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Heat exchange

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11/13/2014 > 22 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140332177 - Closed loop cooling of a plasma gun to improve hardware life: Water cooling system (1) for a plasma gun (2), method for cooling a plasma gun (2) and method for increasing a service life of a plasma gun (2). The system (1) includes a water cooler structured and arranged to remove heat from cooling water to be supplied to the plasma... Agent: Sulzer Metco (us) Inc.

20140332178 - Method and apparatus for delivering a tool to the interior of a heat exchange tube: A delivery system for remotely driving an eddy current probe through the tubing of a heat exchanger. The system uses a flexible shaft and air pressure to move an inspection probe through the heat exchanger tubes. The flexible shaft initially drives the probe through a sealed conduit to deliver the... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

20140332179 - Vehicle heating/cooling system with consolidated heating/cooling core: A vehicle heating/cooling system (100) has a consolidated heating/cooling core (104) coupled to a closed engine coolant circuit (136), to a closed refrigerant circuit (140) and to a closed thermally regulated fluid circuit (146).... Agent:

20140332180 - Cooling device with drainage openings for a metering valve: The invention relates to a device for cooling a metering module, in particular a module for metering an operating agent/auxiliary agent such as a reducing agent into the exhaust gas system of an internal combustion engine. A cooling device through which a cooling fluid flows is associated with the metering... Agent:

20140332181 - Air duct: An air duct includes a first duct. The first duct includes a first top board, two first sidewalls connected to opposite sides of the first top board, and a side cover. One of the first sidewalls defines an cutout. The side cover is rotatably connected to the first sidewall to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140332182 - Heat sink for cooling power electronics: A heat sink device for cooling a power electronics module includes a base platform having a first surface and a second surface on opposite sides of the base platform, a plurality of upright members extending outwardly from the first surface of the base platform and defining a cavity wherein the... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140332183 - Disassemblable and washable primary surface heat exchanger: The present invention relates to a disassemblable and washable primary surface heat exchanger, and more particularly, to a disassemblable and washable primary surface heat exchanger which includes a plurality of heat exchange cells disassemblably mounted inside an openable housing and having primary surface plates to thereby be easily maintained and... Agent:

20140332184 - Heat dissipation system and rack-mount server using the same: A heat dissipation system includes a chassis, a number of heat absorbing boxes, a number of pipes, a first water tank and a second water tank received in the chassis, a number of fins sandwiched between the first water tank and the second water tank, a number of fans aligning... Agent:

20140332185 - Heat insulating device, method for manufacturing the same, and heat dissipating system including the same: A heat dissipating system is disclosed to be disposed in a casing of an electronic apparatus in which a heat source is disposed. The heat dissipating system includes a heat dissipating device and a heat insulating device. The heat dissipating device is in contact with the heat source and has... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140332186 - Dissipation utilizing flow of refrigerant: Technologies are generally described for devices, methods, and programs for heat dissipating utilizing flow of refrigerant. An example heat dissipating device includes a conductive chamber to receive a fluid refrigerant, and the conductive chamber itself includes an evaporation portion having an interior layer and an exterior layer that is in... Agent:

20140332187 - Titanium-based thermal ground plane: Titanium-based thermal ground planes are described. A thermal ground plane in accordance with the present invention comprises a titanium substrate comprising a plurality of pillars, wherein the plurality of Ti pillars can be optionally oxidized to form nanostructured titania coated pillars, and a vapor cavity, in communication with the plurality... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140332188 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger is provided having two headers with a plurality of elongate tubes extending between the headers, where the tubes cooperate with an array of fins. The tubes have a plurality of dimpled sections having a non-uniform dimple density alternating with a plurality of smooth sections. The alternating dimpled... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140332189 - Fan coil unit: A fan coil unit is provided including a cabinet formed from a plurality of panels. A fan assembly is configured to circulate air through the cabinet. A heat exchanger assembly is positioned within the cabinet. The heat exchanger assembly includes at least one heat exchanger coil arranged in a heat... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140332190 - Collector box for a heat exchanger, in particular for a motor vehicle, cover for said box, and heat exchanger including such a box: The invention relates to a collector box for a heat exchanger, in particular for a motor vehicle, including a collector plate (5), a cover (6), and a seal (7) for providing a seal between said collector plate (5) and said cover (6), said seal (7) including an attachment portion (22)... Agent:

20140332191 - Extreme environment heat exchanger: The heat exchanger (10) includes a ceramic matrix composite (12) (stable at temperatures up to 1,650° C.) surrounding and defining a hot fluid conduit (14). A hardenable material (18) having a high thermal conductivity is formed into a heat transfer layer (16) surrounding the ceramic matrix composite (12). A metal... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140332192 - Surface features to enhance brazing process: Embodiments disclosed herein generally relate to methods, systems and apparatuses configured to form and/or configure hydrophobic and/or hydrophilic surface features on the workpieces to enhance a brazing process. The hydrophilic and/or the hydrophobic surface features can be arranged to facilitate directing a melted filler material to where the filler material... Agent: Trane International Inc.

20140332194 - Apparatus, systems and methods for reducing noise generated by rotating couplings and drives: A heat sink element for a device is operable by relative rotation of a conductor rotor assembly and a magnet rotor assembly. The heat sink element includes a base portion and a plurality of fins. The base portion includes a mounting face that is sized and dimensioned to be coupled... Agent: Magnadrive Corporation

20140332193 - Thermally-conductive elastic body: Disclosed is a thermally-conductive elastic body that effectively dissipates heat generated from a heat generation source such as an electronic product and prevents a phenomenon in which small graphite fragments are separated from (fall off) a graphite layer by completely sealing up the graphite layer that conducts the heat. The... Agent:

20140332195 - Chiller control: A method includes predicting, using a predicted flow of heat into an area, a quantity of energy used by a chiller to maintain a temperature of the area at a desired temperature during each of a first plurality of time periods of a chilling cycle. A set point of the... Agent:

20140332197 - Air conditioner terminal device, air conditioning apparatus and data center: An air conditioner terminal device (100) and a data center comprising the air conditioner terminal device, wherein the air conditioner terminal device (100) comprises a heat exchanger (12), a variable-speed fan (22), an air passage (101) communicating from an air suction port (11) to an air discharge port (21), and... Agent:

20140332196 - Ground water air conditioning systems and associated methods: A cooling system may include a liquid coolant subsystem comprising a cool water source configured to hold water, an air cooling subsystem comprising an air chamber that contains air therein, an air conditioning apparatus comprising a heat exchanger of a liquid-to-air type having a heat sink in thermal communication, a... Agent:

20140332198 - Automatic in situ coolant flow control in lft heat exchanger: In association with a liquid flow through a heat exchanger situated to remove heat from electronic devices, a coolant flow control apparatus is provided. The coolant flow control apparatus comprises a first input channel for carrying liquid coolant to a first input of the heat exchanger; a flow control device... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140326429 - Container for storing, transporting, and disassociating hydrate pellets and method for storing, transporting, and disassociating hydrate pellets by using same: Disclosed is a container for storing, transporting, and dissociating hydrate pellets, the container comprising: a first container (100) made up of a plurality of frames; a second container (200) which is rotatably installed inside the first container (100), stores hydrate pellets therein, and has an internal surface to which a... Agent:

20140326428 - Method and system for conditioning air in an enclosed environment with distributed air circulation systems: A system for conditioning air in a building including a fan-coil unit arranged adjacent to or within an indoor space within the building and additionally configured to at least one of heat and cool the air of the indoor space, and a scrubber arranged adjacent to or within the indoor... Agent: Enverid Systems, Inc.

20140326430 - Vehicle with traction motor with preemptive cooling of motor fluid circuit prior to cooling of battery fluid circuit: A thermal management system for an electric vehicle includes a controller that carries out a method of cooling a battery of the electric vehicle. The method includes: a) when charging the battery using an external electrical source but prior to the temperature of the battery reaching a selected temperature, cooling... Agent:

20140326431 - Attachment system for thermal protection panels: A thermally protected attachment system is provided. A device including a cover hingeably coupled to a thermal blanket is provided. The thermal blanket and cover may be configured to insulate a cavity defined by the interior of the thermal blanket and the cover in response to the cover being in... Agent: Rohr, Inc.

20140326432 - Counter-flow energy recovery ventilator (erv) core: A heat and humidity exchanger has example application in exchanging heat and water vapour between fresh air entering a building and air being vented from the building. The heat and humidity exchanger has a self-supporting core formed from layered sheets (710, 720) of a moisture-permeable material. Plenums (750) are arranged... Agent: Dpoint Technologies Inc.

20140326433 - Indirect evaporative cooler using membrane-contained, liquid desiccant for dehumidification: An indirect evaporative cooler for cooling inlet supply air from a first temperature to a second, lower temperature using a stream of liquid coolant and a stream of exhaust or purge air. The cooler includes a first flow channel for inlet supply air and a second flow channel adjacent the... Agent: Alliance For Sustainable Energy, LLC

20140326434 - Fastener-less retained heat exchanger mounting bracket for low installation force: A mounting bracket for a heat exchanger. The mounting bracket includes a heat exchanger engagement portion and a mounting portion. The heat exchanger engagement portion includes a retention member. The mounting portion extends from the heat exchanger engagement portion and is configured for fixedly mounting the mounting bracket. Cooperation between... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20140326435 - Mounting assembly for heat exchanger coil: A multi-row heat exchanger coil includes a first row of coil, a second row of coil positioned generally parallel to the first row of coil, a bent portion fluidly communicating the first and second rows of coil, an interior space formed between the first and second rows of coil, and... Agent: Trane International Inc.

20140326436 - Carrier with adjustable heat removal elements: A system for removing heat from a computing device includes a carrier and one or more heat removal elements. The carrier includes a carrier surface having a carrier surface pattern. The carrier surface pattern includes coupling portions. The coupling portions of the carrier surface pattern selectively couple, at different locations... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140326437 - Outdoor unit for air conditioning device: An outdoor unit for an air conditioning device includes an outdoor unit main body, a heat exchanger, a fan provided in an upper part of the outdoor unit main body, the fan blowing out the air taken in from a side surface of the outdoor unit main body upward, a... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20140326438 - Internal heat exchanger for a motor vehicle air conditioning system: A heat exchanger for a motor vehicle air-conditioning system is disclosed having an inner tube and with an outer tube. The outer tube at least partially encloses the inner tube in the longitudinal direction of the tube and form an intermediate space through which a heat exchanger medium can flow.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140326439 - Plate heat exchanger and method for manufacturing a plate heat exchanger: The invention relates to a plate heat exchanger, which comprises a plate pack formed by corrugated heat exchange plates with openings for the flow of a first and a second heat exchange medium. The outer shell of the plate heat exchanger (1) has been formed by arranging separate strips (9,... Agent:

20140326440 - Internal cooling system for mechanical seals and use thereof: e

20140326441 - Cluster of inclined structures: The present invention involves both the geometrical specification of a structure and positioning the structure in the cluster layout to achieve rapid heating/cooling as a medium transverses through them, and with little pressure drop penalty.... Agent: Gcorelab Private, Ltd.

20140326443 - Arrangement and method for cooling of coolant in a cooling system in a vehicle: An arrangement and a method for cooling coolant in a cooling system in a vehicle: The cooling system includes a first cooling circuit, a first coolant pump (11) to circulate coolant through the first cooling circuit, a first radiator (13) to cool the coolant, and a thermostat (12) which opens... Agent: Scania Cv

20140326442 - Method and system for cooling a device: There is described a method (20) of cooling a device generating heat. The method includes (21) monitoring a temperature associated with the device. The method also includes (25) automatically operating a cooling means at a first rate if the monitored temperature rises above a first temperature threshold. The method also... Agent: Control Techniques Limited

10/30/2014 > 29 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140318731 - Extraction from large thermal storage systems using phase change materials and latent heat exchangers: An energy storage method and apparatus for extraction from large thermal storage systems using phase change materials and latent heat exchangers. This includes thermal heat extraction from, and charging of a large thermal storage tank containing thousands of megawatt hours of thermal energy, using the phase change of heat collection... Agent:

20140318733 - Chilled beam devices, systems, and methods: A chilled beam system may incorporate a terminal unit to provide additional heating and cooling capacity including latent cooling. In a system, terminal units may be distributed and connected to cooperate with a primary air stream from a central air handling unit. The chilled beam and/or terminal units may employ... Agent: Oy Halton Group Ltd.

20140318732 - Ice shelf insulation method: A method of slowing melting of the polar ice shelves is provided. The method comprises conveying air underneath the ice shelf, at least temporarily, forming an insulating layer between the ice of the ice shelf and the sea water below. The method may be carried out by drilling a hole... Agent:

20140318734 - Method for selecting heat medium of use side heat exchanger in installing air-conditioning system: A method for selecting a heat medium in installing an air-conditioning system includes: determining power required for use side heat exchangers corresponding to a plurality of air-conditioned spaces; calculating a total refrigerant amount required when a refrigerant is circulated through all the use side heat exchangers having the determined power;... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140318735 - Fluid management system for a heat exchanger of a vehicle air conditioning system: A fluid management system for a cooling module of a vehicle air conditioning system. The cooling module includes a first heat exchanger in fluid communication with a liquid cooling system of the vehicle and a second heat exchanger disposed upstream of the first heat exchanger and in fluid communication with... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20140318736 - Cooling device for under-floor device for vehicle: A cooling device includes a base plate to a rear surface side of which an under-floor device is attached; a heat radiating unit attached to a front surface side of the base plate and radiating heat conducted from the under-floor device via the base plate; a cover surrounding the heat... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140318737 - Multi-phase distribution system, sub sea heat exchanger and a method of temperature control for hydrocarbons: The invention relates to a multi-phase distribution system, a sub sea heat exchanger provided with such a multi-phase distribution system, the use of such a multi-phase distribution system and a method of temperature control for hydrocarbons. The invention provides an improved control over multi-phase mixtures comprising hydrocarbons and improvements in... Agent: Statoil Petroleum As

20140318738 - Concentric helical coil key separator device and attachment therefor: A separator device for separating coils of a heat exchanger assembly has a top surface opposite a bottom surface, and an inner portion opposite an outer portion. The inner portion and the outer portion extend between the top surface and the bottom surface. The separator device further includes a pair... Agent:

20140318739 - Modular heat exchanger with sections interconnected by connectors: Heat exchanger, comprising a series of interconnected modules, each module comprising at least part of a water duct and part of a flue duct, wherein at least the parts of the water ducts of successive modules are interconnected, forming at least one continuous water duct through and/or along a number... Agent: Dejatech Holding B.v.

20140318740 - Chassis with distributed jet cooling: A chassis with distributed jet cooling is provided. The chassis includes one or more sidewalls defining a volume configured to substantially surround one or more heat generating components positioned within the volume. The chassis further includes at least one array of fins thermally coupled to a respective one of the... Agent:

20140318742 - Cooling device with bypass channel: A cooling device to which an electric circuit may be mounted includes a cooling body and a cover both defining a fluid cooling path. Inner and outer seals are provided between the body and the cover and a leak bypass channels leaking fluid away from the electric circuit is provided... Agent:

20140318741 - Cooling with liquid coolant and bubble heat removal: An apparatus includes a reservoir to hold a volume of liquid, a port to inject a flow of gas into a lower portion of the reservoir, and a structure to transform the flow of gas into one or more streams of bubbles in said liquid. The reservoir has a port... Agent:

20140318743 - Unified cooling in multiple polyolefin polymerization reactors: A system and method for a polyolefin reactor temperature control system having a first reactor temperature control path, a second reactor temperature control path, and a shared temperature control path. The shared temperature control path is configured to combine and process coolant return streams, and to provide coolant supply for... Agent: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, Lp

20140318744 - Thermal module: A thermal module includes a first heat transfer member and a second heat transfer member. The first heat transfer member has a first chamber in which a first capillary structure is disposed. The second heat transfer member has a second chamber and a conduction section. A second capillary structure is... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20140318745 - Thermal module: A thermal module includes a first heat transfer member and a second heat transfer member. The first heat transfer member has a first chamber in which a first capillary structure is disposed. The second heat transfer member has a second chamber and a conduction section. A second capillary structure is... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20140318746 - Device for indirectly cooling battery module of eco-friendly vehicle: A device for indirectly cooling a battery module of an eco-friendly vehicle is provided that cools the battery module using an interfacial plate into which a heat pipe is inserted to maximize battery heat emission performance and simultaneously prevent degradation of battery performance. A thermally-conductive interfacial plate in which a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140318747 - Compressing device: Provided is a compressing device including a compressor with a compressing unit compressing a gas and a heat exchanger, the heat exchanger including: a cooling unit that cools a gas compressed by the compressing unit; a connection path that connects the compressing unit to the cooling unit; and a connection... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140318748 - Spiral heat exchanger with anti-fouling properties: The invention relates to a spiral heat exchanger comprising a spiral body formed by at least one spiral sheet wound to form the spiral body forming at least a first spiral-shaped flow channel for a first medium and a second spiral-shaped flow channel for a second medium, wherein the spiral... Agent:

20140318749 - Heat exchanger: In a heat exchanger, a second fluid flowing space communicating with second tubes is formed to be divided from a first tank space within a tank unit forming a first tank space that collects or distributes a refrigerant. The tank unit is defrosted by a coolant flowing in the second... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140318750 - Cooling radiator having liquid cooling: The invention relates to a cooling radiator (1), comprising an upper accumulator (2), a lower accumulator (3), and at least one sub-module (4) consisting of cooling elements that are respectively connected to the upper accumulator (2) and/or the lower accumulator (3) by means of individual manifolds (5), wherein the sub-modules... Agent:

20140318751 - Fin support structures for charge air coolers: A heat exchanger has a core comprising flat tubes with corrugated fins provided in spaces between tubes. An end mounting arrangement includes a mounting bracket for attachment to a housing. A fin support structure comprises a plurality of support walls and a plurality of axial walls, wherein each of the... Agent: Dana Canada Corporation

20140318752 - Refrigerant to water heat exchanger: A heat exchanger having at least one inner conduit comprising of a second tubular member coaxially disposed within a first tubular member, wherein the second tubular member outer surface is in contact with the first tubular member inner surface. Each of the first and second tubular members is composed of... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140318753 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger is provided. The heat exchanger includes a plurality of stacked layers of fins, each fin including a repeated pattern of folds, the plurality of stacked layers of fins forming a plurality of repeating offset cell structures and a first coolant duct and a second coolant duct coupled... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140318754 - Plate for heat exchanger and heat exchanger equipped with such plates: The invention relates to a plate intended to enable an exchange of heat between a first and a second fluid circulating in contact with the plate, said plate being configured to define a circuit for the first fluid. According to the invention, said plate comprises one or a plurality of... Agent: Valeo Systemes Thermiques

20140318755 - Shaped heat sinks to optimize flow: A heat sink with shape-optimized fins provides for improved heat transfer. Synthetic jets create vortices which enhance heat transfer and cooling of downstream fins, while the shape of the fins limits pressure drop in the flow over the cooling fins.... Agent:

20140318756 - Air-conditioning apparatus: An air-conditioning apparatus includes an outdoor unit equipped with an outdoor-side heat exchanger formed by inserting a plurality of heat transfer pipes made of a metal material, such as aluminum or an aluminum alloy, into a plurality of fins, and an indoor unit equipped with an indoor-side heat exchanger formed... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140318758 - Composite laminae having thermal management features and thermal management apparatuses comprising the same: Heat transfer management apparatuses according to the present disclosure includes a composite lamina having an insulator substrate and a thermal conductor at least partially embedded in the insulator substrate, a temperature-sensitive component coupled to the composite lamina, and a temperature-insensitive component coupled to the composite lamina and positioned distally from... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20140318757 - Heat sink incorporating interlocked fin: An exemplary heat sink includes a plurality of fins interconnected together. Each of the fins includes a main body and at least an engaging portion extending outwardly from the main body. The engaging portions of every two adjacent fins are interlocked with each other. The engaging portion includes a base... Agent:

20140318759 - Method of controlling a cooling system: A method of controlling an aircraft gas turbine engine cooling system. The cooling system includes a heat exchanger having a first fluid path through which fan air flows, and a second fluid path through which relatively hot compressor air flows. The cooling system includes a valve configurable between an open... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

10/23/2014 > 29 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140311700 - Method for processing of heat energy absorbed from the environment and a unit for processing of heat energy absorbed from the environment: The subject of the invention is a method for processing of heat energy absorbed from the environment and a unit for processing of heat energy absorbed from the environment, used for the supply of energy load points, especially electric load points, especially in places with large and frequent changes of... Agent:

20140311701 - Gasifier grid cooling safety system and methods: An apparatus for cooling a gas distribution grid of fluidized bed gasifier and a method is provided in the present invention. The apparatus comprises a gas flow failure event detector for detecting a gasifying gas flow failure event, a flow control device for controlling the introduction of a flow stream... Agent: Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc.

20140311704 - Cooling apparatus: A cooling apparatus for a vehicle includes a water cooling system that cools a cooled body by circulating cooling water; and a refrigeration cycle system that cools the cooling water to an outside air temperature or lower utilizing a gas liquid phase change of a refrigerant. The water cooling system... Agent:

20140311702 - Evaporator and vehicular air conditioner using the same: An evaporator is used in an inclined state in which a first header tank is located on the upper side in relation to a second header tank. The leeward and windward header sections of the first header tank have compartments with which the furthest tube groups of leeward and windward... Agent: Keihin Thermal Technology Corporation

20140311703 - Evaporator and vehicular air conditioner using the same: An evaporator is used in an inclined state in which a first header tank is located on the lower side in relation to a second header tank. The leeward and windward header sections of the first header tank have compartments with which the furthest tube groups of leeward and windward... Agent: Keihin Thermal Technology Corporation

20140311705 - Vehicle fairing for use with air conditioning unit: A vehicle including a vehicle body, an air conditioning unit, and a fairing. The vehicle body includes a roof having a front portion and a rear portion. The air conditioning unit is disposed within the vehicle body and includes a condenser configured to receive air from outside the vehicle body... Agent:

20140311706 - Vapor chamber: A vapor chamber, comprising a lower shell and an upper shell, wherein at least one gas-tight and liquid-tight intermediate area is formed between lower shell and upper shell, in which area a fluid working medium is accommodated and a porous material that interacts with the fluid is arranged; the porous... Agent: Inheco Industrial Heating And Cooling Gmbh

20140311707 - Method and apparatus for enhancing heat transfer in a fluid container: An apparatus and method for enhancing the transfer of heat in a fluid within a reservoir. The interposition of heat exchangers between a primary heating arrangement and an auxiliary heating arrangement results in greater utilization efficiency in heat transfer to the fluid within the container. A predetermined arrangement of heat... Agent:

20140311708 - Refrigeration from graphene-based nanoemitters: This disclosure presents the use of electrons as the ‘working fluid’ in conjunction with a solid nanomaterial that hinders electron coupling to the atomic lattice of the nanomaterial, i.e., they are out of equilibrium. The electrons can achieve very high effective temperatures with minimal heating of the solid lattice. These... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20140311709 - Heat exchanger, and energy recovery device and energy recovery system comprising heat exchanger: A heat exchanger (1) for recovering energy from a fluid, an energy recovery device including the heat exchanger (1), and an energy recovery system are provided. The heat exchanger (1) includes: a first fluid collector (11) provided with an opening (111) for introducing a first fluid, a cavity (113) and... Agent: Allied Castle International Limited

20140311710 - Heating appliance: A heating appliance having a housing which houses a water and air heating system. The water heating system includes a heat source and a first heat exchanger for transferring heat to a working fluid passing through the housing. The air heating system includes a water-to-air heat exchanger in communication with... Agent: Johnson And Starley Limited

20140311711 - Cooling tank for rails: A cooling tank for the thermal treatment of a rail head provided with a structure comprising a first volume (2), adapted to be filled with a cooling fluid; a second volume (4), arranged above the first volume and communicating therewith, so that the fluid passes from the first to the... Agent:

20140311712 - Corrugated radiation fin and heat sink using same: A heat sink includes one or two heat transfer blocks, and corrugated radiation fins fastened to the heat transfer block(s). Each corrugated radiation fin has a large area corrugated radiation fin body to provide an extended heat dissipation surface area, and a plug portion located at the bottom side of... Agent:

20140311713 - Heat dissipation component: A heat dissipation component includes a first film, a second film, and a working fluid. The second film is connected with a part of the first film to form a plurality of vein channels. The vein channels include a main vein channel and a plurality of branch vein channels, and... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20140311714 - Heat exchanger: A distribution structure of a heat exchanger includes one inlet pipe connected to a header. The heat exchanger includes a first header having a first chamber and a second chamber, a second header having a third chamber and a fourth chamber, and a plurality of tubes arranged in a plurality... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140311716 - Motor incorporating power converter, and air conditioner, water heater, and ventilation blower incorporating the motor: A motor incorporating a power converter that includes a printed board on which an inverter IC, which converts a voltage of an external power supply into a high-frequency voltage and supplies the high-frequency voltage to a stator, is mounted, wherein on a surface of the printed board opposed to the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140311715 - Radiator fan assembly: A radiator fan for a locomotive is provided. The radiator fan includes a fan housing. The radiator fan further includes at least one bracket secured to the fan housing. The radiator fan is adapted to be installed and removed from a side of the locomotive by engagement with the at... Agent: Progress Rail Services Corporation

20140311717 - Heat dissipation device: A heat dissipation device includes a heat sink, a fan including a fixing member, and a positioning member. The heat sink includes a supporting portion and a number of fins. The supporting portion defines a positioning hole including an access hole and a locking hole communicating with the access hole.... Agent:

20140311718 - Block-type plate heat exchanger with anti-fouling properties: An block-type plate that has a stack of heat transfer plates which includes a first heat transfer plate and a second heat transfer plate. At least a part of each of the first heat transfer plate and the second heat transfer plate comprises a coating that i) has a layer... Agent:

20140311719 - Mixture for thermal energy storage and device for heat storage and release using said mixture: Thermal energy storage mixture and heat storage/release device using same. The mixture including 45% by weight of compounds from a first class and 10% by weight of compounds from a second class. The first class having a melting temperature of at least 180° C. and a fusion enthalpy of at... Agent: Ohikia S.r.l.

20140311720 - Multiple bank flattened tube and folded fin heat exchanger: A multiple bank, flattened tube heat exchange unit includes a first tube bank including a plurality of flattened tube segments extending longitudinally in spaced parallel relationship and a second tube bank including a plurality of flattened tube segments extending longitudinally in spaced parallel relationship, the second tube bank disposed behind... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140311721 - Shell and tube heat exchanger: A shell and tube heat exchanger includes a shell having an inner surface that defines a heat exchange zone, a refrigerant pool zone is arranged in the heat exchange zone, and a plurality of tube bundles are arranged in the heat exchange zone above the refrigerant pool zone. The tube... Agent:

20140311722 - Plate heat exchanger: A plate heat exchanger may include a plurality of stacked plates, each formed of flat troughs fitted into each other having substantially flat bottoms and connected at respective trough edges. The plurality of plates may separate first and second chambers from one another which are arranged alternately succeeding within the... Agent: Mahle International Gmbh

20140311723 - Plate heat exchanger: A Plate and Shell type plate heat exchanger, which comprises a plate pack, a shell surrounding the plate pack, and end plates mainly in the direction of the ends of the plate pack and inlet and outlet connections for a first heat exchange medium and a second heat exchange medium... Agent:

20140311724 - Plate heat exchanger: A flow-path forming gasket is interposed between peripheries of each adjacent ones of stacked heat transfer plates; communicating-path forming gaskets are each installed, surrounding the passage holes in each adjacent ones of the heat transfer plates alternately; and thereby a first flow path adapted to pass a high-temperature fluid, a... Agent:

20140311725 - Heat sink assembly apparatus: A heat sink assembly comprising a heat sink including a plurality of parallel fins, said fins defining a plurality of channels; said heat sink divided into two stages; said first stage positioned in the upstream portion of said heat sink and arranged such that fluid entering the heat sink is... Agent:

20140311726 - Refrigerator having frozen food thawing function: The present invention relates to a refrigerator (1) comprising a fresh food compartment (2) wherein objects to be cooled are placed, a freezing compartment (3) wherein objects to be frozen are placed and a thawing compartment (4) disposed inside the fresh food compartment (2), wherein the frozen objects are placed.... Agent: Arcelik Anonim Sirketi

20140311727 - Air conditioner terminal device, air conditioning apparatus and data center: The invention discloses an air conditioner terminal device (100), an air conditioning apparatus and a data center (1000), wherein the air conditioner terminal device (100) comprises an air passage (101) communicating from an air suction port (11) to an air discharge port (21), a heat exchanger (12) and a variable-speed... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140311728 - Mounting table temperature control device and substrate processing apparatus: A temperature of only a part in a surface of a mounting table can be set to be higher than or lower than a set temperature of an entire surface of the mounting table. A main flow path 320 formed within the mounting table 200 to be arranged over the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

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