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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
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05/28/2015 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150146503 - Electronic timepiece: An electronic timepiece has an outside perimeter part disposed around a dial, hands, and a control unit. Further, 40 to 60 time zone indicators including time difference information representing the time difference between Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and the standard time used in each time zone are on the outside... Agent:

20150146504 - Technical or decorative piece associating a transparent material and a silicon based amorphous material and method of manufacturing the same: A transparent substrate (10) made of a transparent material resistant to temperatures higher than 500° C., such as sapphire, includes recesses (13, 14) in at least one of its faces (11, 12) and/or a groove (15) machined into its thickness, that are covered with opaque, translucent or transparent enamel depositions... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150138926 - Digital color clock: A digital color clock uses Color Digits instead of Roman or Arabic numerals. Each Color Digit is capable of displaying a unique color corresponding to one of the ten Arabic numerals (0-9). Preferably the clock contains at least six Color Digits grouped into three pairs. One of the pairs corresponds... Agent:

20150138928 - Electronic timepiece and control method for an electronic timepiece: A control method is provided for an electronic device that has a receiver to receive a satellite signal, and a time display unit to display time. The method includes selecting, by manual operation using a crown or a button, a first time correction processing or a second time correction processing.... Agent:

20150138927 - Wireless clock system and method: A wireless clock system includes a master clock or other master time source, and a plurality of slave clocks or repeater devices. Each slave clock can both wirelessly receive and wirelessly transmit time signals including current time data. To avoid conflicts among the slave clocks, each slave clock transmits time... Agent:

20150138929 - Rescue time tracker: This document relates to systems and techniques for providing response to emergency situations, such as traffic accidents, cardiac arrest, or other medical emergencies.... Agent:

20150138930 - Timepiece balance spring stud-holder with screws: i

20150138931 - Timepiece balance spring stud-holder with screws:

20150138932 - Barrel: A timepiece barrel includes: a drum (14) defining a first compartment (16a) and a second compartment (16b) which compartments are superposed; a first tubular hub (22a) secured to a first cover (24a) and housed at least partially in the first compartment; a second tubular hub (22b) secured to a second... Agent: Sowind Sa

20150138933 - Regulating system for a horology movement: t

20150138934 - Timepiece balance spring stud-holder with no screws: An assembly for holding or supporting a timepiece balance spring includes a balance spring stud and a stud-holder. The stud-holder includes a device to secure the stud-holder to an escapement mechanism. The balance spring stud includes a lateral bearing surface defining a direction of holding or supporting the balance spring.... Agent: Eta Sa Manufacture Horlogere Suisse

20150138935 - Conductive member, solar watch, solar cell module, and electronic apparatus: A solar cell module includes a first segment as a first solar cell segment and a second segment as a second solar cell segment disposed adjacent to each other, and each having electrodes respectively on both of obverse and reverse sides, and a conductive member including a base member having... Agent:

20150138936 - Timepiece displaying the current time and including at least first and second devices displaying a time-related quantity: Timepiece displaying the current time and including at least first and second display devices for a time-related quantity, the first and second display devices each being driven by a drive mechanism including a drive wheel (2; 2a), which is itself driven by the movement of the timepiece (3), at least... Agent:

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