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Interactive video distribution systems

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04/16/2015 > 39 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20150106828 - Method and apparatus for identifying point of interest and inserting accompanying information into a multimedia signal: An apparatus arranged to insert accompanying information into a multimedia signal, the apparatus constituted of: a multimedia receiver; a point of interest (POI) identifier arranged to identify a POI in the received multimedia signal responsive to content of the received multimedia signal; an inserter arranged to insert accompanying information into... Agent:

20150106829 - Methods and systems for compensating for disabilities when presenting a media asset: Methods and systems are disclosed herein for supplementing media assets in order to compensate for a particular disability of a user. Specifically, a media guidance application determines whether or not a user can comprehend a media asset based on the particular disability of the user. Upon determining that the user... Agent:

20150106830 - Methods and apparatus to monitor media exposure: Methods and apparatus to monitor media exposure are disclosed. An example implementation includes accessing a meter identifier and first audio received from a wearable bracelet meter, the meter identifier uniquely associated with the wearable bracelet meter. Whether the first audio substantially matches second audio received at a second meter is... Agent:

20150106831 - Advertising metrics system and method: The present disclosure relates to a system and method for monitoring audio-video (AV) streams transported over a network. The system may include an AV probe deployed between an AV tuner and AV destination customer premise equipment. The AV probe may receive an incoming AV stream. The AV probe may generate... Agent:

20150106832 - Content playback device and mobile terminal: An authenticated mobile terminal 3a holds device information showing a mobile terminal 3b which is permitted to play back a content, and, when the mobile terminal 3b makes a request for playback of a content on the basis of restricted authentication information for permitting a playback of the content on... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150106833 - Mobile terminal, display apparatus and controlling methods thereof: A mobile terminal, a display apparatus, and their associated controlling methods are provided to control a display mode of the display apparatus in a general mode, which displays a content shareable with a third party, and in a security mode, which displays a content non-shareable with the third party, according... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20150106834 - Processing method for control messages and security module to carry out said method: The present invention concerns a method for processing messages intended to allow the access to conditional access content and to a security module arranged for implementing this method. The method comprises the steps of receiving by a security module comprising at least one decryption module, a plurality of messages, these... Agent:

20150106835 - Providing parental control using a playlist: A method includes receiving a playlist at a network device from a client device in communication with the network device over a network. In response to receiving the playlist, the method also includes disabling channel changes not associated with the playlist from executing during times indicated in the playlist. The... Agent:

20150106836 - Global speech user interface: A global speech user interface (GSUI) comprises an input system to receive a user's spoken command, a feedback system along with a set of feedback overlays to give the user information on the progress of his spoken requests, a set of visual cues on the television screen to help the... Agent:

20150106837 - System and method to dynamically synchronize hierarchical hypermedia based on resource description framework (rdf): Various disclosed embodiments include methods and apparatus for dynamically synchronizing hypermedia based on Resource Description Framework (RDF). A method for hypermedia synchronization within a session hosted by a server includes establishing a communications link between the server and a first user device during the session, and generating a first identifier... Agent:

20150106838 - Digital broadcast receiver device and digital broadcast receiving method: A digital broadcast receiver device (100) is provided with: a descrambling unit (504) which uses keys for a plurality of services to decrypt encrypted video data for the plurality of services and generates video data for the plurality of services; and a CAS control unit (503) which, for each of... Agent:

20150106839 - Systems, methods, and apparatus for delivering content: Systems, methods, and apparatus for delivering content are provided. A request for desired content may be received by a content management server from a customer device associated with a customer. The content management server may include one or more computers. Additionally, the content management server may determine whether the customer... Agent:

20150106842 - Content summarization server, content providing system, and method of summarizing content: A content summarization server, a content providing system and a method for summarizing a content are provided. The method for summarizing a content in a content summarization server includes receiving information regarding a content for which a content summary request is received from a display apparatus in response to a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150106841 - Dynamic advertisement during live streaming: Disclosed is a configuration for inserting an advertisement (ad) break into a live stream by a server. One example embodiment includes a system (and method) that receives index files periodically from a media encoder of a live stream. Each index file comprising pointers to current segments of the live stream... Agent: Rhythm Newmedia Inc.

20150106843 - Method and system for positioning row advertising in a program guide: A method of arranging row ads system within a program guide includes communicating row ad metadata to a user device and communicating program guide information to a user device. The program guide information defines a plurality of rows, wherein at least a first row is associated with a first channel.... Agent: The Directv Group, Inc.

20150106840 - Methods and systems for logging information: Methods and systems for providing data such as content are disclosed. A method can comprise selecting a closed caption buffer and storing a service trace in the selected closed caption buffer. The closed caption buffer comprising the stored service trace can then be activated to provide service information.... Agent: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

20150106845 - Process and apparatus for advertising component placement: A method of digital advertising, comprising: receiving a plurality of video material sources; optionally converting video material from a format of said sources into one or more placement operating formats; placing a digital advertising component into video material; and outputting the video material with the digital advertising component integrated within... Agent:

20150106844 - Video display system, external unit, and method of displaying video: A video display system includes a video display unit, and an external unit configured to be communicatable with the video display unit. The video display unit includes a display panel and is configured to transmit specific information to the external unit. The specific information includes display panel information related to... Agent:

20150106846 - Method and apparatus for configuring an electronic device: An electronic device including a peripheral device connection unit configured to connect to a display interface of a peripheral device and to receive identification data for the peripheral device, and a controller. The controller is configured to determine configuration information, wherein the configuration information is based at least on one... Agent: Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

20150106847 - Content providing apparatus, system, and method for recommending contents: A content providing apparatus, system, and method for recommending content. The method includes: receiving user information from a display apparatus; determining whether a terminal apparatus of a user is registered, based on the received user information; when the terminal apparatus is determined to be registered, determining whether recommended content for... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150106848 - Application gadgets and electronic program guides: Application gadget techniques are described. In an implementation, a remote control device includes a display device and one or more modules. The one or more modules are configured to initiate one or more control functions related to control of a display of content by a client. The one or more... Agent:

20150106849 - System and method for automatic video program channel generation: System and method for delivering video programs from a cloud to an electronic terminal is disclosed. Channels may be generated based upon personal data of a user. Channels may also be generated by the user's inputs through a user input device of the terminal. The user may select to access... Agent:

20150106850 - Program guide system with video-on-demand browsing: An interactive television program guide system is provided in which a viewer may direct a television to simultaneously display a selected television program and a program guide display. A viewer may use the program guide display to browse available video-on-demand (VOD) while continuing to view a previously selected program in... Agent:

20150106851 - Controlling a graphical user interface: Controlling device, multimedia device, and corresponding method for controlling a graphical user interface, comprising a receiving unit for receiving a user's intention for navigating through a three-dimensional menu structure, a computing unit for computing a menu structure seen from a point of view of the user onto a target menu... Agent:

20150106852 - Personalized categorization of television programming: A method, system, and computer program product for personalized categorization of television content are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A subset of bookmarks is selected from a set of bookmarks saved in a browser application. The subset of bookmarks is analyzed according to a specification for constructing a categorization rule,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150106853 - Graphics handling for electronic program guide graphics in an rvu system: A network device includes an electronic program guide (EPG) component configured to receive EPG data associated with an EPG from an external EPG server. The network device further includes a manager component comprising a pre-loader configured to pre-render and send first EPG images, associated with the EPG, that are frequently... Agent:

20150106854 - Systems and methods for providing audio-based guidance: Systems and methods for providing audio-based guidance features are provided. A guidance application may provide listings displays having listings for audio-friendly content. The listings may be indicated as listings for audio-friendly content. The guidance application may provide displays dedicated to listings for audio-friendly content. The guidance application provides audio-prompts describing... Agent: Rovi Guides, Inc.

20150106855 - System and method for multi-channel wifi video streaming: A video or multimedia distribution system receives multiple video streams and transcodes them into a single stream of UDP packets with each of the plurality of video data packets for respective ones of the video streams being assigned a port number corresponding to the respective video stream. The UDP packets... Agent:

20150106856 - Media player system for product placements: A media player system for product placements, including: a controller; a computer-readable non-transitory memory in communication with the controller including instructions that when executed by the controller cause it to: display a user interface including a video frame and a product information area, wherein the product information area is adjacent... Agent: Vidretal, Inc.

20150106858 - Methods and systems for creating and managing multi participant sessions: A method of creating a multi participant session among a plurality of viewers of media content. The method comprises automatically identifying which media content is currently presented on a plurality of client terminals of a plurality of subscribers, receiving, from a first subscriber, a first selection indicative of a template... Agent: Comigo Ltd.

20150106857 - System and method for generating screen pointing information in a television control device: A system and method, in a television control device, for generating screen pointing information, substantially as shown in and/or described in connection with at least one of the figures, as set forth more completely in the claims.... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150106859 - Selection of a proxy device for a network: Multiple devices in a user's premises may each be configured to separately communicate with an external network, but the signal strength available to each may vary significantly depending on the wiring of the premises. The disclosure provides methods wherein the various devices may coordinate with one another, and determine which... Agent:

20150106860 - Method and system for trick play in over-the-top video delivery: A method for trick play (fast forward, rewind, etc.) in video streams using adaptive bitrate HTTP delivery protocols includes playing only portions of a video at a current bitrate to achieve the initial trick play functionality. A new trick play bitrate is selected based on a trick play playout rate,... Agent:

20150106861 - Interactive intelligent set-top box and systems and methods thereof: An interactive intelligent set-top box electrically connected to a television, the set-top box comprising a control chip, an audio processing chip, a memory, a network interface, a camera electrically connected to the control chip, at least one loudspeaker, at least one microphone wherein the microphone and the loudspeaker electrically connected... Agent:

20150106862 - Distribution device, reproduction device, data structure, distribution method, control program, and recording medium: A distribution server (1) according to the present invention acquires composition information (17) including information specifying each of a plurality of components included in acquired content and information indicating a reproduction mode of the components, and includes a composition information generation unit (15) rewriting a part of the information included... Agent:

20150106863 - Method and system for implementing interactive televisions through near field communication technologies: Interactive data, audio data, and video data are respectively encoded and packaged, and then an interactive television program is produced by multiplexing them. A receiving terminal receives the interactive television program and performs unpacking and decoding. The unpacked interactive data are transmitted by a near field communication module. An operating... Agent:

20150106865 - Method for mapping between signaling information and announcement information and broadcast receiver: A method for mapping signaling information to announcement information and a broadcast receiver are disclosed herein. A method of providing a Non-Real-Time (NRT) service, the method comprises extracting identification information of first signaling information and second signaling information based upon a program specific information/program and system information protocol (PSI/PSIP) table,... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150106864 - Software defined joint bandwidth provisioning and cache management for mbh video traffic optimization: A method includes provisioning joint bandwidth in a software defined passive optical network PON based mobile backhaul MBH and cache management on base stations for video delivery across the network, the provisioning in each time unit includes grouping bandwidth utilization in the network into a first category used to support... Agent: Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

20150106866 - Display device: A display device includes a communication component configured to communicate with an electronic device with an electronic device-side display screen, the electronic device having a content reproduction function, a display component configured to display an electronic device-side display image that is displayed on the electronic device-side display screen of the... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

04/09/2015 > 32 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150100975 - User terminal apparatus, server, and method for providing broadcast viewing pattern information: A method of providing viewing pattern information of a user terminal apparatus is provided. The method includes: transmitting content viewing information of the user terminal apparatus to a server; receiving information about a channel on which a content is broadcast among a plurality of channels that are on air, from... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150100976 - Systems, methods, and media for inhibiting the presentation of spoiler content based on requested content: Systems, methods, and media for inhibiting the presentation of spoiler content based on requested content are provided. In some embodiments, a method for content management is provided, the method comprising: determining a channel that has been selected for presenting content to a user; identifying the content presented on the channel... Agent:

20150100977 - Content control system with filtering mechanism and method of operation thereof: A content control system includes: a pattern module configured to determine a filter pattern on a display content; a decision module, coupled to the pattern module, configured to generate an alteration decision based on the filter pattern failing to meet a community standard; and a replacement module, coupled to the... Agent:

20150100978 - Broadcast receiving device and information processing system: According to an embodiment, a broadcast receiving device includes a tuner, an acquirer, a signature executor, a first interface, a command receiver, and a transmitter. The tuner is configured to receive broadcast waves containing information identifying a broadcast program, a broadcast program, and a viewing certificate certifying that a specific... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150100980 - Method and system for adding a conditional access system: A method and system for adding a conditional access system to a digital audio/video transmission system that delivers content from a source to a security device associated with an audio/video processing device by providing at the broadcast source a datastream having system information data including an unused identifier reserved for... Agent:

20150100979 - System and method for creating contextual messages for videos: Described herein are techniques for creating contextual messages for videos. In one example, there is provided a method operable by a network entity, involving receiving a request to create a video clip of a media broadcast. The network entity may identify a video segment of the media broadcast then determines... Agent: Smrtv, Inc.

20150100981 - Video processing method, terminal, and caption server: A video processing method, a terminal, and a caption server are provided. The method includes receiving a video program stream corresponding to a video program; requesting, from a caption server, obtaining of a caption corresponding to the video program stream; receiving the caption corresponding to the video program stream and... Agent:

20150100982 - System and method for providing contextual functionality for presented content: The present disclosure relates to systems, methods, electronic devices and applications for presentation and control of content. In one embodiment, a method for presentation of a user interface associated with content presented by a display device includes running an application by a device, wherein the application is configured to present... Agent: Jamdeo Canada Ltd.

20150100983 - Personal mobile device as ad hoc set-top box for television: In a basic form, a television renders programs received from channel content providers through cable or satellite. A personal mobile device is coupled to the television as an ad hoc set-top box. The personal mobile device takes control of television system and provides a network search capability. Personal media items... Agent:

20150100984 - Playback device and playback method for multimedia file: A playback device for a multimedia file is provided. The playback device is applied to a player that switches a channel according to a control signal. The playback device for a multimedia file includes: a processing unit, configured to access one of a plurality of sets of playlist link information... Agent:

20150100985 - Multimedia systems, methods and applications: Systems and methods according to exemplary embodiments of the present invention provide a user interface including an electronic program guide and scrollable visual directories.... Agent:

20150100986 - Controlling method for recording digital television programs: A controlling method for recording digital television programs is disclosed herein. The controlling method includes steps as follows. A service information packet is received from a digital television system terminal. The service information packet is valid within a time limitation and the service information packet includes an event information table... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20150100987 - Systems, methods, and computer program products for providing contextually-aware video recommendation: Methods, systems and computer program products are provided for providing content recommendation by obtaining metadata associated with a media object, extracting from the metadata a plurality of terms associated with the media object, and mapping at least a portion of the plurality of terms to buckets. A query vector having... Agent:

20150100988 - Method of selection and management of resources: For selection of publicly accessible resources from a backend server and the management of the resources on a mobile device, a resource management program is installed on the mobile device. The resource management program is able to link the mobile device to a backend server so as to download a... Agent: Infopower Corporation

20150100989 - Interactive multimedia package methods and systems: Interactive multimedia package methods and systems are provided. An interactive multimedia package system may generate, manage, deliver, and/or play interactive multimedia packages with various digital media. An interactive multimedia package may be incorporated into any platform such as physical media (e.g., CDs, DVDs, etc.), web services (e.g., download, or streaming),... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20150100990 - Methods, apparatus, and system for venue-cast: A communications method for broadcasting an event is provided. This includes generating a plurality of media streams at an event and providing a service to receive the media streams. From the service, an interface can be generated to select a subset of the media streams. Media streams can include audio,... Agent:

20150100991 - Implied media networks: A system and/or media network for rendering a media stream from one or more media rendering devices is disclosed. The media network may include one or more configurable peers, each configurable peer configurable as a rendering device, an observer, a processing device, a combination thereof, or the like. The system... Agent: Actiwave Ab

20150100992 - System and method for synching portable media player content with storage space optimization: A device is provided for use with a content provider that is operable to provide content, which includes a plurality of content components. The device includes a communication portion, a memory portion, a parsing portion, a counting portion and a processing portion. The communication portion can receive the content from... Agent:

20150100993 - Seamless playback method using bookmark, and apparatus and system therefor: A seamless playback method using a bookmark, and an apparatus and a system therefore are disclosed. The seamless playback method using the bookmark receives, from one of a prior device and a prior server, the bookmark comprising playback information on the prior device which had previously played back contents, enables... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150100994 - Network personal video recorder savings with scalable video coding: A network node in a network personal video recorder (NPVR) system receives a request from a user to record a program asset provided on a channel and responsive to a count of enhancement recordings of the channel being equal to zero, starts a plurality of enhancement layer encode captures from... Agent: Ericsson Television Inc

20150100995 - System for collaborative conferencing using streaming interactive video: An apparatus comprising a server that generates a stream of streaming interactive video and/or audio. Means for multicasting the stream to a plurality of client devices accommodating different device video, audio and/or network characteristics, and means for allowing input from one or more of the client devices to control the... Agent:

20150100997 - Content supplying apparatus, content supplying method, content reproduction apparatus, content reproduction method, program and content viewing system: Disclosed herein is a content supplying apparatus for supplying a video content to a content reproduction apparatus, including: a production section adapted to produce a video switch command for causing the content reproduction apparatus to execute a process regarding changeover of a video content to be reproduced; a broadcasting section... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150100996 - Practical delivery of high quality video using dynamic adaptive hypertext transport protocol (http) streaming (dash) without using http in a broadcast network: A method for content delivery using dynamic adaptive hypertext transport protocol (HTTP) streaming (DASH) without using HTTP. The method includes receiving a media presentation description (MPD) file and one or more DASH segments by a client device. Information in the MPD file is used to filter the one or more... Agent:

20150100998 - Tv clip record and share: A system and method to share TV programming content that enables recording and sharing of video clips of TV programming, where viewer creates a recording/video clip, which can then be shared via a link of the video clip.... Agent:

20150101003 - Data transmission apparatus, system and method: This invention relates to a method and system of transmitting video data and data to a plurality of client radio receivers over an air interface using an adaptive encoding/transcoding scheme and updating the adaptive encoding/transcoding scheme in dependence upon received feedback data. The invention further describes estimating channel states and... Agent:

20150101001 - Display apparatus and method for channel changing: A display apparatus and method for channel changing are provided. The method includes receiving broadcast signals through channels; decoding and outputting a broadcast signal of a watching channel among the channels; generating and storing tables including address information and time information used to decode broadcast signals of standby channels among... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150101000 - Method and apparatus for remote software driven reverse segmentation: Reverse segmentation may be provided. First, a plurality of legs may be received and combined into a first service group. Next, it may be determined that a number of active user devices increased on at least one of the plurality of legs. A portion of the plurality of legs may... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc

20150101002 - Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, program, and signal transmission system: Provided is a signal processing apparatus, including: a mapping unit configured to map one of an 8K video signal and a 4K video signal into SDI data streams on a plurality of channels, the SDI data streams on the plurality of channels each conforming to a predetermined Serial Digital Interface... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150100999 - Syncronization of supplemental digital content: Supplemental digital content is provided to be played in synchronization with primary digital content on a media device, such as a television, handheld device, smart phone, computer, and so forth. The supplemental digital content is timed to a long-form version of the primary content and is then synchronized based upon... Agent: Nbcuniversal Media, LLC

20150101005 - Digital broadcast receiver unit: Digital broadcast receiving apparatus including: a receiver receiving at least three different video programs in one transport stream, including a plurality of different video signal formats having different combination of scan lines and scan method; an isolator to isolate a video signal; a decoder to decode the video signal; a... Agent:

20150101004 - Receiver apparatus and synchronization processing method thereof: [Solving Means] A receiver apparatus includes: a broadcast receiver capable of receiving one of a plurality of images as a broadcast stream via broadcasting, a time reference value being added to the plurality of images, the plurality of images being to be synchronized and reproduced; a communication receiver capable of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150101006 - Network and local content access system and method: Unique content identifiers allow users to find and select desired network or locally stored content or applications, solving a problem of user content search and selection in systems that provide access to large libraries of content. A method of selecting digital media content according to the invention includes the steps... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 43 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20150095925 - Content supply system and content supply method thereof and display device and control method thereof: A content supply system and a content supply method thereof, and a display device and a control method thereof which supplies content to the display apparatus, are disclosed. A content supply system, including a user terminal which is used to purchase content; a content supply server which stores therein purchase... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150095926 - Electronic apparatus and method: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a receiver, a generator and a transmitter. The receiver receives operation data indicative of an operating period from each of one or more electronic apparatuses used by a first user, and receives viewing data from a first electronic apparatus of the one... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150095927 - Intelligent recording of favorite video content using a video services receiver: A video services receiver and related operating methods are presented here. The video services receiver is configured to maintain a database that indicates a viewing pattern for a user of the video services receiver. The video services receiver is configured to detect a condition that is inconsistent with the maintained... Agent:

20150095928 - Delivering content via a content delivery device that includes audio delivery capabilities and video delivery capabilities: Delivering content via a content delivery device that includes audio delivery capabilities and video delivery capabilities, including: detecting, by a summarization module, that the audio delivery capabilities of the content delivery device have been disabled; identifying, by the summarization module, the content currently being delivered by the content delivery device;... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150095929 - Method for recognizing content, display apparatus and content recognition system thereof: A method for recognizing a content, a display apparatus and a content recognition system thereof are provided. The method for recognizing a content of a display apparatus includes acquiring caption information of an image content which is currently displayed, transmitting the acquired caption information to a content recognition server, when... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150095930 - Method for recognizing content, display apparatus and content recognition system thereof: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a processor that causes a STB to present an avatar. The processor can receive from the STB a response of the user, detect from the response a change in an emotional state of the user, adapt a... Agent:

20150095931 - Synchronization of multimedia streams: s

20150095932 - Live channel switching and return during commercial breaks: A device may detect a commercial break for a channel. The channel may be provided for output to a user. The device may determine another channel to provide based on detecting the commercial break for the channel. The other channel may not be associated with a commercial break. The device... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150095933 - Device pairing: Disclosed herein a user device. The user device comprises a network interface for connecting to an internet. The user device comprises a processor configured to execute a client application having a user interface. The client application is configured to detect a media device which is capable of communicating with the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150095934 - Method and a system for controlling parameters of data network access via a cable television network terminal: A computer-implemented method for controlling data network access parameters via a cable television network terminal (120) in a cable television system comprising a headend infrastructure (110) providing data network access to a plurality of terminals (120), wherein the data network access parameters are controlled by a network parameters controller (112),... Agent:

20150095935 - Method and television for use in a multimedia system: A multimedia server receives a plurality of programs of a multimedia source. The multimedia server includes a tuning module to receive the plurality of programs and to select a set of programs from the plurality of programs based on a set of program select commands that is derived from select... Agent: Vixs Systems, Inc.

20150095936 - Implementing media requests via a one-way set-top box: A method can include initiating a video request via an application operating on a smart device. The method can also include transmitting the video request to a service provider from the smart device via a network to enable transmission of configuration information to a one-way set-top box and to enable... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150095939 - Distributed video creation: In an example, a system for distributed video creation is provided. In an example, the system enables users to create the ideas that they and others might film and/or upload. These may be single scene ideas, or multiple scene ideas. These ideas may be as part of a broader, existing... Agent: Jumpercut, Inc.

20150095941 - Multilingual audio service supporting system and method therefor: A multilingual audio service supporting system and a method thereof which allow multiple viewers using different languages to watch the same TV program based on a multiplatform. The system may include a content data providing device, a multilingual audio data providing device, a content image output device, and a multilingual... Agent:

20150095940 - Playlist content selection system and method: Selection of an ancillary content title for inclusion in a content play list with a digital cinema feature occurs by first determining the format attributes (e.g., aspect ratio, image stereoscopy, frame rate and peak bit rate) associated with the digital feature. In response to operator identification of a desired digital... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20150095938 - Queue to display additional information for entities in captions: In one embodiment, a method receives a video for a media program and a set of captions for a dialog in the video. A media player plays the video. A time associated with playing of the video is determined and then the method determines a set of entities in relation... Agent:

20150095942 - System and method for interactive video content programming: The present invention is directed to a system and method for interacting with video by displaying one or more interface links associated with video content being displayed, pausing the video content when an interface link is interacted with, allowing the user to view ancillary content the interface link is linked... Agent:

20150095937 - Visual hot watch spots in content item playback: A method for providing visual hot watch spots in content item playback on a content sharing platform is disclosed. The method includes separating, by a processing device of a content sharing platform, a duration of a content item into time interval segments. The method further includes, for each of the... Agent:

20150095943 - Transmitter, receiver, and controlling method thereof: A transmitter and a receiver of data frames and related methods are disclosed. The transmitter includes: a frame generator configured to generate a first frame comprising data to be transmitted; and a preamble inserter configured to insert a preamble into the first frame, wherein the preamble inserter is further configured... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150095947 - Apparatus and method for transmitting media content: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may perform operations including, for example, receiving a plurality of user-generated comments associated with media content where the plurality of user-generated comments are temporally associated with a portion of the media content during a presentation of the media content at a... Agent:

20150095946 - Display device and server device for providing service to event winner, and methods thereof: A method for providing a service of a server device is provided. The method includes selecting an event winner from among a plurality of users registered in the server device, storing a multimedia content which is exclusively generated for the event winner, and transmitting the multimedia content to a display... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150095945 - System, method for processing associated data of broadcasting program and e-mail set, and information storage medium: According to one embodiment, a receiver receives first data that enables recognition that a first program has been viewed in a first television set. And a transmitter transmits a message, using the first data, the message is addressed to a first device registered in association with the first television set... Agent:

20150095944 - Television advertising message targeting according to subscriber purchasing behavior: A targeted television advertising system includes a modeling processor and an identification processor. The modeling processor is configured to model purchasing behavior of a selected television service subscriber using a payment card transaction database. The identification processor is configured to identify television advertising messages that may appeal to the selected... Agent: Mastercard International Corporation

20150095949 - Display device for displaying contents, server device for providing service based on ratings of contents, and methods thereof: A display device and method of displaying content on the display device are provided. The display device includes: a communicator configured to transmit information related to content displayed on a display to a server device and receive information on a highest rating content from the server device; and a controller... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150095948 - Satellite-based content targeting: Various arrangements are present for targeting content in a television distribution system. A multiregional television channel may be transmitted to television receivers. A plurality of regional television channels may also be transmitted. Each regional television channel of the plurality of regional television channels may be broadcast to geographically smaller regions... Agent: Echostar Technologies, L.L.C.

20150095950 - Display apparatus for performing virtual channel browsing and controlling method thereof: A television according to one embodiment including a display; a tuner configured to receive a broadcast signal; a network interface configured to receive a plurality of thumbnail images representing broadcast programs currently being broadcasted on a plurality of channels which are searched by the tuner; a user input interface to... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150095951 - Apparatus and method for media content presentation: A method that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, accessing, by a system comprising a processor, a content display configuration corresponding to a plurality of feed selections from a plurality of media content feeds, a plurality of display selections from a plurality of available displays, and... Agent:

20150095952 - Television broadcast receiving device of generating information for obtaining webpage information, method of generating acquisition objective information, program, apparatus of generating acquisition objective information, and television broadcasting syst: A television broadcast receiving device includes a program selecting unit that accepts the selection of one of programs in a program list; an extracting unit that extracts a keyword related to the accepted program from the program information; a site information obtaining unit that obtains names and address information of... Agent:

20150095953 - Display apparatus and method for controlling thereof: A display apparatus and a method for controlling thereof are provided. The display apparatus includes a first display configured to display content, a second display configured to display an image at an outer area of the first display, and a controller configured to, in response to input of a user... Agent:

20150095954 - Systems and methods for creating aggregations of episodes of series programming in order: Interactive applications may identify the episodes to be included in the series aggregation, and record the missed episodes, which may then be stored and organized to create a series aggregation, in the order that they were first broadcast with episodes that the viewer may already have available. Interactive applications way... Agent:

20150095955 - Seamless display of video during connection switching: An electronic device uses one antenna to wirelessly communicate information with two different wireless networks via concurrent connections associated with different radio access technologies. More specifically, the electronic device may receive video via a first of the connections using a multicast communication protocol. In order to maintain the second connection,... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150095956 - Electronic device, computer program product, and information control method: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a detector, a receiver, and a controller. The detector is configured to detect, via a network, a receiver configured to receive a program in broadcasting and to acquire a location of interactive information configured to interact with the program based on information... Agent:

20150095957 - Mobile inline video method and system: The present disclosure relates to methods and apparatus for processing and displaying playback of a video in a handheld device. More specifically, the present disclosure describes an inline video processing and playback, wherein the video playback may be optimized based on variable local conditions, such as the capabilities of the... Agent:

20150095958 - System for the delivery and dynamic presentation of large media assets over bandwidth constrained networks: Media content, based on a predetermined set of constraints, from a content provider is delivered to a local cache of a user device before viewing the media. A client asset manager process resides in the user device, an asset list at the content provider site, and the media assets are... Agent:

20150095959 - Apparatus and method for managing voice communications: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a server having a controller to receive a call request from a set top box that is remote from the server where the call request identifies a telephone number that is presented from video content presented by... Agent:

20150095960 - Cable network data analytics system: A cable network data analytics system is configured to aggregate spectrum data sets of one or more readable devices connected to one or more cable networks. The spectrum data sets may include video spectrum data. The video spectrum data may be indicative of performance aspects of one or more standard... Agent:

20150095961 - Moca remote monitoring and management system: A system for multimedia over coax alliance (MoCA) remote monitoring and management includes a gateway and multiple local nodes. The gateway communicates with a service provider. The local nodes perform local diagnostics and communicate diagnostic results to the gateway. The gateway and the local nodes form a MoCA remote entity... Agent:

20150095962 - Image display apparatus, server for synchronizing contents, and method for operating the server: A method of operating a server for synchronizing contents includes receiving content identification information of image contents being reproduced by a plurality of image display apparatuses, obtaining reproduction time information of the image contents by comparing the content identification information with previously stored contents information, setting a synchronization reference time... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150095963 - Data retrieval in a two-way network: A system receives a first request for data associated with a data stream received over a first network from a remote source and then determines when the requested data will be available based on analyzing the data stream. The system communicates a second request for the requested data over a... Agent:

20150095964 - Bumper video carousel for digital video delivery: When a use device makes a request to watch a live program that is yet to become available at a server for streaming to the user device, a secondary program may be provided to the user device. The secondary program may be made available as a carousel of short duration... Agent: Opentv, Inc.

20150095965 - Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method thereof: A signal processing apparatus is provided. The signal processing apparatus includes: a packet classifier configured to receive a transport stream including a content, and classify a plurality of packets constituting the content into a plurality of packet groups according to a predetermined condition; and a transport unit configured to transport... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150095966 - Methods and systems for demapping a multi-carrier signal: A method for demapping a multicarrier signal into soft bits by a receiver, comprises the steps of: calculating signal to noise ratio (“SNR”) adjustment factors (“A[segidx]”) for segments of the signal, wherein each of the segments has a predefined number of subcarriers of the signal; generating an adjusted SNR (“SNR[segidx]”)... Agent: Amlogic Co., Ltd.

20150095967 - Playback of interactive programs: A method for playing back a program which includes one or more interactive applications. A program which is stored, either in the form of a data stream or as a set of files is played back from a storage device. When playback is started, applications which are detected are launched.... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 49 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20150089517 - La carte video programming and suggestion system: A system may receive a first list of users of a provider network. For each of the first list of users, the system may obtain data pertaining to the user's categories of interest from a social media system; infer video programs based on the data; infer a list of one... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150089518 - Information providing apparatus, information providing method and non-transitory computer readable recording medium for recording an information providing program: According to one embodiment, an information providing apparatus has a receiver, an input and a processor. The receiver is configured to receive area information, program information and subtitle information, the area information regarding a broadcast area of programs and corresponding to an area designated by a user, the program information... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150089519 - Audio-visual terminal, viewing authentication system and control program: An audio-visual terminal and a viewing authentication system and control programs therefor are provided. The audio-visual terminal includes a reproducing part for reproducing the audio-visual program, a motion instructing part for instructing, a motion sensor for detecting a response motion of the viewer made by the viewer for transmission to... Agent:

20150089524 - Client-side recommendations on one-way broadcast networks: A method and a client-side Recommender system on One-Way Broadcast Network includes at least a one-way channel connecting a broadcasting station to a set-top-box device of a first set of users, the set-top-box including a memory, a computation and driving unit for tracking the user activity, storing a user profile,... Agent: Moviri S.p.a.

20150089521 - Data translation for video-viewing activity: A computer-implemented method of using Linear, DVR, and VOD video viewing activity data as input to a data translation processor which prepares that viewing activity for more efficient downstream processing by translating detailed values to aggregated values according to analyst defined translation rules in preparation for ingestion by a MapReduce... Agent: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

20150089523 - Method and system for collecting and managing tv viewership data: A computer-implemented method for collecting and managing TV viewership data from multiple TV metering data providers is disclosed. The method includes: receiving an event log file at a distributed computer system that includes multiple computers; dynamically selecting one or more computers according to a predefined sharding function; at each of... Agent: Google Inc.

20150089522 - Method and system for providing efficient and accurate estimates of tv viewership ratings: A method for providing efficient and accurate estimates of TV viewership ratings through a distributed computer system that includes multiple computers is disclosed. The method includes: receiving a query from a client at the distributed computer system; dynamically selecting one or more computers according to a predefined sharding function; at... Agent:

20150089525 - Power management for audience measurement meters: Power management methods, apparatus and articles of manufacture for audience measurement meters are disclosed. Example methods disclosed herein include obtaining presentation device state data representing an activation state of a media presentation device that is to present received media and is monitored by an audience measurement meter, the presentation device... Agent:

20150089520 - Unsupervised content replay in live video: Systems and methods are presented for monitoring user interest in a video as it is being played and autonomously selecting a section of the video for replaying based on an identified user interest in the section. A monitoring component monitors user interaction with a video being streamed to one or... Agent: Google Inc.

20150089526 - Method and system for presenting additional content at a media system: A media system, receives a received sequence of media content, for presentation at the media system and generates a comparison fingerprint of the received sequence of media content. The comparison fingerprint is for comparison with a plurality of reference fingerprints so as to identify the received sequence of media content.... Agent:

20150089527 - Viewing program identification system, method, and program: Included is a unit configured to calculate feature points of a scene image of a screen acquired from a television program that is currently on air on a given number of broadcast stations, or a simulcast distribution server at predetermined intervals, and save, in a storage unit, feature point data... Agent:

20150089528 - Digital downloading jukebox system with user-tailored music management, communications, and other tools: A digital downloading jukebox system including a mechanism for delivering custom services to a recognized user, including services for creating playlists, communicating with others, accessing other features, etc. is provided. In some exemplary embodiments, after a user is recognized, the jukebox system allows users to access a special front-end via... Agent:

20150089529 - User commentary systems and methods: Systems and methods to display content are described. In some embodiments, program content is received from a content source. A method identifies product-related metadata associated with the program content where the product-related metadata includes at least one item displayed in the program content. The program content is communicated to a... Agent:

20150089530 - Localization process system: There is disclosed apparatuses and methods for a localized process system. The apparatuses and methods include a server for authenticating a user login for a localized process system; presenting a user with a project, comprising an asset, wherein the project is a movie, and wherein the asset is created for... Agent:

20150089531 - Method and client module for use in a multimedia system: A multimedia server receives a plurality of programs of a multimedia source. The multimedia server includes a tuning module to receive the plurality of programs and to select a set of programs from the plurality of programs based on a set of program select commands that is derived from select... Agent: Vixs Systems, Inc.

20150089532 - Method and computer for use in a multimedia system: A multimedia server receives a plurality of programs of a multimedia source. The multimedia server includes a tuning module to receive the plurality of programs and to select a set of programs from the plurality of programs based on a set of program select commands that is derived from select... Agent: Vixs Systems, Inc.

20150089533 - Specifying client behavior and sessions in dynamic adaptive streaming over hypertext transfer protocol (dash): An apparatus comprises a receiver configured to receive a request for an adaptive streaming media presentation description (MPD), a processor coupled to the receiver and configured to generate the MPD, wherein the MPD comprises a parent element and a mechanism for specifying a client's behavior, wherein the parent element comprises... Agent:

20150089534 - Systems and methods for providing storage of data on servers in an on-demand media delivery system: A system and method may be provided that allows users to store, retrieve, and manipulate on-demand media content and data stored on a remote server network in an on-demand media delivery system. More particularly, the system may allow a user to access his or her on-demand media account from user... Agent:

20150089535 - Video display apparatus and operating method thereof: Provided are a video display device and a method of operating the same. The video display device request content recognition configuration information to a third party server that is not dependent on any single channel, and receives the content recognition configuration information from the third party server. The video display... Agent:

20150089537 - Method and streaming video server for use in a multimedia system: A multimedia server receives a plurality of programs of a multimedia source. The multimedia server includes a tuning module to receive the plurality of programs and to select a set of programs from the plurality of programs based on a set of program select commands that is derived from select... Agent: Vixs Systems, Inc.

20150089536 - Wireless tuner sharing: A system includes a server in communication with a first set top box and a second set top box. The server receives a request from the first set top box to access an available tuner of the second set top box, accesses account information associated with the first set top... Agent: Echostar Technologies, L.L.C.

20150089538 - Television screen control apparatus and system including the same: A television screen control apparatus includes a broadcasting contents data processing unit receiving broadcasting content for a new channel in response to an channel changing input signal. When broadcasting content is not displayed during a channel transition period, advertising information on a background plane is visible to a viewer.... Agent:

20150089539 - System, apparatus, and process for providing spectator interface: Disclosed are a system and a spectator interface apparatus. The system includes a plurality of spectator interface apparatuses, each spectator interface apparatus including at least one display device, the at least one display device forming a portion of a continuous image within a spectator region of a venue, and at... Agent: Tait Towers Manufacturing, LLC

20150089540 - Targeting television ads using keywords: Described herein is a system and method of ad targeting that automatically matches advertisements to media based on the demographic signatures of each. The method and system include calculating a match score between historical buyer demographics and media demographics. Media which is similar to the demographic of the product buyers... Agent:

20150089541 - Methods and apparatus for monitoring the insertion of local media content into a program stream: Methods and apparatus for monitoring locally inserted media content are disclosed. A disclosed method includes obtaining identification data and inserting the identification data in the media content after the media content has been received at a media consumption location. Another disclosed method includes receiving media content before the media content... Agent:

20150089542 - Distribution device, distribution method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium: A distribution device includes a distribution unit configured to distribute, to a user terminal, a content control program for controlling content displayed on the user terminal. The content control program causes the user terminal to execute a viewable area acquisition procedure of acquiring, as information on a viewable area, information... Agent:

20150089543 - Systems and methods for providing program suggestions in an interactive television program guide: An interactive television program guide application is provided that queries a user regarding the user's interest in television programs and suggests television programs to the user based on the user's responses. The interactive television program guide application identifies a television program that is potentially of interest to the user. The... Agent:

20150089544 - Display apparatus and control method thereof: A display apparatus and a control method thereof are provided. The display apparatus includes a signal receiver configured to receive a broadcasting signal that includes content of a channel and information about content overlapped channels, a signal processor configured to extract the content and the information about the content overlapped... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150089545 - Systems and methods for setting a timer via an interactive trigger: Systems and methods may provide for setting a timer via an interactive trigger. The interactive trigger may be combined with a video stream and detected when the video stream is to be displayed. Based on the detection, a selectable display object associated with the interactive trigger may be displayed with... Agent:

20150089546 - Digital downloading jukebox system with user-tailored music management, communications, and other tools: A digital downloading jukebox system including a mechanism for delivering custom services to a recognized user, including services for creating playlists, communicating with others, accessing other features, etc. is provided. In some exemplary embodiments, after a user is recognized, the jukebox system allows users to access a special front-end via... Agent:

20150089547 - Method and cellphone for use in a multimedia system: A multimedia server receives a plurality of programs of a multimedia source. The multimedia server includes a tuning module to receive the plurality of programs and to select a set of programs from the plurality of programs based on a set of program select commands that is derived from select... Agent: Vixs Systems, Inc.

20150089548 - Field-programmable low-noise block downconverter: A field-programmable low-noise block downconverter. The low-noise block downconverter may, as part of a system install or upgrade for example, be programmed in the field to source channels containing programming to a particular television receiver based on the particular configuration of the receiver.... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20150089549 - Method and system for full spectrum capture for satellite and terrestrial applications: A multiband receiver comprising an integrated diversity antenna system is operable to receive satellite and terrestrial television. The multiband receiver captures spectrum comprising satellite television channels and/or terrestrial television channels and demodulate the satellite television channels and/or the terrestrial television channels. The diversity antenna system is integrated on a board... Agent:

20150089550 - Method and modem for use in a multimedia system: A multimedia server receives a plurality of programs of a multimedia source. The multimedia server includes a tuning module to receive the plurality of programs and to select a set of programs from the plurality of programs based on a set of program select commands that is derived from select... Agent: Vixs Systems, Inc.

20150089551 - Environmental adjustments to perceive true content: Methods and systems to evaluate the ambient light in a local viewing environment where video content is being displayed, and to make adjustments to the ambient light, video display device, and/or video content to cause the perception of the color and brightness of the video content to the viewer to... Agent: Echostar Technologies L. L. C.

20150089553 - Audio and video streaming for media effects: One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a technique for streaming digital media content with transition effects. Audio data may be modulated and received by the streaming device for an audio fade-in effect. Similarly, video data may be modulated to perform various visual effects. Such a technique allows for... Agent:

20150089552 - System and method for providing synchronized events to a television application: A set top box client in an enhanced television system stores a table associating time references with events. The table is accessed to synchronize the delivery of events to an enhanced television application that is associated with an underlying video program. The enhanced television system delivers broadcast video, video-on-demand and... Agent:

20150089554 - Recording device and method for efficient network personal video recorder manipulation through adaptive bit rate streaming: A recording device and a method are described herein that provide a network-based personal video recording service utilizing adaptive bit rate technology for a plurality of users. In operation, the recording device records at a minimum a single bit rate (one set of segmented files) of the broadcast content within... Agent: Ericsson Television Inc.

20150089555 - High quality multimedia transmission from a mobile device for live and on-demand viewing: Techniques are provided for transmitting high quality multimedia data from a mobile device for live and on-demand viewing. The mobile device adjusts the quality of a single multimedia data stream based on one or more factors, such as the available bandwidth of a wireless link with a server, whether there... Agent:

20150089556 - Personal video recorder functionality for placeshifting systems: PVR functionality is enabled on a media player of a placeshifting system, which allows a user to record media programs from locations that are physically remote from a source of the media programs. The media player may receive program schedule information and present the program schedule information to the user.... Agent:

20150089557 - Variant playlist optimization: A method includes identifying an initial variant playlist for a content item. The initial variant playlist lists a first plurality of bit rate streams. Client devices that receive the content item based on the initial variant playlist are identified. The method includes determining bit rate stream consumption metrics of the... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150089558 - Content data recording device, content data recording method, recording medium, and content delivering system: A content data recording device of the present invention includes: a first obtaining section which obtains content data used to reproduce a content by streaming and which switches, depending on a communication state, between obtainment of high-quality data and obtainment of low-quality data; a second obtaining section which obtains, part... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150089559 - Method and system for managing display of web-based content on portable communication devices: The present disclosure provides a method and system for managing display of web-based content on one or more portable communication devices. The method and system include a content acquisition module configured to acquire the web-based content from one or more web-based sources, a device detection module configured to determine a... Agent:

20150089561 - Managing data: An apparatus, method, and system are provided for binding application data associated with an application with content asset data associated with a content asset. In some embodiments, capacity or bandwidth for each of the application data and the content asset data may be allocated in accordance with one or more... Agent: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

20150089560 - Method and apparatus for transceiving data for multimedia transmission system: A method and an apparatus for transmitting data in a multimedia transmission system are provided. The method includes receiving, from an encapsulation function layer, a second data unit having one or more first data units, configuring payload header information, the payload header information including a payload type and configuration information,... Agent:

20150089562 - Digital media distribution device: A digital media distribution device that includes an encoder, a decoder coupled to the encoder, and a transcoder coupled to the decoder. The encoder is configured to encode input data that is received by the digital media distribution device into a first data format. The decoder is configured to decode... Agent:

20150089563 - Communication management apparatus, terminal, communication management system, communication management method, program, and information storage medium: A communication management apparatus is provided which includes: a start request acceptance unit configured to accept a request to start a program from a terminal; a query unit configured to query the program whether communication with the terminal is available upon acceptance of the start request; and a response transmission... Agent:

20150089565 - Method and set top box for use in a multimedia system: A multimedia server receives a plurality of programs of a multimedia source. The multimedia server includes a tuning module to receive the plurality of programs and to select a set of programs from the plurality of programs based on a set of program select commands that is derived from select... Agent: Vixs Systems, Inc.

20150089564 - Signal processing device and method for 3d service: A 3-dimensional (3D) service processing device and method of processing a 3D service are described. The 3D service processing device is configured to receive a first signal including a first video stream via a first channel, and a second signal including a second video stream via a second channel. The... Agent:

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