inc.

20140337876 - Interactive content system and method: The present disclosure is directed to a system and method of providing interactive content. The method may include sending, from a media device, a request for one or more interactive applications to a first content source that is distinct from a second content source that provides video content to the... Agent:

20140337877 - Iptv follow me content system and method: Tools are provided for distributing access-restricted content in an internet protocol television (“IPTV”) environment based on portable entitlement keys. Such tools can include a decoder, an encoder, and a network entitlement handler. The decoder may be configured to receive a key associated with entitlement information, and transmit the entitlement information... Agent:

20140337878 - Broadcasting receiving apparatus and control method thereof: A broadcasting receiving apparatus includes a receiver having a plurality of tuners, a storage configured to store an image received by the receiver and a controller configured to control at least one of the tuners that does not tune to a currently viewed image out of the plurality of tuners,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140337879 - System and method for configuring the remote control functionality of a portable device: A system and method used to displaying advertising content. A first app installed on a first device functions to retrieve the advertising content and to then provide the advertising content to a second app installed on a second device. The second app installed on the second device will cause the... Agent:

20140337882 - Discovery and analytics for episodic downloaded media: Matching advertising information to media content/user combinations in which information and content are delivered to a user over a network is disclosed. Content providers and advertisers may find out about the offerings of one another as well as user profiles and preferences thereby facilitating agreement of ads with content and... Agent:

20140337883 - Method and apparatus for networking media content consumption status in a group of users: A method and apparatus for exchanging media content consumption characteristics in a network is described. The method includes receiving input data, the input data indicating that a first user in a user group has changed a content consumption characteristic, determining if the first user's changed content consumption characteristic is based... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140337881 - Method, non-transitory computer-readable storage medium, and system for producing and playing personalized video: A method of producing and playing a personalized video includes producing a plurality of video templates according to contents of a plurality of videos; inserting a personalized content into a video template among the plurality of video templates, in order to generate the personalized video; playing the personalized video on... Agent: Feltmeng Inc.

20140337880 - Peer-to-peer communication advertising method: The present disclosure relates to a system is designed to adapt to changing viewer behavior by detecting Peer-To-Peer communications, or other Skype or Skype-like communication during streaming video content (e.g., commercial, movie, television show, sponsored content, live or recorded, etc.) viewed on a TV, monitor, Laptop, tablet, computerized watch or... Agent:

20140337886 - Communicating primary content streams and secondary content streams including targeted advertising to a remote unit: The invention relates to a method and system to communicate primary and secondary content streams to at least one remote unit, for example, via a television channel in a targeted television environment. The secondary content stream comprises a plurality of tertiary content streams (e.g., video streams) providing commercials, advertisements or... Agent:

20140337884 - Methods and apparatus for providing media on mobile devices: Techniques and mechanisms are provided for sending targeted content and data to mobile devices. Location information associated with a device is determined. In some instances, the location information is manually entered. In other instances, the location information is determined automatically from characteristics associated with the device. Location information can be... Agent: Mobitv, Inc.

20140337885 - Queue based advertisement scheduling and sales: In accordance with the invention, advertisement identifiers are stored in a queue in memory in the set top box or elsewhere corresponding to individual subscribers of a television service delivery network. The advertisements are retrieved and displayed in the order dictated by the queue as advertisement avails are detected in... Agent:

20140337887 - Method and apparatus of channel switching using pre-acquisited psi table: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for switching channels to reduce channel zapping time, which use channel information generated prior to channel switching and generates audio and video data of a switched channel, thereby skipping a process of calculating channel information of a channel to be switched at... Agent: Humax Co., Ltd.

20140337888 - Optimized html5 electronic programming guide application: An electronic programming guide (EPG) data manager module is provided. The EPG data module provides an event driven infrastructure to provide EPG data to a hypertext markup language 5 (HTML5) applications. The HTML5 EPG application presents an EPG data window in a user interface on a display device. The EPG... Agent: Espial Group Inc.

20140337889 - System and method for presenting information associated with a media program: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, an apparatus having a processor adapted to receive a message from a portable communication device communicatively coupled to a set-top box presenting a media program and to retrieve from the message a media descriptor associated with the... Agent:

20140337890 - Display apparatus capable of providing a social network service (sns) message and display method thereof: A display method and apparatus are disclosed. The display method includes selecting a broadcasting channel to display a broadcast program, accessing an outside server to receive a SNS (Social Network Service) message corresponding to at least one of the broadcasting channel and the broadcast program among SNS messages registered with... Agent:

20140337891 - Digital broadcast receiver controlled by screen remote controller and space remote controller and controlling method thereof: A method is described for controlling a television. While receiving and displaying a broadcast signal on a screen of the television, the television receives a first signal from a remote controller and displays a control icon corresponding to the remote controller on the screen. The screen is partitioned into a... Agent:

20140337892 - Display apparatus and user interface screen providing method thereof: A display apparatus comprising a display configured to display a plurality of spaces in a form of a polyhedron is provided. The plurality of spaces each correspond to a different category. The apparatus displays a rotatable Graphical User Interface (GUI), a user interface is configured to receive a user interaction... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140337894 - Series reminders and series recording from an interactive television program guide: An interactive television program guide system with program series reminder and recording capabilities is provided. The system allows a user to set a reminder or schedule a recording for a single episode or for each episode of a program series. In addition, other options may be provided that allow the... Agent:

20140337893 - Systems and methods for recording content from a different source when previous content runs over: Systems and methods for recording content from a different source when previous content runs over are provided. A recording of a first media asset from a first content source is scheduled. The first media asset is scheduled for transmission from the first content source at a start time following a... Agent:

20140337895 - Unified content posting: Methods, apparatuses and systems to provide a unified content posting mechanism.... Agent:

20140337896 - Method and apparatus for data rate controller for a code block multiplexing scheme: A receiver is used with third code blocks based on first code blocks, second code blocks, and a planning code block. The first code blocks are associated with a first sequence number and modulated with a first modulation scheme. The second code blocks are associated with a second sequence number... Agent:

20140337897 - Systems and methods for receiving and transferring video information: Devices and methods for receiving and/or processing digital data. The devices may include a satellite modem, a transport module, and/or a processing module. The satellite modem, the transport module and/or the processing module may be formed on a single semiconductor substrate.... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140337898 - Dvb-s receiver device, adapter for interconnecting a tuner and a scart connector of the dvb-s receiver device, and method for automatically detecting an output voltage of the tuner: A Digital Video Broadcasting-Satellite (DVB-S) receiver device includes a tuner, a SCART (Syndicat des Constructeurs d'Appareils Radiorécepteurs et Téléviseurs) connector and a system on chip (SOC). The tuner is for generating an output voltage. The SCART connector is for receiving the output voltage. The SOC is configured to receive a... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140337899 - Methods, systems and computer program products for providing a media file to a designated set-top box: Methods of providing a media file include receiving the media file and an identification of a destination set-top box for the media file at a server device. The received media file is transmitted from the server device to the identified set-top box in an Internet protocol television (IPTV) multimedia format.... Agent:

20140337900 - Interactive video: A person's video watching experience is enhanced. A request is received to play a video. In response to the request, a device is used to play the video to the person. In response to playing of the video, an event outside the video that is related to the video and... Agent: Mixbit, Inc.

20140337901 - Network personal video recorder system, method and associated subscriber device: A network personal video recorder (NPVR) system, method and associated subscriber device. In one method operating at an NPVR element, a request for recording a program asset may be received from a first subscriber. Responsive thereto, the NPVR element verifies whether the requested program asset is available in an external... Agent: Ericsson Television Inc.

20140337902 - System and method for delivering companion content: A system and method for providing companion content on a device that downloads content associated with a media presentation playing on a media player and displays the downloaded content at times synchronized to time-offsets (from the start of the program) of the presentation by signals from the media player.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140337904 - Methods of implementing multi mode trickplay: A method of operating a server and an IP client device for presentation of video content to a viewer that includes a trickplay function. The server partitions media chunks into several sub chunks and includes information about the sub chunks in a manifest. The client plays the needed sub chunks... Agent:

20140337903 - Seamless trick-mode with decreased latency for live transcode streaming: A method for performing trick-mode operations with decreased latency for transcode streaming includes receiving and recording a stream of video data. A single transcoder may transcode the stream of video data and generate output video data in an output buffer following. Segmentation index information may be generated that refers to... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140337905 - System and method for delivering extended media content: A system and method for identifying and delivering extended media content. An extended content system receives requests to record or play identified broadcast content. The extended content system automatically obtains or preserves extended media content related to the identified broadcast content. In some instances, the system informs a subscriber that... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140337906 - Technique for providing on a program channel composite programming content attributed to different sources: In providing composite programming content from different sources on a program channel, a host processor joins IP multicast groups for which “live” contents from multiple sources are provided. Specifically, the host processor collects packets containing the live contents based on their destination addresses associated with the IP multicast groups. Segments... Agent: Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC

20140337907 - System and method for content transmission network selection: A content transmission selection system is disclosed. The content transmission selection system receives requests from viewers for specific video content items. Using characteristics of the designated content item, the content transmission selection system determines whether to transmit the content item over a broadcast network or a broadband network.... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

20140337908 - System for retrieval of executable applications: A system for retrieval of executable applications, comprising: a broadcast tele-vision receiver apparatus; and a server; wherein the broadcast television receiver apparatus includes a communication unit having an interface for bidirectional communication with a network and adapted to determine channel information from a currently decoded channel carried in a broadcast... Agent: Sony Europe Limited

20140337909 - Network personal video recorder system, method and associated subscriber device: A network personal video recorder (NPVR) system, method and associated subscriber device. In one method operating on an NPVR element, a request for playing back a program asset is received from a first subscriber. If the program asset is determined to be in an associated content system, the method includes... Agent: Ericsson Television Inc.

20140337910 - Method, system and apparatus for image capture, analysis and transmission: A method, system and apparatus for image capture, analysis and transmission are provided. A link aggregation method involves identifying controller network ports to a source connected to the same subnetwork; producing packets associating corresponding controller network ports selected by the source CPU for substantially uniform selection; and transmitting the packets... Agent: Avigilon Corporation

20140337911 - Open api digital video recorder and method of making and using same: A digital video recorder is disclosed. The digital video recorder includes at least one memory device, a plurality of communication access points for receiving at least one program play, an open application programming interface associated with the at least one memory device, and at least one correlation engine in communication... Agent:

20140337912 - Electrostatic discharge protection arrangement: An interconnection via a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable between a television receiver and a set-top box, embodying an invention feature, is obtained via an HDMI cable. In HDMI specifications 1.0 through 1.3a, pin 14 of the HDMI connector was defined to be a so-called no-connect pin which would... Agent: Thomson Licensing

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