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Horology: time measuring systems or devices September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20110235468 - Electronic perpetual calendar with erasable and tackable surfaces: An electronic perpetual calendar erasable board with a tackable surface, such as a bulletin bar. In one embodiment, the calendar may include a front panel having a graphic that includes cells each representing a calendar day, e.g., a month grid of cells arranged in rows and columns or a weekly... Agent: Mega Brands International, S.a.r.l., Luxembourg, Zug Branch

20110235469 - Portable and personal alarm clock system: A portable and personal alarm clock system which incorporates the use of wireless technology to wake a person up through a personal earpiece alarm. This device comprises two main components including an earpiece alarm and a receiving base. The earpiece alarm is integrated with a small rechargeable battery and charging... Agent:

20110235470 - Electronic timepiece and control method for an electronic timepiece: An electronic timepiece includes a reception unit that receives satellite signals transmitted from positioning information satellites; a manual reception process unit that starts operation of the reception unit and executes a manual reception process when an external operating member is operated; an automatic reception process unit that automatically operates the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110235471 - Timepiece with multi-functional actuator: An analog timepiece includes a casing, a time displaying device, an electronic device received in the casing, a main control unit (MCU) communicated with the time displaying device and the electronic device for selectively controlling an operation of the time displaying device and sad electronic device and a multi-functional actuator.... Agent: Bright Aggregation Technology Limited

20110235472 - Stepping motor control circuit and analog electronic timepiece: A stepping motor control circuit and an analog electronic timepiece which can detect a rotation state including intermediate stopping more accurately are provided. A rotation detection circuit, in detecting whether or not an induction signal generated by the rotation of a stepping motor exceeds a predetermined reference threshold voltage during... Agent:

20110235473 - Switch structure, and chronograph mechanism and electronic timepiece using the same: A switch structure of a chronograph mechanism of an electronic timepiece includes: a terminal plate equipped with a plate-like main body portion and elastic switch lever portions, each switch lever portion being equipped with an arm portion which is and bent with respect to the outer peripheral edge portion of... Agent:

20110235474 - Clock movement containing a constant force device: A clock movement is provided that contains a constant force device. In accordance with one implementation, the clock movement includes a spiral spring, and a train, having a first kinematic chain arranged to connect a main energy source to a first end of the spiral spring and a second kinematic... Agent:

20110235475 - Shock absorbing member for wristwatch and wristwatch: A shock absorbing member for a wristwatch including a wristwatch case whose side portions are provided with a pair of bands and an operation member positioned avoiding the pair of bands, and back surface has a case back attached thereto. This shock absorbing member is made of a flexible resin,... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20110235476 - Portable timepiece: To provide a portable timepiece in which water is not easily allowed to enter the timepiece exterior assembly with the completion of venting, the timepiece is equipped with a vent valve mounted to a timepiece exterior assembly. The vent valve is equipped with a valve body holder fixed to the... Agent:

20110235477 - Portable timepiece: A wristwatch is equipped with a vent valve mounted to a timepiece exterior assembly. The vent valve is equipped with a pipe, a valve body, a retaining member, and packing formed of a seal material capable of elastic deformation. The timepiece exterior assembly is equipped with the pipe establishing communication... Agent:

09/22/2011 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20110228642 - Electronic calendar: It is an object of this invention to provide an electronic calendar capable of automatically displaying an image related to a calendar. An electronic calendar includes, on its one side face of its main body, a liquid crystal display panel capable of displaying at least calendar information and image information.... Agent:

20110228643 - Vacuum package, method for manufacturing vacuum package, piezoelectric vibrator, oscillator, electronic device, and radio-controlled timepiece: Provided are a vacuum package and a method for manufacturing the vacuum package having excellent airtightness and capable of improving mounting strength, and a piezoelectric vibrator, an oscillator, an electronic device, and a radio-controlled timepiece. The package includes a base substrate and a lid substrate bonded to each other, a... Agent:

20110228644 - Detachable clock and gear assembly structure: The present invention relates to an improved detachable clock and watch gear assembly structure, which divides the gear assembly into detachable and independent first and second devices; the first device comprises: main and pinion gear representing hour, minute and second hands, spiral spring wheel for storing energy and spiral spring... Agent:

20110228645 - Timepiece: A timepiece is equipped with a movement (module), a solar cell panel, a ring member, and a dial (timepiece display plate). The panel is fixed to the module. The ring member is fixed to the peripheral portion of the movement. The ring member has, at a plurality of positions thereof,... Agent:

20110228646 - Winding crown for a timepiece: Winding crown for a timepiece, said crown (40) including a bottom (42) and a skirt (44), which delimits an inner volume housing at least one elastically deformable element, the crown (40) being characterized in that a stop member is inserted between the elastically deformable element (50) and the bottom (42)... Agent: Meco S.a.

20110228648 - Crystal-bezel assembly unit for a timepiece and process assembly: n

20110228647 - Striking watch with an acoustic membrane: The striking watch (1) includes a watch case, which is formed of a middle part (4) and a back cover (5) removably secured to the middle part, and a crystal (2) that closes the case in a sealed manner. A watch movement (20) is held inside the watch case on... Agent: Montres Breguet Sa

09/15/2011 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20110222375 - Ultraviolet ray measuring apparatus and electronic wristwatch equipped with ultraviolet ray measuring function: The ultraviolet ray sensor measures the intensity of ultraviolet rays irradiated to the ultraviolet ray receiving surface. The CPU performs control to measure ultraviolet intensity in a case in which the ultraviolet ray receiving surface of the ultraviolet ray sensor faces in a predetermined direction.... Agent:

20110222376 - Driving mechanism for a clock movement: A driving member for a timepiece movement includes a shaft, and a drum and a rotating member both mounted on the shaft. The drum and the rotating member are able to rotate with respect to each other and include teeth on their periphery. First and second superposed spiral springs have... Agent: Patek Philippe Sa Geneve

20110222377 - oscillator system: An oscillator system (30) of a mechanical timepiece, comprising: at least one balance wheel (35) that is free to rotate about an axis; and at least one hairspring (31) connecting the at least one balance wheel (35) to a fixed point or to another balance wheel (36), the hairspring (31)... Agent:

20110222378 - At least partially enamelled relief dial:

09/08/2011 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20110216627 - Systems and methods for timing dosage periods: Systems and methods for tracking dosage periods are disclosed. The systems and methods may include setting a timer (140) to a predetermined value corresponding to a dosage period in response to the engagement of a cover (110) to a container (120). An indication may be provided that corresponds to a... Agent: Mallinckrodt Inc.

20110216628 - Maintaining date and time with time zone rule changes: A method and system for maintaining date and time information correctly across rule changes for time zones is provided. A time maintenance system provides rules for converting dates and times between various time zones and a common time zone. When the time maintenance system receives a date and time in... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110216629 - Timepiece including a high frequency mechanical movement: m

20110216630 - Electronic timepiece: An electronic timepiece can reduce a burden imposed on a user who performs a manipulation for correcting the positional displacement of a pointer when a position of the pointer is displaced due to the demonstration of the pointer movement. The electronic timepiece includes: a pointer which is rotated in a... Agent:

20110216631 - Winding and time-setting control device for a timepiece movement: The invention concerns a winding and time-setting control device (100) for a timepiece movement including, connected in rotation, a movement stem (2) secured in rotation to a sliding pinion (8) driven in translation by a lever (52) between winding and time-setting positions, and a control stem (1) sliding between winding... Agent: Montres Breguet Sa

20110216632 - Sequential control device for a striking mechanism: e

20110216633 - Torque measuring device for stopping a striking work:

09/01/2011 > 3 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20110211425 - Electronic timer with graphic time scale display panel: An electronic timer graphically displaying programmed ON/OFF settings includes a microprocessor; a time setting unit electrically connected to the microprocessor for a user to set at least one programmed ON/OFF setting for at least one selected day; a memory unit electrically connected to the microprocessor for storing the programmed ON/OFF... Agent:

20110211426 - Hammer for a watch striking mechanism: The hammer (2) forms part of a striking mechanism (1) of a mechanical watch, which includes at least one gong (11) that can be struck by said hammer. The hammer includes two metal parts (2′, 2″), which are secured to each other by welding or soldering. A first part is... Agent: Montres Breguet S.a.

20110211427 - Striking mechanism for a watch with an active damper counter-spring: The watch striking mechanism (1) includes a gong, which is fixed via one end thereof to a gong-carrier integral with a plate, a hammer rotatably mounted on the plate to strike the gong at determined times, a damper counter-spring (5) for keeping the hammer away from the gong in an... Agent: Montes Breguet S.a.

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