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Image analysis

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04/16/2015 > 59 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20150104059 - Automatic photo album creation based on social information: A social photo curation system is used to automatically identify a subset of photos for an album to provide to a viewing user. The album and its photos are associated with metadata indicating information about the photos, such as individuals tagged in the photos, locations where the photos were taken,... Agent:

20150104060 - Automatic photo album creation based on social information: A social photo curation system is used to automatically identify a subset of photos for an album to provide to a viewing user. The album and its photos are associated with metadata indicating information about the photos, such as individuals tagged in the photos, locations where the photos were taken,... Agent:

20150104058 - Image-related methods and systems: Digital watermark encoding—and associated registry transactions—are made transparent to consumers—performed as built-in features of common image processing operations, such as taking a picture, or printing a picture. In one arrangement, a user particularly defines network experiences that a hardcopy image is to invoke. The user may interact with buttons and... Agent:

20150104061 - Method and device for augmented reality message hiding and revealing: The present invention relates to an operation method for executing games on mobile camera enabled terminal devices and to devices capable of executing the method. The method is based on hiding augmented reality messages in pictures by taking an image of an object, providing symbols; linking the symbols to the... Agent:

20150104065 - Apparatus and method for recognizing object in image: An apparatus and method for recognizing an object are provided. The apparatus includes an input component configured to receive an input image that includes a target object, and a processor configured to recognize a target object in the received image using image-object correlation information that represents a correlation between an... Agent:

20150104063 - Cruising zone division line recognition apparatus: A cruising zone division line recognition apparatus has an image acquisition device that acquires an image including a road surface ahead of a vehicle, and an image recognition device. The image recognition device adds blurring to an area including the road surface in the acquired image and recognizes a cruising... Agent:

20150104067 - Method and apparatus for tracking object, and method for selecting tracking feature: A method and an apparatus for tracking an object, and a method for selecting a tracking feature are disclosed. The object tracking method includes tracking, based on a previously selected first tracking feature, the object in a sequence of video frames having the object; when a scene of the video... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150104064 - Method and system for detection of foreign objects in maritime environments: The present invention provides techniques for detecting foreign objects in a region of interest in maritime environments. Image data indicative of a sequence of successively acquired images of the region of interest, is analyzed to determine candidate points of interest, and data indicative of said points is processed to identify... Agent: Dvp Technologies Ltd.

20150104069 - Method for discovering augmented reality object, and terminal: A method for discovering an augmented reality (AR) object is provided that is applicable to the field of AR technologies. The method for discovering an AR object includes, when it is determined, according to a pre-generated navigation route and a movement speed of a terminal, that a vicinity of a... Agent:

20150104066 - Method for improving tracking in crowded situations using rival compensation: A method for tracking objects across a number of image frames includes tracking objects in the frames based on appearance models of each foreground region corresponding to each of the objects and determining if a plurality of the tracked objects overlap. Where a plurality of the tracked objects overlap, the... Agent:

20150104062 - Probabilistic neural network based moving object detection method and an apparatus using the same: The present disclosure proposes a method of moving object detection in variable bit-rate video steams based on probabilistic neural networks, and the method features a background generation module and a moving object detection module. The background generation module produces a model of background images which express properties of variable bit-rate... Agent: National Taipei University Of Technology

20150104068 - System and method for locating fiducials with known shape: This invention provides a system and method for determining the pose of shapes that are known to a vision system that undergo both affine transformation and deformation. The object image with fiducial is acquired. The fiducial has affine parameters, including degrees of freedom (DOFs), search ranges and search step sizes,... Agent:

20150104070 - Detecting and identifying parking lots in remotely-sensed images: Processing and analyzing at least one remotely-sensed image to automatically detect and identify parking lots within a region of the remotely-sensed image. This may include: (1) receiving a remotely-sensed image having zero or more parking lots; (2) identifying a set of pixels related to parking lot features within the remotely-sensed... Agent: Digitalglobe, Inc.

20150104072 - Lane detection method and system using photographing unit: A lane detection method includes acquiring an image in front of a vehicle using a photographing unit provided in the vehicle, detecting, from the acquired image, a positive edge (P.E.) in which a right pixel has a higher brightness value than a brightness value of a left pixel, detecting, from... Agent:

20150104071 - Traffic signal prediction: An aerial image relates to a geographic area. The aerial image is analyzed to identify at least one traffic signal in the geographic area. Based at least in part on analyzing the aerial image, a timing prediction is determined for the at least one traffic signal.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150104073 - Delayed vehicle identification for privacy enforcement: A method for recognition of an identifier such as a license plate includes storing first visual signatures, each extracted from a first image of a respective object, such as a vehicle, captured at a first location, and first information associated with the first captured image, such as a time stamp.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150104074 - Depth map generation and post-capture focusing: Aspects of depth map generation and post capture focusing and re-focusing are described. According to one embodiment, a depth map is generated. The depth map may include a mapping among relative depth values in a field of view of an image based on a difference between pixels of a first... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150104076 - Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, and image processing method: There is provided an image processing apparatus including a distance information generation portion configured to generate first distance information about an object to be measured based on a phase difference between images provided by a plurality of first cameras having a first base length, and generate second distance information about... Agent:

20150104075 - Z-axis determination in a 2d gesture system: Systems, apparatus and methods for determining a gesture are presented. According to some aspects, disclosed are systems, apparatus and methods for determining a gesture that compares different images and deduces a direction and/or distance based on a relative size change of a palm in the different images. After a reference... Agent:

20150104077 - Image processing apparatus and control method thereof: An image processing apparatus includes: a camera configured to generate a captured image by capturing motion of an object; an image processor configured to process the captured image; a storage configured to store a predetermined information which is common data included in common in a plurality of motion history images... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150104078 - Image data processing: A method for processing image data of a sample is disclosed. The method comprises registering a first and a second images of at least partially overlapping spatial regions of the sample and processing data from the registered images to obtain integrated image data comprising information about the sample, said information... Agent:

20150104079 - Checking device for a label, with a detection and processing unit for the detection of the label: Checking device for a label, with a detection and processing unit for the detection of the label and with a layout unit for the creation of a layout of the label, wherein the checking device comprises a data converter unit configured in such a way that it generates test data... Agent:

20150104080 - Methods, systems, and devices for obscuring entities depicted in captured images: Computationally implemented methods and systems include acquiring an image that includes a depiction of a feature of one or more entities, attaining identification of a particular entity of the one or more entities for which the depiction of the feature is present in the image, and obtaining relationship data that... Agent:

20150104081 - Methods and systems for determining user liveness: A method determining user liveness is provided that includes calculating, by a device, eye openness measures for a frame included in captured authentication data, and storing the eye openness measures in a buffer of the device. Moreover the method includes calculating confidence scores from the eye openness measures stored in... Agent:

20150104082 - Image processing apparatus and control method thereof: An image processing apparatus includes: a processor configured to process an image photographed by the camera and determine a user face within the image; and a controller configured to control the processor to determine whether same user faces appear in a plurality of video frames by tracing one or more... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150104083 - Thin biometric detection module: There is provided a thin biometric detection module, which is advantageous in being able to detect scattered light from body tissue after the light transmitting in the body tissue without additional optical mechanism placed on the semiconductor optical detection pixel of the detection module for biometric detection.... Agent:

20150104087 - Automated fundus image field detection and quality assessment: A method, system, and computer readable medium which automatically determine the side, field and a level of image quality of fundus images of the retina of a human eye is disclosed. The disclosure combines image processing, computer vision and pattern recognition techniques in a unique way to provide a robust... Agent: Rochester Institute Of Technology

20150104086 - Graphical user interface for in-vivo imaging: A graphical user interface is provided which allows the user to perform numerous operations suitable for analysis of in-vivo images within a single display screen or a single window. Using the in-vivo GUI, the user may create and manipulate analysis tools such as rectangle and ellipse tools to define regions... Agent: Xenogen Corporation

20150104088 - Method and system for obtaining a first signal for analysis to characterize at least one periodic component thereof: A method of facilitating obtaining a first signal, for analysis to characterize at least one periodic component, includes obtaining two second signals representative of intensities of electromagnetic radiation. The first signal is at least derivable from an output signal obtainable by applying a transformation to the second signals such that... Agent:

20150104085 - Method and system for ranking instruments: A system including or receiving information regarding the geometry of a patient can be used to identify possible or appropriate instruments for a patient. Instruments can include pacing and defibrillation leads. Information regarding the patient can include target location size, bifurcation angles, and tortuosity of a path. Information regarding the... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20150104084 - Scanning system and image display method: A scanning system and an image display method are provided, the method including: implementing a scanning process to obtain scanning data; converting the scanning data into image data; implementing an identification process and a segmentation process to the image data to obtain position and direction information of an interventional device;... Agent: Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

20150104089 - Determination of z-effective value for set of voxels using ct density image and sparse multi-energy data: Z-effective (e.g., atomic number) values are generated for one or more sets of voxels in a CT density image using sparse (measured) multi-energy projection data. Voxels in the CT density image are assigned a starting z-effective value, causing a CT z-effective image to be generated from the CT density image.... Agent: Analogic Corporation

20150104092 - Determining a value of a recording parameter by use of an anatomic landmark: A method and an imaging system are disclosed. The method, for determining at least one value of at least one recording parameter for a recording of an X-ray image of a patient positioned on an examination table, uses contactless scanning of at least part of the surface of the patient... Agent:

20150104091 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: A three-dimensional image captured by imaging a subject using a first imaging device is acquired. A two-dimensional image captured by imaging a surface of the subject using a second imaging device is acquired. Information representing the surface position of the subject is acquired from the three-dimensional image. A projection image... Agent:

20150104090 - Modification of a hollow organ representation: A method and a system are disclosed for interactively creating and/or modifying a hollow organ representation on the basis of medical-technical image data of a hollow organ. An embodiment of the method includes providing the medical-technical image data together with a hollow organ course line representing the course of the... Agent:

20150104093 - Image processing method and apparatus: The present invention discloses an image processing method and apparatus, where the method includes: downscaling an image to be processed; identifying identifiable targets in the downscaled image, and localizing temporary unidentifiable targets in the downscaled image; identifying the temporary unidentifiable targets at positions, corresponding to localized positions in the downscaled... Agent:

20150104094 - Defect detection system for extreme ultraviolet lithography mask: A defect detection system for an extreme ultraviolet lithography mask comprises an extreme ultraviolet light source (1), extreme ultraviolet light transmission parts (2, 3), an extreme ultraviolet lithography mask (4), a photon sieve (6) and a collection (7) and analysis (8) system. Point light source beams emitted by the extreme... Agent: The Institute Of Microelectronics Of Chinese Academy Of Sciences

20150104095 - Method for evaluating bandgap distributions of nanowires: A method for evaluating bandgap distributions of nanowires is provided. First, a plurality of nanowires located on a surface of a substrate is provided. Second, a metal electrode on the surface and electrically connected to the plurality of nanowires is provided. Third, a SEM image is taken on the plurality... Agent:

20150104096 - 3d object tracking: Embodiments relate to tracking a pose of a 3D object. In embodiments, a 3D computer model, consisting of geometry and joints, matching the 3D real-world object may be used for the tracking process. Processing the 3D model may be done using collision constraints generated from interpenetrating geometry detected in the... Agent:

20150104097 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An image processing apparatus includes an image acquisition unit acquiring a plurality of images, a corresponding point acquisition unit, a first fundamental matrix estimation unit, an epipole coordinate deriving unit, an epipole coordinate determination unit, and a fundamental matrix determination unit. The corresponding point acquisition unit acquires first corresponding points.... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150104099 - Image processing device, image processing method, and program: There is provided an image processing device including a body hair detection unit that detects a body hair region corresponding to body hair from a process target image that includes skin, a texture structure estimation unit that estimates a structure of skin texture in the process target image, and an... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150104098 - Note recognition and management using multi-color channel non-marker detection: Techniques are described for creating and manipulating software notes representative of physical notes. A computing device comprises a processor and a note identification module executable on the processor and configured to separate an input image into a plurality of channelized input images. Each of the channelized input images are associated... Agent:

20150104100 - Image processing method and apparatus, and shooting terminal: An image processing method and apparatus, and a shooting terminal, where the method includes acquiring a to-be-processed image that is shot but is not image-processed; extracting shooting characteristic information of the to-be-processed image; performing image processing on the to-be-processed image according to the shooting characteristic information. In this way, after... Agent:

20150104101 - Method and ui for z depth image segmentation: An application that receives and edits image data from a light field camera. The application determines a distance from the light field camera for each portion of the image. The application of some embodiments uses the depth information to break the image data down into layers based on the depths... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150104104 - Methods and apparatus for automated true object-based image analysis and retrieval: An automated and extensible system for analysis and retrieval of images based on region-of-interest (ROI) analysis of one or more true objects depicted by an image is provided. The system uses a database that is a relational or analytical database containing searchable vectors that represent the images stored in a... Agent:

20150104102 - Semantic segmentation method with second-order pooling: Feature extraction, coding and pooling, are important components on many contemporary object recognition paradigms. This method explores pooling techniques that encode the second-order statistics of local descriptors inside a region. To achieve this effect, it introduces multiplicative second-order analogues of average and max pooling that together with appropriate non-linearities that... Agent: Universidade De Coimbra

20150104103 - Surveillance camera that respects privacy: A surveillance camera obscures human features when people are present to preserve privacy.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150104105 - Computing device and method for jointing point clouds: A computing device and a method joints point clouds of an object into a coordinate system. The computing device calculates edge points of each image, and calculates a curvature scale space (CSS) corner of each image according to the edge points of each image. The computing device calculates a sub-pixel... Agent:

20150104106 - Method, system and apparatus for determining a contour segment for an object in an image captured by a camera: A method of determining a contour segment for an object in an image captured by a camera is disclosed. A plurality of corner points located on a part of an object in the image is determined. Pairs of corner points are selected from the determined corner points. A path for... Agent:

20150104107 - Note recognition and association based on grouping indicators: Techniques are described for creating and manipulating software notes representative of physical notes. A computing device is described that includes a processor and an image collection module executable on the processor and configured to receive an input image of an environment having a plurality of physical notes. An image processing... Agent:

20150104108 - Data processor and computer-readable non-volatile recording medium for storing program for data processing: Provided is a data processor for generating three-dimensional image data from two-dimensional original image data, the three-dimensional image data including depth value, the apparatus comprising: a first clustering processor for dividing the two-dimensional original image data into a first plurality of clusters based on brightness; a three-dimensional data generating unit... Agent:

20150104109 - Device and method for processing image: An image processing device includes a decompression unit configured to decompress a compressed image signal, a gradation-dependent correction unit configured to perform gradation-dependent correction on the decompressed image signal, the gradation-dependent correction being a correction process in which the amount of correction varies among luminance gradations, and a compression error... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150104110 - Method and system for image analysis: A method for processing an image includes: identifying a group of keypoints in the image; for each keypoint of the group; a) calculating a corresponding descriptor array including a plurality of array elements, each array element storing values taken by a corresponding color gradient histogram of a respective sub-region of... Agent: Telecom Italia S.p. A.

20150104111 - Methods and systems of local signal equalization: Methods and systems of equalizing spatial frequency signals for images are provided. Images distorted through defocus, motion blur, under-sampling or other reasons may be equalized. Equalized spatial frequency signals may be used to determine correspondence matching between images. Image patches from two or more image signals may be identified and... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20150104112 - Large radius edge-preserving low-pass filtering: A method of large-radius edge-preserving low-pass filtering a digital signal having data points, including computing a weighted average of a signal layer at vertices spaced a distance apart such that an amount of the vertices is less than an amount of the data points; and producing, for each of the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150104113 - Method and apparatus for producing a cinemagraph: Method and apparatus for producing a cinemagraph, wherein based on received user input an image from a sequence of images is selected as a baseframe image. The baseframe image is segmented and at least one segment is selected based on user input. A mask is created based on the selected... Agent:

20150104114 - Method of processing photos from multiple sources and its apparatus: The present invention relates to photo processing. Disclosed is a method for processing photos from multiple sources and its apparatus. In the present invention, the method of processing photos from multiple sources include: obtaining photo files from at least two sources; for the obtained photo files, merging the photo files... Agent: Landscape Mobile

20150104115 - Image processing apparatus and control method thereof: An image processing apparatus and a control method thereof are provided. The image processing apparatus includes: a signal receiver to receive an image signal including an image and additional information displayed in the image; a signal processor to process the received image signal; and a controller to generate a reversed... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150104116 - Method and apparatus for performing super-resolution: A method for performing super-resolution comprises steps of generating the high-resolution, low-frequency spatial and temporal bands of the input video sequence by interpolation, synthesizing the high-resolution, high-frequency spatial band by cross-frame spatial high-frequency extrapolation, and fusing these two bands to generate the spatio-temporally super-resolved video sequence A corresponding system for... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 58 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20150098613 - Apparatus and methods for video alarm verification: A method for verification of alarms is disclosed. The method involves receiving an alarm signal trigger associated with an alarm signal, receiving video data from a premise associated with the alarm signal, rapidly analyzing the video data to test for the existence a significant event, and when a significant event... Agent: Checkvideo LLC

20150098607 - Deformable surface tracking in augmented reality applications: and applying adaptive thresholds on the key-point matching scores in determining successful matches of the image-key-points; performing motion detection of the marker in the video-captured scene and halting the application of the key-point matching score filter and suspending the restriction on the image-key-point searching if the marker is in significant... Agent: Hong Kong Applied Science And Technology Research Institute Company Limited

20150098611 - Determination method, determination device, determination system, and computer program: A determination method for determining reliability of a selective binding amount of a substance to be examined obtained as detection intensity of a label when a labeled substance to be examined binds to a selective binding substance fixed as a spot on a carrier includes: determining a position of the... Agent:

20150098615 - Dynamic extension of map data for object detection and tracking: A computer-implemented method of tracking a target object in an object recognition system includes acquiring a plurality of images with a camera and simultaneously tracking the target object and dynamically building online map data from the plurality of images. Tracking of the target object is based on the online map... Agent:

20150098610 - Information processing system, information processing method, information processing device and control method and control program thereof, and communication terminal and control method and control program thereof: Merchandise management is implemented by recognizing a piece of merchandise in an image on a video in real time. A piece of merchandise and m-number of first local feature which are respectively 1-dimensional to i-dimensional feature vectors are stored after being associated with each other, n-number of feature points are... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150098608 - Management of electronic racks: Computer program product and method for determining a location and identity of an electronic rack by a remote electronic device is disclosed. The method may include capturing an image of the electronic rack with a camera attached to the remote electronic device. The method may further include determining a visual... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150098612 - Method and apparatus for detecting light source of vehicle: In a light control system, a captured image of a cruising direction of a vehicle is acquired, and a light source is extracted from the captured image. A probability for estimating a light source to be a vehicle light source originating from a vehicle is calculated based on light source... Agent: Denso Corporation

20150098617 - Method and apparatus for establishing a north reference for inertial measurement units using scene correlation: A scene correlation-based target system and related methods are provided. A reference image depicts a remotely-positioned object having identifiable characteristics, wherein a reference directional vector is established relative to the reference image. A target image of a general vicinity of the remotely-positioned object has an unknown directional vector, the target... Agent:

20150098618 - Method and apparatus for estimating orientation of body, and computer readable storage medium of recording the method: A method of estimating an orientation of a body is provided. The method includes determining a reference point based on a first region of a body, calculating a translation matrix of a world coordinate system based on the reference point; determining a first vector based on the reference point and... Agent:

20150098619 - Methods and systems for determining and tracking extremities of a target: An image such as a depth image of a scene may be received, observed, or captured by a device. A grid of voxels may then be generated based on the depth image such that the depth image may be downsampled. A background included in the grid of voxels may also... Agent:

20150098616 - Object recognition and map generation with environment references: Exemplary methods, apparatuses, and systems for performing object detection on a mobile device are disclosed. A reference dataset comprising a set of reference keyframes for an object captured in a plurality of different lighting environments is obtained. An image of the object in a current lighting environment is captured. Reference... Agent:

20150098614 - Object tracking based on dynamically built environment map data: A computer-implemented method of tracking a target object in an object recognition system includes acquiring a plurality of images with a camera. The method further includes simultaneously tracking the target object and dynamically building environment map data from the plurality of images. The tracking of the target object includes attempting... Agent:

20150098620 - Position estimation: Methods and systems are described for determining eye position and/or for determining eye movement based on glints. An exemplary computer-implemented method involves: (a) causing a camera that is attached to a head-mounted display (HMD) to record a video of the eye; (b) while the video of the eye is being... Agent: Google Inc.

20150098609 - Real-time multiclass driver action recognition using random forests: An action recognition system recognizes driver actions by using a random forest model to classify images of the driver. A plurality of predictions is generated using the random forest model. Each prediction is generated by one of the plurality of decision trees and each prediction comprises a predicted driver action... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150098623 - Image processing apparatus and method: An image processing apparatus that, based on an image imaged by a camera installed on a car and distance to a measurement point on a peripheral object computed by a range sensor installed on the car, draws virtual three-dimensional space in which a surrounding environment around the car is reconstructed.... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150098622 - Image processing method and system of around view monitoring system: An image processing method and system of an AVM system are provided. The method includes photographing, by a controller, an environment around a vehicle to generate a top view image and creating a difference count map by comparing two top view images photographed at time intervals. Partial regions in the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150098624 - Parking support apparatus: A parking support apparatus includes: a captured image acquisition unit acquiring a captured image from an image capturing unit which images surrounding scenery of a vehicle; a target destination section setting unit setting a target destination section which is located around the vehicle and at which the vehicle arrives, based... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150098621 - Video based method and system for automated side-by-side traffic load balancing: A method, non-transitory computer readable medium, and apparatus for side-by-side traffic location load balancing are disclosed. For example, the method receives one or more video images of a side-by-side traffic location, determines a number of cars in a first lane and a number of cars in a second lane of... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150098626 - Blood fluidity measurement apparatus and blood fluidity measurement method: Deformability of blood cells is quantified in a short time. A blood fluidity measurement apparatus is provided with a TV camera which photographs a stream of blood in either two areas of the internal area, entrance area, and exit area of a gate, an image processing part which calculates the... Agent:

20150098625 - System and method of multi-user coaching inside a tunable motion-sensing range: A system and a method of multi-user coaching are introduced herein. Motion-sensing cameras are applied to capture images, and a depth image stitching module is applied to perform a depth image stitching process on the captured images to expand the motion-sensing range, so as to establish a virtual environment for... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150098627 - Automatic dip picking from wellbore azimuthal image logs: Method for automatically determining a planar event such as a bedding plane from azimuthal wellbore log data (501). The image log may optionally first be filtered using a smoothing filter (502). Then, the image log is inputted to a gradient (first-derivative) filter (503). The image log is also used to... Agent:

20150098628 - Systems and methods for mobile image capture and processing: In various embodiments, methods, systems, and computer program products for capturing and processing digital images captured by a mobile device are disclosed. The claimed algorithms are specifically configured to perform and facilitate loan application processing by capturing an image of a document using a mobile device, and analyzing the image... Agent: Kofax, Inc.

20150098629 - Iris biometric recognition module and access control assembly: An iris biometric recognition module includes technology for capturing images of an iris of an eye of a person, whether the person is moving or stationary, and whether the person is located near the iris image capture device or at a distance from the iris image capture device. The iris... Agent:

20150098630 - Iris biometric recognition module and access control assembly: An iris biometric recognition module includes technology for capturing images of an iris of an eye of a person, whether the person is moving or stationary, and whether the person is located near the iris image capture device or at a distance from the iris image capture device. The iris... Agent:

20150098631 - Apparatus and method for recording evidence of a person's situation: An apparatus and a method are provided for detecting and recording, in an electronic device, evidence of a person's situation. Situation data is detected using a situation data sensor in the electronic device. Situation data can be data representing evidence of a person's situation, wherein such evidence can show a... Agent: A.v.a., LLC

20150098633 - Face detection apparatus, face detection method, and program: A face detection apparatus detecting a face from an image which is captured by an imaging unit and includes the face, includes: a position detection unit that detects a position of a face part of the face from the image; an initial state determination unit that determines a model initial... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150098634 - Face detection apparatus, face detection method, and program: A face detection apparatus detecting a face from an image including the face of a target person in a region imaged by an imaging unit, includes: a model fitting unit generating a first model of the face based on a first image from the imaging unit; a tracking unit fitting... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150098632 - Monitoring system, monitoring method, monitoring program, and recording medium in which monitoring program is recorded: the matching unit matches the face feature quantity of the person in the input image captured by the first imaging device against each face feature quantity of the first face feature quantity list, and matches the face feature quantity of the person in the input image captured by the second... Agent: Omron Corporation

20150098635 - System and method of image reconstruction with dual line scanner using line counts: A fingerprint scanning and image reconstruction system and method including a fingerprint scanner providing a first scan line and a second scan line separated by a line separation distance in a scanning direction. The system includes an image reconstruction module accumulating scan lines including at least the first scan line... Agent:

20150098636 - Integrated tracking with fiducial-based modeling: Disclosed are various embodiments for determining a pose of a mobile device by analyzing a digital image captured by at least one imaging device to identify a plurality of regions in a fiducial marker indicative of a pose of the mobile device. A fiducial marker may comprise a circle-of-dots pattern,... Agent:

20150098637 - Feature intensity reconstruction of biological probe array: The invention provides methods and systems for reconstructing feature intensities from pixel level data. In certain embodiments, the invention uses an empirically determined transfer function to construct a theoretical estimate of pixel level data and then iteratively updates feature intensities based on a minimum multiplicative error between the pixel level... Agent:

20150098640 - Attenuation map with scattered coincidences in positron emission tomography: An imaging system (36) includes a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner (38) and one or more processors (52). The Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner (38) which generates event data including true coincident events and scatter events, the event data includes each end point of a line of response (LOR) and... Agent:

20150098638 - Finding similar coronary angiograms in a database: Embodiments relate to finding similar coronary angiograms in a database of coronary angiograms. An aspect includes receiving angiography data for a coronary artery, processing the angiography data to identify one or more semantic features of the coronary artery, and identifying one or more nearest coronary angiograms for each of the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150098639 - Image processing system, image processing method and image processing program: Provided is an image processing system including a server and a scanning device connected with the server through a network. The scanning device includes a measurement unit that performs multiple times of measurement required to reconstruct one image on a target to obtain a plurality of pieces of measurement data,... Agent: Pita4 Mobile LLC

20150098641 - Biomarker method: Provided herein is a method for quantifying the spatial distribution of cells or sub-cellular structures comprising (a) receiving image data comprising a plurality of biomarkers, N, wherein the data represents a spatial map of the biomarkers; (b) processing the data to obtain a set of coordinates, wherein each coordinate denotes... Agent: The University Of Manchester

20150098642 - Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for sheet material processing and verification: Methods and systems disclosed herein for processing sheets of sheet material include receiving a sheet in a first sheet-accepting device. The methods and systems include detecting first information of the sheet, which includes a first serial number of the sheet. The methods and systems include receiving each of the sheets... Agent: Giesecke & Devrient America, Inc.

20150098643 - Device for measuring critical dimension of pattern and method thereof: A device and method for measuring a critical dimension of a pattern on a display substrate is disclosed. In one aspect, the device includes a region of interest (ROI) setting unit setting a region of interest in image data, determining whether the region of interest is larger than a reference... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150098645 - Method, apparatus and system for selecting a frame: A method of selecting a frame from a plurality of video frames captured by a camera (120). The method determines features to which map points in a three dimensional space are projected. A histogram of the determined features for a plurality of regions in the frame is created. One of... Agent:

20150098644 - Methods and apparatus for determining field of view dependent depth map correction values: m

20150098646 - Learning user preferences for photo adjustments: In example embodiments, systems and methods for learning and using user preferences for image adjustments are presented. In example embodiments, a new image is received. A correction parameter based on previously stored user adjustments for similar images is determined. A user style that is an adjusted version of the new... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150098648 - Image processing device capable of segmenting an image into plural areas: An image processing device of the present invention determines the pixel values of background pixels based on a pixel value histogram of a target image to be segmented into a foreground and a background, determines pixels of the target image having pixel values equivalent to the pixel values of these... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20150098647 - Image processing device, image processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium: An image processing device includes a color extractor, an area cutout unit, a receiver, and a sticky image cutout unit. The color extractor extracts, from image information that includes multiple sticky notes, pixels of a color used for the sticky notes. The area cutout unit cuts out an area that... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd

20150098649 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable medium: The image processing apparatus includes a color extraction unit, a region cutting-out unit, a determination unit, and a sticky-note-image cutting-out unit. The color extraction unit extracts pixels by using multiple thresholds, which are prepared in advance for a color space, for a color used in sticky notes, from image information... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20150098651 - Color balance in digital photography: A system, method, and computer program product are provided for generating a blended pixel. In use, a first image and a second image are received. Next, a motion transform between the first image and the second image is estimated, and an aligned first image and an aligned second image are... Agent:

20150098650 - Systems and methods to optimize conversions for wide gamut opponent color spaces: Novel methods and systems for color space conversions are disclosed, relating to the optimization of a transformation matrix to convert between wide gamut opponent color spaces. The optimization may be based on whether the color values are in or out of gamut.... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20150098652 - Image processing method and image processing apparatus for segmenting image into regions: An image processing method includes, calculating a partial distance between a pixel of interest in an image and each of reference pixels, sequentially calculating a total distance between the pixel of interest and each of the plurality of the reference pixels based on the partial distance, determining a shortest total... Agent:

20150098653 - Method, electronic device and storage medium: According to one embodiment, a method of displaying an image on an electronic device includes acquiring a first image created by a first device comprising a first screen of a first size; and displaying the first image by the electronic device including a second screen of a second size different... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150098654 - Eye part detection apparatus: An eye part detection apparatus includes: a unit configured to input an image of a face captured for each specific time; a unit configured to extract an eye search region on the basis of feature points including a nose from the image; a unit configured to correlate the eye search... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150098655 - Method of defect image classification through integrating image analysis and data mining: A method for classifying defect images is provided. Defect images are processed through an automatic optical detection. The present invention integrates image analysis and data mining. Defects are found on the images without using human eye. The defects are classified for reducing product defect rate. Thus, the present invention effectively... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20150098656 - Image processing method and image processing device: The present invention is a method including: correcting difference between a pixel statistical value of a specific layer and a pixel statistical value of a layer that is wider than the specific layer using an edge information of a layer that is wider than the specific layer; correcting the pixel... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150098657 - Method and system of creating a video sequence: A method of creating a video sequence. The method comprises setting at least one repetitive reminder in a schedule managed by a handheld device having an image sensor, alarming a user according to the at least one repetitive reminder, capturing a sequence of images using the image sensor, automatically identifying... Agent:

20150098658 - Method and apparatus for processing image data, and recording medium: A method of processing image data includes a plurality of different processes performed based on edge information generated as a result of performing a preset process from among the plurality of different processes. Therefore, the time for processing the image data is reduced, and image quality is enhanced.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150098659 - Method and apparatus for image retrieval: An efficient image retrieval method utilizing topological order distance (TOD) algorithm is disclosed. In one aspect, an image recognition method may include steps of receiving one or more input images; extracting one or more key features on the input images; determining an origin and one or more feature points on... Agent: Calex LLC

20150098660 - Method for organizing large numbers of documents: A computer product including a data structure for organizing of a plurality of documents, and capable of being utilized by a processor for manipulating data of the data structure and capable of displaying selected data on a display unit. The data structure includes a plurality of directionally interlinked nodes, each... Agent:

20150098661 - Video object classification: A system comprises an input component, a feature extractor, an object classifier, an adaptation component and a calibration tool. The input component is configured to receive one or more images, and the feature extractor is configured to extract features for one or more objects in the one or more images,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150098662 - Image processor and non-transitory computer readable medium: An image processor includes: an image group generating unit that generates, from an original image, a group of images including at least one smoothed image; an illumination image generating unit that generates an illumination image by use of at least one of the images included in the group of images;... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20150098664 - Collage image creating method and collage image creating device: A collage image creating method includes a first step that creates a collage image by determining arrangements of the plurality of images according to a placement algorithm including a rotation angle of each image as a parameter; and a second step that recreates a collage image by re-executing the first... Agent:

20150098663 - Thermal imager with large dynamic range and improved signal-to-noise ratio: A system for producing thermal images acquires at least first and second thermal images comprising a plurality of pixels and a first and second dynamic range, respectively. The second dynamic range is such that its upper limit is higher than that of the first, and at least partially overlaps the... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 72 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20150092981 - Apparatus and method for providing activity recognition based application service: An apparatus includes an image receiving module configured to collect a depth image provided from a camera, a human body detection module configured to detect a human body from the collected depth image, and an activity recognition module configured to recognize an action of the human body on the basis... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150092986 - Face recognition using depth based tracking: Face recognition training database generation technique embodiments are presented that generally involve collecting characterizations of a person's face that are captured over time and as the person moves through an environment, to create a training database of facial characterizations for that person. As the facial characterizations are captured over time,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150092984 - Filtering device and environment recognition system: A filtering device includes an evaluation value deriving module that derives, for a pair of generated images having mutual relevance, multiple evaluation values indicative of correlations between any one of blocks extracted from one of the images and multiple blocks extracted from the other image, respectively, a reference waveform part... Agent:

20150092982 - Image processing apparatus and control method thereof: An image processing apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes: a processor configured to process an image according to a preset process in response to receiving the image; and a controller configured to control the processor in order to detect a figure of a human within a video frame based on... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150092979 - Method and apparatus for image collection and analysis: A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a processor that can detect an event, access location information for a group of mobile communication devices that are each automatically capturing images, and identify a subset of the group of mobile communication devices that are in... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii, LLC

20150092978 - Method and system for recognition of abnormal behavior: A method for recognizing abnormal behavior is disclosed, the method includes: capturing at least one video stream of data on one or more subjects; extracting body skeleton data from the at least one video stream of data; classifying the extracted body skeleton data as normal behavior or abnormal behavior; and... Agent: Konica Minolta Laboratory U.s.a., Inc.

20150092983 - Method for calibration free gaze tracking using low cost camera: A method and device for eye gaze estimation with regard to a sequence of images. The method comprises receiving a sequence of first video images and a corresponding sequence of first eye images of a user watching at the first video images; determining first saliency maps associated with at least... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20150092987 - Method of providing a descriptor for at least one feature of an image and method of matching features: A method of providing a descriptor for at least one feature of an image comprises the steps of providing an image captured by a capturing device and extracting at least one feature from the image, and assigning a descriptor to the at least one feature, the descriptor depending on at... Agent: Metaio Gmbh

20150092980 - Tracking program and method: In one embodiment, the present disclosure provides a computer implemented method of determining energy expenditure associated with a user's movement. A plurality of video images of a subject are obtained. From the plurality of video images, a first location is determined of a first joint of the subject at a... Agent:

20150092985 - Updating filter parameters of a system: Techniques are disclosed for estimating one or more parameters in a system. A device obtains measurements corresponding to a first set of features and a second set of features. The device estimates the parameters using an extended Kalman filter based on the measurements corresponding to the first set of features... Agent:

20150092990 - Filtering device: When a positional relationship between reference blocks differs from a positional relationship between comparison blocks, a filtering device replaces the corresponding comparison blocks to update positional relationship information (order of correlations and the positional relationship thereof) into a state where the information should be and, thus, appropriately derives a difference... Agent:

20150092988 - Object detection system: An object detection system including multiple detecting means identifies other-vehicle information data acquired by using the multiple detecting means, determines whether or not the other-vehicle information data acquired by using the multiple detecting means 105 and 107 are of the same vehicle to output the other-vehicle information data that can... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20150092989 - Vehicle external environment recognition device: A vehicle external environment recognition device includes a three-dimensional position deriving module that derives three-dimensional positions in real space of subject parts in images that are obtained by imaging a detection area, an object identifying module that groups the subject parts of which differences in the three-dimensional position are within... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150092991 - Method for utilizing a camera system of a motor vehicle as an anti-theft alarm system, camera system and motor vehicle: A method for operating a camera system of a motor vehicle by: providing images of an environmental region of the motor vehicle by a camera of the camera system, wherein at least a region of a number plate of the motor vehicle is depicted in the images, examining the images... Agent:

20150092993 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable recording device: An image processing apparatus includes: an imaging distance estimating unit configured to estimate an imaging distance to a subject shown in an image; an examination region setting unit configured to set an examination region in the image such that an index indicating a spread of a distribution of imaging distances... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150092992 - Image processing device, image capturing apparatus, and image processing method: An image processing device obtains a depth information image representing a distribution of depth information about an object on the basis of first and second images that have different degrees of blurring and that are captured by an image sensor including groups each including pixels that obtain different color information... Agent:

20150092994 - Eligible operator determination device and eligible operator determination method: An eligible operator determination device includes a three-dimensional light measurement unit configured to measure three-dimensional coordinates of respective parts in a visual field including a posture of a monitor target operating a device; a motion recognition unit configured to recognize a predetermined ineligible motion from a measurement result obtained by... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150092995 - Image processing apparatus for specifying an image relating to a predetermined moment from among a plurality of images: An image capture apparatus includes an image acquisition unit 5a, an area setting unit 5b, and an image specifying unit 5c. The image acquisition unit 5a acquires a first image group including plural images, the plural images obtained by sequentially photographing motion of an object. The area setting unit 5b... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20150092996 - Authentication apparatus, authentication system, and authentication method: An authentication apparatus includes first and second storage units in which feature data of different authentication targets are stored, a feature extraction unit that extracts feature data of a subject from an image including the subject, a recognition unit that compares the extracted feature data of the subject and the... Agent:

20150092997 - Person recognition apparatus, person recognition method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium: There are provided a person recognition apparatus, method, and a non-transitory computer readable recording medium which can perform accurate person recognition according to a time dependent face change. A sorting section sorts a plurality of images by shooting date and time. A group division section divides the plurality of images... Agent:

20150092999 - Determination of a fractional flow reserve (ffr) value for a stenosis of a vessel: A method includes determining at least one characteristic about a stenosis in a vessel of a patient from image data of the stenosis, mapping the characteristic to a predefined stenosis characteristic to fractional flow reserve value look up table, identifying the fractional flow reserve value in the look up table... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150093000 - Medical device, reader of the medical device, and method of controlling the medical device: Disclosed herein is a medical device including a reader to recognize a command code, and a main body to perform a function matched to the command code recognized by the reader. The medical device may have a small size and be produced at low cost.... Agent:

20150092998 - Posture detection method and system: A posture detection method and system are provided. The posture detection method includes: obtaining skeleton data of a target person; analyzing the skeleton data to obtain actual posture information of the target person; and recording the actual posture information of the target person. The accuracy of determining the posture information... Agent: Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

20150093009 - Computer-aided detection of regions of interest in tomographic breast imagery: Disclosed are methods, and associated systems comprising processors, input devices and output devices, of detecting regions of interest in a tomographic breast image. The methods may comprise: acquiring tomographic breast image data; deriving a plurality of synthetic sub-volumes from the tomographic breast image data; wherein each subvolume is defined by... Agent:

20150093010 - Denoising method and system for preserving clinically significant structures in reconstructed images using adaptively weighted anisotropic diffusion filter: Embodiments and processes of computer tomography perform tasks associated with denoising a reconstructed image using an anisotropic diffusion filter and adaptively weighting an iterative instance of the diffused image based upon the product of a weight value and a difference between the iterative instance of the diffused image and the... Agent:

20150093006 - Efficient method for performing k-space channel combination for non-cartesian mri acquisitions: A system and method for combining k-space data acquired on multiple different receiver channels in a multichannel receiver is provided. One or more convolution kernels are used to combine the k-space data. Each convolution kernel is designed as the combination of one or more channel combination kernels and an alias-suppressing... Agent:

20150093004 - Fast scatter estimation in pet reconstruction: An image processing apparatus includes a scatter simulation processor which processes measured sinograms generated from imaging data acquired for an imaging subject by an imaging apparatus to produce a scatter sinogram that represents a shape of scatter contribution. A scatter scaling processor utilizes a Monte Carlo simulation to determine a... Agent:

20150093001 - Image segmentation system and operating method thereof: An image segmentation system for performing image segmentation on an image data includes an image preprocessing module, a motion analyzing module, a detection module, a classification module, and a multi-dimensional detection module. The image data has a plurality of image stacks ordered chronologically that respectively have a plurality of images... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20150093005 - Method and apparatus for generating three-dimensional (3d) image of target object: A method of generating a three-dimensional (3D) image of a target object includes acquiring ultrasound data of the target object; and generating the 3D image of the target object by using the ultrasound data so that a part of the target object having attribute information different than attribute information of... Agent:

20150093002 - Method of compensating ultrasound image: A method of compensating ultrasound image comprising demarcating a plurality of a main material regions of an ultrasound image; executing a full compensation process to generate a full compensation image according to a first attenuation curve of the main material region; generating a brightness comparison table including a plurality of... Agent: National Taiwan University

20150093008 - Registration of multimodal imaging data: In a method for improving alignment between representations of a same elongate feature in first and second images, the images are provided to a processor and the processor derives a centerline from image data representing an elongate anatomical feature in the first image, and derives a value of a metric... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20150093007 - System and method for the classification of measurable lesions in images of the chest: A system and method for the automated classification of lesions in CT images of the chest between measurable and non-measurable lesions is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of identifying lesions in a CT image, performing repeated measurements of selected metrics on the identified lesions and selecting as measurable lesions... Agent: Median Technologies

20150093003 - X-ray ct apparatus and image reconstruction method: To generate a reconstructed image suitable to characteristics of a bilaterally symmetric site and possible to an appropriate image diagnosis, a computation device: computes a back projection phase width at a rotational center and distance between the rotational center location which is a reference location and a pixel to be... Agent:

20150093011 - Methods for image processing: An image processing method includes: obtaining an image that includes a ball image and a cone image; obtaining an estimate of a center of the ball image; converting the image to a converted image using a processor based at least in part on the estimate of the center of the... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

20150093013 - Radiation image processing apparatus and method: A composition information obtaining unit calculates a mammary gland/fat ratio and a first information obtaining unit obtains imaged contrast information representing a contrast of the radiation image. A second information obtaining unit sets target application condition of X-ray, and obtains target contrast information representing an intended contrast for the radiation... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150093012 - System and method of applying an arbitrary angle to reformat medical images: In accordance with the teachings described herein, systems and methods are provided for generating a seed plan for use in radiation therapy. The system includes an image database, the image database comprising image slices and a seed template database comprising seed templates. A contour engine is configured to generate target... Agent: Mim Software

20150093014 - System, a method and a computer program product for cad-based registration: A system for location based wafer analysis, the system comprising: (i) a first input interface; (ii) a second input interface; (iii) a correlator; and (iv) a processor, configured to generate inspection results for the inspected wafer, with the help of at least one frame run-time displacement.... Agent:

20150093016 - Digital watermarking based method for objectively evaluating quality of stereo image: A digital watermarking based method for objectively evaluating quality of stereo image includes: at transmitting terminal, extracting characteristics of the left-view image and the right-view image of an undistorted stereo image in DCT domain and embedding digital watermarking obtained by processing quantization coding on the characteristics into the DCT domain;... Agent: Ningbo University

20150093019 - Method and apparatus for generating temporally consistent depth maps: A method and an apparatus for generating temporally consistent depth maps for an image are described. A first retrieving unit retrieves a representation of an image from the sequence of images by segmentation regions resulting from a temporally consistent over-segmentation. In addition, a second retrieving unit retrieves a depth map... Agent:

20150093017 - Method and system for creating depth signatures: A method and system for creating a depth signature from plural images for providing watermark information related to the images. The method comprises analysing a pair of images, each image containing a plurality of elements, identifying a first element in one of the pair of images, identifying plural elements in... Agent: Qatar Foundation

20150093020 - Method, device and system for restoring resized depth frame into original depth frame: A method, a device and a system for restoring a resized depth frame into an original depth frame are disclosed. The method for restoring a resized depth frame into an original depth frame includes the steps of: obtaining a first sub-pixel value from one pixel of the resized depth frame;... Agent:

20150093018 - Systems and methods for three dimensional geometric reconstruction of captured image data: In various embodiments, methods, systems, and computer program products for processing digital images captured by a mobile device are disclosed. Myriad features enable and/or facilitate processing of such digital images using a mobile device that would otherwise be technically impossible or impractical, and furthermore address unique challenges presented by images... Agent: Kofax, Inc.

20150093015 - Visual-experience-optimized super-resolution frame generator: An image processor generates a Super-Resolution (SR) frame by upscaling. A Human Visual Preference Model (HVPM) helps detect random texture regions, where visual artifacts and errors are tolerated to allow for more image details, and immaculate regions having flat areas, corners, or regular structures, where details may be sacrificed to... Agent: Hong Kong Applied Science & Technology Research Institute Company Limited

20150093021 - Table recognizing method and table recognizing system: Provided is a table recognizing method, comprising: parsing and analyzing metadata information in an original fixed-layout document, and extracting basic elements on a page of the document; segmenting the basic elements, extracting segmented text lines on the page, and acquiring fragments; constructing an undirected graph with respect to each of... Agent: Peking University Founder Group Co., Ltd.

20150093022 - Methods for background subtraction using focus differences: First and second images are captured at first and second focal lengths, the second focal length being longer than the first focal length. Element sets are defined with a first element of the first image and a corresponding second element of the second image. Element sets are identified as background... Agent:

20150093023 - Backwards compatible extended image format: Techniques are provided for encoding an extended image such that it is backwards compatible with existing decoding devices. An extended image format is defined such that the extended image format is consistent with an existing image format over the full range of the existing image format. Because the extended image... Agent:

20150093024 - System, method, and computer program product for joint color and depth encoding: A system and method are provided for performing joint color and depth encoding. Color data and depth data for an image is received. Based on the color data, confidence values are computed for the depth data and the depth data is encoded based on the confidence values to represent a... Agent:

20150093026 - Conservative morphological anti-aliasing: Conservative morphological anti-aliasing may include four basic logical steps, (1) image analysis for color discontinuities (afterwards stored in a local compressed ‘edge’ buffer), (2) extracting locally dominant edges with a small kernel, (3) handling of simple shapes, and (4) handling of symmetrical long edge shape.... Agent:

20150093027 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An image processing apparatus for processing image data formed by a set of pixel data includes a real space filter processing unit and a color space filter processing unit, wherein the real space filter processing unit calculates a real space weighting coefficient and performs weighted average of pixel data according... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150093025 - Image processing method and image processing device: An image processing module is provided. A de-mosaic unit in the image processing module includes an edge direction detection unit and a multi-pixel directional interpolation unit. The edge direction detection unit is used to determine a first color row luminance difference according to a plurality of first color pixels of... Agent: Himax Imaging Limited

20150093028 - Performing a histogram using an array of addressable registers: Parallel processing of an image using an array of addressable registers. Image features are extracted from the image. The image features are storable as data. According to respective values of a sorting key derived from a parameter of the data, the image features are sorted into N buckets. Using an... Agent: Mobileye Technologies Limited

20150093029 - Image layers navigation: In embodiments of image layers navigation, a canvas interface displays image segments of an image in different layers of the image. An image layers application is implemented to receive a position input of a canvas viewer control that encompasses one or more of the image segments of the image, and... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150093030 - Methods for background subtraction using focus differences: First and second images are captured at first and second focal lengths, the second focal length being longer than the first focal length. Element sets are defined with a first element of the first image and a corresponding second element of the second image. Element sets are identified as background... Agent:

20150093031 - Image determining apparatus, image processing system, and recording medium: An image determining apparatus of the present invention includes an image type determining section (81) which determines whether an image is a scanned image or a captured image; and a compact PDF file generation determining section (82) which (a) extracts (i) a feature regarding a resolution from the scanned image... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150093032 - Image processing apparatus and method, and program: An image processing apparatus includes a subject area detector and a subject area determinator. The subject area detector is configured to perform subject detection processing to detect a subject area from an input image. The subject area determinator is configured to determine a final subject area by majority decision processing... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150093033 - Method, apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium for converting document image captured by using camera to dewarped document image: A method and apparatus for generating a dewarped document using a document image captured using a camera are provided. The method includes obtaining the document image captures using the camera, extracting text lines from the document image captured using the camera, determining a projection formula to convert positions of respective... Agent:

20150093034 - Image allocation device and image allocation method: An image allocation device and an image allocation method are provided which are capable of calculating image characteristic quantities of a plurality of image data corresponding to a plurality of images, classifying the plurality of image data into image groups, whose number corresponds with the number of pages of display... Agent:

20150093035 - Video object classification with object size calibration: A camera system comprises an image capturing device and an object classification module connected to the image capturing device. The object classification module is operable to determine whether or not an object in an image is a member of an object class. The object classification module includes multiple decision steps... Agent:

20150093036 - Video/image data processing system and method of processing video/image data: A system-on-a-chip (SOC) that is able to randomly access target data of a video/image includes a JPEG decoder, a graphic processing unit (GPU) and a central processing unit (CPU). The JPEG decoder receives an input stream having a sequentially accessible first compression format, decodes the input stream to generate first... Agent:

20150093037 - Dynamic generation of a quantization matrix for compression of a digital object: Some aspects of the disclosure relate to a compression technique that can permit determining dynamically a satisfactory quantization matrix based at least on properties intrinsic to a digital object being compressed and a predetermined compression quality criterion, wherein the quantization matrix is associated with a specific space-domain-to-frequency-domain transforms. In one... Agent:

20150093038 - Method and apparatus for viewing images: A computer-implemented method for viewing images on an interactive computing device comprises displaying an image from a stack comprising a display image and at least one compressed sub-image of nominally the same scene, each of the sub-images of the stack having been acquired at respective focal distances. Responsive to a... Agent:

20150093039 - Image super-resolution reconstruction system and method: The present disclosure discloses an image super-resolution reconstruction method, comprising the steps of: performing an edge detection on low-resolution images to be processed to obtain edge pixel frames, amplifying the edge pixel frames so that each amplified image is the double of the original edge pixel frame in size in... Agent:

20150093040 - Backlight detection method and device: A backlight detection method and device, and the method includes acquiring a brightness value of each image block in a to-be-checked image, determining a brightness relationship between the adjacent image blocks according to the brightness value of each image block; and determining a dark region and a bright region in... Agent:

20150093041 - Method of reducing noise in image and image processing apparatus using the same: Provided are methods and apparatuses for reducing noise in an image, in which a kernel that gives a weight to a pixel value with respect to determination of a similarity between patches is adaptively changed according to a reference patch, a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for recording the same, and... Agent:

20150093042 - Parameter calibration method and apparatus: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a parameter calibration method. The method includes: acquiring a calibration template image, where the calibration template image is obtained by photographing a calibration template; performing corner detection on the calibration template image to extract image corners; calculating a radial distortion parameter according to the... Agent:

20150093043 - Method of evaluating image correlation with speckle patter: An image correlation for images having speckle pattern is evaluated. Modulation transfer function (MTF) curves of speckle-pattern images captured at different times are figured out. Whether a correlation value between the MTF curves meets a threshold is checked. If the correlation value is smaller than the threshold, speckle-pattern images are... Agent: National Applied Research Laboratories

20150093044 - Systems, methods, and computer program products for digital photography: A system, method, and computer program product are provided for digital photography. In use, a method and apparatus are provided for receiving, at least part of, a partially populated dynamic image object (DIO). Next, a first image is identified in the DIO. Then, a second image is identified in the... Agent:

20150093046 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium: An image processing unit of an image processing apparatus includes: a pixel value acquiring part that acquires pixel values of new pixels obtained by increasing resolution of a first image, using pixel values of multiple original pixels, of the first image, around a position at which each of the new... Agent: National University Corporation Asahikawa Medical University

20150093045 - Method and apparatus for performing hierarchical super-resolution of an input image: Super-resolution refers to a process of recovering the missing high-frequency details of a given low-resolution image. Known single image SR algorithms are often computationally intractable or unusable for most of the practical applications. The invention relates to a method for performing hierarchical super-resolution based on self content neighboring patches information... Agent:

20150093047 - Systems and methods for providing a roof guide: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for providing a roof guide, the method including: receiving, via an application on the mobile device of a user, a query related to one or more of a type of a roof and a type of damage to the roof; providing the query to a... Agent: Donan Engineering Co., Inc.

20150093048 - System and method for capturing token data with a portable computing device: A system and method for collecting and managing information taken from tokens, like credit cards and gift cards, includes a portable computing device (PCD). The PCD may support a token recognizer that may comprise hardware and/or software that may reside in memory of the PCD. The token recognizer may work... Agent:

20150093049 - Method for planning digital images to be printed on a roll of media: A method for displaying a plurality of individual digital images to be printed on a roll of media includes constructing a composed digital image representing the roll and including a plurality of representations of the individual digital images to be printed on the roll in a sequence order corresponding to... Agent: Oce-technologies B.v.

03/26/2015 > 70 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20150086069 - Extracting card data using iin database: Extracting card data comprises receiving, by one or more computing devices, a digital image of a card; perform an image recognition process on the digital representation of the card; identifying an image in the digital representation of the card; comparing the identified image to an image database comprising a plurality... Agent:

20150086070 - Image recognition to support shelf auditing for consumer research: Image recognition methods, apparatus and articles or manufacture to support shelf auditing for consumer research are disclosed herein. Example methods disclosed herein include comparing a first image signature associated with an input image with a plurality of reference signatures associated with a plurality of reference images to identify a first... Agent:

20150086068 - Instrument and document authentication system: A method of creating a document whose authenticity can be confirmed comprises printing a character on the document using a combination of a printing medium having a first appearance and a contaminant having a second appearance distinct from the first appearance, and wherein a first portion of the character has... Agent:

20150086067 - Methods for scene based video watermarking and devices thereof: A method, device and non-transitory computer readable medium for scene based video watermarking. Methods are disclosed to detect the scenes inside the video. Disclosed devices and methods are capable of scene change detection for both, gradual and abrupt scenes. Methods are also disclosed to group logical scenes in a video.... Agent:

20150086076 - Face recognition performance using additional image features: A technique is provided for recognizing faces in an image stream using a digital image acquisition device. A first acquired image is received from an image stream. A first face region is detected within the first acquired image having a given size and a respective location within the first acquired... Agent:

20150086073 - Image frame processing including usage of acceleration data in assisting object location: Apparatuses, methods and storage medium associated with computing, including processing of image frames, are disclosed herein. In embodiments, an apparatus may include an accelerometer and an image processing engine having an object tracking function. The object tracking function may be arranged to track an object from one image frame to... Agent:

20150086074 - Information processing device, information processing method, and program: Provided is an information processing device including an image acquisition unit configured to acquire a captured image, a parameter acquisition unit configured to acquire a parameter associated with a user of a portable terminal, a specification unit configured to specify the user from the captured image on the basis of... Agent:

20150086071 - Methods and systems for efficiently monitoring parking occupancy: A system and method for determining parking occupancy by constructing a parking area model based on a parking area, receiving image frames from at least one video camera, selecting at least one region of interest from the image frames, performing vehicle detection on the region(s) of interest, determining that there... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150086072 - Methods and systems for monitoring a worker performing a crowdsourced task: The disclosed embodiments illustrate methods and systems for monitoring a worker performing a crowdsourced task being presented on a computing device. The method comprises performing at least one of a facial detection processing or an eye tracking processing, on a video stream captured by a camera of the computing device.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150086075 - System and method for face tracking: Improved face tracking is provided during determination of an image by an imaging device using a low power face tracking unit. In one embodiment, image data associated with a frame and one or more face detection windows from a face detection unit may be received by the face tracking unit.... Agent:

20150086078 - Method for estimating ego motion of an object: A method for estimating ego motion of an object moving on a surface, the method including generating at least two composite top view images of the surface on the basis of video frames provided by at least one onboard video camera of the object moving on the surface; performing a... Agent:

20150086080 - Road vertical contour detection: A driver assistance/control system includes a camera operatively connectible to a processor mountable in a host vehicle. A vertical deviation in road contour is detected while the host vehicle is moving. First, second and third images of the road are captured from the camera. By matching image points of the... Agent:

20150086077 - System and method of alerting a driver that visual perception of pedestrian may be difficult: A pedestrian perception alert system configured to issue a warning during real-time when a driver's visual detection of a pedestrian is difficult, and a method thereof is provided. The system includes a video camera, an alert for issuing a warning, a processor, and a Pedestrian Detection Unit (“PDU”). The PDU... Agent: Indiana University Research And Technology Corporation

20150086079 - Vehicle control system and image sensor: A vehicle control system includes a light-receiving section which has a plurality of filters having different pass bands, and a plurality of light-receiving elements, each of which receives incident light via any one of the filters; an image data generation section which, when receiving general image data which is an... Agent:

20150086081 - Vehicle identification based on an image: A machine may be configured as a vehicle identification machine to identify a model of a vehicle based on an image that depicts a dashboard of the vehicle. As configured, the machine may receive an image of the dashboard, where the image depicts a layout of instrumentation within the dashboard.... Agent:

20150086082 - Parallel correlation method and correlation apparatus using the same: A parallel correlation method and a correlation apparatus are provided, which can be adapted for an optical navigation device. The method includes: generating a reference array corresponding to a reference image and a compare array corresponding to a first compare image captured are generated; storing the reference array in a... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20150086083 - Structural hot spot and critical location monitoring system and method: A method for detecting a crack in a structural component includes receiving, with a processor, signals indicative of at least one image for a critical location in the structural component; determining, with the processor, at least one shape in the at least one image, the at least one shape being... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150086084 - Systems and methods for mapping: Systems and methods to generate maps or models of structures are disclosed. Features of the structure to be mapped may be determined for the purposes of generating the map or model based at least in part on images associated with the structure, sensor measurements associated with the structure, and phase... Agent:

20150086085 - Authentication system, and method for registering and matching authentication information: A certain amount of unique data of a target is extracted from image information that was read, and it is determined whether or not the target is valid on the basis of the extracted unique data. Processes are executed by means of an image reading unit which extracts an image... Agent:

20150086087 - Demographic analysis of facial landmarks: A set of training vectors may be identified. Each training vector may be mapped to either a male gender or a female gender, and each training vector may represent facial landmarks derived from a respective facial image. An input vector of facial landmarks may also be identified. The facial landmarks... Agent:

20150086086 - Image classification and information retrieval over wireless digital networks and the internet: A method and system for matching an unknown facial image of an individual with an image of a celebrity using facial recognition techniques and human perception is disclosed herein. The invention provides a internet hosted system to find, compare, contrast and identify similar characteristics among two or more individuals using... Agent:

20150086088 - System, method and computer program for verifying a signatory of a document: Systems and method for verifying a user signing a document are disclosed. In particular, certain disclosed embodiments relate to verifying that a user signing a document corresponds to a previously authenticated user, the user having been previously authenticated using a source of machine-readable identity data. The verifying may be made... Agent:

20150086089 - Personal security system and method: A system automatically verifies the authenticity of a manually handwritten symbol entered into a computer or other electronic device by a user writing on an electronic tablet or pad. After a symbol is entered, a logic device determines whether the sensing locations and points in time associated with sensing the... Agent:

20150086090 - Electronic device including fingerprint identification sensor, methods for performing user authentication and registering user's fingerprint in electronic device including fingerprint identification sensor, and recording medium recording program for e: A method for performing user authentication by using a fingerprint in an electronic device is provided. The method includes obtaining fingerprint image and fingerprint position information corresponding to an area of the user's finger, comparing the fingerprint image obtained by using fingerprint position information with a pre-registered fingerprint image corresponding... Agent:

20150086094 - Echogenicity quantification method and calibration method for ultrasonic device using echogenicity index: An echogenicity quantification method and a calibration method for ultrasonic device using echogenicity index are disclosed. The method includes: receiving an ultrasound image which comprises a plurality of grayscale pixels; choosing a region of interest (ROI); calculating the values of the grayscale pixels in ROI to obtain average value and... Agent:

20150086092 - Medical diagnostic imaging apparatus, medical image display apparatus, and medical image display method: A medical diagnostic imaging apparatus includes an execution unit configured to execute a plurality of imaging protocols included in an examination; and a display control unit configured to display a first screen and a second screen, where the first screen selectably displays a plurality of image datasets collected based on... Agent:

20150086091 - Method and apparatus for detecting anatomical elements: A method, apparatus and computer program product are hereby provided to detect anatomical elements in a medical image. In this regard, the method, apparatus, and computer program product may receive a test image and generate a classified image by applying an image classifier to the test image. The image classifier... Agent: Mckesson Financial Holdings

20150086093 - Methods and systems for assessing image quality in modeling of patient anatomic or blood flow characteristics: Systems and methods are disclosed for assessing the quality of medical images of at least a portion of a patient's anatomy, using a computer system. One method includes receiving one or more images of at least a portion of the patient's anatomy; determining, using a processor of the computer system,... Agent: Heartflow, Inc.

20150086095 - Quantification and imaging methods and system of the echo texture feature: The present invention provides quantification and imaging methods and a system of the echo-texture feature, comprising: obtaining an ultrasonic image; calculating all the pixel values in a selected ROI of the ultrasonic image to obtain a regional standard deviation; excluding pixels with a pixel value smaller than a multiple of... Agent:

20150086097 - Fast statistical imaging reconstruction via denoised ordered-subset statistically-penalized algebraic reconstruction technique: Described here are systems and methods for iteratively reconstructing images from data acquired using a medical imaging system. The image reconstruction is decomposed into separate linear sub-problems that can be more efficiently solved. A statistical image reconstruction process is decomposed into a statistically-weighted algebraic reconstruction update sequence. After this step,... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20150086101 - Method for organ localization: In some embodiments, a method for localizing organs in anatomical imaging may include: performing an anterior-posterior view scan and a lateral view scan to create an anterior-posterior view scan image and a lateral view scan image; creating a joint anatomical model based on the anterior-posterior scan image and the lateral... Agent:

20150086096 - Systems and methods for image segmentation using a deformable atlas: Systems and methods for image segmentation using a deformable atlas are provided. One method includes obtaining one or more target images, obtaining one or more propagated label probabilities for the one or more target images, and segmenting the one or more target images using a cost function of a deformable... Agent: General Electric Company

20150086098 - Systems and methods for producing intravascular images: The invention generally relates to systems and methods for producing composite intravascular images of multiple data types. In certain embodiments, systems and methods of the invention involve causing transducers of an intravascular ultrasound device to generate a plurality of different types of data, each type of data being based on... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20150086100 - Systems and methods for visualizing elongated structures and detecting branches therein: Computer implemented methods are disclosed for acquiring, using a processor, digital data of a portion of an elongate object, and identifying, using a processor, a centerline connecting a plurality of points within the portion of the elongate object. The methods also may include defining a first half-plane along the centerline,... Agent: Heartflow, Inc.

20150086099 - Visualization of dual energy computed tomography airways data: A method for depicting an airway tree of a patient includes: (a) generating an iodine map of the airway tree from dual energy computed tomography (DECT) imaging data acquired from the patient; (b) defining a region of interest of the airway tree from the DECT imaging data; (c) rendering at... Agent:

20150086103 - Medical image processor and storage medium: A medical image processor and a storage medium are shown. According to one implementation, the medical image processor includes the following. An input unit is used to input a cell shape image and a fluorescent image showing expression of a specific protein. A cell nucleus extracting unit extracts a cell... Agent:

20150086104 - Method and system for skin care consultation: Described herein are materials and methods for evaluating skin quality and providing customized, concierge skin consultation to consumers. In various aspects, the disclosure includes a method comprising detecting polymorphisms in MMP1, SOD2, and GPX1 from a biological sample, calculating a genetic skin score, comparing the genetic skin score to current... Agent:

20150086102 - Method for evaluating culture quality: A culture quality evaluation method comprises: a first step of culturing a pluripotent stem cell under a predetermined culture condition and creating a sample; a second step of imaging a proliferated cell colony in the sample and accordingly capturing an original image; a third step of dividing the original image... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20150086105 - Persistent feature detection: Methods are presented for improved detection of persistent or systematic defects induced during the manufacture of a product. In particular, the methods are directed to the detection of defects induced systematically in the manufacture of photovoltaic cells and modules. Images acquired from a number of samples are combined, enhancing the... Agent:

20150086108 - Identification using depth-based head-detection data: A candidate human head is found in depth video using a head detector. A head region of light intensity video is spatially resolved with a three-dimensional location of the candidate human head in the depth video. Facial recognition is performed on the head region of the light intensity video using... Agent:

20150086106 - Image-data processing device and image-data processing method: The application discloses an image data processing device for generating output image data which represents an output image including a first region image to be displayed in a first region and a second region image to be displayed in a second region adjacent to the first region. The image data... Agent:

20150086107 - Use of three-dimensional top-down views for business analytics: A method of analyzing a depth image in a digital system is provided that includes detecting a foreground object in a depth image, wherein the depth image is a top-down perspective of a scene, and performing data extraction and classification on the foreground object using depth information in the depth... Agent:

20150086110 - Person attribute estimation system and learning-use data generation device: There is provided a person attribute estimation system capable of accurately estimating an attribute of a person according to an environment in which a person who is the target of attribute estimation is to be captured. The person attribute estimation system includes a camera, an attribute estimation unit for estimating... Agent:

20150086109 - Using machine learning to define user controls for photo adjustments: In various example embodiments, a system and method for using machine learning to define user controls for image adjustment is provided. In example embodiments, a new image to be adjusted is received. A weight is applied to reference images of a reference dataset based on a comparison of content of... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150086111 - Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and image processing program: In the image processing apparatus, Input transform into an input color space is performed on input image data; After the input transform, transform processing of transforming chroma or chromaticity of the input image data or chroma or chromaticity in the input color space is performed so as to reduce a... Agent:

20150086112 - Color document image segmentation and binarization using automatic inpainting: A method for separating foreground and background contents in a document image is provided. The method first computes a pixel-wise map of maximal local features (e.g., local variance, local contrast, etc.), which is binarized to generate a mask for potential foreground. In order to utilize color information effectively, the local... Agent: Konica Minolta Laboratory U.s.a., Inc.

20150086113 - System and method for detection and segmentation of touching characters for ocr: The present disclosure relates to a system and a method for detection of touching characters in a media, characterized by segmentation of adjoining character spaces. In the very first step, an aspect ratio is calculated for each connected component. A candidate touching position of each character is determined by calculating... Agent:

20150086114 - Augmented-reality signature capture: A method for acquiring a person's signature includes handwriting a signature by projecting movements of light. Signature information with respect to the projected light movements is concurrently acquired. The signature information is compiled to create a signature image.... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc.

20150086116 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method and recording medium: In an image processing apparatus, an image acquiring section acquires a group of candidate images for use in creating a recommended composite image to be proposed to a user; an image analysis information acquiring section acquires image analysis information on each image of the group of candidate images; a theme... Agent:

20150086115 - Screenshot database for application verification: A method may include receiving an image where the image may depict a screenshot of results of an application test. The method may also include comparing the image to a plurality of reference images and selecting a reference image that is the most similar to the image. The method may... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20150086117 - Hyperspectral detector systems and methods using context-image fusion: Hyperspectral detector systems and methods for spectrally analyzing a scene are disclosed. The methods include capturing a context image and a single-column spectral image that falls within the context image. The spectral image is panned over the scene and within the context image to capture spectral signatures within the scene.... Agent:

20150086119 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method and recording medium: An image processing apparatus includes: an obtaining member to obtain an image; a copying member to copy the image obtained by the obtaining member; a detecting member to detect a face area from the copied image or the obtained image; a correcting member to perform correction to adjust a brightness... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20150086120 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method and recording medium: In an image processing apparatus, an image acquiring section acquires one or more images. An image analysis information acquiring section acquires image analysis information on each of the one or more images. A theme determining section determines a main theme representing a theme of each group of images related to... Agent:

20150086118 - Method for recognizing a visual context of an image and corresponding device: A method for recognizing a visual context in an image includes at least one step of extracting features from the image and including at least one step of coding the plurality of local descriptors developing a coding matrix by associating each local descriptor with one or a plurality of visual... Agent:

20150086121 - Information processing device, information processing method, and program: An information processing device and method can detect facial feature point positions with high accuracy. The information processing device includes: a facial image input unit receiving a facial image; a facial feature point reliability generation unit generating, based on a plurality of classifiers for computing the suitability of feature points... Agent:

20150086122 - Image processing system, image processing method, and medium: There is provided an image processing system for performing image processing on input image. The image processing system includes an input data determination unit configured to determine a device that has input image data that is input, an image processing unit configured to selectively perform image processing on the input... Agent:

20150086123 - Photo grouping system, photo grouping method- and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium: A photo grouping system includes a photo database, a photo operating module, a photo grouping module, a landmark searching module, and a landmark determining module. The photo database saves a plurality of photos. The photo operating module converts the photos into a plurality of reference codes. The photo grouping module... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150086124 - Method and apparatus for determining offset values using human visual characteristics: A method of determining an offset includes dividing a current image into a plurality of blocks, determining a category of pixels in each of the plurality of blocks based on values of neighboring pixels, determining an offset value for pixels belonging to the category, and adjusting the offset value based... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150086125 - Adaptive weighted-local-difference order statistics filters: A novel modification to the order statistics filters called the Adaptive Weighted-Local-Difference Order Statistics is shown that will act as a generic framework for the design of adaptive filters suitable for specific signal processing applications. To demonstrate the design of filters using this framework two implementations were defined and evaluated:... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150086126 - Image processing method, image processing system, image processing device, and image processing device: Disclosed is an image processing method including: generating an initial denoised image with a reduced noise while preserving an edge in an input image; controlling an iterative operation performed based on energy defined in advance based on an initial residual component calculated from the input image and the initial denoised... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150086128 - Method and apparatus for filtering an image: A method and an apparatus for filtering an image using a guided image filter are described. A filter computes a filtering output using a guidance image. For calculating the filtering output confidence values associated to a filter input are taken into account. A confidence-weighted averaging is performed using the confidence... Agent:

20150086127 - Method and image capturing device for generating artificially defocused blurred image: A method and an image capturing device configured to generate a defocused image from a reference image and one or more of focal bracketed images to provide an artificially defocused blurred image. The artificially defocused blurred image is a fusion image composed by processing the reference image and one or... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20150086129 - Image processing method and image processing device: The method includes: calculating a pixel statistical value and edge of pixels for each of areas of a multi-layer, the areas each containing a target pixel and having a successively decreased range; correcting the edge based on a pixel statistical value of an area that is wider than a specific... Agent:

20150086130 - Image processing method and image processing device: A method includes: calculating a pixel statistical value and edge of pixels for each of areas of a multi-layer, the areas each containing a target pixel and having a successively decreased range; correcting the edge based on a pixel statistical value of an area that is wider than an area... Agent:

20150086132 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: The imaging device 1 includes an imaging unit 16 for taking an image, an image determination unit 54 for determining a position of a specific subject in the image, and a correction processing unit 55 for correcting the image such that, if the image determination unit 54 determines that the... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20150086131 - Single-image super resolution and denoising using multiple wavelet domain sparsity: A computer-implemented method of enhancing images includes receiving one or more observed images, identifying wavelet bases, and determining a downsampling operator. A noise variance value is estimated and used to select a tuning parameter. A blurring kernel is estimated based on one or more system calibration parameter and used to... Agent:

20150086133 - Systems and methods for controlling user repeatability and reproducibility of automated image annotation correction: Systems and methods are disclosed for controlling image annotation. One method includes acquiring a digital representation of image data and generating a set of image annotations for the digital representation of the image data. The method also may include determining an association between members of the set of image annotations... Agent:

20150086134 - Low power programmable image processor: A convolution image processor includes a load and store unit, a shift register unit, and a mapping unit. The load and store unit is configured to load and store image pixel data and allow for unaligned access of the image pixel data. The shift register is configured to load and... Agent:

20150086135 - Method for image recombination of a plurality of images and image identification and system for image acquiring and identification: The present invention provides a method for image recombination of a plurality of images and image identification and a system for image acquiring and identification. Features with respect to the plurality of images are recombined and enhanced so as to form a recombined image. After that, the recombined image is... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150086136 - Image scaling processor and image scaling processing method: An image scaling processor includes: a coefficient computing circuit that calculates interpolation coefficients to be used in an image scaling process; a multiplier that multiplies input image data by the interpolation coefficients provided from the coefficient computing circuit such that the interpolation coefficients respectively correspond to input pixels constituting the... Agent: Megachips Corporation

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