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01/22/2015 > 70 patent applications in 55 patent subcategories.

20150022992 - Stand for strobe and illumination device equipped with same: Strobe stand on which strobe device is mounted is provided. Strobe device includes strobe body and light-emitting housing coupled to strobe body. The strobe stand includes the following elements: base plate having leg; attachment section provided on one surface of base plate for receiving strobe device; and suction pad provided... Agent:

20150022993 - Photographic apparatus and method: A photographic flash attachment apparatus. The apparatus includes a sleeve configured to be fixed to a photographic flash, a ring configured to engage with the sleeve, and one or more attachment mechanisms coupled with the ring adapted to receive one or more photographic attachment elements. Upon attachment of one or... Agent:

20150022994 - Selectively visible battery charge status indicator for exterior trim components: A vehicular exterior trim component for a vehicle of the type including at least one battery, the exterior trim component comprising an at least partially light-transmissive substrate having opposite first and second surfaces, and an illumination source adjacent the second surface of the substrate, the illumination source actuatable between an... Agent:

20150022995 - Keyboard backlighting with deposited light-generating sources: Techniques and devices provide backlighting for keys of a keyboard or keypad.... Agent:

20150022996 - Air conditioner: An air conditioner is provided. The air conditioner may include an input device that receives an input for setting an operation requirement, a fan that blows air according to the set operation requirement, an illumination system that illuminates a closed curve region, a case having the fan provided therein and... Agent:

20150022997 - Lighting apparatus, headlamp, and mobile body: A lighting apparatus is provided that, while suppressing an increase in size, can change the illuminating direction. The lighting apparatus has: a laser generator which emits laser light; a light emitting member which is irradiated with the laser light emitted from the laser generator to emit light; an irradiated position... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150022999 - Lighting device and method for manufacturing the same: A lighting device in which a heat sink and a cover are formed by co-extrusion and a manufacturing method for the same are provided. The heat sink and the cover may be co-extruded. A shape control portion may be formed at the heat sink to control a shape of a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150022998 - White light illumination system with narrow band green phosphor and multiple-wavelength excitation: A white light illumination system may comprise: a phosphor package; a first radiation source for providing co-excitation radiation to the phosphor package, the source emitting in wavelengths ranging from about 250 nm to about 410 nm; and a second radiation source for providing co-excitation radiation to the phosphor package, the... Agent: Intematix Corporation

20150023000 - Lighted refrigerator shelf with overmold: A shelf for supporting items including but not limited to in refrigerated appliances includes in an integrated fashion a supporting surface and around the perimeter of the supporting surface of similar dimensions. A lighting subassembly is mountable to or integrated in the framing. Electrical power can be through touchless or... Agent:

20150023001 - Backlight assembly and a display apparatus having the same: A backlight assembly includes a first light source part including a plurality of light sources and extending in a first direction, a second light source part including a plurality of light sources, wherein the second light source part is spaced apart from and in parallel with the first light source... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150023002 - Backlight module and liquid crystal display: A backlight module and a liquid crystal display are provided. The backlight module includes an optical film, a reflection member and a light-emitting unit. A reflection surface of the reflection member includes multiple side edges. The light-emitting unit is disposed on one intersection position formed by the side edges of... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20150023003 - Backlight module and liquid crystal display: A backlight module and a liquid crystal display are provided. The backlight module includes a first light-emitting unit and at least one second light-emitting unit. The first light-emitting unit is located outside of a light guide region between an optical film and a reflection plate, and the at least one... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20150023004 - Backlight module and display device: Embodiments of the present invention provide a backlight module comprising a light source and a diffusion plate disposed immediately opposite a light exiting surface of the light source.... Agent: Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20150023005 - Illumination assembly for garment: An illumination assembly structured to be supported on an individual, including a garment worn by the individual, having a base connectable to the garment and an adjustment assembly connected to the base. An illumination source is connected to the adjustment assembly and moveable therewith relative to the base. The adjustment... Agent:

20150023006 - Display lighting: A lighting system (1) for display cases (2), namely jewelry display cases, comprising a strip of lights (3) that move back and forth or oscillate in a predetermined motion to create a sparkling effect on diamonds and other gem stones.... Agent:

20150023007 - Door of automatic vending mechanism: A door includes a decorating panel and a separating panel. The decorating panel includes a showing area. A first illuminator is located on a first side of the showing area, and a second illuminator is located on a second opposite side of the showing area. The separating panel includes a... Agent:

20150023008 - Adjustable safety light attachment for various sized handles: An adjustable safety light attachment with an opening that can be adjusted in size and shape to fit various sizes and patterns of handles for any tool. The adjustable safety light attachment has a hollow housing with a front portion that is held together to a back portion using a... Agent:

20150023009 - Multipurpose sign bases for supporting temporary roadway safety signs and like: A multipurpose sign base suitable for supporting temporary signs includes an upstanding mast supportable atop a support surface by a substantially horizontally extending, elongate, support member connected to a lower region of the mast, and by a plurality of elongate leg members of adjustable length each having an upper portion... Agent:

20150023010 - Led lighting panel: The invention relates to LED light panel adapted for use with a troffer style light fixture. The invention is also directed to a LED light retrofit kit to convert or replace existing troffer style light fixtures. The lighting panel includes a base member. The base member includes a first layer... Agent:

20150023013 - Illuminating unit: An illuminating unit includes a first bus bar, a second bus bar and a third bus bar of the same shape, each of which has a pair of right and left contact spring pieces that are spaced in a given direction and parallel to each other. The first bus bar,... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150023012 - Light source and display system: Disclosed are a light source and a display system. The light source comprises at least one original light emitting device group (1) and at least one supplementary light emitting device group (2). The original light emitting device group (1) comprises at least two LED (11, 12, 13) and a wavelength... Agent:

20150023011 - Light-emitting module, lighting device, and lighting fixture: A light-emitting module including: a first light source including a first light-emitting element and a wavelength converter and emitting visible light having a chromaticity within rectangle range ABCD, the wavelength converter changing a wavelength of a portion of light emitted by the first light-emitting element; and a second light source... Agent:

20150023014 - Lamp and lighting apparatus: A lamp includes a base configured by a case and a heat discharging board, a supporting member disposed upright on the base, a light-transmitting substrate mounted on the supporting member, and light-emitting units mounted on the light-transmitting substrate. The supporting member includes a stand part, a rod-shaped leg part disposed... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150023015 - Attachment plate and cover configuration for a luminaire: A luminaire may include a luminaire main body, an attachment plate, a plurality of light-emitting modules, a plurality of lenses, and a lighting circuit. In some examples, the luminaire main body may include an opening in a lower surface. The attachment plate may have a flat plate shape and may... Agent:

20150023016 - Led lighting apparatus: An LED lighting apparatus includes an LED substrate, a LED chip, a sealing resin member, and a reflecting face. The LED substrate has a main surface. The LED chip is mounted on the main surface of the LED substrate. The sealing resin member is made of a material that transmits... Agent:

20150023017 - Light tower: A portable, low-energy light tower to provide high, bright light having ground-engaging elements, a telescoping mast secured to the base and the mast having a pivot, the telescoping mast being rotatable about the pivot between a transport position and an operating position, and LED lighting elements at the top end... Agent: Ride Inc.

20150023018 - Fastener, light source module, and method of assembling a light source module: A fastener includes a head portion and a shank portion that extends from the head portion. The shank portion has a distal end that is distal from the head portion and that is formed with at least two bendable anchor segments. The fastener is used to fasten a base plate... Agent: Radiant Opto-electronics (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

20150023019 - Light control systems and methods: Provided is a light-emitting device control system, comprising: a light source module that outputs a beam of light at a first surface location; a beam steering mechanism, the light source module coupled to the beam steering mechanism for directing the beam of light at the first surface location, wherein an... Agent:

20150023020 - Lighting apparatus: Lighting appliance provided with an outer chassis made in such a way as to permit the operator to comfortably perform in situ a repair or maintenance operation if needed. Said chassis makes it possible to efficiently separate the light emission devices and the reflector and refractor means associated thereto from... Agent:

20150023021 - Led lighting engine adopting an icicle type diffusion unit: Disclosed is an LED lighting engine adopting an icicle type diffusion unit. The LED lighting source having a surface light source characteristic and an icicle type diffusion unit corresponding to the surface light source are integrally formed through coupling therebetween to provide a shield type structure having waterproof and dustproof... Agent:

20150023022 - Air cooled horticulture lighting fixture for a double ended high pressure sodium lamp: An air cooled double ended high pressure sodium lamp fixture for growing plants in confined indoor spaces. The fixture seals the lamp and heat generated by the same to a reflector interior. Flow disruptors create turbulence in a cooling chamber thereby enhancing thermal transfer into a cooling air stream that... Agent: Ip Holdings, LLC

20150023023 - Lighting systems with heat extracting light emitting elements: Lighting systems with heat extracting light emitting elements are disclosed based on the light emitting surface also functioning as the heat cooling surface. Lighting systems which have only their light emitting surfaces exposed to ambient are disclosed. A thermally conductive mostly reflective light transmitting element provides light diffusion, interconnect, and... Agent: Goldeneye, Inc.

20150023024 - Light emitting module and lighting device using the same: A light emitting module includes a surface emitting panel and an optical member located at the light emitting surface side of the surface emitting panel. The surface emitting panel has a light emitting region and a non-light emitting region. The optical member has a reflector in the region corresponding to... Agent:

20150023025 - Lighting device, lighting unit, and support: A lighting unit includes a board on which a light emitting portion having a semiconductor light emitting device is arrayed on an upper side along the longitudinal direction. The lighting unit also includes a reflector which is disposed on the upper side of the board, and has a reflection portion... Agent:

20150023026 - Light emitting device: A light emitting device includes a light emitting element; a light reflecting member having an Ag-containing layer on a surface thereof and a protective film having a thickness of 1 nm to 300 nm and covering a surface of the light reflecting member, the protective film covering a surface of... Agent:

20150023027 - Light guide element and lamp for controlling light beam angle: A light guide element and a lamp are described. The light guide element has a length and an angle of total reflection. The light guide element includes a light-incident surface, a light-emitting surface, a first reflecting surface, and a second reflecting surface. The light-incident surface includes a first outer peripheral... Agent: Radiant Opto-electronics Corporation

20150023028 - Lenses for cosine cubed, typical batwing, flat batwing distributions: A lighting apparatus with uniform illumination distribution, according to various embodiments, can include a lens for area lighting. In one embodiment, the lens comprises a plurality of cross-sections identified by a thickness ratio defined at different angles. The thickness ratio is determined relative to the thickness of the cross-section defined... Agent:

20150023029 - Omni-directional channeling of liquids for passive convection in led bulbs: An LED bulb has a base, a shell connected to the base, and a thermally conductive liquid held within the shell. The LED bulb has a plurality of LEDs mounted on LED mounting surfaces disposed within the shell. The LED mounting surfaces face different radial directions, and the LED mounting... Agent: Switch Bulb Company, Inc.

20150023030 - Light-emitting device: A foldable light-emitting device is provided. Furthermore, a light-emitting device which can be developed is provided. The light-emitting device includes a light-emitting panel having flexibility, two support panels which support the light-emitting panel, and arms which are connected to the respective panels to be rotatable. Furthermore, the light-emitting device has... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20150023031 - Support of flexible component and light-emitting device: To provide a support for supporting a flexible component and a light-emitting device. A first substrate, a second substrate, a rack, a pinion, and a hinge are provided. When the second substrate is moved, the rotational force of the pinion is transmitted to the rack of the first substrate and... Agent:

20150023032 - Current controlling apparatus for automotive lamp: A current controlling apparatus for an automotive lamp is provided that adjusts a current applied to the automotive lamp that uses laser light as a light source to adjust the intensity of the laser light. The automotive lamp includes a light source that generates laser light and a phosphor excited... Agent: Sl Corporation

20150023033 - Luminous pedal structure for a bicycle: A luminous pedal structure for a bicycle is mounted on a crank of a bicycle and contains a body, an electricity generating device, a shaft, and a covering member. Each limiting column of the electricity generating device fits with each magnetic element and inserts into each connecting post, and coils... Agent:

20150023034 - Portable light for a bicycle: The present invention discloses a portable light which comprises a case; a PCB assembly comprising a powering source; a plurality of LEDs emitting light in different color which are installed on the PCB assembly and electrically connected to the powering source and arranged to emit light; and a lens disposed... Agent: Fast Field Industrial Limited

20150023035 - Lane guide device for a driver of an automobile: An automotive safety device, specifically, an automobile safety device that assists drivers to remain in their proper driving lane when driving a moving vehicle. One embodiment of the present invention can include a flat planar body member, a plurality of light emitting members connected to the planar body member, wherein... Agent:

20150023036 - Adjustable elevated light for transportation vehicles: An adjustable, elevated and externally mounted lighting device (21) for vehicles such as school busses (22) and other types of vehicles, that provides a pool of light (23) to passenger loading and unloading areas for better visibility of passengers, vehicle drivers, and other vehicle operators in the vicinity during hours... Agent:

20150023037 - Light guiding element for a laser vehicle headlight: The invention relates to a light guiding element (1) for a laser vehicle headlight (2), wherein the laser vehicle headlight (2) comprises at least one laser light source (3) and at least one luminous element (4) which can be irradiated by the laser light source (3) and can thus be... Agent:

20150023038 - Guide lamp apparatus for vehicle: A guide lamp apparatus for a vehicle may include a light source, a side reflector which may be arranged on a lateral side of the light source, form an imaginary light source identical to the light source on a side of the light source, and reflect the light radiated from... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150023039 - Vehicle lamp: A vehicle lamp is provided that forms a predetermined image using a leaked portion of light generated by a light source. The vehicle lamp includes a light source and a light image forming part that is configured to form an image of a predetermined shape using light emitted from the... Agent: Sl Corporation

20150023041 - Led reflector optic for an automotive headlight: The automotive headlight includes one or more first light emitting diodes (LEDs) and one or more second LEDs, wherein the one or more second LEDs are positioned at about 180 degrees with respect to the one or more first LEDs, wherein the headlight optical axis is about −90 degrees with... Agent:

20150023040 - Vehicular lamp: A vehicular lamp includes a projection lens, a light source disposed to the rear of the projection lens, and an additional lens. First light from the light source is irradiated to the front through the projection lens to form a predetermined light distribution pattern. The projection lens has an elongated... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150023042 - Vehicle lamp: A vehicle lamp is provided with a housing for mounting to a vehicle and defining a outward opening. A lens is attached to the outward opening of the housing to define a lamp chamber therebetween. The lens has an appearance portion and a concealed portion. A condensation trap feature is... Agent: North American Lighting, Inc.

20150023043 - Guide lamp apparatus for vehicle: A guide lamp apparatus for a vehicle may include a light source, a light division lens that may be arranged on a front of the light source and divides a light emitted from the light source into a plurality of lights, and a front light collection lens that may be... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150023044 - Headlight lens for a vehicle headlight: Headlight lens for a vehicle headlight having a monolithic body of transparent material, the monolithic body including at least one light entry face, a light passage section and at least one optically operative light exit face.... Agent:

20150023045 - Projection module for a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a light module (1) for a motor vehicle, comprising at least one light source (1, 10, 11, 100, 110), at least one reflector (2, 20, 21, 200, 210, 2000), and at least one lens (3, 30, 31, 300, 310), wherein the light emitted by the light... Agent:

20150023046 - Organic electroluminescent panel and vehicle lamp: An organic electroluminescent panel is provided. The organic electroluminescent panel includes a substrate made of glass or transparent resin, a light emitting portion provided along a peripheral edge of the substrate, and a metal electrode. The light emitting portion comprises a cathode layer, a transparent conductive film having an extension... Agent:

20150023047 - Light emitting unit: A light emitting unit includes a light source and a light guiding member. The light guiding member includes a light incident guiding portion that is arranged to face a light emitting surface of the light source and have a light incident surface, on which light emitted from the light source... Agent:

20150023048 - Apparatus and method for reducing laser speckle: An apparatus for reducing laser speckle cooperates with a laser light source and comprises a light guide tube and a vibration element coupled on the light guide tube. The light guide tube includes an input member corresponding to the laser light source, an output member far away from the laser... Agent: National Yunlin University Of Science And Technology

20150023049 - Method and apparatus for coordinating solar powered lighting with grid powered lighting: A light collecting reflector assembly adjustably secured to the peripheral edge of a photovoltaic solar array useful to charge a storage battery connected to power a light upon the sensing an ambient light below a predetermined level for collecting sufficient light emitted by a selected grid powered light source and... Agent:

20150023050 - Backlight module: A backlight module includes a light source unit, an optical fiber, a diverging lens and a light guide unit. The light source unit includes a first light source emitting red light, a second light source emitting green light and a third light source emitting blue light. The optical fiber includes... Agent:

20150023051 - Optical configurations in a tileable display apparatus: A display apparatus including a screen layer for displaying a unified image to a viewer and an illumination layer having an array of light sources. Each light source emits a light beam. An array of optical elements, each coupled to a corresponding light source in the array of light sources,... Agent: Google Inc.

20150023052 - Two-sided light guide: A multi-display system includes a single, two-sided backlight assembly between the display panels. The two-sided backlight assembly is able to emit light in two light paths generally 180 degrees apart—one light path passes through one of the display panels and another light pass through the other of the display panels.... Agent:

20150023053 - Backlight unit including color-compensating diffuser and display device including the same: A backlight unit includes a light source. A light guide plate receives light supplied from the light source at an incident light part of the light guide plate. A reflective sheet is positioned below the light guide plate and reflects light upwardly. A diffuser sheet is formed on the light... Agent:

20150023054 - Reflective film: b

20150023055 - Light source assembly, backlight assembly having the same and display apparatus having the same: A light source assembly includes a red laser diode configured to generate a red laser light, a blue laser diode disposed adjacent to the red laser diode, and configured to generate a blue laser light or a cyan laser light, a green phosphor disposed on the blue laser diode, and... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150023056 - Backlight module and liquid crystal display: The present invention discloses a backlight module and a liquid crystal display. The light guide plate is formed with hollow structures therein, and the hollow structures includes a first reflecting surface and a second reflecting surface; the first reflecting surface has a first inclination; the second reflecting surface has a... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20150023058 - Backlight unit and display apparatus using the same: Disclosed are an illumination system and a display apparatus using the same. The illumination system includes a light guide plate; grooves disposed in the light guide plate, each of the grooves having at least one inclined surface; light source modules disposed within the grooves, wherein the light source modules comprise,... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150023057 - Display device: A display device includes a display panel, a light guide plate which is disposed under the display panel and includes a first side surface, a second side surface connected to one end of the first side surface, and a third side surface connected to the other end of the first... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150023059 - Backlight module: The present invention provides a backlight module, which includes: a backplane (2), a light guide plate (4) arranged in the backplane (2), a backlight source (6) mounted on the backplane (2), and a heat dissipation film (220) mounted on the backplane (2). The heat dissipation film (220) is made of... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20150023060 - Illumination apparatus confining light by total internal reflection and methods of forming the same: In various embodiments, an illumination apparatus includes an air gap between a sub-assembly and a waveguide attached thereto at a plurality of discrete attachment points, as well as a bare-die light-emitting diode encapsulated by the waveguide.... Agent:

20150023061 - Illuminating element having a coding element: A light-emitting element may include at least one coding element. The coding element may have at least two switching states and an operating mode of the light-emitting element may be set on the basis of a switching state of the coding element.... Agent: Osram Gmbh

01/15/2015 > 65 patent applications in 49 patent subcategories.

20150016085 - Optical device, optical element, and image display device: Disclosed are an optical device, an optical element, and an image display device that can achieve an improved absorption efficiency of excitation light. The optical device includes: a light-emitting element; a carrier generation layer on which light from the light-emitting element is incident and in which carriers are generated; a... Agent:

20150016087 - Circuit board, method for manufacturing the circuit board, and illumination device comprising the circuit board: A circuit board (1) for mounting at least one light source (10), comprising a substrate (2) and a plurality of printed electrical conductors (3) printed on the substrate (2), At least one printed electrical conductor (3) comprises a first region (4) for arranging the light sources (10). The circuit board... Agent:

20150016086 - Electric candles with luminescent material: Electric lighting devices are described that include one or more luminescent materials configured to help create a flickering flame effect. The luminescent material(s) could be disposed within, under, or on an outer surface of the device's body or as part of the flame element extending from the body.... Agent:

20150016088 - Lighting device: A lighting device (100) for lighting by emitting lighting light by light emission of an LED element (6), wherein the area of a spectrum of the lighting light having a wavelength of 600 nm to 700 nm is 30% to 70%, and the area having a wavelength of 400 nm... Agent:

20150016090 - Back light unit and display device: A backlight unit includes: a bottom chassis including a lower portion and side portions enclosing the lower portion; a light source plate to which a light source is attached; a diffuser configured to diffuse light generated from the light source; an optical sheet disposed on the diffuser and adapted to... Agent:

20150016091 - Back plate, backlight module using the back plate and display device using the same: The present provides a back plate including a plate and a side wall. The side wall extends out from an edge of the plate, wherein the side wall includes a wall body, a first bending sheet, and a second bending sheet. The first bending sheet is formed by bending outward... Agent:

20150016089 - Display assembly hooks for installation improvement: A heads-up-display assembly includes a display module and a circuit board. The display module is configured to display an image on a display surface, remote to the display module. The display module includes a housing, a visual display, and one or more retention members. The circuit board controls the visual... Agent:

20150016092 - Frame for displaying lithophanes using natural daylight or integrated lighting system: A frame for displaying lithophanes that utilizes either natural daylight or electric light as the source of illumination. Current display options for lithophanes rely solely on one light source or the other, thus limiting display options. This frame will allow users to display their lithophanes whenever and wherever they like.... Agent:

20150016093 - Wearable devices with integrated light sources: In another implementation, a signaling apparatus includes a glove that is configured to be worn on a hand of a user; a first light source that extends along and is affixed to at least a portion of a lateral side of the glove, the lateral side of the glove corresponding... Agent:

20150016094 - Head-mounted front illumination device: To provide a highly exceptional, innovative head-mounted front illumination device in which when the head is slightly tilted as normal, the line of sight is directed further downward, and the area near the hands is looked at, the illumination range is automatically changed in correspondence with the downward eye movement... Agent: Snow Peak, Inc.

20150016095 - Garment with illuminate safety features: A garment with illuminate safety features and a power source which allows the wearer to selectively set the frequency of the illuminate safety features so as to identify the location of the wearer and serve to warn other individuals or vehicles as to the wearer's location, the illuminate safety features... Agent:

20150016096 - Illuminated cable pulling and retrieval device: A cable pulling and retrieval device includes an elongated generally hollow and transparent wand that is interposed between a handle and a hole saw. The handle includes a generally hollow portion for receiving and storing one or more batteries, and also houses a light producing device that generates a focused... Agent:

20150016097 - Low profile solar led lamp: According to at least one aspect of the present disclosure, a lamp assembly includes a lens with a top portion and a sleeve portion, the sleeve portion defining an interior volume, and the top portion including a seating flange; a housing disposed within the interior volume, the housing comprising a... Agent:

20150016098 - Electricity self-supply type bus stop: An electricity self-supply type bus stop includes a fixed rod provided with a complex stop board and an upper shed. The upper shed has an inner peripheral side installed with an illuminating lamp and an outer peripheral side disposed with an indicating lamp positioned over the illuminating lamp. The fixed... Agent:

20150016099 - Fluorescent lamp holder assembly: Fluorescent lamp holder assembly 10 comprising a lamp holder 15 and a socket 20. The holder 15 houses one pair of electrical terminals, and includes one pair of openings 30 located at a position corresponding to the position of the electrical terminals. The lamp holder 15 includes one pair of... Agent:

20150016101 - Illumination apparatus: An illumination apparatus includes a tube type light-transmissive cover, and light emitting module having a substrate provided in one region of an inner circumferential surface of the cover and a plurality of light emitting devices disposed on the substrate. A reflector extends in a longitudinal direction of the cover and... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150016100 - Luminaire: According to one embodiment, there is provided a luminaire including a light source module, a power supply device, and a luminaire main body. The light source module includes a board, a light source provided on the board, a supporting body supporting the board, and a light transmissive cover covering the... Agent:

20150016102 - Led bar: Disclosed is an LED bar. The LED bar has a plurality of LED units mounted in a cuttable form and each of the LED units has a single LED. The LED bar includes a plurality of LEDs; a bar-shaped base substrate on which the plurality of LEDs are mounted; a... Agent:

20150016104 - Lighting component and lighting device: Various examples of a lighting component and lighting device are described. In one aspect, a lighting component includes a supporting base and a LED die set. The supporting base includes a supporting surface and the LED die set includes at least four LED dies disposed on the supporting surface in... Agent:

20150016103 - Pixel array and flat-panel display having the pixel array: The present application discloses a pixel array and a flat panel display having the pixel array. The pixel array includes a plurality of rows and columns of sub-pixel basic unit, and every sub-pixel basic unit having a blue sub-pixel, a red sub-pixel and a green sub-pixel, wherein: every sub-pixel basic... Agent: Everdisplay Optronics (shanghai) Limited

20150016105 - System for supplementing light to plants: The invention relates to the field of horticulture in a greenhouse and disclosures a system for supplementing light to plants, the system including a lighting grid and a power supply detachable from each other, wherein: the lighting grid includes a plurality of LED panels, wherein a plurality of LED lamps... Agent:

20150016106 - Theatre light comprising of a plurality of remotely positionable light emitting modules: A theatre lighting apparatus including a plurality of light emitting modules or light emitting devices contained within a lamp housing each having a remotely controllable pan and tilt axis. The theatre lighting apparatus is also capable of remotely positioning the lamp housing containing the plurality of light emitting modules. The... Agent:

20150016107 - Led module having a highly reflective carrier: An LED module, including a carrier having high reflectivity, wherein a metal layer, preferably a silver layer or a layer of high-purity aluminum, is applied to the carrier. Also disclosed is an LED module, including a carrier having high reflectivity, wherein a metal layer is applied to the carrier, at... Agent: Tridonic Jennersdorf Gmbh

20150016108 - Light fixtures and multi-plane light modifying elements: Certain example implementations of the disclosed technology include a light emitting device. The light emitting device may include an enclosure with four sides and a top edge surface associated with each of the four sides. The enclosure may be capable of mounting on a grid frame of a suspended ceiling... Agent: Southpac Trust International Inc, Trustee Of The Ldh Trust

20150016109 - Light-emitting device and lighting apparatus using the same: A light-emitting device includes a substrate, first LEDs and second LEDs mounted on the substrate, multiple wirings separately formed on the substrate, and a conductive member for connecting adjacent two wirings in multiple wirings for establishing series connection, parallel connection, or a combination of series and parallel connections of the... Agent:

20150016110 - Lighting device: Disclosed is a lighting device having wide light-distribution characteristics. The lighting device includes a base; a protrusion disposed on the base; and a light emitting module disposed on the protrusion; wherein the light emitting module comprises a plurality of light emitting diodes inclined inward with respect to the a protruding... Agent:

20150016111 - Decorative system: A decorative system that provides malleable decorative rods that bend, illuminate, and extend from an electrical base to form a decorative object, such as a Christmas tree. The malleable properties of the rods provide sufficient flexibility to bend and manipulate until a desired shape and dimension is achieved. The rod... Agent:

20150016112 - Lighted architectural mesh: A lighted architectural mesh includes a plurality of interconnected wires forming a plurality of transverse openings. At least one light carrier is slidably received within at least one of said transverse openings. The at least one light carrier includes light nodes emitting light through the interstices on the front and/or... Agent:

20150016113 - Methods of changing an appearance of an illumination apparatus string, cover apparatuses, uses of same, and kits and assemblies comprising same: According to one illustrative embodiment, there is provided a method of changing an appearance of an illumination apparatus string, the method involving: detachably coupling a cover body to one of a plurality of illumination apparatuses on the illumination apparatus string such that an illuminatable portion of the one of the... Agent: Kazager L.e.d. Components Inc.

20150016114 - Lamp tablet docking station: A lamp stand docking station. The lamp stand docking station includes a base, wherein the base is configured to support the lamp stand docking station. The lamp stand docking station also includes a clamp attached to the base. The clamp includes an adjustable arm for securing an external device and... Agent:

20150016115 - Led light and method of manufacturing the same: Provided is an LED light that includes a base plate, heat pipes disposed on the base plate, at least one heat dissipation fins disposed on the heat pipes, and an LED module fastened to the base plate by screws, in which protrusions having a space with the bottom open integrally... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150016116 - Flexible led light bar and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention discloses a flexible LED light bar, which includes a flexible circuit board, a light cup, an LED chip, and an LED encapsulation material. The light cup is formed on the flexible circuit board. The LED chip is encapsulated in the light cup and is bonded to the... Agent: Xiamen Changelight Co., Ltd.

20150016117 - Wide-angle light emitting diode bulb: A wide-angle light emitting diode bulb comprises a LED chip module, a LED driver component for provide power, and a lamp cup for housing the LED chip module and the LED driver component. Main portion of light emitted from the LED chip is through the lamp cover out but a... Agent:

20150016118 - Lens with different layers and led unit using the same: A lens includes a first optical layer, a second optical layer covering the first optical layer and a third optical layer covering the second optical layer. The first optical layer has a light refractive index larger than that of the second optical layer. The second optical layer has a light... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150016119 - Light flux controlling member, light emitting device and illumination apparatus: Incidence region 162 of light flux controlling member 160 includes first lens region 10 and second lens region 50 which have a fan shape in a plan view thereof. First lens region 10 includes a plurality of first projections 172. In first inclining surface 174 of first projection 172, angle... Agent:

20150016120 - Structure of lighting instrument: A lighting instrument consists of a frame that is formed by several moldings and connections, with a first scarf and second scarf placed around the upper fringe and the lower fringe of the frame, with a lagging plate and a light diffusion plate placed in the first scarf and second... Agent:

20150016121 - Illumination apparatus: An illumination apparatus includes a radiating fin exposed externally on an upper surface of a casing having a light source and a drive unit accommodated therein, and a securing portion to secure the casing to a ceiling surface. The radiating fin includes a ventilation path that is provided in the... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150016123 - Automotive led headlight cooling system: A lighting assembly includes a cooling system configured to enable the dissipation of a large amount of energy in the form of heat generated by a light source. The cooling system is configured as a gravity feed cooling loop that does not require a powered fluid pump. The light source... Agent:

20150016122 - Three dimensional light emitting diode systems, and compositions and methods relating thereto: A flexible layered structure is disclosed having a flexible top conductive layer, a flexible bottom heat sink layer and a flexible dielectric middle layer. The combination has a longitudinal axis and a plurality of defined positions spaced along the longitudinal axis. The defined positions can be used for aligning a... Agent:

20150016124 - Shield for a bulb of a lamp: A shield for a bulb of a lighting base includes an upper portion for at least partially encircling a bulb and means for coupling the upper portion to a lighting base. Another shield includes a first portion and a second portion. The first portion at least partially encircles and protects... Agent:

20150016125 - Attachment base for a lighting unit of a decorative lighting string: The present invention provides an attachment base for a lighting unit of a decorative lighting string comprising an upper base member inserted with an LED lamp and mounted onto an lower base member; the upper base member comprising locking hooks extended downward from two lateral sides of a bottom portion... Agent:

20150016126 - Light-emitting device: A light-emitting device includes a strip-like high flexibility region and a strip-like low flexibility region arranged alternately in a direction. The high flexibility region includes a flexible light-emitting panel. The low flexibility region includes the light-emitting panel and a support panel having a lower flexibility than that of the light-emitting... Agent:

20150016127 - Moving light with follow spot: A luminaire that has multiple removable handles thereon, and can operate in multiple different modes, including a mode where a manual follow spot can occur. To operate in the manual follow spot mode, the luminaire is placed into a free moving mode in which it can be moved, and then... Agent: Production Resource Group LLC

20150016128 - Method and system for controlling a light distribution produced by motor vehicle headlamps: A method and system for controlling the light distribution produced by at least one headlamp of a motor vehicle. A camera system onboard the vehicle images a scene ahead of the vehicle and sends digital files to an image evaluation device operable to detect a traffic indicator, such as a... Agent:

20150016129 - Passenger interface system and assembly thereof: Passenger interface units include individual passenger modules having co-located controls for passenger comfort and entertainment systems. The modules will include a glass panel having front and rear surfaces, a structural support panel bonded to the rear surface of the glass panel and a light-emitting unit supported by the support panel... Agent: Embraer S.a.

20150016130 - Method and apparatus for marine-based lighting mechanisms: A method and apparatus for incorporating lighting fixtures (e.g., Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting fixtures) within other non-lighting components, or their mounting structures, already mounted to a watercraft. A mounting bracket that may be used to mount the non-lighting component to the watercraft may be modified to include a mounting... Agent:

20150016131 - Rear spoiler arrangement for motor vehicle: A rear spoiler arrangement (2) for a vehicle has at least one rear spoiler (6), that can be moved in the vertical direction of the vehicle between a rest position and a functional position. The rear spoiler arrangement (2) is placed on a rear spoiler support (5) and substantially follows... Agent:

20150016132 - Illuminating glazing unit for a vehicle: An illuminating glazing unit for vehicles includes a first transparent sheet with a first main face, a second main face, and a peripheral edge, a plurality of light-emitting diodes, each having an emitting face, and a light extraction element, which may be located on one of the main faces of... Agent:

20150016133 - Illumination device for a motor vehicle: An illumination device for a motor vehicle includes a light source constructed of a number of semiconductor diodes, and an optical device for generating a predefined light distribution from the light of the light source. The optical device is arranged in a housing. The illumination device is characterized in that... Agent:

20150016134 - Illumination device for a motor vehicle: An illumination device is provided for a motor vehicle, including a light source consisting of a number of semiconductor diodes, and a scanner onto which a light beam produced by light of the light source falls and which modifies the position of the light beam during operation of the illumination... Agent:

20150016135 - Illumination device for a motor vehicle: An illumination device for a motor vehicle includes a light source consisting of a number of semiconductor diodes, and a scanner onto which a light beam obtained from light of the light source falls and which modifies the position of the light beam during operation of the illumination device and... Agent:

20150016136 - Vehicular lighting instrument semiconductor light source light source unit and vehicular lighting instrument: The present invention includes a light source portion 10 and a socket portion 11. The socket portion 11 is an integrated structural part which is composed of an insulation member 7, a thermo conductive resin member 8, and electric power feeding members 91 to 93. As a result, according to... Agent:

20150016137 - Translatable vehicle lamp: Disclosed is a vehicle lamp. Three lamp units are arranged such that an optical axis of each lamp unit is oriented in a longitudinal direction of a vehicle body. A base of a front lamp unit is fixed to the vehicle body, and bases of a middle lamp unit and... Agent:

20150016138 - Modified marker light as multi-function vehicle light: A light assembly includes a housing adapted for mounting on a vehicle, wherein the housing includes a brake light input coupled to the light source and a marker light input coupled to the light source. An electrical circuit is configured to energize the light source at a brightness suitable for... Agent:

20150016139 - Light pipe illumination system and method: Systems and methods provide for illuminating a subject using a light pipe that transmits light from a source. A method includes providing a light pipe, the light pipe defining an inner lumen through which the image sensor views the subject; providing a light source in alignment with a proximal portion... Agent:

20150016140 - Illumination device with an extended usable spectrum: An illumination device for irradiating objects with electromagnetic radiation is provided. The illumination device includes at least one light guide and a radiation source that emits electromagnetic radiation in the spectral region from 320 nm to 420 nm into the light guide. The light guide is formed of a glass... Agent: Schott Ag

20150016141 - Light emitting panel assemblies and light guides therefor: A light emitting panel assembly is provided. The assembly includes: a light source; a transition area including a first major side and a second major side, wherein at least one of the first major side and the second major side includes a plurality of vertically extending flutes, wherein the flutes... Agent:

20150016142 - Lighting module and optical fiber lighting device using the same: A lighting module comprises a first light source, a second light source and a phosphor element is provided. The first light source emits a first exciting light. The second light source emits a second exciting light. The phosphor element converts the first exciting light and the second exciting light to... Agent: Karl Storz Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150016143 - Lighting assembly: A lighting assembly includes a light guide having opposed major surfaces between which light propagates by total internal reflection and a light input edge. The light assembly also includes a light engine. The light engine has a heat conductive armature having a receptacle for a portion of the light guide... Agent:

20150016145 - Display device: A backlight unit includes a light source having an emission region, a wiring board having the light source mounted thereon, a light guide plate having a side surface into which light from the light source enters, and a front surface from which the light exits, a light shielding adhesive tape... Agent:

20150016144 - Functional support with button functions: A process for producing a multifunctional functional support in which operating elements or display elements are arranged. The process includes flexible transparent plastic film supplied from a roll; the flat plastic film is placed into an injection mold, and is backmolded to form a rigid support structure-on a first side,... Agent: Abatek International Ag

20150016146 - Illuminating device and liquid crystal display apparatus: An illuminating device includes light emitting elements extending in a lengthwise direction and a light guide plate having a first principal surface for emitting light from the light emitting elements and a second principal surface facing the first principal surface. The light guide plate has light guide regions corresponding to... Agent:

20150016147 - Led tube with light reflective face: An LED tube includes a light guide, an LED and a reflector. The light guide includes a light incident face at an end thereof and a light emerging face adjacent to the light incident face. The reflector is mounted on an opposite end of the light guide. The reflector forms... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150016148 - Light guiding plate and light guiding device including the same: A light guiding plate and a light guiding device are provided, and the light guiding plate is implemented in the light guiding device. The light guiding device includes a side light source emitting light to the light guiding plate. The light guiding plate includes a first surface, a second surface... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150016149 - Lighting device: The invention relates to a lighting device comprising a light source, a light source support, and a cover that extends longitudinally along a longitudinal axis between a first end and a second end. Each of the first and second ends includes an opening and the light source support is adapted... Agent: Mcsmbs

01/08/2015 > 67 patent applications in 55 patent subcategories.

20150009648 - Backlight light guide: A backlight light guide comprises a generally planar structure having a light guide layer having a surface that includes a spaced array of extractors, a backside reflective layer, a low refractive index coupling layer disposed on an opposite major surface of the light guide layer, and a reflective polarizer to... Agent:

20150009649 - Light emiting module, a lamp, a luminaire and a display device: A light emitting module (150) emits light through a light exit window (104) and comprises a base (110), a solid state light emitter (154, 158) and a partially diffusive reflective layer (102). The base (110) has a light reflective surface (112) which faces towards the light exit window (104). The... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150009650 - Fluorescent lamp with new led tube: A fluorescent lamp with a new LED tube is revealed herein to have at least one terminal socket at both sides of a lamp holder for terminals disposed at both sides of the LED tube to be plugged therein, wherein each terminal socket in the lamp holder is coupled with... Agent:

20150009651 - Led lamp: A LED lamp is provided. The LED lamp includes a tube and a plurality of LED light bar. The tube has a placement surface, and these LED light bar are disposed on the placement surface. Each LED light bar includes a circuit board and a plurality of LED lights, and... Agent: Geometek Application Engineering Co., Ltd.

20150009652 - Power module having multiple power receptacles: A power receptacle module for a work surface having multiple power receptacles includes a mounting frame configured to be received within an aperture in the work surface, a pivoting receptacle assembly pivotally mounted in the mounting frame and configured to pivot between a first orientation and a second orientation, relative... Agent: Herman Miller, Inc.

20150009653 - Airguide backlight assembly: The exemplary embodiments herein provide an airguide backlight assembly having an anterior element, a reflective pan positioned posterior to the anterior element, and a light source positioned to direct light towards the reflective pan. A lens element may be placed in front of each light source. The reflective pan preferably... Agent:

20150009654 - Gemstone illuminator: Devices and methods are disclosed for illuminating gemstones on fashion accessories a variety of colors. The device may process certain inputs to determine the color emanating from a light source that will illuminate the gemstone. The device may be integrated with a mobile application that wirelessly controls the color of... Agent:

20150009655 - Lighting device: One embodiment is a lighting device. The lighting device comprises a first case comprising a first extension part and a second extension part; a first light emitter disposed in the first case; a first diffuser disposed in the first case and over the first light emitter; a second case comprising... Agent:

20150009656 - Led balloons: e

20150009658 - Illuminator, aka street-lights: The Illuminator comprises a valuable versatile tool, offering safety and security for all individuals from all walks of life. The personal, portable, hands-free, bright illumination device would serve well the members of the armed forces, fire-service personnel, and law enforcement. The Illuminator would enable tradespeople by making hands-free illumination practical... Agent:

20150009657 - Light apparatus: A light apparatus is disclosed that is equipped to be portable and self-sustaining with a feature to recharge most electronic devices such as a cellular phone. The light apparatus includes two parts; a mechanical part and an electronic one. The mechanical part has a diffuser dome diffusing an LED light,... Agent:

20150009659 - Universal solar illuminator system: A universal solar illuminator system (100) is mounted to a flagpole apparatus (102) having a flagpole (104) and flag (106). The illuminator system (100) includes an elongated structure (120) opening outwardly and exposing a recessed area (123) having a rear, curved surface (125). The system (100) also includes an LED... Agent:

20150009660 - Collapsible camping lantern: A collapsible lantern includes a base, an inner telescopic portion, an outer telescopic portion and a switch. The inner telescopic portion is movable relative to the base between a first, collapsed position and a second, raised position. The inner telescopic portion includes a light source and a power source. The... Agent:

20150009661 - Utility illumination device: A utility illumination device comprises a first end member, a second end member and a light tube coupled between the first end member and the second end member. The first end member has at least one faceted surface along an edge thereof. Analogously, the second end member has at least... Agent:

20150009662 - Light-emitting module and luminaire: According to one embodiment, a light-emitting module includes N light-emitting elements, which are a first group of light-emitting elements, on the front surface of a substrate. The N light-emitting elements are disposed in a row in a longitudinal direction from one end portion to the other end portion of the... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20150009663 - Led lamp tube with uniform luminance: The present invention relates to an LED lamp tube with uniform luminance. The LED lamp tube with uniform luminance provided by the present invention comprises a lamp tube main body and a lamp holder connected to two ends of the lamp tube main body. A power supply is provided between... Agent:

20150009664 - Led tube: An LED tube including a tube body, a male connecting set, a female connecting set and an LED circuit board is provided, wherein the tube body has two respective terminals, the male connecting set and the female connecting set are disposed on the terminals of the tube body respectively, and... Agent: Phihong Technology Co., Ltd.

20150009665 - Floor clock having enhanced infinity mirror: An infinity mirror with enhanced optical effects that are created by providing auxiliary light-reflecting elements within the mirror chamber of an infinity mirror and selectively illuminating individual ones of the light sources of an infinity mirror so as to create and change the pattern of illumination.... Agent:

20150009666 - Universal led light kit: A universal LED light kit adapted to retrofit or modify a standard ceiling fan having a switch cup, or a ceiling light fixture attached to an electrical outlet box. A LED board having a plurality of spaced apart LEDs is mounted to the exterior of the housing, wherein a LED... Agent: Cordelia Lighting, Inc.

20150009667 - Illuminant device: An illuminant device includes a lighting module and a first transparent heat-dissipating component. The lighting module includes a transparent substrate, a circuit layer, a plurality of light emitting diode (LED) dies, a first transparent resin layer, and a second transparent resin layer. The transparent substrate includes a first surface and... Agent:

20150009668 - Reflector, illuminator and the use thereof: A reflector including pairs of reflecting pieces, each pair of reflecting pieces includes at least one reflecting unit, each reflecting unit including a first reflecting portion, a second reflecting portion, and a first fixing portion and a second fixing portion whose bottom ends are respectively connected to the first reflecting... Agent:

20150009669 - Light element: Light device comprising a panel (1) having at least two lenses (2) , each of the lenses comprising a non-planar first surface provided on a first face of the panel and a second surface provided on a second face of the panel, the first face and the second face of... Agent:

20150009671 - Flat led lamp assembly: An LED-based lamp assembly for use with a light fixture having a socket portion including a driver assembly having a base portion rotateably engageable with the socket portion to make a first electrical contact with the light fixture. The base portion is coupled to a driver housing. The driver assembly... Agent:

20150009670 - Lighting devices that comprise one or more solid state light emitters: Light engine modules comprise a support member and a solid state light emitter, in which (1) the emitter is mounted on the support member, (2) a region of the support member has a surface with a curved cross-section, (3) the emitter and a compensation circuit are mounted on the support... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20150009672 - Multi-media tablet holder: A multi-media tablet holder is provided and includes a first retention member, a second retention member, a pair of slide pins, at least one extension spring and a handle. The first retention member includes a first retention plate and a first retention rail. The second retention member includes a second... Agent:

20150009673 - Illumination device: An illumination device includes a base, a light-emitting module, a first layer, and a second layer. The light-emitting module is disposed on the base for generating a progressive-type light-emitting intensity. The first layer encapsulates the light-emitting module. The second layer encloses the first layer. The second layer has a progressive-type... Agent: Lite-on Technology Corporation

20150009675 - Recessed lighting fixture and flexibly attached compact junction box: A recessed lighting fixture includes a lamp housing and a separate compact junction box, which contains a power supply that drives the lamp and serves in part to divide the interior cavity of the junction box into two separate wiring compartments. The junction box has two end walls spaced along... Agent:

20150009674 - Structures subjected to thermal energy and thermal management methods therefor: Thermal management techniques and methods for various types of structures that require a thermal property, such as thermal conductivity and/or flame retardance, and have a surface in proximity to a source of thermal energy. Such a structure includes a substrate formed of a metallic material or a thermally conductive plastic... Agent:

20150009676 - Unified driver and light source assembly for recessed lighting: A compact recessed lighting system is provided. The lighting system includes a light source module and a driver separately coupled to a unified casting. The driver is formed in a “donut” shape such that the light source module may be coupled to the casting in the center hole formed by... Agent:

20150009677 - Variable-beam light source and related methods: Light sources with arrangements of multiple LEDs (or other light-emitting devices) disposed at or near the focus of a reflecting optic having multiple segments facilitate varying the angular distribution of the light beam (e.g., the beam divergence) via the drive currents supplied to the LEDs.... Agent:

20150009678 - Reflector for directed beam led illumination: The present disclosure provides systems and techniques for directing light into one or more light beams which converge into an aggregate beam. In certain example embodiments, the present disclosure provides a reflector having one or more reflective curved surfaces for reflecting and focusing light from one or more light emitting... Agent:

20150009679 - Beam-control member and illumination device: A beam-control member has a substantially cylindrical holder that is light-permeable, and a first beam-control member disposed on an end surface of the holder, the first beam-control member reflecting part of the light emitted from a light-emitting element and admitting part of the light. A guide protrusion and a tab... Agent:

20150009681 - Illumination device and display device equipped with same: Provided is an illumination device capable of preventing a reflection sheet in the periphery of a light-emitting element from being raised while minimizing the instability in the fixture of a diffusion lens. The illumination device comprises a light-emitting element, a mounting substrate, a diffusion lens, and a reflection sheet having... Agent:

20150009680 - Lens and light emitting element using the same: An exemplary lens includes a bottom surface, a first light exit surface extending upwardly from an outer periphery of the bottom surface, a second light exit surface extending upwardly from a top of the first light exit surface, and a reflecting surface extending inwardly and downwardly from a top of... Agent:

20150009682 - Led light: The present invention is directed towards a light assembly, such as an LED light assembly. A cluster of light beams positioned on a substrate and connected to a power source. The light beams produced by the cluster of LED lights are captured in a mixing chamber and passed through an... Agent:

20150009683 - Lens plate for illumination lamp, and illumination lamp: A lens plate and an illumination lamp which are not affected by heat from a light source even if the lens plate is small. The lens plate for an illumination lamp has the lens part covering the light source, and the lens part is formed in such a way that... Agent: Endo Lighting Corporation

20150009684 - Surface light source device for recording/reproducing holograms: A surface light source device is provided. The surface light source device includes a light source, a beam splitter configured to split a light irradiated from the light source into a plurality of light beams each having a different path, a diffusion unit configured to diffuse the plurality of light... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150009685 - Phosphor wheel heat-dissipating module for laser projection system: A phosphor wheel heat-dissipating module for a laser projection system is provided. The phosphor wheel heat-dissipating module includes a phosphor wheel, a plurality of air vents and an impeller. At least one phosphor agent is coated on an outer-ring portion of a first surface of the phosphor wheel. The air... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20150009686 - Light mixing chamber for use with light guide plate: A light mixing chamber includes a housing having a channel formed therein, with the channel exposed to an exterior of the housing. A chamber is formed in the housing, and an aperture formed in the housing connects the chamber to the channel. The chamber may house an LED, with an... Agent:

20150009687 - Structure for guiding light into guide light plate to conduct total internal reflection: A structure for guiding light into a light guide plate to conduct total internal reflection comprises a guide light plate and a prism; the prism is integrated with the guide light plate or joined to the guide light plate with an optical adhesive layer; the horizontal surface of the prism... Agent:

20150009688 - Light sources incorporating light emitting diodes: Taught herein are various light sources using light emitting diodes. A light source includes a housing, a connector configured for connection to an electrical socket and coupled to an end of the housing, at least one organic light emitting diode sheet mounted inside the housing and in electrical communication with... Agent:

20150009690 - Led bulb with internal heat dissipating structures: An LED based light for replacing an incandescent bulb comprises a base having a first end and a second end; a connector fixed to the first end of the base, the connector adapted to physically connect to an incandescent light fixture; an open-ended light structure extending from the second end... Agent:

20150009689 - Led strip lamp holder and light bulb: A lamp holder includes an insulating lamp base, a pair of lead frames and an LED strip assembly. The insulating lamp base has two spaced apart through holes. The pair of lead frames is separately inserted in the two through holes. Each lead frame includes a heat conducting section and... Agent: Lediamond Opto Corporation

20150009691 - Protective cover for a lamp finial: A protective cover adapted to house a lamp finial. The protective cover includes a cavity sized to house a lamp finial, the cavity having an open mouth. At least one tab is coupled to the cavity, preferably coupled to opposing sides of the open mouth of the cavity. An aperture... Agent: Industrial Security Solutions, Corp.

20150009692 - Led lighting device including a diffuser system: The invention relates to a lighting device, in particular for a motor vehicle, comprising LEDs secured to a printed circuit board (PCB). The device is characterised in that a system is positioned substantially perpendicularly to the LEDs (5) in front of the illuminating face of the LED, said system comprising... Agent:

20150009693 - Light source apparatus, vehicle headlamp and vehicle headlamp system: A light source apparatus having a plurality of light-emitting device arrays, each extending in a first direction and adjacently disposed in a second direction that crosses the first direction is disclosed. Each of the plurality of light-emitting device arrays comprises a plurality of light-emitting devices arranged along the first direction... Agent:

20150009695 - Lighting device for headlights with a phase modulator: There is provided a lighting device arranged to produce a controllable light beam for illuminating a scene. The device comprises an addressable spatial light modulator arranged to provide a selectable phase delay distribution to a beam of incident light. The device further comprises Fourier optics arranged to receive phase-modulated light... Agent:

20150009694 - Vehicle headlamp, vehicle headlamp system: To provide a technique capable of achieving AFS control without using mechanical means. A vehicle headlamp for forming a low beam that illuminates a relatively lower region of a space in front of a vehicle, including a first light source apparatus for forming a first irradiating light, a second light... Agent:

20150009696 - Lighting device, lighting fitting, and vehicle: A lighting device including: a light guide which is elongated and has a first end portion with an entrance surface; and a light source provided facing the entrance surface of the light guide, wherein the light guide includes: a reflective surface between the first end portion and a second end... Agent:

20150009697 - Vehicular lighting unit: A vehicular lighting unit includes: a first light source in the form of an LED for providing illumination forward or rearward of a vehicle body, the first light source being mounted on one surface of a base plate in an orientation corresponding to the direction of the illumination; a second... Agent:

20150009698 - Lamp for vehicle and vehicle having the same: A lamp for a vehicle is provided. The lamp includes an LED array in which a plurality of LEDs is aligned at the same position based on an illumination direction, an aspherical lens which is disposed in front of the LED array, and a plurality of reflectors on the plurality... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150009699 - Vehicular headlamp: An object of the present disclosure is to provide a vehicular headlamp having good mountability onto a vehicle body by forming a vehicular headlamp in conformity with a mounting space for the vehicular headlamp formed in a vehicle body. The vehicular headlamp includes a lamp unit provided with a light... Agent:

20150009700 - Lamp unit: A lamp unit has a first light source, a second light source which is illuminated when the first light source is turned off, and a projection lens having a first entering surface which is associated with a first focal point and a second entering surface which is associated with a... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150009701 - Retrofit led light source for vehicle lamps: A lamp including a lamp base, an LED driver circuit connected to the lamp base, an LED light source connected to the driver circuit and located distal from the lamp base, and a power consumption/heat dissipating unit electrically connected to the lamp base. The LED driver circuit and the power... Agent: General Electric Company

20150009702 - Semiconductor light-emitting module and vehicle luminaire: A semiconductor light-emitting module includes a housing, at least one cooling body accommodated in the housing wherein the cooling body is thermally connected to at least one semiconductor light source, an active cooling device accommodated in the housing, and at least one electronics unit accommodated in the housing, at least... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20150009703 - Light emitting device: The light emitting device according to the present invention comprises a laser diode; a wavelength converting member which is configured to convert a wavelength of a light emitted from the laser diode; and a support member which is configured to support the wavelength converting member so that the light passes... Agent:

20150009704 - Fiber-optic illumination system: A fiber-optic illumination system provides lighting via a small number of low energy lighting elements, from which light is transmitted via fiber optic cables to the specific locations where illumination is needed. Low energy light elements, such as LEDs may be housed centrally at an illuminator with light distributed to... Agent:

20150009705 - Light emitting device and lighting device: According to an embodiment, a light emitting device includes: a light emitting section that has a light emitting element; a wavelength conversion section that absorbs light radiated from the light emitting section and emits the light having a wavelength different from that of the light radiated from the light emitting... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20150009706 - Optical structures including nanocrystals: An optical structure can include a nanocrystal on a surface of an optical waveguide in a manner to couple the nanocrystal to the optical field of light propagating through the optical waveguide to generate an emission from the nanocrystal. The structure can be configured to restrict propagation of the emission... Agent:

20150009707 - Lighting device comprising a light guide and a support: A lighting device (30) comprises a side-light light guide 1′ located in a support (2) that has an elongate opening for the passage of light emitted by the light guide. The support (20) is shaped to provide contact edges (24) and the only physical engagement between the support and the... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150009708 - Side-lighting backlight and liquid crystal display comprising the same: The present disclosure relates to the technical field of flat panel display, and proposes a side-lighting backlight, including a back plate on which a reflecting plate is arranged, an optical sheet assembly spaced from the back plate to form an optical cavity therebetween, and a light-emitting element arranged on one... Agent:

20150009709 - Light guide plate and backlight unit: This invention relates to a light guide plate and a backlight unit, and more particularly, to a light guide plate and a backlight unit, wherein the light guide plate includes a light incident part to which light is incident from a light source located at a lateral side of the... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20150009712 - Display device having improved illumination characteristics: A display device includes a display panel including a display area in which an image is displayed, and a light unit that includes: a light guide plate including a light receiving surface and a light emitting surface; a light source spaced apart from the light receiving surface while facing the... Agent:

20150009711 - Light guide plate with sharp-edged prisms and side-edge type surface-emission optical apparatus including the same: In a light guide plate having a light incident surface, a light distributing control surface perpendicular to the light incident surface and a light emitting surface opposing the light distributing control surface, a flat mirror-finish portion is provided on a first area of the light distributing control surface, and a... Agent:

20150009710 - Lighting device and flat panel display having the lighting device: Provided are a lighting device and a flat panel display having the lighting device, the lighting device, including: a support substrate; a circuit board on the support substrate; light emitting devices mounted on the circuit board; and a light guide plate having a protruding portion protruding to a remaining region... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150009713 - Display device: A display device includes: a light guide member under the display panel and including a light incident surface; a heat discharge member including a heat discharge surface which extends in a first direction opposite to the light incident surface of the light guide member, and a first flat surface which... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150009714 - Light source substrate and light source module: To provide a light source substrate in an edge-light-type light source module, with which a defect generated by contacting of a sealing member of the light source substrate coming into contact with a lightguide plate can be prevented and reliability and safety can be improved. A light source substrate has... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

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20150003034 - Light-emitting device and camera: To provide a light-emitting device whose amount of light can be adjusted, or the like. The amount of light emitted from the light-emitting device can be adjusted by controlling the magnitude of the constant current pulse by a control signal. Specifically, the light-emitting device includes a constant current supply configured... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20150003035 - Display module: A display module is provided. A light source is configured to provide an illumination beam. A light guide plate has a first surface, a second surface opposite to the first surface, and an incident surface connecting the first surface and the second surface. The illumination beam enters the light guide... Agent: Himax Display, Inc.

20150003036 - Illuminated cigar label: An illuminated cigar label. The label includes an label element, for example in the form of a block with a concave inner surface or a band. A light source, such as a light-emitting diode, and an energy source, such as a battery or solar cell array, are attached to the... Agent:

20150003037 - Luminous straw: This invention relates to a luminous straw in which a hollow straw body is provided. A luminous chamber is segmented in the straw body and an activator is filled into the luminous chamber. An inner tube is further provided in the luminous chamber and a glow chemical is encapsulated in... Agent:

20150003042 - Conversion element and illuminant: A conversion element (10) is specified, comprising a scattering layer (12), a reflection layer (14), and a conversion layer (16) arranged between the scattering layer (12) and the reflection layer (14). The scattering layer (12) is designed to transmit a first portion (20) of a primary radiation (18) impinging on... Agent:

20150003038 - Led assembly with omnidirectional light field: Disclosed is an LED assembly having an omnidirectional light field. The LED assembly has a transparent substrate with first and second surfaces facing to opposite orientations respectively. LED chips are mounted on the first surface and are electrically interconnected by a circuit. A transparent capsule with a phosphor dispersed therein... Agent:

20150003039 - Led assembly with omnidirectional light field: Disclosed is an LED assembly having an omnidirectional light field. The LED assembly has a transparent substrate, LED chips, and first and second electrode plates. The transparent substrate comprises first and second surfaces facing to opposite orientations respectively. The transparent substrate has a via hole tunneling therethrough, which is formed... Agent:

20150003040 - Light-emitting device, display apparatus, illumination apparatus, and electricity-generating apparatus: A light-emitting device includes an excitation light source that emits excitation light; a first substrate which is disposed so as to face the excitation light source and on which a fluorescent layer and a first low-refractive-index layer are formed, the fluorescent layer being excited by the excitation light to emit... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150003041 - Lighting device: A lighting device may include a circuit board with at least one LED chip thereon, sidewalls extending from the circuit board, and a phosphor cover supported on the sidewalls, wherein the circuit board, the phosphor cover, and the sidewalls define a cavity accommodating at least one LED chip, wherein the... Agent:

20150003044 - Baffled micro-optical elements for thin liquid crystal display backlight units: A light-emitting diode (LED) backlight unit includes a housing, an LED array disposed on a bottom surface of the housing, an optical film stack disposed on the LED array, and a baffled micro-optical element (BMOE) disposed between the LED array and the optical film stack. The thickness of the backlight... Agent:

20150003043 - Display device: l

20150003046 - Lighting display device: A wide-angle lighting display and projection device with the features of its original patent application, and further has the bottom of a transparent bottle to be able to be fixed on a positioning hole by spinning, displaying an unlimited extension of an inward serial arrangement of a transparent bottle from... Agent:

20150003045 - Wide-angle lighting display and projection device: A wide-angle lighting display and projection device with the features of its original patent application, displays an unlimited extension of an inward serial arrangement of a transparent bottle from the middle, and further displays special visual effects of lighting and projection of the moving shadows on both sides of the... Agent:

20150003047 - Lighted footwear: A display apparatus for lighted footwear, having a spring switch, a battery-powered integrated circuit sealingly encapsulated, a plurality of illuminators, and a wiring harness connecting the illuminators to points of the integrated circuit, the integrated circuit being configured for activating the illuminators in a sequential pattern that can include repeated... Agent: Fujian Yibao Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20150003049 - Medical/dental headlamp with adjustable proximity on/off sensor: A headlight incorporates an infrared sensor enabling the light to be turned ON and OFF without physical contact. The system includes a light source and a mechanism for coupling the light source to eyeglass frames or to a headband. A power supply and control unit is disposed remotely from the... Agent:

20150003048 - Motion-activated medical/dental headlamp: A headlight incorporates an infrared sensor enabling the light to be turned ON and OFF without physical contact. The system includes a light source and a mechanism for coupling the light source to eyeglass frames or to a headband. A power supply and control unit is disposed remotely from the... Agent: General Scientific Corporation

20150003050 - Flashlight with hidden charge plug: A flashlight is described. The flashlight includes an elongated cylindrical housing with an external thread concentric with the longitudinal axis of the elongated cylindrical housing, the external thread is disposed on a marginal edge of a first end of the cylindrical housing, a light source within the elongated cylindrical housing... Agent: Armament Systems And Procedures, Inc.

20150003051 - Self-illuminating post tray assembly: A tray assembly is disclosed. The tray assembly includes a generally planar substrate having a top surface and a bottom surface, a sleeve extending downwardly from the bottom surface of the substrate, and a solar cell integrated into the top surface. A light source is electrically coupled to the solar... Agent:

20150003052 - Led light tube and replacement method: The LED light tube is adapted to replace a fluorescent light tube which is mounted in a fluorescent light tube fixture. These fixtures have first and second socket end mounts and each end mount mechanically accepts a bi-pin or other common connector for the fluorescent light tube. The fluorescent fixture... Agent:

20150003053 - Light source module and lighting device having the same: A light source module includes a substrate, a plurality of light emitting devices disposed along a line on the substrate, and a lens. The lens extends in a long-axis direction in which the plurality of light emitting devices are aligned to cover the substrate and the plurality of light emitting... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150003055 - Led-based direct-view luminaire with uniform lit appearance: Disclosed are methods and apparatus related to an LED-based luminaire (10) that redirects substantially all light output from LEDs (40) thereof off of an interior reflective surface at least once prior to the light exiting the LED-based luminaire (10). In some embodiments, an LED-based luminaire (10) is provided that includes... Agent:

20150003054 - Light emitting diode based papi design incorporating linear diode arrays, cylindrical optics, and linear light combining mirror: This invention presents a method for overcoming limitation in brightness and heating effects for LED based Precision Approach Path Indicators and allowing both colors to be imaged in the far field with the proper abrupt transition between the red and white sectors. This method relies on the use of linear... Agent:

20150003057 - High heat dissipation lamp: A high heat dissipation lamp includes a base, a lower cover, and a substrate. The base is a hollow structure, inside the base is defined a first hole. The lower cover is a hollow structure aligned with the base, and inside the lower cover is defined a second hole. The... Agent:

20150003058 - Led light bulb: An improved LED light bulb apparatus mounted within existing incandescent bulb socket including at least two LED strip elements located inside an outer bulb shell and connected to a PCB made of glass fiber located inside an optional connecting piece. Each LED strip element extend upward and into the interior... Agent:

20150003059 - Light-emitting devices providing asymmetrical propagation of light: A variety of light-emitting devices for general illumination utilizing solid state light sources (e.g., light emitting diodes) are disclosed. In general, the devices include a scattering element in combination with an extractor element. The scattering element, which may include elastic and/or inelastic scattering centers, is spaced apart from the light... Agent:

20150003056 - Method and hardware to enhance light out-coupling: The present invention provides an enhanced light out-coupling device for extraction of light radiation from a light source. The enhanced light out-coupling device comprises a grid having a plurality of channels, a reflective material layer coated on the grid, and a high refractive index fluid layer. In addition, the grid... Agent: Nano And Advanced Materials Institute Limited

20150003060 - Optcal element for uniform lighting: There is provided an optical element (100) for use with a LED (102) wherein a base face (103) is arranged to receive incoming light from the LED (102). The optical element (100) comprises a top face (104) having a pattern (108) of optical structures (110) which refract light away from... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150003061 - Light emitting diode linear light with uniform far field: Described is a light emitting diode (LED) linear illumination system that includes a linear array of LED groups, high efficiency non-imaging optics and aberration corrected imaging optics. Each LED group can include one or more LEDs. The system provides uniform high intensity in near and far fields. System applications include... Agent:

20150003062 - Light strings including jacketed led assemblies: A light string includes a plurality of jacketed light emitting diode assemblies and drive wires configured to electrically connect the jacketed light emitting diode assemblies to a power source. The light emitting diode assemblies include a light emitting diode having a contact set and a lens body, an electrical wire... Agent: Fiber Optic Designs, Inc.

20150003063 - Lens, led light source unit having the lens and led light source module incorporating the unit: A lens includes a light incident face receiving light from an LED light source, a light exit face, and a connecting face interconnecting the light incident face and the light exit face. The light exit face is a convex face. The connecting face includes a plurality of inclined reflecting planes... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150003064 - Circuit board and lighting device having the circuit board: Provided is a circuit board including: a supporting substrate; light emitting elements mounted to the supporting substrate; a through hole passing through the supporting substrate; and a connector inserted into the through hole and for supplying an electric current to the light emitting elements.... Agent:

20150003066 - Illuminated wallpaper system: An illuminated wallpaper system according to various embodiments can include a laminated wallpaper and an electronic control unit. The laminated wallpaper can be configured to include a bottom layer and an outer layer. A flexible circuit board is interdisposed between the bottom layer and the outer layer. The electronic control... Agent:

20150003065 - Led lighting assembly and an illuminating apparatus having the led lighting assembly: An LED lighting assembly may include: a substrate, a metal layer applied on the substrate, and an LED chip provided on the metal layer, wherein the metal layer comprises a first region for heat dissipation and two second regions for electric conduction, and the first region and the two second... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20150003067 - Microchannel cooler for light emitting diode light fixtures: A lighting module has an array of light emitters, a heat sink having a first surface, the array of light emitters being mounted to the first surface, a microchannel cooler arranged on a second surface of the heat sink on an opposite side of the heat sink from the first... Agent:

20150003068 - Arc led lamp: An arc LED includes a lamp holder, an arc radiation fin unit mounted at the lamp holder, a circuit board mounted at the arc radiation fin unit and carrying a plurality of LEDs that are mounted in two opposing end areas of the circuit board in a relatively higher density... Agent:

20150003072 - Illuminating device: An illuminating device includes a housing, a light-emitting assembly and a driver, wherein the housing includes a first and second cavity and a partition plate, wherein an open end in the first and second cavity may accommodate the light-emitting assembly and the driver, respectively. A lens and a driver housing... Agent:

20150003071 - Illuminating device and manufacturing method thereof: Various embodiments relate to an illuminating device may include a circuit board carrying a light-emitting element, a driver and a heat sink arranged between the circuit board and the driver, wherein the heat sink has a non-conductive base and at least one pair of conductive connectors which embedded in the... Agent:

20150003069 - Led lamp: A lamp comprises an enclosure that is at least partially optically transmissive. The enclosure comprises an optically transmissive lens and a base where the lens is connected to the base; and a LED board supporting an LED. A first of pins and a second pair of pins are rotatable relative... Agent:

20150003070 - Led lamp: A LED lamp has an enclosure including an optically transmissive lens. LEDs are mounted on a plane in the enclosure and are operable to emit light through the lens when energized through an electrical path. A portion of the lens extends behind the plane of the plurality of LEDs such... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20150003073 - Surface mounted light fixture and heat dissipating structure for same: A light fixture includes a heat dissipating structure, an electronics assembly, and a bolt for attaching the heat dissipating structure to an external panel. The heat dissipating structure includes a first side having multiple outwardly extending projection regions and a socket, for receiving a light source, is formed in an... Agent:

20150003074 - Lighting fixture: A lighting fixture employs one or more reverse parabolic reflectors and molded lenses in a faceplate to provide a variety of light output intensities and emission patterns. Some embodiments clip the reverse parabolic reflectors to fit within the outline of the faceplate without sacrificing significant light output.... Agent:

20150003075 - Lens and omnidirectional illumination device including the lens: Various embodiments relate to a lens for omnidirectional illumination being rotationally symmetrical and including a light incident surface, a first refractive surface, a first reflective surface, a second refractive surface, and a third refractive surface. A first portion of light which passed through the light incident surface is refracted by... Agent:

20150003076 - Insert for flameless candle: A flameless candle includes a shell that has a sidewall and a hollow interior region. The sidewall can be made of a waxen material. The sidewall has a thickness and opacity. The shell also has a hollow interior region within the sidewall. A lamp (for example, LED) may be housed... Agent:

20150003081 - Auxiliary light source unit, optical element, and mobile electronic device: f

20150003079 - Lens and light source module incorporating the same: A lens includes a light incident face, a light exit face opposite to the light incident face and a plurality of annular stepwise portions formed on the light exit face. The stepwise portions are located at or near a periphery of the light exit face and each stepwise portion has... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150003078 - Lens with rectangular light pattern and led unit using the same: A lens includes a bottom face, a light incident face defined in the bottom face, a top face and four lateral faces interconnecting the top face and the bottom face. Each lateral face is perpendicular to two adjacent lateral faces, and parallel to an opposite lateral face. An LED unit... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150003080 - Light emitting diode module: An LED module includes a PCB with a first electrode and a second electrode formed thereon, an LED mounted on the PCB, a lens mounted on the PCB and covering the LED. The LED includes a base, an LED die mounted on the base, and a packaging layer arranged on... Agent:

20150003077 - Light emitting device: A light emitting device includes a light emitting element, a wire connected to the light emitting element, and a substrate supporting the light emitting element. The substrate is formed with a first recess and a second recess that are open in a common surface of the substrate. The first recess... Agent:

20150003082 - Led lamp radiating structure: An LED lamp radiating structure includes a plastic shell and a metal part to serve as heat dissipation bodies. The metal part having a hollow structure is bonded with the plastic shell after the plastic shell is formed by injection molding. A baffle plate is formed on the metal part.... Agent: Mainhouse (xiamen) Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150003083 - Flexible printed wiring board, flexible circuit board, and electronic apparatus using the flexible circuit board: An FPC includes: a base film including a first metal sheet; a first adhesive layer laminated on one of surfaces of the base film; and a conductor pattern bonded by the first adhesive layer; wherein a plurality of planar portions held in a planar shape and bending portions to be... Agent:

20150003084 - System and method for calibrating a fixture configured to rotate and/or translate: Systems and methods are provided for calibrating equipment, such as a lighting fixture. A kinematic model of the lighting fixture is obtained. Test points, which include a pair of a corresponding control signal and an output are collected. These can be collected using a tracking system. The test points are... Agent:

20150003085 - Vehicle headlight: A vehicle headlight includes: a first illuminator including a projector unit that has a projection optical system and illuminates a predetermined region ahead of a vehicle with a first light distribution pattern having a cutoff line at an upper end; and a second illuminator that has a reflector unit including... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150003086 - Vehicle headlight: A vehicle headlight includes: a first illuminator that illuminates a predetermined region ahead of a vehicle with a first light distribution pattern having a cutoff line at an upper end; a second illuminator that illuminates, with a second light distribution pattern, a region near the vehicle on a lower side... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150003087 - Vehicular headlight apparatus: The vehicular headlight apparatus includes a control means configured to change a light illumination area following a position of a detected target object until a shift angle between a reference direction and a direction to the target object with respect to a headlight is calculated to exceed a maximum limit... Agent:

20150003088 - Illuminating glazing panel: An illuminating glazing unit includes a first sheet having a first main face, a second main face and an edge face; a second sheet having a first main face, a second main face and an edge face; a lamination interlayer having an extent smaller than that of each of the... Agent:

20150003089 - Mirror reflective element sub-assembly for exterior rearview mirror of a vehicle: A mirror reflective element sub-assembly for an exterior rearview mirror assembly of a vehicle includes a mirror reflective element having a transparent substrate. A mirror reflector is disposed at a surface of the transparent substrate and a heater pad is disposed at a rear surface of the transparent substrate. A... Agent:

20150003090 - Structural and effect-generating fabric as a light-scattering element in optical systems: A device for scattering light, especially for vehicles, includes at least one translucent material and at least one light unit for generating a lighting function, characterized in that the translucent material is a light-scattering textile fabric, wherein the fabric is arranged in the device or is positioned in front of... Agent: Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co.

20150003093 - Lighting device: A lighting device includes a light source, an elongated light guide member, an elongated decoration member, and a cover covering the light guide member. The decoration member includes a recess having a space to have the light guide member therein, and a linear transmissive portion. The recess has a guide... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20150003092 - Lighting device in a motor vehicle with a light conductor arrangement: A motor vehicle lighting device is presented with a light source and with an optical guide a coupling optics coupling and reshaping light of the light source, wherein the coupling optics has at least a deflecting reflector which reshapes the light being emitted from the light source into a solid... Agent:

20150003094 - Motor vehicle lighting device with a coupling lens and a transport and conversion lens: A motor vehicle lighting equipment with a light source and an optical fiber arrangement, having an input coupler and a transport and transformation lens system. The input coupler has a curved light beam forming surfaces, which reduces the angle of beam of the light in these second sectional planes when... Agent:

20150003095 - Motor vehicle lighting device with an optical fiber having a coupling lens and a transport and conversion lens: A motor vehicle lighting device is proposed, having a light source, and having an optical waveguide, which has a coupling lens, which has at least one reflector, wherein the optical waveguide has first and second planes that are perpendicular to one another, and intersect, and wherein the lines of intersection... Agent:

20150003091 - Traffic signal lamp and car having same: A lamp for a moving vehicle which can function as a headlamp and as a lower-brightness running lamp includes a single light emitting device, a power regulator, a first lampshade, a light guiding element, a lifting device, and a number of first reflecting covers. The first lampshade is arranged facing... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150003096 - Lamp condensation reduction system: Lamp assemblies for reducing headlamp condensation are disclosed. One example lamp assembly includes a lamp housing including a front housing and a rear housing forming a lamp cavity; a light source extending from the rear housing into the lamp cavity; a reflector extending around the light source; and a duct... Agent:

20150003097 - Vehicle headlight: A vehicle headlight includes: a first illuminator that including a projector unit having a projection optical system and illuminates a predetermined region ahead of a vehicle with a first light distribution pattern having a cutoff line at an upper end; and a second illuminator that includes a reflector unit having... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150003098 - Illumination device of a motor vehicle: An illumination device of a motor vehicle has a lamp module formed from at least one light source unit, which includes at least one light source that emits a light radiation to generate a running light distribution. An optical component deflects a part of the emitted light radiation in such... Agent: Daimier Ag

20150003099 - Moving head light fixture with yoke and head position encoding means: The present invention relates to a moving head light fixture comprising: a base; a yoke rotatable connected to the base; a head rotatable connected to the yoke. The head comprises at least one light source generating light. An actuator is adapted to rotate the yoke or the head. Magnetic means... Agent:

20150003100 - Light-emitting apparatus and vehicle headlamp system: To provide a technique capable of alleviating the sense of visual discomfort when light distribution areas are switched. A vehicle lamp configured to include a light source, wherein the light source comprises a plurality of light-emitting units respectively comprising a control terminal for controlling light emission and extinction, arranged along... Agent:

20150003101 - Headlamp mounting bracket energy absorber: The present disclosure is directed a thermoplastic energy absorbing headlamp mounting bracket comprising a frame having a proximal end and a distal end, and an energy absorbing member having a proximal end affixed to the proximal end of the frame, a distal end extending at least partially over the distal... Agent:

20150003102 - Hollow light duct bend: The disclosure generally relates to efficient hollow light duct bends (200) that are capable of retaining a higher on axis transmission for partially collimated light propagating within a light duct (220, 230). In particular, the described hollow light duct bends (200) include input and output plates (214, 216) that have... Agent:

20150003103 - Method, optical system and lighting arrangement for homogenizing light: A method, an optical system and a lighting arrangement for homogenizing a bundle of light rays (110) by means of an elongated optical element (100) arranged for homogenizing light. The bundle of light rays is directed into a transversal entry face (101) of the optical element, and into at least... Agent: Koinklijke Philips 5

20150003104 - Display device: A display device including a reflective display panel, a plurality of electrical or optical element layers, and at least one light-emitting element is provided. The electrical or optical element layers are stacked above the reflective display panel. One of the electrical or optical element layers is a light guide plate.... Agent: E Ink Holdings Inc.

20150003105 - Light guide plate and illumination apparatus: A light guide plate (30) includes an extracting light guide layer (40) having a pair of main surfaces (41a, 41b). The extracting light guide layer (40) includes a base portion (45) having a pair of main surfaces (46a, 46b), and a plurality of light diffusing portions (50) provided in the... Agent:

20150003106 - Lighting devices with patterned printing of diffractive extraction features: Extended area lighting devices include a light guide and diffractive surface features on a major surface of the light guide, at least some diffractive surface features adapted to couple guided-mode light out of the light guide. The diffractive features include first and second diffractive features disposed on respective first and... Agent:

20150003108 - Circuit board and lighting device having the circuit board: Provided is a circuit board including: a supporting substrate including a first region to which light emitting elements are mounted and a second region extending to be bent from the first region, wherein the second region comprises: a connector mounting portion to which a connector for supplying an electric current... Agent:

20150003107 - Light source assembly, display apparatus having the same, and method of manufacturing the same: A light source assembly includes a base substrate, a resin layer disposed on the base substrate, and exposing a portion of the base substrate, and a first light source disposed on the portion of the base substrate which is exposed by the resin layer. The first light source has a... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150003109 - Direct edge-lit backlighting module: A direct edge-lit backlighting module includes a plurality of first LEDs separated by a first interval from one anther on a substrate and emitting a light in a direction parallel to the substrate and corresponding to each first interval, and a plurality of second LEDs arranged in another direction opposite... Agent: Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd.

20150003111 - Led rear lamp, in particular for a bicycle: The present invention relates to a LED rear lamp comprising a light guide (1) arranged in or forming part of a housing (10), said light guide (1) having a plate-like shape with a central aperture (2) surrounded by an inner side face (9) of the light guide. One or several... Agent:

20150003110 - Lighting unit: Provided is a lighting unit, including: a support substrate; a light guide plate for guiding light generated from a light source; and a first stopper fixed to the support substrate and configured to support the light guide plate.... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150003112 - Light emitting panel assemblies: An optical assembly comprises light sources and a light emitting panel member having an input edge to which each of the light sources is optically coupled at a different location along the input edge. Different sets of individual optical deformities on or in at least one of the sides of... Agent:

20150003113 - Light guide plate and method of manufacturing the same: This invention relates to a light guide plate, which includes tunnels into which a light source may be inserted in a backlight unit assembly thus reducing light loss, and to a method of manufacturing the same.... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

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