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Horology: time measuring systems or devices April category listing, related patent applications 04/09

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04/30/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090109798 - Events recordation device, system and method for caregivers: In accordance with at least one exemplary embodiment, an events recordation device, system and method is disclosed. The events recordation device can include an electronic module having a microprocessor, memory, and a display operatively connected. More than one data entry mechanism can be connected to and can form part of... Agent: Maier & Maier, PLLC

20090109797 - Method, a device and a system for executing an action at a predetermined time: A method of executing an action at a predetermined time by a device is disclosed. The device has a latency time between initiation of the execution of the action and the actual execution of the action. The method includes advancing the initiation of the execution of the action by the... Agent: Agilent Technologies Inc.

20090109800 - Mobile medication: A mobile medication device including a timekeeping unit, which may be a wrist watch and may include a microprocessor, to track a plurality of time events associated with a plurality of medications to given to a user, wherein the time events may be specific times at which a particular medication... Agent: Client 21058 C/o Darby & Darby P.C.

20090109799 - System and method for displaying a calendar for browsing digital images: A method for displaying a calendar for browsing digital images is disclosed. The method includes generating data for each of a plurality of digital image files captured by the camera module, wherein the data are stored in an image file list. A selected calendar month of the calendar is read... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Steven Reiss

20090109801 - Timepiece including optical guide which performs the function of a crystal: There is disclosed a timepiece (40) including optical means for forming a decorative pattern, in the form of a figurative image, in response to an action by the user. The optical means forming a figurative image include an optical guide (1, 51) having two large faces (10, 11) and at... Agent: Griffin & Szipl, PC

20090109802 - Method and apparatus for displaying time on a display panel: A method and apparatus for displaying time on a display panel having a plurality of segment type character display units are provided. Time is displayed in a first position on the display panel by activating a first group of segments in the character display units. The display of time is... Agent: John K. Mccormick

04/23/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090103397 - Comprehensive time determining system: A comprehensive time determining system includes a list of geographical locations located on a periphery thereof. The base section further includes a plurality of time zones associated with the geographical locations. The time zones are presented on a time strip on the base section. The list of geographical locations on... Agent: Lawrence N. Ginsberg

20090103398 - Chronograph watch: c

20090103399 - Base module for timepiece, in particular wristwatch: The invention concerns a base module comprising a barrel device, a display device, and a power reserve indicator, all the components of the module being placed vertically relative to the flanks of the case, and the adjusting member being arranged visibly and directly accessible on the flank of the case.... Agent: Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen

20090103400 - Case for wristwatch: This watch case comprises a closed enclosure to take a watch movement, having a middle traversed by at least one control stem, to which middle are fixed both a base and a glass. This closed enclosure is housed in an outer jacket having an upper element with an opening for... Agent: Westerman, Hattori, Daniels & Adrian, LLP

04/16/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090097361 - Content display method, a content display apparatus, and a recording medium on which a content display program is recorded: A content display method is disclosed. The content display method includes the steps of: accepting an instruction input to create a target calendar; extracting a content that indication information has to be displayed in an elapsed period having already passed and a content that indication information has to be displayed... Agent: Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20090097362 - Musical module for a watch movement: A musical module for a watch movement, said module comprising a barrel (11), at least one part (5) having pins (12), a comb (13) with a number of tines, a regulating system (7, 8, 9, 10), and a control device (16, 17, 21). The part (5) or each part (5)... Agent: Ip Patent Docketing K&l Gates LLP

20090097363 - Meeting clock: A method and apparatus for displaying appointment information on a face of a clock is disclosed. When the clock receives appointment information, the appointment information is stored in a memory. The appointment information for the next 12 hours is then displayed around the face of the clock.... Agent: Warren A. Sklar (soer) Renner, Otto, Boisselle & Sklar, LLP

04/09/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090092008 - Apparatus for diarizing janitorial service: The invention provides an apparatus for diarizing the performance of janitorial services that includes an electronic display unit for indicating when a service was last completed and an input device for signalling when the display is to be updated. The apparatus can include a chassis mountable on a wall of... Agent: Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione

04/02/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090086580 - Hand position detecting device and apparatus including the device: It is determined whether light has passed through apertures in a seconds, a center and an intermediate wheels and a relevant one of apertures in an hour wheel, thereby determining their respective rotational positions. When the center wheel rotates one step at a time in a predetermined direction to such... Agent: Frishauf, Holtz, Goodman & Chick, PC

20090086581 - Hand position detecting device and apparatus including the device: A detection unit detects light passing through apertures provided in a seconds wheel, a center wheel and an hour wheel, respectively, which rotate on the same axis. The apertures in the seconds wheel include a circular aperture provided at a reference position therein, and two apertures provided separated by corresponding... Agent: Frishauf, Holtz, Goodman & Chick, PC

20090086579 - Wearable medication apparatus: A wearable medication container includes a time piece incorporated into a first portion of the wearable apparatus; a second portion of the wearable apparatus, the second portion connected to the first portion via a hinge, the first portion and the second portion configured to include at least one insulating membrane;... Agent: Anderson Law Group, PLLC

20090086582 - Dual illumination watch face, and associated methods: Systems and methods for a dual illumination watch face having a tritium gas tube coupled with a dial, minute hand or hour hand of the watch face, and phosphorescent material disposed with at least one of the dial, minute hand and hour hand.... Agent: Lathrop & Gage Lc

20090086583 - Zero reset device for two time counters: Timepiece device for simultaneously resetting to zero two time counters, particularly for a chronograph mechanism, each of the two time counters pivoting about an arbour secured to a cam (6b, 8b), the simultaneous zero reset device (1) including a lever (4) with two hammers (6, 8), which are applied against... Agent: Griffin & Szipl, PC

20090086584 - Spring device and timepiece: A spring device having an inside-end wheel that moves in conjunction with the inside end of a mainspring; an outside-end wheel that moves in conjunction with the outside end of the mainspring; a torque return unit that transfers part of the output torque of the mainspring from one to the... Agent: GlobalIPCounselors, LLP

20090086585 - Electronic device with an alarm clock function and method of controlling the function: An electronic device with an alarm clock function includes a storage unit storing an alarm time, audio files and related information; an audio playing module for randomly playing an audio file via an audio output unit which matches the alarm time; an option generating module for generating and outputting preset... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Steven Reiss

20090086586 - Timing system and device and method for making the same: A timing device for indicating the passage of a duration of time is disclosed. The timing device and system, in accordance with the embodiments of the invention, comprise an electrochemical component which generates a visual and/or audio indication of the passage of time. The timing device further comprises a compensating... Agent: Haverstock & Owens LLP Attn: Jonathan O. Owens

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