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10/25/2012 > 26 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120267066 - Heat pipe, heat pipe system, and related method for long distance: A heat pipe system and related method are disclosed for transporting vapor over long distances through the use of a heat pipe having no return pipe for return of the liquid condensate as traditionally associated with conventional heat pipes. The present subject matter also relates to a method involving the... Agent:

20120267067 - Panels having multiple channel structures: A panel includes an insulating material, first channels disposed in a first surface of the insulating material, and second channels disposed in the first surface of the insulating material. The second channels are disposed at a first angle relative to the first channels. Additionally, the first channels and second channels... Agent:

20120267068 - Thermal module and manufacturing method thereof: A thermal module and a manufacturing method thereof. The thermal module includes a retainer member and at least one heat conduction member. The retainer has a first clamping arm and a second clamping arm opposite to the first clamping arm. The heat conduction member is disposed and fixedly clamped between... Agent:

20120267069 - Air-conditioning box comprising a heat exchanger and air-conditioning method: The invention relates to an air-conditioning box comprising a heat exchanger for regulating the temperature. The air-conditioning box is used especially in systems for cooling computer centers or servers. The special design of the heat exchanger allows energy costs to be reduced such that systems operating with the air-conditioning box... Agent:

20120267070 - Beverage transport assembly: An improved beverage transport assembly that functions to provide a vehicle for transporting liquids from a remote storage location (e.g. a cooler or refrigerated room) to a dispensing location (e.g. a bar or concession stand), preferably in a temperature conditioned manner. The improved transport assembly including at least a conduit... Agent:

20120267071 - Power generation systems, processes for generating energy at an industrial mine site, water heating systems, and processes of heating water: Power generation systems are provided that include a circular loop of conduit, a dehumidifier coupled to the conduit, a power turbine coupled to the turbine and a pump coupled to the conduit. Processes for generating energy at an industrial mine site are also provided. Water heating systems are provided that... Agent:

20120267072 - Heat exchanger: Provided is a heat exchanger, which includes a plurality of tubes and a plurality of fins. The tubes accommodate respective refrigerant passages through which refrigerant flows. The fins having a plate shape are spaced apart from each other, and include a plurality of through holes through which the tubes pass,... Agent:

20120267073 - Cooling apparatus: o

20120267074 - Cooling device: A cooling device includes a base, first and second heat generating parts connected to the base, first and second passages formed in the base and a partition wall disposed in the base. Liquid refrigerant flows through the first and the second passages for cooling the first and the second heat... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20120267075 - Cooling system for reciprocating compressors and a reciprocating compressor: Cooling system for reciprocating compressors comprising an atomizing nozzle (1) that supplies an atomized lubricating fluid inside the compressor cylinder (2), a heat exchanger (6) intended for cooling the lubricating fluid to be atomized at the nozzle (1), a fluid separator (5) for separating a mixture of cooling fluid and... Agent: Whirlpool S.a.

20120267076 - System for recovering waste heat: Provided is a system for recovering waste heat discharged from distillation columns, incinerators, blast columns, smelting columns, and the like at relatively low temperatures to produce hot water in high efficiency, which can be used in various industrial fields. The investment and operating costs of the waste heat recovery system... Agent: Skc Co., Ltd

20120267077 - Cooling apparatuses and power electronics modules comprising the same: Cooling apparatuses and power electronics modules with cooling apparatuses are disclosed. In one embodiment, a cooling apparatus includes a heat transfer plate having a heat output surface and a periodic fractal pattern formed in the heat output surface. The periodic fractal pattern increases the surface area of the heat output... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20120267078 - Heat dissipation mechanism: A heat dissipation mechanism includes at least one fixing member and at least one heat pipe. The heat pipe has a heat-dissipation section and a heat-absorption section bearing on one face of the fixing member. The fixing member includes a plurality of clamp sections protruded from two axially opposite edges... Agent:

20120267079 - Stripping absorption module: In a process, a portion of a liquid mixture flow is vaporized to produce a vapor and a depleted flow of liquid. The vapor is introduced to a brine which is adapted to exothermically absorb one or more components from the vapor, and heat is withdrawn, to produce at least... Agent: Drystill Holdings Inc.

20120267080 - Cooling arrangement for at least one battery in a vehicle: A cooler arrangement for at least one battery (8) in a vehicle (1) includes a cooling circuit (12a-f) with a circulating cooling medium, a circulator (13) to circulate the cooling medium in the cooling circuit (12a-f), and a cooling region (A) where the cooling medium cools the battery (8). The... Agent:

20120267081 - Natural draft air cooled steam condenser and method: An air cooled condenser apparatus has a tubular shell having an open upper end and an open lower end, a ring of tube bundle panels disposed generally vertically and at an angle to each other, with each of the tube bundles comprising a primary condenser region and a secondary condenser... Agent: Spx Cooling Technologies, Inc.

20120267082 - Cooling system assembly for a crop sprayer: The crop sprayer includes a cooling system that comprises a plurality of heat exchange units attached to a housing. The housing defines an air chamber. The heat exchange units are mounted over openings defined in the walls of the housing surrounding the chamber. A fan is mounted over fan opening... Agent: Equipment Technologies, Inc.

20120267083 - Inclined waved board and heat exchanger thereof: An inclined waved board and a heat exchanger thereof. The inclined waved board includes a board body composed of continuous waved sections. The waved sections are respectively inclined from a first side to a second side, and a third side and from a fourth side to the second side of... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120267084 - Double-wall vented brazed heat exchanger: A double-wall heat exchanger includes a plurality of heat exchange plate pairs. Each heat exchange plate pair forms a double-wall structure including two heat exchange plates that are at least partially separated by a leak space. At least one weep hole is disposed through the plurality of heat exchange plate... Agent: Itt Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc.

20120267085 - Heat exchanger and a manifold for use therein: A heat exchanger includes a manifold and a tube array. The manifold has an internal void and walls that surround the void and merge one with the other via corners. Each wall has a middle portion that is located mid way between the corners merging with the wall and the... Agent: Magen Eco-energy (a.c.s.) Ltd.

20120267086 - Multichannel heat exchanger with dissimilar flow: Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) systems and heat exchangers are provided that include multichannel tube configurations designed to promote flow of refrigerant within the multichannel tubes near the edges of the tubes that are contacted first by an external fluid. The tube configurations include flow paths of varying... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20120267087 - Fiber-reinforced body, method for producing the body and pipe or tube sheet having the body: A body includes a ceramic material and is suitable for use in a heat exchanger and for conducting fluids. An outer side of the body is at least partially encompassed by at least two fiber bundles in the longitudinal and/or circumferential direction and force-lockingly connected thereto. The fiber bundles are... Agent: Sgl Carbon Se

20120267088 - Multi-channel flat-tube serpentine heat exchanger and heat exchange apparatus: The present invention relates to a multi-channel flat-tube serpentine heat exchanger and a heat exchange apparatus. The heat exchanger includes a flat pipe, a fin set and a divider assembly. The flat pipe has bending sections and connecting sections. The flat pipe is filled with a working fluid and has... Agent: Cooling House Co., Ltd.

20120267089 - Power-preserving communications architecture with long-polling persistent cloud channel for wireless network-connected thermostat: Provided according to one or more embodiments herein are methods, systems and related architectures for facilitating network communications between a wireless network-connected thermostat and a cloud-based management server in a manner that promotes reduced power usage and extended service life of a rechargeable battery of the thermostat, while at the... Agent: Nest Labs, Inc.

20120267090 - Heterogeneous electrocaloric effect heat transfer device: Technologies are generally described herein for electrocaloric effect heat transfer devices and methods effective to facilitate heat transfer over a wide operating temperature range of a corresponding heat source. Some example heat transfer devices may include multiple heat transfer stacks with at least two heat transfer stacks having electrocaloric effect... Agent:

20120267091 - Method for operating a heat exchanger unit: A method operates a heat exchanger unit and determines a current physical characteristic of a process fluid at or adjacent a process fluid outlet of the heat exchanger unit and predetermining a desired physical characteristic of the process fluid at which the process fluid is desired to exit the heat... Agent: Evapco, Inc.

10/18/2012 > 23 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120261090 - Energy recovery system and method: A system and method for converting otherwise wasted energy produced in the form of heated gases as a byproduct of an industrial process into electrical energy. At least some waste gases are diverted from a typical exhaust structure through a heat exchanger and back into the exhaust structure. The amount... Agent:

20120261089 - Heat exchanger with additional liquid control in shell space: The invention relates to a heat exchanger (1) for indirect heat exchange comprising a tube bundle (10), formed from a plurality of tubes helically coiled around a core tube (100), for receiving a first medium, a shell (20). which encloses the tube bundle (10) and defines a shell space (200)... Agent: Linde Aktiengesellschaft

20120261088 - Heat exchanger with sections: The invention relates to a shell and tube heat exchanger (1) having a helical tube bundle (10) within a shell (20), that defines a shell space (200) surrounding the tube bundle (10). The tubes are helically coiled about a core pipe (100) in such a manner that there is formed... Agent: Linde Aktiengesellschaft

20120261091 - Low-energy building, especially self-sufficient zero-energy house: The invention relates to a system which can be used to air-condition buildings and other useable areas used by humans, in a completely self-sufficient manner.... Agent:

20120261092 - Compressor inter-stage temperature control: A method, system and apparatus for providing temperature control of compressed gases between stages of a multiple-stage compressor, by selectively manipulating a valve which can cause at least a portion of the compressed gases to flow through an air-cooled heat exchanger.... Agent:

20120261093 - Heat pipe: A heat pipe comprises a housing that has a heating section that is made of metal and is contacted by a heating element, a cooling section that is made of metal and is cooled by a cooling element, and a plurality of refrigerant flow channels formed inside the housing from... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120261094 - Dissipation utilizing flow of refrigerant: Technologies are generally described for devices, methods, and programs for heat dissipating utilizing flow of refrigerant. An example heat dissipating device includes a conductive chamber to receive a fluid refrigerant, and the conductive chamber itself includes an evaporation portion having an interior layer and an exterior layer that is in... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120261096 - Radiating fin structureand thermal module using same: A radiating fin structure includes a main body being angularly upward extended from a first surface to form at least a first and a second ascending airflow-guiding section, so that a first and a second exterior angle are respectively contained between a line extended from an opposite second surface of... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120261095 - Thermal module structure and manufacturing method thereof: A thermal module structure and a manufacturing method thereof. The thermal module includes a plastic layer and at least one heat pipe. The plastic layer has at least one channel and multiple locking sections. The heat pipe is disposed in the channel. The locking sections are locked on a heat... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120261097 - Compact two sided cold plate with floating transfer tubes: A structural cold plate assembly includes cold plates mounted to opposing sides of a panel and in fluid communication through fluid passages that extend through the panel.... Agent:

20120261098 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger is provided and includes a housing disposed proximate to a heat source, the housing having sidewalls forming an enclosure, a baffle defining in the enclosure a ventilation circuit thermally communicative with the heat source, and central walls defining a main channel bisecting the ventilation circuit along which... Agent: General Electric Company

20120261101 - Air blower and electronic apparatus: An air blower includes a plurality of fans including a first fan and a second fan. The first fan has a plurality of fins. The second fan has a plurality of fins. The number of the plurality of fins of the second fan is different from that of the plurality... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120261099 - Heat exchanger: A low cost heat exchanger exhibits high performance in relation to heat resistance, pressure resistance, prevention of fluid leakage, and heat exchange efficiency. The heat exchanger is equipped with a stacked plate assembly having a plurality of stacked plates, and a hollow tubular casing, which accommodates the stacked plate assembly... Agent:

20120261100 - Power converter: A power converter includes: a plurality of heat generators, at least some of which are arranged within a wind tunnel portion; and a housing for enclosing the wind tunnel portion through which a cooling air flows. The wind tunnel portion includes a first and second duct each having a cooling... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20120261102 - Thermosyphon heat recovery: A thermosyphonic heat recovery unit for thermosyphonic heat transfer of heat from a hotter first fluid to a cooler second fluid comprising a heat exchanger including a first fluid conduit and a second fluid conduit, optimized means for connecting fluids to the two conduits to optimize heat transfer and fluid... Agent:

20120261103 - Heat exchanger with central pipe and ring channel: The invention relates to a heat exchanger (1) having a tube bundle (10) with a large number of tubes wound around a central pipe (100), a shell (20) enclosing the tube bundle (10) and defining a shell space (200) surrounding the tube bundle (10), and a liquid distributor (30) having... Agent: Linde Aktiengesellschaft

20120261104 - Microchannel heat exchangers and reactors: A method of making a core of, or a micro-channel heat exchanger includes making constructs from wire and sheet material. The constructs are then stacked together according to the desired orientation of the channels for the core. The stacked constructs are then bonded together to form the core.... Agent: Altex Technologies Corporation

20120261108 - Coupling system between a waste-heat generator and a waste-heat receiver: A coupling system as a thermal interface between a waste-heat generator and a waste-heat receiver includes a first body having a first contact area, and a second body having a second contact area, with the first and second contact areas abutting one another for heat exchange. A tongue and groove... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120261107 - Device for cooling batteries: A device for cooling batteries includes a cooling plate for receiving at least one battery thereon and at least one heat transfer element in heat transfer relationship with the cooling plate. A mechanical stress produced by a contact force causes the at least one heat transfer element to thermally abut... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20120261105 - Led heat sink and manufacturing method thereof: An LED heat sink and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The LED heat sink includes a main body having a heat receiving section and an extended heat transfer section. The heat transfer section is externally provided with a plurality of receiving grooves for correspondingly connecting with a plurality of... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120261106 - Non-isotropic structures for heat exchangers and reactors: A Non-Isotropic Structure for a Heat Exchanger (NISHEX) that forms fins from nested woven wire meshes. The wire meshes are shaped into channels that are stacked on top of each other to produce a non-isotropic fin structure having multiple fin layers. The fin structure exhibits a high heat coefficient while... Agent: Altex Technologies Corporation

20120261109 - Power management in energy buffered building control unit: A thermostat includes a plurality of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) wire connectors for receiving a plurality of HVAC control wires corresponding to an HVAC system. The thermostat also includes a thermostat processing and control circuit configured to at least partially control the operation of the HVAC system and... Agent: Nest Labs, Inc.

20120261110 - Air conditioner for vehicle: A composite heat exchanger includes a first heat exchanger configured to exchange heat between feed air and a refrigerant, and a second heat exchanger configured to exchange heat between the feed air and engine coolant. The composite heat exchanger is integrated so as to enable heat transfer between discharge refrigerant... Agent: Denso Corporation

10/11/2012 > 20 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120255702 - Sensible heat exchanging rotor: A sensible heat exchanging rotor includes a rotor body rotatably mounted between a first channel and a second channel, and a heat storage medium disposed in the rotor body and configured to suck thermal energy from a fluid passing through the first channel, and configured to transfer the sucked thermal... Agent:

20120255703 - Heat exchanger and air conditioner incorporating same: A heat exchanger (1) includes: two vertical header pipes (2, 3) which are arranged apart in parallel; a plurality of flat tubes (4) which are arranged between the header pipes and in which refrigerant passages (5) provided therewithin communicate with an interior of the header pipes; and corrugated fins (6)... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120255704 - Image display apparatus: An image display apparatus according to the present invention includes an image display panel and a casing housing the image display panel therein. The casing has an image display window, through which a screen of the image display panel can he visually recognized from the outside. Here, the casing has... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120255705 - Method and an apparatus in a ventilation system: A method for recovering heat and humidity in a ventilation system includes cooling warm and humid exhaust air at a condensation surface in a heat exchanger and collecting the condensate as formed, heating dry and cold supply air at the opposite side of the condensation surface and atomizing the condensate... Agent: Climate Recovery Ind Ab

20120255706 - Heat exchange using underground water system: In this disclosure, we have the following examples and teachings: A geothermal heating and or cooling system is introduced here which is deriving cooled or heated liquid via existing infrastructure of water pipe system in use for the houses and buildings, e.g. from the city water system or pipe network,... Agent:

20120255707 - Inflatable wall material, cold storage house using the same, and air-conditioned storehouse using the same: An inflatable wall material, including: a thermal insulation layer, a first metal layer, a barrier layer, a buffer layer, a protective layer, and a second metal layer. The first metal layer, the barrier layer, the buffer layer, the protective layer, and the second metal layer are arranged on two sides... Agent: Tianjin Lvxin Lower Temperature Technology & Science Co., Ltd.

20120255708 - Heat exchange apparatus: A heat exchange apparatus includes an enclosure and a heat exchanger. The enclosure internally defines a first space and a second space isolated from each other, and is provided with a first and a second air inlet communicating with the first and the second space, respectively. The heat exchanger is... Agent:

20120255709 - Heat exchanger with resiliently mounted bracket: A heat exchanger comprises an end mounting arrangement including a mounting bracket having a first portion for attachment to a support structure and a second portion attached to the heat exchanger. A projection rigidly attached to the end of the heat exchanger is resiliently received in an aperture in the... Agent: Dana Canada Corporation

20120255710 - Modular data center: A building system for housing electronic equipment is described. The building system includes a building stack that includes an instrumentation modular building unit, with an internal configuration of space in the instrumentation modular building unit configured to house electronics equipment, a power modular building unit, with an internal configuration of... Agent: Fmr LLC

20120255711 - Thermal accumulator and method of use: A thermal management system for a vehicle includes a tank, a heat exchanger, a pump, and a valve located on a conduit. The heat exchanger is located downstream of the tank, the pump is located between the tank and the heat exchanger, and the valve is located downstream of the... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120255712 - Apparatus and method for condensing vapor in a vessel: Apparatus for condensing vapor in a vessel, which comprises a vapor space (10) and a condensation space (11) which are adjacent to one another in the horizontal direction, where the vapor space (10) having a horizontal cross section is open in the downward direction, the condensation space (11) is closed... Agent: Basf Se

20120255713 - Cooling system equipped with an advection-type fan: A cooling system equipped with an advection-type fan is disclosed. The cooling system includes a casing and an advection-type fan. The casing has a compartment receiving a heat-emitting source or a heat-conducting element. The casing further includes two radial air-guiding openings communicating with the compartment. The advection-type fan has a... Agent:

20120255714 - Hybrid fan drive with electric motor: Thermal management systems for vehicle engines which include hybrid fan drives with viscous clutches and electronic motors, particularly brushless DC motors (BLDC). One embodiment incorporates a pulley driven, electronically controlled viscous clutch mechanism and an internal rotor BLDC motor. Another embodiment includes an engine crank mounted electronically controlled viscous clutch... Agent: Borgwarner Inc.

20120255715 - Liquid-to-air heat exchanger: A liquid-to-air heat exchanger includes an air inlet header, an air outlet header and a core. The air inlet header has an air inlet connection and the air outlet header has an air outlet connection. The core is connected to the air inlet header and the air outlet header and... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120255716 - Heat dissipation device and manufacturing method thereof: A heat dissipation device and a manufacturing method thereof. The heat dissipation device includes a first chamber defining a first cavity, a second chamber defining a second cavity, and multiple connection members each defining a passageway. First and second ends of the connection members are respectively connected with the first... Agent:

20120255719 - Ceramic heat sink module and manufacturing method thereof: A ceramic heat sink module for lowering a temperature of a heating element is disclosed. The ceramic heat sink module includes a ceramic heat sink module body, wherein a composition of the ceramic heat sink module body includes at least 70% by weight aluminium oxide.... Agent: Yuen Jinn Electrical Ceramic Co., Ltd.

20120255717 - Led heat-dissipation structure for matrix led lamp: An improved heat-dissipation structure for a matrix LED lamp is disclosed. The heat-dissipation structure is a plate-shaped metal hood configured to hold an LED matrix module for heat dissipation so as to maintain the entire matrix LED lamp cool. The heat-dissipation structure is a plate-shaped metal shell having a plurality... Agent:

20120255718 - Method of machining carbon and graphite foams: A method for fabricating a solid foam article from a solid foam blank includes the steps of forming a pilot hole in the solid foam blank; positioning a chisel in the pilot hole, the chisel having a cutting portion and a shaft; and directing the cutting portion into the pilot... Agent: Ut-battlelle, LLC

20120255720 - Temperature controller for unit: A temperature controller for a positive pressure room air purification unit is provided with a sensor for ambient room air temperature and supply duct air temperature. Based on the desired temperature, supply duct air may be drawn or drawn and heated.... Agent:

20120255721 - Outdoor display apparatus: Provided is an outdoor display apparatus having an improved configuration to effectively prevent deterioration of a panel included therein. The outdoor display apparatus includes: a casing body having an air inlet and an air outlet; first and second display panel modules in the casing body to display images on front... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

10/04/2012 > 48 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20120247707 - Active thermal management device and thermal management method: An active thermal management device and method, in which a phase change material unit, comprising at least one phase change material arranged in series or parallel, is connectable to a source of thermal energy, such as LEDs at a first operating condition. Thermal energy from the source of thermal energy... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120247706 - System and process for storing cold energy: A system and method for storing cold energy are detailed. The system includes a solid refrigerant in a structured form that stores cold energy. Upon deformation, the solid refrigerant transforms into a high energy deformed state from a low energy non-deformed state. In the deformed state, the solid refrigerant stores... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20120247708 - Air conditioning device for cooling air for an electronic device cabinet or the like: This invention entails an air conditioning device (2) for cooling an electronic device cabinet or the like. It is equipped with a housing, an air supplying device (10) and a heat exchanger (4). The air supplying device (10) sucks air in from one side and conducts it through a heat... Agent:

20120247709 - Method for determining when cooling system is restricted: A method for determining when a cooling system for a work vehicle is restricted with debris. A first temperature difference between an inlet and an outlet of a heat exchanger is determined when the airflow though said heat exchanger is substantially unrestricted. When a subsequent temperature difference is less than... Agent: Agco Corporation

20120247712 - Cooling package assembly for work vehicles: A cooling package assembly for a work vehicle. A plurality of heat exchangers cooperate with one another to define an interior of a cooling box. Single pass airflow is pushed across the heat exchangers. In one embodiment, the heat exchangers cooperate with one another to define a v-shape.... Agent: Agco Corporation

20120247713 - Method and system for battery temperature control in a hybrid or electric vehicle: A battery temperature control system for a vehicle having a battery as a power source includes a battery module including at least one battery cell and at least one liquid distribution tube member positioned adjacent the battery module for circulating a non-conductive liquid therethrough. The liquid distribution tube defines at... Agent: Fisker Automotive, Inc.

20120247710 - Multi-blower hvac layout for improved evaporator performance: A climate control system of a vehicle includes an evaporator, a first blower, and a first blower passageway that receives air blown from the first blower. The system also includes a second blower and a second blower passageway that receives air blown from the second blower and that is fluidly... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20120247711 - Pusher airflow for work vehicle cooling system: Overhead pushed airflow for a cooling system of a work vehicle. In one embodiment, a cooling includes an interior defined by upstream faces of heat exchangers. An air mover pushes ambient air downward through said cooling box from overhead of the work and across the heat exchangers.... Agent: Agco Corporation

20120247715 - Heat exchanger arrangement: A heat exchanger arrangement is made available for heating an area of a vehicle which is to be heated, having: a first heat exchanger element for transmitting waste heat from at least one vehicle electrical component to be cooled to air, and a second heat exchanger element for transmitting heat... Agent: Webasto Ag

20120247716 - Motor vehicle cooling system: The invention relates to a motor vehicle cooling system, comprising a first cooling circuit, in which a coolant can be circulated, at least one electrical component of the vehicle, which is integrated in the first cooling circuit and is to be cooled, wherein the electrical component can be cooled by... Agent: Webasto Ag

20120247714 - Variable evaporator outlet air pressure distribution: A climate control system for a vehicle having a plurality of modes includes an evaporator having a downstream face. The system also includes at least one blower that blows air across the evaporator. The air downstream of the blower has a pressure distribution defined generally along the downstream face. The... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20120247717 - Vehicle air conditioning device: Provided is a vehicle air conditioning device including an air conditioning unit in which: a unit case (10) of the air conditioning unit is formed of a plurality of lower and upper divided cases (23, 24, 25); and the divided cases (23, 24, 25) are coupled integrally to each other... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20120247718 - Vehicle fairing for use with air conditioning unit: A vehicle including a vehicle body, an air conditioning unit, and a fairing. The vehicle body includes a roof having a front portion and a rear portion. The air conditioning unit is disposed within the vehicle body and includes a condenser configured to receive air from outside the vehicle body... Agent:

20120247719 - Method of and apparatus for transferring heat energy between a heat exchanging subsystem above the surface of the earth and material therebeneath using one or more coaxial-flow heat exchanging structures producing turbulence in aqueous-based heat-transfer: A method of and apparatus for transferring heat energy between a heat exchanging subsystem installed above the surface of the Earth, and material beneath the surface of the Earth, by installing one or more coaxial-flow heat exchanging structures in the material beneath the surface of the Earth. Each coaxial-flow heat... Agent:

20120247720 - Self-supporting cooling module: A self-supporting cooling module, comprising a self-supporting cooling module body which is made of foamed resin material, a reference plane being defined in said cooling module body, wherein components are located in said cooling module body in a first operating position with respect to the reference plane in which all... Agent: Rittal Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120247721 - Wall assembly with photovoltaic panel: A wall assembly including a power generation subassembly having one or more body elements and one or more photovoltaic power generation modules. Each photovoltaic power generation module includes one or more photovoltaic panel with photovoltaic cells for converting light energy into electricity, being adapted to operate at an operating temperature... Agent:

20120247722 - Preheating of an internal combustion engine: An assembly comprising a coolant circuit for an internal combustion engine, wherein the internal combustion engine can be thermally coupled to at least one coolant circuit through which is flowing a coolant with a maximum permissible coolant temperature. The coolant circuit is or is capable of being temporarily thermally coupled... Agent: Bombardier Transportation Gmbh

20120247724 - Modular temperature maintaining or regulating storage systems: A modular heating or cooling system includes a heating and/or cooling unit and a plurality of storage modules that may be releasably connected to the heating and/or cooling unit by a releasable coupling. The storage modules may include a heat exchanger having a thermal transfer bladder filled with eutectic fluid.... Agent:

20120247725 - Temperature controlling unit and temperature controlling method: A temperature controlling unit (X1) includes a holder (11) for a liquid receiver (40), a heating block (12) for heating the liquid in the liquid receiver (40), and a cooling block (13) for cooling the liquid in the liquid receiver (40). The holder (11) maintains a first temperature for keeping... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20120247723 - Wafer transfer apparatus and wafer transfer method: A water transfer apparatus and a wafer transfer method are provided. The wafer transfer apparatus is provided with a heating component and a cooling component, the heating component heats the wafer carrying component to a temperature the same as the wafer when it is just unloaded from the rapid thermal... Agent:

20120247726 - Heat dissipation device: A heat dissipation device includes a number of fans and a fixing member. Each fan includes two spaced boards respectively defining a number of through holes. The fixing member is sandwiched between the boards of each fan, at a corner of the fan. The fixing member includes two engaging portions... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120247727 - Steam generator tube lane flow buffer: A tube and shell steam generator in which a series of rods having a diameter substantially equal to that of the heat exchange tubing in the tube bundle are placed on either side of the tube lane to buffer the flow in the tube lane from the heat exchange tubes... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

20120247729 - Air mover reversing for work vehicle cooling package: A method for reversing an air mover to remove debris from a cooling system of a work vehicle. In one embodiment, the largest required fan speed for cooling the engine coolant, hydraulic oil and the charge air is used as the set point speed for a fan. The fan is... Agent: Agco Corporation

20120247728 - Control method for primary and supplemental cooling systems for a work vehicle: A method for controlling a supplemental cooling system for an independent hydraulic system used in combination with a primary cooling system for a work vehicle. Airflow is provided from a first air mover to the primary cooling system and a second airflow is provided to the supplemental cooling system. Multiple... Agent: Agco Corporation

20120247730 - Beverage heating system with integrated combustion system and method of heating beverages: A heating system for a beverage processing system with a beverage flow consisting of a beverage to be processed, with a secondary flow of a heat conducting medium, where the secondary flow is passed in a closed secondary circuit, with at least one heat exchanger, through which the secondary current... Agent: Krones Ag

20120247731 - Heat exchanger assembly having a seal: A heat exchanger assembly having first and second heat exchangers and a seal. The seal may be disposed on the first heat exchanger and may have an elongated portion that extends toward the second heat exchanger to direct the flow of cooling air.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120247732 - Heat exchanger: There is provided a heat exchanger realizing downsizing, weight saving, and cost reduction in comparison with a conventional heat exchange element, heat exchanger, etc. The heat exchanger 30 is provided with a first fluid flow portion 5 formed of a honeycomb structure 1 having a plurality of cells 3 partitioned... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20120247733 - Process for application of alcoholic derivative on heat treated pellets for inhibition of particulate emission and system for application of alcoholic derivative on heat treated pellets for inhibition of particulate emission: A process for application of alcoholic derivative on heat treated pellets for inhibition of particulate emission is provided, and the process includes weighing the amount of heat treated pellets discharged from furnaces, measuring the temperature of the heat treated pellets discharged from furnaces, applying cooling fluid on the heat treated... Agent:

20120247735 - Heat sink: The heat sink has a first heat transfer plate member that has one surface thermally connected to a heat generating component and is thermally connected to a first heat dissipating fin section having thin plate fins; a second heat transfer plate member that has one surface thermally connected to a... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20120247734 - Low cost long exhaust heat exchanger: Applies anywhere waste heat is exhausted. As waste heat represents fuel waste directly, recovering up to 100% of wasted heat, while maintaining temperature and pressure of the working fluid, can equate to recovering up to 100% of wasted fuel. Practical, economical designs may readily yield over 90% fuel efficiency in... Agent:

20120247736 - Loop heat pipe structure: A loop heat pipe structure includes a transport pipe, an evaporator, a first wick layer, a second wick layer, and a plurality of grooves. The transport pipe communicates with the evaporator. The evaporator has a bottom and internally defines a first chamber and a second chamber, and has a working... Agent: Asia Vital Components (shen Zhen) Co., Ltd.

20120247737 - Computer and electronic cabinet cooling chamber: A cooling chamber for computers and for electronic components includes a conductive chamber containing a low boiling point fluid. The components are mounted in the chamber to be bathed by the fluid. The heat energy developed by the components causes the fluid to reach a temperature above the boiling point... Agent:

20120247738 - Debris passageway for work vehicle cooling package: A debris passage for a cooling box of a work vehicle. Airflow is provided into the cooling box from the exterior environment. A plurality of heat exchangers transfer heat into the airflow. The debris passage is defined between opposing heat exchangers to permit debris to pass from the airflow to... Agent: Agco Corporation

20120247739 - Electronic device and fan: According to one embodiment, a fan includes a fan case comprising a first wall in which a first air inlet is formed, a second wall facing the first wall in which a second air inlet is formed, and a side wall which connects the first wall to the second wall... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120247740 - Nested heat exchangers: A heat exchanging apparatus may include a first heat exchanger and a second heat exchanger, which may be flat plate heat exchangers and may be located entirely within an end tank of a third heat exchanger. The first and second heat exchangers each may include an inlet and an outlet... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20120247741 - Heat exchanger and method of joining heat exchanger pipe: A heat exchanger comprises a first plate and a second plate. A coolant flow passage is formed by brazing the first plate and the second plate by use of a first brazing filler metal. A pipe is brazed between a first groove portion provided in the first plate and a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20120247742 - Heat exchanger: An outer peripheral sealing surface of an inner surface of a core plate of a header tank is configured into a loop and extends along an outer peripheral edge portion of the core plate and clamps a packing in cooperation with an outer peripheral end portion of a tank main... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120247743 - Heat sink, and heat sink-equipped electronic component part: A heat sink includes a flow path through which a cooling medium that cools a heat-producing body flows, the flow path having two flow path wall surfaces that face each other; and a plurality of columnar fins provided on one of the flow path wall surfaces, which is positioned at... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120247744 - Air conditioning apparatus: The present disclosure describes an air conditioning apparatus comprising an air conditioning case defining an airflow passage, an evaporator accommodated in the air conditioning case, a first blower located at an upstream side of the evaporator creating a first airflow in the airflow passage, a second blower located at an... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20120247745 - Coil for removing heat from a lamp through direct contact coolant flow: A fluoropolymer coil is adapted to be wrapped around a lamp, such as a high intensity discharge (HID) lamp, and adapted to have a coolant, such as water, flowing through the coil. The coil can cool the lamp, provide improved lamp life expectancy, and allow the lamp to be kept... Agent:

20120247746 - Vehicle control apparatus and vehicle control method: The vehicle control apparatus configured to control a vehicle includes a fuel cell configured to supply electric power to the vehicle; an air conditioning mechanism having a heater core; a first medium circuit; a radiator installed in the first medium circuit; a bypass circuit formed in the first medium circuit... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120247747 - Air conditioning apparatus: A vehicle cabin air conditioning apparatus including an airflow selecting mechanism movable between a first position to provide a first airflow mode and a second position to provide a second airflow mode. The airflow selecting mechanism restricts first airflow from flowing from a first airflow conduit to a second airflow... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20120247748 - Air control system: In an air-conditioning control system, a ventilating device performs ventilation between an indoor space and an outdoor space, and an absence detecting unit for detecting absence of a human within the indoor space. An air conditioning controller adapted to operated, when the absence of the human is detected by the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120247749 - Water-cooled electrical apparatus: The water-cooled electrical apparatus further includes a bypass pipe 11 bypassing between bifurcations 9 and 10, provided at inlet and outlet sides of the cooler, for flow-dividing the cooling water, and at least one of a first flow amount control valve 7 provided along the main pipe between the bifurcations,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120247752 - Controller for work vehicle cooling package: A controller and method for operating an air mover for a cooling system of a work vehicle. In one embodiment, engine coolant, hydraulic oil and charge air temperature data is measured. The temperature data is reconciled by using the largest required fan speed as the set point speed for cooling... Agent: Agco Corporation

20120247753 - Hybrid motor vehicle having two cooling circuits: A motor vehicle having a hybrid drive and a transmission which is connected between the hybrid drive and an output drive. The hybrid drive comprises an internal combustion engine, an electric machine, an electric energy store and power electronics. The motor vehicle has a high temperature cooling circuit which includes... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20120247750 - Server device, control device, server rack, recording medium storing cooling control program, and cooling control method: A server device includes: electronic devices; a housing that houses the electronic devices; at least one fan; air volume control units configured to adjust a volume of cooling airflow which is generated by rotation of the at least one fan and is ventilated through the electronic devices by opening and... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120247751 - System and method for controlling heat transfer timing: The heat transfer timing control system controls temperature of a battery using a heat source and includes, two temperature measuring devices, a heat calculation device, a power supply device, a temperature distribution determination device and a heat transfer timing control device. The temperature measuring devices measure temperatures at different position... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

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