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Interactive video distribution systems

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05/14/2015 > 52 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.
05/07/2015 > 47 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150128157 - Client-side scout and companion in a real-time bidding advertisement system: A client-side component in a real-time bidding (RTB) system for video advertisements configures the client device to, in response to a request for a video advertisement sent by the client device to the real-time bidding system, receive a first set of information associated with the video advertisement, parse the received... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20150128160 - Automatic transition of content based on facial recognition: Methods and systems for automatically transitioning content based on facial recognition, wherein the method may include receiving a signal from a camera, identifying a face of a viewer within an area, retrieving a user identifier associated with the face of the viewer, selecting a program, and displaying the program.... Agent:

20150128161 - Determining a future portion of a currently presented media program: This document describes techniques and apparatuses for determining a future portion of a currently presented media program. The techniques and apparatuses can receive current media reactions of one or many people to a currently presented media program and determine later portions to present in the media program based on the... Agent:

20150128158 - Systems and methods for recommending content: Systems and methods for recommending content to a user are described. A user equipment device may be equipped with a built-in or separately connected image capturing device which may be used to pinpoint the location of the remote control when it is activated, thereby defining the specific location of the... Agent: United Video Properties, Inc.

20150128159 - Testing effectiveness of tv commercials to account for second screen distractions: A method for measuring viewer attentiveness to an audio-visual presentation on one display in the presence of a visual distraction on another display simulating a “second screen”, comprising: reproducing the audio-visual presentation for viewing by a viewer on a first display; while the audio-visual presentation is being reproduced for viewing... Agent:

20150128162 - Real-time tracking collection for video experiences: Methods and systems for tracking events associated with use of video content are disclosed. A method collects events associated with use of video content at a computing device. In response to determining that a tracking interval has elapsed, the method optimizes the collected events by grouping similar events together, serializes... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150128163 - Coordinated second-screen advertisement: An application on a second-screen device can receive an advertisement stream and an interactive component. The application can display at least a partial display of the advertisement stream and the interactive component in a video display area on the second-screen device. The displayed advertisement stream can be associated with an... Agent:

20150128165 - System and method for session management of streaming media: A system and method for session management of streaming media are provided. The system and method authenticate and validate any request for live or streaming video and manage the streaming session in a manner that continues to verify the validity of existing video streams with respect to new requests. The... Agent:

20150128164 - Systems and methods for easily disabling interactivity of interactive identifiers by user input of a geometric shape: Methods and systems are provided herein for enabling users to seamlessly restrict access to media assets. These methods and systems are provided by way of generating for display a plurality of interactive identifiers on a scrollable page. A user input of a geometric shape is then received on the scrollable... Agent: United Video Properties, Inc.

20150128166 - Apparatus and method for blocking audio/visual programming and for muting audio: A program blocking application that blocks programming for one or more possible users, based on various criteria associated with the program. A program word muting application that selectively mutes context specific words as a function of program specific criteria.... Agent: Clearplay, Inc.

20150128168 - Content and posted-information time-series link method, and information processing terminal: An information processing terminal includes an operation part to receive a user's operation, an output part to play back an arbitrarily input content while outputting posted information which is posted on the WEB in connection with the content, and a controller to output a content at a playback time, correlated... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20150128173 - Digital broadcast receiver and method for processing caption thereof: A digital cable broadcast receiver and a method for automatically processing caption data of various standards and types, is disclosed. The digital broadcast receiver includes: a demultiplexer for dividing a received broadcast stream into video data, audio data, supplementary information; a controller for determining whether caption data included in the... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150128170 - Disabling of multiple bitrate algorithm for media programs while playing advertisements: In one embodiment, a method determines first information from a component of a computing device to determine when receiving of one or more advertisements will affect an available bandwidth reading that is based on receiving of a media program. Then, the method dynamically disables a multiple bitrate algorithm based upon... Agent:

20150128169 - Method and device for providing a main content and an extra content to a user through reference item: A method for providing a main content and an extra content to a user by accessing said extra content through a reference item. The method includes receiving said main content from a first source and displaying said main content by said first device. Also, based on said reference item, said... Agent:

20150128167 - Method to enhance broadcast content for a user: A method to enhance broadcast content of an event received by a television set by supplying additional information related to the event. A user builds a request message for getting more information through a displayed menu where some items are extracted from metadata broadcast with the content. The request message,... Agent:

20150128171 - Scheme for determining the locations and timing of advertisements and other insertions in media: A non-transitory computer readable storage medium stores one or more computer programs adapted to cause a processor based system to execute steps that include analyzing an image, identifying one or more faces in the image using a face recognition technique, designating at least one of the identified faces collectively as... Agent:

20150128172 - Systems and methods for sharing video with advertisements over a network: A user can create a video segment or employ an existing video segment, upload the segment to a server, indicate an advertisement to be associated with the video, and then send it to a recipient over a computer network. The user provides an indication that one or more particular video... Agent:

20150128174 - Selecting audio-video (av) streams associated with an event: A system for selecting audio-video (AV) streams associated with an event may include a processor and a memory. The processor may be configured to determine when a primary audio-video (AV) stream generated by a primary content producer for an event is being transmitted to a device of a user. The... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150128176 - System and method for metadata-linked advertisements: Systems and methods for providing metadata-selected advertisements are provided. These systems and methods may receive metadata and other media, select an object, read metadata attached to or associated with the selected object, select an advertisement based on the metadata, and display the selected advertisement. In addition, monitoring, collecting, and recording... Agent:

20150128175 - System and method for organizing group content presentations and group communications during the same: A system and method are provided that allow the presentation of content to multiple users while some or all of the users communicate with one another through a network. In some embodiments, a content item such as a movie is viewed synchronously by multiple users while the users interact through,... Agent:

20150128178 - Method, device and computer program product for outputting a transport stream: A method comprising: receiving, via a distribution channel, video data having an identifier that identifies a position within a video and an address defining a location of a stored playlist. The method also comprises obtaining from a server a playlist in response to a user input, where the playlist includes... Agent: Sony Europe Limited

20150128177 - Text information input method and apparatus: Embodiments of the present application disclose a text information input method and apparatus, where the method includes: firstly, invoking a first edit box of a handheld device; afterwards, updating display content of the first edit box according to an editing operation performed by an operator on the first edit box;... Agent:

20150128179 - Second-screen tv bridge: A set top box can provide coordinated graphical user interfaces on a plurality of devices. The set top box can output first media content to a primary display (a television) and can output second media content to a second-screen device (a tablet). The primary display can display a video stream... Agent:

20150128180 - Apparatus, systems and methods for automatically presenting stored media content at its beginning: Media device systems and methods are operable to automatically present a program at its beginning while a remaining portion of the program is being received at the media device. An exemplary embodiment receives a program in a media content stream; receives a presentation request to present the program, wherein the... Agent: Eldon Technology Limited

20150128181 - Digital television and method of providing graphical user interface using the same: A digital television (DTV) and a method of providing a GUI using the DTV are disclosed. The method of providing a GUI in a DTV comprises: first displaying an image on a display unit provided on the DTV; receiving a display command of a first GUI; and second displaying the... Agent:

20150128182 - Information descriptor and extended information descriptor data structures for digital television signals: According to an aspect, there is provided a digital television (DTV) data stream including program and system information protocol (PSIP) data associated with content of the DTV data stream, the PSIP data including a virtual channel table (VCT) and an event information table (EIT), the EIT comprising: a source identification... Agent:

20150128183 - Broadcast receiving apparatus and method for tuning channel thereof: A broadcast receiving apparatus and a method for tuning a channel of a broadcast receiving apparatus is provided. The method includes displaying contents received through a broadcast channel, changing, if a channel zapping command is received, the broadcast channel, displaying, if the channel zapping command is consecutively received a plurality... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150128184 - Content recommending device, television receiver, and control method, program and storage medium for content recommending device: A display control section (220c) of a television (1) causes a display unit (205) to simultaneously display (i) a recommended content panel (122a) corresponding to a recommended content extracted from a population consisting of programs on different channels in the same time slot and (ii) a recommended content panel (122b)... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150128186 - Mobile multimedia terminal, video program recommendation method and server thereof: The mobile multimedia terminal, a video program recommendation method and a server thereof may include steps of: extracting key information from electronic program guides; crawling social media information related with a terminal user from social media; generating an inquiry at least based on the key information and the crawled social... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20150128185 - System and method for personalization of an applicance by using context information: Disclosed is a system and method for personalizing an appliance's functioning remotely in real-time. The user profile and set of parameters affecting the functionality of the appliance are received by a computing device by, for example, communication module and are matched by a data delivery device to pre-defined parameters stored... Agent:

20150128187 - Differentiated psip table update interval technology: An apparatus, method and data structure for generating at least one table in a broadcast environment, are provided. The apparatus includes a generator to generate an event information table (EIT) and an extended text table (ETT). The ETT has program guide information for an n-hour span and has a transmission... Agent:

20150128188 - Differentiated psip table update interval technology: An apparatus, method and data structure for generating at least one table in a broadcast environment, are provided. The apparatus includes a generator to generate an event information table (EIT) and an extended text table (ETT). The ETT has program guide information for an n-hour span and has a transmission... Agent:

20150128189 - Program guide navigation tools for media content access systems and methods: An exemplary system includes a media content processing subsystem configured to provide a program guide graphical user interface (“GUI”) to a display for presentation to a user, the program guide GUI including a portion of a program guide. The media content processing subsystem is further configured to provide at least... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150128190 - Video program recommendation method and server thereof: Disclosed is a method and server for generating a video program recommendation for a particular video program. The method may include the following steps of: extracting key information from an electronic program guide of a particular video program and the particular video program; searching for contents related with the key... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20150128191 - Differentiated psip table update interval technology: An apparatus, method and data structure for generating at least one table in a broadcast environment, are provided. The apparatus includes a generator to generate an event information table (EIT) and an extended text table (ETT). The ETT has program guide information for an n-hour span and has a transmission... Agent:

20150128192 - Method for adding or updating video content from internet sources to existing video-on-demand application of digital tv services provider system: A video-on-demand (VOD) content delivery system has a VOD Application Server which manages a database of templates ordered in a hierarchy for presentation of video content elements of different selected types categorized in hierarchical order. The templates include those for higher-order displays which have one or more links to lower-order... Agent:

20150128193 - Aircraft in-flight entertainment system having a multi-beam phased array antenna and associated methods: An in-flight entertainment (IFE) system for an aircraft includes a phased array antenna and control circuitry associated therewith to be carried by the aircraft and to generate dual antenna beams for television programming and Internet data from respective spaced apart satellites. A television programming distribution system is to be carried... Agent:

20150128194 - Method and mobile terminal for switching playback device: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method and a mobile terminal for switching a playback device. The method in the present invention includes: determining, by a mobile terminal, that the mobile terminal is moved from a first space in which the mobile terminal is located to a second space;... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

20150128196 - Remote media streaming: A redirection device for remote streaming media reroutes media content sent to the receiving device, typically located in the home of the subscriber, to the subscriber's mobile device such as a laptop or smartphone. Remote media streaming provides media recipients with capabilities for out-of-home (OOH) viewing for remotely rendering media... Agent:

20150128195 - Video reproduction system: The present invention is to provide a video reproduction system that can synchronize the reproduction timing of plural videos when contemporaneously reproducing the plural videos. One or plural video distribution devices each give, to a frame image included in a distribution video to be distributed to a video reproduction device,... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20150128197 - Method and device operable to store video and audio data: According to one exemplary embodiment, a method operable to store video data and/or audio data is adapted to a first peer of a video and audio data system having a plurality of peers, and each peer has a corresponding storage space. In the method, before the first peer has not... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150128198 - Streaming device and streaming system thereof: A streaming method for a streaming system includes receiving and analyzing a first streaming signal within a first frequency range, by a streaming device of the streaming system, from a program source; transmitting the first streaming signal to a first display device of the streaming system by the streaming device;... Agent: Ali Corporation

20150128199 - Information concentrating center capable of making p2p connections with remote client devices: An information concentrating center, is disclosed, wherein the information concentrating center comprises: at least one module for concentrating information from at least one information source; and at least one module coupling to the Internet, for establishing a P2P connection with a remote client device through the Internet, wherein at least... Agent:

20150128201 - Mitigating potential video traffic interference: A method includes detecting, at a video head-end of a video distribution network, a signal having an ultra high frequency white space frequency. The method includes determining that a strength of the signal satisfies a threshold signal strength. The method also includes sending an alert from the video head-end to... Agent:

20150128200 - Recovering channel bonded program streams: A system for recovering channel bonded program streams may include filters and a collator. The filters may be configured to receive data streams that include multiple chunks of transport stream packets, and marker information items that are indicative of boundaries of the chunks, over multiple bonded channels, and to individually... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150128202 - Video transmission system having unicast and multicast modes and methods for use therewith: A video transmission system includes a video server module that selectively operates in a unicast mode and a multicast mode, wherein the video server module generates a video signal that includes a unicast video signal when the video server module is in the unicast mode and that includes a multicast... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150128203 - Energy saving set top box: A system includes a satellite receiver and a set top box. The set top box is configured to receive signals from the satellite receiver and output a signal to a display device. The set top box detects whether at least one mobile device is near the set top box and... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

04/30/2015 > 41 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150121405 - System and method for disseminating functionality to a target device: A method of disseminating a digital wallet to a target device is described. The method comprises searching, with a searching device, on a local network for the target device, and pushing the digital wallet to the target device.... Agent:

20150121406 - Smart media selection based on viewer user presence: In various exemplary embodiments, a system and method to provide smart media selection to a set of one or more individuals at a location associated with a display device of a receiver system is provided. In example embodiments, an indication of a presence change at the location is received. User... Agent:

20150121407 - Credit/penalty-based network-guidance of bitrates for clients: A method, a device, and a non-transitory storage medium having instructions to obtain network state information pertaining to at least a portion of a network that provides an adaptive bitrate streaming service; generate a recommended bitrate for delivery of a program based on the network state information; transmit the recommended... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150121408 - Recommendation of television content: A method for recommending television content is provided, including the following operations: identifying available television channels for a television device; determining a current date and time; identifying a plurality of content items broadcast on the available television channels at approximately the current date and time; determining a device profile associated... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20150121409 - Tv program identification method, apparatus, terminal, server and system: A method for retrieving and playing a TV program uses a mobile terminal. The mobile terminal obtains one or more images of a TV program currently played on a TV using the image sensor and sends the images to a remote server. The remote server determines an identity of the... Agent:

20150121410 - Method and a network for determining user behavior during delivery of video content: For allowing an intelligent and/or resource efficient delivery of video content and/or determining of video content popularity and/or user behavior a method for determining user behavior during delivery of video content is claimed, wherein a user is requesting a delivery of a video content from a provider via a network.... Agent: Nec Europe Ltd.

20150121411 - System and method for facilitating interaction via an interactive television: A method of providing interaction options to a user of a device is described. The device is capable of receiving broadcast content from a broadcaster and content via a network. The method comprises receiving, at the device, both broadcast content and a call-to-action related to the broadcast content. The call-to-action... Agent:

20150121413 - Method and apparatus for content distribution over a network: A method that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example performing, by a wireless communication device comprising a processor, wireless telephony communications via a first wireless interface, transmitting information associated with media-related activities to a server, receiving from the server a media recommendation that is generated according... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

20150121415 - Mobile to hardware device linking: Allowing a user of a mobile computing device to link the mobile computing device and its associated network or system to a subject piece of hardware operating via a second network or system is provided. After the mobile computing device is linked to a given hardware device, functional operation of... Agent: Cox Communications, Inc.

20150121414 - Movie showing management apparatus and movie showing management method: [Solving Means] The owner group setting unit sets a group per area (path) where a content is placed. The affiliation group setting unit sets a group accessible by the user. The content owner filter unit filters contents accessible by the user in accordance with the settings of the owner group... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150121412 - Muting notification system: A television and remote control system, where the television receives data over a channel and produces outputs that create a television display. The television also receives notifications over a data connection indicating events that are other than the television display, like emails, alerts and the like. The television displays visual... Agent: Vizio Inc.

20150121416 - Video display device, terminal device, and method thereof: A video display apparatus pairs with a first terminal device. The video display apparatus receives an audio-visual content, and displays the audio-visual content. The video display apparatus acquires enhanced service information on an available enhanced service for the audio-visual content, and notifies an occurrence of the available enhanced service to... Agent:

20150121417 - Mediaword compression for network digital media recorder applications: In response to receiving from a subscriber both a request to record content and a unique requester key, a network DVR identifies an asset associated with the request. The network DVR segments the asset in to a series of segments, assigns a mediaword to each segment for compression, encrypts each... Agent: Arris Enterprises, Inc.

20150121419 - Concepts for providing an enhanced media presentation: Computer program products, methods, systems, apparatus, and computing entities are provided for providing an enhanced media presentation. In one embodiment, an enhanced media presentation is provided. To provide the enhanced media presentation, one or more content items associated with subject matter associated with a segment of an enhanced media presentation... Agent:

20150121420 - Concepts for providing an enhanced media presentation: Computer program products, methods, systems, apparatus, and computing entities are provided for providing an enhanced media presentation. In one embodiment, an enhanced media presentation is provided. To provide the enhanced media presentation, one or more content items associated with subject matter associated with a segment of an enhanced media presentation... Agent:

20150121418 - Forecasting-based management of advertisement delivery and inventory: Methods and systems for managing advertisement (ad) delivery and ad inventory for advertisements (ads) placed in video content are provided. An exemplary method receives campaign criteria for a new advertising campaign, the campaign criteria including at least a desired date range. The method then retrieves indications of unsold ad space... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150121422 - Method for creating new distribution channels for targeted, automated, context and relevance driven engagement, interaction, communication, community building, cooperation, and personalized, dedicated information, data, and media content distribution, and: A method for targeted, relevance driven, communication, interaction, engagement, community building, and personalized media content distribution, and consumption on a mobile telephone or television comprising detecting and interpreting a signal that previously has been given one or more functional contexts in order to display one from a plurality of performances... Agent: Fyuuuz Ag

20150121421 - Video frame selection for targeted content: Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media are provided for providing target content, such as advertisements, based on one or more selected video frames. A set of video frames and target content is received. The target content is to be presented upon detection of a playback of the set of video... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150121423 - Viewer-authored content acquisition and management system for in-the-moment broadcast in conjunction with media programs: A method, apparatus, and system for providing viewer-derived content for broadcast presentation in conjunction with a broadcast of a media program by a provider of the media program is disclosed. The disclosed system and method (1) simplifies the process for viewers to provide viewer-authored media to broadcasters, while minimizing the... Agent:

20150121424 - Concepts for providing an enhanced media presentation: Computer program products, methods, systems, apparatus, and computing entities are provided for providing an enhanced media presentation. In one embodiment, an enhanced media presentation is provided. To provide the enhanced media presentation, one or more content items associated with subject matter associated with a segment of an enhanced media presentation... Agent:

20150121425 - Remote control system, remote control commander, remote control server: An information processing apparatus and server apparatus are disclosed. In one example, the information processing apparatus is configured to display content on a first display and transmit an instruction to display the content, which is being displayed on the first display, on a second display of a first external device.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150121426 - Concepts for providing an enhanced media presentation: Computer program products, methods, systems, apparatus, and computing entities are provided for providing an enhanced media presentation. In one embodiment, an enhanced media presentation is provided. To provide the enhanced media presentation, one or more content items associated with subject matter associated with a segment of an enhanced media presentation... Agent:

20150121427 - Information processing apparatus and program table displaying method: A program information acquisition unit 60 acquires program information individually broadcasted in a plurality of channels. An apparatus information acquisition unit 444 acquires, from a tuner, limitation information indicative of a limitation to channels which can be viewed by a user. A decision unit 449 decides, in response to the... Agent:

20150121428 - Set-top box proximity detection: A first location of a user in a customer premises may be determined. A display is provided of a user interface that includes an adjustable element. A determination is made that the user has moved to a second location in the customer premises. The display of the user interface is... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20150121429 - Electronic program guide with blackout features: An interactive television program guide for supporting programming blackouts is provided. In some embodiments, the interactive television program guide may unschedule the reminding and recording of blacked-out programs that have been scheduled by a user for reminding or recording. In some embodiments, the interactive television program guide may prevent a... Agent:

20150121430 - Epg realignment: Arrangements detailed may cause a television channel received via the tuner to be recorded for a period of time to create a channel-specific file. The channel-specific file may include multiple television programs. User input that requests playback of a first television program of the plurality of television programs from the... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20150121431 - Cross-platform interface for a television device: A method for providing a cross-platform interface for a television device is provided, including the following method operations: identifying available services for consumption on a television device, wherein the available services include two or more of a broadcast television service, an on-demand video service, and an internet content service; determining... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20150121432 - Supplemental content for a video program: A method includes identifying a video service device that receives a video service. The video service includes video content provided by a video service provider, and the video service device is associated with a customer premises network. The method includes identifying a first video program displayed by the video service... Agent:

20150121434 - Electronic device, electronic device system, and electronic device control method: An electronic device (1) includes a function information acquiring portion (12) acquiring function information of another electronic device (2) and a common function recognizing portion (12) recognizing a common function between functions of another electronic device and functions of the electronic device itself (1), and the recognized common function is... Agent:

20150121433 - Media sharing system: A media sharing system includes a television system and at least a first set of smart phone and smart watch owned by a first user and a second set of smart phone and smart watch owned by a second user. Smart watches are connectable to the television system. One of... Agent:

20150121435 - Method and apparatus for local distribution of multiple multimedia channels from multimedia service provider: A set top box (STB) for local distribution of multiple multimedia channels from a multimedia service provider is provided. The STB includes a receiver, a multimedia signal processor, an audio signal processor, and a wireless transmitter. The user can access a plurality of multimedia channels carrying a multimedia signal with... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20150121436 - Presentation timeline synchronization across audio-video (av) streams: A system for presentation timeline synchronization across audio-video (AV) streams associated with a common event may include memory and a processor. The processor may be configured to receive metadata items from a user device during a live event, the metadata items corresponding to points-in-time marked by the user while being... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150121438 - Caching content: A method and apparatus for downloading content within a video-on-demand system is provided herein. During operation a Video Home Office (VHO) will cache a subset of the Video Service Office (VSO) content. When a user requests content that is not stored on the VHO, the VHO will request that content... Agent:

20150121437 - Multi-perspective game broadcasting: Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing multi-perspective broadcasting of multiplayer computer games are described. A computer-implemented method may include receiving a request to broadcast a match of an online multi-player game, generating the requested broadcast using available video streams from at least two participants in the match, and... Agent: Google Inc.

20150121439 - Concepts for providing an enhanced media presentation: Computer program products, methods, systems, apparatus, and computing entities are provided for providing an enhanced media presentation. In one embodiment, an enhanced media presentation is provided. To provide the enhanced media presentation, one or more content items associated with subject matter associated with a segment of an enhanced media presentation... Agent:

20150121440 - Method and apparatus for synchronizing paused playback across platforms: A media server receives a first request to transmit the media program to the first device and streams the media program to the first device. The method monitors the streaming of the media program to the first device to generate media program streaming information and transmits the media program streaming... Agent:

20150121442 - System and method for tagging video content: Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a system for determining a tag based on an interaction of a mobile device with a media processor. The tag is associated with a number of options of video content received at the media processor. A request is determined from the... Agent:

20150121441 - Systems and methods for embedding multimedia data in surgical feeds: Systems and methods for embedding and sharing video feeds captured during a surgery, to users, in real-time, including video receivers for receiving video feed from video recording equipment, a video stream distribution server receiving the video feed, a relay transferring the video feed to users by rendering the video feed... Agent:

20150121443 - Method, control point, and media renderer for displaying picture: An embodiment method includes: acquiring a uniform resource identifier URI of a first picture selected by a user; acquiring a URI of a picture to be buffered in accordance with the URI of the first picture; and sending the URI of the first picture and the URI of the picture... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

20150121444 - Method, control point, and media renderer for displaying picture: Systems and methods are disclosed for receiving a request to display, on an first communications device, media content, where the request comprises a first logical address for accessing the media content at a first storage location, transmitting to a second communications device, a second logical address for accessing a copy... Agent:

20150121445 - Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving broadcasting: A broadcasting transmitting apparatus configures one broadcasting channel as at least two video streams, generates a program map table (PMT) representing configuration information of a stream included within the broadcasting channel, sets a program type provided through the corresponding broadcasting channel within the PMT, multiplexes the at least two video... Agent:

04/23/2015 > 40 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150113548 - Content consumption and notification in a network: A data analyzer engine can be configured to receive feedback indicating different content currently consumed by subscribers in a cable network environment. The data analyzer engine analyzes the feedback to identify most popular consumed content amongst the different content and produces a content guide to include multiple selectable channels from... Agent:

20150113549 - Network management, monitoring, and flow control: A data analyzer engine receives feedback associated with delivery of content (such as streaming content) to multiple subscriber domains in a cable network environment. The data analyzer engine analyzes the feedback to identify attributes of current content consumption by playback devices operated in the subscriber domains. Based on the analyzed... Agent:

20150113550 - System and method for sending advertising data based on data associated with video data: A method is disclosed including but not limited to monitoring penetration data on an advertising server processor wherein the penetration data indicates frequency, quantity, duration and data volume of data correlated with advertising data that has been sent from a first end user device to a second end user device.... Agent:

20150113547 - Trending analysis, notification, and control in a network: A data analyzer engine receives content consumption feedback associated with multiple subscribers in a cable network environment. In accordance with one embodiment, the data analyzer engine provides notification of popularly consumed content. In accordance with another embodiment, the data analyzer engine generates control information to control content consumption by one... Agent:

20150113551 - Computing system with content delivery mechanism and method of operation thereof: A computing system includes: a control unit configured to: capture an activity indicator representing a sound indicator, a movement indicator, or a combination thereof, determine a cheer indicator based on filtering the activity indicator according to a sound type, a movement type, or a combination thereof, determine a support cheer... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150113552 - System and method for dayparting audio-visual content: A computer implemented method for organizing and delivering audio-visual online content, having: on a computing device having one or more processors and a memory storing one or more programs for execution by the one or more processors, the one or more programs including instructions for: developing a dayparting ratio of... Agent: Purplecomm, Inc.

20150113554 - Content consumption and management in a network: A data analyzer engine can be configured to receive feedback indicating different content currently consumed by subscribers in a cable network environment. The data analyzer engine analyzes the feedback to identify most popular consumed content amongst the different content and produces a content guide to include multiple selectable channels from... Agent:

20150113556 - Context-aware location-based information distribution: Technologies are presented that provide location-based information distribution to targeted media devices. A method of distributing information by an information server in a networked media system may include determining a location of a first media device, determining one or more topics being consumed on the first media device, obtaining information... Agent:

20150113553 - Data transfer in a media delivery system: In one embodiment, a media delivery system including a television, a smart phone and a smart watch comprises an ad hoc communication network. The smart phone is employed as remote control. In one implementation, the smart phone controls the television directly. In another implementation, the smart phone controls the television... Agent:

20150113557 - Display device and method for processing information code in image: A display device for processing an information code included in an image is provided. The display device includes an image receiver configured to receive an image signal including an information code, a communicator configured to communicate data with an external device, a display configured to display an image, and a... Agent:

20150113555 - Method and apparatus for promotional programming: A method that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, receiving a product placement event that is triggered by a placement stamp in a media program. The placement stamp may identify an occurrence of a product in the media program, where the occurrence is not an explicit... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

20150113559 - Method, apparatus and system for providing access to product data: VISUAL IMAGE MARKETING (VIM) is a system whereby the visual image on a film or television program is utilized to market that specific product. In VIM, film.backslash.television is combined with computer technology to provide real-time or delayed access to product data. Viewers identify a product or object displayed in a... Agent:

20150113558 - Receiver apparatus, broadcast/communication-cooperation system, and broadcast/communication-cooperation method: A reception apparatus includes: a broadcast reception unit (101) receiving broadcast content including a video stream, broadcast subtitles, and timing information, the video stream being composed of a plurality of images output along a time axis, the broadcast subtitles being composed of character strings, the timing information being used to... Agent:

20150113560 - Smart live streaming event ads playback and resume method: A digital video viewing system including methods for user selection of video advertisement content and time of display of video advertisements during a live video content stream. The digital video viewing system includes modules for receiving, evaluating and transmitting data within the digital video viewing system and to internet protocol... Agent:

20150113561 - Viewing of commercial break content during fast-forwarding of a video stream: Commercial break content that is viewed during fast-forwarding through a commercial break is provided by embedding one or more frames of commercial break content at various points in time during a commercial break segment. During fast-forwarding, the video stream for at least some of those points in time are displayed... Agent:

20150113562 - Method for automatically tuning digital multimedia broadcasting (dmb) channel in audio video navigation (avn) system: A method for automatically tuning a digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) channel in an audio video navigation (AVN) system having a dual-tuner is provided. The method includes performing a best station memory (BSM) function by a first tuner, and receiving traffic information by a second tuner. A controller determines whether DMB... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150113563 - Methods and systems for providing relevant supplemental content to a user device: Systems and methods are provided for presenting a supplemental content asset on a secondary device that is relevant to a primary content asset that is being presented on a primary user device, to enhance the user experience of the primary content asset. A relevant supplemental content asset may be selected... Agent:

20150113564 - Core device, audio/video control system, portable terminal device, audio/video control program, and audio/video control method: A core device that is connected to a network, and that is interconnected via a digital audio/video interface with audio/video devices that are connected to the network, provided with a collecting unit that collects interface-connected device information, including at least unique identification information, from the audio/video devices via the digital... Agent:

20150113565 - Method for controlling media contents in virtual room, terminal, and device: A method for controlling media content in a virtual room (VR) includes a terminal that creates a pause operation request, where the pause operation request includes a terminal identifier, an identifier of a VR, a start time of a pause operation, and pause operation information; sends the pause operation request... Agent:

20150113566 - Method and apparatus for interaction via television system: A method of providing user interaction with third parties through an electronic programme guide for a television receiver is described. Either the television receiver or computing equipment local to the television receiver and in communication with it comprises a system for assembling an electronic programme guide. The system receives scheduling... Agent:

20150113567 - Method and apparatus for a context aware remote controller application: An approach for implementing a context-aware remote controller application on a controller device for interfacing with one or more target devices and controlling one or more functionalities and/or processes at the target includes determining a current state associated with one or more applications, one or more content items or a... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150113568 - Tv and operating method thereof: Provided is an operating method of a TV. The method includes: receiving a multi screen enter command according to a user input; transmitting a multi screen request signal to a server in response to the multi screen enter command; receiving a multi screen response signal corresponding to the multi screen... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150113569 - Reservation system for watching online video: A reservation system for watching online video is used in wireless communication equipment to watch online video via network. The reservation system contains: at least one network server linking to an instant video platform for storing live video medias and for facilitating a user to view and click a desired... Agent:

20150113570 - System and method for personalized tv: A Personal TV System receives a plurality of video segments constituting a TV program and information describing each segment, and controls the display of the segments to a viewer in accordance with preferences of the viewer and with the description of each segment. Segments may be omitted or replaced with... Agent:

20150113571 - Methods and apparatus for content switching: Methods and apparatus for content switching in a content distribution network. In one embodiment, an apparatus is configured to receive a user selection for content. The apparatus processes the content and outputs the content to a display. The apparatus also receives an input indicating a content switch, and switches to... Agent:

20150113572 - Signaling three-dimensional video information in communication networks: Embodiments of the present disclosure describe devices, methods, computer-readable media and systems configurations for signaling stereoscopic three-dimensional video content capabilities of a device in a communications network. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.... Agent:

20150113573 - System and method for conflict recognition on diseqc protocol: A method for conflict recognition on DiSEqC protocol, the method comprising the steps of generating a command to be sent to a DiSEqC device; requesting a tuner to send the command to the DiSEqC device; the method further comprises: after the step of generating the command and prior to the... Agent:

20150113574 - Method and system for providing a home cable network: Methods and systems for cross-protocol time synchronization may comprise, for example, in a premises-based network, receiving, by a root node network controller in the premises, signals that conform to one or more first communications protocols. The received signals may be bridged to conform to a second communications protocol different from... Agent:

20150113575 - Generating media signature for content delivery: A system includes a content management database configured to access a plurality of media signatures corresponding to a respective plurality of media assets and a signature component configured to process a media request from a requestor to access a given media asset from a content provider via a network and... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150113578 - Apparatus and methods for providing interactive extras: Apparatus and methods are provided to implement a technique for providing supplemental information and interactive features for content, such as a movie. In one implementation, a content provider builds a package of information and interactive features (“interactive extras”) using a defined structure and API (application programming interface). The content provider... Agent:

20150113577 - Hybrid transmission method through mmt packet format extension: Disclosed is a method for hybrid transmission over a broadcast network and a broadband network, comprising the steps of: providing information on the broadcast content relating to a first content during the viewing the first content of the broadband network; and, if the related broadcast content is selected, providing the... Agent:

20150113576 - Method and apparatus for ip video signal synchronization: Certain aspects of an apparatus and method for Internet protocol (IP) video signal synchronization may include a server or switching center. The method for synchronized transmission of content may include receiving a plurality of content streams and a request to switch the transmission of content. The plurality of content streams... Agent:

20150113580 - Convergence terminal and method for providing multi-service by convergence terminal: A convergence terminal, including a set top box unit, a home gateway unit, a main control board and an interconnection backplane, where the main control board establishes a communication connection with each of a multimedia device and an Internet access device, the main control board connects, in a communication manner,... Agent:

20150113579 - Method of providing associated application in android platform-based receiver: Provided is a method of providing an associated application in an Android platform-based receiver, including (a) obtaining identification information including at least one of current channel information and current program information of a digital broadcast; (b) obtaining and executing an associated Android application associated with the digital broadcast selected from... Agent: Anypoint Media Group (korea Office)

20150113582 - Communication system, terminal device, video display method, and storage medium: There are provided a communication system, a terminal device, a video display method, and a program, capable of flexibly displaying an image having a low resolution and an image having a high resolution based on the degree of margin of the network bandwidth or the performance of the terminal. The... Agent:

20150113581 - System and method for sharing virtual and augmented reality scenes between users and viewers: A preferred method for sharing user-generated virtual and augmented reality scenes can include receiving at a server a virtual and/or augmented reality (VAR) scene generated by a user mobile device. Preferably, the VAR scene includes visual data and orientation data, which includes a real orientation of the user mobile device... Agent:

20150113583 - Digital broadcasting receiver and method for controlling the same: According to one embodiment, a method of processing broadcast data in a broadcast transmitter includes: encoding the broadcast data for broadcast service; encoding signaling information for signaling the broadcast data; assigning the encoded broadcast data and the encoded signaling information into a signal frame; and transmitting a broadcast signal including... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150113584 - Physical layer signalling for digital broadcast system: The present invention relates to a physical layer signalling in a digital broadcast network. In particular, for a digital broadcast network supporting a configuration with a plurality of physical layer pipes, a type indicator is signalled on physical layer for a pipe, the type indicator indicates the format of the... Agent:

20150113585 - Systems and methods for performing transport i/o: Systems and methods for implementing a Transport I/O system are described. Network encrypted content may be received by a device. The device may provide the network encrypted content to a secure processor, such as, for example, a smart card. The secure processor obtains a network control word that may be... Agent:

20150113586 - Radio frequency and fiber optic subscriber drop equipment having impact resistant housings and related housings and methods: Subscriber drop units include a housing having a top wall that has an exterior surface and an interior surface and a plurality of sidewalls that extend downwardly from the top wall, the top wall and the sidewalls defining an interior cavity. An input port and at least one output port... Agent:

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