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Heat exchange

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02/05/2015 > 24 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20150034270 - Air conditioning system of data center using heat pipe and method for controlling thereof: An air conditioning system of data center using heat pipe includes a cooling room that allows air within the data center to be drawn in by a first fan and circulated and fed back to the data center; a heat radiation room located separately from the cooling room; a heat... Agent: Thermo-tech

20150034271 - Liquid cooling apparatus: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a liquid cooling apparatus, which includes a cold plate (202), a fast connector (204), and a first interface (2011), where the fast connector (204) includes a first connector (2041) and a second connector (2042), where the first connector (2041) is fixedly connected to the... Agent:

20150034272 - Device for the thermal management of a cabin and of a drivetrain of a vehicle: The invention relates to a device (1) for the thermal management of a vehicle cabin and of at least one electric component (13) of an electric drivetrain of said vehicle, comprising a heat-transfer fluid circuit (3) through which there flows a heat-transfer fluid and comprising at least—a first heat-transfer fluid... Agent:

20150034273 - Hybrid ground water and heat pump system: The present development is a building air cooling system using cool ground water, e.g. well water. Building air is cooled by coming into direct contact with cool ground water in a compact chamber using PVC packing for maximizing heat transfer efficiency, conserving space and reducing the required ground water pumping... Agent:

20150034274 - Device for removing samples from a material flow: In a device for taking samples from a material flow of fine-grained and dry material, in particular in the cement industry, comprising an upwardly open sample chamber (2) capable of being introduced into, and retracted from, the material flow through an introduction socket, the sample chamber (2) is formed in... Agent:

20150034275 - Heat exchanging system of vending machine: A heat exchanging system is disclosed. The heat exchanging system includes an evaporator configured for cooling an electronic device, a heater configured for heating an electronic device, and a fan located between the evaporator and the heater. When the evaporator is operated to cool air, the heater is stopped, and... Agent:

20150034276 - Device and method for minimizing the effect of ambient conditions on the operation of a heat exchanger: The present invention for includes a method for minimizing the undesired effect of wind on the operation of a heat exchanger system for cooling liquid having a plurality of finned tube arrays and a plurality of fans for inducing air through the finned tube array, the method comprising the steps... Agent: Ormat Technologies, Inc.

20150034277 - Cooling tower fill: A fill sheet for use in a fill arrangement in a direct heat exchange section of a cooling tower is provided. Each fill sheet includes ridges, grooves, separators, that improve the performance of the fill sheet arrangement when installed as a direct heat exchange section of a cooling tower. The... Agent: Baltimore Aircoil Company, Inc.

20150034278 - Heat pipe matrix for electronics cooling: A heat pipe system and methods of arranging a heat pipe system are provided. The heat pipe system includes a plurality of heat pipes, with each of the plurality of heat pipes including a hot end thermally coupled to a heat source and a cold end thermally coupled to a... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150034279 - Liquid nitrogen & carbon dioxide thermo vanes cold trap exchanger: A cold trap heat exchanger with a horizontal and vertical arrangement of vaporization chambers, with vibration pads for vehicle use. Vaporization pipes each have a series of thermo vanes mounted on horizontal arranged pipes. This fluid controls the vaporization of the liquid fluid and surface area causing a liquid film... Agent:

20150034280 - Header for electronic cooler: A fluid cooler packet for a plurality of electronic components has a plurality of individual cooling circuits for receiving a supply of cooling fluid from a supply header and delivering that cooling fluid to an associated electronic component. The plurality of cooling circuits each includes a return passage for receiving... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150034281 - Heat exchanging apparatus: A heat exchanging apparatus comprises a first heat exchanger, oil cooler, arranged to allow ambient air to pass therethrough and a second heat exchanger, radiator, adjacent the first heat exchanger and arranged to allow air exiting the first heat exchanger to pass therethrough. The apparatus further comprises a third heat... Agent:

20150034282 - Face plumbing adapter for a heat exchanger assembly: A face plumbing adapter having a block portion and a camber portion is provided for a manifold of a heat exchanger assembly. The block portion includes an external planar face, a first mating surface opposite that of the planar face, and an aperture having a B-axis extending through the planar... Agent:

20150034283 - Architectural heat and moisture exchange: An architectural heat and moisture exchanger. The exchanger defines an interior channel which is divided into a plurality of sub-channels by a membrane configured to allow passage of water vapor and to prevent substantial passage of air. In some embodiments, the exchanger includes an opaque housing configured to form a... Agent: Architectual Applications P.C.

20150034284 - Return waterbox for heat exchanger: A return waterbox for a heat exchanger, such as a shell-and-tube heat exchanger, is provided. The return waterbox may include an insert configured to direct a fluid flow(s) in the return waterbox. In some embodiments, such as in a two-pass heat exchanger, the insert can be configured to receive water... Agent:

20150034285 - High-pressure plate heat exchanger: A heat exchanger plate has multiple structures thereon. A heat transfer portion has a plurality of ribs arranged in a rib pattern. A fluid ingress structure is arranged near a first corner of the heat exchanger plate. The structure includes a first open fluid aperture defined in the heat exchanger... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150034286 - Plate heat exchanger: Disclosed is a method for producing a permanently joined plate heat exchanger comprising a plurality of metal heat exchanger plates having a solidus temperature above 1100° C., provided beside each other and forming a plate package with first plate interspaces for a first medium and second plate interspaces for a... Agent:

20150034287 - Heat exchanger for cooling a vehicle battery, in particular for hybrid or electric vehicles: A heat exchanger for cooling a vehicle battery, in particular for hybrid or electric vehicles, having at least one fluid collector made of plastic, which is connected to at least one cooling element. In a heat exchanger in which the energy efficiency of the motor vehicle is increased, the cooling... Agent:

20150034288 - Flat plate cooling device and method for using the same: In a cooling device using an ebullient cooling system, a cooling device becomes larger when a degree of freedom of the arrangement in installing it in electronic equipment is increased, and that it is impossible to obtain a sufficient degree of freedom of the arrangement, therefore, a flat plate cooling... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150034289 - Heat exchanger and corrugated fin thereof: A heat exchanger including a plurality of horizontally arranged tubes, headers to support the tubes and to enable a refrigerant to flow in the tubes, and a corrugated fin horizontally disposed between the tubes, wherein the corrugated fins includes a vertical fin body, flat contact parts formed at an upper... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150034290 - Air handler with a leak free controls enclosure: An air handler configured with a second enclosure disposed within the first enclosure to create a continuous airflow passageway, wherein access to the second enclosure does not interrupt the continuous airflow passageway.... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20150034291 - Heat dissipation case: A heat dissipation case is used to dissipate heat of electronic equipment and contains: a body. The body includes a receiving chamber for receiving electronic equipment and a dissipation groove defined thereon and corresponding to the receiving chamber, wherein the metal plate and the dissipating piece are stacked in the... Agent:

20150034292 - Method of fabricating a heat sink: A method for fabricating a straight fin heat sink (50) of the type having a base (52) and a plurality of fins (54) extending from the base is disclosed. Each fm (54) of the plurality of fins of the heat sink is spaced from one another a predetermined distance and... Agent: Schneider Electric It Corporation

20150034293 - Air-conditioning apparatus: An air-conditioning apparatus according to the present invention includes at least indoor heat exchangers. In response to a request to increase heat exchange performance from the indoor heat exchanger, the air-conditioning apparatus decreases a heat exchange capacity of an outdoor heat exchanger and controls an opening degree of an expansion... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

01/29/2015 > 25 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20150027659 - Controllable variable inertia fluid heating and storage system: Method for operating said system comprising: defining target sub-temperatures for each volume, wherein said target sub-temperatures are sequentially higher for each volume, in the direction of the water flow from inlet to outlet; increasing the target sub-temperatures in periods of forecasted higher demand, and, inversely, decreasing the target sub-temperatures in... Agent:

20150027660 - Indoor unit of air conditioner and method of connecting refrigerant pipe thereof: An indoor unit of an air conditioner having an improved frame structure in which a refrigerant pipe that connects an outdoor unit and the indoor unit can be easily connected. The indoor unit of the air conditioner includes: a frame; a heat exchanger mounted on the frame and having a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150027661 - Self-contained trolley for temperature conditioning and distribution of meal trays: The present invention relates to a self-contained trolley for temperature conditioning and distribution of meal trays (13) comprising two compartments separated by an insulating wall (11), namely a compartment for heating, called the hot compartment, and a compartment for chilling, called the cold compartment, receiving at least one stack of... Agent: Coldway

20150027662 - Climate system: The invention relates to a climate system comprising at least one latent heat storage heat exchanger assembly, said latent heat storage heat exchanger assembly comprising: —a channel part having an inlet end with a flow cross sectional A1, an outlet end a flow cross sectional area A2, and said inlet... Agent:

20150027663 - Instrumented steam generator anti-vibration bar: A steam generator anti-vibration bar (AVB) that extends across multiple rows of tubes and contains a string of sensors is disclosed and claimed. The instrumented anti-vibration bar includes a housing and cover that cooperate to enclose the sensors. The sensors capture data resulting from the fluid flow passing through the... Agent:

20150027664 - Retainer and thermal displacement apparatus for electronic components, methods of production and applications thereof: Retainers are described that comprise at least one center body component comprising a plurality of center body troughs, and at least one compatible component comprising a plurality of compatible troughs, wherein at least part of the plurality of the compatible troughs couple with at least part of the plurality of... Agent:

20150027665 - Temperature regulation device: A temperature regulation device dispenses a fluid at a unique temperature. The device achieves the unique temperature by blending an ambient temperature of the fluid with a cooled temperature of the fluid to form a blended temperature of the fluid. The cooled temperature of the fluid is reached by passing... Agent:

20150027666 - Heat exchanger and heat exchange device: A heat exchanger including a tubular core case, a pair of end plates for closing opposite ends of the core case, and a plurality of heat exchange tubes supported at opposite ends thereof by the end plates and allowing flow of a first heating medium inside thereof. One end plate... Agent:

20150027667 - Condensing heat recovery unit for a portable fluid heater: A condensing heat recovery unit for a portable fluid heater has a heat exchanger with a plurality of hollow rectangular heat recovery panels, a flue gas collection hood that funnels flue gas from the portable fluid heater into one side of the heat exchanger, and a condensate collector connected to... Agent:

20150027669 - Heat exchanger with embedded heat pipes: A heat exchanger is disclosed which includes a plurality of heat exchanger plates. Each plate has a plurality of hollowed out pins arranged in a pin fin pattern. Each plate also includes an inlet aperture and an outlet aperture in fluid communication with one another. A plurality of heat pipes... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150027668 - Vapor chamber structure: A vapor chamber structure is disclosed and includes a main body and a working fluid. The main body has a condensation section and an evaporation section and a chamber. The condensation section and the evaporation section are respectively disposed on two sides of the chamber. The evaporation section has a... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20150027670 - Outdoor machine of air conditioner: An outdoor machine of an air conditioner includes a fan motor mount including a fan motor support plate, and a top plate. The fan motor support plate is formed with: a plurality of props; a prop horizontal plane; a prop front plane; a fitting portion, which is provided on the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150027671 - Steel covering layer and method of surface treatment of heat transfer tube: A steel covering layer according to the present invention includes a surface layer formed of a low surface energy material and formed on the surface of a heat transfer tube.... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20150027672 - Heat exchanger: In a heat exchanger, each of flat tubes (31) has an end portion inserted in a header-collecting pipe (70). When the heat exchanger functions as an evaporator, a refrigerant in a gas-liquid two-phase state upwardly flows in a subspace (71a) located in the header-collecting pipe (70). An effective cross-sectional area... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20150027673 - Heat exchanger for gases, in particular for the exhaust gases of an engine: A heat exchanger (1) for gases, in particular for the exhaust gases of an engine, comprising a bundle of tubes (2) arranged inside a casing (3) defining a gas inlet (4) and outlet (5), said tubes (2) being intended for the circulation of the gases with a view to exchanging... Agent: Valeo Termico, S.a.

20150027674 - Layer heat exchanger for high temperatures: A layer heat exchanger for high temperatures is provided that includes a layer block having layer plates and cover plates and a housing that accommodates the layer block. The housing has a high heat resistance, combined with a high stiffness, and the layer block has a core that is soft... Agent:

20150027676 - Craft outer skin heat exchanger and method for manufacturing a craft outer skin heat exchanger: A heat exchanger comprising a plurality of heat transfer modules disposed side by side so as to define a multilayer body of the heat exchanger. Each heat transfer module has at least one heat transfer medium channel configured to allow a flow of a heat-carrying medium therethrough. At least one... Agent:

20150027675 - Heat exchanger utilizing chambers with sub-chambers having respective medium directing inserts coupled therein: A heat exchanging device has a main chamber, two sub-chambers, an inlet and an outlet. The sub-chambers extend outwardly from both planar walls of the main chamber. Disposed within main chamber and the sub-chambers is a medium directing insert. The insert has an angled surface on ends facing the inlet... Agent: Mikutay Corporation

20150027677 - Multiple tube bank heat exchanger assembly and fabrication method: A multiple tube flattened heat exchange tube assembly includes a first flattened tube segment, a second flattened tube segment and a web member interconnecting the trailing edge of the first flattened tube segment and the leading edge of the second flattened tube segment. The web member may be provided with... Agent:

20150027678 - Heat exchanger and method and apparatus for manufacturing the same: A heat exchanger and a method and apparatus for manufacturing the same are provided. The heat exchanger may include a refrigerant tube, through which a refrigerant may flow, at least one heat-exchange fin, into which the refrigerant tube may be inserted, a plurality of tube treatments provided on a surface... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150027679 - Finned tube assemblies for heat exchangers: A finned tube assembly for an air cooled condenser and method for forming the same. The finned tube assembly comprises a flow conduit in the form of a bare steel tube and at least one set of fins bonded directly to the tube. In one embodiment, the tube has a... Agent:

20150027680 - Humidity controller: An on-off valve and a bypass pipe which bypasses the on-off valve are connected to an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe of a humidity control circuit. A pressure-reducing valve is connected to the bypass pipe. Before switching a four-way valve, a degree of opening of the pressure-reducing valve is... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20150027681 - Hvac controller having economy and comfort operating modes: An HVAC controller may be programmed to control an HVAC system according to a comfort mode and an economy mode. When the HVAC system is operating according to the comfort mode, the HVAC system may primarily draw energy from a locally generated energy source or local energy storage system. The... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150027682 - Method and apparatus for dampening flow variations and pressurizing carbon dioxide: An apparatus is provided for maintaining a steady flow rate and pressure of a carbon dioxide stream at high pressure when a low-pressure source of the carbon dioxide varies with time. Liquid level in an accumulator that is sized to accommodate variations in supply rate is controlled by sub-cooling of... Agent: Denbury Resources Inc.

20150027683 - Heat exchange device: A heat exchange device includes a thermoactuator usable over a long period of time is disclosed. The thermoactuator includes a case. In the case, there is formed a stopper providing an advancement limit of a rod to limit an opening degree of a valve of the thermoactuator.... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150020993 - Mechanical-chemical energy storage: This invention generally relates to mechanical-chemical energy storage. In particular, the invention relates to a mechanical-chemical energy storage system that stores energy by simultaneously compressing a gas to a higher enthalpy state and recovering the heat of compression by driving a somewhat reversible chemical reaction. The heat energy in the... Agent:

20150020994 - Integrated cooling system: An integrated cooling system comprises a first cooling circuit including a first heat exchanger that cools a first cooling medium by a core portion arranged between an inlet tank and an outlet tank; a second cooling circuit including a second heat exchanger installed in the outlet tank to cool a... Agent: Calsonic Kansei Corporation

20150020995 - Slim mobile hydraulic fluid cooling assembly: A mobile hydraulic cooling assembly has a hydraulic fluid reservoir with a second interior surface offset from a first interior surface. The portion of the second surface offset is not opposite any of the first interior surface in the vertical direction. An air chamber, into which air passes into or... Agent:

20150020996 - Turbulence enhancer for keel cooler: A keel cooler assembly comprising a coolant tube including a plurality of turbulence enhancers for improving the heat transfer of the coolant without substantially increasing pressure drop of the coolant. In one embodiment, the turbulence enhancers provide a means for generating turbulent wakes in the coolant for disrupting laminar boundary... Agent: Duramax Marine, LLC

20150020997 - Cycling heat dissipation module: A cycling heat dissipation module is used for removing the heat generated by a heat-generating element of a circuit board and includes at least one main body and at least one conducting pipe. The main body has a chamber and a heat guiding part. The chamber is filled with a... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20150020998 - Cycling heat dissipation module: A cycling heat dissipation module is used for removing the heat generated by a heat generating element and includes at least one main body and at least one conducting pipe. The main body has a chamber and a heat guiding part. The chamber is filled with fluid and has a... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20150020999 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger (100) is disclosed for exchanging heat with a medium across a substantially planar surface. The exchanger (100) comprises: a heat exchanging panel (101); a fluid circuit comprising a first chamber (104) disposed at a first end of the panel (101), a second chamber (105) disposed at a... Agent:

20150021000 - Cabinet for power electronic apparatus: Provided is a cabinet for a power electronic apparatus, including: an external case that accommodates a module accommodation unit; a duct that is formed as a section divided in one side wall of the external case; an intake hole that is formed in the lower portion of the duct; a... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150021001 - Device for cooling and/or heat recovery: An apparatus (10) for cooling and/or for heat recovery, the apparatus (10) being expandable in modular fashion in a simple manner without thereby prejudicing efficiency. For this purpose, the invention envisages forming an apparatus (10) from a plurality of heat exchanger modules (11) that can be assembled together, each having... Agent: Kampmann Gmbh

20150021002 - Channel plate heat transfer system: A flow-plate is dividable in mid plane. The flow-plate includes two parts, each part includes a channel side and a utility side, and the two parts of the flow plate are counter parts and complementing each other. When the flow-plate is connected the two parts form a channel between the... Agent:

20150021003 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger including a plurality of tubes disposed horizontally, a pair of vertical headers connecting the tubes, and at least one flow distribution baffle mounted to a header at one group of the plurality of tubes such that the flow distribution baffle is positioned between tubes of the one... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150021004 - Egr cooler: An EGR cooler has supports supporting coolant core tubes on the top, the bottom, and the side walls of a cooler housing. Each support has a base plate on at least one tube and an overlying spring plate which bears against the respective wall on the interior of the cooler... Agent:

20150021005 - Temperature control system: An HVAC system controller has at least one processor configured to monitor at least one of a first humidity and a first temperature of a first air volume sensed by a first sensor and at least one of a second humidity and a second temperature of a second air volume... Agent: Trane International Inc.

20150021006 - Methods and device for mixing airflows in environmental control systems: Methods and a device for mixing airflows in an environmental control system are provided. The device includes a duct configured to receive a first airflow and a second airflow, and a plurality of guide vanes disposed within said duct. The guide vanes are configured to induce rotation of the first... Agent:

20150021007 - Methods and apparatus for cooling fluid: A fluid cooler, fluid cooler core and method of condensing gas is disclosed. The fluid cooler includes a container for a liquid transfer medium. The container includes first and second hot fluid inlets, first and second cooled liquid outlets, a cooling liquid inlet, and a cooling liquid outlet. A first... Agent: Scican Ltd.

01/15/2015 > 27 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150013935 - Waste heat recovery system including a mechanism for collection, detection and removal of non-condensable gas: The disclosure describes a non-condensable gas collection, detection, and removal system for a WHR system that helps to maintain cycle efficiency of the WHR system across the life of an engine system associated with the WHR system. A storage volume is configured to collect non-condensable gas received from the working... Agent:

20150013936 - Method of cooling stacked, pluggable optical transceivers: An optical transceiver cooling assembly includes stacked cages mounted to a PCB. A heat radiator also is mounted on the PCB. Cooling devices (e.g., heat pipes) are coupled to the heat radiator and at least one of the cages. In some embodiments, the cages may include a divider that extends... Agent:

20150013937 - Energy recovery when processing materials with reactive fluids: Disclosed are methods and apparatuses for recovering and reusing energy when processing materials with reactive fluids. More particularly, disclosed are methods and apparatuses for recovering and reusing energy from processes in which materials comprising polymers and/or oligomers are treated with a reactive fluid.... Agent:

20150013938 - Supporting member and substrate processing apparatus: A supporting member is configured to support at least one pipe connecting a temperature adjusting unit with a substrate processing apparatus, wherein the temperature adjusting unit adjusts a temperature of an arbitrary component of the substrate processing apparatus, wherein an inside of the supporting member includes a hollow portion and... Agent:

20150013939 - Cold chassis for electronic modules and method of making same: A cold chassis and method of making a cold chassis for electronic modules featuring the fabrication of individual brazed cooling ribs each including microchannels along the length thereof and a peripheral flange. A set of adjacent ribs are secured together and assembled onto at least one face of a frame... Agent:

20150013940 - Commonly submersed, vertically removable servers in rack: Apparatus, systems, and method for efficiently cooling computing devices having heat-generating electronic components, such as, for example, independently operable servers, immersed in a dielectric liquid coolant in a tank.... Agent:

20150013941 - Conduction cooled chassis with embedded heatpipes: An electronics chassis heat-pipe conduction cooling system includes a first chassis wall having multiple heat transfer sleeves defining multiple first chassis slots. A cabinet bottom chassis wall has multiple second chassis slots. A cabinet second chassis wall has multiple heat transfer sleeves defining multiple third chassis slots. Multiple first heat-pipes... Agent:

20150013942 - Tetrafluoropropene compositions and uses thereof: The present invention relates to compositions for use in refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat pump systems wherein the composition comprises a tetrafluoropropene and at least one other component. The compositions of the present invention are useful in processes for producing cooling or heat, as heat transfer fluids, foam blowing agents, aerosol... Agent:

20150013943 - Heat pipe: A heat pipe suited for thinning, and achieving high heat transport performance is provided. A heat pipe 1 according to the invention includes working liquid, a container 2 into which the working liquid is sealed, and a mesh member 3 disposed in such a position as to come into contact... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20150013945 - Centrifugal blower and air conditioner using the same: A centrifugal blower for an air conditioner may include a centrifugal fan rotatably coupled to a motor, and a bell mouth guiding air into the centrifugal fan. The centrifugal fan may include a hub fixed to a rotary shaft of the motor, a main plate provided at an outer circumferential... Agent:

20150013944 - Heat dissipating module: A heat dissipating module includes a heat dissipating unit and a fan unit. The heat dissipating unit includes a plurality of heat dissipating fins sequentially stacked on top of one another. Each of the heat dissipating fins has a first end portion and a second end portion. The first end... Agent:

20150013946 - Method for fabricating patterned gradient heat sinks: The embodiments disclose at least one predetermined patterned layer configured to eliminate a physical path of lateral thermal bloom in a recording device, at least one gradient layer coupled to the patterned layer and configured to use materials with predetermined thermal conductivity for controlling a rate of dissipation and a... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20150013947 - Surface treatment method for aluminum heat exchangers: A surface treatment method for aluminum heat exchangers including (a) a step wherein a chemical conversion coating film is formed on the surface of an aluminum heat exchanger by subjecting the aluminum heat exchanger to chemical conversion using a chemical conversion agent; (b) a step wherein the aluminum heat exchanger,... Agent:

20150013948 - Flexible insulation device: A flexible conduit insulated to prevent unwanted heat transfer. The conduit is insulated by a jacket-like component that creates a space between the conduit and the jacket, where the gap can be filled with air or some other insulating material. The jacket is sealed to the flexible conduit by sealing... Agent:

20150013949 - Heat-exchange apparatus for insertion into a storage tank, and mounting components therefor: A heat-exchange apparatus and a mounting component set for installation into storage tanks. The heat-exchange apparatus comprises a heat-exchanging component, a coupling manifold configured to engage with the heat-exchanging component, and a hollow, elongate, flow-directing element that delivers fluid to the heat-exchanging component. The mounting component set comprises an inner... Agent:

20150013950 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a shell, a refrigerant distribution assembly, a heat transferring unit and a canopy member. The refrigerant distribution assembly receives a refrigerant that enters the shell and discharges the refrigerant. The refrigerant distribution assembly has at least one outermost lateral end. The heat transferring unit is disposed... Agent:

20150013951 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger for a vapor compression system includes a shell with a longitudinal center axis extending generally parallel to a horizontal plane, a distributing part, a tube bundle, a trough part and a guide part. The distributing part distributes a refrigerant. The tube bundle includes a plurality of heat... Agent:

20150013952 - Heat exchanger: The invention provides a heat exchanger, comprising a casing with a structure of a hollow box and a heat transfer unit accommodated in the casing, wherein the heat transfer unit is so arranged that flat plates are alternately folded back in opposite direction along a fold-back line, a first flow... Agent:

20150013953 - Fluid conduit systems: A fluid conduit system, including a central fluid channel having an entrance for a working fluid flowing in a first direction at one end and an exit for the working fluid at an opposite end, a circumferential fluid channel surrounding the central fluid channel adapted for receiving the working fluid... Agent:

20150013954 - Systems and methods for heat balance and transport for aircraft hydraulic systems: A thermal management system includes a first hydraulic system for circulating a first hydraulic fluid at a first temperature and a second hydraulic system for circulating a second hydraulic fluid at a second temperature that is higher than the first temperature. The thermal management system also includes a sealed heat... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150013956 - Heat radiation plate and submarine apparatus: A heat radiation plate includes a depressed portion into which thermally-conductive resin that transfers heat of an electronic component to the heat radiation plate is poured, and a plurality of check portions configured to be provided to the depressed portion and with an upper surface portion and a lower surface... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150013955 - Heat sink: A heat sink includes a base and a number of fins mounted parallelly on the base. Each fin defines a number of vents, and two heat dissipating pieces protrude from opposite sides of each vent. The heat dissipating pieces of each vent cooperatively bounds an opening communicating with the corresponding... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150013957 - Thermal probe: A temperature probe having a terminal attachment arrangement for securing and selectively releasing an electrical connection is disclosed. The temperature probe further includes a housing for sealing the temperature probe to a structure, such as a HVAC duct.... Agent: Tasseron Sensors, Inc.

20150013958 - Air-conditioning system: A controller sets a target setting temperature for an air-conditioning space, compares a value obtained by subtracting an outdoor temperature detected by an outdoor temperature sensor from the target setting temperature, with a first threshold related to the value, compares a value obtained by subtracting the outdoor temperature from an... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150013959 - Manifold collar for disstributing fluid through a cold crucible: Disclosed are embodiments of a temperature regulated vessel and a fluid delivery device, and methods of use thereof. The vessel can be used in an injection molding apparatus and include one or more temperature regulating lines configured to flow a fluid or liquid within the body (e.g., to heat a... Agent:

20150013960 - Multiple rack systems with common liquid cooling apparatus: Apparatus, systems, and method for efficiently cooling computing devices having heat-generating electronic components, such as, for example, independently operable servers, immersed in a dielectric liquid coolant in a tank.... Agent:

20150013961 - Method of controlling a variable delivery pump fitted to a heating system: Method of controlling a variable delivery pump fitted to a heating system comprising: a heat exchanger connected to two circuits of fluids, the variable delivery pump making it possible to vary the flow-rate of the first fluid inside the heat exchanger; a return loop on the primary circuit allowing the... Agent: Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

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