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Induced nuclear reactions: processes, systems, and elements

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10/02/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140294134 - Submerged electricity production module: The underwater electricity production module according to the invention, of the type including means in the form of an elongated cylindrical box (12) in which means are integrated forming an electricity production unit including means forming a nuclear boiler (30), associated with electricity production means (37) connected to an external... Agent:

20140294135 - Powder of an alloy based on uranium and molybdenum in gamma-metastable phase, composition of powders comprising this powder, and uses of said powder and composition: e

09/25/2014 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20140286471 - Intertial confinement fusion power plant which decouples life-limited component from plant availability: An architecture for a fusion power plant is disclosed. The plant includes a fusion chamber for producing neutrons from a fusion reaction, and a laser system in which lasers are arranged about a vacuum chamber to provide energy to the fusion chamber to initiate the fusion reaction. The beam paths... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140270034 - Detection of special nuclear material and other contraband by prompt and/or delayed signatures from photofission: In accordance with embodiments of the invention, at least the potential presence of Special Nuclear Material (“SNM”) is determined by the detection of prompt neutrons, prompt gamma rays, delayed neutrons, and/or delayed gamma rays from photofission, via time-of-flight (“TOF”) spectroscopic methods. Methods and systems are disclosed.... Agent:

20140270035 - Process and apparatus for condensation repressing isotope separation by laser activation: Isotope enrichment by laser activation wherein a multi-isotopic element Q, like Uranium, Silicon, Carbon is incorporated into gaseous QFn, QF6, QF4, QOmFn, etc and diluted in gas G like He, N2, Ar, Xe, SF6 or other inert gas; and wherein that mixture is cooled by adiabatic expansion or other means... Agent:

20140270036 - Crdm with separate scram latch engagment and locking: A control rod drive mechanism (CRDM) configured to latch onto the lifting rod of a control rod assembly and including separate latch engagement and latch holding mechanisms. A CRDM configured to latch onto the lifting rod of a control rod assembly and including a four-bar linkage closing the latch, wherein... Agent: Babcock & Wilcox Mpower, Inc.

20140270037 - Reactor water level measurement system: A reactor water level measurement system including: a condensation tank connected with a steam region of a pressure vessel; a reference pipe with one end connected with the condensation tank; fluctuation pipes with one end connected with the pressure vessel; pressure difference measurement type water gauges that detect the water... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140270038 - Apparatus and method to inspect nuclear reactor components in the core annulus, core spray and feedwater sparger regions in a nuclear reactor: This invention generally concerns robotic systems and is specifically concerned with an improved apparatus and method for inspecting nuclear reactor components in limited access areas, such as, the core annulus, core spray and feedwater sparger regions of a nuclear reactor. This invention includes an apparatus for remotely operating and positioning... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

20140270039 - Nuclear radiation dosimeter using stress induced birefringence changes in fiber optic cables: i

20140270040 - Systems and methods for spent fuel pool subcriticality measurement and monitoring: A system and method for measuring and monitoring axial flux to determine subcriticality in a spent fuel pool of a nuclear power plant. In certain embodiments of this invention, one or more neutron detectors are operable to generate signals resulting from neutron interactions in the spent fuel pool, a counting... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

20140270041 - Actinide oxide structures for monitoring a radioactive environment wirelessly: Various embodiments enable wireless monitoring of a radioactive environment and related operating conditions. Structures of increasing complexity and formed at least in part from a semiconductor material based on crystalline actinide oxide-based material enable monitoring at least one operating conditions of the radioactive environment. An exemplary embodiment is a device... Agent: Idaho State University

20140270042 - Source of electricity derived from a spent fuel cask: Apparatus for extracting useful electric or mechanical power in significant quantities from the decay heat that is produced within spent nuclear fuel casks. The power is used for either powering an active forced air heat removal system for the nuclear casks, thereby increasing the thermal capacity of the casks, or... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

20140270043 - System and method for processing spent nuclear fuel: A system and method for managing spent nuclear fuel includes a small capacity canister that preferably encloses or encapsulates a single spent nuclear fuel rod assembly but can enclose up to six spent nuclear fuel rod assemblies. The canister is air tight and prevents radioactive material from escaping. The canister... Agent: Energysolutions, LLC

20140270044 - Refueling water storage tank (rwst) with tailored passive emergency core cooling (ecc) flow: A nuclear reactor comprises a pressure vessel containing a nuclear reactor core. A reactor core cooling system comprises a standpipe including a plurality of orifices in fluid communication with a refueling water storage tank (RWST) to drain water from the RWST into the standpipe, and an injection line configured to... Agent:

20140270045 - Nuclear reactor cores comprising a plurality of fuel elements, and to fuel elements for use therein: In a nuclear reactor core, each of a plurality of pressure tubes contains fuel elements spaced apart to permit coolant to flow through spaces between adjacent fuel elements. Each fuel element comprises fuel pellets in cladding, e.g., sapphire, having a melting temperature of at least 1900° C. and does not... Agent:

20140270046 - System for abatement of noxious emissions in the atmosphere from an industrial or nuclear power plant: A system for the abatement of noxious emissions from an industrial or nuclear power plant or the like in the event of accident includes a structure for impermeabilization of the ground, which extends at least in an annular area that surrounds the plant, a plurality of water-sprinkling towers, which are... Agent: Marcopolo Engineering S.p.a. Sistemi Ecologici

20140270047 - Rib-type roughness design for improved heat transfer in pwr rod bundles: The invention pertains to a nuclear fuel assembly in a nuclear water reactor. The fuel assembly includes an array of a plurality of axially extending elongated tubular nuclear fuel elements having first and second closed ends and encapsulating a fissionable material axially along at least a portion of an interior... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

09/11/2014 > 12 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140254736 - Method for producing, from a preform made of austenitic stainless steel with a low carbon content, a wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant cladding for a nuclear reactor, corresponding cladding and corresponding control cluster: A method for producing a wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant stainless steel part for a nuclear reactor is provided. This method includes steps of providing a tubular blank in austenitic stainless steel whose carbon content is equal to or lower than 0.03% by weight; shaping the blank; finishing the blank to form... Agent:

20140254737 - Managing nuclear reactor spent fuel rods: A spent nuclear fuel rod canister includes a submersible pressure vessel including a casing that defines an interior cavity, the casing including a corrosion resistant and heat conductive material with a thermal conductivity of above about 7.0 watts per meter per kelvin; and a rack enclosed within the interior cavity... Agent: Nuscale Power, LLC

20140254738 - Alternative air supply and exhaust port for air-operated valve: The present invention is directed to remote operation of an operation valve such as an air operated valve even at the time of power loss. A gas supply apparatus of the present invention includes: an operation valve mounted in some midpoint of a piping for passing at least gas in... Agent: Hitachi-ge Nuclear Energy, Ltd.

20140254739 - Head module, large-scale container and method for manufacturing the both: A head module for a large-scale container, a large-scale container having the head module, and methods for manufacturing the head module and the large-scale container. The method for manufacturing a head module comprises providing a head having an annular opening, the head being composed of a plurality of petals, providing... Agent: Shandong Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

20140254740 - Fuel rods with wear-inhibiting coatings and methods of making the same: Nuclear reactor components are treated with thermal methods to increase wear resistance. Example treatments include thermal treatments using particulate or powderized materials to form a coating. Methods can use cold spray, with low heat and high velocities to blast particles on the surface. The particles impact and mechanically deform, forming... Agent: Global Nuclear Fuel - Americas, LLC

20140254741 - Spacers for nuclear fuel assemblies: Fuel spacers include a perimeter piece and alignment strips extending within the perimeter piece. Alignment strips may have directional variation while still extending in an overall straight line between two contact points on the perimeter piece. Two alignment strips, by their relative positioning and shape, create distinct openings for fuel... Agent:

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