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Heat exchange

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07/10/2014 > 26 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140190657 - Accessory installation to a heating or cooling system: An energy recovery system includes a heating or cooling system and an accessory operably connected to the heating or cooling system, or a component of the heating or cooling system. One or more accessory interlocking mechanisms are located at the housing interlocked with one or more complimentary interlocking mechanisms located... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140190656 - Energy recovery ventilator: An energy recovery system includes a heating or cooling system and an energy recovery ventilator operably connected to a component of the heating or cooling system. The energy recovery ventilator includes a supply port extending into the component to provide a supply of fresh airflow from the energy recovery ventilator... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140190658 - Air conditioner for vehicle: Disclosed therein is an air conditioner for a vehicle, which includes: a bypass passageway formed at a lower portion of an air-conditioning case which bypasses cold air and warm air passageways; a regeneration passageway formed at the lower portion of the air-conditioning case for supplying the air passing through the... Agent: Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp.

20140190659 - Thermal energy storage and recovery arrangement: A thermal energy storage and recovery arrangement is provided. The arrangement has a first thermal energy storage, a compression and expansion unit coupled thereto, and a second thermal energy storage coupled to the compression and expansion unit. The first and second thermal energy storage are adapted to work at a... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140190660 - Vacuum pumped liquid cooling system for computers: A reliable, leak tolerant liquid cooling system with a backup air-cooling system for computers is provided. The system may use a vacuum pump and a liquid pump in combination to provide negative fluid pressure so that liquid does not leak out of the system near electrical components. The system distributes... Agent:

20140190661 - Air exchange device for buildings: Air exchange device for buildings, comprising: an elongated casing; a heat exchanger housed inside said casing; and a first fan unit and a second fan unit arranged to generate respective airflows in a relationship of mutual heat exchange in said heat exchanger, wherein the first and the second fan units... Agent: Thesan S.p.a.

20140190663 - Methods, devices and systems for extraction of thermal energy from a heat conducting metal conduit: Provided are methods, devices and systems for controlled removal of thermal energy from a fluid within a thermally conducting metal conduit. The system allows for the in situ formation of a reversible plug that can stop the flow of fluid through the conduit, particularly without inducing thermally induced stress fractures... Agent: BiofilmIPLLC

20140190662 - Ventilation device for buildings equipped with a valve for opening and closing an aperture for the passage of an airflow: Air exchange device for buildings, comprising: a casing having an internal inlet opening, an internal outlet opening, an external inlet opening and an external outlet opening, a heat exchanger housed within said casing and having a first inlet in communication with the internal inlet opening, a first outlet in communication... Agent: Thesan S.p.a.

20140190664 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger device (13) comprising a tubular body (2) having an inlet opening (3) and an outlet opening (4) and defining within itself a first pathway (5) for a first liquid in a first prevalent direction of advance (6) from the inlet opening (3) to the outlet opening (4);... Agent: Innova S.r.l.

20140190665 - Modular jet impingement cooling apparatuses with exchangeable jet plates: Modular cooling apparatuses are disclosed. In one embodiment, a cooling apparatus includes an inlet manifold, a jet plate manifold, a plurality of jet plates, a vapor manifold, and a target layer. The inlet manifold includes a fluid distribution chamber, and a plurality of fluid distribution channels symmetrically located within the... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20140190666 - Active cooling of high speed seeker missile domes and radomes: A thermal management system and method for active cooling of high speed seeker missile domes or radomes comprising bonding to an IR dome or RF radome a heat pipe system having effective thermal conductivity of 10-20,000 W/m*K and comprising one or more mechanically controlled oscillating heat pipes, employing supporting integrating... Agent:

20140190667 - Capillary device for use in heat pipe and method of manufacturing such capillary device: A capillary device (102) for use in a heat pipe in which heat is transferred from at least one evaporation region to at least one condensation region by means of evaporated working fluid is disclosed. The capillary device comprises a body portion defining chambers (108) containing powdered material (110) therein,... Agent: Thermal Corp.

20140190668 - Cooling apparatuses having a jet orifice surface with alternating vapor guide channels: Jet-impingement, two-phase cooling apparatuses having alternating vapor outlet channels are disclosed. In one embodiment, a cooling apparatus includes a fluid inlet channel, a jet orifice surface, and a target surface. The jet orifice surface includes an array of jet orifices. The jet orifices are arranged in rows. Coolant fluid within... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20140190669 - Cooling head and electronic apparatus: A cooling head includes: a first refrigerant flow channel, provided so as to be in contact with an object to be cooled, configured to flow refrigerant; a second refrigerant flow channel configured to flow the refrigerant; and at least one communication hole, provided between both ends of the object to... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140190670 - Energy recovery ventilator: An energy recovery ventilator for a heating or cooling system includes a housing and a heat exchanger located in the housing for recovery of thermal energy from a stale airflow of the heating or cooling system. An exhaust fan positioned in the housing is in flow communication with the heat... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140190671 - Fluid pre-heating assembly: A fluid pre-heating assembly includes a housing that may be positioned on a support surface. A tank is positioned within the housing so the tank may contain a fluid. A fan motor is coupled to the housing. A fan is operationally coupled to the fan motor so the fan may... Agent:

20140190672 - Thermal interface materials: The present invention relates to thermal interface materials comprising a filler dispersed in a polymer, wherein the filler has an average aggregate particle size of less than or equal to 1 micron. Preferably the filler is a synthetic alumina, such as fumed alumina.... Agent: Cabot Corporation

20140190673 - Heat exchanger, particularly for a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a heat exchanger between a first fluid and a second fluid, comprising: a heat exchange core (3) comprising first circulation channels of the first fluid and second circulation channels of the second fluid, an inlet collector box (5) for the first fluid and an outlet collector... Agent: Valeo Systemes Thermiques

20140190674 - Connection flange and associated collector box and heat exchanger: A connection flange for a collector box of a heat exchanger for a vehicle defines a fluid inlet and/or a fluid outlet. The flange comprises a fixing adaptor for mounting the heat exchanger on a fixing support (e.g. a mounting bracket) of the vehicle. The fixing adaptor is produced separately... Agent: Valeo Systeme Themiques

20140190675 - Heat exchanger pipe and heat exchanger incorporating such pipes: The invention relates to a pipe (2) of a heat exchanger (1) comprising a strip (9) bent about itself such as to define an internal volume (10) of the pipe (2). The strip (9) comprises first and second edge portions (15, 16) joined such as to divide the internal volume... Agent:

20140190677 - Thermal straps for spacecraft: Negative-stiffness-producing mechanisms can be incorporated with structural devices that are used on spacecraft that provide thermal coupling between a vibrating source and a vibration-sensitive object. Negative-stiffness-producing mechanisms can be associated with a flexible conductive link (FCL) or “thermal strap” or “cold strap” to reduce the positive stiffness of the FCL.... Agent: Minus K. Technology, Inc.

20140190676 - Unitary graphene material-based integrated finned heat sink: A unitary graphene-based integrated heat sink comprising a heat collection member (base) and at least one heat dissipation member (e.g. fins) integral to the baser, wherein the base is configured to be in thermal contact with a heat source, collects heat therefrom, and dissipates heat through the fins. The unitary... Agent:

20140190678 - Personalized vehicle climate control: A climate control system includes a blower, a memory device, a user interface device, and a processor. The memory device stores a default value associated with a speed of the blower. The user interface device receives a user input changing the speed of the blower. The processor is in communication... Agent:

20140190679 - Control assembly: A control component for insertion in a standard size connection box of a conventional component such as a switch or other electrical mechanism. The control component may have new capabilities plus maintain the capabilities of the conventional component. The connection box need not be removed, or if the box is... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140190680 - Method and system for buffering thermal energy and thermal energy buffer system: A method for buffering thermal energy comprises a thermal buffering medium contained by a thermal energy buffer. The volume of the thermal buffering medium is subdivided in one or more parts such that the different parts of the volume of the thermal buffering medium together form the total thermal buffering... Agent: Vlalamse Instelling Voor Technologisch Onderzoek (vito)

20140190681 - Energy efficiency based control for a cooling system: A method for controlling a cooling system based on a heat dissipation of an electronic module and an ambient air temperature includes determining a combination of individual controls on components of the cooling system that achieve a specific amount of cooling based on a cooling power relationship for the plurality... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

07/03/2014 > 24 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140182810 - Environmental control method and apparatus for a vehicle: A heat transfer apparatus and system for transferring heat for use onboard a vehicle includes a conductor arranged to conduct fluid transferring heat from a vehicle engine to a heat exchanger to heat a second fluid to heat and/or dry utility compartments of the vehicle. The heat transfer system includes... Agent:

20140182811 - Mast arrangement radio network node and related method: A mast arrangement comprises: a mast arranged for carrying a first module of a radio network node, a holding structure adapted to receive a lower portion of the mast, and a housing for a second module of the radio network node. An air inlet channel in the mast is connected... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140182812 - Cooling system: A cooling system includes a room, a container data center, and an air duct. The room includes a floor, and defines a receiving space above the floor, and a heat-dissipation space below the floor. The container data center is supported on the floor. The container data center includes a container.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140182813 - Test system having liquid containment chambers over connectors: An example test system includes: a manifold including fluid channels, where the fluid channels are for holding coolant; a quick disconnect mechanically coupled to the manifold, where the quick disconnect includes a channel for passing coolant between a fluid channel and a test board; a containment plate mechanically coupled to... Agent: Teradyne, Inc.

20140182814 - Air duct: An air duct includes a top wall, two sidewalls connected to opposite sides of the top wall, and a board. One of the sidewalls defines an opening extending through a bottom side of the sidewall, and a receiving space communicating with the opening and extending through a top side of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140182815 - Holder for portable electronic device: A holder for a portable electronic device includes a seat, a receiving member, a thermal pad, and a heat dissipation sink. The receiving member is connected to the seat, and defines a receiving space configured to receive the portable electronic device. The thermal pad is received in the receiving space,... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20140182816 - Gas/gas heat exchanger: A heat exchanger for use in a contact group of a sulfuric acid plant includes a chamber in which a tube bundle is arranged on a circular ring. A gas space is formed between the tube bundle and a chamber casing surrounding the tube bundle. A gas supply opening is... Agent: Outotec Oyj

20140182818 - Heat sink: A heat sink for dissipating heat generated by an electronic element is provided. The heat sink includes a heat pipe and a conducting member for transferring heat generated by the electronic element to the heat pipe. The conducting member abuts the electronic element, and the conducting member is applied onto... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140182817 - Low thermal resistance cooler module for embedded system: A low thermal resistance cooler module includes a heat-transfer base member defining a recess and multiple elongated, curved locating grooves, flat heat pipes set in the elongated, curved locating grooves with respective hot interfaces thereof suspending in the recess and respective cold interfaces thereof bonded to the heat-transfer base member,... Agent: Adlink Technology Inc.

20140182819 - Heat dissipating device: A heat dissipating device comprises a first body, a second body, and a working fluid, the first body having a first plate and a second plate combining with each other to together define a first chamber, the second body connecting the first body and having a second chamber communicating with... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20140182820 - Vapor chamber structure: A vapor chamber structure includes a main body internally defining a sealed chamber and having a plurality of radiating fins externally provided thereon. The radiating fins are integrally formed on and outward extended from one side of the main body in a direction opposite to the chamber; and the chamber... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20140182821 - Alloys for a heat exchanger tube having an inner protective cladding and brazed disrupter: The invention relates to an assembly of two brazing sheets the first one of which consists of a 3xxx alloy clad on one surface with a 1xxx alloy, the second one of which consists of an AA3xxx alloy clad on both surfaces thereof with a 4xxx alloy, which are assembled... Agent: Constellium France

20140182822 - Heat dissipation module: A heat dissipation module includes an encasing structure, a fan impeller mounted in the encasing structure, a heat dissipation piece, and a bearing. The fan impeller includes a mounting post and a plurality of fan blades surrounding the post. The heat dissipation piece is mounted in a base plate of... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20140182824 - Heat dissipating component for semiconductor element: Disclosed is a heat dissipating component for a semiconductor element, having a tabular body 0.4-6 mm in thickness containing 40-70 volume % of diamond particles, with the balance comprising metal of which the principal component is aluminum, and coated on both surfaces by a coating layer comprising metal of which... Agent: Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140182823 - Substantially aligned boron nitride nano-element arrays: Substantially aligned boron nitride nano-element arrays prepared by contacting a carbon nano-element array with a source of boron and nitrogen; methods for preparing such arrays and methods for their use including use as a heat sink or as a thermally conductivity interface in microelectronic devices.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140182825 - Heat transfer device: A heat transfer device for an internal combustion engine includes an outer housing comprising an inner wall. An inner housing comprises a partition wall which comprises an outer surface. The inner housing separates an inner duct, which has a fluid to be cooled flow therethrough, from an outer coolant duct,... Agent: Pierburg Gmbh

20140182826 - Heat exchanger manifold with a fluid flow distribution feature: A heat exchanger configured to condition a flow of fluid therein. The heat exchanger includes a first manifold, a second manifold, and a conditioning assembly having a plurality of tubular elements extending between the first manifold and the second manifold. The first manifold includes a first end having an inlet... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20140182827 - Tubing element for a heat exchanger: A tubing element used for a heat exchanger is a rigid elongated heat exchanger tubing having at least a first end, a second end, a first side wall and a second side wall. The first side wall and the second side wall are arranged substantially parallel to each other. The... Agent:

20140182828 - Heat-exchange apparatus: A heat exchanging device has a single extruded part made as a tubular body with external and internal radial branches. The tubular body has longitudinal round holes in a circumferential direction. At least one mount is on the outer surface of the tubular body. Internal and external radial branches taper... Agent: Obschestvo S Ogranichennoi Otvetstvennostju "proryvnye Innovatsionnye Tekhnologii"

20140182829 - Heat exchanger tube assembly and method of making the same: A tube assembly for use in a heat exchanger includes a flat section with broad and flat opposing tube sides. Fin structures are bonded to the broad and flat tube sides in the flat section, and side sheets are bonded to the opposite ends of the fin structures. The flat... Agent: Modine Manufacturing Co.

20140182830 - Graphene composite hand-held and hand-heated thawing tool: The present invention provides a hand-held and hand-heated thawing tool comprising a handling portion and a functional portion wherein one or both portions comprises a composite material comprising 1-90% by weight of a conductivity-enhancing graphene phase dispersed in or bonded by a matrix material of 10-99% by weight based on... Agent:

20140182831 - Multiple layered radiant active assembly: An active insulated assembly for controlling heat transfer through insulated assemblies. The active insulated assembly includes a thermal conductor configured to actively move thermal energy from the active insulated assembly. The active insulated assembly also includes a first radiant barrier on a first side of the thermal conductor configured to... Agent:

20140182832 - Method and apparatus for controlling a combined heating and cooling vapor compression system: A system and method for controlling a combined heating and cooling vapor compression system are provided. The apparatus may be a vehicle and may include a cabin, a vehicle battery, a Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS), and a vapor-compression system, having at least one controller, operable in a variety of... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140182833 - Ventilation controller: A ventilation system for a building in some cases includes a main HVAC blower for moving temperature-conditioned air through the building plus a smaller ventilation blower for providing fresh air. A controller regulates the ventilation blower's speed to provide a target ventilation flow rate regardless of changes in the pressure... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 23 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140174691 - Self-contained flameless fluid heating system: A heating system is connected to a source of supply fluid to be heated, and has an internal combustion engine provided with engine coolant and gases that flow to and from the engine, and are heated thereby. A heat generator is provided in fluid communication with a supply of heat... Agent: Multitek North America, LLC

20140174692 - Method and apparatus for thermally protecting and/or transporting temperature sensitive products: Embodiments of the subject invention relate to a method and apparatus for thermally protecting a product, such as when storing and/or shipping a product, so as to control the temperatures the products are exposed to. Embodiments can increased the amount of time the product and/or portions of the product experience... Agent: Illuminate Consulting, LLC.

20140174693 - Configurable cooling for rugged environments: A configurable electronics cabinet cooling system includes a cabinet having multiple walls including at least one universal cabinet wall. The universal cabinet wall has a planar outward facing surface and multiple apertures. A heat transfer component is releasably connected to the universal cabinet wall. The heat transfer component is selected... Agent: Emerson Network Power - Embedded Computing, Inc.

20140174694 - Temperature controlled food tray system: The present disclosure provides a system, apparatus, and method for a modular food tray system having a plurality of food trays that can be used for heating, cooling, or a combination thereof. The system can include a first food tray for heating and a second food tray for cooling, generally... Agent: Kitchen Equipment Fabricating Company

20140174695 - Fixing assembly and heat sink using fixing assembly: A fixing assembly for use on an object which is to be attached to or detachable from another object includes a main body defining a through hole, a fixing member mounted to the through hole, and two limiting members secured to the main body and arranged at opposite sides of... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140174696 - Injector cooling apparatus and method: A system for cooling a reductant injector in an emissions module is provided. The system includes an emissions module, coupled to an engine exhaust duct, and a cooling system fluidly coupled to the emissions module. The emissions module includes a reductant system and a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) module. The... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140174697 - White smoke reducing system and method of recovering waste heat and water using the same: Disclosed therein are a white smoke reducing system and a method of recovering waste heat and water using the white smoke reducing system. The white smoke reducing system includes a discharge gas inflow pipe, a water recovery part, a sensible heat exchanger, a first latent heat exchanger, a second latent... Agent:

20140174698 - Blood purification machine comprising heated fluid circuit: A machine for extracorporeal blood treatment comprising a machine-side fluid circuit is disclosed. The machine comprises a heat exchanger for heating cold purification fluid freshly supplied on its intake side, for which purpose used still warm purification fluid flows past its opposite discharge side for a heat exchange, and a... Agent:

20140174699 - Heat dissipation assembly: A heat sink assembly includes a base, a heat pipe, a first heat sink, and a second heat sink. The second heat sink is installed between the base and the first heat sink. The heat pipe includes a positioning portion sandwiched between the second heat sink and the base, and... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140174701 - Heat pipe: An improved heat engine is disclosed. The heat engine comprises at least one heat pipe containing a working fluid flowing in a thermal cycle between vapor phase at an evaporator end and liquid phase at a condenser end. Heat pipe configurations for high-efficiency/high-performance heat engines are disclosed. The heat pipe... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140174700 - Vapor chamber and method of manufacturing the same: A method of manufacturing a vapor chamber includes steps of: providing a first metal cover plate with a plurality of first engaging recesses, a second metal cover plate with a plurality of second engaging recesses, and a plurality of support members, wherein a width of a first end of each... Agent: Cooler Master Co., Ltd.

20140174702 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger of a type with a collector plate which has a wall in which are formed rim holes which can receive the ends of tubes of a bundle, wherein the wall of the collector plate is designed such that, for the purpose of a soldered or welded connection... Agent: Behr Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140174703 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a header, a first flat porous tube, and a second flat porous tube. The header has first and second primary channels, with first and second refrigerants flowing through the first and second primary channels. The first flat porous tube has a plurality of first refrigerant-channel holes... Agent:

20140174704 - Heat dissipation device: A heat dissipation device includes a first board body and a second board body. The first board body has a first face and a second face. The second face is formed with a rough structure. The second board body has a third face and a fourth face. The fourth face... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20140174705 - Heat sink assembly: A heat sink assembly includes a heat sink and a grease cover. The heat sink includes a bottom plate. A layer of thermal grease is attached to a bottom surface of the bottom plate. A number of fasteners are mounted to the bottom plate. The grease cover defines a receiving... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140174706 - Thermal conductive stress relaxation structure: A thermal conductive stress relaxation structure is interposed between a high-temperature substance and a low-temperature substance to conduct heat in a heat-transfer direction from the high-temperature substance to the low-temperature substance. The structure includes an assembly configured such that a thermal conductive material gathers in a non-bonded state having stress... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho

20140174707 - Method and system for thermal storage in a vehicle: A method for charging a thermal storage device of a thermal storage heat pump system in a vehicle is provided. The method includes comparing an actual temperature of the thermal storage device to a target temperature, and an actual charge time to an available charge time, where the comparing is... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140174708 - Vehicle device temperature adjustment system: A temperature-adjustment system for a vehicle includes temperature-adjustment passages and obtained by circularly connecting a battery, an inverter, a DC/DC converter, a traveling motor, and a pump that circulates the heat medium that adjusts temperatures by cooling/heating the heat generation elements, are provided. The temperature-adjustment passages and are provided with... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140174709 - Engine inlet air cooling system and method: A method of cooling inlet air to an engine includes pressurizing the inlet air during a first compression stage, and further pressurizing the inlet air during a second compression stage. Heat is transferred from the inlet air to a primary coolant liquid between the first compression stage and the second... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140174710 - Water-cooling radiator: A water-cooling radiator includes a cooling module, a control circuit, a temperature sensor, and a display. The temperature sensor is used to sense an instant temperature of a heat generating device and output the instant temperature to the control circuit. The control circuit outputs a voltage for the cooling module... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140174713 - Air conditioner control system and method: An air conditioner control method applied in a container data center includes a container. The container includes a number of server racks and a number of air conditioners. Temperature and humidity values of the container are obtained. The return air temperature value of each air conditioner are obtained when any... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140174711 - Container data center assembly: A container data center assembly includes a first cooling system including a cooling apparatus, a first container data center, a sensor, and a second valve connected by pipes in that order, and a second cooling system including the cooling apparatus, a second container data center and a third valve connected... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140174712 - Cooling control method and system for battery: Disclosed is a cooling control method and system for a battery. The cooling control method includes measuring, by a controller, an exterior temperature of a vehicle and a temperature of a battery. When the exterior temperature of the vehicle exceeds a first temperature, the method includes setting, by the controller,... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

06/19/2014 > 31 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140166232 - Optimized heating and cooling system: An optimized heating and cooling system including a thermal mass, thermal energy transport conduits to deliver thermal energy to the thermal mass including one or more phase change materials (PCMs), at least one heat exchanger to exchange the thermal energy from a energy input into heat transfer fluid that is... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

20140166233 - Under cab hvac cassette module: The present disclosure provides a cassette module for a HVAC system of a machine. The cassette module includes an outer case having a first side and a second side. The outer case includes a first flange disposed at the first side and a second flange disposed at the second flange... Agent: Deere & Company

20140166234 - Laptop computer cooling stand: A laptop computer cooling stand includes a main body, a number of semiconductor chilling plates, a number of first heat sinks, and a number of second heat sinks. The main body includes a base and a cover. The base defines a receiving space. The cover covers the receiving space and... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140166235 - Device for generating an airflow for cooling a heat dissipating electronic element such as an led: The device for generating an air flow for cooling a heat dissipating electronic element such as an LED comprises a channel (12,56) extending between an inlet portion (18) upstream of the air flow to be generated and an outlet portion (20) downstream of the air flow to be generated, wherein... Agent: Goodrich Lighting Systems Gmbh

20140166236 - Thermal stress reduction for heat exchanger: A heat exchanger with a first manifold and a second manifold. The heat exchanger includes tubes having first and second ends. The tubes connect to the first manifold at the first end and the second manifold at the second end establishing fluid communication between the manifolds. The tubes are arranged... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140166238 - Liquid-cryogen injection cooling devices and methods for using same: Heat exchange devices (30) and methods of using same are provided. In a general embodiment, the present disclosure provides for heat exchange devices (30) that are cooling devices having a double helical coil (32) in a phase-mixing-cooling section, a helical coil (36) in a phase-separation-cooling section, and a back-pressure valve... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140166237 - System and method to route airflow through dynamically changing ducts: The invention generally relates to ventilation systems and methods, and more particularly to selectively configurable climate control systems and methods for use in data centers and the like. A system includes a first structural element and a second structural element spaced apart from first structural element to define a space... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140166239 - Heat dissipating device using heat pipe: There is provided a heat dissipating device using a heat pipe. The heat dissipating device includes a plurality of unit pipe loops. Each unit pipe loop includes: a heat absorbing part arranged adjacent to a heat source; and a heat dissipating part which is connected with the heat absorbing part... Agent: Zaonzi Co., Ltd.

20140166240 - Cooling tower with indirect heat exchanger: An improved heat exchange apparatus is provided with indirect evaporative heat exchange section consisting of a plate type heat exchanger which provides more surface area per volume compared to other designs. The indirect plate style heat exchanger may be combined with one or more direct evaporative heat exchange sections in... Agent: Baltimore Aircoil Company, Inc.

20140166241 - Cooling tower with indirect heat exchanger: A heat exchange apparatus is provided with an indirect evaporative heat exchange section and a direct evaporative heat exchange section. The indirect evaporative heat exchange section is usually located above the direct evaporative heat exchange section, and an evaporative liquid is passed downwardly onto the indirect heat exchange section. The... Agent: Baltimore Aircoil Company, Inc.

20140166242 - Cooling system for vehicle: A cooling system for a vehicle that system includes a radiator disposed in a front of the vehicle, and introduced with cooling water thereinto to cool the cooling water through heat exchange with exterior air;. In addition, a first condenser is disposed at a first side of the radiator in... Agent: Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp.

20140166244 - Flat heat pipe and method for manufacturing the same: An exemplary flat heat pipe includes a hollow tube and a wick structure lining an inner surface of the tube. The tube includes an evaporator section, an adiabatic section and a condenser section defined in turn along a longitudinal direction thereof. The wick structure includes a first wick portion located... Agent: Furui Precise Component (kunshan) Co., Ltd.

20140166245 - Flat heat spreader and method for manufacturing the same: A flat heat spreader includes a hollow casing defining a vapor chamber therein, a working liquid contained in the vapor chamber, a first wick structure formed on an inner face of the casing, and a second wick structure formed on the inner face of the casing. The inner face of... Agent: Furui Precise Component (kunshan) Co., Ltd.

20140166246 - Heat pipe and method for manufacturing the same: A method for manufacturing a heat pipe includes following steps: providing a tube; providing a rod; inserting the rod in the circular tube, a receiving portion is formed between an inner face of the tube and the upper portion of the rod; providing an amount of metal powder and filling... Agent: Furui Precise Component (kunshan) Co., Ltd.

20140166243 - Vapor chamber and method of manufacturing the same: A method of manufacturing a vapor chamber includes steps of: attaching a first edge of a first metal cover plate to a second edge of a second metal cover plate; placing the first metal cover plate and the second metal cover plate on a die after attachment; and using a... Agent: Cooler Master Co., Ltd.

20140166247 - Air duct and heat dissipation device having the same: An air duct mounted to a fan having an end board includes a top board which defines an opening, through which the fan is extended. Two opposite blocking members extend up from the top board at opposite first sides of the opening. Two opposite limiting members extend up from the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20140166248 - High-performance heat-insulating materials: The present invention relates to a heat-insulating material, in particular in the form of a solid foam, based on silica particles of submicron porosity, this material incorporating two different ranges of porosities, advantageously including a first range consisting of (macro)pores with diameters of between 10 microns and 3 mm, and... Agent: Saint-gobain Isover

20140166250 - Cooling module for vehicle: A cooling module for a vehicle may include a radiator that is disposed at a front side of a vehicle and exchanges heat with ambient air to cool coolant that flows therein, a first condenser in which refrigerant flows through a refrigerant pipe and that is disposed in the radiator... Agent: Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp.

20140166249 - Heat exchanger tank with flow elements: A heat exchanger configured to condition a flow of fluid therein. The heat exchanger includes a first tank, a second tank, and a conditioning assembly having a plurality of tubular elements extending between the first tank and the second tank. The first tank includes a hollow interior, an inlet, and... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20140166251 - Heat transferring device and method for manufacturing the same: The disclosure provides a heat transferring device and a method for manufacturing the heat transferring device. The heat transferring device includes: a flexible heat transfer substrate including a first surface, a second surface, at least one solid portion and at least one characteristic hole portion. The at least one solid... Agent: Metal Industries Research & Development Centre

20140166252 - Heat exchanger and method: A shell and tube heat exchanger includes a plurality of tubes having non-circular cross sectional shapes to improve heat transfer. The tubes may have central portions having an oblong cross-sectional shape with generally flat opposite side faces. The side faces may include raised portions to increase heat transfer. Alternatively, the... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140166253 - Heat exchanger, in particular for a motor vehicle, and corresponding air intake device: The invention relates to a heat exchanger for heat exchange between at least two fluids, in particular for a motor vehicle, including: a core (3) for heat exchange between said fluids, and a casing (5) for receiving said core and having at least one side opening. Said exchanger further includes... Agent: Valeo Systemes Thermiques

20140166254 - Cooling tower with indirect heat exchanger: A heat exchange apparatus is provided with an indirect evaporative heat exchange section and a direct evaporative heat exchange section. The indirect evaporative heat exchange section is usually located above the direct evaporative heat exchange section, and an evaporative liquid is passed downwardly onto the indirect heat exchange section. The... Agent: Baltimore Aircoil Company, Inc.

20140166255 - Closure of cooling holes with a filing agent: A method for filling cooling holes in a component of a gas turbine engine is disclosed. The component may include a plurality of first cooling holes penetrating the wall of the component. The method may comprise the steps of exposing the outer surface of the component, filling the plurality of... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140166256 - Sub-cooled condenser having a receiver tank with a refrigerant diverter for improved filling efficiency: A sub-cooled condenser for an air conditioning system, having a condenser portion, a sub-cooler portion located below that of the condenser portion, an adjacent receiver tank having a first fluid port in hydraulic connection with the condenser portion and a second fluid port in hydraulic connection with the sub-cooler portion,... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20140166258 - Heat conductive sheet: The present invention provides a heat conductive sheet that can maintain high heat conductivity and flexibility across a long period of time even in high temperature environments. The heat conductive sheet includes a (meth)acrylate polymer, a trimellitate ester plasticizer, a first antioxidant with a hindered phenol backbone, and a second... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140166257 - Heat dissipation composite: Disclosed herein is a heat dissipation composite having a metal substrate, a metal bonding layer, and a ceramic layer. The metal bonding layer has a melting point lower than that of the metal substrate and is formed on the metal substrate through metal-to-metal bonding. The ceramic layer is composed of... Agent: Diode-on Optoelectronics Limited

20140166259 - Cooling system of vehicle having motor: Therefore, by controlling a quantity of each coolant that is supplied to a first heat emitter including an inverter and a motor and a second heat emitter including a DC converter, a capacity of a coolant pump or an operation load can be reduced and thus entire cooling efficiency can... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140166260 - Method for controlling a mechanical vibrating element: A method for controlling a mechanical vibrating element driven by a driving means includes operating the driving means at an operation frequency for stimulating the vibrating element to oscillate at this frequency. The method also includes adjusting the operation frequency of the driving means for stimulating the vibration element at... Agent: Goodrich Lighting Systems Gmbh

20140166261 - Air conditioning system using deep seawater: An air conditioning system using deep seawater, includes: a pump device pumping the deep seawater; a seawater-coolant heat exchanger performing heat exchange between a cold energy in the deep seawater and a coolant; an air conditioning heat exchanger performing heat exchange with the coolant cooled by the cold energy to... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140166262 - Cooling apparatus for casting mold and cooling method for casting mold: A cooling apparatus 1 cools a casting mold K with a refrigerant circulating in a refrigerant passage pipe 2 and comprises an expansion tank 3 for pressurizing the refrigerant to a pressure at which the refrigerant has a set boiling temperature T0 at which the refrigerant boils, a mold cooling... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

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