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Heat exchange

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09/04/2014 > 22 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 23 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140238634 - Reversible metal hydride thermal energy storage systems, devices, and process for high temperature applications: High-temperature thermal energy storage and retrieval systems, devices, and processes are described that reversibly store high-temperature heat in metal hydride beds composed of titanium-containing metals or transition metal alloy that reversibly form metal hydrides at high temperatures above about 600° C. and at low temperatures at or below 100° C.... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20140238635 - Radiator structure for two-wheeled vehicle: A radiator structure for a two-wheeled vehicle includes a radiator main body having a front surface positioned to face a running direction, and a radiator grill having a mesh part which is positioned in front of the radiator main body to cover the radiator main body. The radiator grill is... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140238636 - Cooling vehicle components: A vehicle includes a heat source, a duct system communicating via openings with the exterior of the vehicle and a chamber housing temperature-sensitive components of the vehicle, the openings of the duct system being arranged such that: motion of the vehicle generates a pressure difference between openings of the duct... Agent: Mclaren Automotive Limited

20140238637 - Ion beam irradiation apparatus and method for substrate cooling: A first cooling mechanism is equipped with a heat exchange unit, in which heat exchange between a substrate and a cooling medium takes place, and flexible plastic tubing for channeling the cooling medium to the heat exchange unit; a second cooling mechanism for cooling the substrate by heat transfer; and... Agent: Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd.

20140238638 - Retaining panel for radiant thermal transfer and method: A panel, for retaining a heating or cooling tube relative to a substrate, has a standoff extending from a primary flap, wherein the standoff includes a tube contacting surface. A lateral fold extends from the standoff and includes a jaw having a tube retaining surface, wherein the tube contacting surface... Agent: Gray Metal Products, Inc.

20140238639 - Retaining panel for radiant thermal transfer and method: A modular enclosure system and kit for containing and regulating the flow of air in and around data center and gateway facility equipment (e.g., server racks, equipment racks, cabinets, data storage libraries). The modular enclosure system can readily be adapted to differing types of equipment and to the differing cooling... Agent: Level 3 Communications, LLC

20140238641 - Heat exchanger apparatus with manifold cooling: Disclosed is a heat exchanger having heat exchange plates and a base plate that can help to mitigate the thermal stresses encountered by a heat exchanger, particularly, around the peripheral edge portions of the heat exchanger and the base of heat exchanger. This is achieved by providing a channel of... Agent:

20140238640 - Thermal transfer structure(s) and attachment mechanism(s) facilitating cooling of electronics card(s): Cooling apparatuses and coolant-cooled electronic assemblies are provided which include a thermal transfer structure configured to couple to one or more sides of an electronics card having one or more electronic components to be cooled. The thermal transfer structure includes a thermal spreader and at least one coolant-carrying channel associated... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140238642 - Heat exchange device and method: A heat exchange device comprising a fluid flow passage having a plurality of successive segments in fluid flow communication with one another, the segments being adapted to maintain a developing flow therein and thereby improve heat transfer.... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140238643 - System and method for cleaning heat exchangers: A system includes a cooling system and a cleaning system. The cooling system has a first pump, a heat exchanger, a liquid flow path through the first pump and the heat exchanger, a first cooling fan, and an airflow path through the first cooling fan and along an exterior surface... Agent: General Electric Company

20140238644 - Heat dissipating device and method of manufacturing the same: A method of manufacturing a heat dissipating device includes steps of providing a base, wherein the base includes a clamping portion, a supporting portion and two side portions, the clamping portion is arc-shaped, a first recess structure is formed on an outer surface toward an inner surface of each side... Agent: Cooler Master Co., Ltd.

20140238645 - Hierarchically structural and biphillic surface energy designs for enhanced condensation heat transfer: An apparatus comprising a base layer, a distribution of separated micro-nucleation sites thereon. The apparatus also includes a distribution nanostructures located on the base layer, each of the micro-nucleation sites being adjacent to some of the nanostructures. Each of the micro-nucleation sites has a hydrophilic surface and the distribution of... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Ireland Ltd.

20140238646 - Sloped hierarchically-structured surface designs for enhanced condensation heat transfer: An apparatus. The apparatus comprises a distribution of microstructures on an area of a surface, each of the microstructures having one or more sloping sides. The apparatus comprises a distribution of nanostructures being located on the one or more sloping sides. The distribution of microstructures on the area of the... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Ireland Ltd.

20140238647 - Heat dissipation system: An electronic component includes a component enclosure. At least one subcomponent is positioned within the component enclosure. The at least one subcomponent is configured to be thermally coupled to the component enclosure.... Agent: Ltx-credence Corporation

20140238648 - Lightweight thermal shield: A method of making a lightweight thermal shield that includes obtaining a mold having a shaped support screen with a molding surface configured to allow the passage of air and moisture therethrough, and with the mold being adapted for drawing a vacuum from behind the support screen. The method also... Agent:

20140238649 - Heat exchanger: The invention relates to a heat exchanger for heat exchange between fluids, comprising a housing having an inlet and an outlet for each fluid, the inlet and outlet for each fluid being connected to one another by a flow path, the flow path of a first fluid comprising multiple heat... Agent:

20140238650 - Accumulator and an air conditioner using thereof: An accumulator and an air conditioner having the same are provided. The air conditioner may include at least one indoor unit connected to an outdoor unit, the outdoor unit including a compressor compressing refrigerant and an accumulator transferring gas refrigerant into the compressor. The accumulator may include a housing, an... Agent:

20140238651 - Heat exchanger assembly: The present application provides a heat exchanger assembly. The heat exchanger assembly may include a folded fin core with a ridge end and a trough end, a first end plate positioned about the ridge end of the folded fin core, a second end plate positioned about the trough end of... Agent: General Electric Company

20140238653 - Heat sink of porous graphite: A heat sink using porous graphite having graphite particle-stacked porous graphite is provided. The heat sink may provide good heat conductivity and improve strength of carbon foam.... Agent: Shuoen Tech. Co., Ltd

20140238652 - Technical plate: A technical can cool or heat food by the use of a PCM gel or Phase Change Material, injected at the bottom or the containment chamber of the technical plate. The chamber is designed to contain said PCM material. The technical plate is essentially composed of two parts: an upper... Agent: Ideaprototipi Srl

20140238654 - Barometric relief air zone damper: A control system for an HVAC system serving at least two zones, each zone receiving conditioned air by way of a zone duct, each zone duct including a zone damper having a first portion and second portion controlled by a actuator to move between an open and a closed position... Agent:

20140238655 - Barometric relief air zone damper: A control system for an HVAC system serving at least two zones, each zone receiving conditioned air by way of a zone duct, each zone duct including a zone damper having a first portion responsive to the static pressure in a HVAC system to open and bleed an amount of... Agent:

20140238656 - Air-conditioning control apparatus for data center: On the basis of position information p(i) denoting a position of an ith unit, and the air flow rate Q(i) through the ith unit, a differential inlet air temperature calculating block 304a calculates a variation ΔTin(i) in a temperature of air at an inlet port of the ith unit. A... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

08/21/2014 > 23 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140231041 - Treated geothermal brine compositions with reduced concentrations of iron and silica: This invention relates to treated geothermal brine compositions containing reduced concentrations of iron and silica compared to the untreated brines. Exemplary compositions of the treated brine contain concentration of silica ranging from 0 to 80 mg/kg and concentration of iron ranging from 0 to 300 mg/kg. Exemplary compositions of the... Agent: Simbol Inc

20140231043 - Device for cooling glassware: A device for cooling glassware is described herein. The device can be arranged with existing glass containers and can efficiently cool heated glassware to room temperature, reducing instances of thermal shock and resulting microfractures. The device comprises a body 102, a cooling element 104, a power supply 106, and a... Agent:

20140231042 - System for reducing the condensing temperature of a refrigeration or air conditioning system by utilizing harvested rainwater: An evaporative air conditioning heat transfer apparatus comprising a collection surface for diverting liquid into a channel, a reservoir capable of receiving and storing the diverted liquid, at least one conduit for transferring liquid from the reservoir to a liquid dispersion point, and a regulator positioned between the reservoir and... Agent:

20140231044 - Air management system: Systems and methods are disclosed of removing heat generated by lighting, e.g., in an indoor grow environment. An example method includes providing a first manifold with an inlet to receive cool air, and a plurality of outlets. The example method also includes providing a second manifold with a plurality of... Agent: A Innovations, LLC

20140231047 - Apparatus for dispensing refrigerated products: The apparatus for dispensing refrigerated products comprises at least one containment tank (2) mounted above a base body (6) and suitable to contain the product to be dispensed. Inside said tank (2) a mixing device suitable to perform the continuous circulation of the product inside the said tank (2) and... Agent: S.p.m. Drink Systems S.p.a.

20140231045 - Induction displacement unit: An induction displacement unit comprising an induction plenum comprising a plurality of first nozzles communicating with a first discharge plenum and a plurality of second nozzles communicating with a second discharge plenum, a return air plenum, a heating coil disposed between the return air plenum and the first discharge plenum,... Agent:

20140231046 - Induction displacement unit: An induction displacement unit comprising an induction plenum comprising a plurality of first nozzles communicating with a first discharge plenum and a plurality of second nozzles communicating with a second discharge plenum, a return air plenum, a heating coil disposed between the return air plenum and the first discharge plenum,... Agent: Air System Components, Inc.

20140231048 - Heat exchanger: The heat exchanger comprises a cool conduit (2,3), a hot conduit (4) and a heat exchanging element (1) arranged between the cool conduit (2,3) and the hot conduit (4). The heat exchanger further comprises at least one further conduit (3,2) arranged next to the cool conduit (2,3) or to the... Agent: Scambia Holdings Cyprus Limited

20140231049 - Vapor compression refrigeration system: A vapor compression refrigeration system includes a subcooler provided between a condenser and an evaporator, which is formed by a heat exchanger integrally having a primary side and a secondary side into which a refrigerant which has passed through the primary side flows and in which the primary side and... Agent: Mac Co. Ltd.

20140231050 - Methods and apparatus for heating breast milk: In exemplary implementations of this invention, a warmer is configured to hold warm water and a container of chilled or frozen breast milk, and to heat the breast milk by heat transfer from the water to the breast milk. The warmer may comprise a vessel (for holding the warm water),... Agent: Nutto LLC

20140231051 - Turbo fan and ceiling type air conditioner using the same: Provided are a turbo fan and an air conditioner using the same. The turbo fan includes a main plate rotating by power provided from a fan motor, a blade having one end connected to the main plate to rotate, a shroud connected to the other end of the blade, and... Agent:

20140231052 - Precoated fin material for heat exchangers and heat exchanger: Provided is a precoated fin material for heat exchangers that allows the construction of a fin structure in which frost formation at the time of heater operation can be prevented to the extent possible, and under such a condition that condensation is liable to occur on a fin surface, a... Agent: Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd.

20140231053 - Heat exchanger collector box, in particular for a motor vehicle, and corresponding heat exchanger: A collector box (5) is a component of a heat exchanger for a motor vehicle, with the heat exchanger including a heat exchange core with a plurality of heat exchange tubes (3). The collector box (5) includes a fluid collector (9) with a flat bottom (13) to receive the ends... Agent: Valeo Systemes Thermiques

20140231055 - Heat exchanger produced from laminar elements: The present invention provides a heat exchanging device, formable into a three dimensional configuration. The heat exchanger device may be of the heat sink type, a dual fluid type, or virtually any other as may be desired. The heat exchanger device comprises a main body which is formable into a... Agent: Vacuum Process Engineering, Inc.

20140231054 - Stacked plate exchanger casing and exchanger comprising such a casing: A housing of a stacked-plate heat exchanger is disclosed, the housing defining a volume for accepting a plurality of stacked plates that are configured for the circulation of a fluid that is to be cooled and of a coolant. The housing defines an interface able to accept a header tank... Agent: Valeo Systemes Thermiques

20140231056 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a plurality of tubes conveying a first fluid flow therethrough disposed substantially transverse to a direction of a second fluid flow through the heat exchanger and arranged in a plurality of tube rows extending substantially along the direction of the second fluid flow. The heat exchanger... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140231057 - Heat exchanger incorporating integral flow directors: The present invention describes a heat exchanger and method of making the heat exchanger having flow directors for directing the flow of fluids to one or more portions of the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger comprises a main body adapted for heat exchange having a plurality of channels adapted to... Agent: Vacuum Process Engineering, Inc.

20140231058 - Falling film heat exchanger, absorption refrigerator system, ship, offshore structure and underwater offshore structure: A guide plate having depressed portions is provided between an array of heat exchanger tubes, herein after “tubes”, arranged horizontally side-by-side and a next lower array of tubes arranged horizontally side-by-side, and is positioned with the lowest parts of the depressed portions near crest portions of respective lower tubes. The... Agent: Modec, Inc.

20140231059 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger assembly for an inert gas system includes a ram air inlet flange, a ram air outlet flange, and a core coupled to the ram air inlet flange and the ram air outlet flange. The core includes a fin assembly having a plurality of hot layers and ram... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140231060 - Method for closing a housing by means of an optical joining method: A housing includes first and second housing elements, each of which is heat conductive. The housing elements are joined by a joining process in which a joining material is configured between the first and second housing elements and at least one of the housing elements is heated such that the... Agent: Tesat-spacecom Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140231061 - Apparatus and method for adjusting coolant flow resistance through liquid-cooled electronics rack(s): A method is presented for adjusting coolant flow resistance through one or more liquid-cooled electronics racks. Flow restrictors are employed in association with multiple heat exchange tube sections of a heat exchange assembly, or in association with a plurality of coolant supply lines or coolant return lines feeding multiple heat... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140231063 - Hybrid air conditioning system: A hybrid air system is provided for conditioning the air in a building and includes first and second independent air conditioning systems, one system having a larger capacity than the other and an independent dehumidifier each work independently and together to control the air on the inside of the building.... Agent:

20140231062 - Liquid cooling system with thermal valve deflector: The liquid cooling system has a heat exchanger having a fluid inlet and an outlet; a fluid supply conduit leading to the inlet of the heat exchanger; a fluid return conduit extending from the outlet of the heat exchanger; a bypass conduit extending between the fluid supply conduit and the... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

08/14/2014 > 23 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140224447 - Installation for storing thermal energy: An installation for storing thermal energy is provided. The storage is carried out by the compression and relaxation of a working gas, wherein pump and compressor can be driven by, for example, electric motors which temporarily absorb excess power generated in the power grid. The generated thermal energy is temporarily... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140224448 - Hvac airbox systems and methods: A dual use of a heater core that enables heating the cabin, cooling the engine or both on demand regardless of the passenger's cabin heating and cooling requirements. This use of the heater core is enabled by an HVAC airbox system with a cooling door that can be selectively positioned... Agent: Computational Sciences Experts Group, LLC

20140224449 - Coolant circuit manifold for a tractor-trailer truck: A tractor-trailer truck engine coolant manifold comprises a first supply port for receiving coolant from an engine or radiator, and a first return port for returning coolant to the engine or radiator. The manifold also has a second supply port in fluid communication with the first supply port, and a... Agent: Volvo Group North America,llc.

20140224450 - Solar power plant: A system and method for cooling a solar power plant are disclosed. The system includes a foundation, a protective housing built on the foundation, and one or more heat sources inside the protective housing. An air inlet can provide a cooling air flow from outside the protective housing to inside... Agent: Abb Oy

20140224451 - Detection device for a cleaning sysytem: The present disclosure describes embodiments of a detection device for a cleaning system used in heat exchange systems which comprise a plurality of tubes. The detection device comprises a mounting plate defining a plurality of perforations and a plurality of sensors. Each sensor is being coupled to at least one... Agent: Hvs Engineering Pte Ltd.

20140224452 - Heat exchanger with annular inlet/outlet fitting: A heat exchanger has first and second flow passages with a communication passage therebetween. An inlet/outlet opening in a wall of the first passage receives a one-piece inlet/outlet fitting having an inner tube and an outer ring connected by webs, the tube and ring defining inner and outer flow passages... Agent:

20140224453 - Heat recovery-type heating device: An object is to enable a compact and high output heat storage system to perform warm-up rapidly when a vehicle is started up, and after warm-up, to recover surplus heat that is present in a heat source in the vehicle to prepare for the next warm-up event. A heat recovery-type... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho

20140224454 - Active cooling panel for a vehicle galley: An active cooling panel apparatus comprises a first surface including a thermally conductive material, a second surface generally parallel with the first surface, and at least one separator separating the first surface and second surface and defining a fluid flow channel between the first surface and the second surface, the... Agent: B/e Aerospace, Inc.

20140224455 - Condenser with a stack of heat exchanger plates: A condenser has a stack of heat exchanger plates that includes at least a first section for condensation of a refrigerant and a second section for supercooling the refrigerant. A refrigerant flow channel and another flow channel for a liquid coolant stream are formed in each of the first and... Agent:

20140224456 - Liquid cooling apparatus: A liquid cooling apparatus includes a plurality of system boards each having a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface, each of the system boards having at least one electronic component mounted on the first surface, a cooling plate attached to the electronic component and having a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140224457 - Outdoor unit and refrigerating apparatus: An outdoor unit includes air blowers arranged in an upper part of a casing. First and second body recesses formed below first and second heat exchanger bodies of the casing and opening on sides of the casing are formed.... Agent:

20140224458 - Heat exchanger arrangement in a housing: A heat exchanger arrangement in a housing, such as an intake pipe of an internal combustion engine, has at least one stack including tubes and fins and an end plate having media connections, and wherein the stack is inserted into the housing and is fastened therein. A connecting block which... Agent:

20140224459 - Exterior heat insultation cover panel: An exterior heat insulation cover panel includes a plate member installed on an outer wall surface of an exterior wall of a building to form a heat insulation air layer between the plate member and the outer wall surface and a supporter configured to support the plate member on the... Agent:

20140224460 - Microchannel heat exchanger: A microchannel heat exchanger of an HVAC system may include a plurality of microchannel tubes having fins disposed between at least one pair of adjacent microchannel tubes. The pair of adjacent microchannel tubes may connect a header on each end of the microchannel tubes in fluid communication, and at least... Agent:

20140224461 - Heat exchanger, housing, and air-conditioning circuit including such an exchanger: A heat exchanger (1) for a motor vehicle includes a plurality of tubes (2) arranged in a first and a second row (3A, 3B); a first and a second header tank (4, 5) inside which tanks (4, 5) the tubes (2) of each of the rows (3A, 3B) emerge; and... Agent: Valeo Systemes Thermiques

20140224462 - Heat exchanger: An air-cooled and ventilated heat exchanger includes a fin and a plurality of heat transfer tubes. The fin has a plate-shaped part and a plurality of protruding parts. The plate-shaped part is positioned so that a plate-thickness direction intersects an air-flow direction generated by ventilation, and the protruding parts protrude... Agent:

20140224463 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a plurality of heat exchanger units, each of which including header pipes (4,6) disposed in parallel to each other, a plurality of tubes (8) communicating with the header pipes and being disposed between the header pipes, fins (10) disposed between adjacent tubes, wherein a core portion... Agent:

20140224464 - Enhanced condensation heat-transfer tube: This invention provides an enhanced condensation heat-transfer tube, which is furnished with spiral fins on the outer surface. Axial spacing between the said fins regularly changes in width. In a preferred embodiment, the said fins regularly change in height along the axle. Such spiral fins with even changes in height... Agent:

20140224467 - Heat sink and method for manufacturing heat sink: This heat sink has bonded on one surface a member to be bonded, and has a cooling member in contact with the other surface. The heat sink is provided with a metal plate having a thermal expansion coefficient larger than that of the member to be bonded, and the metal... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140224465 - Hydrophilic polymer thermal barrier system: A hydrophilic polymer thermal barrier system is described for preventing thermal runaway propagation from a faulted cell to an un-faulted cell in a battery pack. The thermal barrier system comprises a thermal barrier disposed between each of the battery cells and optionally between the battery cells and the battery pack... Agent:

20140224466 - Nano graphene platelet-reinforced composite heat sinks and process for producing same: An integrated heat sink article composed of a heat collection member and at least one heat dissipation member integral to the heat collection member, wherein the heat collection member is configured to be in thermal contact with a heat source, collects heat from the heat source, and dissipates heat through... Agent:

20140224468 - Cooling fan control apparatus and cooling fan control method for radiator: An electronic control unit is used in an internal combustion engine capable of using a fuel in which ethanol is mixed with gasoline, the cooling fan control apparatus that controls the drive of an electric cooling fan provided in a radiator of the internal combustion engine. This controller performs the... Agent:

20140224469 - Controlling heat source fluid for thermal cycles: Systems, methods, and apparatuses for controlling a thermal fluid condition may include monitoring a thermal fluid at an outlet of a heat exchanger. An outlet condition of the thermal fluid at the outlet of the heat exchanger can be determined. The outlet condition of the thermal fluid can be provided... Agent: Access Energy LLC

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