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Heat exchange April category listing, related patent applications 04/12

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04/26/2012 > 23 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20120097360 - Air conditioner and air conditioning system: An air conditioner sucks air exhausted from an information processor, and cools down the sucked air. The air conditioner exhausts the cooled air. The air conditioner acquires a cooling state, determines whether a cooling capacity exceeds an upper limit value, and reduces the volume of exhaust air when it is... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120097362 - Subsea cooler and method for cleaning the subsea cooler: There is disclosed a subsea cooler for the cooling of a fluid flowing in a subsea flow line. The subsea cooler comprises an inlet and an outlet which are connectable to the subsea flow line and at least two cooling sections arranged in fluid communication with the inlet and the... Agent: Framo Engineering As

20120097361 - Temperature unifying and heat storing system of semiconductor heat loss though natural temperature maintaining member: The primary purpose of the present invention is to provide a heat equalizer and the fluid transmission duct disposed in a heat carrier existing in solid state in the nature where presents comparatively larger and more stable heat carrying capacity for passing through the fluid. The fluid passes through the... Agent:

20120097363 - Heat sink assembly container: A heat sink assembly is packaged by placing the heat sink assembly in a container. The container is secured within a hard disk drive cage.... Agent:

20120097364 - Valve arrangement for venting a coolant circuit of an internal combustion engine: A valve arrangement for venting a coolant circuit of an internal combustion engine having several subcircuits includes a valve which is in fluid communication with a primary vent line extending from one of the subcircuits. At least one secondary vent line is in fluid communication with the valve and extends... Agent: Audi Ag

20120097365 - Heat exchanger with an integrated temperature manipulation element: A heat exchanger includes a plurality of plates in stacked relation forming a plurality of fluid channels therebetween. Ports formed in each of the plates are arranged and substantially align to form an inlet manifold and an outlet manifold for receiving a working fluid therein, wherein the inlet manifold is... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20120097366 - Heating exchange chamber for liquid state cooling fluid: A heat exchange chamber for liquid state cooling fluid is provided, which comprises a flow resistance, the flow resistance is sited inside a cavity at a position proximate to an inlet. In other words, the flow resistance is sited between the inlet and a thermal dissipation device. The flow resistance... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20120097367 - Indoor unit of air conditioner: The present invention provides indoor unit of air conditioner including a plurality of heat-exchangers, main-unit casing that accommodates heat-exchangers and includes suction air duct extending from air inlet to heat-exchangers and blowout air duct extending from heat-exchangers to air outlet, and air blower that is provided in blowout air duct... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120097370 - flow balancing scheme for two-phase refrigerant cooled rack: A cooling system distributes fluid to a plurality of docking bays within a server rack. The server rack includes docking bays for housing electronics devices. A two-phase fluid-based heat exchanging system is coupled to each docking bay, which functions to remove heat from the electronics server. The docking bays are... Agent: Cooligy Inc.

20120097369 - Heat exchanger: The disclosure relates to a heat exchanger including at least a first group and a second group of channels arranged to provide fluid paths between a first end and a second end of the heat exchanger. Connecting parts are arranged at the first end and at the second end of... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20120097368 - Heating exchange chamber for liquid state cooling fluid: A heat exchange chamber for liquid state cooling fluid is provided, which comprises a casing and a thermal dissipation device, the casing has a cavity and the thermal dissipation device is sited in the cavity. A cooling fluid flows through the cavity along a flow direction. The cross-sectional area of... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20120097372 - Heat sink: Provided is a heat sink capable of improving heat dissipating characteristics and saving space with a reduced fin size. The heat sink is provided with: a base plate which has one surface thermally connected to a heat generating component and which has thermally connected thereto a first heat dissipating fin... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20120097371 - Serially-connected heat-dissipating fin assembly: A serially-connected heat-dissipating fin assembly includes a plurality of heat-dissipating fins and a thermal-conducting element. Each of the heat-dissipating fins is provided with a hollow connecting portion for allowing the thermal-conducting element to be disposed through. The inner edge of the connecting portion of the respective heat-dissipating fins is provided... Agent: Celsia Technologies Taiwan, I

20120097373 - Methods for improving pool boiling and apparatuses thereof: A method and apparatus for pool boiling includes introducing a fluid into a chamber of a housing which has one or more protruding features. One or more diverters extend at least partially across the one or more protruding features in the chamber. One or more bubbles are formed in the... Agent: Rochester Institute Of Technology

20120097374 - Maintaining thermal uniformity in micro-channel cold plates with two-phase flows: A cold plate system including, in one embodiment, first and second flow paths extending from a common inlet to a common outlet, wherein the first and second flow paths enable two-phase coolant flow under pressure through micro-channels for cooling heat loads on the cold plate system, first and second orifices... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120097375 - Fan system for electronic device: A fan system for dissipating heat generated in an electronic device includes a processor unit, a speedometer unit connected to the processor unit, a governor unit connected to the processor unit, and a fan group including at least two fans. Each fan is connected to the speedometer unit and the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120097376 - Heat dissipation module for optical projection system: A heat dissipation module for an optical projection system includes a flow channel, a fan and an air filter. The flow channel is disposed in the optical projection system and has an air intake and an air vent. The fan is disposed in the flow channel to induce an air... Agent:

20120097377 - Thermal management system and method: A thermal management system is provided. The thermal management system includes at least one heat sink including one or more respective fins, wherein the one or more fins include one or more respective cavities. The thermal management system also includes a synthetic jet stack including at least one synthetic jet... Agent: General Electric Company

20120097378 - Tube bundle equipment with liquid flow regulator elements: Tube-bundle equipment of the falling liquid film type, comprising a vertical cylindrical body closed at the ends and divided into at least an upper section, an intermediate section and a lower section by means of two perforated tube sheets arranged transversally to support the tubes forming the bundle, wherein each... Agent: Saipem S.p.a.

20120097379 - Collector plate for a heat exchanger, and heat exchanger including such a plate: The invention relates to a collector plate (10) for a heat exchanger comprising a web (12) equipped with openings for the passage of tubes of the heat exchanger and a groove (14), known as a receiving groove, to accept a header tank cover, able to accept a gasket (104) and... Agent:

20120097380 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger comprising an outer conduit and an inner conduit, arranged inside of and along the longitudinal axis of the outer conduit, the inner conduit and the outer conduit being arranged to form a fluid flow channel between the inner surface of the outer conduit and the outer surface... Agent: Eaton Fluid Power Gmbh

20120097381 - Heat sink: [Means for solution] A heat sink 1 includes a plurality of coolant passage 2, 3, and a connecting passage 4 connecting the coolant passages 2, 3 nonlinearly. A height of a fluid passage of the connecting passage 4 on an inflow side to which the coolant flows in is made... Agent: Meidensha Corporation

20120097382 - Heating exchange chamber for liquid state cooling fluid: A heat exchange chamber for liquid state cooling fluid is provided, which comprises a thermal dissipation device, and the thermal dissipation device sites in a cavity of the heat exchange chamber for liquid state cooling fluid. The thermal dissipation device comprises a plate and a plurality of heat dissipating fins... Agent: Inventec Corporation

04/19/2012 > 21 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120090806 - Air-conditioning system for an automobile and method for operating an air-conditioning system of an automobile: An air-conditioning system is provided for an automobile comprising an interior air-conditioning module, which can be connected in a heat-transporting manner to at least two coolant-carrying cooling circuits of the automobile via valves (e.g., controllable or adjustable valves). A controller is also provided that is configured to control the valves... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120090807 - Geothermal energy system and method of operation: A geothermal energy system comprising at least one borehole heat exchanger, Hie at least one borehole heat exchanger containing a working fluid and comprising an elongate tube having a closed bottom end and first and second adjacent elongate coaxial conduits interconnected at the bottom end, the first conduit being tubular... Agent:

20120090809 - Installation adapted with temperature equalization system: A temperature equalization system, including an installation, a heat equalizer disposed in a natural heat carrier and being made of a material of heat conduction to exchange heat with the natural heat carrier, a fluid transmission duct disposed between the heat equalizer and the installation and having a fluid contained... Agent:

20120090810 - Installation adapted with temperature equalization system: A temperature equalization system, including an installation, a heat equalizer disposed in a natural heat carrier and being made of a material of heat conduction to exchange heat with the natural heat carrier, a fluid transmission duct disposed between the heat equalizer and the installation and having a fluid contained... Agent:

20120090808 - Liquid cooling of remote or off-grid electronic enclosures: A cooling system includes an electronic enclosure and a liquid-cooled heat exchanger configured to receive heated air from within the enclosure. A geothermal loop is connected to the heat exchanger to form a closed-loop path. The closed-loop path is suitable for circulating a pressurized liquid refrigerant between the geothermal loop... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa, Incorporated

20120090811 - Oil cooler assembly: An oil cooler assembly for an internal combustion engine having an oil port adapted for connection with an oil filter. The assembly includes a diverter housing having two sides in which one side is connected directly to the oil port while the other side is connected directly to the oil... Agent: E & D Holdings, LLC

20120090812 - Tile systems with enhanced thermal properties and methods of making and using same: The various embodiments of the present invention are directed to tile systems and to methods of making and using the tile systems. The tile systems provide improved thermal properties to floor and wall coverings in either heated or unheated applications. The tile systems generally include a tile and a discrete... Agent: Mohawk Carpet Corporation

20120090813 - Tea kettle: Embodiments of the present invention relate to an improved kettle using conduction and convection, yielding improved boiling efficiency and methods of making the same. In one embodiment, a tea kettle comprises a handle, a spout, and a voluminous container having at least one passageway positioned about an outer surface of... Agent:

20120090814 - Vehicle hvac system: A vehicle HVAC system includes a first air handling module having a blower motor assembly that includes a fan that reverses direction to selectively extract airflow from a vehicle cabin into the first air handling module and communicate a conditioned airflow from the first air handling module into the vehicle... Agent:

20120090815 - Thermal valve: A valve includes a housing and a valve seat and a structure fixedly disposed remote from the valve seat, a valve head to open and close the valve seat, fluid being permitted to flow when the valve seat is open and an elastic system anchored on the structure and coupled... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120090816 - Systems and methods for heat transfer utilizing heat exchangers with carbon nanotubes: A heat exchanger with mini channels or micro channels provides enhanced heat transfer abilities. One or more surfaces of the channels may be covered with a nanostructure, such as single walled carbon nanotubes or multiwalled carbon nanotubes. The nanostructures may fully cover the entire surface of the channel or a... Agent: William Marsh Rice University

20120090817 - Integrated electronics cooling device: An integrated electronics cooling device including a substrate having a first surface for mounting one or more electronic components and a second surface, a cooling assembly including a cooling chamber bounded on one side by the second surface of the substrate, and a vacuum insulated coolant conduit for providing a... Agent:

20120090818 - Cooler: A cooler having a first component made of at least one of steel, stainless steel, plastic and ceramic. A second component may be made of aluminum, wherein the two components may be connected to each other in a connecting area via a friction stir weld joint.... Agent:

20120090819 - Heater-cooler system for a barrel of an extruder and a method of using the same: A heater-cooler system for a barrel of an extruder is disclosed. The system includes a heater adapted to be in thermal communication with at least a portion of a barrel of an extruder. The system further includes a shroud assembly that defines a cavity. The shroud assembly encloses the heater.... Agent: Davis-standard, LLC

20120090820 - Heat exchanger and temperature-control device: In order to improve the efficiency of energy transmission, a device for temperature control and a heat exchanger is characterized in that the heat exchanger is embodied as a plastic heat exchanger (1), that the energy transmission bodies (10.1, . . . 10.n) comprise first sectional hollow body members (11.1,... Agent:

20120090821 - Insert box with front and rear insertion and heat dissipation method thereof: The embodiments of the present invention provide an insert box with front and rear insertion and a heat dissipation method of the insert box. The insert box includes a front board area, a backboard, and a rear board area. A first air flow passing from a first wind inlet at... Agent:

20120090822 - Method for manufacturing a bundle of plates for a heat exchanger: A method is provided for manufacturing a bundle of plates for a heat exchanger made up of a stack of plates. The method includes reducing by machining the initial thickness of each plate by making at least at the periphery of the plate, at least one connecting shoe having a... Agent: Alfa Laval Packinox

20120090823 - Storage exchanger provided with storage material, and air conditioning loop or cooling circuit including such a heat exchanger: The invention relates to a storage heat exchanger (12, 12′) including at least one first flow tube (25) and one second flow tube (25) for a heat transfer fluid that respectively include a first end (26) leading into a first manifold (27) and a second end (28) leading into a... Agent:

20120090824 - Heat plate with clip: A structure of heat plate with clip includes a heat plate and at least one clip. The heat plate is a hollow body having an interior cavity containing a capillary structure and a working fluid. The heat plate has a surface forming a receiving chamber. The clip is a resilient... Agent: Kunshan Jue-choung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120090825 - Nanofiber covered micro components and methods for micro component cooling: A device including a micro component having an external surface and a permeable nanofiber covering on at least a portion of the external surface of the micro component. A cooled micro component system further includes a droplet spray system for spraying liquid droplets onto the nanofiber covering to cool the... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

20120090826 - Conditioning plant: A conditioning plant comprises a general inlet, a general outlet, a circuit which sets the general inlet in fluid communication with the general outlet, a plurality of users arranged on the circuit, and a balancing system. The balancing system comprises a sensor for detecting at least a real value depending... Agent: Fimcim S.p.a.

04/12/2012 > 20 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120085509 - Cyclonic motor cooling for material handling vehicles: A material handling vehicle includes a cyclonic motor cooling system for a motor compartment that accommodates an ergonomically designed operator compartment. Together, the motor compartment and cyclonic motor cooling system include a generally cylindrical housing with a tangentially arranged cooling air injection port at a lower end and exhaust port... Agent:

20120085510 - Cooling apparatus for vehicle: A cooling apparatus for a vehicle includes a cooling module connected to the cooling apparatus through a cooling line to cool a driving system. The cooling module includes, according to the amount of heat transfer and operation temperature, an aircon condenser disposed behind of a radiator grill. A radiator for... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120085511 - Cooling system for hybrid vehicle: A cooling system for a hybrid vehicle in which power from an engine and a motor can be transmitted to driving wheels through a clutch and a transmission mechanism may include a heater core fluid-connected to the engine to heat the interior of the hybrid vehicle, using cooling water from... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120085513 - Ferritic stainless steel material for brazing and heat exchanger member: A ferritic stainless steel material for brazing without grain coarsening has a partially recrystallized structure and composition comprising, in % by mass, C:0.03% or less, Si: more than 0.1 to 3%, Mn: 0.1 to 2%, Cr: 10 to 35%, Nb: 0.2 to 0.8%, N: 0.03% or less, if necessary, at... Agent: Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd.

20120085512 - Vehicle cooling system: The disclosure relates to a cooling system and a method for operating the cooling system for cooling a battery of a vehicle using a coolant circuit. The cooling circuit includes a pump device, a heat exchanger for transferring heat between a coolant and the battery, a heat exchanger for transferring... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20120085514 - Furnace heat exchanger coupling: A coupling to connect a primary heat exchanger to a condensing heat exchanger of a furnace includes a coupling box extending between a primary heat exchanger and a condensing heat exchanger. The coupling box defines a flow path for flue gas between a primary heat exchanger outlet and a condensing... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20120085515 - Heat exchanger frame apparatus and method of assembly: A frame preferably engages a heat exchanger unit so the frame directs fluid flow into and out of the heat exchanger unit to substantially isolate a first fluid stream that enters and exits the heat exchanger unit from a second fluid stream that enters and exits the heat exchanger unit.... Agent: Purcell Systems, Inc.

20120085516 - Heat sink and led cooling system: A heat sink for cooling LEDs, which includes a heat sink housing which is configured as a finned concentric tube configuration. Also, an LED heat sink assembly and an LED cooling system which include a heat sink housing which is configured as a finned concentric tube configuration. Also, a method... Agent:

20120085517 - Device with a heat exchanger and method for operating a heat exchanger of a steam generating plant: A device with a heat exchanger with a feed pipe for a medium leading from a medium inlet to the heat exchanger entrance and with a discharge pipe leading away from the heat exchanger exit is characterized in that it has a first bypass from the medium inlet to the... Agent: Martin Gmbh Fuer Umwelt-und Energietechnik

20120085520 - Heat spreader with flexibly supported heat pipe: A heat spreader for dissipating heat generated by at least one heat-generating power semiconductor device which, apart from an improved heat coupling between a chip and a heat sink, also comprise a flexible coupling assembly which can compensate for tolerances in the components and in the assembling process. The heat... Agent: Congatec Ag

20120085519 - Heat-dissipating structure for motor stator: A heat-dissipating structure for a motor stator is applied to a heat-dissipating fan and includes a silicon steel set and at least one heat pipe. The silicon steel set has a plurality of silicon steel pieces stacked up each other. Magnetic poles of the respective silicon steel pieces are stacked... Agent:

20120085518 - Method and apparatus for cooling a fiber laser or amplifier: A system and method for cooling an optical fiber includes a flexible heat sink member, a heat pipe evaporator, and a thermal storage medium. The flexible heat sink member is in thermal contact with the optical fiber. The heat pipe evaporator is configured to dissipate heat from the optical fiber.... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120085521 - Furnace heat exchanger attachment: An attachment between a heat exchanger and a cell panel of a furnace includes a cell panel including a plurality of cell panel openings and a heat exchanger having a plurality of cells. Each cell has a cell outlet insertable into a cell panel opening of the plurality of cell... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20120085522 - Heat exchanger system: A heat exchanger system and a method of assembly is provided for a gas appliance such as a furnace. The heat exchanger system includes an attachment plate having at least one recess sized to receive an inlet of a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger has a first flange disposed at... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20120085523 - Monolithic cold plate configuration: A cold plate assembly includes a monolithic cold plate which defines a trough located to intersect a fluid path.... Agent:

20120085524 - Modular liquid cooling system: Cooling systems include a first passageway forming member that includes first and second ends and at least one connecting recess that opens into first and second passageways formed by the first passageway forming member. A second passageway forming member includes first and second ends and inlet and outlet ports proximate... Agent:

20120085526 - Heat sink: A heat sink has a stand and a nano-carbon film. The stand is made of a strong and thermally conductive material and includes a lower surface, two sides and two sidewalls. The sidewalls are respectively formed on the sides of the stand. The nano-carbon film can provide excellent heat dissipation... Agent:

20120085525 - Heat spreader facet plane apparatus: The invention provides an apparatus for dissipating heat produced by a laser for lighting projection to enable a passive encapsulated enclosure. The laser is mounted into a collar system which integrates to the internal enclosure body with a single or plurality of bonded extending facet planes. The facet planes can... Agent:

20120085527 - Heat spreader with mechanically secured heat coupling element: A heat spreader for dissipating heat generated by at least one heat-generating power semiconductor device. Such a heat spreader comprises a base plate (11) which is connectable in a heat-conducting manner to the at least one power semiconductor device (2), and at least one heat coupling element (4) which is... Agent: Congatec Ag

20120085528 - Interdependent lubrication systems: A heat exchange system for use in operating equipment having a plurality of subsystems in each of which one of a plurality of working fluids is utilized to provide selected operations with there being an air and working fluid heat exchanger providing controlled cooling to cool at least one of... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

04/05/2012 > 20 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120080160 - Regenerative heat exchanger and seal apparatus employing labyrinth seal: An improved regenerative heat exchanger and seal assembly employ a plurality of instances of a seal apparatus, with each seal apparatus including a seal member that includes a seal tab that extends from one end of the seal member and further includes a corresponding notch at the opposite end of... Agent:

20120080161 - Thermal storage system: Apparatus and method for efficiently storing thermal energy, in particular thermal energy transferred from a concentrated solar energy receiver. The apparatus consists of a collection of modular thin walled tube pressure vessels enclosing solid sensible heat thermal storage elements. The high temperature solid is separated from the thin wall by... Agent:

20120080162 - Trailer refrigerating apparatus: In an attachment portion where a side edge portion of an opening of a trailer and a casing are connected together, a vertically-extending groove is formed in one of the trailer or the casing and a vertically-extending raised portion is formed in the other one of the trailer or the... Agent:

20120080163 - Subterranean continuous loop heat exchanger, method of manufacture and method to heat, cool or store energy with same: A subterranean continuous loop heat exchanger is disclosed having a borehole including an entrance at a first end and an exit at a second end and a conduit for a fluid. A direction of fluid flow relative to the borehole is unidirectional, and a major length of the borehole is... Agent: Anzoic Energy Inc.

20120080164 - Heat-exchange apparatus with pontoon-based fluid distribution system: A pontoon that includes infrastructure for fluidically coupling a heat exchanger or heat exchanger module into each of the seawater and working-fluid distribution systems of an OTEC power generation system is provided. In some embodiments, a pontoon comprises: (1) a first passage for conveying seawater between a first port and... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120080165 - Heat exchanger for motor controller: A heat exchanger apparatus is provided and includes a motor controller housing, supportively disposed with a turbofan within an aircraft engine nacelle, in which motor controller components are mounted, a fuel cooled cold plate, forming a surface of the housing, which forms a heat transfer path by which motor controller... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120080166 - Liquid-cooling heat sink and heat exchanger thereof: A liquid-cooling heat sink includes a base, a cover and a heat exchanger. The cover has an intake pipe and an exhaust pipe. The heat exchanger includes heat-dissipating plates overlapping with each other. Each heat-dissipating plate has dividing strips. Any two adjacent dividing strips define a through-hole. Both ends of... Agent: Cooler Master Co., Ltd.

20120080167 - Heat dissipating apparatus: A heat dissipating apparatus includes a base and a heat pipe. A plurality of fins partially overlaps the base; the heat pipe comprising a first body, a second body and a third body, the second body connected between the first body and the third body; the first body is secured... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120080168 - Thermoelectric energy storage system with an intermediate storage tank and method for storing thermoelectric energy: A system and method are provided for storing electric energy in the form of thermal energy. A thermoelectric energy storage system includes a working fluid circuit for circulating a working fluid through a heat exchanger, and a thermal storage medium circuit for circulating a thermal storage medium. The thermal storage... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20120080171 - Heat relay mechanism and heat-dissipating fin unit: A heat relay mechanism includes a heat-dissipating member for dissipating heat, a buffer member contacted with the heat-dissipating member at a first surface, a thermally deformable member connected to a second surface of the buffer member and deforms at a high temperature, a heat pipe connected to the thermally deformable... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120080169 - Heat sink: A heat sink includes a fin set, a heat pipe and a fastener. The heat pipe has a heat-dissipating end and a heat-absorbing end. The heat-dissipating end is disposed through the fin set. The heat-absorbing end has a connecting side and a heat-absorbing side. The fastener has a body and... Agent:

20120080170 - Plate-type heat pipe sealing structure and manufacturing method thereof: A plate-type heat pipe sealing structure and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The plate-type heat pipe includes a main body and a tube body. A notch is formed at one of two ends of the main body or one of four corners of the main body as a sealed... Agent:

20120080172 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger comprising an outer jacket (9) with an inner set of vertical pipe elements (1) fastened at their opposing ends in upper and lower sieve walls (2, 3), and having a gas combustion chamber (4) located above the upper sieve wall, as well as partitions (5, 6, 7)... Agent: Aic S.a.

20120080173 - Heat exchanger assembly having multiple heat exchangers: A heat exchanger assembly having first and second heat exchangers having a tube-fin construction. The first heat exchanger is configured to cool a first fluid. The second heat exchanger has a first portion for cooling the first fluid and a second portion for cooling a second fluid. Cooling air passes... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120080174 - Heat exchangers for air conditioning systems: In the field of heat exchangers for air conditioning systems there is a need for an improved heat exchanger which provides improved efficiency in terms of overall packaging and performance. A heat exchanger, for use in an air conditioning system of a building, including an elongate fluid conduit which has... Agent: Frenger Systems Limited

20120080177 - High-power finless heat dissipation module: A high-power heat dissipation module for cooling down electronic components comprises a heat exchange element with a sealed cavity, in which a powder sintering portion and a working liquid is provided. The heat exchange element further has a flat section for mounting the electronic component, and a fixing structure. The... Agent: Zhongshan Weiqiang Technology Co., Ltd

20120080176 - High-power finned heat dissipation module: A high-power heat dissipation module for cooling down electronic components comprises a heat exchange element with a sealed cavity, in which a powder sintering portion and a working liquid is provided. The heat exchange element further has a flat section for mounting the electronic component, and a fixing structure. The... Agent: Zhongshan Weiqiang Technology Co., Ltd

20120080175 - Manifolding arrangement for a modular heat-exchange apparatus: A heat-exchanger module that conveys a fluid through one or more heat exchangers with little or no pressure drop is presented. The heat-exchanger module comprises a first manifold that smoothly channels the fluid from a fluid source to each of the heat exchangers. The heat-exchanger module further comprises a second... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120080178 - Energy-efficient controlling of air conditioning system: An air conditioning system of an at least partly electrically driven vehicle comprises an air conditioning module that controls a temperature inside the vehicle, an air conditioning controller that controls the air conditioning module, and a detector to detect when a vehicle battery is used for driving the vehicle is... Agent:

20120080179 - Expansion valve control system and method for air conditioning apparatus: A method of reducing a cyclical loss coefficient of an HVAC system efficiency rating of an HVAC system includes operating the HVAC system using a recorded electronic expansion valve position of an electronic expansion valve of the HVAC system, discontinuing operation of the HVAC system, and resuming operation of the... Agent: Trane International Inc.

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