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Image analysis

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05/21/2015 > 91 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20150139480 - Cross-correlation based system for watermarking media: A cross-correlation based system for watermarking continuous digital media, includes: a) means for retrieving at least one signature parameter (Sj) determined according to a corresponding previous signature (Sj−1) or a predefined initial signature (S0); the S0 being selectable by a user command to a multiplexor that selects either S0 or... Agent:

20150139481 - Identification and purchasing platform: A graphically based encoded image, symbol or icon that can serve as a link from physical material or visual displays to electronic data to retrieve specific or general information. In one example, a graphic image is encoded with a value that is linked to a reference lookup table. For example,... Agent:

20150139491 - Automatic occlusion region identification using radiation imaging modality: Among other things, one or more systems and/or techniques for identifying an occlusion region in an image representative of an object subjected to examination is provided for herein. Such systems and/or techniques may find particular application in the context of object recognition analysis. An image is generated of the object... Agent:

20150139493 - Commodity recognition apparatus and commodity recognition method: In accordance with one embodiment, a commodity recognition apparatus detects, from a captured image, an object imaged in the captured image and extracts an appearance feature amount of the object from the image of the object; compares the extracted appearance feature amount with feature amount data of a dictionary file... Agent:

20150139490 - Discrimination container generation device and pattern detection device: A discriminator generation device 10 includes a feature quantity extraction unit 13 which, using at least two pattern groups having patterns of different sizes for a detection object, extracts a feature quantity of patterns configuring each pattern group, and a discriminator generation unit 14 which generates a discriminator for detecting... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150139495 - Electronic device and method for processing image thereof: A method for processing an image of an electronic device is provided, which includes detecting at least one motion object from image information. When there are two motion objects, determining whether the motion objects are separated from or combined with each other. At least one motion object is extracted the... Agent:

20150139486 - Electronic eyeglasses and method of manufacture thereto: A system and methods for recognizing certain eye or eyelid gestures such as by opening or closing of eyelid or movement of the pupil as signals to trigger certain predesigned desired events. An embodiment comprises of electronic glasses placed in front of the eye to recognize certain eye or eyelid... Agent:

20150139487 - Image processor with static pose recognition module utilizing segmented region of interest: An image processing system comprises an image processor having image processing circuitry and an associated memory. The image processor is configured to implement a gesture recognition system comprising a static pose recognition module. The static pose recognition module is configured to identify a region of interest in at least one... Agent:

20150139492 - Image recognition apparatus and data registration method for image recognition apparatus: An image recognition apparatus is provided, comprising: an extraction unit extracting feature amount data of a subject from an image; a database registering a plurality of pieces of feature amount data extracted from different images of one registered object; and a comparing unit identifying whether or not the subject is... Agent: Omron Corporation

20150139483 - Interactive controls for operating devices and systems: An electric device (e.g., module, interactive controller/switch) comprising a gesture sensor can use the gesture sensor to determine (e.g., detect, recognize, identify, etc.) a gesture performed by a user. If the electric device recognizes the gesture as corresponding to a gestural command to control or operate another device and/or system... Agent:

20150139497 - Liveness detection: An image of a portion of a person's body is accessed, the image having been captured by an image capture device. Using the image, measurements of characteristics in the image are obtained, the characteristics in the image having been selected based on a statistical analysis of characteristics (i) in a... Agent:

20150139488 - Method and system of identifying non-distinctive images/objects in a digital video and tracking such images/objects using temporal and spatial queues: A method and system to identify and locate images/objects which may be characterized as non-distinctive or “feature-less” and which would be difficult to locate by conventional means comprises a plurality of steps including identifying first and second frame markers, increasing granularity between the frame markers, identifying at least one dominant... Agent:

20150139496 - Method for processing image and electronic device thereof: A method of operating an electronic device is provided. The method of operating an electronic device includes displaying an image of a first resolution, determining at least a partial region of the image, and displaying an image of a second resolution corresponding to the partial region.... Agent:

20150139485 - Pose-aligned networks for deep attribute modeling: Technology is disclosed for inferring human attributes from images of people. The attributes can include, for example, gender, age, hair, and/or clothing. The technology uses part-based models, e.g., Poselets, to locate multiple normalized part patches from an image. The normalized part patches are provided into trained convolutional neural networks to... Agent:

20150139494 - Slow change detection system: A slow change detection system includes: an image acquisition unit adapted to acquire a photographed image including consecutive images of a monitored object; a reference image acquisition unit adapted to acquire a reference image corresponding to the photographed image of the monitored object; a reference image area extraction unit adapted... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20150139482 - System and method for updating geographic data: According to one aspect, embodiments of the invention provide a system and method for utilizing the effort expended by a user in responding to a CAPTCHA request to automatically transcribe text from images in order to verify, retrieve and/or update geographic data associated with geographic locations at which the images... Agent: Google Inc.

20150139489 - Task assistance system, task assistance method, and program: A task assistance system includes: a location detection unit (101) for setting a sensing plane in a first face side of a display means capable of displaying a plurality of articles and calculating location information of a hand located on the sensing plane or location information of an object different... Agent: Nec Solution Innovators, Ltd.

20150139484 - Time scale adaptive motion detection: A method and system for efficient non-persistent object motion detection comprises evaluating a video segment to identify at least two first pixel classes corresponding to a plurality of stationary pixels and a plurality of pixels in apparent motion, and evaluating the video segment to identify at least two second pixel... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150139498 - Apparatus and method for tire sidewall crack analysis: An apparatus and method for detecting cracks in automotive tires using an automated optical imaging system that captures an image of the tire, converts the captured image into a grayscale image and next to a binary image, detects discrete shapes from the binary image, bounding each of the discrete shapes... Agent:

20150139499 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An image processing apparatus that obtains a synthesized image of a subject viewed from an arbitrary viewpoint includes a calculator, a storage, and a synthesizer. The calculator calculates a correction value for a pixel value of a pixel that partially constitutes the picked-up images on the basis of a brightness... Agent:

20150139500 - Method and system for optimizing image processing in driver assistance systems: An imager simulator configured to be used in lieu of an imager within a vehicle is provided. The imager simulator includes an image source configured to store pre-determined reference data; and an imager interface unit configured to generate image data based on the pre-determined reference data. The image data conforms... Agent:

20150139504 - Detecting apparatus, detecting system, and detecting method: The present invention provides a detecting apparatus for detecting an abnormal state such as a drop or fall of a person to be observed from a captured image in a real-time manner and realizing improvement in precision of the detection while eliminating the influence of a background image and noise.... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20150139502 - Jump shot and athletic activity analysis system: Techniques where a computer or mobile device performs video analysis of a person performing a physical activity are described. The computer or mobile device performs video analysis based on one or more reference skeletons. The reference skeleton may be superimposed over captured video of the person performing the physical activity... Agent: Mo' Motion Ventures

20150139505 - Method and apparatus for predicting human motion in virtual environment: Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for predicting human motion in a virtual environment. The apparatus includes a motion tracking module configured to estimate a human pose of a current time step based on at least one piece of sensor data and a pre-learned motion model, and a motion... Agent:

20150139503 - Motion parameter estimation: An object motion parameter determiner (122) includes a deformation vector field determiner (210) that determines deformation vector fields for a 4D image set, which includes three or more images corresponding to three or more different motion phases of motion of a moving object. The object motion parameter determiner further includes... Agent:

20150139501 - Wind velocity calibration system and method: A wind velocity calibration system and method for providing highly accurate measurements of the three-dimensional wind velocity vector at high altitudes. The system includes a launcher, a projectile, an artificial aerosol cloud, at least two optical cameras, and an image processor.... Agent:

20150139506 - Client side filtering of card ocr images: The technology of the present disclosure includes computer-implemented methods, computer program products, and systems to filter images before transmitting to a system for optical character recognition (“OCR”). A user computing device obtains a first image of the card from the digital scan of a physical card and analyzes features of... Agent:

20150139507 - Content extracting device, content extracting method and program: An information processing apparatus that obtains intimacy degree information corresponding to identification information of a first person, specifies an extraction period based on the intimacy degree information, and extracts content in the extraction period.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150139508 - Method and apparatus for storing and retrieving personal contact information: Method for a wearable device worn by a first user to generate or retrieve a personal contact record when encountering a second user is disclosed. The method of generating the personal contact record includes capturing a facial photograph of the second user and generating a face information; capturing a card... Agent: Cywee Group Limited

20150139509 - Head-mounted display apparatus and login method thereof: Head-mounted display apparatus and login method thereof are provided. The head-mounted display apparatus includes an image capturing device, a pico-projector, an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), and an application processor. The image capturing device captures a first eye image and a plurality of second eye images corresponding to a locus... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20150139510 - Detecting exposure quality in images: Systems, methods and computer readable media for exposure quality detection are described. In some implementations, a method can include computing an overall image exposure score for an image. The method can also include determining one or more face regions in the image. The method can further include computing a face... Agent: Google Inc.

20150139512 - Enrollment using synthetic fingerprint image and fingerprint sensing systems: A fingerprint sensing system. The fingerprint sensing system includes: at least one sensor; at least one display device; at least one application processor; and at least one secure enclave processor. The application processor(s) receives fingerprint data from the sensor(s) and provides the fingerprint data to the secure enclave processor(s). The... Agent:

20150139511 - Method for identifying fingerprint and electronic device thereof: A method for operating of an electronic device is provided. The method includes: sensing an input on an input device, detecting one axis direction of a fingerprint input or to be input to a fingerprint sensor, based on the sensed input, determining whether the one axis direction of the fingerprint... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150139513 - Cylinder source software-positioning method for pet calibration and image quality assurance: A method and system for determining a position of a source including obtaining prompt data and related delayed data from a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner, generating a sinogram from the prompt data, generating crystal efficiency correction factors by performing a normalization calibration based on the obtained delayed data, performing... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150139516 - Denoising method and apparatus for multi-contrast mri: A denoising method and apparatus for multi-contrast MRI's are disclosed. An aspect of the invention provides a denoising method for an MRI that includes: acquiring multiple MRI's having different contrast levels for the same site; determining pixels corresponding to the same tissue by using the MRI's; and calculating a new... Agent:

20150139519 - Dose estimation service system configured to support multiple computerized medical imaging scan providers: Techniques are disclosed for estimating patient radiation exposure during computerized tomography (CT) scans. More specifically, embodiments of the invention provide efficient approaches for generating a suitable patient model used to make such an estimate, to approaches for estimating patient dose by interpolating the results of multiple simulations, and to approaches... Agent:

20150139518 - Image processing apparatus: An image processing apparatus according to an embodiment includes an input unit, an identifying unit, and a display control unit. The input unit receives specification of a region of interest (ROI) included in a mammography image. The identifying unit identifies a medical image including a position substantially the same as... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150139514 - Method of, and apparatus for, visualizing medical image data: An apparatus for visualizing medical image data comprises a data processing unit for obtaining first image data representing a first medical image, second image data representing a second medical image, and subtraction image data representing a subtraction image, wherein the subtraction image data is generated by subtracting one of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150139517 - Methods and systems for calibration: The methods and systems for calibration are provided. For example, radiographic image density such as Hounsfield unit can be calibrated to facilitate tissue characterization of tumors or fluids when imaged at differing energy levels. The disclosed methods and systems can perform coronary calcium scanning at a radiation dose comparable to... Agent:

20150139515 - Movement correction for medical imaging: A method of improving the resolution of images from medical imaging devices by removing blurring due to movement of a patient during a scan. The method uses tracking algorithms to extract movement data from a video image of the patient and uses the movement data to correct the scanner date... Agent: The State Of Queensland Acting Through Its Department Of Health

20150139520 - Scan region determining apparatus: A method includes displaying an iconic image of the human body and a list of predetermined anatomical regions. The method further includes displaying, in response to a user selected anatomical region, a scan box over a sub-portion of the iconic image. The method further includes receiving an input indicative of... Agent:

20150139521 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image processing method: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus according to an embodiment includes a rendering controller, a detector, and a voxel data generator. The rendering controller divides three-dimensional data constituted by voxel data into a plurality of slice regions, rearranges the slice regions based on a sight line direction in which the voxel data... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150139526 - Image reconstruction unit, x-ray imaging apparatus, and method of reconstructing image: An imaging method includes calculating a derivative back projection (DBP) result value using a DBP method with respect to a projection image of a field of view (FOV) inside an object, and reconstructing an image of the FOV by applying a regulation function to the FOV while reconstructing the image... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150139524 - Method and apparatus for providing panorama image data: A method and an apparatus for providing panoramic image data by reconstructing frame images captured by a panoramic imaging apparatus, are disclosed. In reconstruction of images with multiple image layers, sizes of images reconstructed with an image layer or images to be used for a reconstruction are scaled. An image... Agent:

20150139523 - Method for displaying mammography images: In a method for displaying mammography images, an identification of the mammography images is first inputted via a user interface of a computer system. A host is employed to receive the identification for activating the mammography images and reading a header of the mammography images. The host reads a plurality... Agent: Ebm Technologies Incorporated

20150139525 - Methods and apparatus for model-based detection of structure in view data: In one aspect, a method for determining a value for at least one parameter of a configuration of a model, the model associated with structure of which view data has been obtained from at least one x-ray scanning device capable of producing x-ray radiation, the view data being obtained, at... Agent: Brown University

20150139522 - Statistical property preserved bad line correction: The present disclosure presents systems and methods for correcting image artifacts on an x-ray image. X-ray images are obtained and processed with a correction algorithm that generates corrected pixel lines having pixels with corrected pixel values. The corrected pixel lines can then be processed with a filtering algorithm that generates... Agent: General Electric Company

20150139527 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An image processing apparatus includes: an interface unit configured to input an image signal from an imaging apparatus that exposes a specimen dyed with a fluorescent dye to excitation light and images fluorescence by a color imaging element; and a color correction circuit configured to retain information on a percentage... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150139528 - Network image review in clinical hematology: Embodiments of the invention provide techniques for using digital imaging and networked communications in clinical hematology. An Area of Interest (AOI) on a slide is determined. A high resolution image of the AOI is analyzed for sample integrity and adjusted and rescanned based on programmable parameters. Sensitive HIPAA information is... Agent: Nextslide Imaging LLC

20150139529 - Methods and devices for obtaining card information: A server system with one or more processors and memory obtains, from a client device, a card image which includes an image of a card, and identifies a card configuration type corresponding to the card in the card image based on a database of stored card configuration types. Each stored... Agent:

20150139530 - Apparatus and method for detecting defect of image having periodic pattern: Disclosed is a defect detection apparatus. The defect detection apparatus includes an angle extractor configured to extract a slope angle of a pattern from an original image in which a plurality of the patterns are formed at periodic intervals, a pattern period extractor configured to extract a pattern period at... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20150139531 - Defect analysis assistance device, program executed by defect analysis assistance device, and defect analysis system: Conventionally, there was no method for automatically selecting the layers to be overlaid, so when the number of layers to be overlaid was large, there was a problem that much time was required for selecting the layers. It is an object of the present invention to provide a defect image... Agent:

20150139532 - Camara tracking apparatus and method using reconstruction segments and volumetric surface: Provided are an apparatus and method for tracking a camera that reconstructs a real environment in three dimensions by using reconstruction segments and a volumetric surface. The camera tracking apparatus using reconstruction segments and a volumetric surface includes a reconstruction segment division unit configured to divide three-dimensional space reconstruction segments... Agent:

20150139534 - Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus and distance correction method: An image processing apparatus for correcting, on the basis of an image and a depth map corresponding to the image, the depth map, includes: a detection unit that detects an object included in the image; a determination unit that determines whether a size of the object detected by the detection... Agent:

20150139533 - Method, electronic device and medium for adjusting depth values: A depth processing method, an electronic device and a medium are provided. The depth processing method includes: obtaining a color image and a depth map corresponding to the color image; extracting a plurality of regions from at least one of the depth map and the color image; obtaining region information... Agent:

20150139535 - Silhouette-based object and texture alignment, systems and methods: An object-image alignment data generating method for use in an object recognition system is presented. The method obtains a 3D model and a set of 2D images of the object. Each 2D image from the set is captured based on a particular camera point of view. The method then uses... Agent:

20150139536 - Image classification using images with separate grayscale and color channels: Image classification techniques using images with separate grayscale and color channels are described. In one or more implementations, an image classification network includes grayscale filters and color filters which are separate from the grayscale filters. The grayscale filters are configured to extract grayscale features from a grayscale channel of an... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150139537 - Methods and apparatus for estimating angular movement with a single two dimensional device: Certain aspects of the present disclosure relate to methods and apparatus for neuro-simulation with a single two-dimensional device to track objects. The neuro-simulation may report a point of interest in an image that is provided by the device. The device may center on the point of interest using one or... Agent:

20150139538 - Object detection with boosted exemplars: In techniques for object detection with boosted exemplars, weak classifiers of a real-adaboost technique can be learned as exemplars that are collected from example images. The exemplars are examples of an object that is detectable in image patches of an image, such as faces that are detectable in images. The... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150139539 - Apparatus and method for detecting forgery/falsification of homepage: An apparatus and method for detecting forgery/falsification of a homepage. The apparatus includes a homepage image shot generation module for generating homepage image shots of an entire screen of an accessed homepage. A character string extraction module extracts character strings from each homepage image shot using an OCR technique. A... Agent:

20150139540 - Mixed media reality recognition using multiple specialized indexes: An MMR system for searching across multiple indexes comprises a plurality of mobile devices, a pre-processing server or MMR gateway, and an MMR matching unit, and may include an MMR publisher. The MMR matching unit receives an image from the pre-processing server or MMR gateway and sends it to one... Agent: Ricoh Co., Ltd.

20150139541 - Apparatus and method for detecting harmful videos: Disclosed herein is an apparatus and method for detecting harmful videos. The apparatus includes a video input unit for receiving an input video. A frame extraction unit extracts frames from the input video. A skin model generation unit generates a skin model for the frames extracted by the frame extraction... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150139542 - Toner limit processing mechanism: A method is disclosed. The method includes analyzing a meta-data structure corresponding to each tile of a sheetside image to detect a blank state of the sheetside image, detecting a sensing display item in a data stream and scanning the sheetside image in response to detecting the sensing display item.... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150139544 - Method of embedding of an image with a color transform: The method comprises the generation of a deteriorated image associated with a first bit rate and of a deteriorated color transform associated with a second bit rate, an evaluation of a first distortion by comparison of the image with a first test image obtained by the application of the color... Agent:

20150139543 - System, method, and computer program product for enhancing an image utilizing a hyper-clarity transform: A system, method, and computer program product are provided for enhancing an image utilizing a hyper-clarity transform. In use, an image is identified. Additionally, the identified image is enhanced, utilizing a hyper-clarity transform. Further, the enhanced image is returned.... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150139545 - Method and system to detect objects in multimedia using non-textural information within segmented region: A method and a system for detecting and monitoring of at least one object in a multimedia content are provided. The method includes extracting at least one contour from the multimedia content using non-textural information in a segmented region within the multimedia content, computing a histogram for the extracted at... Agent:

20150139546 - Image segmenting apparatus and method: An image processing apparatus has: a segmenting unit for segmenting an input image into a plurality of areas on the basis of a similarity of pixels; an acquiring unit for acquiring sizes of the segmented areas; a selecting unit for selecting one of a plurality of discriminating methods, with respect... Agent:

20150139547 - Feature calculation device and method and computer program product: According to an embodiment, a feature calculation device includes a procurement controller, a first calculator, an extraction controller, a second calculator, and an integrating controller. The procurement controller obtains a plurality of strokes. The first calculator calculates, for each of the plurality of strokes, a stroke feature quantity related to... Agent:

20150139548 - Methods and systems for recognizing handwriting in handwritten documents: The disclosed embodiments illustrate a method for comparing handwriting in a first electronic document and a second electronic document. The method includes extracting, by one or more processors, one or more segments from a first electronic document and a second electronic document. Each of the one or more segments includes... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150139550 - Display control device, recording medium and display device control method: The inputted character candidate display section (1213)/inputted character string candidate display section (1214) cause candidates of a character/character string, which is predicted as an intended character/character string to be inputted by the user, to be displayed as inputted character candidates/inputted character string candidate, and the converted character string candidate display... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150139549 - Electronic apparatus and method for processing document: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a display controller, a detector and a processor. The display controller displays a document on a screen of a touch screen display, the document including one or more elements corresponding to a first layer and one or more elements corresponding to a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150139552 - Augmented reality interaction implementation method and system: The present disclosure provides a method and system for realizing interaction in augmented reality. The method includes: collecting a frame image and uploads the frame image; recognizing a template image that matches the frame image and returning the template image; detecting a marker area of the frame image according to... Agent:

20150139551 - Cascaded object detection: Cascaded object detection techniques are described. In one or more implementations, cascaded coarse-to-dense object detection techniques are utilized to detect objects in images. In a first stage, coarse features are extracted from an image, and non-object regions are rejected. Then, in one or more subsequent stages, dense features are extracted... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150139554 - Consecutive thin edge detection system and method for enhancing a color filter array image: A consecutive thin edge detection system and method for enhancing color filter array image is disclosed in the present invention. The consecutive thin edge detection system includes a consecutive thin edge detector, a color gradient estimator and a direction indicator. The consecutive thin edge detector receives a color pixel array... Agent:

20150139553 - Device for detecting edges and improving the quality of an image: Device for edge detection and quality enhancement in an image which comprises a grouping of identical and locally interconnected elementary processing cells. Each processing cell is characterised in turn by a comparator which carries out in parallel the comparison of each pair of neighbouring pixels. The threshold voltage which establishes... Agent:

20150139555 - Shoe image retrieval apparatus and method using matching pair: Provided are a shoe image retrieval apparatus and method using a matching pair, which can accurately retrieve image information corresponding to an inputted image from the database and provide the retrieved image information, by normalizing a correspondence relation in consideration of geometric image transformation about the matching pair and allowing... Agent:

20150139556 - Apparatus for compensating camera image and operating method thereof: Disclosed is a camera image compensating apparatus for a vehicle, including a detecting unit which detects a base line and a vehicle body contour line; a coordinate storing unit which stores a first reference image coordinate value and a second reference image coordinate value; a first coordinate calculating unit which... Agent:

20150139557 - Fast dense patch search and quantization: In techniques for fast dense patch search and quantization, partition center patches are determined for partitions of example image patches. Patch groups of an image each include similar image patches and a reference image patch that represents a respective patch group. A partition center patch of the partitions is determined... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150139558 - Searching device, searching method, and computer program product: According to an embodiment, a searching device includes an acquiring unit, a receiver, a calculator, and a determining unit. The acquiring unit is configured to acquire a first image. The receiver is configured to receive selection of a first area contained in the first image. The calculator is configured to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150139559 - System and method for shape clustering using hierarchical character classifiers: A system and method of processing an image of a document using an optical character recognition process is disclosed. In one example, the method comprises acts of extracting, by a computer system, a plurality of recognizable units from the document, extracting, by the computer system, a plurality of features from... Agent: Google Inc.

20150139560 - Coded image system and method thereof: A coded image system enables a user to recover an object scene from an encoded image. The coded the image system comprises: a physical object scene; an encoding logic creating an encoded image, the encoding logic including a programmable aperture mask spaced a distance away from the physical object scene... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20150139563 - Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image by using large transform unit: A method of decoding an image in which wherein, when a prediction mode is an inter prediction mode, not an intra prediction mode, a size of at least one prediction unit in the coding unit is determined independently from a size of at least one transformation unit in the coding... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150139561 - Method and apparatus for encoding images and method and apparatus for decoding images: An apparatus for decoding an image includes an encoding information extractor which extracts split information indicating whether to split a coding unit of an upper depth into coding units of deeper depths and skip information indicating whether a prediction mode of a current coding unit is a skip mode, from... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150139562 - Method and apparatus for encoding images and method and apparatus for decoding images: An apparatus for decoding an image includes an encoding information extractor which extracts split information indicating whether to split a coding unit of an upper depth into coding units of deeper depths and skip information indicating whether a prediction mode of a current coding unit is a skip mode, from... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150139564 - Method and system for optimized delta encoding: Methods and systems are provided for batch processing. A plurality of correlation parameters representing degrees of correlation between two or more data sets in a first batch of data sets may be determined, and an optimized correlation dependency graph may be generated according to the plurality of correlation parameters. A... Agent:

20150139565 - Filtering method for removing block artifacts and/or ringing noise and apparatus therefor: Provided are a filtering method and apparatus for removing blocking artifacts and ringing noise. The filtering method includes transforming video data on a block-by-block basis, and detecting the presence of an edge region in the video data by checking the distribution of values obtained by the transformation. Accordingly, it is... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150139566 - Image processing device and image processing method: An image processing device includes a first production part configured to apply a first smoothing process to an original image data by using a first edge-preserving smoothing filter to produce first image data that include a low-frequency image and an edge image, a second production part configured to apply a... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150139567 - Adjusting digital images for parallax: Adjusting digital images for parallax includes receiving (401) a digital image of an object on a platform from a camera positioned over the platform and adjusting (402) a magnification of a top surface of the object in the digital image based on a height of the object.... Agent:

20150139568 - Method and apparatus for a optimal seam for surround view synthesis: A method, apparatus and a surround view camera system for determining the optimal seem for a surround view camera system. The method includes determining the corrected side view image at bird-eye perspective, generating a cost map for overlapping region, finding a minimum cost seam for each overlapping region, computing weight... Agent:

20150139569 - Method and system for determining the dimensions of an object shown in a multimedia content item: A method and system for determining at least a size dimension of objects shown in multimedia content items are presented. The method includes receiving an input multimedia content item; identifying objects shown in the multimedia content item; generating at least a first signature for at least a first object of... Agent: Cortica, Ltd.

20150139570 - Storing photographic metadata for scene reproduction: In an approach for collecting and storing photographic metadata, a computer receives a file containing an image. The computer receives photographic metadata from one or more photographic devices. The one or more photographic devices include at least one or more illumination devices. The one or more photographic devices are utilized... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

05/14/2015 > 81 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20150131846 - Geographic-based signal detection: The disclosure relates generally to geographic-based signal detection. One claim recites an apparatus comprising: an input for receiving a signal from a cell phone; an electronic processor for determining, based at least in part on the signal, whether the cell phone is physically located in a predetermined home area; and... Agent:

20150131845 - Methods, systems and software programs for enhanced sports analytics and applications: A system for enhanced sports analytics and/or content creation includes: an object tracking system that generates coordinate data corresponding to object motion in a sports event; a data processing module that receives the coordinate data from the object tracking system, analyzes the coordinate data with an event recognition algorithm that... Agent:

20150131847 - System for embedding data: A method and system including receiving marking information, determining, at least in part, based on the marking 0 information, a plurality of color element additives, adding the plurality of color element additives to at least one color element of a video frame, wherein the at least one color element includes... Agent: Nds Limited

20150131860 - Airport target tracking system: A system for tracking objects using an intelligent Video processing system in the context of airport surface monitoring. The system addresses airport surface monitoring operational issues such as all weather conditions, high robustness, and low false report rate. The output can be used to complement existing airport surface monitoring systems.... Agent:

20150131855 - Gesture recognition device and control method for the same: A gesture recognition device configured to detect a gesture from acquired image and generate command issued to a control target instrument according to the gesture, the gesture recognition device comprising: an image acquisition unit configured to acquire an image; a gesture acquisition unit configured to detect a target region performing... Agent: Omron Corporation

20150131862 - Human tracking system: An image such as a depth image of a scene may be received, observed, or captured by a device. A grid of voxels may then be generated based on the depth image such that the depth image may be downsampled. A background included in the grid of voxels may also... Agent:

20150131850 - Identifying user activities using eye tracking data, mouse events, and keystrokes: A computing device classifies user activities for a person interacting with a computer user interface using one or more user interface devices. The computing device receives eye tracking data for the person, which includes a sequence of fixations ordered temporally. Each fixation corresponds to a plurality of consecutive measured gaze... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20150131854 - Image measurement apparatus, image measurement method, and image measuring program storage medium: A partial image extracting unit extracts images of a predetermined size and constant magnification from a tissue region. A mask generating unit generates a mask for removing a region not intended for measurement from the tissue region for each extracted image. A complete mask generating unit generates a temporary complete... Agent:

20150131859 - Method and apparatus for tracking object, and method and apparatus for calculating object pose information: A method and apparatus for tracking an object, and a method and apparatus for calculating object pose information are provided. The method of tracking the object obtains object feature point candidates by using a difference between pixel values of neighboring frames. A template matching process is performed in a predetermined... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150131849 - Mobile image acquisition: A set of conditions associated with monitoring a given environment is received. One or more locations in the given environment are determined, based on at least a portion of the received set of conditions, for which data is to be acquired. The given environment is traversed through the one or... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150131856 - Monitoring device and monitoring method: A monitoring device configured to monitor whether a look of a target person is in a proper state suitable for a working environment, and comprising: an image input unit configured to input an image of the target person; a detector configured to analyze the image input by the image input... Agent: Omron Corporation

20150131861 - Multi-view object detection using appearance model transfer from similar scenes: View-specific object detectors are learned as a function of scene geometry and object motion patterns. Motion directions are determined for object images extracted from a training dataset and collected from different camera scene viewpoints. The object images are categorized into clusters as a function of similarities of their determined motion... Agent:

20150131852 - Object position determination: In embodiments, apparatuses, methods and storage media for human-computer interaction are described. In embodiments, an apparatus may include one or more light sources and a camera. Through capture of images by the camera, the computing device may detect positions of objects of a user, within a three-dimensional (3-D) interaction region... Agent:

20150131863 - Representative motion flow extraction for effective video classification and retrieval: Technologies are generally described herein for extracting a representative motion flow from a video. Technologies are also generally described herein for retrieving a video utilizing the representative motion flow. The representative motion flow may be extracted utilizing a sliding window approach to generate interesting motion flows. The representative motion flow... Agent:

20150131853 - Stereo matching system and method for generating disparity map using same: A stereo matching system comprising a face detection unit configured to detect a face area using either one of a reference image and a target image provided thereto to extract information about the detected face area and a support window setting unit configured to compare between the information about the... Agent:

20150131848 - Support vector machine based object detection system and associated method: An exemplary object detection method includes generating feature block components representing an image frame, and analyzing the image frame using the feature block components. For each feature block row of the image frame, feature block components associated with the feature block row are evaluated to determine a partial vector dot... Agent: Analog Devices Technology

20150131851 - System and method for using apparent size and orientation of an object to improve video-based tracking in regularized environments: A system and method for optimizing video-based tracking of an object of interest are provided. A video of a regularized motion environment that comprise multiple video frames is acquired and an initial instance of an object of interest in one of the frames is then detected. An expected size and... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150131858 - Tracking device and tracking method: A non-transitory computer-readable medium storing a program for tracking a feature point in an image that causes a computer to execute a process, the process includes: calculating first values indicating degree of corner for respective pixels in another image, based on change of brightness values in horizontal direction and vertical... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150131857 - Vehicle recognizing user gesture and method for controlling the same: A vehicle is provided that is capable of preventing malfunction or inappropriate operation of the vehicle due to a passenger error by distinguishing a gesture of a driver from that of the passenger when a gesture of a user is recognized, and a method for controlling the same is provided.... Agent:

20150131864 - Wheel slip or spin notification: Described embodiments include a system and method. A digital imaging device is configured to capture images of a region of a contact between a wheel of a terrestrial vehicle and a surface (“contact region”). A correlator is configured to correlate a first digital image of the contact region captured at... Agent:

20150131865 - Foot shape measurer: An apparatus for measuring feet, for the purpose of gathering measurements for custom shoes, is disclosed. The apparatus is shaped like a shoe, and has an opening where the shoe lace opening is normally present on the shoe, in addition to openings near the big toe and the little toe.... Agent:

20150131866 - Method of constructing a grid representative of a property distribution by conditional multipoint statistical simulation: The invention is a method using a computer to construct a grid representative of the distribution of a physical property of an underground formation having application to petroleum reservoir development. A set of initial grid cells MI containing at least one conditioning point PC is defined. Each cell MI is... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20150131868 - System and method for matching an animal to existing animal profiles: Systems and methods are described that may be used to match an image of an unknown animal, such as a lost pet, with images of animals that have been registered with an online service. Matching of the images of animals may be done in a two stage process. The first... Agent:

20150131867 - Treatment recommending system of plant symptoms, method and non-transitory computer-readable medium: A treatment recommending system of plant symptom includes an operation interface, an image capture unit, a processing unit and a storage unit for storing plant symptom data and diagnostic data. The processing unit may find target contour data presenting a plant part according to symptom description and symptom characteristic data.... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150131869 - Data processing method for transforming a first 3d surface suitable for coating a first object into a second 3d surface suitable for coating a second object, and associated computer program and processing device: t

20150131870 - Method, apparatus and system for electronically establishing ownership of a physical media carrier: A method and system for allowing owners of a physical work, such as a book, to purchase an electronic version of the work by validating their ownership of the work using a personal electronic device, such as a smartphone, and marking the work. The owner is instructed to mark the... Agent:

20150131871 - Floor plan space detection: Methods, machine-readable media, and devices for floor plan space detection are described herein. For example, one or more embodiments include receiving an image of a floor plan, enhancing the image of the floor plan through processing, detecting a location of a door associated with a space in the image of... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150131873 - Exemplar-based feature weighting: In an example embodiment, for each of the image exemplars, a first location offset between an actual landmark location for a first landmark in the image exemplar and a predicted landmark location for the first landmark in the image exemplar is determined. Then, a probability that the image recognition process... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150131872 - Face detection and recognition: The present invention provides, in at least one aspect, methods and systems that detect at least one face in at least one digital image, determine and store area co-ordinates of a location of the at least one detected face in the at least one digital image, apply at least one... Agent:

20150131874 - Dynamic handwriting verification and handwriting-based user authentication: Handwriting verification methods and related computer systems, and handwriting-based user authentication methods and related computer systems are disclosed. A handwriting verification method comprises obtaining a handwriting test sample containing a plurality of available parameters, extracting geometric parameters, deriving geometric features comprising an x-position value and a y-position value for each... Agent: Wacom Co., Ltd.

20150131876 - Electronic apparatus with segmented guiding function and small-width biometrics sensor, and guiding method thereof: An electronic apparatus comprises a body, a human-machine interface device, a small-width biometrics sensor and a processing module. The human-machine interface device is disposed on the body. The small-width biometrics sensor is disposed on the body. The processing module, disposed on the body and electrically connected to the small-width biometrics... Agent:

20150131877 - Method and apparatus for authenticating area biometric scanners: Methods and apparatuses for authenticating a biometric scanner, such as area type finger print scanners, involves estimating unique intrinsic characteristics of the scanner (scanner pattern), that are permanent over time, and can identify a scanner even among scanners of the same manufacturer and model. Image processing and analysis are used... Agent:

20150131875 - System and method for creating a unique keepsake representing a deceased body: A process and apparatus for tracking a deceased body. The apparatus includes a processor and at least one remote computer system adapted to read and store a unique biometric input from a deceased body. The biometric input is catalogued with a unique identifier. Prior to cremation of a deceased body... Agent: Dna Pros, Inc.

20150131878 - Method and mobile device for fingerprint authentication: According to a fingerprint authentication method, fingerprint data is obtained through a fingerprint sensor, a degree of rotation of an electronic device including the fingerprint sensor when the fingerprint data is obtained is detected, a pattern of minutiae is extracted from the fingerprint data, a registration pattern for a registered... Agent:

20150131879 - Apparatus based on image for detecting heart rate activity and method thereof: An apparatus and method based on image for detecting heart rate activity is provided. The method includes: obtaining a plurality of color images; based on a complexion target condition, defining a target region; performing color composition analysis on the target region to obtain red channel signal, green channel signal and... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150131881 - 2d visualization for rib analysis: An embodiment of the invention relates to a method of visualization, wherein a 2D transformed image is generated based on 3D image data. A corresponding computation unit, a system including a computation unit and a displaying unit, a medical imaging device, and a computer program are also disclosed. The method... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150131883 - Joint estimation of tissue types and linear attenuation coefficients for computed tomography: The present invention is directed to a new joint estimation framework employing MAP estimation based on pixel-based latent variables for tissue types. The method combines the geometrical information described by latent MRF, statistical relation between tissue types and P-C coefficients, and Poisson noise models of PCD data, and makes possible... Agent:

20150131884 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: According to one embodiment, an MRI apparatus includes a data acquiring part and a data processing part. The data acquiring part acquires first and second MR signals by applying at least one IR pulse under an application condition according to a relaxation time of a fluid. The first MR signals... Agent:

20150131882 - Medical image data processing apparatus and method: An image data processing apparatus comprises a data receiving unit for receiving image data to be segmented, and an atlas selection unit for accessing a plurality of atlas data sets and selecting a subset of the atlas data sets for use in segmenting the image data, wherein the atlas selection... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150131880 - Method of, and apparatus for, registration of medical images: An apparatus for registering medical image data representing a tubular structure comprises a data processing unit for obtaining first medical image data representing the tubular structure and second medical image data representing the tubular structure, a region identification unit for identifying the tubular structure in the first medical image data,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150131886 - Method and system for registering intravascular images: A method for co-registration of angiography and intravascular images is described in which intravascular images are in the form of a sequence of images obtained from an intravascular imaging device which is pulled back through a vessel. The method includes generating a three-dimensional reconstruction of the trajectory of the intravascular... Agent: Pie Medical Imaging B.v.

20150131885 - Method for reducing noise in medical image: There is provided a method of reducing noise in a medical image while maintaining structure characteristics within the medical image. The method of reducing noise in the medical image includes: a step of estimating the amount of noise at each pixel by using a look-up table that previously stores physical... Agent: Snu R&db Foundation

20150131889 - Necrotic cell region detection apparatus and method of the same, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium to store a necrotic cell region detection program: A necrotic cell region detection apparatus includes an image acquiring unit, a segmentation unit, a band separate unit, a feature value calculating unit, a luminance calculating unit, and a judging unit. The image acquiring unit acquires a cell image. The segmentation unit divides the cell image into multiple regions so... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150131888 - Predictive modeling relating molecular imaging modalities: Systems and methods are provided for generating a model relating parameters generated via a first molecular imaging modality to parameters generated via a second molecular imaging modality. First and second feature extractors extract, from images of a region of interest obtained via respective first and second molecular imaging modalities, respective... Agent:

20150131887 - System and method to visualize and analyze data from image-based cellular assays or high content screening: Data processing system for generating representations and analyses of cytometric information for:—loading one set of data including:—one image of two wells on a plate each having one cell in a predetermined biological condition, each image being acquired with a microscope;—features of each cell from each image;—processing loaded data for obtaining... Agent: Fluofarma

20150131890 - Coin grading system and method: A method for identifying counterfeit coins, comprising receiving surface image data and edge image data of the coin at a processor. Identifying a plurality of defects using the processor. Comparing each of the plurality of defects to a database of known authentic coin image data defects to determine whether the... Agent:

20150131892 - Defect estimation device and method and inspection system and method: Acquired mask data of a defect portion is sent to a simulated repair circuit 300 to be simulated. The simulation of the acquired mask data 204 is returned to the mask inspection results 205 and thereafter sent to a wafer transfer simulator 400 along with a reference image at the... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc.

20150131891 - Method for detecting defect in pattern: Provided is a method of detecting a defect of a pattern using vectorization to increase accuracy and efficiency in OPC modeling and OPC verification. The method includes acquiring a target layout image associated with a target pattern, acquiring a pattern image associated with a pattern formed on a substrate, extracting... Agent:

20150131893 - Motion and focus blur removal from pattern images: A moving wafer imaging system processes wafer images to remove motion and focus blur by performing a blind deconvolution to determine an approximate point spread function. The approximate point spread function, estimated image noise and a Gaussian point spread function are used to compute a weighted point spread function. The... Agent:

20150131894 - Verification of circuit structures including sub-structure variants: A method for controlling the functional output of a verification tool upon receipt of a circuit description comprises searching for a predetermined base pattern in the circuit description. The method further comprises searching for predetermined sub-patterns that are assigned to the base pattern, in the circuit description. The method further... Agent:

20150131895 - Method and apparatus for implementing optical roll scanning to identify defects in roll components used in an image production device: A system and method are provided for employing a unique optical roll scanning technique, scheme or process for detecting and identifying periodic surface defects associated with rolls usable in image production devices. An apparatus is provided for mounting the roll to implement an inspection technique that facilitates forming an image... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150131896 - Safety monitoring system for human-machine symbiosis and method using the same: A safety monitoring system for human-machine symbiosis is provided, including a spatial image capturing unit, an image recognition unit, a human-robot-interaction safety monitoring unit, and a process monitoring unit. The spatial image capturing unit, disposed in a working area, acquires at least two skeleton images. The image recognition unit generates... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150131897 - Method and apparatus for building surface representations of 3d objects from stereo images: A method and apparatus for extracting surface representation from images and video data for segmenting image plane according to the surface connectivity, and identifying areas of images taken by a moving camera according to the object surfaces wherefrom the areas of images are taken, are disclosed. The invention discloses a... Agent:

20150131898 - Blind image deblurring with cascade architecture: Blind image deblurring with a cascade architecture is described, for example, where photographs taken on a camera phone are deblurred in a process which revises blur estimates and estimates a blur function as a combined process. In various examples the estimates of the blur function are computed using first trained... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150131899 - Devices, systems, and methods for learning a discriminant image representation: Systems, devices, and methods for generating an image representation obtain a set of low-level features from an image; generate a high-dimensional generative representation of the low-level features; generate a lower-dimensional representation of the low-level features based on the high-dimensional generative representation of the low-level features; generate classifier scores based on... Agent:

20150131900 - Image cropping using supervised learning: Software for supervised learning extracts a set of pixel-level features from each source image in collection of source images. Each of the source images is associated with a thumbnail created by an editor. The software also generates a collection of unique bounding boxes for each source image. And the software... Agent:

20150131901 - Method of making camouflage: Methods are disclosed relating to the production of camouflage that include steps such as harvesting a set of objects that have a diversity of color from the environment, placing the set of objects within a scene, capturing a set of images of the scene, adjusting color in the set of... Agent:

20150131902 - Digital image analysis: The present invention provides a method for analyzing a digital image comprising a plurality of pixels representing a scene. The method comprising steps of obtaining pixel chromaticity information, providing, combinations each having a corresponding surface and a corresponding illuminant, performing a global scene surface-illuminant classification by determining hypothesis scores, accumulating... Agent: St-ericsson Sa

20150131903 - Image processing for productivity applications: Image processing for productivity applications is provided. An image may be received by a computing device. The computing device may detect the edges comprising the received image and adjust the image based on a skew state of the detected edges. The computing device may then process the adjusted image to... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150131904 - Image processing device and method: A value on a vertical axis corresponding to a maximum white level is a digital value of the maximum white level (white 800%) which is assigned to a developed image, and is set as max_white_level_code_value which is one of characteristics information of the dynamic range and is transmitted. A value... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150131905 - Image processing device and method: The present invention relates to an image processing device and method, which realize improvement in encoding efficiency for color difference signals and reduction in address calculations for memory access. In a case where a block size of orthogonal transform is 4×4, and a macroblock of luminance signals is configured of... Agent:

20150131906 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, printing medium, and recording medium: When obtaining subband signals by performing multiresolution decomposition on image data using a broad-sense pinwheel framelet or a pinwheel wavelet frame, having a degree, that is a set of an approximate filter with no orientation and a plurality of detail filters with respective orientations, and acquiring processed image data by... Agent: National Institute Of Japan Science And Technology Agency

20150131907 - Information processing device and method, and program: An device, method and program may properly perform gamut conversion of content and be applied to a gamut conversion device. A restoration conversion state confirming unit performs confirmation such as gamut conversion state of image data read out from an optical disc and the existence or not of restoration metadata.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150131908 - Character recognition method and device: A character recognition method may include at least the following steps. A location step may include acquiring an image and locating a character region of the image. The character region may include a character and a local background. The method may further include a background judgment step for determining whether... Agent:

20150131909 - Method, apparatus and computer program product for generating panorama images: In accordance with an example embodiment a method, apparatus and computer program product are provided. The method comprise assigning weights to at least one first feature and at least one second feature. The at least one first feature may be associated with a first image and the at least one... Agent:

20150131910 - Semantic parsing of objects in video: Methods, systems, and computer program products for parsing objects in a video are provided herein. A method includes producing a plurality of versions of an image of an object derived from a video input, wherein each version has a different resolution of said image of said object; computing an appearance... Agent:

20150131911 - Pattern processing apparatus, pattern processing method, and pattern processing program: A pattern processing apparatus includes an acquisition unit, an adjacent element identification unit, a connection unit, and an assigning unit. The acquisition unit acquires a pattern image in which a plurality of pattern elements are arrayed in a grid, together with coordinate information of the pattern elements. The adjacent element... Agent:

20150131912 - Systems and methods for offline character recognition: A method, non-transitory computer readable medium and character recognition device for character recognition includes a character recognition device for receiving an image representing a character comprising one or more strokes. A set of first parameters associated with each of the one or more first strokes is determined. Each of the... Agent: Wipro Limited

20150131913 - Interactive drawing recognition using status determination: Interactive drawing recognition is described using status determination. In one example, a computer system status is determined and then used to determine a type of drawing. A user drawing is observed and a library of drawing templates associated with the determined drawing type is accessed. The observed drawing is compared... Agent:

20150131914 - Shape data generation method and apparatus: This shape data generation method include: setting an input shape that has a simple shape that has a same topology as the target shape for a target shape that is a shape of a transformation target identified from image data; identifying first vertices that satisfy a predetermined condition including a... Agent: The University Of Tokyo

20150131915 - Adaptive denoising with internal and external patches: In techniques for adaptive denoising with internal and external patches, example image patches taken from example images are grouped into partitions of similar patches, and a partition center patch is determined for each of the partitions. An image denoising technique is applied to image patches of a noisy image to... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150131916 - Contextualizing noisy samples by substantially minimizing noise induced variance: A system for contextualizing noisy samples by substantially minimizing noise induced variance may include a memory, an interface, and a processor. The memory is operative to store exemplars. The processor is operative to receive, via the interface, a sample which includes exemplar content corresponding to one of the exemplars, and... Agent:

20150131917 - Media decoding method based on cloud computing and decoder thereof: A media decoding method based on cloud computing and decoder thereof are provided by embodiments of the present invention, which are easy to use and applicable to a media of any form, and its requirement for computer resource is low. The method includes: extracting representing features from a media code... Agent:

20150131918 - Distributed document processing: A system for document processing including decomposing an image of a document into at least one data entry region sub-image, providing the data entry region sub-image to a data entry clerk available for processing the data entry region sub-image, receiving from the data entry clerk a data entry value associated... Agent:

20150131921 - Coding and decoding method for images or videos: A coding and decoding method for images or videos is provided by embodiments of the present invention to improve coding and decoding efficiency. The method includes: establishing a visual dictionary, wherein, the visual dictionary includes one or more visual words; extracting features from a specific object in an image; determining... Agent:

20150131920 - Method and apparatus for encoding image and method and apparatus for decoding image: An image encoding apparatus and method and an image decoding apparatus and method are disclosed. The image encoding method may include extracting a ROI from an input image, determining a compression rate of a remaining region excluding the ROI of the image based on a network state between the image... Agent: Korea University Research And Business Foundation

20150131919 - Texture decompression for graphics processors: Various apparatuses and methods are disclosed for processing texture data compressed with a first compression algorithm and texture data compressed with a second compression algorithm. A processing system may be used to determine whether the compressed texture data is compressed with the first or second compression algorithm, and process the... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150131922 - Method for removing noise of image signal and image processing device using the same: A method of removing noise of an image signal includes receiving a first frame and a second frame, generating a spatial filtering frame by performing spatial filtering on the second frame, generating a temporal filtering frame by performing temporal filtering on the first frame, and generating a second filtering frame,... Agent:

20150131924 - Creation of rectangular images from input images: Stitched images generated from combinations of multiple separate images mostly have irregular boundaries. Users generally prefer rectangular boundaries. Techniques for warping an image with irregular boundaries to give the image rectangular boundaries are disclosed herein. Preliminary warping of the image into the rectangle provides a rectangular shape on which to... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150131923 - Dynamic digital image compositing using image templates: Techniques are disclosed for dynamic digital image compositing using a digital image template. A request is received to generate a composite digital image at a user-specified resolution based on a master digital image. Each of a plurality of digital image templates includes image data representing a different, particular resolution of... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150131925 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium: The image processing apparatus includes a candidate image acquisition unit acquiring candidate images for use in creating a composite image, a processed image determination unit determining about whether candidate images are unprocessed original images or processed images, an image count determination unit determining about whether or not the number of... Agent:

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20150125026 - Method for inserting a watermark in an image and corresponding method for detecting a watermark in an image to be analyzed: A method is provided for inserting a digital watermark in an image by an insertion device. Inserting includes: applying a Fourier transform to the image, delivering a 2D Fourier spectrum; inserting the watermark in the Fourier spectrum delivering a modified Fourier spectrum; and applying an inverse Fourier transform to the... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique-cnrs

20150125033 - Bone fragment tracking: A method of determining bone fragment navigation may include receiving pre-operative 2D image data of a reference bone structure and a bone fragment. The reference bone structure may include a first set of fiducial markers provided thereon, and the bone fragment may include a second set of fiducial markers provided... Agent:

20150125028 - Electronic device and video object motion trajectory modification method thereof: An electronic device and a video object motion trajectory modification method thereof are provided. The electronic device includes a video providing unit and a processing unit. The video providing unit is configured to provide a video. The processing unit is configured to extract a video segment from the video. The... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150125027 - Enhanced outlier removal for 8 point algorithm used in camera motion estimation: A method to filter outliers in an image-aided motion-estimation system is provided. The method includes selecting eight-image-points in a first image received from a moving imaging device at at least one processor; selecting eight-image-points in a second image that correspond to the selected eight-image-points in the first image at the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150125036 - Extraction of video fingerprints and identification of multimedia using video fingerprinting: A video fingerprinting algorithm extracts characteristic features from regions of interest in a media object, such as a video signal. The regions of interest contain the perceptually important parts of the video signal. A fingerprint may be extracted from a target media object, and the fingerprint the target media content... Agent:

20150125037 - Heuristic motion detection methods and systems for interactive applications: A method is provided for motion detection comprising acquiring a series of images of an audience in a viewing area comprising a current image and a previous image, determining a plurality of optical flow vectors, each representing movement of one of a plurality of visual elements from a first location... Agent: Audience Entertainment, LLC

20150125035 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium for position and orientation measurement of a measurement target object: To perform robust position and orientation measurement even in a situation where noise exist, an image including a target object is obtained, an approximate position and orientation of the target object included in the obtained image are obtained, information related to a shadow region of the target object in the... Agent:

20150125030 - Image processing device, image processing system, image processing method, and program: A body hair region detection unit includes: a projective transform unit that generates a projected image by projectively transforming a first image generated by photographing a body hair into the coordinate system of a second image generated by photographing the body hair from a different direction from the first image;... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150125034 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium: To calculate the position and orientation of a target object with high accuracy, an information processing apparatus converts an image feature on a two-dimensional image into a corresponding position in a three-dimensional space, acquires a first registration error between the converted image feature and a geometric feature of a model,... Agent:

20150125029 - Method, tv set and system for recognizing tv station logo: The present disclosure discloses a method, a TV set and a system for recognizing a TV station logo. The method includes: obtaining a TV screen image; for each of a plurality of pre-stored standard TV station logos, selecting a matching area of the standard TV station logo from the TV... Agent:

20150125032 - Object detection device: The object detection device according to the present invention includes: an image obtainer configured to obtain, from a camera for taking images of a predetermined image sensed area, the images of the predetermined image sensed area at a predetermined time interval sequentially; a difference image creator configured to calculate a... Agent:

20150125038 - Recognition apparatus, method, and computer program product: In an embodiment, a recognition apparatus includes: an obtaining unit configured to obtain positions of a specific part in a coordinate system having a first axis to an n-th axis (n≧2); a calculating unit configured to calculate a movement vector of the specific part; a principal axis selecting unit configured... Agent:

20150125031 - Three-dimensional object detection device: A three-dimensional object detection has an image capturing device, a three-dimensional object detection unit, a high-luminance area assessment unit and a controller. The image capturing device captures images of an area including a right-side detection area or a left-side detection area rearward of a vehicle. The three-dimensional object detection unit... Agent:

20150125039 - Lane departure warning system and method: Provided is a lane departure warning system and method. The lane departure warning system includes an edge style classification map capture module, a road marker seed region detection module, a lane detection module, and a lane departure warning module, which can detect, by using an edge style classification map, and... Agent:

20150125040 - Travel amount estimation device and travel amount estimating method: A processor generates a first road surface image from an image at a first time captured by an imaging device mounted on a moving body, and generates a second road surface image from an image at a second time after the first time. Next, the processor determines direction information depending... Agent:

20150125042 - Method and system for data collection using processed image data: The present invention relates to a system and method for capturing data from vehicles and processing the captured vehicle data to generate a set of demographic data based on the set of captured demographic data. Specifically, the invention captures video or image data of one or more vehicles at a... Agent: Smartlanes Technologies, LLC

20150125041 - Reinforcement learning approach to character level segmentation of license plate images: Methods and systems for achieving accurate segmentation of characters with respect to a license plate image utilizing a reinforcement learning approach. A vehicle image can be captured by an image capturing unit and processed utilizing an ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) unit. The reinforcement learning (RL) approach can be configured... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150125043 - Image processing apparatus and program: An information processing system that acquires image data corresponding to a target object that is a target for gesture recognition captured by an imaging device; determines whether a distance between the target object and the imaging device is inadequate for recognition of a gesture made by the target object; and... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150125044 - System and method for determining geo-location(s) in images: Determining GPS coordinates of some image point(s) positions in at least two images using a processor configured by program instructions. Receiving position information of some of the positions where an image capture device captured an image. Determining geometry by triangulating various registration objects in the images. Determining GPS coordinates of... Agent:

20150125045 - Environment mapping with automatic motion model selection: Various embodiments each include at least one of systems, methods, devices, and software for environment mapping with automatic motion model selection. One embodiment in the form of a method includes receiving a video frame captured by a camera device into memory and estimating a type of motion from a previously... Agent:

20150125046 - Information processing device and information processing method: An information processing device includes an image acquirer that acquires a shot image of a user, a registered user information holder that holds face identification data of a registered user, and a face authentication section that detects a face image of a registered user existing in the shot image by... Agent:

20150125047 - Information processing device and information processing method: An information processing device includes an image acquirer that acquires a shot image of a user, a registered user information holder that holds face identification data of a registered user, a face recognition section that detects a face image of a registered user existing in the shot image by using... Agent:

20150125048 - Information processing device and information processing method: An information processing device includes an image acquirer that acquires a shot image of a user, a registered user information holder that holds face identification data of a registered user, and a first authentication section that detects a face image of a registered user existing in the shot image by... Agent:

20150125049 - Systems and methods for facial representation: Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer readable media can align face images, classify face images, and verify face images by employing a deep neural network (DNN). A 3D-aligned face image can be generated from a 2D face image. An identity of the 2D face image can be classified based on provision... Agent:

20150125050 - Fingerprint recognition sensor module having sensing region separated from asic: Disclosed is a fingerprint recognition sensor module including a flexible printed circuit board. The flexible printed circuit board includes a first sensing region formed with a first sensing input unit, a second sensing region formed with a second sensing input unit, a chip mounting region on which an ASIC is... Agent:

20150125051 - Device and method for extracting information from remotely detected characteristic signals: The present invention relates to a device and a method for extracting information from remotely detected characteristic signals. A data stream (24) derivable from electromagnetic radiation (14) emitted or reflected by an object (12) is received. The data stream (24) comprises a sequence of frames (66, 70, 92, 94; 108,... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150125052 - Drusen lesion image detection system: A method is proposed for automatically analysing a retina image, to identify the presence of drusen which is indicative of age-related macular degeneration. The method proposes dividing a region of interest including the macula centre into patches, obtaining a local descriptor of each of the patches, reducing the dimensionality of... Agent:

20150125053 - Image analysis useful for patterned objects: A method of registering features in a repeating pattern can include (a) providing an object having a repeating pattern of features and a fiducial; (b) obtaining a target image of the object, wherein the target image includes the repeating pattern of features and the fiducial; (c) comparing the fiducial in... Agent: Illumina, Inc.

20150125054 - Dielectric encoding of medical images: Microwave imaging apparatus and method for completely imaging the human body (or portions thereof) in sufficient detail to render a timely and accurate medical diagnosis by trained medical professionals. The data conversion processes presented will not require physicians and radiologists to learn to use image data in a format they... Agent: Ellumen, Inc.

20150125059 - Fast iterative algorithm for superresolving computed tomography with missing data: A system, method and program product for reconstructing an image. A method includes: inputting a projection array p(r, θ) produced from a CT system imaging an object defined with an image function ƒ( x); generating an initial reconstructed image ƒR( x); utilizing an iterative loop to perform: projecting the reconstructed... Agent:

20150125058 - Identification of vascular territories: A computer-implemented method of identifying vascular territories in an imaging volume representing an anatomical region, including: obtaining, for each volume element of a plurality of volume elements into which the imaging volume is divided, arrival time data representing an estimated arrival time of a contrast agent at the volume element;... Agent:

20150125060 - Method for tibia resection alignment approximation in knee replacement procedures: Aspects of the present disclosure involve systems, methods, computer program products, and the like, for utilizing a series of images of a patient's anatomy to determine a cut plane for use during a knee procedure. To determine a cut plane for use during a knee replacement procedure, the 2D images... Agent: Somersault Orthopedics Inc.

20150125056 - Method of classification of organs from a tomographic image: The present invention relates to a method for classification of an organ in a tomographic image. The method comprises the steps of receiving (102) a 3-dimensional anatomical tomographic target image comprising a water image data set and a fat image data set, each with a plurality of volume elements, providing... Agent: Advanced Mr Analytics Ab

20150125057 - Methods, systems and computer readable storage media storing instructions for imaging and determining information associated with regions of the brain: Methods, systems and computer-readable storage mediums relate to imaging techniques of a region, for example, the brain, with magnetization transfer contrast (MTC°) effects with less specific absorption rate (SAR). The methods, systems and computer-readable storage mediums may include acquiring MR image data from at least one magnetic resonance (MR) scan... Agent:

20150125055 - Systems and methods for iterative multi-material correction of image data: Systems and methods for iterative multi-material correction are provided. A system includes an imager that acquires projection data of an object. A reconstructor reconstructs the acquired projection data into a reconstructed image, utilizes the reconstructed image to perform a multi-material correction on the acquired projection data to generate a multi-material... Agent: General Electric Company

20150125061 - Apparatus and method for reconstructing an image using high-energy-based data: An apparatus reconstructs an image using high energy-based data regarding a scene provides access to first image-capture data regarding the scene that is formed using a first image-capture modality and to second image-capture data that is formed using a second (different) image-capture modality. A control circuit executes an iterative image... Agent:

20150125062 - Recording device and control method for a recording device: A recording device and a control method for a recording device improve the accuracy of reading MICR information while also shortening the time required for recording media processing. A dot impact printer 10 has a magnetic head 34 that magnetically reads MICR information recorded on a recording medium S, a... Agent:

20150125064 - Decision tree construction for automatic classification of defects on semiconductor wafers: Methods and systems for decision tree construction for automatic classification of defects on semiconductor wafers are provided. One method includes creating a decision tree for classification of defects detected on a wafer by altering one or more floating trees in the decision tree. The one or more floating trees are... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20150125068 - Defect analyzing apparatus, substrate processing system, defect analyzing method and computer-readable storage medium: A potential trouble can be in advance suppressed by analyzing a defect of a wafer. A defect analyzing apparatus of analyzing a defect of a substrate includes an imaging unit configured to image target substrates; a defect feature value extracting unit configured to extract a defect feature value in a... Agent:

20150125066 - Measuring apparatus: A measuring apparatus includes an input unit to input optical image data of a figure pattern obtained by a pattern inspection apparatus which inspects a defect of a pattern on a target object to be inspected by scanning an inspection region of the target object, from the pattern inspection apparatus,... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc.

20150125067 - Measuring apparatus: A measuring apparatus includes an optical image input unit to input optical image data of a figure pattern obtained by a pattern inspection apparatus, which inspects defects of a pattern on a target object to be inspected by scanning an inspection region of the target object, from the pattern inspection... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc.

20150125065 - Method and system for correlating optical images with scanning electron microscopy images: The correlation of optical images with SEM images includes acquiring a full optical image of a sample by scanning the sample with an optical inspection sub-system, storing the full optical image, identifying a location of a feature-of-interest present in the full optical image with an additional sources, acquiring an SEM... Agent:

20150125063 - Method of optical proximity correction: A calculation method of optical proximity correction includes providing at least a feature pattern to a computer system. At least a first template and a second template are defined so that portions of the feature pattern are located in the first template and the rest of the feature pattern is... Agent: United Microelectronics Corp.

20150125069 - Method and system for wafer alignment: A method for a system to generate a recipe for performing wafer alignment, includes: generating first and second alignment data sets, the first alignment data set including image information regarding a first site on a wafer and coordinates of characteristic points at the first site, and the second alignment data... Agent: Raintree Scientific Instruments (shanghai) Corporation

20150125070 - Method and optical system for determining a depth map of an image: A method and optical system for determining a depth map of an image, the method including: determining a first focus measure of a first color in at least one region of the image; determining a second focus measure of a second color in the at least one region of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150125071 - Pre-segment point cloud data to run real-time shape extraction faster: A method, apparatus, system, and computer readable storage medium provide the ability to pre-segment point cloud data. Point cloud data is obtained and segmented. The segment information is stored. An indexing structure is created and instantiated with the point cloud data and the segment information. Based on the segment information,... Agent: Autodesk, Inc.

20150125072 - Data processing method for learning discriminator, and data processing apparatus therefor: A data processing method includes setting a learning data set including a plurality of learning data having respective labels to an uppermost node of a decision tree, setting selection probabilities of the learning data, selecting a combination of the learning data from each of a plurality of sets of learning... Agent:

20150125073 - Method and apparatus for processing image: A method of processing an image by using an image processing apparatus is provided. The method includes acquiring, by the image processing apparatus, a target image, extracting a shape of a target object included in the target image, determining a category including the target object based on the extracted shape,... Agent:

20150125074 - Apparatus and method for extracting skin area to block harmful content image: Disclosed are an apparatus and method for extracting a skin area to block a harmful image. The apparatus includes an image extraction unit, a skin sample area extraction unit, a background sample area extraction unit, a probability density function computation unit, and a skin area extraction unit. The image extraction... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150125075 - Method, medium, and system encoding and/or decoding an image using image slices: An encoding method, medium, and system encoding an image, with an image being encoded by generating a plurality of image slices as images of each color component of the image and encoding the image slices in parallel with each other and independently of each other. Accordingly, although an image to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150125076 - Method, medium, and system encoding and/or decoding an image using image slices: An encoding method, medium, and system encoding an image, with an image being encoded by generating a plurality of image slices as images of each color component of the image and encoding the image slices in parallel with each other and independently of each other. Accordingly, although an image to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150125077 - Gradient assisted image resampling in micro-lithographic printing: The present disclosure relates to the re-sampling of pixel data, with one application being micro-lithography. In particular, it relates to the extraction of modulator pixels from a rasterized image, as a function of how the modulator moves across the rasterized image.... Agent: Mycronic Ab

20150125078 - Image deformation apparatus and method of controlling operation of same: A target image is deformed in such a manner that a subject in a reference image and a subject in the target image will coincide. A reference image and a target image are each divided into regions that conform to amounts of optical distortion. A region which is in the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150125079 - Method and apparatus for detecting line data based on hough transform: A method and an apparatus for detecting straight line information by Hough transform are provided, in which voting computation according to Hough transform is performed only with respect to certain pixels, while the votes of the rest pixels are calculated using the votes of the neighborhood pixels, thereby reducing overhead... Agent: Kyungpook National University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

20150125080 - Image processing device and methods for performing an s-transform: An image processing device and methods for performing an S-transform (ST) are provided herein. An example method of generating a compressed form of values of a one-dimensional ST for a time series and generating an approximate form of ST is provided herein. Additionally, an example method of determining local spectrum... Agent:

20150125082 - Method and apparatus for generating hierarchical saliency images detection with selective refinement: A method of generating a saliency image, which includes: converting an input image into an input image of the first size and an input image of the second size; applying a saliency extraction scheme to the input image of the first size to generate a first saliency image; converting the... Agent:

20150125081 - Method and apparatus for selectively enhancing an image: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for selectively enhancing regions in an image. In one embodiment, a digital image is read from an image source and is converted into a desired image model. One or more regions in the image having intensity values of pixels falling outside a... Agent:

20150125083 - Object detection using limited learned attribute rangesyor920130570us1: Techniques for object detection are provided that employ limited learned attribute ranges. One or more objects are initially detected for a full range of one or more attributes at each location of an image. Thereafter, a set of positional constraints are generated indicating an expected range of values for each... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150125084 - Image categorization based on comparisons between images: In an example embodiment, a method is provided for image categorization. Here, images are displayed. In turn, a user input that describes a characteristic shared between the images from a comparison between the images is received. The user input may then be classified into categorization data.... Agent:

20150125086 - Apparatus and method for encoding image data: An apparatus for encoding an image data includes a sub-pixel rendering unit and a first differential pulse code modulation (DPCM) processing unit. The sub-pixel rendering unit converts first image data of an RGB type to second image data of an RG-BG type. The DPCM processing unit generates first differential data... Agent:

20150125085 - Integral image coding: Techniques related to integral image coding are described herein.... Agent:

20150125087 - Adaptive inter-channel transform for wavelet color image comperssion: A method for compressing an image including one or more blocks, each of the one or more blocks including an x channel, a y channel, and a z channel, the method including, for each of the one or more blocks: performing a frequency domain transform, by a processor, on each... Agent:

20150125088 - Image processing apparatus and image fine-tuning method thereof: An image processing apparatus and an image fine-tuning method are provided. The image processing apparatus includes a high-pass filter, a block comparator, an image data reconstructor, and a calculator. The high-pass filter receives a first image to generate a filtered image. The block comparator receives an input image and the... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20150125089 - System and method for enhancing the legibility of degraded images: Disclosed are embodiments for a system, method, and computer program product for performing an process on an original image, the process being implemented by a computer system performs a comprising the at least one computer: performing an process on an image that renders the processed image legible than then the... Agent:

20150125090 - Image processing device, image processing method, television receiver, program, and recording medium: An image processing device (100) is configured such that an edge histogram creating section (130) calculates interproximal pixel luminance difference for each of pixels constituting a frame, and a first ratio, which is a ratio of pixels whose interproximal pixel luminance difference is greater than or equal to a first... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150125092 - Near infrared guided image denoising: Systems and methods for multispectral imaging are disclosed. The multispectral imaging system can include a near infrared (NIR) imaging sensor and a visible imaging sensor. The disclosed systems and methods can be implemented to de-noise a visible light image using a gradient scale map generated from gradient vectors in the... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150125091 - System, method, and computer program product for performing fast, non-rigid registration for high dynamic range image stacks: A system, method, and computer program product are provided for performing fast, non-rigid registration for at least two images of a high-dynamic range image stack. The method includes the steps of generating a warped image based on a set of corresponding pixels, analyzing the warped image to detect unreliable pixels... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150125093 - Method and apparatus for image processing: A method and apparatus for image processing is provided, in which the method for image processing includes generating a base image based on multi-view color images and depth images corresponding to the multi-view color images, and generating a light field (LF) image, for example, an output image, based on the... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 97 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20150117701 - Digital fingerprinting object authentication and anti-counterfeiting system: Improvements are disclosed for authentication of an object, verification of its provenance, and certification of the object as compliant with manufacturing standards. Or, an object may be reported as a suspected counterfeit. In one embodiment the system compares a digital fingerprint of the object, based in image capture, to digital... Agent:

20150117700 - System and method for providing content-related information based on digital watermark and fingerprint: In a method for providing content-related information based on a digital watermark and fingerprint, the method includes: receiving a request for content-related information from a client terminal; using a watermark and a fingerprint of content to retrieve the requested content-related information from a database; and transmitting the retrieved content-related information... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150117702 - Method of sorting mailpieces using a sorting frame, with a virtual stack of mailpiece images being displayed: A method of sorting mailpieces into a sorting frame having sorting slots where, in a sorting pass, and in a memory of a monitoring/control unit with a display screen, recording digital images of mailpieces to be sorted, each image including a delivery address; on the basis of each digital image... Agent:

20150117704 - Bus lane infraction detection method and system: This disclosure provides methods and systems for form a trajectory of a moving vehicle captured with an image capturing device. According to one exemplary embodiment, a method forms a trajectory of a moving vehicle and determines if the vehicle is moving in one of a permitted manner and an unpermitted... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150117712 - Computer vision based control of a device using machine learning: A method for computer vision based control of a device, the method comprising: obtaining a first frame comprising an image of an object within a field of view; identifying the object by applying computer vision algorithms; storing image related shape information of the identified object; obtaining a second frame comprising... Agent:

20150117713 - Determine spatiotemporal causal interactions in data: Techniques for detecting outliers in data and determining spatiotemporal causal interactions in the data are discussed. A process collects global positioning system (GPS) points in logs and identifies geographical locations to represent the area where the service vehicles travelled with a passenger. The process models traffic patterns by: partitioning the... Agent:

20150117705 - Hybrid parking detection: The present invention combines the strengths of the background-subtraction and edge-detection algorithm for parking detection. Being computationally efficient, the background-subtraction algorithm is used whenever possible. On the other hand, being robust, the edge-detection algorithm is used at calibration points, or when the background-subtraction algorithm cannot reliably determine the parking state.... Agent: Chengdu HaicunIPTechnology LLC

20150117711 - Image processing method using sensed eye position: A method is described for processing an image previously captured by a camera and stored in a processor readable memory. The method involves detecting a face within the stored image and detecting a position of the first face within the stored image. The method additionally involves performing region-specific image processing... Agent:

20150117703 - Object identification system and method: An object identification method is provided. The method includes dividing an input video into a number of video shots, each containing one or more video frames. The method also includes detecting target-class object occurrences and related-class object occurrences in each video shot. Further, the method includes generating hint information including... Agent: Tcl Research America Inc.

20150117709 - Robust scale estimation in real-time monocular sfm for autonomous driving: A method for performing three-dimensional (3D) localization requiring only a single camera including capturing images from only one camera; generating a cue combination from sparse features, dense stereo and object bounding boxes; correcting for scale in monocular structure from motion (SFM) using the cue combination for estimating a ground plane;... Agent: Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

20150117710 - System for locating mobile display devices: A system is provided in which a mobile display device, such as a cellular phone, a computing tablet, a mobile computer or any other portable device that incorporates a computing element and a display element, is adapted to display a predetermined pattern. The pattern can be either visible or invisible... Agent:

20150117707 - Systems and methods for determining motion saliency: Techniques for determining motion saliency in video content using center-surround receptive fields. In some implementations, images or frames from a video may be apportioned into non-overlapped regions, for example, by applying a rectilinear grid. For each grid region, or cell, motion consistency may be measured between the center and surround... Agent: Google Inc.

20150117708 - Three dimensional close interactions: Described herein is a method for detecting, identifying and tracking hand, hand parts, and fingers on the hand (500) of a user within depth images of a three-dimensional scene. Arms of a user are detected, identified, segmented from the background of the depth images, and tracked with respect to time.... Agent: Softkinetic Software

20150117706 - Visual object tracking method: A visual object tracking method includes the steps of: setting an object window having a target in a video image; defining a search window greater than the object window; analyzing an image pixel of the object window to generate a color histogram for defining a color filter which includes a... Agent: Ming Chuan University

20150117714 - Drift-assessment device: A drift-assessment device includes a turn information detection unit that detects turn information of a vehicle, an image recognition and detection unit that detects position information of the vehicle relative to a lane, a vehicle speed detection unit that detects a vehicle speed, a selection unit that selects the image... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150117715 - Recognition object detecting apparatus: A recognition object detecting apparatus is provided which includes an imaging unit which generates image data representing a taken image, and a detection unit which detects a recognition object from the image represented by the image data. The imaging unit has a characteristic in which a relation between luminance and... Agent:

20150117719 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium: An apparatus includes an acquisition unit configured to acquire an input image, an identifying unit configured to identify a distance from a reference point to a processing target pixel in the input image, a deformation unit configured to deform an image based on the distance, and a sharpening processing unit... Agent:

20150117717 - Image processing device for extracting foreground object and image processing method thereof: An image processing device capable of generating foreground object data by using a captured image includes a depth data generator configured to generate depth data of the captured image; an amplitude data generator configured to generate amplitude data of the captured image; a foreground object detector configured to perform a... Agent:

20150117718 - Method and system for measuring distance: A method and a system for measuring a distance from a reference point to an object are provided. The method comprises the following steps. At least one image of an object is captured through a lens comprising a phase mask composed of a parallel plate and a wedge prism. At... Agent:

20150117716 - System and method for underwater distance measurement: At least some of the exemplary embodiments are a method. The method includes obtaining, at an underwater imaging device, a stream of images of geophysical surveying equipment, wherein the geophysical surveying equipment includes a target pattern having a calibrated image size. The geophysical surveying equipment is tracked using the image... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20150117720 - Method and device for the recording of body movements: The invention relates to a method for recording the position, location or movement of a body part of a patient and a device for recording the position, location or movement of a body part or a medical instrument. According to the invention, a graphic marker is connected with the body... Agent:

20150117721 - Coordinate-based document processing and data entry system and method: Embodiments of the presently disclosed invention are directed to a document processing system and method that facilitates the processing and extraction of data from the documents. The system and method receive at least one document, where the document may contain data for extraction. The document may then be converted into... Agent: Rocaton Investment Advisors, LLC

20150117722 - Inspection apparatus: Provided is an inspection apparatus including a first light receiving unit that receives light from an object where an image is formed based on image data with a first spectral sensitivity characteristic, a second light receiving unit that has a resolution lower than a resolution of the first light receiving... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20150117723 - Method for generating accurate lane level maps: A method for generating accurate lane level maps based on course map information and Lidar data captured during the pass of a sensor carrying vehicle along a road. The method generates accurate lane estimates including the center of each lane, the number of lanes, and the presence of any bicycle... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20150117724 - Sytstem for multiple algorithm processing of biometric data: A system performs processing of biometric information to create multiple templates. This allows biometric systems to be flexible and interact with a plurality of vendors' technologies. Specifically, a biometric sample is captured from a sensor and transmitted to a processing component. The biometric sample is then processed by a first... Agent: Fusionarc , Inc.

20150117725 - Method and electronic equipment for identifying facial features: A method for identifying facial features comprises following steps: An image tracing step is performed to receive video data of a plurality of face images and to obtain a real-time background image from the video data by a video tracing technique. A data calculating step is performed to calculate a... Agent:

20150117726 - Authentication apparatus, prism member for authentication and authentication method: An authentication apparatus includes a prism and an imaging unit. The prism comprises: a contact surface, an imaging surface, a first reflection surface opposed to the imaging surface, contacted with the contact surface to make an angle to be lower than an optimum angle to an incident light from a... Agent:

20150117730 - Image processing method and image processing system: An image processing method, includes: acquiring data on a plurality of sample images, acquired by imaging a plurality of samples collected from different positions of a gross organ that includes a lesion, by a computer; extracting information on the lesion from each of the plurality of sample images; and generating... Agent:

20150117727 - Medical image data processing apparatus and method: A medical image data processing apparatus comprises a registration unit configured to perform a non-rigid registration of a first set of medical image data and a second set of medical image data, wherein the registration unit is further configured to determine, for at least one region, a rigid or affine... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150117728 - Method and apparatus for generating 3d knee joint image: Disclosed herein are a method and an apparatus for generating a 3D knee joint image. According to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, a method for generating a 3D knee joint image includes: generating a statistical shape model by using previously generated sample knee bone images; generating a knee... Agent: Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology

20150117729 - Polyp detection apparatus and method of operating the same: A polyp detection apparatus and a method of operating the same are provided. The method of operating a polyp detection apparatus includes: generating an image of an object; detecting a polyp candidate region based on the generated image; detecting a reflected light region within the detected polyp candidate region; and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150117737 - Apparatus and method for computer-aided diagnosis: An apparatus and method for medical diagnostics includes receiving three-dimensional (3D) volume data of a part of a patient's body, and generating two-dimensional (2D) slices including cross-sections of the 3D volume data cut from a cross-section cutting direction. The apparatus and the method also determine whether a lesion in each... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150117731 - Computational metric that forms a component of computer-aided detection systems for magnetic resonance imaging: This document presents a computational metric which can form a component of a computer-aided detection algorithm applied to magnetic resonance imaging examinations.... Agent:

20150117738 - Ct system with computer unit and method for reconstructing and diagnosing visual ct renderings: An embodiment of a CT system includes a computer unit and at least one memory device for storing program code and projection data records, established during a CT scan and usable for reconstructing CT renderings. The computer unit is connected in a networked system with at least one external diagnosis... Agent:

20150117741 - Image processing apparatus and ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus: The image processing apparatus of the embodiment comprises a multi-resolution decomposition part configured to repeatedly perform decomposition on a first image in which pixels thereof are arrayed in two-dimensional or three dimensional directions into high-frequency components and low-frequency components until the number of pixels becomes a predetermined number in each... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150117739 - Image processing method and medical imaging apparatus employing the method: A method for generating an image by using a medical imaging apparatus includes acquiring first slab data which relates to a first imaging slab, acquiring second slab data which relates to a second imaging slab at a position which is different from a position of the first imaging slab, and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150117742 - Medical imaging apparatus and method of reconstructing medical image: A method of reconstructing a tomographic image in a medical imaging apparatus includes: acquiring a first image of an object and a second image of the object corresponding to an image to be reconstructed; determining, in the first image, a reference region corresponding to a unit region in the second... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150117740 - Method and apparatus for metal artifact elimination in a medical image: A method and apparatus for metal artifact elimination in a medical image. The method includes: obtaining a medical image to be processed; determining whether or not a metal region is contained in the medial image; and performing artifact elimination processing to the medical image when metal regions are contained in... Agent:

20150117736 - Method for generating image for pet attenuation correction from mr image and computer program: When an image for PET attenuation correction is generated from an MR image, the MR image captured by MRI is segmented into regions according to pixel values. In a region in which a radiation attenuation coefficient is considered to be uniform, a radiation attenuation correction value is determined by referring... Agent:

20150117732 - Method for statistical weights design in iterative reconstruction algorithms: A method of computing statistical weights for a computed tomography (CT) iterative reconstruction process is provided. The method includes obtaining detector count data from a CT scan of an object; calculating variance data based on the count data and an electronic noise variance; transforming the calculated variance data to obtain... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150117734 - Method of ultrasound nonlinear imaging with high-bit golay code excitation: A method of ultrasound nonlinear imaging with high-bit Golay code excitation includes transmitting a first, a second, a third and a fourth Golay code signal wave which have more than four bits and are orthogonal pairs to each other; making the second and the forth Golay code signal wave be... Agent: National Taiwan University

20150117735 - Parallel image reconstruction using filter banks based on low-frequency part of k-space signals: A method for a parallel image reconstruction is disclosed. The method includes (a) acquiring image information by channel via parallel coils in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner; (b) extracting low-frequency signals from the image information; (c) reconstructing low-frequency images from the low-frequency signals; (d) generating filter banks by using... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20150117733 - System and method reconstructing a nuclear medicine image using deformed attenuation image: According to some embodiments, an emission tomography scanner may acquire emission scan data. One or more anatomical images may be generated using an anatomical imaging system, and the anatomical images may be processed to obtain an initial attenuation image. An emission image and a corrected attenuation image may be jointly... Agent: General Electric Company

20150117743 - Apparatus and method for reconstructing panoramic x-ray image: The present invention provides an apparatus and method for reconstructing a panoramic X-ray image. The apparatus includes a storage unit for storing image data of multiple image layers; an image processing unit for determining a reference image layer among the multiple image layers, finding blocks that correspond to at least... Agent:

20150117744 - Use of error image for unmixing artifact removal in linear spectral unmixing: A method of removing a potential false positive result in a stained sample. The method includes the steps of: acquiring a spectral image set of a stained sample; performing linear spectral unmixing of the spectral image set to obtain a plurality of rule images; calculating an error image for the... Agent: Gooch & Housego PLC

20150117745 - Method, system and a service for analyzing samples of a dried liquid: This invention relates to a method, a system and a service for analyzing biological liquids like blood and to assess the quality of such liquid. The analysis is made on a plurality of dried drops of the liquid as samples on a substrate, and involves scanning the substrate to create... Agent: Droppi Veripalvelu Oy

20150117746 - Defect categorization: A method of categorizing defects in a media item is described. The method comprises the steps of: receiving an ultrasonic image of the media item, where the ultrasonic image comprises a plurality of points, each point having a thickness value corresponding to a normal value, a thin value, or a... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20150117748 - Check data lift for check date listing: Embodiments of the invention relate to systems, methods, and computer program products for extracting check data and using the check data for determining a disposition of a check. The system, method, and computer program product are configured to: a) receive an image of a check; b) apply an optical character... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20150117747 - Check data lift for error detection: Embodiments for identifying errors based on data extracted from financial record images includes systems that receive one or more financial record images from a user, apply an optical character recognition process to at least a portion of the one or more financial record images, and identify record data based on... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20150117749 - Data lifting for exception processing: Embodiments of the invention include systems, methods, and computer-program products for lifting metadata from financial documents to allow for automated exception processing. As such, allowing for automated decisions for exception processing to systematically be resolved base on matches between lifted metadata. The exceptions may include one or more irregularities such... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20150117754 - Apparatus and methods for inspecting extreme ultra violet reticles: Disclosed are methods and apparatus for inspecting an extreme ultraviolet (EUV) reticle is disclosed. An inspection tool for detecting electromagnetic waveforms is used to obtain a phase defect map for the EUV reticle before a pattern is formed on the EUV reticle, and the phase defect map identifies a position... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20150117753 - Computing device and method for debugging computerized numerical control machine: A computing device debugs a computerized numerical control (CNC) machine. The computing device generates an average contour of a product. The computing device generates a reference contour according to the path points of a CNC program. The computing device calculates a coordinate difference between each path point of the reference... Agent:

20150117752 - Guiding method and information processing apparatus: A guiding method includes obtaining data of a first image, detecting with a computer reference image data corresponding to a reference object in the data of the first image, calculating with the computer a first condition based on an appearance of the reference object in the first image, the first... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150117750 - Image examination method and image examination apparatus: An image examination method includes an acquisition step of acquiring a to-be-examined object image obtained by capturing an image of a to-be-examined object, a setting reading step of reading an examination region definition information from a storage device in which the examination region definition information is previously stored, an examination... Agent: Omron Corporation

20150117751 - Method of inspecting images of connectors of optical cables by using live, still or stored images: A method for inspecting connectors of multi-fiber optical cables is disclosed. The method may include receiving a plurality of images of a plurality of areas of a connector and determining, via at least a processor, matching features in two or more images according to unique visual characteristics of the images.... Agent:

20150117755 - Wafer slip detection during cmp processing: A wafer-slip detection apparatus used in association with a chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) apparatus may include an imaging device that generates images corresponding to at least an area of a rotation table of the CMP apparatus, and an image processing unit coupled to the imaging device for receiving and processing... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150117757 - Method for processing at least one disparity map, corresponding electronic device and computer program product: In one embodiment, it is proposed a method for processing at least one disparity map associated to at least one left view and one right view of stereovision images. Such method is remarkable in that it comprises determining at least one modified disparity map that comprises, for a given pixel... Agent:

20150117756 - Processing of light fields by transforming to scale and depth space: Light field images of a three-dimensional scene are transformed from an (image,view) domain to an (image,scale,depth) domain. Processing then occurs in the (image,scale,depth) domain.... Agent: Ricoh Co., Ltd.

20150117758 - Shape from camera motion for unknown material reflectance: A computer vision method that includes deriving a relationship of spatial and temporal image derivatives of an object to bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) derivatives under camera motion, and deriving with a processor a quasilinear partial differential equation for solving surfaced depth for orthographic projections using the relationship of spatial... Agent:

20150117760 - Regionlets with shift invariant neural patterns for object detection: Systems and methods are disclosed for detecting an object in an image by determining convolutional neural network responses on the image; mapping the responses back to their spatial locations in the image; and constructing features densely extract shift invariant activations of a convolutional neural network to produce dense features for... Agent: Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

20150117759 - System for search and method for operating thereof: Provided are a system for search and a method for operating thereof. The system for search includes: a preliminary data analysis part which extracts a variety of attributes through analysis of images being input, analyzes a trend about a category as information requested by a client with the image analysis... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20150117764 - Efficient distance metric learning for fine-grained visual categorization: Methods and systems for distance metric learning include generating two random projection matrices of a dataset from a d-dimensional space into an m-dimensional sub-space, where m is smaller than d. An optimization problem is solved in the m-dimensional subspace to learn a distance metric based on the random projection matrices.... Agent:

20150117765 - Generating event definitions based on spatial and relational relationships: Data from one or more sensors is input to a workflow and fragmented to produce HyperFragments. The HyperFragments of input data are processed by a plurality of Distributed Experts, who make decisions about what is included in the HyperFragments or add details relating to elements included therein, producing tagged HyperFragments,... Agent:

20150117761 - Image processing method and image processing apparatus using the same: The invention discloses an image processing method and an imager processing apparatus using the same. The method includes the following steps: receiving an training image; finding a minimum difference among the differences; determining whether the minimum difference is larger than a first threshold; if no, generating a first output value... Agent: National Taipei University Of Technology

20150117762 - Image processing system and image processing method: Provided is an image processing device that can bring about the sufficient resemblance between an original image and a restored image obtained corresponding to a low resolution input image. The image processing device includes a means that uses a dictionary for storing data associating deteriorated patches which are from a... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150117763 - Image quality measurement based on local amplitude and phase spectra: A method and system for determining a quality metric score for image processing are described including accepting a reference image, performing a pyramid transformation on the accepted reference image to produce a predetermined number of scales, applying image division to each scale to produce reference image patches, accepting a distorted... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20150117766 - Class discriminative feature transformation: A method for feature transformation of a data set includes: receiving a data set including original feature samples with corresponding class labels; splitting the data set into a direction optimization set and a training set; using the direction optimization set to calculate an optimum transformation vector that maximizes inter-class separability... Agent:

20150117767 - Method and apparatus of determining air quality: The present invention discloses a method and apparatus of determining air quality. The method comprising: determining at least one key area; acquiring a reference clear image, a training image under poor air quality and corresponding actual air quality index in at least one location of the key area; and training... Agent:

20150117768 - Text rendering method with improved clarity of corners: A method determines a contribution of an object to an intensity value of a current pixel that is partially covered by the object by calculating an entry location and exit location for an edge of the object in the current pixel, the entry and exit locations being located on boundaries... Agent:

20150117769 - Blob-encoding: A method is directed to identifying spatially extensive image features that are not pixelwise contiguous in a two-dimensional digital image to be examined having pixels arranged in grid form in the form of a rectangular grid. Each pixel of the two-dimensional digital image is respectively assigned two coordinate values corresponding... Agent:

20150117771 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium: An image processing apparatus comprises a detection unit configured to detect a person region included in an image, a first calculation unit configured to calculate first tone characteristics based on information concerning the person region detected by the detection unit, a second calculation unit configured to calculate second tone characteristics... Agent:

20150117770 - Image processing method, electronic device, electronic device readable storage medium and program applied in electronic device: An image processing method comprises: receiving a first image; setting at least one first region on the first image, where the first image comprises at least one line; calculating a first average value of the first region; performing computation on the first image with a first parameter set to generate... Agent: Ability Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20150117773 - Human detection apparatus: The knowledge that “the color of a vehicle body or guard rail is uniform” applies to the detection of a human, improving the detection performance of the human of which a part of the body is hidden. That is, it is determined whether or not a human candidate area specified... Agent:

20150117772 - Video object retrieval system and method: A video object retrieval method is provided. The method includes dividing an input video into a number of video shots and detecting target-class object occurrences and related-class object occurrences in each video shot. The method also includes pre-processing object bounding box images and performing automatic object extraction. Further, the method... Agent: Tcl Research America Inc.

20150117774 - Apparatus and method for encoding image data: An apparatus for encoding an image data includes a sub-pixel rendering unit configured to convert a first image data of a RGB type, supplied from an outside thereof, into a second image data of a RG-BG type by performing sub-pixel rendering on the first image data, a first differential pulse... Agent:

20150117776 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An image processing apparatus includes a processing unit configured to execute image processing on an image signal; a filtering unit configured to execute filtering processing; and a changing unit configured to, in a case where a range of a value which a predetermined color component of the image signal can... Agent:

20150117775 - Method for correcting gradations and device or method for determining threshold of epsilon filter: An object is to correct gradations in such a manner that both halo reduction effect and Retinex calculation effect are satisfied. Each JND value corresponding to each obtained luminance value to be assigned to each unit gradation of a panel is obtained. A pixel value corresponding to the each JND... Agent: Eizo Corporation

20150117778 - Image processing apparatus: An image processing apparatus that generates contour information of an image object included in input image data and compresses image data using the contour information includes a smoothing processing part that performs a smoothing process on the input image data; a contour extraction part that extracts the contour information of... Agent:

20150117777 - Systems and methods for automatically applying effects based on media content characteristics: Disclosed are systems and methods for automatically applying special effects based on media content characteristics. A digital image is obtained and depth information in the digital image is determined. A foreground region and a background region in the digital image are identified based on the depth information. First and second... Agent: Cyberlink Corp.

20150117779 - Method and apparatus for alpha matting: A method and an apparatus for performing alpha matting on an image are described. A contour retrieving unit retrieves object contour information for the image. An edge decision unit then determines hard edges based on the retrieved object contour information using an edge model. Finally, an alpha assignment unit assigns... Agent:

20150117780 - Fast single-pass interest operator for text and object detection: The invention provides a method of using machine vision to recognize text and symbols, and more particularly traffic signs.... Agent:

20150117781 - Method, apparatus and system for information identification: Methods, apparatus, and systems for information identification are provided. A card image of a pre-set collection area is photographed and obtained, when a request event for information identification is detected. Edge-size information of the card image obtained by photographing is determined. A target area of the card image is marked... Agent:

20150117782 - Banding noise detector for digital images: A method and apparatus are provided for detecting banding noise in a digital signal representative of an image. The method includes determining, by a banding noise detector, a count of increment steps in pixel values and a count of decrement steps in pixel values along a filter direction in a... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

20150117786 - Image cache for replacing portions of images: Implementations relate to an image cache used for replacing portions of images. In some implementations, a method includes examining a received image and detecting a subject depicted in a subject portion of the received image. The method determines a likelihood that the subject portion will be used as a replacement... Agent: Google Inc.

20150117784 - Image foreground detection: In techniques for image foreground detection, a foreground detection module is implemented to generate varying levels of saliency thresholds from a saliency map of an image that includes foreground regions. The saliency thresholds can be generated based on an adaptive thresholding technique applied to the saliency map of the image... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150117783 - Iterative saliency map estimation: In techniques for iterative saliency map estimation, a salient regions module applies a saliency estimation technique to compute a saliency map of an image that includes image regions. A salient image region of the image is determined from the saliency map, and an image region that corresponds to the salient... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150117785 - Method of extracting visual descriptor using feature selection and system for the same: A method and system for extracting a visual descriptor using a feature selection are provided. The system includes an image input unit configured to receive an image, a candidate feature point group detecting unit configured to detect a point having a local maximum or minimum of local region filtering in... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150117787 - Automatic rectification of distortions in images: Implementations relate to relate to rectification of distortion in an image. In some implementations, a method includes extracting edgelets from an image, each edgelet defined by a location of a pixel having an edge depicted in the image and defined by a direction of the edge. The method finds at... Agent: Google Inc.

20150117788 - Method and apparatus for image processing to avoid counting shelf edge promotional labels when counting product labels: A method and apparatus for image processing to avoid counting shelf edge promotional labels when counting product labels. Shelf edges are identified by detecting shelf edge content in a captured image by comparing the image to reference images of shelf edge content. Detected occurrences of shelf edge content are demarcated... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc

20150117789 - Image processing apparatus and method: An image analysis unit of an image processing apparatus acquires a distribution condition of feature points in an entire input image and in each of a plurality of small regions in the input image. A target point number setting unit sets a target point number for each small region based... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150117790 - Person detection apparatus: A person detection apparatus determines a weather condition such as rain and solar radiation based on a variety of information from a weather information input portion. Then, based on a determination result of the weather condition, the umbrella ratio showing the ratio of persons with umbrellas is calculated. The person... Agent: Denso Corporation

20150117791 - Brightness region-based apparatuses and methods for hdr image encoding and decoding: The image encoder (549) for encoding an image of a high dynamic range scene, comprising: a pixel texture encoding unit (552), arranged to encode pixels colors of the image with an image representation (Im 1) comprising N-bit code words; an image analysis unit (550) arranged to determine and output a... Agent:

20150117792 - Image-processing system, imaging apparatus and image-processing method: An image-processing system including an image processor and a correction processor is provided. The imaging processor obtains a captured image. The correction processor produces a corrected image by correcting an aberration that emerges in the captured image. The correction processor produces: at least one or more processed images obtained by... Agent: Ricoh Imaging Company, Ltd.

20150117793 - Recursive de-banding filter for digital images: A method and apparatus are provided for filtering banding noise in a signal representative of an image. The method includes detecting, by a banding noise detector, banding noise in a neighborhood of a current pixel of the image, determining, by an adaptive filter weight decision unit, a number of banding... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

20150117794 - Generating image compositions: Implementations generally relate to generating image compositions. In some implementations, a method includes receiving a plurality of photos from a user and determining one or more composition types from the photos. The method further includes generating one or more compositions from the received photos based on the one or more... Agent: Google Inc.

20150117795 - Image processing apparatus: An image processing apparatus for processing image data by a plurality of pipeline-connected processing modules is provided. The apparatus includes a first pipeline processing unit configured to include a plurality of processing modules including a processing module which processes image data for every first size; and a second pipeline processing... Agent:

20150117796 - Method and system for prioritizing points of interest for display in a map: Systems, methods, and machine-readable media for prioritizing points of interest for display in a map have been described. In certain aspects a system may include an interface module, a search module, and a priority module. The interface module may be configured to obtain pattern recognition data and location data associated... Agent: Google Inc.

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