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Horology: time measuring systems or devices March listing by industry category 03/10

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03/25/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100074058 - Device incorporating both time keeping and static adjustment dials for determining feeding times and position: A breastfeeding assist timepiece includes a housing containing a first live time display and a second resettable static time display. A left/right side indicator is defined at a further location of said housing. In use, the static time display is continuously reset to a time of a most recently completed... Agent: Gifford, Krass, Sprinkle,anderson & Citkowski, P.c

20100074059 - Radio-controlled timepiece: The radio-controlled timepiece is configured to include an antenna receiving a standard radio wave and a plurality of motors driving indicator portions which indicate information. A fourth motor which is driven at a lowest frequency during the standard radio wave reception of the antenna is disposed closer to the antenna... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P.

20100074060 - Metal-cased motor vehicle stopwatch: A metal-cased motor vehicle stopwatch includes: a metal case of which the front side encloses a mouth from an opening fringe; a window sheet formed on a top side opposite to the mouth of metal case; and a frame body surrounding to form a frame orifice. The frame orifice is... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20100074061 - Multifunction time display device: A multifunction time display device includes a main body, a first element, a second element, and an indication element. The main body includes a casing, and the casing possesses a transparent portion. The first element moves inside the casing as time goes by. The second element is removably attached to... Agent: Thomas, Kayden, Horstemeyer & Risley, LLP

03/18/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100067332 - Watch with a time zone display: A watch includes a conventional hour hand and minute hand. The watch also includes a time zone display with a window in which information regarding a time zone is placed on a disc. This time zone includes a time display comprising at least one hour display, which may also be... Agent: The Webb Law Firm, P.C.

03/11/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100061190 - Vehicle log calculator: A calculator is provided to assist a vehicle operator with the task of filling out and maintaining their log books. The calculator includes an input device that may receive a signal in accordance with the setting and release of the parking brake. The input device may also be a physical... Agent: Kenneth Nelson

20100061191 - Silent time reminding device: A silent time reminding device including a soft elastic fastening band and a main body. The fastening band can be fitted on a suitable part of human body. A clipped section is disposed on an outer face of the fastening band to define a pocket with the fastening band. At... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20100061192 - Anti-shock collet: The collet, which can be made in a single piece and at the same time as the balance-spring, is formed by a plate (1) which includes an aperture (3) for attachment to a balance staff (5) and has an asymmetrical contour (9) which follows at a substantially constant distance d... Agent: Griffin & Szipl, PC

20100061193 - Electronic timepiece: An electronic timepiece, comprises a timing section to perform timing of time based on an oscillation signal; an electric wave receiving section to receive an electric wave; a voltage detecting section to detect a power source voltage supplied from a power source section; and a stop control section to stop... Agent: Frishauf, Holtz, Goodman & Chick, PC

20100061194 - Mechanism for the positioning of wristwatch control elements: The invention relates to a mechanism for the positioning of wristwatch control elements, whereas such control element may be implemented as a crown intended for the adjustment of the watch—as well as winding up the energy storage spring, for mechanical watches—or a pushbutton, and it is embedded in a hole... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100061195 - Electrophoretic display device, a manufacturing method for an electrophoretic display device, and a wristwatch: An electrophoretic display device has at least a laminate including a transparent substrate, a transparent electrode layer, an electrophoretic display layer, a drive electrode layer having drive electrodes for driving the electrophoretic display layer, and a back substrate laminated sequentially from the display surface side, and a protective sheet that... Agent: Epson Research And Development Inc Intellectual Property Dept

20100061196 - Alarm device: An alarm device includes a first portion housing an alarm component for producing an audible sound upon actuation in response to an alarm event and a second portion housing a vibration-inducing component for producing shaking movement in the device upon actuation in response to an alarm event. The first and... Agent: Tillman Wright, PLLC

03/04/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100054086 - Outing record device: Provided, among other things, is an outing record device comprising, in a compact, wall-mountable device: controller with associated memory; display(s) for displaying a outing time and an outing duration time; a receiver suitable for hanging an Object; and a trigger responsive to the removal from and placement on the receiver... Agent: Raymond R. Moser Jr., Esq. MoserIPLaw Group

20100054087 - Electronic timepiece: An electronic timepiece having a function for receiving satellite signals transmitted from positioning information satellites, including a satellite signal reception unit that receives the satellite signals, a satellite capturing unit that executes a process of capturing the positioning information satellites within a capture time based on the satellite signals received... Agent: Epson Research And Development Inc Intellectual Property Dept

20100054088 - Time counting assembly with a display for world time zones: A time counting assembly with a display for world time zones comprised of a power source, a second counter, a minute counter, an hour counter, and a time zone display for displaying a correct time over a faceplate. Stir the time zone adjustable ring with the hand to align a... Agent: Guice Patents PLLC

20100054089 - Timepiece component and method for making same: The invention relates to a timepiece component, such as a balance (1), an oscillating mass (12) or a wheel (20), that comprises a structure (2) made according to a micro-manufacturing technique, such as the DRIE technique. The component is characterised in that it further comprises at least one member (3)... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20100054090 - Mechanical oscillator for timepiece: Mechanical oscillator for a timepiece comprising a balance (10) and a hairspring (12). The balance (10) and the hairspring (12) are produced from the same material. This material is non-magnetic and has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion.... Agent: Mcglew & Tuttle, PC

20100054091 - Ringing mechanism: The invention relates to a ringing mechanism comprising a power source (10) for driving rakes (18) and a gear (12) connecting the power source (10) to a regulation member (14), characterised in that the rakes (18) are kinetically connected to the power source (10) through a differential (20) provided in... Agent: Young & Thompson

20100054092 - Method of manufacturing multi-level, silicon, micromechanical parts and parts thereby obtained: a) a first element (3) or a plurality of said first elements (3) is/are machined in a first silicon wafer (1) keeping said elements (3) joined together via material bridges (5); b) step a) is repeated with a second silicon wafer (2) in order to machine a second element (4),... Agent: Griffin & Szipl, PC

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