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20150146836 - Nuclear reactor power regulator: A reactor power regulator that adjusts an output of a reactor on a basis of an operation pattern or a reactor output target value and a reactor output change rate that are input by a central load dispatching center or an operator, including: a reactor output calculating device that performs... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150146837 - Oscillation power range monitor system and a method of operating a nuclear power plant: According to an embodiment, an oscillation power range monitor system has a plural of OPRM units. Each of the OPRM units has: the receiving cell-output set signals and averaging the cell-output set signals; a time average calculating unit calculating a time average cell value; a normalized cell value calculating unit... Agent:

20150146838 - Nuclear reactor having plate or micro-channel heat exchangers integrated in the vessel: A nuclear reactor is provided that includes a vessel; a core provided in the vessel; at least one plate heat exchanger provided in the vessel, with at least one duct for supplying a secondary fluid to the heat exchanger and a duct for discharging the secondary fluid from the heat... Agent:

20150146839 - Devices and methods for managing noncombustible gasses in nuclear power plants: Systems passively eliminate noncondensable gasses from facilities susceptible to damage from combustion of built-up noncondensable gasses, such as H2 and O2 in nuclear power plants, without the need for external power and/or moving parts. Systems include catalyst plates installed in a lower header of the Passive Containment Cooling System (PCCS)... Agent: Ge-hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas LLC

20150146840 - Sodium-resistant joining glass and the use thereof: The sodium-resistant joining glass (1) is substantially free of ZrO2 and is based on a SiO2—B2O3—Na2O—Al2O3 glass system. It is suitable for producing a joint of a metal and/or ceramic component with a further joining component (2, 3, 4) using the joining glass (1). Feedthrough-devices (20) using the joining glass... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150139378 - Localised energy concentration: A method of producing a localised concentration of energy including providing a pocket of gas in a non-gaseous medium and in contact with a surface. The surface includes a depression shaped so as to at least partially receive the pocket of gas. A static pressure is applied to the non-gaseous... Agent:

20150139379 - Special thorium-plutonium hydrides for fast treatment reactor: A lightly hydrided/deuterated metallic plutonium-thorium fuel for use in a fast fission pool-type nuclear reactor cooled with liquid metal coolants, including lithium-7 lead eutectic, lead bismuth eutectic or lead. When so used, plutonium-239 is consumed, and merchantable heat is produced along with fissile uranium-233, which can be denatured with uranium-238... Agent:

20150139380 - Control rod drive mechanism built in nuclear reactor: Disclosed is a control rod drive mechanism. More specifically, the control rod drive mechanism includes a guide member 100 disposed in a nuclear reactor to receiving a drive shaft 2; a latch assembly 200 disposed in the guide member 100 to enable the drive shaft 2 to be withdrawn and... Agent:

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