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Image analysis

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11/13/2014 > 84 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20140334663 - Encoding in two chrominance directions: The present disclosure relates generally signal processing. One claim recites an apparatus comprising: memory for storing a color video signal comprising first data and second data; and a processor. The processor is programmed for: modifying first color information and second color information of the first data by encoding a signal... Agent: Digimarc Corporation

20140334664 - Method and system for identifying content: Disclosed is a method for identifying content, preferably media content for publishing including the steps of a) Providing a content element for a user, b) Marking the content element with a global mark, c) Marking the content element with a local mark, d) Presenting the marked content element, e) Detecting... Agent: Nec Europe Ltd.

20140334665 - System and method for creating an animation from a plurality of latent images encoded into a visible image: A computer-implemented method is provided for creating an animation from a plurality of latent images encoded into a visible image, where the encoded visible image is visually similar to the visible image when viewed with a naked eye. The method includes generating, via a processor, a first latent image having... Agent:

20140334667 - Aerial image segmentation for refineries: A system receives a two-dimensional digital image of an aerial industrial plant area. Based on requirements of image processing, the image is zoomed in to different sub-images, that are referred to as first images. The system identifies circular tanks, vegetation areas, process areas, and buildings in the first image. The... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140334675 - Apparatus and method for extracting movement path of mutual geometric relationship fixed camera group: Provided is an apparatus and method for extracting a movement path, the movement path extracting apparatus including an image receiver to receive an image from a camera group in which a mutual positional relationship among cameras is fixed, a geographic coordinates receiver to receive geographic coordinates of a moving object... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140334666 - Calibration free, motion tolerant eye-gaze direction detector with contextually aware computer interaction and communication methods: Eye tracking systems and methods include such exemplary features as a display device, at least one image capture device and a processing device. The display device displays a user interface including one or more interface elements to a user. The at least one image capture device detects a user's gaze... Agent: Dynavox Systems LLC

20140334673 - Commodity recognition apparatus and method for recognizing commodity by the same: A commodity recognition apparatus, which recognizes, from an image captured by an image capturing section and stored in a storage section, a commodity imaged in the image, identifies, for each image captured by the image capturing section, an image capturing condition of light source for the image. The commodity recognition... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20140334680 - Image processing apparatus: Image processing apparatus 110 for applying a mask to an object, comprising an input 120 for obtaining an image 122, a processor 130 for (i) detecting the object in the image, and (ii) applying the mask to the object in the image for obtaining an output image 60, and the... Agent:

20140334681 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program: Provided is a an image processing apparatus including a candidate detection unit configured to detect each of candidate images serving as candidates for a main subject for a plurality of frames of image data, and a main subject determination unit configured to obtain a degree of stable presence of the... Agent:

20140334683 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium: Provided is an image processing apparatus including a distance information acquisition unit that acquires distance information on a distance up to an object imaged by an image sensor, a pixel value information acquisition unit that acquires pixel value information of an image corresponding to the object, and a tracking unit... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140334679 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program: An information processing apparatus that executes processing for creating an environmental map includes a camera that photographs an image, a self-position detecting unit that detects a position and a posture of the camera on the basis of the image, an image-recognition processing unit that detects an object from the image,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140334669 - Location information determined from depth camera data: The subject disclosure is directed towards obtaining relatively precise location data with respect to a mapped space, based upon depth camera coordinates, for tracking a user or other object within the space. Also described are usage scenarios and user experiences that are based upon the current location data.... Agent:

20140334672 - Method for detecting pedestrians based on far infrared ray camera at night: The present invention relates to a method for detecting a pedestrian based on a far infrared ray (IR) camera at night, which provides a method of receiving a thermal image of a pedestrian from a far IR camera, setting a candidate using a DoG filter having a robust characteristic against... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20140334674 - Method of detecting data relating to thermal energy radiated in a scene using the infrared radiation image processing: A method of detecting data relating to thermal energy radiated in a scene uses infrared radiation image processing. A sequential plurality of infrared radiation images of the scene are received that consist of at least two sequential series of images simultaneously detected from respective different points of sight (TC1, TC2),... Agent:

20140334682 - Monitoring device using selective attention model and method for monitoring same: A monitoring device is provided, which includes an inputter configured to receive an input of a plurality of images captured at separate positions and a plurality of sound sources heard at separate positions, a saliency map generator configured to generate a plurality of mono saliency maps for the plurality of... Agent: Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Sogang University

20140334676 - Monitoring method and camera: A method of monitoring a scene by a camera (7) comprises marking a part (14) of the scene with light having a predefined spectral content and a spatial verification pattern. An analysis image is captured of the scene by a sensor sensitive to the predefined spectral content. The analysis image... Agent: Axis Ab

20140334677 - Multi-computer vision recognition system for level crossing obstacle: A multi-computer vision recognition system for a level crossing obstacle is disclosed, comprising vision image systems, a position determination system, an obstacle determination resolution system and a power unit, where vision image systems which may operate all day long operate simultaneously, information of the single vision image systems is each... Agent: China Engineering Consultants, Inc.

20140334671 - Object recognition apparatus and method: An object recognition apparatus and method are disclosed. The object recognition apparatus includes: a skin color DB storing skin color information; a pattern light generator that irradiates a pattern light onto an object, which is a part of a human body; an image acquisition unit that receives the pattern light... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140334678 - System and derivation method: A system according to one embodiment includes a memory, an aneurysm identification device, a distortion-degree evaluation device, and a rupture risk derivation device. The memory stores medical image data. The aneurysm identification device identifies an aneurysm in the medical image data. The distortion-degree evaluation device quantitatively evaluates a distortion degree... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140334668 - System and method for visual motion based object segmentation and tracking: The PMP Growth algorithm described herein provides for image tracking, segmentation and processing in environments where the camera system moves around a great deal, i.e., causing image jumps from one image frame to the next. It also is operative in systems where the objects themselves are making quick movements that... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20140334670 - Three-dimensional object modelling fitting & tracking: Described herein is a method and system for marker-less three-dimensional modelling, fitting and tracking of a skeletal representation of an object in a three-dimensional point cloud. In particular, it concerns the tracking of a human user skeletal representation with respect to time. The method comprises inputting a three-dimensional point cloud... Agent:

20140334684 - System and method for neighborhood-scale vehicle monitoring: A system and method may include a station to identify a vehicle and to determine a characterizing feature of the vehicle. An imager that is located remotely from the station is configured to acquire an image of the vehicle that includes the characterizing feature. A processor is configured to detect... Agent:

20140334688 - Image processor: An image processor includes an LSRAM accessible with a higher speed than a frame memory and configured to hold a second image in a predetermined range of a first image, an image production unit configured to read an image in a predetermined range of the second image from the LSRAM... Agent: Megachips Corporation

20140334687 - Medical image analysis apparatus, method and medical imaging device: A medical image analysis apparatus according to an embodiment includes an area motion analysis section and an object motion analysis section. The area motion analysis section configured to carry out a motion analysis on an area including an adjacent tissue of an object in a dynamic image to obtain the... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140334686 - Misregistration correction: A method of misregistration correction in a line scanning imaging system includes: generating a model of scan motion over a focal plane of the imaging system, using a coupled system of scan equations with constant coefficients; estimating programmed motion positions across a plurality of detector junction overlap regions via a... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140334685 - Motion estimation system utilizing point cloud registration: A system and method of estimation motion of a machine is disclosed. The method may include determining a first point cloud and a second point cloud corresponding to an environment in a vicinity of the machine. The method may further include generating a first extended gaussian image (EGI) for the... Agent:

20140334689 - Infrastructure assessment via imaging sources: Embodiments relate to assessing a road by acquiring, by a computing device comprising a processor, one or more images of at least a segment of a surface of the road, analyzing, by the computing device, the one or more images to determine a quality associated with the road, predicting, by... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140334690 - Method for examining samples of unconsolidated porous media: A sample of an unconsolidated porous medium is frozen and at subzero temperature is placed into contact with a frozen solution of an X-ray contrast agent. Upon the end of saturation of the sample, X-ray computed microtomography of the sample is conducted at subzero temperatures and by means of analyzing... Agent:

20140334692 - Device and method for detecting a plant against a background: A device for detecting a plant against a background includes a provider for providing a plurality of different photographs of the plant leaf against the background, the photographs differing in that image points of the different photographs relating to the same location of the plant leaf are illuminated with different... Agent:

20140334691 - Method and system for providing cooking information about food: Provided are a method and system for providing cooking information about food. The method includes receiving, from a camera, an ingredients image of at least one ingredient on a plate; determining the at least one ingredient based on the ingredients image; determining a food recommendation list related to the at... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140334693 - System and method for authenticating a photograph: A novel method and a supporting system for authenticating a photograph are provided. The method for authenticating a photograph generally comprising steps for authenticating a photograph with a certifying server, typically including downloading a picture-taking software, taking at least two digital photographs of a user, comparing the at least two... Agent:

20140334694 - Method for determining eye location on a frontal face digital image to validate the frontal face and determine points of reference: A method is described for determining eye location on a frontal face digital image in order to validate the frontal face as such and determine points of reference. The method consists of the following steps: obtain a frontal face digital image that is W pixels wide and H pixels high... Agent:

20140334695 - System and method for identifying an individual: The present invention provides a system for identifying an individual provided with a portable communication device. In a system for identifying an individual using a portable communication device with a display, the display is a sensor-incorporated display, the sensor-incorporated display reads the biological information of a user, and, based on... Agent:

20140334696 - Cloud-based method and system for digital pathology: A digital pathology imaging method may comprise receiving a plurality of image sections on a cloud server, the plurality of image sections being a result of splitting an initial digital image; stitching the plurality of image sections on the cloud server into a reconstituted digital image; and providing access to... Agent: Optra Systems Inc.

20140334697 - Device for obtaining a vital sign of a subject: A device for obtaining a vital sign of a subject despite motion of the subject, in particular for discriminating a vital sign such as a respiratory information signal from noise in a projection based vital signs registration, comprises an interface that receives a set of image frames of a subject.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140334699 - Diagnostic image change highlighter: Systems and methods are disclosed which enable more accurate examination of industrial diagnostic images, for example x-ray, ultrasound and terahertz camera images. The systems and methods highlight anomalies that have changed between the collection times of two or more diagnostic images, and can also provide objective scoring of the degree... Agent:

20140334698 - Medical image processing device: A medical image processing device includes an input section to which a biological mucous membrane image obtained by picking up an image of a biological mucous membrane is inputted, a region extracting section that extracts a mucous membrane microstructure region corresponding to a mucous membrane microstructure from the inputted biological... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140334700 - Methods and apparatus for scatter correction for cbct system and cone-beam image reconstruction: Embodiments of methods and/or apparatus for 3-D volume image reconstruction of a subject, executed at least in part on a computer for use with a digital radiographic apparatus, can obtain image data for 2-D projection images over a range of scan angles. For each of the plurality of projection images,... Agent:

20140334708 - Image processing apparatus and x-ray ct apparatus: An image processing apparatus according to an embodiment includes a generator, a selector, a first detector, and a second detector. The generator generates a group of frames corresponding to reconstructed images that correspond to a plurality of heartbeat phases of a heart. The selector specifies a corresponding frame that corresponds... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140334701 - Method and apparatus for convergence guaranteed image reconstruction: A convergence guaranteed image reconstruction method and apparatus that may compute an initial reconstruction image based on a plurality of sinograms, generate a patch-based low rank regularization image based on the initial reconstruction image, and generate a desired reconstruction image by updating the initial reconstruction image based on the patch-based... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20140334707 - Method and apparatus for image-based eye tracking for retinal diagnostic or surgery device: c

20140334704 - Method and system for analyzing optical coherence tomography (oct) results using color reflectivity discretization analysis: A method of analyzing an OCT image. An OCT image has many differently colored dots. The system detects the number of differently colored dots, quantifies them and performs statistical analyses to determine a likelihood of disease. The different colored dots correspond to different retina cell types and structures.... Agent:

20140334705 - Motion-tracking x-ray ct image processing method and motion-tracking x-ray ct image processing device: An x-ray CT image processing method which carries out a statistical estimate in prior knowledge relating to the movement and the x-ray absorption coefficient of a measurement subject comprises: a step of hypothesizing that the measurement subject changes smoothly over time, and defining a first probability model (prior knowledge of... Agent:

20140334703 - Segmentation and identification of layered structures in images: Disclosed herein are systems and method for segmentation and identification of structured features in images. According to an aspect, a method may include representing an image as a graph of nodes connected together by edges. For example, the image may be an ocular image showing layered structures or other features... Agent:

20140334702 - Systems and methods for motion correction in positron emission tomography imaging: Systems and methods for compensating motion artifacts in positron emission tomography (“PET”) imaging based on medical images acquired with a medical imaging system are provided. In some embodiments, the method includes acquiring PET data from a subject with a PET system during which at least a portion of the subject... Agent:

20140334706 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and contour extraction method: An ultrasound diagnostic device includes: a contour extraction unit extracting a first contour image from ultrasound images obtained from spatially-successive examination positions and each including an image of an organ, a contour image indicating a contour of the organ and extracted from the organ image; a specification unit receiving, from... Agent:

20140334709 - 3d-2d image registration for medical imaging: A method of 3D-2D registration for medical imaging includes the following steps: providing a first input interface for acquiring a three-dimensional image; providing a second input interface for acquiring a fixed two-dimensional image using an imaging system that includes a source and a detector and that has an unknown source-detector... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140334710 - Particle image velocimetry suitable for x-ray projection imaging: A 2D or 3D velocity field is reconstructed from cross-correlation analysis of image pairs of a sample, without first reconstructing images of the sample spatial structure. The method can be implemented via computer tomographic X-ray particle image velocimetry, using multiple projection angles, with phase contrast images forming dynamic speckle patterns.... Agent: Monash University

20140334711 - Image processing: A system for processing an image comprises a region detector (1). The region detector comprises an artifact detector (7) for detecting a region comprising an artifact in the image. The system comprises a parameter determining unit (2) for determining a parameter, based on a portion of the image excluding the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v. A Corporation

20140334712 - Method and apparatus for determining hemoglobin based parameters in an unlysed blood sample: A method and apparatus for determining hemoglobin concentration is provided. A method aspect includes the steps of: a) depositing an unlysed, substantially undiluted blood sample into an analysis chamber adapted to quiescently hold the sample for analysis; b) imaging the sample in a region of the analysis chamber where the... Agent: Abbott Point Of Care, Inc.

20140334714 - Collision detection system, robotic system, collision detection method and program: A collision detection system includes a processing section, a drawing section, and a depth buffer. Depth information of an object is set to the depth buffer as depth map information. The drawing section performs a first drawing process of performing a depth test, and drawing a primitive surface on a... Agent:

20140334713 - Method and apparatus for constructing map for mobile robot: A method and apparatus for constructing a map for a mobile robot to be able to reduce a data amount and increase an approach speed. The method includes: searching for a plurality of feature data occupying an arbitrary space by scanning a surrounding environment of the mobile robot; performing quadtree... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20140334716 - Apparatus and method for hierarchical stereo matching: An apparatus and a method for hierarchical stereo matching are provided. In the method, a reduced image is formed by reducing left and right images, and a first Trellis is performed on the reduced image. Then, a magnified image is generated by magnifying the size and the brightness of the... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140334715 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: There is provided an image processing apparatus that includes a coefficient setting section, and a processing section. The coefficient setting section is configured to set a filter coefficient based on a correlation value in a color image. The processing section is configured to perform filter processing on a disparity image... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140334717 - Method and apparatus for compressing texture information of three-dimensional (3d) models: A 3D model can be modeled using “pattern-instance?representation. To describe the vertices and triangles, properties of the instance, for example, texture, color, and normal, are adjusted to correspond to the order in the pattern. The texture of an instance is encoded depending on its similarity with the texture of a... Agent:

20140334718 - Human attribute estimation system, human attribute estimation apparatus and human attribute estimation method: To provide a human attribute estimation system capable of improving estimation accuracy irrespective of an environment-dependent attribute is provided. An age/gender estimation system as a human attribute estimation system is provided with: a monitoring camera photographing a human targeted by attribute estimation and generating an image; an age/gender estimating section... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140334720 - Image processing device, image processing method and computer readable medium: This image processing device is provided with: a provisional restoration image generation means that uses a dictionary for storing at least two sets of data having associated therein a blurred patch and a restoration patch, and that generates a provisional restoration image from restoration patches selected on the basis of... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140334719 - Object identification device: In an object identification device, each score calculator extracts a feature quantity from the image, and calculates a score using the extracted feature quantity and a model of the specified object. The score represents a reliability that the specified object is displayed in the image. A score-vector generator generates a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140334721 - Methods and apparatus for capturing, processing, training, and detecting patterns using pattern recognition classifiers: A system, methods, and apparatus for generating pattern recognition classifiers are disclosed. An example method includes identifying graphical objects within an image of a card object, for each identified graphical object: i) creating a bounding region encompassing the graphical object such that a border of the bounding region is located... Agent:

20140334722 - Wildcard color searching: A method of extracting the dominant colors from a set of target images and storing those colors in a database is described. A method of comparing colors stored in a database with a set of colors extracted from a query image. Also, a method of comparing colors stored in the... Agent:

20140334723 - Identification mark with a predetermined color difference: An identification mark may have a calibration color, a predetermined authentication color, and a predetermined difference between the calibration color and the predetermined authentication color that is associated with a product; and a visual code with a mechanism that identifies the predetermined difference.... Agent:

20140334724 - Method and apparatus for residue transform: A method and apparatus for a multiple-channel image/video coding system are disclosed. A residue generation process is applied to the image/video data to generate residue data. A set of integer operations is applied to the residue data across the input channels to generate residue transformed data having multiple output channels.... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20140334729 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An image processing apparatus includes a first conversion unit configured to convert captured image data based on light source information under shooting illumination, and a second conversion unit configured to convert captured image data that has been converted by the first conversion unit, based on white balance setting information and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140334727 - Method and apparatus for describing image: A method and apparatus for describing an image are disclosed. The method for describing an image according to an embodiment of the invention includes: transforming an image from a BGR color space into a Gaussian derivative color model; and transforming the image from the Gaussian derivative color model into an... Agent: Beijing Founder Apabi Technology Ltd.

20140334725 - Method and apparatus for reconstructing indexed color spaces: A computer implemented method and apparatus for reconstructing indexed color spaces. The method comprises accessing a plurality of indexed color spaces, wherein each indexed color space comprises a bit depth; and creating one or more unions of two or more indexed color spaces from the plurality of indexed color spaces,... Agent:

20140334728 - Method and device of skin tone optimization in a color gamut mapping system: In a method of skin tone optimization in a color gamut mapping system, an image signal is first transformed from a predetermined color domain to an HSV color domain for generating an HSV image signal. Next, a skin tone optimization is performed on the HSV image signal for generating an... Agent: Orise Technology Co., Ltd.

20140334726 - Method for determining noise level: A method for determining noise levels in a subband of an image. The method comprises receiving the subband of the image, defining block regions in at least two space domains of the subband, for each defined block region, identifying first wavelet coefficients associated with coordinate values in the at least... Agent:

20140334730 - System and method for reading a two-dimensional array code: The present invention relates to a system and method for reading a two-dimensional array code. The two-dimensional array code comprises a plurality of equal-height code characters arranged into a two-dimensional array, wherein each of the code characters corresponds to a bit group representing information, and the adjacent code characters in... Agent: Beijing Sigone Venture Limited

20140334731 - Methods and systems for evaluating handwritten documents: A method, a system, and a computer program product for evaluating a handwritten document comprising one or more text fields are provided. The method includes identifying a character in each of the one or more text fields in a digital image by applying a character recognition technique. The character type... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140334732 - Portable terminal device using touch pen and handwriting input method thereof: A portable terminal device using a touch pen and a handwriting input method thereof are provided. The handwriting input method of the portable terminal device using a touch pen includes displaying an execution screen of an application on a touch screen in response to the application being executed, overlapping a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140334733 - Efficient image matching for large sets of images: A system and method to detect similarities between images. The system and method allow comparisons between a query image and one or more catalog images in a manner that is resilient to scanning, scaling, rotating, cropping and other distortions of the query image. The system includes an image processing module... Agent:

20140334736 - Face recognition method and device: The present invention provides a face recognition method and device. The method includes: performing down-sampling of different sizes on an original face image; performing block partition processing on a down-sampled image and the original face image; extracting feature of each image block; performing similarity matching between the extracted feature of... Agent:

20140334735 - Image registration via optimization over disjoint image regions: Technologies pertaining to registering a target image with a base image are described. In a general embodiment, the base image is selected from a set of images, and the target image is an image in the set of images that is to be registered to the base image. A set... Agent: Sandia Corporation

20140334734 - Systems and methods for facial age identification: Systems and methods are provided for acquiring classification functions for facial age identification. For example, a plurality of facial images associated with different ages are acquired; the facial images are assigned into a plurality of facial image collections based on at least information associated with a plurality of first age... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140334737 - Methods and systems for characterizing concept drawings and estimating three-dimensional information therefrom: Methods for characterizing two-dimensional concept drawings are disclosed. The concept drawings comprise cross-sections intersecting at cross-hairs. The method comprises: determining, for each cross-section: a plane on which the cross-section is located, the plane having a normal vector in a three-dimensional coordinate system; and, for each cross-hair on the cross-section, a... Agent:

20140334738 - Systems and methods for matching face shapes: Systems for matching face shapes may include a computer-readable non-transitory storage medium and an executing hardware unit. The storage medium may include a set of instructions for target object shape matching. The executing hardware unit may be in communication with the storage medium and may be configured to execute the... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140334739 - Methods of clustering computational event logs: Methods are presented suitable for clustering computational event logs (2) including a method for calculating a metric distance between characters of different event messages (4) by comparing both characters to a comparative set of characters. Methods are presented for calculating a metric distance between two event messages (4) comprising determining... Agent:

20140334740 - Content-adaptive pixel processing systems, methods and apparatus: Embodiments include methods and systems for context-adaptive pixel processing based, in part, on a respective weighting-value for each pixel or a group of pixels. The weighting-values provide an indication as to which pixels are more pertinent to pixel processing computations. Computational resources and effort can be focused on pixels with... Agent:

20140334741 - Apparatus and method for image processing: Disclosed is an apparatus for image processing including a first low pass filter (LPF) which removes high-frequency components from selection information about image data selection between a long-exposure image and a short-exposure image, a movement detector which obtains movement detection information by detecting movement from at least one of the... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20140334742 - Image enhancing device and image enhancement method: An image enhancing device 1 according to an embodiment of the present invention for generating an output image by sharpening an input image, includes: a filter unit 10 configured to generate a first signal by eliminating at least a direct current component of a frequency component included in an input... Agent:

20140334743 - Method for enhancing local contrast of an image: A method for enhancing local contrast of an image. The method comprises receiving a component of an image, computing a wavelets decomposition of the received component into wavelet coefficients, determining at least three subsets of wavelets coefficients based on a first threshold, a second threshold and computed wavelet coefficients, modifying... Agent:

20140334744 - Removal of artifacts from an em field generator from a 3d scan: A method, system, and program product are provided for removing artifacts from an EM field generator from a rotational 3D scan. The method comprises: preoperatively, characterizing the artifacts from the EM field generator over a range of rotational positions of an x-ray source and detector; intraoperatively, determining the position of... Agent:

20140334745 - Resolution light-field imaging: A relatively high-resolution image from a conventional camera can be computationally combined with a relatively low-resolution wavefront measurement from, for example, a Shack-Hartmann sensor in order to construct a relatively high-resolution light-field image.... Agent: Trustees Of Princeton University

20140334746 - Identifying matching canonical documents consistent with visual query structural information: A server system receives a visual query from a client system, performs optical character recognition (OCR) on the visual query to produce text recognition data representing textual characters, including a plurality of textual characters in a contiguous region of the visual query. The server system also produces structural information associated... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 42 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140328509 - Digital makeup: An aspect of some embodiments of the present invention relates to a system for processing an image of a human face, the system comprising a data processing and analyzing utility comprising: a high-pass filtering module configured for receiving an input image data indicative of a characteristic of the image and... Agent:

20140328516 - Gesture recognition method, an apparatus and a computer program for the same: The invention concerns a gesture recognition method for gesture-based interaction at an apparatus. The method comprises receiving one or more images of an object; creating feature images for the received one or more images; determining binary values for pixels in corresponding locations of said feature images and concatenating the binary... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140328510 - Method for characterizing fission semi-tracks in solids: A method for determining the position and its statistical uncertainty of a fission semi-track in a crystal based on detecting the tip and etch figure of a fission semi-track in a series of transmitted light images. A computer software program for: detecting the tip and etch figure of a fission... Agent: Apatite To Zircon, Inc.

20140328513 - Object information derived from object images: Search terms are derived automatically from images captured by a camera equipped cell phone, PDA, or other image capturing device, submitted to a search engine to obtain information of interest, and at least a portion of the resulting information is transmitted back locally to, or nearby, the device that captured... Agent:

20140328514 - Object tracking device: In an object tracking device, a search region setting unit sets the search region of an object in a frame image at a present point in time, based on an object region in a frame image at a previous point in time, zoom center coordinates in the frame image at... Agent:

20140328515 - Positional locating system and method: A method and system are disclosed for locating or otherwise generating positional information for an object, such as but not limited generating positional coordinates for an object attached to an athlete engaging in an athletic event. The positional coordinates may be processed with other telemetry and biometrical information to provide... Agent:

20140328511 - Summarizing salient events in unmanned aerial videos: A method for summarizing image content from video images received from a moving camera includes detecting foreground objects in the images, determining moving objects of interest from the foreground objects, tracking the moving objects, rating movements of the tracked objects, and generating a list of highly rated segments within the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140328512 - System and method for suspect search: A system and method for detecting an object of interest. A system and method may generate a first signature for an object of interest based on an image of the object of interest. A system and method may generate a second signature for a candidate object based on an image... Agent: Nice Systems Ltd.

20140328517 - System and methods for identification of implanted medical devices and/or detection of retained surgical foreign objects from medical images: A computer-based system and method(s) are described which detects and identifies implanted medical devices (“IMDs”) and/or retained surgical foreign objects (“RSFOs”) from diagnostic medical images. In some embodiments, the system provides further identification—information on the particular IMD and/or RSFO that has been recognized. For example, the system could be configured... Agent:

20140328518 - Methods, systems and processor-readable media for designing a license plate overlay decal having infrared annotation marks: Methods, systems and processor-readable media for providing a license plate overlay decal with an infrared readable annotation mark for an optical character recognition and segmentation. The annotation mark with respect to character image of a license plate can be designed by training an ALPR engine to improve automatic license plate... Agent:

20140328519 - Method and apparatus for estimating a pose: The invention relates to a real time-capable analysis of a sequence of electronic images for estimating the pose of a movable object captured by means of the images. The invention further relates to implementing the invention in software and, in this connection, to a computer-readable medium that stores commands, the... Agent: Universitat Zu Lubeck

20140328520 - Systems and methods for mobile image capture and processing: In various embodiments, methods, systems, and computer program products for processing digital images captured by a mobile device are disclosed. Myriad features enable and/or facilitate processing of such digital images using a mobile device that would otherwise be technically impossible or impractical, and furthermore address unique challenges presented by images... Agent: Kofax, Inc.

20140328521 - Social interaction using facial recognition: A method for facilitating real-world interaction includes receiving information regarding geographical positions of a plurality of client devices, determining that a subset of the plurality of client devices are within a given distance of each other, matching a face detected in an image captured by one of the plurality of... Agent:

20140328522 - Apparatus and method for reducing noise in fingerprint sensing circuits: An apparatus for reducing noise in fingerprint sensing circuits is disclosed in one embodiment of the invention as including a fingerprint sensing area onto which a user can apply a fingerprint. An analog front end is coupled to the fingerprint sensing area and is configured to generate an analog response... Agent:

20140328523 - Chip package and method for forming the same: An embodiment of the invention provides a chip package which includes: a carrier substrate; a semiconductor substrate having an upper surface and a lower surface, disposed overlying the carrier substrate; a device region or sensing region located on the upper surface of the semiconductor substrate; a conducting pad located on... Agent:

20140328525 - Image based clinical trial assessment: A method for assessing a treatment in a trial includes obtaining images generated from image data acquired at different times during a trial time period for a same region of interest of a subject. The treatment is administered to the subject for the trial. The method further includes co-registering the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N. V.

20140328524 - Surface and image integration for model evaluation and landmark determination: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a software program that displays both a volume as images and segmentation results as surface models in 3D. Multiple 2D slices are extracted from the 3D volume. The 2D slices may be interactively rotated by the user to best follow an oblique structure. The... Agent:

20140328532 - Attenuation correction method and device for image in pet system: An attenuation correction method and device for an image in a PET system. The method includes: acquiring transmission scanning sinogram data from a PET apparatus; reconstructing the transmission scanning sinogram data with Bayesian model-based Ordered Subset Expectation Maximization (OSEM-B) algorithm and Filtered Back Projection (FBP) algorithm, to obtain an OSEM-B... Agent:

20140328530 - Medical imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same: Provided is a medical imaging apparatus including: a scanner configured to obtain projection data of an object; a three-dimensional restoring module configured to restore a volume of the object based on the projection data; a volume segmentation module configured to segment a plurality of material volumes corresponding to a plurality... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140328531 - Medical imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same: A medical imaging apparatus includes: a scanner configured to obtain projection data of an object; a three-dimensional restorer configured to restore a volume of the object from the projection data; a volume segmentor configured to generate at least one partial volume based on the volume of the object; a reprojector... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140328526 - Medical imaging data processing apparatus and method: A medical imaging data processing apparatus comprising a data receiving unit for receiving imaging data, a rendering unit for rendering images from the imaging data according to one or more rendering parameters and a selection unit configured to output a plurality of images rendered by the rendering unit. At least... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140328527 - Method and apparatus for automated delineation of structure shape for image guided treatment planning: Disclosed herein are techniques for performing automated structure delineation on image data using trained landmark detectors and a shape refinement tool. The landmark detectors can be trained to detect a landmark in the image data based on image features that are indicative of intensity variations over a plurality of windows... Agent:

20140328528 - Super-resolution apparatus and method: An image-based super-resolution method using a cone-beam-based line-of-response (LOR) reconfiguration in a positron emission tomography (PET) image is provided. That is, an apparatus and method for reconfiguring a super-resolution PET image using a cone-beam-based LOR reconfiguration is provided.... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20140328529 - System and method for three-dimensional nerve segmentation using magnetic resonance imaging: Systems and methods for segmenting a nerve in a three-dimensional image volume obtained with a magnetic resonance imaging (“MRI”) system are provided. A three-dimensional image volume that depicts a nerve and surrounding anatomical structures is provided and from that image volume the nerve is segmented. At least one control point... Agent:

20140328533 - Device and method for analysis of coating additive performance: A product testing apparatus is described as having one or more imager configured to capture one or more images of a sample having a substrate coating applied to a substrate, a processor in communication with the imager, and a non-transitory processor readable medium, in communication with the processor. The non-transitory... Agent: Hercules Incorporated

20140328534 - Detection of defects on wafer during semiconductor fabrication: Among other things, systems and techniques are provided for detecting defects on a wafer based upon non-correctable error data yielded from a scan of the wafer to determine a topology of the wafer. The non-correctable error data is reconstructed to generate a non-correctable error image map, which is transformed to... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

20140328535 - Sparse light field representation: The disclosure provides an approach for generating a sparse representation of a light field. In one configuration, a sparse representation application receives a light field constructed from multiple images, and samples and stores a set of line segments originating at various locations in epipolar-plane images (EPI), until the EPIs are... Agent:

20140328536 - Automatic analysis of individual preferences for attractiveness: A method facilitates selection of candidate matches for an individual from a database of potential applicants. A filter is calculated for the individual by processing images of people in conjunction with the individual's preferences with respect to those images. Feature sets are calculated for the potential applicants by processing images... Agent:

20140328537 - Automatic learning method for the automatic learning of forms of appearance of objects in images: An automatic learning method for the automatic learning of the forms of appearance of objects in images in the form of object features (28) from training images (20) for using the learned object features (28) in an image processing system comprises determining a feature contribution (30) by a training image... Agent: Eads Deutschland Gmbh

20140328538 - Image signal processing device and method and image processing system using the same: An image signal processing device is disclosed, including a sensitivity improvement unit, a Bayer RGB conversion unit, and a color correction unit. The sensitivity improvement unit interpolates input white, red, green, and blue (WRGB) data, mixes a luminance signal of first color space data for the interpolated WRGB data with... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140328539 - Method and apparatus for enhancing color: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method and an apparatus for enhancing color, and relate to the image processing field, so as to solve a case of over enhancement on a region having high luminance in an original image which is caused after enhancement processing is performed. A specific... Agent:

20140328540 - Sketch segmentation: Some examples of a sketch-based image segmentation system may segment a hand-drawn sketch based on proximity, intuitive clues and semantic information. For instance, the system may cluster line segments of the sketch if the line segments are within a threshold distance. Further, the system may cluster line segments of the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140328541 - Recognition of numerical characters in digital images: Recognition of numerical characters is disclosed, including: extracting a subimage from a received image comprising information pertaining to a plurality of numerical characters, wherein the extracted subimage is associated with one of the plurality of numerical characters; and performing recognition based at least in part on a set of topological... Agent:

20140328542 - Associating cameras with users and objects in a social networking system: Images uploaded by users of a social networking system are analyzed to determine signatures of cameras used to capture the images. A camera signature comprises features extracted from images that characterize the camera used for capturing the image, for example, faulty pixel positions in the camera and metadata available in... Agent:

20140328543 - Local feature descriptor extracting apparatus, local feature descriptor extracting method, and program: An object of the present invention is to reduce a size of a feature descriptor while maintaining accuracy of object identification. A local feature descriptor extracting apparatus includes: a feature point detecting unit which detects a plurality of feature points in an image and which outputs feature point information that... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140328544 - Hand-drawn sketch recognition: Some examples of a sketch-based image recognition system may generate a model for identifying a subject of a sketch. The model is formed from a plurality of images having visual features similar to the visual features of the sketch. The model may include object topics representative of categories which may... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140328545 - Method and system for correcting a digital image by geometric adjustment of this image onto a reference image: m

20140328546 - Signal processing method and apparatus for implementing said method: A method (1) of processing signals by means of rescaling, comprising the steps of: —downscaling (10) an initial signal (11), in accordance with a predetermined downscaling factor (Df) to obtain a downscaled signal (12), —upscaling (20), the downscaled signal (12) to obtain an upscaled signal (13) having the same dimensions... Agent: Elettra-sincrotrone Trieste S.c.p.a.

20140328547 - Anonymization of facial expressions: A method facilitates training of an automatic facial expression recognition system through distributed anonymization of facial images, thereby allowing people to submit their own facial images without divulging their identities. Original facial images are accessed and perturbed to generate synthesized facial images. Personal identities contained in the original facial images... Agent:

20140328548 - Enhancing content appearance: Implementations generally relate to enhancing content appearance. In some implementations, a method includes receiving an image, selecting a reference object in the image. The method also includes determining one or more image parameter adjustments based on the selected reference object, and applying the one or more image parameter adjustments to... Agent:

20140328549 - Cursor for application of image adjustments: Systems and techniques are disclosed for applying an effect to a digital image using a cursor. An effect can be applied to an image at a region under a cursor. The cursor has an outer periphery and an effect indicating periphery within the outer periphery. The outer periphery defines a... Agent:

20140328550 - Blur measurement: An image is partitioned into a foreground area, a background area, and optionally a transitional area. The partitioning may be pre-defined, or it may be based on user inputs and configuration data. The partitioning may also be refined based on an initial partitioning. Blur measures are determined respectively for the... Agent: Thomson Licensing

10/30/2014 > 83 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20140321693 - Method of eliminating spurious echoes in sar imaging: A method of eliminating spurious echoes in SAR imaging comprises a step Etp1 of defining the SAR imaging parameters, a step Etp2 of calculating the spectrum of the signal received, in each distance bin, of a zone of interest 51, a step Etp3 of filtering the spectra in each distance... Agent:

20140321695 - Methods and apparatus for embedding watermarks: Methods and apparatus for embedding a watermark are disclosed. Example methods disclosed herein to embed a watermark in a compressed data stream include obtaining a set of transform coefficients from the compressed data stream, the set of transform coefficients comprising a first set of mantissa codes and a first set... Agent:

20140321694 - Methods and apparatus to generate and use content-aware watermarks: Methods and apparatus to generate and use content-aware watermarks are disclosed herein. In a disclosed example method, media composition data is received and at least one word present in an audio track of the media composition data is selected. The word is then located in a watermark.... Agent:

20140321696 - Perceptual rating of digital image retouching: A method is provided for automatically providing a digital image rating of photo retouching. The method includes the step of receiving at a computer, including a processor, a first set of pixel data of an original image and a second set of pixel data of a retouched image. The method... Agent:

20140321706 - Automated, remotely-verified alarm system with intrusion and video surveillance and digitial video recording: An automated self-monitored alarm verification solution including at least a premises portion, a server portion, and an end user device portion. Alarm verification includes capturing by an image capture device at least one image in response to a detection event, and transmitting a first data signal including the image to... Agent: Checkvideo LLC

20140321702 - Diminished and mediated reality effects from reconstruction: Disclosed embodiments pertain to apparatus, systems, and methods for mixed reality. In some embodiments, a camera pose relative to a tracked object in a live image may be determined and used to render synthetic images from keyframes in a 3D model without the tracked object. Optical flow magnitudes for pixels... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140321703 - Image compositing device and image compositing method: A difference image between a base target and an aligned swap target is generated (S1021), and an extracted contour in the difference image is determined according to the active contour model (S1022). The inner area of the contour and the outer area of the contour are painted with different colors... Agent: Morpho, Inc.

20140321709 - Image processing apparatus, image-capturing method, and vehicle: An image processing apparatus includes a light source configured to emit light onto a glass; an image-capturing unit configured to capture light from an image-capturing region including reflection light of the emitted light from the glass; an object detection filter used to detect an object attached to the glass, light... Agent: Ricoh Company, Limited

20140321697 - Kernel with iterative computation: Provided are examples of a detecting engine for determining in which pixels in a hyperspectral scene are materials of interest or targets present. A collection of spectral references, typically five to a few hundred, is used in look a through a million or more pixels per scene to identify detections.... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140321700 - Light sensing module and system: A light sensing module used in a light sensing system incorporated with a processor includes at least one first light source, for emitting light; at least one first light sensor, for sensing the light emitted by the first light source, light reflected by an ambient object or ambient light, in... Agent: Lite-on Semiconductor Corporation

20140321701 - Method and apparatus for recognizing directional structures on a window pane of a vehicle: A method for recognizing directional structures on a window pane of a vehicle is described. The method includes carrying out an assessment of image points of an image of the window pane, which image points are disposed along an evaluation path, a course of the evaluation path being dependent on... Agent:

20140321699 - Method for characterizing confined fission tracks in solids: A method for determining the position and its statistical uncertainty of a confined fission track in a crystal based on detecting confined fission track tips in a series of transmitted light images. A computer software program for: detecting confined fission track tips in a series of transmitted light images and... Agent: Apatite To Zircon, Inc.

20140321708 - Method for determining the pose of a camera and for recognizing an object of a real environment: A method for determining the pose of a camera relative to a real environment includes the following steps: taking at least one image of a real environment by means of a camera, the image containing at least part of a real object, performing a tracking method that evaluates information with... Agent: Metaio Gmbh

20140321698 - Method for image-based status determination: Methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses for image-based status determination are presented. In some embodiments, a method includes capturing at least one image of a moving path. At least one feature within the at least one image is analyzed and based on the analysis of the at least one feature,... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140321710 - Method for three-dimensional localization of an object from a two-dimensional medical image: A method for determining the three-dimensional location of an object in real-time from a two-dimensional medical image obtained with a medical imaging system is provided. For example, the three-dimensional location of an interventional medical device or a marker positioned on such a device may be determined from a two-dimensional x-ray... Agent:

20140321705 - Method of determining reference features for use in an optical object initialization tracking process and object initialization tracking method: A method of determining reference features for use in an optical object initialization tracking process is disclosed, said method comprising the following steps: a) capturing at least one current image of a real environment or synthetically generated by rendering a virtual model of a real object to be tracked with... Agent: Metaio Gmbh

20140321704 - Method, system and apparatus for tracking objects of a scene: A method of tracking objects of a scene is disclosed. The method determines two or more tracks which have merged. Each track is associated with at least one of the objects and having a corresponding graph structure. Each graph structure comprising at least one node representing the corresponding track. A... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140321707 - Predictive flight path and non-destructive marking system and method: Systems and methods for acquiring and targeting an object placed in motion, tracking the object's movement, and while tracking, measuring the object's characteristics and marking the object with an external indicator until the object comes to rest is provided. The systems and methods include an acquisition and tracking system, a... Agent:

20140321711 - Vehicle assistance device and method: An example vehicle assistance method includes obtaining a surroundings image captured by a camera. The method then creates a 3D surroundings model according to the surroundings image and the distances between each object recorded in the obtained surroundings image and the camera. Next, the method determines whether or not one... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140321712 - Systems and methods for performing depth estimation using image data from multiple spectral channels: Systems in accordance with embodiments of the invention can perform parallax detection and correction in images captured using array cameras. Due to the different viewpoints of the cameras, parallax results in variations in the position of objects within the captured images of the scene. Methods in accordance with embodiments of... Agent: Pelican Imaging Corporation

20140321713 - Wave-equation migration velocity analysis using image warping: An objective function is disclosed that extracts the velocity error information directly in the image domain without computing common-image gathers. Because of the dimensionality of the problem, gradient-based methods (such as the conjugate-gradient algorithm) are used in the optimization procedure. In order to include the full complexity of the wavefield... Agent: Colorado School Of Mines

20140321714 - Methods of enhancing agricultural production using spectral and/or spatial fingerprints: These inventions are directed to methods and devices for enhancing agricultural production using low cost digital electronic spectral and/spatial analysis to determine the shortage of one or more nutrients. The preferred method is to take a spectral image of a healthy plant known to have a sufficient amount of the... Agent:

20140321715 - Recognition dictionary creation apparatus and recognition dictionary creation method: In accordance with one embodiment, a recognition dictionary creation apparatus comprises an image capturing section, a measurement module, a specification module, an extraction module and a registration module. The image capturing section photographs a commodity at a distance away from the image capturing section to capture an image of the... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20140321716 - Image processing apparatus, ruled line determination method, and storage medium having ruled line determination program stored therein: An image processing apparatus according to one aspect of the present disclosure includes a first image extraction portion and a first determination portion. The first image extraction portion is configured to extract, from image data, a plurality of linear images in each of which reference pixels each having a tone... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20140321717 - Electronic manifest of underground facility locate marks: A method performed by a device may include receiving information regarding a particular geographic area; retrieving an aerial image of the particular geographic area; displaying the aerial image; determining an approximate geographic location of a mark denoting an underground facility; overlaying, on the displayed aerial image, information concerning the approximate... Agent: Certusview Technologies, LLC

20140321718 - Biometric recognition: A fused image of the person's hand is accessed, the fused image having been generated using a segmented graylevel image and a segmented color image. The hand in the fused image is identified. One or more finger tips and one or more finger valleys in the fused image are identified.... Agent:

20140321719 - Authentication systems, operations, processing, and interactions: Systems and methods for biometrically identifying an individual for purchasing a product and/or service without a need for the individual to input authentication data into a system/device are described. Data representative of a scanned iris of a customer desiring to make a purchase may be made. The customer may be... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20140321722 - Facial image display apparatus, facial image display method, and facial image display program: The present invention provides a facial image display apparatus that can display moving images concentrated on the face when images of people's faces are displayed. A facial image display apparatus is provided wherein a facial area detecting unit (21) detects facial areas in which faces are displayed from within a... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20140321721 - Information processing apparatus, control method thereof and program: Therefore, according to the present invention, when the content is displayed on a display apparatus, the viewing user of the content is photographed to capture photographed image data. A face image included in the displayed content and the face image of the viewing user included in the photographed image data... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140321720 - Managing social network distance in social networks using photographs: There are provided a method, a system and a computer program product for using a digital image in a social network. The system receives the digital image. The system runs an image processing technique on the digital image. The system determines, based on the run image processing technique, a social... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140321723 - Estimating pharmacokinetic parameters in imaging: A method is provided for estimating a parameter of physiological significance. One or more images are provided of a tissue in a subject to whom a dose of a contrast agent (CA) has been administered, using a computer equipped with image processing software, the concentration or relative concentration of the... Agent: Invicro LLC

20140321724 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An image processing apparatus processes image data acquired from a receiving device that receives and accumulates a series of image data wirelessly transmitted from a capsule endoscope, and includes an image data acquisition unit that sequentially acquires the image data from the receiving device in order from a latest imaging... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140321725 - System and method for quality assurance in pathology: Systems and methods for analyzing digital slide images. In an embodiment, a digital slide image is acquired from a specimen on a slide. Then, until it is determined that a quality of the digital slide image is sufficient, the quality of the digital slide image is determined and the digital... Agent:

20140321727 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method and storage medium: An image processing apparatus includes: a region-of-interest setting information storage unit in which region-of-interest setting information for setting one or more regions of interest in a specified cross-sectional image is stored; an evaluation value acquiring unit that acquires, using measured values, an evaluation value for evaluating a region of interest... Agent: National University Corporation Asahikawa Medical University

20140321726 - Method and apparatus for image registration: An image registering method includes extracting a first cross-section image from first volume data about a target object, which is acquired via a first image acquisition modality; displaying the first cross-section image; acquiring second volume data about the target object, the second volume data including a second cross-section image corresponding... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20140321728 - Methods for detection and characterization of ionizing radiation exposure in tissue: The invention is based on the discovery of hyperspectral imaging-based methods that enable effective, efficient and non-invasive detection and characterization of ionizing radiation exposure in tissue. Methods of the invention allow for complete visualization and quantification of oxygenation and perfusion changes in irradiated skin. The invention enables rapid identification of... Agent:

20140321729 - Method and system for performing x-ray inspection of a product at a security checkpoint using simulation: A method, an apparatus and a system are provided for deriving a characteristic of a product using X-rays. X-ray image data derived by performing an X-ray scan of the product and conveying attenuation information is received. A response of a reference product to X-rays is then simulated to generate simulated... Agent:

20140321730 - Method and system of classifying defects on a wafer: A method of classifying the defects on a wafer having some same chips and corresponding system is provided. After receiving images formed by scanning the wafer using a charged particle beam, these images are examined such that both defective images and defect-free images are found. Then, the defect-free images are... Agent:

20140321731 - Edge measurement video tool with robust edge discrimination margin: A reliable method for discriminating between a plurality of edges in a region of interest of an edge feature video tool in a machine vision system comprises determining a scan direction and an intensity gradient threshold value, and defining associated gradient prominences. The gradient threshold value may be required to... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20140321732 - Automatic detection of stereoscopic content in video/image data: A method includes calculating, through a processor of a computing device communicatively coupled to a memory, correlation between two portions of an image and/or a video frame on either side of a reference portion thereof. The method also includes determining, through the processor, whether content of the image and/or the... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140321734 - Method and apparatus for remote sensing of objects utilizing radiation speckle: Disclosed are systems and methods to extract information about the size and shape of an object by observing variations of the radiation pattern caused by illuminating the object with coherent radiation sources and changing the wavelengths of the source. Sensing and image-reconstruction systems and methods are described for recovering the... Agent:

20140321735 - Method and computer program product of the simultaneous pose and points-correspondences determination from a planar model: A method and software for the simultaneous pose and points-correspondences determination from a planar model are disclosed. The method includes using a coarse pose estimation algorithm to obtain two possible coarse poses, and using each one of the two coarse poses as the initialization of the extended TsPose algorithm to... Agent: Beihang University

20140321733 - Methods, apparatuses, and computer-readable media for projectional morphological analysis of n-dimensional signals: Embodiments discussed herein in the form of methods, systems, and computer-readable media deal with the application of advanced “projectional” morphological algorithms for solving a broad range of problems. In a method of performing projectional morphological analysis, an N-dimensional input signal is supplied. At least one N-dimensional form indicative of at... Agent: Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC

20140321736 - Moving-image processing device, moving-image processing method, and information recording medium: Provided is a moving-image processing device for determining interference between objects. A moving-image processing device (101) determines whether a first object drawn in a first moving image clashes with a second object drawn in a second moving image. The first moving image is accompanied by a first anterior-surface depth for... Agent: Rakuten, Inc.

20140321737 - Collection of machine learning training data for expression recognition: Apparatus, methods, and articles of manufacture for implementing crowdsourcing pipelines that generate training examples for machine learning expression classifiers. Crowdsourcing providers actively generate images with expressions, according to cues or goals. The cues or goals may be to mimic an expression or appear in a certain way, or to “break”... Agent: Emotient

20140321738 - Dictionary creation device, image processing device, image processing system, dictionary creation method, image processing method, and program: A dictionary creation device including a blurred image generation unit which outputs a blurred image generated by performing a blurring process to a learning image together with a blur parameter indicating a blurring state of the blurred image, a patch pair generation unit which generates a restoration patch and a... Agent:

20140321739 - Image processing method and apparatus and electronic device: The embodiments of the present invention provide an image processing method and apparatus and electronic device. The image processing method includes: acquiring a visible image and an infrared image of a captured object; decomposing the visible image to generate a base image layer containing low frequency components; decomposing the infrared... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140321740 - Global spatial domain detail controlling method: A global spatial domain detail controlling method for an image processor includes adjusting at least one detail parameter corresponding to each pixel during an image processing according to each space position of the each pixel in an image; and performing the each pixel with the image processing according to the... Agent:

20140321745 - Image processing apparatus having a plurality of image processing blocks that are capable of real-time processing of an image signal: An image processing apparatus is provided which offers higher versatility than conventional image processing apparatuses. When an input signal to a spatial filtering block is a monochrome signal that contains Y component only, a selector selects its input terminal and a selector selects its input terminal. Then, a low-pass filter... Agent: Megachips Corporation

20140321744 - Method and apparatus for reducing image noise: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and an apparatus for reducing image noise. The method includes decomposing an original image into a luminance channel image and at least one chrominance channel image, and calculating a weighted average value of each pixel of the luminance channel image and the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140321742 - Method for processing highlights and saturated regions in a digital image: A method for performing highlight restoration on a digital image includes comparing the pixels in the image with a saturation level value to identify saturated pixels. A saturation map of saturated pixels is generated. Each selected saturated pixel is identified as a restorable pixel only if at least one color... Agent: Foveon, Inc.

20140321743 - Method for processing highlights and saturated regions in a digital image: A method for performing highlight restoration on a digital image includes comparing the pixels in the image with a saturation level value to identify saturated pixels. A saturation map of saturated pixels is generated. Each selected saturated pixel is identified as a restorable pixel only if at least one color... Agent: Foveon, Inc.

20140321741 - Methods of processing mosaicked images: An embodiment of the invention provides a method of processing a mosaicked image. First, the mosaicked image is up-sampled along a first direction to generate a first intermediate image. Then, the first intermediate image is resized along the first direction to generate a second intermediate image. Next, the second intermediate... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20140321747 - Method, apparatus and terminal for detecting image stability: An apparatus and terminal perform a method for detecting image stability in image processing. The method includes: acquiring N consecutive image frames, wherein N is an integer equal to 2 or larger; performing in each of the N consecutive image frames, the following: detecting corner points in the image frame,... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140321746 - Systems and methods for semantically classifying and extracting shots in video: The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for classifying videos based on video content. For a given video file including a plurality of frames, a subset of frames is extracted for processing. Frames that are too dark, blurry, or otherwise poor classification candidates are discarded from the subset. Generally,... Agent:

20140321748 - Image processing device, image processing method, program, and recording medium: An image processing device has an affinity calculating unit that handles each pixel in an image or each region including a plurality of pixels joined together, as a unit component, and determines a first affinity between each of the unit components and one of the unit components which is located... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140321749 - System and handwriting search method: According to one embodiment, a system includes an input and a processor. The input inputs first strokes which indicate a search key. The processor executes a handwriting search to search for second strokes corresponding to the first strokes from a handwritten document. The processor determines whether the second strokes searched... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140321750 - Dynamic gesture recognition process and authoring system: Gesture recognition is performed by receiving a video frame from a camera, drawing a scribble pointing out one element within the video frame, tracking the scribble across subsequent frames by propagating the scribble on the remainder of the video, aggregating related scribbles determined by tracking the scribble, attaching a tag... Agent:

20140321751 - Character input apparatus and method: According to an embodiment, a character input apparatus includes a handwriting input unit, an input target determination unit, a character recognition unit, and a character input unit. The handwriting input unit is configured to receive an input of handwriting onto a display screen on which an image including one or... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140321752 - Method and system for automatically capturing an object using a mobile terminal: A method for identifying relevant information of an object using a mobile terminal that has a built-in camera, a processor, and memory for storing programs to be executed by the processor is provided. The method includes automatically generating a plurality of image frames while the built-in camera pointing at the... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140321753 - Search for a target in a multispectral image: A search for a target in a multispectral image is made more efficient and more user-friendly by combining a contrast optimization which is performed locally, with a presentation of a detection image which extends over the entire field of observation (10). The contrast is optimized inside a window (2) of... Agent: Sagem Defense S&#xc9 Curit&#xc9

20140321754 - Image processing device, image processing method, image processing control program, and recording medium: An image processing device configured to detect a salient region from an image has a pixel small-region image generating unit that generates a pixel small-region image using, as a unit, a pixel small region made of pixels adjacent to one another and whose luminance values or chromaticity are similar, from... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140321755 - Local feature descriptor extracting apparatus, method for extracting local feature descriptor, and program: The size of a feature descriptor is reduced with the accuracy of object identification maintained. A local feature descriptor extracting apparatus includes a feature point detecting unit configured to detect feature points in an image, a local region acquiring unit configured to acquire a local region for each of the... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140321756 - System and method for circling detection based on object trajectory: A system and method for detecting a circular shape from a sequence of ordered points is disclosed. In one embodiment, the method comprises receiving a sequence of ordered points, selecting a subset of the sequence of ordered points, determining if the subset defines a circular shape, and storing an indication... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140321757 - Extending prediction modes and performance of video codecs: A video frame compression system includes a rendering engine that provides a current video frame and current additional rendering information. Additionally, the video frame compression system includes a warping engine that generates a warped video frame, wherein the warped video frame is a transformation of a previous video frame that... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140321758 - Image concealing via efficient feature selection: A novel technique for unsupervised feature selection is disclosed. The disclosed methods include automatically selecting a subset of a feature of an image. Additionally, the selection of the subset of features may be incorporated with a congealing algorithm, such as a least-square-based congealing algorithm. By selecting a subset of the... Agent:

20140321759 - Object detection apparatus: An object detection apparatus includes a storage section storing a plurality of selection patterns as combinations of one of a plurality of recognition dictionaries and one of a plurality of image recognition algorithms, a specifying means for specifying at least one of a distance from a position at which an... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140321761 - Intelligent image search results summarization and browsing: Techniques for intelligent image search results summarization and browsing scheme are described. Images having visual attributes are evaluated for similarities based in part on their visual attributes. At least one preference score indicating a probability of an image to be selected into a summary is calculated for each image. Images... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140321760 - Object information acquiring apparatus and control method of object information acquiring apparatus: An object information acquiring apparatus that acquires information inside an object by receiving an acoustic wave that has arrived from inside the object through a layer having an acoustic impedance that is different from that of the object, and analyzing the acoustic wave, the object information acquiring apparatus comprises an... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140321762 - Automatic photo grouping by events: Intuitive photo grouping is accomplished utilizing photo metadata information, including photos' timestamps, GPS information, name and storage folder identity, to automatically generate logical and meaningful event photo groupings for users.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140321763 - Communication system with compressive sensing: Systems and methods for communication systems with compressive sensing are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of signal processing includes receiving a data packet at a processor. The data packet includes compressively measured data in wavelet transform coefficients of a signal. The signal is reconstructed using a clustering property of... Agent:

20140321765 - Feature descriptor encoding apparatus, feature descriptor encoding method, and program: An object of the present invention is to reduce the size of encoded feature descriptors. A feature descriptor encoding apparatus includes a feature point detection unit that detects feature points from an image and outputs coordinate values; a local feature descriptor extracting unit that extracts local feature descriptors from local... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140321764 - System and method for image compression: A system and method for compressing digital image data. An image may be divided into sub-regions. A maximum number of template codes may be determined for representing each sub-region, each template code uniquely identifying a template pattern in a dictionary. Each of a plurality of the sub-regions may be associated... Agent:

20140321766 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program: There is provided an image processing apparatus including: an exposure compensation unit carrying out exposure compensation of a long exposure image and a short exposure image in keeping with an exposure ratio; a blur information measuring unit using the exposure-compensated images to calculate blur information showing a degree of discrepancy... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140321767 - Image processing device, image processing method, recording medium, and stereoscopic image display device: An unnatural pixel value that appears near the edge of an object included in a viewpoint-changed image, in which a viewpoint is changed, is effectively corrected. A storing portion (12) stores depth data of each pixel of viewpoint-changed image data, an edge extracting portion (15a) extracts the edge of the... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140321768 - Image processing device for reducing image noise and the method thereof: An image processing device for reducing image noise and the method thereof are provided. The method for reducing image noise includes the following steps. A filtering operation is performed on a plurality of pixel values of a first image according to a high-pass (HP) filtering mask, a first default filtering... Agent:

20140321769 - Image processing apparatus having a plurality of image processing blocks that are capable of real-time processing of an image signal: An image processing apparatus is provided which offers higher versatility than conventional image processing apparatuses. When an input signal to a spatial filtering block is a monochrome signal that contains Y component only, a selector selects its input terminal and a selector selects its input terminal. Then, a low-pass filter... Agent: Megachips Corporation

20140321770 - System, method, and computer program product for generating an image thumbnail: A system, method, and computer program product are provided for generating an image thumbnail. In operation, an image is received. Additionally, a most relevant portion of the image is determined. Further, a cropping area is identified, based on the most relevant portion of the image. The cropping area is applied... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140321772 - Method and system for improving resolution in laser imaging microscopy: A method and a system for obtaining a high-resolution image of a volume of a sample using laser imaging are provided. The method includes a step of probing the volume of the sample with a first excitation beam having an intensity profile of maximum intensity at a center thereof, thereby... Agent:

20140321771 - Techniques for real-time clearing and replacement of objects: A real-time panoramic mapping process is presented for generating a panoramic image from a plurality of image frames that are being captured by one or more cameras of a device. The proposed mapping process may be used to clear-out an unwanted portion from the panoramic image and replace it with... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140321773 - Image-based data retrieval: A rendering device, a control method for a graphical user interface and a computer software product are disclosed. The rendering device includes an input interface, a parser interface and a retrieval unit, designed for the automatic generation of a search function for retrieval from accessible databases by reference to a... Agent:

20140321774 - System and method for selecting a geographic location to associate with an object: There is disclosed a system and method for geotagging objects on a mobile handheld communication device. In an embodiment, the method comprises: providing a user interface with a plurality of user selectable options for obtaining geographic location coordinates; receiving a user selection of one of the plurality of options; and... Agent:

20140321775 - Method and system for facilitating retrieval of information from images: Disclosed embodiments relate to systems and methods for facilitating retrieval of information from an image. The one or more image characteristics are modified to degrade the original image. The degraded image is provided as a first task to at least one first remote worker, the first task corresponds to an... Agent: Xerox Corporation

10/23/2014 > 70 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20140314270 - Detection of floating objects in maritime video using a mobile camera: A method and system for detecting floating objects in maritime video is disclosed. The horizon is detected within the video. Modeling of the sky and water is performed on the video. Objects are detected that are not water and sky within the video.... Agent: Utopiacompression Corporation

20140314269 - Device, system and method for recognizing action of detected subject: The present disclosure discloses a device, a system and a method for recognizing the action of a detected subject. The device includes an input section for the user to input scene mode selected among a plurality of scene modes; a detection section for detecting the action of the detected subject... Agent: Beijing Inforson Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140314278 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and image processing system: An image processing apparatus including a region-of-interest decision unit that identifies an interest space region in which an object to be analyzed is likely to be present based on a distance image, which is shape information of an object space corresponding to a captured image to be analyzed acquired by... Agent: Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

20140314277 - Incorporating video meta-data in 3d models: A moving object tracked within a field of view environment of a two-dimensional data feed of a calibrated video camera is represented by a three-dimensional model. An appropriate three-dimensional mesh-based volumetric model for the object is initialized by using a back-projection of a corresponding two-dimensional image. A texture of the... Agent:

20140314274 - Method for optimizing size and position of a search window of a tracking system: A method for optimizing the position and size of a search window in a tracking system is disclosed. According to some embodiments of the present invention, the method may comprise: calculating a velocity of a tracked object based on comparison of at least two previously captured consecutive frames; calculating an... Agent:

20140314272 - Method of tracking objects using hyperspectral imagery: A method of tracking motion of at least one object of a group of moving objects using hyperspectral imaging includes, among other things, obtaining a series of hyperspectral image frames; comparing each frame in the series to a template to determine changes in the image between frames; identifying a group... Agent:

20140314273 - Method, apparatus and computer program product for object detection: In accordance with an example embodiment a method and apparatus is provided. The method comprises detecting presence of an object portion in at least one sub-window in an image based on a first classifier. The first classifier is associated with a first set of weak classifiers. A set of sample... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140314275 - Pedestrian right of way monitoring and reporting system and method: A system and method for monitoring vehicle traffic and collecting data indicative of pedestrian right of way violations by vehicles is provided. The system comprises memory and logic for monitoring traffic intersections and recording evidence indicating that vehicles have violated pedestrian right of way. Two sensor modalities collecting video data... Agent: Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc.

20140314276 - System and method of measuring distances related to an object: A system and method for measuring distances related to a target object depicted in an image and the construction and delivery of supplemental window materials for fenestration. A digital image is obtained that contains a target object dimension and a reference object dimension in the same plane. The digital image... Agent: Wexenergy Innovations LLC

20140314271 - Systems and methods for pedestrian detection in images: System, apparatus, and method embodiments are provided for detecting the presence of a pedestrian in an image. In an embodiment, a method for determining whether a person is present in an image includes receiving a plurality of images, wherein each image comprises a plurality of pixels and determining a modified... Agent: Huawei Technologies, Co., Ltd.

20140314279 - Clear path detection using an example-based approach: A method for detecting a clear path of travel for a vehicle using a current image generated by a camera includes defining an exemplary vanishing point for each of a plurality of sample images. Features within each of the plurality of sample images are identified, the current image generated by... Agent:

20140314280 - System for predicting production of fruit tree and driving method thereof: Provided is a system for predicting production of a fruit tree, including a plant image obtaining unit collecting images of a fruit tree and confirming identification information about the fruit tree from the collected images, a branch pattern recognizing unit receiving an image of the fruit tree whose identification information... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140314281 - Image inspection apparatus, image inspection system and image inspection method: An image inspection apparatus for checking an image printed on a recording medium includes: a reference pixel obtaining unit configured to generate a reference image and obtain a first pixel value from the reference image; a print pixel obtaining unit configured to extract an image printed area and obtain a... Agent: Ricoh Company, Limited

20140314282 - Method, electronic apparatus, and computer-readable medium for recognizing printed map: A method for recognizing a printed map and an electronic apparatus using the same are provided. The method comprises the following steps. First, a picture of the printed map is obtained, and a block area surrounded by a road outline in the picture is defined. Next, at least one road... Agent:

20140314283 - Multi-modal biometric database searching methods: The present invention provides techniques for efficient searching of a multi-modal biometric database. Nested searching improves search efficiency by using the results of a previous biometric modality search to limit the search population for subsequent biometric searches. The method can also be used in combinations of non-biometric searches limiting subsequent... Agent: Imageware Systems, Inc.

20140314284 - Data acquisition for machine perception systems: Apparatus, methods, and articles of manufacture for obtaining examples that break a visual expression classifier at user devices such as tablets, smartphones, personal computers, and cameras. The examples are sent from the user devices to a server. The server may use the examples to update the classifier, and then distribute... Agent: Emotient

20140314287 - Information processing system, information processing method, information processing apparatus, and control method and control program thereof: An information processing system, which supports a pathological diagnosis based on a tissue sample image which is obtained by imaging a body tissue, is provided, and the system includes: a pathological diagnosis unit (110) which performs a pathological diagnosis based on the tissue sample image and outputs a first pathological... Agent:

20140314286 - Integrated multivariate image-based method for disease outcome prediction: The described invention provides a system and method for predicting disease outcome using a multi-field-of-view scheme based on image-based features from multi-parametric heterogenous images.... Agent:

20140314288 - Method and apparatus to detect lesions of diabetic retinopathy in fundus images: The present invention relates to the design and implementation of a three stage computer-aided screening system that analyzes fundus images with varying illumination and fields of view, and generates a severity grade for diabetic retinopathy (DR) using machine learning. In the first stage, bright and red regions are extracted from... Agent:

20140314289 - Methods and systems for automatically determining magnetic field inversion time of a tissue species: A computer-implemented method for determining magnetic field inversion time of a tissue species includes generating a T1-mapping image of a tissue of interest, the T1-mapping image comprising a plurality of T1 values within an expected range of T1 values for the tissue of interest. An image mask is created based... Agent: The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Dept Of Health And Human Services

20140314285 - Real-time, interactive image analysis: An imaging system and method for real-time, interactive image analysis are provided herein. The imaging system includes an imaging device configured to capture an image of an object and a computing device that includes a display. The computing device is communicably coupled to the imaging device and is configured to... Agent: Ge Healthcare

20140314291 - Detection of tooth fractures in cbct image: A method for analyzing a subject tooth. The method includes obtaining volume image data including at least the subject tooth and segments the subject tooth from within the volume data according to one or more operator instructions. An index is generated that is indicative of a suspected fracture or lesion... Agent:

20140314295 - Image processing method and apparatus and program: An image processing method for registering first and second images including the same subject is provided. The method includes the repeating the following steps multiple times: a first step including determining feature vectors related to gradients of pixels values at coordinates on the first and second images for each of... Agent: Ge Medical Systems Global Technology Company, LLC

20140314292 - Method and system for integrated radiological and pathological information for diagnosis, therapy selection, and monitoring: A method and system for integrating radiological and pathological information for cancer diagnosis, therapy selection, and monitoring is disclosed. A radiological image of a patient, such as a magnetic resonance (MR), computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET), or ultrasound image, is received. A location corresponding to each of one... Agent:

20140314290 - Positioning anatomical landmarks in volume data sets: Certain embodiments provide a computer apparatus operable to carry out a data processing method to position a set of anatomical landmarks in a three-dimensional image data set of a part or all of a patient, comprising: providing a trained supervised machine learning algorithm which has been trained to place each... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140314297 - Registering method, position detecting system, and scanning instrument: assigning detected position values to corresponding positions in the topographic model, the detected position values being assigned to points of a virtual surface of the topographic model, which has a distance from a model surface which corresponds to a radius of a partly spherical scanning tip of a scanning instrument,... Agent: Fiagon Gmbh

20140314296 - Selected image acquisition technique to optimize patient model construction: A system and a method are disclosed that allow for generation of a model or reconstruction of a model of a subject based upon acquired image data. The image data can be acquired in a substantially mobile system that can be moved relative to a subject to allow for image... Agent:

20140314294 - Shape-based image segmentation: Systems and methods are provided for image segmentation. In accordance with some implementations, a current segmentation mask associated with an object of interest is iteratively refined. Any image element associated with a previously generated fence is excluded from the current segmentation mask. The fence may be generated around one or... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20140314293 - System and method for joint degradation estimation and image reconstruction in magnetic resonance imaging: A magnetic resonance imaging (MRT) method for jointly estimating an image degradation and reconstructing an image of a subject in which that image degradation is mitigated is provided. The MRI system is operated to acquire multiple different k-space data sets that are acquired with different acquisition parameters so as to... Agent:

20140314298 - System, method and computer accessible mediums or determining neurodegeneration: Method, system and computer-accessible medium for determining at least one of axonal loss or myelin degradation can be provided. For example, it is possible to receive data based on at least one of a measure of diffusion of an axonal structure or a measure of a density of axons, and... Agent: New York University

20140314301 - Color decomposition in histology: The method according to the invention generates a color decomposition of histological tissue image data into density maps, where each density map corresponds to the portion of the original image data that contains one stain/tissue combination. After a microscope captures histological tissue image data from a tissue sample that has... Agent:

20140314299 - System and method for multiplexed biomarker quantitation using single cell segmentation on sequentially stained tissue: Improved systems and methods for the analysis of digital images are provided. More particularly, the present disclosure provides for improved systems and methods for the analysis of digital images of biological tissue samples. Exemplary embodiments provide for: i) segmenting, ii) grouping, and iii) quantifying molecular protein profiles of individual cells... Agent:

20140314300 - System and method for reviewing and analyzing cytological specimens: Systems and methods of use to facilitate classification of cytological specimens are discussed. The system acquires or imports image data of a cytological specimen. The imported image data may include, or the system may otherwise perform an image analysis to identify one or more objects of interest in a respective... Agent: Hologic, Inc.

20140314302 - Inspection area setting method for image inspecting device: An inspection area setting method for setting inspection area-defining information defining an inspection area to an image inspecting device, the image inspecting device being configured to extract a portion constituting the inspection area as an inspection area image from an original image obtained by taking an image of an inspection... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140314304 - Pattern inspection apparatus and pattern inspection method: In accordance with one aspect of this invention, a pattern inspection apparatus includes an optical image acquisition unit configured to acquire optical images regarding dies of a target object to be inspected on which the dies having a same pattern formed therein is arranged; a sub-optical image division unit configured... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc.

20140314303 - Testing system for light-emitting diode and method for testing light-emitting diode using the same: A testing system for light-emitting diodes (LEDs) includes a data storage module, a data obtaining module and a comparison module. The data storage module stores pre-setting CIE spectrum data of a standard LED. The data obtaining module includes an image sensing module including a charge-coupled device sensor for capturing an... Agent: Advanced Optoelectronic Technology, Inc.

20140314305 - Template inspection device: According to one embodiment, a template inspection device used in imprint lithography, comprises an inspection image data acquisition unit configured to acquire inspection image data of an inspection target replica template pattern based on a master template pattern; a comparison data generation unit configured to generate comparison data by comparing... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140314306 - Robot for managing structure and method of controlling the robot: Provided are a robot for managing a structure, and a method of controlling the robot. The robot for maintaining and repairing the structure measures a luminance value by capturing an image of the structure, or measures depth information of the structure by using a laser sensor or stereo vision, determines... Agent: Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute Of Science And Technology

20140314307 - Method and system for analyzing images from satellites: Various embodiments provide a method for analyzing images generated from at least one imaging system on at least one satellite. The method comprises providing at least three images of an area of interest from the at least one imaging system, the provided images being provided from at least three different... Agent: Saab Ab

20140314309 - Preprocessing apparatus in stereo matching system: A preprocessing apparatus in a stereo matching system is provided. In the preprocessing apparatus, coordinate information of a stereo camera is received, a new address of a pixel of an image is specified in real time, and left and right images are interpolated, using the new address of the pixel... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140314308 - Three-dimensional point cloud position data processing device, three-dimensional point cloud position data processing system, and three-dimensional point cloud position data processing method and program: A technique is provided for efficiently process three-dimensional point cloud position data that are obtained at different viewpoints. A projecting plane is set in a measurement space as a parameter for characterizing a target plane contained in plural planes that form an object. The target plane and other planes are... Agent:

20140314310 - Automatic analysis of rapport: In selected embodiments, one or more wearable mobile devices provide videos and other sensor data of one or more participants in an interaction, such as a customer service or a sales interaction between a company employee and a customer. A computerized system uses machine learning expression classifiers, temporal filters, and... Agent: Emotient

20140314311 - System and method for classification with effective use of manual data input: Systems and methods are disclosed herein for classifying records, such as product records, using a machine learning algorithm. After training a classification model according to a machine learning algorithm using an initial training set, records are classified and high confidence classifications identified. Remaining classifications are submitted to a crowdsourcing forum... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20140314312 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An edge graph in which a pixel of an image is set as a node and an edge is set between nodes is generated. The dissimilarity or similarity between nodes at the two ends of the edge is used as the feature amount of the edge, and the edge is... Agent:

20140314314 - Systems and methods for quantifying graphics or text in an image: Systems and methods for evaluating a quantity of text in an image determine rows in an image that include spikes, wherein determining that a row includes a spike includes determining that a difference between the value of an earlier pixel in the row and a subsequent adjacent pixel exceeds a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140314315 - Systems and methods for recommending cosmetic products for users with mobile devices: An electronic device for analyzing a skin of a subject and identifying a cosmetic product for the subject includes one or more processors and memory storing one or more programs for execution by the one or more processors. The device transfers a digital image of at least a portion of... Agent:

20140314313 - Visual clothing retrieval: Techniques are provided for efficiently identifying relevant product images based on product items detected in a query image. In general, a query image may represent a digital image in any format that depicts a human body and one or more product items. For example, a query image may be an... Agent:

20140314316 - Image compression based on parameter-assisted inpainting: Systems and methods provide image compression based on parameter-assisted inpainting. In one implementation of an encoder, an image is partitioned into blocks and the blocks classified as smooth or unsmooth, based on the degree of visual edge content and chromatic variation in each block. Image content of the unsmooth blocks... Agent:

20140314317 - Method and apparatus for converting gray level of color image: A method and apparatus for converting a gray level of a color image are provided. The method of converting the gray level includes determining an intermediate RGB value which corresponds to an input RGB value of the color image, based on color mapping information in which target RGB values, mapped... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140314318 - Method for image modification: An automated, computerized method is provided for processing an image. The method includes the steps of providing an image file depicting an image, in a computer memory, performing an image segregation operation on the image file to generate a set of intrinsic images corresponding to the image, modifying a preselected... Agent:

20140314319 - Method and system using two parallel optical character recognition processses: A method and a system for providing a text-based representation of a portion of a working area to a user are provided. The method includes acquiring an image of the entire working area and performing a fast OCR process on at least a region of interest of the image corresponding... Agent: Technologies Humanware Inc.

20140314320 - Apparatus and method for automatically recognizing a qr code: An apparatus and method for automatically recognizing a QR code without a need to control the distance for recognition in relation to one QR code or two or more QR codes. The apparatus includes a photographing unit obtaining a surrounding image the QR code including recognition points and surroundings, a... Agent: Yewon Communication Co., Ltd.

20140314321 - Distortion/quality measurement: Various implementations address distortion and quality measurements related to, for example, freeze-with-skip and/or a freeze-without-skip events. In several implementations, information is accessed indicating that a first and second set of one or more consecutive pictures are not to be displayed. A first and second indicator are determined. In one such... Agent:

20140314322 - System and methods for world-scale camera pose estimation: System and methods for determining where a digital photograph was taken by estimating the camera pose with respect to a global scale three-dimensional database. Accurate location and orientation of the digital photograph is established through feature correspondence and geometry estimated from photograph collections.... Agent: Cornell University

20140314324 - Geometric coding for billion-scale partial-duplicate image search: Most of large-scale image retrieval systems are based on Bag-of-Visual-Words model. However, traditional Bag-of-Visual-Words model does not well capture the geometric context among local features in images, which plays an important role in image retrieval. In order to fully explore geometric context of all visual words in images, efficient global... Agent:

20140314323 - Optimized fast hessian matrix computation architecture: Methods and systems of recognizing images may include an apparatus having a hardware module with logic to, for a plurality of vectors in an image, determine a first intermediate computation based on even pixels of an image vector, and determine a second intermediate computation based on odd pixels of an... Agent:

20140314325 - Method and apparatus for image stitching: Various methods are provided for processing images. One example method may include computing a starting point and an ending point for an image seam as defined by an intersection of a rectangle bounding a first image and a rectangle bounding a second image. The method may also include determining whether... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140314326 - System and method of generating and using open sky data: A method and system for generating and using open sky data is described. A vehicle equipped with a range-finding device travels on a road network in a geographic region. The range-finding device transmits a pulse at a given position and obtains range data associated with the position. The system uses... Agent:

20140314327 - Systems and methods for computer recognition of plush toys: Systems and methods for identifying that a non-digital object, specifically a plush toy, has been brought into the presence of a digital device, which can provide content in reaction to the presence of that plush toy.... Agent: Build-a-bear Workshop, Inc.

20140314328 - Data matching method and data matching module: Data matching includes receiving a piece of first relational data and a piece of second relational data. The piece of first relational data is associated with a plurality of pieces of first data, and the piece of second relational data is associated with a plurality of pieces of second data.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140314329 - Efficient compression of bayer images: A method includes, in an encoder, dividing an image into blocks, and producing respective compressed descriptions of the blocks. First data, which contains at least some of the compressed descriptions, is generated such that a compressed description of each block within the first data is accessible irrespective of the compressed... Agent: Spotlight Technologies Ltd.

20140314330 - Inter-image prediction method and device and corresponding coding method and apparatus: The invention relates to a method for predicting a pixel block of an image using a weighted sum of pixel blocks belonging to patches of a dictionary from a set of candidate patches, each patch being formed of a pixel block of an image and a causal neighborhood of this... Agent:

20140314331 - Image domain de-noising: An image data processing component (122) includes algorithm memory (212) including one or more image domain only iterative de-noising algorithms (214) based on the Huber roughness penalty minimization and a processor (206) which de-noises reconstructed image data solely in the image domain based on at least one of the Huber... Agent: Koninklike Phillips N.v.

20140314332 - Realtime long range imaging scatter reduction: Aspects of the subject technology relate to methods and systems for removing haze from an input image. The system includes a polarimeter configured to receive an input image, the input image comprising haze corresponding to light scatter. The polarimeter is further configured to produce plural Stokes values based on received... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20140314333 - Image processing apparatus and radiographic apparatus having the same: Provision can be made of a high-speed image processing apparatus that eliminates poor visibility in a dotted configuration or a superimposed portion of two streaks upon removing a false image due to statistical noise. That is, provision can be made of a high-speed image processing apparatus capable of outputting a... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140314334 - Method and apparatus for finer control in thin line growth: A method, non-transitory computer readable medium, and apparatus for providing controlling a thin line growth are disclosed. For example, the method receives an image in a first resolution, wherein each pixel of a plurality of pixels within the image is marked with a first tag and a second tag, wherein... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140314335 - System for reducing noise in video processing: A system includes a data storage configured to store a model human visual system, an input module configured to receive an original picture in a video sequence and to receive a reference picture, and a processor. The processor is configured to create a pixel map of the original picture using... Agent: General Instrument Corporation

20140314336 - Image processing device, image processing method, program for image processing device, recording medium, and image display device: A distorted image (S) is acquired through a photographing operation using a wide-angle lens or an omnidirectional mirror. A cutting reference point (P) for cutting a partial cut region from the distorted image is set. The cut region is set according to the cutting reference point. An eye vector (n)... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20140314337 - Image display method: In an image display method, when image editing is performed for image data of a captured still image by an image editing program, file data of the edited image data is transmitted from a personal computer for performing the image editing to a television. After the file data of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140314338 - Optical character recognition of text in an image according to a prioritized processing sequence: A computer-implemented method for providing a text-based representation of a region of interest of an image to first is provided that includes a step of identifying text zones within the image, each text zone including textual content and having a respective rank assigned thereto based on an arrangement of the... Agent: Technologies Humanware Inc.

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