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Incremental printing of symbolic information

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01/22/2015 > 46 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150022570 - System and method for optimized application of release agent in an inkjet printer with in-line coating: An inkjet printer and method therefore including a detector to monitor a quantity of release agent applied to a spreader drum. The inkjet printer includes a drum maintenance unit which applies the release agent to the spreader drum with a metering device, such as a metering blade, and determines a... Agent:

20150022572 - Inkjet printer: A determiner determines whether a total ink amount in an ink circulation passage calculated by an ink amount calculator is less than an ink circulation necessary amount being an amount necessary for circulation of ink in the ink circulation passage, when a liquid level detector detects that a liquid level... Agent:

20150022571 - System and method for monitoring the application of release agent in an inkjet printer: An inkjet printer and method therefore including a detector to monitor a quantity of release agent applied to a spreader drum. The inkjet printer includes a drum maintenance unit which applies the release agent to the spreader drum with a metering device, such as a metering blade, and determines a... Agent:

20150022573 - Apparatus for and method of recording image: An image recording apparatus includes a plurality of recording heads arranged in a staggered configuration in a width direction. Adjacent ones of the recording heads have respective adjacent nozzles for ejecting ink droplets onto positions adjacent to each other in the width direction on a recording medium. For recording an... Agent:

20150022575 - Peak energy reduction printhead system: A printhead system to reduce peak energy usage may include a printhead including a plurality of primitives including nozzles. A printhead control module may control the printhead to increase printed pixel resolution and to reduce peak pixel fill density for print media. The printhead control module may further control the... Agent:

20150022574 - Printing apparatus and printing method: An inkjet printing apparatus which performs printing by performing scanning using a print head has a problem in that quality of an image of a ruled line is degraded when ink is not ejected for a certain period of time. To address this problem, control is performed such that power... Agent:

20150022576 - Printhead spacing: A method of printing includes directing print media to a print zone between a printhead and a platen for printing; and adjusting a spacing between the printhead and the platen based on a combination of at least two of environmental conditions of the printing, a print mode of the printing,... Agent:

20150022579 - Printer with cutting function, and method for cutting and printing: A printer with a cutting function includes a cutting mechanism configured to cut a medium, a sensor configured to detect a cut portion of the medium, a printing mechanism configured to perform printing on the medium, and a control device configured and programmed to control the cutting mechanism and the... Agent:

20150022577 - Printing apparatus and control method: A printing apparatus according to the present invention includes a printing unit, a conveying unit, a driving source driving the conveying unit, a feeding unit, a discharging unit, a control unit, a switching mechanism switching a driving state of the feeding unit and a restricting mechanism restricting backward feeding of... Agent:

20150022578 - Recording apparatus and control method of recording apparatus having a conveyance roller pair upstream of a recording unit: A recording apparatus includes conveyance roller pair disposed on the upstream side of a recording unit. An image formation operation is forbidden once the trailing edge of a recording medium has passed the conveyance roller pair, to reduce margin amount at the trailing edge of the recording medium. In a... Agent:

20150022580 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: Because the ejection state of a printing element in a printing apparatus may vary at all times, an inspection item for inspecting a printed image may be set in consideration of the ejection state of the printing element. An inspection item for inspecting a printed image may be set based... Agent:

20150022581 - Multipurpose printer: A multipurpose printer and techniques for operating the printer are presented. A printer includes first and second print elements. During a first mode of operation for the printer, both the first and second print elements are configured to image both first and second sides of print media passing through the... Agent:

20150022582 - Image forming method and image forming apparatus: m

20150022583 - Image forming method and image forming apparatus: Provided is an image forming method, including applying a treatment liquid to a recording medium, and applying a recording ink to the recording medium, wherein the treatment liquid is free from a colorant, and contains a cationic resin, a water-soluble organic solvent, and water, the cationic resin is a cationic... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150022584 - Ink set: There is provided an ink set in which at least a cyan ink, a magenta ink, and a yellow ink are provided, each ink provided in the ink set includes water, a pigment of equal to or greater than 5% by mass with respect to 100% by mass of a... Agent:

20150022585 - Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method: An ink jet recording apparatus is provided which includes a recording unit including a recording head having a surface provided with an ejection opening therein, an aqueous ink that is ejected from the ejection opening to record an image on a recording medium, a protection unit including a covering member... Agent:

20150022586 - Printing apparatus and printing method: In a case in which a cumulative value ΣNure of wetting coefficients is less than a wetting threshold value THNure, printing is carried out on a unit area through a print mode in which an image is completed through a first number of instances of a scan, and in a... Agent:

20150022587 - Inkjet recording apparatus: An inkjet recording apparatus allows a recording head to be mounted or removed in or from a carriage at a replacement position in a region above a platen. The platen includes a short rib disposed at a position that faces an ejection port portion when the carriage moves to the... Agent:

20150022589 - Ink-jet apparatus: A plurality of ink-jet heads are displaced over time on a line scan head loaded with the ink-jet heads, leading to lower printing accuracy. A plurality of uneven portions are formed in parallel with a print-scan direction on the faying surfaces of the ink-jet heads and a head plate loaded... Agent:

20150022588 - Method and apparatus for controlling printhead motion with a friction track ball: An apparatus enables alignment of the position of a printhead independent of other printheads in a printhead assembly. The apparatus includes a printhead configured to eject ink onto an image receiving member, a plate to which the printhead can be rigidly mounted and selectively removed, and a translation carriage to... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150022590 - Liquid ejection head and method for manufacturing same: A liquid ejection head includes a substrate, an energy-generating element provided on a front surface side of the substrate, the energy-generating element generating energy for ejecting liquid, sidewall members of a liquid flow path, and an ejection port forming member that defines an ejection port from which the liquid is... Agent:

20150022591 - Liquid ejection head: A liquid ejection head includes a plurality of recording element substrates that each include an energy generating element generating energy utilized for ejecting a liquid and that each have a supply port through which the liquid is supplied to the energy generating element, a plurality of support members that each... Agent:

20150022592 - Electromechanical transducer, droplet ejection head, and method for manufacturing electromechanical transducer: An electromechanical transducer includes a first electrode mounted on one of a substrate and a base film, an electromechanical transducer film mounted on the first electrode and made of a piezoelectric substance having a perovskite crystal structure, and a second electrode mounted on the electromechanical transducer film. The electromechanical transducer... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150022593 - Liquid ejecting apparatus and method of controlling liquid ejecting apparatus: A pressure chamber array includes one or more dummy pressure chambers in which ejection of ink is not performed, the dummy pressure chamber includes a piezoelectric element, and a drive potential generator continues to apply a drive potential to the piezoelectric element corresponding to the dummy pressure chamber, while the... Agent:

20150022594 - Liquid jet head, liquid jet apparatus and method of manufacturing liquid jet head: A liquid jet head includes a piezoelectric body substrate on which ejection grooves penetrating from an upper surface to a lower surface and non-ejection grooves open on the lower surface are alternately arranged in a reference direction and form a groove row, a cover plate that includes a liquid chamber... Agent:

20150022595 - Ink-supply device and ink-pack housing case: An ink-supply device comprises: a body in which at least one housing space is formed and which is for housing at least one ink pack in the respective housing spaces; ink discharge tubes which are coupled to ink outlets of the respective ink packs; ink-supply tubes which are coupled to... Agent: Iblock P.A.

20150022596 - Liquid ejection apparatus: Provided is a liquid injecting apparatus equipped with a liquid injecting head, which is mounted on a carriage and moved reciprocally in a widthwise direction of a target, and a valve unit, which is mounted on the carriage to be supplied with liquid via a supply passage from a liquid... Agent:

20150022597 - Adaptor: An ink containing device includes an ink cartridge and an adaptor. The ink cartridge comprises a first main body comprising a chamber configured to store ink, and an ink outlet portion disposed on a first surface of the first main body configured to direct the ink from the chamber to... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150022599 - Cover and liquid container: A cover for a liquid container which exposes at least a portion of a detecting member, having a liquid supply portion to a liquid ejecting apparatus through communicating with the liquid containing unit, and a first surface provided with a first container side engagement portion arranged between the liquid supply... Agent:

20150022598 - Ink cartridge assembly, cartridge assembly kit, and printer: A cartridge assembly includes a plurality of ink cartridges each having a cartridge case that holds ink therein, and at least one connecting member that connects the plurality of ink cartridges together in a connection direction. The ink cartridges connected by the at least one connecting member are movable relative... Agent:

20150022600 - Treatment agent liquid application device for ink jet printer: A treatment agent liquid application device for an ink jet printer includes a supply pan including a liquid chamber that stores treatment agent liquid; an application roller that applies the treatment agent liquid on a record surface of a recording medium; a squeeze roller that rotates to draw up a... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150022601 - Ink jet recording apparatus: An ink jet recording apparatus is provided and includes: a carriage on which a recording head for discharging ink droplets onto the recording medium is mounted and that moves relative to the recording medium; a platen that supports the recording medium at a predetermined position; and heating means for heating... Agent: Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.

20150022604 - Large-scale inkjet printer: A multipass large format flat bed inkjet printer (1) for printing an image on a substrate is described. In examples described, the printer (1) has a print carriage (8) for supporting an array of printheads (18) adjacent the substrate (6) during printing; a bed (4) for supporting the substrate (6)... Agent:

20150022602 - Printing system: A printing system is disclosed which comprises an image forming station 12 at which an ink that includes an organic polymeric resin and a coloring agent is applied to an outer surface of an intermediate transfer member 10 to form an ink image, a drying station 14 for drying the... Agent:

20150022603 - Recording apparatus: A recording apparatus includes a support member that supports a recording medium, a heating device that heats the recording medium on the support member, a recording head that ejects fluid onto the recording medium on the support member and that is positioned between the support member and the heating device,... Agent:

20150022605 - System and method for transfixing an aqueous ink in an image transfer system: An image transfer medium for transferring an ink image onto a substrate is provided on its surface with a layer of particles that include an aggregation treatment agent capable of crashing out colorants, latex and/or resin in the liquid ink. A method for transferring an ink image includes providing an... Agent:

20150022607 - Duplex printer with movable print head: A duplex printer system includes a double-sided label web and a duplex printer operable to print both sides of the label web. The label includes exposed adhesive on a first side thereof. The duplex printer includes a printer frame and first and second print heads arranged to print respective sides... Agent: Premier Print & Services Group, Inc.

20150022608 - Printer: A printer includes a print engine to print on print media within a print zone, a media tray to hold a quantity of the print media, and at least one service module to service the print engine, wherein the at least one service module is at least one of positioned... Agent:

20150022606 - Tension fluctuation alleviating device for use in fabric printing apparatus: A tension fluctuation alleviating device, for use in a fabric printing apparatus including a fabric supplying device, a printing mechanism, a guide between the fabric supplying device and the printing mechanism, and a fabric take-up device, the fabric printing apparatus configured to perform printing on the fabric while intermittently sending... Agent:

20150022609 - Printing apparatus and method of restricting movement of carriage: A printing apparatus includes a housing, a carriage in which a print head is mounted, the carriage moving inside the housing, and an openable cover provided for the housing. A restricting member configured to restrict movement of the carriage during transport of the printing apparatus is attachable to the printing... Agent:

20150022611 - Cartridge for label printer: In one embodiment, a cartridge body for a cartridge for providing media to a printer includes a first part and a complimentary second part, the first part and the second part formed of post-consumer-material; a hinge integrally connected to the first part and the second part and adapted to close... Agent:

20150022613 - Image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus allowing a user to easily access an operating section even in a large-size apparatus can be provided. An image forming apparatus 100 includes a main machine 110 including an operating section 113 and capable of functioning as a multifunction machine by itself, and at least one... Agent:

20150022612 - Label printer: A label printer includes a receiving area configured for receiving a cartridge that includes a roll of media for printing labels thereon, the receiving area also including features for aligning a plurality of differently sized cartridges with a printing mechanism; and components configured for adjusting label sizing to provide virtual... Agent:

20150022610 - Printer and printing system: A switch cover 21 has a frame member 22 and a cover member 23. The frame member 22 is fastened to the case front 6 of a printer 1 and surrounds a power switch 15. The cover member 23 is supported by the frame member 22 pivotably between a closed... Agent:

20150022614 - Printer and recording medium: The disclosure discloses a printer including a housing, a cartridge holder, a display device, a color detecting portion, and a control portion. The cartridge holder removably mounts a tape cartridge including a print-receiving tape roll and an ink ribbon roll. The display device displays a desired content in monochrome. The... Agent:

20150022615 - Printing device having reusable card: Embodiments of the invention are directed to a substrate processing device, such as a printing device. In some embodiments, the device includes a substrate supply, a reusable card, an operative unit, at least one transport mechanism, and a controller. The substrate supply is configured to support a plurality of operative... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 35 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150015626 - Dot recording apparatus, dot recording method and computer program for the same: Multi-pass recording is executed for each of n types of super cell regions that are each defined as a region that contains pixel positions in which recording of dots is performed in various types of main scan passes of n types of main scan passes. The n types of super... Agent:

20150015624 - Dot recording apparatus, dot recording method, and computer program therefor: A main scan pass which relatively moves a recording head and a recording medium in a main scan direction and forms dots on the recording medium, and a sub-scan which relatively moves the recording medium and the recording head in a sub-scan direction that intersects with the main scan direction,... Agent:

20150015625 - Image recording apparatus, image recording method, and storage medium: In a predetermined mask pattern, recording permitted pixels are disposed such that the average of the numbers of the recording permitted pixels in a unit in a first area is smaller than the number of the recording permitted pixels in a unit in a second area that is located toward... Agent:

20150015627 - Inkjet printhead driver circuit and method: A drive circuit for repetitively energising a printhead (10) to eject drops of ink and a method of operating the drive circuit are described. The printhead h multiple nozzle channels each having a respective capacitance. The drive circuit includes a first switching element (S1) connected to couple a drive connection... Agent: Inca Digital Printers Limited

20150015628 - Burst mode electrohydrodynamic printing: A method of printing using an electrohydrodynamic printing system includes providing an electrohydrodynamic printing system. The electrohydrodynamic printing system includes a nozzle that dispenses a printing fluid and a substrate that receives the printing fluid. The nozzle includes a conductive portion. A voltage source applies a voltage differential between the... Agent:

20150015629 - Burst mode electrohydrodynamic printing system: An electrohydrodynamic printing system includes a nozzle that dispenses a printing fluid and a substrate support. The nozzle includes a conductive portion. A voltage source applies a voltage differential between the conductive portion of the nozzle and the substrate support. A controller is configured to provide a burst mode waveform... Agent:

20150015630 - Liquid ejecting apparatus and method of controlling liquid ejecting apparatus: Disclosed is a liquid ejecting apparatus, and a method of controlling the liquid ejecting apparatus, whereby at a timing at which temperature detection and ejection pulse change are subsequently performed, a frequency of execution of temperature detection and driving pulse change differs according to whether temperature detected by the temperature... Agent:

20150015631 - Adaptive control of continuous inkjet parameters: A selected operating parameter of a device that operates in multiple operating states having differing natural response characteristics, at least one of which is variable over time, is controlled with a servo controller having control parameters which are responsive to the natural response characteristics. Sets of control parameters are provided... Agent:

20150015632 - Liquid ejection head and substrate: A liquid ejection head includes an ejection port for ejecting liquid, a liquid chamber communicating with the ejection port, and a substrate having a heat generating resistor arranged in the liquid chamber at a position corresponding to the ejection port and a bubble detecting device arranged on the heat generating... Agent:

20150015635 - Media-tracking system using deformed reference marks: A system is described for tracking a position of a receiver medium as it travels along a media path. A heat source provides heat to the receiver medium in a localized area sufficient to permanently deform the receiver medium to form a reference mark. A light source illuminates the receiver... Agent:

20150015633 - Media-tracking system using marking heat source: A system is described for tracking a position of a receiver medium as it travels along a media path. A heat source provides heat to the receiver medium in a localized area sufficient to permanently alter a physical property of the receiver medium thereby forming a reference mark. A sensor... Agent:

20150015634 - Media-tracking system using thermal fluoresence quenching: A system is described for tracking a position of a receiver medium as it travels along a media path. A heat source provides heat to the receiver medium in a localized area sufficient to permanently alter a fluorescent agent in the receiver medium, thereby forming a reference mark characterized by... Agent:

20150015636 - Treatment liquid application apparatus: A treatment liquid application apparatus including an application roller for applying treatment liquid; a press roller for pressing against the application roller an elongated recording medium which is placed between the press roller and the application roller; and a conveyance roller located downstream relative to the application roller on a... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150015637 - Inkjet printing apparatus and check pattern printing method: A check pattern is printed which makes it possible to detect, with high precision, individual patterns corresponding to nozzles of a print head of an inkjet printing apparatus. More specifically, after an alignment mark is printed, ejection of an ink from the nozzles is stopped for a certain time. Because... Agent:

20150015638 - Ceramic inkjet inks: The current document discloses an inkjet ink that is characterized by exceptionally low sedimentation rate of glass frit and pigment particles. Practically, the ink reversibly gels upon extended standing, thus preventing sedimentation entirely.... Agent: Dip-tech Ltd.

20150015639 - Inkjet ink set and image forming method: An inkjet ink set including: an ink composition including water, a colorant, polymer particles having a glass transition temperature of 90° C. or higher, an organic amine and an inorganic salt; and a treatment liquid that includes an acidic compound and generates aggregation when comes into contact with the ink... Agent:

20150015640 - Printing apparatus and processing method thereof: A printing apparatus comprising, a printhead including an element array in which a plurality of printing elements are arrayed, scanning unit configured to reciprocally scan the printhead, driving unit configured to time-divisionally drive the printing elements, conveyance unit configured to convey a printing medium, and setting unit configured to set... Agent:

20150015641 - Ink for improving printhead lifetime: An inkjet ink includes: an ink vehicle; a colorant; and an acetylenic compound having an alkoxylated hydroxyl group, wherein the hydroxyl group is a primary or secondary hydroxyl group and the acetylenic compound is absent a lipophilic group. Printheads having resistive heater elements exposed to such inks have prolonged lifetimes... Agent:

20150015642 - Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric element, and electronic device:

20150015643 - Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric element, and electronic equipment:

20150015644 - Inkjet printer for labeling goods: An inkjet printer for the labeling of goods includes a main device having at least one outlet opening for ink, in particular for ink droplets, at least one storage container for a liquid flowing through the outlet opening, such as, for example, ink, pigments or solvents, the storage container being... Agent: Ebs Ink-jet Systeme Gmbh

20150015645 - Degassing apparatus and methods thereof: A degassing apparatus for a liquid delivery system is provided. The degassing apparatus includes a first chamber disposed along a liquid delivery path to capture gas within the liquid delivery path. The degassing apparatus also includes a set of membranes having at least one membrane, the set of membranes disposed... Agent:

20150015647 - Liquid ejecting apparatus: Provided is a liquid ejecting apparatus that includes a liquid ejecting head having nozzles through which liquid can be ejected, a liquid supply path through which the liquid is supplied to the liquid ejecting head, and a filter chamber which is disposed in the middle of the liquid supply path... Agent:

20150015646 - Liquid ejection head and image forming apparatus: Further, the filter region of the filter member is bonded to the one or more dividing wall sections and the outer peripheral parts with adhesive and the filter region of the filter member is bent in a direction opposite to a direction in which liquid flows from the common liquid... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150015648 - Actinic radiation-curable inkjet ink and image forming method using same: Provided is an actinic radiation-curable inkjet ink that undergoes sol-gel phase transfer and contains a dye, a gelling agent, a photopolymerization compound and a photopolymerization initiator. The actinic radiation-curable inkjet ink comprises a photopolymerizable compound A, which is a (meth)acrylate having hydroxyl groups; a photopolymerizable compound B, which is a... Agent:

20150015649 - Process and apparatus for printing assembled absorbent articles with custom graphics: The present disclosure relates to methods and apparatuses for printing graphics on absorbent articles. Printing systems according to the present disclosure may include a carrier apparatus that transports individual absorbent articles past a printing station, which prints a custom graphic on the absorbent articles. The carrier apparatus may include a... Agent:

20150015650 - Digital printing process: A printing process is disclosed which comprises directing droplets of an ink onto an intermediate transfer member to form an ink image, the ink including an organic polymeric resin and a coloring agent in an aqueous carrier, and the transfer member having a hydrophobic outer surface so that each ink... Agent:

20150015651 - Air film support device for an inkjet printer: A system and method prints on a continuous web of imaging material in a printing machine. One or more inkjet printheads deposit ink on the continuous web of imaging material which is supported by rollers along a transport path. An air film device is disposed between rollers to stabilize flatness... Agent:

20150015652 - Flow optimization for compact turnbar reversers: A system and method for printing on a continuous web of imaging material in an inkjet printing machine having a turnbar reverser to reverse the direction of the web for duplex printing. The turnbar reverser includes at least one turnbar having a predetermined pattern of apertures formed in a surface... Agent:

20150015655 - Digital printers: A digital printing system includes components to apply an ink layer on a substrate, and a deinking applicator. The deinking applicator includes a reservoir and a roller. The reservoir is to contain a deinking solution. The roller is positioned to receive the deinking solution from the reservoir and to coat... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20150015653 - Marking device: A workpiece marking device operating automatically includes a support member, a transmission member, a feeding mechanism, a discharging mechanism, a driving mechanism, a positioning tool, and a marking mechanism. The transmission member conveys a workpiece, the feeding mechanism includes a driving assembly coupled to the support member and a lifting... Agent:

20150015656 - Recording apparatus: A recording apparatus includes a first transport unit; a second transport unit that is installed in a recording portion side of the downstream from the first transport unit and transports the medium to an upstream side and the downstream side; a first transport path that guides the medium between the... Agent:

20150015654 - Rollers for a printer and a printer equipped with said rollers: The invention relates to a roller (R) for a printer for printing on print material (D) which on its side (DR) facing away from the side (DD) to be printed on is coated or can be coated in certain areas with an adhesive or sticking material (K), wherein the roller... Agent:

20150015657 - Printing apparatus: Provided is a printing apparatus including: a photosensitive drum; a substrate including multiple formable regions in each of which corresponding one of multiple light emitting elements is formable; and a lens array, in which the substrate is arranged in a manner that a longitudinal direction of the substrate is parallel... Agent:

20150015658 - Printer: The disclosure discloses a printer performing printing processing that forms desired print on a print-receiving medium. The printer includes a cartridge holder, a drive device, a thermal head, an energization device, an attribute detecting device, a first determination portion, and a processing portion. The cartridge holder removably mounts a cartridge.... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 22 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150009251 - Control system, control device, and method of controlling a control device: The possibility of information acquired from a recording device not being correct can be detected. A management server 20 has an information reader 63 that reads related information stored in nonvolatile memory 74 of an ink cartridge 13, an information acquisition unit 62 that acquires related information by communication from... Agent:

20150009252 - Liquid drop ejection state detection device and image formation apparatus: A liquid drop ejection state detection device includes a plurality of nozzle sequences configured to have a plurality of nozzles, a light-emitting element configured to emit a light beam incident on a liquid drop from each nozzle of each nozzle sequence, a light-receiving element provided at a position outside a... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150009253 - Liquid ejecting apparatus and method of controlling liquid ejecting apparatus: An ink is ultra-permeation ink which has a surface tension in a range of 25 mN/m or greater and 35 mN/m or less, and a printer is capable of switching between a single-pass mode in which a specific landing pattern is formed on the recording paper by scan performed once... Agent:

20150009254 - Printing apparatus: A head array 3 having therein a plurality of inkjet nozzles 16 for ejecting ink toward a remote position by supplying pressurized air to every ink tanks 6 filled with the ink, respectively, is mounted on a linear array 4 so as to be able to perform linear reciprocation, the... Agent:

20150009255 - Image forming device: An image forming device, includes: a conveying device that is capable of changing a conveyance speed of a recording medium; a plurality of liquid droplet ejecting devices which is arranged in the order along a conveyance direction of the recording medium which is conveyed by the conveying device; and a... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20150009256 - Frequency-based web steering in printing systems: Systems and methods are provided for predictively compensating for frequency-based shifts of the position of a web of print media in a continuous-forms printer. The system comprises a sensor and a controller. The sensor is able to detect lateral shifts of the web of print media traveling through the continuous-forms... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150009259 - Motor control device, fluid ejection device, and motor control method: Motor control devices and methods are described herein. In one embodiment, such a device includes a fluid ejection head configured to eject a fluid onto a sheet that is on a downstream side from a transport driving roller along a supply direction of the sheet. The device also includes a... Agent:

20150009258 - Printer and control method therefor: The control unit of a printer feeds paper P from a paper supply path 12 to a main conveyance path, drives a paper feed roller pair, conveys the paper in a first direction through the main conveyance path, and prints on the first side of the paper P. After printing... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20150009257 - Printing device, printhead, and method of positioning print media in a printer: A printing device and a positioning method of a printing device can accurately compensate for deviation between the intended conveyance of the print medium, and the actual movement of the print medium when conveyed. A printer 5 has a conveyance motor 32 that can selectively convey print media forward and... Agent:

20150009260 - Liquid composition, ink jet recording method, ink jet recording apparatus and recorded image: The invention provides an aqueous liquid composition containing a water-soluble monomer, a photopolymerization initiator and an aqueous medium and further containing a polymer emulsion, wherein the water-soluble monomer is a monomer that has two or more ethylenically unsaturated bonds and is curable with an active energy ray.... Agent:

20150009261 - Liquid ejecting apparatus and control method of liquid ejecting apparatus: A liquid ejecting apparatus includes a liquid ejecting head, a driving signal generator which generates a micro vibration pulse, a controller which controls applying of the micro vibration pulse to a pressure generation unit, a cap which includes a sealing space not including an absorber inside, and seals a nozzle... Agent:

20150009262 - Alignment of printheads in printing systems: Systems and methods are provided for aligning printheads of a printing system. The system comprises a sensor and a controller. The sensor is able to detect changes in a lateral position of a web of print media traveling through a continuous-forms printing system, and the controller is able to adjust... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150009263 - Recording apparatus: A sliding section that slides on a guide rail to which grease is applied while integrally moving with a carriage is provided in a side surface of the carriage that is equipped with a liquid ejecting head and reciprocates in a moving direction. The sliding section has one side edge... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20150009264 - Inkjet recording device, computer program for controlling the same, and method of using the same: An inkjet printer (100) has an ink tank (113), an ink head (110), an ink supply tube (112) configured to supply ink from the ink tank (113) to the ink head (110), an ink return tube (115) one end of which is connected to an upstream side portion of the... Agent:

20150009266 - Ink cartridge and ink jet printer: Provided is an ink cartridge in which ink is received and which includes a through-hole.... Agent:

20150009267 - Liquid supply: In one example, an ink storage unit for an inkjet printer includes multiple bags to hold ink, a single housing enclosing the bags and configured to fit inside the printer, and an outlet from each bag to connect to an ink flow path external to the housing. In another example,... Agent:

20150009265 - Photopolymerizable inkjet ink, ink cartridge, and inkjet recording device: where R1 to R4 are each independently a C1-C6 alkyl group, and R1 and R2 may be linked to form a ring, and R3 and R4 may be linked to form a ring; Z1 and Z2 is —NR5R6 or OR7; R5 and R6 are each independently a C1-C6 alkyl group,... Agent:

20150009268 - Image recording method and set: An image recording method including the steps of applying a liquid composition to a recording medium and applying an ink containing a pigment to the recording medium so as to overlap at least with a part of a region of the recording medium to which the liquid composition is applied.... Agent:

20150009269 - Recording apparatus: A recording apparatus includes a medium supporting portion that supports a recording target medium, and an electromagnetic wave irradiator that emits electromagnetic waves onto the recording target medium on the medium supporting portion and dries ink present on the recording target medium using the electromagnetic waves. In the recording apparatus,... Agent:

20150009270 - Thermal head and thermal printer equipped with the same: A thermal head includes: a substrate; a heat storage layer disposed on the substrate; a heat-generating section disposed on the heat storage layer; an electrode electrically connected to the heat-generating section; a protection layer which coats the heat-generating section and a part of the electrode; and a first coating layer... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150009271 - System and method of thermal printing security features: The present invention relates to thermal printers and, more particularly, to direct thermal printers structured, configured, and/or programmed to print security features such as pantographs, watermarks, and microprinting on a thermal media substrate.... Agent: Ctpg Operating, LLC

20150009272 - Laser marking using scalable fonts: A system directs a laser beam to mark a material with an alphanumeric code. Character and quality information corresponding to a mark to apply to the material with the laser beam can be received, a font definition that specifies character segments can be obtained, a set of multiple spaced locations... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 41 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150002565 - Print control apparatus, print control method, and program: An apparatus individually selects a width and a length corresponding a margin setting from among respective widths and lengths of a plurality of candidates of print medium which are obtained by a sensor detecting the size of the print medium. Then, the apparatus causes a print unit to print an... Agent:

20150002566 - Element substrate, printhead, and printing apparatus: An embodiment of this invention relates to an element substrate that implements size reduction of the element substrate and simplification of the arrangement as well as a highly-reliable print operation, a printhead using the same, and a printing apparatus including the printhead. In the element substrate according to this embodiment,... Agent:

20150002567 - Additive color printing: Methods and systems are provided for color printing onto nonwhite substrates and articles. For example, a method of color printing is provided, including printing multiple layers of ink each including a combination of a white ink and at least one color ink, and each printed layer having a ratio of... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150002568 - Inkjet printing apparatus: An inkjet printing apparatus includes a printing unit including four inkjet heads configured to discharge black, cyan, magenta, and yellow inks, respectively, to a transferred sheet; and a control unit configured to control the printing unit, wherein the printing unit, when forming a gray image by the printing unit, forms... Agent:

20150002569 - Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method: In an inkjet printing apparatus, the colors of ink dots are controlled to make it possible to change the colors of an image to be printed. More specifically, ink temperatures, ink permeation speeds, and the capillary occupancy rates of inks in a print medium are used to control a permeation... Agent:

20150002570 - Printing apparatus, printing method, image processing apparatus, storage medium, and print control apparatus: When the contact angle of a first color ink on a layer of a second color ink is larger than the contact angle of the second color ink on a layer of the first color ink, ejection of the first and the second color ink is controlled so that the... Agent:

20150002571 - Image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus having a plurality of paper ejection devices includes a control unit which performs control to allow before a paper ejection device, which is continuously ejecting paper in the plurality of paper ejection devices, ejects paper over the maximum loading a paper ejection device which is not... Agent:

20150002574 - Medium transportation device and recording apparatus: A pair of transportation rollers is configured such that a transportation driven roller is disposed at a position which is displaced downstream with respect to a position vertically above a transportation driving roller and feeds out the paper sheet guiding in obliquely downward direction. The entering direction of the paper... Agent:

20150002572 - Print control device, print control method, and storage medium: In a case that a setting size for a print medium is set in print target data and the setting size has not been acquired as a candidate, a size having an aspect ratio corresponding to the aspect ratio of the setting size is specified. Next, a printer is controlled... Agent:

20150002573 - Printing control apparatus, printing control method, and storage medium: There is provided a printing control apparatus configured to cause a printing unit to print an image on a printing medium. In the printing control apparatus, the printed image has a size determined based on a candidate, which is acquired by a sensor detecting the size of the printing medium... Agent:

20150002577 - Image recording method, ink set, and method for preparing ink set: An image recording method includes a conveyance process for conveying a recording medium and an ink-applying process for applying a first ink and a second ink to the recording medium, wherein the first ink and the second ink contain a surfactant represented by Formula (1), the amount of the surfactant... Agent:

20150002575 - Ink having antibacterial and antifungal protection: Ink for use in a printer for forming coating or a colored ink on a substrate is disclosed. The coating or colored image provides antibacterial and antifungal protection. The inks include a mixture of solvent and a silver sulfate biocide having a concentration range of 0.0005 to 0.5 weight %.... Agent:

20150002576 - Ink, ink cartridge, and ink jet recording method: Provided is an ink for ink jet including a first pigment and a second pigment. Each of the first pigment and the second pigment comprises a self-dispersible carbon black in which a functional group containing two phosphonic acid groups is bonded to a particle surface. The average particle size of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20150002578 - Recording device, method of controlling a recording device, and a storage medium storing a program run by a control unit that controls the recording device: User concerns caused by a time lag between issuing a command for a specific operation and the start of the specific operation are reduced without reducing the accuracy of ejection problem detection by a nozzle check process. The nozzle check execution unit of an inkjet printer monitors if a cut... Agent:

20150002579 - Ink-jet recording apparatus with recovery mechanism of recording head: A recovery system for a recording head includes a recording head, a wiper, an application member, a driving mechanism, and a control unit for controlling the operation of the application member and the at least one wiper. The recording head includes a nozzle region where a discharge nozzle has an... Agent:

20150002580 - Image recording apparatus, image recording method, image processing apparatus, and storage medium: When recording is performed using two different types of inks, the ink discharge order is controlled in a unit region on a recording medium so that the number of pixel regions in which an ink having a relatively high pH buffer capacity in a basic region is applied later is... Agent:

20150002581 - Grafted polymers as oleophobic low adhesion anti-wetting coatings for printhead applications: An inkjet printhead includes a front face having a polymer coating, the polymer coating including an oleophobic grafted polymer having a crosslinked fluoroelastomer and a perfluorinated polyether grafted to the crosslinked fluoroelastomer.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150002582 - Fluid ejection apparatuses incluing compressible material: An example provides a fluid ejection apparatus including a plurality of nozzles, a common fluid supply channel in fluid communication with the plurality of nozzles, and a compressible material forming, at least in part, a wall of the common fluid supply channel.... Agent:

20150002583 - Liquid ejection head: A liquid ejection head is provided with a recording element substrate having a plurality of ejection orifices for ejecting a liquid, the plurality of ejection orifices being arranged to form a row of the ejection orifices. In at least some of the plurality of the ejection orifices, the area of... Agent:

20150002584 - Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric element, liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus, ultrasonic sensor, piezoelectric motor, and power generator: A piezoelectric material contains a first component that is a rhombohedral crystal that is configured to have a complex oxide with a perovskite structure and Curie temperature Tc1 and a second component that is a crystal other than a rhombohedral crystal that is configured to have a complex oxide with... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20150002585 - Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric element, liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus, ultrasonic sensor, piezoelectric motor, and power generator: A piezoelectric material contains a first component that is a rhombohedral crystal that is configured to have a complex oxide with a perovskite structure and Curie temperature Tc1, a second component that is a crystal other than a rhombohedral crystal that is configured to have a complex oxide with the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20150002586 - Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric element, liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus, ultrasonic sensor, piezoelectric motor, and power generator: A piezoelectric material contains a first component that is a rhombohedral crystal and that is configured to have a complex oxide with a perovskite structure and Curie temperature Tc1, a second component that is a crystal other than a rhombohedral crystal and that is configured to have a complex oxide... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20150002587 - Ink jet head and ink jet recording apparatus: According to one embodiment, there is provided an ink jet head which includes a pressure chamber which is formed in a thickness direction of a substrate, and fills ink; a vibrating plate which is provided on a first face of the pressure chamber, and includes a nozzle which communicates with... Agent:

20150002589 - Fluid storage container: A fluid storage container enables the easy removal of recovered fluid and reuse of the container without incurring the added costs of disassembly and replacing an absorbent material. In one exemplary embodiment, an ink cartridge 17 can have an ink storage unit 45 that stores waste ink, an ink inlet/outlet... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20150002588 - Inkjet printer: An inkjet printer is provided with a printer front located on a front face of the inkjet printer and having a paper exit formed therethrough, a roll paper replacement opening formed in the printer front below the paper exit, an ink cartridge replacement opening formed in the printer front on... Agent:

20150002590 - Image recording method and image recording apparatus: There is provided an image recording method including a conveying process for conveying a recording medium, an ink-applying process for applying an ink to the recording medium, and a heating process for heating the ink-applied recording medium after the ink-applying process so that the surface temperature of the ink-applied recording... Agent:

20150002591 - Method of printing security code: A method of printing a security code on an article includes applying droplets of an ink composition with an ink jet printer to a surface of an article to print an encrypted code. The ink composition includes an organic solvent, a binder resin, and a luminescent dye.... Agent:

20150002592 - Fluoroelastomers for marking system components, including grafted fluorinated polymers: A marking system surface material includes a fluoroelastomer including grafted fluorinated polymers. The fluoroelastomer is a perfluoropolyether-grafted fluoroelastomer formed using an alkoxy-terminated fluorosilicone component, and exhibiting high contact angle and low sliding angle.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150002597 - Image forming apparatus: Included is an image bearing member; an exposure unit configured to form electrostatic latent images by scanning light on the image bearing member and to change the amount of light along the scanning direction of the light; a forming unit configured to form a toner patch on the basis of... Agent:

20150002596 - Image forming device: An exposure unit includes a lens group having a plurality of lenses arrayed in a first direction and an element array which is arranged to face the lens group and includes a plurality of organic EL elements arrayed in parallel with the first direction on a substrate, a drive circuit... Agent:

20150002594 - Light scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus: A light scanning apparatus, including: a light source; a deflector configured to deflect the light beam from the light source to scan a photosensitive member; an optical member configured to guide the light beam; a housing including a housing engaging portion and a supporting portion configured to support the optical... Agent:

20150002593 - Light scanning device and image forming apparatus: A light scanning device of the invention includes a scan deflection range of each of the light fluxes deflected by the deflecting part in a scan period of the scan object with the respective light fluxes is divided into a first deflection range where a reflection angle of each of... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150002595 - Optical scanning device, image forming apparatus with optical scanning device, and method for adjusting mass of oscillating mirror part of optical scanning device: An optical scanning device includes an oscillating mirror part, a torsion bar part, a piezoelectric element (driving part), a housing, and an optical element part. The oscillating mirror part includes a reflective surface capable of reflecting light from a first light source and a mass adjustment part formed on an... Agent:

20150002598 - Image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus according to one aspect controls a light source such that first and second laser beams emitted from first and second light emitting elements respectively are incident on a BD sensor successively, and measures the time interval between two BD signals, output from the BD sensor, that... Agent:

20150002599 - Image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus according to an aspect of the present invention uses a BD sensor to measure a time interval between light beams emitted from two light emitting elements in a period during which constant speed control for maintaining the rotation speed of a polygon mirror at a target... Agent:

20150002600 - Image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus controls a semiconductor laser such that first and second light beams among multiple light beams are successively incident on a BD sensor and measures the time interval between BD signals that correspond to the first and second light beams and are output from the BD sensor.... Agent:

20150002601 - Optical scanning device and method for adjusting position of light beam sensor: An optical scanning device includes a light source, a deflector, a scanning optical system, a BD sensor, and a half-silvered mirror. The light source emits a light beam. The deflector deflects a light beam emitted from the light source. The scanning optical system includes a scan lens and causes the... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20150002602 - Ink ribbon cassette and printing apparatus: An ink ribbon cassette and printing apparatus capable of stably conveying an ink ribbon includes a supply shaft around which an ink ribbon is wound, a rewinding shaft around which the ink ribbon from the supply shaft is to be rewound, a guide shaft configured to abut the ink ribbon... Agent:

20150002603 - Media processing device, printing device, and control method of a media processing device: A printer 1 has a media orientation detection means 65 that detects displacement of the media after conveyance by the conveyance mechanism 63 stops; and a media processing device control unit 100 that controls cutting the media by an automatic paper cutter 60 when the media orientation detection means 65... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20150002604 - Thermal printer: A thermal printer comprises: a casing that houses recording paper; a printer cover connected to the casing in a manner turnable around a first shaft; a head unit provided on the casing and including a thermal head; and a platen unit provided on the printer cover, assembled to the head... Agent:

20150002605 - Printer: A printer comprising: a housing having an accommodating portion that accommodates recording paper and opens in a direction crossing the direction of gravity; a cover coupled to the housing in an openable and closable manner, and closing the accommodating portion; a control unit provided on the cover and having a... Agent:

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