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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 36 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150145908 - Controlling adhesives between substrates and carriers: Controlling adhesives between substrates and carriers includes forming a depression into a bonding area of a backside surface of a substrate of a print head where the bonding area being formed proximate an ink feed slot formed through the thickness of the substrate from the backside surface to a front... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20150145909 - Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method: A printing apparatus that includes nozzle arrays, formed of nozzles for ejecting ink of the first to fourth ink color groups, and that scans a print medium while moving the nozzle arrays to perform printing. For printing a unit area of a print medium, where printing is to be completed... Agent:

20150145910 - Controlling density of dispensed printing material: A printing method includes controlling timing parameters for application of electrical pulses to a piezoelectric nozzle of an inkjet printing head so as to dispense droplets of a material from the nozzle. The timing parameters are controlled to introduce gas bubbles into the droplets of material so as to reduce... Agent:

20150145911 - Liquid ejecting apparatus: A liquid ejecting apparatus includes a signal modulation section that causes an original drive signal to be pulse-modulated to generate a modulation signal, a signal amplification section that amplifies the modulation signal to generate an amplification modulation signal, a coil that smooths the amplification modulation signal to generate a drive... Agent:

20150145912 - Liquid ejecting apparatus: A printer includes a recording head, a carriage moving mechanism which moves the recording head in a scan direction, and a driving signal generating circuit which generates a driving signal including an ejection pulse for ejecting ink from the nozzle, and while moving the recording head using the carriage moving... Agent:

20150145913 - Inkjet image forming apparatus: An inkjet image forming apparatus includes ink heads, a drive voltage controller that adjusts density by controlling each drive voltage of the ink heads, a halftone processing controller that adjusts density by changing the number of ink droplets ejected from each nozzle of the ink heads, and a density adjustment... Agent: Riso Kagaku Corporation

20150145914 - Edge-justified printing with a crowned roller: Systems and methods are provided for aligning an edge of a web of continuous-forms print media in a printer using a crowned roller. The system comprises an edge-justified printer, a crowned roller, and an adjustment mechanism. The edge-justified printer is configured to print to a continuous-forms web of print media... Agent: Ricoh Company Ltd

20150145916 - Label printer and label printing system: A label printer 1 has a printhead 26, and a control unit 60 that prints an image and attribute information for the image on a label 52 by the inkjet head 26. The label 52 is separated by a half-cut 55 into a first label part 56 and a second... Agent:

20150145917 - Printer and control method of a printer: When the user operates a paper feed button 9c while the access cover 11 is open (steps ST1, ST2), the printer 1 moves the printhead 12 from the printhead-down position 12D to the printhead-up position 12U, and moves the second paper feed roller pair 31 from the nip state to... Agent:

20150145915 - Printers and printer systems for printing images on paper in different configurations and for dispensing printed paper in different directions: Printers and printer systems for printing images on paper in different configurations and for dispensing printed paper in different directions are disclosed herein. According to an aspect, a printer includes a body defining openings. A printing unit is positioned within the body and can receive an instruction for printing an... Agent: Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Holdings Corporation

20150145918 - Temperature control assembly for controlling the temperature of functional parts of a printing machine, printing system with a printing machine and a temperature control assembly, and set of modules for forming a temperature control assembly: A temperature control assembly controls the temperature of parts of a printing machine. A plurality of assembly-side sub-circuits, the temperature of which is to be individually controlled, each comprises a temperature control fluid outlet and a temperature control fluid inlet. An external temperature control sub-circuit, can be connected to each... Agent: Koenig & Bauer Aktiengesellschaft

20150145919 - Media drive restraint and method for detecting a closed media tray: In one embodiment, a device for a printer includes a movable tray for supporting a print media. The tray is movable between an open position in which media may be moved on to the tray and a closed position in which media is blocked from moving on to the tray.... Agent:

20150145920 - Method of jetting ink: An indirect printing process for printing a gel ink. The process comprises providing a gel ink composition in an inkjet printing apparatus. Droplets of gel ink are ejected in an imagewise pattern onto an intermediate transfer member wherein each ink droplet forms a substantially circular image on the transfer member.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150145921 - Recording apparatus and recording method: The invention includes an aggregating agent coating section configured and arranged to apply an aggregating agent in a form of a powder to a recording medium and an ink discharge section configured and arranged to discharge an ink that is aggregated by the aggregating agent onto the recording medium to... Agent:

20150145922 - Mist collection device and liquid ejection device: A liquid ejection device includes first and second ejection heads, first and second suction containers, and a suction fan. The first and second ejection heads are configured and arranged to eject liquid from a plurality of nozzles onto a recording medium. The first suction container is disposed on a downstream... Agent:

20150145923 - Inkjet head: An inkjet head comprises a pressure chamber; a nozzle plate including a first surface at the side of the pressure chamber, a second surface opposite to the first surface, a first nozzle formed into a frustum which penetrates the first surface and the second surface and the diameter of which... Agent:

20150145924 - Fabrication method of electromechanical transducer film, electromechanical transducer element, liquid ejection head, and inkjet recording apparatus: Disclosed is a method of fabricating an electromechanical transducer film. The method includes treating a surface of a first electrode to be liquid-repellent, the first electrode being formed on one surface of a substrate, irradiating the surface of the first liquid-repellent electrode with an energy ray while moving an irradiation... Agent:

20150145925 - Printheads with conductor traces across slots: The present disclosure describes a printhead circuit, devices, and methods of forming the printhead circuit. An example of a printhead circuit includes a substrate including a slot having a first, a second, and a third dimension in the substrate, circuitry on a first side and a second side of the... Agent:

20150145927 - Inkjet head and inkjet apparatus having the same: An inkjet head includes a substrate having plural ink inlet holes arranged along a first direction and plural ink outlet holes arranged generally along the first direction such that adjacent ink outlet holes are offset along the first direction, a plurality of partitioning walls made of piezoelectric material that define... Agent:

20150145926 - Liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus, and piezoelectric element: Provided is A piezoelectric element comprising a first electrode; a piezoelectric body layer provided on the first electrode, the piezoelectric body layer including 50 mol % or more of at least bismuth and iron, and the piezoelectric body layer having a current-time curve obtained by applying a voltage to the... Agent:

20150145930 - Attachment and attachment system: An attachment is mountable on a carriage in place of a liquid container that contains liquid and that is mounted on the carriage having a liquid jet head for jetting liquid, so that the attachment can supply liquid introduced from outside to the liquid jet head. The attachment has a... Agent:

20150145928 - Ink jet printer: A continuous ink jet printer including an ink tank for holding ink, an ink nozzle in fluid communication with the ink tank for ejecting ink droplets, and a gutter for receiving, through an ink-receiving inlet thereof, ink droplets which are not used for printing. A gutter flow path starts at... Agent:

20150145929 - Inkjet head and inkjet recording apparatus: An inkjet head includes a plurality of nozzles, a plurality of pressure chambers arranged along a first direction, each of which extends in a second direction crossing the first direction, communicates with one of the nozzles, and has a first end through which ink is supplied and a second end... Agent:

20150145931 - Liquid ejecting apparatus: A liquid ejecting apparatus is adapted to eject liquid onto a medium. The liquid ejecting apparatus includes a housing section, a medium discharge port, an operation panel, and a liquid holding body. The medium discharge port is disposed on a front side of the housing section, and configured and arranged... Agent:

20150145932 - Liquid circulation device and liquid ejection apparatus: A liquid circulation device includes a supply unit that forms a flow path supplying a liquid from a reservoir unit; a collection unit that forms a flow path collecting the liquid to the reservoir unit; and N number of the connection units provided respectively corresponding to N number of ejection... Agent:

20150145933 - Printing apparatus and bubble exhaust method therefor: An embodiment of this invention implements both suppression of occurrence of a print failure, and suppression of wasteful ink consumption along with bubble exhaust. Bubble sucking is performed as follows in a printing apparatus including a printhead in which a plurality of orifices are provided for discharging ink, an ink... Agent:

20150145934 - Liquid storage container: A liquid storage container, including: a housing; a liquid absorbing member configured to absorb and hold a liquid disposed inside the housing; a filter disposed at a position facing a first surface of the liquid absorbing member; and a liquid ejection substrate disposed at a position facing a surface of... Agent:

20150145935 - Inkjet recording method: An inkjet recording method includes discharging a composition including a metal powder, an organic solvent, and a binder resin. Metal or metal alloy constitutes at least a surface of the metal powder, and the surface of the metal powder is treated by a surface preparation with a fluorinated silane composition... Agent:

20150145936 - Method and device for providing a substrate with an imprint and with a transfer coating, and finished substrate: In a method for providing a substrate with an imprint, in which liquid printing ink is first printed on a strip and there made to dry at least partially, and in which the at least partially dried printing ink is transferred from the strip (B) to the substrate (S), in... Agent:

20150145937 - Image recording apparatus: An image recording apparatus for recording an image on a sheet includes a recording section which records the image on the sheet in a transport passage for transporting the sheet in a transport direction; and a plurality of holding members which are provided while being separated from each other in... Agent:

20150145938 - Image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus includes a vibration adjustment unit which adjusts a natural frequency of an optical system, a measuring unit which measures vibrational information indicating change in vibration, and a controller which individually drives each unit. The measuring unit measures the vibrational information after the natural frequency is adjusted... Agent:

20150145939 - Method for producing a print: The present invention is to provide a method for producing a print, which is able to prevent damages to the image-receiving sheet and generation of large wrinkles at the edges of the ink ribbon, to reduce printing unevenness, and thus to provide a high-quality print. Disclosed is a method for... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd

20150145940 - Ink ribbon cassette and printing device: An ink ribbon cassette includes a supply bobbin around which an ink ribbon is wound, a take-up bobbin around which the ink ribbon fed from the supply bobbin is wound, and a case in which the supply bobbin and the take-up bobbin are rotatably held. The case includes a contact... Agent:

20150145941 - Thermal transfer printer: A thermal transfer printer comprises a frame, a printing mechanism, and a ribbon mechanism, wherein the frame comprises a base, and a ribbon bracket and an upper housing pivoted with the base through a respective pivot shaft thereof, wherein the frame further includes a linkage mechanism used to open the... Agent:

20150145942 - Laser label-printer: A laser label printer for use with a laser markable medium includes a laser-diode fiber-coupled to an optical train, which includes a focusing lens for focusing the radiation on the medium. The focusing lens is traversed across the medium, with incremental motion of the medium between traverses, for line by... Agent:

20150145943 - Electronic banding compensation (ebc) of halftone-interaction banding using variable beam delays: Disclosed are methods and systems for compensating for process direction banding associated with a document processing system including a ROS. According to one exemplary embodiment, a ROS driver uses a plurality of beam delay/advance values to compensate for banding caused by an interaction of a halftone pattern and process direction... Agent: Xerox Corporation

05/21/2015 > 38 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150138262 - Method for realising flat articles comprising images: Starting from a virtual representation of a flat-developing component, the method identifies and subsequently memorises at least an assembly constituted by an image, a closed line containing the image, and reference crosses associated thereto; the assembly is paginated in the virtual representation such as to define an intermediate file from... Agent:

20150138263 - Ink jet printing device: An inkjet printing device including a head unit that includes an inkjet head, a fixed tank for storing ink to be supplied to the inkjet head, and a tank attachment section to which ink tank for storing ink to be replenished to the fixed tank is exchangeably attached. When ink... Agent: Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20150138264 - Drawing apparatus and drawing method thereof: A drawing apparatus, including: a drawing unit which performs drawing of a design by applying inks of plural types to a drawing target area of a drawing target; and a control unit which controls the drawing unit on basis of image data of the design; wherein the control unit sets... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20150138265 - Liquid discharge apparatus: A liquid discharge apparatus includes: a channel unit including: a discharge port; a first channel through which liquid to be supplied to the discharge port flows; and a second channel communicated with the first channel and the discharge port; an actuator including a first and second electrodes and a piezoelectric... Agent:

20150138266 - Inkjet printing method and apparatus using a redundant printhead: An inkjet printing method and system includes an arrangement that is adapted to repair a printed image using a combination of in-line imaging and feedback control of an inkjet printhead or printing with a redundant inkjet printhead. The inkjet printing method and system is further adapted to print at higher... Agent:

20150138267 - Liquid ejecting apparatus and head unit: A liquid ejecting apparatus includes an original drive signal generation section that generates an original drive signal, a signal modulation section that modulates the original drive signal and generates a modulation signal, a signal amplification section that amplifies the modulation signal and generates an amplification modulation signal, a signal conversion... Agent:

20150138268 - Inkjet printing method and apparatus with feedback control: An inkjet printing method and system includes an arrangement that is adapted to repair a printed image using a combination of in-line imaging and feedback control of an inkjet printhead or printing with a redundant inkjet printhead. The inkjet printing method and system is further adapted to print at higher... Agent:

20150138269 - Liquid ejecting apparatus: A liquid ejecting apparatus includes an ejection unit that ejects a liquid, a medium support unit that has a support face supporting a medium to which the liquid is ejected, an irradiation unit that irradiates the medium with a first electromagnetic wave from an oblique direction with respect to the... Agent:

20150138271 - Method of printing pigment-based inks including ink sets, inks and printers therefor: A method of inkjet printing includes the steps of: printing a first ink onto a print medium, the first ink including a first self-dispersible pigment, the first ink having a first pigment content A; and subsequently printing a second ink onto the print medium at least partially over the first... Agent:

20150138270 - Reflective features with co-planar elements and processes for making them: The invention relates to a reflective feature, e.g., reflective security feature or reflective decorative feature, comprising a first element at least partially coplanar with a second element. The first element causes incident light to be reflected with a first intensity that varies as the angle of incidence changes relative to... Agent:

20150138272 - Printer assembly having liftable carriage and external datum arrangement: A printer assembly includes: a housing having referencing slots defined in opposite sidewalls; a stop positioned towards a lower end of each referencing slot; a print bar carriage slidably received within the housing; and a lift mechanism for lifting the print bar carriage relative to the housing. The print bar... Agent:

20150138273 - Printing assembly having liftable carriage with constrained rotational movement: A printer assembly includes a housing having a pair of opposite first and second sidewalls, the first sidewall having a vertical guide slot; a shaft rotatably mounted between the sidewalls; pinions fixedly mounted at either end of the shaft; a print bar carriage slidably received within the housing; and a... Agent:

20150138275 - Method for generating a printed image on an object having a curved surface: A method for generating a printed image on an object having a curved surface includes providing an inkjet printing apparatus with at least one row of nozzles including a number of adjacent nozzles ejecting ink droplets, providing a manipulator guiding the printing apparatus on the manipulator, guiding the printing apparatus... Agent:

20150138274 - Modular printer having narrow print zone: A modular printer includes: (a) a media feed path defining a media feed direction; (b) a first printer module suspended over the media feed path; and (c) a second printer module suspended over the media feed path and at least partially overlapping the first printer module in the media feed... Agent:

20150138276 - Piezoelectric actuator and method of making a piezoelectric actuator: In one example, a piezoelectric actuator includes a piezoelectric material, a first conductor on a first part of the piezoelectric material, and a membrane bonded to the first conductor with an adhesive. The first conductor has a root mean square surface roughness of at least 10 nm at the bonding... Agent:

20150138277 - Liquid discharge head:

20150138278 - Liquid droplet discharge apparatus: A liquid droplet discharge apparatus that discharges liquid droplets finely and stably and includes a liquid droplet discharge unit and a voltage applying unit that is connected to the liquid droplet discharge unit, the liquid droplet discharge unit includes a nozzle and a tube that surrounds the nozzle, and the... Agent: Unist, Academy-industry Research Corporation

20150138279 - Printhead substrate, printhead, and printing apparatus: A printhead substrate comprising a plurality of printing portions and a plurality of ink supply ports, wherein the plurality of printing portions are divided into a plurality of groups, and the plurality of ink supply ports are arranged so as to correspond to the plurality of groups respectively, the printhead... Agent:

20150138280 - Printhead control: A method of printing a two-dimensional bit-mapped image having a number of pixels per row for printing is disclosed. The method and apparatus use either a plurality of overlapping printheads (300) or a printhead or plurality of printheads indexed through overlapping positions. The or each printhead has a row of... Agent: Tonejet Limited

20150138281 - Piezoelectric element, liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus, ultrasonic sensor, piezoelectric motor, and power generating apparatus: A piezoelectric element includes: a first electrode; a piezoelectric body layer which is provided on the first electrode; and a second electrode which is provided on the piezoelectric body layer, the piezoelectric body layer is made of a composite oxide with a perovskite structure, which contains bismuth, barium, iron, titanium,... Agent:

20150138282 - Inkjet head and method for driving inkjet head: An inkjet head includes pressure chambers arranged in 2 or more rows and a common ink chamber connected to all the pressure chambers, wherein each of the pressure chambers includes a damper member inside of the common ink chamber of the inkjet head for commonly supplying an ink from the... Agent:

20150138283 - Recording apparatus: There is provided a recording apparatus including: a printer main body which has a liquid ejecting head that ejects ink to a paper sheet and performs recording; a supply cassette which is insertable into and extractable from the printer main body and can accommodate the paper sheet; and a liquid... Agent:

20150138284 - Inkjet ink, ink cartridge, and inkjet recording device: An inkjet ink including: water; a water-soluble organic solvent; a pigment; polycarbonate modified urethane resin particles; an ultraviolet absorber; and a light stabilizer.... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150138285 - Ink supply system: An ink supply system for an ink jet printer, particularly a continuous ink jet printer, has a manifold assembly of two parts that are brought together at interfacing surfaces. At least one of the surfaces has a plurality of ink flow channels for conveying ink around an ink circuit between... Agent:

20150138286 - Solvent resistant printable substrates and their methods of manufacture and use: Printable substrates including a base sheet, a tie coating on a first surface of the base sheet, and a printable coating on the tie coating are generally provided. The tie coating can generally include a first crosslinked material formed from a film-forming binder, a first crosslinkable polymeric binder, a first... Agent: Neenah Paper, Inc.

20150138287 - Treatment-object modifying device, printing apparatus, printing system, and method of manufacturing print: A treatment-object modifying device lowers a pH value of a surface of a treatment object by using dielectric-barrier discharge. The treatment-object modifying device includes discharge electrodes disposed over a conveying route of the treatment object; and a counter electrode disposed to face the discharge electrodes across the conveying route so... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150138289 - Active ray-curable inkjet ink and image forming method using same: An active ray-curable inkjet ink which contains a photocurable compound, a photopolymerization initiator, a gelling agent and a non-polymerizable liquid compound that is in a liquid state at 25° C., with the liquid compound being contained in an amount of 15-50% by mass relative to the mass of the ink.... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150138288 - High optical density inkjet printing method: An inkjet printing method and system includes an arrangement that is adapted to repair a printed image using a combination of in-line imaging and feedback control of an inkjet printhead or printing with a redundant inkjet printhead. The inkjet printing method and system is further adapted to print at higher... Agent:

20150138290 - Recording apparatus: A recording apparatus includes a transport drum that supports and transports a recording medium on an outer peripheral surface thereof, a recording head that is provided in a position so as to be capable of facing the outer peripheral surface and ejects ink onto the recording medium, and a drying... Agent:

20150138294 - Medium-holding device, medium-conveying device, and inkjet recording device: The present invention provides a medium-holding device capable of setting a suction pressure for each of various areas within a suction-holding surface, a medium-conveying device, and an inkjet recording device. In an embodiment of the invention, a cover is attached to a main body formed into a drum shape such... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150138291 - Recording apparatus: By providing a rotating body which supports three-dimensional recording media on a support surface in a direction which intersects with a gravity direction and which has a rotating shaft in the direction which intersects with the support surface, and a recording head which carries out recording onto recording media by... Agent:

20150138293 - Recording apparatus: Provided are recording sections which record onto recording media which are supported on pallets, a first transport section which transports the recording media by moving the pallets in a first region which does not include recording positions according to the recording sections, and second transport section which transports the recording... Agent:

20150138292 - System for aligning a media web in a printing press: A printing system includes a media transport system configured to transport a web of print media through a printing zone in a transport direction proceeding from an up-web location to a down-web location. A plurality of printheads each at least partially span the print zone along a transverse direction which... Agent:

20150138295 - Method and device for inspecting or correcting a direct print on containers with a relief-like surface contour: Method for inspecting a direct print on containers with a relief-like surface contour, where the relief-like surface contour is at least partially printed onto, the direct print applied onto the relief-like surface contour is, with an inspection device, inspected in terms of its quality and/or position... Agent: Krones Ag

20150138296 - Dynamic adjustable focus for led writing bars using piezoelectric stacks: According to aspects of the embodiments, there is provided methods of dynamically focusing an LED print bar or printhead using piezoelectric stacks. The stack is mounted on either end of the LED bar to adjust the focus of the bar against the photoreceptor surface. The piezo level could be either... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150138297 - Multibeam light source unit, method of adjusting the same, light scanning unit, and electrophotography type image forming apparatus: A multibeam light source unit, a method of adjusting the same, a light scanning unit, and an image forming apparatus are provided. The multibeam light source unit includes light sources that emit multiple beams, a flange that includes installation surface on which holder installation holes are provided, and middle holders... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150138298 - Fine wiring pattern, manufacturing method thereof, and thermal print head: According to the present disclosure, a manufacturing method of a fine wiring pattern is disclosed. The manufacturing method includes preparing a support member, forming a first layer on the support member by thick-film printing, and forming a second layer including Ag on the first layer by the thick-film printing. The... Agent:

20150138299 - Printer with cutter protection mechanism: A printer includes a main body case in which a sheet roll is installed, a sheet discharge port from which a printed sheet of paper is discharged, an opening/closing cover that opens and closes with respect to the main body case, a cutter that is attached to the opening/closing cover... Agent:

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