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Horology: time measuring systems or devices May archived by USPTO category 05/12

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05/31/2012 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120134240 - Electronic device and method providing improved management of multiple times from multiple time zones: An improved electronic device and method provide an improved clock feature that includes a time zone management function which enables multiple times from multiple time zones to be managed by the user. Responsive to a detection that the electronic device has been moved from one time zone to another, a... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120134241 - Time-information obtaining apparatus and radio-controlled timepiece: A time-information obtaining apparatus is provided with an input waveform data pattern generating unit for sampling a received standard-time radio wave signal to generate an input waveform data pattern, an internal time counting unit for generate a base time, a calculation-waveform data pattern generating unit for generating plural calculation-waveform data... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20120134242 - Device for positioning a bridge on a plate: t

20120134243 - Electronic device and watch: Disclosed is an electronic device in which a transparent member, a decorative plate, and a solar panel are arranged in this order in a metallic device case from an end side of an opening of the device case, wherein the decorative plate has light permeability and has a light refractive... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20120134244 - System and method for easy change jewelry case cover: A jewelry assembly comprising an upper case cover having at least one indentation on an inner surface and a notch on a lower outside surface; a lower case for housing a main jewelry body, the lower case comprising at least one uniball system including an inner spring and spherical ball... Agent: Crown International Properties Establishment

05/24/2012 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20120127834 - Portable electronic device capable of adjusting prompting time and operating method thereof: A portable electronic device capable of adjusting prompting time includes a processing unit including a time unit and a time setting unit, a positioning unit, an input unit, and a network unit. The positioning unit is provided for positioning position of the portable electronic device. The input unit is provided... Agent: Hannspree, Inc.

20120127835 - Timepiece: This timepiece comprises an indicator dial (40), a days-of-the-month mechanism (1) comprising a days-of-the-month mobile (10) and a stepper drive member (13) for driving the days-of-the-month mobile (10), a months mobile (30) coaxial with the days-of-the-month mobile placed beneath said dial (40) and connected to the days-of-the-month mobile (10) by... Agent: Rolex S.a.

20120127836 - Horological movement comprising a high oscillation frequency regulating device: The horological movement comprises a regulating device having an oscillation frequency (f) and an escapement for maintaining the oscillations of the regulating device. The escapement comprises an escape wheel having (N) teeth. The frequency (f) is at least equal to about 5 Hz, and the ratio between the number (N)... Agent: Chopard Technologies Sa

20120127837 - Timepiece: A timepiece, particularly wristwatch, having a dial on which are arranged at least two circular scales having centers which are offset relative to one another. A first hand can sweep over the first scale and a second hand can sweep over the second scale, each hand being rotatable around a... Agent: Lange Uhren Gmbh

05/17/2012 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120120770 - Alarm clock and alarm shutdown method thereof: In a face recognition-based method for an alarm clock, an alarm time of an alarm clock and a predetermined time period are received from a user and saved in the alarm clock. Upon detecting that a current time matches the alarm time, the alarm clock executes an alarm and directs... Agent: Foxconn Communication Technology Corp.

20120120771 - Athletic event timing and display systems: Presenting comparative timing data to the audience of a sports or other competition multiple within an event, where timing or scoring data is stored during each heat, compared between heats, and displayed. Timing data includes lap times, split times, or other timing information. Timing data from each heat can also... Agent:

20120120772 - Electronic timepiece with internal antenna: An electronic timepiece with internal antenna maintains sufficiently high reception performance of circularly polarized waves even when having a metal external case. The timepiece has a cylindrical case; a crystal that covers the opening on the face side of the case; a drive mechanism that arranged inside the case; a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120120773 - Variable snooze alarm: A system, device and method provides a variable snooze alarm allowing a user to set multiple snooze alarm cycles to begin after an initial time alarm has sounded. In one form, before sleeping, the user can pre set or pre program the number of snooze alarm cycles that the device... Agent:

20120120774 - Anchor escapement and mechanical watch having the same: An anchor escapement of a mechanical watch has an escape wheel, a pallet fork engageable with or disengageable from a roller jewel of a pallet shaft having banking pin engaging portions at both sides, and pallet bridges engageable with the banking pin engaging portions at the pallet engaging portions to... Agent:

20120120775 - Driving mechanism for watch movement: Driving mechanism for watch movement having: a barrel mounted on an arbor so as to be capable of turning around an axis of the arbor when the driving mechanism is wound up. A mainspring unit has a first and second spring coiled up inside the barrel in superimposed fashion and... Agent:

20120120776 - Exterior element for a wristwatch: An external element for a wristwatch, containing an electronic device and a power source for powering the electronic device with electric energy, wherein the electronic device and power source are integrated in the exterior element, to form an autonomous electronic module, which is completely independent of the wristwatch movement.... Agent: Eta Sa Manufacture Horlogere Suisse

20120120777 - Timepiece: A wristwatch includes a case formed of a glass and a back lid attached to a case body that has an annular receiving portion on an inner peripheral surface thereof. An inner frame is integrated into the case body by engaging an engaging portion of the inner frame with the... Agent:

20120120778 - Timepiece: A wristwatch case includes a case body, an edge member, and a mounting ring. The case body has a circular fitting hole, an edge receiving surface, and an engaging surface. The edge member includes a cylindrical portion extending through the fitting hole, a cover portion, a male screw portion, and... Agent:

20120120779 - Device for locking a timepiece movement: A timepiece including a case including a middle part, which is closed on the top portion thereof by a bezel and on the bottom portion by a back cover, and a timepiece movement mounted against the middle part by a casing ring. The timepiece also includes a locking device for... Agent: Eta Sa Manufacture Horlogere Suisse

05/10/2012 > 8 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20120113762 - Electronic timepiece apparatus with random number and phrase generating functionality: The disclosed timepiece provides random numbers for use in selecting the numbers for a lottery type game wherein the lottery type game requires a player to select numbers prior to a drawing of numbers. The disclosed timepiece also displays a new fortune each day to the user of the watch,... Agent: Frost Productions LLC

20120113761 - Medicine reminder device: A medicine reminder device includes a housing, a processing unit, a schedule-setting input unit, a timing unit, light emitting units and medicine containing units. The schedule-setting input unit, the timing unit and the light emitting units are coupled to the processing unit. Each of the medicine containing units corresponds to... Agent:

20120113760 - Time indicating device with wearable toys: A time indicating device with wearable toys is provided. The device includes a watch having a time indicating face and an opposing back, first and second straps, each having a proximal end for attachment with the watch and a distal end. The device also includes a first Velcro strip attached... Agent:

20120113763 - Anti-trip device for an escape mechanism: Said complementary guide means (9) includes a cam (90) for moving said pivoting wheel set (5) closer to said first axis (D1) when said balance is pivoting in a first direction (B1) and to move said wheel set away from said first arbour when the balance is pivoting in a... Agent: Nivarox-far S.a.

20120113765 - Anti-trip device for an escape mechanism: means (15) for limiting amplitude in the event of a shock, which includes stop means (16) between said lever (11) and said banking pin (5), forming a pivot stop during a normal arc of the balance and which, when pressed, generates a change of position in said indexing means (12)... Agent: Nivarox-far S.a.

20120113764 - Synchronous escapement for a timepiece mechanism: Escape wheel (1) including a toothed impulse wheel (2) and a toothed release wheel (4) pivoting synchronously about an axis (Dl). The toothed release wheel (4) includes moveable gears (5) each with a release tooth (6), radially moveable relative to the axis (D1) and returned to a position of balance... Agent: Nivarox-far S.a.

20120113766 - System and method for displaying time: A visual display and device and method for producing the display may indicate the time or other data in a bold, elegant, intuitive, and stylistic manner that is easily legible despite obscured vision, viewing distances, or the user's inattentiveness. A minimalistic display may include a shape such as a geometric... Agent:

20120113767 - Magnetic and/or electrostatic anti-shock device: Said component (1) is freely mounted in said chamber (1A) between pole pieces (4, 6), which are distinct from said component (1) and located in proximity to said chamber (1A) and the device (10) includes means for attracting said first end (2) held in abutment on only the first pole... Agent: Montres Breguet S.a.

05/03/2012 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20120106301 - Calendar display device and calendar watch: A calendar display device for a mechanical watch piece, including a first disk, the disk of days, carrying multiple series of inscriptions symbolizing the seven days of the week, a second disk, the disk of dates, carrying inscriptions symbolizing the date of the month, a third disk, the disk of... Agent:

20120106302 - Calendar display device and calendar watch: A calendar display device for a mechanical watch piece including a first disk, the disk of days, carrying multiple series of inscriptions symbolizing the seven days of the week, a second disk, the disk of dates, carrying inscriptions symbolizing the date of the month, a third disk, the disk of... Agent:

20120106303 - Spiral spring: A spiral spring (10) for the movement of a watch, includes a plurality of coplanar leaves (10a, 10b) wound into one another. Furthermore, the inner ends of each leaf are rigidly connected to a single collet (12). The leaves (10a, 10b) and the collar (12) are produced as a single... Agent:

20120106304 - System, method and apparatus for holding multiple devices: A consumer electronic system for concurrently holding and providing power to several consumer electronic devices has several cradles in a staggered configuration. At least one of the cradles is positioned behind at least one other of the cradles. Thereby the cradle positioned behind the at least one other cradles is... Agent: J. S. Karaoke, LLC

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