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Induced nuclear reactions: processes, systems, and elements

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07/10/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140192941 - Method of acceleration of nuclear transmutation of isotopes by carrying out exothermic reactions: Methods for acceleration of nuclear transmutation of tritium and radioactive isotopes of metals, and decontamination of metals contaminated with radioactive isotopes by destroying radioactive isotopes to a required level of residual radioactive inventory in metals with simultaneous release of thermal energy via stimulating accelerated transmutation with the half-life parameters describing... Agent:

20140192942 - Molybdenum-converter based electron linear accelerator and method for producing radioisotopes: The present invention provides a method for producing molybdenum-99 comprising: i) providing an electron accelerator; ii) providing a molybdenum converter/target unit (Mo-CTU) comprising one or more metallic components, wherein each one of said metallic components is made of a material selected from the group consisting of natural molybdenum, molybdenum-100, molybdenum-98,... Agent: Ben-gurion University Of The Negev, Research And Development Authority

20140192943 - Fuel rod testing apparatus for nuclear fuel assembly: Disclosed is a fuel rod testing apparatus for a nuclear fuel assembly. The fuel rod testing apparatus includes a helium leakage testing chamber having a gate so that a fuel rod is horizontally loaded/unloaded and testing whether or not helium leaks from the fuel rod, a fuel rod upward/downward transfer... Agent: Kepco Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd.

20140192944 - Neutron flux mapping system and control method for neutron flux mapping system: Provided are a neutron detector for detecting a neutron flux distribution of the inside of a reactor, a drive cable connected to the neutron detector, a drive unit for driving the drive cable, a plurality of guide thimbles provided being inserted from the outside of the reactor into the reactor,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140192945 - Fuel rod auto-loading apparatus for nuclear fuel assembly: Disclosed is a fuel rod auto-loading apparatus for a nuclear fuel assembly, which disposes fuel rods in a fuel rod case in a bundle to assemble the fuel rods into the nuclear fuel assembly. The fuel rod auto-loading apparatus includes a fuel rod storage unit having a plurality of stacked... Agent: Kepco Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd.

20140192946 - Method of storing high level radioactive waste: Method for storing high level radioactive waste. In one embodiment, the invention comprises: (a) providing a body portion comprising a floor, an open top end, an inner shell forming a cavity having, an outer shell surrounding the inner shell so as to form a space therebetween, and at least one... Agent:

20140192947 - Submerged electricity production module: The underwater electricity production module according to the invention includes means in the form of an elongated cylindrical box (12) in which means are integrated forming an electricity production unit including means forming a nuclear boiler (30), associated with electricity production means (37) connected to an external electricity distribution station... Agent: Dcns

20140192948 - Passive device regulating pressure in a chamber, chamber and associated installation: e

20140192949 - Nuclear reactor fuel element having silicon carbide multilayered cladding and thoria-based fissionable fuel: A nuclear fuel element for use in water-cooled nuclear power reactors. The fuel element includes a multilayered silicon carbide cladding tube. The multilayered silicon carbide cladding tube preferably includes an inner layer and a central layer. Also, in one embodiment, the ends further include hermetically sealed end caps. The cladding... Agent: Ceramic Tubular Products, LLC

07/03/2014 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140185727 - Power monitoring system for a nuclear reactor: According to an embodiment, a power monitoring system for a nuclear reactor comprises at least a first system and second system. The first system and the second system respectively comprise a plurality of APRM units, a plurality of FLOW units, and a plurality of OPRM units. The APRM units respectively... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140185728 - Systems and methods for disposing of one or more radioactive components from nuclear reactors of nuclear plants: A system for disposing of one or more radioactive components from a nuclear reactor may include a first receptacle configured to receive the one or more radioactive components, a frame configured to support the first receptacle in the nuclear reactor, and a device configured to separate the one or more... Agent:

20140185729 - Containment vent system with passive mode for boiling water reactors (bwrs), and method thereof: A system and a method for a passive containment vent system for a Boiling Water Reactor (BWR). The system is capable of venting and scrubbing a gaseous discharge from the primary containment of the BWR over a prolonged period of time leading up to or following a serious plant accident,... Agent:

20140185730 - Uranium dioxide nuclear fuel pellet having ceramic microcells and fabricating method thereof: A uranium dioxide nuclear fuel pellet has about 50 to about 400 μM (with respect to a 3-dimentional size) microcells formed of a ceramic material having a chemical attraction with fission products generated in the nuclear fuel pellet to absorb and trap the fission products, such that the extraction of... Agent: Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

20140185731 - Uranium dioxide nuclear fuel pellet having metallic microcells and fabricating method thereof: A uranium dioxide nuclear fuel pellet includes metallic microcells having a high protection capacity for fission products and a high thermal conductivity simultaneously arranged in the nuclear fuel pellet to trap fission products, such that extraction of fission products may be restrained in a normal operation condition and that the... Agent: Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

20140185732 - Method and apparatus for a fret resistant fuel rod for a light water reactor (lwr) nuclear fuel bundle: A method and apparatus for a fret resistant fuel rod for a Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) nuclear fuel bundle. An applied material entrained with fret resistant particles is melted or otherwise fused to a melted, thin layer of the fuel rod cladding. The applied material is made of a material... Agent:

20140185733 - Nuclear fuel element: Disclosed embodiments include fuel assemblies, methods of making a fuel element, and methods of using a fuel element.... Agent:

20140185734 - Fuel assembly: Disclosed embodiments include fuel ducts, fuel assemblies, methods of making fuel ducts, methods of making a fuel assembly, and methods of using a fuel assembly.... Agent:

20140185735 - Fuel assembly: In a fuel assembly, a plurality of fuel rods are arranged in an array of 10 rows and 10 columns in the cross section of the fuel assembly. A flow resistance member is disposed in a central portion in the cross section at upper end portions of partial length fuel... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

06/26/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140177772 - Apparatus and method for controlling gain according to rate of change in water level of steam generator in nuclear power plants: Provided is an apparatus for controlling a gain according to a water level change rate of a steam generator in nuclear power plants. The apparatus includes a water level variance detector detecting a water level variance of the steam generator, a change rate calculator calculating a water level change rate... Agent: Kepco Engineering & Construction Company, Inc.

20140177773 - Control rod drive apparatus utilizing alloys with low to zero cobalt content: A control rod drive apparatus may include a cylindrical housing structure having a proximal end and an opposing distal end. A drive assembly including a drive piston and an index tube may be arranged within the cylindrical housing structure. A flange may be connected to the proximal end of the... Agent:

20140177774 - Passive visual fuel temperature indicator: A fuel bundle temperature sensing device may include an indicating rod made of a first material; an outer housing having an upper opening, the outer housing being made of a second material and surrounding at least a portion of the indicating rod; and a rod holder attached to an inner... Agent:

20140177775 - Cooling systems for spent nuclear fuel, casks including the cooling systems, and methods for cooling spent nuclear fuel: A cooling system for spent nuclear fuel may include a device configured to generate electricity using energy emitted from the spent nuclear fuel. The cooling system may be configured to use the electricity when cooling the spent nuclear fuel. A cask for storage, transport, or storage and transport of spent... Agent:

20140177776 - Systems and methods for storing spent nuclear fuel: Systems and methods for storing spent nuclear fuel below grade that afford adequate ventilation of the spent fuel storage cavity. In one aspect, the invention is a system comprising: a shell forming a cavity for receiving a canister of spent nuclear fuel, at least a portion of the shell positioned... Agent: Holtec International, Inc.

20140177777 - Startup/shutdown hydrogen injection system for boiling water reactors (bwrs), and method thereof: A system and a method for injecting hydrogen into Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) reactor support systems in operation during reactor startup and/or shutdown to mitigate Inter-Granular Stress Corrosion Cracking (IGSCC). The system may provide hydrogen at variable pressures (including relatively higher pressures) that match changing operating pressures of the reactor... Agent:

20140177778 - Jet pump beam weldless keeper lock plate: A lock plate for a locking device of a jet pump beam, the locking device including a locking sleeve including a lower portion, may include a beam bolt opening sized to receive the locking sleeve, and a spring arm including plurality of spring a ratchet teeth sized to mesh with... Agent:

20140177779 - Heavy radial neutron reflector for pressurized water reactors: A heavy radial neutron reflector for a pressurized water reactor that employs elongated lengths of round bar stock closely packed in either a triangular or rectangular array extending between former plates of a core shroud between the core barrel and the baffle plates which outline the periphery of the reactor... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

06/19/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140169514 - Nuclear reactor assembly having a connection between a control rod guide tube and a drive housing pipe: A boiling water reactor assembly includes a bayonet plate closure between a control rod guide tube and a drive housing pipe. The bayonet plate closure has a bayonet plate constructed in two parts including a central bayonet ring mounted rotatably about its longitudinal axis and an outer ring completely surrounding... Agent: Areva Gmbh

20140169515 - System and method for the ventilated storage of high level radioactive waste in a clustered arrangement: A system for receiving and storing high level radioactive waste comprising: an enclosure comprising walls having inlet ventilation ducts, a roof comprising an array of holes, and a floor; an array of metal shells located in an internal space of the enclosure, the array of metal shells being co-axial with... Agent: Holtec International

20140169516 - Fuel rods with varying axial characteristics and nuclear fuel assemblies including the same: Nuclear fuel rods have cladding or fuel with physical parameters that substantially change based on axial position within a rod. Parameters include inner and outer cladding and fuel diameters or widths, volume, mass, internal volume, thickness, rod width, etc. Parameters are selected and implemented based on calculated operating conditions and/or... Agent: Global Nuclear Fuel - Americas, LLC

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