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Illumination December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/12

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12/27/2012 > 56 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20120327631 - Led lighting device: An LED lighting device comprises an LED light source and a luminescent conversion portion. Rotation of the luminescent conversion portion relative to the LED light source or rotation of the LED light source relative to the luminescent conversion portion is used to produce a variety of color temperatures. The luminescent... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120327633 - Backlight unit and display apparatus using the same: Disclosed are a backlight unit and a display apparatus using the same. The backlight unit includes a bottom chassis, and a panel guide module coupled to a corner region of the bottom chassis so as to support a display panel. The panel guide module includes a support plate to support... Agent:

20120327632 - Bottom chassis for tablet type mobile display and method for manufacturing the bottom chassis: s

20120327634 - Light source patterns that illuminate from custom made blankets unto the bedroom ceilings for infants and children's bedrooms and bedroom ceilings: The Invention provides a blanket/bed spread/baby blanket/infant cover/and or any type Of (blanket like cover) bed spread with a sense of stability & comfort having light illuminations reflect from them to the ceiling(s). I/WE believe that children/infants and young adults having a blanket with light/illumination/and or light source pattern(s) displaying... Agent:

20120327635 - Flashing light safety helmet: e

20120327636 - Lighted pick tool: The present invention relates to a lighted pick tool. The lighted pick tool includes a lighted pick tool, comprising a handle; a pick tool extending from the handle; and a light mounted in the handle and arranged to direct light toward a distal end of the pick tool, and further... Agent: Ullman Devices Corporation

20120327637 - Trigger switch circuit and electric instrument: Embodiments of a trigger switch circuit are described. In some embodiments of the trigger switch circuit wasteful power consumption is suppressed without increasing the number of components by providing a changeover switch. In some embodiments, a trigger switch circuit operates in conjunction with a trigger of an electric instrument and... Agent: Omron Corporation

20120327638 - Illumination appliance: An Illumination appliance includes: an appliance body which houses a light source; a frame which is attached to the appliance body; and a power supply unit. The power supply unit is attached to a portion of a top surface of the appliance body and which is configured to feed power... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120327640 - Detachable solar panel led desk lamp: The detachable solar panel LED desk lamp includes a desk lamp body and a solar cell unit. Through a solar panel on the solar cell unit, the light energy is transmitted to an electricity conversion control circuit board from the solar panel. The electricity conversion control circuit board converts the... Agent:

20120327639 - Outdoor solar light with multi-panel solar array: A solar powered lighting fixture having a multi-paneled solar array that maximizes the generation of solar energy during the course of a day. The outdoor lighting fixture of the present invention includes a multi-paneled solar array housing positioned on an extension rod that includes a plurality of solar panels arranged... Agent:

20120327642 - Led light has more than one reflective means to create multiple images: An LED night light having different power sources including a battery, outlet plug-in power source, or interchangeable power source incorporates more than one reflective means with desired relative positions, distances, and/or orientations to create plurality of LED or LEDs image on at least one surface of the night light. At... Agent:

20120327641 - Led replacement lamp and a method of replacing preexisting luminaires with led lighting assemblies: A lighting apparatus for retrofitting an existing luminaire includes a plurality of light emitting diodes (LED) of similar or differing wavelengths arranged and configured in at least one light bar array, a heat sink module thermally coupled to the at least one light bar array, an electronic power module electrically... Agent:

20120327643 - Hands-free lighting system: A hands-free lighting system is described. The hands-free lighting system comprises a light and a battery housing coupled to the light. The battery housing is configured to be worn by a user. The hands-free lighting system also comprises a power switch coupled to the battery housing. The power switch is... Agent:

20120327644 - Illumination device with integrated clamp: An illumination device with an integrated adjustable articulating clamp that pivots about a hinge on the opposite end of the device. The clamp is used for the purpose of affixing the illumination device to stationary objects to allow a user to perform actions using both hands without having the hold... Agent:

20120327645 - Flood lamp with improved angular lighting uniformity: In an aspect, in general, a lighting fixture includes a plurality of light sources, each light source including an array of light emitting diodes and a reflective surface. The reflective surface of each of the light sources is configured to reflect at least a portion of near field light produced... Agent: Armi Products Corporation

20120327646 - Led-based light with supported heat sink: Disclosed herein is a method of forming a LED-based light for replacing a conventional fluorescent bulb in a fluorescent light fixture including providing a heat sink of highly thermally conductive material having opposing longitudinally extending edges, mounting a plurality of LEDs in thermally conductive relation with the heat sink and... Agent: Ilumisys, Inc.

20120327647 - Configurable modular led lighting kit: A configurable modular LED lighting kit may comprise a spine element and one or more branch elements. The spine element may be plastically bendable and elongated with a multiplicity of lateral faces, and include a first end, a second end, and a plurality of connection stations disposed therebetween. Each connection... Agent:

20120327648 - Reptile lamp: A reptile lamp for installation in a top side of a reptile tank to provide illumination is disclosed to include a housing equipped with a high-voltage circuit and a LED start control circuit, a LED lamp panel mounted inside the housing and electrically connected to the LED start control circuit... Agent:

20120327649 - Led based illumination module with a lens element: An illumination module includes a plurality of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The illumination module includes a reflective mask cover plate disposed over the LEDs. The reflective mask includes a patterned reflective layer with an opening area aligned with the active die area of the LEDs. The reflective mask may be... Agent: Xicato, Inc.

20120327650 - Direct and back view led lighting system: A direct and back view LED lighting system is disclosed. Embodiments of a lighting system and example light fixture are described. LED devices provide the light source. The LED devices can be positioned with a heatsink at or near the top of the system proximate to a back reflector. In... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20120327651 - Light-emitting textile-based architectural element: A light-emitting textile-based architectural element (1), comprising a frame (4); and a first textile sheet (5) being tensioned by the frame (4) to cover an area defined by the frame (4). The first textile-sheet (5) is a light-emitting electronic textile comprising a textile substrate (6) having a preformed conductor pattern... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20120327655 - Led-based light source with sharply defined field angle: A luminaire with an LED based illumination device having at least one LED includes a transmissive lens element that in combination with reflector is able to generate an output beam with a sharply defined large angle intensity profile. The reflector element is mounted to the LED based illumination device. The... Agent: Xicato, Inc.

20120327654 - Light-emitting electronic textile with light-diffusing member: A light-emitting electronic textile (1;35) comprising: a flexible component carrier (2) having a plurality of light sources (3) arranged thereon; and at least one textile light-diffusing member (4) arranged to diffuse light emitted by the light sources (3). The textile light-diffusing member (4) comprises: a first textile layer (10) comprising... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120327652 - Light-guided led indirect lighting device: A light-guided LED indirect lighting device includes a receiving channel, a light-guide plate made of a high-transmittance material and fitted in the receiving channel, and a circuit board arranged between the light-guide plate and the receiving channel. The light-guide plate includes two elongated light-transmitting sections located at two lateral sides... Agent:

20120327653 - Luminaire and louver: A luminaire comprising lamellae holding means, a light source, and a set of lamellae comprising a plurality of (inclined) lamellae. The set of lamellae extends at least partially over a light emission window. The lamellae have a reflective front surface facing towards the light source, said front surface being designed... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120327656 - Solid state lighting using light transmissive solid in or forming optical integrating volume: An exemplary general lighting fixture includes an assembly forming an optical integrating volume for receiving and optically integrating light from one or more solid state light emitters and for emitting integrated light. The assembly includes a reflector having a diffusely reflective interior surface defining a substantial portion of a perimeter... Agent: AblIPHolding LLC

20120327657 - Solid state directional lamp including retroreflective, multi-element directional lamp optic: A solid state directional lamp is disclosed. The lamp comprises a reflector and a plurality of solid state light emitters directing light rays towards the reflector. For each solid state light emitter of the plurality of solid state light emitters, the reflector defines a segmented parabola and a mirrored wall... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20120327659 - Led illuminating device and led matrix: A device providing illumination by LED includes an illuminating module including a circuit board. The circuit board includes a plurality of LED groups arranged thereon, where each of the plurality of LED groups includes a plurality of LED units connected with each other in series. The plurality of LED units... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120327658 - Wire-clasping light-emitting diode lights: A lead frame for a light-emitting diode (LED). The lead frame includes a first lead and a second lead. Each lead includes a top portion and an integrated wire-clasping portion. The first and second top portions each angle away from the center of the lead frame to form an increasingly... Agent:

20120327660 - Lamp capable of storing energy: A lamp capable of storing energy comprises at least one light emitting unit, at least one solar power device, and a control unit. The solar power device is mounted adjacent to the light emitting unit. The control unit is electrically connected with the solar power device, the light emitting unit,... Agent:

20120327661 - Alignment structure, laser lighting source module and optical alignment method: An alignment structure, a laser lighting source module and an optical alignment method are provided. The laser lighting source module includes a substrate and a laser carrier. The substrate includes a first body and a first surface structure. The first surface structure is disposed on a surface of the first... Agent: Walsin Lihwa Corporation

20120327662 - Optical system for shaping a laser beam and laser system having such an optical system: An optical system for shaping a laser beam is disclosed. The system includes a first optical element that has a lateral surface which is designed as a reflecting surface for the laser beam, where the lateral surface reshapes the laser beam at least in some segments thereof into a ring-shaped... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20120327663 - Light emitting diode (led) lighting system having adjustable output: A light emitting diode (LED) lighting system includes a base, a power supply on the base, an LED module on the base having one or more LED dice configured to emit electromagnetic radiation having a selected wavelength range, and multiple interchangeable wavelength conversion lenses configured for removable attachment to the... Agent: Semiled Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

20120327664 - Retroreflective, multi-element design for a solid state directional lamp: A solid state directional lamp is disclosed. The lamp includes a housing and a solid state light emitter. The housing defines an interior region and an air passageway, the air passageway passing through the housing and the interior region. The solid state light emitter is positioned adjacent to a perimeter... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20120327665 - Solid state retroreflective directional lamp: A solid state directional lamp is disclosed. The lamp comprises a reflector defining a geometric curve, a reflective surface that is separable from the reflector defining the geometric curve, and a solid state light emitter. The solid state light emitter is positioned to direct light rays towards the reflector defining... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20120327666 - Metamaterial for deflecting electromagnetic wave: The present embodiment relates to a metamaterial for deflecting electromagnetic wave, includes a functional layer made up by at least one metamaterial sheet layer, each of the metamaterial sheet layers including a substrate and a number of artificial microstructures attached onto the substrate. The functional layer is divided into several... Agent:

20120327667 - Led light shade for secondary light emission: A LED light shade includes a shade body and a light enhancing layer integrated with a base material of the shade body. Alternatively, the light enhancing layer is coated on a surface of the shade body. When a LED light source is electrified, the LED light source generates LED light... Agent:

20120327668 - Opto-electronic transceiver module with housing having thermally conductive protrusion: An opto-electronic communication module includes a housing, a circuit substrate, and an opto-electronic communication device, such as a laser, mounted on the circuit substrate. A protrusion that is unitarily formed in the housing extends through the circuit substrate to provide a thermal path to promote dissipation of heat emitted by... Agent: Avago Technologies FiberIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20120327669 - Light source apparatus: Light source apparatus whose front cover can be removed easily and which can be attached to socket easily even if the base is screw-in type. The light source apparatus includes: cylindrical body 10 having opening 11; light-emitting module 20 housed in body 10; and front cover 40 attached to opening-side... Agent:

20120327670 - Hybrid solid state emitter printed circuit board for use in a solid state directional lamp: An assembly for use in a solid state directional lamp is disclosed. The assembly includes a multilayer FR4 printed circuit board and a metal heat spreader assembled with the multilayer FR4 printed circuit board. The assembly is configured to mount a plurality of solid state light emitters. The multilayer FR4... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20120327671 - Lighting apparatus: A lighting apparatus includes an apparatus body for supporting an LED lamp having an earth cap, an earth socket to which the earth cap of the LED lamp is mounted, and an attachment base provided in the apparatus body, the earth socket being attached to the attachment base. The earth... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120327672 - Mirror assembly: A mirror assembly for illuminating an underhood area of a vehicle having an electrical system includes a mirror head outer shell defining a light reception opening. At least one work light is mounted to the mirror head outer shell within the light reception opening. The work light is constructed and... Agent: International Truck Intellectual Property Company, LLC

20120327673 - Trim part for automobile with integrated lighting device and process for manufacturing it: Trim component with integrated lighting device comprising a lighting substrate, which in turn comprises a base substrate and a lighting substrate, said lighting substrate being covered by a decorative lining in which have been defined areas that allow light to pass and other areas that prevent light from passing, establishing... Agent: Grupo Antolin-ingeniera, S.a.

20120327674 - Vehicle visor having hidden light assembly: A vehicle visor is provided that includes a visor body having a first side, a second side, and a light transmissive cover material. The vehicle visor further includes a hidden light assembly located in the visor body arranged to provide light illumination through the light transmissive cover material on the... Agent:

20120327675 - Lighting assembly of a vehicle: A lighting assembly has a first array of lamp elements to a first side of a central zone and a second array of lamp elements to a second side of the central zone. Each array has at least one low intensity lamp element operable to cause the lighting assembly to... Agent: International Truck Intellectual Property Company, LLC

20120327676 - Collimator: The invention describes a collimator (4, 5, 6) comprising a base (40, 50, 60) and a plurality of side walls (41, 42, 43, 51, 52, 53, 61, 62) arranged to enclose a light source (2), characterized in that at least one side wall (41, 51, 61) of the collimator (4,... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120327677 - Lamp body and vehicle lamp body unit: In a lamp body, a second reflective surface, which reflects light reflected from a first reflective surface to a front side again so as to emit the light toward the front side, is formed on a back surface of a lens main body; fixing portions protrude outward from an outer... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120327678 - Vehicle headlamp including two-dimensional optical deflector: A headlamp for a vehicle includes a light source adapted to emit a spotlight, a lens adapted to receive and transmit the spotlight, a lens actuator adapted to adjust a size of the spotlight transmitted through the lens, a two-dimensional optical deflector adapted to deflect the spotlight from the lens... Agent:

20120327679 - Light emitting device, headlight for a vehicle, and illumination device: A head lamp 1 includes a light emitting section 4 for emitting light upon receipt of laser light emitted from a laser element 2. A position on the light emitting section 4 which position is irradiated with the laser light can be changed by changing a location or an angle... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120327680 - Reflector signal lamp having a hidden light source: A signal lamp for a front and rear lighting of a vehicle includes at least one light source for emitting light, wherein the at least one light source is hidden from view; a reflector for reflecting the light emitted by the at least one light source away from the vehicle;... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20120327681 - Energy efficient concentric illuminators for illuminating a sheet: An apparatus and method for coupling light from concentric illuminators into a light source in the form of a surface are disclosed. According to one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a plurality of concentric tubes, each tube including a light diffuser. The apparatus also has a sheet having a first edge... Agent: I2ic Corporation

20120327682 - Backlight unit and display apparatus using the same: Disclosed are a backlight unit and a display apparatus using the same. The backlight unit includes a light guide plate, grooves disposed in the light guide plate, the grooves having at least one inclined surface, light source modules disposed within the grooves, and stoppers disposed between the light source modules... Agent:

20120327684 - Light guiding plate, lighting apparatus, and display apparatus: Provided is a light guide plate that is suited for a compact illumination device emitting high-grade light and that allows the orientation thereof to be recognized with ease, an illumination device equipped with the light guide plate, and a display device equipped with the illumination device. Two protrusions (12A, 12B)... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120327683 - Liquid micro-shutter display device: Disclosed is a display device. In detail, a liquid micro-shutter display device includes a light source emitting light, a transparent lower substrate positioned in an light path of the light source, an optical conversion unit performing at least one of a function of converting light from the light source into... Agent:

20120327685 - Light guide plate for backlight and manufacturing method therefor: A light guide plate for a backlight. The light guide plate includes: a light source unit for generating light; a light guide plate proximate to the light source unit and including an upper surface and a lower surface; and a light emission pattern configured to diffuse a portion of the... Agent:

20120327686 - Light source module and display device having the same: A light source module includes a first frame, a second frame, a light guide plate, a light source, at least one positioning element and at least one buffer element. The second frame is disposed corresponding to the first frame and has at least one through hole. The light guide plate... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

12/20/2012 > 72 patent applications in 46 patent subcategories.

20120320560 - System for combining exterior lighting and artificial lighting: A system for combining exterior light with artificial lighting, comprising a light shielding arrangement (2) for shielding exterior light from a space (5) and at least one light source (6) arranged to emit artificial light that is directed toward the exterior side of the light shielding arrangement (2), which light... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20120320561 - Optical irradiation apparatus: An optical irradiation apparatus includes: a light-emitting device configured to emit a plurality of light beams whose optical axes extend in a substantially identical direction; a collimator part configured to convert the light beams into parallel light beams; and a light condensing part configured to collect the parallel light beams.... Agent:

20120320563 - Lamp device: According to some aspects, a light-emitting module that is small and easy to produce may be provided. On the surface of a board, a light-emitting element and an electrical connection portion electrically connected to the light-emitting element are provided. In some examples, in a position close to the electrical connection... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20120320562 - Led lighting device: An LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lighting device is provided. The LED lighting device comprises an LED module, a lamp cover, and a phosphor layer. The LED module comprises a circuit board comprising a driving circuit and a plurality of LEDs mounted on the circuit board and driven by the driving circuit... Agent: Wellypower Optronics Corporation

20120320564 - Insulated transparent panel with light emitting diode lighting for use in a refrigerated display case: One aspect provides a sealed transparent panel for use in a refrigerated display case. In this embodiment, the panel comprises first and second transparent sheets having a sealed space therebetween, and at least one light emitting diode (LED) located within the sealed space and extending along a length of the... Agent: Heatcraft Refrigeration Products LLC

20120320565 - Lighting system: A lighting fixture capable of efficiently radiating heat of a lamp device may be configured to be attached to a socket device. In some examples, by attaching the lamp device to the socket device, a cap portion of the lamp device is brought into contact with a fixture body, and... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20120320566 - Liquid crystal display device, and led backlight unit: Provided is a liquid crystal display device and a backlight unit that are of high quality and have a simple configuration that a mechanism cooling a cooling medium is not included. Included are a liquid crystal display panel and an LED backlight unit including an LED light source emitting light... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120320567 - Baton for police: A police baton or nightstick includes a flashlight, firing mechanism and storage compartment for bullets and plastic restraints that can be used to restrain an individual. The baton which includes an elongated hollow body with first and second ends and a handgrip at a first of the ends and a... Agent:

20120320568 - Medical/dental headlight system with improved color rendition: A head-mounted light source particularly suited to medical and dental applications includes a plurality of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The LEDs include at least one cool white LED; at least one warm white LED; and at least one red LED. By combining a cool white, warm white and red LED, a... Agent: General Scientific Corporation

20120320569 - Warning lamp assembly for safety helmet: A warning lamp assembly for use in a safety helmet is disclosed to include a watertight housing having a part thereof transparent, a circuit board mounted inside the housing and carrying a control circuit, a direction and speed sensor and a warning lamp set that are electrically connected together, a... Agent: Tai-sol Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120320570 - Optical device, lighting device and system for intercanopy lighting: This invention relates to an optical device (100) for intercanopy lighting comprising a light input area (109) for receiving light, a first surface (120) having a first bezier curve, and a second surface (110) having a second bezier curve. The first and second bezier curves are independently selected with respect... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120320571 - Optical semiconductor-based tube type lighting apparatus: An optical semiconductor-based tube type lighting apparatus capable of enlarging light distribution to have improved assembly characteristics. The lighting apparatus includes an elongated light-transmitting tube, and a plurality of optical semiconductor modules arranged along a circumference of the light-transmitting tube and separated from each other in a cross-sectional view of... Agent: Posco Led Company Ltd.

20120320572 - Led lamp with power supply: A low voltage LED bulb having a base that fits a standard light socket designed to receive a bulb operated at line voltage is installed in a conventional lamp, which is connected by a lamp cord to a rechargeable battery, the charge in which is maintained by a charging circuit.... Agent:

20120320573 - Led illuminating street lamp with power generation system: An LED illuminating street lamp with a power generation system includes a thermal power generation system with a heat-absorbing power generation vacuum tube, a road surface pressure device connected with a pressure power generation system, and a solar power generation system. The solar power generation system, the thermal power generation... Agent:

20120320574 - Organic light emitting diode products: A plurality of organic light emitting diode (OLED) devices can be spatially distributed to form various lighting systems and luminaires. The lighting systems can be configured to readily replace conventional light bulbs or tubular fluorescent lamps. A networked lighting system including a plurality of OLED devices can have a variable... Agent: Plextronics, Inc.

20120320575 - Universal light emitting diode illumination device and method: Disclosed is a method and apparatus for providing a light emitting diode and driving circuitry integrated into a component module that will retrofit common incandescent lightbulb applications. The disclosed embodiments will perform with high efficiency at a wide operating voltage range with a very small size allowing for the incorporation... Agent:

20120320576 - Quick installation ballast: An end mounted ballast lighting fixture includes a reflector. The reflector is generally rectangular shaped. A ballast is mounted to the reflector and the ballast has a ballast housing has a pair of sections, namely a top ballast housing section and a lower ballast housing section. The lower ballast housing... Agent:

20120320584 - Base carrier, light source carrier and system comprising a base carrier and a light source carrier: A base carrier (2) for an illumination device (L1; L2; L3), comprising a printed circuit board (4) having at least one first plug-in connection element (9) for mechanically securing and electrically coupling a light source carrier (3) to the printed circuit board (4).... Agent:

20120320579 - Diffuser assembly for led lighting fixture: In an embodiment, a diffuser assembly for a multiple-LED lighting lamp is provided. The diffuser assembly is configured to be attached to multiple-LED lighting lamp with a center cavity and an integral fan that draws air from the lighting lamp to cool the LEDs. The diffuser assembly may comprise a... Agent: Focal Point, L.L.C.

20120320582 - Lamp comprising at least one light source and an electronic operating device: A lamp in accordance with various embodiments may include at least one light source; and an electronic operating device; wherein at least some electronic components of the operating device are arranged laterally with respect to the light source.... Agent: Osram Ag

20120320580 - Light-guiding cover and illumination device having the same: The present invention relates to a light-guiding cover and an illumination device having the same. The light-guiding cover, for guiding light beams emitted by at least one light-emitting diode (LED), has a light-guiding portion and a light output portion. The light-guiding portion has a light input surface for transmitting light... Agent: Lite-on Technology Corporation

20120320583 - Lighting apparatus: The invention relates to a lighting apparatus (1). A first light device (52) comprises a first light source (2) for generating a first light beam (3) and a light emanating element (6) from which the first light beam (3) emanates. A second light device (53) with a second light source... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20120320578 - Optical filter system and method: An optical system and method for illuminating an object under investigation with filtered light is disclosed. In one embodiment, the system comprises a filter wheel having a plurality of variable bandpass filters. The filter wheel is rotatable about two axis, whereby rotation about the first axis brings a selected filter... Agent: Sutter Instrument Company

20120320577 - Reconfigurable lighting fixture: A lighting fixture includes a housing having a surface with a fixture aperture therein, a light source assembly mountable within the housing in a replaceable manner and sized to fit through the aperture, the light source assembly includes electrical contacts configured to be in electrical communication with a light source.... Agent: Edison Price Lighting, Inc.

20120320581 - Thermally managed led arrays assembled by printing: Provided herein are electronic devices including arrays of printable light emitting diodes (LEDs) having device geometries and dimensions providing enhanced thermal management and control relative to conventional LED-based lighting systems. The systems and methods described provide large area, transparent, and/or flexible LED arrays useful for a range of applications in... Agent:

20120320585 - Light action element module, lighting device, and lighting system: A light action element module, a lighting device, and a lighting system are provided. The light action element module includes N×K light action elements, wherein adjacent light action elements are connected with each other. A detachable section is disposed between every two connecting light action elements. The light action elements... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120320586 - Reflector with focused output: A reflector with focused output is disclosed. The reflector comprises a reference parabolic portion and a plurality of non-reference parabolic portions. A focal length of the plurality of non-reference parabolic portions is determined from a focal length of the reference parabolic portion. In one embodiment, the focal length of the... Agent: Tri-concept Technology Limited

20120320587 - Solid state array modules for general illumination: An illumination module includes a longitudinal support member including a base portion and a pair of sidewalls extending from the base portion that together define a channel that extends in a longitudinal direction. A printed circuit board (PCB) on the base portion extends in the longitudinal direction within the channel.... Agent:

20120320588 - Edge-lit light panel having a downlight within a lined indentation in the panel: A light fixture and method for producing downward-propagating illumination are disclosed. A downward-facing panel may produce diffuse light. The panel may be generally flat and may have an indentation, where the indentation may have a lining that also produces diffuse light. The panel and the lining may have essentially the... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20120320589 - Heat dissipator and led illuminator having heat dissipator: A heat dissipator having a heat-conducting substrate and a plurality of heat-dissipating columns is disclosed. The heat-conducting substrate is opened with a plurality of through-holes. Each of the heat-dissipating columns is discretely set on a surface of the heat-conducting substrate. An illuminator having the heat dissipator and an LED illuminating... Agent: Chin-wen Wang & Ching-chung Wang

20120320591 - Light bulb: The instant disclosure relates to a light bulb, which includes a base, a conducting cap arranged on one end of the base, a heat-dissipating member disposed on the opposite end of the base, and a lamp cover. The heat-dissipating member has a wedged structure, and a plurality of inclined surfaces... Agent: Enlight Corporation

20120320593 - Light emitting diode (led) bulb: A lighting device may include a substrate attached to one edge side of a radiator and a cover may be attached to cover the substrate. Heat-radiating fins may be provided on the other edge side of the radiator and an air-cooling unit may be rotatably provided inside the heat-radiating fins,... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20120320590 - Light-emitting diode lights carrier: A carrier that securely ties a plurality of LED lights. In addition, the present invention provides a carrier that allows the easy replacement of the LED lights. The carrier includes a first shell, a second shell and an interlocking device to interconnect the first shell to the second shell. The... Agent:

20120320592 - Multiunit and multifaceted lighting led lamp: A multiunit and multifaceted LED lamp includes a lamp body with an end surface and side surface, on which LED bead groups are arranged respectively; on the lamp body a connecting apparatus which is able to connect to the power source is arranged, and through the different connection modes of... Agent:

20120320594 - Light device with display means has track-means and removable led-units: The light device with display means has track-means and removable LED-unit(s) which disclosure to apply the display means for inner track-means and LED-unit(s) so can make the light device with value appearance. The features to use track-means and Removable LED-unit(s) which can replace, change, add or reduce the number of... Agent:

20120320595 - Light source having led arrays for direct operation in alternating current network and production method therefor: To allow a direct connection of a light source to a 230V/50 Hz or 120V/60 Hz AC network and to ensure safe operation and easy adaptation to user requirements when mounting, the light source includes a series connection which is connected to a bridge rectifier (GL) and includes at least... Agent: Integrated Micro-electronics Bulgaria

20120320596 - Positioning apparatus and system for directing a beam: The present invention relates to an apparatus for positioning at least one optical element (22), wherein the apparatus (1) comprises at least one movable carrier (20) for holding the optical element (22), at least one fixed support portion (10) for supporting the carrier (20), connecting means for connecting the carrier... Agent:

20120320597 - Light assembly: A light assembly includes a fixing unit and a lighting unit located within a lamp cover. The fixing unit includes a substrate board with a recessed shape, and an elastic steel ring is engaged with the hook flange of the substrate board in order to increase the tightness between the... Agent:

20120320598 - Light emitting apparatus and light emitting unit: A fluorescent lamp type light emitting apparatus is provided. The light emitting apparatus comprises a cover, a light emitting module, radiation pads, and cap parts. The cover comprises a first cover and a transmissive second cover coupled to the first cover. The light emitting module comprises a plurality of light... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20120320599 - Light source device: A light source device having: a light source; first and second light guides extending in a first predetermined direction to guide light in the first predetermined direction and irradiate a document with the light; and a confinement portion that confines light emitted by the light source and is connected to... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20120320601 - Mounting substrate and manufacturing method thereof, light-emitting module and illumination device: An object of the present invention is to provide a mounting substrate, a manufacturing method, a light-emitting module and an illumination device that can sufficiently improve the luminous efficiency of an LED lamp. A mounting substrate according to the present invention includes a substrate and a reflective film that is... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120320600 - White film and surface light source using same:

20120320602 - Engageable led optics and lighting fixtures incorporating them: Total internal reflection (TIR) optics have an engagement member that mates with a complementary feature on the LED holder. The engagement member does not interfere with light propagation through or emission from the optical component, and does not enlarge the footprint area occupied by the optical component.... Agent:

20120320603 - Lamp assembly: A lamp assembly includes a shell wall defining a receiving space that retains a light source therein, and a reflecting unit. The shell wall has a central wall unit and a pair of connecting wall segments. The central wall unit has a base wall segment and a pair of connecting... Agent:

20120320604 - Low-profile e-reader light: A device for illuminating a surface of a member is provided that includes a light transmissive element having a substantially planar surface adapted to be situated over and separated from the member surface. The device also includes a light source adapted to emit light rays that directly illuminate the member... Agent:

20120320606 - Envelope-configured lamp shade: A lamp shade envelops and holds a lamp assembly that includes a light bulb having an enclosure portion and a connector portion connected to a lamp socket. The lamp shade includes two sheets joined at opposite side margins to form an envelope with separable top and bottom side margins. Each... Agent: Aria Enterprises, Inc.

20120320605 - Lampshade frame assembly: An improved lampshade frame assembly comprising: a frame device, including an upper frame, a lower frame and a link rod seat coupled to the upper frame or the lower frame; a hood device, including a hood, a connecting strip with appropriate elasticity and separately formed at upper and lower positions... Agent:

20120320607 - Wavelength conversion member, light emitting device and image display device, and method for manufacturing wavelength conversion member: Disclosed is a wavelength conversion member that is provided with: a light transmissive member including a light input plane into which excitation light is inputted, and a light output plane from which wavelength converted light is outputted; and a semiconductor fine particle phosphor, which is dispersed in the light transmissive... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120320608 - Luminaire with enhanced thermal dissipation characteristics: A luminaire with enhanced thermal dissipation characteristics is disclosed. The luminaire may comprise a housing having a first external housing segment and a second external housing segment, the first and second external housing segments being spaced apart to provide an annular opening between the segments. A light source may be... Agent: Litelab Corp.

20120320609 - Socket device: A lighting fixture capable of efficiently radiating heat of a lamp device may be configured to be attached to a socket device. In some examples, by attaching the lamp device to the socket device, a cap portion of the lamp device is brought into contact with a fixture body, and... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20120320610 - Socket device: A lighting fixture capable of efficiently radiating heat of a lamp device may be configured to be attached to a socket device. In some examples, by attaching the lamp device to the socket device, a cap portion of the lamp device is brought into contact with a fixture body, and... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20120320611 - Socket device: A lighting fixture capable of efficiently radiating heat of a lamp device may be configured to be attached to a socket device. In some examples, by attaching the lamp device to the socket device, a cap portion of the lamp device is brought into contact with a fixture body, and... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20120320612 - Motorcycle rear portion structure: A rear portion structure (100) of a motorcycle (1) comprises a chassis frame (5); a rear wheel (17) positioned below the rear portion of the chassis frame (5); a fender main body portion (110) anchored to the rear portion of the chassis frame (5) and positioned above the rear wheel... Agent:

20120320613 - Apparatus and method for a vehicle safety system for driving vehicles at night: A safety system for drivers while driving vehicles at night in un-illuminated areas has side lights that are positioned one on each side of a vehicle, near front of the vehicle. The side lights illuminate areas on left and right sides of the vehicle near the front-end of the vehicle... Agent:

20120320614 - Wheel lights: A wheel light assembly may be mounted on wheel studs of a wheel hub, between the wheel hub and the rim of the wheel. The wheel light assembly may include a mounting plate having wheel stud holes in a pattern matching the pattern of the wheel studs onto which the... Agent:

20120320615 - Illuminated component: The component has a planar decorative element (5) which has at least one translucent region (6) and at least one non-translucent region (7). Lighting means (9) serve to illuminate the at least one translucent region (6). A light-filtering layer (10) is arranged between the decorative element (5) and the lighting... Agent: Weidmann Plastics Technology Ag

20120320616 - Lighting module for an emergency service vehicle: The invention relates to a lighting module (1) for an emergency service vehicle (24), comprising a profiled part (18), a first (3) and a second (5) lighting module, wherein the first lighting module (3) is arranged in a first accommodating area (2) of the profiled part (18) and illuminates a... Agent: Rosenbauer International Aktiengesellschaft

20120320617 - Vehicle headlight: The disclosed subject matter includes a projector headlight using a plurality of optical units for a low beam with a high visible/visual quality. Each of the optical units can include a plurality of LED devices and a projector lens. The projector lens can include a light-emitting surface including a reflex... Agent:

20120320618 - Lighted exterior mirror assembly for vehicle: A lighted exterior mirror assembly includes a housing that houses a reflectance element that is movably positionable by the driver of a vehicle to adjust its rearward field of view when the lighted exterior rearview mirror assembly is attached at a side of the vehicle. A ground illumination lamp is... Agent: Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

20120320619 - Thermal-expansion compensator and headlamp: The invention relates to a thermal-expansion compensator for holding a light module in a housing of a headlamp for a motor vehicle, comprising a compensation pin extending along a pin axis with a stop element, wherein the compensation pin can be connected to the housing by means of a connecting... Agent: Hella Kgaa

20120320620 - System for displaying images on the back of a hitch: An illuminated, image adjustable hitch cover allows a user to provide various images inside the hitch cover without the need to purchase an entire new hitch cover. The hitch cover can include an image, which can be an image printed by the user, such as a picture or text, that... Agent:

20120320621 - Luminous vehicle glazing and manufacture thereof: A luminous vehicle glazing, containing: a first sheet containing a mineral or an organic glass having a first main face, a second main face, and an injection edge; a peripheral light source with an emitting face, which faces the injection edge; a guided-light extracting element; a peripheral functional element, bonded... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20120320622 - Device for displaying and illuminating an image: Some embodiments may include a device for displaying and illuminating images. The device may include a housing including an interior portion. An opening in the housing may provide access to the interior portion. A viewing aperture may be formed in the housing. The device may include a light guide having... Agent: Lightheaded Ventures, LLC.

20120320625 - Edge light type planar light source device and liquid crystal display device: Provided is an edge light type planar light source device capable of preventing luminance unevenness. An edge light type planar light source device (4) includes a light guide plate (7) emitting light entering from an end face (74) from a front face, a linear light source unit (11) including LED... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120320623 - Illuminating device and display device: An illuminating device includes a light guide plate; a light source that is located opposite at least two adjacent end faces of four end faces of the light guide plate; and a chassis that has an opening through which light emanating from a light emission surface of the light guide... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120320624 - Illuminating device and display device: An illuminating device includes a substantially rectangular light guide plate that includes at least one end face as a light incident surface, a frame that is arranged to surround the light guide plate, and a light source that is located between the light guide plate and the frame so as... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120320626 - Edge-lit light fixture incorporating a downlight and having a uniform external appearance: A light fixture and method for producing downward-propagating illumination are disclosed. The fixture includes an edge-lit lightguide illuminated from its perimeter. The lightguide has a light extractor, such as a dot pattern on its bottom surface, which extracts a portion of the light from inside the lightguide and directs it... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20120320627 - Flat panel lighting device and driving circuitry: The present application is directed to a lighting fixture having a light emitting diode (LED) panel. The light fixture is configured to include a pair of LED configurations that are driven alternately by driving circuitry. The light fixture can include driving circuitry that is configured to be housed within a... Agent: Pixi Lighting LLC

20120320629 - Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same: A backlight assembly includes a light guiding plate, a light source and a bottom receiving plate. The light source is disposed at a first side of the light guiding plate. The bottom receiving plate includes a bottom surface and a side wall to form a receiving space in which at... Agent:

20120320628 - Side-light type light guide plate assembly and backlight module: The present invention discloses a side-light type light guide plate assembly and a backlight module, which has a light guide plate and at least one reflector sheet. The light guide plate has a lower surface, a light output surface opposite to the lower surface, and at least one light input... Agent:

20120320630 - Illumination apparatus and display device: Provided is an illumination apparatus which prevents variations in the distance between the light-receiving surface of a light guide plate and a light source. Also provided is a display device which incorporates the illumination apparatus. The light guide plate, which constitutes a backlight unit, receives light through a light-receiving surface... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120320631 - Cover and light guide plate for electronic device: A cover includes a molded cover body and a light guide board molded so as to be integral with the cover body. The cover body defines a mounting hole for mounting a keypad or keyboard.... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

12/13/2012 > 56 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20120314396 - Key lighting assembly: The present disclosure describes key lighting assemblies, electronic devices and keycaps. In one aspect, a key lighting assembly comprises a keycap defining at least one key. The keycap has one or more decorations. The assembly comprises a keycap, defining a key. The keycap has a non-opaque portion to identify the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120314397 - Operation device: An operation device is capable of illuminating a peripheral wall of an operation knob in a circumferential direction. The operation device includes an operation knob having a substantially cylindrical peripheral wall centering on an axis and rotating around the axis, the peripheral wall being provided with an illuminated portion in... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20120314398 - Laser package having multiple emitters with color wheel: Method and devices for emitting electromagnetic radiation at high power using nonpolar or semipolar gallium containing substrates such as GaN, AlN, InN, InGaN, AlGaN, and AlInGaN, are provided. The laser devices include multiple laser emitters integrated onto a substrate (in a module), which emit green or blue laser radiation.... Agent: Soraa, Inc.

20120314400 - Flexible display extendable assembly: In embodiments of a flexible display extendible assembly, an extendible assembly includes a slideable display guide integrated in a first housing part of an extendible electronic device. The extendible electronic device includes a flexible display that slide-engages into the first housing part of the extendible electronic device. The extendible assembly... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120314399 - Flexible display foldable assembly: In embodiments of a flexible display foldable assembly, a foldable assembly includes first flanges integrated in a first housing part of a foldable electronic device. The foldable electronic device includes a flexible display, and the first housing part is integrated with a first section of the flexible display. The foldable... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120314401 - Luminance enhancement film and backlight unit including the same: Disclosed is a luminance enhancement film which is suitable for use in a display and includes a multilayered thin film and a uniaxially drawn film formed on one surface of the multilayered thin film.... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20120314402 - Solid state white light emitter and display using same: A light emitting assembly comprising a solid state device coupleable with a power supply constructed and arranged to power the solid state device to emit from the solid state device a first, relatively shorter wavelength radiation, and a down-converting luminophoric medium arranged in receiving relationship to said first, relatively shorter... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20120314403 - Long range multi-function illumination device and method of use: A long range illumination system includes a handheld illumination device, includes a housing having an elongated body and a head coupled to one end. A switch disposed on an outer surface of the housing receives an input from a user. At least one power source supplies electrical power to the... Agent: Xenonics Holdings, Inc.

20120314404 - Solar collection and illumination apparatus: A solar powered illumination apparatus includes an upper housing having an upper optic lens configured to receive high angle solar light energy into an upper housing interior area and having a prismatic lens configured to refract low angle solar energy into the upper housing interior area. A lower housing is... Agent:

20120314405 - Apparatus for spinning a fan towel: An apparatus comprises a rod comprising a first length wise cavity and a second length wise cavity comprising a length wise slot extending to a distal end of the rod. The second length wise cavity is configured for joining to an article promoting fan support. A head member is rotatably... Agent:

20120314406 - Attachment device for attachment to a membrane, e.g. of a balloon, without puncturing the membrane: An attachment device for attachment to a membrane without puncturing the membrane. It comprises two interengaging parts (10, 12) and an O-ring (50) held by the interengaging parts (10, 12) when the device is in use. The interengaging parts (10, 12) are movable relative to one another from a position... Agent: Seatriever International Holdings Limited

20120314407 - Linear light emitting diode (led) lighting fixture: A light emitting diode (LED) lighting fixture having an elongated casing, an array of LEDs mounted on a printed circuit board and a holographic film element providing a near lossless optical element for redistributing the light emission patterns from adjacent ones of the LEDs into an array light emission pattern... Agent: Lumenpulse Lighting Inc.

20120314408 - Switch module for a flashlight: Embodiments herein provide a switch module for a flashlight with a single input contact and multiple output contacts. The switch module may include multiple mechanical actuators, each actuator configured to selectively and communicatively couple one of the output contacts to the input contact. Each actuator may be activated and/or deactivated... Agent: Coast Cutlery Company

20120314409 - Optical semiconductor-based tube type lighting apparatus: Embodiments of the invention provide an optical semiconductor-based tube type lighting apparatus capable of enlarging light distribution to have improved assembly characteristics. The lighting apparatus includes an elongated light-transmitting tube; a linear slit formed on the light-transmitting tube in a longitudinal direction thereof; and at least one bar-shaped optical semiconductor... Agent: Posco Led Company Ltd.

20120314412 - Led lighting device for producing multi-chromatic light radiation: A lighting device (100) including light radiation sources that can be mixed (102) to produce multi-chromatic light radiation (W; W1, W2, W3, W4; WS) as an additive mixture of the radiations generated by said sources, comprising a plurality of sets (1, 1′; 2, 2′; 3, 3′; 1, 2, 3; 1′,... Agent: Osram Ag

20120314411 - Light source device and lighting device: A light source device can include a solid-state light source configured to emit blue light as excitation light and a phosphor section which is excited by the excitation light from the solid-state light source and which emits fluorescent light longer in wavelength than the light emitted from the solid-state light... Agent:

20120314410 - System and method for reduction of optical noise: A variety of methods and systems are described that relate to reducing optical noise. In at least one embodiment, the method includes, emitting a first light having a selected wavelength from a light source, receiving a reflected first light onto a phosphor-based layer positioned inside a receiver, the reflected first... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20120314413 - Constructive occlusion lighting system and applications thereof: A luminaire includes at least one light source, at least one reflector having a reflector cavity and an optical element positioned to receive light reflected from the at least one reflector cavity. The luminaire does not include a mask or other structure located within the opening of the luminaire that... Agent:

20120314414 - Flat led lamp assembly: An LED-based lamp assembly with a driver assembly having a base portion rotatably engageable with the socket of a light fixture to make a first electrical contact with the light fixture. The driver assembly makes electrical contact with the light fixture. A lamp housing assembly operably connected to the driver... Agent: Differential Energy Products, LLC.

20120314415 - Led lighting apparatus: Disclosed is a light-emitting diode (LED) lighting apparatus. The LED lighting apparatus comprises: a light source module comprising an LED light source; a thermal base coupled to the light source module so as to receive heat generated by the light source module; and a heat-dissipating member comprising a ventilation unit... Agent: Icepipe Corporation

20120314416 - Led lamp assembly for use in a long passage: A LED lamp assembly for use in a long passage includes an elongated rectangular housing carrying multiple power-output electric connectors, a power-input electric connector and a power switch, a flat rectangular light source having a light-emitting face and selectively fastened to a rectangular top end of housing in one of... Agent:

20120314417 - Optical lens and light-emitting module using the same: An optical lens for modulating light generated by a surface-emitting laser chip is disclosed. The optical lens includes a main body with a recess. A bottom surface of the recess is configured with a light-entering curved face, and an outer surface of the main body opposite to the bottom surface... Agent: Millennium Communication Co., Ltd.

20120314418 - Retractable light assembly: A retractable lamp assembly is provided for illuminating at least a portion of a work surface from a wide range of heights and angles by way of extendable shafts and pivot joints. The lamp may be stowed in a retracted or lowered configuration when not in use, in which a... Agent:

20120314419 - Heat dissipation structure of light-emitting diode: A heat dissipation structure of light-emitting diode includes a package housing, which forms a recessed cavity. A heat dissipation frame is mounted inside the recessed cavity of the package housing to have a portion of the heat dissipation frame located inside the recessed cavity of the package housing and opposite... Agent:

20120314420 - Lighting apparatus: A lighting apparatus includes a light source module, a heat sink holding the light source module and a light-permeable cover mounted to the heat sink and covering the light source module. The cover is adhered to the heat sink by an adhesive agent applied with a gap formed on at... Agent:

20120314422 - Light emitting diode bulb: A light emitting diode bulb comprises a heat sink, an insulator cover, a light emitting device package, a plurality of conductive terminals, a driving circuit, a holder, a metal screw thread, and an electrode. The light emitting device package, disposed between the insulator cover and heat sink, is covered by... Agent: Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120314421 - Light-collecting accessory for an electronic device: A light-collecting accessory for an electronic device includes a housing having an outer surface and an inner surface. The housing can form an opening adapted to receive the electronic device. A light guide is communicatively coupled to the housing. The light guide can have a first end and a second... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120314423 - Lens and illumination device: A lens includes a light incident surface and a light exiting surface. The light exiting surface includes a first curved surface, a first convex surface, a second convex surface, a second curved surface, and a third curved surface. The first curved surface is located at the center of the light... Agent: Fu Zhun Precision Industry (shen Zhen) Co., Ltd.

20120314424 - Light emitting device assembly, surface light source device, liquid crystal display device assembly, and light output member: l

20120314425 - Turn lamp unit: A turn lamp unit has a substrate holding unit for use when assembling a rigid substrate equipped with a lamp to a base member. This substrate holding unit comprises a board-like substrate mount rising from a bottom face on the inner face side of the base member; a pair of... Agent: Murakami Corporation

20120314426 - Led bulb structure: A LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulb structure includes a base, a plurality of fins and a shell. One end of the base is electrically connected to a power source, and the other end of the base is used for holding a LED light source. The fins are disposed on a... Agent: Wellypower Optronics Corporation

20120314428 - Headlight with directed flow heat sink: A headlight having a housing, a light assembly, at least one heat sink, and an air mover. The housing has a front end, a rear end, an air inlet, an air outlet, an intake chamber in fluid communication with the air inlet, an exhaust chamber in fluid communication with the... Agent:

20120314427 - Led heat sink and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to a LED heat sink and a method for manufacturing the same. According to the inventive method, ends of heat-dissipating fins are melted and combined with heat-conducting body by point discharge, thereby forming the LED heat sink. The LED heat sink includes the heat-conducting body and... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120314429 - Vandal resistant lighting fixture and method of manufacture thereof: A vandal resistant lighting fixture including a base with a first side wall and a flange extending from the first side wall; a cover having a second side wall having interior and exterior peripheries and a cap extending from the second side wall, the cap having an opening through which... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120314431 - Light source fixing device, light source assembly and assembling method thereof: The present invention provides a light source fixing device for fixing a light emitting element. The light emitting element comprises a light source and a supporting plate for supporting the light source. The light source fixing device comprises a heat dissipating support which comprises a receiving recess. The receiving recess... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20120314432 - Lighting apparatus and light-emitting element substrate having stress absorbing means: A substrate for a lighting apparatus may include a plurality of light-emitting elements mounted thereon. The substrate may include a surface on which the plurality of light-emitting elements are mounted. Additionally or alternatively, the substrate may include stress absorbing element arranged on, in some examples, imaginary straight lines connecting portion... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20120314430 - Modular heat sink: Modular heat sinks formed by a plurality of interlocked modules. The modules include fins that define channels. In some embodiments, the fins and channels extend along an axis that is not parallel to an axis in which the heat sink extends and/or to a plane in which one of the... Agent:

20120314433 - Apparatus for attaching an incandescent light bulb clip of a lampshade to a spiral shaped compact fluorescent light: An apparatus having a base, and legs coupled to the base extending there from for releasably engaging the spiral portion of a CFL along the outer circumference thereof, such that the legs are spaced from each other about the outer circumference of the CFL. Two of the legs opposite each... Agent:

20120314434 - Automotive headlamp control apparatus and method: Provided are an automotive headlamp control apparatus and method which are employed to control an illumination pattern of a headlamp unit by rotating the headlamp unit and/or adjusting a light blocking region of the headlamp unit based on the position of a front vehicle located ahead in a driving direction.... Agent: Sl Corporation

20120314435 - Front structure of straddle type vehicle: A separate member is provided in the space between the side portion of headlight and the side cowl. A front structure of straddle type vehicle includes a joint portion that can be precisely positioned, while an increase in the width of the front portion of side cowl is prevented. A... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd

20120314436 - Automotive headlamp, heat radiating mechanism, light-emitting apparatus and light source fixing member: In an automotive headlamp, a light-emitting module is configured such that a light-emitting element and a control circuit unit for controlling the lighting of the light-emitting element are structured integrally with each other. A control circuit unit in a position anterior to the light-emitting element in a lamp unit is... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120314437 - Multifunction taillight: A multifunction vehicle light has a housing, at least one light emitter mounted within the housing, and a lens mounted in cooperation with the light and the housing. A filter has a first position and a second position, with the first position being in a light path and the second... Agent: Hella Kg Hueck And Co.

20120314438 - Handle member for a motor vehicle: Handle member for a motor vehicle having a body and at least one decorative attachment piece, with a light source being integrated in said attachment piece.... Agent: International Automotive Components Group Gmbh

20120314439 - Vehicular headlamp: A vehicular headlamp includes: a light-emitting module; a movement mechanism that moves the light-emitting module; and a reflector having a reflecting surface configured to reflect, toward the front of the lamp, light emitted from the light-emitting module and form a plurality of light distribution patterns in accordance with a position... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120314440 - Led lighting device: A lighting device may include a circuit board, at least one light emitting diode fastened to the circuit board, and a housing, wherein the circuit board is a wall segment of the housing.... Agent: Osram Ag

20120314441 - Automotive lamp: An automotive lamp includes an LED, a substrate that mounts the LED, a reflector that reflects the light emitted from the LED, and an projection lens having an incident surface, which receives the light reflected by the reflector, and an emission surface that emits the light toward a front area... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120314442 - Light projection apparatus, light condensing unit, and light emitting apparatus: A light projection apparatus that can produce an elongate light projection pattern is provided. The light projection apparatus includes a fluorescent member which is excited with exciting light and a light projecting member which reflects or transmits the light emanating from the fluorescent member to project it outside. The fluorescent... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120314443 - Light emitting and power storage fixture: A light collecting system flows light through a light receiving end of an optical fiber to a light emitting fixture. The light emitting fixture includes a collected lighting system, which includes a light emitting end of the optical fiber. The light emitting fixture includes a power storage system, which receives... Agent:

20120314444 - Fiber optic display apparatus and methods of osillating illuminated optical fibers: An optical fiber display apparatus includes a housing, a holding member moveable about a pivot point axis functionally connected to the housing, and one or more fiber optic strands having a first end attached to the holding member and a second end unrestrained. The fiber optic strands define a longitudinal... Agent:

20120314445 - Light guide set, illumination device and display device: In order for a light guide set including a light source such as an LED and a light guide member receiving light without leakage of light from the light source or the like to be provided, in the light guide set (ST) that includes an LED (32) and an light... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120314447 - Backlight module and liquid crystal display device: A backlight module and a liquid crystal display device are provided. The backlight module at least comprises a light source assembly and a light guide plate. The light source assembly provides multiple groups of parallel incident beams having different intensity. A light incidence surface is used to receive the parallel... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20120314446 - Backlight pad for keypad assembly: A backlight pad for a keypad assembly is provided, which can minimize power consumption of a battery through applying of a small number of light emitting elements and provide uniform light to all the button portions of the keypad. The backlight pad for a keypad assembly includes a light guide... Agent:

20120314449 - Lighting assembly: A lighting assembly includes a transparent light guide having first and second major surfaces and a light input edge, and is configured to propagate light by total internal reflection. A light source located adjacent the light input edge is selectively operable to edge light the light guide. First light extracting... Agent: Rambus Inc.

20120314448 - Vehicular lamp: A vehicular lamp including a light guide in which light emitted from a light-emitting diode (30) is incident into a relatively short light guide (20), which extends in a horizontal direction intersecting the front-back direction of the lamp, from a left end surface (20a) and thereafter totally reflected by a... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120314450 - White reflective film for edge-lit backlight and backlight using the same: v

20120314451 - Lighting apparatus: A lighting apparatus according to the present invention includes a light guiding unit and a plurality of light sources arranged along the incidence face of the light guiding unit. The plurality of light sources are constituted by a plurality of light source groups such that one light source group corresponds... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

12/06/2012 > 47 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20120307478 - Electric meter with backlight indicator: The electric meter contains a number of indicator units radially arranged along the circumference of a selection dial and a backlight switch. Each indicator unit contains a lighting element marked with a label. The backlight switch, when engaged, turns on the lighting element of the indicator unit pointed by the... Agent:

20120307479 - Key button: Disclosed is key button (4) that includes a display surface on which character section (A) is formed, and a side face extending in a direction to intersect the display surface. The key button further includes transmission section (6) made of a light transmissive material, which constitutes the display surface and... Agent: Nec Infrontia Corporation

20120307480 - Light emitting diode module and lighting apparatus using the same: A light emitting diode (LED) module and a lighting apparatus using the same are disclosed. The LED module includes a circuit board to which at least one LED emitting light of a first wavelength range is mounted, a first wavelength conversion plate to convert the light of the first wavelength... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120307481 - Light emitting diode (led) packages, systems, devices and related methods: Packages, systems, and devices for light emitting diodes (LEDs) and related methods are provided. The packages can include a lead frame with an electrically conductive chip carrier comprising an upper surface. An LED can be placed on the upper surface of the electrically conductive chip carrier. A casing can be... Agent:

20120307482 - Planar light source and backlight unit having the same: A light source includes first to nth light emitting modules (n is a natural number that is two or more than two) each having a plurality of light emitting elements and connectors that are electrically connected to the light emitting elements. The connector of the first light emitting module is... Agent:

20120307483 - Led lamp apparatus and method of making an led lamp apparatus: A device for illuminating a space comprising is discussed. In one variation, the device includes: a central body portion, with a length and a width, and including two plates running along the length of the central body portion wherein the two plates are separated by a spacer; an opening for... Agent:

20120307484 - Led lighting device: A light emitting diode (LED) lighting device includes a light case, a plurality of heatsink, a plurality of LED modules and a plurality of power supplies. Each of the heatsink is connected with one of the LED modules and one of the power supplies correspondingly to form one LED light... Agent:

20120307485 - Lighting including integral communication apparatus: A lighting and communication system for use in a standardized light fixture is provided. The lighting and communication system includes a light source and a communication apparatus. At least one electrical connector configured for physical and electrical connection to the standardized light fixture is included, and the at least one... Agent: Ilumisys, Inc.

20120307486 - Apparatus, method, and system for independent aiming and cutoff steps in illuminating a target area: A lighting fixture is presented comprising a plurality of modular apparatuses wherein each modular apparatus comprises one or more light sources and one or more light directing or light redirecting devices. Methods of adjusting one or more components of said lighting fixture about one, two, or three axes are presented... Agent: Musco Corporation

20120307489 - Backlight assembly having leds and side reflectors and display apparatus having the same: A backlight assembly includes: a light emitting unit having a plurality of unit LEDs formed in a matrix, each of the unit LEDs having a red LED, a green LED, and a blue LED; a plurality of bottom reflectors disposed under the respective unit LEDs; and a plurality of side... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20120307488 - Substrate for a lighting module and lighting module: A substrate (1; 11; 21) for a lighting module (M), said substrate comprising a plurality of light source mounting slots (DLn), and at least one resistor mounting slot (RLm) for a bridge resistor, wherein the at least one resistor mounting slot (RLm) is in each case connected in parallel with... Agent: Osram Ag

20120307487 - Vehicle led reading light grouping system and method: A method is provided for preparing a plurality of groupings of light-emitting diode (LED) lights, where each grouping comprises a plurality of LEDs that fall within a specified color range from respective target x, y color points, comprising: receiving a source group of LEDs from a supplier, the source group... Agent: B/e Aerospace, Inc.

20120307490 - Illuminated mirror design and method: An illumination system including an elongate rectangular mirror; a first diffuser mounted on a first side of said mirror in parallel relation along an longitudinal axis thereof; a second diffuser mounted on a second side of said mirror in parallel relation along said longitudinal axis; and an array of light... Agent: Elavue, Inc.

20120307491 - Illumination device: An illumination device includes a first heat dissipation structure which includes at least a first heat dissipation unit including a first heat dissipation member and a second heat dissipation member which have conductivity and are insulated from each other, a second heat dissipation structure insulated from the first heat dissipation... Agent: Shanghai Sansi Technology Co., Ltd.

20120307493 - Lamp with ferrule and lighting apparatus using the same: A lamp with ferrule 10 includes a substrate 12 in which a solid light-emitting device 11 is implemented on one surface side thereof; a thermal radiation member 14 which is fixed to the other surface side of the substrate 12 by a fluid fixing member 13 having thermal conductivity; a... Agent: C/o Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20120307494 - Lighting method and system: A lighting system including a light-emitting diode cradle securing at least one light-emitting diode and a modular unit comprising an arcuate portion, the arcuate portion comprising at least one diffusive reflective surface adapted to receive and reflect light from the at least one light-emitting diode. The lighting system further includes... Agent:

20120307492 - Omnidirectional light emitting device lamp: An omnidirectional semiconductor light emitting device lamp has a light distribution characteristic having a large range similar to that of a general incandescent lamp. The semiconductor light emitting device lamp includes a light emitting device for emitting light in all directions and reflection plates arranged at a front surface and... Agent: Samsung Led Co., Ltd.

20120307495 - Optical lens and optical lens plate: An optical lens includes a incident curved surface, a cone-shaped body, and a emitting curved surface. Light emitted from a light emitting diode (LED) has a first refraction angle on a first plane and a second refraction angle on a second plane after passing through the incident curved surface, the... Agent: Leotek Electronics Corporation

20120307496 - Led lighting apparatus with reflectors: An LED lighting apparatus and method provide efficient illumination in a downward and forward direction toward a preferential side, by mounting a plurality of LED devices to the apparatus in at least one horizontal row oriented perpendicularly to the downward and forward direction; mounting a vertical reflector behind and parallel... Agent:

20120307497 - Light-emitting module and lighting apparatus: A light-emitting module may be configured to have improved light emission efficiency and light distribution characteristics. A light-emitting module may include a substrate having a front surface side as a component mounting surface and a rear surface side as a flat heat dissipating surface, a plurality of light-emitting elements arranged... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20120307498 - Light bulb with thermally conductive glass globe: An LED lighting device comprises: a base having a socket connector; a housing comprising a primary heat sink, the housing being coupled to the base and having an upper annular rim; a plate having a periphery, at least the periphery of the plate being thermally coupled to the upper annular... Agent:

20120307499 - Card reader: Provided is a card reader capable of increasing visibility over the prior art for a location into which a card is actually inserted. A card reader is provided with a main body frame constituting a card passage through which an inserted card passes, and a light source for illuminating the... Agent: Nidec Sankyo Corporation

20120307500 - Led lamp assembly with thermal management system: A lighting system is described. The lighting system includes a lamp and a first container including a first phase change material thermally connected to the lamp. Heat generated by the lamp during operation is conducted to the first phase change material. The system also includes a second container including a... Agent: Lumenetix, Inc.

20120307501 - Led plastic heat sink and method for making and using the same: In an embodiment, heat sink system can comprise: an integrally formed plastic heat sink and a printed circuit board package, wherein the plastic heat sink comprises a thermally conductive plastic having a thermal conductivity of at least 1.0 W/mK. In another embodiment, hybrid heat sink system, comprising: an integrally formed... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20120307502 - Lighting systems including adapters electrically connecting lighting apparatuses: A lighting system comprising a lighting apparatus and a lighting adapter, where the lighting adapter includes a frame, a curved reflector coupled to the frame and having a reflective surface partially enclosing an interior space and defining a focal point within the interior space, a light source disposed at least... Agent:

20120307503 - Multi-lens led-array optic system: Lighting apparatus having a first lens over the LED emitter and a second lens over the first lens, and including: a first optical surface which is a first-lens outer surface configured to refract light from the emitter; a second optical surface which is a second-lens inner surface spaced from the... Agent: Ruud Lighting, Inc.

20120307504 - Lampshade for an led lamp: A lampshade has a body and multiple light-concentrating units formed on the body. Each light-concentrating unit has a light input recess and a light output protrusion. The light input recess is defined in one of the side of the body and has an inner wall to define a holding space... Agent:

20120307506 - Flashlight holder for scuba diving: A flashlight holder may comprise an arm cuff adapted to attach an arm of a user. The arm cuff may have an opening throughout its longitudinal axis. The arm cuff may comprise a flexible material and have affixed thereto means for engaging a flashlight and retaining the flashlight which may... Agent:

20120307505 - Light emitting device: A light emitting device includes: a heat dissipating plate having first and second regions, the first region having a mesa with a first top surface, the second region having a second top surface, the first top surface being higher than the second top surface; a circuit board disposed above the... Agent:

20120307507 - Planar light source apparatus and display apparatus using the same: A planar light source apparatus includes a light source; a flexible printed circuit (FPC) having a wiring part that extends from a light source mounting part having the light source; a rear frame that accommodates the light source and the FPC; and a driver substrate, which is arranged on a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120307508 - Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, electronic device and vehicle: The present invention makes it possible to inhibit an SOA (Safe Operating Area) in a vertical-type bipolar transistor from narrowing. A p-type base layer 150 includes a first peak, a second peak, and a third peak in an impurity profile in the thickness direction. The first peak is located on... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20120307509 - Adaptive vehicle cabin light: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to an adaptable vehicle cabin light, with which in all seating positions of a vehicle seat, reading conditions are optimal. The vehicle seat is adjustable. Each position of the vehicle seat has a corresponding reading area. The vehicle cabin light includes one or... Agent: Flextronics International Kft.

20120307510 - Vehicle lamp: A vehicle lamp includes a lamp body having an opening, a front cover attached to the lamp body to close the opening, and a first optical unit disposed inside a lamp chamber defined by the lamp body and the cover. The first optical unit includes a printed wiring board having... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120307511 - Led optical assembly for automotive headlamp: An LED optical assembly for automotive low-beam headlamps, including: a lens, a lens frame, a light source frame assembly, and an LED light source. The lens includes a main lens and a plurality of reflectors. The main lens is located in the front of the LED optical assembly and the... Agent: Tianjin Foncol Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.

20120307512 - Multi-wavelength multi-lamp radiation sources and systems and apparatuses incorporating same: Systems for providing high-intensity and high-quality illumination and other electromagnetic radiation (EMR) to target regions. The systems each include multiple EMR sources and a radiation combiner for combining the output radiation of the multiple sources. In some examples, the EMR sources are visible light sources, such as light-emitting diodes and... Agent: Nathaniel Group, Inc.

20120307514 - Light emitting diode illumination system: In various embodiments of the invention, a unique construction for Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) with at least one luminescent rod and extracting optical elements is used to generate a variety of high brightness light sources with different emission spectra. In an embodiment of the invention, forced air cooling is used... Agent: Lumencor, Inc.

20120307513 - Light source guiding structure and lamp structure: A lamp structure includes an electrical connection unit, a light emitting unit, and a light guiding unit. The electrical connection unit includes an electrical connection element. The light emitting unit includes at least one light emitting element disposed on the top side of the electrical connection unit and electrically connected... Agent: Lustrous Technology Ltd.

20120307515 - Lighting using natural light: Embodiments described herein generally relate to re-using the energy of natural light. In some examples, a lighting unit is described. An example lighting unit can include a multiple number of bound light-conductive members. A long-lasting phosphorescent material can be dispersed between the multiple number of bound light-conductive members. A luminance... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120307516 - Electronic candle: The present invention discloses an electronic candle, consisting of a body, which is provided with a luminescent film on the wall and internally with a cavity. The said cavity is installed internally with an electronic control device controlling the said luminescent film. With reasonable structure and luminescent film positioned on... Agent: Nantong Ya Tai Candle Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

20120307517 - Electronic candle: The present invention discloses an electronic candle, consisting of a body which is internally provided with a cavity. The said cavity is internally mounted an illuminator and an electronic device controlling the illuminator. The said illuminator is connected to a light conductor which extends to the surface of the body... Agent: Nantong Ya Tai Candle Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

20120307518 - Backlight assembly and display apparatus including the same: A display apparatus and a backlight assembly are provided. The display apparatus includes a display panel; and a backlight unit disposed on a rear surface of the display panel and discharging light to the display panel, the backlight unit comprising white light emitting diodes (LEDs) and Quantum Dot (QD) LEDs.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120307519 - Planar light source apparatus and display apparatus using same: A planar light source apparatus includes a point light source and a light guide plate shaped like a flat plate with a rectangular shape in a plan view. The light guide plate includes an output surface confronting an opening portion, a pair of second side surfaces opposed to each other,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120307520 - Input device with luminous patterns: The present invention discloses an input device with luminous patterns including an input interface and a backlight module. The backlight module includes a light source and a light guide plate. The light guide plate has a predetermined shading rate and at least one pattern formed on the bottom surface of... Agent: Primax Electronics Ltd.

20120307521 - Input device with luminous patterns: The present invention discloses an input device with luminous patterns including an input interface and a backlight module. The backlight module includes a light source and a light guide plate. The input interface has a predetermined light shading rate and at least one pattern formed on the light guide plate.... Agent: Primax Electronics Ltd.

20120307522 - Backlight unit: A backlight unit is disclosed. The backlight unit includes a light emitting device package, a light guide plate including a first region, which has a recess indented in a lateral surface thereof adjacent to the light emitting device package, and a second region, an upper surface of which is stepped... Agent:

20120307523 - Light source device and display device: a light source (15a) capable of projecting light onto the peripheral portion, wherein the light that is projected from the light source onto portions of the light guiding plate, the portions being in the vicinity of the locking member, is higher in intensity than the light projected onto the other... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120307524 - Led lampholder and lamp system with means to prevent lamping of nonconforming lamps: A lampholder assembly is provided which includes first and second lampholders. The first lampholder includes first and second electrical connectors for electrically connecting a first end of an LED lamp to a host voltage supply-line and neutral-line, respectively, and preventing improper coupling to the voltage supply-line. The second lampholder includes... Agent: Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

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