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Hirohito Ito patents

Recent patents with Hirohito Ito listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

Drawing apparatus, and method of manufacturing article

Drawing apparatus, and method of manufacturing article

Hirohito Ito - Related organizations: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha patents

06/12/14 - 20140162191 - Drawing apparatus, and method of manufacturing article
A drawing apparatus, that performs drawing on a substrate with charged particle beams based on first image data associated with a first grid, includes a blanker array including a plurality of columns each including a plurality of blankers, a scanning deflector configured to deflect at least one of the charged...
Inventors: Hirohito Ito (Canon Kabushiki Kaisha)

05/30/13 - 20130137044 - Scanning apparatus, drawing apparatus, and method of manufacturing article
A scanning apparatus which performs scan on an object with a charged particle beam includes: a blanking deflector configured to individually blank a plurality of charged particle beams based on control data; a scanning deflector configured to collectively deflect the plurality of charged particle beams to perform the scan; and...
Inventors: Hirohito Ito, Yusuke Sugiyama (Canon Kabushiki Kaisha)

07/07/11 - 20110164230 - Positioning apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
A positioning apparatus according to the present invention includes: a tabletop having a plane; a plurality of actuators configured to be driven in a direction perpendicular to the plane to move the tabletop; and a control unit configured to measure a frequency response of the tabletop and, when a peak...
Inventors: Hirohito Ito (Canon Kabushiki Kaisha)

06/30/11 - 20110159189 - Imprint apparatus and method for producing article
An imprint apparatus is disclosed that forms, by pressing a resin applied onto a substrate and a mold against each other, a pattern on the substrate. The imprint apparatus includes a substrate stage that holds the substrate, and a control unit for controlling the position of the stage by outputting...
Inventors: Hirohito Ito, Nobushige Korenaga, Makoto Miyazaki (Canon Kabushiki Kaisha)

12/17/09 - 20090310145 - Positioning apparatus, positioning method, exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, and methods of manufacturing positioning apparatus and exposure apparatus
A positioning apparatus comprises a controller for controlling a driving device, and positions a measurement portion of an optical element. The controller displaces a drive portion of the optical element by a specific operation of the driving device, and calculate a displacement of the optical element as a first displacement...
Inventors: Yusuke Sugiyama, Hirohito Ito (Canon Kabushiki Kaisha)

02/05/09 - 20090033901 - Driving apparatus and exposure apparatus using the same and device manufacturing method
A driving apparatus for driving an object in a vacuum environment includes a first chamber whose interior is maintained in a vacuum environment, a mover configured to load the object, and a stator, wherein the mover includes one or more magnets, the stator includes one or more coils. The mover...
Inventors: Hirohito Ito (Canon Kabushiki Kaisha)

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