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Implements or apparatus for applying pushing or pulling force

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07/10/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140191171 - Lawn mower lifting machine: A lawn mower lifting machine includes a frame, a power device, a lifting device, a limit device and a support device. The frame includes a bottom frame and a jack installing board frame. The power device includes a jack with the top coupled to the lifting device and the bottom... Agent: Shanghai Cartec Industrial And Trading Co., Ltd

20140191170 - Cable pulling device with positioning and holding plates: A roller support structure is used during wire or cable installation for substantial labor savings during the wire or cable pulling process and for protection of the wire or cable. The wire or cable is pulled through a cable fitting by installing a roller support structure containing rollers onto the... Agent:

07/03/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140183430 - Jack for disaster relief: A jack for disaster relief includes a hydrogen gas supply structure for heating a hydrogen absorbing alloy by means of a heat source and supplying a hydrogen gas absorbed in the hydrogen absorbing alloy, and an operation structure to be extended by a pressure of the hydrogen gas supplied from... Agent: Asuka Electric

20140183426 - Wire handheld tool: A wire handheld tool including a handle contiguous to a shank with a wire engaging end. The wire engaging end may be a helically shaped portion used to engage one or more wires thereto. The wire handheld tool can be used to insert, remove, and/or replace wires contained in wire... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140183427 - Rope rolling structure of a hand puller: A rope rolling structure of a hand puller contains a fixing member and a rope roller. The fixing member includes a base, a central shaft assembly, two ratchet wheels, and a lower stopping piece. The base has a first segment and a second segment, and the first segment has two... Agent: Win Chance Metal Co., Ltd.

20140183428 - Hoist spooling assembly and methods of using same: A hoist spooling assembly for spooling a cable about a drum while preventing relative movement between the cable and the drum. The hoist spooling assembly evenly delivers force from a roller to the cable while reducing the incidence of spooling problems, including mechanical wear of the cable and formation of... Agent: Longyear Tm, Inc.

20140183429 - Single ratchet actuator with dual air drivers: An air driven actuator (100) uses oppositely disposed reciprocating air drivers (122, 124) to cause a single ratchet (146) to rotate via a drive plate (150) and a pawl (170). The ratchet (146) rotates a drive tube (144) that can further extend or retract landing gear on a semi-trailer.... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140175350 - Industrial truck with load rollers located in swiveling load roller carriers: An industrial truck (1) has a drive section (2) and a movable load section (4). The load section (4) has at least one wheelarm (5) with at least one load roller (6) rotatably mounted in a load roller carrier (12) which is mounted by a swivel bearing (13) on the... Agent: Om Carrelli Elevatori S.p.a.

20140175351 - Industrial truck with wheelarm lever system: An industrial truck (1) has a drive section (2) and a load section (4) movable relative to the drive section (2). The load section (4) has at least one wheelarm (5) with at least one load roller (6). A linkage (10) is connected with the load roller (6). A lever... Agent: Om Carrelli Elevatori S.p.a.

20140175352 - Hammer with linearly adjustable ratcheting claw: A hammer has a claw assembly that is moveable relative to the head of the hammer so as to improve leverage and range of prying for nail removal. The ratcheting mechanism may be automatic or manual.... Agent:

20140175349 - Cable routing apparatus: This invention is a machine designed to route the preliminary rope or small gauge cables in cable tray while creating a safer and easier work environment. The machine will be placed on top of the cable tray and be used to route desired cables. It will utilize a wireless remote... Agent:

20140175353 - Compact hoist system: A hoist system having a drum primarily self-contained within a batten, for raising and lowering lighting, sound equipment, curtains and the like in a performance environment. The hoist system may be adapted with safety mechanisms including an overload sensor and/or a slack line detector. The system may be provided in... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140166951 - Industrial truck with load rollers located on load roller carriers on a wheelarm: An industrial truck (1) has a drive section (2) and a load section (4) movable relative to the drive section (2). The load section (4) has at least one wheelarm (5) having at least one load roller (6). The load roller (6) is rotatably mounted in a load roller carrier... Agent: Om Carrelli Elevatori S.p.a.

20140166950 - Portable trailer stands: Example portable trailer stands for supporting parked trailers are disclosed herein. Some example portable trailer stands disclosed herein comprise two telescopic posts supporting a generally horizontal beam. Some examples include spring-loaded retractable wheels for selectively installing and removing the trailer stand from underneath a trailer left parked on a driveway.... Agent:

20140166954 - Compact portable lifting apparatus: A lifting apparatus operable to lift an object is provided. The lifting apparatus may include a base having a receiving recess and an actuatable cylinder movable between a collapsed configuration and a fully extended configuration to lift the object during a lifting operation. The actuable cylinder and the base may... Agent:

20140166952 - Hoist: A hoist includes a cable configured to lower and to raise a load, and a drum arranged to be rotatably seated about an axis of rotation and configured to wind up and to unwind the cable. The drum comprises a flanged wheel which comprises a securing device configured to secure... Agent: Aker Wirth Gmbh

20140166953 - Hoist limiting systems and methods: A hoist rotation limiting system for a hoist. A hoist drum has a grooved exterior surface configured to position a cable in a predetermined position relative to the ends and longitudinal axis of the hoist drum as the cable is wound onto or off of the hoist drum. Upon the... Agent: Longyear Tm, Inc.

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