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Horology: time measuring systems or devices May archived by USPTO category 05/11

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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110122732 - User interface features for a watch: A watch provides a chronographic function while the watch is in a “sport” mode. If a user activates a button relating to the chronographic function, such as a “start/lap” button, then the light for the watch will automatically activate. The light may remain active for a significantly long time, such... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20110122733 - Stepping motor control circuit and analog electronic timepiece: A stepping motor control circuit includes a rotation detection portion that detects a rotation condition of a stepping motor, and a control portion that drives and controls the stepping motor by a correction drive pulse P2 having larger drive energy than one of any one of a plurality of main... Agent:

20110122734 - Chronograph timepiece: Disclosed is a chronograph timepiece whose chronograph hands are electrically drive-controlled and mechanically zero-restoring-controlled, wherein it possible to perform a normal operation at the time of start operation and reset operation. After a mechanical control unit releases the setting of chronograph hands in response to the start operation of a... Agent:

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110116346 - Bookmark with integrated electronic timer and method therefor: According to an example embodiment, an electronic bookmark includes a header and an electronic timer disposed within the header of the electronic bookmark. The electronic bookmark further includes a display disposed on a first surface of the header. The display of the electronic bookmark is configured to display an output... Agent: Farinella & Associates, LLC

20110116347 - Sprung balance resonator for a timepiece: c

20110116348 - Timepiece with ringing mechanism: A timepiece includes a movement and a current-time ringing mechanism that includes: an hour cam (40) for providing information on the hour of the current time to an hour sampler, quarter cam (28) for providing information on the quarters of the current time to a quarter sampler, a minute cam... Agent: Sowind S.a.

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110110198 - Game timer: The invention relates to a device for keeping time for at least two players of a game. The device includes: a housing with at least two surfaces; an orientation sensor arranged in the housing for sensing the orientation of the housing; a display arranged at each of the at least... Agent: Dgt Holding B.v.

20110110199 - Timepiece mechanism and module comprising such a mechanism: A mechanism and a timepiece module independent of the bottom plate of a movement, of a simple and compact design. The timepiece mechanism includes a control stem (3) mounted in a pivoting manner and movable between at least two axial positions, a control pinion (11; 13) mounted so as to... Agent: Ct Time S.a.

20110110200 - Striking mechanism with a gong noise insulator arrangement for a watch: The striking mechanism (1) of a watch includes at least one gong (3, 4, 5) fixed at one end to a gong-carrier (2) integral with a bottom plate, at least one hammer mounted on the plate for striking the gong, and a gong noise insulator arrangement (6, 7). At least... Agent: Montres Breguet Sa

20110110201 - Portable object with decorative effect: The invention concerns a portable object (1). This portable object includes at least one transparent or semi-transparent decorative element (2) arranged and held on a support (6). The element takes the form and appearance of a precious stone. The portable object further includes a layer of luminescent material (10), arranged... Agent: The Swatch Group Management Services Ag

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110103193 - Personal alert system with adhesive fixation: The present disclosure generally provides systems and methods of alerting a user at a predetermined time. This may be accomplished with a personal alarm device according to an embodiment of the present disclosure. Such personal alarm device includes an alarm clock that is coupled to an adhesive material. The adhesive... Agent:

20110103194 - Linear clock: The Linear Clock is a clock comprising: a timer circuit for maintaining hours and minutes for the time of day, a segment member having an adjustable length, an hour display showing the hour of the day, and a control circuit. The control circuit is responsive to the timer circuit and... Agent:

20110103195 - Watch assembly having a plurality of time-coordinated belts: A watch for providing a digital time display comprises a movement mechanism disposed in a case that includes a number of continuous belts. The belts each have a numerical indicia consistent with hours, minutes and optionally second. The belts mounted over opposed drums, and the drums are rotated through gear... Agent: Devon Works, LLC

20110103196 - Composite balance and method of manufacturing the same: The invention relates to a composite balance (45, 45′) formed in a layer of silicon-based material (21) and including a hub (39, 39′) connected to a felloe (37, 37′) by at least one arm (40, 41, 42, 43). According to the invention, the felloe (37, 37′) includes at least one... Agent: Nivarox-far S.a.

20110103197 - One-piece regulating member and method of manufacturing the same: The invention relates to a one-piece regulating member including a balance cooperating with a hairspring made in a layer of silicon-based material and including a balance spring coaxially mounted on a collet. According to the invention, the collet includes one extending part that projects from the balance spring and which... Agent: Nivarox-far S.a.

20110103198 - Watch strap or bracelet: The invention concerns a strap or bracelet (1) including a first strand (2) and a second strand (3). The second strand (3) is connected to a clasp (1a) that includes a fastening device (13). The fastening device (13) joins the strands (2, 3) to each other. The invention is characterized... Agent: The Swatch Group Management Services Ag

20110103199 - Decorative piece made by inlay: The present invention concerns a decorative piece (1) including a first (2) and a second part (3). The second part (3) is secured in the first part (3) by inlay. The invention is characterized in that at least one of the parts (2, 3) is made of an at least... Agent: Omega S.a.

20110103200 - System for securing a part without driving in or bonding: e

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