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Heat exchange

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12/04/2014 > 29 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140352912 - Regenerator: P

20140352913 - Aircraft refrigeration unit evaporator heater: A refrigeration unit and a method of regulating a temperature of a compartment of an aircraft is described. The refrigeration unit includes an evaporator receptive of an airflow and a refrigerant and operatively arranged to transfer heat from the airflow to the refrigerant in order to cool the airflow as... Agent:

20140352915 - Radiant thermal systems and methods for enclosed structures: Various embodiments described herein provide systems and methods that utilize radiant energy to adjust an interior occupant space temperature of an interior occupant space in a building structure. In a building structure comprising building components (e.g., wall, ceiling, floor, roof, etc.) that form the interior occupant space, a system may... Agent:

20140352914 - Scalable panel cooling system: Method and system are provided for controlling a scalable panel cooling system having multiple cooling panels for cooling multiple heat-generating components housed in a support structure. The method includes: dividing a support structure into areas, each area capable of housing one or more heat-generating component; providing a cooling panel adjacent... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140352916 - Geothermal heating and cooling system: A geothermal system having a heat pump with a heat exchange, first and second conduits connected to and in fluid communication with the heat pump, a compressor connected to and in fluid communication with the first and second conduit, a plurality of valves on the first and second conduit that... Agent:

20140352917 - Cooling module for electronic engine components: A multi-paneled cooling module adapted to be mounted to an engine exterior protects electronic components such as sensors and associated wiring from heat loads of the engine and/or other heat generating engine devices. The module is formed of wall and ceiling panels having a relatively high thermal conductivity, such as... Agent:

20140352918 - Temperature controlled habitat: Disclosed is a habitat assembly comprising a habitat structure for undertaking hot work. Air is supplied to the habitat by an air supply system, through a conduit. The air supply system comprises a fan or blower. Means for altering the temperature or humidity of the air supplied to habitat is... Agent: Safehouse Habitats (scotland) Limited

20140352919 - Thermal module connection structure: A thermal module connection structure providing a substrate, a heat generation unit disposed on the substrate, includes: a heat dissipation unit disposed on the heat generation unit, a protrusion section outward extending from each of two sides of the heat dissipation unit; and a locating assembly including a first locating... Agent:

20140352920 - Air conditioning coil cleaning system: A portable self-contained cooling coil cleaning system includes a cart with a first shelf and a second shelf and at least four rolling elements supporting the cart. A self-contained electrical power unit powers a pump. The pump is in fluid communication with a cleaning fluid reservoir and delivers cleaning fluid... Agent:

20140352921 - Heat exchanger with an integrated temperature control valve and side-flow tube assembly: The heat exchanger with side-sited integrated temperature control valve and side-flow tube assembly is involved in a hydrodynamic torque converter. The heat exchanger includes a first liquid-collecting tube and a second liquid-collecting tube with flat tube. The integrated temperature control valve and side-flow tube assembly is mounted on the side... Agent:

20140352922 - Cooling of chill molds using baffles: A chill mold is used to cool molten material to form a casting. A support holds the chill mold so that a bottom of the chill mold is elevated. A baffle is arranged to divert a generally horizontal flow of cooling air upwardly to impinge the bottom of the chill... Agent: Hatch Ltd.

20140352923 - Cooling apparatus and method thereof for apparatus room: The present invention provides a cooling apparatus and a method for an apparatus room, which is related to a cooling apparatus capable of transferring the heat generated by the heat source in the apparatus room out of the apparatus room and comprises a heat pipe having a heat transfer fluid... Agent:

20140352924 - Method for cooling bread and recovering the emitted heat: A system (1) and a method for cooling freshly baked bread under sub-pressure, which system includes: a sub-pressure chamber (2) which is adapted for receiving freshly baked bread for the cooling thereof; a sub-pressure source (3), such as a vacuum pump, which is connected to the sub-pressure chamber (2) for... Agent:

20140352927 - Apparatus: The present disclosure relates to an apparatus having an evaporator with a base plate having a first surface for receiving a heat load from one or more electric components, tubes that partly penetrate into the base plate via a second surface of the base plate for providing evaporator channels which... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20140352925 - Heat pipe structure: A heat pipe structure includes a flat tubular body having a hollow section for contacting a heat source and at least one non-hollow section. A working fluid is contained in the hollow section and a capillary structure is disposed in the hollow section. The hollow section has a first outer... Agent:

20140352926 - Shell structure for handheld device: A shell structure for handheld device includes at least a portion of vapor chamber. The vapor chamber is formed with a heat absorbing portion and a heat dissipating portion. The vapor chamber is vacuumed and filled with fluid. A plurality of capillaries is formed in the vapor chamber. The heat... Agent:

20140352928 - Electronic device, and heat dissipation system and heat dissipation method of electronic device: An electronic device and a heat dissipation system and heat dissipation method are provided that can be used in combination with a common heat exchange/refrigerating electronic device, thereby reducing an investment cost. The heat dissipation system of an electronic device includes a cooling pool, a heat exchanger, and at least... Agent:

20140352929 - Dual-function food tray support tubes for a galley cart: A galley cart incorporates a housing defining a cavity and having an opening. A door is hingedly attached to the housing to seal the opening and allow access to the cavity through the opening. A compartment is provided in the cart configured to contain cooling media. An integrated support rail... Agent:

20140352930 - System and method for furnace fluid flow management: A furnace has a primary heat exchanger tube, a secondary heat exchanger comprising a plurality of secondary heat exchanger tubes, a hot header configured to provide a fluid flow path between an output of the primary heat exchanger tube to an input of the secondary heat exchanger, and a perforated... Agent:

20140352931 - Corrosion resistant air preheater with lined tubes: A dew point corrosion resistant heat exchanging system having a plurality of hollow heat transferring tubes through which cooler ambient air or hot combustion product gasses flow. The other of the air or gas flows across the outer surfaces of the tubes, and heat is transferred from the hot gasses... Agent:

20140352932 - Systems and methods for a protective casing: Systems and methods for a protective casing are provided. In at least one embodiment, a protective casing includes a flexible insulation layer configured to inhibit thermal energy from conducting from an external side of the flexible insulation layer to an internal side of the flexible insulation layer. The protective casing... Agent:

20140352933 - Core assembly for a heat exchanger and method of assembling: A core assembly for a heat exchanger includes a plurality of parting sheets defining a plurality of fluid passages including a plurality of first fluid passages and a plurality of second fluid passages arranged in an alternating arrangement, wherein each of the plurality of parting sheets comprises a thickness of... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140352936 - Heat exchanger: A plate-type heat exchanger, in particular for motor vehicles, is described which includes plate pairs. In one example, a plate pair includes a first plate and a second plate that form a first flow path and a second flow path between the plates. In this configuration, the first and the... Agent: Behr Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140352934 - Plate heat exchanger: A plate heat exchanger includes a plurality of main plates having ridges and troughs to direct first and second flows of fluids across the main plates to exchange heat between the fluids while maintaining the first and second flows of fluids separate from each other. The heat exchanger also includes... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140352935 - Plate heat exchanger: A plate heat exchanger may include a cover plate, a base plate and heat exchanger plates, the heat exchanger plates arranged as a stack oriented between the cover plate and the base plate. The base plate may overlap an edge of the adjacent heat exchanger plate, the base plate having... Agent: Mahle International Gmbh

20140352937 - Injection plate for microstructure water cooling units for an electrical or electronic component: Injection plate for microstructure water cooling units for an electrical or electronic component which improves the cooling power of a microstructure water cooler by using recirculation channels for the removal of the coolant, so that the height of the fins of the cooling channels can be reduced in comparison to... Agent:

20140352938 - Egr cooler header design: A heat exchanger having a modified header design for absorbing high thermal loads, is described. The heat exchanger includes a housing having an interior space, a core within the interior space of the housing, the core comprising a plurality of flow passages, and a header positioned at an end of... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company LLC

20140352939 - Evaporator tube having an optimised external structure: The invention relates to a metal heat exchanger tube for the evaporation of liquids on the outside of the tube, comprising a tube axis, a tube wall, and integrally formed ribs that run circumferentially on the outside of the tube. The ribs have a rib foot, rib flanks, and a... Agent:

20140352940 - Fastener assembly and method for heat sink mounting: Method and assembly for attaching a heat sink to a heat source surface associated with a printed circuit board or other component having a heat source. A fastener assembly may include a push pin with a barbed, bifurcated end arranged to be inserted through an opening of the printed circuit... Agent: Aavid Thermalloy, LLC

11/27/2014 > 21 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140345826 - Air conditioner and method of controlling an air conditioner: An air conditioner is provided that include an outdoor unit configured to implement heat exchange of refrigerant, at least one indoor unit configured to implement exchange of refrigerant with the outdoor unit and air conditioning of indoor air, and an electricity reception device configured to receive an electricity regulation signal... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140345827 - Straddle electric vehicle: A straddle electric vehicle comprises a battery case accommodating a Battery which is an electric power supply for an electric motor; an inverter which converts DC power stored in the battery into AC power and supplies the AC power to the electric motor; an air passage through which ram air... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140345828 - Heat exchanger adapted for the production of carbon black: A heat exchanger (30) for an apparatus for the production of carbon black is disclosed. It comprises a first heat exchanging part (31) comprising a first chamber (33) enclosed by a jacket (34), a lower end wall (35) and an upper end wall (36). Tubes (37) adapted for flow of... Agent:

20140345830 - Dc motor device and dc fan using the same: A heat dissipating device includes a substrate, a plurality of fins, and a heat pipe. The substrate has a plurality of retaining holes. Each of the fins includes a heat dissipating sheet and a retaining sheet extended from the heat dissipating sheet and passing through one of the retaining holes.... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20140345829 - Thermal transfer device with reduced vertical profile: A thermal transfer device having a reduced vertical profile. The device includes a condenser with substantially vertical internal cooling fins. An inlet conducts a thermal transfer fluid in a vapor state to the tops of the cooling fins where the vapor condenses and flows down the fins to the bottom... Agent: Aavid Thermalloy, LLC

20140345832 - Plate-type heat pipe: A plate-type heat pipe includes a first main body, a capillary structure and a support structure. The first main body has a first face and a second face. The capillary structure is disposed on the first face and the support structure is disposed on the side of the capillary structure... Agent: Cooler Master Co., Ltd.

20140345831 - Plate-type heat pipe and method of manufacturing the same: A plate-type heat pipe includes a first plate, a capillary structure and a support structure. The first plate, the capillary structure and the support structure are arranged in sequence, and the first plate, the capillary structure and the support structure are tightly connected by pressing. A method of manufacturing a... Agent: Cooler Master Co., Ltd.

20140345833 - Undercover for vehicle: An undercover for a vehicle, connected to an underbody below a muffler mounted on the underbody, includes: a main body panel in a plate shape, through which insertion holes are formed; a heat absorption plate to be connected to the insertions holes; and a heat radiation plate to be connected... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140345834 - System for thermally controlling an electronic display with reduced noise emissions: A heat exchanger assembly for an electronic image assembly placed within a housing where ambient air surrounds the exterior of the housing and a rear plate may be placed behind a backlight to create a channel. An ambient air fan may be placed between two portions of a heat exchanger... Agent:

20140345835 - Indoor unit for air conditioner: Provided is an indoor unit for an air conditioner. The indoor unit for the air conditioner includes a case having at least one suction hole, a heat exchanger disposed at a side of the suction hole, a fan rotatably disposed at a discharge side of the heat exchanger, a front... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140345836 - Coil heat exchanger: A coil heat exchanger is provided, comprising a closed vessel having an inlet for receiving heat transfer media and an outlet for discharging heat transfer media, a tubular conduit extending helically within said vessel from a lower part to an upper part of said vessel for transporting liquid products to... Agent:

20140345837 - Heat exchanger distribution assembly and method: A heat exchanger distribution assembly includes a channel guide comprising an outer surface. Also included is an outer shell comprising a hollow portion and a plurality of distribution holes, wherein the channel guide is at least partially disposed within the hollow portion. Further included is a plurality of channel grooves... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140345838 - Heat exchanger and corresponding flat tube and plate: A heat exchanger for cooling charge air comprises at least one flat tube for circulation of a fluid. The flat tube is formed by assembling a pair of plates (7) in such a way as to define a first circulation channel (23) and a second circulation channel (25). The circulation... Agent:

20140345839 - Heat exchanger for gas, particularly for engine exhaust gases: A heat exchanger uses engine exhaust gases. The heat exchanger comprises a plurality of parallel tubes arranged inside a header and through which the gases to be cooled by exchange of heat with a coolant flow, and fins that disturb the flow of the gas and that are arranged inside... Agent:

20140345843 - Dynamic thermal interface material: Aspects of the invention provide compositions that include carbon nanotubes dispersed within nanographite particles, and that have useful thermal properties. Certain compositions have high thermal conductivities (e.g., high thermal conductivities at ambient temperature). Certain compositions have a temperature dependent thermal conductivity that reversibly increases with temperature. Certain compositions are useful... Agent: Anchor Science LLC

20140345841 - Heat dissipation plate: A heat dissipation plate including a heat-conductive material layer, a first metal layer, a metal substrate, and a metal ring frame is provided. The heat-conductive material layer has an upper surface and a lower surface opposite to each other. A material of the heat-conductive material layer includes ceramic or silicon... Agent: Subtron Technology Co., Ltd.

20140345844 - Heat sink: A heat sink includes a base block, a plurality of upright panels horizontally outwardly extended from the base block in a flush manner, each two adjacent upright panels defining with the base block a space, a plurality of radiation fins respectively extended from the periphery of the base block and... Agent: Tai-sol Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140345842 - Heat sink assembly: A heat sink assembly includes a heat sink and two fixing members. The heat sink includes a board and a number of fins extending substantially perpendicularly up from the board. A first fixing portion and two second fixing portions at opposite sides of the first fixing portion are formed at... Agent:

20140345840 - Heat transference device: The invention comprises of an elongated heat conductive material (10), a sheath made of heat insulation material (12), that encloses said heat conductive material (10), and an optional outer sheath (14), made of a protective material as a form of protection from cuts, impact, and other possible damage. The two... Agent:

20140345845 - Thermostat user interface: An occupancy sensing electronic thermostat is described that includes a thermostat body, an electronic display that is viewable by a user in front of the thermostat, a passive infrared sensor for measuring infrared energy and an infrared energy directing element formed integrally with a front surface of the thermostat body.... Agent: Google Inc.

20140345846 - Cooling method for devices generating waste heat: The invention relates to method (19) of cooling a heat generating device (2). The cooling rate (17, 18) of said heat generating device (2) is determined, at least in part and/or at least at times, based on the rate of change of temperature (16) of the heat generating device (2).... Agent: Danfoss Solar Inverters A/s

11/20/2014 > 29 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140338856 - Heat storage device having a high volume capacity: The invention is a heat storage device having a high volume capacity (defined as the ratio between the volume of the heat storage medium divided by the overall volume of the device) combined with a high heat transfer surface and a low envelope material volume (‘dead volume’). The heat storage... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140338857 - Cooling of an electric motor via heat pipes: System (10) for cooling an electric motor (12) of a vehicle with a hybrid motor comprising an electric motorization system (12) and an internal combustion motorization system (11), the internal combustion motorization system (11) comprising at least one fluid circulation circuit, characterized in that the system comprises a heat storage... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20140338859 - Cooling tray: A cooling tray includes a container, springs placed within the container to exerting a vertical thrust, a platform residing within the container and coupled to each spring, and a bowl for residing above the container. When ice is placed on the platform, the plurality of springs are each compressed such... Agent: D.w. Haber & Son, Inc.

20140338858 - Fan module and base seat thereof: A fan module employed in an electronic device includes a base seat, a fan, a heat conducting tube and a covering plate. The base seat is made of polymer thermal conductive materials, and includes a bottom plate and a “U” shaped sidewall. The bottom plate includes a receiving portion and... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140338860 - Combination vessel holder for heat block incubation: A device for use with a heat source, a multi-well sample plate, and a plurality of samples includes a substantially solid block of thermally conductive material having a first side and a second side generally opposite the first side; a first array of apertures on the first side of the... Agent:

20140338861 - Chassis with distributed jet cooling: A chassis with distributed jet cooling is provided. The chassis includes one or more sidewalls defining a volume configured to substantially surround one or more heat generating components positioned within the volume. The chassis further includes at least one array of fins thermally coupled to a respective one of the... Agent:

20140338862 - Chassis with distributed jet cooling: A chassis with distributed jet cooling is provided. The chassis includes one or more sidewalls defining a volume configured to substantially surround one or more heat generating components positioned within the volume. The chassis further includes at least one array of fins thermally coupled to a respective one of the... Agent:

20140338863 - Supply module for supplying an effector system and effector system with a supply module: A supply module for supplying a weapon system includes an electric storage device and a thermal storage device that stores coolant. The supply module also includes at least one electrical connection via which power can be transferred from the electric storage device to the effector system, and at least one... Agent: Mbda Deutschland Gmbh

20140338864 - Cooling and control of a load bank used in a power generation system: A power generation system that may include a generator having an alternator and an internal combustion engine configured to drive the alternator to generate power. The alternator may convert the mechanical energy created by the engine to electrical energy, such as alternating current. The generator may supply the electrical energy... Agent: Kohler Co.

20140338865 - Building level dehumidification and cooling: A system for cooling heat producing components in a building includes a duct coupled to a room of the building and one or more air moving devices. The duct includes a constricted section. The air moving devices move air through the constricted section of the duct such that water in... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140338866 - Cooling passage including turbulator system in a turbine engine component: A cooling passage defined between first and second spaced apart sidewalls of a turbine engine component includes a turbulator system including a plurality of rows of turbulator members. Each row includes a first side turbulator member extending from the first sidewall, and a second side turbulator member extending from the... Agent:

20140338867 - Shell and tube heat exchanger with improved anti-fouling properties: A shell and tube heat exchanger comprising: a shell having an inlet end-cap attached to a first end of the shell, wherein an outlet end-cap is attached to a second end of the shell and a tube bundle being housed within the shell, said tube bundle including a plurality of... Agent:

20140338868 - Heat dissipating system: A heat dissipating system including a casing body, a heat source and a piezoelectric fan is provided. The casing body includes an upper casing and a bottom case, wherein at least one of the upper casing and the bottom casing includes at least one air inlet. The heat source and... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20140338871 - Material for joining and product produced therewith: The invention relates to an iron-based brazing material comprising a brazing alloy, which alloy comprises: from about 9 wt % to about 30 wt % Cr, from about 5 wt % to about 25 wt % Ni, from about 0 wt % to about 9 wt % Mo, from about... Agent: Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

20140338870 - Plate heat exchanger: Heat transfer plates are stacked, each being provided with a plurality of passage holes, a flow-path forming gasket is interposed between peripheries of each adjacent ones of the heat transfer plates, thereby alternately forming a first flow path to pass a high-temperature fluid, a second fluid to pass a low-temperature... Agent: Hitachi-ge Nuclear Energy, Ltd.

20140338869 - Plate heat exchanger and method of using: A process for heating a cold stream with a hot stream is described. At least one of the cold inlet or outlet, the hot inlet or outlet, the cold inlet or outlet header, the hot inlet or outlet header, and the plurality of plates is made of one of two... Agent: Uop LLC

20140338872 - Handpiece with slim driving part of direct cooling type: The handpiece includes; an outer housing of a bar shape; a cylindrical core inserted into the outer housing and having an air hole and a water hole; pipes respective inserted into the air hole and the water hole of the core; a rotor made with a cylindrical magnetic material and... Agent:

20140338873 - Stacked-plate heat exchanger including a collector: The invention relates to a heat exchanger (10) including a bundle (12), for enabling the exchange of heat between a first and second fluid, and a housing (11) in which said bundle is arranged, said housing (11) including a first and second opening (14, 15) through which the first fluid... Agent:

20140338874 - Heat exchanger: A lower space of a first header collecting pipe of a heat exchanger is, by partitions, divided into three communication chambers and a single mixing chamber. The mixing chamber communicates with the communication chamber through a through-hole of a lower horizontal partition, communicates with the communication chamber through a through-hole... Agent:

20140338875 - 2-pass heat exchanger including thermal expansion joints: A heat exchanger (10) is provided and in a highly preferred form is an EGR cooler (52) having first and second passes (56A,56B) that are connected to an inlet/outlet manifold (70) by a pair of corresponding thermal expansion joints (87,93) to allow differential thermal expansion between the various structural components... Agent:

20140338877 - Method for producing a heat exchanger and heat exchanger obtained by said method, swage and tube expansion device for implementing said method: The invention relates to a method for producing a heat exchanger, in particular for a motor vehicle, a method whereby fluid circulation tubes (3) are inserted into through holes in heat exchange fins (4) and the fluid circulation tubes (3) are subjected to expansion in such a way as to... Agent:

20140338876 - Plate fin-tube heat exchanger and refrigeration-and-air-conditioning system including the same: A plate fin-tube heat exchanger is provided in which surfaces of flat tubes and fins each have concavities and convexities in which a length between one of peak portions that has the smallest height and one of trough portions that has the smallest depth is 10 μm or larger.... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140338879 - Bendable heat readiating composite and backlight unit having the same: A heat-transfer apparatus for dissipating heat from an electronic device is disclosed. The heat-transfer apparatus includes a composite, comprising a metal layer, a dielectric layer and one or more electrically conductive layers. The composite is plastically deformed and is substantially free of crack. A backlight apparatus comprising the heat-transfer apparatus... Agent:

20140338880 - Low vibration cryocooled system for low temperature microscopy and spectroscopy applications: A vertical support rigidly mounted to a planar base positions and supports a cryocooler expander unit off axis and away from a sample to be examined. The sample support is likewise rigidly mounted to the planar base with a rigidly mounted sample housing therein. The cryocooler expander unit is suspended... Agent:

20140338878 - Two piece aluminum heat sink: A heat sink includes an extruded component, a cast component, and an interface layer. The extruded component includes a first aluminum material and is configured to be coupled to a solid state light source. The cast component includes a second aluminum material overmolded onto a portion of the extruded component... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20140338881 - Heat-dissipating device: A heat-dissipating device includes a receiving tray, a driving module, a plunger, and a heat-dissipating member. A first holding valve assembly and a second holding valve assembly are located on the receiving tray. The driving module includes a first magnet. The plunger includes a second magnet. The receiving tray is... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20140338882 - Hvac control for vehicles with start/stop engines: A vehicle climate control system is provided. The vehicle climate control system allows an occupant in the rear area of a vehicle to control the climate settings in the vehicle. It comprises a front climate interface, a rear climate interface, and a controller. When actuated, the controller disables the front... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140338884 - Cooling system having a cooling apparatus for controlling the temperature of a battery, and method for controlling the temperature of a battery: A cooling system includes a coolant circuit, and a cooling apparatus positioned in the coolant circuit. Coolant flows through the cooling apparatus so as to control a temperature of a battery positioned in a chamber volume. The cooling system further includes a regulating device configured to regulate a temperature of... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20140338883 - Dehumidifying device for vehicle, flexible dehumidifying member, and hvac device for vehicle: To prevent reduction in cruising distance due to usage of electric power for anti-fogging of a window, heating of a vehicle interior, or the like when an electric vehicle or the like that runs by power supply from an in-vehicle battery is running, vehicle interior air that has passed through... Agent: Yokohama Heat Use Technology

11/13/2014 > 22 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140332177 - Closed loop cooling of a plasma gun to improve hardware life: Water cooling system (1) for a plasma gun (2), method for cooling a plasma gun (2) and method for increasing a service life of a plasma gun (2). The system (1) includes a water cooler structured and arranged to remove heat from cooling water to be supplied to the plasma... Agent: Sulzer Metco (us) Inc.

20140332178 - Method and apparatus for delivering a tool to the interior of a heat exchange tube: A delivery system for remotely driving an eddy current probe through the tubing of a heat exchanger. The system uses a flexible shaft and air pressure to move an inspection probe through the heat exchanger tubes. The flexible shaft initially drives the probe through a sealed conduit to deliver the... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

20140332179 - Vehicle heating/cooling system with consolidated heating/cooling core: A vehicle heating/cooling system (100) has a consolidated heating/cooling core (104) coupled to a closed engine coolant circuit (136), to a closed refrigerant circuit (140) and to a closed thermally regulated fluid circuit (146).... Agent:

20140332180 - Cooling device with drainage openings for a metering valve: The invention relates to a device for cooling a metering module, in particular a module for metering an operating agent/auxiliary agent such as a reducing agent into the exhaust gas system of an internal combustion engine. A cooling device through which a cooling fluid flows is associated with the metering... Agent:

20140332181 - Air duct: An air duct includes a first duct. The first duct includes a first top board, two first sidewalls connected to opposite sides of the first top board, and a side cover. One of the first sidewalls defines an cutout. The side cover is rotatably connected to the first sidewall to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140332182 - Heat sink for cooling power electronics: A heat sink device for cooling a power electronics module includes a base platform having a first surface and a second surface on opposite sides of the base platform, a plurality of upright members extending outwardly from the first surface of the base platform and defining a cavity wherein the... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140332183 - Disassemblable and washable primary surface heat exchanger: The present invention relates to a disassemblable and washable primary surface heat exchanger, and more particularly, to a disassemblable and washable primary surface heat exchanger which includes a plurality of heat exchange cells disassemblably mounted inside an openable housing and having primary surface plates to thereby be easily maintained and... Agent:

20140332184 - Heat dissipation system and rack-mount server using the same: A heat dissipation system includes a chassis, a number of heat absorbing boxes, a number of pipes, a first water tank and a second water tank received in the chassis, a number of fins sandwiched between the first water tank and the second water tank, a number of fans aligning... Agent:

20140332185 - Heat insulating device, method for manufacturing the same, and heat dissipating system including the same: A heat dissipating system is disclosed to be disposed in a casing of an electronic apparatus in which a heat source is disposed. The heat dissipating system includes a heat dissipating device and a heat insulating device. The heat dissipating device is in contact with the heat source and has... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140332186 - Dissipation utilizing flow of refrigerant: Technologies are generally described for devices, methods, and programs for heat dissipating utilizing flow of refrigerant. An example heat dissipating device includes a conductive chamber to receive a fluid refrigerant, and the conductive chamber itself includes an evaporation portion having an interior layer and an exterior layer that is in... Agent:

20140332187 - Titanium-based thermal ground plane: Titanium-based thermal ground planes are described. A thermal ground plane in accordance with the present invention comprises a titanium substrate comprising a plurality of pillars, wherein the plurality of Ti pillars can be optionally oxidized to form nanostructured titania coated pillars, and a vapor cavity, in communication with the plurality... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140332188 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger is provided having two headers with a plurality of elongate tubes extending between the headers, where the tubes cooperate with an array of fins. The tubes have a plurality of dimpled sections having a non-uniform dimple density alternating with a plurality of smooth sections. The alternating dimpled... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140332189 - Fan coil unit: A fan coil unit is provided including a cabinet formed from a plurality of panels. A fan assembly is configured to circulate air through the cabinet. A heat exchanger assembly is positioned within the cabinet. The heat exchanger assembly includes at least one heat exchanger coil arranged in a heat... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140332190 - Collector box for a heat exchanger, in particular for a motor vehicle, cover for said box, and heat exchanger including such a box: The invention relates to a collector box for a heat exchanger, in particular for a motor vehicle, including a collector plate (5), a cover (6), and a seal (7) for providing a seal between said collector plate (5) and said cover (6), said seal (7) including an attachment portion (22)... Agent:

20140332191 - Extreme environment heat exchanger: The heat exchanger (10) includes a ceramic matrix composite (12) (stable at temperatures up to 1,650° C.) surrounding and defining a hot fluid conduit (14). A hardenable material (18) having a high thermal conductivity is formed into a heat transfer layer (16) surrounding the ceramic matrix composite (12). A metal... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140332192 - Surface features to enhance brazing process: Embodiments disclosed herein generally relate to methods, systems and apparatuses configured to form and/or configure hydrophobic and/or hydrophilic surface features on the workpieces to enhance a brazing process. The hydrophilic and/or the hydrophobic surface features can be arranged to facilitate directing a melted filler material to where the filler material... Agent: Trane International Inc.

20140332194 - Apparatus, systems and methods for reducing noise generated by rotating couplings and drives: A heat sink element for a device is operable by relative rotation of a conductor rotor assembly and a magnet rotor assembly. The heat sink element includes a base portion and a plurality of fins. The base portion includes a mounting face that is sized and dimensioned to be coupled... Agent: Magnadrive Corporation

20140332193 - Thermally-conductive elastic body: Disclosed is a thermally-conductive elastic body that effectively dissipates heat generated from a heat generation source such as an electronic product and prevents a phenomenon in which small graphite fragments are separated from (fall off) a graphite layer by completely sealing up the graphite layer that conducts the heat. The... Agent:

20140332195 - Chiller control: A method includes predicting, using a predicted flow of heat into an area, a quantity of energy used by a chiller to maintain a temperature of the area at a desired temperature during each of a first plurality of time periods of a chilling cycle. A set point of the... Agent:

20140332197 - Air conditioner terminal device, air conditioning apparatus and data center: An air conditioner terminal device (100) and a data center comprising the air conditioner terminal device, wherein the air conditioner terminal device (100) comprises a heat exchanger (12), a variable-speed fan (22), an air passage (101) communicating from an air suction port (11) to an air discharge port (21), and... Agent:

20140332196 - Ground water air conditioning systems and associated methods: A cooling system may include a liquid coolant subsystem comprising a cool water source configured to hold water, an air cooling subsystem comprising an air chamber that contains air therein, an air conditioning apparatus comprising a heat exchanger of a liquid-to-air type having a heat sink in thermal communication, a... Agent:

20140332198 - Automatic in situ coolant flow control in lft heat exchanger: In association with a liquid flow through a heat exchanger situated to remove heat from electronic devices, a coolant flow control apparatus is provided. The coolant flow control apparatus comprises a first input channel for carrying liquid coolant to a first input of the heat exchanger; a flow control device... Agent:

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