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12/04/2014 > 72 patent applications in 48 patent subcategories.

20140355236 - Vehicular display apparatus: A vehicular display apparatus is provided with an ambient-light luminous region that surrounds an outer periphery of a display region. An ambient light source emits light, which is then guided by an ambient-light guide body into an acrylic cylindrical body. The guided light is then outputted from a light output... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140355237 - Input module: An input module comprises a flexible body, a sensing electrode, a protection layer, and a lighting device. The flexible body has a first side and a second side. The sensing electrode layer has a first sensing electrode and a second sensing electrode disposed on the second side of the flexible... Agent:

20140355239 - Beam shaping light emitting module: There is provided a light emitting module (1) having at least one light emitting element (3) which is arranged to emit light of a primary wavelength, and a wavelength converting element (5) arranged at a distance from the at least one light emitting element (3). The wavelength converting element (5)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140355244 - Fluorescent device for converting pumping light: A phosphor device (1) for converting pump light into converted light comprising: a container (3), wherein phosphor particles (5) are movable by a pressure fluid, and an illumination region (9), configured for an illumination of the phosphor particles (5), which are moved by pressure fluid, using pump light, as a... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140355241 - Heat-dissipating structure for lighting apparatus and lighting apparatus: There is provided a lighting device including: a light emitting module having at least one light emitting device outputting light and a light emitting device board on which the at least one light emitting device is disposed; a housing installed on one side of a ring in a central axis... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140355240 - Illumination unit having luminescent element: A lighting unit (1) comprising a phosphor element (2) provided for converting pump light to converted light and designed to emit conversion light at an emission surface (6), and at least two pump light sources (3, 8) configured for emitting pump light, wherein the lighting unit (1) is designed such... Agent:

20140355245 - Led illumination apparatus: An LED illumination apparatus according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes a substrate, a light source disposed on the substrate, a cover unit, wherein the cover unit is configured to cover the light source, which is disposed on the substrate, and a reflector which is configured to... Agent:

20140355242 - Light source using remote phosphor and pink led: The invention provides alighting unit (100) comprising a light source (10) and a light conversion layer (20). The light source (10) comprises a light emitting diode (LED) (110) and a first luminescent material layer (120) in physical contact with a light emitting surface (115) of the LED (110). The first... Agent:

20140355238 - Light-emitting device: A light-emitting device includes a light-emitting component. The light-emitting component includes a circuit board, a light-emitting diode which is mounted on and electrically connected to the circuit board, a wavelength-converting shell which covers the light-emitting diode, and a heat conductive layer which is formed on the wavelength-converting shell and which... Agent: Genesis Photonics Inc.

20140355243 - Lighting device comprising a reflector device: The present invention relates to a lighting device (100) comprising a tubular portion (102), which is elongate and which has a light transmissive light outlet portion (104); solid state light emitting elements (114) generating light, which is outlet through the light outlet portion (104); a reflector (106) mounted within the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140355246 - Electric light bulb type light source apparatus: [Solving Means] An electric light bulb type light source apparatus includes a light source unit with void area; a casing, with a conductive outer case and a translucent cover opposed thereto, which houses the light source unit; a circuit substrate, with at least an antenna mounted for receiving radio signals... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140355247 - Laundry machine with lighting apparatus for drum lighting: A laundry machine (100) is proposed. The laundry machine comprises a drum (115) for housing the laundry to be treated, an encasing portion (105,120) for encasing the drum (115), and a lighting apparatus (245) for illuminating the inside of the drum (115). The lighting apparatus (245) comprises one or more... Agent: Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

20140355248 - Illuminating airflow panel assembly: An illuminating airflow panel assembly is configured to provide illumination and allow air to flow therethrough. The illuminating airflow panel assembly may include a mounting bracket configured to secure the illuminating airflow panel assembly to a structure, and a main body connected to the mounting bracket. The main body may... Agent:

20140355251 - Molded led light sheet: An initially flat light sheet is formed by printing conductor layers and microscopic LEDs over a flexible substrate to connect the LEDs in parallel. The light sheet is then subjected to a molding process which forms 3-dimensional features in the light sheet, such as bumps of any shape. The features... Agent: Nthdegree Technologies Worldwide Inc.

20140355250 - Multi-function composite optical film: A composite optical film has the functions of brightness enhancement, self-diffusion and defect blocking. The film comprises: a structured substrate including a structured light incidence surface and a light emitting surface opposite the structured light incidence surface, wherein the structured light incidence surface includes longitudinal prism structures or longitudinal lens... Agent: Ubright Optronics Corporation

20140355249 - Plate type image display device: A plate type image display device, which comprises a light impermeable plate and a display device which is disposed in one side of and have a distance with said plate, said display device is also capable of projecting light on the surface of said plate said plate comprises plurality of... Agent: Taiwan Plastic Optical Fiber Co., Ltd.

20140355253 - Apparatus with closed housing and the isolation and manufacture method thereof: The present disclosure relates to an apparatus with a closed housing, as well as isolation and manufacture method thereof. The apparatus is arranged in a first medium during operating, and the inside of the apparatus is filled with a second medium the pressure of which is higher than the pressure... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140355254 - Aquaculture lighting devices and methods: A lighting assembly for enhancing the growth of aquatic life in an ecosystem and method of enhancing the growth of aquatic life in such an ecosystem. The assembly includes a vessel submerged within water of the ecosystem. A substrate is disposed within and surrounded by the vessel and provides electronics... Agent:

20140355252 - Illuminable vehicle beverage holder assembly: An illuminable beverage holder assembly is provided and includes at least one side wall coupled an illuminable base member to form a receptacle for receiving a beverage container. The illuminable base member includes a distal engagement member with an optical surface. A light source is operably coupled to the engagement... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140355255 - Light emitting shoe: A light emitting shoe has a shoe body and a light emitting module. The light emitting module is mounted in the shoe body and has a cell box, a controller, a light emitting unit and a switch. The cell box has a box base, a cell space, a cover, a... Agent:

20140355257 - Illuminated article of clothing: An illuminated protective garment has light emitting diodes (LEDs) arranged along generally parallel rows along a waist portion of the garment, and a water-resistant module for supplying electrical power to energize the LEDs to emit light. The LEDs in the rows are staggered in position. An ambient light sensor energizes... Agent: E.s. Originals, Inc.

20140355256 - Illuminated coat device: An illuminated coat device is worn so that while in the dark, the wearer may be visible and distinguishable. The device may include a coat with a trim, a plurality of lighting attached to the trim of the coat, a plurality of straps attached to a first side of the... Agent:

20140355258 - Illumination device and method: An illumination device for use with a firearm and a method of using the same are disclosed. The illumination device can include a gun grip cover configured to attach to a gun grip. The illumination device can have a first illumination element extending to the left of the gun grip... Agent: Battle Tek Industries Incorporated

20140355260 - Battery compartment adapter cap housing rechargeable battery and device equipped therewith: A signaling device comprising an emission module operative on the application of battery power from a rechargeable battery for the emission of a signal from at least one electromagnetic radiation emitting element, a battery compartment and a cap for housing the rechargeable battery and covering an opening of said battery... Agent:

20140355259 - Solar street light: A solar street light includes a lamp housing equipped with a bracket for mounting at a street light pole and photovoltaic panels for converting sunlight into electric energy, the lamp housing including a top panel, multiple peripheral panels, an accommodation chamber surrounded by the top panel and the peripheral panels,... Agent:

20140355261 - Electric lamp with pin safety arrangement: The present invention relates to pin safety arrangements for electric lamps. An electric lamp (3) comprises a lighting module, a pin (31) comprising an electric contact for powering the lighting module, and an insulating sleeve (32) surrounding the pin and movable along the pin between a covering position and an... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N V

20140355262 - Electric shock resistant l.e.d. based light: An LED-based light comprises: a tubular housing formed of a high-dielectric material and defined at least in part by a light transmitting portion; an elongate circuit board disposed within the housing; at least one LED mounted on the circuit board; an elongate heat sink disposed within the housing, the heat... Agent:

20140355263 - Lighting apparatus: A lighting apparatus is provided. The lighting apparatus comprises a base, a light cover, at least a first light emitting element, and at least a second light emitting element. The light cover having an opening is disposed on the base and together with the base forms a holding space. The... Agent: Lite-on It Corporation

20140355264 - Directional lamp with adjustable beam spread: A lamp having a lamp base and a longitudinal axis, with a first lens with more than one segment having optic elements located distal from the lamp base. Where optic elements within a segment have similar optical properties and at least two of the segments have optic elements with different... Agent:

20140355265 - Lamp device and luminaire: According to one embodiment, a housing of a lamp device a cylindrical shape, and includes an opening part at one end side, a closing part at the other end side, and an insertion part formed at a center of the closing part. A thermal radiator includes a support part which... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140355266 - Electronic display screen modular unit structure: An electronic display screen modular unit structure includes a modular unit which includes a pair of support boards and illumination strips. Through holes of the pair of support boards are provided with coupling members for connecting modular units, such that the modular units can be connected up and down as... Agent:

20140355267 - Lighting system: A lighting system comprises a plurality of discrete light emitting diode modules and a translucent portion containing the plurality of discrete light emitting diode modules. Each light emitting diode module comprises a light emitting diode and at least a first module electrode and a second module electrode. The first module... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140355268 - Examination light apparatus with touch-less control: An examination light apparatus including a touch-less control component that enables a user to control the apparatus without requiring physical contact between the user and the apparatus. The apparatus employs an LED control component that is configured to adapt its electrical interface to a variable quantity of light emitting diodes... Agent:

20140355269 - Lighting device: There is provided a lighting device includes a first frame, on which a light source unit is mounted, a second frame disposed at a front of the first frame and holding a lens, and a third frame disposed between the first frame and the second frame. The first frame and... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20140355270 - Led light bulbs: LED light bulbs include openings in base or cover portions, and optional forced flow elements, for convective cooling. Thermally conductive optically transmissive material may be used for cooling, optionally including fins. A LED light engine may be fabricated from a substrate via planar fabrication techniques and shaped to form a... Agent:

20140355271 - Light guide and a light device incorporating the same: A light guide includes a light input surface which has two first edges, an output surface parallel to and larger than the input surface, and two connecting surfaces, each of which interconnects the light input surface and said light input surface and has an inclined segment. Relationships of θ<θT and... Agent: Radiant Opto-electronics Corporation

20140355272 - Led lighting assembly and method of forming led lighting assemblies for retrofit into flourescent housing fixtures: A lighting assembly has a light strip and a first reflector. The light strip includes a base with a ridged wall, a light engine with a plurality of LEDs disposed over the base, and a lens disposed over the light engine. The first reflector has an opening and a tab... Agent:

20140355273 - Light flux controlling member and light emitting device: A luminous flux control member (100) has: a light input region (110), to which light having been outputted from a light emitting element (210) is inputted; and a light output region (150), from which the light having been inputted from the light input region (110) is outputted. The input region... Agent:

20140355274 - Led retrofit removable trims and led recessed light kit with removable trim: In a trim component for a ceiling light fixture has a mechanical, twist-lock design that engages lugs on a canister housing, enabling the trim to be removed and replaced. The trim component may have twin torsion attachment springs attached that hold the trim component snug against a canister that is... Agent: Evolution Lighting, LLC

20140355275 - Christmas light apparatus and lamp base thereof: A Christmas light apparatus has a holder, multiple electrode pads, a lamp base and an LED lamp. The electrode pads are mounted on an inner surface of the holder. The lamp base is mounted in the holder and has a top body and a bottom body. The top body has... Agent:

20140355276 - Light emitting device with heat sink: A light emitting device includes at least one semiconductor light emitting diode (LED) and a heat sink disposed in close proximity to the at least one LED. The heat sink comprises heat conducting material in a shape having a first portion with a first mass proximate the at least one... Agent: Venntis Technologies LLC

20140355277 - Connection device of light receptacle of decoration light string: A light of a light string includes a receptacle having upper and lower sections. The upper section includes a support plate on which an LED straddles. The lower section includes therein a separation board and two stop boards having a wedge-like shape arranged at each side of the separation board.... Agent:

20140355278 - Attachment mechanism for projection lamp: An attachment mechanism for two projection lamps includes a fastening member, a pivot member pivotably connected to the fastening member about a first axis, and two pairs of linkage poles pivotably connected to the pivot member about a second axis perpendicular to the first axis. Each pair of linkage poles... Agent: Ingrasys Technology Inc.

20140355279 - Lighting apparatus: Provided is a lighting apparatus. The lighting apparatus includes a base unit, a first rod-shaped member, a second rod-shaped member and a middle connection unit, wherein the middle connection unit includes a first frame fixed at the other end of the first rod-shaped member, a second frame fixed to the... Agent:

20140355280 - Light distribution control system for vehicle: A light distribution control system for a vehicle that is configured to control a light distribution of a head lamp, the system comprising: a vehicle detecting part configured to detect a forward vehicle that travels ahead of a host vehicle; and a light distribution controlling part configured to set a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140355281 - Method of color mixing for an aviation anti-collision light: A dual-color aviation Anti Collision Light (ACL) has a first set of LEDs that emit a substantially white beam of light and a second set of LEDs that emit a substantially red beam of light. The ACL can be operated in a first mode in which the red LEDs are... Agent: Goodrich Lighting Systems, Inc

20140355282 - Aircraft passageway storage units: Aircraft passageway storage units are disclosed herein. An example apparatus includes a storage assembly to be supported on a floor of an interior of a fuselage of an aircraft. The storage assembly has a corner to be adjacent a passageway of the interior of the fuselage, and the passageway is... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140355283 - Bicycle light: A bicycle light includes a body and a fixture tool for fixing the body to a bicycle. The body includes a light-emitting portion, a substrate unit having an electronic circuit controlling a light-emitting state of the light-emitting portion, a lens for obtaining desired light distribution from light received from the... Agent: Cateye Co., Ltd.

20140355284 - Headlight lens for a vehicle headlight: A headlight lens for a vehicle headlight, the headlight lens having a body of transparent material. The monolithic body includes a light passage section having at least one optically operative light exit face and a light tunnel having at least one optically operative light entry face. The light tunnel transits... Agent:

20140355285 - Vehicle decorative component and vehicle decorative component installing method: A vehicle decorative component functions as a decorating illumination while harmonizing with peripheral members. In a light emitting ornament having a light emitting region that emits light and a non-light emitting region adjacent to the light emitting region, the light emitting region includes an irradiation body including a lamp and... Agent:

20140355286 - Light source unit and vehicle front lamp using the light source unit: A light source unit including: a first light source module; a heat sink including a light source arrangement portion on which the first light source module is arranged and a concave portion opened to surround the light source arrangement portion; and a reflector that includes a through-hole through which the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140355287 - Ambient vehicle lighting unit with esd protection: An ambient vehicle lighting unit is provided and includes a carrier defining an interior volume and having an illuminable portion. A light emitter is disposed in the interior volume and configured to illuminate the illuminable portion and a protective member is disposed on a surface of the carrier and configured... Agent:

20140355288 - Lamp and vehicle comprising the same: A lamp for a compartment of a vehicle includes: a base, a mounting plate disposed on the base and having a power source receiving part, a power source received in the power source receiving part, and a lamping source disposed on the mounting plate and having a luminous region of... Agent: Byd Company Limited

20140355289 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes a body portion having a light source portion which emits illuminating light for illuminating an object, an insertion portion through which a light guide that guides light originating in the light source portion is inserted, having a distal end portion to which a plurality of adapters... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140355290 - Light guide and illumination device: A light guide includes an incident surface, an exit surface and a reflective surface. The reflective surface is located opposite to the exit surface to extend in the main scanning direction and includes a plurality of light reflecting patterns formed to reflect the incident light toward the exit surface. The... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20140355291 - Light guide and illumination device: A light guide includes: an incident surface, an exit surface and two reflective surfaces. The incident surface allows light emitted from a light source to be incident thereon. The exit surface extends in a main scanning direction and allows the incident light to exit the light guide therethrough. Two reflective... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20140355292 - Fiber optic filament lamp: A fiber optic filament lamp is disclosed, which emulates the look and light characteristics of a vintage-style long filament incandescent lamp. The fiber optic filament lamp includes, but is not limited to, a plurality of optic filaments and at least one LED configured to direct light into an end of... Agent:

20140355293 - Indirect lighting apparatus: An indirect lighting apparatus includes a light-emitting device, a reflector disposed above the light-emitting device, and a wavelength conversion layer disposed on a surface of the reflector facing the light-emitting device and spaced apart from the light-emitting device. The wavelength conversion layer includes phosphors configured to change the wavelength of... Agent: Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20140355294 - Fire-proof illuminating web, fire-proof illuminating structure, their manufacturing processes and their use: The invention relates to an illuminating web, characterized in that it is flame-retarded by a flame-retardant composition impregnated into the bulk of the illuminating web and/or included in a coating on at least one face of the illuminating web. The illuminating web exhibits an improved performance in terms of reaction... Agent: Saint-gobain Placo

20140355296 - Linear light source apparatus for an image reader: A linear light source apparatus for an image reader that has an effective light emitting length substantially equal to or longer than the length of the light conductor. The apparatus includes a rod-shaped light conductor, a light emitting element, a concave reflection mirror, and a diffusing-and-reflecting member that has a... Agent: Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140355295 - Uniform illumination light diffusing fiber device: An illumination device comprising: (i) a light diffusing optical fiber having a numerical aperture of NALDF, wherein said light diffusing optical fiber has an outer surface, two ends, and a core, the fiber comprising a region with a plurality of scattering structures within said core configured to scatter guided light... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140355297 - Optical components for luminaire: An optical component has an elongate length extending between first and second ends and a width transverse to and substantially smaller than the length and extending between first and second sides. The optical component includes a refractive portion disposed between the first and second sides and extending along the length... Agent:

20140355298 - Adhesive lightguide with resonant circuit: Optical articles that include adhesive lightguides having resonant circuits and one or more light sources are described. More particularly, optical articles having resonant circuits that, upon a triggering event, cause the one or more light source to emit light into the adhesive lightguide such that light is transported within the... Agent:

20140355300 - Light guide plate and light source module: A light guide plate and a light source module are described. The light guide plate includes a main body, first stripe microstructures and second stripe microstructures. The main body includes a light incidence surface, a light-emitting surface and a light reflective surface opposite to the light-emitting surface. The light incidence... Agent:

20140355299 - Light guide plate having ribs and backlight module having same: A light guide plate includes a bottom surface, a light-emitting surface, a light incident surface, a first side surface, a second side surface, and a number of ribs protruding from the bottom surface away from light-emitting surface. The ribs extend substantially parallelly from the first side surface to the second... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140355301 - Display device: A display device is disclosed. In one aspect, the display device includes a protective member, a display panel accommodated in the protective member, a light guide member including a light incident surface, a heat discharge member including a support surface facing the light incident surface, and a light source disposed... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140355302 - Outdoor and/or enclosed structure led luminaire for general illumination applications, such as parking lots and structures: A luminaire for use in lighting a large open space such as a parking lot or deck of a parking garage includes a plurality of optical waveguides disposed in side-by-side relationship and together defining a closed path and at least one LED associated with each optical waveguide and disposed at... Agent:

20140355304 - Light source module, and liquid crystal display device: A backlight module 10 according to an embodiment of the present invention includes an optical waveguide 130 which receives light emitted from an LED group 104 at an incident surface 131 and emits the light from an emission surface 133; and a P-chassis 180 that presses the optical waveguide 130... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140355303 - Light-source device: A light source device includes: a light-emitting part; a light guide including in its center a columnar part whose central axis direction is a lengthwise direction, that guides light input into an end face from the light-emitting part, and outputs light from a side face of the columnar part; a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140355306 - Light emitting device array and backlight unit: A light emitting device array includes a substrate including a first region and a second region that is inclined with respect to the first region, a first light emitting device package arranged on the first region, and a second light emitting device package that is arranged on the second region... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140355305 - Point light source, planar light source device, and display device: An envelope of a point light source includes first to fourth surfaces. The first surface protrudes ahead of a light-emitting element and extends to a left side and a right side of the light-emitting element when viewed from the light-emitting element. The second surface is connected to the first surface... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140355307 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus is provided, including a panel module and a light module. The panel module has a display surface. The light module is disposed on a side of the panel module and has a main light source and an auxiliary light source. The main light source emits a first... Agent: Innolux Corporation

11/27/2014 > 49 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20140347840 - Display device: A display device includes a display panel, a backlight unit configured to output light to the display panel, and a lens part interposed between the display panel and the backlight unit, and configured to transmit the light output from the backlight unit is transmitted, wherein the backlight unit includes an... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140347843 - Light-emitting device, illuminating device, vehicle headlamp, and method for producing light-emitting device: A headlamp disclosed includes: a laser diode for emitting a laser beam; a light emitting section including a fluorescent material which emits light in response to excitation light emitted from the laser diode; a light-transmitting heat conducting member which is provided so as to face a laser beam irradiation surface... Agent:

20140347841 - Lighting apparatus: A lighting apparatus including a base, a light cover, an optical element, and at least a light emitting element is provided. The light cover having a first opening is disposed on the base and together with the base forms a space. The optical element is fixed on the light cover... Agent: Lite-on It Corporation

20140347842 - Radiation generating apparatus and a method of generating radiation: Radiation generating apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a first radiation generating source for generating radiation comprising a first range of wavelengths, a second radiation generating source for generating radiation comprising a second range of wavelengths and a photoluminescent material which is arranged to absorb radiation in the first and... Agent:

20140347844 - Display device and frame member: A display device includes a frame body (15) formed by joining a plurality of frame members (15a to 15f) for supporting a circumferential end portion of a display panel (2), wherein a cushioning material (17a) of a first frame member (15a) of the plurality of frame members includes a protruding... Agent:

20140347845 - Lighting system for clothing: A lighting system mounted on an article of clothing. The light system comprises at least one illuminating wire mounted on the article. The illuminating wire is connected to a power source and a processing unit. The power source can be a solar strip. The processing unit is capable of analyzing... Agent:

20140347846 - Light-emitting diode lighting apparatus having multifunctional heat sink flange: Disclosed is a light-emitting diode (LED) lighting apparatus having a multifunctional heat sink flange, which includes an LED board on which a transmitted light cap and a plurality of LEDs are mounted, a main heat sink formed of magnesium or an magnesium alloy, an auxiliary heat sink formed of a... Agent:

20140347847 - Lighting apparatus: Provided is a lighting apparatus. The lighting apparatus includes a base unit, a first rod-shaped member, a lighting unit and a base connection unit, wherein the base connection unit includes, a rotating member rotatably coupled to the base part, a base cam fixed to the rotating member and including a... Agent:

20140347848 - Led luminaire with multiple vents for promoting vertical ventilation: Some features of the invention include a LED luminaire, including a chassis having a chassis body, the chassis body having an inner perimeter and an outer perimeter. At least one LED lighting module is mounted on the chassis body. A LED power supply assembly includes at least one LED power... Agent: AblIPHoldings LLC

20140347849 - Light-emitting diode lamp: A light-emitting diode lamp comprises a frame defining a pair of slots therein, a light bar fixed on the frame at one side thereof by pushing the light bar into the slots, a driving module mounted on the frame at the other side thereof, and a lamp cover fixed on... Agent: Champ Tech Optical (foshan) Corporation

20140347850 - Serially-connected light emitting diodes, methods of forming same, and luminaires containing same: A luminaire comprising a first and second terminal connected to an alternating current power source having a period, a first LED light source electrically coupled to each of the first and second terminals, and a second LED light source electrically coupled to each of the first and second terminals. The... Agent: Lighting Science Group Corporation

20140347852 - Hard-pressed glass light emitting diode flood lamp: In various embodiments, a light emitting diode (LED) flood lamp is provided. The LED flood lamp may include a base cap; a first housing having a first end and a second end, the first end secured to the base cap; a second housing having at least in part a partially... Agent: Feit Electric Company, Inc.

20140347851 - Optical semiconductor lighting apparatus: An optical semiconductor lighting apparatus includes a light emitting module including semiconductor optical devices arranged in a plurality of rows and columns, a housing including a heat sink base in which the light emitting module is disposed, and an optical unit arranged in parallel along the plurality of row or... Agent:

20140347853 - High-power led luminaire having a modular, expandable mechanism: The invention relates to a high-power LED luminaire for public lighting. The use of individual diffusers for each LED makes it possible to obtain a light pattern similar to the I/SI type, which is ideal for public lighting. Every PCBA, which is supplied by a power controller, can be exchanged... Agent:

20140347854 - Lamp unit and vehicle lamp apparatus including the same: A lamp unit which implements a source light source with a small number of light sources using a lens and a vehicle lamp apparatus including the same. The lamp unit includes an optical member, a base plate spaced from the optical member by a predetermined distance, and a spacer between... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140347855 - Led luminaire: A LED luminaire has a first printed circuit board (PCB) and a second PCB spaced in such manner to generate an empty gap. Spacers are interposed between the first PCB and second PCB in such manner to keep them spaced. A printed circuit is obtained on the internal side of... Agent:

20140347856 - Outdoor luminaire: The invention discloses an outdoor luminaire. The outdoor luminaire comprises a light module comprising at least one LED unit; wherein said light module is configured such that the light emitted by the light module has a first luminous intensity value no less than 10 cd/klm at a first angle (γi),... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140347857 - Lighting apparatus: A lighting apparatus may include a holding member, a lighting panel, and an attachment bracket for removably attaching the lighting panel to the holding member. The lighting panel may form a first position in which a light-emitting surface of the lighting panel and a light-emitting surface of a lighting panel... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140347858 - Illuminating device using coherent light source: A laser beam (L50) generated by a laser light source (50) is reflected by a light beam scanning device (60), and irradiated onto a hologram recording medium (45). On the hologram recording medium (45), an image (35) of a scatter plate is recorded as a hologram by using reference light... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20140347859 - Thermally efficient ogc lamp: A thermally efficient OGC lamp includes a positive terminal; a negative terminal; a connecting member formed with the negative terminal; a circuit board disposed substantially within the negative terminal; a housing formed with the connecting member; a thermally efficient element filled in the housing; a sealing member disposed on the... Agent:

20140347860 - Method for producing high-luminance monochromatic light based on optical wavelength conversion and light source: Disclosed is a method for producing a high-luminance monochromatic light based on optical wavelength conversion, which is used in a light source comprising an excitation light source, and comprises the steps of: setting a first wavelength conversion material and a second wavelength conversion material; using an excitation beam to excite... Agent: Appotronics (china) Corporation

20140347861 - Planar lighting device: A planar lighting device includes a circuit substrate, a plurality of light sources disposed on the circuit substrate, a reflection layer disposed on the circuit substrate, the reflection layer including a first region having a plurality of openings where the respective light sources are located, and a second region connected... Agent:

20140347862 - Led sphere lighting device: The invention provides a light emitting diode (LED) sphere lighting device. The LED sphere lighting device comprises a power connector. The power connector is configured with a heat sink, and the heat sink is configured with a lamp cover. An LED lighting device is disposed in the lamp cover and... Agent:

20140347863 - Lighting device with omnidirectional light emission and efficient heat dissipation: This invention discloses a lighting device for omnidirectional light emission with efficient heat dissipation. In one embodiment, a lighting device comprises lighting modules circumferentially arranged such that generation of the omnidirectional light is allowable, and a supporting unit attached to each lighting module's heat-dissipating side for providing mechanical support. A... Agent: Hong Kong Applied Science And Technology Research Institute Company Limited

20140347864 - Liquid crystal display device: A liquid crystal display device includes a light source provided with a plurality of LEDs and an LED board on which the plurality of LEDs are mounted, a heatsink configured by a plate-shaped member that dissipates heat emitted by the plurality of LEDs, and a reflective member including a fixed... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20140347865 - Liquid displacer in led bulbs: An LED bulb includes at least one LED mount disposed within a shell. At least one LED is attached to the at least one LED mount. A thermally conductive liquid is held within the shell. The LED and LED mount are immersed in the thermally conductive liquid. A liquid displacer... Agent:

20140347866 - Device and apparatus for efficient collection and re-direction of emitted radiation: An apparatus is described that includes a light source, a first reflector, a lens and a second reflector. The first reflector is positioned to reflect a first portion of light from the light source, wherein the first portion of light is radiated from the light source in a central forward... Agent:

20140347867 - Pressure relief valve devices and methods: Pressure relief valves for use in high pressure applications that may include a conical shaped plunger, a body with a conical shaped mating surface corresponding to the shape of the conical shaped plunger, and one or more sealing elements, such as a pair of O-rings, are disclosed.... Agent: Deepsea Power & Light, Inc.

20140347868 - Pivoting heat sink for led luminaire: An LED luminaire assembly which allows for the easy and safe removal and replacement of the PSU and other internal components wherein the heat sink can be folded or pivoted aside to allow access to and removal of the PSU.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140347869 - Connector, electronic device and illuminating device having the connector: A connector for electronic device includes a cylindrical body, an end cap formed at one end of the cylindrical body that includes a first section and a second section, wherein the first section is formed between the end cap and the second section, the end cap has a diameter bigger... Agent:

20140347870 - Flexible printed circuit board and circuit board assembly having the same: A circuit board assembly includes a substrate, a flexible printed circuit board and an electrical component. The substrate includes a first electrically connecting port. The flexible printed circuit board includes a main body and a branch body. The main body includes two second electrically connecting ports opposite to each other.... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20140347871 - Covering element: A covering element for an air inlet opening and/or air outlet opening in a motor vehicle body. A covering element lamella or a design element spans the opening and has a translucent surface in the direction towards the outside of the vehicle at least in a sub-region or the sub-region... Agent:

20140347872 - Method and device for recognizing an illuminated roadway ahead of a vehicle: A method for recognizing an illuminated roadway ahead of a vehicle, having a step of recognizing a first light object as a first roadway illumination unit. The method also includes a step of ascertaining a distance covered by the vehicle. The method also includes a step of recognizing a second... Agent:

20140347873 - Mobile solar-powered light tower: Provided is a mobile lighting device that can derive power from a renewable energy source, such as solar power. The device can comprise a mobile base unit that can house one or more components of the device. The device further can comprise a solar power module associated with the mobile... Agent: Progress Solar Solutions, LLC

20140347874 - Light emitting device, vehicle light and vehicle: Provided is a light emitting device used in a vehicle light, the light emitting device can include: an excitation light source that generates excitation light; a wavelength conversion member that absorbs the excitation light and that converts a wavelength of the excitation light to emit light in a predetermined wavelength... Agent: Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

20140347875 - Led car light with enhanced cooling effect: An LED car light with enhanced cooling effect has a light shell, a fixing base, an LED light module and a reflecting cover. The outer wall extends from the edge of the rear wall and surrounds the rear wall, wherein the outer wall has a cooling section. The fixing base... Agent: Yujing Technology Co., Ltd.

20140347876 - Headlight lens for a vehicle headlight: The invention relates to a headlight lens for a vehicle headlight, more particularly for a motor vehicle headlight, wherein the headlight lens has a body composed of a transparent material, wherein the body comprises a first light tunnel, which undergoes transition with a first bend into a light-conducting part, wherein... Agent: Docter Optics Se

20140347877 - Car nameplate with a backlight: The invention relates to decorative elements for a car. The aim of the proposed invention is to increase the effectiveness of illumination. The invention is realized as follows. A basic element with an external surface and with a first internal surface, a translucent element with a second internal surface and... Agent:

20140347878 - Endoscope: An endoscope according to the present invention includes: a first image pickup optical system for observing a first observation direction, a second image pickup optical system for observing an observation a second observation direction, a light guide guiding illumination light, and an illumination optical system including a ring-shaped portion illuminating... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140347879 - Light source apparatus: A light source apparatus includes a light source, an optical fiber, and a positioning mechanism. The positioning mechanism is configured with a planar position adjustment mechanism, an axial line position adjustment mechanism, and an orientation maintaining mechanism. The planar position adjustment mechanism adjusts a position of the optical fiber in... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20140347881 - Backlight unit and display device: A backlight unit is disclosed. The backlight unit includes a light emitting device to emit light, an optical member to guide the light emitted from the light emitting device, a bottom chassis disposed on a rear surface of the optical member so as to support the optical member, a supporting... Agent:

20140347880 - Light-emitting-diode light bar and related planar light source: A LED light bar, a related planar light source and a method of manufacturing such light bar is provided. The light source includes a light guide plate having a first surface and a second surface; at least one light bar, on which a plurality of LEDs is disposed, wherein the... Agent:

20140347882 - Backlight system: An optical system comprises a light source emitting light, a collimating structure to substantially collimate the light, a converter unit to receive the substantially collimated light having an area illuminating a first aspect ratio and outputting light having an area illuminating a second aspect ratio, the second aspect ratio greater... Agent:

20140347883 - Backlight module: A backlight module including a light guiding plate, a light source and a block is provided. The light guiding plate includes a first surface, a second surface opposite to the first surface, a light incident surface connecting to the first surface and the second surface, and a side surface opposite... Agent: Young Lighting Technology Inc.

20140347884 - Light-source device and reflector-support structure: A light source device includes: a rod-shaped light source or an array light source extending in a main scanning direction; a reflector that is placed opposite the rod-shaped light source or the array light source, extends in the main scanning direction, and reflects light output from a side face of... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140347885 - Optical waveguide bodies and luminaires utilizing same: According to one aspect, a luminaire comprises a waveguide body including a central section and first and second separate side sections extending away from the central section along first and second opposed directions, respectively. The central section includes a coupling portion and the waveguide body has a length and includes... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140347887 - Backlight assembly: A backlight assembly includes a plurality of point light sources, a light guide plate (“LGP”) and a printed circuit board (“PCB”). The LGP has a light incident face in which light is incident, a side surface extending from an edge portion of the light incident face, and a fixing groove... Agent:

20140347886 - Display module: A display module includes an outer frame, a light emitting unit, a panel device, and a light guide plate having a light entrance surface, a light exit surface, and a connecting side. A connecting ear portion is extendedly formed from the connecting side for extending into the outer frame to... Agent:

20140347888 - Light guiding device and a lighting assembly incorporating the same: A light guiding device includes a light input surface, a light output surface extending from a first edge of the light input surface, a connecting surface extending from a second edge of the light input surface, and a reflecting surface interconnecting the output surface and the connecting surface. Relationships of... Agent: Radiant Opto-electronics Corporation

11/20/2014 > 73 patent applications in 53 patent subcategories.

20140340865 - Display backlight system: a polarizing color converting layer (104) arranged to receive light that is outcoupled from said light outcoupling surface, and comprising i) a color converting elements (105) capable of converting light of said first wavelength range into light of a second wavelength range, and ii) at least one region of an... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140340866 - Luminous keyboard device: A luminous keyboard device includes plural keys, a light-emitting element, and a light guide plate. By the light guide plate, a light beam emitted by the light-emitting element is guided to the plural keys. The light guide plate includes plural elongated slots and a light-absorbing part. The plural elongated slots... Agent: Primax Electronics Ltd.

20140340867 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus provides a display region to display information, and a peripheral light luminous region to output light. The display apparatus includes an indicator light source and a coloring transmissive member made of light transmissive material. The coloring transmissive member includes a light input face where the light emitted... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140340868 - Planar surgical lamp: A planar surgical lamp includes a plurality of planar light source modules connected to form the planar surgical lamp. Each planar light source module includes a plurality of planar light source unit and each planar light source unit includes a light guide plate, which has a light incidence face and... Agent: Benq Medical Technology Corporation

20140340869 - High brightness solid state illumination system for fluorescence imaging and analysis: A solid state illumination system is disclosed, wherein a light source module comprises a first light source, comprising an LED and a phosphor layer, the LED emitting a wavelength λ1 in an absorption band of the phosphor layer for generating longer wavelength broadband light emission from the phosphor, ΔλPHOSPHOR, and... Agent: Lumen Dynamics Group, Lnc.

20140340870 - Omnidirectional led light bulb: An LED light bulb has a hollow LED support/heat sink (222, 602, 702, 900, 802, 1002, 1102, 1216, 1404, 1502, 1606, 1906) with fins (234, 406, 604, 706, 804, 904, 906,1008, 1106, 1620) extending internally and openings at two ends (230, 232, 1522). Heat generated by the LEDs (238, 908,... Agent:

20140340871 - Sewing machine uplight assembly: An uplight assembly for a sewing machine is provided, wherein the assembly is adapted to provide a light source along the bed of the sewing machine and adjacent to the throat plate thereof for projecting light from beneath a material work piece being sewn. The assembly comprises a transparent or... Agent:

20140340872 - Bathing installation fitting with ring structure and seal: A fitting for through hole mounting to a panel structure in a bathing installation includes a fitting body structure including a body portion configured to extend through a mount opening and a transverse flange portion having an outer size larger than the mount opening to overlaps the panel structure surrounding... Agent: Balboa Water Group, Inc.

20140340873 - Bendable heat readiating composite and backlight unit having the same: A heat-transfer apparatus for dissipating heat from an electronic device is disclosed. The heat-transfer apparatus includes a composite, comprising a metal layer, a dielectric layer and one or more electrically conductive layers. The composite is plastically deformed and is substantially free of crack. A backlight apparatus comprising the heat-transfer apparatus... Agent:

20140340875 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus including: a liquid crystal cell; a rear frame located behind the liquid crystal cell; a backlight unit located between the liquid crystal cell and the rear frame, the backlight unit being for emitting light toward the back surface of the liquid crystal cell; a diffusion sheet located... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20140340874 - Heat sink and display device with heat sink: A heat sink includes a main component, and an attachment component to which a light source is configured to be attached. The attachment component is disposed at one end of the main component such that the heat sink is configured to dissipate heat generated by the light source. A first... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20140340876 - Light emitting device package and backlight unit using the same: A light emitting device package including light emitting devices, and optical lenses respectively disposed over the light emitting devices. Further, a respective optical lens includes an extending member extending from a body of the respective optical lens, and including a first portion laterally extending in a first direction substantially perpendicular... Agent:

20140340877 - Fabric-encapsulated light arrays and systems for displaying video on clothing: Flexible, fabric-encapsulated light arrays particularly suitable for use in clothing are disclosed. The light arrays are light-emitting diode (LED) arrays disposed on flexible printed circuit boards (PCBs). The flexible PCBs include substantially sinusoidal metal contact traces, along which the LEDs are attached at an angle preselected to minimize stresses in... Agent:

20140340878 - Led illuminating showcase: An LED illuminating showcase includes a frame unit and a lighting unit. The frame unit includes bottom and top seat covers, and a transparent tubular shell extending from the bottom seat cover to the top seat cover and defining a display space with the seat covers. The lighting unit includes... Agent: Diode-on Optoelectronics Limited

20140340879 - Showcase: A showcase includes a frame unit and a lighting unit. The frame unit includes a rectangular housing with top and bottom plates, two side plates, a back plate, a front opening and a transparent window plate covering the front opening. The lighting unit includes a top lighting subunit connected to... Agent: Diode-on Optoelectronics Limted

20140340880 - Light fixture with communication or power connector: A light fixture includes a fixture body, a shroud, and a power or communication receptacle is provided. The fixture body is configured to support a light emitter. Additionally, the shroud is disposed on the fixture body and is arranged to at least partially conceal the light emitter. The power or... Agent:

20140340881 - Electronic simulation candle: An electronic simulation candle includes a lamp wick, a lamp wick support and a circuit assembly. The lamp wick includes a flame sheet at an upper portion, a neck at a middle portion and a support sheet at a lower portion, the neck comprises a through hole, a center of... Agent: Kayee Trading (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140340882 - Ballast adapter: A ballast adapter includes a bracket plate formed as a flat sheet having a bracket plate outside surface and a bracket plate inside surface. The ballast adapter also has a pair of bracket plate arms having a sliding mount to the bracket plate. The pair of bracket plate arms are... Agent:

20140340883 - Light emitting diode troffer door assembly: A troffer door assembly has a frame assembly, a lens member and a light emitting diode (LED) assembly. The rigid brace member is affixed to the frame assembly such that the rigidity of the frame assembly is increased. Hinge members and latch members are positioned in exterior slots on the... Agent:

20140340884 - Linear solid-state lighting with readily retrofittable modular structure: A linear light-emitting diode (LED) tube lamp having a readily retrofittable modular structure enables consumers or manufacturers to readily retrofit the lamp by replacing an LED module or internal electronic control units that include an LED driver in maintenance or lamp upgrade without hazards. The readily retrofittable modular structure includes... Agent: Lightel Technologies, Inc.

20140340885 - Linear led display case light: A linear LED display case light provides an adjustable swath of light. The swath of light emanates from a linear LED array residing in a generally round or polygonal cross-section housing. The housing has two polarity sensitive ends and is slidably coupled by sliding drums to two electrically conducting vertical... Agent:

20140340889 - Apparatus, system, and methods for glare reduction and uplighting for golf course, sports fields and large area lighting: An apparatus, system and method for glare reduction and effective lighting, including uplighting for such things as sports fields including golf courses or for other large area projects. A set of solid state light sources having an original perceived intensity from viewers and an original light output, are altered to... Agent: Musco Corporation

20140340891 - Led color conversion filter, method of manufacturing same, and led module including same: The present invention relates to an LED color conversion filter and an LED module including same. Provided are an LED color conversion filter having a light-transmitting inclination of 0.2 degrees to 0.7 degrees in an LED emitting light region of 420 nm to 500 nm, and an LED module including... Agent: Sol Component Co., Ltd.

20140340887 - Led module and method of manufacturing the same: A compact LED module and a method of manufacturing such an LED module are provided. The LED module includes a first-pole first lead, a first-pole second lead, a first-pole third lead, a second-pole first lead, a second-pole second lead, a second-pole third lead, a first LED chip, a second LED... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140340890 - Light emitting apparatus and method for manufacturing same: A light emitting apparatus of the present invention is configured such that first and second light emitting sections are provided on a substrate (101) so as to be adjacent to each other, the first light emitting section being made up of (i) at least one blue LED chip (102) and... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140340888 - Light-emitting element, lighting device, light-emitting device, and electronic device: A light-emitting element includes a first electrode; a first light-emitting layer over the first electrode, containing a first phosphorescent compound and a first host material; a second light-emitting layer over the first light-emitting layer, containing a second phosphorescent compound and a second host material; a third light-emitting layer over the... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140340886 - Lighted multiple panel display: A lighted multiple panel display unit capable of providing a variety of visual effects has layered panels made of light transmitting materials. At least two of the layered panels are spaced apart such that here is a gap between them. Each of the panels comprising a relief. Multiple light sources... Agent:

20140340892 - Particle detectors: A beam detector including a light source, a receiver, and a target, acting in cooperation to detect particles in a monitored area. The target reflects incident light, resulting in reflected light being returned to receiver. The receiver is capable of recording and reporting light intensity at a plurality of points... Agent:

20140340894 - Led bulb has multiple features: The current invention make a big improvement than conventional market available all kind of LED bulb which only can offer near-by areas illumination not like the current invention can use one LED bulb to offer near-by and far-away illumination or image or both or any combination with other light effects... Agent:

20140340895 - Light with reflector or diffuser screen: The invention relates to a light (1) comprising a housing (2) with at least one illuminant (8) and an illuminant holder (9). In order to enable a targeted light emission and hence illumination of a particular region, the housing (2) has a translucent housing element (3), which can be covered... Agent:

20140340897 - Light-emitting construction element: A non-transparent light-emitting construction element (100; 200; 300; 400), comprising: a construction element having a mounting side and a user-facing side (104; 204; 304) to be facing a user when the light-emitting construction element is used in a construction; and a light-emitter (108; 404) embedded in the construction element, wherein... Agent:

20140340893 - Light-guiding structure and light-emitting device: A light-emitting device includes a base unit, a light-guiding structure and a cover unit. The light-guiding structure is disposed on the base unit, and the light-guiding structure includes a light-guiding unit and a light-emitting unit. The cover unit includes a light-transmitting cover body disposed on the base unit to cover... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20140340896 - Reflector device and lighting device comprising such a reflector device: A reflector device comprising a reflector (106), having an inner surface (120, 122), and at least one solid state light emitting element (114). The inner surface of the reflector comprises first and second surface portions (120, 122), which are flat and which extend in planes intersecting at an angle. The... Agent:

20140340898 - Lens member for directing light in a square pattern: A lens member for projecting light from an LED in a square pattern includes a body formed of a light transmissive material. The body includes a base portion and a bulbous-shaped, light-directing lens portion extending upwardly from the base portion. A recess extending upwardly from a lower surface of the... Agent: Coreled Systems, LLC

20140340899 - Integrated solid-state lamp: An integrated solid-state lamp comprised of thermally conducting materials such as alumina ceramic or graphite filled polymers may simultaneously perform optical operations on the light emerging from solid-state emitters to enable the creation of a lamp which produces light in both direct and indirect light zones with a near-field uniformity... Agent:

20140340901 - Macro-image oled lighting system: Techniques to fabricate and assemble a lighting system including multiple patterned OLED lighting panels to form a high-resolution macro image are provided. An image to be displayed is determined and divided into multiple portions. Patterned static OLED lighting panels that display each portion of the image are fabricated and assembled... Agent: Universal Display Corporation

20140340900 - Stabilization structure including shear release posts: A stabilization structure includes a stabilization layer on a carrier substrate. The stabilization layer includes an array of staging cavities. An array of micro devices are within the array of staging cavities. Each micro device is laterally attached to a shear release post laterally extending from a sidewall of a... Agent: Luxvue Technology Corporation

20140340902 - Flexible led light arrays: Flexible LED light arrays particularly suitable for use in clothing and other articles are disclosed. The light arrays are disposed on flexible printed circuit boards (PCBs). The flexible PCBs include substantially sinusoidal metal contact traces, along which the LEDs are attached at an angle preselected to minimize stresses in the... Agent:

20140340903 - Temporary work light string with variably-positionable and re-positionable readily-replaced lamp, optionally with integral hangers, that are optionally electrically connected to plural electrical circuits: A work light string removably physically mounts and electrically attaches lamps anywhere along it is length, with ready hand positioning and re-positioning of desired numbers of lamps at desired positions, and replacement of damaged lamps. The work light string can have one, or, more preferably two separate electrical circuit in... Agent:

20140340904 - Hermetically gastight optoelectronic or electro-optical component and method for producing the same: A method for producing a hermetically gastight optoelectronic or electro-optical component with great robustness to heat and moisture is described. A housing cap is connected to a carrier in a hermetically gastight manner. Orifices in the housing cap are closed in a hermetically gastight manner by a window element. An... Agent: Micro-hybrid Electronic Gmbh

20140340905 - Method and apparatus for selective filtering of an illumination device: A filter for use with an illumination device of a type having a reflector with an exit opening and an illumination source mounted within the reflector, the reflector shaped to direct radiation emitted from the illumination source through the exit opening. The filter may include an outer support attached to... Agent:

20140340907 - Led lamp with cover: An LED lamp includes a housing and multiple LED units received in the housing. Each LED unit includes a heat sink, multiple LEDs mounted below the heat sink and a cover overlaying the heat sink. The heat sink includes a base and multiple fins extending upwardly from the base. The... Agent: Champ Tech Optical (foshan) Corporation

20140340906 - Light emitting diode lamp: Disclosed herein is a a light emitting diode lamp including: a base having a power terminal capable of being electrically connected to an external alternating current (AC) power source; a housing coupled to the base and formed in a hollow structure; a light emitting diode package installed in the housing;... Agent: People & Give Co., Ltd.

20140340908 - Reflector having reflection pattern for compensating for lighting characteristic of led package and led lamp including the same: A reflector having a reflection pattern for compensating for a lighting characteristic of an LED package includes a body configured to be matched and coupled with the LED package having a discontinuous chip arrangement structure to improve the lighting characteristic of the LED package for divergent light. The body includes... Agent:

20140340909 - Lamp unit and light deflecting device: A light deflecting device includes a micro-mirror array and a transparent cover member arranged in front of a micro-mirror array reflective surface. Each of a plurality of mirror elements of the micro-mirror array is selectively switched between a first reflecting position in which the mirror element reflects light such that... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140340910 - Led-based luminaire having a mixing optic: Disclosed is an LED-based luminaire (10, 110, 210, 310, 410, 510, 610, 710) including an optic surrounding a plurality of LEDs (140, 240, 340, 440, 540, 640a/b, 740). The optic may include a plurality of interior reflective surfaces for mixing light output of the LEDs and also include a transmissive... Agent:

20140340911 - Complex optical film and light source assembly including the same: Provided are a complex optical film and a light source assembly including the same. The complex optical film includes a first substrate, a light shielding layer formed on a bottom surface of the first substrate, an optical pattern layer formed on a top surface of the first substrate and including... Agent: Shinwha Intertek Corp.

20140340912 - Transparent light-emitting sheet and method of manufacturing same: The present invention relates to a transparent light-emitting sheet which obtains high color purity and improves light collimation to improve light efficiency, and a method of manufacturing same. The transparent light-emitting sheet according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: a transparent alumina sheet having a plurality of nanopores... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140340913 - Led light bulb and manufacturing method of the same: The present invention discloses a LED light bulb, comprising: a LED printed circuit board, a sealed body and a base. The sealed body made of two thermoplastic parts form vapor transport channel inside the body that extends between two heat transfer locations spaced apart on an exterior surface of the... Agent:

20140340914 - Elevation-adjustable window candle: A window candle includes a holder base defining therein a stepped vertical insertion hole formed of a larger upper first insertion hole and a smaller lower second insertion hole and defining a first annular locating groove between the larger upper first insertion hole and the smaller lower second insertion hole... Agent:

20140340915 - Vehicular headlamp: A vehicular headlamp includes: a lamp unit including a unit main body and a connecting portion; a leveling actuator that is connected to the connecting portion and that moves the lamp unit to adjust an irradiation direction of the emitted light; and an aiming mechanism that includes a pair of... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140340916 - Lighting device of an aircraft, system, passenger service unit, method of operating a lighting device: Described are lighting devices of passenger aircraft. Also described are methods of operating the devices as well as lighting systems and passenger service units.... Agent:

20140340917 - Illuminated brake assembly and wheel well accessory: An accessory for the wheel-well of a vehicle that is equipped with a series of lights designed to illuminate the inner portion of the space that exists between the brake rotors and the rim of the wheel in a conventional automobile. A series of LED lights are configured to project... Agent:

20140340918 - Laser and phosphor based light source for improved safety: A light source system comprising an optical system which is arranged to project light from a light source into the far-field. The light source comprises a mixture of fluorescent materials which are sensitive to one of two wavebands in either the UV or blue part of the spectrum. The combination... Agent:

20140340920 - Flat device for illuminating the interior of a vehicle: The invention relates to a device for illuminating an assembly in the interior of a vehicle. The device comprises a flat light guide that is at least partially covered by an optical lacquer coat. The flat development of the light guide makes it easier to homogenously illuminate large faces. The... Agent: Lisa Dr&#xe4 Xlmaier Gmbh

20140340919 - Lighting device in a motor vehicle with a light conductor arrangement: The present invention is directed toward a lighting device of motor vehicle with an arrangement of at least two light conductors. Each conductor includes one coupling arm having a first cross section, a light conductor area with a second cross section, and a transition area located between the coupling arm... Agent:

20140340921 - Mirror device for motor vehicles: An outer housing with a cover having a PVD coating; a lens; and an illumination device such as LEDs, light guides, light emitting surfaces and/or blinkers. The lens has a first area internal to the cover, and a second, transparent area extending to one side of the outer housing. The... Agent: Fico Mirrors, S.a.

20140340923 - Light source for headlight and headlight: In an LED2 having a directionality in an emission direction of emitted light, light emitted from a light emitting surface of the LED 2 is refracted by a semi-cylindrical concave lens 3 to be enlarged in the circumference direction of an optical axis of a headlight 1; thus, even when... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140340922 - Vehicle lamp: A vehicle lamp includes an optical unit and a light source control circuit part. The optical unit is unitized by attaching a light source and an optical member to an attachment part. In a state where the optical unit is unitized, the light source control circuit part is attachable to... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140340924 - Vehicular lamp: A vehicular lamp includes: a projection lens; a light source arranged to a rear of a rear side focal point of the projection lens; a reflector that reflects light from the light source toward the projection lens; a cut-off forming member arranged between the light source and the projection lens;... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140340925 - Exterior rearview mirror assembly: An exterior rearview mirror assembly suitable for a vehicle includes an attachment portion and a casing portion having a variable reflectance mirror reflective element. A mirror reflector is disposed at at least a portion of a surface of a rear substrate of the reflective element. The mirror reflector includes a... Agent:

20140340926 - Illumination optical system unit for endoscope and method of manufacturing the same: An illumination optical system unit 26A includes an optical fiber 39A, a fluorescent body 40, a ferrule 60 as a holding member that holds the fluorescent, body 40 and the optical fiber 39A, a cylindrical first sleeve member 61 that covers the outer periphery of the fluorescent body 40, and... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140340927 - Lightguide as luminaire: A lightguide functioning as a luminaire. The luminaire includes at least one solid state light source, such as an LED, and a lightguide configured to receive light from the solid state light source. Light from the light source is coupled into the lightguide and transported within it by total internal... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140340928 - Set top box having light pipe bracket: A light pipe bracket (6) for an electronic device is provided that comprises a planar main body, light pipes (13) each having a proximal end and a distal end in which the light pipe extends from the distal end at the planar main body toward the distal end, and circuit... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140340929 - Light emitting device: A communication substrate is provided with an LED indicator which emits light. A light guiding plate has a concave surface portion which is a concave surface to cover the LED indicator, and receives the light from the LED indicator using the concave surface portion. A storage case stores the communication... Agent:

20140340930 - Illuminating device and display with illuminating device: An illuminating device includes one or more light sources that output light, a translucent light guide member having one or more side surfaces and a light output surface, and a lens sheet positioned over the light output surface of the light guide member and including a first array of lenses... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

20140340932 - Led lighting device which has stable structure and is easily assembled and disassembled: The LED lighting device comprises a light guide plate comprising a top surface; an upper case comprising a base disposed on the top surface of the light guide plate, and an edge extending from the base, wherein the base is thicker than the edge; a lower case comprising a body... Agent:

20140340931 - Light intensity distribution conversion element, planar light source device, and liquid crystal display device: A light intensity distribution conversion element has a light incident surface, a light emission surface, and total reflection surfaces. Light having directivity enters the light incident surface. The light emission surface has a curved surface portion of a concave shape with respect to an emitting direction of the light, for... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140340933 - Light guide element and backlight module: A light guide element includes a wedge-shaped light coupling member and a rectangular light guide plate. The light coupling member includes a first bottom surface, a top surface opposite to the first bottom surface, a light incident surface interconnected between the first bottom surface and the top surface, a first... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140340934 - Backlight assembly and display device having the same: A backlight assembly includes a light guide plate (LGP) having a stepped portion formed at a corner of the LGP, an optical sheet disposed over the LGP and a receiving container receiving the LGP and the optical sheet. The receiving container includes a bottom plate, first through fourth sidewalls and... Agent:

20140340935 - Backlight module having non-dot area and light guide plate using same: A light guide plate includes a light mixing part and a visual part. The light mixing part includes a light mixing bottom surface, a light incident surface, and a top surface opposite to the light mixing bottom surface. The light incident surface is substantially perpendicular to the light mixing bottom... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140340936 - Backlight module and display device: A backlight module includes a plurality of first light emitting elements and a light guiding plate including a first side, a second side and a light output side having microstructures at least disposed in a near-light region of the light guiding plate. The near-light region is defined as from a... Agent: Innolux Corporation

20140340937 - Frame and backlight module having same: A frame for a backlight module includes a first strip, a second strip, a third strip, and a fourth strip connected end to end in sequence to cooperatively enclose an interior of the frame. The first strip, the second strip, the third strip, and the fourth strip each include an... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

11/13/2014 > 61 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20140334124 - Camera flash gun diffuser: A camera flash gun diffuser fits over a camera flash gun. A light input opening over the camera flash gun is angled with respect to a light output window of the diffuser. The inner surface of the casing is reflective so that light is redirected from the flash gun output... Agent:

20140334125 - Backlit keyboard and light guide module and manufacture method thereof: A backlit keyboard includes a keyboard module having a plurality of key units and a light guide module including a light guide plate, a metal layer, and an insulation layer. The light guide plate has a light-exit surface and a bottom surface. The metal layer has an upper surface and... Agent: Darfon Electronics Corp.

20140334127 - Color shift sign: The present application is directed to an illumination device comprising a recycling cavity defined by recycling surfaces and a light emission surface; a light source within the cavity. A spectrum modifying layer is on a portion of the recycling surface, the spectrum modifying layer producing a spectral response different from... Agent:

20140334126 - Light-emitting device with total internal reflection (tir) extractor: A variety of light-emitting devices are disclosed that are configured to output light provided by a light source. In general, embodiments of the light-emitting devices feature a light source and an extractor element coupled to the light source, where the extractor element includes, at least in part, a total internal... Agent:

20140334128 - Bulb socket and lighting device: A pair of terminal portions of a bus bar (i.e. a terminal clamp) includes spring portions each of which is arranged to exert a pushing force in a direction of sandwiching a base portion of a bulb, and contact portions each provided at a tip portion of the spring portion.... Agent:

20140334129 - Flameless candle with fragrance diffusion: According to embodiments of the present invention, a flameless candle includes a housing, a reservoir, and a lamp. The reservoir can retain a fragrant source (e.g., solid, liquid, or mix thereof. The housing has a hollow region and a recessed area within the top surface of the housing. The recessed... Agent:

20140334130 - Electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus includes a back light unit that has a light source, an optical member that is arranged so as to face the irradiation direction of the light of the light source, and a spacer that supports the optical member from the light source side and is arranged in... Agent:

20140334131 - Baton light: A lightweight plastic baton includes a hollow cylindrical body which telescopically supports a flexible cylindrical plastic baton shaft. One or more slideways support and concentrically center the baton shaft within the hollow body. A flashlight having a strobed light operating mode is coupled to the baton body to provide a... Agent:

20140334133 - Medical headlamp assembly having interchangeable headlamp types: A medical headlamp assembly has a headband subassembly, including an electrical network, including a battery and an electrical jack and a headlamp mount. An electrical headlamp subassembly, has a mounting element that is matingly and removably engaged to the headlamp mount, and an electrical plug that is matingly and removably... Agent: River Point, LLC

20140334132 - Medical headlamp optics: A lamp having a front surface from which a beam of light is emitted and that includes a housing. An optical assembly is supported and partially enclosed by the housing, and includes an LED assembly, a prime lens and an exit lens, with light emitted from the LED assembly passing... Agent: River Point, LLC

20140334134 - Architecture for routing mutli-channel commands via a tree column: Apparatus and associated methods may relate to an artificial tree apparatus having a plurality of trunk segments that couple together to provide a plurality of information or command signals to load devices connected thereto. In an illustrative example, one or more branch segments having light emitting devices are connected to... Agent: Loominocity, Inc.

20140334135 - Variable planform shelving system: Variable planform shelving systems include a variable support platform and a support surface assembly that is supported by the variable support platform. The variable support platform includes frames that can be repositioned relative to each other to vary the planform of the variable support platform. The support surface assembly provides... Agent:

20140334136 - Accent lighting for demountable wall system: A demountable Wall system that includes a base trim that receives an accent lighting assembly. The lower trim of the demountable wall system includes one or more lighting base trim sections that receive an accent lighting assembly. The accent lighting assembly includes an extruded diffuser formed from a transparent plastic... Agent: Krueger International, Inc.

20140334137 - Bidirectional light sheet: A solid state light sheet and method of fabricating the sheet are disclosed. In one embodiment, bare LED chips have top and bottom electrodes, where the bottom electrode is a large reflective electrode. The bottom electrodes of an array of LEDs (e.g., greater than 1,000 LEDs) are bonded to an... Agent:

20140334138 - Coupling for a sealed, lockable battery pack and power adapter and a high intensity search light: A coupling for a powered search light includes a body that has a power device that provides electrical power or access to electrical power and a head coupled to the body including an lighting device which provides light when electrically powered. An end is coupled to or included as part... Agent: Surefire LLC

20140334139 - Enclosure lighting system: The present invention provides a lighting system for lighting the interior of an enclosure. The enclosure has at least one movable door or drawer for opening and accessing the interior of the enclosure. The lighting system includes a light assembly with a lower casing and an upper casing. The light... Agent:

20140334140 - Combined light emitting device: A combined light emitting device includes: a multi-way connection tube and a light emitting member. The multi-way connection tube is provided with a plurality of sub-tubes which are connected at one jointing point, and each of the sub-tubes has a connecting portion within the sub-tube. A light emitting member is... Agent:

20140334141 - Led fluorescent tube: The invention relates to an LED fluorescent tube, characterized in that the tube comprises: a light guide column; two round aluminum substrates or round copper-aluminum bases distributed symmetrically at both sides of the light guide column in the axial direction of the light guide column, gradually far away from the... Agent: Xi'an Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Group Weinan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140334142 - Extended length flexible led light strip system: An extended length flexible LED light strip system for extending the length of a flexible LED light strip. The extended length flexible LED light strip system generally includes a protective covering having a passage, a light strip extending within the passage of the protective covering, a first power bus and... Agent: Inspired Led, LLC

20140334144 - Light source apparatus: A light source apparatus includes a plurality of light emission clusters arranged in a matrix pattern, wherein the light emission cluster has four sub light emission clusters of two rows and two columns, the sub light emission cluster has a plurality of light sources, the plurality of light sources having... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140334143 - Light-emitting device, light-emitting panel, and display panel: A novel light-emitting device or light-emitting panel in which reflected external light is reduced is provided. A novel display panel in which reflected external light is reduced is provided. The present inventors have conceived a light-emitting device including a light-emitting module that emits light with a spectrum having a peak... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140334145 - Lamp with a reflector: A lamp is disclosed. The lamp has a housing, at least one light source in the housing, and a reflector. The reflector has a light reflective surface facing said light source. The reflector and its light reflective surface is movable with respect to said light source along a path-of-movement to... Agent:

20140334148 - Backlight module, method for driving same and display device using same: An LED lighting apparatus is provided. The LED lighting apparatus comprises: an LED module; a heat dissipation member; and a connection member for connecting the LED module and the heat dissipation member mechanically and heat-conductively. The heat dissipation member comprises a reflective surface for reflecting light from the LED module.... Agent: Seoul Semiconducstor Co., Ltd.

20140334149 - High intensity light-emitting diode luminaire assembly: A low-cost, efficient, high intensity LED luminaire (HILL) assembly for use indoors or outdoors in wet, damp, or dry environments. In various embodiments, the HILL assembly can be powered by a universal AC or a DC electrical supply and can operate in a temperature range from about −40° C. to... Agent:

20140334147 - Led bulb with a gas medium having a uniform light-distribution profile: An LED bulb includes a base, a shell, and a plurality of LEDs. The shell is connected to the base and the plurality of LEDs is disposed within the shell. The LEDs are configured to provide the LED bulb with a uniform light-distribution profile.... Agent:

20140334146 - Lighting devices including transparent organic light emitting device light panels and having independent control of direct to indirect light: A lighting device for emitting direct light and indirect light, includes a first transparent light panel comprising at least one organic light emitting device, the first transparent light panel emitting direct light and indirect light during operation thereof; and at least a second transparent light panel comprising at least one... Agent:

20140334154 - Device for lighting a subjacent area: This device (1) comprises:-means for attaching to and suspending from a support member,-a printed circuit (2) comprising (i) an upper face (13), tilted in the direction of the support, (ii) a lower face supporting and linking electronically amongst one another a plurality of electroluminescent diodes, (iii) a first end attached... Agent:

20140334152 - Illumination device: An illumination device includes a supporting base, at least two supports and at least two semiconductor light emitting elements. The supports are disposed on the supporting base and coupled to each other. The semiconductor light emitting elements are respectively coupled to the supports. The semiconductor light emitting element includes a... Agent:

20140334150 - Light emitting diode traffic light: An LED (light emitting diode) traffic light includes a circuit board, a plurality of LEDs, and a masking plate. The masking plate has a plurality of through-holes. The masking plate is provided such that a back side of the masking plate faces a front side of the circuit board and... Agent: Nichia Corporation

20140334151 - Lighting device: The invention relates to a lighting device, comprising a housing having a cover (1) which is at least sectionally transparent and a supporting plate (2) opposite the cover (1), on which supporting plate a printed circuit board (5) populated with a plurality of LEDs (6) on its upper side (O)... Agent: Diehl Aerospace Gmbh

20140334153 - Solid state lighting module with improved heat spreader: A solid state lighting module (102) for attachment to a socket (103) through rotation of the solid state lighting module around an axis of rotation (111). The solid state lighting module (102) comprises at least one solid state light-source (112); a heat spreading member (104) having two surfaces arranged opposite... Agent:

20140334155 - Folding worklight with attachment mechanism: A worklight includes a center core comprising an inner cavity, a first panel coupled to the center core, in which the first panel comprises at least one first LED module, and a second panel coupled to the center core opposite the first panel, in which the second panel comprises at... Agent:

20140334156 - Led module and luminaire having an led module: An LED module includes a first and a second partial chain of LEDs, wherein the LED module has a first input terminal and a second input terminal, via which said LED module is connectable to a light emitting diode module connected upstream or to a voltage source, and wherein the... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140334157 - Medical headlamp optical arrangement permitting variable beam width: A medical headlamp having a front from which light is selectively emitted. The headlamp includes a beam origination portion that produces a light beam and an iris assembly, positioned in front of the beam origination portion, having a user accessible actuator and an iris, responsive to the actuator to block... Agent: River Point, LLC

20140334158 - Led lamp with controlled distribution: An LED lamp includes a heat dissipating base. The LED lamp further includes an LED assembly, including a plurality if LEDs. The LED assembly is in thermal communication with the heat dissipating base. The LED lamp further includes a bulb disposed over the LED assembly and coupled to the heat... Agent: Technical Consumer Products, Inc.

20140334161 - Focusing structure for led lamp: A focusing structure for an LED lamp is provided. LED chips are provided in a main body of the LED lamp, a front end of the main body 1 is provided with a lens assembly. At least one of the LED chips 2 is not located on the axis of... Agent:

20140334160 - Light extraction substrate for oled, and oled including the same: A light extraction substrate for an organic light-emitting device (OLED) which can improve the light extraction efficiency of an OLED, a method of fabricating the same and an OLED including the same. The light extraction substrate is disposed on one surface of an OLED through which light generated from the... Agent: Samsung Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd.

20140334159 - Medical headlamp optical arrangement: A lamp having a front surface from which light is emitted and that includes a high efficiency light source assembly producing a beam having a 3 dB beamwidth of greater than 100 AE, and which includes a substrate, a high efficiency light source supported by the substrate; and a dome-lens... Agent: River Point, LLC

20140334162 - Led lamp: A light emitting diode (LED) lamp comprises a casing part inserted into the region on which the lamp is installed. A PCB part is seated on the casing part in two stage. A connector part connects and fixes the PCB part to the casing part to supply power to the... Agent:

20140334163 - Inter-locking mechanism for lighting components and method thereof: Embodiments of the disclosure provide a locking mechanism for securing lighting components to each other, particularly a light-emitting diode (LED) or light engine to a heat sink. The locking mechanism comprises: a base component and a retention ring. The base component comprises: a mounting component comprising a lighting component compartment;... Agent:

20140334165 - Light emitting diode (led) assembly and method of manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to an improved light emitting diode (LED) assembly and method of manufacture which enables the fixing of LED chips to a much broader range of surfaces or objects, amongst other benefits. In particular, the invention relates to a metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) including on... Agent:

20140334164 - Wiring board and light emitting device using same: A wiring board includes an insulated substrate, a wiring pattern and a folded part. The insulated substrate has an elongated shape with shorter sides extending along a width direction. The wiring pattern is provided on the substrate. The wiring pattern extends between both ends in the width direction of the... Agent: Nichia Corporation

20140334166 - Magnetic pivot connector structure for lamp: A magnetic pivot connector structure is provided. The structure comprises a magnetic socket and a magnetic plug. The magnetic socket includes negative and positive grooves at the center. A magnet is disposed on one side of the positive and negative grooves. The positive and negative grooves are connected electrically to... Agent:

20140334167 - Safety device for headlights with laser light sources and method for shutting down laser light sources in case of safety-critical conditions: A device and a method for safety shutdown of the at least one laser light source (2) of at least one headlight (1) for a motor vehicle, the safety device having a vehicle-side subsystem and a headlight-side subsystem, wherein the two subsystems are connected to one another via an interface... Agent:

20140334168 - Method and control unit for activating at least one headlight of a vehicle using a traffic density: A method for activating at least one headlight of a vehicle has: a step of ascertaining a traffic density from an item of information about road users in the surroundings of the vehicle; a step of determining a control parameter for controlling an emission characteristic of the headlight using the... Agent:

20140334169 - Utility vehicle with assistance system for positioning lateral ground supports: Utility vehicle, in particular a firefighting vehicle (10), comprising an aerial apparatus like a turnable ladder (12) and/or an aerial rescue platform and lateral ground supports (16) that are movable between retracted positions and extracted operating positions in which the ends of the supports (16) rest on the ground, characterized... Agent: Iveco Magirus Ag

20140334170 - Led light source assembly for automotive forward lighting apparatus: A LED light source assembly for an automotive forward lighting apparatus may include a LED lighting unit assembly provided with a LED lighting unit, a housing, and a heat transfer body which is assembled to the housing and to which the LED lighting unit assembly is assembled, wherein a mounting... Agent:

20140334171 - Lighting device: Lighting device, which is intended especially for external end lighting of motor vehicles, consists of an elongated light guide, provided with a light source at least at one of its ends and located in the space between the white rear cover of the lighting device and its front lens, while... Agent: Varroc Lighting Systems, S.r.o.

20140334172 - Vehicle lighting device: A vehicle lighting device according to embodiments includes a light emitting unit, a holding unit, a light guide, a cover and an attachment unit. The light emitting unit has one or more light emitting elements. The holding unit holds the light emitting unit. The light guide guides light emitted from... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140334173 - Uniform illumination of lamps: One embodiment of a vehicle lamp assembly may include a housing, which includes a pair of opposing reflective surfaces defining a chamber therebetween. The assembly may further have a single light emitting diode (LED) disposed within the chamber and a lens carried by the housing. At least one of the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140334176 - Design part installation structure for vehicle: A design part installation structure includes a lamp body exposed on a vehicle design surface, an outer panel having an installation section for installing the lamp body and defining the design surface, and a parting line, which includes a curved third parting line segment, is formed between the lamp body... Agent:

20140334174 - Led light unit and method of producing an led light unit: An LED light unit comprises a support portion, a light source having at least one LED, the light source being arranged on the support portion and having a source-side light intensity distribution (LISS), and a refractive optical element having an inner surface and an outer surface, with at least one... Agent: Goodrich Lighting Systems Gmbh

20140334175 - Led light unit and method of replacing an led light unit: An LED light unit, in particular for a passenger transportation vehicle, such as an aircraft, a road vehicle, a ship or a rail car, has a support portion a light source having at least one LED, the light source being arranged on the support portion, and a refractive optical element... Agent: Goodrich Lighting Systems Gmbh

20140334177 - Lens for an optical module of a motor vehicle: A lens for a motor vehicle optical module, wherein it comprises a series of patterns on an optical surface, said patterns extending in a preferred direction.... Agent:

20140334178 - Car nameplate with a backlight: The invention relates to decorative elements for a car. The aim of the proposed invention is to increase the effectiveness of illumination. The invention is realized as follows. A basic element with an external surface and with a first internal surface, a translucent element with a second internal surface and... Agent:

20140334179 - Led-based lamp including shaped light guide: A light guide (302) for a lamp includes a proximal end (510) configured to receive light from at least one LED. The received light forms an internal beam inside the light guide. The light guide angularly redistributes the LED light to have a specified angular output distribution. The light guide... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20140334180 - Light-directing device: A light-directing device adapted for directing light emitted by a light source. The light-directing device includes a light-guiding plate and a directing unit that is disposed adjacent to the light-guiding plate such that a portion of the light emitted by the light source into the light-guiding plate is internally reflected... Agent: Radiant Opto-electronics Corporation

20140334181 - Backlight unit of display device and white led: A backlight unit of a display device includes a light bar and a light guide plate (LGP), where a plurality of ultraviolet (UV) light emitting diodes (LEDs) are arranged on the light bar, and a light incident surface of the LGP and the UV LEDs are oppositely arranged. at least... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

20140334182 - Back light module and display device using the same: A back light module includes a bezel, a light source assembly and a first circuit board. The bezel has a carrier surface, a first back surface opposite to the first back surface, and a through hole passing through the bezel from the carrier surface to the first back surface. The... Agent: Au Optronics Corp.

20140334183 - Bulb socket and lighting system: A bulb socket and a lighting system, which can reduce components and dimensions and improve a force for holding a bulb, are provided. A housing has an insertion hole including an opening for receiving a base portion of a bulb, and a plurality of projection portions projecting from a deep... Agent:

20140334184 - Bulb socket and lighting system: A pair of terminal portions of a bus bar is composed of a first terminal portion and a second terminal portion extended along a sidewall of the base portion. Each of the first and second terminal portions has a spring portion for generating biasing force toward a direction of holding... Agent:

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