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Heat exchange

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04/16/2015 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150101777 - Heat recovery storage device: The present invention is to provide a heat recovery storage device, which includes a major container, a heat transfer machine mounted in the major container, and a thermostatic valve mounted on the heat transfer machine. And the heat transfer machine is used for conducting heat transfer directly to the water... Agent:

20150101778 - Cooling module for vehicle: A cooling module for a vehicle connected to an operating system and an air conditioning system. The cooling module may include a radiator for a stack that is disposed at a rear side based on a front/rear direction of a vehicle, a radiator for electric devices that is disposed at... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150101779 - System and method of maximizing performance of a solid-state closed loop well heat exchanger: A heat exchanger transfers heat from solid state heat conducting material to a fluid in a closed loop system. A heat harnessing component includes a closed-loop solid state heat extraction system having a heat exchanging element positioned within a heat nest in a well designed to optimize the transfer of... Agent:

20150101780 - Heat exchanger for power system: The present disclosure provides a heat exchanger for a power system. The heat exchanger includes a housing. The housing includes a first side and a second side. The second side is configured to be received in a receptacle of a power system enclosure. The heat exchanger includes at-least one heat... Agent: Solar Turbines Inc.

20150101781 - Heat exchanger for vehicle: A heat exchanger for a vehicle includes a heat radiating portion provided with first, second and third connecting lines receiving first, second and third operating fluids, respectively, which heat-exchange with each other while passing through the first, second and third connecting lines, a bifurcating portion adapted for one of the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150101782 - Evaporative intercooler: h

20150101784 - Heat pipe with ultra-thin flat wick structure: A heat pipe with an ultra-thin flat wick structure includes a shell and a wick structure disposed in the shell. The wick structure includes heat exchange zones and at least one liquid channel connected between the heat exchange zones which are divided into an evaporation portion and a condensation portion.... Agent:

20150101783 - Thermal conductor with ultra-thin flat wick structure: A thermal conductor with an ultra-thin flat wick structure (2) includes a hollow shell (1) having a flat shape, and a wick structure (2) disposed in the shell (1) and contacted with an inner wall (100) of the shell (1), wherein the wick structure (2) is a thin planar body... Agent:

20150101785 - Heat dissipation device and a method for manufacturing same: A heat dissipation device includes a first copper sheet and a second copper sheet. The first copper sheet includes a number of first recesses and the second copper sheet includes a number of corresponding second recesses. The second copper sheet is fixed on the first copper sheet and an airtight... Agent:

20150101786 - Cooling gel pad: A device for providing heat dissipation is claimed. The device comprises an outer shell and an inner, heat-dissipating gel layer within said outer shell, the inner heat-dissipating gel layer that comprises a hydrogel compound that dissipates body heat without refrigeration at room temperature.... Agent: Helamia LLC

20150101787 - Ultra sagging and melting resistant fin material with very high strength: Method for producing AIMn strip or sheet for making components by brazing and products obtained by said method, in particular fin materials of thin gauge used in heat exchangers. Rolling slabs are produced from a melt with <0.3% Si, ≦0.5% Fe, ≦0.3% Cu, 1.0-2.0% Mn, ≦0.5% Mg, ≦4.0% Zn, ≦0.5%... Agent: Gr&#xe4 Nges Sweden Ab

20150101788 - Methods and apparatuses for manipulating temperature: Methods and apparatuses for manipulating the temperature of a surface are provided. Devices of the present disclosure may include a thermal adjustment apparatus, such as a controller in electrical communication with one or more thermoelectric materials, placed adjacent to the surface of skin. The device may generate a series of... Agent: Embr Labs Inc.

20150101789 - Thermal management system for vehicle: First circulation portions switch a flow of a heat medium such that one of the heat media for two systems selectively circulates through a radiator flow path or a first bypass flow path. Second circulation portions switch the flow of the heat medium such that the heat media for the... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 23 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150096714 - Systems and methods for air conditioning a building using an energy recovery wheel: Systems and methods for air conditioning a building using an energy recovery wheel are provided. An exemplary system includes a rotatable energy recovery wheel configured to rotate successively through a recirculated air stream and a second air stream separate from the recirculated air stream, and a refrigeration circuit configured to... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20150096715 - Heat dissipation system: A heat dissipation system for a number of cabinets mounted in a container includes a first heat dissipation apparatus, a second heat dissipation apparatus including a condenser, an inlet pipe assembly connected to the cabinets, an outlet pipe assembly connected to the cabinets, a connecting pipe connected between the inlet... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150096716 - Powered air ram with energy recovery: A cooling system including a heat exchanger, an airflow containment unit, and an airflow conduit. The airflow containment unit is configured to direct airflow to and from the heat exchanger. The airflow conduit is in fluid communication with the airflow containment unit and is configured to direct airflow to the... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20150096717 - Liquefier assembly for additive manufacturing systems, and methods of use thereof: A liquefier assembly for use in an additive manufacturing system, which includes a rigid member having a gap, a liquefier tube operably disposed in the gap, one or more heater assemblies disposed in the gap in contact with the liquefier tube, and configured to heat the liquefier tube in a... Agent: Stratasys, Inc.

20150096718 - Plate heat exchanger: A plate heat exchanger comprises first and second frame plates, side walls, and a stack of heat transfer plates. The heat transfer plates each has a center portion and a peripheral portion encircling the center portion, and they are arranged in pairs between the first and second frame plates. A... Agent: Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

20150096719 - Apparatus for dissipating heat: An apparatus for dissipating heat includes a plate or pipe made of a planar thermal conductive material, such as pyrolytic graphite. The apparatus may include fins attached to the plate or pipe, and the fins can be made of the same or different material as the plate or pipe.... Agent:

20150096720 - Heat dissipation module: A heat dissipation module includes a heat conducting plate having an upper surface, a stacked fins heat sink in thermal contact with and disposed on the upper surface of the heat conducting plate, at least one heat pipe and multiple fins. The evaporation end is in thermal contact with and... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150096721 - Emergency cooling system using a loop thermosyphon: An emergency cooling system for cooling an object certainly and rapidly in case a temperature of the object is accidentally raised abnormally. A loop thermosyphon is formed by connecting an evaporating portion with a condensing portion through a vapor pipe and a return pipe in a manner to form a... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20150096722 - Systems and methods for cooling disk lasers: A cooling device for cooling heat-generating devices such as disk laser according to a desired thermal profile to generate desired edge effects and optical properties. An example cooling device includes a back plate for supporting the heat-generating device. The back plate is part of a cooling device housing with a... Agent:

20150096723 - Indoor device for cassette type air conditioner: An indoor device for a cassette type air conditioner is provided. The indoor device may improve an exterior appearance of the air conditioner in that a vane drive assembly to operate a vane that guides discharged air may be covered by the vane when the vane is closed. Also, first... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150096724 - Aluminum alloy heat exchanger: An aluminum alloy heat exchanger with aluminum alloy tubes is provided by assembling and brazing. A coating which includes from 1 to 5 g/m2 of Si powder, from 3 to 20 g/m2 of Zn containing flux, and from 0.2 to 8.3 g/m2 of binder is formed on the aluminum alloy... Agent: Mitsubishi Aluminum Co., Ltd.

20150096726 - Spacer for a heat exchanger and associated heat exchanger: A spacer (7) for an air heater comprises a predefined number of planar walls (13; 113) that are substantially parallel and are connected two-by-two by folds (15). The planar walls (13; 113) include a plurality of louvers (171, 172) that are substantially inclined relative to the general plane (P) defined... Agent:

20150096725 - Tank for heat exchanger: A tank for a heat exchanger includes a tank member and a base member. The tank member has one of a pre-crimped tab and a slot portion on a first lateral side. The pre-crimped tab is bent outward from a longitudinal axis. The slot portion has a throughhole. The base... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20150096727 - Stacked plate heat exchanger: The invention relates to a stacked plate heat exchanger, comprising a plurality of elongate plates which are stacked on one another and connected to one another and which have a corrugated profile, which plates have a cavity for leading through a medium to be cooled in the longitudinal direction of... Agent: Behr Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150096728 - Corrugated fin and method for producing it: A corrugated fin, in particular for a heat exchanger, having a substantially corrugated design, having a plurality of fin surfaces, wherein adjoining fin surfaces are connected to one another by means of a fin arch in such a way that a medium can flow through an intermediate space between adjoining... Agent:

20150096729 - Compact low pressure drop heat exchanger: Disclosed herein is a heat exchanger in a vehicle including a supply manifold which supplies fluid introduced from the outside while distributing the fluid to first and second cooling units. The first and second cooling units cool the fluid supplied from the supply manifold by heat exchange action. A first... Agent:

20150096730 - Header for heat exchanger: A header for a heat exchanger orients the position of an inlet port at an angle offset from the position of the outlet port on the header body in order to simplify the plumbing of the header within a system. In one implementation of a header for a heat exchanger,... Agent:

20150096731 - Device and system for dissipating heat, and method of making same: A device and system for dissipating heat includes a bent portion of pyrolytic graphite in which a-b planes at a center region of the bent portion follow a surface contour of the bent portion. A method for making a heat dissipating device includes bending a flat sheet of pyrolytic graphite... Agent:

20150096732 - Thermally conductive flexible member for heat transfer: An example embodiment includes a thermal conduction system for dissipating thermal energy generated by operation of an optical subassembly that is disposed within a shell of a communication module. The thermal conduction system can include a thermally conductive flexible member that contacts the optical subassembly and the shell of the... Agent:

20150096733 - System and method for compensating for solar load: Vehicles and methods for controlling climate control systems are provided. The vehicle, for example, may include, but is not limited to at least one seat, a climate control system, and a controller communicatively coupled to the climate control system, wherein the controller is configured to, calculate a directional sun effect... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150096734 - Temperature control device: A temperature control device has a housing, a configuration unit, a microcontroller unit (MCU) and a temperature-sensing unit. After the configuration unit is used to configure a requested temperature and a temperature tolerance, the MCU adds a temperature outside the housing sensed an external temperature-sensing element of the temperature-sensing unit... Agent:

20150096735 - Controller for work vehicle cooling package: A controller and method for operating an air mover for a cooling system of a work vehicle. In one embodiment, engine coolant, hydraulic oil and charge air temperature data is measured. The temperature data is reconciled by using the largest required fan speed as the set point speed for cooling... Agent: Agco Corporation

20150096736 - Device and method for minimizing the effect of ambient conditions on the operation of a heat exchanger: The present invention for includes a method for minimizing the undesired effect of wind on the operation of a heat exchanger system for cooling liquid having a plurality of finned tube arrays and a plurality of fans for inducing air through the finned tube array, the method comprising the steps... Agent: Ormat Technologies, Inc.

04/02/2015 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150090422 - Heat storage material composition and method for using heat storage material composition: A heat storage material composition contains sodium acetate, water, and an organic compound comprising a hydrophobic group and a hydrophilic group. A weight ratio R (sodium acetate/water) of the sodium acetate to the water is 57/43 or less. A concentration Ws of the sodium acetate in three components of the... Agent:

20150090423 - Method of heat exchange system: A method for heat exchange with a heat transfer medium including providing a ground loop circuit through which the heat transfer medium is circulatable. The circuit includes an end portion, positioned proximal to a heat exchanger, one or more pipe portions having embedded parts thereof positioned in pipe bodies. Each... Agent: Renewable Resource Recovery Corp.

20150090424 - Air conditioning system: The invention relates to an air conditioning system for heating and air conditioning a motor vehicle, comprising a first heat exchanger and a second heat exchanger, the air conditioning system having a first flow channel and a second flow channel and flow being able to pass around both heat exchangers... Agent: Behr Gmbh & Co., Kg

20150090425 - System and method for cooling information handling resources: A system may include a chassis having a pair of stationary rails mechanically coupled thereto. Each stationary rail may receive a corresponding telescoping sliding rail. Each stationary rail/sliding rail combination may be configured to convey a cooling fluid to or from a heat exchanger.... Agent:

20150090427 - Heating and cooling apparatus for a battery: A heating and cooling apparatus for a battery may include a base plate in which at least one fluid path for flowing-through of at least one of a coolant and a refrigerant is provided. At least one support part may be provided, in which in each case at least one... Agent:

20150090426 - Heating and cooling device for a battery: A heating and cooling device for a battery may include an electrically conductive base plate for thermal coupling to the battery. The base plate may include at least one fluid path for flowing through by a coolant. The device may include a carrier plate of an electrically non-conductive material, into... Agent:

20150090428 - Heat transfer device having 3-dimensional projections and an associated method of fabrication: A heat transfer device filled with a working fluid, includes a casing and a wick disposed within the casing. The wick includes a first sintered layer, a second sintered layer, and a third sintered layer. The first sintered layer is disposed proximate to an inner surface of the casing and... Agent: General Electric Company

20150090429 - Indoor device for cassette type air conditioner: An indoor device for a cassette type air conditioner is provided. In the indoor device, a suction grill restricter to couple the suction grill to a panel to prevent outer edges of the suction grill from drooping may be provided to maintain a more stable coupling state, preventing dew condensation... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150090430 - Heat exchanger tube, heat exchanger tube bundle, heat exchanger comprising such a bundle and method for producing a plate of a heat exchanger tube: A tube (2) of a heat exchanger (1) is intended to allow an exchange of heat between a first fluid and a second fluid flowing in contact with the tube (2). The tube (2) comprises an upper plate (22) and a lower plate (21) positioned facing one another and defining... Agent:

20150090431 - Exchanger body and exchanger: The invention relates to an exchanger body comprising:—an element wound in a spiral and consisting of two sheets of heat-conducting material which define channels for a fluid between one another,—at least one distributor, and—at least one collector.... Agent: Ateliers De Construction De Thermo-echangeurs Sa

20150090432 - Low-pressure thin-walled heat exchanger and method of making same: A method of making a low-pressure thin-walled heat exchanger and a low-pressure thin-walled heat exchanger are described. According to the production method a thin metal cover layer and a thin cover layer consisting of metal or plastic are sealed with one another. The sealing is realized by a thin layer... Agent:

20150090434 - Performance enhanced heat spreader: Embodiments of the present invention include methods of disposing a metallic coating layer comprising a metal in an amorphous and/or fine grain microstructure over at least a portion of a surface of a pyrolytic graphite substrate, the metal comprising Nickel, Iron, a Nickel-Iron Alloy, or any combination thereof, and the... Agent:

20150090435 - Support plateheat dissipation apparatus: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a heat dissipation apparatus and relates to the field of heat dissipation technologies, so as to solve a problem that heat dissipation efficiency of heat dissipation fins of an existing heat dissipation apparatus is low. In embodiments of the present invention, the heat... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150090433 - Thermal shield sheet: A method of reducing heat in an electronic device includes providing a housing, providing a heat generating component and positioning a heat reduction sheet between the housing and the heat generating component. The heat reduction sheet includes a substrate, a first porous layer and a second porous layer. Each of... Agent:

20150090436 - Fluid based thermal conductivity control: A temperature control system may include a compartment having at least one side with low thermal conductivity and a side with a double wall, the double wall having an interior wall and an exterior wall, the interior wall and the exterior wall having high thermal conductivity and forming a channel... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

03/26/2015 > 27 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150083359 - Method for preventing and recognising coolant discharges from complex hydraulic systems: The invention relates to a method for preventing and detecting coolant discharges from complex hydraulic systems. The aim of the invention is to configure such a method in such a way that this method in particular meets requirements for preventing/limiting the development of explosive atmospheres in working areas and for... Agent: D&#xdc Rr Somac Gmbh

20150083360 - Temperature control circulator device: A temperature control circulator device for fluidic temperature control that can connect to auxiliary heaters and pump to increase the available heating power and temperature control effectiveness of the temperature control circulator device in when dealing with large fluid volumes. The system can control the auxiliary heaters and pumps and... Agent:

20150083362 - District public water supply pipe network system compatible for source side water for ground source heat pump system and reclaimed water: A district public water supply pipe network system compatible for ground source heat pump water and reclaimed water comprises a water supply main pipe connected with a reclaimed water outlet side of a sewage treatment system and connected to a plurality of energy stations and a plurality of transmission and... Agent:

20150083361 - Heat transfer system and method: A heat transfer system including a first heat exchange assembly, a second heat exchange assembly, and a heat transfer circuit interconnecting the first and second heat exchange assemblies, the circuit incorporating a working fluid to transfer heat between the first and second heat exchange assemblies. The heat transfer circuit preferably... Agent: Empire Technology Development, LLC

20150083363 - Method for operating a data centre with efficient cooling means: h

20150083364 - Apparatus and method of heating plastics material pre-forms with simultaneous mounting or removal respectively of heating elements and screening elements: An apparatus for heating plastics material pre-forms includes a conveying device which conveys the plastics material pre-forms along a pre-set conveying path (P). A plurality of holding elements for holding the plastics material pre-forms and a plurality of screening elements for screening off heat are arranged on the conveying device.... Agent:

20150083365 - Steam generator and method of securing tubes within a steam generator against vibration: A steam generator includes a tube bundle having a plurality of tubes, arranged in rows and columns. The first column of tubes includes a first tube having a curved center line disposed in a first plane. The second column of tubes includes a second tube having a curved center line... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

20150083366 - Multi-surface heat exchange with vacuum capability and magnetic scrapers: A multi-surface scraped surface heat exchanger for heating or cooling of liquids or slurries having a series of three or more concentric tubes that provide four or more heat transfer surfaces, three of which are independently temperature and flow controllable. Slurry products are cooled or heated across all of the... Agent:

20150083367 - Aviation bypass valve including a shape memory alloy material: An aviation bypass valve for use in a heat exchanger apparatus, including a shape memory alloy material. The heat exchanger apparatus further including an air-cooled oil cooler disposed in a bypass fan duct of an aircraft engine. The heat exchanger apparatus including a bypass valve in fluid communication with the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150083368 - Data center cooling systems and associated methods: A heat exchanger has a liquid-liquid heat exchange region and a gas-liquid heat exchange portion. The heat exchange can define a continuous liquid flow path through the liquid-liquid heat exchange region and through the gas-liquid heat exchange portion. The continuous flow path can first pass through the liquid-liquid heat exchange... Agent:

20150083369 - Metallic thin-film bonding and alloy generation: Diffusion bonding a stack of aluminum thin films is particularly challenging due to a stable aluminum oxide coating that rapidly forms on the aluminum thin films when they are exposed to atmosphere and the relatively low meting temperature of aluminum. By plating the individual aluminum thin films with a metal... Agent:

20150083370 - Pump sealing device: a plurality of ducts. The plurality of ducts form, in an operating state, a first fluid circuit that constitutes a thermal barrier between the first plurality of surfaces and the second plurality of surfaces, and a second fluid circuit that supplies fluid to said mechanical packing in order to cool... Agent:

20150083373 - Capillary-pumping heat-transport device: A capillary-driven heat transfer device, adapted to extract heat from a heat source and to release this heat to a cold source by means of a two-phase working fluid, includes an evaporator, having a microporous mass adapted to perform capillary pumping of fluid in the liquid phase, a condenser, a... Agent: Euro Heat Pipes

20150083371 - Heat dissipation structure for hand-held mobile device: A heat dissipation structure for hand-held mobile device includes a supporting body having a first and an opposite second side and including at least one heat dissipation area. In the heat dissipation area, a heat dissipation element is correspondingly fitted without increasing an overall thickness and volume of the supporting... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20150083372 - Heat dissipation unit: A heat dissipation unit includes a housing and a heat pipe. The housing has a chamber in which a working fluid is contained. Multiple support posts and multiple fixing members are disposed in the chamber. The heat pipe has a heat absorption section positioned in the chamber of the housing... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20150083374 - Closed loop ice slurry refrigeration system: A closed loop refrigeration system comprises an ice slurry mixture which comprises ice, water, and a freezing point depressant. The system also comprises a first storage device for storing the ice slurry mixture, and an agitator disposed in the first storage device. The agitator agitates the ice slurry mixture in... Agent:

20150083375 - Device for mixing and heat exchange: A device (1) for static mixing and heat exchange comprises a cladding element (2) and a mixer insert (3), whereby the mixer insert (3) is in the operative state arranged inside the cladding element (2). The mixer insert has a longitudinal axis and comprises a first group (5) of web... Agent:

20150083376 - Cold-formed sachet modified atmosphere packaging: A pouch containing a gas is formed by drawing a first elongated sheet of gas-impermeable material from a supply of the material in a drawing direction. The sheet has a transverse profile perpendicular to the drawing direction that includes a channel. A second sheet of material is drawn, such that... Agent: Google Inc.

20150083377 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a plurality of principal heat exchange sections and auxiliary heat exchange sections. Each of the auxiliary heat exchange sections is in series connection to a corresponding one of the principal heat exchange sections. Of tube number ratios of the number of the flat tubes constituting each... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20150083378 - System and method for distributing refrigerant to a parallel flow heat exchanger using refrigerant injectors: A heat exchanger is disclosed that includes a plurality of parallel refrigerant paths, and a refrigerant injector operatively associated with an inlet to each refrigerant path for independently metering single phase refrigerant into each of the parallel refrigerant paths.... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150083379 - Plate heat exchanger and refrigeration cycle system including the same: Provided is a heat exchanger capable of enhancing long-term reliability of the device through prevention of leakage of a fluid while being excellent in heat exchange efficiency, simple in structure, and manufacturable at low cost. The heat exchanger includes a plurality of heat transfer plates, a plurality of inner fins,... Agent:

20150083381 - Bonded fluid heat exchanging apparatus: A heat exchanging apparatus has a flow path with air tightness formed by joining a second sheet to a first sheet formed by bending the first sheet by stamping and fluid introduced into the flow path impinges on a wall of the flow path to perform heat exchange. A material... Agent:

20150083380 - Heat exchanger element of large surface: Large surface heat exchanger element composed of two metal plates provided with half spheroidal cavities, juxtaposed and united as to conform a sealed space in such way that the so conformed space provides resistance to internal or external pressure similar to a set of interconnected spherical wessels.... Agent:

20150083382 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a packing comprising at least one external oblique fin having a surface, and a plurality of tubes, each tube having an inlet, an outlet, a wall, an outer surface, and an axis. The plurality of tubes are substantially parallel and separate from each other. The packing... Agent:

20150083383 - Heat exchanger and heat exchange method: A heat exchanger has a plurality of heat exchange function surface units, capable of suppressing an influence of the gravity exerted on refrigerant and suppressing reduction of heat exchange performance in each of the surfaces. The heat exchanger has the plurality of heat exchange function surface units, and includes an... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150083384 - Appliance with timed preheating for dispensed fluids: A refrigerator appliance is provided that includes a hot water dispenser and/or hot beverage dispenser. The appliance can provide the hot water at a particular time selected by the user. In addition, the appliance can also be equipped to provide the hot water over a particular period of time. As... Agent: General Electric Company

20150083385 - Gas heater / cooler apparatuses and methods: Gas heater/cooler apparatuses and methods of manufacturing thereof are provided. A gas heater/cooler apparatus has a gas pipe configured to transport a fluid inside a heat transfer block. A fluid flow through a cooling pipe in the proximity of the gas pipe or pushed towards the gas pipe by a... Agent: Nuovo Pignone S.p.a.

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