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Hidekazu Matsuda patents

Recent patents with Hidekazu Matsuda listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

Hidekazu Matsuda - Related organizations: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha patents

Charging member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus

09/18/14 - 20140274628 - The charging member comprises an electroconductive support and an electroconductive surface layer, the surface layer comprising at least one of the compounds respectively represented by formula (1), formula (3), and formula (4) defined in the specification, a binder resin, and a conducting agent. The process cartridge and the electrophotographic apparatus
Inventors: Hidekazu Matsuda, Noboru Miyagawa

Process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus

09/11/14 - 20140255838 - A process cartridge that can suppress production of a banding image attributed to contact rotation of an electrophotographic photosensitive member and a charging member and output a high-quality image is provided. The charging member includes an electro-conductive substrate and an electroconductive resin layer, the resin layer contains a binder, a
Inventors: Hidekazu Matsuda, Daisuke Tanaka, Atsushi Uematsu

Charging member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus

08/07/14 - 20140221183 - In order to maintain the image quality of a recent high-speed electrophotographic apparatus, a charging member is provided which hardly causes charging unevenness of a photosensitive member even when vibration of the photosensitive member occurs. The charging member includes an electro-conductive support, an electro-conductive elastic layer, and a surface layer.
Inventors: Noboru Miyagawa, Hidekazu Matsuda

Charging member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus

09/26/13 - 20130251403 - The charging member includes: an electrically conductive support; and an electrically conductive surface layer, in which the surface layer includes a first polyrotaxane and a second polyrotaxane; the first polyrotaxane has a structure in which a first straight-chain molecule passes through an inside of a ring of a first cyclic
Inventors: Hidekazu Matsuda, Noboru Miyagawa, Satoshi Koide

Electro-conductive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus

09/12/13 - 20130236214 - Provided is an electro-conductive member in which a C set hardly occurs. The electro-conductive member is an electro-conductive member including an electro-conductive substrate and a porous rubber elastic layer, in which the porous rubber elastic layer includes closed cells including particles, and the particles are not fixed to inner walls
Inventors: Satoshi Koide, Hidekazu Matsuda, Noboru Miyagawa

Charging member, electrophotographic process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus

08/29/13 - 20130223886 - The present invention aims to achieve compatibility between high conductivity and durability against the application of a DC voltage in the charging member of an electrophotographic apparatus for maintaining the image quality of the electrophotographic apparatus in association with an increase in speed of the electrophotographic apparatus and more severe
Inventors: Noboru Miyagawa, Hidekazu Matsuda, Satoshi Koide

Charging member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus

06/07/12 - 20120141162 - Provided is the following charging member of an electrophotographic apparatus. The charging member suppresses the occurrence of each of a streak-like image, a spot-like image, and a rough image that occur when image formation is performed over a long time period. Also provided are a process cartridge and an electrophotographic
Inventors: Hiroshi Mayuzumi, Tomohito Taniguchi, Hidekazu Matsuda, Nozomu Takahata, Yusuke Yagisawa, Satoshi Koide, Masataka Kodama

Charging member, process for its production, process cartridge

07/01/10 - 20100166454 - Concerned with a charging member in the conductive surface layer of which the conductive particles are so kept from agglomerating as to make charging performance not easily change even where the surface layer expands and contracts repeatedly in various environments. The charging member is a charging member having a conductive
Inventors: Tomohito Taniguchi, Takumi Furukawa, Hidekazu Matsuda, Yusuke Yagisawa

Charging roller, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus

06/10/10 - 20100142998 - The present invention provides a charging roller having a stable chargeability and capable of preventing occurrence of “fogging” on an electrophotographic image. The invention relates to a contact-charging type charging roller which includes a conductive support and a surface layer. The surface layer contains a binder, resin particles containing a
Inventors: Takumi Furukawa, Tomohito Taniguchi, Hidekazu Matsuda, Yusuke Yagisawa

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