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Heat exchange November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/12

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11/29/2012 > 23 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20120298326 - Regenerative heat exchanger with a rotor seal with forced guidance: A regenerative heat exchanger, including a heat accumulator arranged as a rotor, rotatably held around a central rotational axis, and configured to transmit a heat of at least one gas volume flow passing through the rotor to another gas volume flow passing through the rotor, and including a sealing system... Agent: Balcke-durr Gmbh

20120298327 - Cooling apparatus for controlling airflow: A cooling apparatus for providing airflow to a cooling core, the cooling apparatus includes a housing, a fan assembly and an air diverter. The fan assembly is mounted to the housing and configured to direct air along a first plane towards a second plane. The first plane is substantially perpendicular... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20120298328 - Methods and apparatus for transferring thermal energy: Municipal waste water systems can be a significant renewable alternative energy source for heating and cooling of buildings. Waste water flow rate and temperature data is collected over a period of time and locations within the waste water system that can act as a thermal energy source or sink are... Agent: Hidden Fuels, LLC

20120298330 - Air path rain guard for a cooling system of a weatherproof enclosure for electrical equipment and the like: A weatherproof enclosure for electrical equipment or the like includes a cooling system with a water intrusion inhibiting device. The water intrusion inhibiting device includes a gutter positioned inside an outlet vent, and a flap between the gutter and a blower of the cooling system. The flap is movable between... Agent: Purcell Systems, Inc.

20120298329 - Heat sink device and air flow adjusting frame for the same: An air flow adjusting frame for a heat sink device which includes a first fixing plate and a second fixing plate is disclosed. The first fixing plate is fixed to a heat dissipation fin with the second fixing plate pivoted to the first fixing plate. Besides, the second fixing plate... Agent: Micro-star Int'l Co., Ltd.

20120298333 - Apparatus including hydrofluoroether with high temperature stability and uses thereof: An apparatus is provided that includes a device and a mechanism for heat transfer that includes a provided hydrofluoroether having high temperature stability. Also provided is a method of transferring heat and a composition that includes a provided hydrofluoroether.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120298332 - Means, method and system for heat exchange: A heat transfer device and its manufacturing method are provided. The heat transfer device has a heat transfer member defining a heat exchange surface with which a heat transportable medium contact in use and via which heat is transferable between the heat transportable medium and a working medium, and a... Agent: Bestrong International Limited

20120298331 - Modular, fluid thermal transfer device: A modular thermal panel comprising a paver having a top and bottom surface, and a heat exchanger having connected top and bottom panels with channels formed there between for receiving a heat exchange fluid. The top panel of the heat exchanger is coupled to the bottom surface of the thermal... Agent:

20120298334 - Air cooling unit for data centers: An air handling unit utilizing a humidifier in conjunction with a heat exchanger to provide a means for free cooling recirculating return air with evaporatively cooled outside air. A first air stream comprising outside air can be circulated through the evaporative humidifier and a first portion of the energy recovery... Agent:

20120298335 - Air-cooling wall with slidable heat exchangers: An air-cooling apparatus is provided which includes an air-cooling wall cooling airflow passing through an electronics rack(s) of a data center. The air-cooling wall is disposed separate from and in spaced relation to the air inlet or air outlet side(s) of the electronics rack(s), and includes a wall panel support... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120298336 - Method and apparatus for microreplication: According to one exemplary embodiment, an apparatus for microreplication is disclosed. The apparatus includes a cooling unit that contains a bottom layer, a plurality of side walls, and an intermediate layer. The bottom layer has an outer perimeter, and the plurality of side walls surround the outer perimeter of the... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20120298337 - Method and apparatus for radiative heat transfer augmentation for aviation electronic equipments cooled by convection: A method and apparatus for radiative heat transfer augmentation for aviation electronic equipments cooled by forced and/or natural convection are disclosed. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a first heat dissipation device to dissipate heat from the aviation electronic equipments housed in an aviation electronic equipment rack using forced convection.... Agent:

20120298338 - Data center with dual radiator cabinets for redundant operation: Methods of preventing overheating of computer equipment in a cabinet when a supply coolant to a cooler in the cabinet fails. An example embodiment is a data center that includes a plurality of cabinets and at least two main coolant supply lines. The cabinets are configured to house computer equipment... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120298339 - Liquid cooling system and electronic device including the same: Disclosed is a liquid cooling system mounted on an electronic device. The liquid cooling system includes flow path (20) through which a refrigerant circulates, and pump (21) and reserve tank (22) arranged on flow path (20). A part of the side face of reserve tank (22) is set back to... Agent:

20120298340 - Turbulence-inducing devices for tubular heat exchangers: A heat exchanger tube for conveying a heat transfer fluid, into which one or more turbulence-inducing elements of prescribed configuration(s) are fixedly positioned on a supporting member extending in spaced relation along the central axis of the tube, for the purpose of inducing turbulence in the heat transfer fluids and... Agent:

20120298341 - System and method for isolating components in an enclosure: A system and method for isolating equipment within a cabinet. The system comprising an internal fan disposed within an internal chamber and an external fan disposed outside the internal chamber. The internal fan and the external fan are driven by a corresponding motor disposed within the internal chamber, wherein each... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20120298342 - Coil and heat exchanger with the same: A coil consists of several arc-shaped tubes whose first end is connected to tail end sequentially to form a continuous curve. The angle spanning between the first end and the tail end of the arc-shaped tube is greater than 180 degrees. The center lines of joints of two adjacent arc-shaped... Agent:

20120298344 - Header for heat exchanger: A header for a heat exchanger includes an elongate header plate having a pair of substantially parallel long edges. The header plate includes an elongate slot extending in a first direction across the header plate and a pair of ridges extending in a second direction along the header plate. The... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20120298343 - Subsea cooler: The present invention regards a subsea cooling unit comprising a first header pipe (48), a second header pipe (46) having its longitudinal axis substantially parallel with and in a distance from the first header pipe, and arranged between the first and second header pipe, at least one set of cooler... Agent: Fmc Kongsberg Subsea As

20120298346 - Bent-type heat dissipater: Disclosed is a bent-type dissipater, including one or a plurality of heat sinks which are adapted with cooling apertures; one or a plurality of cooling pins which are bent in structure, and which are integrated to the heat sinks, and a central heat passage for combining heat moving in one... Agent: Cedic Co., Ltd.

20120298345 - Heat sink sheet including an adhesive having good heat conductivity: The present invention relates to a heat sink sheet including an adhesive containing a carbon nano-complex and having good heat conductivity. The adhesive having good heat conductivity is coated on a graphite sheet to improve heat conductivity, and an existing adhesive process and adhesive coating process are combined into a... Agent: Green Star Co., Ltd.

20120298347 - Air-conditioning system: There is provided an air-conditioning system in which at least one or some of a plurality of air-conditioning apparatuses are each controllable such that the indoor temperature is maintained between two set temperatures. All the plurality of air-conditioning apparatuses are switched to either one of heating operation and cooling operation... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120298348 - Air-conditioning control device, air-conditioning system, and air-conditioning control method: The air-conditioning control device controls an air conditioner for changing an air temperature within an area, and includes a manipulation unit for inputting a required temperature; an adequate temperature setting unit for calculating an adequate temperature defined as a comfortable temperature for a user in the area using comfort evaluation;... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

11/22/2012 > 25 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120291984 - Kind of air conditioner system and control method of its condensing fan: An air conditioner system including an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit includes a condenser, a temperature sensor, a pressure sensor, and a controller. The controller detects a fault with at least one of the temperature sensor or the pressure sensor and adjusts a speed of the... Agent: Liebert Corporation

20120291985 - Method of sensing abnormal condition in heat exchange process and heat exchange apparatus: A method of sensing an abnormal condition in a heat exchange process, capable of promptly and readily sensing leakage of a heat medium into a process fluid flow path in a process of heat exchange, is provided. The present invention is directed to a method of sensing an abnormal condition... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20120291986 - Hvac device with footwell outlet: A heating, ventilating, and air conditioning device includes a footwell outlet, where the footwell outlet is positioned such that the accompanying air channel can preferably run at the front wall in direction of the tunnel. A design of the HVAC device is suitable for compact dashboard structures. In particular, the... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20120291987 - System for a motor vehicle for heating and/or cooling a battery and a vehicle interior: In a system for a motor vehicle for heating and/or cooling a battery and a motor-vehicle interior, comprising a coolant circuit which is coupled thermally to the battery, a refrigerating circuit with a condenser, a compressor, a first evaporator for cooling the motor-vehicle interior and a second evaporator for cooling... Agent:

20120291989 - Compressed air energy storage system utilizing two-phase flow to facilitate heat exchange: A compressed-air energy storage system according to embodiments of the present invention comprises a reversible mechanism to compress and expand air, one or more compressed air storage tanks, a control system, one or more heat exchangers, and, in certain embodiments of the invention, a motor-generator. The reversible air compressor-expander uses... Agent: Lightsail Energy Inc.

20120291988 - Perimeter temperature controlled heating and cooling system: A temperature controlling system for buildings is provided. A temperature conditioned perimeter cavity extends around the structure and maintains desired temperature within the structure. The perimeter cavity is insulated and provided an energy storing medium of air, fill material or baffles. The perimeter cavity is temperature conditioned by transfer of... Agent:

20120291990 - Heat dissipation apparatus and outdoor communication device: A heat dissipation apparatus comprises: one or more thermosiphon heat exchange units, one or more first partitions, and a frame having at least two lattices; wherein, each of the one or more thermosiphon heat exchange units is embedded in one lattice of the at least two lattices; each lattice of... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20120291991 - Microchannel expanded heat exchanger: A microchannel heat exchanger (800) is manufactured by bonding a first sheet (802a) of material and a second sheet (802b) of material in a first connection pattern for integral formation of a core portion (801) and a manifold portion (808) for the first and second sheets (802a, 802b) of material.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate

20120291992 - Multi-pathway air transfer, thermal energy exchange system: A system transfers thermal energy between incoming supply air and outgoing exhaust air. The system comprises: at least four rotary heat exchange units positioned in an array so that incoming supply air and outgoing exhaust air passes through each of the wheels as counter flowing air streams; and partitions defining... Agent:

20120291994 - Air conditioning modules: An air conditioning module, for location adjacent a ceiling surface, includes a heat exchanger which has an upstream side to receive incoming air and a downstream side to discharge conditioned air and also includes a primary air chamber that is arranged in fluid communication with the downstream side of the... Agent: Frenger Systems Limited

20120291996 - Air heater for an air inlet of an electric system: An air heater arranged in an air pipe of an electronic system of a radar antenna. The electronic system is mounted on a body of an aircraft and the electronic system is enclosed in a housing with at least one air inlet that is adapted to provide outside air for... Agent:

20120291995 - Heat sink and laser diode: The present invention is directed to improve reliability by preventing deterioration in the structure of an inner wall of a water channel caused by galvanic corrosion. A heat sink in which a water channel of a cooling fluid is formed by stacking and bonding a plurality of thin plates, in... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120291993 - Intercooler system: The present invention relates to an apparatus and a system that may be utilized to maximize and utilize greater air flow through an intercooler apparatus. The present invention utilizes unique coil configurations and designs to help promote better air flow through an intercooler apparatus. The present invention utilizes unique profiled... Agent: K&n Engineering, Inc.

20120291997 - Liquid cooling device: A liquid cooling device includes a heat absorbing part, a first transmitting tube, a second transmitting tube, and a heat dissipation part, wherein the heat absorbing part has a heat block, a first expansion pipe, and a second expansion pipe. The heat block is connected to an external heat-generating component,... Agent:

20120291998 - Microchannel hybrid evaporator: A heat exchanger including a primary inlet manifold that has an inlet port to receive refrigerant from a source, a primary outlet manifold that has an outlet port to discharge refrigerant from the heat exchanger, and a plurality of microchannel tubes fluidly connected between the primary inlet manifold and the... Agent:

20120291999 - Liquid cooling during testing: A system includes electronics for testing a device, a reservoir to store coolant, where the reservoir includes a bellows that is compressible, a pump system to move coolant out of the reservoir to cool the electronics, and means to compress the bellows and thereby pressurize the coolant stored in the... Agent:

20120292000 - Turbulators for heat exchanger tubes: The present disclosure is directed to heat transfer turbulators that can be disposed within heat exchanger tubes. The heat transfer turbulators are designed to promote turbulent flow of a heat transfer fluid through the heat exchanger tubes. The heat transfer turbulators include a helically shaped body portion that extends within... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20120292001 - Soldered aluminum heat exchanger: A soldered aluminum heat exchanger, having tubes made of a core material through which tubes a coolant flows, and the tubes being connected to at least one header by means of an inner soldered joint; having a protective plating on the inner face of the core material comprising aluminum and... Agent:

20120292002 - Intake pipe for an internal combustion engine: An intake pipe for an internal combustion engine, comprising an outer housing of the intake pipe, wherein a feed line for charge air opens into an inlet section of the housing, a heat exchanger that is integrated in the intake pipe and cooled by a coolant and that comprises a... Agent:

20120292003 - Device forming a chemical reactor with improved efficiency, incorporating a heat exchanging circuit: A device forming a chemical reactor including a first circuit configured to form a chemical reactor, wherein the first circuit includes plural channels, wherein flow at least two chemicals intended to react with one another, wherein the channels have a three-dimensional structure including bends and junctions forcing the fluid to... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120292004 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes: an inlet header tube including opposite first and second ends and an inner space formed between the first and second ends; an outlet header tube parallel to the inlet header tube; a plurality of heat exchange tubes transversely extending between and fluidly connected to the inlet... Agent: National Yunlin University Of Science And Technology

20120292005 - Thermal interface materials and methods for processing the same: A thermal interface material is provided for use to fill a gap between surfaces in a thermal transfer system to transfer heat between the surfaces. The thermal interface material includes a base material and thermally conductive particles dispersed within the base material. The thermal interface material is conditioned under reduced... Agent: Laird Technologies, Inc.

20120292006 - Air-conditioning apparatus: An air-conditioning apparatus includes a heat medium relay unit accommodating heat exchangers for exchanging heat between a flammable refrigerant and a heat medium different from the refrigerant. The heat medium relay unit is disposed in a space in a structure that is not an air conditioned space. One or more... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120292007 - Heat disspation device and control method: A heat dissipation device for cooling a heat generating component, includes a fins module, a heat pipe, a fan, at least two temperature sensors, and a control system. The heat pipe includes an evaporation section absorbing heat from the heat generating component, and a condensation section thermally connected to the... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20120292008 - Integrated energy recovery systems: An energy efficient laundry facility comprises a space heating system, an air conditioning system, a plurality of clothes washers, a plurality of clothes dryers, a hot water storage tank supplying the washers, a source of cold water and conduit means interconnecting the aforesaid. Dedicated heat recovery units are associated respectively... Agent:

11/15/2012 > 22 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120285654 - Vessel of a heat storage and release apparatus, heat storage and release assembly, and energy production plant: A vessel of a heat storage and release apparatus, the vessel comprises a shell comprising a metallic material, the shell having an elongated shape with a first end region and a second end region remote from the first end region, and an internal surface defining a cavity configured to contain... Agent:

20120285655 - Multi type air conditioner and method of controlling the same: A multi type air conditioner may include an outdoor unit, a distributor connected to the outdoor unit, and a plurality of indoor units connected to the distributor. The distributor may include a plurality of pipe ports. Two or more of the indoor units may be connected to one or more... Agent:

20120285657 - Ground heat exchanger: The invention relates to a ground heat exchanger to be positioned in a borehole (1) in the ground. The ground heat exchanger (2) comprises a flow leg (3) and a heat exchanger leg (4). Yet further the ground heat exchanger (2) comprises a refilling pipe (9) that is permanently attached... Agent: Uponor Innovation Ab

20120285656 - Offshore hydrocarbon cooling system: The subsea cooling unit includes an inlet and an outlet arranged in fluid communication with the cooling medium fluid distribution pipe system, one or more subsea cooling modules, a first conduit arranged to provide fluid communication between the inlet and the subsea cooling module(s) and a second conduit arranged to... Agent:

20120285658 - High temperature electrostatic chuck with radial thermal chokes: A wafer support assembly including a wafer support and cooling plate with radial thermal chokes is provided. The cooling plate and wafer support may have limited contact and may not contact each other outside of certain limited thermal contact patches. The thermal contact patches may generally define one or more... Agent:

20120285659 - Heat exchanger, a food handler including the heat exchanger, and a manufacturing method of the heat exchanger: Provided are a heat exchanger, a food handler including the heat exchanger, and a manufacturing method of the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger comprises a main body wherein the plurality of flow channels passes through the inside of the heat exchanger in a first direction and a pair of cover... Agent: Woongjin Coway Co., Ltd.

20120285660 - Fractal heat transfer device: A heatsink comprising a heat exchange device having a plurality of heat exchange elements each having a surface boundary with respect to a heat transfer fluid, having a fractal variation therebetween, wherein the heat transfer fluid is induced to flow with respect to the plurality of fractally varying heat exchange... Agent:

20120285661 - Vapor absorption system: Provided herein is a vapor absorption system, adapted to receive a vapor comprising a vacuum pump having an operating liquid, where the vapor is received by an operating liquid and condensed therein to provide condensed liquid mixed with the operating liquid.... Agent: Caitin, Inc.

20120285663 - Condensing device and thermal module using same: A condensing device and a thermal module using same are disclosed. The condensing device includes a hollow main body having a first inlet, a first outlet, and a flow-guiding zone. In the flow-guiding zone, there is provided a plurality of spaced flow-guiding members to define at least one flow passage... Agent:

20120285662 - Vapor chamber with improved sealed opening: The vapor chamber includes a casing, wick structure, working fluid and filling/degassing tube. The casing is composed of two plates and has a chamber therein. The wick structure and working fluid are disposed in the chamber. The filling/degassing tube is connected with the casing to form a passage communicating with... Agent: Celsia Technologies Taiwan, I

20120285664 - Devices with an enhanced boiling surface with features directing bubble and liquid flow and methods thereof: An enhanced boiling apparatus includes a substrate having at least one heated region, at least one outer surface, and one or more asymmetric shaped cavities extending into the substrate along the at least one outer surface. Each of the one or more asymmetric shaped cavities has a sidewall which intersects... Agent: Rochester Institute Of Technology

20120285666 - Coaxial air to air heat exchanger for circumferential window frame installation: The circumferential and coaxial heat exchanger, consisting of frame, ducts for supplied and discharged air, as well as fans, is characterized in that, it is made up of at least one internal diaphragm (1), situated coaxially with the external enclosure (2) and separating at least two tightly divided coaxial ducts... Agent:

20120285665 - Method for distribution of cooling air for electrical equipment installed in an avionic bay and aircraft equipped with such a bay: Cooling air is drawn from an air vein, then passes into a first pressure zone (39) in fluidic communication with the air vein (14) and then into a second pressure zone (41) in fluidic communication with both the first pressure zone (39) and the equipment, the second pressure zone (41)... Agent: Airbus Operations (s.a.s.)

20120285667 - Sound baffling cooling system for led thermal management and associated methods: A cooling system for light emitting diodes (LEDs) is provided that may comprise acoustic baffle members, a micro-channel heatsink that includes fins adjacent to the LEDs, and a fluid flow generator adjacent to the micro-channel heatsink that directs a fluid in a flow direction. The fluid flow generator may include... Agent: Lighting Science Group Corporation

20120285668 - Cooling-storage type heat exchanger: Multiple cooling-storage containers are arranged in respective spaces formed between neighboring refrigerant tubes. The cooling-storage container is made of a pair of outer envelope portions, each forming a side wall. Multiple convex portions and concave portions are formed in the side walls so that air passages are formed between refrigerant... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120285670 - Gasket locating arrangements: The present invention relates to a gasket locating arrangement for a flow module, preferably plate reactor, comprising a gasket, locating means, a channel in a channel plate, a barrier plate, wherein the gasket consists of a sheet of soft gasket material, and said sheet has a cut through pattern corresponding... Agent: Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

20120285669 - Plate heat exchanger: The invention refers to a plate heat exchanger with a plate package (1) comprising a plurality of heat exchanger plates, which are stacked onto each other. The heat exchanger plates form first plate interspaces for a first medium and second plate interspaces for a second medium. A casing encloses the... Agent: Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

20120285671 - Method of producing multiple channels for use in a device for exchange of solutes or heat between fluid flows: The present invention relates to a method of producing multiple channels for use in a device for exchange of solutes between at least two fluid flows. The invention further relates to such a device. At least a first and a second sheet are comprised. The method comprises the steps of... Agent:

20120285673 - Nanostructured composite polymer thermal/electrical interface material and method for making the same: An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides a thermal interface material for providing thermal communication between a heat sink and a heat source. The thermal interface material comprises a plurality of polymer nanofibers having first ends and second ends. The first ends can be positioned substantially adjacent to the... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20120285672 - Structure of heat sink: An improved structure of heat sink, which comprising: a heat conduction layer and cooling fins; the heat conduction layer of an elongated shape is designed in a manner that a heat source is incorporated into the central zone, and convection holes with equidistant arrangement are distributed peripherally; every convection hole... Agent:

20120285674 - Thermal conductive sheet, insulating sheet, and heat dissipating member: A thermal conductive sheet contains a resin and a plate-like or flake-like filler. The average orientation angle of the filler is 29 degrees or more and the maximum orientation angle thereof is 65 degrees or more with respect to the plane direction of the thermal conductive sheet.... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120285675 - Air-conditioning apparatus: To provide an air-conditioning apparatus that can prevent the formation of frost on indoor-side heat exchangers functioning as an evaporator even when the outside air temperature is low, and can use unmodified normal indoor units even when a portion of the indoor units is used in a place that has... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

11/08/2012 > 21 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120279679 - Thermal energy storage: The invention is directed at articles and devices for thermal energy storage, and for process of storing energy using these articles and devices. The articles comprise a capsular structure 10 having one or more sealed spaces 14, wherein the sealed spaces encapsulate one or more thermal energy storage materials 26:... Agent:

20120279680 - System and method for controlling an aircraft cooling system: A system for controlling a cooling system comprises an operating state detection unit adapted to detect operating signals characteristic of the operating state of the cooling system and/or the operating state of a plurality of cooling energy consumers to be supplied with cooling energy by the cooling system and a... Agent:

20120279681 - District energy sharing system: A district energy sharing system (DESS) comprises a thermal energy circuit which circulates and stores thermal energy in water, at least one client building thermally coupled to the circuit and which removes some thermal energy from the circuit (“thermal sink”) and/or deposits some thermal energy into the circuit (“thermal source”),... Agent: Dec Design Mechanical Consultants Ltd.

20120279682 - Heat transfer device and system: d

20120279683 - Cooling apparatus for communications platforms: An apparatus comprising a rack having one or more shelves, a plurality of electronics circuit boards and heat conduits and a cooler. Each board is held by one of the one or more shelves, some of the boards having a localized heat source thereon. Each heat conduit forms a heat... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20120279684 - Systems and methods for cooling electronic equipment: A system for cooling electronic equipment includes first and second heat exchangers and a condenser. The first exchanger is disposed in an airflow in thermal communication with electronic equipment and is configured to receive a cooling fluid at a first temperature. The first exchanger enables heat transfer from the airflow... Agent:

20120279686 - Cooled electronic system with liquid-cooled cold plate and thermal spreader coupled to electronic component: Apparatus and method are provided for facilitating cooling of an electronic component. The apparatus includes a liquid-cooled cold plate and a thermal spreader associated with the cold plate. The cold plate includes multiple coolant-carrying channel sections extending within the cold plate, and a thermal conduction surface with a larger surface... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120279685 - Phase-change turbo-dissipation cooler: A phase-change turbo-dissipation cooler comprises a heat extracting apparatus and a heat dissipating apparatus. The heat extracting apparatus includes a closed container having an outlet nozzle and an inlet, the closed container being filled with a liquid of low boiling point. The heat dissipating apparatus includes a chambered body, an... Agent:

20120279687 - Flat-type heat pipe and wick structure thereof: The present invention provides a flat-type heat pipe and a wick structure thereof. The flat-type heat pipe has a flat tube. The wick structure is arranged inside the flat tube along an axial line of the flat tube. The wick structure comprises a first wick portion and two second wick... Agent: Celsia Technologies Taiwan, I

20120279688 - Heat dissipating module and heat dissipating method thereof: A heat dissipating module disposed between a plurality of heating elements is provided. The heat dissipating module includes a plurality of heat conducting units, a set of heat dissipating fins, a plurality of fans, a plurality of sensing units and a control unit. The heat conducting units are connected to... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20120279689 - Heat exchange device: A heat-exchange device comprises a first heat exchanger defining an upper end and a lower end. A second heat exchanger defines an upper end connected to the upper end of the first heat exchanger and a lower end spaced apart from the lower end of the first heat exchanger in... Agent:

20120279690 - Flexibly adjustable heat exchanger for a motor vehicle air conditioning system: A heat exchanger for a motor vehicle air conditioning system is provided. The heat exchanger includes an inner tube through which a heat exchanger medium can flow and a flexible outer tube that at least regionally envelops the inner tube with the formation of a flow-through intermediate space. The inner... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120279691 - Heat exchanger for a motor vehicle air conditioning system: A heat exchanger for a motor vehicle air conditioning system is provided. The heat exchanger includes an inner tube configured to carry a heat exchanger medium and an outer tube that at least regionally envelops the inner tube with an intermediate space between the inner tube and the outer tube.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120279692 - Heat exchanger assembly: A heat exchanger assembly that includes an outlet header/manifold defining an outlet cavity, an outlet tube in fluidic communication with the outlet cavity, and a heat exchanger core. The outlet tube and the outlet cavity cooperate to reduce a temperature value range across the heat exchanger core by equalizing refrigerant... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20120279693 - Channel system: Present invention relates to a channel system for improving the relation between pressure drop and heat, moisture and/or mass transfer of fluids flowing through said system, said channel system comprising at least one channel comprising at least a first and a second flow director, said channel having a cross-section area... Agent:

20120279694 - High-corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy brazing sheet, method of manufacturing such sheet, and corrosive-resistant heat exchanger using such sheet: A high corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy brazing sheet comprises a core material composed of an aluminum alloy, a sacrificial anode material cladded on one surface of the core material, and a filler material composed of an Al/Si-based alloy and cladded on another surface of said core material, and is characterized in... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120279695 - Holder for pipe in heat exchanger, method and device for manufacturing heat exchanger using said holder, and air conditioner and/or outdoor unit having said heat exchanger: The current invention provides a tube-grasping body for grasping an insert tube in a heat exchanger, and heat exchanger production methods and apparatuses utilizing the tube-grasping body, wherein the tube-grasping body enables to enlarge and connect an insert tube to a heat radiating fin for producing a heat exchanger, still... Agent: Kyoshin Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20120279696 - Heat dissipation device: A heat dissipation device includes a plurality of fins connected to each other. Each fin includes a plate and a pair of flanges extending from the plate. Each flange includes a first section extending perpendicularly away from the plate, a third section extending perpendicularly towards the plate and a second... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20120279697 - Thermal interface material with phenyl ester: A thermal interface material comprises a phenyl ester and a thermally conductive filler. The material optionally contains an epoxy resin derived from nutshell oil or an epoxidized dimer fatty acid.... Agent:

20120279699 - Heat exchanging system for vehicle and control method thereof: A heat exchange system for a vehicle may include a heat exchanger to transfer heat among a coolant, an automatic transmission oil, and/or a gear oil, an engine fluidly connected to the heat exchanger and adapted to deliver/receive the coolant, an automatic transmission fluidly connected to the heat exchanger and... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120279698 - Temperature control setpoint offset for ram air minimization: An environmental control systems (ECS) for an aircraft in which bleed air is cooled with ram air, the ECS may include a ram air controller configured to control a rate of ram air flow responsively to a desired temperature of bleed air at a bleed air outlet and a bleed... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

11/01/2012 > 28 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120273158 - Thermoelastic cooling: A cooling system based on thermoelastic effect is provided. The system comprises a heat sink, a refrigerated space and a regenerator coupled to the refrigerated space and to the heat sink to pump heat from the refrigerated space to the heat sink. The regenerator comprises solid thermoelastic refrigerant materials capable... Agent: The University Of Maryland

20120273159 - Cooling system for a computer system: A cooling system for a computer system comprises at least one unit such as a central processing unit (CPU) generating thermal energy and a reservoir having an amount of cooling liquid, said cooling liquid intended for accumulating and transferring of thermal energy dissipated from the processing unit to the cooling... Agent:

20120273160 - Hvac system: An HVAC system for a construction vehicle is provided that includes a housing, a blower for circulating the air, at least one air duct for conveying the air, a coolant evaporator for cooling the air passed through the coolant evaporator, a heater for heating the air passed through the heater,... Agent:

20120273161 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger for a vehicle is provided. The heat exchanger includes a housing, a portion of the housing defining a boundary of a coolant channel traversing the heat exchanger, the housing including a first and second opposing side having a layered construction, the first side positioned at a vehicle... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120273162 - Methods of cooling process chamber components: Methods for cooling process chamber components are provided herein. In some embodiments, a method of cooling a process chamber component may include reducing a power provided to a heater disposed proximate a surface of the process chamber component to reduce an amount of heat provided to the component by the... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120273163 - Cooling device for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle: A cooling device for an internal combustion engine is provided. During assembly, the radiator and the cooler are connected by first connecting the radiator and the cooler via a lower plug-in connection as a result of a vertical joining motion and then bringing the radiator and the cooler into a... Agent:

20120273164 - Thermal management for solid state high-power electronics: The invention is for an apparatus and method for removal of waste heat from heat-generating components including high-power solid-state analog electronics such as being developed for hybrid-electric vehicles, solid-state digital electronics, light-emitting diodes for solid-state lighting, semiconductor laser diodes, photo-voltaic cells, anodes for x-ray tubes, and solids-state laser crystals. Liquid... Agent:

20120273165 - Cross-flow spiral heat transfer apparatus with solid belt: A heat transfer apparatus for a product includes a housing having an internal chamber; a solid conveyor belt disposed within the internal chamber and arranged in a spiral configuration having upper and lower portions, the spiral configuration including an upper pathway within the upper portion, a lower pathway within the... Agent:

20120273166 - Inlet air flow guide for acdx fan coil: An inlet air flow guide for a condensing unit of an air cooled direct expansion (ACDX) air conditioning unit. The flow guide has a panel having at least a portion spaced from a surface of the condensing unit to define a plenum for cooling air to enter the condensing unit... Agent:

20120273168 - Heat dissipation device with heat pipe: An exemplary heat dissipation device includes a base and fasteners. The base includes a bottom plate, a top plate, a heat pipe, and a frame. The heat pipe is sandwiched between peripheries of the bottom plate and the top plate. The frame is sandwiched between the bottom plate and the... Agent: Fu Zhun Precision Industry (shen Zhen) Co., Ltd.

20120273167 - Loop heat pipe structure with low-profile evaporator: A loop heat pipe structure includes an evaporator and a first pipe. The evaporator has a first chamber, a first wick layer, and a bottom. The first wick layer is provided in the first chamber. The first pipe includes a first inlet and a first outlet communicably connected to the... Agent: Asia Vital Components (shen Zhen) Co., Ltd.

20120273169 - Pipe having variable cross section: A pipe having variable cross section and including a working core pipe, capillary pipes or sheets, an outer pipe, a connection support, and a cavity. The capillary pipes or sheets are attached to an external surface of the working core pipe. The connection support connects the working core pipe and... Agent:

20120273170 - Electronic device enclosure: An electronic device enclosure includes an enclosure for receiving a water-cooled heat exchanger and a water collecting device. The water collecting device is received in the enclosure and includes a water collecting member and a guiding pipe attached to the water collecting member. The water collecting member includes a tray,... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120273171 - Earthen evaporative heat exchanger: A heat exchanger with earthen material for cooling ambient air may serve as an energy efficient alternative to air conditioning. The heat exchanger may take in ambient air and cool the air through evaporative heat exchange, which may be very useful during summer months in areas where the day temperatures... Agent:

20120273172 - Heat dissipation device: A heat dissipation device for a computer case is positioned over a hole of the computer case. The heat dissipation device includes a fan, two motors, two plates, and a controller. The fan is fixed in the computer case, and covers the hole. The two motors are positioned at two... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120273173 - Stacked heat exchanger: A stacked heat exchanger, in particular ferritic welded heat exchanger for high temperature applications, is provided that has stack plates that are held between cover plates and/or an outer housing. Aluminum is added to the cover plates and/or the housing in production.... Agent:

20120273174 - Thermal seal and methods therefor: A thermal bulb seal has a bulb portion and a tab portion that is configured to allow welding or other attachment of the bulb seal to the end surface of an insulating structure. Most preferably, the tab portion comprises an angled portion so allow welding of the bulb seal to... Agent: Thermal Structures, Inc.

20120273175 - Systems and methods for cooling gasification products: Gasification cooling systems provided herein may include a housing having a fluid passage extending in a flow direction lengthwise along the housing and an annular wall disposed about the fluid passage and having one or more annular steps. Such systems may also include a plurality of heat exchanger tubes downstream... Agent: General Electric Company

20120273176 - Systems and methods for cooling gasification products: Embodiments of gasification cooling systems provided herein may include a housing, an annular wall, and one or more tangential fluid jets circumferentially disposed about the annular wall. The housing includes an inlet, an outlet, and a fluid passage disposed between the inlet and the outlet. The annular wall is disposed... Agent: General Electric Company

20120273177 - Heat exchanger for vehicle: A heat exchanger for a vehicle may include a heat radiating portion provided with first and second connecting lines formed alternately by stacking plates, and receiving first and second operating fluids into the first and second connecting lines, a bifurcating portion connecting an inflow hole for flowing one operating fluid... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120273178 - Plate heat exchanger port insert and a method for alleviating vibrations in a heat exchanger: An insert is provided in a flow path adjacent to the input and/or output port of a plate heat exchanger to shield heat transfer elements adjacent to the port from high velocity flow. By deflecting and redirecting the high velocity flow from the port, vibration induced stress to the heat... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20120273179 - Integrated condenser-accumulator-subcooler assembly for vehicles: Heat exchange assembly for vehicles, comprising a condenser and a plate subcooler, and an accumulator having an accumulator inlet and an accumulator outlet. The condenser and the subcooler are connected to one another in such a way as to form a single pack of plates. The accumulator is defined by... Agent:

20120273182 - Fin member for heat exchanger: A fin member for a heat exchanger is produced by repeatedly folding a plate over itself into a corrugated shape to form corrugated fins. The folded sections which are formed by the folding are pressed and deformed into a recessed shape to form engagement recesses. A pipe member through which... Agent:

20120273180 - Heat dissipating device: A heat dissipating device includes a tubular body having a first open end, and a plurality of heat dissipating fins, each having a fin body and a first engaging portion formed on the fin body for engaging the first open end of the tubular body in a manner that the... Agent:

20120273181 - Low temperature thermal conductor: A thermal conductor material having excellent heat transfer properties by obtaining high thermal conductivity even at low temperature of, for example, a liquid nitrogen temperature (77 K) or lower is to provide. A thermal conductor to be used at low temperature of 77 K or lower in the magnetic field... Agent: Inter-university Research Institute Corporation High Energy Accelerator Research Organization

20120273183 - Coolant pumping system for mobile electronic systems: A coolant pumping system for a mobile electronic system includes a coolant reservoir containing a coolant, a heat exchanger member fluidly connected to the coolant reservoir, and a mass moveably mounted to the mobile electronic system. The mass is moved along at least one axis in response to at least... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120273184 - Freezing protection system of heat exchanger and method for controlling the same: Disclosed is a freezing protection system of a heat exchanger capable of preventing freezing of a heat exchanger. The system includes a discharge valve for opening and closing a discharge pipe of a fluid inside a heat exchanger; a freezing factor detection unit for detecting a freezing factor such that... Agent: Sung Ji Air-conditioning Technology Co., Ltd.

20120273185 - Environmental control of liquid cooled electronics: A method, system, and computer program product are provided for controlling liquid-cooled electronics, which includes measuring a first set point temperature, Ta, wherein the Ta is based on a dew point temperature, Tdp of a computer room. A second set point temperature, Tb, is measured, wherein the Tb is based... Agent: Ibm Corporation

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