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Heat exchange

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10/02/2014 > 28 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140290902 - Device for thermally insulating one or more elements of a subsea installation from ambient cold sea water: A device for thermally insulating at least one element of a subsea installation from ambient cold sea water, the device comprising an external casing which encloses an internal fluid chamber. The fluid chamber accommodates a fluid having heat-storing capacity, the element being received in the fluid chamber with the fluid... Agent: Vetco Gray Scandinavia.as

20140290903 - Installation adapted with temperature equalization system: A temperature equalization system comprised of heat equalizer and fluid transmission duct disposed in a heat carrier existing in solid or liquid state in the nature where presents comparatively larger and more reliable heat carrying capacity; the fluid passes through the installation to regulate for temperature equalization, and flows back... Agent:

20140290904 - Heat exchange device and device for receiving heat generation body: A heat exchanger of a heat exchange device includes stacked plate members, each including rectification walls that partition the surface into a lane shape. The rectification walls can include straight-line portions extending along a long side from a first end towards a second end and curved portions. The curve portions... Agent:

20140290906 - Cooling device: A cooling device, provided with a coolant circuit for cooling a volume, such as a cold store, or an arrangement, such as a beverage dispensing unit, includes a pump for pumping a coolant into the coolant circuit, and a heat emission member for emitting heat absorbed by the coolant circuit... Agent: Icek 9000 B.v.

20140290905 - Heating, ventilation and/or air-conditioning device with targeted power-supply management: A heating, ventilation and/or air-conditioning device (1) includes at least a first component (9) for generating heat and/or cold, at least a second component (13), a power supply circuit (3) shared by the first and second components, and a controller (4) for the power supply circuit (3). The first and... Agent:

20140290907 - Cooling and retaining body for heating elements, heating appliance and method for producing a cooling and retaining body: A cooling and retaining body for holding heating elements, in particular PTC heating elements, having a heating-element holder, in which the heating elements are mounted. The heating element holder has a plurality of circumferentially distributed accommodating regions, in each of which at least one heating element is arranged, wherein the... Agent: Stego-holding Gmbh

20140290908 - Heat dissipation module: A heat dissipation module includes a centrifugal fan and a heat pipe. The centrifugal fan includes an outer housing, a heat dissipation fin array, a retaining wall, an impeller and a rotation-driving device. The outer housing includes an axial air inlet, an axial air outlet and a radial air outlet.... Agent:

20140290909 - Thermal ground plane for cooling a computer: A method for cooling a computer uses thermal coupling for conveying heat from powered components of an electronic system. A fluid heat-exchanger is attached to the surface of the electronic system and filled with fluid coolant. A vacuum is applied between the heat-exchanger and the surface to seal the heat-exchanger... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140290910 - Intake air cooling system: An intake air cooling system 100 for a gas turbine 18 is provided with: an intake duct 12 for leading intake air taken in from an intake-air inlet 22 to a compressor 14 of the gas turbine 18; a cooling part 26 provided in the intake duct to cool the... Agent: Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.

20140290911 - Intake air cooling system: An intake air cooling system 100 for a gas turbine 18 is provided with: an intake duct 12 for leading intake air taken in from an intake-air inlet 22 to a compressor 14 of the gas turbine; a cooling part provided in the intake duct and configured to cool the... Agent: Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.

20140290912 - Heat transfer system with aqueous heat transfer fluid: According to one aspect of the invention, a heat transfer system comprises a heat transfer fluid circulation loop. The heat transfer system includes a heat exchanger disposed in the heat transfer fluid circulation loop. The heat transfer fluid is an aqueous solution having a pH of 7.8 to 8.0 that... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Space Systems International Inc.

20140290914 - Heat pipe structure: A heat pipe structure includes a hollow tube body and a plurality of capillary structures. A first region and a second region are defined in the hollow tube body. The capillary structure is disposed on the first region. A diameter of the second region is larger than a diameter of... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20140290913 - Heat transfer module, heat pipe, and manufacturing method of heat pipe: A heat pipe includes a flat tube, a first capillary structure, a second capillary structure, and a capillary structure block. The flat tube has flat portions, a first arc portion and a second arc portion. The first arc portion and the second arc portion are respectively connected to the opposite... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20140290915 - Methods and systems for temperature regulation of devices and processing thermal energy obtained thereby: A temperature regulation system includes a thermal transfer fluid, a fluid pump operable to pump the thermal transfer fluid, a fluid heat exchanger in fluid communication with the fluid pump, and a secondary heat exchanger in fluid communication with the fluid pump and the fluid heat exchanger. The fluid heat... Agent:

20140290916 - Method and apparatus for improved cooling of a heat sink using a synthetic jet: A system for cooling a device includes a heat sink comprising a substrate having a plurality of fins arranged thereon, a fan positioned to direct an ambient fluid in a first direction across the heat sink, and a first synthetic jet assembly comprising one of a multi-orifice synthetic jet and... Agent:

20140290917 - Heat dissipating pad: A heat dissipating pad includes a pad body and a fan. The pad body has a hollow accommodating recess and a first fixing structure disposed on a side of the hollow accommodating recess. The fan includes a fan frame. The fan frame is detachably disposed in the hollow accommodating recess... Agent: Cooler Master Co., Ltd.

20140290918 - Heat dissipation module and centrifugal fan thereof: A heat dissipation module includes a centrifugal fan, a second heat dissipation fin array, and a heat pipe. The centrifugal fan includes an outer housing, a first heat dissipation fin array, an impeller and a rotation-driving device. The outer housing has an axial air inlet and a radial air outlet.... Agent:

20140290919 - Vacuum pump with abatement function: A vacuum pump has an abatement part for treating an exhaust gas discharged from a chamber of a manufacturing apparatus to make the exhaust gas harmless. The vacuum pump includes a heat exchanger configured to heat an inert gas by using heat generated when the exhaust gas is treated to... Agent:

20140290920 - Air to air heat exchanger: An air to air heat exchanger includes a first and a second cooling air flow passage extending over a core depth of the heat exchanger. A heated air flow passage is arranged between the cooling air flow passages, and extends over a first percentage of the core depth. Thermally conductive... Agent: Modine Manufacturing Company

20140290921 - Plate-type heat exchanger and refrigeration cycle apparatus using the same: A plate thicknesses t of each of heat transfer plates 2 and 3 is equal to or less than 0.2 mm; a pitch Λ of concaves/convexes 9 and 10 is 4 to 7 mm; a distance h between peaks of the concaves/convexes 9 and 10 is 1.0 to 1.2 mm;... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140290922 - Heat exchanger and system for warming and cooling a fluid circulating in a housing: A system for warming/cooling oil circulating within a power and torque transfer system of an automotive vehicle is disclosed. The system incorporates at least a first heat exchanger positioned between the inner wall of the outer housing and the outer surface of a gear forming part of the gear system... Agent:

20140290923 - Cooling system: A cooling system is provided. The cooling system includes a first heat exchanger and a second heat exchanger. The first heat exchanger has a first chamber and a second chamber. A plurality of tubes is provided in the first heat exchanger such that the tubes are in fluid communication with... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140290924 - Conduit assemblies for heat exchangers and the like: A heat exchanger for a sanitary shower or the like includes a primary flow conduit, and secondary flow conduit sections, each conduit section having a substantially flat wall spaced from and aligned with an adjacent surface of the primary conduit so as to avoid accumulation of dirt. The secondary conduits... Agent:

20140290925 - Flow diverters to enhance heat sink performance: A heat sink comprising a base, fins attached to the base and a flow diverter in contact with the base or at least one of the fins. The flow diverter has a rectangular cross-sectional profile in a plane that is coplanar with and elevated above a plane of the base... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20140290926 - Silicon-based heat-dissipation device for heat-generating devices: Embodiments of a silicon-based heat-dissipation device and an apparatus including a silicon-based heat-dissipation device are described. In one aspect, an apparatus includes a silicon-based heat-dissipation device which includes a base portion and a protrusion portion. The base portion has a first primary side and a second primary side opposite the... Agent:

20140290927 - Heating and cooling apparatus: A heating/cooling plate device for heating and/or cooling an object through a range of operating temperatures extending both above and below ambient. The device having a heating element to heat the plate, and a vapor compression refrigeration system through which refrigerant flows to cool the plate. Greater control of the... Agent:

20140290928 - Coordinated flow control: A method of coordinated flow control in a heat exchanger system includes adjusting a position of a variable actuator of the heat exchanger system if an associated monitored temperature of the heat exchanger system needs adjustment, determining if the adjusted position of the variable actuator is within a predetermined range... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140290929 - Heat pipe heat sink with heating unit: A heat sink is disclosed including a cold plate, a plurality of heat pipes, a plurality of fins, and a heating unit. The cold plate has a first surface adapted to thermally couple to a heat source. Each of the heat pipes has an evaporator section thermally coupled to the... Agent: Ge Energy Power Conversion Technology Ltd

09/25/2014 > 24 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140284020 - Energy storage and thermal management using phase change materials in conjunction with heat pipes and foils, foams or other porous media: In one aspect an apparatus to store energy comprises a housing defining an enclosed chamber, foils or foam formed from a thermally conductive material disposed in the chamber, a phase change material disposed within the chamber, and at least one heat pipe extending through the housing in thermal communication with... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140284021 - Storage and recovery of thermal energy using heat storage material being filled in a plurality of enclosures: A thermal energy storage and recovery device is provided including a container having a first fluid terminal for inserting heat transfer medium into the interior of the container and a second fluid terminal for extracting heat transfer medium from the interior of the container, a heat storage material for receiving... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140284022 - Portable heating unit: A portable heating system includes a rechargeable power source and a heating element electrically connected to the rechargeable power source. The system may include a power management element configured to selectively electrically connect the heating element to one of the rechargeable power source and an external power supply to power... Agent: Blockhead International LLC

20140284023 - Control device for air conditioner: The present disclosure simplifies the H-bridge circuit of the direct current motor for driving the damper (door) that switches the air passages in the indoor unit of an air conditioning device. The control device for an air conditioner that takes in inside or outside air and conditions the air inside... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140284026 - Adsorption heat pump: An adsorption heat pump includes: a first evaporator that evaporates a first fluid; a condenser that condenses the first fluid; a heater; and a rotary adsorption device. The rotary adsorption device includes: partitioning portions that radially partition a space encircling the rotation axis into plural regions, that each include a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho

20140284024 - Method for controlling refrigerator: A method for controlling a refrigerator includes driving a compressor, operating a switching valve to allow a refrigerant to flow into at least one main expansion valve, opening a cool air passage connecting a refrigerating compartment to a main evaporator to cool the refrigerating compartment, operating the switching valve to... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140284025 - Refrigerator: A refrigerator with a main body including a refrigerating compartment at a temperature higher than a freezing temperature and a freezing compartment at a temperature lower than the freezing temperature, a deep-freezing storage chamber within the main body at a temperature lower than that of the freezing compartment. The refrigerator... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140284027 - Heat exchanger cleaning system: A cleaning system is disclosed for use with a heat exchanger. The cleaning system may have a nozzle configured to discharge a flow of fluid, and an actuator operatively attachable to a side of the heat exchanger and configured to move the nozzle across a face of the heat exchanger.... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140284028 - Cooler: A cooler is disposed in contact with an electronic component to cool the electronic component. The cooler includes a flow passage for a cooling medium, a heat transfer portion, and a non-conductive portion. The flow passage is provided in the cooler. The heat transfer portion is in contact with the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140284029 - Cooler: A cooler includes a base plate, fins, a coolant discharge passageway, and a coolant supply passageway. The coolant supply passageway includes a supply passageway partition that divides the coolant supply passageway into a plurality of divided supply passageways. The supply passageway partition extends in a coolant flowing direction within the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140284031 - Heat exchanger: Provided is heat exchanger. The heat exchanger includes a plurality of first tubes disposed to form a first row, a plurality of second tubes disposed on a side of the plurality of first tubes to form a second row, and a fin in which the plurality of first tubes and... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140284030 - Interleaved heat sink and fan assembly: According to embodiments of the invention, a structure for cooling electronic components may be provided. The structure may include a heat sink having a plurality of parallel heat conducting elements. The structure may also include a plurality of fans, wherein the fans are interleaved with the heat conducting elements. The... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140284032 - Core-in-shell exchanger refrigerant inlet flow distributor: Apparatuses and systems for introducing two-phase refrigerant into a shell of a core-in-shell exchanger are disclosed. One system includes: an exchanger shell; a heat-exchanging core disposed inside the exchanger shell; and an inlet flow distributor for directing incoming fluid comprising: a baffle plate with an array of orifice holes, wherein... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20140284033 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a stack of heat exchanger plate pairs that each define an internal volume and include an inlet and an outlet such that a first medium flows from the inlet to the outlet along a flow axis. The inlets together form an inlet header through the heat... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20140284034 - Plate-type heat pump air conditioner heat exchanger for a unitary heat pump air conditioner: A plate-type heat exchanger having a first heat exchanger portion configured to receive a refrigerant flow and a hot side coolant flow having a lower temperature than the refrigerant flow, a second heat exchanger portion configured to receive the refrigerant flow exiting from the first heat exchanger portion and a... Agent:

20140284035 - Heat exchanger: Provided is a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger includes a plurality of refrigerant tubes through which a refrigerant flows, a header including a tube connection part coupled to the plurality of refrigerant tubes and a refrigerant inflow part, a first pipe provided in the header to define a first flow... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140284036 - Condenser tubes with additional flank structure: The invention relates to a heat exchanger tube with a tube axis, a tube wall and with ribs extending around on the tube outer side. The ribs have a rib foot, rib flanks and a rib tip, wherein the rib foot projects substantially radially from the tube wall. The rib... Agent:

20140284037 - Aluminum tube-and-fin assembly geometry: A tube-and-fin assembly comprises a generally elliptical, cylindrical, elongated aluminum tube and a plurality of aluminum fins. Each fin extends outward from a side of the tube body to an apex. The aluminum assembly has a ratio of fin height to fin density (Mokire ratio) of between about 0.3200 and... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140284038 - Heat exchanger design and fabrication: A method of forming a heat exchanger for use with a rotating component configured to rotate about an axis of rotation is provided including generating a stereolithography file of the surface geometry of the heat exchanger. The surface geometry of the heat exchanger includes a cylindrical base having a plurality... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140284040 - Heat spreading layer with high thermal conductivity: Embodiments of the invention comprise a homogeneous heat spreading cap element in chip packages to facilitate better heat spreading and dissipation. The heat spreading cap comprises a single high-K graphite layer supported by a copper frame for increased stability and reduced thermal warpage during handling and operation while minimizing thermal... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140284039 - Thermal energy guiding systems including anisotropic thermal guiding coatings and methods for fabricating the same: Thermal energy guiding systems and methods for fabricating thermal energy guiding systems are provided. A thermal energy guiding system includes a thermal energy source and an anisotropic thermal guiding coating in thermal communication with a surface of the thermal energy source. The anisotropic thermal guiding coating includes a plurality of... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20140284041 - Coolant supply device and supply method: To that end, the invention is provided with a pump (101) that supplies coolant to a tool (D), a measurement device (22) that measures the discharge pressure of the pump (101), and a control device (50). The control device (50) has a function for determining, from the rotation rate of... Agent: Nippon Oil Pump Co., Ltd.

20140284043 - Cooling device for electric equipment: A cooling device for electric equipment includes a cooling unit for cooling an inverter element as a heat source. The cooling unit has a surface on which the inverter element is provided and a back surface disposed on a back side of surface, and includes a heat mass for transferring... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140284042 - Method and system for controlling a heat transfer apparatus: A method of controlling a heat transfer apparatus comprising the steps of: providing a heat transfer apparatus; providing a control apparatus comprising a thermal sensor configured to control operation of the heat transfer apparatus; providing a casing comprising a casing wall enclosing a casing chamber, a casing entrance, and a... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 78 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20140262126 - Cooling apparatus and cooling method: In one embodiment, a heat exchanger is provided at portion of a circulation circuit to provide heat from a heating element to a medium. A cooling unit is provided at portion of the circulation circuit to cool the medium. A heat storage tank is arranged between the heat exchanger and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140262125 - Energy exchange assembly with microporous membrane: An energy exchange assembly may include one or more membrane panels. The one or more membrane panels may include a microporous membrane that has a pore size between 0.02 and 0.3 micrometers (μm) and a porosity between 45% and 80%. Optionally, the energy exchange assembly may further include a plurality... Agent: Venmar Ces, Inc.

20140262132 - Air conditioning system utilizing heat recovery ventilation for fresh air supply and climate control: The vehicle ventilation module includes a return air duct, a fresh air duct, a heat exchanger, and first and second doors. The return air duct has a return air inlet and a return air outlet downstream of the return air inlet. The fresh air duct has a fresh air inlet... Agent: Bergstrom, Inc.

20140262131 - Cooling of cryogenic meters sensing reverse flow: Cooling of a meter by liquid flowing in a flow that is reverse from dispensing flow is described. A plurality of tubes is configured to transport a plurality of fluids comprising a first fluid and a second fluid. Dispense valves attached to corresponding tubes are configured to open when the... Agent: Chart Inc.

20140262127 - Management of exterior temperatures encountered by user of a portable electronic device: Described embodiments include a portable electronic device. The device includes a shell housing components of the portable electronic device having a heat-generating component. The device includes a heat-rejection element located at an exterior surface of the shell. The heat-rejection element is configured to reject heat received from the heat-generating component... Agent:

20140262128 - Management of exterior temperatures encountered by user of a portable electronic device using multiple heat-rejection elements: Described embodiments include a portable electronic device. The device includes a shell and a heat-generating component. The device includes a first and a second exterior heat-rejection element. Each heat-rejection element is configured to reject heat received from the heat-generating component into an environment. The device includes a controllable thermal coupler... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140262130 - Smart hvac manifold system: The smart HVAC manifold system provides a means of quickly and electronically handling the manual data acquisition process which would include component and or system model and serial numbers, equipment location (GPS tagging), customer name, environmental conditions that effect performance and performance measurement (weather data and elevation), and supports photo,... Agent: Stride Tool, Inc.

20140262133 - Space conditioning control and monitoring method and system: A space conditioning system and method for monitoring electrical parameters and/or thermodynamic parameters relating to the heat of extraction/rejection or power consumption of the system and to communicate the monitored parameters to an external device.... Agent: Waterfurnace International, Inc.

20140262129 - Thermal control of device using fluid coolant: Assemblies, methods, and systems for controlling the temperature of an electronic device are described. One method includes positioning an electronic device in a chamber and electrically coupling a probe to the electronic device. The method also includes flowing a fluid in contact with the electronic device at a flow rate,... Agent:

20140262134 - Hvac system remote monitoring and diagnosis: An apparatus for monitoring a heating, ventilation, or air conditioning (HVAC) system includes an indoor unit monitor module electrically connected to a current sensor and first and second refrigerant temperature sensors. The current sensor generates a first current signal based on aggregate current consumed by components of an indoor unit... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20140262135 - Valve system configurations for warming and cooling transmission fluid: The invention relates to valve system configurations for an active warm-up (AWU) system for an automobile to improve warm-up conditions without delaying cabin warm-up or defrost times. More specifically, the invention relates to a system for heating/cooling transmission fluid of an automobile by controlling the source of the heat exchange... Agent:

20140262137 - Closed-loop geothermal energy collection system: In some embodiments of the invention, the salt is conveyed down the well by a pneumatic conveyer system, or in other cases by using a mechanical system, such as a screw drive. Once returned to the surface, the molten salt can be used to heat graphite blocks for energy storage,... Agent:

20140262138 - Deep sea water extraction for source of cooling in offshore operations: The present invention relates to the utilization of deep ocean seawater in cooling water for offshore process applications. The present invention contemplates extracting deep seawater from regions of the ocean having minimal biological productivity for use as cooling water in offshore operations. In one embodiment, a sea water extraction system... Agent:

20140262136 - Twisted conduit for geothermal heat exchange: A geothermal heat exchange apparatus is disclosed that comprises a flexible assembly of a plurality of pipes twisted on a central conduit. The central conduit has a tubular structure. The plurality of pipes is twisted around the central conduit. The plurality of pipes is adapted to connect to an external... Agent:

20140262139 - Methods and systems for improved quench tower design: The present technology describes methods and systems for an improved quench tower. Some embodiments improve the quench tower's ability to recover particulate matter, steam, and emissions that escape from the base of the quench tower. Some embodiments improve the draft and draft distribution of the quench tower. Some embodiments include... Agent:

20140262140 - Modular counterflow fill hanging system apparatus and method: A heat exchange fill apparatus for use with a cooling tower that employs a support frame assembly. The heat exchange fill apparatus has a media fill pack that is comprised of fill pack media modules wherein a stake, prevents the modules from shifting with respect to one another. The modules... Agent: Spx Cooling Technologies, Inc.

20140262141 - Rib maze that prevents flow along a wall: An airflow deflector including a plurality of spaced apart ribs each extending in a longitudinal direction between a first end and a second end thereof that is generally perpendicular to an airflow stream to be deflected by the airflow deflector such that the plurality of spaced apart ribs induce recirculations... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20140262142 - Valve package: A heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) assembly that includes a duct and a coil assembly coupled to the duct. A supply line and return line are connected to the coil assembly. A first hanger assembly encircles the supply line, and a second hanger assembly encircles the return line. A... Agent:

20140262143 - Single exchanger hvac unit and power machines using the same: Disclosed embodiments include HVAC systems, and power machines incorporating the same, which utilize an improved exchanger configuration in which the two separate heating and cooling exchangers of conventional systems are replaced with one composite exchanger. The composite heating and cooling exchanger includes nested heating and cooling tubes. The configuration of... Agent:

20140262145 - Heat recovery system: A system for the recovery of heat from gases. A heat recovery system uses a wetted heat transfer surface to recover heat from a bulk gas, such as a flue gas. The system utilizes wetted heat transfer tubes which are sprayed in a manner to minimize the film thickness of... Agent: Direct Contact, LLC

20140262144 - Membrane-integrated energy exchange assembly: A method of forming a membrane panel configured to be secured within an energy exchange assembly may include forming an outer frame defining a central opening, and integrating a membrane sheet with the outer frame. The membrane sheet spans across the central opening, and is configured to transfer one or... Agent: Venmar Ces, Inc

20140262146 - Cascading heat recovery using a cooling unit as a source: A cascade heat recovery system connects an evaporator from a heating unit to a recovery condenser of the cooling unit, where the recovery condenser is different from a cooling condenser of the cooling unit, and/or connects the evaporator of the heating unit to the cooling loop of the cooling unit,... Agent: Trane International Inc.

20140262148 - Heat sink assembly and clip thereof: A clip for fixing a heat sink on a retaining bracket includes an elastic supporter, an operating member, a movable fastener and a fixing bar. Two ends of the elastic supporter have a connecting portion and a first buckle portion, respectively. The operating member has a resisting portion, a pivot... Agent:

20140262147 - V-shaped heat exchanger apparatus: A V-shaped heat exchanger apparatus providing a support pedestal on which on at least one side thereof a frame assembly is removably coupled to the pedestal structure. The frame assembly includes preferably as a unitary element, a frame and at least one heat exchanger fixedly secured thereto.... Agent: Copper Core Limited

20140262149 - Air circulation in a system: An example system may include racks that house slots, in which devices may be stored for testing. Cold air from a cold atrium is drawn over the slots and expelled into a warm atrium. The resulting warm air is cooled and then recycled back through the slots to control slot... Agent: Teradyne, Inc.

20140262150 - Sealed enclosure for power electronics incorporating a heat exchanger: A functional heat exchanger structure provides a hermetic seal for the power electronics. The heat exchanger includes one or more features built into the design. The features include a closed loop liquid circuit, air, or extended surfaces built-in to the design to transfer heat from the heat generating devices, spring... Agent: Transistor Devices, Inc. D/b/a Tdi Power

20140262151 - Channel diversion device and related heat dissipating system: A channel diversion device includes a supporting structure, a piercing hole structure, a guiding baffle and a collecting mask. An electronic component can be accommodated inside the supporting structure. The supporting structure includes a first structural layer and a second structural layer. An opening is formed on the second structural... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140262152 - Poultry chiller with multi-blade long-pitch auger: An auger-type poultry chiller having an auger with multiple long-pitch auger blades. The blades of the auger create pockets that spiral around the auger shaft and extend the length of the auger. While the product in the chiller is locked into a certain pocket, it is not locked into a... Agent:

20140262153 - Valve: Disclosed is a valve for controlling a flow rate of an inlet fluid. The valve includes a housing portion that has at least one fluid inlet and at least one fluid outlet and at least two containers that are positioned at least partially within the housing portion. The at least... Agent: Nivaru B.v.

20140262154 - Continuous process for providing superheated liquid to a vessel: A process for continuously providing superheated liquid to a chemical process vessel by providing a first heating device capable of heating an entire liquid effluent stream from the vessel, the first heating device receiving the entire liquid effluent stream from the vessel and returning a heated liquid stream to the... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140262155 - Orbital welding system with cooled drive housing: Systems for cooling a drive block are provided. A system for a cooled drive housing can include a drive block configured to at least partially surround a drive assembly, an insulating plate configured to close at least a portion of a first side of the drive block, at least one... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20140262156 - Fin configuration for air cooled heat exchanger tubes: The present invention provides an air cooled, finned heat exchanger tube, comprising a metallic tube through which fluid to be cooled is flowable, having an outer surface on which axially spaced circumferential indentations are formed, and a plurality of axially spaced fins each of which having a main element formed... Agent:

20140262157 - Wafer platen thermosyphon cooling system: Disclosed is a thermosyphon system for cooling a platen in an ion implantation system. The thermosyphon system may include a vacuum chamber housing at least one wafer platen and a phase separator tank operative to contain both a liquid and gas phases of an element. A re-condensing cold head is... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20140262158 - Two-phase cooling system: Provided is a modular pumped loop cooling apparatus including a cooling module and a pumping module, wherein the pumping module has an inlet coupling for mating with a corresponding outlet coupling of the cooling module when the cooling module is placed atop the pumping module. The modular pumped loop cooling... Agent:

20140262159 - Fluid flow measurement and control: In at least one illustrative embodiment, a fluid flow control apparatus may comprise a fluid network including a plurality of parallel branches, each parallel branch of the plurality of parallel branches being fluidly coupled between an inlet and an outlet of the fluid network. Each parallel branch of the plurality... Agent:

20140262161 - Method and apparatus for dynamically cooling electronic devices: This invention provides a method and apparatus for device designers to overcome such limitations by incorporating a dynamic fluid cooling system to transfer heat within the device amongst various subsystems and convect the heat externally, versus current static thermal solutions which conductively spread heat in a limited manner at significant... Agent:

20140262160 - Vapor chambers based skin material for smartphones and mobile devices: An apparatus for managing heat generated by at least one electronic component of a mobile device, the apparatus comprising: a housing for containing the electronic component of the mobile device; and a vapor chamber arranged in the housing, the vapor chamber having a cavity defined by a front wall and... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140262164 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger 10 includes a conduit 12 for conveying cooling fluid relative to a body to be cooled. A heat transfer arrangement 62 is arranged in communication with an interior of the conduit 12, the heat transfer arrangement 62 and the conduit 12 together defining an assembly that is... Agent: Auckland Uniservices Limited

20140262165 - Heat exchanger tube: A heat exchanger tube is constituted by a flat tube body 14 shaped like a plurality of cylindrical tubes arranged mutually proximally in a plane and connected together at mutually proximate portions of the tubes as communicating portions 13. Cylindrical portions 15 corresponding to the cylindrical tubes of the flat... Agent: Hino Motors, Ltd

20140262163 - Indirect evaporative cooling heat exchanger: A heat exchanger including a header having a plurality of header openings with conduits that may be made of plastic are inserted in the openings. The conduits are sealed to the header to prevent leakage between the header and the tubes to prevent water and air leakage between the wet,... Agent:

20140262162 - Liquid to liquid multi-pass countercurrent heat exchanger: A heat exchanger including a shell forming a generally cylindrical housing, a plurality of dividers within the shell extending along the length of the shell, wherein the dividers separate the shell into sections and each section forms a shell pass. The heat exchanger can further include a plurality of tube... Agent: Caloris Engineering, LLC

20140262166 - Waste heat recovery apparatus for a livestock poultry barn: Systems and method are provided for recovering heat from waste air being expelled from a livestock poultry barn. A heat recovery unit is specially designed to take advantage of an unused heat source, while avoiding the corrosive effects of waste air from the livestock poultry barn. The novel heat recovery... Agent: The Curators Of The University Of Missouri

20140262167 - Coil assembly: A coil assembly includes at least one coil unit, having a plurality of odd coils and even coils configured in a horizontal manner, and each of the odd coils stacks over each of the even coils in stagger; a plurality of odd distributing pipes, respectively communicates with both ends of... Agent:

20140262168 - Reactor incorporating a heat exchanger: A reactor containing a heat exchanger is disclosed, which can be operated with co-current or counter-current flow. Also disclosed is a system that includes a reactor having a reformer and a vaporizer, a fuel supply, and a water supply. The reactor includes a source of combustion gas, a reformer operative... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20140262169 - Insulation: Insulation (10), especially for vehicle components, for example, exhaust systems such as particle filters and SCR systems, has a plate-like component (12). The insulation can be fasted especially simply and rapidly and in an especially cost-effective manner, by welding. The insulation (10) has, in addition, at least one separate support... Agent: Ebersp&#xe4 Cher Exhaust Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140262170 - Heat transfer surface with nested tabs: A heat transfer surface and a heat exchanger comprising the heat transfer surface are disclosed, the heat transfer surface comprising a corrugated member having parallel spaced apart ridges and planar fin surfaces extending therebetween. The planar fins surfaces comprise tabs formed in the surface thereof for forming counter-rotating vortices in... Agent: Dana Canada Corporation

20140262172 - Tube bundle for shell-and-tube heat exchanger and a method of use: A tube bundle is provided for a shell-and-tube heat exchanger. The tube bundle includes a plurality of elongated tubes, each of which has an intermediate portion that has a cross section in the form of a flattened circle with at least one axis of symmetry. The tubes are arranged in... Agent: Koch Heat Transfer Company, Lp

20140262171 - Tube bundle for shell-and-tube heat exchanger and method of constructing same: A tube bundle is provided for a shell-and-tube heat exchanger. The tube bundle includes a plurality of elongated tubes, each of which has an intermediate portion that has a cross section in the form of a flattened circle with at least one axis of symmetry. The ends of the tubes... Agent: Koch Heat Transfer Company, Lp

20140262174 - High-temperature heat exchanger: This flat tube heat exchanger encompasses a closed housing, in which two tube sheets and a tube bundle, which is arranged between the tube sheets and which is supported by the tube sheets is arranged. The tube bundle comprises at least some flat tubes, which extend in longitudinal direction of... Agent: Ws-warmprozesstechnik Gmbh Et Al.

20140262173 - Process of friction stir welding on tube end joints and a product produced thereby: A process of producing shell and tube heat exchangers where the ends of the tubes are secured to a tube sheet while reacting applied FSW forces without introducing a crevice or local deformation near the ends of the tubes. In particular, an interference fit is used to lock the ends... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20140262175 - Heat exchanger with jointed frame: A plate and frame style heat exchanger is disclosed herein the heat exchanger is formed by a plurality of heat exchange plates and frame members that are alternatingly stacked together to form fluid channel members. The frame members are formed by lengths of material that are formed or bent into... Agent:

20140262176 - Hot water heat exchanger: The present invention is directed to providing a hot water heat exchanger which has a simple piping structure and minimizes a flow passage length therein, thereby minimizing flow resistance. To this end, the hot water heat exchanger is characterized in that the first adaptor and the second adaptor are connected... Agent: Kyungdong Navien Co., Ltd.

20140262177 - Inverter power module packaging with cold plate: A heat sink is provided. The heat sink includes a single-piece housing having a floor and two walls, the walls perpendicular to the floor and the walls are parallel to each other. The heat sink includes the housing having an inlet and an outlet. The housing is configured to attach... Agent: Atieva, Inc.

20140262181 - Flattened tube finned heat exchanger and fabrication method: A multiple tube bank heat exchanger includes a first tube bank including at least a first and a second flattened tube segments extending longitudinally in spaced parallel relationship and a second tube bank including at least a first and a second flattened tube segments extending longitudinally in spaced parallel relationship.... Agent:

20140262179 - Heat exchanger assembly and method of locking same: A heat exchanger assembly is provided. The heat exchanger assembly comprises a core body, a plate fixedly coupled to the core body, the plate defining an aperture therein, and a tank having a foot thereon, wherein under the condition that the plate and the tank are coupled to one another,... Agent: Calsonickansei North America, Inc.

20140262180 - Manifolded heat exchangers and related systems: Some modular heat-transfer systems can have an array of at least one heat-transfer element being configured to transfer heat to a working fluid from a heat dissipator. A manifolded heat exchanger can be configured to receive heated working fluid from a plurality of heat-transfer elements and to reject heat to... Agent: Coolit Systems Inc.

20140262182 - Micro channel heat exchanger alloy system: A micro channel heat exchanger alloy system is provided and includes first and second manifolds, including a 3000 series aluminum, each of the first and second manifolds being formed to define a respective interior therein, a tube, including at least one of 31108 and 31104 alloy material, extending from the... Agent:

20140262183 - Polymer tube heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a plurality of polymer tubes extending between and fluidly connecting an inlet manifold and an outlet manifold, thereby providing a flow path inside said tubes for a first fluid between the inlet manifold and the outlet manifold. The tubes are configured to have space between the... Agent:

20140262178 - Thermoelectric power generation condenser: A heat exchanger includes an inlet header configured to receive refrigerant and an outlet header configured to discharge the refrigerant. First and second tubes in fluid communication with and extending between the inlet header and the outlet header direct refrigerant from the inlet header to the outlet header. Each of... Agent: Hussmann Corporation

20140262185 - Heat exchanger containing multiple tubes, and method of making and using same: Disclosed herein is a heat exchanger that includes a coiled outer tube, and a plurality of interlocking twisted tubes disposed within the coiled outer tube. Methods of making and using the heat exchanger also are described.... Agent: Turbotedc Products, Inc.

20140262186 - Heat transfer system and method incorporating tapered flow field: A heat transfer system including a fluid inlet; a fluid outlet; and a substrate in fluid communication with the fluid inlet and fluid outlet, the substrate including a heat exchange region having a heat transfer surface and a flow field adjacent the heat transfer surface, the flow field including a... Agent: Rochester Institute Of Technology

20140262184 - Method and apparatus for securing two components for brazing: Two components necessary to make up a heat exchanger assembly generally need to be brazed. Two components may be secured which do not contain a cladded alloy. Staking or crimping is used to hold the two components together while securing a braze ring captured between the two components which acts... Agent: Calsonickansei North America, Inc.

20140262187 - Heat exchanger: The invention relates to a heat exchanger comprising a block which has ribs and tubes and which is arranged between a first collecting box in particular for introducing a medium to be cooled and a second collecting box in particular for discharging said medium. Each collecting box is closed off... Agent: Behr Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140262189 - Curable compositions and fluid connections made therewith: A curable composition comprising an isocyanate material; method of using this curable composition and fluid connection incorporating cured reaction products of this composition are provided.... Agent:

20140262188 - Fin spacing on an evaporative atmospheric water condenser: An improvement in atmospheric evaporative water condenser is disclosed. The apparatus includes tubes through which a refrigerant would pass and a variety of generally rectangular or circular fins are in contact with the tubes which causes the fins to cool. This permits water in its vapor form which exists in... Agent:

20140262190 - Process and device for controlled deformation of spine fins while shaping of coils: A method and system device for controlled deformation of spine fin coil. A spine fin tubing is placed and guided through a conduit constructed with comb-like teeth so that the spine fins are deformed by the comb-like teeth in a controlled manner. The controlled deformation can be performed either before... Agent:

20140262193 - Edge ring cooling module for semi-conductor manufacture chuck: An edge ring cooling module for semiconductor manufacturing chuck is provided which effectively cools the edge ring equipped in electrostatic chuck. The edge ring cooling module forcibly exhausts the heat of an edge ring (20) using an electronic cooling device (32) to top of a large-diameter portion (11) to effectively... Agent: Techest Co., Ltd.

20140262194 - Flow diverters to enhance heat sink performance: A heat sink comprising a base, fins attached to the base and a flow diverter in contact with the base or at least one of the fins. The flow diverter has a rectangular cross-sectional profile in a plane that is coplanar with and elevated above a plane of the base... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20140262191 - Thermal interface materials: A thermal interface material is configured for use with an electronic device for transferring heat between heat generating components and heat removing components of the electronic device. The thermal interface material generally includes a first material (e.g., a gap filler, etc.) incorporating a contact resistance reducing material. The contact resistance... Agent: Laird Technologies, Inc.

20140262192 - Thermally reversible thermal interface materials with improved moisture resistance: The present invention is directed to a reversibly adhesive thermal interface material for electronic components and methods of making and using the same. More particularly, embodiments of the invention provide thermal interface materials that include a hydrolytically-stable, thermally-reversible adhesive, and a thermally conductive and electrically non-conductive filler, where the thermal... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140262195 - System and method for controlling flow rate of coolant of green car: A system and a method for controlling the flow rate of a coolant can efficiently cool cooling targets, such as motor, inverter, converter, etc., which are electric and electronic devices requiring to be cooled by water, by estimating an increase in temperature on the basis of traveling conditions of a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140262196 - Thermostat: Discussed generally herein are systems and methods for comfort level regulation in a building. A comfort level regulation system for a building can include a plurality of air intakes configured to draw air into the building, and a processor configured to open the one or more air intakes of the... Agent:

20140262197 - Coolant system for machine tools: A coolant system for machine tools, includes a pump (12) for the coolant, at least one consumer (10), a pressure sensor (24) for detecting an actual pressure (Pi) in the coolant system, a feedback control device (22) acting upon the pump (12) for regulating the pressure in the coolant system... Agent:

20140262198 - Method and apparatus for cooling superalloy turbine components during component welding: Superalloy components, such as steam and gas turbine blades or vanes, are cooled during welding fabrication or repair, so as to reduce likelihood of weld metal and weld heat affected zone cracking during weld solidification and during post weld heat treatment. More particularly the invention relates to cooling superalloy steam... Agent:

20140262199 - Temperature control system, semiconductor manufacturing device, and temperature control method: A temperature control system includes a first temperature adjustment unit storing fluid at a first temperature; a second temperature adjustment unit storing fluid at a second temperature higher than the first temperature; a low-temperature flow path for passing fluid supplied from the first temperature adjustment unit; a high-temperature flow path... Agent: Ckd Corporation

20140262200 - Valves for bypass circuits in heat exchangers: A valve can be incorporated as an integral part of the heat exchanger as a plug-in item that can be located anywhere desired between the inlet and outlet flow manifolds of the heat exchanger.... Agent:

20140262201 - Recirculating cooling system for energy delivery device: A method for cooling a medical device includes fluidly connecting a cooling fluid reservoir to a medical device. The fluid connection includes a fluid out-flow path and a fluid return path corresponding to the fluid reservoir. The cooling fluid is pumped from the fluid reservoir to the medical device. The... Agent:

20140262202 - Device and methods of using a piezoelectric microbalance sensor: Methods for monitoring scale deposition in a water-containing industrial process are disclosed. In certain embodiments, the water-containing industrial process is an aqueous cooling system. In certain embodiments, the methods incorporate fluorometric monitoring and control techniques along with a piezoelectric microbalance sensor. A particular embodiment of a piezoelectric microbalance sensor is... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

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20140251573 - Mechanical seal cooler: A mechanical seal cooler having a solid body; a continuous first conduit within the body defining first conduit side walls; and a continuous second conduit disposed within the body defining second conduit side walls. The first conduit is spaced from and juxtaposed with the second conduit. A first fluid inlet... Agent:

20140251574 - Cooling systems and heat exchangers for cooling computer components: Computer systems having heat exchangers for cooling computer components are disclosed herein. The computer systems include a computer cabinet having an air inlet, an air outlet spaced apart from the air inlet, and a plurality of computer module compartments positioned between the air inlet and the air outlet. The air... Agent: Cray Inc.

20140251575 - Gas heat sub-base for packaged terminal air conditioner: A gas heat sub-base for use in conjunction with a PTAC or similar HVAC terminal unit, the sub-base having a housing with a front side, back side, top and bottom all defining an interior space. The top is configured to mate with the bottom of the PTAC unit. The sub-base... Agent:

20140251576 - Adjustable furnace mounting system: An assembly for mounting a replacement heater with an air conditioner unit. The assembly includes a base member that defines an opening and is mounted on the floor. The assembly further includes a telescoping member that extends out of the opening over a range of positions so that replacement heaters... Agent:

20140251577 - Cooling frame with integrated heat pipes: A heat-transfer system is provided for conveying heat from a heat source, the heat-transfer system generally including a frame for coupling to the heat source, wherein the frame is insertable into a first slot of a cooling chassis, and a heat-transfer rail extending parallel to the frame at an offset... Agent: Thermal Corp.

20140251578 - Adjustable heat exchanger: The adjustable heat exchanger provides precise control of oven temperature in a pyrolysis reaction. The heat exchanger includes two sets of hollow non-circular discs, the discs of a movable set being interleaved with the discs of a stationary set. A first working fluid circulates through a heat source oven and... Agent: King Abdulaziz University

20140251579 - Heat recovery system and heat exchanger: An exhaust gas heat recovery system may include a housing, a valve member, and a heat exchanger. The housing may include an inlet, an outlet, a first exhaust gas pathway in communication with the inlet and outlet, and a second exhaust gas pathway in communication with the inlet and outlet.... Agent: Wescast Industries, Inc.

20140251580 - Method for closing a collecting tank: A method for closing a fillable collecting tank, in particular a fillable collecting tank of a heat exchanger for storing a fluid, having walls forming the collecting tank, wherein one of the walls is formed as a baseplate having openings for receiving pipes, wherein a filling opening for adding the... Agent: Behr Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140251581 - High efficiency air cooling apparatus: An air cooling system consisting of several different known technologies brought together in combination to provide a complete cooling process. The invention may consist of several parallel and series stages in combination where each stage comprises an adiabatic stage which feeds a conventional heat exchanger. The conventional exchange of heat... Agent:

20140251582 - Fluid heat exchanger configured to provide a split flow: A fluid heat exchanger can define a plurality of microchannels each having a first end and an opposite end and extending substantially parallel with each other microchannel. Each microchannel can define a continuous channel flow path between its respective first end and opposite end. A fluid inlet opening for the... Agent: Coolit Systems Inc.

20140251583 - Leak detection system for a liquid cooling system: A liquid cooling system for a computer may include a cold plate configured to be positioned on a heat generating electronic device of the computer and adapted to pass a coolant therethrough. The cooling system may also include a leak detection system configured to detect a coolant leak in the... Agent:

20140251584 - System for precision temperature control of thermal bead baths: A system and apparatus for precision temperature control of thermal bead baths used in biological laboratories to heat biological samples is disclosed. The system has an insulated outer shell and an inner shell sealed together to form a recirculation pathway. The inner shell has an air extraction port opening into... Agent: Air Bath Technologies, LLC

20140251585 - Micro-lattice cross-flow heat exchangers for aircraft: An aircraft micro-lattice cross-flow heat exchanger and methods are presented. A first aircraft fluid source inlet provides a first fluid from a first aircraft system, and a second aircraft fluid source inlet provides a second fluid from a second aircraft system. A structural body supports aviation induced structural loads and... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140251586 - Dimple pattern gasketed heat exchanger: The invention relates to a gasketed heat exchanger comprising a plurality of heat exchanger plates, wherein each of the heat exchanger plates comprises a plurality of dimples. The dimples comprise tops and bottoms. Furthermore, the tops of at least one heat exchanger plate are connected to the bottoms of another... Agent:

20140251587 - Double dimple pattern heat exchanger: The invention relates to a heat exchanger comprising a plurality of heat exchanger plates, wherein each of the heat exchanger plates comprises a plurality of dimples. The dimples comprise tops and bottoms. Furthermore, the tops of at least one heat exchanger plate are connected to the bottoms of a neighboring... Agent:

20140251588 - Heat-dissipating member and method for producing same: The present invention provides a heat dissipating member containing a fluorine resin and a thermally-conductive filler and having good adhesive properties. The present invention is a heat dissipating member including: a porous base material containing a fluorine resin and a thermally-conductive filler; and an adhesive material contained in pores of... Agent:

20140251589 - Air cooled condenser apparatus and method: An air cooled condenser (ACC) system is described having a first street having at least one air cooled condenser module and a second street having at least one air cooled condenser module. The system employs a steam inlet conduit provides steam to the first and second streets. The air cooled... Agent: Spx Cooling Technologies, Inc

20140251590 - Seal support system: An apparatus and method for preventing the temperature of liquid inside a seal support system from falling below the freezing point of the liquid while maintaining substantially constant pressure inside the seal support system, includes a pressure vessel in closed loop fluid communication with a mechanical seal. The closed loop... Agent:

20140251591 - Cooling system: A cooling system includes a first detection module, a second detection module, a control module connected to the first detection module and the second detection module, and a fan connected to the control module. The first detection module is used to detect a first temperature value and input a first... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

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