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Horology: time measuring systems or devices

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12/04/2014 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140355390 - Timepiece capable of integrally indicating time and physical quantities: With conventional timepieces, information about target physical quantities, target achievement, and time has been indicated using separate displays, thereby making it difficult for users to instantly understand whether or not a target has been achieved. Therefore, a timepiece comprising a dual-purpose scale for integrally indicating time and physical quantities, a... Agent: Nihon Techno Co., Ltd.

20140355391 - Electronic device and method providing improved world clock feature: An improved electronic device and method provide an improved clock feature that includes an improved world clock function.... Agent:

20140355392 - Radio-controlled timepiece: Disclosed is a radio-controlled timepiece. The radio-controlled timepiece includes an oscillating unit, a display unit, a display driving unit, an error storage unit, a radio wave receiving unit, and a frequency setting unit. The display driving unit drives the display unit with a driving signal of a predetermined driving waveform... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140355393 - Clock mechanism for storing and displaying time information: s

20140355394 - Clock mechanism for storing and displaying time information: Clock movement (2) comprising a mechanism (3) for indicating and storing the time information, the mechanism comprising a member (S′) for displaying the stored seconds and/or stored fractions of seconds, a first device (MEM1) for storing seconds and/or fractions of seconds, the storage device comprising a first storage mobile (M1)... Agent: Rolex Sa

20140355395 - Antifriction coating for mainspring made of composite material: Mainspring for driving a clock movement, said mainspring being made of a material comprising a polymer matrix containing fibres, said mainspring having a coating containing a thermoset or thermoplastic polymer. The mainspring proposed reduces the friction of the turns of the mainspring.... Agent:

20140355396 - Spring for clock movement: Spring (10) for clock mechanism, the spring comprising a body (11) extending between a first end (12) of the spring and a second end (13) of the spring, the spring being intended to be connected mechanically to a housing at each of the first and second ends, the spring comprising,... Agent:

20140355397 - Method of improving the pivoting of a wheel set: A method of improving pivoting of a wheel set for a scientific instrument, including an arbor pivoting or oscillating about an axis, in which: static balancing of the wheel set is performed to bring the center of gravity onto the axis; a desired value is determined for resulting unbalance moment... Agent: The Swatch Group Research And Development Ltd.

20140355398 - Striking mechanism provided with a means of selecting the mode of vibration of a gong: The striking mechanism (1) particularly for a watch, includes at least one gong (3) fixed to a gong-carrier (2), at least one hammer for striking the gong at predetermined times, and a means of selecting at least one mode of vibration of the gong. The selection means includes at least... Agent: Montres Breguet S.a.

11/27/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140347963 - Reversible mystery watch: A watch including: a case middle forming a transparent central region, a first and second display placed on each face of the watch; at least two transparent indicator plates placed in a pivoting fashion in the central region and including at least one indicator; a drive unit driving each indicator... Agent:

20140347964 - Timing system and device and method for making the same: A timing device for indicating a passage of a duration of time is disclosed. The timing device in accordance with the embodiments of the invention has a grid array architecture. The grid array architecture includes an electrode structure with an anode layer, a cathode layer and a thermistor layer. The... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140340997 - Media device, application, and content management using sensory input determined from a data-capable watch band: Techniques for media device, application, and content management using sensory input determined from a data-capable watch band are described, including receiving input from one or more sensors coupled to a data-capable strapband, processing the input to determine a pattern, referencing a pattern library using the pattern, generating a control signal... Agent: Aliphcom

20140340998 - Single hand timepiece: the clockwork is designed to change, upon actuation of the actuating element, from a first operating state into a second operating state and to move the hand so that the hand position in the first operating state displays minute information and in the second operating state displays hour information.... Agent:

20140340999 - Medication reminder method and system: A medication reminder method and system are provided. A carrier device acquires medication information of a medication from a medication information server via a network. The medication information includes a pre-determined time interval prescribed for the medication. The carrier device activates an alarm device to emit an alarm signal to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140341000 - Anti-adhesion device for a balance spring on a bar: The invention relates to a timepiece movement including a resonator formed by the cooperation of a balance with a balance spring, said resonator being pivotally mounted between a bar and another part such as a bar or a main plate. According to the invention, the timepiece movement further includes a... Agent: Eta Sa Manufacture Horlogere Suisse

20140341001 - Regulating member including a balance, a balance spring, a balance spring stud and stud holder and an assembly formed of a balance spring stud and a stud holder: The balance spring stud holder has a housing in the form of a groove arranged to longitudinally receive and position the stud. The housing is at least partially laterally closed by an elastic strip which is arranged to return the stud against the bottom of the groove so that the... Agent: Blancpain S.a.

20140341002 - Method for adapting a timepiece movement provided to operate in ambient atmospheric pressure so as to operate in a low-pressure atmosphere: 4. adapting the dimensions of the movement based on this energy gain, in particular by modifying at least one of the following elements of the movement: the reduction ratio of the finishing going train, the torque of the barrel, the size of the barrel and the inertia of the balance.... Agent: Cartier Creation Studio S.a.

20140341003 - Led light means with timepiece: An LED light with a time piece uses a simple light-medium body with a very rough finish to allow light from LED(s) to pass though input-end(s) of the light-medium body and travel within the body and obtain a very even brightness on all surfaces of the light medium that are... Agent:

20140341004 - Watchcase: The watchcase includes a top portion (11) for holding a watchglass (1), a case back (40), and a case middle (10) with a circumferential case wall (12) arranged between the top portion and the case back. The watchcase further includes at least one ring (20), which extends around the case... Agent:

20140341005 - Shock resistant bearing for a timepiece: Shock resistant bearing for a timepiece including an elastic structure and a central portion carried by the elastic structure, the central portion having a blind hole intended to receive a pivot of a rotating wheel set of the timepiece. The elastic structure and the central portion are formed by a... Agent:

11/13/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140334269 - Shot activated timer system and method: A shot activated timer system comprises a wearable housing in which control and processing components are in electrical communication with a display, input devices, a power source, a stopwatch, a motion sensor, activation signal components, optional wireless communication components, and optional audio sensors. The motion sensor detects the vibration patterns... Agent: Double-alpha Academy B.v.

20140334270 - Device for motor-driven appliance: A device for a motor-driven appliance includes a communication unit, a date/time information acquisition unit, and a control unit. The communication unit performs communication with an external appliance having a date/time information indicating a current date and time. The date/time information acquisition unit acquires the date/time information from the external... Agent: Makita Corporation

20140334271 - Smart watch and method for controlling the same: Discussed are a smart watch and a method for controlling the same, which determine a notification device that provides a notification of an event, based on wearing/non-wearing of a smart watch and on a distance between the smart watch and an external digital device. The smart watch includes a display... Agent:

20140334272 - Timepiece: A timepiece includes: an ornamental body; a drive mechanism moving the ornamental body; a restriction portion restricting a movable range of the ornamental body; an output portion capable of outputting a sound; a monitor operation portion; a monitor operation portion; and a control portion performing movement control for outputting a... Agent: Seiko Clock Inc.

20140334273 - Timepiece: A timepiece includes: an ornamental body; a drive mechanism moving the ornamental body; an output portion capable of outputting a sound; and a control portion performing movement control for outputting a piece of theme music and moving the ornamental body from an initial position, and performing return control for outputting... Agent: Seiko Clock Inc.

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