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Implements or apparatus for applying pushing or pulling force

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10/02/2014 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20140291594 - Pallet jack power assembly: A pallet jack includes a forked frame and a jacking cylinder, and is supported at least in part by left and right steering wheels. A drive wheel may be located between the left and right steering wheels, with a center of each of the steering wheels and a center of... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140284532 - Bridge lifting support bracket: A bridge lifting support bracket is disclosed, which comprises a supporting mechanism, comprising a bracket having a depressed area at a face thereof and a raising portion disposed at two sides of the bracket, respectively; and at least two jacks, disposed on a bottom face of the raising portions, respectively.... Agent: China Engineering Consultants, Inc.

20140284530 - Shoe attachment for propping hand trucks: The present invention is a shoe attachment and a method of use thereof. The shoe attachment allows a hand truck user to retrieve the hand truck more easily and efficiently after unloading boxes. The device comprises a metal plate with a hook and a pair of slots. The metal plate... Agent:

20140284531 - Orbital winch: Orbital winch having: lower and upper frames; spool having upper and lower flanges with lower flange attached to lower frame; axial tether guide mounted to upper frame; secondary slewing ring coaxial with spool and rotatably mounted to upper frame, wherein secondary slewing ring's outer surface has gearing; upper tether guide... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140264203 - Handheld control unit for automotive lift: An apparatus for operating a vehicle lift comprises at least one lifting assembly, a control unit, and a control pendant. The control pendant is configured to remotely control the motion of the vehicle lift through the control unit. The control pendant is configured to permit the lifting of a vehicle... Agent: Vehicle Service Group, LLC

20140264207 - Electric assist cart: Disclosed is an electric assist cart that can travel by applying an assisting force in addition to a driving force applied by an operator. A controller operates an electric motor to apply a determined assisting force to a drive wheel and lifts or lowers a deck lift portion in response... Agent:

20140264204 - Exposed headed-element pulling apparatus: The present application is directed to an exposed headed-element pulling apparatus for pulling exposed headed-elements such as double headed nails from embedding material. The apparatus comprises a hooking element having a blow nozzle. The hooking element is connected to a linear actuator. A spacer element is integrated with the linear... Agent:

20140264208 - Multi-purpose hammer: A multi-purpose hammer includes a hammer head connected to a handle. The hammer head includes an anvil, two claws, a horn and a protuberance. The claws extend substantially opposite to the anvil. The horn extends from one of the claws. The protuberance is formed between the anvil and the claws.... Agent:

20140264216 - Handle system: A handle system that securely joins a handle to a lifting assembly when the lifting assembly is not in use. The handle detachably joins with a lift portion of the lifting assembly and manipulates the lift portion to operate the lifting assembly. After use, the handle detaches from the lift... Agent:

20140264215 - Scissors lift assembly for jacking tower: A scissors lift assembly includes a top frame, a bottom frame, and a pair of scissors assemblies, each extending between the top frame and the bottom frame to move the top frame relative to the bottom frame. The scissors lift assembly also includes a safety catch mechanism coupled to at... Agent:

20140264205 - Systems and methods for recharging an auto-injector: Systems, devices, and methods are described for resetting an auto-injector. In one aspect, a device for resetting an auto-injector comprises a housing having a receiving shaft into which the auto-injector can be inserted in a receiving direction, a reset element configured to engage a collar of the auto-injector, and a... Agent:

20140264206 - Elastically deformable conduit assembly and method of fittingly retaining wires: An elastically deformable conduit assembly includes a conduit comprising an outer surface and formed of an elastically deformable material, the conduit configured to deform from a relaxed condition to an elastically deformed condition. Also included is a mating component configured to engage the outer surface of the conduit in the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140264209 - Hoist and winch cable angle sensor: An assembly includes a hoist or a winch, a cable, and a fleet angle sensor. The fleet angle sensor includes a frame disposed around an opening. A first photodetector with multiple light-receiving zones is mounted on the frame. A first light source is mounted on the frame opposite the first... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20140264210 - Pulling tool: A pulling tool is provided with a rotatable drum having a cable wound thereon. A motor is drivingly connected to the rotatable drum and the rotatable drum and motor are disposed within a unique housing structure. The rotatable drum is driven by a planetary gear system that is disposed within... Agent: Warn Industries, Inc.

20140264211 - Pulling tool: A pulling tool is provided with a rotatable drum having a cable wound thereon. A motor is drivingly connected to the rotatable drum and the rotatable drum and motor are disposed within a unique housing structure. The rotatable drum is driven by a planetary gear system that is disposed within... Agent: Warn Industries, Inc.

20140264212 - Winch apparatus: Provided is a winch apparatus including two exchangeable and interchangeable gears connecting a motor to a drum, the drum being operative to extend and retract a flexible line. By exchanging and interchanging the gears to effect a change in the ratio of the diameters of the first gear to the... Agent: Ftsi, LLC

20140264213 - Telescoping boom hoist system: A telescoping boom hoist system is a tree mounted system that provides a hunter with a facilitated means of raising and installing a tree stand. The telescoping boom hoist system is provided with a collapsible design that allows for facilitated transport and handling. The apparatus utilizes a telescopic boom and... Agent:

20140264214 - Equalizing rigging block for use with a synthetic roundsling: An equalizing rigging block for use with a synthetic roundsling is disclosed. The rigging block includes in preferred embodiments (a) a flatter and wider sheave to better accommodate a wider or flatter cross-section synthetic roundsling; (b) higher side sections for the sheave; and (c) a plurality of stacked bearings along... Agent:

09/11/2014 > 8 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140252284 - Load-handling device: A load-handling device for lowering a limb from a tree comprising a base having an elongated plate, at least one cylindrical protuberance secured to the base, and a plurality of non-penetrable teeth extending outward from the base toward the trunk of the tree. The load-handling device also includes at least... Agent:

20140252285 - Side recovery boom apparatus for tow truck: A side recovery boom for a tow truck, which is attached to a chassis of the tow truck, includes a frame, a boom, a stabilizer arm, and a winch system. The boom which extends in and out of the frame is telescopically connected with a boom track of the frame... Agent:

20140252286 - Remote winch clutch system: A winch is provided including a rotatable drum and a gear train drivingly connecting a motor to the rotatable drum. The gear train includes a clutch that is operable to be disengaged to allow the rotatable drum to free spool. A clutch actuator is provided for disengaging the clutch and... Agent: Warn Industries, Inc.

20140252287 - Trailer jack plunger pin release lever system: A lever system for actuating a plunger pin on a trailer jack includes a lever, an attachment member for attaching the lever to the plunger pin and an engagement member which limits the movement of the lower end of the lever toward the trailer jack.... Agent:

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