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Incremental printing of symbolic information

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12/04/2014 > 43 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20140354715 - Printing apparatus using electrohydrodynamics: An imaging apparatus includes an imaging member having a surface, a development component that is not in physical contact with the imaging member, and a power source for generating an electric field between the imaging member surface and the development component. An ink is electrohydrodynamically transferred from the development component... Agent:

20140354717 - Fluid circulation: Among other things, an apparatus for use in fluid jetting is described. The apparatus comprises a printhead including a flow path and a nozzle in communication with the flow path that has a first end and a second end. The apparatus also includes a first container fluidically coupled to the... Agent:

20140354716 - Ink jet printing apparatus and method for estimating moisture content of print sheet: In an ink jet printing apparatus of the present invention, a moisture content of a print sheet is estimated without decreasing productivity of the printing apparatus and appropriate conditions of printing operation in the subsequent printing process are specified. More specifically, by measuring a change in thickness of the print... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140354718 - Printing device and method of controlling printing device: Provided is a printing device including: nozzles which discharge a first aqueous ink for printing a main image; nozzles which discharge a second aqueous ink for printing a background image; and a control unit which controls printing of an image on a medium having an aqueous ink absorption property based... Agent:

20140354719 - Printing apparatus: A printing apparatus includes a detection unit that detects the amount of residual ink in a ink cartridge, and a control unit that controls of initial filling of a printing head, in which the control unit performs initial filling when a state of the amount of residual ink detected by... Agent:

20140354720 - Element substrate, printhead, and printing apparatus: A recent inkjet printing apparatus includes a large-capacitance capacitor to stabilize a heater power supply. The presence of this capacitor requires a long time to drop the heater voltage at the time of power shutdown or the like. For this reason, an unwanted heater current may flow during the drop.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140354722 - Printing apparatus and printing method: When printing is performed by discharging ink from a printing head onto a lenticular, a carriage motor is controlled such that a carriage is moved in a main scanning direction at a velocity which is slower than a movement velocity of the carriage at the time of performing a normal... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140354721 - Printing apparatus, printing medium, and printing method: For a lenticular in which a lens body having low shape accuracy is disposed on one end portion, when the other end portion of the lenticular is detected, a position of a carriage at the time of detecting the end portion of the lenticular is stored in a buffer as... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140354725 - Directivity detection device of trajectories of drops issuing from liquid jet, associated electrostatic sensor, print head and continuous ink jet printer: A directivity detection device for detection of trajectories of electrically charged drops issuing from a liquid jet is provided. The device includes an electrostatic sensor and a signal processing unit. The electrostatic sensor has a flat functional surface having a precise geometric shape and arrangement relative to a nominal trajectory... Agent:

20140354724 - Printer: A printer includes a print unit that ejects ink droplets of at least one ink color onto the sheet, at least one roller that feeds the printed sheet, and a controller that controls the print unit to print the sheet based on image data that defines an ink provision amount... Agent: Riso Kagaku Corporation

20140354723 - System and method for compensating for defective inkjets ejecting black ink in solid fill areas: A method of solid ink printer operation compensates for missing black ink in solid fill areas. The method includes ejecting at least one other color of ink into a black solid fill area at a predetermined distance to the area missing the black ink. The additional non-black ink urges black... Agent:

20140354727 - Image processing method, image processing device, recording medium and image formation device: An image processing method includes: forming a density unevenness measurement test image based on image data subjected to unevenness correction processing to correct density unevenness, using a preset unevenness correction value; acquiring a pre-conversion density measurement value that is a density measurement value of each density setting value for every... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140354726 - Multi-layer printing on non-white backgrounds: In a multi-layer printer, the base white layer that is applied during printing is modified using the image to be printed. By altering the white layer to reflect the density of the top image, it is easier to reach saturation (density/gamut) without adding large amounts of ink. Thus, such undesirable... Agent:

20140354728 - Liquid ejection apparatus: A liquid ejection apparatus includes: a liquid ejection head; a first conveyor for conveying a recording medium in a first direction to a recording position; a second conveyor disposed downstream of the recording position; a third conveyor for returning the recording medium to the first conveyor; and a dryer disposed... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140354729 - Method and apparatus to regulate temperature of printheads: An apparatus including an analog memory, a temperature sensor, a comparator, and a pulse circuit. The analog memory is charged to a reference voltage corresponding to a predetermined temperature of a printhead. The temperature sensor measures a thermal voltage of at least one of the plurality of local areas of... Agent:

20140354730 - Undercoat composition for ink jet printing: An ink jettable underprint composition includes a reversible polymer material, which can reversibly transition between a liquid state and a solid state by reversible cycloaddition reactions, wherein upon cooling, the reversible polymer material transitions from a liquid state to a solid state by reversible cycloaddition reactions within a time period... Agent:

20140354731 - Mist collection device and liquid ejection device: A liquid ejection device includes an ejection head, a suction section, a space section, a collection part, an outlet section and a suction device. The suction section has a slit shaped opening. The space section is in communication with the suction section and has an internal volume greater than an... Agent:

20140354732 - Inkjet printing machine: A controller is configured to control ink ejection timings of a plurality of head modules on a basis of a positional relation in a print width direction of a sheet between nozzles, covering a same pixel, of the plurality of head modules of different colors in each of a plurality... Agent: Riso Kagaku Corporation

20140354734 - Non-contact bio-printing: A microfluidic electronic device is disclosed. This microfluidic electronic device may include a separate actuator mechanism from a microfluidic cartridge. The microfluidic cartridge may include a fluid reservoir coupled to a nozzle by a channel, where the fluid reservoir holds a fluid with a solvent and a material in solution,... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140354733 - Pulsed air-actuated micro-droplet on demand ink jet: The present subject matter relates to a method and system for pulsed air-actuated micro-droplet on demand jetting, especially for jetting high viscosity liquids. A needle extends from a liquid chamber and terminates in a drop-forming orifice outlet from which micro-droplets are generated. At least two air jets direct a timed... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140354736 - Method of making inkjet print heads by filling residual slotted recesses and related devices: A method of making an inkjet print head may include forming, by sawing with a rotary saw blade, continuous slotted recesses in a first surface of a wafer. The continuous slotted recesses may be arranged in parallel, spaced apart relation, and each continuous slotted recess may extend continuously across the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

20140354735 - Method of making inkjet print heads having inkjet chambers and orifices formed in a wafer and related devices: A method of making inkjet print heads may include forming recesses in a first surface of a first wafer to define inkjet chambers. The method may also include forming openings extending from a second surface of the first wafer through to respective ones of the inkjet chambers to define inkjet... Agent:

20140354737 - Piezoelectric device, inkjet equipment using the piezoelectric device, and the inkjet printing method: m

20140354738 - Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric element, liquid discharge head, ultrasonic motor, and dust removing device: Provided is a piezoelectric material having high Curie temperature, high insulation property, and high piezoelectric performance, the piezoelectric material including a perovskite-type metal oxide represented by the general formula (1): xBaTiO3-yBiFeO3-zBi(M0.5Ti0.5)O3, where M represents at least one kind of element selected from the group consisting of Mg, Ni, and Zn,... Agent:

20140354739 - Valve jet printer with inert plunger tip: A valve jet printer includes a solenoid coil and a plunger rod having a magnetically susceptible shank. A first end of the shank and at least a portion of the shank are received within a bore of the solenoid coil. The printer also includes a nozzle including an orifice extending... Agent:

20140354740 - Non-aqueous white inkjet inks: with NA representing the number of particles per mm3 having a particle size in the range of A−20 nm to A+20 nm, NB representing the number of particles per mm3 having a particle size in the range of B−20 nm to B+20 nm, the average particle size A is measured... Agent: Agfa Graphics Nv

20140354741 - Fluid dispenser: A fluid dispenser is disclosed herein. An example of such a fluid dispenser includes a housing configured to store a quantity of fluid and an ejection assembly configured to controllably emit the fluid through a nozzle. The fluid dispenser also includes a fluid chamber configured both to supply a quantity... Agent:

20140354743 - Ink-jet recording apparatus: Provided is an ink-jet printer including a printer head which ejects ink onto a medium while moving relative to the medium in a main-scanning direction, an LED module which exposes the ink ejected onto the medium to light while moving in the main-scanning direction together with the printer head so... Agent: Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.

20140354742 - Overcoat composition for ink jet printing: An ink jettable overprint composition includes a reversible polymer material, which can reversibly transition between a liquid state and a solid state by reversible cycloaddition reactions, wherein upon cooling, the reversible polymer material transitions from a liquid state to a solid state by reversible cycloaddition reactions within a time period... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140354745 - Pattern formation method: A pattern formation method includes a first step of forming a film having a flat surface on an uneven structure including a concave portion exhibiting liquid repellency and a convex portion exhibiting lyophilic properties so as to cover the concave portion and the convex portion; and a second step of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140354744 - Printing apparatus and printing method: The invention provides ways of appropriately performing image transfer printing. A printing apparatus for performing image transfer printing is provided that includes: a transfer belt provided as a transfer image forming member on which a transfer image is created; an inkjet head that creates the transfer image on the transfer... Agent: Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.

20140354746 - Blanket materials for indirect printing methods: An intermediate transfer member containing a layer of a siloxyfluorocarbon networked polymer. A method of preparing an intermediate transfer member including mixing a coating solution containing siloxyfluorocarbon precursor materials; applying the coating solution as a sol on a substrate; curing the coating solution on the substrate to form an intermediate... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140354747 - Liquid ejecting device: A liquid ejecting device includes a first housing movable between a proximity position and a separated position and which accommodates a liquid ejecting head. The first housing includes a cover attached to the first housing and movable with respect to the head between a protection position for the head and... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140354748 - Processes for printing on heat shield product: A process of printing directly onto heat shield product using a method of feeding the heat shield product into a digital printer modified to print on heat shield product or a mechanical printer modified to print on heat shield product, the digital printer being controlled by a computer using a... Agent:

20140354749 - High efficiency printing method for improved image quality: Novel methods for calibrating a thermal printer by adjusting a look up table comprising the steps of receiving a test pattern to be printed on a receiver medium, printing the test pattern on the receiver medium, using a sensor to measure a depletion amount of donor material, and using a... Agent: Kodak Alaris Inc.

20140354750 - High efficiency printing system for improved image quality: A high efficiency thermal printing system, comprising: a donor ribbon having donor material; a receiver medium; a test pattern to be printed on the receiver medium using the donor ribbon; a print head, a sensor, and a processor is disclosed. The present invention is adapted to print the test pattern... Agent: Kodak Alaris Inc.

20140354751 - Printer, printing control program, and printing method: The disclosure discloses a printer comprises a print object receiving portion, a first, a second, and a third increment mode receiving portion, a first and a second image generating portion. The print object receiving portion receives an input operation of the print object comprising a print identifier. The first increment... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140354752 - Printing apparatus and printing method: To provide a printing apparatus without waste of a ribbon panel in using a two-side dedicated ribbon, a printing apparatus 1 capable of printing on both surfaces of a printing medium performs two-side printing using an ink ribbon 41 with a color ribbon panel 41a and monochrome ribbon panel 41b... Agent: Nisca Corporation

20140354753 - Tape printer: A tape printer includes a cassette mounting portion, a cutting mechanism, a discharge outlet, a guide surface, a first projecting portion, and a second projecting portion. The cutting mechanism is a hinged type of cutting mechanism, and the hinge of the cutting mechanism is positioned in a side of the... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140354754 - Systems and methods for facilitating magnetic ink character recognition (micr) image forming using digital offset lithographic printing techniques: A system and method are provided for producing Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) characters on image receiving medium substrates using a variable digital data offset lithographic architecture which provides for varying lithographic images between cycles of a marking device. MICR inks are provided with a solid particle magnetizable pigment components... Agent:

20140354755 - Method for color marking metallic surfaces: A method of color marking a metal or metal-plated part is described involving setting at least one laser parameter of a laser, such as the power, scan speed, Q-switch, spot size, line separation, and scan repetition, and then energizing a metal containing surface layer of the part using the laser... Agent:

20140354756 - Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus therewith: An optical scanning device has a light deflector deflecting a light beam from a light source, a synchronization detection sensor determining timing of starting scanning in main scanning direction based on timing of detecting the light beam scanned in main scanning direction by the light deflector, and a pre-sensor imaging... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20140354757 - Optical writing device and image forming apparatus: An optical writing device includes a light source, an optical deflector that deflects and scans light from the light source, a pre-deflector optical system that guides the light from the light source to the deflector, a post-deflector optical system that guides the scanned light to a target surface, a cover... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

11/27/2014 > 21 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140347412 - Printing apparatus, printing control system and control method of the printing apparatus: A printing apparatus capable of continuously printing images on a recording medium, each of the images including a variable image of which an aspect is variable for each of the images to be continuously printed and a fixed image of which an aspect is the same for each of the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140347414 - Image recording device, image recording method: An image recording device includes a support member, a print head, a tension adjustment unit, and a control unit. The control unit is configured: to move the print head to the retracted position; to control the tension adjustment unit to adjust the tension of the print medium to a print... Agent:

20140347413 - Printing device: The time recorder comprises a casing comprising gears (428) rotatably supported by the casing and a motor rotating the gears (428); a printing unit provided within the casing and comprising a carriage (210) provided slidably in the X-direction and comprising a print head (213) and longitudinal racks (420) extending in... Agent:

20140347415 - Image forming apparatus and control method: An image forming apparatus includes: a recording head having a first nozzle row and a second nozzle row that are adjacent to each other in a direction perpendicular to a conveying direction of a recording medium, a plurality of nozzles being arrayed in the conveying direction in each of the... Agent:

20140347419 - Image forming system and methods thereof: An image forming system and methods are disclosed. The methods include detecting an ambient temperature of an image forming system by a first thermal sense resistor disposed in a first printhead to obtain a first detected ambient temperature, detecting the ambient temperature of the image forming system by a second... Agent:

20140347417 - Image processing method and image processing apparatus: Multiple test pattern printing using each of multiple printing element arrays are read, and in a case where a streak is present in predetermined test patterns of the multiple test patterns at the same position in the direction of the array of the printing elements, determination is made that the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140347416 - Method for determining pixel dropout: A technique is described for determining pixel dropout in a printhead that has a plurality of print elements arrayed along an axis. In the technique, a dataset of integrated intensity values, in the printing direction on a substrate, of a captured image is generated and used to determine if pixel... Agent: Datacard Corporation

20140347420 - Nozzle ejection trajectory detection: Light redirected by liquid droplets ejected from nozzles (30) of a plurality of columns (26, 226, 227) of nozzles (30) is sensed to detect a vertical trajectory of the liquid droplets for each of the nozzles (30).... Agent:

20140347418 - Use of a sense mark to control a printing system: A printing system includes a first imaging unit configured to print a first image and a single registration mark associated with the first image on a substrate contemporaneously during a production run, and a sensor configured to detect the registration mark at a point where the registration mark is within... Agent: R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company

20140347421 - Printing apparatus, printing method, and ink set: The present disclosure provides ways to more appropriately perform high-quality printing with gradation inks. The disclosure provides a printing apparatus for printing using an inkjet scheme. The apparatus includes a plurality of inkjet heads that eject ink droplets of a first-color ink of at least one color selected from a... Agent: Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.

20140347422 - Systems and methods for ink-based digital printing using variable data lithography inkjet imaging system: A system for ink-base digital printing includes an imaging member; an inkjet system for applying a base marking material to the imaging member to for a pattern according to digital image data; a dampening fluid metering system configured for applying dampening fluid to the imaging member after the applying base... Agent:

20140347424 - Ink jet recording apparatus and recorded article: An ink jet recording apparatus records an image on a recording material by ejecting a first ink composition through at least one first liquid ejecting nozzle having an open end. The ink jet recording apparatus also includes a platen having a surface on which the recording medium is placed. The... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140347423 - Printing apparatus and printing method: To appropriately perform textile printing by an ink jet method on a media of fabric. A printing apparatus for performing printing of a design represented by a preset target color on a medium of fabric by an ink jet method includes a plurality of the ink jet heads, each of... Agent: Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.

20140347425 - Droplet generator: The present invention provides a droplet generator (10) of the velocity modulation type, the generator (10) being configured so that substantially all the modulation energy generated by piezo-electric cwstals (60) is transformed into vibration of the nozzle (34). The generator preferably also includes an internal closure mechanism (70) which blocks... Agent:

20140347426 - Liquid ejecting head: A liquid ejecting head includes a substrate; and flow path forming members that form a plurality of liquid flow paths on or above the substrate, wherein grooves are formed between the plurality of liquid flow paths that adjoin in a longitudinal direction of the substrate, and the flow path forming... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140347428 - Liquid cartridge, image recording device, and substrate: A liquid cartridge includes a liquid reservoir, a liquid flow path that selectively places the reservoir in fluid communication with an exterior of the cartridge, a sensor that outputs a signal relative to a position of an object in the liquid flow path, a storage that stores data therein, and... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140347427 - Ultraviolet-curable aqueous ink, ink cartridge, recording apparatus and recording method: There is provided an ultraviolet-curable aqueous ink containing: an ultraviolet polymerizable compound; a water-insoluble thioxanthone compound having an absorption at a wavelength range of 375 nm or more and 450 nm or less, a water-insoluble tertiary amine compound, water, and a water-soluble organic solvent at least including a solvent (A)... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20140347429 - Inks: An ink comprising a colorant, an organic solvent having a boiling point below 170° C. and a radiation-curable component of molecular weight >1000, wherein the ink contains less than 10 wt % of radiation-curable components of molecular weight 1000 or less and the ink contains less than 5 wt %... Agent: Sericol Limited

20140347430 - Image forming apparatus: A light irradiating device causes a light source to emit light with normal emitted light quantity sufficient for adhering toner on a photosensitive member, on an image portion of the photosensitive member, and causes the light source to emit light with minute emitted light quantity sufficient for preventing toner from... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140347431 - Media detection apparatus and method: An apparatus and method for automatically calibrating a media sensor configured to detect advancing print media in a printing device. In some embodiments, the apparatus selects a first light intensity level and a second light intensity level greater than the first light intensity level. A light source unit, such as... Agent: Datamax-o'neil Corporation

20140347432 - Media processing device with enhanced media and ribbon loading and unloading features: A device for processing media may include a front panel, a rear panel, a side panel, a support surface, and an access door assembly. The access door assembly may be pivotally coupled to the support surface and may include a major door pivotally coupled to a minor door. The minor... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 27 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140340438 - Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method: An ink jet recording apparatus performs recording by discharging an ink composition onto a recording medium. The apparatus includes an ink jet head including a pressure-generating chamber containing an ink composition and applying a discharge pressure to the ink composition, a discharge port from which the ink composition is discharged,... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140340439 - Fluid discharge device and method of controlling a fluid discharge device: A fluid discharge device, a printing device, and a control method for a fluid discharge device enable accurately detecting an empty fluid state and suppressing fluid waste. An inkjet printer 1 has an ink cartridge in which ink is stored, a subtank that draws ink from the ink cartridge, an... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140340440 - Printing apparatus and printing method: An apparatus for printing an image on a transparent medium based on a selected mode, the apparatus includes: a head that ejects ink droplets from nozzles, wherein when a first mode is selected, the head prints a first image on the transparent medium, prints a background image on the first... Agent:

20140340441 - Acoustically ejecting a droplet of fluid from a reservoir by an acoustic fluid ejection apparatus: The invention provides apparatuses and methods for acoustically ejecting the fluid from a reservoir contained in or disposed on a substrate. The reservoir has a portion adapted to contain a fluid, and an acoustic radiation generator is positioned in acoustic coupling relationship to the reservoir. Acoustic radiation generated by the... Agent: Labcyte Inc.

20140340442 - Recording device: A recording device includes a conveying part that conveys roll paper, a support part that supports the roll paper, a suction part that holds the roll paper to the support part by suction, a recording part that ejects liquid and records an image on the roll paper, a heating part... Agent:

20140340443 - Image formation apparatus: An image formation apparatus includes an application part configured to apply a first solvent onto a recording medium and a jetting part configured to jet an ink-jet ink to be attached to the first solvent applied on the recording medium, wherein the ink-jet ink includes a second solvent, a resin,... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140340444 - Liquid droplet jetting apparatus: A printer controls a suction pump such that a difference in a discharge amount of an ink and a flow speed of the ink discharged from each nozzle is small between a complete purge in which all ink supply portions connected to a second head communicate with an atmosphere, and... Agent:

20140340445 - Print group for an ink printing apparatus: In a print group for an ink printing apparatus, a housing is provided with print bars comprising print heads. The print bars are moveable independently of one another in a vertical direction from a printing position adjacent to a printing substrate into a park position and back. A protective flap... Agent: Oce Printing Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140340446 - Inkjet recording apparatus and control method for the inkjet recording apparatus: While a wiping operation for keeping a satisfactory ejection opening surface of an inkjet recording head is performed, a usage amount of a sheet-like member is to be reduced. An inkjet recording apparatus includes a recording head, a sheet-like member, a reeling roller that reels the sheet-like member 31, and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140340447 - Liquid jetting apparatus and method for cleaning wiper: There is provided a liquid jetting apparatus including: a liquid jetting head including a liquid jetting surface; a wiper including first and second wiping portions; a moving mechanism; a liquid discharge mechanism; and a controller configured to perform: controlling the moving mechanism to cause the first wiping portion to wipe... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140340448 - Liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting apparatus: A liquid ejecting head includes: a nozzle plate in which a first nozzle row of nozzle openings aligned along a first direction X and a second nozzle row of nozzle openings aligned along the X direction are disposed side by side along a second direction Y, perpendicular to the X... Agent:

20140340449 - Method for operating a printing system: A printing system for printing a fluid includes a print head for ejecting droplets of the fluid; a first fluid storing section for storing a first amount of the fluid; a second fluid storing section for storing a second amount of the fluid, the second fluid storing section being in... Agent: Oc&#xe9 -technologies B.v.

20140340451 - Device substrate, liquid ejection head, and method for manufacturing device substrate and liquid ejection head: A device substrate includes a substrate body having an energy generating device provided thereon, where the energy generating device generates energy for ejecting liquid, an ejection port forming member disposed on the substrate body, where the ejection port forming member has a pressure chamber that surrounds the energy generating device... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140340450 - Ink jet printhead device with compressive stressed dielectric layer: An ink jet printhead device includes a substrate and at least one first dielectric layer above the substrate. A resistive layer is above the at least one first dielectric layer. An electrode layer is above the resistive layer and defines first and second electrodes coupled to the resistive layer. At... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

20140340452 - Ink jet printhead with polarity-changing driver for thermal resistors: An ink jet printhead device includes a substrate and a plurality of thermal resistors on the substrate. Each thermal resistor includes first and second electrodes and a resistive layer extending therebetween. A polarity-changing driver is coupled to the plurality of thermal resistors and configured to change a driving polarity between... Agent:

20140340453 - Cartridge and printing material supply system: A cartridge comprises: a printing material container; a printing material supplier that supplies a printing material contained in the printing material container to a printing device; a first surface and a second surface that are opposed to each other; a third surface that intersects with the first surface and the... Agent:

20140340454 - Liquid consumption apparatus, liquid supply member, and liquid supply system: An adapter is mountable to a liquid consumption apparatus to connect an external source of liquid to the liquid consumption apparatus. The liquid consumption apparatus includes a liquid intake portion for taking liquid into the liquid consumption apparatus and a liquid catcher for catching inadvertently spilled or sprayed liquid, the... Agent:

20140340456 - Ink jet printer and printing method for printing an image having matt and glossy image areas: A method of printing an image (1) having matt areas (2) and glossy areas (3) is specified, whereby an ink is applied with the aid of the ink jet printing method to the matt areas (2) and cured immediately afterwards. In the glossy areas (3), on the other hand, curing... Agent: Durst Phototechnik Digital Technology Gmbh

20140340455 - Water-dilutable inks and water-diluted radiation curable inks useful for ink-based digital printing: An ink composition useful for digital offset printing applications includes a colorant and a radiation-curable water-dilutable compound. A process for variable data lithographic printing includes applying a dampening fluid to an imaging member surface; forming a latent image by evaporating the dampening fluid from selective locations on the imaging member... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140340457 - Printing apparatus, print head control apparatus, print head control method and storage medium: A printing apparatus includes: a print head; an image carrier; a print controller which controls the print head to execute printing on a recording medium for printing via the image carrier, based on print data; a judgement unit which judges whether a lubricant is to be provided on a surface... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140340458 - Direct thermal and thermal transfer shipping label and methods of making same: A method for printing a label having a first side, a second side, and a border comprises the step of providing a printing apparatus. The border is coated with an adhesive at the second side and a release liner is releasably secured thereto. The apparatus comprises a direct thermal printer... Agent: Ward Kraft, Inc.

20140340459 - Heat-sensitive transfer recording medium, producing method thereof and heat-sensitive transfer recording method: The heat-sensitive transfer recording medium of the invention is such that an equilibrium moisture absorption rate at 23° C./50% of an undercoating layer containing a water-soluble polymer as a main component is about 15% or less, preferably 13% or less, and more preferably, a mean value (α) of the surface... Agent:

20140340461 - Environmental contribution supporting apparatus and environmental contribution supporting method: According to one embodiment, an environmental contribution supporting apparatus provided for a system including a printing apparatus and an erasing apparatus includes a duplex-reduction calculating unit, an aggregation-reduction calculating unit, a sheet-reduction-ratio calculating unit, a printing-state-character selecting unit, a sheet-reuse-ratio calculating unit, a reuse-state-character selecting unit, a sheet-reduction-message selecting unit,... Agent:

20140340460 - Sheet processing apparatus and color erasing apparatus: a sheet processing apparatus comprises a main body side guiding module, a first movable module, a second movable module and a connection module. The main body side guiding module guides a sheet. The first movable module moves to a second position to open the conveyance path through motion from a... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20140340462 - Printing apparatus with an adhesive applying function: A printing apparatus having an adhesive applying function is provided with a transporting mechanism for transporting an elongated print member, a transferring mechanism for transporting a transferring member having adhesive, contained in a cartridge installed on the apparatus, and for selectively bringing the transferring member into contact with the print... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140340463 - Cassette for label printer: A label printing apparatus, comprising a cassette-receiving bay adapted to receive a cassette, said cassette-receiving bay having a base, an opening opposite the base, and side walls extending between the base and the opening; a cassette locking mechanism comprising at least one locking element having a locking position for engagement... Agent:

20140340464 - Laser label-printer: A laser label printer for use with a laser markable medium includes a laser-diode fiber-coupled to an optical train, which includes a focusing lens for focusing the radiation on the medium. The focusing lens is traversed across the medium, with incremental motion of the medium between traverses, for line by... Agent: Coherent, Inc.

11/13/2014 > 23 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140333690 - Ink jet textile printing apparatus: A tray mounting unit in which it is possible to replace a plurality of types of set trays; a detector capable of detecting the type of set tray mounted on the tray mounting unit in a state where the target textile printing material is set; a determining unit determining whether... Agent:

20140333689 - Printing apparatus and printing method: A printing apparatus measures spectral intensity of a printed medium before an image is printed thereon, and calculates Mahalanobis distances with respect to plural types of reference printing media stored in advance. Then, the type of the printed medium is determined from the reference printing media based on the Mahalanobis... Agent:

20140333694 - Detecting a drive bubble formation and collapse: Measuring an inkjet nozzle may nozzle may include taking at least one impedance measurement after the firing command is sent to detect the presence of a drive bubble and taking another impedance measurement to detect a collapse of the drive bubble.... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140333692 - Liquid ejection head and method for fabricating the same: There is provided a liquid ejection head that can reduce trouble in alignment of a print element substrate even in the case where a high magnification optical system is used and a method for fabricating the liquid ejection head. To achieve this, an auxiliary mark that indicates a relative position... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140333693 - Recording apparatus, detection method, and storage medium: A recording apparatus includes a sensor including a light emitting element for emitting light to a recording medium, and a light receiving element for receiving the emitted light and reflected by the recording medium, configured to, via the light emitting and light receiving elements, measure a patch recorded on the... Agent:

20140333691 - System and method for visually detecting defective inkjets in an inkjet imaging apparatus: A method of printer operation enables visual detection of defective inkjets. The method includes operating inkjets in a predetermined number of printheads that eject a same color of ink to form a test pattern having three portions. One portion is printed by the even-numbered inkjets in each printhead, one portion... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140333696 - Ink composition for ink jet recording: m

20140333695 - Liquid ejection apparatus and liquid ejection head: A liquid ejection head including a recording element substrate provided with an element formed on one surface of the substrate for generating energy for ejecting liquid as well as a first and a second supply port each piercing between both surfaces of the substrate for supplying the liquid to the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140333697 - Recording device and method for controlling recording device: A recording device includes a platen, a recording head, a carriage and a cleaning unit. The platen supports a roll paper. The recording head ejects liquid onto the roll paper on the platen. The carriage supports the recording head. The cleaning unit is installed apart from the platen in a... Agent:

20140333698 - Liquid ejecting apparatus: A liquid ejecting head includes: a nozzle plate formed with a plurality of nozzle orifices; a drive unit configured to apply pressure vibration to pressure generating chambers communicating to the plurality of nozzle orifices; and a head casing including the drive unit and having a surface opposed to the nozzle... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140333699 - Recirculate and filter air to form air barrier in image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus includes a substrate receiving member, a fluid applicator unit, and an air recirculator assembly. The substrate receiving member may selectively receive a substrate. The fluid applicator unit may selectively eject a first set of drops to the substrate received by the substrate receiving member in a... Agent:

20140333700 - Inkjet printing apparatus: When one of first to third power supply circuits breaks down, a change-over switch performs switching of electrical connection such that drive voltage is allowed to be supplied from normal one of the first to third power supply circuits also to one of the inkjet heads connected to the breakdown... Agent:

20140333701 - Method for manufacturing piezoelectric actuator: A method for manufacturing a piezoelectric actuator is disclosed that includes forming a vibration plate, forming a plurality of electrodes on the vibration plate, forming a piezoelectric layer on the electrodes, and forming a common electrode on the piezoelectric layer.... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140333703 - Cantilevered micro-valve and inkjet printer using said valve: A micro-valve includes an orifice plate including an orifice and a cantilevered beam coupled in spaced relation to the orifice plate and moveable between positions where the orifice is closed and opened by the cantilevered beam. The cantilevered beam includes one or more piezoelectric layers that facilitate bending of the... Agent: Matthews Resources, Inc.

20140333702 - Printhead unit assembly for use with an inkjet printing system: Features for various embodiments of a self-contained printhead unit, including an on-board fluidic system, quick-coupling electrical and pneumatic interfacing, in conjunction with the features of various embodiments of a kinematic mounting and air bearing clamping assembly, as well as contactless integration to a waste assembly, together provide for the ready... Agent: Kateeva, Inc.

20140333704 - Photocurable inkjet and image forming method using same: Provided is a photocurable inkjet ink comprising a curable monomer, a photopolymerization initiator, a gelling agent, a colorant, and a curable oligomer. The photocurable inkjet ink is characterized in that the curable oligomer has from two to twenty functional groups, that the glass transition temperature thereof is 40° C. or... Agent:

20140333705 - Scanning optical apparatus and image forming apparatus: The calculation unit calculates the time interval between the time at detecting the light beam reflected by the reflective surface of the rotatory polyhedron incident on the BD sensor by the light beam detecting unit and the time at detecting the light beam reflected by the reflective surface incident on... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20140333706 - Image forming apparatus and image forming method: An image forming apparatus comprises a feed section configured to feed a medium; an image forming section configured to form an image on the surface of the medium with a thermally erasable recording material or a recording material which is not thermally erasable; a heating section configured to heat the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140333707 - Thermal transfer printing apparatus and method of controlling thermal transfer printing apparatus: There is provided a printing apparatus which prints a protective coat, on the basis of input image data, onto a recording sheet on which an image is printed with a dye ink, the printing apparatus comprising: an area dividing unit configured to divide the input image data into a plurality... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140333708 - Thermal head and thermal printer equipped with the same: There are provided a thermal head capable of decreasing the possibility of occurrence of layer separation in a protective layer, and a thermal printer equipped with the same. A thermal head includes a substrate; an electrode disposed on the substrate; an electric resistor connected to the electrode, part of which... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140333709 - Double-sided receipt printing method and double-sided receipt printer: A first printhead that prints on one side of the paper, a second printhead that prints on the other side of the paper, and a cutter are disposed to the paper conveyance path with a specific gap therebetween approaching the paper exit for the paper, and a conveyance unit that... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporaion

20140333710 - Information processing apparatus, method of controlling thereof, printing system, tape printing apparatus, and computer-readable medium: An information processing apparatus used in connection with a tape printing apparatus has a tape information acquisition section which acquires from the tape printing apparatus tape information about a tape mounted therein, a new standardized tape discrimination section which discriminates whether a new standardized tape having a standard different from... Agent:

20140333711 - Optical scanning device, method for manufacturing the optical scanning device, and image forming apparatus: An optical scanning device includes a deflector configured to deflect a plurality of light beams emitted from a plurality of light emitters that are mutually spaced apart in a sub-scanning direction; an incident optical system configured to steer the plurality of light beams so as to be incident on the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

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