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Implements or apparatus for applying pushing or pulling force

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01/22/2015 > 2 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20150021530 - Modular guide sleeve apparatus and method: An apparatus for lifting and supporting a pile is provided. The apparatus includes a modular support structure, which may include a modular support element such as a modular support helical pile. The modular support structure may further include a modular guide sleeve for guiding the support element as it is... Agent: Geip Holdings, Lp

20150021529 - Pile lifting apparatus and method: An apparatus for lifting and supporting a pile is provided. The apparatus includes a support structure coupled to the pile and a lifting device coupled to the support structure. Gripping plates of a lift head engage and lift the pile during extension of the lifting device. During retraction of the... Agent: Geip Holdings, Lp

01/15/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150014612 - Pry bar having improved in structural strength and greater support area: A pry bar includes a body and a claw disposed at a first end of the body. The claw includes a rib and wing structure. The rib and wing structures are both extended away from the body in a first direction. The rib and wing structures are disposed at front... Agent:

20150014608 - Height-adjustable support device for semi-trailers or the like: A support device, preferably for commercial vehicles such as semi-trailers, includes an inner support tube and an outer support tube moveable relative to one another along a longitudinal axis in a retraction and extension direction; a spindle rotated via a gear section and is arranged such that the spindle is... Agent: Saf-holland Gmbh

20150014616 - Lifting device and lifting platform with such a lifting device: A pneumatically or hydraulically activated lifting device has a main carrier with a first cavity having a first lifting element arranged inside the first cavity. The main carrier also has a second cavity arranged in fixed movement with respect to the first cavity. A second lifting element is arranged inside... Agent:

20150014609 - Scissor-type lifting table: A scissor-type lifting table has a carrying device (10) and a base device (11). A scissor mechanism comprising first and second scissor-blade arrangements are arranged between the carrying device (10) and the base device (11). The carrying device (10) can be moved away from the base device (11) by means... Agent:

20150014610 - Securing a jack and a spare wheel to a vehicle: A vehicle includes a spare wheel, a jack and a jack wrench. The jack and a jack wrench are provided to raise the vehicle to allow a user to remove a damaged wheel and replace it with the spare wheel. The jack and jack wrench are secured to the vehicle... Agent:

20150014611 - Timberjack: A timberjack including a handle, and a jacking stand coupled to the handle, the jacking stand comprising a first portion and a second portion, wherein the first portion is arranged to engage the ground, and wherein the second portion is coupled to the first portion and extends downwardly from the... Agent: Northern Tool And Equipment Company, Inc.

20150014613 - Rope hoist with an emergency braking arrangement: A cable hoist having an emergency braking arrangement comprising a dual toothed wheel assembly driven via a cable drum of the hoist. One of two toothed wheels of the toothed wheel assembly is sensed by a sensing lever of an anchor and an opposite end of the anchor interacts with... Agent: R. Stahl Schaltger&#xe4 Te Gmbh

20150014614 - Apparatus for anchoring an offshore vessel: An apparatus for anchoring a floating off-shore unit or other type of floating vessel, comprising a rotatably mounted chain sprocket wheel (3) having a chain (3a) secured on its outer periphery, The wheel (3) being arranged to be rotated by reciprocating movement of at least two hydraulic cylinders (1, 2).... Agent:

20150014615 - Hand operated pulling and lifting hoist: A hand operated pulling and lifting hoist includes: a change gear that engages with a switching pawl fitting provided for an operation lever to convert a manual force applied to the operation lever into a hoist driving force; a fixed support ring disposed for the rotatable mounting of the operation... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150008380 - Claw hammer with an angle-adjustable claw: A claw hammer includes a handle having a handle head, a claw pivotally mounted at the handle head of the handle, and a hammer head mounted at the handle head and movable relative to the handle head between a locking position where the hammer head and the claw are engaged... Agent: Lucky-brand Industrial Co., Ltd

20150008383 - Jack with two masts: A jack for lifting segments of a structure includes a pair of masts, a mast base, a mast cap, a hydraulic ram, a bottom bracket and a shuttle. The masts are identical and upright with a plurality of evenly spaced holes. The mast base supports the mast and the mast... Agent: Bainter Construction Services, LLC

20150008381 - Rope winch: The present invention relates to a hoisting winch, in particular to a hoisting gear winch, having a hoisting drum whose winding region is bounded by two lateral flanged wheels, wherein at least one further flanged wheel is provided between the lateral flanged wheels for dividing the winding region into at... Agent: Liebherr Components Biberach Gmbh

20150008382 - Motion compensation system: A motion compensation system disposed on a structure of a drilling vessel. A stabilization assembly for use with the motion compensation system includes a first arm connectable to the structure, a first sheave connectable to the structure, a second arm connectable to the first arm, and a second sheave connectable... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20150001453 - Jack for lifting small utility vehicles: A jack for lifting a small wheeled utility vehicle such as a lawn mower. The jack includes spaced bars having a lever actuated jacking mechanism therebetween. A base cross bar is carried by the jacking mechanism up and down the same and has spaced cradles for receiving the wheels of... Agent: Larin Corporation

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