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Horology: time measuring systems or devices August inventions list 08/11

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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110205849 - Digital calendar device and methods: A digital calendar device involving an electronic device having a graphic user interface. The electronic device is capable of receiving at least one note from a user, and retrieving and displaying the at least one note, as well as running on at least one operating system. The digital calendar device... Agent: Sony Corporation, A Japanese Corporation

20110205851 - E-watch: An architecture is presented that provides a smart watch device. The smart watch device comprises a fastening band for securing the smart watch to a user, a display face for displaying time, day, and date information, and a plurality of watch control means by which the user can adjust the... Agent:

20110205850 - System and method for managing calendar events using location information: To enhance calendar functionality, location tracking may be used to draw an inference that a calendar event has been satisfied. Upon the inferred satisfaction of the calendar event, a status of the calendar event may be updated from “outstanding” to “completed.” If the calendar event is shared with another person,... Agent:

20110205852 - Time zone on demand on the main hands of a timepiece:

20110205853 - Electronic watch, method of processing the same, and program therefor: An electronic watch compares a value counted by an internal counter, which is read by the internal counter when a driving timing signal of a chronograph hand is output, with a counted value stored in a counted value storage unit in advance and, if they match, determines that a driving... Agent:

20110205854 - Display mechanism for a timepiece for displaying or not displaying the current time: A display mechanism for a clock movement for controlling the movements of a member for displaying at least one indication related to the time or to the operation of a timepiece, includes a cam having a periphery with a predetermined shape and driven by a base wheel, a lever pivotally... Agent: La Montre Hermes Sa

20110205855 - Device for electromechanical watch for determining the moment at which and the direction in which a time indication has to be corrected: Device for electromechanical watch (1) allowing an electronic control circuit of the watch (1) movement to determine the moment at which and the direction in which an indication showing a magnitude of time has to be corrected, said device including a wheel (68), which is driven by the watch (1)... Agent: Eta Sa Manufacture Horlog&#xc8 Re Suisse

20110205856 - Programmable and reprogrammable mechanical memory wheel for a timepiece: v

20110205857 - Oscillating weight for an automatic winding watch, including a power reserve indicator device integrated in said oscillating weight:

20110205858 - Coupling assembly for a wristwatch: A releasable coupling assembly for securing a wristband to a watchcase. A pair of lug members extending from a top and a bottom sidewall of the watchcase provides respective alignment slots. The respective ends of a flexible wristband include a rigid connector member and guide pins registrable with the alignment... Agent:

20110205859 - Replaceable decorative cover for watches with digital display: The present invention relates to a replaceable decorative cover adapted to be snap-coupled with one of those watches formed of a monolithic rubber bracelet provided in the centre with a tapering enlarged section that contains the display of the watch.... Agent: Squan Di Pascual Luna Maria Paula & C. Sas

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110199864 - Day and time chronometer movement: A day clock has day, hour, and minute hands revolving continuously around a common center. It has a time adjustment knob and a day adjustment knob. When the day adjustment knob is pulled out, a set of gears are disengaged, allowing the day hand to be adjusted with that knob... Agent: Dayclocks, Inc.

20110199865 - Stepping motor control circuit and analogue electronic watch: The invention is aimed to be capable of detecting lowering of a power source without providing a circuit specific for voltage detection such as a comparator circuit. A stepping motor control circuit includes a battery configured to supply an electric power at least to a stepping motor, a rotation detection... Agent:

20110199866 - Breguet overcoil balance spring made of micro-machinable material: The invention relates to a Breguet overcoil balance spring (1) that includes a hairspring (3) mounted in a single part, made of micro-machinable material, and coaxially with a collet (5). According to the invention, the balance spring has a terminal curve (7) made of micro-machinable material and an elevation device... Agent: Montres Breguet S.a.

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110194381 - Routine clock with variable indicators: A routine clock for visually and audibly identifying time periods and events is disclosed. The routine clock may have indicators placed on the routine clock that may be variable in size corresponding to variable time periods. Within the time periods, unique events may be identified and when the time for... Agent:

20110194382 - Chronograph timepiece: To provide a chronograph timepiece which takes up a minimal region and which enables a related lever to return to an original position when a chronograph action instruction button is not pressed. A chronograph timepiece includes a plurality of heart cams, a start-stop button, a reset-to-zero button, a start-stop lever... Agent:

08/04/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110188351 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for schedule management based on locations of wireless devices: A method for managing appointments using a wireless device includes receiving scheduling data for a future appointment including a time associated with the future appointment. A current location of the wireless device is determined, and a reminder for the future appointment is provided at a time prior to the future... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20110188352 - Stepping motor control circuit and analogue electronic watch: The invention provides a stepping motor control circuit including a rotation detecting circuit configured to detect an induced signal generated according to the state of rotation of a stepping motor, and a control unit configured to select any one of a plurality of drive pulses having different energy from each... Agent:

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