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Heat exchange December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/12

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12/27/2012 > 30 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120325426 - Heating/cooling system for indwelling heat exchange catheter: A cooling system for an indwelling heat exchange catheter includes a heat exchange bath that is configured to receive a conduit that carries saline to and from the catheter. A heating/cooling fluid is in the bath and exchanges heat with the saline. The heating/cooling fluid flows through a heat exchanger... Agent: Zoll Circulation Inc.

20120325427 - Horizontal, underneath motorcycle heat exchanger: A motorcycle has a heat exchanger adapted to be installed on the motorcycle in a substantially horizontal orientation. Also, the heat exchanger is adapted to be installed on the motorcycle beneath the engine, crankcase, oil pan and/or gearbox without substantial vertical orientation and not attached to the engine. Preferably, the... Agent:

20120325428 - Arrangement for transferring and utilizing heat energy: Arrangement for transferring heat energy from a unit like heat power plant (1) which produces heat energy or from heat source locating in the nature, like from sea to a unit which utilizes heat energy, in which arrangement heat energy is transferred through a pipe system (2, 3),(16) and water... Agent:

20120325429 - Explosion-proof enclosures with active thermal management by heat exchange: Enclosures for use in hazardous areas include heat exchangers for active thermal management. The enclosures are coupled to a device having heat transfer capabilities. Equipment within the enclosures produces heat within the enclosure. The heat exchanger removes heat produced from the equipment and manages the internal temperature of the enclosures... Agent: Cooper Technologies Company

20120325430 - Fin type heat sink fixing assembly: A fin type heat sink includes a heat conducting base, fins, pressing plates and positioning members. The fins are parallely installed with an interval apart from each other on the heat conducting base, and a fixing plate is perpendicularly extended from the bottom of each fin. The fixing plate includes... Agent:

20120325431 - Heat dissipation device with fan holder: A heat dissipation device adapted for dissipating heat generated by an electronic component mounted on a printed circuit board. The heat dissipation device includes a heat sink attached to the electronic component, a fan, and a fan holder. The fan includes a frame and a rotor received in the frame.... Agent: Furui Precise Component (kunshan) Co., Ltd.

20120325432 - Heat dissipation system: A heat dissipation system for a computer enclosure comprises a base plate comprising a motherboard mounted thereon; and a first heat-generating component fixed on the motherboard; a front plate defining a second air outlet opening and a third air outlet opening; and a second heat-generating component mounted on the base... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120325433 - Heat exchanger unit, especially for air conditioning in motor vehicles: A heat exchanger unit that enables a quick interchanging of function, form and size of the different heat exchanger modules. The interchanging may be possible in regard to the sequence of the individual heat exchanger modules. The heat exchanger unit in includes inserts configured such that appropriately configured cassettes can... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20120325435 - Method of producing body having flow path formed therein, and body having flow path formed therein: The present invention provides a water-cooled heat sink having an integrated structure, and having inside a precise, freely formed flow path, the water-cooled heat sink being produced without using a technique for pasting a plurality of metal sheets. In a water-cooled heat sink 1, a formed body 2 is provided... Agent: Tecnisco Ltd.

20120325434 - Plate heat exchanger plate and plate heat exchanger: A plate heat exchanger plate with a main heat transfer portion comprising a first area comprising a first field with first corrugations arranged substantially on one side of a straight first line intersecting with second side edges and a second field with second corrugations arranged substantially on an opposite side... Agent: Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

20120325436 - High efficiency thermal management system: Disclosed are methods and apparatuses for cooling a work piece surface using two-phase impingement, such as direct jet impingement. Preferred methods include flowing a coolant through a chamber comprising a surface to be cooled by projecting a jet stream of coolant against the surface while maintaining pressure in the chamber... Agent:

20120325440 - Cooling device: There is provided a cooling device not affected by gravity by exerting a strong capillary attraction to be hard to deteriorate in transportation function. Unidirectionally-aligned copper fiber assembly 8 is mounted, by a sintering process, on an inner wall of a heat pipe 3 along the longitudinal direction of the... Agent: Toshiba Home Technology Corporation

20120325437 - Flat heat pipe with capilllary structure: A flat heat pipe with a capillary structure includes a pipe body and a capillary tissue. The pipe body is substantially hollow and flat and includes a bottom wall and a top wall opposite to the bottom wall, and both walls are formed on the pipe body, and an appropriate... Agent: Celsia Technologies Taiwan, I

20120325438 - Heat pipe with flexible support structure: A heat pipe with a flexible support structure includes a pipe body and a support, and the support is installed in the pipe body and includes a first row of side plates and a second row of side plates extended along the lengthwise direction of the pipe body and a... Agent: Celsia Technologies Taiwan

20120325439 - Method and apparatus for heat spreaders having a vapor chamber with a wick structure to promote incipient boiling: Methods and apparatus for a heat spreader including a vapor chamber, a fluid in the vapor chamber, a wick disposed in the vapor chamber, the wick comprising a metal wick structure, and a coating on wick comprising carbon nanotubes for promoting incipient boiling of the fluid.... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120325441 - Self circulating heat exchanger: A self-circulating heat exchanger apparatus for dissipating heat from an electronic assembly. An enclosure defines a closed-loop circulation path for coolant. An electronic assembly capable of generating heat is installed into a vertical portion of the enclosure such that heat from the electronic assembly causes coolant in the vertical portion... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20120325442 - Air conditioner: A centrifugal fan mounted in an air conditioner has the following relationship: outer diameter of a side plate of the centrifugal fan>outer diameter of the blade rear-edge part on side-plate side>diameter of the blade rear-edge part on main plate side>outer diameter of the main plate. In the centrifugal fan, the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120325443 - Tube type heat exchanger and manufacturing method of the same: Provided are a tube type heat exchanger and a method of the tube type heat exchanger capable of preventing spiral fins 12 from being deformed. In the tube type heat exchanger and the manufacturing method of the same according to the present invention, the plural spiral fins 12 are disposed... Agent: Sumitomo Heavy Industries Process Equipment Co., Ltd.

20120325444 - Spiral heat exchanger: A spiral heat exchanger includes a spiral body formed by at least one spiral sheet wound to form the spiral body forming at least a first spiral-shaped flow channel for a first medium and a second spiral-shaped flow channel for a second medium, wherein the spiral body is enclosed by... Agent: Alfa Laval Corporation Ab

20120325445 - Plate type heat exchanger and method of manufacturing heat exchanger plate: The invention relates to a heat exchanger plate (106) having first surface portions (210) located along first plate edges (220) and comprising first contacting regions (214), and second surface portions (212) located along second plate edges (222). The first surface portions (210) are bent to a first side yielding a... Agent:

20120325446 - Oil cooler: An oil cooler including a plurality of core plates stacked on each other, the plurality of core plates each including a base wall and a circumferential wall formed along an entire outer periphery of the base wall, and oil passages and cooling water passages alternately arranged in the direction of... Agent: Mahle Filter Systems Japan Corporation

20120325447 - Cooling system: In one aspect of the present invention, a cooling system includes a cooling plate having a first surface and an opposite, second surface, a body portion defined between the first surface and the second surface, at least one channel formed in the body portion for a cooling fluid to flow... Agent: Delta Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

20120325448 - Serpentine-type serviceable heat exchanger and method for manufacturing the same: A heat exchanger for a heat exchange operation such as sensible heat exchange, evaporation and condensation, and more particularly, a serpentine-type serviceable heat exchanger where a heat exchanger coil which guides a heat transfer medium for a heat exchange is formed in a serpentine shape, and a method for manufacturing... Agent: Sung Ji Air-conditioning Technology Co., Ltd.

20120325449 - Gasket material for heat exchanger, and heat exchanger using the same: A liquid silicone resin composition as a gasket material comprising a base resin, a first crosslinking agent for causing a crosslinking reaction of the base resin, a silane coupling agent, a second crosslinking agent for forming a bond to the silane coupling agent, and a silica filler is used to... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120325450 - Connector for tube-in-tube heat exchanger and methods of making and using same: A one-piece connector for a tube-in-tube heater exchanger comprising a T-shaped or Y-shaped outer tube is disclosed, along with a heat exchanger, a method of making the connector, and a method of making a heat exchanger.... Agent:

20120325451 - Components with cooling channels and methods of manufacture: A manufacturing method includes forming one or more grooves in a component that comprises a substrate with an outer surface. The substrate has at least one interior space, and each groove extends at least partially along the substrate and has a base. The manufacturing method further includes forming one or... Agent: General Electric Company

20120325454 - Heat dissipating structure and manufacture thereof: A heat dissipating structure includes a heat source; a heat dissipating part disposed to oppose to the heat source; a concave portion formed in at least one of opposing surfaces of the heat source and the heat dissipating part; and a heat conducting structure comprising a filler layer of thermoplastic... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120325452 - Heat sink: A heat sink includes a plurality of fins arranged parallel to each other. The fins include a first fin, a second fin, a third fin, a fourth fin, and a plurality of middle fins sandwiched between the third fin and the fourth fin. The first fin is at an outmost... Agent: Furui Precise Component (kunshan) Co., Ltd.

20120325453 - Monolithic fin-type heat sink: A fin-type heat sink applied to a electronic device includes a flake structured contact section adhered to an electronic component via an adhesive material, and a fin section including a plurality of pleats extending horizontally from the contact section, so as to substantially increase a heat-sinking area of the heat... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20120325455 - In transit refrigeration heat transfer apparatus: An apparatus for providing heat transfer to a compartment includes a housing having a chamber therein for receiving dry ice and a first surface area exposable to a first space in the compartment for heat transfer; and a first assembly moveable with respect to the first surface area for covering... Agent:

12/20/2012 > 20 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20120318473 - Cooling device for vehicle: A cooling device for a vehicle includes a first radiator and a second radiator. The first radiator includes first tubes through which first coolant flows, and the second radiator includes second tubes through which second coolant flows. The second radiator is arranged downstream of the first radiator in a flow... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120318474 - Ground circuit in a low-energy system: The present invention relates to a ground circuit in a low-energy system, said ground circuit comprising a connection pipeline (3), collection pipe system (2) and a return pipeline (4) for circulating a transfer fluid. The ground circuit is utilized for transferring thermal energy recovered from its surroundings, for instance, to... Agent:

20120318475 - Building energy system: There is disclosed a building energy system comprising a building enclosure having an insulated building envelope that incorporates at least one perimeter fenestration assembly, and an integrated mechanical system that provides heating and cooling. The integrated mechanical system comprises a cold thermal storage tank, a hot thermal storage tank, and... Agent:

20120318476 - Combined condensation radiator fan module and brake cooling duct shutter system: A vehicle includes a body that defines an opening in a forward end thereof. A heat exchanger and an inlet of a brake duct are each positioned rearward of the opening to receive a flow of air through the opening. A shutter system is movable between an open position to... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120318477 - Heat dissipation device and fastener thereof: A fastener includes a fastening element, a fixture, and a spring. The fastening element includes a pole portion, a head portion extending from an end of the pole portion, and an engaging portion extending from another opposite end of the pole portion. The pole portion forms a flange on a... Agent: Fu Zhun Precision Industry (shen Zhen) Co., Ltd.

20120318478 - Method for cooling sheet metal by means of a cooling section, cooling section and control device for a cooling section: A method is provided for cooling sheet metal using a cooling section having multiple coolant dispensing devices for cooling upper and lower faces of a sheet metal. The cooling achieves a predefined target state of the sheet metal at a reference point at and/or after the exit from the cooling... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120318479 - Liquid cooled motor assembly and cover thereof: A liquid cooled motor assembly and a cover thereof The cover of the liquid cooled motor assembly has an outer cylinder, an inner cylinder, a channel and multiple fins. The inner cylinder is mounted in and connected securely with the outer cylinder. The channel is zigzag and is formed between... Agent: Fukuta Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd.

20120318481 - Heat dissipation device: An exemplary heat dissipation device is adapted for dissipating heat generated by an electronic component mounted on a printed circuit board. The heat dissipation device includes a first base, a second base placed on the first base, a fin set placed on the second base, a first heat pipe and... Agent: Fu Zhun Precision Industry (shen Zhen) Co., Ltd.

20120318482 - Heat dissipation device with heat pipe: An exemplary heat dissipation device includes a heat pipe and a fin assembly. The heat pipe includes a main body and an end portion. The end portion has a width smaller than that of the main body. The fin assembly includes a first fin and a second fin adjoining to... Agent: Furui Precise Component (kunshan) Co., Ltd.

20120318480 - Heat sink having juxtaposed heat pipes and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to a heat sink having juxtaposed heat pipes and a method for manufacturing the same. The heat sink includes a base, a plurality of heat pipes and a pair of side strips. The base has a surface on which an open trough and an insertion trough... Agent: Cooler Master Co., Ltd

20120318483 - Heat exchanger for drain heat recovery: A heat exchanger includes an upright center tube for connection to a drain line and an outer tube surrounding the upright center tube so as to define an annular space for connection to a supply line. Baffle portions are received within the annular space between the upright center tube and... Agent:

20120318484 - Heat-dissipation structure and display unit: A heat-dissipation structure includes: a heat-dissipation member between a high-temperature section and a low-temperature section, wherein the heat-dissipation member includes a cushion section being made of a flexible material, and a heat-transfer section being provided in part or an entire surface of the cushion section, and being in contact with... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120318485 - Corrugated fin and heat exchanger including the same: A corrugated fin has flat plate sections each having a pair of lateral sides facing each other and a pair of end sides facing each other, and joining sections connecting with lateral sides of the flat plate sections. The flat plate sections and joining sections are alternately formed into a... Agent:

20120318487 - Heat exchanger for air conditioner: A heat exchanger comprises a plurality of refrigerant tubes. In a flow divider, a part of a plurality of capillary tubes is connected to an open end portion on a side of a front tube plate, and a remainder of the plurality of the capillary tubes is connected to an... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20120318486 - Heat exchanger for stirling engine: A heat exchanger for a stirling engine 10A of a twin-cylinder α type includes a heat transfer tube group 70A formed with heat transfer tubes 71A causing a working fluid of the stirling engine 10A to flow between a high-temperature cylinder 20 and a low-temperature cylinder 30 arranged linearly and... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120318488 - Aluminum alloy heat exchanger: An aluminum alloy heat exchanger formed by assembling and brazing an aluminum alloy tube and an aluminum alloy fin to each other, wherein a coating for brazing comprising 1 to 5 g/m2 of Si powder, 3 to 20 g/m2 of Zn containing flux, and 0.2 to 8.3 g/m2 of binder... Agent: Mitsubishi Aluminum Co., Ltd

20120318489 - Engine heat conservation systems and methods: The systems and methods described herein aim to leverage the high temperature of a vehicle's engine to heat an interior portion of the vehicle. In one embodiment, a heat transfer fluid is pumped through one or more conduits that has a first portion extending through the vehicle's engine. As the... Agent: Paccar Inc

20120318490 - Systems and methods for controlling the temperature of a room based on occupancy: An environment control system for controlling the temperature in a room, the system comprises a heating and cooling system; a thermostat for monitoring the temperature within a room and controlling the heating and cooling system; a motion sensor for detecting whether a door or window to the room has been... Agent: Energy Eye, Inc.

20120318491 - Ground loop bypass for ground source heating or cooling: A ground source heat transfer system circulates transfer fluid between heat exchange units and a ground loop. The system includes a bypass which allows the transfer fluid to continue to circulate past the exchange units while bypassing the ground loop. Monitoring the conditions of the system with temperature sensors allows... Agent: Melink Corporation

20120318492 - Cooling systems for electrical equipment: A space-saving, high-density modular data center and an energy-efficient cooling system for a modular data center are disclosed. The modular data center includes a first cooling circuit including a primary cooling device and a plurality of modular data pods. Each modular data pod includes a plurality of servers, a heat... Agent: InertechIPLLP

12/13/2012 > 26 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120312496 - Heat storage system: Apparatus (1) for storing energy includes a high pressure storage vessel (10) for receiving high pressure gas, the high pressure storage vessel (10) including a high pressure heat store including a first chamber housing a first gas-permeable heat storage structure (14); and a low pressure storage vessel (11,12) for receiving... Agent: Isentropic Limited

20120312497 - Fuel vapor reclamation system for diesel locomotives: An on-board vapor reclamation system and method includes an air inlet into an on-board diesel fuel tank and a fuel vapor/air mixture outlet from the fuel tank. A pump or a suction fan is operable to drive air from the air inlet through the tank and a fuel vapor/air mixture... Agent:

20120312499 - Device for heating or cooling beverages in vehicles: The present invention relates to a device for heating or cooling beverages in vehicles, whose purpose is to serve as a means for heating or cooling the liquid contained in a small container, thereby being of great use and service in any type of vehicle that includes air conditioning and... Agent:

20120312498 - Integrated heat management system in vehicle and heat management method using the same: An integrated heat management system may include an engine system circulation line around an engine and a transmission circulation line around an automatic transmission. The engine system circulation line and the transmission circulation line may be integrated by a control valve having a plurality of input and output ports. The... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120312500 - Fuel cooler assembly: A fuel cooler assembly formed in accordance with the present disclosure includes an outer tank shell, an inner tank shell disposed within the outer tank shell, and an access opening defined in the inner tank shell at a first location on the fuel tank. A fuel return cavity is defined... Agent: Paccar Inc

20120312501 - Method and apparatus for treatment of self-assemblable polymer layers for use in lithography: Treatment of a layer comprising self-assemblable polymer at a surface of a substrate is disclosed. In an embodiment, the treatment includes arranging a zone of temperature change to sweep across the layer, wherein a temperature of the layer within the zone differs from an initial temperature of the layer prior... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20120312502 - Wind tunnel turning vane heat exchanger: A cooling system for a wind tunnel (100) is disclosed. The heat exchanger (200) of the present disclosure is formed as a turning vane assembly in an airflow duct of a re-circulating wind tunnels. The individual vanes (201) are formed from extruded aluminum with coolant fluid channels (206, 207, 208)... Agent: Skyventure International Ltd.

20120312503 - Method and apparatus for cogeneration heat recovery: The present invention overcomes several disadvantages inherent in the operation of heat generating systems, particularly in the operation of engine-generators sets. The present apparatuses and methods increase the efficiency of these systems and provide means to economize fuel in their operation. The present invention applies to many type of engines... Agent:

20120312504 - Boiling refrigerant type cooling system: A boiling refrigerant type cooling system to suppress overshoot upon start of heat generation and realize stable start of boiling. In the boiling refrigerant type cooling system, a metal boiling heat transfer unit has a base in thermal contact with a heat generating body. The boiling heat transfer unit is... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120312505 - Cryogenic cooling method using a gas-solid diphasic flow of co2: The invention relates to a method implementing liquid CO2 as a cryogenic fluid for transferring negative calories to products, said method being of a so-called indirect injection type wherein the liquid CO2 is sent into a heat exchanger system where same evaporates, the method being characterized in that, prior to... Agent:

20120312506 - Loop heat pipe: A loop heat pipe includes an evaporator to vaporize a working fluid due to heat supplied from an external heat source; a condenser to cause the vaporized working fluid to condense; and connecting lines to connect the evaporator and the condenser in a loop, wherein the evaporator includes a first... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120312508 - Gapless heat pipe combination structure and combination method thereof: A gapless heat pipe combination structure and a combination method thereof are provided. An open slot being open is formed on a bottom surface of a heat dissipation device, an adhesive layer is disposed on a surface of grooves in the open slot, and a plurality of heat pipes is... Agent:

20120312509 - Heat dissipation device: An exemplary heat dissipation device is adapted for dissipating heat generated by an electronic component mounted on a printed circuit board. The heat dissipation device includes a first base, a second base placed on the first base, a fin set placed on the second base; and a heat pipe including... Agent: Fu Zhun Precision Industry (shen Zhen) Co., Ltd.

20120312507 - Thin heat pipe structure and manufacturing method thereof: A thin heat pipe structure and a manufacturing method thereof. The thin heat pipe structure includes a tubular body and a mesh body. The tubular body has a chamber and a working fluid. At least one first channel and at least one second channel are formed on an inner wall... Agent:

20120312510 - Automatic in situ coolant flow control in lft heat exchanger: An embodiment of the invention is directed to coolant flow control apparatus, in association with a liquid flow through heat exchanger situated to cool one or more electronic or other device. The apparatus comprises a first input channel for carrying liquid coolant to a first input of the heat exchanger,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120312511 - Water vapor control of emissions from low quality fuel combustion: Exhaust having particulate matter travels through a condensation chamber. Liquid vapor, such as water vapor, is provided to the condensation chamber. High intensity sound of low, mid-range and high frequencies accelerates the growth and collection of water droplets that contain the target emissions by moving the particles and gases at... Agent:

20120312512 - Heat exchanger: The invention relates to a heat exchanger, in particular for a synthesis gas installation, for the heat exchange between a first and a second medium (W, G), comprising a shell (10), which is made to extend along a longitudinal axis (L) and bounds a shell space (M) for receiving the... Agent: Linde Aktiengesellschaft

20120312513 - Hot fluid production device including a condensing heat exchanger: The invention relates to a device that includes means for conveying or producing hot gases and a condensing heat exchanger including: an bundle of helical tubes serving as primary exchanger, mounted within a gas-impermeable housing and equipped with a gas discharge trunk, means for circulating a primary fluid in the... Agent: Giannoni France

20120312514 - Dense twisted bundle heat exchanger: A shell and tube heat exchanger is disclosed that is comprised of a dense hexagonal bundle of tubes with tube spacing maintained by spacers on the individual tubes. Exchanger performance is enhanced by any or all of three types of bends of the tubes: bundle twisting; bundle enlargement at the... Agent:

20120312515 - Apparatus for heat dissipation of transforming radiators: In accordance with one embodiment of the present invention, a panel for a transformer radiator includes a pair of substantially-rectangular panel sheets joined together to form a plurality of internal fluid channels, each fluid channel including an inlet and an outlet, and a plurality of pin fins disposed on at... Agent: Waukesha Electric Systems, Inc.

20120312517 - Process for producing heat exchanger tubes and heat exchanger tubes: A process for making heat exchanger tubes includes the operating steps of cutting a piece of sheet, subjecting the piece of sheet (3) to a forming step to obtain a plurality of first elements (8, 9) which mirror one another, and bending the piece of sheet (3) to create a... Agent: Faist Componenti S.p.a.

20120312516 - Two-layer wind-guiding shroud: A two-layer wind-guiding shroud includes a base. The interior of the base includes a first wind-guiding channel and a second wind-guiding channel longitudinally overlapped with each other. The first wind-guiding channel has a first wind entrance and a first wind exit. The second wind-guiding channel has a second wind entrance... Agent: Super Micro Computer Inc.

20120312518 - Resin-impregnated body made of silicon carbide and method of producing the resin-impregnated body: A body contains an open-pore silicon carbide which is at least partially impregnated with a resin. A method produces such a body and includes the steps of a) providing an open-pore silicon carbide, b) at least partially impregnating the open-pore silicon carbide with the resin and c) curing the resin.... Agent: Sgl Carbon Se

20120312519 - Partially composite plate: A partially composite plate includes an area of metal matrix composite and a margin of metal, of the same metal as used to infiltrate the composite, along at least one edge of the composite. In a preferred embodiment of the invention, the margin surrounds the composite, the metal is aluminum,... Agent: Rogers Corporation

20120312520 - Vehicle comfort system with efficient coordination of complementary thermal units: An HVAC comfort system operates in a cabin of a vehicle. A plurality of vehicle status parameters are measured including a cabin temperature and a seat occupancy configuration. The method detects whether the vehicle status parameters correspond to a predetermined override state. When the vehicle status parameters correspond to the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120312521 - Beverage cooling device: A fluid cooling apparatus includes a first cooling portion have a first series of cooling elements with first cooling surfaces. A second cooling portion can have a second series of cooling elements with second cooling surfaces. The second cooling portion can be removably nested together with the first cooling portion... Agent: Icecoldnow, Inc.

12/06/2012 > 20 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120305213 - Heat storage member and method for manufacturing the same: A light and inexpensive heat storage member applicable to spacecrafts is provided. The heat storage member includes a honeycomb structural body having a plurality of cells. Each of the cells is filled with a capsule, which contains a heat storage material, and a heat conductive filler. The heat storage member... Agent:

20120305214 - Geothermal heating and cooling ventilation system: A system designed to introduce fresh air ventilation into the living space, eliminate contaminants, and add fresh air to augment a building's HVAC system. This is done in order to save energy, and the costs associated with heat loss in a building. The system employs the use of geothermal energy... Agent:

20120305215 - Kearns' cooling blanket: This method of cooling provides that water is the primary catalyst for the cooling, rather than air in the standard systems, and provides that in the open system that cooling tubes are placed in the ceiling of the enclosed space or external covered area It provides for lower than 32... Agent:

20120305216 - Turbulated immersion heat-exchange apparatus: A submersible heat-exchanging apparatus for installation into storage tanks used for containing industrial oils. The apparatus comprises a cylindrical heat-exchange component with one end sealingly engaging a terminal plug and the other end sealingly engaging and communicating with a coupling manifold having opposed inflow and outflow ports. A flow-directing elongate... Agent:

20120305218 - Heat sink: The present disclosure pertains to a heat sink having a base, a heat exchanger being thermally coupled to a top surface of the base, a housing having a chamber formed therein and being placed over the base with the heat exchanger enclosed within the chamber, an inlet connected to the... Agent:

20120305217 - Heating element undulation patterns: Heat transfer sheets (70) for a rotary regenerative heat exchanger (10) have a alternating first and second undulation surfaces (71,81). The first and second undulation surfaces (71,81) are composed of parallel ridges (75,85) angled in alternating directions. When the heat transfer sheets (70) are stacked, they create passageways (79) between... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20120305219 - Secondary coolant finned coil: A heat exchanger has a fin pack, with a first supply header and a first return header at the first end of the fin pack. A first group of U-shaped tubes is provided with a first segment extending from the first supply header to the second end of the fin... Agent: Hill Phoenix, Inc.

20120305220 - Exhaust gas heat exchanger: An exhaust gas heat exchanger, in particular for a motor vehicle, is provided that includes at least one diffuser for feeding and/or discharging an exhaust gas flow; an exchanging region comprising exchanging tubes which extend in an axial direction and which are connected to a base at one end; a... Agent:

20120305221 - Heat pipe-attached heat sink: A heat pipe-attached heat sink includes a bottom block having an opening and locating grooves arranged on the flat bottom wall thereof, a radiation fin module consisting of first radiation fins and second radiation fins, each first radiation fin having extension abutment strip that has a flat bottom abutment edge... Agent:

20120305222 - Heat spreader structure and manufacturing method thereof: A heat spreader structure and a manufacturing method thereof. The heat spreader structure includes a main body. The main body includes a first board body and a second board body corresponding to the first board body. The second board body is mated with the first board body to form the... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120305223 - Thin heat pipe structure and manufacturing method thereof: A thin heat pipe structure and a manufacturing method thereof. The thin heat pipe structure includes a tubular body and a support body. The tubular body has at least one receiving space in which a working fluid is contained. The support body is disposed in the receiving space to partition... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120305224 - Heat sink: A heat sink provided. In the heat sink in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, a heat dissipation plate forms a channel between each of stages by isolating a plurality of heat dissipating fins in equal intervals and arranging the heat dissipating fins in a multi-stage circle shape.... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20120305225 - Air heat exchanging device, manufacturing method thereof, and integrated heat-exchanging air-conditioning device: An air heat exchanging device is provided, which includes an upper flow divider, a heat exchanging core, and a lower flow divider. An indoor wind channel and an outdoor wind channel are disposed in the upper flow divider, the heat exchanging core, and the lower flow divider respectively, and an... Agent: Tonlier Energy Technology (beijing) Co., Ltd.

20120305226 - Electric machine module cooling system and method: Embodiments of the invention provide an electric machine module. The module can include a housing that can define a machine cavity. The housing can include a coolant jacket that contains a first coolant. A coolant sump can be in fluid communication with the machine cavity and can contain a second... Agent: Remy Technologies, LLC

20120305227 - Fin and tube heat exchanger: The present application provides a fin and tube heat exchanger. The fin and tube heat exchanger may include a number of tubes with a number of substantially spirally wound circular fins positioned on each of the tubes. The tubes may include a first set of tubes including a plurality of... Agent: General Electric Company

20120305228 - Condenser: A condenser includes first and second header tanks provided at one end thereof such that the latter is located on the outer side of the former. First heat exchange tubes forming a first heat exchange path provided in a condensation part are connected to the first header tank. Second heat... Agent: Keihin Thermal Technology Corporation

20120305229 - Heat exchanger and related methods: A heat exchanger and related methods are provided. An example heat exchanger has moveable or flexible joints between tubular members that contain flowing heating medium. The moveable joints allow the overall structure of the heat exchanger to adapt to expansion, contraction, and other stresses of high-temperature, high thermal-gradient operation. The... Agent:

20120305230 - Device for holding a source of light: An assembly includes a light source holding component sized and arranged to securely receive a source of light. The light source holding component may include a displaceable protective device that functions to generally protect against an accidental touching of electrical terminals of the light source holding component. An accessory mounting... Agent: Ideal Industries, Inc.

20120305232 - Construction machine with automatic fan rotational speed regulation: The present invention describes a construction machine with a drive unit and with a cooling system that comprises a fan. The fan is connected to the drive unit by means of a controllable viscous coupling, whereby the viscous coupling can be adjusted in such a way that a required fan... Agent: Joseph Vogele Ag

20120305231 - Systems and methods to regulate body temperature: Systems and methods are disclosed for regulating body temperature. The system includes a housing that comprises compartments for a phase change material and a heat transfer material. The compartments are configured to transfer heat from the heat transfer material to the phase change material. A temperature sensor is used to... Agent: Embrace

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