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10/02/2014 > 84 patent applications in 64 patent subcategories.

20140293571 - Artificial sunlight radiation device: An artificial sunlight radiation device (10) includes a xenon light source (9), a condensing element (2), a tapered coupler (3), an optical filter (4), a light guide plate (16), a light extracting member (17), and a side-surface reflection member (15) that is provided at one or more side end surfaces... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140293572 - Photography lighting fixture: A photography lighting fixture includes a lighting device and a shade device. The lighting device includes a housing, a lighting element disposed in the housing, and a first attaching unit connected to the housing. The shade device includes a base mount, a plurality of shade components mounted pivotally to the... Agent: Global Fiberoptics, Inc.

20140293574 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus includes a display panel including lower and upper substrates confronting each other, and a film member combined with the upper substrate; and a panel support member to support the display panel to expose the front and lateral sides of the display panel to the outside.... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20140293573 - Flat panel display: A flat panel display including a flat display device; and a window protecting the flat display device, the window transmitting light emitted from the flat display device, wherein the flat display device is in a concave recess on one side of the window.... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140293575 - Cover module for host and electronic device: An electronic device includes a cover module and a host having a lighting unit. The cover module has a light permeable cover, a system signal indicator, and a transmission unit. The cover has an outer surface, an opposite inner surface, and a fixing structure extended from the inner surface. The... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20140293576 - Phosphor device and illumination system using same: A phosphor device of an illumination system emitting a first color light in a first waveband region includes a first region having n sub-regions and n single-powder phosphor agents, wherein n is ≧2. The n single-powder phosphor agents are coated on the n sub-regions, respectively, for transforming the first color... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20140293578 - Reflective color display with luminescence and backlighting: A reflective color display has at least a color pixel disposed to receive ambient light for front lighting and has a light source optically coupled to the color pixel to provide back light for backlighting. The color pixel has a first sub-pixel and a second sub-pixel. The first sub-pixel has... Agent:

20140293577 - White light source and white light source system including the same: The present invention provides a white light source comprising: a blue light emitting diode (blue LED) having a light emission peak wavelength in a range of 421 to 490 nm; and a phosphor layer including phosphor and resin, wherein the white light source satisfies a relational equation of −0.2≦[(P(λ)×V(λ))/(P(λmax1)×V(λmax1))−(Bλ)×V(λ))/(B(λmax2)×V(λmax2))]≦+0.2, assuming... Agent:

20140293579 - Light emitting device and backlight module: A light emitting device includes a laser light source, a converging lens, and a diverging lens. The laser light source is configured to emit combined red, green, and blue laser beams. The combined red, green, and blue laser beams appear to be collimated white light beams. The converging lens is... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140293582 - Optical lens, light emitting device, and lighting device: An optical lens, light emitting device, and lighting device are provided. The optical lens may include a first surface, a second surface disposed over the first surface, a third surface concaved with respect to the second surface towards the first surface, wherein the third surface converges toward a center thereof... Agent:

20140293580 - Protector device with micro structure pattern: A protector device includes a main body; a back adhesive layer disposed on a lower side of the main body for adhesively mounted on a mobile device; an anti-scratch layer disposed on an upper side of the main body; and one micro structure pattern layer disposed between the anti-scratch layer... Agent:

20140293581 - Window and display device: A window configured to be laminated on a display panel by resin, the display panel including a display area configured to display an image and a non-display area adjacent the display area includes a window main body configured to cover the display panel; a groove in a region corresponding to... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140293583 - Optical film fixing structure, backlight module, and assembly method thereof: The present disclosure provides an optical fixing structure, a backlight module, and an assembly method thereof. The optical film fixing structure includes a back plate, a receiving portion, a connecting member, and a rotating member; wherein the receiving portion is fixed onto the back plate, a lower end of the... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140293584 - Display device and image forming apparatus: A display device includes a light source and a light-transmissive display plate. The display plate is disposed at the light-emitting side of the light source. The display plate has an inner surface facing toward the light source and an outer surface facing away from the inner surface. The inner surface... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20140293586 - Detachable essential oil ring for lamp and application thereof: A detachable essential oil ring for lamp is an open-loop ring and is detachably mounted on the lamp easily. A part of the detachable essential oil ring is used to absorb or contain essential oils and directly contacts a heated portion of the lamp. The detachable essential oil ring contacts... Agent: Shuoen Tech. Co., Ltd.

20140293585 - Pool light assembly: Disclosed herein is a pool light assembly having structure for providing cooling to pools having illumination elements. The light assembly includes a sub-assembly having one or more light elements, preferably high output LED elements. Additionally, the light assembly has a water channel. The LED sub-assembly is located proximate the water... Agent:

20140293587 - Hands free adjustable illuminating device lower extremity retainer: A hands free lower extremity illuminating device retainer used for illuminating a user's path, particularly while walking, jogging, running, hiking, or during any other activity that requires light. The lower extremity illuminating device retainer is comprised of a single pliable strap encircling a user's lower extremity, featuring an object retainer... Agent:

20140293588 - High-efficiency led illuminator with improved beam quality and ventilated housing: An improved illuminator with an adjustable beam pattern to be worn by medical and dental professionals includes a housing, a light-emitting diode (LED) disposed in the housing outputting light through a distal opening in the housing, an achromatic doublet lens mounted in the opening in the housing, and a singlet... Agent:

20140293589 - Sterile surgical headlight aperture adjusting device: The present invention relates to medical devices, and more specifically, the present invention relates to a medical device that allows a surgeon to personally adjust the aperture of the light beam being projected from his or her surgical headlight during surgery, as often as necessary and without compromising the sterile... Agent: Surgiright LLC

20140293590 - Lighting device: A cordless light attachment for a tool includes a housing that has a proximal end and a distal end, and an interior cavity that extends from the proximal end to the distal end, forming an opening extending through the housing from the proximal end to the distal end. The device... Agent:

20140293591 - Flexible solar light: A flexible solar light includes a lamp portion, a main body portion, and a goose neck portion. The goose neck portion connects the lamp portion and the main body portion, which is flexible and configured to be bent in a shape and maintains the bent shape. The lamp portion and... Agent:

20140293592 - Rapid deployment lighting system: A rapidly deployable portable lighting system includes a low voltage rechargeable power source, lights, and a wiring harness configured for being coupled to the lights with quick-release connectors. Each light includes a housing, LEDs receiving power from the power source and transmitting light of at least two colors, and a... Agent:

20140293593 - Refuse container support apparatus: Disclosed is a refuse container support apparatus including an elongated post member including a first end and a second end, with the first end disposed to support the second end above the ground, at least one foot member coupled to the post member between the first and second ends to... Agent:

20140293594 - Lamp structure: A lamp structure includes a base, a side-emitting light source, first and second reflecting portions. The base includes a central protrusion portion extending from the base. The side-emitting light source is disposed on a side surface of the central protrusion portion and configured to emit a light beam. The first... Agent: Lextar Electronics Corporation

20140293595 - Lighting assembly: An elongate tubular lighting assembly having a body with a length between spaced first and second ends. The tubular lighting assembly has a source of illumination and first and second connectors respectively at the first and second body ends. The first connector has cooperating first and second parts having first... Agent:

20140293596 - Straight tube lamp and luminaire: According to one embodiment, a straight tube lamp includes a straight tube cover, at least a portion of which has light transmissivity, and a light-emitting unit including a light-emitting element. A first cap including a pair of terminals for power supply are provided at one end of the cover. A... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140293597 - Digital reading device with cosmetic function: A digital reading device with cosmetic function includes a base plate, a lighting panel, a driving unit and a transparent touch panel. The base plate includes a plurality of black units. The lighting panel is disposed on the base plate and includes as plurality of lighting units for emitting a... Agent:

20140293598 - Illuminated wall-mounted apparatus, counter-top apparatus, enclosures, cabinets and tables: An illuminating apparatus is provided. The illuminating apparatus can be mounted to tables, cabinets, counter-top enclosures, wall-mounted enclosures and other types of enclosures. The illuminating apparatus includes a light assembly mounted to a bottom, or side surface of the enclosure. The light assembly includes many visible-light emitting elements, and is... Agent:

20140293599 - Air cooling led lamp: An air cooling LED lamp is disclosed. The lamp has air passages for natural air flow for cooling the lamp without using any electric fan to reduce electric energy consumption. The air passages still work for natural air cooling for the lamp when the lamp is configured either in a... Agent: Uniled Lighting Tw., Inc.

20140293602 - Illumination devices and methods for making the same: The present disclosure is generally directed to illumination devices, and methods for making the same. The device, in particular, includes a first conductor layer, a first insulator layer disposed on the first conductor layer and having at least one first aperture defined therein through the first insulator layer, a second... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140293601 - Security lighting systems having offset brackets and rapidly deployable and reuseable low voltage security lighting systems: A security light system for a fence includes a security light having a light module with an LED, a hat overlying the LED for reflecting light, a junction box having an interior compartment containing an LED driver for controlling operation of the LED, the junction box including a front end... Agent:

20140293600 - Structure of indoor illuminating device: A structure of indoor illuminating device has a substrate in a lamp housing. The light-emitting element of the light source module is disposed under the substrate. The heat sink of the light source module is located between the substrate and the lamp housing. A transparent mask covers the opening of... Agent: Shunchi Technology Co., Ltd.

20140293603 - Led light bulb replacement with adjustable light distribution: An LED lightbulb retrofit is described that can be adjusted to (a) to accommodate both top-socket and bottom-socket applications, (b) generate a variety of IESNA illumination distributions, (c) generate different levels of total lumens, (d) mount to different sockets such as medium and mogul bases, (e) and work in both... Agent: Sensity Systems, Inc.

20140293604 - Light-emitting means and use: A light emitter with a radiation exit surface including a housing part with a receptacle, at least one organic optoelectronic device, arranged in the receptacle, and at least one cover part joined to the housing part, wherein the device is mounted between the cover part and the housing part.... Agent: Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

20140293605 - Lighting fixtures and methods of commissioning lighting fixtures: In embodiments of the present invention, a method and system is provided for commissioning improved intelligent, LED-based lighting systems. The LED based lighting systems may include fixtures with one or more LED light bars, integrated sensors, onboard intelligence to send and receive signals and control the LED light bars, and... Agent: Digital Lumens, Inc.

20140293606 - Luminaire: According to one embodiment, a luminaire includes a board provided in a main body part, a light-emitting element provided on a surface of the board, a surrounding wall member provided to surround the light-emitting element, and a joining part including a first portion which is provided between the board and... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140293607 - Lens module and led lighting module having the same: A lens module for divergently refracting light from an LED includes a first lens and a second lens matching with the first lens. The first lens is received in the second lens, and the first lens is spaced from the second lens. The LED is received in the first lens.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140293609 - Coated phosphor and method for producing coated phosphor: A coated phosphor includes a sulfide phosphor coated with silicon dioxide film. The silicon dioxide film includes a metal oxide powder. The metal oxide powder includes a zinc oxide powder such that less than 20 parts by mass of the zinc oxide powder relative to 100 parts by mass of... Agent:

20140293608 - Reduced-blue-light led lighting device, method of its manufacture, and led lighting method: LED lighting device in which color-mixed light according to a mixture of a blue optical emission spectrum according to the emission from an LED element, a red optical emission spectrum according to the emission from a red phosphor, and a green optical emission spectrum according to the emission from a... Agent: Asahi Rubber Inc.

20140293610 - Led heat dissipation structure: An LED heat dissipation structure including: a heat sink, with a lug axially extended from an end of the heat sink, a hollow portion disposed inside the heat sink and axially extended to the lug, and a plurality of fins integrally extended from a peripheral side of the heat sink;... Agent: Shunchi Technology Co., Ltd.

20140293611 - Corner wall lamp holding device: A small portable lamp holding device for corner mounting in wall corners and provides an inner space for the lamp socket, switch, and cord and concealed wiring. The arms of the fixture reflector bracket in the lamp fitting device has holes in the corner angle and holes in the top... Agent:

20140293612 - Novel led wall lamp: A novel LED wall lamp comprising a lamp frame and a base plate for installing electric parts is provided; said lamp frame is fixed on the base plate; a mounting plate is provided in said lamp frame; an LED light source is fixed on the front face of the mounting... Agent:

20140293614 - Lens and led light module having the same: A lens, which is integrally formed as a single piece, includes a base, a first light diffusion portion and a second light diffusion portion formed on the base. A receiving hole is defined in the second light diffusion portion. The first light diffusion portion is received in the receiving hole,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140293616 - Wave guide: A wave guide that can be deformed into a required shape and fixed in that shape by polymerization of the material. The wave guide substrate comprises a flexible monomer or oligomer material that is polymerized to form a rigid polymer and fix the shape of the wave guide. Light sources,... Agent:

20140293615 - Wide angle based indoor lighting lamp: The present disclosure provides one embodiment of an illumination structure. The illumination structure includes a substrate. A light-emitting diode (LED) is disposed over the substrate. A first lens is disposed over the LED. A second lens is disposed over the first lens. The first lens and the second lens are... Agent:

20140293613 - Light flux controlling member, light emitting device and illumination apparatus: A light flux controlling member has an incidence region and an emission region. The incidence region is assumed to have a plurality of virtual quadrangles that are disposed in such a manner that one fits into another, and have the same number of apexes as one another, and includes a... Agent: Enplas Corporation

20140293617 - Emergency lighting: A photoluminescent guide for an emergency lighting system includes a housing having a first end, a second end opposite the first end, and a longitudinal slot extending between the first end and the second end. A one-piece composite insert is disposed within the longitudinal slot. The one-piece composite insert includes... Agent: Saf-t-glo Limited

20140293618 - Light diffusion film, method of specifying surface shape of light diffusion film, and recording medium on which surface shape specification program is recorded: The present invention solves glare of an embossed matte film of a conventional product produced and sold by the applicant of the present application, and provides a light diffusion film and the like having a surface shape of an irregular pattern that significantly suppresses the glare even when an LED... Agent: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

20140293619 - Housing for an illuminating apparatus and an illuminating apparatus having the housing: A housing for an illuminating apparatus may include: two housing portions assembled together, and a transparent cover, the two housing portions and the transparent cover jointly defining a cavity, wherein a transparent separator is provided in the cavity for separating the cavity into an assembling cavity and an isolated cavity... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140293620 - Light reflector: The present invention provides a light reflector having a superior blue light-cutting property and superior light reflecting ability. Since the light reflector of the present invention is characterized by containing a thermoplastic resin and light reflective particulates, and by the total amount of the metal elements calcium, potassium, and magnesium... Agent: Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd.

20140293621 - Cordless spike light and lampholder socket: An outdoor light fixture includes a housing and a socket. The housing has a first opening, a second opening, and a shroud extending at least partially around the second opening. A locating ring is positioned between the first opening and the second opening. The socket is located in the housing... Agent: Hubbell Incorporated

20140293622 - Lamp, in particular an operation lamp: The invention relates to a lamp, in particular an operation lamp for use in rooms having ceilings having low-turbulence displacement flow (TAV ceilings), having a lamp housing and a primary emission direction of light generated by the lamp. In order to reduce a volume of a negative pressure zone of... Agent:

20140293623 - Air cooling led lamp: An air cooling LED lamp is disclosed. The lamp has air passages for natural air flow for cooling the lamp without using any electric fan to reduce electric energy consumption. The air passages still work for natural air cooling for the lamp when the lamp is configured either in a... Agent:

20140293624 - Led lamp heat dissipation structure: An LED lamp heat dissipation structure includes a drive circuit installed on a lamp holder. A housing is fitted on an insulation inner sleeve to form a first air flow gap therebetween. Both the insulation inner sleeve and the housing are installed on the lamp holder. The housing is provided... Agent:

20140293625 - Cooling unit and illuminating apparatus: Disclosed are a cooling unit including a blowing device and a heat sink, and an illuminating apparatus including the cooling unit, in which the assembling workability is improved. The blowing device has a frame configured to rotatably support a blower. The heat sink has an accommodating portion. The blowing device... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140293626 - Thermally conductive sheet, process for producing the same, and radiator utilizing thermally conductive sheet: A thermally conductive sheet includes a composition containing graphite particles (A) in the form of a scale, an elliptic sphere or a rod, a 6-membered ring plane in a crystal thereof being oriented in the plane direction of the scale, the major axis direction of the elliptic sphere, or the... Agent:

20140293627 - Headlight device for motorcycle: A headlight device for a motorcycle that is able to emit a light beam in a predetermined shape and in a sufficient light emission amount. The headlight device for the motorcycle includes light guide light sources provided separately from headlight light sources that lights the front side. Light guide members... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140293628 - Headlight device for motorcycle: A headlight device for a motorcycle that can enhance cooling efficiency inexpensively, without using any special device. In the headlight device for the motorcycle, reflectors are provided with inlet parts through which cooling air is taken into an inside space. In addition, a louver provided on the upper sides of... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140293629 - Headlight device for motorcycle: A headlight device for a motorcycle that enables substrates with LED light sources mounted thereon to be disposed efficiently while securing such required functions as the external appearance quality of a shape like eyes that are turned up at the corners, light distribution characteristics, etc. In the headlight device for... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140293630 - Automotive light: An automotive light is provided that includes a light-guide bar made of photoconductive-material, which is at least partially positioned substantially grazing a corresponding transparent or semitransparent portion of the front lenticular half-shell of the light, and a second light source which is structured so as to emit light when electricity... Agent: Automotive Lighting Italia S.p.a.

20140293631 - Automotive lamp module: An automotive lamp module includes a laser diode, a substrate with the laser diode on the top, a lower heat sink coupled to the bottom of the substrate, an upper heat sink coupled to the top of the substrate and having a light channel disposed through the upper heat sink... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20140293632 - Illuminating device for motor vehicle: An illuminating device for motor vehicle including an upper panel and a lower panel, an illumination opening partitioned between the upper and lower panels, and an illuminating portion having a light source portion and a light guide body configured to guide light from the light source portion to the illumination... Agent: Nihon Plast Co., Ltd.

20140293633 - Vehicle lamp unit: There is provided a lamp unit which is to be installed in a vehicle. The lamp unit includes a light source; a projector lens; a rotary shade that is disposed behind the projector lens so as to block a portion of the light emitted from the light source and that... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140293634 - Vehicle lamp: Disclosed is a projector-type vehicle lamp. The vehicle lamp includes a mirror member which has an upward reflecting surface that upwardly reflects a part of the light reflected from a reflector. A front edge of the upward reflecting surface passes through a rear focus F of a projection lens. A... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140293635 - Vehicular headlamp: A vehicular headlamp has a projection lens having an optical axis extending in a front-back direction, a light source disposed behind a rear side focal point of the projection lens, a reflector that reflects direct light from the light source toward the projection lens, a shade disposed between the projection... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140293636 - Structure for assembling vehicle interior lighting: A structure for assembling a vehicle interior lighting, comprises a lens, a socket, a cover fitted to the socket, a first regulation portion configured by one side of the fitted cover or the fitted socket that is located on a front side in the insertion direction and a part of... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20140293637 - System for mounting a lamp with respect to a surface of a vehicle: A system is provided for mounting a lamp having a plurality of different types of mounting members. One of the mounting members is a rigid tray mountable by fasteners flush upon a surface of a vehicle to enable an on-surface mounting mode, and other of said mounting members, such as... Agent:

20140293638 - Energy absorbing headlamp assembly and a resettable headlamp assembly: An energy absorbing headlamp assembly and a resettable headlamp assembly are disclosed. The assemblies include a first component and a headlamp assembly supported by the first component. The assemblies also include an energy absorbing device operatively coupled to the headlamp assembly and the first component to absorb energy when a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140293639 - Brake light system and brake light: A braking light system mounted on a road vehicle includes at least one braking light, a power source, a detecting unit, and a controlling unit. The braking light includes a light guide plate, a first light source, and a second light source. The light guide plate includes a first sidewall... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140293640 - Edge profile for bordering a superstructure of a rescue vehicle, in particular a fire fighting vehicle: Edge profile (100) for bordering the superstructure of a rescue vehicle, in particular a fire fighting vehicle, comprising an extruded hollow profile body (10) with a cross section that comprises a central hollow channel portion (12), a first groove (14) opening towards the upper side of the profile body (10)... Agent: Iveco Magirus Ag

20140293641 - Irradiation module having light guide members: An irradiation module mechanically detachably attached to a light source module includes a first light source light entrance end which allows entry of first light source light from a first light source module, a first light guide member to guide the first light source light entered the first light source... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140293642 - Integrated light pipe and led: A method and apparatus is provided for an integrated light pipe. In one embodiment, the apparatus may include a light pipe with a cavity positioned at a first end of the light pipe. The apparatus may further include a light emitting diode (LED) coupled to the light pipe within the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140293643 - Candle-like lighting device: An candle-like lighting device includes a light body having a diffuser, a light guider and a light source; the diffuser having a plurality of diffusing particles mounted therein; the light guider having a reflecting portion defined at one end thereof and having a refracting portion defined at another end thereof,... Agent: National Central University

20140293644 - Illumination device: A point of purchase display unit with a light-conducting plastic support base and a plurality of sides. The support base is shaped to substantially conform to a translucent article, preferably fabric and most preferably comprising an article of clothing, stretched over at least a portion of the surface of the... Agent: Acme Plastics, Inc.

20140293645 - Illumination device and light-guiding member: In one embodiment, an illumination device includes a light-guiding unit having a light output surface which outputs light and a back surface facing the light output surface, wherein the light-guiding unit has a curved surface in a region of the back surface farther than a first position on the back... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140293646 - Lighting device and display device: A lighting device includes a translucent member having the same cross sectional tubular shape throughout a longitudinal direction and including a lens that includes a light incident surface for receiving incident light and a pair of light exit surface for diffusing and emitting the light incident on the light incident... Agent: Koha Co., Ltd.

20140293647 - Luminous body: A luminous body is described, in particular in the form of a planar lighting device for general lighting or for backlighting of displays, which luminous body comprises a plurality of light sources, for example LED elements, arranged in a housing, in particular an optical waveguide plate. The optical waveguide plate... Agent:

20140293649 - Illumination device and automotive lamp: An automotive lamp includes an LED and a light guide. The light guide has the light, emitted from the LED, enter through an incident surface and emits the light frontward from an emission surface by guiding the light inside the light guide. The light guide includes a plurality of steps... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co.,ltd.

20140293648 - Perforated light-guiding plate and method for manufacturing the same: Disclosed is a perforated light-guiding plate, comprising a plate body (1) and a light source (3) arranged on a side of the plate body. A light-guiding hole (2) is arranged on at least one side face of the plate body. The present disclosure further discloses a method for manufacturing the... Agent: Shenzhen Onwing Optoelectronics Products Co., Ltd

20140293650 - Component lighting system: A component lighting system allows for easy installation, removal, and reconfiguration. The system allows individual elements to be readily replaced and allows new components to be readily added to the system. The system can be removed from one installation, broken down into its individual elements, and installed in a new... Agent: Lauren Illumination, LLC

20140293651 - Light source system having light guide routes: A first light guide route is defined as a route including a first light source, a first light source light emitting end, a first optical connection terminal, a first light guide member, and a first light emitting member, and a second light guide route is defined as a route including... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140293652 - Light guide plate and mold for manufacturing same: A light guide plate includes a rough light emitting surface, a bottom surface opposite to the light emitting surface, and a plurality of microstructures formed on the bottom surface. A cross-sectional surface of each of the microstructures is trapezoidal shaped.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140293653 - Composite light guide plate, apparatus and method for manufacturing same: A composite light guide plate comprises a light guide plate and a prism structure adhering to the light guide plate. The light guide plate comprises a light emitting surface. A plurality of first microstructures is formed on the light emitting surface. The prism structure is adhered on the light emitting... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140293654 - Illuminating device: In one embodiment, a light emitting device includes: a light source which emits light; a light guide portion which has an emission surface which emits light and a back surface which opposes to the emission surface, and which has at the back surface a reflecting portion which the light emitted... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

09/25/2014 > 61 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20140285993 - Light source for video communication device: A light source and lighting system for video communication are provided. A base capable of being removably attached to a video communication device is provided. A fill light attached to the base and a key light connected to the base are also provided.... Agent: Applied Minds LLC

20140285994 - Light-emitting body and manufacturing method thereof, and light-emitting device including the same: A lighter and smaller light-emitting device (for use in a vehicle lighting unit) using a light-emitting body and a manufacturing method of the light-emitting body are provided. The light-emitting device can include a light source configured to emit light for excitation, and a light-emitting body configured to absorb excitation light... Agent: Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

20140285998 - Optical member, display device having the same and method of fabricating the same: Disclosed are an optical member, a display device including the same, and a method of fabricating the same. The optical member includes a first substrate; a wavelength conversion layer on the first substrate; and a second substrate on the wavelength conversion layer, wherein the wavelength conversion layer includes an oxygen... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140285995 - Phosphor layer containing transparent features over blue led: LED dies are suspended in an ink and printed on a first support substrate to form a light emitting layer having a light emitting surface emitting primary light, such as blue light. A mixture of a transparent binder, phosphor powder, and transparent glass beads is formed as an ink and... Agent:

20140285997 - Phosphor, light-emitting device, image pickup device, liquid crystal display device, lighting device, and vehicle: The present disclosure provides a (Ba1−z,Srz)3MgSi2O8:Eu2+ based phosphor with high emission quantum efficiency. Specifically, the present disclosure provides a blue light emitting phosphor including: a (Ba1−z,Srz)3MgSi2O8 based crystal where z satisfies 0≦z<1 and a (Ba1−z,Srz)MgSiO4 based crystal where z satisfies 0≦z<1 as a host crystal; and Eu2+ as a luminescent... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140285996 - White light apparatus with enhanced color contrast: A lighting apparatus for emitting white light including a semiconductor light source emitting radiation with a peak emission between from about 250 nm to about 500 nm and a first phosphor having a peak emission between about 550 and 615 nm, wherein an overall emission spectrum of the lighting apparatus... Agent: Ge Lighting Solutions LLC

20140285999 - Combination speaker and light source powered using light socket: Techniques associated with a combination speaker and light source powered using a light socket are described, including a housing comprising a plate coupled to a substantially hemispherical enclosure, a platform configured to couple a light source to a terminal configured to receive a light control signal, the light control signal... Agent: Aliphcom

20140286000 - Backlight unit and display device having the same: A backlight unit and a display device having the same includes a light source installed at a position, separated from the central region of a light diffuser diffusing light by a predetermined distance, to radiate light to the light diffuser, and a lens unit installed between the light diffuser and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140286001 - Battery holder and mobile illumination device using same: A compartment accommodates a button cell. The compartment includes an opening side through which the button cell is loaded or ejected from a side surface of the buttons cell. The compartment includes an upper side, a lower side, and lateral sides for holding flat surfaces and the side surface of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140286002 - Electronic cigarette case: An electronic cigarette case of the invention, includes a case body and a case cover interconnected, an illuminating lamp is set in the case cover, a battery is set in the case body, the illumination lamp is electrically connected with the battery to form an illumination circuit, first and second... Agent:

20140286003 - Laser game marker: The laser game marker comprises a battery compartment, flexible tube, and laser compartment. A reversible spike in the battery compartment allows the device to securely attach to a tree, wood, or other porous surface. The flexible tube allows the laser to point or mark the freshly killed game while hunting.... Agent:

20140286004 - Lamp tubes: A lamp comprising a lamp tube, the lamp tube having a positioning slot formed on an inner side of the lamp tube for receiving a circuit board; two end covers installable at both ends of the lamp tube; each end cover comprises two electrical terminals for receiving electrical power from... Agent: Justing Technology Pte. Ltd.

20140286005 - Lighting device having optimized placement of light-emitting elements for parabolic fixtures: A lighting fixture comprising an optimized linear module lighting device and a plurality of parabolic fins. The optimized linear module lighting device comprises a substrate comprising at least first, second, and third portions. The optimized linear module lighting device further comprises a plurality of light-emitting elements. A first set of... Agent: Independence Led Lighting, LLC

20140286006 - Light-emitting module and luminaire: A light-emitting module according to an embodiment includes a plurality of kinds of light-emitting elements having different light emission colors. The light-emitting module according to the embodiment includes a substrate including an arrangement surface on which the light-emitting elements are arranged, the different kinds of light-emitting elements being alternately arranged... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140286007 - Light-emitting module and luminaire: According to one embodiment, a light-emitting module includes a plurality of kinds of light-emitting elements having different light emission colors. The light-emitting module includes a substrate on which a plurality of light-emitting element groups are dispersedly arranged, each of the light-emitting element groups organized of the same kind of light-emitting... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140286008 - Lighting devices: A device includes a light emitting assembly including at least one light panel including one or more phosphorescent organic light emitting devices. The device may, for example, be a personal lighting device. The at least one light panel has a peak luminance less than 5,000 cd/m2, an efficiency of greater... Agent:

20140286010 - Luma lights: The invention provides an all in one self contained system of electrically powered Christmas luminaries that are produced in a clear or translucent plastic container that provides the visual effect of a glass lantern. These luminary lights are installed and displayed along sidewalks and curbs.... Agent:

20140286009 - Modular solid state electronic display panels with electromagnetic radiation shielding: A display module having electromagnetic interference shielding is disclosed. The display module has a mask circuit board disposed immediately above a first circuit board. One or more light emitting elements are disposed on a top surface of the first circuit board. The mask circuit board has one or more apertures... Agent: Billboard Video, Inc.

20140286011 - Combination speaker and light source powered using light socket: Techniques associated with a combination speaker and light source powered using a light socket are described, including an acoustically sealed housing, a light socket connector coupled to the housing and configured to provide power to elements within the speaker and light source system when the light socket connector is coupled... Agent: Aliphcom

20140286012 - Illuminated water bottle cage: An illuminated water bottle cage includes a holder base having a light transmission section and a lighting device. The holder base includes a coupling portion able to be mounted to a bicycle. The holder base includes a receiving space extending along a longitudinal axis of the holder base to receive... Agent:

20140286013 - Aluminum radiator in once compressing forming and demolding and an led focus lamp: An aluminum radiator in once decompressing forming and demolding has a separator and a side wall made of aluminum alloy in once compressing forming, the side wall is constricted and extended from the periphery of the separator in the axial direction; the center of the outer surface of the separator... Agent:

20140286015 - Dual-use light fixture having ac and dc leds: A dual-use light fixture having AC and DC LEDs includes a heat-dissipating housing, a printed circuit board located on a first end of the heat-dissipating housing, AC and DC LED chips located on the printed circuit board, and a power supply pedestal coupled to a second end of the heat-dissipating... Agent: Lextar Electronics Corporation

20140286014 - Lamp device and luminaire: According to one embodiment, a housing includes a cover provided with an opening section opened on the front side, which is a light emission side, and a thermal radiation section on the rear side opposite to the front side. An opening section of the cover is located further on the... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140286016 - Luminaire obliquely oriented: c

20140286017 - Illumination panel: Illumination panel comprises: (1) a receiver substrate assembly including: (a) a rigid sheet of light transmissive material having a first surface, a second surface opposite the first surface, and a conductor pattern attached to the first surface; and (b) at least one receiver assembly affixed to the rigid sheet, each... Agent: Morgan Solar Inc.

20140286018 - Lens and an asymmetrical light distribution illuminating device having such lens: A lens for a linear light source may include a top and a bottom, the bottom including an incident surface, and a first supporting surface and a second supporting surface respectively at each side of the incident surface, and the top including an emergent surface, wherein the top further comprises... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140286019 - Lens and light source unit: A lens cap (3) is arranged to cover a light-emitting surface (23) of a light source (2), the lens thereby guiding light from the light source (2) in oblique directions relative to the light source (2). The lens cap (3) includes, in a planar view, a light transmitting region (33)... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140286020 - Lighting device: A lighting device includes a top housing, a connecting member and a lamp. The connecting member is detachably coupled to the top housing, and has at least one latch pivoted on and fixed to a top surface of the connecting member to be operatively engaged to the top housing. The... Agent: Top Energy Saving System Corp.

20140286021 - Lamp device and luminaire: According to one embodiment, a projection projects in the rear side center portion of a housing. A light-emitting module is arranged in the housing. A pair of power-supply sections configured to supply electric power to the light-emitting module is arranged around a light-emitting section in the housing. An information circuit... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140286022 - Lamp device and luminaire: According to one embodiment, a lamp device includes a housing, an insulating sheet, and a light-emitting module. The housing includes a thermal radiation section on the rear side opposite to the front side, which is a light emission side. A projecting section projects to the front side of the thermal... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140286023 - Led lamp: A LED lamp is disclosed which has a plurality of light unit, each of the light unit has at least one flat metal lead for heat dissipation and the lower part of the metal lead is mounted on a heat sink for a further heat dissipation.... Agent: Uniled Lighting Taiwan Inc.

20140286024 - Electronic flameless candle: An electronic flameless candle including a body having a top surface, a bottom surface, a sidewall between the top surface and the bottom surface, and a cavity defined by the top surface, the bottom surface and the sidewall, the body configured in shape and size to simulate a true flame... Agent:

20140286025 - Vehicle headlight control device and method, and vehicle headlight control system: An absolute pitch is outputted from an inclination sensor. A gradient related quantity is outputted from a gradient related quantity detection sensor for detecting a gradient related quantity that can specify a gradient of a road surface. The absolute pitch angle and the gradient related quantity are acquired by a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140286026 - Headlamp assembly for a saddle-type vehicle: A headlamp assembly for a saddle-type vehicle includes left and right light-emitting portions arranged on left and right sides, respectively, of a housing. Each of the light-emitting portions includes a light source and a concave reflector, disposed proximate the light source for reflecting light forwardly. Each reflector has an inclined... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140286027 - Headlamp assembly for a saddle-type vehicle: A headlamp assembly for a saddle-type vehicle ensures a generous light-emitting area of an upper lamp, and can make a gap formed between upper and lower lamps hard to see. The headlamp assembly includes upper and lower lamps, each including a light source and a reflector, with the lower lamp... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140286028 - Vehicle sun visor: An automobile sun visor includes: a sun visor body; and a mirror unit. The mirror unit includes: a mirror; a mirror retaining member to keep the mirror in place; and a mirror cover attached to the mirror retaining member and with a lighting apparatus provided in it. Power is supplied... Agent: Kyowa Sangyo Co., Ltd.

20140286030 - Lighting appliance for vehicles: A lighting appliance for vehicles with a light unit includes a light source and a light guide assigned to the light source for the creation of a given light function, wherein the light guide is embodied as a rod-shaped light guide with a punctiform surface for the coupling-out of light... Agent:

20140286029 - Lighting device for a vehicle interior: The invention relates to a lighting device (1) for a vehicle interior, comprising a light guide element (4) having a light coupling surface and a light decoupling surface, wherein a luminous flux can be introduced into the light coupling surface by means of at least one light source, wherein the... Agent: Johnson Controls Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140286031 - Lighting device for vehicles and production method thereof: The present invention relates to a lighting device for vehicles including at least one diffuser body suitable for receiving light emitted by a light source so as to diffuse the light externally to the body. The diffuser body includes a solid matrix of transparent polymer material which incorporates a plurality... Agent:

20140286032 - Vehicle headlight: The invention relates to a vehicle headlight having at least one light source arrangement comprising a laser, and having a headlight lens comprising a body composed of a transparent material, wherein the body comprises at least one light tunnel and a light-conducting part having at least one optically active light... Agent: Doctor Optics Se

20140286033 - Vehicle lighting unit: e

20140286034 - Vehicle lamp: A vehicle lamp includes a light source and an optical member that reflects light from the light source. The light source includes a base extending in a front-rear direction of the vehicle lamp, and a surface light-emitting device provided on the base. The surface light-emitting device is structured to project... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140286035 - Method for fixing an optical unit and an illumination device: A method for fixing an optical unit on a carrier, includes the steps of connecting the optical unit to the carrier with a substance-to-substance bond, and supporting the optical unit so that it can move relative to the carrier in a specified alignment direction by means of an alignment pin... Agent: Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co.

20140286036 - Emitting light using multiple phosphors: A light emitting apparatus includes a light emitting device, fixedly situated at a first position, to emit light at a wavelength, a first phosphor, fixedly situated at a second position, to radiate light with a first spectral characteristic out of the light emitting apparatus in response to irradiation by the... Agent:

20140286037 - Solid state lighting device: According to one embodiment, a solid state lighting device includes an irradiating section, an optical waveguide body, a reflecting section, and a first wavelength conversion layer. The irradiating section emits laser light. The optical waveguide body has an incident surface into which the laser light is led, an inclined surface... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140286038 - Light source system: The light source system includes a plurality of light source modules configured to respectively emit light source lights having optical characteristics different from each other, and an irradiation module to which the light source modules are mechanically and detachably attached. The irradiation module includes a first light guide member, a... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140286039 - Illuminated warning panel: A detectable warning panel including an illumination feature. The warning panel includes an array of raised domes as for prior art warning panels. The tops of at least a portion of the domes are illuminated. Preferably the tops of all the domes are illuminated. While the illumination feature may remain... Agent:

20140286040 - Lamp and luminaire: A lamp according to an embodiment includes a plurality of light-emitting sections including a plurality of kinds of light-emitting elements provided side by side in a predetermined direction on a substrate and configured to respectively emit lights of different colors, luminous fluxes of the lights respectively emitted by the light-emitting... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140286041 - Light emitting module: An exemplary embodiments of the present invention includes a light emitting body, a gyro sensor detecting a tremor, and a light emitting body tilt driving unit tilting the light emitting body in response to tremor information detected by the gyro sensor.... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140286042 - Backlight module and manufacturing method of the same: An exemplary backlight module includes a light guide film and a light bar. The light guide film includes a top surface, a bottom surface, and a light incident surface connected between the top surface and the bottom surface. The light bar includes a light-emitting surface. The light-emitting surface is attached... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140286045 - Display and front-light module thereof: A display includes a reflective display module, a light guide plate, at least one light source and a cover lens. The light guide plate includes a first light guide surface opposite to the reflective display module. The first light guide surface includes a light outgoing region and a peripheral region... Agent: E Ink Holdings Inc.

20140286043 - Dual-sided film with compound prisms: Dual-sided optical films have extended prisms formed in one major surface, and extended lenslets formed in an opposite major surface. Some or all of the prisms are compound prisms, in which the two inclined surfaces of each compound prism each include a tip portion, a base portion, and an intermediate... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140286044 - Dual-sided film with split light spreading structures: Dual-sided optical films have extended split spreading structures formed on one major surface, and extended prisms formed on an opposite major surface. One portion of each split spreading structure has a low light spreading characteristic, and another portion has a high light spreading characteristic. For each split spreading structure, the... Agent:

20140286046 - Illuminating device, image reading apparatus including the illuminating device, and image forming apparatus including the image reading apparatus: An LED array and a reflective plate are disposed sandwiching a slit (St) through which light reflected by a document MS passes and a light-guiding member is disposed on the side of the LED array. The light-guiding member includes a direct emission unit disposed between an illumination range y centered... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140286047 - Transparent display backlight assembly: In embodiments of a transparent display backlight assembly, a backlight panel is operable as a transparent panel, and a light source generates light that the backlight panel directs from the light source to illuminate a display panel of a display device. Light refraction features refract and scatter the light, where... Agent:

20140286048 - Switchable luminescent see-through system: The present invention relates to a switchable see-through luminescent system, e.g. for luminous signage, characterized by its mode to exist in two different states, transparent (‘off-state’) and luminescent (‘on-state’), due to the presence of a luminescent material (20), coated on to the transparent surface (10), capable of being excited on... Agent:

20140286050 - Backlight module: A backlight module comprises a light guide plate, a plurality of light guide portions, and a plurality of light sources. Each light guide portion is wedge-shaped. Each light guide portion comprises a first side surface and a second side surface opposite to the first side surface. The second side surface... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140286049 - Backlight unit and display device including the same: A backlight unit includes a light source which generates a first light; a quantum dots member which is spaced apart from the light source by a first distance and converts the first light into a second light; a guide member which lengthwise extends in a first direction and fixes positions... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140286051 - Display device: A display device includes a light source part to output a light, a light incidence part into which the light outputted from the light source part is inputted, a groove part formed in a first surface of the light incidence part based on a display pattern to be displayed via... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20140286052 - Modular light-emitting panel assembly: A modular light-emitting panel assembly has first and second light guides edge lit by respective light sources. Each light guide has a light input edge, opposed side edges, opposed major surfaces and a pattern of light extracting elements at at least one of the major surfaces. The light guides are... Agent:

20140286053 - Display device, electronic apparatus and illumination device: An illumination device of a display device is configured such that heat of light-emitting elements is dissipated via a light source substrate, a light source support member made of a metal, and a first frame made of a metal. The illumination device also includes a second frame made of a... Agent:

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