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Heat exchange July category listing 07/12

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07/26/2012 > 27 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120186774 - Control unit with automatic setback capability: Methods for controlling temperature in a conditioned enclosure such as a dwelling are described that include an “auto-away” and/or “auto-arrival” feature for detecting unexpected absences which provide opportunities for significant energy savings through automatic adjustment of the setpoint temperature. According to some preferred embodiments, when no occupancy has been detected... Agent: Nest Labs, Inc.

20120186775 - Cooling system: A cooling system for a vehicle having an engine and an electric motor, wherein the electric motor is arranged to generate a motor torque for driving the vehicle, the cooling system comprising means for transferring heat energy between the motor cooling means and the engine cooling means upon the occurrence... Agent: Protean Electric

20120186776 - Twisted conduit for geothermal heating and cooling systems: The present invention relates to a conduit for use in a geothermal heating and cooling system wherein said conduit comprises 2 or more pipes, wherein said 2 or more pipes are twisted together, wherein further that said 2 or more twisted pipes are twisted around a central pipe, further provided... Agent:

20120186777 - Cooling system, a motor handling system, and a method of positioning a motor in a cooling system: A cooling system, a motor handling system, and a method of positioning a motor in a cooling system are disclosed. The motor handling system includes a suspension feature configured to engage a support member, the support member positioned partially below a cooler. The motor handling system permits positioning of a... Agent: Harsco Corporation

20120186778 - Method and apparatus for two stage cooling of ambient air: An apparatus is provided comprising: a radiating panel mountable to a surface such that the panel is directed towards a night sky and cooled via radiation heat loss to the night sky, and air proximal the panel is cooled by transferring heat thereto which radiates the heat via the heat... Agent:

20120186779 - Heat sink mount and assembly: An assembly for a heat sink having a contact plate with opposing first and second faces, a plurality of fins extending from the first face of the contact plate, and a plurality of gaps between the fins. A retaining device has a first pair of opposing sides and a second... Agent: Aavid Thermalloy, LLC

20120186780 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger for an internal combustion engine includes a base tube having opposite ends, and tube plates respectively provided at the ends of the base tube. A ring embraces the base tube. The ring is made of sheet metal and has legs extending toward one another in a V-shaped... Agent: Benteler Automobiltechnik Gmbh

20120186781 - Online pigging system and method: The disclosure provides a heat transfer system having a tubing coil for heating fluid flowing therein, where the tubing coil can be pigged (descaled) while operationally online, instead of offline. The online system uses an assembly of valves and associated equipment to connect to a pig launcher and pig receiver... Agent: Technip France

20120186782 - Beer chilling device: e

20120186783 - High temperature sensible heat recovery system: Heat is reclaimed from a high temperature gasifier exhaust gas of between 250° C. and 20000C. A first duct receives the exhaust gas, and outputs it at a reduced temperature. A second duct receives a heat transfer fluid and outputs it at an elevated temperature. A heat transfer arrangement conducts... Agent:

20120186785 - Heat pipe system having common vapor rail for use in a ventilation system: A heat transfer system is adapted for transferring heat between two different ducts in a ventilation system. The system has a heat pipe having a plurality of conduits. Each conduit including an evaporator section extending laterally from a first open end of the respective conduit, a condenser section extending laterally... Agent:

20120186784 - Micro vapor chamber: A micro vapor chamber includes a first plate and a second plate. The first plate has a condensing region constituted of a plurality of protrusions. The second plate has a plurality of liquid-collecting regions and an evaporating region. The condensing region is located to correspond to the liquid-collecting regions and... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120186786 - Heat dissipating apparatus and method for manufacturing same: An exemplary heat dissipation apparatus includes a stack of fins, a heat pipe extending through the fins, and a resilient plate fixed between the fins and the heat pipe. The fins are spaced from each other. Each of the fins defines a through hole therein for extending of the heat... Agent: Fu Zhun Precision Industry (shen Zhen) Co., Ltd.

20120186787 - Heat pipe system having common vapor rail: A heat pipe has a plurality of conduits. Each conduit has an evaporator section extending laterally from a first open end of the conduit, a condenser section extending laterally from a second open end of the conduit, and a liquid return section connected to the evaporator section at a position... Agent:

20120186788 - Low-energy waste gas cooling using direct contact condenser: Heat is removed from a process liquid of a direct contact condenser in waste gas cooling using two separate and distinct cooling devices that provide cooled process liquid to at least two separate sections in the direct contact condenser. Most preferably, the sections are liquidly isolated and provide the heated... Agent:

20120186790 - Implementing a front door air to water heat exchanger: A system for cooling of electronic equipment enclosures, the system includes: enclosures with front and rear doors for holding assemblages of electronics; front and rear heat exchangers housed within each of the front and rear doors, respectively; a series of separate supply lines configured with control valves and flow control... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120186789 - Nanofluids for use in cooling electronics: A fluid composition or nanofluid is described that includes a dielectric base fluid, a chemical dispersant, and nanoparticles dispersed in the dielectric fluid. The chemical dispersant is used to facilitate the nanoparticle dispersing process and also to increase the stability of the nanofluid thus produced. The nanofluid is compatible with... Agent: Hardcore Computer, Inc.

20120186792 - Architecturally and thermally improved freeze resistant window perimeter radiator: The present invention is a room perimeter heating/cooling radiator that utilizes low to medium temperature heat transfer fluid in a new design with an enhanced ‘primary only’ heat transfer surface having an internal spiral or helix to circulate the water around the inside of the primary surface to enhance the... Agent:

20120186791 - Transport membrane condenser using turbulence promoters: An apparatus and method for enhancing the heat and water recovery from a transport membrane condenser (TMC) includes a non-moving mechanical device inserted into the TMC tubes to increase the heat transfer efficiency via the enhancement of the fluid turbulence and/or surface area. The apparatus and methods may be applied... Agent:

20120186793 - Integrated device with defined heat flow: An integrated device includes at least one heat generating component which generates heat when operated, at least one temperature-sensitive component, and one or more hollow insulation regions arranged between the at least one heat generating component and the at least one temperature-sensitive component. The hollow insulation region may be provided... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120186794 - Heat-exchanger configuration: A heat exchanger including a first plate and a second plate spaced apart from the first plate that defines a first gap between inner surfaces of the first plate and the second plate in which a first fluid circulates where a major portion of the first gap is free of... Agent: Valorbec Societe En Commandite, Representee Par Gestion Valeo S.e.c.

20120186795 - Plate cooler for fluids: A plate cooler for fluids, in particular hydraulic oil, having a parallelepiped packet of spaced-apart plate elements (1), which include vertical fluid channels (2) and air channels (3) disposed between the fluid channels and which at their ends communicate with a distributor box (4) disposed at their upper boundary and... Agent:

20120186796 - Heat exchanger device and use thereof: The invention relates to a heat exchanger device to be introduced, along a longitudinal direction L, into a sewage pipeline extending along the longitudinal direction L, with a heat exchanger wall, comprising:—a first wall portion designed to make contact with sewage,—a second wall portion, spaced from the first wall portion,... Agent:

20120186797 - Motor water-cooling structure and manufacturing method thereof: A motor water-cooling structure and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The motor water-cooling structure includes a motor case having a wall portion and a tube. The tube is embedded in the wall portion to serve as a flow passage. To manufacture the motor water-cooling structure, the tube is positioned... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120186798 - Cooling module for led lamp: A cooling module for an LED lamp includes a thermostatic plate, a hollow column, and a plurality of cooling fins. The thermostatic plate has an evaporating segment and a pair of condensing segments extending from the evaporating segment. The outer surface of the hollow column has a pair of grooves... Agent: Celsia Technologies Taiwan, I

20120186800 - Heat sink for electronic device and process for production thereof: A heat sink for an electronic device includes a Cr—Cu alloy layer including a Cu matrix and more than 30 mass % and not more than 80 mass % of Cr; and Cu layers provided on top and rear surfaces of the Cr—Cu alloy layer.... Agent: Jfe Precision Corporation

20120186799 - Laminating heat sink having enhanced heat dissipation capacity: A laminating heat sink includes a first heatsink plate, at least one second heatsink plate overlapping the first heatsink plate, and a plurality of fixing bars each extended through the first heatsink plate and the second heatsink plate to combine and fix the first heatsink plate and the second heatsink... Agent:

07/19/2012 > 35 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20120180979 - Computer cooling system and method of use: A reliable, leak-tolerant liquid cooling system with a backup air-cooling system for computers is provided. The system may use a vacuum pump and a liquid pump and/or an air compressor in combination to provide negative fluid pressure so that liquid does not leak out of the system near electrical components.... Agent:

20120180978 - Heat exchange device with confined convective boiling and improved efficiency: A heat exchange device with convective and confined boiling includes a channel in a substrate in contact with an element to be cooled, in which a polar fluid flows from upstream to downstream, a mechanism of movement of the fluid by convection in the channel imposing a direction of flow,... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene. Alt.

20120180977 - Liquid cooling apparatus and method therefor: A method of cooling a mixture, the mixture comprising a liquid having a gas dissolved therein, the method comprising the steps of providing the mixture along an input mixture line (3); splitting the mixture from the input mixture line into a plurality of heat exchange tubes (6); flowing a heat... Agent:

20120180980 - Automotive air-conditioning system: One examples provides an automotive air-conditioning system provided with: a thermal unit having a condenser and an evaporator configured to be traversed by a refrigerant fluid and a hydraulic circuit, which is configured to be traversed by a carrier fluid and has a first portion provided with a first heat... Agent: C.r.f. Societa Consortile Per Azioni

20120180981 - Distributed energy system thermal management system and method: A distributed energy storage or community energy storage unit incorporates a geothermal temperature regulation system. The system includes a sealed, chemically inert storage energy container or “pack” disposed within an underground chamber. The underground chamber is defined by a support structure or box pad 14 that includes side walls and... Agent: S&c Electric Company

20120180982 - Heat pump system having a pre-processing module: A heat pump system for conditioning regeneration air from a space is provided. The heat pump system is operable in a winter mode and/or a summer mode. The system includes an energy recovery module that receives and conditions air in a regeneration air channel. A pre-processing module is positioned downstream... Agent: Venmar Ces, Inc.

20120180983 - Cluster tool architecture for processing a substrate: The present invention generally provides a cluster tool for processing a substrate. In one embodiment, the cluster tool comprises at least one processing rack, which comprises a first plurality of substrate processing chambers that are positioned adjacent to each other and aligned in a first direction, a second plurality of... Agent:

20120180984 - Heat-accumulating hot-water-supplying air conditioner: A first circulation channel connects a first heat demand part and first supply heat exchanger with its forward route and return route. Supply and discharge channels are connected to a first heat accumulation tank, which accommodates a second heat medium heated in the first supply heat exchanger and supplied via... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120180985 - Compact instant cooling and heating device: A compact instant heating and cooling device has a cabinet that contains both a heating portion and cooling portion. A chilled water container is disposed within the cooling portion and is equipped with two parallel rollers which are turned by a motor. When a beverage is placed on the rollers,... Agent:

20120180986 - Modular cooling and heating systems: A module for use in a cooling and heating system includes an enclosure having a number of cartridge-receiving slots and at least one cartridge interchangeably disposed in one of the slots. The cartridge contains components for producing chilled fluid. The system can include a refrigerated load that is supplied with... Agent:

20120180987 - Condenser having a sub-cooling unit: Condenser (1) having a sub cooling unit, comprising a gas inlet collector (2); a sub cooler collector (4) connected to the gas inlet collector (2) by at least one condensing conduit (12) having a condensing surface, said condensing surface condensing the gaseous refrigerant (10a) to liquid refrigerant (10b), said sub... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20120180988 - Moving thermal bed to time shift liquifaction and vaporization: A method to store and utilize thermal energy is provided. During a first phase, transferring heat from the heat relocation media to the lower temperature reservoir, transferring heat from the higher temperature stream to the heat relocation media, and transferring heat from the heat relocation media to the high temperature... Agent: Air Liquide Process & Construction, Inc.

20120180989 - Vehicular air-conditioning system: A heating-use heat exchanger which includes a first heater core which exchanges heat between a first liquid and air blown into a passenger compartment and a second heater core which exchanges heat between a second liquid which is higher in temperature and smaller in flow rate than the first liquid... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120180991 - Heat exchange tube and method of using the same: A heat exchanger tube includes protrusions extending into the internal volume to turbulate a fluid flow for improved heat transfer. The protrusions are arranged to provide dimpled and un-dimpled regions in order to provide increased heat transfer together with decreased pressure drop. A method of transferring heat by flowing a... Agent:

20120180990 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes at least two adjacent heat exchanging tubes, each having equilateral triangular cross section. Hot gas flows through the heat exchanging tubes and coolant flows over the heat exchanging tubes. The heat exchanging tubes form a tube bundle of polygonal cross section and have two tube walls... Agent: Benteler Automobiltechnik Gmbh

20120180992 - Axial flow heat exchanger devices and methods for heat transfer using axial flow devices: Systems and methods described herein are directed to rotary heat exchangers configured to transfer heat to a heat transfer medium flowing in substantially axial direction within the heat exchangers. Exemplary heat exchangers include a heat conducting structure which is configured to be in thermal contact with a thermal load or... Agent:

20120180993 - Heat conveying structure for electronic device: A heat conveying structure for an electronic device according to the present invention includes: an evaporating section that has a chamber structure with first fins erected therein, is thermally connected to the electronic device, evaporates a liquid coolant on the surfaces of the first fins to thereby change the liquid... Agent:

20120180994 - Heat pipe structure: A heat pipe structure includes a pipe body, a thin-sheet member, and a plurality of bosses. The pipe body internally defines a receiving space, in which a working fluid is provided. The thin-sheet member includes a plurality of first extended sections and a plurality of second extended sections. The first... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120180995 - Thin heat pipe structure and method of manufacturing same: A thin heat pipe structure includes a pipe body, a thin-sheet member, and a plurality of bosses. The pipe body internally defines a receiving space, in which a working fluid is provided. The thin-sheet member includes a plurality of open spaces, and the bosses are provided in the open spaces,... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120180996 - Jacketed firetube system for a process vessel: A jacketed firetube system for use in a process vessel such as a heater or heater/treater has a jacket which extends along the firetube, at a flame inlet end. The jacket can be external to the firetube or internal to the firetube. A heat transfer fluid is circulated along the... Agent: Chadwick Energy Services Ltd.

20120180997 - Coolant de-aeration reservoir: A coolant de-aeration system is provided that includes a coolant reservoir, a plurality of de-aeration chambers within the reservoir, a plurality of de-aeration chamber apertures that direct coolant flow through the de-aeration chambers, a reservoir inlet and a reservoir outlet that share a common coolant flow pathway that allows the... Agent: Tesla Motors, Inc.

20120180998 - Air conditioner: An air conditioner includes: an air conditioning case having an air passage; a heat exchanger arranged to cross the air passage; a photocatalyst arranged on a surface of the heat exchanger; and an emitting portion which emits light for activating the photocatalyst. The photocatalyst decomposes odor component contained in air.... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120180999 - Turbulator for an exhaust gas conveyance tube in a heat exchange apparatus: A turbulator for an exhaust gas conveyance tube in a heat exchange apparatus, comprising at least two helices made of metallic wire, which are designed to be inserted in the tube so as to adhere to the inner surface thereof, are arranged side by side and are rendered mutually integral... Agent:

20120181003 - Closed and internal cooling system for car radio: A vehicle audio apparatus such as a car radio includes a casing defined by external walls and electrical components mounted on a printed circuit board. The radio also includes a cooling system having a fan arranged in a first external wall of the casing, an opening arranged in a second... Agent:

20120181000 - Heat dissipation assembly: A heat dissipation assembly includes a heat sink and a fan. The heat sink includes a plurality of fins. The plurality of fins is parallel with each other. Each of the plurality of fins includes two side faces. Each side face is waved. An air channel is located between two... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120181002 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger is provided. The heat exchanger includes a heat dissipation module, an inner heat-dissipating device and an outer heat-dissipating device. The heat dissipation module includes a body, a plurality of first inlets, a plurality of first outlets, a plurality of second inlets, a plurality of second outlets, a... Agent:

20120181001 - Thermal management systems and methods: Thermal management assemblies and systems related to controlling temperature of internal combustion engines are provided. In one embodiment, a multi-stage cooling assembly, includes a body forming an air inlet and an air outlet, a plurality of exterior fins extending outward from an exterior of the body, the plurality of exterior... Agent:

20120181004 - Surface coating layer and heat exchanger including the surface coating layer: A surface coating layer, in contact with a surface of a base material of a heat exchanger, comprises a plurality of composite layers comprising a first layer contacting a surface of the base material, the first layer comprising a first matrix and a first nanobody, and a second layer contacting... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120181005 - Compact high performance condenser: A thermal management system includes an evaporator and a fluid circuit that directs a cooling medium through a condenser. The example condenser provides improved heat transfer coefficients and stable operation by reducing condensate thickness and films that build up within fluid passages of the condenser to provide improved thermal communication... Agent:

20120181006 - Heat exchanger with highly flexible use: A heat exchanger, comprising a box-like body which delimits inside it at least one heat exchange chamber and has at least one inlet and at least one outlet for the passage through the chamber of combustion products along a preferred path. The box-like body defines at least partly in its... Agent:

20120181007 - Flat tube for heat exchange: A flat tube for heat exchange includes a body having plural through holes with circular cross-sections. The through holes are arranged in one row and configured to have refrigerant pass through. t1/R is a value in which a thickness t1 of partition portions partitioning an adjacent pair of the through... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20120181008 - Heat sink clip device: A heat sink clip device, configured to secure a heat sink to a heat generating unit, the heat sink clip comprises a thermal conductive board and a plurality of locking members. The thermal conductive board is attached to the heat generating unit. The thermal conductive board may include a plurality... Agent: Chaun-choung Technology C

20120181009 - Automatic switching two pipe hydronic system: A system for simultaneously heating and cooling a first portion and a second portion of a space utilizes a plurality of boilers, chillers, heat exchangers, condenser pumps and closed loop pumps by using a plurality of sensors indicating the temperatures inside and outside the space and a controlling module controlling... Agent:

20120181011 - System for determining ambient temperature: A mechanism for indicating ambient temperature of an enclosure from temperatures determined within the enclosure. The temperatures may be obtained from two or more sensors at each of two or more locations within the enclosure. The enclosure may include an apparatus inside such as electronics of which power consumption may... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120181010 - User setup for an hvac remote control unit: An HVAC remote controller for use in an HVAC system is described. In some instances, the HVAC remote controller may include a wirelessly interface for communicating with one or more HVAC controllers and/or other HVAC devices. The HVAC remote controller may be configured to execute a user setup routine for... Agent: Honeywell International, Inc.

07/12/2012 > 25 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120175077 - Geothermal heat exchanger: A geothermal heat exchanger, comprising an inner tube bounding a first passage for a flowing heat exchanger fluid. The inner tube has one or more ribs on an outer side thereof. The inner tube and the one or more ribs are integrally formed by extrusion and entirely made of a... Agent:

20120175078 - Heat exchanger tube cleaning apparatus and method of removing a blockage from a tube: A cleaning apparatus for removing a blockage from a heat exchanger tube of a steam generator, or the like, having a plurality of tubes extending between a pair of tube sheets. Anchor plate fasteners, which are expandable inside tubes adjacent to the blocked tube, are used to mount an anchor... Agent:

20120175079 - Heat dissipation device having centrifugal fan: A heat dissipation device includes a centrifugal fan, a fan duct and a fin assembly. The centrifugal fan has an air outlet. The fan duct is fixed to the air outlet. The fan duct includes a plurality of guiding plates spaced from each other. A channel is defined between every... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120175080 - System and method for cooling at least one heat producing device in an aircraft: A system is provided for cooling at least one heat producing device in an aircraft that includes, but is not limited to at least one coolant circuit. A coolant absorbs heat from the heat producing device and dissipates heat, by way of a heat dissipation device, to the surroundings of... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20120175081 - Refrigerant radiator: A refrigerant radiator used for a vapor compression refrigerant cycle including a compressor configured to compress and discharge refrigerant includes tubes through which the refrigerant flows. The tubes are stacked and arranged in a horizontal direction, and extend in a direction perpendicular to the horizontal direction or with an angle... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120175083 - Heat transfer device: A heat transfer device that allows high-accuracy temperature management of an entire piping system. The heat transfer device transferring heat to the piping system through which a fluid flows includes: a high heat conductive heat transfer block surrounding the piping system; a heat pipe embedded in the heat transfer block... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20120175082 - Solar heat pipe heat exchanger: This invention relates to the process of collecting heat and removing heat from a heat pipe for solar energy applications. More specifically, this invention is a solar energy system that elegantly couples a heat pipe and a single header heat transfer assembly that has the capability of interchangeable operational designs... Agent:

20120175085 - Enhanced surface area heat pipe: A sealed thermal cycle heat transferring device having areas of gross surface modification enabling efficiency enhancement through increased working fluid capacity and reduced conduction resistance while still retaining the net surface footprint. Certain embodiments of the present invention facilitate surface enhancement affecting condensing portions as well as evaporating portions. Thermal... Agent:

20120175087 - Evaporators for heat transfer systems: A heat transfer system includes an evaporator having a heated wall, a liquid barrier wall containing working fluid, a primary wick positioned between the heated wall and an inner side of the liquid barrier wall, a vapor removal channel located at an interface between the primary wick and the heated... Agent: Alliant Techsystems Inc.

20120175084 - Heat pipe with a radial flow shunt design: A heat pipe includes a pipe body filled up with a working fluid and having opposing evaporation segment and condensing segment, a first wick structure having ribs axially extending through the evaporation segment and the condensing segment, a channel defined between each two adjacent ribs and grooves transversely cut through... Agent:

20120175086 - Heat transfer device and method of making same: A heat pipe is provided having an enclosed vapor chamber and a wick disposed within the vapor chamber. The wick comprises a plurality of lands having a thickness and a plurality of vents formed between the lands, wherein each vent includes a layer of wick having a thickness that is... Agent:

20120175088 - Container data center and waste heat utilizing system therefor: The disclosure relates to a waste heat utilizing system for a container data center. The waste heat utilizing system includes a first heat exchanger received in and absorbing heat from the container data center, a water inlet pipe communicated with the first heat exchanger for supplying water to the first... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120175090 - Apparatus and method for heating or cooling an object using a fluid: An improved heating apparatus is aimed at optimizing heat transfer and delivering an optimal heating efficiency in comparison to conventional heating apparatus. The improved heating apparatus includes tubes that generate plume arrays of a fluid (e.g., a gas, such as air) that is heated in a conduit. The tubes introduce... Agent: Appliance Scientific, Inc.

20120175089 - Outdoor unit for air conditioner: Provided is an outdoor unit of an air conditioner. The outdoor unit of an air conditioner includes an axial flow fan including a hub and a plurality of blades disposed on the hub, a rotation orifice disposed to surround the axial flow fan, the rotation orifice guiding air flowing by... Agent:

20120175091 - Distribution system and heat exchanger apparatus: The invention relates to a distribution system (1) for distributing a fluid (15) into a container (27) from a fluid inlet (26) of the container (27). Distribution system (1) comprises one or more guide plates that form a guide section (2) and a distribution section (3) that adjoins the guide... Agent: Linde Aktiengesellschaft

20120175093 - Plate heat exchanger: A plate heat exchanger may include a plurality of trough-shaped heat exchanger plates stacked one on top of each other. Each plate may define a plurality of openings configured to receive a first fluid and a second fluid separated from the first fluid. An upper cover plate may have crossed... Agent:

20120175092 - Plate heat exchanger having a plurality of plates stacked one upon the other: A plate heat exchanger may include a plurality of plates stacked one upon each other forming a stack. Each plate may alternately span a first and a second flow space forming a first and second medium respectively. Each plate may have a circumferential edge and a basin-shaped design. Two adjacent... Agent:

20120175094 - Liquid cooling system cold plate assembly: A cold plate assembly consisting of a thermally conductive base component with an insert having a high thermal transfer characteristic adapted for contacting the surface of a heat source on one side. The surface of the base component opposite from the insert is surrounding by a housing defining an enclosed... Agent: Asetek A/s

20120175096 - Heat exchanger and method of making the same: A heat exchanger includes a core portion, a pair of header tanks, and an elastically-deformable sealing member. The header tanks are arranged on both end sides of the core portion. The header tank includes a core plate and a resin tank body, which define a tank space. The sealing member... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120175095 - Heat exchanger manifold and method of manufacture: This invention provides an efficient counter flow heat exchanger of various rectangular, cylindrical or spiral shapes, having two flow channels or more and four inlet/outlet or more. Wherein flow channels have a plurality of passageways created by interposing a roll formed metallic between metallic rectangular sheets to form the flow... Agent:

20120175097 - Method for enclosing heat pipe with metal and composite heat pipe thereof: A method for enclosing a heat pipe with metal is disclosed. The method includes the steps of: a) providing a tube made of a metal; b) putting the heat pipe in a hollow of the tube; and c) stretching the tube to shrink an inner diameter of the tube for... Agent: Cooler Master Co., Ltd.

20120175098 - Systems and methods to insulate components of industrial infrastructure: This specification relates to systems and methods to insulate components of industrial infrastructure, such as tank systems and valve boxes used in association with oil wells. According to some implementations, a system includes a component to contain an outflow associated with industrial infrastructure; a foam arranged to insulate an exterior... Agent: Bpg, LLC

20120175101 - Fin tube heat exchanger: A fin tube heat exchanger 1 according to the present invention includes fins 31 and a heat transfer tube 21 penetrating through the fins 31. A region that is surrounded by line segments connecting among two reference points BP and two leading edge reference points BPF is defined as a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120175099 - Radial heat sink device: A radial heat sink device includes a central heat conduction member, a plurality of heat sink fins and at least one curved heat conduction pipe. The plurality of heat sink fins are radially disposed around the central heat conduction member and each has a portion connected to an outer peripheral... Agent:

20120175100 - Structure and apparatus for cooling integrated circuits using copper microchannels: A cooler having a unitary construction including a channel portion including a plurality of fins on a base, the plurality of fins defining a plurality of microchannels therebetween, a tapered opening formed in a set of the plurality of fins, a manifold portion disposed on an edge portion of the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

07/05/2012 > 35 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20120168111 - Heat transfer system utilizing thermal energy storage materials: An enhanced heat transfer between stored thermal energy and a heat recipient via a capillary pumped loop. The devices, systems and methods employ a thermal energy storage material having a solid to liquid phase transition at a temperature and a structure having a plurality of capillaries.... Agent: Dow Global Technologies Inc.

20120168113 - Embedded heat exchanger for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (hvac) systems and methods: A zone-control unit for use in a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, the zone-control unit includes a heat exchanger, an inlet piping assembly coupled with the heat exchanger for supplying fluid to the heat exchanger, an outlet piping assembly coupled with the heat exchanger for receiving fluid from... Agent:

20120168114 - Heat exchanger assembly and method for transporting thermal energy: A heat exchanger assembly to be introduced into a sewage pipeline includes: at least one first heat exchanger adapted to thermally contact a heat source with sewage and at least one second heat exchanger adapted to thermally contact the sewage with a heat sink. The at least one second heat... Agent: Uhrig Kanaltechnik Gmbh

20120168112 - Laminated heat exchanger: A laminated heat exchanger includes at least one heat exchange layer that includes a plurality of side members that define a frame having an interior portion. A plurality of heat exchange members extend between at least two of the plurality of side members across the interior portion. The plurality of... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120168115 - Integration of a surface heat-exchanger with regulated air flow in an airplane engine: The present invention relates to a surface air-cooled oil cooler (1) in an airplane engine comprising at least one first oil circuit (4) and at least a first (2) and a second (3) exchange surface positioned on either side of the first oil circuit (4) and each able to be... Agent: Techspace Aero S.a.

20120168116 - Method of constructing a wind turbine and bottom tower section of wind turbine: Method of constructing a wind turbine comprising a tower with a bottom section housing electric equipment, which is built in the bottom tower section before the bottom tower section is positioned on a foundation. Prefabricated bottom tower section for a wind turbine comprising electric equipment, e.g., positioned on two or... Agent: Xemc Darwind B.v.

20120168117 - Automotive hvac diffuser with cooperating wall guide and vane: A case for an HVAC system has at least two molded shells joined together along a parting line to enclose a heat exchanger chamber, a blower chamber, and a diffuser section. The diffuser section includes a floor, a ceiling, an outer wall, and an inner wall around a longitudinal axis.... Agent: Automotive Components Holdings, LLC

20120168118 - Integrated pump, coolant flow control and heat exchange device: A coolant flow control management system includes an integrated pump coolant flow control and heat exchange device for delivering engine coolant to and from the engine. According to the system, coolant flows from the engine and is delivered back to the engine after passing through various coolant branches while flow... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20120168119 - Ventilation device for use in systems and methods for removing heat from enclosed spaces with high internal heat generation: A ventilation device is provided for use in conjunction with systems and methods provided for cooling data centers. A Make-Up Air Dehumidification/Humidification Unit for the introduction of ventilation air and control of humidity within the enclosed space is provided to support other system components. An objective of the systems and... Agent: Munters Corporation

20120168120 - Heat dissipating device: A heat dissipating device for dissipating heat from a heat radiation element includes a base, a fixing frame, a fan, and a securing arm. The fixing frame is fixedly attached to the base, and the fixing frame has two coaxially aligned receiving holes defined therein. The fan includes two coaxially... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120168121 - Internal pocket fastener system for ceramic matrix composite heat exchanger: A fastener system provides an internal pocket within a CMC HEX panel into which a fastener stud is inserted through an internal pocket opening and loaded to secure the CMC HEX panel to a support structure.... Agent:

20120168122 - thermal management for electronic device housing: The present invention relates to a cage for thermal management and for housing an electronic module. The cage includes top, bottom and side walls joined to form an interior cavity. The side walls form an enclosure having a first panel. A thermally conductive pathway is disposed on the first panel.... Agent:

20120168123 - Overhead-mounted heatsink: An apparatus includes a supporting member, a cooling stage and a translating member. The cooling stage has a surface for contacting an electronic device. The cooling stage is translatably coupled to the supporting member. The translating member is coupled to the supporting member and attached to the cooling stage. The... Agent:

20120168124 - Heat exchanger washing device and air conditioner having the same: A heat exchanger washing device includes a wash water storage chamber to store wash water in a case, a wash water injection chamber to jet the wash water stored in the wash water storage chamber to a heat exchanger, and a bypass path unit to guide the wash water jetted... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20120168125 - Multi-function automotive radiator and condenser airflow system: A vehicle thermal management system is provided that includes two or more heat exchangers configured in a non-stacked arrangement, where separate air inlets corresponding to each of the heat exchangers allow a direct intake of ambient air. Corresponding to each heat exchanger is a set of adjustable louvers that control... Agent: Tesla Motors, Inc.

20120168126 - Heat-storage device: Disclosed is a heat-storage device provided with a supply pipe, a discharge pipe, and a heat-storage container that contains a heat-storage material. A heat-storage material layer comprising said heat-storage material is formed in the bottom of the heat-storage container. The supply pipe supplies a heat-carrying oil, which has a lower... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20120168127 - Systems and methods for exchanging heat in a gasification system: Systems and methods for exchanging heat in a gasification system are provided. The method can include introducing one or more particulates and a heat transfer medium including a feed water, a deaerated feed water, or a combination thereof, to a first zone. The method can also include indirectly exchanging heat... Agent: Kellogg Brown & Root LLC

20120168128 - Cooling augmentation using microchannels with rotatable separating plates: A DL-microchannel cooling device with rotatable separating plate is disclosed. The separating plate is supported via anti-leaking flexible seals. The only allowable motion for that plate is the rotational motion about a pivot rod. The rod is taken to be aligned along the microchannel center line normal to its sides... Agent:

20120168129 - Adaptive heat dissipating device: An adaptive heat dissipating device includes a heat-transfer element and a heat-dissipation element. An end of the heat-transfer element is a spherical body, and an end of the heat-dissipation element is a semispherical socket for correspondingly receiving the spherical body therein, such that the spherical body is rotatably connected to... Agent:

20120168130 - Heat sink: A heat sink includes a first plate having a first surface with a heat source contact region, and a second surface has a looped peripheral groove, and first to nth evaporation/condensation grooved sections arranged sequentially within the looped peripheral groove. Each grooved section has parallel grooves. The first grooved section... Agent:

20120168131 - Heat exchange device with improved efficiency: A method for heat exchange by boiling a polar liquid on a surface including at least one low-wetting zone, including: a) generating appearance of nuclei of vapor bubbles on the low-wetting zone, and causing the nuclei to grow; and b) making the surface wetting by at least one electro-wetting system,... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120168132 - Heat dissipation device and method: A heat dissipation device for a heat-generating component includes at least one helically-shaped air tube having a length. The at least one air tube is thermally coupled to the heat-generating component to dissipate heat from the heat-generating component. Other embodiments of the heat dissipation device and methods for dissipating heat... Agent: American Power Conversion Corporation

20120168133 - Compact air handler system: An air handler system comprising a cabinet housing a blower unit and a heat exchange unit. The blower unit and the heat exchange unit are located in a substantially same lateral dimension in the cabinet. The blower unit and the heat exchange unit are separated by a distance that provides... Agent:

20120168134 - Heat dissipation device: A heat dissipation device includes an axial-flow fan and an air guider. The axial-flow fan has an air inlet and air outlet. The air guider is connected to the air outlet and includes an air input section, an air output section, at least an air divider and at least an... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20120168135 - Apparatus and method for solar cell module edge cooling during lamination: Embodiments of the present invention provide a lamination module and procedure for cooling the edges of a partially formed thin film solar module to substantially the same temperature as the central region of the module just prior to compressing and bonding the layers of the heated module. The lamination module... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120168136 - Total heat exchange element: In a total heat exchange element, a partition member has a heat transfer property, moisture permeability, and a gas blocking property. A spacer is formed in a hollow cylindrical shape polygonal in section extending substantially in parallel along the surface of the partition member and includes an overlapping wall that... Agent:

20120168137 - Compressed natural gas (cng) sub-cooling system for cng-filling stations: The present invention is referred to a compressed natural gas (CNG) sub-cooling system for CNG-filling stations, comprising a CNG inlet pipeline coming from the CNG compressor, a set of coils connected to an expansion heat exchanger capable of creating a Joule-Thomson cooling effect on the gas, both coils are immersed... Agent:

20120168139 - Air-conditioning apparatus: An air-conditioning apparatus includes a heat medium side device with plural pumps for circulating the heat medium related to the heating or the cooling of plural intermediate heat exchangers. Plural use side heat exchangers exchange heat between the heat medium and air. Plural flow path switching valves switch the flow... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120168138 - Integrated pump, coolant flow control and heat exchange device: A coolant flow control system includes an integrated pump for delivering an engine coolant to an engine, coolant flow control and heat exchange device. According to the system, coolant flow from the engine is delivered back to the engine after passing through the valve body part and then the heat... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20120168140 - Cooling system for electric vehicle: A cooling system for an electric vehicle includes: a cooling unit that cools an electric drive unit; and a control unit that controls cooling of the electric drive unit by controlling the cooling unit. The control unit controls the cooling unit in a first cooling mode that provides a first... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120168141 - Container data center: A container data center includes a container, a group of server systems located in the container; a hot aisle and a cold aisle formed at two opposite sides of one group of server systems, a fan apparatus located at a top of the hot aisle, a heat exchanger located adjacent... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120168142 - Submersed heat exchanger: Systems and methods for transporting a hydrocarbon are provided. The method can include introducing a fluid at a first pressure and a first temperature to an inlet of a pump and pressurizing the fluid within the pump to produce a pressurized fluid having a second pressure and a second temperature.... Agent: Kellogg Brown & Root LLC

20120168145 - Deicing louvers for datacenter applications: A datacenter may use heat collected from a heat exchanger at the exhaust portion of a cooling system to heat inlet louvers for an atmospheric intake. The louvers may have fluid passages through which heated fluid may pass and cause the louvers to heat up. The heated louvers may operate... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120168144 - Thermal diffusion chamber control device and method: Preferably, obtaining internal and external thermal measurement values of a sealed process chamber allows a control system to generate a control signal based on a comparison of the internal and external thermal measurement values to the predetermined value. The control signal is provided to a fluid handling system, wherein the... Agent: Poole Ventura, Inc.

20120168143 - Thermal diffusion chamber with heat exchanger: Preferably, a frame supporting a containment chamber, a sealed process chamber confined within the containment chamber, a heat source module disposed between the containment chamber and the process chamber, and a fluid inlet box with a flow adjustment structure, the fluid inlet box in fluidic communication with an exterior of... Agent: Poole Ventura, Inc.

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