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Image analysis

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08/07/2014 > 89 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20140219495 - Method and system for adding and detecting watermark: A watermarking method and system are provided. The watermarking system includes a server and a client in communication with each other. At first, the client sends a login request to the server. The server authenticates an access right of the client to access specific multimedia data and generates an identification... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140219496 - Systems and methods for generating bookmark video fingerprints: Systems and methods for replacing original media bookmarks of at least a portion of a digital media file with replacement bookmarks is described. A media fingerprint engine detects the location of the original fingerprints associated with the portion of the digital media file and a region analysis algorithm characterizes regions... Agent:

20140219498 - Data acquisition method and device for motion recognition, motion recognition system and computer readable storage medium: A data acquisition method and device for motion recognition, a motion recognition system and a computer readable storage medium are disclosed. The data acquisition device for motion recognition comprises: an initial motion recognition module adapted to perform an initial recognition with respect to motion data collected by a sensor and... Agent:

20140219500 - Image reporting method: An image reporting method is provided. The image reporting method comprises the steps of retrieving an image representation of a sample structure from an image source; mapping a generic structure to the sample structure, the generic structure being related to the sample structure; determining a region of interest within the... Agent:

20140219504 - Object detection device: It's an object of the invention to provide an object detection device capable of detecting an object for detection in an input image with high precision. In an object detection device 1, a detection window setting unit 11 receives a photographic image 21 photographed by a camera. The detection window... Agent: Megachips Corporation

20140219505 - Pedestrian behavior predicting device and pedestrian behavior predicting method: According to the present invention, a pedestrian is detected from an imaged image and a partial image including the pedestrian is extracted, shape information of the pedestrian acquired from the extracted partial image is accumulated and the shape information of a predetermined time before and the current shape information are... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140219502 - Position and orientation measuring apparatus, information processing apparatus and information processing method: There is provided a position and orientation measurement apparatus, information processing apparatus, and an information processing method, capable of performing robust measurement of a position and orientation. In order to achieve the apparatuses and method, at least one coarse position and orientation of a target object is acquired from an... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140219501 - Recognizing method of flaky or blocky prohibited articles, explosives or drugs: The present invention discloses recognizing methods of flaky or blocky prohibited articles, explosives or drugs. Specifically, the method for recognizing flaky prohibited articles, explosives or drugs comprises steps of: (1) reading in tomogram data of an object to be inspected for one tomogram; (2) pre-processing the tomogram data; (3) splitting... Agent:

20140219497 - Temporal winner takes all spiking neuron network sensory processing apparatus and methods: Apparatus and methods for contrast enhancement and feature identification. In one implementation, an image processing apparatus utilizes latency coding and a spiking neuron network to encode image brightness into spike latency. The spike latency is compared to a saliency window in order to detect early responding neurons. Salient features of... Agent: Brain Corporation

20140219503 - Thronging determination device and thronging determination method: A thronging determination device for determining occurrence of a thronging state in which persons are gathered locally, includes an image receiving unit that receives a moving image, an image dividing unit that divides an input image received by the image receiving unit into local regions, and a degree-of-congestion estimating unit... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140219499 - Visual tracking framework: A computer program product tangibly embodied in a computer-readable storage medium includes instructions that when executed by a processor perform a method. The method includes identifying a frame of a video sequence, transforming a model into an initial guess for how the region appears in the frame, performing an exhaustive... Agent: Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd.

20140219509 - Device and method for measuring the characteristic angles and dimensions of wheels, steering system and chassis of vehicles in general: A device for measuring the characteristic angles and dimensions of wheels, steering system and chassis of vehicles in general, comprising a plurality of three-dimensional optical readers which are functionally connected to a computer and can be arranged peripherally to a vehicle whose dimensions and characteristic angles of wheels, steering system... Agent: Cemb S.p.a.

20140219510 - Driving assistance system: A vehicle (1) having a vehicle information acquisition unit (11) which acquires image captured by a vehicle mounted sensor (20) and a camera (21), a vehicle information transmission unit (13) which transmits vehicle information data indicating information acquired by the vehicle information acquisition unit (11) to a host computer (50),... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140219507 - Machine vision based obstacle avoidance system: Machine vision based obstacle avoidance system is provided. The system utilizes a CCD camera to capture an image. A normalized image and dynamic masking is used in object detection.... Agent: Indian Institute Of Science

20140219506 - Method and control unit for transmitting data on a current vehicle environment to an headlight control unit of a vehicle: A method for transmitting data on a current vehicle environment to a headlight control unit of a vehicle. In this context, the data were taken using a camera, a plausibility check being able to take place via an additional sensor system. The method includes a step of reading in object... Agent:

20140219508 - Method for controlling a vehicle boot lid of a vehicle and associated vehicle: A method for controlling a vehicle lid of a vehicle includes the following steps: A user is identified in the vicinity of the lid; at least one image of the user is captured by a camera; the captured image is evaluated as to whether the lid needs to be opened;... Agent: Audi Ag

20140219511 - Derivative imaging for subsurface object detection: A series of scans is generated for a subsurface and a derivative image is created using the series of subsurface images. One or more tests are performed on the derivative image, and a subsurface object is detected based on the one or more tests. A sensor is configured to generate... Agent: Vermeer Manufacturing Company

20140219512 - Information processing apparatus and information processing method: An information processing apparatus comprises a storage module configured to store feature amounts of standard commodities; an image capturing module configured to photograph a commodity to capture an image of the commodity; an extraction module configured to extract feature amount of the commodity from the image captured by the image... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20140219513 - Probability of accidental garment match: A digital image of a first garment having one or more first garment portions is received. A user has identified the first garment portions as matching one or more corresponding second garment portions of a second garment. The probability of accidental match of the first garment within the digital image... Agent: Quantum Signal, LLC

20140219514 - Automated metric information network: A Metric Information Network (MIN) with a plurality of Ground Control Points (GCPs) that are selected in an automated fashion. The GCP selection includes clustering algorithms as compared to prior art pair-wise matching algorithms. Further, the image processing that takes place in identifying interest points, clustering, and selecting tie points... Agent: Digitalglobe, Inc.

20140219515 - User identification by gesture recognition: A user can be identified and/or authenticated to an electronic device by analyzing aspects of a motion or gesture made by that user. At least one imaging element of the device can capture image information including the motion or gesture, and can determine time-dependent information about that motion or gesture... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140219516 - System and method for iris detection in digital images: A system and a method for iris detection in a face region of a digital image are disclosed. In one embodiment, iris is detected in the face region of the digital image using eye features, such as a shape of the iris and/or luminance values of a sclera region.... Agent: Ittiam Systems (p) Ltd.

20140219518 - Estimating apparatus, method thereof, and computer program product therefor: An estimating apparatus configured to estimate a correct attribute value is provided. The estimating apparatus extracts feature quantities from an image including a person, calculates a first likelihood of the feature quantity for respective attribute classes; calculating second likelihoods for the respective attribute classes from the first likelihoods for the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140219517 - Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for efficiently recognizing faces of images associated with various illumination conditions: An apparatus for recognizing faces with different illuminations may include a processor and memory storing executable computer program code causing the apparatus to at least perform operations including detecting and extracting face data of a first candidate face of a first image and a second candidate face of a second... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140219519 - Traffic control apparatus, method thereof, and program therefor: There is provided a traffic control apparatus including: an image input unit configured to input an image including a face of a user; a face detecting unit configured to detect a face area of the user from the image; a generating unit configured to obtain a difference between a state... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140219523 - Apparatus and method for fingerprinting sensing: A biometric sensor apparatus and method are disclosed, which may comprise a flexible substrate comprising a first side surface and a second side surface opposing the first side surface; a biometric sensor portion comprising biometric image sensing elements formed on the second side surface forming at least part of a... Agent: Synaptics Incorporated

20140219521 - Biometric sensing device for three dimensional imaging of subcutaneous structures embedded within finger tissue: A system, apparatus and method for obtaining biometric data from characteristics of a fingerprint and obtaining characteristics of subcutaneous structures that are embedded within finger tissue and located in relation to the fingerprint.... Agent: Sonavation, Inc.

20140219520 - Intelligent matcher based on situational or spatial orientation: Predicting likely fingerprint information (most likely finger, orientation, or otherwise), responsive to situational information or spatial orientation, for matching with a function button. The device determines first, second, and further likely choices. Responsive to display orientation and an accelerometer, the device determines whether the function button is on the right... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140219522 - Method for identifying an individual and corresponding device: A method for identifying an individual having at least one physical print that includes at least one fingerprint. The method includes a print marking step by which at least one physical print is marked at at least one minutia. The print marking step comprises either affixing at least one material... Agent: Gemalto Sa

20140219526 - Device and method for classifying a condition based on image analysis: An image analysis device includes circuitry that receives one or more input images and detects a plurality of anatomical landmarks on the one or more input images using a pre-determined face model. The circuitry extracts a plurality of geometric and local texture features based on the plurality of anatomical landmarks.... Agent: Children's National Medical Center

20140219524 - Medical image processing apparatus and method thereof: [Solving Means] A medical image processing apparatus acquires volume data of a heat, detects a three-dimensional left ventricle coordinate system composed of three axes including at least a left ventricle long axis of the heart from the volume data; uses a boundary model expressed in the left ventricle coordinate system... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140219525 - Method to prepare an interventional and/or diagnostic imaging procedure with at least two different medical imaging modalitites: In a method and medical imaging system to prepare an interventional and/or diagnostic imaging procedure to be conducted with at least two different medical imaging modalities of the system, a patient is positioned on a patient support device and the patient support device, together with the patient, are moved into... Agent:

20140219528 - Methods and systems for image data processing: Methods, storage mediums, and systems for image data processing are provided. Embodiments for the methods, storage mediums, and systems include configurations to perform one or more of the following steps: background signal measurement, particle identification using classification dye emission and cluster rejection, inter-image alignment, inter-image particle correlation, fluorescence integration of... Agent: Luminex Corporation

20140219527 - System for frame selection for optimal registration of a multi-frame dataset: A system and method includes data representing a sequence of X-ray images of a portion of patient anatomy acquired over a time interval and signal data representing electrical activity of the heart of the patient over the time interval, determination of a score value for each image of said sequence... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20140219529 - Alterative noise map estimation methods for ct images: Noise map for CT images have been estimated by generalizing the prior art even-and-odd views approach. One example is to estimate a noise map from images reconstructed from three sets of independent views. A second example is to estimate a noise map from images reconstructed by using two sets of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140219534 - Interactive live segmentation with automatic selection of optimal tomography slice: An apparatus for automatic selection of optimal tomography slices by executing a number of tentative segmentations using the same interactively provided in-slice seed point on some or all available tomography slices. The appropriate segmentation boundaries are then marked and the slice with the best segmentation goodness value (figure of merit)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140219533 - Magnetic resonance imaging device, and method for generating magnetic susceptibility enhanced image: There is provided a technique for obtaining a magnetic susceptibility-weighted image in which contrast difference of a tissue of interest and a surrounding tissue can be emphasized regardless of the positional relationship of the B0 direction and the imaging slice. A phase image is converted into a susceptibility map not... Agent:

20140219530 - System and method for acquiring optoacoustic data and producing parametric maps using subband acoustic compensation: A method is disclosed for generating sinograms by sampling transducers acoustically coupled with a surface of a volume after a pulse of light, each transducer being associated with a channel in an optoacoustic imaging system, and processing at least two multi-channel sinograms, each corresponding to a different one of the... Agent: Seno Medical Instruments, Inc.

20140219532 - System and method for estimating a quantity of interest of a dynamic artery/tissue/vein system: The invention relates to a system and a method for estimating a quantity of interest of a dynamic artery/tissue/vein system of an elementary volume—referred to as a voxel—of an organ based on medical images according to the methods referred to as oSVD or cSVD. The invention discloses two embodiments which... Agent: Olea Medical

20140219531 - Systems and methods for accelerated dynamic magnetic resonance imaging: Some aspects of the present disclosure relate to systems and methods for accelerated dynamic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In an example embodiment, a method includes acquiring undersampled MRI data corresponding to a set of images associated with an area of interest of a subject, and separating an image of the... Agent: University Of Virginia Licensing And Ventures Group

20140219535 - Systems and methods for detecting the presence of anomalous material within tissue: In one embodiment, the presence of anomalous material within tissue is detected by scanning a patient using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to obtain MRI data, identifying individual voxels of the MRI data, identifying multiple parameters of each voxel, and determining as to each voxel based upon the identified parameters the... Agent:

20140219536 - Image analysis apparatus, radiation imaging apparatus, image analysis method, and storage medium: An image analysis apparatus detects a periodic signal corresponding to an arrangement of a grid, which is required to reduce scattered radiation components from an object, from an image obtained by radiation imaging using the grid. The image analysis apparatus includes: a setting unit configured to set a plurality of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140219537 - Vascular outlining with ostia visualization: An apparatus and a related method of processing a 2D projection image (110a-b) taken of a tubular structure comprising two or more tubes. One of the tubes branches off from the other at a sidewall opening. The apparatus is configured to estimate a position of the sidewall opening. The estimation... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140219538 - Method and software for analysing microbial growth: A method for analysing microbial growth on a solid culture medium, the method including obtaining image data of the solid culture medium and any microbial growth, generating an associated feature vector of values obtained by applying one or more filters to the image data, using a classifier to classify each... Agent:

20140219539 - Image diagnostic device and image assessment method: Provided is an image diagnostic device with which the start and end of the in-flow of a contrast medium are automatically assessed. An image diagnostic device assesses the start and end times of the in-flow of a contrast medium into organs in a lifeform which is a subject. The image... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20140219540 - Method and apparatus for ocr detection of valuable documents by means of a matrix camera: The invention relates to a method for OCR detection of valuable documents in a cash dispenser in the case of which an image of the valuable document is detected by means of a digital video or matrix camera. A Hough transformation is used to calculate edge lines of the valuable... Agent: Wincor Nixdorf International Gmbh

20140219541 - Method for determining markings in relief on the outer surface of the sidewall of a tyre: A method of determining relief markings on a tyre's sidewall surface includes assigning, to each pixel of a three-dimensional image of the surface, a grey-level value proportional to an elevation point corresponding to the pixel, to obtain a starting image. Using linear structuring elements of successively increasing sizes and oriented... Agent: Compagnie Generale Des Etablissements Michelin

20140219542 - Method of generating height information in circuit board inspection apparatus: A method of generating height information in a circuit board inspection apparatus, first, obtaining a first image corresponding to a first area and a second image corresponding to a second area with partially overlapped to the first area of a test board. Next, the first image and the second image... Agent: Koh Young Technology Inc

20140219543 - Defect determination in integrated circuit manufacturing process: A method includes inspecting a wafer to find a first potential defect having a first wafer coordinate, and capturing a patch image of the first potential defect from the wafer. The patch image is compared with patterns of a wafer representation to find a first layout coordinate of a location... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140219544 - Detecting defects on a wafer using defect-specific and multi-channel information: Methods and systems for detecting defects on a wafer using defect-specific and multi-channel information are provided. One method includes acquiring information for a target on a wafer. The target includes a pattern of interest (POI) formed on the wafer and a known defect of interest (DOI) occurring proximate to or... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140219546 - Method and apparatus for reviewing defect: A method for reviewing defect, comprising the steps of: as an image acquisition step, imaging a surface of a sample using arbitrary image acquisition condition selected from a plurality of image acquisition conditions and obtaining a defect image; as a defect position calculation step, proceeding the defect image obtained by... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140219545 - Semiconductor inspection system: When the lengths of FEM wafers are automatically measured, not only the sizes of targets, the lengths of which are to be measured, are often varied from those in registration, but also the patterns of the targets are often deformed. Therefore, it is difficult to automatically determine whether the length... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140219551 - 3d photo creation system and method: The present application is directed to a 3D photo creation system and method, wherein the 3D photo creation system including: a stereo image input module configurated to input a stereo image; wherein the stereo image comprises a left eye image and a right eye image; a depth estimation module configurated... Agent: City Image Technology Ltd.

20140219549 - Method and apparatus for active stereo matching: An active stereo matching method includes extracting a pattern from a stereo image, generating a depth map through a stereo matching using the extracted pattern, calculating an aggregated cost for a corresponding disparity using a window kernel generated using the extracted pattern and a cost volume generated for the stereo... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140219548 - Method and system for on-site learning of landmark detection models for end user-specific diagnostic medical image reading: A method and system for on-line learning of landmark detection models for end-user specific diagnostic image reading is disclosed. A selection of a landmark to be detected in a 3D medical image is received. A current landmark detection result for the selected landmark in the 3D medical image is determined... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20140219547 - Method for increasing resolutions of depth images: A resolution of a low resolution depth image is increased by applying joint geodesic upsampling to a high resolution image to obtain a geodesic distance map. Depths in the low resolution depth image are interpolated using the geodesic distance map to obtain a high resolution depth image. The high resolution... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc

20140219550 - Silhouette-based pose estimation: Estimating a pose of an articulated 3D object model (4) by a computer is done by •obtaining a sequence of source images (10) and therefrom corresponding source image segments (13) with objects (14) separated from the image background; •matching such a sequence (51) with sequences (52) of reference silhouettes (13′),... Agent: Liberovision Ag

20140219552 - Denoising of images with nonstationary noise: An input image is denoised by first constructing a pixel-wise noise variance map from the input image. The noise has spatially varying variances. The input image is partitioned into patches using the noise variance map. An intermediate image is determined from the patches. Collaborative filtering is applied to each patch... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

20140219553 - Method for improving classification results of a classifier: A method for improving classification results of a classifier including receiving classification results for a plurality of elements that have been classified by a classifier as one of a plurality of classes, constructing a graph having a plurality of nodes, each node corresponding to one of the elements, and a... Agent:

20140219554 - Pattern recognition apparatus, method thereof, and program product therefor: When a feature vector is converted to a reduced vector, a converting unit samples N components of interest from the M components of the feature vector, executes the process of calculating one component of the reduced vector from the N components of interest by d times to create the d-dimensional... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140219555 - Method for detecting and removing scrolling texts during video communication: A method for detecting and removing scrolling texts comprising a step of using an adaptive transient difference processing of video communication to conduct frame calculation, wherein the adaptive transient difference processing takes first N frames fjkt−N and a current frame fjkt, and subtracts them to obtain a frame difference; and... Agent: National Yunlin University Of Science And Technology

20140219556 - Generalized robust multichannel feature detector: A method can include performing a local search for a local optimal color within a local neighborhood of a multichannel image, projecting the local neighborhood of the multichannel image to a single-channel basis, and applying a single-channel detector to this projected local neighborhood.... Agent: Intel Corporation

20140219557 - Image identification method, electronic device, and computer program product: An image identification method, an electronic device with image identification function and a computer program product executing the image identification method with a software program are provided. The image identification method comprises steps of: proceeding texture feature extraction on a color source image to obtain a plurality of texture parameters;... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140219558 - Mixed mode for frame buffer compression: Certain aspects relate to systems and techniques for compressing image data using mixed mode compression schemes. A mixed mode compression scheme can reduce the amount of data stored in a frame buffer to reduce power costs of an image display system. In some implementations, mixed mode compression can be suitable... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140219559 - Apparatus and method for segmenting an image: A method and system for segmenting a plurality of images. The method comprises the steps of segmenting the image through a novel clustering technique that is, generating a composite depth map including temporally stable segments of the image as well as segments in subsequent images that have changed. These changes... Agent:

20140219560 - Rule-based segmentation for objects with frontal view in color images: A method of labeling pixels in an image in which pixels in the image that represent human skin of one or more people are detected and one or more regions in the image are identified, where each region in the one or more regions includes all or a portion of... Agent: Flashfoto, Inc.

20140219561 - Character segmentation device and character segmentation method: A character segmentation section, for segmenting characters of a character line may include a minimum pixel-value curve creating section configured to extract a smallest pixel value in pixels composing a pixel line arranged in a direction orthogonal to a character line direction in said multi-level image data and create a... Agent: Nidec Sankyo Corporation

20140219562 - System and methods for arabic text recognition based on effective arabic text feature extraction: A method for automatically recognizing Arabic text includes building an Arabic corpus comprising Arabic text files written in different writing styles and ground truths corresponding to each of the Arabic text files, storing writing-style indices in association with the Arabic text files, digitizing an Arabic word to form an array... Agent: King Abdulaziz City For Science & Technology

20140219563 - Label-embedding for text recognition: A system and method for comparing a text image and a character string are provided. The method includes embedding a character string into a vectorial space by extracting a set of features from the character string and generating a character string representation based on the extracted features, such as a... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140219564 - Electronic device and handwritten document processing method: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a display processor, a transmitter and a receiver. The display processor displays on a screen a handwritten document including a plurality of strokes described by handwriting. The transmitter transmits to a system a handwritten part designated by a select range on the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140219565 - Multiple-input handwriting recognition system and measure thereof: Disclosed is a handwriting recognition system with a plurality of input modes, including a storage unit, a touch screen display unit, and a processing unit. The storage unit stores character fonts; each of the character fonts corresponds to at least one of the input modes. The touch screen display unit... Agent: Inventec Appliances Corp.

20140219568 - Automated user information provision using images: A method for automated user information provision using an image includes requesting at least one user information image in response to receiving a user information form from a requesting entity over a network. The at least one user information image is received from a camera. The at least one user... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20140219567 - Keypoint descriptor generation by complex wavelet analysis: The present application relates to a method of generating a keypoint descriptor for identifying an object in an image or a sequence of images, the keypoint descriptor being substantially invariant to a transformation of the object in the image. The method includes receiving object data representing an object for identification... Agent: Cortexica Vision Systems Limited

20140219566 - Methods and systems for content processing: Cell phones and other portable devices are equipped with a variety of technologies by which existing functionality can be improved, and new functionality can be provided. Some relate to visual search capabilities, and responding to different image inputs and different contexts. Others relate to processing of image data. Still others... Agent: Digimarc Corporation

20140219570 - Automated analysis of a motion: Generating an analysis of a motion is disclosed. A first computing device receives image data that includes a set of user images. Each user image in the set corresponds to a stage of a plurality of consecutive stages of the motion and depicts a user at the corresponding stage. For... Agent: Coley Sports And Entertainment LLC

20140219569 - Image recognition system and method for identifying similarities in different images: Embodiments for determining the similarity of different images are generally described herein. In some embodiments, image features of different images are converted to clusters, the clusters from each image are sorted based on one or more attributes of the clusters, and a plurality of three-point sets are generated for each... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140219571 - Time-based sentiment analysis for product and service features: Provided are a method, computer program product and system for reporting time-based sentiment for a product. Text analysis is performed on at least one communication. At least one feature for the product is determined based on the text analysis. A sentiment value is generated for the at least one feature... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140219572 - Enhanced video encoding using depth information: The invention is directed to systems, methods and computer program products for enhancing video encoding using depth information. An exemplary method comprises: determining, using a computing device, depth information associated with a first object in an image; determining, based on the depth information, that the first object is an object... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Ab

20140219573 - Pattern mode for frame buffer compression: Certain aspects relate to systems and techniques for compressing image data using pattern mode compression schemes. A pattern mode compression scheme can reduce the amount of data stored in a frame buffer to reduce power costs of an image display system. In some implementations, pattern mode compression can be suitable... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140219574 - System and method for digital image signal compression using intrinsic images: In a first exemplary embodiment of the present invention, an automated, computerized method is provided for processing an image. According to a feature of the present invention, the method comprises the steps of providing an image file depicting an image, in a computer memory, generating an intrinsic image corresponding to... Agent: Tandent Vision Science, Inc.

20140219576 - Image processing apparatus and control method thereof: An image processing apparatus comprises a captured image data acquisition unit configured to acquire captured image data, an information acquisition unit configured to acquire information of object distances of objects, a refocus image generation unit configured to generate a refocus image at a predetermined focus position in the captured image... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140219575 - Method, apparatus and computer program product for processing of images: In accordance with an example embodiment a method, apparatus and computer program product are provided. The method comprises determining a plurality of first pixels having resemblance with a second pixel associated with an image based on a depth information of the image. The method further comprises replacing the second pixel... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140219577 - Symmetric filter arithmetic apparatus and symmetric filter arithmetic method: A symmetric filter arithmetic apparatus includes a first data shuffling unit which reads a first data string that is a plurality of consecutive pieces of data from a register file and extract, from the first data string, a left-side data string that is a plurality of consecutive pieces of data... Agent:

20140219578 - Image processing method: An image processing method is provided and includes the following steps. A source image arranged in a Bayer pattern is captured. A first-order image process is performed on the source image to produce a first image in YCbCr format. A second-order image process is performed on the source image to... Agent:

20140219579 - Applying rapid numerical approximation of convolutions with filters for image processing purposes: A computer implemented method for A computer implemented method for applying a numerical approximation of a convolution of image I as represented by hierarchical signals al of level l with filter f, said method including the steps of: generating a forward transformation by applying a convolution between al and kernel... Agent: Yissum Research Development Compan

20140219580 - Systems and methods for performing object selection: Various embodiments are disclosed for selecting a region of interest within an object. One embodiment is a method for editing a digital image in an image editing device. The method comprises obtaining a first position within a digital image, the first position being specified by a pointer. The method further... Agent: Cyberlink Corp.

20140219582 - Image composition apparatus and method: Image composition apparatuses and methods are provided. The image composition method includes the steps of receiving a plurality of images having at least partial common scene, performing analysis on the plurality of images to determine at least one image feature of the plurality of images, determining at least two sub-regions... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140219581 - Method and electronic device for creating a combined image: The object is achieved by a method in an electronic device for creating a combined image. The method comprises obtaining (701) a first set of at least two sub-images recorded by an array camera. The method further comprises obtaining (702) a second set of at least two sub-images recorded by... Agent:

20140219583 - Personal information display system and associated method: A system for identification and/or authentication of a user in a travel terminal, the system comprising: a multiuser interactive screen having one or more interaction zones, with which a user can interact; an image generation system for generating information on the interaction zone to provide information to the user with... Agent: Amadeus S.a.s.

07/31/2014 > 89 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 72 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20140205137 - Method to trace video content processed by a decoder: The method traces the origin of a (illegally) distributed video material. It fingerprints a data object A having a nominal stream format F to provide a fingerprinted data object B including a pre-fingerprinting forensic luring process.... Agent: Nagravision S.a.

20140205136 - Visible light communication signal display method and apparatus: A visible light communication signal display method of displaying (i) an image represented by video signals and (ii) an image obtained by encoding visible light communication signals includes: encoding at least part of the visible light communication signals to generate an encoded image; generating a plurality of sub-images which correspond... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140205138 - Detecting the location of a keyboard on a desktop: Methods and systems for detecting the location of a keyboard on a desktop. The method includes receiving an image of the desktop with the keyboard situated thereon and analyzing the image of the desktop to identify an area of the image corresponding to the keyboard. In one example, the image... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140205149 - Doze detection method and apparatus thereof: A doze detection method, which accurately detects a blink burst and improves speed and accuracy of doze detection, includes measuring a state where the eye is substantially open as an open eye time and another state as a closed eye time, defining a time shorter than an average blink interval... Agent: Toyama Prefecture

20140205143 - Eyes-off-the-road classification with glasses classifier: A method for determining an Eyes-Off-The-Road (EOTR) condition exists includes capturing image data corresponding to a driver from a monocular camera device. A detection of whether the driver is wearing eye glasses based on the image data using an eye glasses classifier. When it is detected that the driver is... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140205144 - In-vehicle target detecting device: In an in-vehicle target detecting device, a captured image which is an image capturing an area ahead of the own vehicle is acquired at a predetermined measurement cycle. Radio waves are transmitted and received. Positional information indicating at least an orientation and a distance of at least one target candidate... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140205145 - Method and apparatus for tracking objects in a target area of a moving organ:

20140205142 - Method and apparatus of environment visualization for tele-operation through hierarchization of object characteristics: A method of environment visualization for a tele-operation, includes an augmented reality technology in which an image with various types of information is provided to a user to achieve fun and usefulness, and an apparatus and a method of environment visualization for a tele-operation, in which external factors are added... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140205139 - Object recognition system implementing image data transformation: A object recognition system has a camera configured to generate source image data and a processor configured to access the source image data from the camera. The processor is also configured to accesses state data of the camera and generate transformed image data from the source image data based at... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140205147 - Obstacle alert device: An obstacle alert device is capable of indicating clearly presence of an obstacle approaching a vehicle to a driver, without impairing visibility of a peripheral situation of the vehicle. The device includes a photographed image acquisition section acquiring a photographed image photographing a scene in the periphery of the vehicle,... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140205141 - Systems and methods for tracking and detecting a target object: A method for detecting and tracking a target object is described. The method includes performing motion-based tracking for a current video frame by comparing a previous video frame and the current video frame. The method also includes selectively performing object detection in the current video frame based on a tracked... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140205146 - Systems and methods of tracking object movements in three-dimensional space: The technology disclosed relates to tracking movement of a real world object in three-dimensional (3D) space. In particular, it relates to mapping, to image planes of a camera, projections of observation points on a curved volumetric model of the real world object. The projections are used to calculate a retraction... Agent: Leap Motion, Inc.

20140205140 - Systems, devices, and methods for tracking moving targets: A system for tracking a moving target having up to six degrees of freedom and rapidly determining positions of the target, said system includes an easy to locate precision optical target fixed to the target. This system includes at least two cameras positioned so as to view the optical camera... Agent: Kineticor, Inc.

20140205148 - Video search device, video search method, recording medium, and program: A video search device for video searches in which a user specifies the position and orientation of an object that should appear in a video. A receiver receives input of a still image, two reference positions in the still image and two target positions in a video frame. An extractor... Agent:

20140205151 - Information processing device, system, and information processing method: An information processing device according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a detection unit, a calculation unit, a determination unit, and an estimation unit. The detection unit detects each three-dimensional position of a plurality of parts of an instruction object for indicating an image output surface. The calculation... Agent:

20140205150 - Measurement apparatus and program: A region-setting unit sets, in an image, a region based on one reference point designated by a user in the image or a predetermined region as an extraction region. An edge extraction unit extracts an edge of the subject based on an image of the extraction region. When a plurality... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140205152 - Position and orientation measurement apparatus, position and orientation measurement method, and program: A position and orientation measurement apparatus for measuring the position and orientation of a target object includes a first search unit which searches a geometric model for a lost model region corresponding to a lost image region in a range image, a determination unit which determines whether or not a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140205153 - Systems, methods and computer-accessible mediums for authentication and verification of physical objects: Exemplary methodology, procedure, system, method and computer-accessible medium can be provided for authenticating a non-digital medium of a physical object, by receiving at least one image of video of at least one marked or unmarked region, and comparing the first microscopic image or video of at least one marked or... Agent: New York University

20140205154 - System for mapping and identification of plants using digital image processing and route generation: The present invention relates to a system and method for mapping of plants. Homogenous and heterogeneous flora areas called clusters are identified in remote sensing images and routes to the plant clusters are generated. The plants are classified using morphological data from foliar images of plants present in the clusters.... Agent: Vale S.a.

20140205155 - Event registration and management system and method employing geo-tagging and biometrics: A system and method employing geo-tagging and/or biometric identification is employed for registration and management of various events. Electronic devices are configured for capturing images and geo-tagging the captured images using the geographic position of the electronic device. Data relating thereto and related data concerning persons and/or locations and/or other... Agent:

20140205156 - Iris data extraction: A process for extracting iris data for biometric identification includes a thresholding method where the thresholds are selected according to a nonparametric approach that considers the grey scale and does not require classifying pixels as edge or non-edge pixels. An eye image is first acquired, where the eye image has... Agent: Morpho Trust Usa Inc.

20140205157 - Image processing device, method for processing image: An image processing device includes a processor; and a memory which stores a plurality of instructions, which when executed by the processor, cause the processor to execute: obtaining a first image and a second image; determining a first direction of a certain first reference point of a first region of... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140205158 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: An information processing apparatus includes a grouping unit that detects a part of an object from contents and performs grouping of each object, a correlation degree calculating unit that calculates a correlation degree between the objects of which the grouping is performed by the grouping unit, and a display control... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140205159 - Wrinkle detection method, wrinkle detection device and recording medium storing wrinkle detection program, as well as wrinkle evaluation method, wrinkle evaluation device and recording medium storing wrinkle evaluation program: A wrinkle detection method comprises the steps of obtaining face data of a subject; setting one or more analytical regions on the obtained face data; producing plural pieces of wrinkle component extracted data by extracting wrinkle components extending in one direction or in plural directions at different angles from each... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140205161 - Finger sensor including encapsulating layer over sensing area and related methods: A fingerprint sensor may include a substrate, and a finger sensing IC on the substrate and including a finger sensing area on an upper surface thereof for sensing an adjacent finger. The fingerprint sensor may include an encapsulating material on the finger sensing IC and covering the finger sensing area,... Agent:

20140205160 - Image sensing apparatus for fingerprint identification and related decoder circuit: An image sensing apparatus includes a substrate, a light guide plate, a plurality of photosensors and a light source. The substrate has a first side. The light guide plate has a light exit surface and a light entry surface, wherein the light exit surface faces the first side of the... Agent: Eminent Electronic Technology Corp. Ltd.

20140205162 - Ridge direction extraction device, ridge direction extraction method, and ridge direction extraction program: A ridge direction extraction unit, which analyses the shape of a ridge in a fingerprint image and extracts the ridge direction that indicates the slope of the ridge, includes: a low confidence region density value conversion module that reduces the density values in a low confidence region to generate a... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140205165 - Data administration system and method: The present invention relates to a data administration system (1a, 1b, 1c) comprising a sensor unit (10) for obtaining image data of at least a body part of a living being (2), a vital sign extraction unit (12) for extracting one or more vital signs of said living being (2)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140205164 - Medical image diagnosis apparatus, medical image processing apparatus, and medical image processing method: A medical image diagnosis apparatus of an embodiment includes: an image generation unit configured to generate a first image which is an original image, from a medical image taken by a medical imaging unit; an image conversion unit configured to process the first image to output a second image where... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140205163 - Method for improved detection of nodules in medical images: Special displays of medical images are generated that help a radiologist better detect nodules by exploiting the inherent human visualization abilities of detection of symmetry, asymmetry, motion and relative motion. A Region of Interest (ROI) on an x-ray (mammogram, CT-scan, MRI, or other medical image) is selected and the data... Agent:

20140205170 - Fast iterative image reconstruction method for 3d computed tomography: This invention relates to a high resolution and low dosage tomographic imaging in three dimensions, and more particularly, to a fully analytical fast iterative statistical algorithm for image reconstruction from projections obtained in a spiral cone-beam x-ray scanner is described. The presented method allows to improve the resolution of the... Agent: Czestochowa University Of Technology

20140205168 - Image processing apparatus, ultrasonic imaging apparatus, and imaging processing method for the same: Disclosed herein is an image processing apparatus. The image processing apparatus collects volume data which relates to an object, generates volume-rendered image data from the collected volume data, acquires a projection image of the object at a position at which virtual illumination is emitted toward the object, based on the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140205166 - Image restoration system and method: A system and a method for improving the quality of ultrasound images. The system comprises a processor being configured to subdivide the ultrasound image, determine a deconvolution factor for the ultrasound image and apply the deconvolution factor to the subdivided ultrasound image, resulting in a restored image.... Agent:

20140205171 - Method and system for correcting artifacts in image reconstruction: Methods and systems are provided for correcting artifacts in iterative reconstruction processes. In certain embodiments, weighting schemes may be applied such that less than all of the available scan or projection data is utilized in the iterative reconstruction. In this manner, inconsistencies in the data undergoing reconstruction may be reduced.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140205167 - Method for interactive manual matching and real-time projection calculation in imaging: Methods and systems are proposed herein for performing manual matching of generated digitally reconstructed radiographs with acquired verification images efficiently without intensive processing and/or memory consumption or hardware requirements. According to one aspect of the claimed subject matter, a system is provided that includes a computing workstation, communicatively coupled to... Agent: Varian Medical Systems International Ag

20140205169 - Ophthalmic analysis apparatus and ophthalmic analysis program: There is provided an ophthalmic analysis apparatus configured to acquire an analysis result of a tomographic image of a subject eye which is acquired by using optical coherence tomography (OCT), and to output the analysis result. The apparatus functions as a display control unit configured to control a display unit... Agent: Nidek Co., Ltd.

20140205173 - Method and systems for cell-level fish dot counting: The invention relates to a computer implemented method and systems for cell level fish dot counting. FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) dot counting is the process of enumerating chromosomal abnormalities in the cells which can be used in areas of diagnosis and cancer research. The method comprises in part overlaying... Agent: General Electric Company

20140205172 - Method of reconstituting cellular spectra useful for detecting cellular disorders: Embodiments of the present disclosure provides improved methods for determining the presence of abnormalities in exfoliated cells. In one embodiment, the present disclosure provides methods for reconstructing cellular spectrum of a cell sample by creating a spectral map of the cellular sample, generating a binary mask of the spectral map,... Agent: Northeastern University

20140205174 - Methods and apparatus for image analysis using threshold compactness features: A new family of morphological features, referred to herein as threshold compactness features, is provided, useful for automated classification of objects, such as cells, in images. In one embodiment, one or more thresholds and/or binary masks are applied to an image, and one or more provisional objects within a cell... Agent: Perkelmer Cellular Technologies Gmbh

20140205176 - Optical platelet counter method: Platelets or blood cells are detected in a fluid sample by adjusting a focal depth of a microscope through a range of values, the microscope having a mounted sample and an objective lens adapted with one or both of (a) a spherical aberration correction unmatched to a utilized cover plate... Agent: Foce Technology International Bv

20140205175 - Processing source video for real-time enhancement of a signal of interest: What is disclosed is a system and method for real-time enhancement of an identified time-series signal of interest in a video that has a similar spatial and temporal structure to a given reference signal, as determined by a measure of closeness. A closeness measure is computed for pixels of each... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140205177 - Valuable document identification method and system: A valuable document identification method and system are provided. The method comprises, detecting features in different space ranges of a valuable document, and obtaining multi-source information Ω={Xi, Xj, . . . , Xn}, wherein Xi∩Xj≠φ, or Xi∩Xj≠φ and Xi<=>Xj; labeling the space position of Xj with Xi according to semantic... Agent:

20140205178 - Electronic device and method for analyzing image noise: Analyzation of image noise using an electronic device. The electronic device and method operating thereon can obtain an initial image captured by an image capturing device of an image measuring machine using an image capturing card of the electronic device when a lighting device of the image measuring machine is... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20140205179 - Reticle defect inspection with systematic defect filter: Disclosed are methods and apparatus for inspecting a photolithographic reticle. A stream of defect data is received from a reticle inspection system, wherein the defect data identifies a plurality of defects that were detected for a plurality of different portions of the reticle. Before reviewing the defect data to determine... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140205180 - Method, apparatus and device for inspecting circuit pattern defect: A method for inspecting a defect of a circuit pattern includes obtaining an image containing the circuit pattern, expanding or contracting the circuit pattern contained in the image in one direction, so that a defective first portion of the circuit pattern contained in the image is overlapped after expanding the... Agent:

20140205185 - Image processing device, image pickup device, and image display device: With an image processing device of the present invention, the image processing device, an image pickup device, and an image display device are provided which can correct a spatial distortion generated in taking and displaying a stereoscopic image, and which can present a high-quality image with a stereoscopic feel. The... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140205183 - Method and apparatus for enhancing stereo vision through image segmentation: A method and apparatus for segmenting an image are provided. The method may include the steps of clustering pixels from one of a plurality of images into one or more segments, determining one or more unstable segments changing by more than a predetermined threshold from a prior of the plurality... Agent: Edge 3 Technologies, Inc.

20140205184 - Method for representing surroundings: A method for environmental representation, in which two images of an environment (U) are taken respectively and a disparity image is determined by means of stereo image processing. An unobstructed free space (F) is identified in the disparity image, in that each pixel of the disparity image is allocated either... Agent: Daimler Ag

20140205182 - Stereoscopic image processing apparatus, stereoscopic image processing method, and stereoscopic image processing program: An apparatus including: an acquiring unit operable to acquire a stereoscopic view image which includes a left eye image and a right eye image, the stereoscopic view image representing a stereoscopic image by means of parallax between the left eye image and the right eye image; an extracting unit operable... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140205181 - Systems and methods for row causal scan-order optimization stereo matching: Systems and methods to determine a disparity map using row causal scanline optimization stereo matching are presented. A method includes, for each corresponding pixel P between a pair of input stereo images, and for each considered disparity, determining a basic match cost and a match cost for each of a... Agent:

20140205187 - Pose classification apparatus and method: A pose classification apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a first image analyzer and a second image analyzer configured to estimate a body part for each pixel of an input image including a human body, a body part decider configured to calculate reliabilities of analysis results of the first image... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140205188 - Sketch recognition system: Handwriting interpretation tools, such as optical character recognition (OCR), have improved over the years such that OCR is a common tool in business for interpreting typed text and sometimes handwritten text. OCR does not apply well to non-text-only diagrams, such as chemical structure diagrams. A method according to an embodiment... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140205186 - Techniques for ground-level photo geolocation using digital elevation: Techniques for generating cross-modality semantic classifiers and using those cross-modality semantic classifiers for ground level photo geo-location using digital elevation are provided. In one aspect, a method for generating cross-modality semantic classifiers is provided. The method includes the steps of: (a) using Geographic Information Service (GIS) data to label satellite... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140205189 - Techniques for ground-level photo geolocation using digital elevation: Techniques for generating cross-modality semantic classifiers and using those cross-modality semantic classifiers for ground level photo geo-location using digital elevation are provided. In one aspect, a method for generating cross-modality semantic classifiers is provided. The method includes the steps of: (a) using Geographic Information Service (GIS) data to label satellite... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140205191 - Compression and decoding of single sensor color image data: A method is described to greatly improve the efficiency of and reduce the complexity of image compression when using single-sensor color imagers for video acquisition. The method in addition allows for this new image compression type to be compatible with existing video processing tools, improving the workflow for film and... Agent: Gopro, Inc.

20140205190 - Method of auto-determination a three-dimensional image format: A method of auto-determination a three-dimensional image format includes a processor receiving an image signal; the processor capturing a plurality of frames from the image signal; the processor determining whether a red sub-pixel gray-level, a green sub-pixel gray-level, and a blue sub-pixel gray-level of each pixel of a right half... Agent: Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.

20140205192 - Image defogging method and system: Image defogging method and system. The method includes: acquiring minimum intensity values corresponding to pixels in a foggy image, and selecting the largest values of intensity values of R, G, and B channels of pixels in an area, covered by a brightest area of a predetermined size in a local... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140205193 - Image processing apparatus, method and imaging apparatus: An image processing apparatus includes a histogram computation section that for a plurality of images with different light exposure amounts captured, computes for each of the images a histogram of the number of pixels a light exposure amount ratio computation section that, based on a degree of similarity between a... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20140205194 - Information processing apparatus and computer-readable medium: An information processing apparatus includes a feature extraction unit, and a storage unit. The feature extraction unit extracts an extracted feature value indicating a characteristic of a target image, from a feature extraction area set by a user. The storage unit stores the extracted feature value in a database and... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20140205195 - Landmark triggered image augmentation: System, method, and computer program product to provide an augmented image, by receiving an image, analyzing the image to identify at least two augmentation triggers comprising: (i) a predefined object in the image, and (ii) a predefined landmark in the image, and generating an augmented image based on the analysis... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20140205196 - System and method for photo frame with dynamic automatic template building system and location sensitive photo commerce: A method is provided for photo frames with dynamic automatic template building system and location sensitive photo commerce. The method comprises: determining, by a geographic location sensing device, a first geographic location of the mobile device; obtaining, by a communication device, information from an external source regarding templates for photo... Agent:

20140205197 - Image categorization based on comparisons between images: In an example embodiment, a method is provided for image categorization. Here, images are displayed. In turn, a user input that describes a characteristic shared between the images from a comparison between the images is received. The user input may then be classified into categorization data.... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20140205198 - Image encoding apparatus: An image encoding apparatus is provided which realizes an encoding process at a high bit rate without degradation in image quality at boundary parts within a picture. The image encoding apparatus 1 includes: a plurality of entropy encoding sections 105 and 106 for generating bit streams by entropy-encoding intermediate data... Agent: Hitachi Information & Telecommunication Engineering, Ltd.

20140205199 - Storage area and temporal based optimized run length codec for classic jpeg image compression (sat-borl codec): This invention optimizes the entropy encoding part of JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) image compression by modifying the run length encoding method that performs the actual compression by removing the redundancy from transformed and quantized image data. Using the fact that the preceding processes of run length coding, in JPEG... Agent:

20140205200 - Image binarization using dynamic sub-image division: Image binarization method and device for converting a grayscale image into a black and white binary image are provided. The grayscale image is divided into sub-images dynamically created from pixel to pixel containing a given pixel as well as neighboring pixels. A threshold for each pixel is determined based on... Agent:

20140205201 - Cyclic noise removal in borehole imaging: A method for removing cyclic noise from a borehole image includes transforming the image into the frequency domain using a two-dimensional (2-D) transform (e.g., using a discrete cosine transform). The cyclic noise components (peaks) are removed from the transformed image which is then inverse transformed back into the spatial domain... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140205202 - Noise reduction apparatus, noise reduction method, and program: The present invention is directed to a noise reduction method, comprising: for each of multi-layer regions each containing a pixel of interest and having a successively reducing area, calculating a pixel statistic value of pixels in that region; for each of successive layers, correcting the pixel statistic value for a... Agent:

20140205203 - System and method for visual correlation of digital images: The present invention provides a quantitative, automated system and method for assessing the correlation level of two rendered images, thereby removing subjectivity from such evaluation. The objective metric of the present invention determines whether two static images are correlated enough to be undetectable by a human observer. The performance of... Agent: University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20140205204 - Method and apparatus for image fusion: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and apparatus for image fusion. A method for image fusion according to the embodiments of the present invention comprises: obtaining multiple images for a same scene; and calculating a fused image of the multiple images based on Bayes analysis by using a... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140205205 - Method and apparatus for determining and storing the position and orientation of antenna structures: Determining the position and orientation of base station antennas in mobile radio is highly important for optimizing the transmission parameters. It requires time-consuming and costly effort, since measurements need to be taken directly at the antenna. Furthermore, it is often impossible to access the antennas. This has a very disadvantageous... Agent:

20140205206 - Systems and methods for resizing an image: In some instances, an image may have dimensions that do not correspond to a slot to display the image. For example, an image content item may have dimensions that do not correspond to a content item slot. The image may be resized using seam carving to add or remove pixels... Agent:

20140205207 - Techniques for presenting user adjustments to a digital image: Techniques for generating a preview image in an image editing application in response to detecting user input that changes the value of an adjustable parameter of a digital image undergoing adjustment. According to one technique, instead of processing the digital image through a filter chain to generate an updated preview... Agent: Apple Inc.

07/17/2014 > 55 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20140198951 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: A dictionary for detection of an object is created from an image obtained by performing an image process, which depends on a first image process parameter, on the training image of the detection target object. The dictionary created based on the image process depending on the first image process parameter... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140198950 - Image processing device, image processing method, and computer readable medium: An image processing device is provided, the image processing device comprising: an image input unit configured to be input with a frame image of an imaging area imaged by a camera; an image processing unit configured to process the frame image input to the image input unit, and detect an... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140198953 - Image processing device, image processing method, control program, and recording medium: An image processing device configured to detect a detection target, which is all or a part of a predetermined main body on an image has a detection target detection unit that detects an estimated detection target that the image processing device assumes to be the detection target from the image,... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140198952 - Image processing method: A method and apparatus for localizing an area in relative movement and for determining the speed and direction thereof in real time is disclosed. Each pixel of an image is smoothed using its own time constant. A binary value corresponding to the existence of a significant variation in the amplitude... Agent: Image Processing Technologies LLC

20140198946 - Method system and computer product for non-destructive object analysis: Aspects of the invention provide a solution for analyzing an object, such as a part of a turbo machine. A planar surface is generated using a curved reformat function based on a surface of a three-dimensional (3D) image of an object. A peel of the 3D image that is adjacent... Agent: General Electric Company

20140198947 - Methods and systems for video-based chew counting via feature tracking: A system and method of video-based chew counting by receiving image frames from a video camera, determining feature points within the image frames from the video camera, generating a motion signal based on movement of the feature points across the image frames from the video camera, and determining a chew... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140198949 - Projector light bulb: A display system that includes a projector light bulb. The system includes a light fixture with a conventional light bulb socket. A projector light bulb is provided with a socket adapter for mating electrically with the light bulb socket. A projector such as a pico projector is fit into the... Agent: Disney Enterprises, LLC

20140198945 - Systems and methods for tracking an object in a video: Disclosed are various embodiments for tracking an object shown as moving in a video. One embodiment is a method for tracking an object in a video that comprises tracking in a first temporal direction an object in a plurality of video frames and generating a first tracking result, evaluating the... Agent: Cyberlink Corp.

20140198954 - Systems and methods of detecting body movements using globally generated multi-dimensional gesture data: The disclosure describes systems and methods of detecting body movements using gesture data. The gesture data may be self-referenced and may be comprised by frames which may identify locations or positions of body parts of a subject with respect to a particular reference point within the frame. A classifier may... Agent:

20140198944 - Use of emg for subtle gesture recognition on surfaces: An apparatus, a method, and a computer program product for detecting a gesture of a body part relative to a surface are provided. The apparatus determines if the body part is in proximity of the surface. If the body part is in proximity of the surface, the apparatus determines if... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140198948 - Video-based motion capture and adaptation: The disclosure provides an approach for estimating a state-space controller from a set of video frames depicting a motion of an entity. The approach includes incrementally optimizing parameters of the state-space controller and changing a structure of the state-space controller based on expanding subsets of the set of video frames.... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20140198955 - System and method for distorted camera image correction: The invention provides an image processing method for processing a sequence of images, comprising the steps of: obtaining, from a visual sensor, at least two images of the sequence of images, detecting whether the images include a distortion, determining an image warping function at least partially compensating the distortion, applying... Agent: Honda Research Institute Europe Gmbh

20140198957 - Biometric information image-capturing device, biometric authentication apparatus and manufacturing method of biometric information image-capturing device: A biometric information image-capturing device includes an image capturing unit configured to photograph a body part including biometric information to generate a biometric image in which the biometric information is represented, at least one light source disposed in the periphery of the image capturing unit and configured to illuminate light... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140198956 - Leveraging physical handshaking in head mounted displays: A system, a method, and a computer program product for managing information for an interface device are provided. The system detects for one of a present physical encounter between a user of the interface device and a person, and a non-physical encounter between the user and a person. The system... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140198958 - Camera-based portal content security: The disclosure generally describes computer-implemented methods, software, and systems for providing a camera-based portal content security mechanism for client devices. One computer-implemented method includes receiving a request for portal content from a client device, determining that the requested portal content requires a camera security operation, notifying the client device that... Agent: Sap Portals Israel Ltd.

20140198959 - Spoof detection for biometric authentication: This specification describes technologies relating to biometric authentication based on images of the eye. In general, one aspect of the subject matter described in this specification can be embodied in methods that include obtaining images of a subject including a view of an eye. The methods may further include determining... Agent: Eyeverify LLC

20140198960 - Tiered wakeup strategy: A biometric authentication apparatus and method is disclosed which may comprise a biometric authentication unit which may comprise: a biometric object sensor comprising sensor elements and a sensor computing device; a wake-on-event logic controller maintaining the sensor computing device in one of a powered-off or powered down mode, and including... Agent: Synaptics Incorporated

20140198961 - Automated ultrasonic elasticity image formation with quality measure: Image data and E-mode images used in ultrasonic elasticity imaging may be automatically evaluated for quality to provide a single value used as operator feedback or for automatic selection of images for averaging or animation.... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140198962 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium: In order to reduce limitations on an arrangement of a posture visualization system as a whole, a posture recognition unit recognizes, based on image data of a real space captured by an image capture unit from a predetermined viewpoint, a posture of an object in the image data of the... Agent:

20140198963 - Segmentation method of medical image and apparatus thereof: The present invention relates to a segmentation method and apparatus of a medical image. The segmentation method of a medical image according to an example of the present invention includes the steps of: extracting information about a position of a pointer according to a user input from a slice medical... Agent: Iinfinitt Healthcare Co. Ltd.

20140198965 - Computer-aided detection of regions of interest in tomographic breast imagery: Disclosed are methods, and associated systems comprising processors, input devices and output devices, of detecting regions of interest in a tomographic breast image. The methods may comprise: acquiring tomographic breast image data; deriving a plurality of synthetic sub-volumes from the tomographic breast image data; wherein each subvolume is defined by... Agent: Icad, Inc.

20140198964 - Follow up image acquisition planning and/or post processing: A method includes planning a follow up three dimensional image acquisition of tissue of interest of a patient based on first and second two dimensional surview projection images, wherein the first two dimensional surview projection image was used to plan a previously performed baseline three dimensional image acquisition of the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140198966 - Apparatus for physics and chemistry and method of processing image: Switching between highlighting and unhighlighting of an object determined as adopted and switching between highlighting and unhighlighting of an object determined as not adopted are performed individually and independently by manipulation of an on/off selectable button. This allows switching to be freely performed between the following states in which: objects... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140198967 - Paper sheet processing apparatus: A paper sheet processing apparatus that performs a recognizing process of a paper sheet includes: a paper sheet recognition sensor (11) that reads an image of a paper sheet; a number-attribute information memory (131) that stores number attribute information including number recognition conditions for recognizing a number given to a... Agent: Glory Ltd.

20140198968 - Duplicate check image resolution: A system and method for comparing digital images, such as checks images used by banks, includes receiving and processing the images to be compared, including scaling the images to a common resolution, as well as filtering them to remove spot noise, background pels, and other non-information carrying elements. One or... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140198969 - Device and method for contribution accounting: A system or apparatus employing a multi-functional scanner and software running upon a computing device for capturing payment or donation data from indicia positioned upon scanned documents tendered with donations or payments and optionally, subsequent total compilation and entry of thereof directly into accounting software.... Agent:

20140198970 - Edge detection device and edge detection method: An edge detection device includes: an image capturing mechanism configured to image-capture an edge of an optical joining block; and a control unit configured to control the image capturing mechanism, wherein the control unit: determines, based on image data of the edge, whether a plurality of regions included in the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140198971 - Failure detection system and failure detection method: A failure detection system that includes an image processing unit configured to acquire a morphological image illustrating a morphology of the absorbent article after processing of the absorbent article, in each of the plurality of steps, a failure detection unit configured to detect the existence of a failure location of... Agent:

20140198972 - Harmonic resist model for use in a lithographic apparatus and a device manufacturing method: A method for determining an image of a mask pattern in a resist coated on a substrate, the method including determining an aerial image of the mask pattern at substrate level; and convolving the aerial image with at least two orthogonal convolution kernels to determine a resist image that is... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20140198975 - Region-of-interest determination apparatus, observation tool or inspection tool, region-of-interest determination method, and observation method or inspection method using region-of-interest determination method: A region-of-interest determination apparatus includes: a calculation unit which calculates the incidence of a defect based on at least a plurality of kinds of defect attribute information regarding defect data, the defect data including an image corresponding to a defect position detected on a specimen by inspection thereof or an... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140198974 - Semiconductor device defect inspection method and system thereof: Provided are a semiconductor device defect inspection method and system thereof, with which predetermined hot spots are inspected using a SEM, and with which the frequency of defects occurring at the hot spot is estimated statistically and with reliability. An inspection point is designated in design data by the defect... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140198973 - Terahertz temporal and spatial resolution imaging system, imaging method and application thereof: A terahertz temporal and spatial resolution imaging system is provided. The system includes: a sample placing rack; a detection crystal, located on the exit side of the sample placing rack; a pump light generating device, for generating a pump light to irradiate the test sample; a terahertz light generating device,... Agent: Capital Normal University

20140198977 - Enhancement of stereo depth maps: A method for computation of a depth map for corresponding left and right two dimensional (2D) images of a stereo image is provided that includes determining a disparity range based on a disparity of at least one object in a scene of the left and right 2D images, performing color... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140198976 - Method and system for fast dense stereoscopic ranging: A stochastic method and system for fast stereoscopic ranging includes selecting a pair of images for stereo processing, in which the pair of images are a frame pair and one of the image is a reference frame, seeding estimated values for a range metric at each pixel of the reference... Agent: 21 Ct, Inc.

20140198978 - Method for searching a roof facet and constructing a building roof structure line: A method for searching a building roof facet and reconstructing a roof structure line, in which the searching is performed automatically and without limitation of how slope of the roof facet, and the building structure line is constructed through aerial imagery. At first, lidar point clouds on the roof are... Agent:

20140198979 - Methods and systems for interactive 3d image segmentation: Methods and systems for interactively segmenting 3D image data are provided. An initial segmentation of the 3D image data is obtained, and for each of a plurality of image regions, a segmentation uncertainty indicator for the initial image segmentation is associated with the image region and a strength is assigned... Agent: Oxipita Inc.

20140198980 - Image identification apparatus, image identification method, and non-transitory computer readable medium: An image identification apparatus includes following components. A first generative model creation unit extracts feature information from identification-target images which belong to an identification-target category, and creates a first generative model on the basis of the feature information. A classification unit applies the first generative model to each not-identification-target image... Agent:

20140198981 - Document unbending systems and methods: Embodiments of a processing systems and methods can unbend an image of facing pages of a bound book. An exemplary processing system can comprise an edge-detection unit, a keystone-correction unit, a flattening unit, and a conversion unit. After an image is received by the processing system, the image can be... Agent: Polyvision Corporation

20140198983 - Measuring translucence: A target and a method to use the target to determine the translucence of media is disclosed. The target has a first region and a second region. The first region comprises a color chart. The second region comprises a test pattern that is covered by the sample media when the... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140198982 - System and method for recognizing offensive images: According to one aspect, a method for categorizing at least one image includes obtaining the at least one image and mapping the at least one image to at least a first grid. The first grid is a two-dimensional grid that includes a plurality of cells. The method also includes characterizing... Agent: Blue Coat Systems, Inc.

20140198985 - Image processing apparatus for performing color interpolation upon captured images and related method thereof: An image processing method includes: receiving image data from a frame buffer, wherein each pixel of the image data has only one color information; estimating four second color information corresponding to up, down, left, and right sides of the target pixel respectively according to a first color information of the... Agent: Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

20140198984 - Method for establishing an evaluation standard parameter and method for evaluating the quality of a display image: The present invention discloses a method for establishing an evaluation standard parameter and method for evaluating the quality of a display image, wherein, the method comprises: taking pictures to a group of test images having different color shift severity degrees to obtain a sample picture group; selecting a standard picture... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140198986 - System and method for image selection using multivariate time series analysis: An image selection method includes receiving a collection of images and optionally, filtering the collection of images. The filtering may include removing images that are near-duplicates of other images in the collection. A plurality of features is extracted from each of the images in the optionally-filtered collection. The optionally-filtered collection... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140198987 - Structure descriptors for image processing: A structure descriptor for an m×n pixel block of an image may be determined. The m×n pixel block may contain a primary pixel having a primary pixel value and a plurality of secondary pixels having respective secondary pixel values. The structure descriptor may include a plurality of structure indicators each... Agent: Google Inc.

20140198988 - Image processing device and image processing method: An image processing device includes a control unit which controls a read out of a reference image which is referred to when performing motion compensation on an image, with a range based on a maximum value of a motion amount in a vertical direction of a motion vector of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140198989 - Method and device for determining values which are suitable for distortion correction of an image, and for distortion correction of an image: A method for determining values which are suitable for distortion correction of an image, including the following steps: a step of splitting a vector field, which is suitable for distortion correction of the image, into a sum of vector products, and a step of determining terms of the vector products... Agent:

20140198990 - Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image: An apparatus and method for encoding and decoding an image are provided. The image decoding method includes decoding luma blocks according to a predetermined decoding mode of each of the luma blocks, and decoding chroma blocks according to the predetermined decoding mode of each of the luma blocks.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140198991 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable medium: An image processing apparatus includes an accepting unit, a calculation unit, a coefficient setting unit, and a processor. The accepting unit accepts a set of feeling expressions representing texture factors. The calculation unit calculates posterior probabilities which are event probabilities for events by using likelihoods and prior probabilities. The event... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd

20140198993 - Exposure enhancement method and apparatus for a defogged image: An exposure enhancement method and apparatus for a defogged image. The exposure enhancement method includes: constructing an exposure enhancement function in accordance with a defogging parameter; performing exposure enhancement on a defogged image by using the constructed exposure enhancement function. The method and apparatus can adaptively process the defogged image... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140198992 - Linear transform-based image processing techniques: Signal processing techniques utilize operations performed in linear transform domains to perform operations including noise reduction, noise shaping, and gradient integration. The standard wavelet shrinkage method may be altered to constrain the modification of wavelet coefficients towards an initial estimate of the adjusted coefficients. The initial estimates can be computed... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140198994 - Method for establishing evaluation standard parameters and method for evaluating the quality of a display image: The present invention discloses a method for establishing evaluation standard parameters and method for evaluating the quality of a display image, wherein, the method comprises: taking pictures to a group of test images having different color shift severity degrees to obtain a sample picture group; selecting a standard picture by... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140198995 - Method and apparatus for computing image pyramids and related computer program product: An embodiment of a method for computing pyramids of input images (I) in a transformed domain, e.g., for search and retrieval purposes, includes:—arranging input images in blocks to produce input image blocks,—subjecting the input image blocks to block processing including: transform into a transformed domain, subjecting the image blocks transformed... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.i.

20140198996 - Method and apparatus for performing interpolation based on transform and inverse transform: Provided are a method and apparatus for interpolating an image. The method includes: selecting a first filter, from among a plurality of different filters, for interpolating between pixel values of integer pixel units, according to an interpolation location; and generating at least one pixel value of at least one fractional... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140198997 - Information processing apparatus, method, and program: An information processing apparatus includes a first storage unit which stores coded data obtained by coding image data; a second storage unit, storage capacity of which is smaller compared to that of the first storage unit, data reading and writing speeds of which are higher compared to those of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140198998 - Novel criteria for gaussian mixture model cluster selection in scalable compressed fisher vector (scfv) global descriptor: A wireless communication device includes a processor configured to execute an image query. The image query utilizes cluster selection criteria for a cluster-aggregation based vectorization of a set of local features based on a quantity of top local features having the highest posteriori probability values. The cluster selection criterion is... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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