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Honeywell International, Inc. patents

The following is a sampling of recent Honeywell International, Inc. patent applications (USPTO Patent Application #, Patent Title) sorted by month.

August 2012 - Honeywell International, Inc. patents

20120210173 - Error propagation in a system model

July 2012 - Honeywell International, Inc. patents

20120181010 - User setup for an hvac remote control unit
20120174750 - Armor materials, body armor articles and methods of manufacture
20120173139 - Position estimation for navigation devices

June 2012 - Honeywell International, Inc. patents

20120154103 - Thermally actuated multiple output thermal switch device
20120148386 - Turbocharger with divided turbine housing and annular rotary bypass valve for the turbine
20120150441 - Systems and methods for navigation using cross correlation on evidence grids

May 2012 - Honeywell International, Inc. patents

20120116593 - Hvac controller that selectively replaces operating information on a display with system status information

April 2012 - Honeywell International, Inc. patents

20120096877 - Hydrofluorocarbon refrigerant compositions for heat pump water heaters
20120097885 - Compositions containing difluoromethane and fluorine substituted olefins
20120098924 - Signal spectra detection system
20120099976 - Fan containment systems with improved impact structures
20120100024 - Scroll compressor with partial unloader for start-up
20120101600 - Apparatus and method for advanced alarming in field device protocols
20120101777 - Control effector health capabilities determination reasoning system and method
20120102422 - Systems and methods for improving an in-trail procedures request
20120090736 - Coated components and methods of fabricating coated components and coated turbine disks
20120090890 - Rapidly self-drying rectifying flame rod
20120092153 - Rest and rss enabled access control panel
20120092158 - Integrated mobile identification system with intrusion system that detects intruder
20120092159 - Failsafe signal transmission for wireless sensor mesh
20120092510 - Systems and methods for managing video data
20120093477 - Graphical bookmarking of video data with user inputs in video surveillance
20120093649 - Turbine blades and turbine rotor assemblies
20120094196 - Hybrid fuel cell
20120095625 - Systems and methods for alerting potential tailstrike during landing
20120096131 - Systems and methods for interacting with access control devices
20120085349 - Respirator with end-of-service-life detection
20120085410 - Flexible quantum dot sensitized solar cells
20120085409 - Method for enhancing the conversion efficiency of cdse-quantum dot sensitized solar cells
20120088294 - Method for single nucleotide polymorphism and mutation detection using real time polymerase chain reaction microarray
20120089330 - System and method for wavelet-based gait classification
20120081181 - Comparator circuit having latching behavior and digital output sensors therefrom
20120081236 - Near-to-eye head tracking ground obstruction system and method
20120084025 - Apparatus and method for product movement planning to support safety monitoring in inventory management systems
20120084660 - Quick connect and disconnect, base line configuration, and style configurator
20120084696 - User interface list control system

March 2012 - Honeywell International, Inc. patents

20120074928 - System and method for improving accuracy of high voltage phasing voltmeters
20120063518 - Devices, methods, and systems for building monitoring
20120064910 - Notifying a user of an event

February 2012 - Honeywell International, Inc. patents

20120040190 - Epoxy/acrylate hybrid coatings for opthalmic lenes
20120033096 - Motion blur modeling for image formation
20120034568 - Combustion air control
20120028587 - Dual-feed antenna array with integral comparison circuit for phase and amplitude calibration

January 2012 - Honeywell International, Inc. patents

20120015863 - Cleaning compositions and methods
20120016539 - Systems and methods of altitude determination

August 2011 - Honeywell International, Inc. patents

20110193009 - Methods of preventing frost formation and facilitating the removal of winter precipitation relative to a windshield and compositions for use therein

July 2011 - Honeywell International, Inc. patents

20110171009 - Variable-vane assembly having unison ring guided radially by rollers and fixed members, and restrained axially by one or more fixed axial stops
20110171918 - Mems based multiband receiver architecture

June 2011 - Honeywell International, Inc. patents

20110148666 - User interface passive haptic feedback system

May 2011 - Honeywell International, Inc. patents

20110120133 - Dual walled combustors with improved liner seals
20110120132 - Dual walled combustors with impingement cooled igniters
20110121203 - Authentication apparatus for moving value documents
20110121967 - Tamper-proof security system component
20110121998 - Systems and methods for alerting to traffic proximity in the airport environment
20110122017 - Single-antenna fm/cw marine radar
20110122257 - Geolocation of objects in an area of interest
20110123133 - Gaussian mixture model based illumination normalization for global enhancement
20110123312 - Gas turbine engine components with improved film cooling
20110123325 - Seal plates for directing airflow through a turbine section of an engine and turbine sections
20110123329 - Sealing apparatus and engines
20110123385 - Methods of forming dual microstructure components
20110125293 - Fast algorithm for model predictive control
20110125503 - Methods and systems for utilizing voice commands onboard an aircraft
20110125542 - Demand response management system
20110125968 - Architecture and method for cache-based checkpointing and rollback
20110126049 - Architecture and method for hardware-assisted processor checkpointing and rollback
20110126288 - Method for software vulnerability flow analysis, generation of vulnerability-covering code, and multi-generation of functionally-equivalent code
20110114068 - Engine start-up with a secondary fuel
20110114093 - Automatic fitment detection and flow calibration using non-contact sensing in powered air purifying respirators
20110115383 - Thermally compensated end of life timer for led based aircraft lighting
20110115426 - Control system for battery charge maintenance in a power system with main ac generator control
20110115602 - Systems and methods for commissioning access control devices
20110115623 - Alert system with zoning using wireless portable detectors and a central station
20110115649 - Intelligent crew alerting system and method for aircraft and other vehicle applications
20110115969 - Distributed agile illumination system and method
20110117508 - Portable gas torch suitable for igniting a flame in combustion equipment
20110118905 - Methods systems and apparatus for analyzing complex systems via prognostic reasoning
20110118904 - Method and system to reduce impact of non-atc datalink messages on atc datalink messages on a shared air-ground communication link
20110118909 - Systems and methods of detecting low takeoff performance due to incorrect weight information
20110118911 - stabilized approach monitor
20110119279 - Event-based trending filter system
20110107839 - Pressure sensor assembly
20110108102 - Solar cell with enhanced efficiency
20110108671 - Flight control surface actuation force fight mitigation system and method
20110108935 - Silicon tab edge mount for a wafer level package
20110109293 - Systems and methods for limiting input power and rms input current drawn from a dc power source
20110109354 - Automatic control of clock duty cycle
20110110643 - Systems and methods for managing video data
20110111123 - Increased area weight segments with pitch densification to produce lower cost and higher density aircraft friction materials
20110111211 - Protective coatings for ceramic matrix composite substrates and methods for improving the wear resistance thereof and coated articles produced therefrom
20110111385 - Automated training system and method based on performance evaluation
20110111392 - Integrated enhanced chemiluminescence biosensors
20110112002 - Methods of cleaning components having internal passages
20110112339 - Dehydrochlorination of hydrochlorofluorocarbons using pre-treated activated carbon catalysts
20110112659 - System identification in automated process control
20110099973 - Internal bypass exhaust gas cooler
20110100584 - Method of determining effective heat transfer capability of a fluid coolant composition
20110101167 - Methods and systems for imposing a momentum boundary while reorienting an agile vehicle with control moment gyroscopes
20110101969 - Self-powered magnetic tachometer
20110102055 - Low-side driver high-voltage transient protection circuit
20110102134 - Energy saving security system
20110102199 - Aircraft visual display system with direct page navigation
20110102243 - Digitally controlled uwb millimeter wave radar
20110102286 - Modulated antenna for wireless communications
20110102545 - Uncertainty estimation of planar features
20110102894 - Mirror design for silicon optical bench
20110103113 - Composite ac to dc power converter
20110103383 - Two dimensional location transparency of software services
20110103390 - Serialized enforced authenticated controller area network
20110105008 - Catalytic air purification system for a vehicle using multiple heat sources from an engine
20110105807 - Integrated process for fluoro-olefin production
20110106343 - Airport lighting aid simulation system
20110106447 - System for providing a pilot of an aircraft with a visual depiction of a terrain
20110106590 - Weighted assessment of cognitive workloads of team members responsible for execution of an operation
20110107022 - Reducing power consumption for dynamic memories using distributed refresh control

April 2011 - Honeywell International, Inc. patents

20110085902 - Low-noise ported-shroud compressor for a turbocharger

March 2011 - Honeywell International, Inc. patents

20110062937 - Low voltage bandgap voltage reference circuit
20110059421 - Apparatus and method for automated feedback and dynamic correction of a weapon system

February 2010 - Honeywell International, Inc. patents

20100044170 - Reactive sintering to eliminate metal inserts in carbon-carbon brake discs


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