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20150146927 - Accelerated object recognition in an image: A method for recognizing an object (120) in an image (100), in which the recognition of the object (120) comprises a first scaling stage of a scaling region of the image (100), and at least a further scaling stage of the scaling region of the image (100); and in which... Agent:

20150146919 - Apparatus and method for detecting pedestrians: Provided is an image processing apparatus for detecting pedestrians. The image processing apparatus includes a lane detecting module configured to extract a lane coordinate value from an input image and a pedestrian detecting module configured to set, as a pedestrian region of interest (ROI), a region between a first line... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150146928 - Apparatus and method for tracking motion based on hybrid camera: An apparatus and method for tracing a motion of an object using high-resolution image data and low-resolution depth data acquired by a hybrid camera in a motion analysis system used for tracking a motion of a human being. The apparatus includes a data collecting part, a data fusion part, a... Agent:

20150146920 - Gesture recognition method and apparatus utilizing asynchronous multithreaded processing: An image processing system comprises an image processor configured to establish a main processing thread and a parallel processing thread for respective portions of a multithreaded gesture recognition process. The parallel processing thread is configured to utilize buffer circuitry of the image processor, such as one or more double buffers... Agent:

20150146915 - Hardware convolution pre-filter to accelerate object detection: Systems, apparatus, articles, and methods are described related to a hardware-based convolution pre-filter to accelerate object detection.... Agent: Intel Corporation

20150146924 - Image analyzing device, image analyzing method, and recording medium storing image analyzing program: An image analyzing device, an image analyzing method, and a recording medium storing an image analyzing program are provided. Each of the image analyzing device, the image analyzing method, and the recording medium storing the image analyzing program recognizes an area where a target is displayed based on a feature... Agent:

20150146921 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: By inputting decision information used for a user to decide a searching target in a moving-object image PA captured by a monitoring camera imaging an imaging area CamA on a screen P211 indicating a searching and tracking result, as indicated by a hand H1, and by erasing a plot E... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150146917 - Method and system for video-based vehicle tracking adaptable to traffic conditions: A method and system for adaptable video-based object tracking includes acquiring video data from a scene of interest and identifying an initial instance of an object of interest in the acquired video data. A representation of a target object is then established. One or more motion parameters associated with said... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150146925 - Method for recognizing a specific object inside an image and electronic device thereof: A method and an apparatus for recognizing a specific object inside an image in an electronic device are provided. The method includes displaying at least one image; detecting at least one gesture; selecting a recognition function related to at least one object existing in the at least one image according... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150146916 - Method of reducing computational demand for image tracking: A method of reducing computational demand for image tracking includes first receiving a plurality of images of a load hoisted with hanging wire in a preset transitional space, setting at least one monitoring point each at the load and the hanging wire, respectively, providing a tracking frame at the outer... Agent:

20150146926 - Power efficient use of a depth sensor on a mobile device: Systems, apparatus and methods in a mobile device to enable and disable a depth sensor for tracking pose of the mobile device are presented. A mobile device relaying on a camera without a depth sensor may provide inadequate pose estimates, for example, in low light situations. A mobile device with... Agent:

20150146929 - Stationary target detection by exploiting changes in background model: Provided is a computer-implemented method for processing one or more video frames. The meth can include generating, by a processor, a change in value of one or more pixels obtained from the one or more video frames; classifying, by the processor, the change in value of the one or more... Agent:

20150146923 - Systems and methods for tracking a model: An image such as a depth image of a scene may be received, observed, or captured by a device. A grid of voxels may then be generated based on the depth image such that the depth image may be downsampled. A model may be adjusted based on a location or... Agent:

20150146922 - Target detection device and target detection method: A target detection device that determines whether input data acquired from a data input module contains a detection target, the target detection device including: a multi-level data generation module for generating, from the input data, a plurality of data mutually different in an information level, the information level being a... Agent:

20150146918 - Video device for realtime pedaling frequency estimation: A video device for realtime pedaling frequency estimation is mounted on a bike and comprises an image capture unit capturing continuous dynamic images of an upper body of a biker; an image recognition unit recognizing images of symmetric regions of the biker and images of swings of the symmetric regions... Agent: National Chung Cheng University

20150146930 - Image analysis apparatus mounted to vehicle: An image analysis apparatus picks up an image of a region ahead of a vehicle using a camera, and allows a control unit to analyze picked-up image data generated by the camera to learn a focus-of-expansion position. The control unit controls the learning performance as follows. Specifically, the control unit... Agent: Denso Corporation

20150146931 - Method and system for controlling color characteristics of one or more illumination devices: A method for operating illumination sources includes receiving a first set of images of one or more illumination sources that are generated by an image capturing device. The method further includes computing a first distance and a first perspective angle between the image capturing device and each illumination source during... Agent: General Electric Company

20150146933 - Motion analysis method, motion analysis display method, and motion analysis device: A motion analysis device has a determination unit which uses an output from an inertial sensor mounted on at least one of a subject and a tool operated by the subject, to determine a dominant hand of the subject in a swing. The determination unit can determine the dominant hand... Agent:

20150146932 - Motion detection system and method: Provided are a motion detection system and method. The motion detection system includes a pixel-based detector configured to compare a previous frame and a present frame to extract pixel constituting a first foreground region, a region-based detector configured to extract a second foreground region based on peripheral pixels of a... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20150146934 - System for monitoring a surface for gas and oil flow: A system for monitoring for gas and oil flow venting from a surface using time intervals, size and velocity, and using a processor with a data storage containing a bubble flow classification chart and bubble flow categories. The data storage receives at least one: video feed, drilling parameter data feed,... Agent: Berger Geosciences, LLC

20150146936 - Automated saw cut correction for 3d core digital modeling from computerized tomography scanner (cts) images: Computer-implemented methods, systems, and non-transitory computer-readable medium having computer program stored therein are provided to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of modeling a core sample from two-dimensional images of the core sample. Embodiments of the invention include, for example, image registering a plurality of images of transverse sections of a... Agent:

20150146935 - Automated workflow for 3d core digital modeling from computerized tomography scanner (cts) images: Computer-implemented methods, systems, and non-transitory computer-readable medium having computer program stored therein are provided to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of modeling a core sample from images of two-dimensional transverse sections of a core sample. Embodiments of the invention include, for example, image registering a plurality of images of transverse... Agent:

20150146938 - Grain appearance measuring apparatus: A technical object is to enable optical checks to be performed while allowing visual checks using a sample pan to be performed in a pseudo manner using an aggregate image (pseudo image) depicting grains loaded on the sample pan, by optically checking the grains using image information on the grains... Agent:

20150146937 - Method and apparatus for the seurop classification of the conformation of carcasses of slaughtered cattle: An apparatus (1) for the SEUROP classification of the conformation of carcasses of slaughtered cattle, includes:—an acquisition unit (3) adapted to acquire at least one digital image (30) of an outer face of a side (45) of a carcass of a slaughtered bovine, the side (45) including a region of... Agent: Sigma S.r.l.

20150146939 - System and method for automatically discovering, characterizing, classifying and semi-automatically labeling animal behavior and quantitative phenotyping of behaviors in animals: A method for studying the behavior of an animal in an experimental area including stimulating the animal using a stimulus device; collecting data from the animal using a data collection device; analyzing the collected data; and developing a quantitative behavioral primitive from the analyzed data. A system for studying the... Agent:

20150146940 - Implicit terrain data generation method and electronic apparatus for performing the method: The present invention relates to a method of generating implicit terrain data and an electronic apparatus for performing the method, and more particularly to a method of generating implicit terrain data and an electronic apparatus which are capable of minimizing a size of data while maintaining geographical quality of original... Agent:

20150146941 - Biometric identification and verification: In real biometric systems, false match rates and false non-match rates of 0% do not exist. There is always some probability that a purported match is false, and that a genuine match is not identified. The performance of biometric systems is often expressed in part in terms of their false... Agent:

20150146942 - Biological information determination apparatus: A memory stores an image representing biological information of a hand. A processor determines a type of the hand on the basis of a result of comparison between a first feature amount which is based on the size of a first region corresponding to a first finger, among a plurality... Agent:

20150146943 - Method of recognizing contactless fingerprint and electronic device for performing the same: A method of recognizing a contactless fingerprint is provided. The method includes displaying a guide screen for recognizing the contactless fingerprint on a display, receiving an input image of a target object positioned according to the guide screen by using a camera, and determining whether the received input image is... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

20150146944 - Secure human fingerprint sensor: Devices, systems, and techniques are provided for performing human fingerprint detection and authentication for authenticating a request to access a locked mobile device equipped with a fingerprint detection module. In one aspect, responsive to detecting a contact from an object with the fingerprint detection module, described technique can be used... Agent:

20150146945 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for manipulating user interfaces based on fingerprint sensor inputs: An electronic device with a display and a fingerprint sensor displays a fingerprint enrollment interface and detects, on the fingerprint sensor, a plurality of finger gestures performed with a finger. The device collects fingerprint information from the plurality of finger gestures performed with the finger. After collecting the fingerprint information,... Agent:

20150146948 - Computer system and method for image processing: A computer system for image processing has a first working environment with a first program for image processing, as well as a second working environment, logically separated from the first working environment, with a second program for image processing. The first working environment is implemented on a first server. Furthermore,... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150146947 - Medical information processing apparatus: Disclosed is a medical information processing apparatus including a medical information storage unit in which a piece of position information in a model image of a human body and a piece of medical information are stored, a first display control unit which displays a medical image, a specifying unit which... Agent:

20150146946 - Overlay and registration of preoperative data on live video using a portable device: A medical imaging system includes a computer device including a processor (114) and a memory (116) coupled to the processor. The memory stores recorded anatomical images (130) of a subject and a registration module (142) configured to align the recorded anatomical images with real-time images. A portable video display device... Agent: Koninklijke Pjilips N.v.

20150146949 - Image reconstruction from limited or incomplete data: A system and method are provided for reconstructing images from limited or incomplete data, such as few view data or limited angle data or truncated data generated from divergent beams. The method and apparatus may iteratively constrain the variation of an estimated image in order to reconstruct the image. To... Agent: The University Of Chicago

20150146958 - Apparatus and method for detecting error in lesion contour, apparatus and method for correcting error in lesion contour, and apparatus for inspecting error in lesion contour: An apparatus for detecting an error in a contour of a lesion includes an extracting unit configured to extract a contour of a lesion in each of a plurality of two-dimensional image frames that form a three-dimensional image, and an error determining unit configured to determine a presence or an... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150146953 - Image processing apparatus and method, and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: An image processing apparatus includes: when a probe is moved, a shift amount correction section configured to correct an amount of shift from a first frame to a second frame being a frame at different time from the first frame; and a distortion amount calculation section configured to calculate an... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150146954 - Information processing apparatus and control method thereof: An information processing method includes: converting voxel data to node data in which a voxel, which has a brightness value that is outside a certain brightness value range, is set as a first node, and a voxel, which has a brightness value that is within the certain brightness value range,... Agent: The University Of Tokyo

20150146955 - Method and apparatus for reducing artifacts in computed tomography image reconstruction: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for reducing artifacts in CT image reconstruction. The method comprises obtaining an original reconstructed image and an original sinogram and determining a proportion of metal pixels in the original reconstructed image. If the proportion is greater than a first threshold value, then... Agent:

20150146951 - Method and system for quantitative evaluation of image segmentation: A system and method for receiving a medical image, receiving an adaptation of a model of a physical structure, the adaptation relating to the medical image, determining an image quantity of the medical image at each of a plurality of vertices of the adaptation and aggregating the plurality of image... Agent:

20150146956 - Method and system to process magnetic resonance diffusion image data: In a method, a user interface, a magnetic resonance apparatus, and a storage medium encoded with programming instructions, in order to enable processing and/or display of magnetic resonance diffusion image data, diffusion image data are provided to a computer, a signal threshold are provided to a computer, and a b-value... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150146950 - Methods and apparatus to estimate ventricular volumes: Methods and apparatus to estimate ventricular volumes are disclosed. An example computer-implemented method includes preparing a sample set using a prior probability model for a left ventricle and a right ventricle and using a likelihood function to assign a weight to each sample within the sample set. The example method... Agent: General Electric Company

20150146952 - Scatter component estimating method: In a reconstruction processing (S1), reconstruction processing is performed to list mode data to firstly capture a reconstruction image. Then, in a projection step (S2), the reconstruction image obtained in the reconstruction processing step is projected to capture a projection image. In a scatter component extracting step S4, low-frequency components... Agent:

20150146957 - System and method for hybrid local tomography image reconstruction: Methods, processes and systems of image reconstruction utilizing a hybrid local tomography (HLT) methodology for reconstructing internal body images in medical applications, and the like. The system and method of the present invention provides an image with emphasized edges, and the image provides estimations of the attenuation coefficient inside the... Agent:

20150146960 - Correction information generation method and correction information generation apparatus: A correction information generation method and a correction information generation apparatus enabling easy Flat-Field Correction operation without special accessory equipment are provided. The correction information generation method for performing Flat-Field Correction of X-ray detection sensitivity on a pixel detector, includes the steps of: moving the relative position of a detector... Agent: Rigaku Corporation

20150146959 - Method to evaluate the presence of a source of x-ray beam inhomogeneity during x-ray exposure: A statistical analysis is performed on pixel values of at least one region of interest in an image obtained by substantially uniform irradiation of an x-ray detector and deciding upon the presence of a source of x-ray beam in-homogeneity by comparing the results of the statistical analysis with at least... Agent:

20150146961 - Reporting imaged portions of a patient's body part: Described embodiments include a system, method, and computer program product. In a described system, a receiver circuit receives at least two reference images of a patient body part. Each reference image includes a respective landmark subsurface feature of the patient body part, and each imaged landmark subsurface feature has a... Agent:

20150146962 - Modular monitor and control system for cell sorter stream: A modular monitor and control system which monitors the fluid jet and droplet formation region in a stream-in-air cell or particle sorter and controls sheath fluid and sample flows via the first and second valves. The system includes a processor which receives digital video image signals of the fluid jet... Agent:

20150146963 - System and method for processing banknote and check deposits: Currency bills are transported past an image scanner to one or more output receptacles. Each of the bills is imaged to produce image data from which a visually readable image of each bill can be reproduced. The serial number, denomination, and/or secondary identifiers of a bill is attempted to be... Agent:

20150146964 - Inspection apparatus, method, and computer program product for machine vision inspection: A method for vision machine inspection comprises providing depth information of a target acquired by an image capturing system, determining real-time three-dimensional information of a target object in a predetermined inspecting area based on depth information of at least one real-time image of the target. The method further comprises projecting... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150146965 - Optical method for inspecting transparent or translucent containers bearing visual: An optical method of inspecting containers comprises taking an image of each container and determining a search zone in each image of the container, a visible pattern appearing in the search zone. A digital mask is prepared for a treatment zone of the images including the visible pattern and at... Agent:

20150146966 - Methods and media for averaging contours of wafer feature edges: A method of determining an average contour of a patterned feature on a wafer includes providing a reference contour corresponding to the patterned feature on the wafer, providing a plurality of images of the patterned feature, extracting from the plurality of images a plurality of extracted contours that represent the... Agent: Globalfoundries, Inc.

20150146967 - Pattern evaluation device and pattern evaluation method: The present invention relates to a setting method for an image capture area on the occasion of evaluation of a circuit pattern using a scanning charged particle microscope. A circuit pattern that is to be evaluated using an actual image or design data is determined, a plurality of image capture... Agent:

20150146968 - System and method for defect analysis of a substrate: The present disclosure provides a method including providing a first image and a second image. The first image is of a substrate having a defect and the second image is of a reference substrate. A difference between the first image and the second image is determined. A simulation model is... Agent:

20150146969 - Method for detecting a structure to be applied to a substrate with a plurality of optical image acquisition units and an apparatus therefor: A method and an apparatus are disclosed for detecting a structure to be applied to a substrate, such as an adhesive bead or a sealant track, with one or more optical acquisition apparatuses. The images from the optical acquisition apparatuses are combined to form a plan view such that a... Agent:

20150146971 - Mesh reconstruction from heterogeneous sources of data: A system, apparatus, method, computer program product, and computer readable storage medium provide the ability to reconstruct a surface mesh. Photo image data is obtained from a set of overlapping photographic images. Scan data is obtained from a scanner. A point cloud is generated from a combination of the photo... Agent: Autodesk, Inc.

20150146970 - Spherical lighting device with backlighting coronal ring: A method for capturing three-dimensional photographic lighting of a spherical lighting device is described. Calculation of boundaries of the spherical lighting device based on lighting properties of at least one light source in a set location of the spherical lighting device is performed. A mapping of multitude points of the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150146972 - Predicting a light probe for an outdoor image: Methods and systems for predicting light probes for outdoor images are disclosed. A light probe database is created to learn a mapping from the outdoor image's features to predicted outdoor light probe illumination parameters. The database includes a plurality of images, image features for each of the plurality of images,... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20150146973 - Distributed similarity learning for high-dimensional image features: A system and method for distributed similarity learning for high-dimensional image features are described. A set of data features is accessed. Subspaces from a space formed by the set of data features are determined using a set of projection matrices. Each subspace has a dimension lower than a dimension of... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150146974 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium: An image processing apparatus includes a first acquiring unit that acquires an image to be processed; a setting unit that sets multiple partial image areas in the image to be processed; a second acquiring unit that acquires a first classification result indicating a possibility that an object of a specific... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd

20150146976 - Advanced screen content coding solution: A method and device for coding screen content into a bitstream by selecting a color palette table for a coding unit (CU) of screen content, creating a color index map having indices for the coding unit (CU), and encoding the selected color palette table and the color index map for... Agent:

20150146977 - Compression device and compression method: A compression device includes a memory, a compressor, and an adder. The memory has a first area, a second area, and a third area. The first area stores a first totalizing value of a first pixel of a pixel group. The second area stores first selection information corresponding to a... Agent:

20150146978 - Display driving apparatus and driving method thereof: A display driving apparatus and a driving method may improve the compression rate of data. The display driving apparatus may include: an encoder configured to compress data of a Pentile method, using any one of a plurality of encoding methods, and compress the data according to a pattern encoding method... Agent:

20150146975 - Lossless color image compression adaptively using spatial prediction or inter-component prediction: An improved lossless image compression technique involves adaptively selecting between spatial prediction and inter-component prediction techniques depending on which allows better results for any given component of a digital image pixel.... Agent:

20150146981 - Apparatus and method for converting input image data into output image data, image conversion unit for converting input image data into output image data, image processing apparatus, display device: In a method and device for improving image rendition by contrast and/or sharpness enhancement the sharpness enhancement is made dependent on the local average luminance value. A mix is made of spatially enhanced image signals is used, wherein for various signal differing spatial frequencies are boosted. The mixing factors for... Agent:

20150146980 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and non-transitory storage medium: At least one image processing apparatus, and at least one method, of the present invention(s) generate a corrected image obtained by removing, from a color image whose pixel values contain components derived from scattered light, at least part of the components derived from the scattered light. The at least one... Agent:

20150146979 - Techniques to reduce color artifacts in a digital image: Techniques for reducing color artifacts in a digital image are described. In one embodiment, for example, an apparatus may comprise logic, at least a portion of which is in hardware, the logic to determine a respective set of error values for each of a set of lens shading correction (LSC)... Agent:

20150146982 - Methods and apparatus relating to text items in images: A method and an electronic device are provided for obtaining an image or a video frame, including applying to the image or the video frame, at least one image processing technique, scanning the image or the video frame, to identify a text item, determining an item type for the identified... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150146985 - Handwritten document processing apparatus and method: According to one embodiment, a handwritten document processing apparatus is provided with a stroke acquisition unit, a stroke group generation unit and an additional information generation unit. The stroke acquisition unit acquires stroke data. The stroke group generation unit generates stroke groups each including one or a plurality of strokes,... Agent:

20150146983 - Image processing system, information processing apparatus, and recordable medium: An image processing system comprises a generating unit that reads documents and generates a read image including document images; an extracting unit that extracts each of the document images; a character recognizing unit that performs character recognition processing on each the document images; a determining unit that determines whether first... Agent:

20150146984 - System and method for identification and extraction of data: A system and method of for describing target data as a sequence of pattern elements and pattern element groups that comprise an overall target pattern is described. Pattern elements may utilize regular expression syntax along with other metadata that describe the behavior of the element. A pattern element group may... Agent:

20150146986 - Electronic apparatus, method and storage medium: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a display and circuitry. The circuitry is configured to input stroke data corresponding to a handwritten stroke, display a first stroke on the display, change a display mode of the first stroke from a first display mode to a second display mode... Agent:

20150146987 - Method and terminal device for image processing: The present disclosure relates to a method and terminal device for processing an image. The method includes: acquiring face information from a template image, if receiving a request for processing an image containing a face; and applying a photo makeover on the face according to the face information acquired from... Agent:

20150146988 - Image angle variation detection device, image angle variation detection method and image angle variation detection program: An image angle variation detection means 81 detects an image angle variation of a imaging device from videos shot by the imaging device based on fixed point information including the position of a fixed point specified by an image angle of the imaging device and the features indicating the characteristics... Agent:

20150146989 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program: An image processing method includes acquiring the number of feature vectors similar to at least one specific feature vector, including the at least one specific feature vector, among feature vectors of a plurality of keypoints in a comparison source image, and the number of feature vectors similar to the at... Agent:

20150146990 - Pattern extracting device, image projecting device, pattern extracting method, and program: A pattern extracting device, an image projecting device, a pattern extracting method, and a program capable of extracting all the feature points by interpolating defective feature points even when there are defective feature points of an image pattern. The pattern extracting device extracts feature points to be interpolated based on... Agent:

20150146991 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method of identifying object in image: The degree of similarity between corresponding local feature amounts out of a plurality of local feature amounts of the object in the input image and a plurality of local feature amounts of an object in an image registered in advance is obtained. At least one degree of similarity is selected... Agent:

20150146992 - Electronic device and method for recognizing character in electronic device: An electronic device and a method are provided for recognizing a character in the electronic device. The electronic device includes a display unit configured to, upon receipt of an image in a real-time character recognition method, display a character recognition area defined for character recognition adjusted to an inclination angle... Agent:

20150146993 - Generalization of methods and systems for image compression while encoding at least one extra bit: A method for encoding at least one extra bit in an image compression and decompression system. The method includes accessing an input image, and compressing the input image into a compressed image using an encoder system, wherein said encoding system implements an algorithm for encoding at least one extra bit.... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150146994 - Method, system and apparatus for determining a depth value of a pixel: A method of determining a depth value of a fine structure pixel in a first image of a scene using a second image of the scene is disclosed. A gradient orientation for each of a plurality of fine structure pixels in the first image is determined. Difference images are generated... Agent:

20150146996 - Generation method of image restoration filter, image processing method, image pickup apparatus, image processing apparatus, and recording medium: A method for generating an image restoration filter used to correct a deterioration of an image captured through an optical system includes a first step of setting a target restoration gain value representative of a target restoration degree of an absolute value of an optical transfer function of the optical... Agent:

20150146995 - Image enhancement apparatus and image enhancement method: An image enhancement apparatus according to the present invention for generating an output image obtained by sharpening an input image includes a non-linear processing unit configured to carry out non-linear processing on an input image signal representing the input image, a filter unit configured to generate a second signal by... Agent:

20150146997 - Reducing the dynamic range of image data: This disclosure concerns the determination of low dynamic range image data from high dynamic range image data. A processor determines the low dynamic range image data by optimising a degree to which the low dynamic range image data satisfies a local contrast constraint and a global consistency constraint. The local... Agent:

20150146998 - Flicker reducing device, imaging device, and flicker reducing method: This flicker reducing apparatus (200) includes: a line integral value getting section (210) which gets, based on values of pixels included in ones selected from a plurality of horizontal lines that form an image, line integral values of the selected horizontal lines with respect to each image; a discrete Fourier... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

20150146999 - Method and apparatus to correct distortions in magnetic resonance diffusion images: In a method and apparatus to correct distortions in magnetic resonance diffusion images, a distortion model is provided to a computer, at least one reference image is acquired, multiple diffusion images are acquired and after the acquisition of one diffusion image of the multiple diffusion images the following steps are... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150147001 - Image editing apparatus, image editing method, and non-transitory storage medium: An imposing apparatus searches for a layout of objects whose profile shapes (profile lines) do not overlap each other with respect to each of cells that make up an imposition area. The imposing apparatus then adjusts an interval between the objects that have been laid out according to the search... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150147000 - Method and apparatus for fusion of images: A method and an apparatus for improving a main image by fusing the richer information contained in a secondary image are described. A 3D structure of objects contained in the secondary image is retrieved and a parallax-corrected version of the secondary image is generated using the 3D structure. For this... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20150147002 - System and method for registering an image sequence: System (100) for registering an image sequence, comprising:—an input (120) for obtaining the image sequence (200), the image sequence comprising a plurality of images (201 -205) arranged sequentially within an image range;—a transformation processor (140) for establishing transformations between pairs of consecutive images in the image sequence (200) to obtain... Agent:

20150147003 - Content-aware image rotation: According to implementations of this disclosure, image content is rotated in a content-aware fashion. In one implementation, a mesh is formed over an image and image lines in the image content are identified. The image is warped using an energy function that rotates a subset of the lines a predetermined... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150147004 - Modified bicubic interpolation: Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with image scaling are described. According to one embodiment, a method includes acquiring a set of amplitude values describing pixels in an image. A target pixel is identified from the set of pixels and a preceding pixel is identified to the target pixel. An... Agent:

20150147005 - Methods and apparatus for image processing at pixel rate: Embodiments of the present invention provide for improved timing control in 2-D image processing to maintain a constant rate of fetches and pixel outputs even when the processing operations transition to a new line or frame of pixels. A one-to-one relationship between incoming pixel rate and outgoing pixel rate is... Agent: Analog Devices Global

05/21/2015 > 91 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20150139480 - Cross-correlation based system for watermarking media: A cross-correlation based system for watermarking continuous digital media, includes: a) means for retrieving at least one signature parameter (Sj) determined according to a corresponding previous signature (Sj−1) or a predefined initial signature (S0); the S0 being selectable by a user command to a multiplexor that selects either S0 or... Agent:

20150139481 - Identification and purchasing platform: A graphically based encoded image, symbol or icon that can serve as a link from physical material or visual displays to electronic data to retrieve specific or general information. In one example, a graphic image is encoded with a value that is linked to a reference lookup table. For example,... Agent:

20150139491 - Automatic occlusion region identification using radiation imaging modality: Among other things, one or more systems and/or techniques for identifying an occlusion region in an image representative of an object subjected to examination is provided for herein. Such systems and/or techniques may find particular application in the context of object recognition analysis. An image is generated of the object... Agent:

20150139493 - Commodity recognition apparatus and commodity recognition method: In accordance with one embodiment, a commodity recognition apparatus detects, from a captured image, an object imaged in the captured image and extracts an appearance feature amount of the object from the image of the object; compares the extracted appearance feature amount with feature amount data of a dictionary file... Agent:

20150139490 - Discrimination container generation device and pattern detection device: A discriminator generation device 10 includes a feature quantity extraction unit 13 which, using at least two pattern groups having patterns of different sizes for a detection object, extracts a feature quantity of patterns configuring each pattern group, and a discriminator generation unit 14 which generates a discriminator for detecting... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150139495 - Electronic device and method for processing image thereof: A method for processing an image of an electronic device is provided, which includes detecting at least one motion object from image information. When there are two motion objects, determining whether the motion objects are separated from or combined with each other. At least one motion object is extracted the... Agent:

20150139486 - Electronic eyeglasses and method of manufacture thereto: A system and methods for recognizing certain eye or eyelid gestures such as by opening or closing of eyelid or movement of the pupil as signals to trigger certain predesigned desired events. An embodiment comprises of electronic glasses placed in front of the eye to recognize certain eye or eyelid... Agent:

20150139487 - Image processor with static pose recognition module utilizing segmented region of interest: An image processing system comprises an image processor having image processing circuitry and an associated memory. The image processor is configured to implement a gesture recognition system comprising a static pose recognition module. The static pose recognition module is configured to identify a region of interest in at least one... Agent:

20150139492 - Image recognition apparatus and data registration method for image recognition apparatus: An image recognition apparatus is provided, comprising: an extraction unit extracting feature amount data of a subject from an image; a database registering a plurality of pieces of feature amount data extracted from different images of one registered object; and a comparing unit identifying whether or not the subject is... Agent: Omron Corporation

20150139483 - Interactive controls for operating devices and systems: An electric device (e.g., module, interactive controller/switch) comprising a gesture sensor can use the gesture sensor to determine (e.g., detect, recognize, identify, etc.) a gesture performed by a user. If the electric device recognizes the gesture as corresponding to a gestural command to control or operate another device and/or system... Agent:

20150139497 - Liveness detection: An image of a portion of a person's body is accessed, the image having been captured by an image capture device. Using the image, measurements of characteristics in the image are obtained, the characteristics in the image having been selected based on a statistical analysis of characteristics (i) in a... Agent:

20150139488 - Method and system of identifying non-distinctive images/objects in a digital video and tracking such images/objects using temporal and spatial queues: A method and system to identify and locate images/objects which may be characterized as non-distinctive or “feature-less” and which would be difficult to locate by conventional means comprises a plurality of steps including identifying first and second frame markers, increasing granularity between the frame markers, identifying at least one dominant... Agent:

20150139496 - Method for processing image and electronic device thereof: A method of operating an electronic device is provided. The method of operating an electronic device includes displaying an image of a first resolution, determining at least a partial region of the image, and displaying an image of a second resolution corresponding to the partial region.... Agent:

20150139485 - Pose-aligned networks for deep attribute modeling: Technology is disclosed for inferring human attributes from images of people. The attributes can include, for example, gender, age, hair, and/or clothing. The technology uses part-based models, e.g., Poselets, to locate multiple normalized part patches from an image. The normalized part patches are provided into trained convolutional neural networks to... Agent:

20150139494 - Slow change detection system: A slow change detection system includes: an image acquisition unit adapted to acquire a photographed image including consecutive images of a monitored object; a reference image acquisition unit adapted to acquire a reference image corresponding to the photographed image of the monitored object; a reference image area extraction unit adapted... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20150139482 - System and method for updating geographic data: According to one aspect, embodiments of the invention provide a system and method for utilizing the effort expended by a user in responding to a CAPTCHA request to automatically transcribe text from images in order to verify, retrieve and/or update geographic data associated with geographic locations at which the images... Agent: Google Inc.

20150139489 - Task assistance system, task assistance method, and program: A task assistance system includes: a location detection unit (101) for setting a sensing plane in a first face side of a display means capable of displaying a plurality of articles and calculating location information of a hand located on the sensing plane or location information of an object different... Agent: Nec Solution Innovators, Ltd.

20150139484 - Time scale adaptive motion detection: A method and system for efficient non-persistent object motion detection comprises evaluating a video segment to identify at least two first pixel classes corresponding to a plurality of stationary pixels and a plurality of pixels in apparent motion, and evaluating the video segment to identify at least two second pixel... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150139498 - Apparatus and method for tire sidewall crack analysis: An apparatus and method for detecting cracks in automotive tires using an automated optical imaging system that captures an image of the tire, converts the captured image into a grayscale image and next to a binary image, detects discrete shapes from the binary image, bounding each of the discrete shapes... Agent:

20150139499 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An image processing apparatus that obtains a synthesized image of a subject viewed from an arbitrary viewpoint includes a calculator, a storage, and a synthesizer. The calculator calculates a correction value for a pixel value of a pixel that partially constitutes the picked-up images on the basis of a brightness... Agent:

20150139500 - Method and system for optimizing image processing in driver assistance systems: An imager simulator configured to be used in lieu of an imager within a vehicle is provided. The imager simulator includes an image source configured to store pre-determined reference data; and an imager interface unit configured to generate image data based on the pre-determined reference data. The image data conforms... Agent:

20150139504 - Detecting apparatus, detecting system, and detecting method: The present invention provides a detecting apparatus for detecting an abnormal state such as a drop or fall of a person to be observed from a captured image in a real-time manner and realizing improvement in precision of the detection while eliminating the influence of a background image and noise.... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20150139502 - Jump shot and athletic activity analysis system: Techniques where a computer or mobile device performs video analysis of a person performing a physical activity are described. The computer or mobile device performs video analysis based on one or more reference skeletons. The reference skeleton may be superimposed over captured video of the person performing the physical activity... Agent: Mo' Motion Ventures

20150139505 - Method and apparatus for predicting human motion in virtual environment: Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for predicting human motion in a virtual environment. The apparatus includes a motion tracking module configured to estimate a human pose of a current time step based on at least one piece of sensor data and a pre-learned motion model, and a motion... Agent:

20150139503 - Motion parameter estimation: An object motion parameter determiner (122) includes a deformation vector field determiner (210) that determines deformation vector fields for a 4D image set, which includes three or more images corresponding to three or more different motion phases of motion of a moving object. The object motion parameter determiner further includes... Agent:

20150139501 - Wind velocity calibration system and method: A wind velocity calibration system and method for providing highly accurate measurements of the three-dimensional wind velocity vector at high altitudes. The system includes a launcher, a projectile, an artificial aerosol cloud, at least two optical cameras, and an image processor.... Agent:

20150139506 - Client side filtering of card ocr images: The technology of the present disclosure includes computer-implemented methods, computer program products, and systems to filter images before transmitting to a system for optical character recognition (“OCR”). A user computing device obtains a first image of the card from the digital scan of a physical card and analyzes features of... Agent:

20150139507 - Content extracting device, content extracting method and program: An information processing apparatus that obtains intimacy degree information corresponding to identification information of a first person, specifies an extraction period based on the intimacy degree information, and extracts content in the extraction period.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150139508 - Method and apparatus for storing and retrieving personal contact information: Method for a wearable device worn by a first user to generate or retrieve a personal contact record when encountering a second user is disclosed. The method of generating the personal contact record includes capturing a facial photograph of the second user and generating a face information; capturing a card... Agent: Cywee Group Limited

20150139509 - Head-mounted display apparatus and login method thereof: Head-mounted display apparatus and login method thereof are provided. The head-mounted display apparatus includes an image capturing device, a pico-projector, an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), and an application processor. The image capturing device captures a first eye image and a plurality of second eye images corresponding to a locus... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20150139510 - Detecting exposure quality in images: Systems, methods and computer readable media for exposure quality detection are described. In some implementations, a method can include computing an overall image exposure score for an image. The method can also include determining one or more face regions in the image. The method can further include computing a face... Agent: Google Inc.

20150139512 - Enrollment using synthetic fingerprint image and fingerprint sensing systems: A fingerprint sensing system. The fingerprint sensing system includes: at least one sensor; at least one display device; at least one application processor; and at least one secure enclave processor. The application processor(s) receives fingerprint data from the sensor(s) and provides the fingerprint data to the secure enclave processor(s). The... Agent:

20150139511 - Method for identifying fingerprint and electronic device thereof: A method for operating of an electronic device is provided. The method includes: sensing an input on an input device, detecting one axis direction of a fingerprint input or to be input to a fingerprint sensor, based on the sensed input, determining whether the one axis direction of the fingerprint... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150139513 - Cylinder source software-positioning method for pet calibration and image quality assurance: A method and system for determining a position of a source including obtaining prompt data and related delayed data from a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner, generating a sinogram from the prompt data, generating crystal efficiency correction factors by performing a normalization calibration based on the obtained delayed data, performing... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150139516 - Denoising method and apparatus for multi-contrast mri: A denoising method and apparatus for multi-contrast MRI's are disclosed. An aspect of the invention provides a denoising method for an MRI that includes: acquiring multiple MRI's having different contrast levels for the same site; determining pixels corresponding to the same tissue by using the MRI's; and calculating a new... Agent:

20150139519 - Dose estimation service system configured to support multiple computerized medical imaging scan providers: Techniques are disclosed for estimating patient radiation exposure during computerized tomography (CT) scans. More specifically, embodiments of the invention provide efficient approaches for generating a suitable patient model used to make such an estimate, to approaches for estimating patient dose by interpolating the results of multiple simulations, and to approaches... Agent:

20150139518 - Image processing apparatus: An image processing apparatus according to an embodiment includes an input unit, an identifying unit, and a display control unit. The input unit receives specification of a region of interest (ROI) included in a mammography image. The identifying unit identifies a medical image including a position substantially the same as... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150139514 - Method of, and apparatus for, visualizing medical image data: An apparatus for visualizing medical image data comprises a data processing unit for obtaining first image data representing a first medical image, second image data representing a second medical image, and subtraction image data representing a subtraction image, wherein the subtraction image data is generated by subtracting one of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150139517 - Methods and systems for calibration: The methods and systems for calibration are provided. For example, radiographic image density such as Hounsfield unit can be calibrated to facilitate tissue characterization of tumors or fluids when imaged at differing energy levels. The disclosed methods and systems can perform coronary calcium scanning at a radiation dose comparable to... Agent:

20150139515 - Movement correction for medical imaging: A method of improving the resolution of images from medical imaging devices by removing blurring due to movement of a patient during a scan. The method uses tracking algorithms to extract movement data from a video image of the patient and uses the movement data to correct the scanner date... Agent: The State Of Queensland Acting Through Its Department Of Health

20150139520 - Scan region determining apparatus: A method includes displaying an iconic image of the human body and a list of predetermined anatomical regions. The method further includes displaying, in response to a user selected anatomical region, a scan box over a sub-portion of the iconic image. The method further includes receiving an input indicative of... Agent:

20150139521 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image processing method: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus according to an embodiment includes a rendering controller, a detector, and a voxel data generator. The rendering controller divides three-dimensional data constituted by voxel data into a plurality of slice regions, rearranges the slice regions based on a sight line direction in which the voxel data... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150139526 - Image reconstruction unit, x-ray imaging apparatus, and method of reconstructing image: An imaging method includes calculating a derivative back projection (DBP) result value using a DBP method with respect to a projection image of a field of view (FOV) inside an object, and reconstructing an image of the FOV by applying a regulation function to the FOV while reconstructing the image... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150139524 - Method and apparatus for providing panorama image data: A method and an apparatus for providing panoramic image data by reconstructing frame images captured by a panoramic imaging apparatus, are disclosed. In reconstruction of images with multiple image layers, sizes of images reconstructed with an image layer or images to be used for a reconstruction are scaled. An image... Agent:

20150139523 - Method for displaying mammography images: In a method for displaying mammography images, an identification of the mammography images is first inputted via a user interface of a computer system. A host is employed to receive the identification for activating the mammography images and reading a header of the mammography images. The host reads a plurality... Agent: Ebm Technologies Incorporated

20150139525 - Methods and apparatus for model-based detection of structure in view data: In one aspect, a method for determining a value for at least one parameter of a configuration of a model, the model associated with structure of which view data has been obtained from at least one x-ray scanning device capable of producing x-ray radiation, the view data being obtained, at... Agent: Brown University

20150139522 - Statistical property preserved bad line correction: The present disclosure presents systems and methods for correcting image artifacts on an x-ray image. X-ray images are obtained and processed with a correction algorithm that generates corrected pixel lines having pixels with corrected pixel values. The corrected pixel lines can then be processed with a filtering algorithm that generates... Agent: General Electric Company

20150139527 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An image processing apparatus includes: an interface unit configured to input an image signal from an imaging apparatus that exposes a specimen dyed with a fluorescent dye to excitation light and images fluorescence by a color imaging element; and a color correction circuit configured to retain information on a percentage... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150139528 - Network image review in clinical hematology: Embodiments of the invention provide techniques for using digital imaging and networked communications in clinical hematology. An Area of Interest (AOI) on a slide is determined. A high resolution image of the AOI is analyzed for sample integrity and adjusted and rescanned based on programmable parameters. Sensitive HIPAA information is... Agent: Nextslide Imaging LLC

20150139529 - Methods and devices for obtaining card information: A server system with one or more processors and memory obtains, from a client device, a card image which includes an image of a card, and identifies a card configuration type corresponding to the card in the card image based on a database of stored card configuration types. Each stored... Agent:

20150139530 - Apparatus and method for detecting defect of image having periodic pattern: Disclosed is a defect detection apparatus. The defect detection apparatus includes an angle extractor configured to extract a slope angle of a pattern from an original image in which a plurality of the patterns are formed at periodic intervals, a pattern period extractor configured to extract a pattern period at... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20150139531 - Defect analysis assistance device, program executed by defect analysis assistance device, and defect analysis system: Conventionally, there was no method for automatically selecting the layers to be overlaid, so when the number of layers to be overlaid was large, there was a problem that much time was required for selecting the layers. It is an object of the present invention to provide a defect image... Agent:

20150139532 - Camara tracking apparatus and method using reconstruction segments and volumetric surface: Provided are an apparatus and method for tracking a camera that reconstructs a real environment in three dimensions by using reconstruction segments and a volumetric surface. The camera tracking apparatus using reconstruction segments and a volumetric surface includes a reconstruction segment division unit configured to divide three-dimensional space reconstruction segments... Agent:

20150139534 - Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus and distance correction method: An image processing apparatus for correcting, on the basis of an image and a depth map corresponding to the image, the depth map, includes: a detection unit that detects an object included in the image; a determination unit that determines whether a size of the object detected by the detection... Agent:

20150139533 - Method, electronic device and medium for adjusting depth values: A depth processing method, an electronic device and a medium are provided. The depth processing method includes: obtaining a color image and a depth map corresponding to the color image; extracting a plurality of regions from at least one of the depth map and the color image; obtaining region information... Agent:

20150139535 - Silhouette-based object and texture alignment, systems and methods: An object-image alignment data generating method for use in an object recognition system is presented. The method obtains a 3D model and a set of 2D images of the object. Each 2D image from the set is captured based on a particular camera point of view. The method then uses... Agent:

20150139536 - Image classification using images with separate grayscale and color channels: Image classification techniques using images with separate grayscale and color channels are described. In one or more implementations, an image classification network includes grayscale filters and color filters which are separate from the grayscale filters. The grayscale filters are configured to extract grayscale features from a grayscale channel of an... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150139537 - Methods and apparatus for estimating angular movement with a single two dimensional device: Certain aspects of the present disclosure relate to methods and apparatus for neuro-simulation with a single two-dimensional device to track objects. The neuro-simulation may report a point of interest in an image that is provided by the device. The device may center on the point of interest using one or... Agent:

20150139538 - Object detection with boosted exemplars: In techniques for object detection with boosted exemplars, weak classifiers of a real-adaboost technique can be learned as exemplars that are collected from example images. The exemplars are examples of an object that is detectable in image patches of an image, such as faces that are detectable in images. The... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150139539 - Apparatus and method for detecting forgery/falsification of homepage: An apparatus and method for detecting forgery/falsification of a homepage. The apparatus includes a homepage image shot generation module for generating homepage image shots of an entire screen of an accessed homepage. A character string extraction module extracts character strings from each homepage image shot using an OCR technique. A... Agent:

20150139540 - Mixed media reality recognition using multiple specialized indexes: An MMR system for searching across multiple indexes comprises a plurality of mobile devices, a pre-processing server or MMR gateway, and an MMR matching unit, and may include an MMR publisher. The MMR matching unit receives an image from the pre-processing server or MMR gateway and sends it to one... Agent: Ricoh Co., Ltd.

20150139541 - Apparatus and method for detecting harmful videos: Disclosed herein is an apparatus and method for detecting harmful videos. The apparatus includes a video input unit for receiving an input video. A frame extraction unit extracts frames from the input video. A skin model generation unit generates a skin model for the frames extracted by the frame extraction... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150139542 - Toner limit processing mechanism: A method is disclosed. The method includes analyzing a meta-data structure corresponding to each tile of a sheetside image to detect a blank state of the sheetside image, detecting a sensing display item in a data stream and scanning the sheetside image in response to detecting the sensing display item.... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150139544 - Method of embedding of an image with a color transform: The method comprises the generation of a deteriorated image associated with a first bit rate and of a deteriorated color transform associated with a second bit rate, an evaluation of a first distortion by comparison of the image with a first test image obtained by the application of the color... Agent:

20150139543 - System, method, and computer program product for enhancing an image utilizing a hyper-clarity transform: A system, method, and computer program product are provided for enhancing an image utilizing a hyper-clarity transform. In use, an image is identified. Additionally, the identified image is enhanced, utilizing a hyper-clarity transform. Further, the enhanced image is returned.... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150139545 - Method and system to detect objects in multimedia using non-textural information within segmented region: A method and a system for detecting and monitoring of at least one object in a multimedia content are provided. The method includes extracting at least one contour from the multimedia content using non-textural information in a segmented region within the multimedia content, computing a histogram for the extracted at... Agent:

20150139546 - Image segmenting apparatus and method: An image processing apparatus has: a segmenting unit for segmenting an input image into a plurality of areas on the basis of a similarity of pixels; an acquiring unit for acquiring sizes of the segmented areas; a selecting unit for selecting one of a plurality of discriminating methods, with respect... Agent:

20150139547 - Feature calculation device and method and computer program product: According to an embodiment, a feature calculation device includes a procurement controller, a first calculator, an extraction controller, a second calculator, and an integrating controller. The procurement controller obtains a plurality of strokes. The first calculator calculates, for each of the plurality of strokes, a stroke feature quantity related to... Agent:

20150139548 - Methods and systems for recognizing handwriting in handwritten documents: The disclosed embodiments illustrate a method for comparing handwriting in a first electronic document and a second electronic document. The method includes extracting, by one or more processors, one or more segments from a first electronic document and a second electronic document. Each of the one or more segments includes... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150139550 - Display control device, recording medium and display device control method: The inputted character candidate display section (1213)/inputted character string candidate display section (1214) cause candidates of a character/character string, which is predicted as an intended character/character string to be inputted by the user, to be displayed as inputted character candidates/inputted character string candidate, and the converted character string candidate display... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150139549 - Electronic apparatus and method for processing document: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a display controller, a detector and a processor. The display controller displays a document on a screen of a touch screen display, the document including one or more elements corresponding to a first layer and one or more elements corresponding to a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150139552 - Augmented reality interaction implementation method and system: The present disclosure provides a method and system for realizing interaction in augmented reality. The method includes: collecting a frame image and uploads the frame image; recognizing a template image that matches the frame image and returning the template image; detecting a marker area of the frame image according to... Agent:

20150139551 - Cascaded object detection: Cascaded object detection techniques are described. In one or more implementations, cascaded coarse-to-dense object detection techniques are utilized to detect objects in images. In a first stage, coarse features are extracted from an image, and non-object regions are rejected. Then, in one or more subsequent stages, dense features are extracted... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150139554 - Consecutive thin edge detection system and method for enhancing a color filter array image: A consecutive thin edge detection system and method for enhancing color filter array image is disclosed in the present invention. The consecutive thin edge detection system includes a consecutive thin edge detector, a color gradient estimator and a direction indicator. The consecutive thin edge detector receives a color pixel array... Agent:

20150139553 - Device for detecting edges and improving the quality of an image: Device for edge detection and quality enhancement in an image which comprises a grouping of identical and locally interconnected elementary processing cells. Each processing cell is characterised in turn by a comparator which carries out in parallel the comparison of each pair of neighbouring pixels. The threshold voltage which establishes... Agent:

20150139555 - Shoe image retrieval apparatus and method using matching pair: Provided are a shoe image retrieval apparatus and method using a matching pair, which can accurately retrieve image information corresponding to an inputted image from the database and provide the retrieved image information, by normalizing a correspondence relation in consideration of geometric image transformation about the matching pair and allowing... Agent:

20150139556 - Apparatus for compensating camera image and operating method thereof: Disclosed is a camera image compensating apparatus for a vehicle, including a detecting unit which detects a base line and a vehicle body contour line; a coordinate storing unit which stores a first reference image coordinate value and a second reference image coordinate value; a first coordinate calculating unit which... Agent:

20150139557 - Fast dense patch search and quantization: In techniques for fast dense patch search and quantization, partition center patches are determined for partitions of example image patches. Patch groups of an image each include similar image patches and a reference image patch that represents a respective patch group. A partition center patch of the partitions is determined... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150139558 - Searching device, searching method, and computer program product: According to an embodiment, a searching device includes an acquiring unit, a receiver, a calculator, and a determining unit. The acquiring unit is configured to acquire a first image. The receiver is configured to receive selection of a first area contained in the first image. The calculator is configured to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150139559 - System and method for shape clustering using hierarchical character classifiers: A system and method of processing an image of a document using an optical character recognition process is disclosed. In one example, the method comprises acts of extracting, by a computer system, a plurality of recognizable units from the document, extracting, by the computer system, a plurality of features from... Agent: Google Inc.

20150139560 - Coded image system and method thereof: A coded image system enables a user to recover an object scene from an encoded image. The coded the image system comprises: a physical object scene; an encoding logic creating an encoded image, the encoding logic including a programmable aperture mask spaced a distance away from the physical object scene... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20150139563 - Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image by using large transform unit: A method of decoding an image in which wherein, when a prediction mode is an inter prediction mode, not an intra prediction mode, a size of at least one prediction unit in the coding unit is determined independently from a size of at least one transformation unit in the coding... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150139561 - Method and apparatus for encoding images and method and apparatus for decoding images: An apparatus for decoding an image includes an encoding information extractor which extracts split information indicating whether to split a coding unit of an upper depth into coding units of deeper depths and skip information indicating whether a prediction mode of a current coding unit is a skip mode, from... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150139562 - Method and apparatus for encoding images and method and apparatus for decoding images: An apparatus for decoding an image includes an encoding information extractor which extracts split information indicating whether to split a coding unit of an upper depth into coding units of deeper depths and skip information indicating whether a prediction mode of a current coding unit is a skip mode, from... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150139564 - Method and system for optimized delta encoding: Methods and systems are provided for batch processing. A plurality of correlation parameters representing degrees of correlation between two or more data sets in a first batch of data sets may be determined, and an optimized correlation dependency graph may be generated according to the plurality of correlation parameters. A... Agent:

20150139565 - Filtering method for removing block artifacts and/or ringing noise and apparatus therefor: Provided are a filtering method and apparatus for removing blocking artifacts and ringing noise. The filtering method includes transforming video data on a block-by-block basis, and detecting the presence of an edge region in the video data by checking the distribution of values obtained by the transformation. Accordingly, it is... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150139566 - Image processing device and image processing method: An image processing device includes a first production part configured to apply a first smoothing process to an original image data by using a first edge-preserving smoothing filter to produce first image data that include a low-frequency image and an edge image, a second production part configured to apply a... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150139567 - Adjusting digital images for parallax: Adjusting digital images for parallax includes receiving (401) a digital image of an object on a platform from a camera positioned over the platform and adjusting (402) a magnification of a top surface of the object in the digital image based on a height of the object.... Agent:

20150139568 - Method and apparatus for a optimal seam for surround view synthesis: A method, apparatus and a surround view camera system for determining the optimal seem for a surround view camera system. The method includes determining the corrected side view image at bird-eye perspective, generating a cost map for overlapping region, finding a minimum cost seam for each overlapping region, computing weight... Agent:

20150139569 - Method and system for determining the dimensions of an object shown in a multimedia content item: A method and system for determining at least a size dimension of objects shown in multimedia content items are presented. The method includes receiving an input multimedia content item; identifying objects shown in the multimedia content item; generating at least a first signature for at least a first object of... Agent: Cortica, Ltd.

20150139570 - Storing photographic metadata for scene reproduction: In an approach for collecting and storing photographic metadata, a computer receives a file containing an image. The computer receives photographic metadata from one or more photographic devices. The one or more photographic devices include at least one or more illumination devices. The one or more photographic devices are utilized... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

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