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20150150029 - Controlling access to content: A computer implemented method of controlling access to content to be viewed on a viewing device, the method comprising: selecting desired content to be viewed on the viewing device; displaying auxiliary content which is required to be viewed while preventing display of the desired content on the viewing device; after... Agent: Piksel, Inc.

20150150030 - Method and system for determining subscriber demand for multimedia content: A method of determining demand for multimedia content in a multimedia provider network includes receiving a content demand statistics (CDS) request from a client application where the request identifies a subscriber set. Responsive to the CDS request, selected CDS data is retrieved from a CDS subsystem. The CDS data is... Agent:

20150150032 - Computer ecosystem with automatic \"like\" tagging: A consumer electronics (CE) device receives, from an imager and/or a microphone, an emotion signal representing an expression of a user of the CE device. Also, a biometric sensor generates a biometric signal representing a biometric parameter of the user of the CE device. Based on the emotion signal and... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150150031 - Method and system for analysis of sensory information to estimate audience reaction: A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may perform, for example, operations including identifying a presentation of a first media item. From sensing data, a behavior of an audience member and a characteristic of an environment in a vicinity of the audience member are determined. A tuning status is monitored... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

20150150034 - Information processing device, information processing method, and program: The present technology relates to an information processing device, an information processing method, and a program, which enable processing to be performed by absorbing a protocol difference when data is exchanged using different protocols. A first processing unit that processes data with a first device that performs identification of content;... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150150035 - Method and system for monitoring exposure to physical advertisments: In a system and method for monitoring exposure of people to physical advertisements, a computing device receives positional data records associated with each of a plurality of mobile devices within a given geographical region, from a base station, sets a mobility descriptor for each corresponding user, determines whether each user... Agent: Deutsche Telekom Ag

20150150033 - System and method for building and tracking audience segments: A non-transitory computer readable medium having computer executable program code embodied thereon is configured to build a set of individual profiles. Each individual profile includes biographical information and contextual data. The biographical information is associated with a data source, and the contextual data is associated with the data source. The... Agent: Fanatical, Inc.

20150150036 - Video display apparatus and operating method thereof: Provided are a video display device and a method of operating the same. The method includes: executing an enhanced service playing application not dependent on any single channel; obtaining an uncompressed audio video (AV) content; playing the uncompressed AV content through the display unit; attempting to obtain contents information on... Agent:

20150150037 - Personalized content: A media switch enables a terminal to access content by receiving a content request from a terminal for a first piece of content to be distributed over a cable system, identifying a personal channel within resources available in the cable system to distribute the first piece of content to the... Agent: Aol Inc.

20150150038 - Video content protection: A method includes receiving, by a client device associated with a particular user, product details for video content including a purchase option identifier (ID) for the video content from a video service provider. The method includes requesting, by the client device based on a single sign on (SSO) protected call,... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150150041 - Apparatus and method for producing media from which advertisement has been removed: Disclosed herein is a method of producing, by a media providing apparatus capable of editing recorded media content, media from which an advertisement has been removed, including the steps of searching the recorded media content for an advertisement part; deleting the retrieved advertisement part; generating an advertisement DB by separately... Agent:

20150150044 - Audio/video-on-demand method, server, terminal and system: The disclosure belongs to the field of communication, and provides an audio/video-on-demand method, server, terminal and system. The method includes: receiving, from a first terminal, a request for the audio or video and an identification for an object associated with a second terminal; receiving blessing information from the first terminal,... Agent:

20150150040 - Interactive audio/video broadcast system, method for operating the same and user device for operation in the interactive audio/video broadcast system: An audio/video broadcast system, a method for operating the same and a user device for operation in the interactive broadcast system. The broadcast system comprises an capture unit, an editing unit and a user device. A plurality of video streams is captured by the capture unit, a main signal A... Agent:

20150150039 - Method and device for sending media data: Provided are a method and device for sending media data. The method is realized by providing a media substitute node between a sender and a receiver. The method comprises: a media substitute node receives an original media data stream from a sender; the media substitute node acquires substitute data for... Agent:

20150150043 - Multicast video advertisement insertion using routing protocols: First video material is transmitted from a video source, over a video content network, to consumer premises equipment, via a hub router. The video source has a source address and there is a first path length between the hub router and the video source. Upon occurrence of a first triggering... Agent:

20150150042 - Multimedia providing system and multimedia providing method: A moving picture providing method includes playing, by a processor, a second moving picture provided with respect to a first moving picture before or during playing the first moving picture; playing, by the processor, the first moving picture in response to a termination or a suspension in playing the second... Agent:

20150150046 - Mobile media pause and resume: In embodiments, the present invention provides a method and system for managing playback of content delivered to a mobile device with a pause and resume functionality. The method and system including receiving delivered content on a mobile device, initiating playback of the delivered content, pausing playback of the content being... Agent:

20150150047 - Optimizing mobile content based on users state of motion: A method and system selects advertisements based on data regarding a user's behavioral patterns, such as the user's broadcast viewing history, current state of motion, and location, interests, and intentions.... Agent:

20150150045 - Video services receiver that provides a notification of upcoming program events having content that is preferred by the user, and related operating methods: A video services receiver for presenting video content, and related methods of operating the video services receiver, are presented here. An exemplary operating method identifies, at the video services receiver, an upcoming program event having content preferred by a user of the video services receiver. The method continues by generating,... Agent: Echostar Ukraine, L.L.C.

20150150048 - Display apparatus and control method thereof: A display apparatus is provided. The display apparatus includes a signal reception configured to receive an image signal of content; a signal processor configured to process the image signal received by the signal reception according to a preset image processing process; a display configured to display a content image based... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150150049 - System and method for presenting progressively downloaded media programs: A system and method for presenting progressively downloaded media programs is disclosed. A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, obtaining an estimated length of a media program where the estimated length is based on a plurality of different reported lengths of the media program... Agent:

20150150050 - Display apparatus connected to plural source devices and method of controlling the same: A television controlled by a remote controller and including includes an infrared (IR) module to receive an IR signal from the remote controller; a radio frequency (RF) module to receive an RF signal from the remote controller; a network interface to receive metadata corresponding to a content to be displayed... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150150051 - Systems and methods for providing predefined category-based channel lists: Various embodiments facilitate generation, distribution, and presentation of category-based predefined channel lists. In one embodiment, an electronic program guide (“EPG”) manager is provided for execution on a receiving device, such as a set-top box. The EPG manager receives from a program distributor a predefined channel list that includes multiple channels... Agent:

20150150052 - Collaborative recommendation system: A collaborative information system in which a first display device provides a recommendation of programming content to a viewer of a second display device, where the recommendation is based on content characteristics of the recommended content, and where the recommendation is based on assigning those content characteristics respectively different weights.... Agent:

20150150053 - Methods and apparatus that support easy access and browsing of program and channel listings in a program guide: Methods and apparatus for improving channel browsing experience for users by presenting an automatically appearing and automatically scrolling program guide are described. The methods and apparatus are well suited for use with remote control devices with limited numbers of input buttons, e.g., under five buttons, but can be used with... Agent: Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC

20150150054 - Apparatus and method for generating electronic program guide: An apparatus and a method for generating electronic program guide (EPG) are provided. The EPG generating apparatus comprises a receiving interface and a processor. The receiving interface receives an inputting keyword group. The processor generates a program name keyword group according to the program name corresponding to a program description.... Agent:

20150150056 - Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal: A method of processing a digital television (DTV) signal in a DTV receiver, the method includes receiving a digital television signal including a plurality of extended text table (ETT) instances that appear in transport stream packets with common PID values, the ETT instances having common table ID values, each ETT... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150150055 - Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving multi-media services: The present invention discloses a server for transmitting and receiving messages for a signaling (S) layer in MMT (Moving Picture Experts Group Media Transport), which includes a first sub-layer of the S layer for producing first messages to provide information necessary for the use of MPEG, a second sub-layer of... Agent: University Of Seoul Industry Cooperation Foundation., A Corporation

20150150057 - Content output system, information display apparatus, content output apparatus, and content information display method: A content output system includes a content output apparatus; and an information display apparatus, the content output apparatus and the information display apparatus being capable of communicating with each other. The content output apparatus includes a selection section configured to select, in response to a selection instruction, one piece of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150150058 - Method and apparatus for providing dynamic pricing services for an interactive information distribution system: A method and apparatus for providing subscription-on-demand (SOD) services for a interactive information distribution system, where a consumer may subscribe to packages of on-demand programs for a single price and view the programs in the subscribed package at any time for no additional cost. The apparatus and method are embodied... Agent: Charter Communications Operating, LLC

20150150059 - System and method bridging cloud based user interfaces: Systems and apparatus providing UI functionality at a client device via a video decoder/renderer operates to decode a compressed video stream bearing UI imagery and a messaging proxy is adapted to process user interaction data indicative of a local function to invoke an application programming interface (API) associated with the... Agent:

20150150060 - Unified access method and device for digital television broadcasting and mobile data communication: A unified access method and a unified access device for digital television broadcasting and mobile data communication, wherein a 3G mobile data communication module and a digital television broadcasting signal receiver are used for receiving/sending communication data and receiving digital television broadcasting signals respectively, and an application processor is used... Agent: Hangzhou Cloudchain Network Technology Co., Ltd.

20150150061 - Portable vehicle entertainment systems with wireless communication of entertainment content: A portable entertainment system for a vehicle includes a portable housing, a transceiver, a processor, a memory, and a rechargeable battery. The transceiver communicates through RF signals with Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) operated by vehicle passengers. The rechargeable battery supplies power to the transceiver, the processor, and the memory. The... Agent:

20150150062 - Reducing network bandwidth usage in a distributed video editing system: Techniques are disclosed for reducing the amount of network bandwidth used by a distributed video editing system. A server dynamically chooses from among several encoding options, depending on the context and network conditions. The server makes every attempt to transmit a given video frame only once over the network. Depending... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150150063 - System and method of selecting a multimedia stream: A method includes receiving, at a server, channel change request data from a media device. The channel change request data specifies a requested channel that is associated with a plurality of multimedia streams. Each multimedia stream of the plurality of multimedia streams has a corresponding content format. The method includes... Agent:

20150150064 - Context managing apparatus and method thereof: A context managing apparatus and method thereof. The context managing apparatus may include a communicator to acquire context information from each broadcast receiving terminal used by at least one user, and a controller to manage the acquired context information as information for providing a receive service for a predetermined broadcast... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150150065 - Live video broadcasting on distributed networks: The techniques related to providing a live program over the Internet are described. According to one aspect of the techniques, a data stream representing a live program is preprocessed to produce a plurality of substreams, each of the substreams comprising decimated samples of the data stream. The number of substreams... Agent:

20150150066 - Digital device and method of processing a service thereof: Various embodiment(s) for a service system, a digital device, and a method of processing a service therefor are disclosed in the present specification. In this case, according to one embodiment of the present invention, a method of processing a service in the digital device includes the steps of downloading and... Agent:

20150150067 - System and method to manage a content stream: A method of managing bandwidth usage at a customer premises includes receiving a content stream at a set-top box device coupled to a display device. The method also includes receiving a power-off command for the display device. Furthermore, the method includes displaying a prompt on the display device, wherein the... Agent:

20150150069 - Electronic devices for signaling sub-picture based hypothetical reference decoder parameters: An electronic device for sending a message is described. The electronic device includes a processor and instructions stored in memory that is in electronic communication with the processor. The electronic device determines whether to include a common decoding unit CPB removal delay parameter in a picture timing Supplemental Enhancement Information... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150150068 - Method and system for cross-channel media assets management: A method and system for delivering a media asset to a plurality of destinations across a plurality of different media channels are provided. The method includes determining that the media asset is uploaded to at least one content source node; determining that a media plan associated with the media asset... Agent: Mediamind Technologies Ltd.

20150150070 - Method and apparatus for providing media content: A method that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, receiving, by a system comprising a processor, first media content from a service provider network over a high resolution channel at a first resolution, determining whether a first resolution exceeds a resolution threshold for viewing the first... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

20150150071 - Method and apparatus for reproducing content through integrated channel management: Provided are a method and apparatus for reproducing at least one piece of content received via at least one interface. The method includes classifying the at least one piece of content respectively received via the at least one interface according to a reference attribute, allocating the classified at least one... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

05/21/2015 > 62 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20150143389 - Method for providing interactive contents for smart tv: The present invention relates to a method for providing interactive contents for a smart TV, which allows a seller to directly upload contents such that vivid contents can be easily provided.... Agent: Crefun Co., Ltd.

20150143390 - Fillable form for providing and receiving customized audio video content: A consumer electronics (CE) device receives a form along with AV content that includes information fields pertaining for entrance of information regarding the CE device and/or at least one user thereof. Information entered to the form is then transmitted back to the provider of the form for use to subsequently... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150143392 - Method, apparatus and system for determining viewer reaction to content elements: A method, apparatus and system for determining viewer reaction to content elements include generating a viewer feedback signal by recording biometric measurements of a viewer's reactions to viewed content, synchronizing the viewer feedback signal with a content metadata signal for the viewed content and correlating the biometric measurements in the... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20150143391 - Spot notification method, spot notification device, and spot notification device program: A spot notification device includes: a viewing history acquisition unit that acquires a program viewing history of a user; a program metadata acquisition unit that acquires program metadata including a name and locational information on a spot introduced in a program; a spot list generation unit that generates, on the... Agent:

20150143393 - Water dispensing and display apparatus: An apparatus for dispensing liquid, such as water, with the dispensing of the liquid associated with a media presentation, for example, a video presentation, viewable on a monitor of the apparatus by consumers proximate to the apparatus, including the consumer to whom the water is being dispensed, is disclosed. The... Agent:

20150143394 - Content presentation method, content presentation device, and program: A content presenting method of the present disclosure includes: a history collecting step of collecting a viewing history of a user; a determining step of analyzing the viewing history to determine an active time segment in which an output section is in a state of being viewed; a data collecting... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Of America

20150143397 - Internet-based submission of cable network content: A cable network content delivery system providing advertising information via a cable network and an advertising content interface are described. An advertiser submits advertising content over an internet which is then adapted for a cable network. A data gateway stores the advertising information. The system processes a user command received... Agent:

20150143395 - Method and apparatus for browsing using multiple coordinated device sets: Systems and methods for navigating hypermedia using multiple coordinated input/output device sets. Disclosed systems and methods allow a user and/or an author to control what resources are presented on which device sets (whether they are integrated or not), and provide for coordinating browsing activities to enable such a user interface... Agent:

20150143396 - Methods and apparatus to measure a cross device audience: Methods and apparatus are disclosed to generate a cross device panel by determining that a first panelist associated with a first panel data and a first device is also associated with a non-paneled device. Example methods and apparatus disclosed herein match, via a processor, a second panelist associated with second... Agent:

20150143399 - Channels and services display: The availability of a new information service is publicized by displaying an icon in an EPG when the presence of a new information service is detected. A list of new services is then displayed responsive to a user command. When one of the new services is displayed instead of the... Agent:

20150143400 - Methods and apparatus for determining the operating state of audio-video devices: Methods and apparatus for identifying an operating state of an AV device are described. An example method includes extracting, at a first AV device, data communicated via a data bus coupling a processor of the first AV device to a HDMI interface, the HDMI interface coupled to a second AV... Agent:

20150143398 - System and method for providing image-based video service: The present invention relates to a system and method for providing an image-based video service. The present invention provides a system for providing image-based video service, including a cache system configured to store video information that matches image-related data; a fingerprint extraction unit configured to extract the fingerprint of an... Agent:

20150143403 - Iptv devices and methods adapted for such devices: Methods and apparatus for enabling upgrading of a television (TV) device that is connectable to an internet protocol TV (IPTV) system including an operator system and a TV manufacturer system are described. The upgrading is based on a token object and verifies a requested upgrading of the TV device. A... Agent:

20150143402 - Method for sharing broadcast channel information and electronic device thereof: A broadcast channel information sharing method in an electronic device and the electronic device thereof are provided. An operation method in an electronic device includes creating a request message of requesting to share broadcast channel information, the request message comprising one or more of user information, location information, and habit... Agent:

20150143401 - System, method, and infrastructure for real-time live streaming content: Implementations of the system and method use an existing management server infrastructure to deliver video-on-demand or streaming content, including real-time live streaming. Existing client content playback devices, such as IPTVs, may be employed to stream content items, obtain advertisements, track user's viewing behaviors, and the like. By reusing existing client... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150143406 - Broadcast receiving apparatus and method for displaying notification message using the same: A broadcast receiving apparatus including a display, a storage configured to store priority information corresponding to a current output state of the broadcast receiving apparatus and priority information corresponding to an event, a communicator configured to receive, from an external device, a signal indicating an occurrence of the event at... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150143407 - Incremental transmission of data: In one form, the present teachings provide a method and apparatus for broadcasting an event. The method includes receiving data related to an event via an uplink. Another aspect of the method includes determining whether the data is broadcast on a recurring basis. The method also includes determining whether a... Agent:

20150143404 - Method and apparatus for presenting promotional content: Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, receiving a media program on a first media channel, detecting a first segment in the media program, where the first segment comprises media content combined with an embedded advertisement, determining a first emotional context from a first analysis of the media... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

20150143405 - Systems and methods for creating and navigating broadcast-ready social content items in a live produced video: Systems and methods for incorporating social content items into a produced video are provided. The system presents a producer interface to a user that allows the user to query for social content items. The user may then select and arrange social content items in an on-air queue. In an on-air... Agent:

20150143408 - Premises automation control: A content service provider can transmit a plurality of content streams each including audio, video, or audio-video content to a plurality of premises. In addition, the content service provider can transmit one or more command streams, along with the plurality of content streams over a common content distribution network. The... Agent: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

20150143412 - Content playback control device, content playback control method and program: A content playback control device includes: an acquirer for acquiring an attribute of a listener that is the target of providing content; a determiner for determining a language when playing back the content, based on the attribute of the listener acquired by the acquirer; and a playback controller for playing... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20150143411 - Interactive advertisment offering method and system based on a viewed television advertisment: In interactive advertisement offering method and system, a server wirelessly receives from a user terminal an input signal, which is associated with a target TV advertisement viewed by a user of the user terminal. Upon identifying one TV advertisement to be the target TV advertisement based on the input signal,... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150143416 - Method and apparatus for matching of corresponding frames in multimedia streams:

20150143417 - Method and apparatus for real-time viewer interaction with a media presentation: Real-time participation within a media presentation is disclosed. A participant overlay may be generated by preprocessing a media presentation to extract a time-variant metadata stream associated with one or more interactive regions depicted in the media presentation. The participant overlay includes simulated physics, which may include boundaries of the interactive... Agent:

20150143413 - Method and system for automatically generating interstitial material related to video content: A method implementable on a computing device for generating interstitial material for video content includes generating at least one instantiated script by inserting metadata related to the video content into at least one script template, scoring the instantiated scripts according to a predefined set of weights associated with a profile... Agent:

20150143409 - Methods and systems for recommending media content related to a recently completed activity: Methods and systems are disclosed herein for a media guidance application that recommends media content based on activities recently performed by a user. For example, in response to determining that a user recently finished the laundry, the media guidance application may recommend a movie that other users accessed after finishing... Agent: United Video Properties, Inc.

20150143415 - System and method for delivering targeted advertising in an internet protocol television system: A system is disclosed for delivering targeted advertising data over a network including but not limited to a first video server processor interface for sending data for rotating one of the set of follow-on advertisements off of the on-screen picture in picture queue display to an off-screen storage; and a... Agent:

20150143410 - System and method for product placement amplification: A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may include, for example, a memory that stores executable instructions that, when executed by the processor, facilitate performance of operations. The operations comprise obtaining product image data and comparing image data of a media program with the product image data. A product placement... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

20150143414 - System, method, and software application for targeted advertising via behavioral model clustering, and preference programming based on behavioral model clusters: The method and system for TV user profile data prediction and modeling allows accurate and narrowly focused behavioral clustering. A client-side system classifies television consumers into representative user profiles. The profiles target individual user advertising and program preference category groups. A contextual behavioral profiling system determines the user's monitor behavior... Agent:

20150143418 - Image display apparatus and operation method thereof: An operation method of an image display apparatus is discussed, which includes displaying a first dashboard including a live broadcast video and content information based on viewing history of a user on a display unit, displaying a portion of a second dashboard and a third dashboard including the content information... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150143420 - Remote control audio link: One embodiment may take the form of a voice control system. The system may include a first apparatus with a processing unit configured to execute a voice recognition module and one or more executable commands, and a receiver coupled to the processing unit and configured to receive a first audio... Agent:

20150143419 - Session administration: Administration of sessions, such as but not necessarily user interface (UI) and media sessions, is contemplated. The session administration may include transferring and/or sharing a session from one client to another without requiring an application required to process the transferred/shared session to be operational when receiving an action used to... Agent:

20150143421 - Method, server, client and software: m

20150143422 - Methods and systems for creating and managing multi participant sessions: A method of creating a multi participant session among a plurality of viewers of media content. The method comprises automatically identifying which media content is currently presented on a plurality of client terminals of a plurality of subscribers, receiving, from a first subscriber, a first selection indicative of a template... Agent: Comigo Ltd.

20150143423 - Apparatus, method, and system for controlling device based on user interface that reflects user's intention: Disclosed are a device control apparatus, method, and system based on a user interface that reflects a user's intention. The apparatus may includes a user interface processing unit for displaying a user interface, including a content selection unit for selecting content and first and second control icons, on the touch... Agent: Humax Co., Ltd.

20150143424 - Information descriptor and extended information descriptor data structures for digital television signals: According to an aspect, there is provided a digital television (DTV) data stream including program and system information protocol (PSIP) data associated with content of the DTV data stream, the PSIP data including a virtual channel table (VCT) and an event information table (EIT), the EIT comprising: a source identification... Agent:

20150143425 - Method and apparatus for creating dynamic webpages in a media communication system: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, an Internet Protocol Television system having a controller to create a template defining a format of presentation of an webpage or HTML page using an iTV or IPTV application system, receive a request for the page from... Agent:

20150143426 - Electronic program list operation system applied to portable electronic device and operation method thereof: An electronic program list operation system applied to portable electronic device and an operation method thereof. The electronic program list operation system includes a controlled device, at least one portable electronic device and a wireless transmission module. The portable electronic device is wirelessly connected to a network platform for readily... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20150143427 - Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal: A digital television (DTV) receiver for processing a DTV signal, the DTV receiver includes a receiver to receive a digital television signal including a plurality of extended text table (ETT) instances that appear in transport stream packets with common PID values, the ETT instances having common table ID values, each... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150143428 - Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same: A virtual channel table for broadcasting protocol and a method for broadcasting by using the virtual channel table includes identification information identifying and permitting discrimination of active and inactive channels contained in the virtual channel table. At a receiver, the virtual channel table transmitted from the transmitting side is parsed,... Agent:

20150143429 - Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same: A virtual channel table for broadcasting protocol and a method for broadcasting by using the virtual channel table includes identification information identifying and permitting discrimination of active and inactive channels contained in the virtual channel table. At a receiver, the virtual channel table transmitted from the transmitting side is parsed,... Agent:

20150143430 - Systems and methods to perform actions upon content items associated with multiple series subscriptions: A method includes performing, at a media recorder device, a comparison of a user defined criterion to information descriptive of content items associated with a set of series subscriptions. The content items and the set of series subscriptions are stored at the media recorder device. The user defined criterion indicates... Agent:

20150143431 - Advanced wireless iptv set top box: An advanced wireless IP STB is provided with multiple built-in antennas capable of capturing plural downstream transmissions simultaneously on dedicated receivers using different modem technologies without the use of wires to the home. The proposed solution facilitates the advanced wireless IP STB being able to receive multiply sourced data traffic,... Agent:

20150143432 - Method and apparatus for providing wireless digital television service: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a method for receiving one or more wireless digital television signals, wherein each of the one or more wireless digital television signals comprise a plurality of data segments for presenting media content, buffering the plurality of data... Agent:

20150143434 - Multimedia content self-adaptive method and multimedia playing system: The present technology relates to a multimedia content self-adaptive method and a multimedia playing system, wherein the multimedia content self-adaptive method includes: obtaining context information; solving the media content adaptation problem according to the obtained context information. Applying the multimedia content self-adaptive method and multimedia playing system provided by the... Agent: Haier Group Co.

20150143433 - Wireless system and wireless communication device: A wireless system (1) includes: a wireless adapter (10) including a first retaining section which retains identification information for distinguishing the wireless system (1) from another wireless system; and a wireless adapter (20) including (a) a second retaining section (24) which retains identification information identical to the identification information retained... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150143435 - System and method for managing mashup service based on the content of media content: A system and method for managing a mashup service based on the content of media content are provided. The system and method infer tasks related to the content of media content that a user is currently viewing based on user profile information, and create and provide a personalized mashup service... Agent:

20150143436 - Method and apparatus for generating information associated with a lapsed presentation of media content: Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, generating a summary of a missed portion of a media program, identifying subject matter in a segment of content in the media program that has not been presented, determining a particular time for presenting the summary according to the subject matter... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

20150143437 - Methods and apparatus for supporting trick play functions in devices without local storage: Methods and apparatus for providing playback devices with trick play functionality are described. The system includes a playback device, e.g., without recording capability, and a gateway device with multiple tuner-demodulators and/or a cable modem and recording capability. During normal playback, in some embodiments, both the playback device and gateway receive... Agent:

20150143438 - Media control device, media renderer device, media server device, and method for operating the devices: After the calling of the playback action of the first resource, the control device calls a multiple resource prefetch action including a plurality of prefetch resource identifiers for a plurality of prefetch resources. The media renderer prefetches the plurality of prefetch resources from the media server on the basis of... Agent:

20150143440 - Navigation within switched digital streamed content: In certain embodiments, a method carried out in a digital television receiver device incapable of full two way communications, of receiving switched digital television programs involves storing a virtual channel table in the digital television receiver device, the virtual channel table having entries for each available channel and having a... Agent:

20150143439 - Providing increased bandwidth for transmission of audio video content and supplemental content associated therewith: A device includes at least one computer readable storage medium bearing instructions, and at least one processor configured for accessing the computer readable storage medium to execute the instructions. The instructions configure the processor for providing audio video (AV) content on a first channel having a predefined frequency range, receiving... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150143441 - Broadcast interactive television system: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a system for delivering broadcast channels by way of edge routers using multicast virtual private networks, sharing a same multicast state for the broadcast channels and sharing a same multicast delivery tree for the broadcast channels. Other... Agent:

20150143443 - High quality video sharing systems: A video sharing method for automatic video recording and for sharing recorded videos, comprising: registering specialized equipment and users; accepting and storing video files and music files; building searchable databases of uploaded video and music files; accepting user requests; selecting a music file; playing video files accompanied with the selected... Agent: H4 Engineering, Inc.

20150143442 - Method and apparatus for sharing internet assets or content urls via a second display device: A user can share Internet assets or content URLs via a second display device with other Internet content service users. Thus, the other users will be able to view the same content on their own internet protocol televisions (IPTV), as first display devices, without the need to search for the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150143446 - Dtv transmitting system and receiving system and method of processing broadcast signal: A method is described for transmitting broadcast signals. First encoding of mobile data for a mobile service is performed. Second encoding of the first encoded mobile data is performed. The second encoded mobile data multiplexed with main data for a main service in a time domain is transmitted. The second... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150143445 - Production apparatus and content distribution system: Provided is a production apparatus that can produce a distribution content that offers an even richer color tone expression during playback of video. The production apparatus for producing a distribution content including distribution video data is constituted by an original acquisition unit that acquires original video data; a distribution video... Agent:

20150143444 - Transcoding media streams using subchunking: A method including receiving an input media stream and splitting a video portion of a received portion of the input media stream into input video chunks. For each input video chunk of the video portion of the input media stream, the method includes assigning the input video chunk to one... Agent: Google Inc.

20150143447 - Cross layer coordinated channel bonding: Different data communication architectures receive a wide variety of content, including audio and video content, for consumers. The architectures employ channel bonding to deliver more bandwidth than any single communication channel can carry. In some implementations, the communication architectures receive distributed video programming in the form of MPEG2 TS packets,... Agent:

20150143448 - Method and apparatus for processing digital service signal: A digital service signal apparatus is disclosed. The digital service signal apparatus includes a receiving module receiving signaling information having channel information for an application from the digital service signal, a generating module generating a request using the channel information, a sending module sending the generated request, a downloading module... Agent:

20150143449 - System and method for providing a television network customized for an end user: A hybrid audio and video system and method of providing a television network customized for an end user at an end user location are provided. A video signal feed includes visual content. An audio signal feed includes audio content. A third signal feed includes promotional content about the end user.... Agent:

20150143450 - Compositing images in a compressed bitstream: A system for compositing images in a compressed bitstream can include memory and first and second modules. The first module can be configured to receive images and corresponding position information that indicates positions of the images in a composite image, determine pixels of the images that will be occluded in... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

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