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Interactive video distribution systems

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11/13/2014 > 46 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140337867 - Method and system to confirm co-location of multiple devices within a geographic area: A method and system to confirm co-location of multiple devices within a geographic area, while filtering spurious alarms, is provided. An example method comprises processing first GPS data obtained from a first GPS sensor and second GPS data obtained from a second GPS sensor. A sensing data evaluator compares a... Agent: Nagravision S.v.

20140337868 - Audience-aware advertising: Embodiments of the present invention provide an audience-aware advertising that are advertisements coordinated with both a present media presentation and the media presentation's current audience. An audience-aware advertising pod is a container for advertising content that is shown in association with a media presentation. The audience-aware advertising pod may include... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140337870 - Method and apparatus for managing access plans: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, wirelessly receiving adjustment information from a mobile communication device, wirelessly receiving a request for video content from the mobile communication device, generating multiple versions of the video content, wirelessly transmitting a second version to the mobile communication... Agent:

20140337871 - Method to measure quality of experience of a video service: It is characterised in that it comprises calculating a Key Performance Indicator, or KPI, from measurable network parameters of said network for each video provided by said video service, assigning a Key Quality Indicator, or KQI, to each KPI by means of analytical models and calculating a global KQI function... Agent: Telefonica, S.a.

20140337869 - User behavior based data population of devices: A system and method include tracking user behavior exhibited by interaction with a device, creating a preference profile as a function of the tracked user behavior, accessing the preference profile prior to populating the device, and using the preference profile to select an order of population of the device.... Agent:

20140337872 - Multimedia interaction method and related multimedia system: The present disclosure provides a multimedia interaction method in a multimedia system. The multimedia system includes an electronic device and a mobile device. The multimedia interaction method includes the mobile device retrieving information associated with a multimedia program and displaying the information associated with the multimedia program when the electronic... Agent: Cloudcity Technology Ltd.

20140337873 - System and method for determining broadcast dimensionality: An apparatus, system and method for determining levels of audience engagement relative to encoded audio data, where an encoded audio data is captured in a mobile device. The audio data is captured over one or more predetermined time periods, and processed to determine characteristics of the audio data. The characteristics... Agent:

20140337874 - Reception device, reception method, program, and information processing system: Provided is a reception device including a reception part configured to receive first content, a feature amount extraction part configured to extract a feature amount from data of the received first content, an identification result acquisition part configured to acquire an identification result for the first content identified using the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140337875 - Close fulfillment of content requests: Systems and methods are described for subscriber-driven resource shifting in an attempt to maximize delivery of desirable content to subscribers while minimizing the impact of that content delivery to network infrastructure resources. When a media plan subscriber requests access to media content, and the requested object is determined not to... Agent: Viasat Inc.

20140337876 - Interactive content system and method: The present disclosure is directed to a system and method of providing interactive content. The method may include sending, from a media device, a request for one or more interactive applications to a first content source that is distinct from a second content source that provides video content to the... Agent:

20140337877 - Iptv follow me content system and method: Tools are provided for distributing access-restricted content in an internet protocol television (“IPTV”) environment based on portable entitlement keys. Such tools can include a decoder, an encoder, and a network entitlement handler. The decoder may be configured to receive a key associated with entitlement information, and transmit the entitlement information... Agent:

20140337878 - Broadcasting receiving apparatus and control method thereof: A broadcasting receiving apparatus includes a receiver having a plurality of tuners, a storage configured to store an image received by the receiver and a controller configured to control at least one of the tuners that does not tune to a currently viewed image out of the plurality of tuners,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140337879 - System and method for configuring the remote control functionality of a portable device: A system and method used to displaying advertising content. A first app installed on a first device functions to retrieve the advertising content and to then provide the advertising content to a second app installed on a second device. The second app installed on the second device will cause the... Agent:

20140337882 - Discovery and analytics for episodic downloaded media: Matching advertising information to media content/user combinations in which information and content are delivered to a user over a network is disclosed. Content providers and advertisers may find out about the offerings of one another as well as user profiles and preferences thereby facilitating agreement of ads with content and... Agent:

20140337883 - Method and apparatus for networking media content consumption status in a group of users: A method and apparatus for exchanging media content consumption characteristics in a network is described. The method includes receiving input data, the input data indicating that a first user in a user group has changed a content consumption characteristic, determining if the first user's changed content consumption characteristic is based... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140337881 - Method, non-transitory computer-readable storage medium, and system for producing and playing personalized video: A method of producing and playing a personalized video includes producing a plurality of video templates according to contents of a plurality of videos; inserting a personalized content into a video template among the plurality of video templates, in order to generate the personalized video; playing the personalized video on... Agent: Feltmeng Inc.

20140337880 - Peer-to-peer communication advertising method: The present disclosure relates to a system is designed to adapt to changing viewer behavior by detecting Peer-To-Peer communications, or other Skype or Skype-like communication during streaming video content (e.g., commercial, movie, television show, sponsored content, live or recorded, etc.) viewed on a TV, monitor, Laptop, tablet, computerized watch or... Agent:

20140337886 - Communicating primary content streams and secondary content streams including targeted advertising to a remote unit: The invention relates to a method and system to communicate primary and secondary content streams to at least one remote unit, for example, via a television channel in a targeted television environment. The secondary content stream comprises a plurality of tertiary content streams (e.g., video streams) providing commercials, advertisements or... Agent:

20140337884 - Methods and apparatus for providing media on mobile devices: Techniques and mechanisms are provided for sending targeted content and data to mobile devices. Location information associated with a device is determined. In some instances, the location information is manually entered. In other instances, the location information is determined automatically from characteristics associated with the device. Location information can be... Agent: Mobitv, Inc.

20140337885 - Queue based advertisement scheduling and sales: In accordance with the invention, advertisement identifiers are stored in a queue in memory in the set top box or elsewhere corresponding to individual subscribers of a television service delivery network. The advertisements are retrieved and displayed in the order dictated by the queue as advertisement avails are detected in... Agent:

20140337887 - Method and apparatus of channel switching using pre-acquisited psi table: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for switching channels to reduce channel zapping time, which use channel information generated prior to channel switching and generates audio and video data of a switched channel, thereby skipping a process of calculating channel information of a channel to be switched at... Agent: Humax Co., Ltd.

20140337888 - Optimized html5 electronic programming guide application: An electronic programming guide (EPG) data manager module is provided. The EPG data module provides an event driven infrastructure to provide EPG data to a hypertext markup language 5 (HTML5) applications. The HTML5 EPG application presents an EPG data window in a user interface on a display device. The EPG... Agent: Espial Group Inc.

20140337889 - System and method for presenting information associated with a media program: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, an apparatus having a processor adapted to receive a message from a portable communication device communicatively coupled to a set-top box presenting a media program and to retrieve from the message a media descriptor associated with the... Agent:

20140337890 - Display apparatus capable of providing a social network service (sns) message and display method thereof: A display method and apparatus are disclosed. The display method includes selecting a broadcasting channel to display a broadcast program, accessing an outside server to receive a SNS (Social Network Service) message corresponding to at least one of the broadcasting channel and the broadcast program among SNS messages registered with... Agent:

20140337891 - Digital broadcast receiver controlled by screen remote controller and space remote controller and controlling method thereof: A method is described for controlling a television. While receiving and displaying a broadcast signal on a screen of the television, the television receives a first signal from a remote controller and displays a control icon corresponding to the remote controller on the screen. The screen is partitioned into a... Agent:

20140337892 - Display apparatus and user interface screen providing method thereof: A display apparatus comprising a display configured to display a plurality of spaces in a form of a polyhedron is provided. The plurality of spaces each correspond to a different category. The apparatus displays a rotatable Graphical User Interface (GUI), a user interface is configured to receive a user interaction... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140337894 - Series reminders and series recording from an interactive television program guide: An interactive television program guide system with program series reminder and recording capabilities is provided. The system allows a user to set a reminder or schedule a recording for a single episode or for each episode of a program series. In addition, other options may be provided that allow the... Agent:

20140337893 - Systems and methods for recording content from a different source when previous content runs over: Systems and methods for recording content from a different source when previous content runs over are provided. A recording of a first media asset from a first content source is scheduled. The first media asset is scheduled for transmission from the first content source at a start time following a... Agent:

20140337895 - Unified content posting: Methods, apparatuses and systems to provide a unified content posting mechanism.... Agent:

20140337896 - Method and apparatus for data rate controller for a code block multiplexing scheme: A receiver is used with third code blocks based on first code blocks, second code blocks, and a planning code block. The first code blocks are associated with a first sequence number and modulated with a first modulation scheme. The second code blocks are associated with a second sequence number... Agent:

20140337897 - Systems and methods for receiving and transferring video information: Devices and methods for receiving and/or processing digital data. The devices may include a satellite modem, a transport module, and/or a processing module. The satellite modem, the transport module and/or the processing module may be formed on a single semiconductor substrate.... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140337898 - Dvb-s receiver device, adapter for interconnecting a tuner and a scart connector of the dvb-s receiver device, and method for automatically detecting an output voltage of the tuner: A Digital Video Broadcasting-Satellite (DVB-S) receiver device includes a tuner, a SCART (Syndicat des Constructeurs d'Appareils Radiorécepteurs et Téléviseurs) connector and a system on chip (SOC). The tuner is for generating an output voltage. The SCART connector is for receiving the output voltage. The SOC is configured to receive a... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140337899 - Methods, systems and computer program products for providing a media file to a designated set-top box: Methods of providing a media file include receiving the media file and an identification of a destination set-top box for the media file at a server device. The received media file is transmitted from the server device to the identified set-top box in an Internet protocol television (IPTV) multimedia format.... Agent:

20140337900 - Interactive video: A person's video watching experience is enhanced. A request is received to play a video. In response to the request, a device is used to play the video to the person. In response to playing of the video, an event outside the video that is related to the video and... Agent: Mixbit, Inc.

20140337901 - Network personal video recorder system, method and associated subscriber device: A network personal video recorder (NPVR) system, method and associated subscriber device. In one method operating at an NPVR element, a request for recording a program asset may be received from a first subscriber. Responsive thereto, the NPVR element verifies whether the requested program asset is available in an external... Agent: Ericsson Television Inc.

20140337902 - System and method for delivering companion content: A system and method for providing companion content on a device that downloads content associated with a media presentation playing on a media player and displays the downloaded content at times synchronized to time-offsets (from the start of the program) of the presentation by signals from the media player.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140337904 - Methods of implementing multi mode trickplay: A method of operating a server and an IP client device for presentation of video content to a viewer that includes a trickplay function. The server partitions media chunks into several sub chunks and includes information about the sub chunks in a manifest. The client plays the needed sub chunks... Agent:

20140337903 - Seamless trick-mode with decreased latency for live transcode streaming: A method for performing trick-mode operations with decreased latency for transcode streaming includes receiving and recording a stream of video data. A single transcoder may transcode the stream of video data and generate output video data in an output buffer following. Segmentation index information may be generated that refers to... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140337905 - System and method for delivering extended media content: A system and method for identifying and delivering extended media content. An extended content system receives requests to record or play identified broadcast content. The extended content system automatically obtains or preserves extended media content related to the identified broadcast content. In some instances, the system informs a subscriber that... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140337906 - Technique for providing on a program channel composite programming content attributed to different sources: In providing composite programming content from different sources on a program channel, a host processor joins IP multicast groups for which “live” contents from multiple sources are provided. Specifically, the host processor collects packets containing the live contents based on their destination addresses associated with the IP multicast groups. Segments... Agent: Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC

20140337907 - System and method for content transmission network selection: A content transmission selection system is disclosed. The content transmission selection system receives requests from viewers for specific video content items. Using characteristics of the designated content item, the content transmission selection system determines whether to transmit the content item over a broadcast network or a broadband network.... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

20140337908 - System for retrieval of executable applications: A system for retrieval of executable applications, comprising: a broadcast tele-vision receiver apparatus; and a server; wherein the broadcast television receiver apparatus includes a communication unit having an interface for bidirectional communication with a network and adapted to determine channel information from a currently decoded channel carried in a broadcast... Agent: Sony Europe Limited

20140337909 - Network personal video recorder system, method and associated subscriber device: A network personal video recorder (NPVR) system, method and associated subscriber device. In one method operating on an NPVR element, a request for playing back a program asset is received from a first subscriber. If the program asset is determined to be in an associated content system, the method includes... Agent: Ericsson Television Inc.

20140337910 - Method, system and apparatus for image capture, analysis and transmission: A method, system and apparatus for image capture, analysis and transmission are provided. A link aggregation method involves identifying controller network ports to a source connected to the same subnetwork; producing packets associating corresponding controller network ports selected by the source CPU for substantially uniform selection; and transmitting the packets... Agent: Avigilon Corporation

20140337911 - Open api digital video recorder and method of making and using same: A digital video recorder is disclosed. The digital video recorder includes at least one memory device, a plurality of communication access points for receiving at least one program play, an open application programming interface associated with the at least one memory device, and at least one correlation engine in communication... Agent:

20140337912 - Electrostatic discharge protection arrangement: An interconnection via a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable between a television receiver and a set-top box, embodying an invention feature, is obtained via an HDMI cable. In HDMI specifications 1.0 through 1.3a, pin 14 of the HDMI connector was defined to be a so-called no-connect pin which would... Agent: Thomson Licensing

11/06/2014 > 31 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140331241 - System and method with automated media-file-based quizzing: Automatic generation of questions and evaluation answers about a media item is provided for a system such as a video on demand system. A virtually unlimited number of questions can be generated without the need for subjective information. Questions about a media item are generated by selecting a media segment... Agent:

20140331242 - Management of user media impressions: Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media are described herein for aggregating viewing data for one or more types of media content. Image data depicting a viewing area of a display device are received. A type of media content being displayed on the display device when the images are captured is... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140331244 - Object model for delivering live tv programming streams to client device: In embodiments of an object model for domain-based content mobility, a client object model architecture (146) is configured for scalable and adaptive implementation to interface a mobile client device (128) with a media server (126) for wireless, secure download of media content (136) to the mobile client device. The client... Agent:

20140331243 - System and method for digital media content creation and distribution: A method and system for providing on-site content delivery and on-demand content access. The method comprising recording digital media content on a DMR device, managing distribution of the digital media content to one or more remote devices, automatically distributing the digital media content to the one or more remote devices,... Agent:

20140331245 - Methods and apparatus for selecting digital interface technology for programming and data delivery: Methods and apparatus for selecting digital (network) interface technology for programming and data delivery over, e.g., a content-based network. In one embodiment, the network comprises an HFC cable or satellite network that includes a server process interfacing with a plurality of customer premises equipment (CPE), and/or associated client devices, each... Agent: Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC

20140331246 - Interactive content and player: A tool is provided that may allow a user to create unique content for a media item such as a movie. A movie may be received. An indication of an object in the movie may be received from an author. Supplemental content for the object in the movie may be... Agent: Google Inc.

20140331247 - Server side adaptive bit rate reporting: A method and system for reporting a percentage of an advertisement played by a smart appliance is disclosed. The server receives data from a smart appliance. The server detects a marker in the data corresponding to a segment of an advertisement of a session played by the smart appliance. The... Agent: This Technology, Inc.

20140331250 - Information processing apparatus, server apparatus, information processing method, server processing method, and program: [Solving Means] An application controller of an information processing apparatus acquires an application information table to which an electronic signature is attached and in which location information necessary for acquiring an application processed together with broadcast content is stored, and validates the electronic signature. The application controller can acquire the... Agent:

20140331248 - Streaming video network system: A distributed, digital, network-based, streaming video allows users to view live streaming digital video from multiple video sources in operating rooms at any location connected to a network. One or more video sources in an operating room are connected to a streaming video encoder capable of converting the video to... Agent:

20140331249 - Television delivery system: A system, device, and method for receiver access control in an interne television system uses a push mechanism to distribute access control information from a distribution device to an access device. The access device uses the access control information to make receiver access control decisions for a subsequently received request... Agent:

20140331251 - Method and apparatus for updating of supplementary information in tv programs: A method and a TV receiver for updating child protection information on the TV receiver are suggested. The suggested method scans receivable TV channels, searches for child protection information and stores such information together with the associated TV channel number in a memory. If the user switches to a new... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140331252 - Entitlement management for video customers: A method includes receiving, at a server device, a request to generate an entitlement identifier (ID) associated with a customer transaction. The method also includes determining a customer ID, a video content ID, and a time window associated with the customer transaction. The method includes determining, by the server device,... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20140331256 - Apparatus and method for providing information in conjunction with media content: An apparatus and method for providing information in conjunction with media content, including a receiver, wherein the receiver receives at least one of a transmission of media content and a broadcast of media content, wherein the media content includes at least one of broadcast media content and entertainment media content,... Agent:

20140331257 - Information processing system and information processing method: An information processing system configured from multiple digital broadcast program analysis devices (100), which are information processing devices connected to a network, includes: a request analyzing section (122) for analyzing a request presented to the information processing system, and identifying functions necessary for accomplishing the request; a function cumulation section... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140331253 - Networks, systems and methods for enhanced auto racing: Networks, systems and displays for providing derived data and predictive information for use in multivariable component systems and activities; and in particular for use in motor racing such as in NASCAR®, Indy Car, Grand-Am (sports car racing), and/or Formula 1® racing. More particularly, there are systems equipment and networks for... Agent: Pit Rho Corporation

20140331255 - System and method for providing television services: A method includes receiving video content and interactive callback data. The interactive callback data includes an interactive callback address that indicates a location of interactive content. The interactive callback data is associated with an on-screen image that is displayable with at least a portion of the video content, where the... Agent:

20140331254 - System, apparatus, and method for preparing images for integration and combining images into an integrated image: At least a first image, such as a motion video image, is prepared for integration with at least a second image, such as a motion video image and/or a still image. The first image may be a barker, and the second image may be a menu or programming guide. To... Agent: Concurrent Computer Corporation

20140331258 - Apparatus and method for networking media content consumption status in a group of users: A method and apparatus for allowing users in a user group to interact and exchange media content characteristics in a network as a part of the entertainment experience is described. The method and apparatus include identifying a group of users from a plurality of users in a network, detecting a... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140331259 - Apparatus and method for receiving digital broadcast: The digital broadcast receiving apparatus includes a still image additional information interpreting unit 13 for collectively determining a priority for a capturing position of a read still image, a program place name information interpreting unit 24 for extracting a keyword that specifies a geographical position or a range such as... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140331260 - Missed content access guide: Arrangements for providing available playback options for missed portions of broadcast content may be presented. A request to present an electronic programming guide that comprises indications of a plurality of television programs currently being broadcast may be received. A missed portion of each television program of the plurality of television... Agent: Echostar Technologies, L.L.C.

20140331261 - Method for executing user command according to spatial movement of user input device and image apparatus thereof: An electronic device including a display, a receiver to receive, from an input device, a first information about a movement of the input device and a second information indicating whether a predetermined button on the input device is pressed, and a controller to control the display to display a plurality... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140331262 - Adaptive video server with virtual file system and methods for use therewith: A streaming video server includes a virtual file system that receives a request for a selected one of the plurality of video programs from a client device. The selected one of the plurality of video program is retrieved from the at least one video source in response to the request.... Agent: Morega Systems Inc.

20140331263 - Input lag estimation for wi-fi display sinks: A source device comprising a processor and a Wi-Fi module for communicating with a sink device to stream audio/video data. The processor is configured to one of either A) identify manufacturer and model of the sink device, retrieve input lag data for the sink device from a database indexed by... Agent:

20140331264 - Content annotation tool: A content annotation tool is disclosed. In a configuration, a portion of a movie may be obtained from a database. Entities, such as an actor, background music, text, etc. may be automatically identified in the movie. A user, such as a content producer, may associate and/or provide supplemental content for... Agent: Google Inc.

20140331265 - Integrated interactive television entertainment system: A system and method are disclosed for enhancing a television viewing experience by a group of one or more users. The experience is enhanced by integrating services from a number of different sources. This integration of services aggregates cloud data, identifies content from the aggregated cloud data that is potentially... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140331266 - Caching of content: There is described a system of operating a network entity to distribute a media stream in a communications network. A plurality of different versions of the media stream are available from a content source, each version having a respective quality level different to that of the other versions and each... Agent: Openwave Mobility Inc.

20140331267 - Advanced wireless iptv set top box: An advanced wireless IP STB is provided with multiple built-in antennas capable of capturing plural downstream transmissions simultaneously on dedicated receivers using different modem technologies without the use of wires to the home. The proposed solution facilitates the advanced wireless IP STB being able to receive multiply sourced data traffic,... Agent:

20140331268 - Method for receiving media and device thereof: A method for receiving media according to one embodiment comprises the following steps: selecting a receiving channel; receiving a media transport stream transmitted through the receiving channel; generating a media storage stream based on the received media transport stream; and recording the media storage stream. The media transport stream comprises... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140331269 - Audio/video channel transbonding in a network device: A data communication architecture delivers a wide variety of content, including audio and video content, to consumers. The architecture employs channel bonding to deliver more bandwidth than any single communication channel can carry. The architecture includes intermediate network devices that may receive content and send content using different groups of... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140331270 - Dynamically configurable frequency band selection device between catv distribution system and catv user: A frequency band selection device that can be inserted into a signal transmission line of a CATV system on the premise of a user includes at least two signal path sets between a tap side and a premise side. Each signal path set includes two discrete signal paths, a high... Agent: Ppc Broadband, Inc.

20140331271 - Receiver, program, and reception method: A receiver includes: a broadcast contents acquisition unit configured to acquire contents from a broadcast signal; a determination unit configured to determine whether a received application is an application whose reference to the contents has been permitted; a recording unit configured to record, in a first storage area, an application... Agent: Nippon Hoso Kyokai

10/30/2014 > 49 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140325537 - Content price & revenue distribution model: A method is performed by one or more devices in a provider network. The method includes providing, to a user device, selected media content (such as television content) from a group of content options available from different content providers. A user device tracks viewer selections and provides the viewer selections... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20140325538 - Socially networked television experience: In one embodiment, a system for providing social interaction opportunities for people watching television is presented. The system includes: a television data source which transmits television data streams for reception by end devices, each end device being represented by an equipment code; a plurality of end devices, including a first... Agent:

20140325539 - Systems and methods for using incentives to increase advertising effectiveness: Systems and methods can include offering a user an incentive for viewing advertising content, delivering the advertising content to the user, monitoring the delivery of the advertising content to the user and awarding the user the offered incentive upon successful completion of delivery of the advertising content to the user.... Agent:

20140325540 - Media synchronized advertising overlay: Embodiments of the present invention provide an overlay experience that is coordinated with both a present media presentation and the media presentation's current audience. Exemplary media presentations include television, movies, games, and music. An overlay is visible content displayed concurrently with primary content. The overlay may obscure part of the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140325544 - Apparatus and method for processing an interactive service: A method of processing an interactive service and an apparatus includes generating an application parameter table including a first identifier and a second identifier, wherein the first identifier identifies a interactive programming segment which application parameter table pertains to, and wherein the second identifier identifies an application within the scope... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140325545 - Cloud computing system and method based on distributed consumer electronic devices: In accordance with a method a plurality of subscriber systems are provided, the systems being coupled via a Wide Area Network (WAN) and comprising a first subscriber system. The first subscriber system has processing and non-volatile storage and is suitably programmed for providing a subscriber service to a first subscriber.... Agent: Leonovus Usa

20140325547 - Content hosting and advertising systems and methods: In an exemplary system, a data store includes at least a subset of media content, media content attribute data associated with the media content, user profile data associated with at least one consumer having access to the media content, advertising content, and content matching data associated with the advertising content.... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20140325542 - System and method for providing a dataset of annotations corresponding to portions of a content item: Methods, apparatuses, and/or systems are provided for enabling a time-shifted, on-demand social network for watching, creating, and/or sharing time-shifted annotation datasets (e.g., commentary tracks) synced to any on-demand programming, and for presenting content items, annotations (e.g., comments) associated with the content items, or related items.... Agent: Gopop. Tv, Inc.

20140325543 - System and method for providing rewards based on annotations: Methods, apparatuses, and/or systems are providing for enabling a time-shifted, on-demand social network for watching, creating, and/or sharing time-shifted annotation datasets (e.g., commentary tracks) synced to any on-demand programming, and more particularly to providing rewards to users when they create annotations (e.g., comments), when other users interact with their annotations,... Agent:, Inc.

20140325546 - System and method to create a media content summary based on viewer annotations: A method includes receiving, at a media server, a request to create a media content summary. The request includes a user-specified criterion. The method also includes generating resized segments by automatically changing a size of each of one or more segments of media content until a total size of the... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20140325541 - System and method to integrate and connect friends viewing video programming and entertainment services contemporaneously on different televisions and other devices: The present invention relates generally to a system and apparatus for video entertainment. More specifically, the present invention is a system and apparatus to integrate and connect friends viewing video programming and entertainment services contemporaneously on different televisions and other devices.... Agent:

20140325548 - Video content monitoring device and methods thereof: A method that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, receiving a packet indicative of a request for a number of video content items. The video content items are identified based on a network traffic flow characteristic associated with the packet and a popularity level is determined... Agent:

20140325549 - System and method for tracking and rewarding media and entertainment usage including substantially real time rewards: The present invention relates to systems and methods for rewarding entertainment consumers, and more specifically to a system and method for rewarding people for watching or otherwise engaging in various forms of media and entertainment (e.g. broadcast TV, on-demand TV, games, live entertainment, movies, and radio) to promote loyalty to... Agent: Viggle Inc.

20140325550 - Real-time anti-piracy for broadcast streams: Systems, devices, methods and computer program products respond to real-time piracy of broadcast streams. One method includes receiving requests from a requesting device for a plurality segments of a real-time content, where at least one of the requested content segments differs from another segment of the plurality of segments in... Agent: Verance Corporation

20140325551 - Methods and apparatus to correlate census measurement data with panel data: Methods, apparatus, systems and articles of manufacture are disclosed to correlate census measurement data with panel data. An example method disclosed herein includes instructing, via a first computing device of a monitoring entity, a media provider to embed a tag in media, the tag to cause a device accessing the... Agent:

20140325552 - System and method for sharing portions of a content item: Methods, apparatuses, and/or systems are provided for enabling a time-shifted, on-demand social network for watching, creating, and/or sharing time-shifted annotation datasets (e.g., commentary tracks) synced to any on-demand programming, and for enabling sharing of access to portions of a content item with users across a plurality of content delivery services.... Agent:, Inc.

20140325553 - Authentication and authorization for internet video client: A device is enabled to display Internet TV by accessing a management server with a secret unique ID and receiving back from the server, assuming the ID is approved, a user token and a service list of content servers with knowledge of the user token. A user can select a... Agent:

20140325554 - Transmission of digital content to select devices: Disclosed herein are a method and device for transmitting digital content. A selection of at least one device authorized to receive digital content is detected. It is identified whether each selected device contains a session key that corresponds to a local session key. Digital content is transmitted to each device... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140325556 - Alerts and web content over linear tv broadcast: A system and method are disclosed for enhancing a linear broadcast of a network television program by automatically displaying alerts over the linear broadcast relating to web content determined to be of interest to the linear broadcast or user. The alert may include a link such that, once actioned upon,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140325555 - Methods and systems for distributing interactive content: Aspects of the present invention relate to methods and systems for controlling the distribution of supplementary content by generating a first control signal when known content is initially detected in a broadcast stream, and after generating the first control signal, generating a second control signal when the detected content is... Agent: Ensequence, Inc

20140325559 - Alternate source programming: An apparatus, method, and system are provided for associating or tying an audio source/content to visual/video content. A request to tie a selected audio source to visual/video content may be received. Upon receiving the request, the selected audio source may be tied to the visual/video content. Audio received from the... Agent: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

20140325558 - Managing advertisements based on public records: The insertion of addressable or other dynamically determinable advertisements during playback or other access to content is contemplated. The contemplated advertisement insertion may rely upon public records to identify activities, events, engagements and other metrics related to user undertakings. The public records may then be used to facilitate pre-scheduled or... Agent: Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.

20140325557 - System and method for providing annotations received during presentations of a content item: Methods, apparatuses, and/or systems are provided for enabling a time-shifted, on-demand social network for watching, creating, and/or sharing time-shifted annotation datasets (e.g., commentary tracks) synced to any on-demand programming, and more particularly to providing (e.g., displaying) annotations (e.g., comments) received during presentations of a content item.... Agent: Gopop. Tv, Inc.

20140325560 - Display apparatus and method for controlling the display apparatus: A multifunctional display device includes a processor to control display of information during booting of an operating system. The operating system is booted in response to a predetermined signal and displayed the information includes first information corresponding to visual information, and second information indicating that the operating system is currently... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140325561 - Effortless linking and viewing for cloud-based sharing of media on remote viewing devices and a systme thereof: Embodiments of the present invention relate to linking a viewing device, such as a TV, to a user's account in a server for purposes of sharing content via the TV. A viewing application on the TV allows the TV to couple with the server, which generates a pin to be... Agent: Synchronoss Technologies, Inc.

20140325562 - System and method of content acquisition and delivery: A method includes creating a first calendar event in an electronic calendar associated with a user. The first calendar event corresponds to a first viewing time and is associated with delivery of media content to a first device associated with the user. The method further includes rescheduling the first calendar... Agent:

20140325563 - Dynamic item highlighting system: A method and apparatus for highlighting a program listing in a set of program listings based on selection criteria. The selection criteria may indicate that the a broadcaster has agreed to pay a service provider in return for the service provider ensuring that a program listing, corresponding to the program... Agent:

20140325564 - Methods and apparatus for indexing and/or advertising in a user selected downloaded digital video recording: A method and apparatus of indexing a previously digitally recorded program of an audio and video program comprising: first, downloading the digital recording of the audio and video program; second, downloading from a server an index of the digital audio and video program to be associated with the digital recording... Agent:

20140325565 - Contextual companion panel: A client system obtains video content data from a remote system and obtains or determines corresponding video time data. Additionally, the client system obtains contextual content data and corresponding contextual time data from a remote system. The client system identifies portions of the contextual content data that are temporally related... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140325566 - Program guide interface systems and methods: An exemplary method includes a computing device presenting a program guide interface by way of a touch screen, detecting a pinch gesture provided in relation to the program guide interface, and presenting, in response to the pinch gesture, a plurality of graphical objects representative of a plurality of media programming... Agent:

20140325567 - Customizable channel guide: Methods and systems for providing a customizable channel guide, and more specifically, a personalized channel guide for a user, are disclosed herein. In an embodiment, indications of types of content for which the user has an interest are received. Information about content that is available for viewing is accessed. Personalized... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140325568 - Dynamic creation of highlight reel tv show: A system and method are disclosed for compiling video clips into a playlist and/or for automatically customizing the playlist videos into a highlight reel. The video clips selected into the playlist may be customized for a particular user or group of users. The video clips may also be presented in... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140325569 - Systems and methods for positioning a satellite uplink device: A computer-implemented method is provided in which a satellite uplink device is positioned to distribute an event. Data is collected from one or more automatic sensor device associated with the satellite uplink device. An optimal position of the satellite uplink device is calculated based on at least the data collected... Agent: Moontunes, Inc.

20140325570 - Methods, systems and apparatus for providing video transmissions over multiple media: Various embodiments of the invention provide novel apparatus, methods and systems for providing relatively high-speed bandwidth to enable, inter alia, video transmission services over media previously unable to support such services. In accordance with certain embodiments, a device located at the telecommunication service provider can logically couple two or more... Agent:

20140325572 - Method for linking mmt media and dash media: Disclosed is a method for linking MMT media and DASH media. A method for linking MMT media and DASH media comprises the steps of: generating MPD information by extracting an MPD linking information from a home media server, the MPD linking information, which has been transmitted from an MMT transmission... Agent:

20140325571 - Multimedia and multichannel information system: The invention relates to a multimedia and multichannel information system for an interactive distribution of at least one real-time video input of a live event taking place in an auditorium. The system comprises a central unit and a plurality of remote units located in the auditorium. At least one of... Agent: Radio Marconi S.r.l.

20140325573 - Communication system, transmitter, receiver, communication method, program, and communication cable: The present invention relates to a communication system, a transmitter, a receiver, a communication method, a program, and a communication cable for providing high-speed bidirectional communication while maintaining compatibility. When an HDMI® source performs bidirectional IP communication with an HDMI® sink using a CEC line and a signal line, a... Agent:

20140325574 - Perceptors and methods pertaining thereto: A distributed system in a data network for processing real time data streams from multiple data sources includes perceptors accessible over the data network each being configured to perform a specific task. Each perceptor receives one or more of the real time data streams and provides an output data stream... Agent: Koozoo, Inc.

20140325575 - Advanced wireless iptv set top box: An advanced wireless IP STB is provided with multiple built-in antennas capable of capturing plural downstream transmissions simultaneously on dedicated receivers using different modem technologies without the use of wires to the home. The proposed solution facilitates the advanced wireless IP STB being able to receive multiply sourced data traffic,... Agent:

20140325576 - Advanced wireless iptv set top box: An advanced wireless IP STB is provided with multiple built-in antennas capable of capturing plural downstream transmissions simultaneously on dedicated receivers using different modem technologies without the use of wires to the home. The proposed solution facilitates the advanced wireless IP STB being able to receive multiply sourced data traffic,... Agent:

20140325577 - Method an a system to perform a distributed content acquisition process for a content delivery network: In the method of the invention, said CDN comprises a plurality of server nodes, said content acquisition process is performed when an end-user requests uploading content and said method is characterised in that it comprises: —selecting, a central entity receiving an uploading request from said end-user, at least one of... Agent: Telefonica, S.a.

20140325581 - Electronic device and method for managing video snapshot: Method of managing video snapshot of receiving bitstreams of a video and bitstream parameters of the received bitstreams from a server through a network channel. The electronic device is connected to the server. The server encodes the video into an encoded file using an encoder of the server. The encoded... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140325580 - File scheduling in bm-sc: The present disclosure relates to a technique for scheduling a point-to-multipoint (PTM) transmission of content data, provided by a content provider node, to a plurality of mobile terminals in a PTM-enabled network. A method embodiment comprises the steps of: receiving, by a PTM transmission control node, delivery schedule information from... Agent:

20140325578 - Method, device and system for cross-platform video file playing: A cross-platform video playing method, playing device and playing system is presented. The method includes the steps of receiving a shared video sent by a first terminal; detecting whether a video format of the shared video is consistent with a video format which is supported by a default video player... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140325579 - System for broadcasting, streaming, and sharing of live video: A media distribution system is disclosed, and comprises a head-mounted user media device, a plurality of viewer media devices, and a media server. The head-mounted user media device includes at least one sensor substantially aligned with a user's field of view and configured to generate media content. Each media device... Agent:

20140325582 - Technique for effectively providing program material in a cable television system: In a cable television system in accordance with the invention, program materials are made available to subscribers in a neighborhood on an as needed basis. Specifically, when a subscriber at a set-top terminal selects a program channel to watch, the selection request is transmitted to a headend of the system.... Agent:

20140325583 - Video transmitter apparatus and video receiver apparatus, and video transmitting method and video receiving method: A video transmitter apparatus for transmitting video information to a video receiver apparatus, comprises: a compressor portion for compressing the video signal; and a transmitter portion for transmitting the video information compressed in the compressor portion, wherein the compressor portion and the transmitter portion are controlled, upon basis of a... Agent:

20140325584 - High definition video extender and method: An apparatus and method for extending high definition multimedia signals from a source to a display over long distances (e.g., up to 300 feet) using a single cable medium having a plurality of twisted pair conductors contained therein. The extender transparently supports HDMI and/or DVI signaling, which allows encrypted video... Agent: Video Products, Inc.

20140325585 - Advanced wireless iptv set top box: An advanced wireless IP STB is provided with multiple built-in antennas capable of capturing plural downstream transmissions simultaneously on dedicated receivers using different modem technologies without the use of wires to the home. The proposed solution facilitates the advanced wireless IP STB being able to receive multiply sourced data traffic,... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 32 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140317644 - Monetizing product placement, consumer, and vendor data: A method and a non-transitory machine-readable medium are used to monetize product placements integral with video programs. A promotion company obtains information identifying products placed in a program and provides it to a viewer on a second screen having a graphical user interface. The promotion company provides for interactions such... Agent:

20140317645 - Television relay for a social network: The subject matter described herein relates to transmitting and displaying a channel of a television to a non-subscriber when a subscriber is viewing the channel so that both the non-subscriber and the subscriber can simultaneously view the channel. A channel is displayed to a subscriber of a service offering the... Agent: Liverelay, Inc.

20140317646 - Linked advertisements: Embodiments of the present invention generate linked advertisements. Linked advertisements may include a preliminary advertisement and one or more subsequent advertisements. In one embodiment, the viewer is only shown the subsequent advertisement upon detecting a positive reaction to the preliminary advertisement. The subsequent advertisement is associated with presentation triggers that... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140317647 - Content evaluation/playback device: Provided is a system that: makes it possible to get a picture of how satisfaction levels of people viewing content change over time; and can generate content-playback timing and content summaries. A host computer: receives satisfaction-level-data time information and content information from each monitor terminal; computes satisfaction-level-data received count totals... Agent:

20140317648 - Video display monitoring methods and systems: Methods and apparatus are provided for monitoring video content provided to a vehicle. In one embodiment a method includes: receiving video content at the vehicle; monitoring the video content based on guidelines data stored in a datastore; and selectively modifying the video content based on the monitoring.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140317649 - Strategies for integrating plural modes of content delivery: A hybrid system is described which allows an Internet Protocol (IP) set-top box to receive broadcast media content from a broadcast delivery infrastructure and on-demand media content from an IP delivery infrastructure. The broadcast delivery infrastructure can generate a quadrature amplitude modulated (QAM) signal, while the IP delivery infrastructure can... Agent:

20140317650 - Utilization of remote control to display media: A system (10), a method and a utilization of a remote control adapted to display media content from the World Wide Web (12). This is accomplished by utilizing a smart-phone (18) as a remote control by an application program, and transmitting the media content through a backend system (110) utilizing... Agent:

20140317651 - Electronic device, information processing method, and information processing program: According to one embodiment, the purpose of this invention is to provide an electronic device which can output information in accordance with a schedule of each person. The electronic device of the embodiments has a manager, an identifier, and a controller. The manager manages a schedule corresponding to personal identification... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140317652 - Streaming video server with virtual file system and methods for use therewith: A streaming video server generates a virtual file system that includes virtual addresses of a plurality of encrypted segments of a plurality of video programs at each of a plurality of bitrates, without storing the plurality of encrypted segments in persistent storage. A request is received from a client device... Agent: Morega Systems Inc.

20140317653 - Arbitrated ad consumption: Some aspects may include determining whether to allow a skip over a portion of required content based on the amount of time elapsed since a portion of required content was played. The amount of time elapsed since a portion of required content was played may be measured based on the... Agent: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

20140317654 - Systems and methods for automated extraction of closed captions in real time or near real-time and tagging of streaming data for advertisements: System and methods for finding and accessing desired audio content from audio content sources, including means and methods for extracting captions from a broadcast; aggregating the captions in a database; indexing the database content; searching the captions for a mention of at least one target; analyzing the results for desired... Agent:

20140317655 - Method for advertising based on audio/video content and method for creating an audio/video playback application: A method for advertising based on audio/video (AV) content is to be implemented by an electronic device and includes the steps of: receiving target information from an advertising broadcast server; accessing AV data for playback, followed by extracting a sample which corresponds to a portion of content of the AV... Agent:

20140317656 - Video input switching and signal processing apparatus: An apparatus integrates a plurality of television signal sources into a cohesive audio/video environment. Internal provisions include a standard broadcast-frequency tuner, cable tuner as well as other optional inputs such as for a direct-broadcast satellite, previously recorded video material, etc. In the preferred embodiment, means are provided whereby a main... Agent:

20140317657 - Zone control methods and apparatus: Methods and apparatus for providing control over targeted secondary content based on a zone associated with a user. In one exemplary embodiment, a user request for primary content from a non-legacy device results in the delivery of the same secondary content which would have been provided had the request been... Agent: Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC

20140317658 - Methods and computer program products for subcontent tagging and playback: A method for tagging subcontent includes creating a first begin tag for a program to be delivered over a network, wherein the first begin tag corresponds to a first video segment of the program. A first video frame is identified for the first video segment, the first video frame representing... Agent:

20140317659 - Method and apparatus for providing interactive augmented reality information corresponding to television programs: Techniques related to displaying augmented reality (AR) based multi-media content are described. The AR content is corresponding to a television (TV) program being displayed on a TV screen. One embodiment of the techniques does not need to scan any AR markers or related images to retrieve the specific AR contents.... Agent: Datangle, Inc.

20140317660 - Enabling interaction between social network users during synchronous display of video channel: The current subject matter describes displaying multimedia data on a graphical user interface of a user device (for example, a smart television set) during a display of a video channel in accordance with an aesthetic display design and based on effective interaction between the user device and an input device... Agent: Liverelay Inc.

20140317661 - Meta channel based media system control technology: Meta-channels identify content entries and indicate an order with which to experience the content entries. The meta-channels may include a multi-source meta-channel that includes at least a first content entry that relates to first content broadcast by a first content provider at a specific time and a second content entry... Agent:

20140317662 - Providing correlated programming information for broadcast media content and streaming media content: Systems and methods are disclosed for providing correlated programming information for broadcast media content and streaming media content. In one implementation, a processing device receives first programming information, the first programming information including scheduling information for media content originating at a first source. The processing device generates, based on media... Agent:

20140317663 - Method and apparatus for providing broadcasting service: A method and apparatus for providing a broadcasting service are provided. The method includes receiving, by a first terminal, channel information of a program selected by a user from a second terminal, detecting a frequency of the selected program from a mapping table that maps the channel information to a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140317665 - Method and an apparatus for processing a broadcast signal including an interactive broadcast service: A method of processing a broadcast signal including an interactive broadcast service at a transmitter is disclosed. The method comprises generating an parameter table containing metadata about applications and interactive broadcast events targeted to the applications, dividing the parameter table into a plurality of parameter blocks, inserting each of the... Agent:

20140317664 - Method and apparatus for transmitting media data in multimedia transport system: A method for transmitting media data in a Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) Media Transport (MMT) system is provided. The method includes receiving a Media Processing Unit (MPU) fragmented into one or more Media Fragment Units (MFUs), generating one or more multimedia data packets each including a packet header and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140317666 - Recipient specific lists for distribution of media content: There is provided a system and method of recipient specific lists for distribution of media content. The method comprises obtaining at least one unique identifier (UID), wherein the at least one UID identifies a content, and wherein the at least one UID identifies a recipient location and presentation data, generating... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20140317667 - Apparatus and method for transmitting signal in digital video broadcasting system: A method for bit-interleaving coded bits for Incremental Redundancy (IR) transmission in a transmission apparatus of a digital video broadcasting system is provided. The method includes sequentially writing the coded bits in a memory area having a predetermined size, reading the coded bits written in the memory area based on... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140317668 - Carriage of quality information of content in media formats: A method for managing quality information for dynamic adaption in content delivery, wherein the method comprises selecting a granularity level for an encoded media data, computing a plurality of quality metrics for the encoded media data at the selected granularity level, wherein the quality metrics are measures of coding quality... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20140317670 - Method and apparatus for reproducing contents in multimedia system: A method and an apparatus for reproducing content by a terminal in a multimedia system are provided. The method includes receiving segment information from a first content provider for providing a first content, and reproducing a second content at a specific time point in a reproduction period of the first... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140317669 - Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving additional information in a broadcast communication system: A method for receiving additional information from a device in a broadcast communication system is provided. The method includes receiving broadcast information provided from a broadcast service provider over a broadcast channel, extracting application information from the broadcast information, acquiring location information for the additional information associated with a broadcast... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140317671 - Method and system for transmitting network video: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method includes: sending, by a terminal device, video server name information in video request information to a local domain name server; receiving, by the terminal device, address information of a buffer sent by the local domain name server, and sending the video request... Agent:

20140317673 - Remote engagement system: A remote engagement system for a live event includes at least one output device located at the live event for providing an audio and/or visual output to people at the live event. A controller receives signals transmitted from a plurality of user input devices and in response thereto and in... Agent:

20140317672 - System and method of providing video content: A system includes a processor and a memory. The memory stores instructions that, when executed by the processor, cause the processor to perform operations including sending a primary multicast video stream and a secondary multicast video stream to a media device. The secondary multicast video stream is limited to intra-coded... Agent:

20140317674 - Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving signaling information in digital broadcasting system: A method for transmitting signaling information in a digital broadcasting system is provided. The method includes generating the signaling information for reception of a broadcast service, and transmitting the signaling information using at least one of a first transmission scheme and a second transmission scheme, which are different from each... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140317675 - Method of performing time-shift function and television receiver using the same: A method of performing time-shift function and television receiver having a tuner and a personal video recorder for storing broadcast programs of at least one channel enables a broadcast program of a currently tuned channel to be continuously and efficiently stored to enable time-shifting, regardless of an interruption by switching... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

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