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Horology: time measuring systems or devices June invention type 06/11

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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110158051 - Presentation apparatus and control method thereof: A presentation apparatus has an operating main body. The operating main body further includes a LED module and a control unit. The LED module is disposed on a surface of the operating main body. The control unit is electrically connected to the LED module, and controls the LED module to... Agent: Lite-on Technology Corporation

20110158052 - Timepiece with calendar mechanism including first date indicator and second date indicator: To provide a timepiece with a calendar mechanism whose movement is of a simple construction and whose date display is large and easy to see. A timepiece with a calendar mechanism according to the present invention is equipped with a first date indicator indicating the one place, a first date... Agent:

20110158053 - Chronograph timepiece: Provided is a chronograph timepiece to perform a system reset by an easy-to-understand operation for users, including a crown, an operating unit that at least starts and resets a time period measurement, a time hand drive unit that keeps time of day based on a clock signal for electrically driving... Agent:

20110158054 - Stepping motor control circuit and analogue electronic watch: The invention enables accurate detection of the state of rotation even when the timing of generation of a induced signal is changed due to the relative change of a drive energy with respect to a load. A plurality of types of detection segments are provided as the detection segments for... Agent:

20110158055 - Dynamometric device for indicating the remaining barrel torque in a timepiece: The invention is characterized in that it includes a strip spring (1) with a resilient arm (8) fixed to the plate, and in that said pin (10) is mounted on a support (12) of said arm (8), at one end of which it has a hand (6) displaying the barrel... Agent: Blancpain S.a.

20110158056 - Dual illumination watch face, and associated methods: Systems and methods for a dual illumination watch face having a tritium gas tube coupled with a dial, minute hand or hour hand of the watch face, and phosphorescent material disposed with at least one of the dial, minute hand and hour hand.... Agent:

20110158057 - Magnetic display for watches: A smaller sized flip dot display utilizes a magnetically actuated segment that rotates between two orientations. The orientations display two different optical states. There are disclosed various designs implementing magnetic actuators in conjunction with one or more of microcontrollers, capacitors, balanced flippers, sequentially driven flippers and other features to reduce... Agent:

20110158058 - Strike mechanism for a watch: The strike mechanism (1) of a watch includes a gong (21), which is secured by one end thereof to a gong-carrier (22) integral with a plate, a hammer (2) rotatably mounted on the plate for striking the gong (21) at predetermined times, a damping counterspring (5) for keeping the hammer... Agent: Montres Breguet Sa

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110149693 - Method of active remiding water drinking: A method of active reminding water drinking to help people nowadays who often forget to drink water because of busyness or assist caregivers of senior and aged people and patients to record regular water drinking conditions. The method calculates total water drinking amount within a preset time period and a... Agent:

20110149694 - Swim timer, lap cunter and swim analyzer: The swim device includes a wrist unit system wearable on a wrist and a hand, at least one hand sensor unit that is wearable on a hand, and at least one foot sensor unit wearable on a foot. The wrist unit system includes a wrist unit and at least one... Agent:

20110149695 - Single push-piece chronograph: The third intermediate position is unstable and defined on said first angular sector of the shuttle by an inclined surface located between said notches, said inclined surface being arranged such that the action of the elastic member causes the shuttle to pivot from said third position to said first stable... Agent: Eta Sa Manufacture Horlogere Suisse

20110149696 - Swiss lever escapement: e

20110149697 - Timepiece movement fitted with a vibrating alarm: Timepiece movement 1 including an energy source 36 coupled to an oscillating weight 2 by a first kinematic chain 3 for automatically winding the movement 1, the timepiece movement 1 being characterized in that the energy source 36 is also coupled to an actuation device 41 and a vibrating element... Agent: The Swatch Group Research And Development Ltd

06/16/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110141855 - System and method for updating information in electronic calendars: Systems and methods for updating information in an electronic calendar are disclosed. One example of the method includes recording a voice-tag memo via an in-vehicle telematics unit, the voice-tag memo containing information related to a calendar appointment, a calendar contact, or combinations thereof. The voice-tag memo is then converted into... Agent: General Motors LLC

20110141856 - Multimedia projection alarm clock with integrated illumination: A multimedia projection alarm clock with integrated illumination is disclosed. It includes a projector module which projects an animated image, an illuminating light source which emits illuminating light of adjustable color and/or brightness, a speaker which outputs music or sound effects, and a control unit which animates a projected image... Agent: Tirid Tech Co., Ltd.

20110141858 - Hand position detecting device and electronic timepiece: A hand position detecting device including: a first gear rotating with a minute hand; a second gear rotating with a second hand; a first detection target portion that is provided on the first gear and identifiable by light irradiation; a second detection target portion that is provided on the second... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20110141857 - Stepping motor control circuit and analogue electronic watch: A stepping motor control circuit includes a rotation detection circuit that detects an induced signal and detects whether or not the induced signal exceeds a predetermined reference threshold voltage in a detection segment having a plurality of detection areas, and a control unit that determines the state of rotation of... Agent:

20110141859 - Timepiece comprising a hand-setting mechanism controlled by a rotating bezel: A timepiece includes a case with a rotating bezel, time display elements, and a hand-setting mechanism which includes a hand-setting stem housed entirely inside the case and movable between at least a first axial position and a second or hand-setting axial position. Connection elements capable of enabling a kinematic connection... Agent: Giuliano Mazzuoli S.r.l.

20110141860 - Gear system for a timepiece: The invention relates to a system including a pinion (5) and a toothed wheel (7) coaxially mounted relative to a pivoting arbour (3). According to the invention, the gear system (1) includes a securing device (21) between the pinion and the wheel so as to prevent any relative movement of... Agent: Nivarox-far S.a.

06/09/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110134726 - Date displaying apparatus: A date displaying apparatus includes: a rotating plate including an upper surface on which a plurality of numerals respectively indicating a plurality of dates are inscribed in a circular pattern; and a fix plate provided above the rotating plate, the fix plate having an aperture portion to expose numerals of... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

06/02/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110128823 - Secure electronics timer: A lockable timing apparatus for multiple electronic devices includes an enclosure having a bottom, two side walls, an end wall, and a lid, with a door member opposing the end wall and hingedly attached to a side wall, the bottom, or the lid. At least one notch is in an... Agent:

20110128824 - Swim watch: A watch device for use by a swimmer while swimming in a body of water. The watch device may generally comprise a housing, a location determining component disposed within the housing and operable to receive one or more satellite signals to determine a current geographic location of the housing, and... Agent: Garmin Switzerland Gmbh

20110128825 - Image visualizing device: Electronic paper display comprises analyzer for a plurality of picture image data and controller for automatically changing the term, during which picture is visualized. Analyzer counts number of pictures in one month or one season to have controller automatically change the term per one picture to be visualized. Number of... Agent: Nl Giken Incorporated

20110128826 - Chronograph timepiece: In a chronograph timepiece of a construction in which chronograph hands are electrically drive-controlled and mechanically zero-restoring-controlled, even when backlash is generated due to zero-restoring, the chronograph hands are normally moved at the time of the next time measurement start. A chronograph timepiece includes a drive control unit starting a... Agent:

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