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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 31 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150144293 - Heat transfer elements for a closed channel rotary regenerative air preheater: A closed channel rotary regenerative air preheater 110 employs differing heat transfer elements 186, 196, arranged in an alternating order to impart turbulence in fluid flowing in closed channels or passageways 164 between the heat transfer elements 186, 196, to maintain heat transfer properties with reduced pressure drop.... Agent:

20150144295 - Electronic apparatus: There is provided an electronic apparatus having a novel means capable of suppressing temperature rise of a heat generating element. The electronic apparatus (20), which includes a heat generating element, is provided with a device (or a chemical heat pump) (10) comprising: a reaction chamber (1) containing a chemical heat... Agent:

20150144294 - Systems and methods for real-time monitoring of expected duration of temperature control: Various embodiments of systems and methods for protecting various products and materials that are sensitive to variations in temperature, during the time that such sensitive products and materials are in transit or in storage. Phase Change Materials (“PCM”) are used to absorb heat, and thereby protect the sensitive products and... Agent:

20150144296 - Method and device for refrigerated transport using an indirect injection of a cryogenic liquid and affording a solution for maintaining temperature in the event of extremely low ouside temperatures: A method and a device for transporting heat-sensitive products in a refrigerated lorry, of the type involving indirect injection of a cryogenic fluid into a heat exchanger system internal to the chamber(s) in which the products are stored, the lorry additionally comprising a heating system able to heat the air... Agent:

20150144297 - Method for measuring temperature, molecular number density, and/or pressure of a gaseous compound from a thermal device, and a thermal system: A method for measuring, from a thermal device, temperature, molecular number density, and/or pressure of a gaseous compound as function of distance, the gaseous compound absorbing at least some light. The method comprises generating, for a first wavelength band and a second wavelength band, a pulse sequence comprising a light... Agent:

20150144298 - Tiled roof of standard appearance comprising a solar radiation heat recovery device invisible from the outside: A roof comprises a solar radiation heat recovery device that is invisible from the outside. The roof is made up of supports receiving a heat transfer network which has a longitudinal groove designed to receive the male profile of the protrusion of the heat recovery modules. The supports comprise arms... Agent:

20150144299 - Apparatus including a vessel cup assembly for heating and cooling low volume biological reaction vessels and methods associated therewith: A vessel cup assembly 98 for receiving a chemical and/or biological reaction process vessel 200 containing reactants and processing the reaction therein includes a reaction vessel receiving portion 100, a heater portion 101, and a cooling portion 102, wherein the assembly is of integral construction.... Agent:

20150144300 - Recirculating bath with global voltage compatibility: A recirculating bath includes a main power input configured to receive an alternating current and a heating element that is selectively coupled to the main power input. The heating element is selectively coupled to the main power input in response to an activation signal having a duty cycle. The duty... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific (asheville) LLC

20150144301 - Heat dissipating device: A heat dissipating device includes a base and a heat dissipating fin. The base includes an accommodating recess formed thereon. The heat dissipating fin includes a heat dissipating portion and a fixing portion, wherein the heat dissipating portion extends from the fixing portion, and the fixing portion has a first... Agent:

20150144302 - External cooling devices and systems for surgical instruments: A surgical system includes a portable surgical instrument and a sleeve. The portable surgical instrument includes an end effector assembly and a housing operably coupled to the end effector assembly. The housing includes a generator and a battery assembly coupled thereto and configured to supply energy to the end effector... Agent:

20150144303 - Coil cleaning system: A cleaning apparatus comprising a first fluid delivery system configured to eject a first fluid through a first nozzle toward a surface to be cleaned; a second fluid delivery system configures to eject a second fluid through a second nozzle toward the surface to be cleaned, wherein the second fluid... Agent:

20150144304 - High-temperature thermal storage device with induction heating and molten metal, and thermal storage-composite system: A high-temperature thermal storage device has a crucible, an induction heating device, a tubular duct in which a liquid and/or gaseous heat carrier flows, and an electrically conductive storage medium filled into the crucible that fills the crucible at least partially. The induction heating device, when electric energy is applied,... Agent: Enolcon Gmbh

20150144306 - Compositions and methods for refrigeration: Heat transfer systems, methods and compositions which utilize a heat transfer fluid comprising: (a) from about 30% to about 65% by weight of HFC-134a; (b) from about 0% to about 70% by weight of HFO1234ze; and (c) from about 0% to about 70% by weight of HFO-1234yf, provided that the... Agent:

20150144305 - Cooling water circulation device: In a cooling water circulation device for use in a NOx reduction system where a urea injector 3 is positioned higher than an engine 1, a three-way branching device 10 is arranged at a highest position in a passage of passing cooling water 2 from the engine 1 to the... Agent: Hino Motors, Ltd.

20150144307 - Heat dissipating device and heat dissipating fin: A heat dissipating device includes a heat dissipating fin and a heat pipe. The heat dissipating fin includes a fin body, a through hole and a closed ring-shaped portion, wherein the through hole is formed on the fin body, the closed ring-shaped portion extends from a periphery of the through... Agent:

20150144308 - Baffle assembly for heat exchanger: A baffle assembly for a heat exchanger housing is provided. The baffle assembly further includes a plurality of baffles positioned within the heat exchanger housing. The plurality of baffles is provided in an offset arrangement with respect to each other. The plurality of baffles have a generally disc shape having... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150144309 - Flattened envelope heat exchanger: The present invention provides an apparatus and method for heat exchange. Embodiments of the present invention include a method and apparatus for heat exchange employing a unit cell using interior and exterior fins, the interior fins disposed within a flattened envelope structure. In one particular embodiment, the heat exchanger is... Agent:

20150144310 - Freeze damage resistant window perimeter radiator: A room perimeter heating/cooling radiator with a non symmetrical elliptical transverse cross section, that utilizes low to medium temperature heat transfer fluid (generally water or water/glycol) in a new design with an enhanced ‘primary only’ heat transfer surface having an internal spiral or helix to circulate the water around the... Agent:

20150144311 - Combined cooling and fire suppression system: A combined cooling and fire suppression system for a protected space includes a refrigerant circuit circulating a flow of refrigerant therethrough. At least one fan coil assembly is disposed at the protected space and is operably connected to the refrigerant circuit. The fan coil assembly includes a coil in fluid... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20150144312 - Oil cooler: An oil cooler includes flat tubes layered together with a clearance, wherein cooling water flows through the clearance. Each flat tube includes a first plate, a second plate, and a fin plate held between the first plate and the second plate. The first plate is recessed to form a fin... Agent: Mahle Filter Systems Japan Corporation

20150144313 - Method and arrangement for repairing a plate pack of a heat exchanger: A method and arrangement for repairing a leaking point in a plate pack of a plate heat exchanger (1), in which a space between adjacent plate pairs of the plate pack (4), with which the leaking point is in connection, is closed by arranging a separate strip (9) or sealing... Agent: Vahterus Oy

20150144314 - Coupling for electric vehicle battery pack: An example coupling for an electric vehicle battery pack includes an attachment member configured to connect to a cold plate, a fluid inlet extending from the attachment member, and a fluid outlet extending from the attachment member.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150144315 - Heat dissipation substrate: A heat dissipation substrate includes a heat sink, a metal base and an elastic structure. The heat sink includes a carrying portion and supporting portions. The supporting portions are parallel to one another and disposed on a lower surface of the carrying portion. The supporting portions are perpendicular to the... Agent: Subtron Technology Co., Ltd.

20150144321 - Apparatus for dissipating heat through heat sink: The present invention is an apparatus for dissipating heat through a heat sink, the apparatus comprising: a heat transfer member having one end with a contact surface contacting a heating element arranged on a substrate and the other end with a contact surface contacting the heat sink, the heat transfer... Agent:

20150144318 - Heat dissipating device and method of manufacturing the same: A heat dissipating device includes a base and a heat dissipating fin. The base includes an accommodating recess formed thereon. The heat dissipating fin includes a heat dissipating portion and a protruding portion, wherein the protruding portion protrudes from an end of the heat dissipating portion and is disposed in... Agent:

20150144317 - Heat dissipating module: The latching member includes a connecting pole, a head located at a first end portion of the connecting pole, and a latching portion located at a second end portion of the connecting pole. The resilient member is sleeved around the connecting pole. The latching portions of the latching members are... Agent:

20150144320 - Heat radiation sheet and method of manufacturing same: A heat radiation sheet including: a heat radiation layer that is formed in the form of a nano-web having a plurality of pores by electrospinning a spinning solution that is obtained by mixing a polymer material and a solvent, or the polymer material, a heat conductive material, and the solvent;... Agent:

20150144316 - Method of producing heat conductive sheet: A method of producing a heat conductive sheet includes: a step (A) of dispersing a fibrous filler and a spherical filler in a binder resin to prepare a heat conductive sheet-forming composition; a step (B) of forming a molded block using the prepared heat conductive sheet-forming composition; a step (C)... Agent:

20150144319 - Part of a container for electronic equipment, having the function of a heat sink, and method for making it: A part (1) of a container for electronic equipment, having the function of a heat sink, comprises a base (2) having mainly two-dimensional extension parallel with a first plane of extension, and a plurality of dissipation fins (3) fixed to the base (2) and also having mainly two-dimensional extension parallel... Agent:

20150144322 - Method for controlling an expansion relief header for protecting heat transfer coils in hvac systems: An expansion relief header and its method of operation are disclosed for use in an HVAC heat transfer coil. The expansion relief header includes a main body adapted to be secured to bends in fluid coils of the HVAC fluid tube system. The main body includes holes in alignment with... Agent:

20150144323 - Central cooling system and controlling method for the same: Provided is a central cooling system including: a ventilation fan unit configured to provide air to a predetermined space; a chiller unit configured to provide heat exchange medium to lower temperature of the air; a cooling tower unit configured to provide a coolant to the chiller unit to lower temperature... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

05/21/2015 > 31 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20150136351 - System for storing and outputting thermal energy having a heat accumulator and a cold accumulator and metho for the operation thereof: A system for storing and outputting thermal energy and a method for operating the system are provided. The system has a heat accumulator and a cold accumulator. The heat accumulator and the cold accumulator are discharged in two separate discharging circuits, wherein the thermal energy is converted into electrical energy,... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150136352 - Cooling circuit for fuel cell: A cooling circuit for a fuel cell includes at least one channel, a mechanical support, a first sensor, and a second sensor. Each channel is formed in a bipolar plate of the fuel cell, and is adapted to permit a cooling fluid to flow. The first sensor senses a flow... Agent: Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

20150136353 - Front-end module of a vehicle: Disclosed is a front-end module of a vehicle, including a vehicle front-end element which has at least one fresh air opening, an air channel which connects the fresh air opening with an engine compartment of the vehicle, a heat exchanger of a vehicle air-conditioning system, the heat exchanger being arranged... Agent:

20150136354 - Systems and methods for temperature control and heat extraction from waste landfills: The field of the invention relates to systems and methods for exchanging heat from the degradation, decomposition, and chemical/biochemical transformation of municipal, industrial, and other types of waste. In one embodiment, a heat extraction system may include a closed-loop fluid circulation piping channeled throughout at least one heat extraction well... Agent:

20150136355 - Vibration dampened engine mounted radiator assembly: An engine mounted, vibration dampened radiator, to dampen vibrations from an engine to the radiator are disclosed. The radiator core is contained within a shell having two opposed longitudinal members and two opposed transverse members to form a coolant jacket. The vehicle radiator has a support bracket assembly, equipped with... Agent: Detroit Radiator Corporation

20150136356 - Machine for drinking water to be heated/cooled instantly: A machine for drinking water adapted to instantly heat/cool the water for drinking, it includes: a main body provided with an operation panel and a water providing outlet, a water storage barrel, a pump for drawing the water, and a heating unit and/or a cooling unit, a user can thus... Agent: Angix Co.

20150136358 - Cooling element: A cooling element includes a first surface for receiving an electric component, and a second surface which is provided with fins for forwarding a heat load received from the electric component via the first surface to surroundings. One or more of the fins are provided with a respective flow channel... Agent: Abb Oy

20150136357 - Heat dissipation assembly: A heat dissipating assembly including a layered stack of materials with a highly thermally conductive path for cooling a circuit, the stack including a structurally isolated material having a high coefficient of thermal expansion connected between materials having low coefficients of thermal expansion.... Agent: Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies, LLC

20150136359 - Flexible heat transfer assembly: A flexible heat transfer assembly includes a covering layer (100) and a functional filler (200). The covering layer (100) surroundingly forms a sealed chamber (11), in which the material of the covering layer (100) is one of rubber, silica rubber, and resin. The functional filler (200) is filled in the... Agent: Newtech Enterprise Limited

20150136360 - Thermal interface pad and production method thereof, and heat dissipating system: A thermal interface pad, includes a substrate and carbon nanowires, where the substrate has a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface, the carbon nanowires are disposed on both the first surface and the second surface of the substrate, and the carbon nanowires are arranged in... Agent:

20150136361 - Heat transfer using flexible fluid conduit: Heat transfer between a fluid-bearing flexible tube and a heat-conducting surface is improved by fixing a flexible heat-conducting sheath to the flexible tube and by compressive fixing that distorts the tube and deforms the sheath and/or the surface. The tube can be made of cross-linked polythene (PEX). The sheath can... Agent:

20150136362 - Heat conveying structure for electronic device: A heat conveying structure for an electronic device, the heat conveying structure including an evaporating section that has a chamber structure with first fins erected therein, is thermally connected to the electronic device, evaporates a liquid coolant on the surfaces of the first fins to thereby change the liquid coolant... Agent:

20150136363 - Combination heat sink assembly: A heat sink assembly includes a heat transfer block defining alternatively arranged mounting grooves and spacer ribs, and radiation fins respectively formed by bending one respective thin metal sheet member into a substantially inverted U-shaped profile having two radiation fin walls that have one end connected to each other and... Agent:

20150136364 - Heat dissipation device: A heat dissipation device includes a package carrier, heat dissipating fins, an atomizer and a driving unit. The package carrier has a carrying surface and a disposing surface divided into a first region and a second region. The heat dissipating fines are located in the second region and define an... Agent: Subtron Technology Co., Ltd.

20150136365 - Cooling apparatus with dynamic load adjustment: A cooling apparatus is disclosed, which may include multiple heat producing units. The cooling apparatus may also have a thermal interface material (TIM) to facilitate heat transfer away from the heat producing units. The cooling apparatus may also have multiple heat sink columns located above, and designed to conduct heat... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150136366 - Heat exchanger: First passages of a heat exchanger each include a plurality of channels that each connect an inlet formed in an inflow surface of a core and an outlet formed in an outflow surface of the core together. The channels have different channel resistances. The heat exchanger includes a flow-directing member... Agent:

20150136367 - Heat exchanger having a plurality of heat exchange tubes: A heat exchanger is provided which may include a first heat exchange tube in a pipe shape, including a first fluid inlet, into which a first fluid may be introduced and flow, and a first fluid outlet, through which the first fluid may be discharged; a second heat exchange tube... Agent:

20150136368 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a housing and a fluid flow conduit located within a cavity formed in the housing, the fluid flow conduit including an outer tube located adjacent to an inner wall of the housing and an inner tube in fluid communication with the outer tube, the inner tube... Agent: Waterco Limited

20150136369 - Egr cooler header casting: A heat exchanger having a modified header design for absorbing high thermal loads, is described. The heat exchanger includes housing, core including a plurality of tubes providing flow passages within the housing and header plate positioned at an end of the housing and connected to the core. The header plate... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company LLC

20150136370 - Fluid heat exchanging apparatus: In a small-sized fluid heat exchanging apparatus that heats or cools a huge amount of gas or liquid, a structure makes fluid having a high flow speed impinge perpendicularly against a wall. A flow passage is divided into a high-speed flow passage and a low-speed flow passage, and the high-speed... Agent:

20150136371 - End-piece & plate heat exchanger comprising, and method of making, such end-piece: An end-piece for a plate heat exchanger comprises a frame part having an inner portion, an outer portion and an intermediate portion arranged between the inner and outer portions. An outer wall surface of the inner portion faces a first surface of a package of heat transfer plates comprised in... Agent:

20150136372 - Cold plate for electronics cooling: A fluid cooled cold plate can comprise a fluid output port connected near a thermally conductive base plate having a coupled heat source device, a fluid input port connected to a top surface of the cold plate, and multiple extended surface areas connected to the base plate and extending normal... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University

20150136373 - Clustered tubular venting: A design of a cluster of circular tubular hollow embodiments used to channel air in which air flows thru the cluster resulting in a reduction of the temperature of the air existing the cluster versus the temperature of the air entering the cluster.... Agent:

20150136374 - Steam generation: A heat exchanger assembly, comprising: heat exchanger pipework which comprises a plurality of elongate tube elements which extend in spaced relation and a plurality of pipe end couplings which fluidly connect open ends of respective tube elements, wherein the pipe end couplings each comprise a main body part to which... Agent:

20150136375 - System and method of producing scalable heat-sink assembly: A system for producing heat-sink assemblies in which a series of extruded members possess mating faces, each face having an alternating series of troughs and bulbous shaped ridges which are formed from the sides of the troughs. Mating ridges of one face of each extruded member are dipped with a... Agent:

20150136376 - Method and device for determining at least one control signal for controlling an air conditioning system: A method for determining at least one control signal for controlling an air conditioning system for an interior space of a vehicle. Depending on measured state variables of the interior climate, an interior climate value is calculated from measurements of the interior temperature and from measurements of the interior air... Agent:

20150136377 - Method for a heat transfer system and heat transfer system: A control method for a heat transfer system, wherein the heat transfer system comprises a supply conduit (12), at least one load circuit (2) and a heat transfer device (6; 28) between the supply conduit and the at least one load circuit, wherein a supply flow (qS) in the supply... Agent:

20150136378 - Air-conditioning system: A remote controller and an air-conditioning apparatus are provided. The remote controller includes an operation unit, a human detection sensor, a transmission/reception unit, and a processor. The human detection sensor detects the presence or absence of a person, and generates a presence/absence detection signal representing a result of detection of... Agent:

20150136379 - Air-conditioning system: In an air-conditioning system, during precooling or preheating control, a setting temperature is controlled such that a first temperature difference between the setting temperature and an indoor temperature is not less than a temperature difference at which a compressor performs operation, and the setting temperature is controlled to be changed... Agent:

20150136380 - Method of controlling variable divide cooling system for vehicle based on mode: A method of controlling a variable divide cooling system for a vehicle based on a mode may include classifying the mode for circulation control of a coolant of the variable divide cooling system into a heating mode, a warming-up mode, and a cooling mode, and performing the heating mode after... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20150136381 - Heat transport device: A heat transport device (1A) is provided with: a circulation path unit (10) in which a heat recovery unit (11) that vaporizing a heat transport medium and a condensation unit (12) that condenses the heat transport medium vaporized in the heat recovery unit (11) are incorporated, and which has a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

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