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Implements or apparatus for applying pushing or pulling force

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05/21/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150137055 - Low rider wheel jack: A jack apparatus is provided for lifting a low rider vehicle, even though the vehicle has very low ground clearance. The jack apparatus includes interfitting upper and lower subframes supported by a scissor lift. The upper subframe includes opposing parallel arms shaped to fit within a generally triangular cavity defined... Agent:

20150137056 - Jack structure: A jack structure includes a cylinder, an air chamber piston rod disposed therein, an ejection piston rod disposed around the air chamber piston rod, a position-limiting component on top of the external cylinder, and a fastening component on top of the cylinder. The air chamber piston rod has a top... Agent:

20150137052 - Removable floor jack saddle: Methods and systems involving a jack having removable and interchangeable saddles are disclosed for lifting vehicles and other items. The jack includes a saddle base having a retention member whereby the saddles can be interchanged for different vehicles or items without the use of special tools. For example, each saddle... Agent:

20150137053 - Device for improving the attachment of wires, in particular electric wires, to facilitate pulling of same in conduits: This device comprises an end piece 4. Said end piece 4 has a cylindrical body having a longitudinal axis, comprising a front portion 8 and a rear portion 6. Front portion 8 is a convex envelope of revolution about said axis, and rear portion 6 has a recess in the... Agent:

20150137054 - Line hauling device: A line hauling device such as a windlass is disclosed for marine craft. The device has a support, a drum held on the support and rotatable with respect to the support, a motor for selectably driving rotation of the drum in a forward (hauling) direction and a reverse (paying out)... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150129820 - Dual level, trailerable mechanic's ramp: An extremely compact, trailerable vehicle ramp that utilizes a unique, economical manner of locking the lift and raising the vehicle that is adapted to provide both safety and convenience for the user. The lift can be locked into a horizontal position with the base frame raised so that it can... Agent:

20150129821 - Swing-down jack with locks: The present invention provides a swing down jack for mounting to a vehicle to elevate the vehicle. The jack includes a mounting bracket and a leg. The leg includes an outer tube pivotally connected to the bracket along a first pivot axis, and an inner tube telescopically arranged within the... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 9 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150123052 - Commercial lifting device-power unit with leveling pads: A power unit includes a rectangular frame having a forward end for operating the jack stand; a middle portion for retaining the lifting mechanism; a rearward end for controlling the power unit. A pair of lift arms acting in parallel have forward ends, central portions and rearward ends and are... Agent:

20150123055 - Commercial lifting device-power unit with safety mechanism: A power unit (or a hydraulic floor jack) includes a rectangular frame with side flanges and has a tubular handle enclosing a control shaft and a control knob. A pivotal lifting mechanism is mounted on the frame including a pair of parallel lift arms having rearward ends interconnected by a... Agent:

20150123053 - Commercial lifting device-power unit with slide forward bridge: A bridge traverses along lift arms of a power unit, having leveling pads with inner rectangular plates and roller bearings; and each lift arms has an inner slide plate. The bridge has the general shape of a rectangular block and has a first longitudinal recess in each side, having a... Agent:

20150123054 - Rack for transporting jack stands: Each jack stand includes a rectangular bottom plate having a pair of rectangular openings therein. The rack has a rectangular platform having a lateral loading side, a width a little larger than the jack-stand-length, and a length equal to a multiple of the jack stand widths. A plurality of L-shaped... Agent:

20150123059 - Lifting devices: The present inventions provides a lifting device (101) comprising a main body (105) being of a generally elongate form, said main body (105) having at one end thereof a transport means (102, 120) to allow said device to translate relative to the ground, a boom portion (103) cooperating with said... Agent:

20150123051 - Commercial lifting device-power unit with bridge latching mechanism: A power unit has a frame with a bottom and a pair of lift arms with a cover plate, and a bridge. A lower latch member has a forward end, a middle portion and a rearward end with the middle portion pivotally connected near the lower inner side of one... Agent:

20150123056 - Tackle for displacing a load: The disclosed tackle for displacing a load includes a hydraulic motor assembly for displacing a tensile member that is connectable to the load and a hydraulic pump assembly to drive the hydraulic motor, which hydraulic pump assembly is manually operable for driving the pump.... Agent:

20150123058 - Safety arrangement for a portable power driven system: The present invention relates to a safety arrangement for a portable power driven system, such as an ascender/descender arrangement, specifically in relation to safety means for minimizing risks with items rotating during the operation of the power driven system.... Agent:

20150123057 - Winch with drum-encased brushless dc motor: A winch having a brushless DC motor, the brushless DC motor having a fixed, non-rotating shaft and a rotating housing; and a rotating drum mounted to the rotating housing, wherein the rotating housing is fully encased within the rotating drum.... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150115212 - Portable automobile lift and methods of use: A portable, lightweight hydraulic lift apparatus that includes a lower frame, an upper frame, and multiple legs connecting the upper and lower frames on which the frames can pivot to place the upper frame either flat on the lower frame or positioned above and in parallel with the lower frame.... Agent:

20150115211 - Pulling device and method therefor: A puller is provided with a number of advantages. Pullers are described that have a high power to weight ratio, and a high power to volume ratio. Examples of pullers and pulling systems include configurations that provide high cable friction in a small device volume. Examples of pullers and pulling... Agent:

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