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Heat exchange September class, title,number 09/12

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09/27/2012 > 22 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120241121 - Heat storage apparatus for vehicle: When performing heat storage in a heat storage container accommodating a plurality of kinds of heat storage materials with different melting points, heat storage in the heat storage materials is performed such that a higher melting point heat storage material is in a latent heat storage state as much as... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120241120 - Latent heat store: A latent heat store is provided having a plurality of heat exchanger units (2) arranged alongside one another with each being at least one phase change store in which a heat exchanger fluid with the storage medium flows at least between adjacent heat exchanger units (2). Latent heat store improved... Agent: Handtmann Systemtechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120241122 - Methods and apparatus for latent heat (phase change) thermal storage and associated heat transfer and exchange: In various embodiments, phase change and heat exchange methods between heat collection, heat transfer, heat exchange, heat storage, and heat utility systems are described. In certain embodiments, the heat transfer fluids/heat exchange fluids, heat storage media, and working media in the system are all phase change materials with transition temperatures... Agent: Bluelagoon Energy Technologies Ltd

20120241124 - Creating thermal uniformity in heated piping and weldment systems: A piping system comprises a resistive heating circuit, a target heating surface, and a thermally conductive substrate adjoin (or abutting) both the heating circuit and the heating surface. The thermally conductive substrate can be composed of aluminum or some other material for heat spreading. A material for heat spreading has... Agent:

20120241123 - Device and method for taking multiple temperature hvac readings: In a device and method for taking temperature readings on an HVAC system, a first probe is connectable in thermal communication with the HVAC system for taking a first temperature reading thereof. A second probe is connectable in thermal communication with the HVAC system for taking a second temperature reading... Agent:

20120241125 - Injection molding device and method for discharging heat medium for injection molding device: The injection molding device of the present invention is provided with a supply pipe which supplies a heat medium to a mold, a discharge pipe which discharges the heat medium from the mold, a mold temperature adjustor to which the supply pipe and the discharge pipe are connected to adjust... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

20120241127 - Anti-fog and hvac system for electric vehicles: To solve this problem, a desiccant humidity control technique is used, in which moisture emitted from passengers is absorbed, so as to suppress rising of an absolute humidity, by a desiccant which absorbs moisture in air or discharges moisture into air by the difference in relative humidity to air, and... Agent:

20120241126 - Vehicular air-conditioning system: A two-layer inside/outside air type of vehicular air-conditioning system which takes measures against odor is provided, in particular, a two-layer inside/outside air type of vehicular air-conditioning system which does not require the provision of a new exhaust port or duct in the vehicle for dealing with odor is provided. That... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120241128 - Heat exchange block for a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a heat exchange block (1) for a motor vehicle, including at least one heat exchanger (2, 3, 4), wherein said block (1) is intended to be disposed behind a front grille (6) of a vehicle and to be traversed by air originating from an opening in... Agent:

20120241129 - System for a motor vehicle for heating and/or cooling a battery and a motor vehicle interior: A system for a motor vehicle for heating and/or cooling a battery and a motor vehicle interior is provided that includes a first coolant circuit thermally coupled to the battery, a second coolant circuit for heating the motor vehicle interior having an air heat exchanger for outputting heat from the... Agent:

20120241130 - Heat-dissipating base for electronic product: A heat-dissipating base for an electronic product includes a pair of supporting bodies and a concealed linkage assembly. The supporting bodies have a first accommodating trough provided with a first rail and a second accommodating trough provided with a second rail. The concealed linkage assembly is received in the first... Agent: Wincam Technology Co., Ltd.

20120241131 - Heat dissipation device and electronic device having same: A heat dissipation device includes a receiving body and a blower. The receiving body includes a recessed body. The recessed body includes a first sidewall, a second sidewall opposite to the first sidewall, and a bottom connecting the first sidewall to the second sidewall. The blower is arranged on the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120241134 - Heat dissipation device with guiding line and soldered heat pipe: A heat dissipation device with guiding line and soldered heat pipe includes a heat pipe and a heat sink. The heat pipe includes a condenser section and an evaporator section. The condenser section has a planar outer surface. The heat sink includes a supporting surface contacting the outer surface of... Agent: Furui Precise Component (kunshan) Co., Ltd.

20120241132 - Non-base block heat sink: A non-bottom block heat sink includes a radiation module formed of a rack of radiation fins, each radiation fin having a plurality of locating notches located on one peripheral edge thereof and a supporting rib disposed between each two adjacent locating notches, and a plurality of heat pipes each having... Agent:

20120241133 - Vapor chamber and method for manufacturing the same: A vapor chamber includes a heat absorbing plate and a heat dissipating plate attached to the heat absorbing plate. The heat absorbing plate includes a wick structure thereon facing the heat dissipating plate. The wick structure defines a plurality of first grooves and a plurality of second grooves intersecting the... Agent: Fu Zhun Precision Industry (shen Zhen) Co., Ltd.

20120241135 - Heat exchanger for cooling interior of housing: The air inside a housing containing heat generating parts is forced by an inside air fan to flow in a heat exchanger case through an inside air inlet, flow partially upward and partially downward in an inside air passage while being cooled by inner fins, between the inner fins, installed... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20120241136 - Cooling device: A cooling device for cooling an electronic component is disclosed. The cooling device comprises a cooler comprising a base, a plurality of first fins and a plurality of second fins. The plurality of first fins extends substantially perpendicular from the base, and the plurality of second fins are secured to... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20120241137 - Cooling unit: A cooling unit includes a tank having an inlet port and a discharge port for refrigerant, first and second radiators connected to the tank, the first and second radiators each having a flow path, an inlet chamber defined in the tank for supplying the refrigerant flowing therein from the inlet... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120241138 - Insulating device and method for producing an insulating device: An insulating device for an electrochemical energy storage unit is provided, wherein the insulating device includes a cooling plate that comprises at least one opening. A contact rail is provided for dissipating heat and a retaining element for fixing an arrangement between the cooling plate and the contact rail and... Agent:

20120241139 - Heat exchange system and vehicle refrigeration cycle system: A unified heat exchanger includes a first heat exchanging arrangement and a second heat exchanging arrangement. The first heat exchanging arrangement is adapted to exchange heat between high pressure refrigerant and conditioning air. The second heat exchanging arrangement is adapted to exchange heat between low pressure refrigerant and the conditioning... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120241140 - Apparatus, system and method for airflow monitoring and thermal management in a computing device: Embodiments of an apparatus, system and method are described for monitoring an airflow and performing thermal management operations for a mobile computing device. An apparatus may comprise, for example, a heat generating component, an air mover, and a thermal management module to monitor one or more parameters of the air... Agent:

20120241141 - Cooling circuit with transmission fluid warming function: A cooling circuit includes a first fluid system with a radiator having an inlet portion, an outlet portion, a first heat exchanger. The first fluid system contains a first fluid and also includes a first inlet branch, a second inlet branch, and a valve member. Also, a second fluid system... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

09/20/2012 > 17 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120234513 - Construction machine provided with heat exchanger: Provided is a construction machine comprising: a heat exchanger with a core surface in an engine room; a top wall covering an air inlet chamber in the engine room and having a first air inlet; a duct including a main wall guiding air in the air inlet chamber to draw... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20120234514 - Container data center: A container data center includes a mobile container and a number of server systems. The mobile container includes a bottom wall, an inner container portion and an outer container portion. The inner container portion includes a first top wall opposite to the bottom wall, and a number of first sidewalls... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120234515 - Cooling unit and electronic apparatus system: A cooling unit includes a cooling member cooled by a cooling body, a plurality of heat transfer members, and a support member. Each of the plurality of heat transfer members has a first contact portion and a second contact portion, the first contact portion being configured to come into contact... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120234516 - Energy recovery from mother liquid in paraxylene crystallization process: Methods for recovering energy from a mother liquor stream in paraxylene crystallization processes are disclosed herein. The low temperature energy from the mother liquor is optimally utilized to reduce the refrigeration burden on the crystallization process.... Agent: Gtc Technology US LLC

20120234517 - Intermediate heat exchanger: An intermediate heat exchanger 10 includes a double tube 11 and a liquid reservoir 14. The double tube 11 has an outer tube 15 and an inner tube 16 disposed inside the outer tube 15 with a clearance formed therebetween. The clearance between the outer tube 15 and the inner... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20120234518 - Battery heating and cooling system: A system may include a first heat exchanger, a pumping device, and a valve. The pumping device may be in fluid communication with the first heat exchanger. The valve may receive a fluid from the pumping device and may be movable between a first position allowing the fluid through a... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20120234519 - Low-profile heat sink with fine-structure patterned fins for increased heat transfer: In one embodiment, a device for transferring heat comprises a base member and a first array of pin fins supported by the base member, the pin fins having an aspect ratio of not less than about 10, and the pin fins being not more than about 0.3 mm in equivalent... Agent:

20120234521 - Silicon carbide cladding slab based laser cooling device: A silicon carbide cladding slab based laser cooling device is disclosed. The cooling device includes two silicon carbide slabs, two heat sinks and two fans. The first and the second silicon carbide slabs are respectively diffusion bonded to both sides of a Nd:YVO4 active material of a laser; the first... Agent: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

20120234520 - Transformer assembly with enhanced air cooling: A cooling system for a transformer comprises a fan duct and a housing which together enclose an interior space. A transformer located in the interior space is mounted on the fan duct, and has a plurality of core sections surrounded by windings and separated by gaps. An air channeling structure... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120234522 - Cryogenically cooled detector pin mount: A focal plane assembly facilitates a molybdenum base plate being mounted to another plate made from aluminum. The molybdenum pin is an interference fit (press fit) in the aluminum base plate. An annular cut out area in the base plate forms two annular flexures.... Agent:

20120234523 - Automobile condenser having enhanced integration: The invention relates to a condenser (10, 20) to be used in an air-conditioning circuit of an automobile, including punched plates (20) stacked in a longitudinal direction and defining first blades for the circulation of a first fluid as well as second blades for the circulation of a second fluid,... Agent:

20120234525 - Heat spreader for plasma display panel: The invention presented is a method for applying heat spreaders to a plurality of plasma display panels, including (a) providing a plurality of heat spreader composites, each of which comprises a heat spreader material having an adhesive thereon and a release material positioned such that the adhesive is sandwiched between... Agent: Graftech International Holdings Inc.

20120234524 - High thermal conductivity/low coefficient of thermal expansion composites: A high thermal conductivity/low coefficient of thermal expansion thermally conductive composite material for heat sinks and an electronic apparatus comprising a heat sink formed from such composites. The thermally conductive composite comprises a high thermal conductivity layer disposed between two substrates having a low coefficient of thermal expansion. The substrates... Agent:

20120234526 - Methods and systems for solid state heat transfer: Various embodiments are directed to a thermoelectric device comprising a thermoelectric element, a first heat switch and a second heat switch. The thermoelectric element may comprise a first component in electrical contact with a second component at an interface. The first component may comprise a first material and the second... Agent: The Aerospace Corporation

20120234528 - Cooling device operating method and inspection apparatus: A cooling device operating method which is capable of reducing power consumption of the cooling device used in an inspection apparatus. The method controls a cooling device which cools a wafer chuck on which a semiconductor wafer is loaded. The temperature of the wafer chuck is controllable through the cooling... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120234529 - Method for adjusting several parallel connected heat exchangers: A method is provided for adjusting several parallel connected heat exchangers supplied with a coolant medium. The aim of the invention is to simplify the adjustment. For this purpose, the method consists in a) determining a specific value of heat requirement for each heat exchanger in a predetermined time period;... Agent: Danfoss A/s

20120234527 - Server room managing air conditioning system: In accordance with embodiments, a server room managing air conditioning system includes: a first coil; a second coil; and an air supply fan. The first coil adjusts returned air of a server room to a predetermined temperature value lower than a supplied air temperature target value and dehumidifies the returned... Agent:

09/13/2012 > 31 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120227926 - Energy storage systems: There is herein described energy storage systems. More particularly, there is herein described thermal energy storage systems and use of energy storable material such as phase change material in the provision of heating and/or cooling systems in, for example, domestic dwellings.... Agent: Sunamp Limited

20120227925 - Thermal energy storage system with heat energy recovery sub-system: The present application is directed to providing energy conversion and energy storage whereby inputs of electrical energy are converted into thermal energy which is stored indefinitely in an enclosure designed to retain heat and to prevent its transfer into the ambient environment. Subsequently, when the user of the device wishes... Agent:

20120227930 - Air cooling: The present invention relates to air cooling of equipment and is more particularly, although not exclusively, concerned with the use of air at ambient temperature to effect cooling of electronic equipment. Accordingly, there is provided ambient air cooling apparatus comprising: a chamber in which items to be cooled are located;... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20120227928 - Calculating airflow values from hvac systems: A method of calculating a control parameter for a component in an HVAC system includes receiving a plurality of input signals, and calculating a value of the control parameter using a control parameter equation having a plurality of predetermined coefficients and a plurality of variables, each variable corresponding to one... Agent: Nidec Motor Corporation

20120227927 - Cooling device and image forming apparatus: A cooling device includes a heat receiving unit arranged to contact with a cooling target to receive heat of the cooling target; a heat radiating unit configured to radiate heat of coolant; a tank configured to store therein the coolant; a circulating path configured to circulate the coolant through the... Agent:

20120227929 - Detector heating and/or cooling: A detector (100), such as a gas or flame detector, having a housing which provides protection against explosion and/or ingress, which detector comprises at least one temperature sensor, a heating and/or cooling element (14) and at least one heat pipe (7, 8, 9) connected between a first and a second... Agent: Groveley Detection Limited

20120227931 - Method for producing an energy storage device holder for a vehicle: A method comprising a step of providing a cooling plate having at least one exposed cooling channel designed for guiding a cooling fluid. The method further comprises a step of providing a mounting unit designed for receiving and fixing at least one energy storage unit. The method finally comprises a... Agent:

20120227932 - Axial-flow blower arrangement: An axial-flow blower arrangement for the condenser (28) of a roof-mounted air conditioning installation including two evaporator units (3, 4) and a condenser unit (2) arranged between them comprises at least two blower modules (1), each of which has a box-shaped downwardly open hood (10) which has a cover wall... Agent: Spheros Gmbh

20120227933 - Flat heat pipe with sectional differences and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention provides a flat heat pipe with sectional differences and a method for manufacturing the same. The heat pipe has a flat hollow pipe body. A working fluid is sealed in the pipe body. The pipe body is provided along its length with a plurality of flat sectional... Agent: Cooler Master Co., Ltd.

20120227937 - Heat dissipation structure for photovoltaic inverter: A heat dissipation structure for photovoltaic inverter includes a photovoltaic inverter, a thermal module and at least one heat pipe. The thermal module has a heat dissipation backboard formed with at least one groove. The heat pipe is inlaid in the groove. The heat pipe has a plane face and... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120227934 - Heat pipe having a composite wick structure and method for making the same: A heat pipe having a composite wick structure includes a first pipe, a second pipe, a third wick structure, a working fluid, an evaporating section, a condensing section and a transferring section. The inner wall of the first pipe is provided with a first wick structure. The evaporating section is... Agent: Kunshan Jue-chung Electronics Co.

20120227938 - Heat sink apparatus: A heat sink apparatus includes a fin module, a base, a first heat pipe, and a second heat pipe. The base includes an upper surface and a lower surface. The first heat pipe includes a first connection portion having a first end and a second end. The first end is... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20120227936 - Heat-dissipating unit having a hydrophilic compound film and method for depositing a hydrophilic compound film: A heat-dissipating unit having a hydrophilic compound film and a method for depositing a hydrophilic compound film are disclosed. The heat-dissipating unit includes a metallic body having a chamber and a working fluid. The chamber has a liquid-guiding structure constituted of an evaporating portion, a condensing portion and a connecting... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120227935 - Interconnected heat pipe assembly and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to an interconnected heat pipe assembly and a method for manufacturing the same. The interconnected heat pipe assembly includes a first heat pipe and a second heat pipe. The first heat pipe comprises a first pipe, a first wick structure and a first working fluid. The... Agent: Kunshan Jue-chung Electronics Co.,

20120227939 - Turbulence insert for flat heat exchanger pipes, flat pipe for a heat exchanger having such a turbulence insert, heat exchager having such flat pipes, as well as method and device for the production ofsuch a flat pipe: The present invention relates to a turbulence insert (21) for flat pipes (4) for heat exchangers, to a flat pipe (4) for heat exchangers, particularly for pipes in mobile and stationary liquefiers, evaporators, and heating system, having such an internal turbulence insert (21), as well as to a heat exchanger... Agent: Arup Alu-rohr Und Profil Gmbh

20120227940 - Toroidal fluid mover and associated heat sink: An apparatus includes a toroidal fluid mover. A drive mechanism rotates the toroidal fluid mover, such that the toroidal fluid mover directs axially received fluid at a smaller radius in a radial direction towards a greater radius to produce an axial-to-radial fluid flow field. A heat sink is positioned within... Agent: Novel Concepts, Inc.

20120227943 - Cooling apparatus for construction machine: The present invention is directed to a cooling apparatus comprising a plural number of (e.g., first to third) heat exchangers arranged in widthwise side-by-side relation to each other, and designed to optimize an air-volume distribution of cooling air passing through cores of the heat exchangers to thereby improve cooling efficiency.... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20120227941 - External heat exchanger for stoves: A heat exchanger takes existing hot gases from a stove exit and removes heat from these hot exhaust gases. The heat exchanger makes the stove more efficient. The exhaust gases may go through a conductive material core, such as an aluminum core, where forced air passing through pipes through the... Agent:

20120227942 - Flow guide structure and thermal module thereof: A flow guide structure includes a support body including a hollow frame body. At least one first flow way and at least one flow guide assembly are disposed in the hollow frame body. The flow guide assembly has multiple flow guide plates arranged at intervals. At least one second flow... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120227944 - Bent tube heat exchanger assembly: A heat exchange unit for a heat exchanger assembly is provided for use in a cooling system of a CT imaging system having a gantry frame with an annular interior region. The heat exchange unit is formed of a plurality of tubes bent at discrete locations to divide the tubes... Agent:

20120227945 - Free-draining finned surface architecture for heat exchanger: A free-draining heat exchanger includes a first heat exchange tube, a second heat exchange tube spaced from and generally parallel to the first heat exchange tube, and a fin contacting the first and second heat exchange tubes. The fin includes a louver and at least one drainage enhancement feature for... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20120227946 - Condenser having a refrigerant reservoir assembly containing a desiccant bag: A condenser having a receiver for use in an air conditioning system, having a plurality of refrigerant tubes, at least one header in hydraulic communication with the plurality of refrigerant tubes, and a receiver housing connected to the header. The receiver housing includes a refrigerant conduit nested within the spine... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20120227947 - Multi tube heat exchanger: Heat exchanger for heat exchange or heat recovery in systems such as refrigeration or heat pump systems, in particular a condenser or evaporator in such systems The heat exchanger is shaped of a multi-port aluminium extrusion (8) by bending and forming parallel loops. Each of the ends of the extrusion... Agent:

20120227949 - Aerodynamic heat exchange structure: The present invention relates to heat exchangers, and more particularly to a heat exchange structure configured to operate in an air stream. In one embodiment, a heat exchange structure configured to operate in an air stream includes coolant flow portions, each of the coolant flow portions having at least one... Agent:

20120227950 - Free air stream heat exchanger design: The present invention relates to heat exchangers, and more particularly to a heat exchange apparatus configured to operate in a free air stream. In an embodiment, a heat exchange apparatus configured to operate in a free air stream includes a heat exchange structure having a shape configured to conform to... Agent:

20120227948 - Heat sink fin structure: The first main body has at least one first protrusion edge. The second main body has at least one second protrusion edge. The second protrusion edge is assembled with the first protrusion edge so as to minimize the possibility of injury to an operator due to the exposed first protrusion... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120227951 - Heat transfer between tracer and pipe: A heat transfer element includes curved mounting surfaces configured to mate with an outer surface of a pipe for attachment thereto; and a channel configured to receive a tracer therein. The heat transfer element is configured to effect conductive heat transfer from the tracer to the pipe, or to process... Agent:

20120227952 - Radiator and method of manufacturing radiator: A radiator including: a plurality of radiation fins; and a radiation fin support base having a heater element mounted to one surface thereof and a plurality of parallel fin grooves to which the radiation fins are installed and a projection configured to fix the radiation fin formed to the other... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120227953 - Energy-saving central heating and hot water supply system: An energy-saving heating and hot water supply system includes a main heat exchanger, a circulation pump, a hot water supply heat exchanger and a hot water distributor. The main heat exchanger produces heating water through a heat exchange. The circulation pump circulates the heating water produced in the main heat... Agent: Gu-sung Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.

20120227954 - Loop heat pipe system and information processing apparatus: A loop heat pipe system includes: a loop heat pipe (LHP) including an evaporator, a condenser, a vapor line, and a liquid; a temperature sensor to measure temperature of part of the LHP, a working fluid portion in which has different phases in a situation where the LHP functions as... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120227955 - Substrate temperature control method and plasma processing apparatus: Provided are a substrate temperature control method and a plasma processing apparatus using the method. The method includes: disposing a substrate on a placing table provided in a vacuum processing chamber; supplying a heat conduction gas between a rear surface of the substrate and the placing table; detecting a pressure... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

09/06/2012 > 20 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120222832 - Integrated fan drive system for air-cooled heat exchangers (ache): An air-cooled heat exchanger (ACHE) for cooling process fluids used in an industrial process. In one embodiment, the ACHE is configured as a forced-draft ACHE. A support structure supports the forced draft ACHE above grade. A tube bundle is supported by the structure and is configured to receive process fluids... Agent:

20120222833 - Active louver system for controlled airflow in a multi-function automotive radiator and condenser system: A vehicle thermal management system is provided that includes two or more heat exchangers configured in a non-stacked arrangement, where separate air inlets corresponding to each of the heat exchangers allow a direct intake of ambient air. Active louver systems consisting of sets of adjustable louvers and a control actuator... Agent: Tesla Motors, Inc.

20120222834 - Shroud for space heater: The shroud is made from a series of components and is readily disassembled to allow compactness for storage or moving. The shroud is positioned over the space heater and ambient air is drawn into the spaces between the shroud and the heater where the air is heated by the heater.... Agent: International Thermal Investments Ltd.

20120222835 - Heat dissipating device: A heat dissipating device includes a heat sink, two support arms, two securing units, four first fasteners, and four second fasteners. The two support arms are attached to the heat sink. Each of the support arms defines a groove and a first slot. Each of the securing units includes a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120222837 - Heat exchanger of a vehicle provided with a protection grid: Fastening and supporting means are provided, by means of which opposite side edges of the protection grid are directly connected and firmly fastened to the frame or to the headers, and by means of which the protection grid is supported by the heat exchanger, and anchoring means, by means of... Agent:

20120222836 - Heat sink assembly: A heat sink assembly includes a heat pipe, a plurality of metal support members, and a mounting spring plate. The heat pipe has a first heat-receiving surface. Each metal support member has a second heat-receiving surface. The mounting spring plate has a heat pipe mounting portion for securing the heat... Agent:

20120222838 - Exhaust heat recovery device: An exhaust heat recovery device comprises: a heat exchanger for recovering heat from exhaust gas; a second flow channel for circulating the exhaust gas during exhaust heat non-recovery; a branching member for connecting an inlet of the heat exchanger and an inlet of the second flow channel; a merging member... Agent:

20120222839 - Heat pipe assembly: A heat pipe assembly includes a heat-transfer block and at least one heat pipe press-fitted thereon. The heat-transfer block has a surface. A heat pipe groove is formed concavedly on the surface. A fixing rib is protruded from the heat pipe groove. The heat pipe is press-fitted to the heat... Agent:

20120222840 - Heat pipe mounting method and heat pipe assembly thereof: A heat pipe mounting method and a heat pipe assembly thereof are disclosed. The method includes the step of providing a heat-transfer block and a plurality of heat pipes. A plurality of heat pipe grooves is formed on the heat-transfer block. The heat pipes are then press-fitted to respective heat... Agent:

20120222843 - Air conditioner condenser booster: An architecture is presented that provides a an air conditioner booster device for improving the air flow across the condensing exchanger of an air conditioning unit thereby increasing the efficiency of the air conditioning unit. The air conditioner booster device is intended to increase the air flow created by a... Agent:

20120222842 - Heat dissipation module: A heat dissipation module, which comprises a heat dissipation piece, a fan, a heat conduction coating material and a heat conduction piece, is disclosed. The heat conduction coating material is used for improving the thermal radiation coefficient of the heat dissipation piece. Accordingly, when elements transmit heat to the heat... Agent:

20120222841 - Heat dissipation system: A heat dissipation system includes an enclosure, a first heat sink, a second heat sink, and a fan. The enclosure includes a bottom plate, a first side plate, and a second side plate. A first air vent area is located on the first side plate. A second air vent area... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120222844 - Rotating machine apparatus: A rotating machine apparatus is provided and includes a rotating machine to drive rotation of a shaft, at least one air flow generator mounted on the shaft, a heat exchanger disposed in thermal communication with the rotating machine and being formed to define a plurality of pathways displaced from and... Agent: General Electric Company

20120222845 - Coaxial gas-liquid heat exchanger with thermal expansion connector: A co-axial gas-liquid heat exchanger such as a charge air cooler comprises at least three concentric tubes forming at least two annular flow passageways. One end of the inner tube is rigidly attached to the middle tube by a thermal expansion connector including an inner connecting portion secured to the... Agent:

20120222846 - Unitary heat pump air conditioner having a heat exchanger with an integral receiver and sub-cooler: The disclosure relates to a unitary heat pump air conditioner (Unitary HPAC) having a plate type hot-side heat exchanger assembly, a cold-side heat exchanger assembly, and electrically driven compressors and coolant pumps. The plate type hot-side heat exchanger assembly includes a plurality of plates stacked and hermetically sealed between an... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20120222847 - Heat exchangers the core of which is produced from a three-dimensional hollow laminated panel: The Invention relates to an exchanger comprising a network of channels extending between two parallel faces, in order to allow the circulation of a heat transfer fluid in the channels and the heat exchange between this heat transfer fluid and the outside through at least one of the faces. The... Agent: Marine Technique Mediterrannee

20120222848 - Integrated counter cross flow condenser: A heat exchanger includes a leeward condenser core including a plurality of first fluid conduits having a first flow circuit formed therethrough to receive a heat exchanging medium, a windward condenser core positioned adjacent and in fluid communication with the leeward condenser core, the windward condenser core including a plurality... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20120222849 - Oil-cooling tube: An oil-cooling tube comprises a set of aluminum-alloy hollow inner and outer tubes with a heat sink having multiple heat-dissipating pores disposed thereon laminated there-between. Via tube-expanding process, the inner tube is integrally bonded with the outer tube and the heat sink to form a lighter-weight oil cooling tube. Aluminum-alloy... Agent:

20120222850 - Heat exchanger end cap: A heat exchanger assembly, such as a condenser, may employ a portion of a heat exchanger end tank to define a slot with a second portion of the end tank. The first and second portions define an interior volume of the end tank. A flared end of a side plate... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20120222851 - Hvac system damper: A damper for determining and regulating amount of airflow admitted into a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) duct of a building from the ambient includes a variable position gate. The gate is configured to generate a continuous access opening into the duct from the ambient. The damper also includes... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

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Thank you for viewing Heat exchange patents on the FreshPatents.com website. These are patent applications which have been filed in the United States. There are a variety ways to browse Heat exchange patent applications on our website including browsing by date, agent, inventor, and industry. If you are interested in receiving occasional emails regarding Heat exchange patents we recommend signing up for free keyword monitoring by email.

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