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Image analysis

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02/05/2015 > 79 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20150036872 - Audible document identification for visually impaired people: Disclosed is a document or article carrying information for the audible authentication of said document or article, wherein the information is present in or on said document or article in the form of a frequency-versus-time spectral density function (spectrogram), the spectrogram being embodied using document security means. Disclosed are further... Agent: Sicpa Holding Sa

20150036870 - Automated graph local constellation (glc) method of correspondence search for registration of 2-d and 3-d data: According to an embodiment, a 2-dimensional (2-D) image of a geographical region is transformed via a regional maxima transform (RMT) or an edge segmenting and boundary filling (ESBF) transform to produce a filtered 2-D image. The filtered 2-D image is iteratively eroded and opened to produce a processed EO 2-D... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150036873 - Circumvention of watermark analysis in a host content: Methods and devices are provided to thwart analysis of a watermarking system by preventing analysis of watermarks in a host content. Upon receiving a content at a watermark embedding device, the content is analyzed to ascertain whether one or more test features are present in at least a first portion... Agent:

20150036871 - Methods and apparatuses for embedding digital watermark into and extracting digital watermark from text: Methods and apparatus for embedding digital watermark information into and extracting digital watermark information from a text are disclosed. The method for embedding digital watermark information into a text comprises: creating a menu item of the digital watermark information; and embedding a binary string into a value of a predetermined... Agent: Founder Information Industry Group

20150036880 - Analysis system: An analysis system 200 of the present invention includes: an engine controlling part 210 configured to control an analysis operation of an analysis engine accepting input of analysis target data and executing an analysis process on the analysis target data. The engine controlling part 210 includes: an input data judging... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150036876 - Associating a code with an object: Described are machine vision systems, methods, and apparatus, including computer program products for associating codes with objects. In an embodiment, a machine vision system includes an area-scan camera having a field of view (FOV), the area-scan camera disposed relative to a first workspace such that the FOV covers at least... Agent: Cognex Corporation

20150036882 - Auditing video analytics through essence generation: Video analytics data is audited through review of selective subsets of visual images from a visual image stream as a function of a temporal relationship of the images to a triggering alert event. The subset comprehends an image contemporaneous with the triggering alert event and one or more other images... Agent:

20150036874 - Automatic generation of built-up layers from high resolution satellite image data: A system for automatically extracting interesting structures or areas (e.g., built-up structures such as buildings, tents, etc.) from HR/VHR satellite imagery data using corresponding LR satellite imagery data. The system breaks down HR/VHR input satellite images into a plurality of components (e.g., groups of pixels), organizes the components into a... Agent: Digitalglobe, Inc.

20150036881 - Identifying iot devices/objects/people using out-of-band signaling/metadata in conjunction with optical images: The disclosure relates to identifying an object associated with a nearby Internet of Things (IoT) device. In an aspect, a device receives identifying information associated with the nearby IoT device, detects a nearby object in a field of view of a camera application, determines whether or not the nearby object... Agent:

20150036878 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: There is provided an image processing apparatus for composing a plurality of images captured while changing an exposure amount, including a displacement detection means for detecting a displacement amount between the plurality of images, a correction means for correcting a displacement between the images based on the displacement amount detected... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20150036875 - Method and system for application execution based on object recognition for mobile devices: Embodiments of the present invention enable mobile devices to behave as a dedicate remote control for different target devices through camera detection of a particular target device and autonomous execution of applications linked to the detected target device. Also, when identical target devices are detected, embodiments of the present invention... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150036879 - Posture estimating apparatus, posture estimating method and storing medium: The present invention aims to estimate a more consistent posture in regard to a multi-joint object. A target range image is first input, a human body region is extracted from the input range image, a target joint position candidate is calculated from the input range image, and a joint position... Agent:

20150036884 - Recognizing gestures captured by video: Motions and gestures can be detected using a video capture element of a computing device even when the video capture element is not able to accurately capture the motion. Information about the background in the image information can be determined, and the way in which that background information is occluded... Agent:

20150036877 - Sparse reduced (spare) filter: The disclosure provides a filtering engine for selecting sparse filter components used to detect a material of interest (or specific target) in a hyperspectral imaging scene and applying the sparse filter to a plurality of pixels in the scene. The filtering engine transforms a spectral reference representing the material of... Agent:

20150036883 - System and method for identifying a particular human in images using an artificial image composite or avatar: A system and method for detecting a particular human in a plurality of images of humans may include one or more processors to receive input data describing the appearance of the particular human via a graphical user interface (GUI). An image representing the particular human may be generated based on... Agent:

20150036885 - Method and device for online calibration of vehicle cameras: using the rotational vector of the at least one measured rotational motion for estimating the normal to the vehicle plane so that the orientation of the camera relative to the vehicle coordinate system follows from the vehicle longitudinal axis and the normal to the vehicle plane, which have been determined... Agent:

20150036886 - Distance calculator and distance calculation method: In order to be able to measure a distance with disparity resolution of a stereo camera or less and precisely measure a relative distance to a target even in the event of degradation of the imaging condition, a distance calculator includes a monocular distance calculation section 203, a stereo distance... Agent:

20150036887 - Method of determining a ground plane on the basis of a depth image: A method of determining a triplet of parameters defining a ground plane based on a depth image includes determining a plurality of triplets of parameters, each defining a ground plane, spatial filtering of the parameters, and temporal filtering of the parameters. The temporal filtering is dependent on an indicator of... Agent:

20150036889 - Method and system for predicting spatial and temporal distributions of therapeutic substance carriers: A method and system for predicting spatial and temporal distributions of therapeutic substance carriers within a body of a user, comprising: at a computing system, receiving an image dataset and a spectra dataset of a therapeutic substance carrier generated from at least one of an imaging model and a spectra-generating... Agent:

20150036888 - Sequential rolling bundle adjustment: A method for estimating position and orientation of an image-capturing device is proposed. The method comprises the step of obtaining a preceding set of frames by using the image-capturing device. Each frame includes a set of image data. The method of the present technology further comprises the step of estimating... Agent: Trimble Navigation Ltd.

20150036891 - Object verification device, object verification program, and object verification method: There is provided an object verification device capable of detecting a fraudulent entry in an arbitrary area of an object without requiring a certification mark applied by a special material. An object verification device that verifies authenticity of an object includes: an image acquisition section that acquires an image of... Agent:

20150036890 - Security element and method to inspect authenticity of a print: The invention relates to a security element applied onto printing substrates (bank-notes, securities, product packagings, identity cards/labels or other similar documents) by printing, comprising a unique identifier as primary information visible to the naked eye and secondary information protecting against copying non-visible to the naked eye. The unique identifier is... Agent: Glenisys Kft.

20150036893 - Authentication device and method: An authentication device includes: a memory; and a processor coupled to the memory and configured to: acquire a plurality of images with regard to a certain living body, extract first biometric information from each of the plurality of images, perform an alignment between the plurality of images, based on the... Agent:

20150036895 - Biometric identification and verification: In real biometric systems, false match rates and false non-match rates of 0% do not exist. There is always some probability that a purported match is false, and that a genuine match is not identified. The performance of biometric systems is often expressed in part in terms of their false... Agent:

20150036894 - Device to extract biometric feature vector, method to extract biometric feature vector, and computer-readable, non-transitory medium: A device to extract a biometric feature vector includes: a memory; and a circuitry, wherein the circuitry is configured: to obtain a biometric image; to generate a plurality of small region images from the biometric image so that variability of biometric information amounts among the plurality of small region images... Agent:

20150036892 - Travel check-in method: A travel check-in method with improved travel document information capture and handling. An example method includes connecting to a travel check-in website by the computer, operating an image capture device by the computer to capture an image of an identification document of a passenger checking in, obtaining machine readable information... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20150036897 - Fingerprint sensing assemblies and methods of making: A fingerprint sensing module includes a sensor substrate having a sensing side and a circuit side, an image sensor including conductive traces on the circuit side of the sensor substrate, and a sensor circuit including at least one integrated circuit mounted on the circuit side of the sensor substrate and... Agent:

20150036896 - Method for registering fingerprint image: A method for registering a fingerprint image is provided. The method comprises steps of: establishing an orientation field template base according to M training fingerprints, wherein M is a positive integer larger than one; receiving a fingerprint image to be registered; obtaining an initial orientation field of the fingerprint image;... Agent:

20150036898 - Station for acquiring biometric and biographic data: A system allowing the acquisition of biometric and biographical data of an individual includes a station into which at least one of the following elements are integrated: a sensor of biometric prints, a camera for taking a picture of said individual, a feedback screen and a gantry including lighting means... Agent:

20150036899 - Image processing method for determining focus depth of a refractive laser: The present invention relates to a laser apparatus, system, and method for determining a depth of a focus point of a laser beam. An interface device is coupleable to the laser apparatus and has an applanation element comprising a front surface and a back surface. A laser beam having a... Agent: Wavelight Gmbh

20150036901 - Method and apparatus for correction of errors in surfaces: Methods and systems are disclosed for correcting segmentation errors in pre-existing contours and surfaces. Techniques are disclosed for receiving one or more edit contours from a user, identifying pre-existing data points that should be eliminated, and generating a new corrected surface. Embodiments disclosed herein relate to using received edit contours... Agent: Impac Medical Systems, Inc.

20150036900 - Object image labeling apparatus, method and program: The invention relates to a labeling apparatus (1) for labeling structures of an object shown in an object image. A probability map providing unit (3) provides a probability map, the probability map indicating for different labels, which are indicative of different structures of the object, and for different positions in... Agent:

20150036907 - Apparatus and method for reconstructing images by selecting image reconstruction mode: Provided are a medical imaging apparatus and a method of reconstructing an image capable of selecting an image reconstruction mode. The method of reconstructing an image using a medical imaging apparatus may include displaying a user interface indicating at least one of a first mode for reducing time required for... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150036906 - Automated mammographic density estimation and display method using prior probability information, system for the same, and media storing computer program for the same: Disclosed is an automated mammographic density estimation method using statistical image information, the method including a preprocessing step of reading the mammogram, segmenting a breast area and shifting pixel values; a step of constructing a tissue probability map in which population-based probability information is extracted, and a probability map for... Agent: Seoul National University R&db Foundation

20150036908 - Extracting bullous emphysema and diffuse emphysema in e.g. ct volume images of the lungs: An processor (118) includes a bullous emphysema identifier (206) that processes voxels of the volumetric image data and identifies voxels corresponding to bullous emphysema, a two dimensional projection image generator (206) that generates a 2D bullous emphysema projection image based on the voxels corresponding to bullous emphysema, wherein an intensity... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150036902 - High density forward projector for spatial resolution improvement for medical imaging systems including computed tomography: A medical imaging apparatus, processing device or specialized circuit can include an input interface to input scan data of a medical image scan of a target object, a processor to generate an output image from the input scan data, and an output interface to output the output image to, e.g.,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150036903 - Lesion-type specific reconstruction and display of digital breast tomosynthesis volumes: A method, a control unit and a system for image reconstruction and visualization of a tomosynthesis volume. Different region of interests are detected in the volume and specific types of lesions are determined. Based on the type of lesion, different reconstruction parameters and different reconstruction algorithms are applied in order... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150036910 - Measuring intramuscular fat: Dual-energy absorptiometry is used to estimate intramuscular adipose tissue metrics and display results, preferably as related to normative data. The process involves deriving x-ray measurements for respective pixel positions related to a two-dimensional projection image of a body slice containing intramuscular adipose tissue as well as subcutaneous adipose tissue, at... Agent: Hologic, Inc.

20150036909 - Method, apparatus and system for localizing a spine: A method and a corresponding apparatus and system localizes a spine in an image, in particular a computed tomography (CT) image, of a human or animal body, allowing for a reduced need for computational power and/or memory on the one hand and assuring a reliable localization of the spine on... Agent:

20150036904 - Method, control system, and computer program for compression of digital breast tomosynthesis data: A method for compressing digital breast tomosynthesis data, a system and a control unit for image reconstruction of three-dimensional digital breast tomosynthesis volumes (DBT). The volume to be reconstructed is analyzed in order to identify clusters of regions in the volume with a low and high degree of diagnostically relevant... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150036905 - Three-dimensional x-ray imaging: A 3D result image of an object is reconstructed from a set of X-ray two-dimensional projections of the object. A 3D reference image of the object is reconstructed by employing a compressed sensing technique based on at least some of the 2D projections at a reference motion state of the... Agent:

20150036911 - System and method for molecular breast imaging: A method for motion correcting molecular breast imaging (MBI) images includes obtaining a plurality of two-dimensional (2D) images of a breast using a MBI system, selecting a reference image from the plurality of 2D images, selecting a feature of interest in the reference image, determining a location of the feature... Agent: General Electric Company

20150036912 - Method for quantifying the morphological regularity degree of the pellucid zone in embryos and oocytes: The present invention refers to a method for calculating a shape factor indicative of the evenness of the pellucid zone thickness of a biological structure and to a method for evaluating the evenness of the pellucid zone thickness of a biological structure through said shape factor.... Agent:

20150036913 - Method, apparatus and equipment of inspecting quality of lcd: A method, an apparatus and an equipment of inspecting the quality of an LCD are provided, the method includes: obtaining optical parameters of the LCD; capturing images of the LCD; and determining that the LCD is defective after determining that the optical parameters are not in the range of the... Agent:

20150036915 - Inspection method: The invention relates to a method for the inspection of flat objects, in particular wafers (10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24, 26, 28, 30), comprising the following steps: recording one digital image of the object surface of several homogeneous objects of a series in each case, wherein each digital... Agent:

20150036914 - Method for estimating shape before shrink and cd-sem apparatus: In the present invention, at the time of measuring, using a CD-SEM, a length of a resist that shrinks when irradiated with an electron beam, in order to highly accurately estimate a shape and dimensions of the resist before shrink, a shrink database with respect to various patterns is previously... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20150036918 - Image processing method and system: s(X) and s(Y) are scalar functions representing the scale of the object poses X and Y respectively, R(X) and R(Y) are matrices expressing the rotation of object poses X and Y respectively, t(X) and t(Y) are vectors expressing the translation of object poses X and Y respectively, and σs, σr... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150036917 - Stereo image processing device and stereo image processing method: Provided is a stereo image processing device, with which it is possible to compute disparity with high precision even for an object of a small image region size in a baseline length direction. With this device, an image matching unit (102) acquires a correspondence point of a reference image for... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150036916 - Stereo-motion method of three-dimensional (3-d) structure information extraction from a video for fusion with 3-d point cloud data: According to an embodiment, a method for generating a 3-D stereo structure comprises registering and rectifying a first image frame and a second image frame by local correction matching, extracting a first scan line from the first image frame, extracting a second scan line from the second image frame corresponding... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150036920 - Convolutional-neural-network-based classifier and classifying method and training methods for the same: The present invention relates to a convolutional-neural-network-based classifier, a classifying method by using a convolutional-neural-network-based classifier and a method for training the convolutional-neural-network-based classifier. The convolutional-neural-network-based classifier comprises: a plurality of feature map layers, at least one feature map in at least one of the plurality of feature map layers... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150036919 - Systems and methods for image classification by correlating contextual cues with images: A sample set of images is received. Each image in the sample set may be associated with one or more social cues. Correlation of each image in the sample set with an image class is scored based on the one or more social cues associated with the image. Based on... Agent:

20150036921 - Image composition evaluating apparatus, information processing apparatus and methods thereof: The present invention discloses an image composition evaluating apparatus, an information processing apparatus and methods thereof. The image composition evaluating apparatus comprises: a region segmentation unit configured to segment an image into a plurality of regions; a region attribution extraction unit configured to extract at least one attribution from each... Agent:

20150036922 - Method and apparatus for spawning specialist belief propagation networks for adjusting exposure settings: A method and apparatus for processing image data is provided. The method includes the steps of employing a main processing network for classifying one or more features of the image data, employing a monitor processing network for determining one or more confusing classifications of the image data, and spawning a... Agent:

20150036923 - Color processing method based on hg1c1: The invention discloses a method for processing color data based on an HGlCl color space of with a color appearance attribute. The method comprises: acquiring color data in an HGlCl format in the HGlCl color space with a color appearance attribute; selecting two color data in the HGlCl format from... Agent: Typonteq Co., Ltd

20150036924 - Method, arrangement and computer program product for recognizing videoed objects: The pertinence of digital image material is analyzed in respect of matching a given reference. A color of the reference constitutes a reference record in a perceptual color space. Pixels of a piece of digital image material are converted into the perceptual color space, and labelled according to how their... Agent: Sensisto Oy

20150036925 - Method, medium, and apparatus encoding and/or decoding an image using the same coding mode across components: A method, medium, and apparatus encoding and/or decoding an image in order to increase encoding and decoding efficiency by performing binary-arithmetic coding/decoding on a binary value of a syntax element using a probability model having the same syntax element probability value for respective context index information of each of at... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150036927 - Apparatus and method of compensating chromatic aberration of image: The present invention relates to an apparatus and method of correcting a chromatic aberration of an image, and in particular, to an apparatus and method of correcting a chromatic aberration of an image that can correct a general chromatic aberration of an edge or an extreme chromatic aberration, such as... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150036926 - Method and apparatus for converting depth image in high resolution: Provided are a method and an apparatus for image processing. A scene includes a low resolution depth image and a high resolution color image. A depth image up-scaler up-scales the depth image using an interpolation so as to improve the resolution of the depth image. A color-depth similarity based filter... Agent:

20150036928 - Methods and systems for initiating actions across communication networks using hand-written commands: A method and system for providing hand-written command processing includes a network-connected application server receiving from a user device data storing hand-written information. The hand-written information is processed to identify one or more hand-written characters included in the data. A determination is made as to whether the identified characters include... Agent: Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

20150036929 - Information processing apparatus, controlling method, and computer-readable storage medium: An information processing apparatus includes an information recognition unit, an acquiring unit, and a recording unit. The information recognition unit recognizes a description written in each of one or more description areas. The acquiring unit acquires attribute information of the description area in which the description is written. The recording... Agent:

20150036930 - Discriminating synonymous expressions using images: A method for identifying synonymous expressions includes determining synonymous expression candidates for a target expression. A plurality of target images related to the target expression and a plurality of candidate images related to each of the synonymous expression candidates are identified. Features extracted from the plurality of target images are... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150036932 - Image processing apparatus and method, and computer program product: According to an embodiment, an image processing apparatus includes an obtainer, a setter, a first calculator, a second calculator, and a third calculator. The obtainer obtains an image. The setter sets a plurality of first regions and a plurality of second regions on the image. Each of the first regions... Agent:

20150036931 - System and method for creating navigable views: A method for creating navigable views includes receiving digital images, computing a set of feature points for each of the digital images, selecting one of the digital images as a reference image, identifying a salient region of interest in the reference image, identifying other digital images containing a region of... Agent: Kodak Alaris Inc.

20150036934 - Filter and shutter based on image emotion content: A computer-implemented (including method implemented using laptop, desktop, mobile, and wearable devices) method for image filtering. The method includes analyzing each image to generate a content vector for the image; applying an interest operator to the content vector, the interest operator being based on a plurality of pictures with desirable... Agent:

20150036933 - Method and apparatus for matching key pixels, and method and apparatus for matching images: A method and apparatus for matching key pixels of images and a method and apparatus for matching images are disclosed. The method for matching key pixels of images includes: determining, for a key pixel to be matched of a first image, a first eigenvector, in a set of eigenvectors of... Agent: Beijing Founder Apabi Technology Ltd.

20150036935 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium: When there are a plurality of detection candidate objects, to detect a target object that is appropriately visible as a whole, an information processing apparatus calculates detection likelihoods in a plurality of local areas of each of the plurality of detection target candidates, and a detection reliability of each of... Agent:

20150036936 - Image analysis: A method for processing an image including: identifying a first group of keypoints in the image; for each keypoint of the first group, identifying at least one corresponding keypoint local feature related to the each keypoint; for the at least one keypoint local feature, calculating a corresponding local feature relevance... Agent: Telecom Italia S.p.a.

20150036937 - Image correction method and apparatus using creation of feature points: The present invention relates to an ‘image correction method using creation of feature points’, and the method includes the steps of: (a) mapping a plurality of feature points on an image; (b) mapping an additional feature point on the image; and (c) changing arrangement of the feature points according to... Agent:

20150036939 - Method for processing an image: The disclosure relates to a method for processing an image, the method comprising: providing a set of key points from the image; describing location information of the set of key points in form of a binary matrix; and scanning the binary matrix according to a pre-determined order, thereby creating a... Agent:

20150036938 - Method for recognizing object using covariance descriptor and apparatus thereof: Disclosed are object recognizing method and apparatus. The method may comprise extracting a feature point of an object to be recognized in an input image; generating a plurality of feature images by extracting orientation information of a region adjacent to the feature point and normalizing the region based in the... Agent:

20150036940 - Method and system for creating a digital image album: The disclosed embodiments are related to a method and system for creating a digital image album implementable on a computing device. The method includes receiving a plurality of digital images. The method further includes creating a first signature corresponding to each of the plurality of digital images. The method further... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150036941 - Post compression detection (pocode): Provided are examples of a detecting engine for identifying detections in compressed scene pixels. For a given compressed scene pixel having a set of M basis vector coefficients, set of N basis vectors, and code linking the M basis vector coefficients to the N basis vectors, the detecting engine reduces... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150036942 - Object recognition and tracking using a classifier comprising cascaded stages of multiple decision trees: An image processor comprises first and second hardware accelerators and is configured to implement a classifier. The classifier in some embodiments comprises a cascaded classifier having a plurality of stages with each such stage implementing a plurality of decision trees. At least one of the first and second hardware accelerators... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150036943 - Patch-based, locally content-adaptive image and video sharpening: Techniques for sharpening an image using local spatial adaptation and/or patch-based image processing. An image can be sharpened by creating a high-frequency image and then combining that high frequency image with the image. This process can be applied iteratively by using the output of one iteration, i.e., the sharpened image,... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150036944 - Systems and methods for transforming an image: Systems, methods, and computer-readable media acquire an image captured with a mobile device. Motion sensor data of the mobile device at or near a time when the image was captured is acquired. An angle of rotation is computed based on the motion sensor data, and the image is transformed based... Agent:

20150036945 - Reconstruction of missing regions of images: Methods and systems for an image construction component capable of generating pixel information for certain regions of an image based on other, existing regions of the image. For example, the image construction component may identify a target block of pixels for which to generate pixel information and then use pixel... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150036946 - Metrics to identify image smoothness: A system includes a structure module, graininess module, mottle module, and standard deviation (STD) module. The structure module is to identify a structure metric based on an input digital image, and remove a structured nonuniformity from the input digital image to produce a second input digital image. The graininess module... Agent: Hewlett-packard Indigo B.v.

20150036947 - Systems and methods for resizing an image: In some instances, an image may have dimensions that do not correspond to a slot to display the image. For example, an image content item may have dimensions that do not correspond to a content item slot. The image may be resized using seam carving to add or remove pixels... Agent:

20150036948 - Interactive optimization of scan databases for statistical testing: Generating a patient image collective (34) includes receiving a plurality of candidate images (20) and associated data. At least one inclusion/exclusion rule (44) is applied to the plurality of candidate images and associated data which results in subsets of candidate images (32). The candidate images are tested which result in... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 61 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20150030201 - Feature-based watermark localization in digital capture systems: The present disclosures relates generally to digital watermarking and data hiding. One claim recites a method comprising: obtaining data representing captured imagery, the captured imagery depicting packaging including digital watermarking, the digital watermarking including an orientation signal that is detectable in a transform domain; generating a n-dimensional feature set of... Agent:

20150030200 - Watermark extractor enhancements based on payload ranking: Methods, devices, systems and computer program products improve the detection of watermarks that are embedded in a host content by providing information indicative of a ranking of watermark payloads to watermark extractors. A watermark extractor device obtains information indicative of a ranking of a plurality of watermark payload values, where... Agent: Verance Corporation

20150030204 - Apparatus and method for analyzing image including event information: An apparatus and method for analyzing an image including event information for determining a pattern of at least one pixel group corresponding to event information included in an input image, and analyzes at least one of an appearance of an object and a motion of the object, based on the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150030206 - Detecting and tracking point features with primary colors: A feature tracking technique for detecting and tracking feature points with primary colors. An energy value may be computed for each color channel of a feature. If the energy of all the channels is above a threshold, then the feature may be tracked according to a feature tracking method using... Agent:

20150030205 - Human body security inspection method and system: The present invention provides a human body security inspection method and system. The method comprises: retrieving in real-time scanning row or column image data of a personal to be inspected; transmitting in real-time the image data to an algorithm processing module and processing these image data by the module; automatically... Agent:

20150030203 - Method and apparatus for detecting smoke from image: Provided are a fire detecting apparatus and a method thereof for detecting a fire, the method includes operations of extracting a feature of at least one object in an input image by using a value of a brightness difference between pixels of the input image or by using an RGB... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology (kaist)

20150030202 - System and method for moving object detection and processing: A method is provided for an intelligent video processing system based on object detection. The method includes receiving an input video sequence corresponding to a video program, obtaining a plurality of frames of the input video sequence, and obtaining a computational constraint and a temporal rate constraint. The method also... Agent: Tcl Research America Inc.

20150030207 - Automated vehicle mirror adjustment: Technologies are generally described for methods and systems effective to adjust a position of a mirror in a vehicle. In an example, a method for adjusting a position of a mirror in a vehicle may include a processor effective to receive an image of an operator of a vehicle. The... Agent:

20150030208 - System and a method for motion estimation based on a series of 2d images: By collecting, analyzing and processing a series of images captured by a camera one can estimate the motion that a device containing the camera has experienced. Exemplary techniques disclosed herein at least enable device motion estimation based on any selection of images from a camera related to the device.... Agent: Irida Labs S.a.

20150030209 - Methods of analyzing seismic data: A method of analysing seismic data from a geological volume is provided. The geological volume is divided into a plurality of voxels. For each voxel a respective neighbourhood is defined which includes that voxel and a predetermined arrangement of neighbouring voxels. For each voxel, the respective normal vectors of a... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150030210 - Signal enhancement using diversity shot stacking for reverse time migrations (dessert): A method of processing seismic data so as to provide an image of a sub-surface region, comprises providing plurality of migrated shot gathers that contain information about the region, summing portions of the migrated shot gathers to provide a pilot stack, partitioning the plurality of gathers into a plurality of... Agent:

20150030211 - Method of identifying a person: The Invention involves a person being able to quickly access the electronic profile of another person. When a person wants someone to receive his profile (or a portion of the profile), he obtains the electronic address of that person. Then the pertinent information from the profile is sent in real... Agent:

20150030212 - Systems and methods for applying commercial web search technologies to biometric matching and identification: A system and method are provided for implementing a scheme to apply commercial web search technologies to biometric matching and identification based on converting biometric identification data to one or more text strings. Collected biometric identification information regarding particular physical traits is converted to a form that facilitates application of... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20150030214 - Programmable display apparatus, control method, and program: Provided is a programmable display apparatus that enables post-hoc identification of a user who has been permitted to access an application through facial authentication. The programmable display apparatus stores feature data of a face of a user and identification information of the user in association with each other. The programmable... Agent:

20150030213 - System and method for creating a virtual backdrop: Some implementations may provide a method for generating a portrait of a subject for an identification document, the method including: receiving, at a mobile device, a photo image of the subject, the photo image including a foreground and a background, wherein the foreground includes the subject's face and the background... Agent: Morphotrust Usa Inc.

20150030215 - Method and apparatus for producing an image of undiluted whole blood sample having wright stain coloration: An apparatus and method for imaging a sample of substantially undiluted whole blood is provided. The method includes the steps of: providing a substantially undiluted whole blood sample admixed with at least one non-Wright stain colorant, which colorant is operable to differentially identify constituents containing cytoplasmic material; providing an analysis... Agent:

20150030216 - Image processing apparatus and method: A processor configured to execute a process includes receiving image information including biometric information, extracting, from the image information, a first phase component image representing a phase component included in the image information, converting the image information into first frequency information and converts the first phase component image into second... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150030217 - Signal strength enhancement in a biometric sensor array: A biometric imager may comprise a plurality of sensor element traces formed in or on a sensor substrate which may comprise at least a portion of a display screen defining a biometric sensing area and forming in-active pixel locations; an auxiliary active circuit formed in or on the sensor substrate... Agent:

20150030219 - Method and apparatus for shape based deformable segmentation of multiple overlapping objects: The present invention provides a system and method for simultaneous variational and adaptive segmentation of single non-overlapping and multiple overlapping/occluded-objects in an image scene. The method according to the present invention synergistically combines shape priors with boundary and region-based active contours in a level set formulation with a watershed scheme... Agent: Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

20150030218 - Methods and systems for navigating image series: A method and system are provided for navigating an image series that, includes at least one image. The method and system involve receiving an input corresponding to a reference location; operating at least one processor for determining a target position in the image series based on the reference location, the... Agent:

20150030227 - Computerized image reconstruction method and apparatus: Provided herein is a computerized image reconstruction apparatus and method that includes recording projection path information and energy loss information of a plurality of particles traversing an object being imaged and determining an estimated image of the object based on the projection path information and the energy loss information sampled... Agent:

20150030226 - Diagnosis assistance apparatus, method and program: A first-image and a second-image representing the same organ of the same subject imaged at the same time are obtained, and an organ-region is extracted from the first-image. The extracted organ-region is displayed on a display screen. An input of an air-region included in the first-image and an input of... Agent:

20150030221 - Image compensation method and apparatus: A method and apparatus of image compensation are provided. The method may include: calculating an overlapping position between two adjacent scannings; obtaining two images at the overlapping position of the two adjacent scannings, and calculating mutual information of the two images by using a three dimensional non-rigid registration method; and... Agent: Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

20150030224 - Implant design analysis suite: A method for anatomical analysis and joint implant design. Embodiments provide users with the ability to anatomically analyze a single bone or a series of bones that exist in a database, evaluate surgical landmarks and axes, identify differences among specific characteristics of a given population, and modify existing implants or... Agent:

20150030220 - Method and apparatus for processing medical image signal: A method of processing a medical image signal includes estimating first time courses and first spatial patterns for a group of objects from first brain function data for the group, and estimating second time courses and second spatial patterns for a target object from second brain function data obtained from... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150030222 - Method and system for data compression: A method and a system for data compression are provided. The method may include: obtaining scanning data to be compressed; compressing the scanning data using a first compression method and a second compression method to obtain a first compressed data and a second compressed data respectively, where a compression ratio... Agent: Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

20150030223 - Systems and methods for characterizing spatial distortion in 3d imaging systems: Systems and methods for characterizing spatial distortions in location data determined by an imaging system, for example as employed in imaged guided therapy. A three dimensional phantom is custom formed for a desired imaging space of a given imaging system. The phantom includes a large plurality of control points fixed... Agent:

20150030225 - X-ray dual-energy ct reconstruction method: The present disclosure relates to a self-prior information based X-ray dual-energy CT reconstruction method, which can utilize information inherent in data to provide a prior model, thereby obtaining a reconstructed image with a high quality. The X-ray dual-energy CT reconstruction method according to the present disclosure comprises: (a) rating an... Agent:

20150030228 - Method for the reduction of artifacts in image data sets and computing facility: A method for the reduction of artifacts based on an unequal representation of the same material classes in various locations, in particular of cupping artifacts, in a three-dimensional image data set, reconstructed from two-dimensional x-ray projection images is provided. An image datum, describing an attenuation value, is allocated respectively to... Agent:

20150030229 - Methods for updating 2d/3d registration on movement and computing device: Methods for updating a 2D/3D registration between a three-dimensional image data set corresponding to a target area subjected to a movement and a plurality of two-dimensional projection images of the target area include: selecting a plurality of contour points along a contour, the contour being visible in a first projection... Agent:

20150030230 - Substrate inspection method, substrate manufacturing method and substrate inspection device: A method for inspecting a substrate having a plurality of holes formed on a plate-shaped material so as to extend over front and rear surfaces thereof. The method comprises picking-up an image of a plurality of holes formed on the substrate by imaging from one surface side of the substrate... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20150030234 - Adaptive multi-dimensional data decomposition: A method of decomposing an image or video into a plurality of components. The method comprises: obtaining (10) an intensity signal of the image or video; and decomposing (30) the intensity signal into a component representing the three-dimensional structure shape of one or more objects in the scene and at... Agent:

20150030235 - Image processing device, image processing method, and computer program: Provided is an image processing device including a disparity detector configured to receive a plurality of 3D images and detect disparity of each of the 3D images, a disparity analyzer configured to generate statistical information about disparity of each 3D image using the disparity of each 3D image detected by... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150030232 - Image processor configured for efficient estimation and elimination of background information in images: An image processing system comprises an image processor implemented using at least one processing device and adapted for coupling to an image source, such as a depth imager. The image processor is configured to compute a convergence matrix and a noise threshold matrix, to estimate background information of an image... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150030236 - Inferring spatial object descriptions from spatial gestures: Three-dimensional (3-D) spatial image data may be received that is associated with at least one arm motion of an actor based on free-form movements of at least one hand of the actor, based on natural gesture motions of the at least one hand. A plurality of sequential 3-D spatial representations... Agent:

20150030231 - Method for data segmentation using laplacian graphs: A method segments n-dimensional by first determining prior information from the data. A fidelity term is determined from the prior information, and the data are represented as a graph. A graph Laplacian is determined from the graph from the graph, and a Laplacian spectrum constraint is determined from the graph... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

20150030233 - System and method for determining a depth map sequence for a two-dimensional video sequence: A system and method of determining a depth map sequence for a subject two-dimensional video sequence by: determining a plurality of monocular depth cues for each frame of the subject two-dimensional video sequence; and determining a depth map for each frame of the subject two-dimensional video sequence based on the... Agent: The University Of British Columbia

20150030237 - Image restoration cascade: Image restoration cascades are described, for example, where digital photographs containing noise are restored using a cascade formed from a plurality of layers of trained machine learning predictors connected in series. For example, noise may be from sensor noise, motion blur, dust, optical low pass filtering, chromatic aberration, compression and... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150030239 - Training classifiers for deblurring images: A classifier training system trains a classifier for evaluating image deblurring quality using a set of scored deblurred images. In some embodiments, the classifier training system trains the classifier based on a number of sub-images extracted from the scored deblurred images. An image deblurring system applies a number of different... Agent: Google Inc.

20150030238 - Visual pattern recognition in an image: A system may be configured as an image recognition machine that utilizes an image feature representation called local feature embedding (LFE). LFE enables generation of a feature vector that captures salient visual properties of an image to address both the fine-grained aspects and the coarse-grained aspects of recognizing a visual... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150030240 - System and method for enhancing the legibility of images: Disclosed are embodiments for a system, method, and computer program product for performing a process on an original image, the process being implemented by a computer system comprising at least one computer: performing a process on at least one image that renders the processed image more legible than then the... Agent: Georgetown University

20150030243 - Chart for evaluating skin color and its application to efficacy evaluation of anti-aging and skin lightening products: The present invention relates to charts, stacks and methods for evaluating skin color of a mammalian subject. The chart may include a substrate and an indicia visible from a first side of the substrate that includes a plurality of images of mammalian skin tones having varying degrees of yellowness, wherein... Agent:

20150030244 - Determining colour values in hyperspectral or multispectral images: The disclosure concerns processing of electronic images, such as hyperspectral or multispectral images (302) to determine an output colour value for a component spectrum of a decomposed multispectral or hyperspectral image. A processor (120) first determines or accesses the component spectrum and a first colour value for the component spectrum... Agent:

20150030241 - Method and system for data identification and extraction using pictorial representations in a source document: Data extraction templates are created and associated with source documents from a specific source document source. One or more known pictorial representations associated with one or more source document sources are then identified and key data is generated for the known pictorial representations. Source document data is then obtained and... Agent: Intuit Inc.

20150030242 - Method and system for fusing multiple images: A method and system is provided for combining information from a plurality of source images to form a fused image. The fused image is generated by the combination of the source images based on both local features and global features computed from the source images. Local features are computed for... Agent:

20150030245 - Method and apparatus for a memory efficient approach for decoding progressive joint photographic experts group (jpeg) images: A computer implemented method and apparatus for a memory efficient approach for decoding progressive JPEG images. The method comprises (a) accessing a progressive JPEG image, wherein the progressive JPEG image comprises a plurality of compressed scans and wherein each scan in the plurality of scans comprises a plurality of compressed... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150030246 - Simulating strobe effects with digital image content: Systems and methods are provided for simulating strobe effects with digital image content. In one embodiment, an image manipulation application can receive image content. The image manipulation application can generate blurred image content by applying a blurring operation to a portion of the received image content along a blur trajectory.... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150030247 - System and method of correcting image artifacts: Certain aspects relate to systems and techniques for correction of color artifacts including both color aberration and color spot artifacts using a unified framework. For example, both color aberration and color spot artifacts can be corrected using a post-processing method implementing directional median filtering on chroma channels. A pixel-by-pixel correction... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150030248 - Adaptive noise filter: A method for applying a filter to data to improve data quality and/or reduce file size. In one example, a region of interest of an image is identified. A histogram is generated of pixel intensity values in the region of interest. The histogram is iteratively updated to focus (zoom) in... Agent:

20150030249 - Overlapped handwriting input method: An overlapped handwriting input method, which includes: moving a touch unit on a touch screen, recording and displaying the track of a stroke on a handwriting area of the screen; determining whether the stroke currently being written and all previously input strokes having a color A belong to the same... Agent: Intsig Information Co., Ltd.

20150030251 - Object detection apparatus and storage medium: Important information about an object is detected using less arithmetic processing. An object detection unit generates an edge image from a color image. The object detection unit evaluates symmetry of an image included in the edge image by performing processing in accordance with the position of a target pixel. The... Agent: Megachips Corporation

20150030250 - System, method, and medium for image object and contour feature extraction: A method includes determining a position and length of a non-zero run in a row of a pixel map. The method also includes determining a number of neighbors for the non-zero run in a preceding row, based at least in part on the position and the length. In addition, the... Agent: Analog Devices Technology

20150030252 - Methods of recognizing activity in video: The present invention is a method for carrying out high-level activity recognition on a wide variety of videos. In one embodiment, the invention leverages the fact that a large number of smaller action detectors, when pooled appropriately, can provide high-level semantically rich features that are superior to low-level features in... Agent: The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York

20150030253 - Electronic device and method for measuring point cloud of an object: Method of measuring a point cloud of an object includes obtaining the point cloud of the object from a storage device of the electronic device. Based on the point cloud, a triangular mesh surface is constructed and triangles of the triangular mesh surface are determined. According to the triangles, a... Agent:

20150030254 - Image processing device, information storage device, and image processing method: An image processing device includes an image sequence acquisition section that acquires an image sequence that includes a plurality of images, and a processing section that performs an image summarization process that deletes some of the plurality of images included in the image sequence acquired by the image sequence acquisition... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150030255 - Method and apparatus for classifying pixels in an input image and image processing system: The present disclosure relates to a method and apparatus for classifying pixels in an input image and image processing system. The apparatus includes a first confidence determination unit configured for determining a first confidence of each of the pixels in the input image belonging to each of a plurality of... Agent:

20150030256 - Multi-sensor compressive imaging: Multi-sensor compressive imaging systems can include an imaging component (such an an RF, microwave, or mmW metamaterial surface antenna) and an auxialiary sensing component (such as an EO/IR sensor). In some approaches, the auxiliary sensing component includes a structured light sensor configured to identify the location or posture of an... Agent:

20150030257 - Low-complexity bilateral filter (bf) implementation in a data processing device: A method includes implementing, through a processor communicatively coupled to a memory and/or a hardware block, a Bilateral Filter (BF) including a spatial filter component and a range filter component, and implementing the spatial filter component with a low-complexity function to allow for focus on the range filter component. The... Agent:

20150030258 - System and method of corner noise reduction in an image: Systems and methods for reducing noise artifacts in an image are disclosed. A radial distance-based look up table may be used to calibrate a noise property change due to the vignette effect. Based on the look up table, a spatial varying noise reduction level is computed to correct the noise... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150030259 - Image direction determination: In one example embodiment, a device includes an object detector configured to: rotate an image multiple times in increments of a predetermined number of degrees, detect upright occurrences of at least one object from the image at each incremental rotation of the image, and divide the detected occurrences of the... Agent:

20150030260 - Analysis system: An analysis system of the present invention includes: an analysis process executing means for controlling operation of the analysis system configured by a plurality of analysis engines to execute an analysis process; and an input quality regulating means for determining quality characteristics of processing target data inputted into the respective... Agent: Nec Corporation

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20150023546 - Identification of watermarked content: There are provided methods and systems for identifying watermarked content. In one implementation, such a method includes receiving content including a digital watermark, and detecting the digital watermark, the detecting being performed without use of a decoder configured to read the digital watermark. In implementations in which the content includes... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20150023548 - Information processing device and program: An information processing device includes an image taking section having a connection to an image capturing device by which the image taking section instructs the image capturing device to capture an image of a merchandise, a processor configured to recognize candidates based on the captured image of the merchandise, and... Agent:

20150023547 - Information providing system having content providing apparatus and terminal apparatus, and control method thereof: An information providing system including a content providing apparatus, a display apparatus, and a terminal apparatus is provided. The information providing system includes: a content providing apparatus to generate a watermark, insert the watermark into a predetermined location of a content on a real time basis, and transmit the content;... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150023557 - Apparatus for recognizing objects, apparatus for learning classification trees, and method for operating same: An object recognition system is provided. The object recognition system for recognizing an object may include an input unit to receive, as an input, a depth image representing an object to be analyzed, and a processing unit to recognize a visible object part and a hidden object part of the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20150023550 - Automatic extraction of built-up footprints from high resolution overhead imagery through manipulation of alpha-tree data structures: A system for automatically extracting or isolating structures or areas of interest (e.g., built-up structures such as buildings, houses, shelters, tents; agricultural areas; etc.) from HR/VHR overhead imagery data by way of making as little as a single pass through a hierarchical data structure of input image components (where pixels... Agent: Digitalglobe, Inc.

20150023555 - Commodity recognition apparatus and commodity recognition method: In accordance with one embodiment, a commodity recognition apparatus receives, if a commodity is recognized as candidate of a target commodity by a recognition module, a selection input of the target commodity from the candidate; then adds appearance feature amount data to the feature amount data stored in a recognition... Agent:

20150023549 - Detection of astronomical objects: Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, implementing and using techniques for detecting astronomical objects. An image frame is received, which includes representations of one or more astronomical objects. The received image frame is divided into several swaths. One or more swaths are selected, which include full or partial representations... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150023561 - Dynamic ultrasound processing using object motion calculation: A system and method for transforming ultrasound data includes acquiring ultrasound data, calculating object motion from the data, modifying a processing parameter, processing the ultrasound data according to the processing parameter, and outputting the processed ultrasound data. The system and method may additionally include the calculation of a data quality... Agent:

20150023559 - Image processing apparatus and method: A method and apparatus for localizing an area in relative movement and for determining the speed and direction thereof in real time is disclosed. Each pixel of an image is smoothed using its own time constant. A binary value corresponding to the existence of a significant variation in the amplitude... Agent:

20150023554 - Image processing apparatus, computer-readable medium storing an image processing program, and image processing method: The image processing apparatus for detecting a moving object in a moving image includes a background generation unit configured to generate a background image of the moving image while updating the background image over time. The background generation unit includes a model derivation unit configured to derive a mixed distribution... Agent: Nk Works Co., Ltd.

20150023556 - Method and apparatus for selecting seed area for tracking nerve fibers in brain: A method for selecting a seed area for tracking nerve fibers in a brain includes performing registration of an atlas which shows a plurality of areas which are included in the brain and image data which relates to the brain, displaying a brain area list with respect to the plurality... Agent: Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University

20150023551 - Method and device for detecting falls by image analysis: m

20150023560 - Multi-cue object association: Multiple discrete objects within a scene image captured by a single camera track are distinguished as un-labeled from a background model within a first frame of a video data input. Object position, object appearance and/or object size attributes are determined for each of the blobs, and costs determined to assign... Agent:

20150023558 - System and method for face detection and recognition using locally evaluated zernike and similar moments: The present invention related to a system (1) and method can be used with the purpose of object, particularly face, detection and recognition in the general sense. The intensive system (1) comprises image acquisition unit (2), object detection unit(3), object image normalization unit (4), object recognition unit (5) and database... Agent:

20150023552 - Systems and methods for determining image safety: Systems and methods are provided for determining the safety of an image, which may be used to determine whether an image is appropriate for a given purpose or for use in a given context. Determining the safety of the image may include analyzing the image to determine the amount of... Agent: Gumgum, Inc.

20150023553 - Systems and methods for determining image safety: A methodology for detecting image anomalies in a target area for classifying objects therein, in which at least two images of the target area are obtained from a sensor representing different polarization components. The methodology can be used to classify and/or discriminate manmade objects from natural objects in a target... Agent:

20150023563 - Depth sensor data with real-time processing of scene sensor data: A method of improving depth sensor data in real-time based on scene sensor data is provided that includes aligning depth images of depth-scene image pairs generated by a depth-scene image sensor pair with corresponding scene images wherein, for each depth-scene image pair, the depth image is warped such that locations... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150023562 - Hybrid multi-camera based positioning: A positioning server is connected to a collection of access points, base stations, NFC stations, and image or video cameras and the collected data is used for positioning objects. A plurality of electronic devices are paired with an object by tracking the position of the object based on imaging and... Agent: Golba LLC

20150023564 - System and method for estimating porosity distribution in subterranean reservoirs: A system and method for estimating porosity distribution in a region of interest of a geologic formation from a resistivity image log representative of the geologic formation is disclosed. A normalization factor representative of a rock matrix based on a first resistivity value and an image point factor based on... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20150023565 - Information processing apparatus and information processing method: In accordance with one embodiment, an information processing apparatus comprises an image capturing module configured to photograph a commodity to capture the image of the commodity, an acquisition module configured to acquire the image captured by the image capturing module, a recognition module configured to recognize a commodity as a... Agent:

20150023566 - Insect and other small object image recognition and instant response: A device for detecting offending objects such as insects on substrates such as on leaves, plants or in fluid. The device has a microscope lens which magnifies a portion of the substrate and sends an image of the substrate portion to an image recognition system. If the image recognition system... Agent:

20150023568 - Computing systems, computer-readable media and methods of antibody profiling: Computing systems, computer-readable media and methods are disclosed. In the computing system, an image capture device captures an image of a protein array including spots of predetermined proteins, wherein some of the spots have bound to a biological material having individual-specific antibodies to form immune complexes and some of the... Agent: Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC

20150023567 - Palm identification and in-place personalized interactive display: A user is identified and an in-place personalized interactive display provided by detecting, via a first imaging system, one or more unique characteristics of a user's palm, identifying the user via the one or more unique characteristics and a database containing mappings between detectable unique characteristics and user identities, retrieving... Agent:

20150023569 - Portable electronic apparatus and interactive human face login method: A portable electronic apparatus and an interactive human face login method are disclosed. The portable electronic apparatus comprises a face database, a user interface, an image capturing device, and a recognition circuit. The face database stores a plurality of facial expression feature information. The user interface randomly generates a plurality... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20150023571 - Controllable signal processing in a biometric device: A processing channel is operatively connected to a biometric device. The processing channel includes an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) connected to at least one of an amplifier and an offset circuit. Biometric signals representing captured biometric data, such as a fingerprint image, are controllably fitted into an input range of the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150023570 - Finger biometric sensor including stacked die each having a non-rectangular shape and related methods: A finger biometric sensor may include first and second integrated circuit (IC) dies arranged in a stacked relation. The first IC die may include a first semiconductor substrate and an array of finger biometric sensing pixels thereon, and the second IC die may include a second semiconductor substrate and processing... Agent:

20150023572 - System and methods for providing finger vein authentication and signature for execution of electronic wallet transactions: The present invention generally relates to systems and methods for authenticating and signing electronic wallet transactions. Specifically, this invention relates to systems and methods for providing authentication of electronic wallet transactions via finger vein detection and analysis means. Embodiments of the present invention utilize finger vein detection means to allow... Agent:

20150023573 - Pathological diagnosis support apparatus and pathological diagnosis support method: A pathological diagnosis support apparatus which outputs a diagnostic region that is to be used as a target for diagnosis in a specimen image representing a specimen that is a target for pathological diagnosis, and includes: a target obtainment unit which obtains the specimen image and specimen information related to... Agent:

20150023575 - Anatomy aware articulated registration for image segmentation: Disclosed herein is a framework for facilitating image processing. In accordance with one aspect, the framework receives first image data acquired by a first modality and one or more articulated models. The one or more articulated models may include at least one section image acquired by the first modality and... Agent:

20150023574 - Apparatus for providing medical image knowledge service and image processing device and method for the same: Disclosed herein is technology for providing a medical image knowledge service. An apparatus for providing a medical image knowledge service according to an embodiment includes an image processing device for acquiring image information of at least a partial region of an analysis target based on a distribution of reactive oxygen... Agent:

20150023578 - Device and method for determining border of target region of medical images: The invention discloses a device for determining a border of a target region of a medical image, which is used for differentiating the border of the target region according to corresponding physical quantitative properties reflected by tissue distribution in the medical image. The device comprises: an interactive unit, by which... Agent: Hong'en (hangzhou, China) Medical Technology Inc.

20150023577 - Device and method for determining physiological parameters based on 3d medical images: The invention discloses a device for determining physiological parameters based on 3D medical images. The device comprises: a border determining unit, which is used for determining a border of a target region; and a volume determining unit, which is used for determining the total number of voxels in the target... Agent: Hong'en (hangzhou, China) Medical Technology Inc.

20150023576 - Image alignment of breast images: A method of aligning at least two breast images includes aligning a relevant image part in each of the images, the relevant image parts being obtained on the basis of the result of a shape analysis procedure performed on the breast images.... Agent:

20150023579 - Diagnosis support apparatus, method for the same, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium: A diagnosis support apparatus obtains a plurality of images as interpretation targets, selects one item of a plurality of image finding items, sequentially assigns evaluations for the selected image finding item to the plurality of images in accordance with an operation input by a user, and displays an image for... Agent:

20150023580 - Microcalcification detection and classification in radiographic images: An analysis of a digitized image is provided. The digitized image is repeatedly convolved to form first convolved images, which first convolved images are convolved a second time to form second convolved images. Each first convolved image and the respective second convolved image representing a stage, and each stage represents... Agent:

20150023581 - Method for generating an electronic/digital banknote and machine for carrying out the said method:

20150023582 - Method and system for resolution conversion of textual content or magnetic ink character recognition (micr) content: A method and a system for resolution conversion of textual content or Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) content in an image are provided. The method includes receiving image data of the image, the image data having a plurality of image planes having essentially the same resolution, wherein at least one... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150023584 - Adaptive pattern generation: Embodiments of the present invention provide systems and method for adaptively generating a pattern for fabricating semiconductor devices, the method comprising obtaining image data of a surface, and dynamically modifying a pattern to be applied to the surface based on the obtained image data.... Agent:

20150023583 - Methods and systems for determining a dose-to-clear of a photoresist: A method of determining a dose-to-clear of a photoresist on a wafer includes providing an image of the wafer after the photoresist was exposed to a dose of energy and was developed, transforming the image of the wafer into frequency spectrum data, calculating an average frequency spectrum component of the... Agent:

20150023586 - Depth map generation method, related system and computer program product: A depth map is generated from at least a first and a second image. A plurality of reference pixels in the first image are selected and associated with respective pixels in the second image. A disparity between each reference pixel and the respective pixel in said second image is determined,... Agent:

20150023588 - Depth map generation method, related system and computer program product: A depth map is generated from at least a first and a second image. A plurality of reference pixels are selected in the first image. A cost function is used to associate each reference pixel with a respective pixel in the second image. A masking operation is used to identify... Agent:

20150023589 - Image recording device, three-dimensional image reproducing device, image recording method, and three-dimensional image reproducing method: The image recording device includes: an image information obtaining unit obtaining a first image of the object viewed from a first viewpoint, a second image of the object viewed from a second viewpoint, and viewpoint positions each for one of the viewpoints; a depth information generating unit generating depth information... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150023585 - Matching search method and system: A matching search method is utilized for performing a matching search from a first image block to a second image block in a stereo matching system. The matching search method includes obtaining a global offset of the first image block corresponding to the second image block according to an offset... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20150023587 - Method for generating a depth map, related system and computer program product: A depth map is generated from at least a first and a second image. Generally, a plurality of reference pixels are selected in the first image and associated with respective pixels in the second image. Next, the disparity between each reference pixel and the respective pixel in said second image... Agent:

20150023590 - Method and system for human action recognition: A method and a system for human action recognition are provided. In the method, a plurality of training data corresponding to a plurality of gestures are received and clustered into at least one group according to similarity between the training data, where the training data represent the gestures, and a... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20150023591 - Optical analysis of a point of aim of a projectile discharge device: A system and method for performing an optical analysis of a point of aim of a projectile discharge device includes capturing and storing a first image in a first temporary storage location, capturing and storing a second image in a second temporary storage location, comparing the second image with the... Agent:

20150023592 - Lifeform image analysis system, lifeform image analysis method, and lifeform image analysis program: A image input means 81 inputs a lifeform image which is a captured image of a lifeform sample. A structure standard color storage means 82 stores a standard color of a structure included in the lifeform image. A structure extraction means 83 extracts a target structure from the lifeform image.... Agent:

20150023593 - Image processing method for character recognition, character recognition apparatus using this method, and program: An image processing method of processing a gray-scale image of character strings arranged in a plurality of lines of text, for character recognition, includes setting at least a part of a range, in which the character strings in the gray-scale image area are distributed, as a search area, and setting,... Agent: Omron Corporation

20150023594 - Transforming wide dynamic range images to reduced dynamic range images: A method of transforming an N-bit raw wide dynamic range (WDR) Bayer image to a K-bit raw red-green-blue (RGB) image wherein N>K is provided that includes converting the N-bit raw WDR Bayer image to an N-bit raw RGB image, computing a luminance image from the N-bit raw RGB image, computing... Agent:

20150023595 - Method for rendering paths without outlining artifacts: A method for outlining a two-dimensional input path defined according to a nonzero winding rule is described. Degenerate segments and degenerate contours of the input path are removed. Intersections of the input path are determined. Contours of the input path that include intersections are marked. Unmarked interior contours are removed.... Agent:

20150023596 - Person clothing feature extraction device, person search device, and processing method thereof: A person's region is detected from input video of a surveillance camera; a person's direction in the person's region is determined; the separability of person's clothes is determined to generate clothing segment separation information; furthermore, clothing features representing visual features of person's clothes in the person's region are extracted in... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150023597 - Feature sensitive captioning of media content: There are provided methods and systems for use in performing feature sensitive captioning of media content. In one implementation, such a method includes detecting an aesthetically determinative feature of a media content unit selected by a user, and determining a captioning aesthetic for a caption of the media content unit... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20150023598 - Recognition dictionary evaluation apparatus and recognition dictionary evaluation method: In accordance with one embodiment, a recognition dictionary evaluation apparatus calculates, in response to the update of a recognition dictionary file, a recognition rate by item of each commodity according to feature amount data of the updated recognition dictionary file; evaluates the recognition dictionary file based on the calculated recognition... Agent:

20150023600 - Authorizing the use of a biometric card: Embodiments of the present invention provide a system and method for authorizing the use of a biometric transaction card. Specifically, embodiments of the present invention provide a biometric card having a biometric sensor to determine whether the biometric information (fingerprint) is from human skin. In a typical embodiment, the cardholder... Agent:

20150023599 - Optical match character classification: Machines, systems and methods for enhanced optical character recognition are provided. In one embodiment, the method comprises identifying a sample character in a textual context to be optically recognized; comparing the sample character with a template character, wherein the sample character is scaled into a first grid and the template... Agent:

20150023602 - Fast recognition algorithm processing, systems and methods: Systems and methods of quickly recognizing or differentiating many objects are presented. Contemplated systems include an object model database storing recognition models associated with known modeled objects. The object identifiers can be indexed in the object model database based on recognition features derived from key frames of the modeled object.... Agent:

20150023601 - Robust analysis for deformable object classification and recognition by image sensors: A method and a system of identifying deformable objects in digital images using processing circuitry are disclosed. The method includes partitioning, using the processing circuitry, a composite image into M composite blocks. An input image is partitioned into M input blocks. Each input block is paired with a corresponding composite... Agent:

20150023603 - Head-pose invariant recognition of facial expressions: A system facilitates automatic recognition of facial expressions. The system includes a data access module and an expression engine. The expression engine further includes a set of specialized expression engines, a pose detection module, and a combiner module. The data access module accesses a facial image of a head. The... Agent:

20150023604 - Card art display: Providing improved card art for display comprises receiving, by one or more computing devices, an image of a card and performing an image recognition algorithm on the image. The computing device identifies images represented on the card image and comparing the identified images to an image database. The computing device... Agent: Google Inc.

20150023605 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium: An information processing apparatus includes a comparing target image acquisition unit that acquires a comparing target image that is to be compared with an original image, a difference detection unit that detects one or more difference information items by comparing the original image and the comparing target image, and an... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd

20150023606 - Reliability acquiring apparatus, reliability acquiring method, and reliability acquiring program: A reliability acquiring apparatus includes a section that stores information on a classifier that outputs part likelihood concerning a predetermined part of a detection target when applied to an image, a section that calculates, concerning an image region included in an input image, the part likelihood on the basis of... Agent: Nrc Corporation

20150023607 - Gesture recognition method and apparatus based on analysis of multiple candidate boundaries: An image processing system comprises an image processor configured to identify a plurality of candidate boundaries in an image, to obtain corresponding modified images for respective ones of the candidate boundaries, to apply a mapping function to each of the modified images to generate a corresponding vector, to determine sets... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150023608 - Method and apparatus for compressed sensing: Method and apparatus for compressed sensing yields acceptable quality reconstructions of an object from reduced numbers of measurements. A component x of a signal or image is represented as a vector having m entries. Measurements y, comprising a vector with n entries, where n is less than m, are made.... Agent:

20150023609 - Method and apparatus for decoding a progressive jpeg image: A progressive JPEG (joint photographic experts group) decoder is disclosed. The progressive JPEG decoder includes a processing unit that receives a plurality of progressive scans and generates a plurality of modified progressive scans (MPSs). A baseline JPEG decoder, coupled to the processing unit, includes a Huffman decoder, an inverse quantization... Agent:

20150023610 - Encoding method and system using block-based quantization level thereof: An encoding method and system using block-based quantization levels. In the encoding method, the encoding system calculates a feature value according to an image characteristic corresponding to a subject block to be quantized, the subject block being included in image information to be compressed, determines a quantization level of the... Agent:

20150023611 - Method and device for generating a super-resolution version of a low resolution input data structure: The invention relates to the improvement of the resolution of regularly sampled multi-dimensional signals, where a single low-resolution signal is available. These methods are generically referred to as example-based super-resolution or single-image super-resolution. The method for super-resolving a single image comprises three stages. First, an interpolation-based up-scaling of the input... Agent:

20150023612 - Method of inserting an image into a container file: A method of inserting an image into a container file includes reading source data including the image and opening the container file where the image will be stored. The container file comprises one or more records. Each record includes an image file section reserved for storing the image, an image... Agent: Pixia Corp.

01/15/2015 > 92 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20150016664 - Methods and arrangements involving substrate marking: First and second patterns are formed on a substrate. A spatial offset between the patterns is determined, and stored for later use in authenticating the substrate. (One or both of the patterns may convey steganographic information. One pattern may be printed, while the other may be embossed.) A smartphone can... Agent:

20150016662 - Pattern matching method and electronic device therefor: A method and apparatus verify whether a pattern extracted from an image or a video frame is identical to an original pattern in an electronic device. The method includes extracting a pattern and converting the extracted pattern into a first pattern of a binarized grid type, verifying pixel information of... Agent:

20150016661 - Watermarking and signal recognition for managing and sharing captured content, metadata discovery and related arrangements: Content played at an event is identified using watermarking and/or other content recognition combined with contextual metadata, which facilitates identification and correlation with other content and metadata when it is posted to a network.... Agent: Digimarc Corporation

20150016663 - Watermarking in an encrypted domain: Methods, apparatus and systems for embedding auxiliary information in encrypted host signals are provided. The present invention enables secure application of digital watermarks at any point in the transmission and/or distribution of digital content by enabling the insertion of a plurality of digital watermarks, without the knowledge of the encryption/decryption... Agent:

20150016665 - Mail box indicator system: A system for indicating a contents change and transmitting a related wireless signal, the signal including a movement detecting and signal transmitting member for mounting on or proximate to the object whose movement is to be detected, a signal receiving and alarm generating member for receiving a signal from the... Agent:

20150016678 - Apparatus and method of predicting turns of vehicle: An apparatus predicts a turn of a vehicle based on a picked-up image of a forward view of the vehicle. The forward view is imaged by an on-vehicle sensor to repeatedly acquire images. The acquired images include position coordinate information of a light source and information indicating whether the light... Agent: Denso Corporation

20150016669 - Automated remote car counting: A system for automated car counting comprises a satellite-based image collection subsystem; a data storage subsystem; and an analysis software module stored and operating on a computer coupled to the data storage subsystem. The satellite-based image collection subsystem collects images corresponding to a plurality of areas of interest and stores... Agent: Digitalglobe, Inc.

20150016672 - Commodity recognition apparatus and commodity recognition method: The commodity recognition apparatus displays a frame for surrounding a commodity in an image captured by an image capturing module. Then the commodity recognition apparatus recognizes a candidate of the commodity imaged in the frame according to the feature amount of the image in the area surrounded by the frame,... Agent:

20150016679 - Feature extraction device, feature extraction method, and feature extraction program: Device (10) comprises: a comparison object pixel acquisition unit (433) which acquires pixel values of a plurality of comparison object pixels which, when each pixel of an image is designated as a pixel of interest, and a ring-shaped region with the pixel of interest being designated as the center thereof... Agent:

20150016677 - High accuracy beam placement for local area navigation: An improved method of high accuracy beam placement for local area navigation in the field of semiconductor chip manufacturing. Preferred embodiments of the present invention can also be used to rapidly navigate to one single bit cell in a memory array or similar structure, for example to characterize or correct... Agent: Fei Company

20150016680 - Hybrid precision tracking: Disclosed herein are through-the-lens tracking systems and methods which can enable sub-pixel accurate camera tracking suitable for real-time set extensions. That is, the through-the-lens tracking can make an existing lower precision camera tracking and compositing system into a real-time VFX system capable of sub-pixel accurate real-time camera tracking. With this... Agent:

20150016673 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program: An image processing apparatus includes: an object setting section that sets an object image indicating an object which is placed in an image generated by an image capturing section; a detection section that detects the object included in a synthetic image in which the object image and the image generated... Agent:

20150016686 - Image processing apparatus, method, and program: An image processing apparatus, including a filtering unit that performs filtering on an image using a second order partial differential and calculates a Hessian matrix and an evaluation unit that discriminates a structure included in the image using eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the Hessian matrix, in which the filtering unit... Agent:

20150016683 - Image processing device, image processing method, and program: Provided is an image processing device including a global motion detection unit configured to detect a global motion indicating a motion of an entire image, a local motion detection unit configured to detect a local motion indicating a motion of each of areas of an image, and a main subject... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150016685 - Information processing device, information processing system, and program: There is provided an information processing device including a control unit to generate play event information based on a determination whether detected behavior of a user is a predetermined play event.... Agent:

20150016674 - Method and apparatus for connecting devices using eye tracking: A method for connecting an electronic device using an eye-tracking technique and an electronic device that implements the method are provided. The method includes acquiring eye-tracking information, obtaining image information corresponding to the eye-tracking information, comparing the image information with specific information about at least one external device, and based... Agent:

20150016666 - Method and apparatus for determining geolocation of image contents: A method and apparatus for determining a location of an object depicted in an image are disclosed. The location of an object depicted in an image is determined based on one or more of a camera location at a time the image was captured, object distance data, and camera orientation.... Agent: Google Inc.

20150016687 - Method, system and computer storage medium for face detection: In a face detection method, preprocess an image, and extract corners from the preprocessed image. Then, filter and combine the corners to obtain a connected component for the corners. Extract a centroid from the connected component of the corners, and match the centroid with a facial template. Then, calculate a... Agent:

20150016670 - Methods and systems for image recognition: A method and system for image recognition are disclosed. The method includes the steps of acquiring image information for a target object to be recognized at a terminal device; transferring said image information to a server, wherein the server applies feature recognition techniques to the image information, and returns a... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20150016684 - Object detection device, object detection method, and object detection program: An object detection device includes a raster scan execution unit that executes a raster scan on an input image using a scan window in order to detect an object within the input image which is input by an image input unit, a scan point acquisition unit that acquires scan points... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150016667 - Object recognition for 3d models and 2d drawings: A first method is disclosed for recognizing 3D objects in 3D models created by 3D scanners, depth sensing cameras or created by a 3D modeling software application. A second method is disclosed for recognizing 2D objects in drawings. The 3D/2D objects can be individual objects that have simple forms or... Agent:

20150016682 - Reference-based motion tracking during non-invasive therapy: During a focused-ultrasound or other non-invasive treatment procedure, the motion of the treatment target or other object(s) of interest can be tracked in real time based on the comparison of treatment images against a reference library of images that have been acquired prior to treatment for the anticipated range of... Agent:

20150016688 - Salient point-based arrangements: A variety of methods and systems involving sensor-equipped portable devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, are described. One particular embodiment decodes a digital watermark from imagery captured by the device and, by reference to watermark payload data, obtains salient point data corresponding to an object depicted in the imagery.... Agent:

20150016671 - Setting apparatus, output method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium: A setting apparatus that configures a setting for detecting that an object existing at different positions in images corresponding to different times has passed through a detection line or a detection area composites, on an image, an indication indicating a trajectory of an object in an image, and outputs the... Agent:

20150016668 - Settlement mapping systems: A system detects settlements from images. A processor reads image data. The processor is programmed by processing only a portion of the image data designated a settlement by a user. The processor transforms the image data into a settlement classification or a non-settlement classification by discriminating pixels within the images... Agent:

20150016676 - System and method for detecting object using depth information: A system for detecting an object is provided. The system includes a depth image receiver that receives a depth image from a depth camera; a strong classifier that classifies an object region and a non-object region in the depth image based on a characteristic of an object; and an object... Agent:

20150016675 - Terminal apparatus, information processing system, and information processing method: A terminal apparatus includes a first execution unit. The first execution unit includes an acquisition unit that acquires a captured image captured by an image capturing unit, a transmitting unit that transmits the captured image acquired by the acquisition unit to an image search system including a storage unit, in... Agent:

20150016681 - Three-dimensional object detection device: A three-dimensional object detection device includes an image capturing unit, an image conversion unit, a three-dimensional object detection unit, a movement speed calculation unit, a three-dimensional object assessment unit, a non-detection-object assessment unit and a control unit. The image conversion unit converts a viewpoint of the images to create bird's-eye... Agent:

20150016689 - Pitch determination systems and methods for aerial roof estimation: User interface systems and methods for roof estimation are described. Example embodiments include a roof estimation system that provides a user interface configured to facilitate roof model generation based on one or more aerial images of a building roof. In one embodiment, roof model generation includes image registration, image lean... Agent:

20150016690 - Methods and apparatus for refractive flow measurement: An imaging method and corresponding apparatus according to an embodiment of the present invention enables measurement and visualization of fluid flow. An embodiment method includes obtaining video captured by a video camera with an imaging plane. Representations of motions in the video are correlated. A textured background of the scene... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20150016691 - Image tagging user interface: An image having a region tagged by a first user is obtained. The tag can include a first label of a person in the region, and the label can be used by the first user to identify the person in the region. Then, a second label of the person is... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150016692 - Methods for performing biometric recognition of a human eye and corroboration of same: A method of biometric recognition is provided. Multiple images of the face or other non-iris image and iris of an individual are acquired. If the multiple images are determined to form an expected sequence of images, the face and iris images are associated together. A single camera preferably acquires both... Agent:

20150016693 - Method and apparatus for prioritizing image quality of a particular subject within an image: A device capable of digital imaging detects multiple faces in image data received from an image sensor, performs pattern recognition to check if at least one of the detected faces is a priority face belonging to a ranked set of reference faces, adjusting at least one imaging related parameter (e.g.,... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150016694 - Electronic device providing downloading of enrollment finger biometric data via short-range wireless communication: An electronic system may include a first electronic device comprising a first finger biometric sensor, a first processor capable of collecting enrollment finger biometric data from the first finger biometric sensor, and a first short-range wireless transceiver coupled to the first processor. The system may further include a second electronic... Agent:

20150016695 - Method and apparatus for recognizing fingerprints: A fingerprint recognition method and apparatus are provided for quickly and accurately authenticating a user using a direction of a fingerprint. The fingerprint recognition method includes sensing a fingerprint input from a user; creating fingerprint data including a direction angle of the fingerprint input; and authenticating the user based on... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150016696 - User authentication method and device: A method for checking the genuineness of a finger includes: a capture step during which a capture device captures a full field OCT image of the face of the finger; a co-occurrence matrix computing step during which a processing unit computes the co-occurrence matrix of the image thus captured; an... Agent:

20150016698 - Electronic device providing biometric authentication based upon multiple biometric template types and related methods: An electronic system may include an authentication device capable of performing authentication based upon a first type of finger biometric template, and an electronic device. The electronic device may include a wireless transceiver, a finger biometric sensor, and a processor cooperating with the finger biometric sensor and capable of performing... Agent:

20150016697 - Finger biometric sensor data synchronization via a cloud computing device and related methods: An electronic system may include a first electronic device comprising a first finger biometric sensor and a first processor. The first processor may be capable of collecting enrollment finger biometric data from the first finger biometric sensor. The system may further include a cloud computing device capable of uploading and... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150016699 - Phantom image classification: A computing device uses image metadata to perform a first sub-classification of an image, wherein the first sub-classification is deterministic, then uses a combination of image data and the image metadata to perform a second sub-classification, further in a third sub-classification, uses image data to make a probabilistic classification of... Agent: Radiological Imaging Technology, Inc.

20150016700 - System and method for displaying motility events in an in vivo image stream: A system and method may analyse and display intestinal motility events, based on an image stream captured by an in vivo imaging device. According to some embodiments, the system includes a storage unit to store image frames from the image stream, a processor to select a strip of pixels from... Agent:

20150016702 - Automated methods and systems for vascular plaque detection and analysis: Automated methods and systems for the detection and analysis of plaque in one or more regions of a patient's vasculature are described.... Agent: Ischem Corporation

20150016704 - Imaging apparatus for imaging an object: The invention relates to an imaging apparatus for imaging an object. A geometric relation determination unit (10) determines a geometric relation between first and second images of the object, wherein a marker determination unit (14) determines corresponding marker locations in the first and second images and marker appearances based on... Agent:

20150016703 - Method for image registration: A method (30) for image registration of sections, in particular for image registration of histological sections, is described. The method comprises reading in (32) of a data set for at least two sections, wherein each of the data sets comprises m images of each section in m resolution levels (11,... Agent:

20150016701 - Pulse sequence-based intensity normalization and contrast synthesis for magnetic resonance imaging: According to one or more of the embodiments herein, a subject image of biological tissue is acquired from a pulse sequence of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device, and one or more pulse sequence parameters used to acquire the subject image may be estimated based on a relationship between the... Agent:

20150016705 - Fluoroscopy apparatus and fluoroscopy apparatus operating method: The invention provides a fluoroscopy apparatus including an image-capturing device that acquires a fluorescence image of a subject; a sensitivity adjusting portion that sets a sensitivity of the image-capturing device to fluorescence on the basis of a gradation value of the fluorescence image; a notifying portion that extracts a lesion... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150016706 - Banknote counting and authenticating machine and method thereof: A machine includes an electronic control module for conducting authentication process of a banknote and transiting/receiving every module signal to control operation of a user interface; an image control module for activating an image sensor to read and authenticate the banknote upon receipt of a banknote input signal from the... Agent: Climax Machine Industry Co., Ltd.

20150016707 - Device stand for point-of-sale mobile devices: This disclosure describes systems, methods, and computer-readable media related to employing adaptive multi-feature semantic location sensing methods to estimate the semantic location of a mobile device. An image of a transaction document may be captured. The captured image to a processing server for processing magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) information... Agent:

20150016710 - Image processing architecture: An inspection system that receives image data corresponding to an image and processes the image data to produce a report corresponding to characteristics of the image. Interface cards receive the image data in a flow, where each interface card receives image data corresponding to a different portion of the image.... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20150016708 - Pattern characterisation method: A method of characterizing a pattern includes determining an image of the contour of the pattern to be characterized with an imagining instrumentation; processing the image, the processing including determining a plurality of points located along the contour and sampled according to a given sampling interval; for each point, identifying... Agent:

20150016709 - Pattern sensing device and semiconductor sensing system: An object of the invention is to provide a pattern measuring device for generating appropriate reference pattern data while suppressing an increase in the manufacturing cost that would occur when manufacturing conditions are finely changed. A pattern measuring device has an arithmetic processing unit for measuring a pattern formed on... Agent: Hitachi High- Technologies Corporation

20150016711 - Devices, systems, and methods for classifying materials based on a bidirectional reflectance distribution function: Systems, devices, and methods for classifying a sample by material type measure a reflection of a sample at an illumination angle and an observation angle in at least two spectral bands, calculate a feature value for the sample based on an estimated ratio value of the at least two spectral... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20150016713 - Image processing device and image processing method: There is provided an image processing device including a depth generation unit configured to generate, based on an image of a current frame and an image of a preceding frame of the current frame, a depth image indicating a position of a subject in a depth direction in the image... Agent:

20150016712 - Methods for object recognition and related arrangements: Methods and arrangements involving portable user devices such smartphones and wearable electronic devices are disclosed, as well as other devices and sensors distributed within an ambient environment. Some arrangements enable a user to perform an object recognition process in a computationally- and time-efficient manner. Other arrangements enable users and other... Agent: Digimarc Corporation

20150016714 - Tagging virtualized content: Techniques for tagging virtualized content are disclosed. In some embodiments, a modeled three-dimensional scene of objects representing abstracted source content is generated and analyzed to determine a contextual characteristic of the scene that is based on a plurality of objects comprising the scene. The modeled scene is tagged with a... Agent:

20150016715 - Output device and output system: An output device has a first input portion that inputs data of a target state, a second input portion that inputs data of a current state, a sensing portion that senses a state of a shift portion that shifts from the current state to another state including the target state... Agent: Omron Corporation

20150016717 - Opacity measurement using a global pixel set: A computing device is described herein that is configured to select a pixel pair including a foreground pixel of an image and a background pixel of the image from a global set of pixels based at least on spatial distances from an unknown pixel and color distances from the unknown... Agent:

20150016716 - Systems and methods for note content extraction and management by segmenting notes: Techniques for creating and manipulating software notes representative of physical notes are described. A note management system comprises a sensor configured to capture an image data of a physical note, wherein the note is separated into one or more segments using marks, wherein each of the segments is marked by... Agent:

20150016718 - Systems and methods for note content extraction and management using segmented notes: Techniques for creating and manipulating software notes representative of physical notes are described. A note management system comprises a note recognition module configured to receive image data capturing a note having a plurality of color segments, wherein the note recognition module is further configured to generate a plurality of indicators,... Agent:

20150016720 - Guided image filtering for image content: Apparatus 10 for processing image data comprises an input 11 arranged to receive image data representing an image. The image data comprises a luminance component 13 at a first spatial resolution and at least one chrominance component 14 at a second, lower, spatial resolution. An up-sampling unit 18 up-samples the... Agent:

20150016719 - Methods of sifting out significant visual patterns from visual data: An embodiment of the invention provides a method performed by an electronic device. Under the method, the electronic device first analyzes significance-indication information of an image block of visual data to determine whether the image block encompasses a significant visual pattern. The significance-indication information includes the image block's time domain... Agent:

20150016722 - Image processing device and method: A region determination circuit (60) determines whether or not each of the pixels in an image is within a region subject to correction, in which pixels having at most a predetermined brightness level appear with a frequency equal to or less than a predetermined value. An offset level generation circuit... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150016721 - Image-quality improvement method, apparatus, and recording medium: An image-quality improvement method is provided. The image-quality improvement method includes detecting an area of interest from an input image; generating a color distribution map based on a plurality of respective brightness elements and a plurality of respective chroma elements of a plurality of pixels which belong to a predetermined... Agent: Soongsil University Research Consortium Techno- Park

20150016723 - Method and system for comparing images: A method comparing first and second images, including: identifying and matching first and second keypoints in the first and second images; arranging a distribution of values of a calculated plurality of first distance ratios in a histogram; determining a number of correct keypoint matches, including: determining a matrix, each matrix... Agent: Telecom Italia S.p.a.

20150016724 - Method for determining the extent of a foreground object in an image: Embodiments are directed towards determining within a digital camera whether a pixel belongs to a foreground or background segment within a given image by evaluating a ratio of derivative and deviation metrics in an area around each pixel in the image, or ratios of derivative metrics across a plurality of... Agent:

20150016725 - Retrieval method and electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, a retrieval method includes receiving a first stroke corresponding to a retrieval key for retrieving a handwritten stroke stored in a memory of an electronic apparatus; acquiring, if the first stroke comprises a second stroke for filling an area and a third stroke not for filling... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150016726 - Method and electronic device for processing handwritten object: According to one embodiment, a handwriting process method includes displaying a handwritten object on a touch-screen display of an electronic device, the handwritten object includes a plurality of strokes, the plurality of strokes being input by handwriting, detecting a touch operation at a location on at least part of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150016729 - Image search device, image search method, program, and computer-readable storage medium: An image search device is configured to: obtain a plurality of query feature amounts each indicating a local feature of an image serving as a query; select image feature amounts respectively corresponding to the respective query feature amounts so that one image feature amount is selected relative to one of... Agent: Rakuten, Inc.

20150016728 - Intelligent landmark selection to improve registration accuracy in multimodal image fushion: Systems and methods for image registration includes an image feature detection module (116) configured to identify internal landmarks of a first image (110). An image registration and transformation module (118) is configured to compute a registration transformation, using a processor, to register a second image (112) with the first image... Agent:

20150016727 - Methods and systems for selecting an image in a network environment: Systems and methods for collecting, selecting, and displaying an image or image set in a network based environment are described. The systems and methods can collect multiple images for any given item from multiple sources, select a desired image (or set of images) that best depicts that item, and then... Agent:

20150016730 - Methods, apparatus, and articles of manufacture to measure geographical features using an image of a geographical location: Methods, apparatus, and articles of manufacture to measure geographical features using an image of a geographical location are disclosed. An example method includes dividing an image of a geographic area of interest into geographical zones, the geographical zones being representative of different physical geographical areas; modifying boundaries of a first... Agent:

20150016731 - Pattern matching method and pattern matching apparatus: According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a pattern matching method of detecting an image of a detection target from a search image, comprising: obtaining a reference image of the detection target; generating the model edge image on a basis of the reference image; generating the... Agent:

20150016732 - Systems and methods for using curvatures to analyze facial and body features: Systems and methods of providing an attractiveness analysis are disclosed. In some embodiments, an electronic analysis platform is configured to obtain image data and curvature data to provide an attractiveness analysis to a user via a physical interface. Curvature data could comprise any data indicative of a curvature of a... Agent:

20150016733 - Method and device for notification of facial recognition environment, and computer-readable recording medium for executing method: According to a method for providing a notification on a face recognition environment of the present disclosure, the method includes obtaining an input image that is input in a preview state, comparing feature information for a face included in the input image with feature information for a plurality of reference... Agent:

20150016735 - Image encoding apparatus, image decoding apparatus, image processing apparatus, and control method thereof: This invention makes it possible to detect only a relatively large mismatch while allowing a mismatch to some extent between an LDR image and HDR information, which are stored in a single file, caused by editing of the LDR image. An apparatus of this invention generates, from an input HDR... Agent:

20150016734 - Image processing apparatus and recording medium: An image processing apparatus includes a reconfigurable circuit, a compression unit, an image processing unit, and a controller. The reconfigurable circuit has a reconfigurable circuit configuration. The compression unit is configured as a circuit in the reconfigurable circuit to compress image data. The image processing unit is configured as a... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd

20150016736 - Method for providing real-time service of huge and high quality digital image on internet: A method for providing real time service of huge and high quality digital image on internet is disclosed, wherein data relevant to a general life such as a general photo, an advertising leaflet, and a pamphlet and professional image data exhibited in an art gallery, exhibition grounds, a pavilion are... Agent: Innotive Corporation

20150016737 - Methods and apparatuses for encoding/decoding high resolution images: The invention relates to methods and apparatuses for encoding/decoding high resolution images, which involve setting the size of the prediction unit to be encoded to an expanded macro-block size in accordance with the temporal frequency characteristics or spatial frequency characteristics among pictures to be encoded, and performing motion prediction motion... Agent:

20150016741 - Apparatus and method for encoding/decoding images for intra-prediction: A method of decoding an image includes the steps of restoring a residual value by performing inverse quantization and inverse transform on the residual value by entropy decoding a received bit stream, generating a prediction unit by performing intra prediction selectively using one of a plurality of prediction modes on... Agent:

20150016738 - Methods and apparatuses for encoding/decoding high resolution images: The invention relates to methods and apparatuses for encoding/decoding high resolution images, which involve setting the size of the prediction unit to be encoded to an expanded macro-block size in accordance with the temporal frequency characteristics or spatial frequency characteristics among pictures to be encoded, and performing motion prediction motion... Agent:

20150016739 - Methods and apparatuses for encoding/decoding high resolution images: The invention relates to methods and apparatuses for encoding/decoding high resolution images, which involve setting the size of the prediction unit to be encoded to an expanded macro-block size in accordance with the temporal frequency characteristics or spatial frequency characteristics among pictures to be encoded, and performing motion prediction motion... Agent:

20150016740 - Methods and apparatuses for encoding/decoding high resolution images: The invention relates to methods and apparatuses for encoding/decoding high resolution images, which involve setting the size of the prediction unit to be encoded to an expanded macro-block size in accordance with the temporal frequency characteristics or spatial frequency characteristics among pictures to be encoded, and performing motion prediction motion... Agent:

20150016742 - Methods for compensating decoding error in three-dimensional models: Encoders compress 3D images and compensate for decoding error using instance component decoders which decode instance components of the 3D image to generate decoded instance components, error calculation units which compare the decoded instance components with corresponding uncompressed instance components to calculate decoding errors, and determination units which determine if... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20150016744 - Diagnostic ultrasound apparatus: In ultrasound images, there are many stationary echoes in the region superficial to the deep region comprising the heart. In the present invention, a HPF processing unit (20) filters frame data by applying a high pass filter, the characteristics of which have been set according to the depth in the... Agent: Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd.

20150016743 - Enhancing perceived sharpness of images: A method of enhancing the perceived sharpness of an image by controlling a spatial interpolation process. A pixel value spatial gradient measure is formed and used to generate a map of modified pixel positions. In this map, the pixel spacing is reduced when the gradient measure is high. By using... Agent:

20150016745 - Method for determining noise level: The present invention relates to a method for determining noise levels in a subband of an image. The method comprises receiving the subband of the image, defining block regions in the at least two space domains of the subband, for each defined block region, identifying first wavelet coefficients associated with... Agent:

20150016746 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An example image processor provides a distortion-corrected image including a masking area having improved appearance. The image processor includes: a masking area retaining section that retains a masking area set for an image having distortion; a masking execution section that performs masking processing for the image having distortion using the... Agent:

20150016747 - Image processor and image combination method thereof: An image processor and an image combination method thereof are provided. The image processor includes a processing unit for performing the image combination method, and a storing unit for storing an original image and an output image. The image combination method includes the following steps. First, the original image is... Agent:

20150016748 - Image processing apparatus, image processing system, and image processing method: Image processing apparatus, an image processing system, and an image processing method. The image processing apparatus includes: an input image processing unit for outputting global information of sample data obtained by sampling first image data and dividing and outputting the first image data into an N (where N is a... Agent:

20150016749 - Image interpolation method and image interpolation device and image apparatus using the same: An image interpolation method and an image interpolation device and an image apparatus using the image interpolation method are provided. The image interpolation method uses a probabilistic neural network model to perform an adaptive interpolation on an image. The image interpolation method includes the following steps. Firstly, plural reference points... Agent: National Central University

20150016752 - Image data display system and image data display program: An image data display system classifies image data into a cluster based on a predetermined condition regardless of whether or not the image data conforms to DCF standard and displays information specific to the image data when displayed as a slide show. A CPU creates a cluster, including a plurality... Agent:

20150016750 - Image processor and method for memory access control: An image processor includes a memory including multiple memory banks each having multiple unit storage areas and holding an image, an image processing unit that processes an image, and an access controller that controls an access from the image processing unit to the memory. In storing the image in the... Agent: Megachips Corporation

20150016751 - System and method for creating a collection of images: System and method for creating a collection of images are described, the method comprising: receiving images from at least one source of images; processing the images to produce an output collection of images, the processing comprising grouping the images to clusters of related images and selecting the preferred images in... Agent:

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