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Heat exchange February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/12

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02/23/2012 > 17 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120043051 - Air guide duct structure for vehicle: An air guide structure for guiding outside air in front of the vehicle to equipment to be cooled. Ai air guide duct structure (20) is provided with: left and right side-wall ducts (46, 68) provided to the left and right sides of equipment (16) to be cooled; and left and... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120043052 - Geothermal energy transfer system: An energy transfer unit for a geothermal system includes an outer housing. A heat exchanger is located within the housing. An inlet pipe extends from the housing to the heat exchanger to convey heat transfer fluid to the heat exchanger and an outlet pipe extends from the housing to the... Agent: Heat-line Corporation

20120043053 - Catalytic alcohol dehydrogenation heat sink for mobile application: A heat sink is used to absorb heat produced by a vehicle. The heat sink uses an endothermic catalytic alcohol dehydrogenation reaction to assist with the absorption of excess heat produced in the electronics of the vehicle. In some embodiments, the alcohol can be pre-heated by absorbing heat from various... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120043054 - Air-conditioning apparatus: In a first cycle, a first heat exchanger, in which a first medium exchanges heat with the outside air, a second heat exchanger and a third heat exchanger, in which heat is exchanged between the first cycle and a second cycle and between the first cycle and a third cycle,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120043056 - Air conditioning apparatus: A first cycle, in which a first medium is circulated, employs a compressor, a first heat exchanger structured with an air heat exchanger, a second heat exchanger, and a third heat exchanger. A second cycle, in which a second medium is circulated and heat is exchanged with the first medium... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120043055 - Double pipe type heat exchanger and method for manufacturing the same: A double pipe type heat exchanger includes an inner pipe having a first flow path defined therein and an outer pipe arranged around the inner pipe to define a second flow path between the inner pipe and the outer pipe. The inner pipe includes a spiral groove formed on an... Agent: Halla Climate Control Corp.

20120043058 - Heat dissipation device: An exemplary heat dissipation device includes a centrifugal fan comprising an air outlet, a fin assembly arranged at the air outlet, and a heat pipe comprising an evaporating section and a condensing section. The fin assembly comprises fins. The fins are stacked together with one above another along a central... Agent: Furui Precise Component (kunshan) Co., Ltd.

20120043057 - Heat-dissipating module: A heat-dissipating module includes a base and at least one heat pipe. The base has a heat-absorbing surface and a heat-conducting surface opposite to the heat-absorbing surface. The heat pipe has a heat-absorbing portion and a heat-dissipating portion. The heat-absorbing portion has a non-planar surface and a planar surface abutting... Agent:

20120043059 - Loop heat pipe: A loop heat pipe includes an evaporator, a condenser, and a vapor line and a liquid line each connecting the evaporator with the condenser to form a closed loop. A predetermined quantity of bi-phase working medium is contained in the closed loop. A separator connects the liquid line. A cross... Agent: Fu Zhun Precision Industry (shen Zhen) Co., Ltd.

20120043060 - Loop heat pipe: An exemplary loop heat pipe includes an evaporator, a condenser, a vapor line and a liquid line each connecting the evaporator with the condenser to form a closed loop. A working medium is contained in the closed loop. A wick structure is received in the evaporator, and includes a bottom... Agent: Fu Zhun Precision Industry (shen Zhen) Co., Ltd.

20120043061 - Heat exchanger cooled by air fitted with a rigid panel forming a windscreen: The invention relates to a heat exchanger cooled by air (1) comprising a plurality of ventilation modules (104) arranged in several parallel rows, adjacent to one another and placed in the same horizontal plane to form a ventilation structure (100) which is spaced from the ground (S) so as to... Agent:

20120043062 - Method for cooling object to be processed, and apparatus for processing object to be processed: Provided is a method for cooling an object to be processed. The cooling method is provided with a step of placing the object in a heated state on a stage, and a step of cooling the object by blowing a cooling gas to a region the near-center region of the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120043063 - Exhaust gas heat exchanger and method of operating the same: An exhaust gas heat exchanger that includes a stack at least partially surrounded by a housing. The stack includes a first tube, a second tube, and a coolant duct between the first tube and the second tube. A fin is located within the coolant duct. The fin includes a first... Agent:

20120043064 - Total heat exchange element: A total heat exchange element includes a first flow passage and a second flow passage extending orthogonal thereto. The first flow passage is an undulating flow passage that has a rectangular cross section and is formed by positioning a first wave-form plate member and a second wave-form plate member on... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120043065 - Method for producing a cooling element for pyrometallurgical reactor and the cooling element: Cooling element (2) for pyrometallurgical reactors and method of manufacturing the element, wherein at least one cooling channel (1) having two ends is provided first. Each end of the cooling channel (1) has connection means (17) for cooling medium and at least one cooling channel (1) is connected connecting means... Agent: Luvata Espoo Oy

20120043066 - Article for magnetic heat exchange and method for manufacturing an article for magnetic heat exchange: An article (1) for magnetic heat exchange extends in a first direction (3) and in a second direction (5) generally axially perpendicular to said first direction (3). The article (1) comprises at least one magnetocalorically active phase (2). The average thermal conductivity of the article (1) is anisotropic.... Agent: Vacuumschmelze Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120043067 - Heat sink core member and its fabrication procedure: A heat sink core member made by: preparing a predetermined mass of aluminum block, extruding the aluminum block through an extruding machine into a tubular body having one close end wall and then punch-cutting the outside wall of the tubular body to form a plurality of densely distributed and equally... Agent:

02/16/2012 > 19 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120037335 - Underground heat exchanger and air conditioning system including the same: A heat-transfer pipe (12) is formed so as to extend from a top portion of an outer pipe (11) and to be bent at a bottom portion of the outer pipe (11) to return to the top portion, and is arranged such that at least a portion thereof contacts an... Agent:

20120037336 - Vehicle heat management device: When there is an extremely low ambient temperature, an electronic control unit controls operation of a circulation path for coolant water in such a manner that, after starting of an engine, the coolant water is supplied from the engine first to a throttle valve and an EGR valve and then... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120037337 - Heat transfer system, apparatus, and method therefor: A heat transfer system includes a heat source, a heat sink, and a thermotransfer structure that is operable to transfer heat between the heat source and the heat sink. The thermotransfer structure includes a thermally conductive element and a thermal storage element adjacent the thermally conductive element.... Agent:

20120037338 - Evaporative cooling device: An evaporative cooler for cooling a fluid contained in an array of spaced heat exchange elements by heat transfer to a cooling liquid flowing downwardly around the elements in counter current flow to an upwardly flowing gas is provided. The evaporative cooler includes a casing (1) housing the array (2)... Agent:

20120037339 - Cooling system for contact cooled electronic modules: Various embodiments disclose a system and method to provide cooling to electronic components, such as electronic modules or the like. The system includes one or more cold plates that are configured to be thermally coupled to one or more of the electronic components. Internally, each of the cold plates has... Agent:

20120037340 - Heat exchange fan apparatus: A heat exchange fan apparatus has a rotor with opposing end faces that each feature inlet openings spaced apart around the rotor's central axis and extend outwardly away therefrom. Each inlet opening aligns around the axis with a respective closed portion of the other end face between two adjacent inlet... Agent:

20120037341 - Fluid cooling: A fluid cooling system comprising a pipe unit through which coolant fluid flows. The pipe unit is provided with one or more actuators at least a part of which is formed of shape memory alloy. The actuators are configured to extend by applied heat.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120037342 - Fluid conditioning arrangements: A fluid conditioning arrangement comprises a primary heat exchanger configured to cool and/or heat the fluid; a secondary heat exchanger configured to cool and/or heat the fluid; and a controller for operating said secondary heat exchanger when said primary heat exchanger fails to cool and/or heat the fluid at a... Agent:

20120037343 - Device and method for condensing water: A device for condensing water includes a container with a plurality of openings and a heat transfer zone arranged in an interior of the container. The heat transfer zone includes a bulk material layer and/or a fiber layer and/or a textile layer and/or a grid layer and/or a lattice layer... Agent:

20120037344 - Flat heat pipe having swirl core: A flat heat pipe having a swirl core includes a flat sealed casing having smooth inner walls, a working fluid filled within the flat sealed casing, and a swirl core disposed along a central axis of the flat sealed casing to support upper and lower inner walls of the flat... Agent: Celsia Technologies Taiwan, I

20120037345 - Air treatment module: An air treatment module includes an air plenum, a heat exchanger tube and a bypass duct. The bypass duct has an inlet opening in flow communication with the air plenum in juxtaposition with a selected region of the heat exchanger and an outlet opening in flow communication with a zone... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20120037346 - Heat exchanger: The preset invention relates to a heat exchanger in which heat transfer between heating water passing through the inside of heat exchanging pipes and combustion gas is efficiently performed. The heat exchanger includes: a plurality of heat exchanging pipes, each of which has an end with an open flat tube-type... Agent:

20120037347 - Method of controlling tube temperatures to prevent freezing of fluids in cross counterflow shell and tube heat exchanger: Methods and apparatus for controlling tube temperatures may prevent freezing of fluids in cross counterflow shell and tube heat exchangers. Cold gas may flow inside the tubes of the heat changer and warm liquid may flow outside the tubes. The tube diameter and tube spacing may be varied through the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120037348 - Heat sink structure: A heat sink structure includes a plurality of heat dissipating fins and a plurality of heat dissipating elements. The heat dissipating fins are arranged in a stack and spaced apart from one another by a distance, wherein at least one of the heat dissipating fins is coated with a heat... Agent:

20120037349 - Heat exchange element: A heat exchange element includes a first flow passage and a second flow passage extending orthogonal thereto. The first flow passage is an undulating flow passage that has a rectangular cross section and is formed by positioning, a first wave-form plate member and a second wave-form plate member on top... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120037350 - Method for braze-welding a fixing plate and a flow channel cap in a heat exchanger, and heat exchanger produced by same: The present invention relates to a method for braze-welding a fixing plate and a flow channel cap in a heat exchanger, and to a heat exchanger produced by same. The method includes: providing a fixing plate 10 having a plurality of resilient protrusions 11 for snap-fitting; providing a flow channel... Agent:

20120037351 - Method for manufacturing heat sink having heat-dissipating fins and structure of the same: A method for manufacturing a heat sink having heat-dissipating fins and a structure of the same are provided. The method includes the steps of: providing a substrate comprising a center portion and a plurality of extending arms, a gap being provided between each two adjacent extending arms; providing a plurality... Agent: Neng Tyi Precision Industries Co., Ltd.

20120037352 - Vehicular air conditioning system: A vehicular air conditioning system capable of suppressing the power consumption of a refrigerating cycle is disclosed. The vehicular air conditioning system comprises a refrigerating cycle circuit comprising a compressor, an outside heat exchanger and an inside air conditioning heat exchanger annularly connected in order, and a device cooling circuit... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120037353 - Single rack cold air containment: A system for cooling rack mounted equipment includes: a rack configured to house rack mounted equipment, the rack providing a front port bordered by a top and two sides; and a cold-air duct separable from and attached to the rack about the top and two sides, the duct being configured... Agent: American Power Conversion Corporation

02/09/2012 > 26 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120031581 - Thermal control system for fault detection and mitigation within a power generation system: A system includes a radiation sensor configured to direct a field of view toward at least one conduit along a fluid flow path into a heat exchanger. The radiation sensor is configured to output a signal indicative of a temperature of the at least one conduit. The system also includes... Agent: General Electric Company

20120031582 - Personal cooling device: A personal cooling device cools the groin area by moving relatively cooler air to this part of the body. The personal cooling device is designed to be placed in close proximity with the user's groin and may be worn under the clothes. The device includes a housing including an air... Agent:

20120031583 - Device and method for cooling food machinery: A machine for producing or processing foods with a machine housing and a cooling system for cooling the machine housing interior, whereby the cooling system is formed in such a way that the ambient air is not contaminated by the cooling agent that is contaminated with germs, and a method... Agent: Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120031584 - Ash and solids cooling in high temperature and high pressure environment: Disclosed are cooling and depressurization system equipment, arrangement and methods to cool solid particles from a coal gasifier operating at high temperature and pressure. Ash from the coal needs to be continuously withdrawn from a circulating fluidized bed gasifier to maintain the solids inventory in the gasifier. The system disclosed... Agent: Southern Company

20120031585 - Data center with fin modules: A system for providing computing capacity includes a base module and two or more fin modules coupled to the base module. At least one of the fin modules includes one or more fins and two or more computer systems coupled to the fins. At least one of the fins to... Agent:

20120031586 - Condenser: Each tube and a corresponding fin satisfy all of the following relationships: Lp−t≧0.03Tr+0.22; Lp−t≦0.115Tr2−1.14Tr+2.35; and Lp−t≧5Tr2−8.3Tr+3, where Lp denotes a width of a sub-passages, Tr denotes a refrigerant passage height, and t denotes a plate thickness of the fin. The amount of a brazing material, which is present through an... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120031587 - Capillary structure of heat plate: A heat plate includes two boards, which mate and are coupled to each other to define therebetween an accommodation chamber and a capillary structure of at least one first capillary layer and at least one second capillary layer arranged in the accommodation chamber in such a way that the first... Agent: Kunshan Jue-choung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120031589 - Radiating fin, thermal module formed with the same, and method of manufacturing the same: A radiating fin and a method of manufacturing the same are disclosed. The radiating fin includes a main body having a first side and an opposite second side, and being provided with at least one through hole to extend between the first and the second side for a heat pipe... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120031588 - Structure of heat plate: A structure of heat plate includes two boards, which mate and are coupled to each other to define therebetween an accommodation chamber and a plurality of capillary layers arranged in the accommodation chamber in such a way that the capillary layers are set on a common horizontal plane and the... Agent: Kunshan Jue-choung Electronics Co., Ltd

20120031590 - Indoor unit of air conditioning apparatus: An indoor unit of an air conditioning apparatus includes a casing, a heat exchanger, a fan, a first airflow direction adjusting plate adjusting a direction of airflow blown out from an air outlet by rotation about a first axial direction, a plurality of second airflow direction adjusting plates adjusting the... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20120031591 - Vehicle heat-exchange module: In a vehicle heat-exchange module in which a fan unit is provided at the downstream side of a rectangular heat exchanger, and the fan unit is provided with a shroud having a bell-mouth and an annular opening, a propeller fan that is disposed in the annular opening, and a fan... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20120031592 - Electronic component repair method, electronic component repair device, and heat transfer plate: An electronic component repair method for removing an electronic component soldered on a substrate, the method includes: mounting a heat transfer plate on the electronic component to be removed, the heat transfer plate being formed by bonding a plurality of heat transfer members via a heat insulating member, heating the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120031594 - Heat exchanger and fin suitable for use in a heat exchanger: A heat exchanger for a heating appliance, comprising a channel for conveying a heated gas in a longitudinal direction of said channel and a multitude of fins for conveying a liquid, said fins being provided with an inlet and an outlet, which open in a common plane, wherein the fins... Agent: Magic BoilerIPB.v.

20120031593 - Oil cooler: An inner fin is an offset fin having a wavy cross-section that is perpendicular to an oil flowing direction, and has a louver that is partially cut and bent in a direction parallel with the oil flowing direction. The wavy cross-section is defined by alternately placing first-side convex parts and... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120031595 - Reinforced heat exchanger plate: Plate (1) suitable for acting as a bulkhead between two fluids flowing in a plate heat exchanger, the plate (1) having a plurality of corrugations (2) each having a bottom crest line and a top crest line, all or part of the corrugations (2) of the plate (1) locally having... Agent: Alfa Laval Vicarb

20120031596 - Heat exchanger media pad for a gas turbine: A media sheet for a heat exchanger is disclosed. The media sheet includes a first layer having a first outer surface and a second layer having a second outer surface. The first and second layers define a plurality of passages extending therebetween. At least one of the first and second... Agent: General Electric Company

20120031597 - Improved heat exchanger: Heat exchanger for exchanging heat between at least two fluids which are guided through chambers of the heat exchanger (1), wherein at least one guiding profile (11) is provided in the chambers (19,20), and the guiding profile (11) is an extruded tubular profile (12) which includes two parallel walls (13)... Agent: Atlas Copco Airpower

20120031598 - Plate heat exchanger: A plate heat exchanger capable of increasing the fluidity of a fluid and realizing improved heat exchange efficiency, wherein each of stacked heat exchange elements are formed by assembling upper and lower plates, with first and second flow channels for first and second fluids respectively defined in each element and... Agent:

20120031599 - Heat exchanger-integrated reaction device having supplying and return ducts for reaction section: The present invention provides a compact heat exchanger-integrated reaction device, comprising a heat exchange section and a reaction section, capable of providing high heat recovery performance, with a small number of ducts of the reaction section formed for supplying and return paths without increasing the volume of the entire reaction... Agent: National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

20120031600 - Turbine intercooler: An intercooler includes a shell with an inlet and an outlet. The shell defines a first chamber. The intercooler further includes a plurality of elongate conducting members. Each of the conducting members includes a first end section and a second end section and is disposed such that each of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120031602 - Method of forming heat exchanger tubes: A method for manufacturing tubes, in particular for heat exchangers, composed of endless ribbons on a roller mill, wherein the tubes are composed of at least two ribbons which are subjected to a shaping process on the roller mill, wherein perforations or predetermined break points are introduced into the ribbons... Agent:

20120031601 - Multichannel tubes with deformable webs: The present disclosure is directed to multichannel tubes that can be expanded to assemble the multichannel tubes within plate fin heat exchangers. The multichannel tubes each include several generally parallel flow paths, which are separated from one another by deformable webs slanted in a common direction across a width of... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20120031603 - In-plane silicon heat spreader and method therefor: A method of dissipating heat from a heat source includes providing a plurality of heat flux paths in a plane of the heat source to remove heat from the heat source.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120031604 - System and method for fabricating thin-film photovoltaic devices: Described is a vapor trap that enables the capture of material from the condensate of a vapor. The vapor trap includes an inner module, outer module and cooling system. The inner module has a transport channel to pass a web substrate or discrete substrate, and to limit conductance of the... Agent: Aventa Technologies LLC

20120031605 - Air conditioning apparatus: There are provided a plurality of use-side heat exchangers, inter-heat-medium heat exchangers, heat medium flow path switching devices, which switch flow paths, and pumps, which feed heat media to these paths; the inter-heat-medium heat exchangers heat or cool a heat medium by exchanging heat between the heat medium and a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120031606 - Intelliaire climate controller: A user interface for climate control. The purpose is to save energy by bringing in fresh air at times when the outdoor air temperature is more desirable than the indoor temperature. Primarily the user chooses their own savings; during the hot seasons energy is saved by cooling the location cooler... Agent:

02/02/2012 > 26 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120024493 - Service water heating unit: The invention relates to a service water heating unit (2) comprising at least one heat exchanger (6), which comprises a first flow path (10) for a heating medium and a second flow path (12) for service water to be heated, a cold water line (DCW) and a circulation line (90)... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20120024494 - Cooling assembly for a motor vehicle: A cooling assembly for a motor vehicle provided with a liquid-cooled internal combustion engine. The assembly has a radiator intended to be supplied with a flow of a liquid coolant coming from the engine, a condenser for use in an air-conditioning system of the vehicle, mounted facing the radiator, and... Agent:

20120024495 - Heat dissipation apparatus: A heat dissipation apparatus includes a heat sink, a resilient pressing member, and two fasteners. The pressing member includes an abutting portion to press the heat sink, and two locking portions extending from opposite ends of the abutting portion. The fasteners are respectively latched to the locking portions. When the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry(shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120024496 - Service water heating unit: The invention relates to a service water heating unit (2) which is provided for use in a heating installation, comprising at least one heat exchanger (6), which comprises a first flow path (10) for a heating medium and a second flow path (12) for service water to be heated, wherein... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20120024497 - Two phase heat transfer systems and evaporators and condensers for use in heat transfer systems: A heat transfer system includes a first loop and a second loop. The first loop includes a condenser having a vapor inlet and a liquid outlet, a vapor line in fluid communication with the vapor inlet of the condenser, a liquid line in fluid communication with the liquid outlet of... Agent: Alliant Techsystems Inc.

20120024498 - Fluid recirculating economizer: A flue gas heat recovery device is described. The device includes a packing tower. The packing tower is adapted to receive a flue gas stream. The packing tower also contains at least one water inlet, a water collection reservoir and a packing tray positioned between the inlet and reservoir. An... Agent:

20120024499 - Loop type pressure-gradient-drien low-pressure thermosiphon device: A loop type pressure-gradient-driven low-pressure thermosiphon device includes a case sealed by a cover to define a chamber with a vaporizing section. The vaporizing section includes a plurality of spaced flow-guiding members and first flow passages formed between adjacent flow-guiding members. The flow passages respectively have at least one free... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120024500 - Thermosyphon for cooling electronic components: A thermosyphon including an evaporator section, a condenser section coupled to the evaporator section, and a condensate guide lining an inner portion of the evaporator section and inner surfaces of the condenser section. The condensate guide defines a vapour core in the evaporator and condenser sections and is configured to... Agent: Gatekeeper Laboratories Pte Ltd

20120024502 - Enclosed-aisle data center cooling system: An aspect of the disclosure provides a method comprising: providing a first portion of an exhaust gas from racks of computer devices in an enclosed aisle arrangement for cooling in an air cooling device; and diverting a second portion of the exhaust gas from the racks of computer devices to... Agent: Syracuse University

20120024501 - Thermoelectric-enhanced, liquid-cooling apparatus and method for facilitating dissipation of heat: Thermoelectric-enhanced, liquid-cooling apparatus and method are provided for facilitating cooling of one or more components of an electronics rack. The apparatus includes a liquid-cooled structure in thermal communication with the component(s) to be cooled, and a liquid-to-air heat exchanger coupled in fluid communication with the liquid-cooled structure via a coolant... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120024503 - Enhanced hand operated personal cooling fan: An apparatus for cooling ones self by a traditional manual back and forth fanning movement of the invention. The apparatus has the capability to spray a mist of water into the moving air created by the apparatus so as to aid in the cooling process. The invention can also be... Agent:

20120024504 - Heat exchanger unit: The invention relates to a heat exchanger unit (2), in particular for the heating of service water in a heating installation, comprising a heat exchanger (6), which is formed as a plate heat exchanger, a first connector (26), which is attached to a first fluid connection point (20) of the... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20120024505 - Heat transfer medium and heat transfer method using the same: A heat transfer medium and a heat transfer method using the same are provided. The heat transfer medium comprises a film coated with a plurality of nano particles, which absorb light incident to the film to thereby transfer heat to a target object. When nano particles are applied onto a... Agent: Samsung Electtronics Co., Ltd.

20120024506 - Switchgear: In order to obtain a switchgear which can improve heat dissipation efficiency, in the switchgear which dissipates heat outside an apparatus vessel, the heat being generated from an electrical apparatus placed in the apparatus vessel, the switchgear includes a first heat conductor in which one side is connected to a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120024507 - Muffler with a built-in heat exchanger: A muffler having an inlet and an outlet, through which exhaust gas flows; a tubular main body; a heat exchanger inside the main body; a noise-deadening first conduit, which extends at least partly inside the main body, from a fork region located directly downstream from the inlet, to a converging... Agent:

20120024509 - Heat exchanger and air conditioner having the heat exchanger mounted therein: A heat exchanger (1) is provided with two header pipes (2, 3) arranged parallel to each other with a spacing therebetween, flat tubes (4) arranged between the header pipes (2, 3) and having refrigerant paths (5) provided therein and connected to the insides of the header pipes (2, 3), and... Agent:

20120024508 - Reinforcement plate for multiple row heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a pair of manifolds each extending between manifold ends and defining a plurality of slits disposed in a plurality of parallel slit rows and each slit having a center axis. The center axes of the slits in each of the slit rows are aligned in a... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20120024510 - Heat exchanger, in particular a heating element for motor vehicles: A heat exchanger, in particular a heating element for motor vehicles, is provided that includes a block that has flat tubes and corrugated fins and a collecting tank on the inlet side and on the outlet side, wherein the flat tubes comprise flat sides having embossed vortex generators, and a... Agent:

20120024511 - Intercooler: An inner fin arranged in a flat tube has a wave shape constructed by alternately connecting first walls and second walls. The first wall connects two of the second walls in a connecting direction. The first wall has a protrusion with an extending dimension in the connecting direction and a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120024513 - Cooling structure, heatsink and cooling method of heat generator: A cooling structure includes a heat dissipation structure having a heat generator and a heatsink that is adhered through an insulating adhesive layer to at least a surface of the heat generator that faces a cooling fluid and made of a metal foil having the flexibility. A fluid flow path... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120024512 - Heat sink device and method of repairing semiconductor device: A method of repairing a semiconductor device includes turning a press member to apply pressure on an electronic component which is mounted on a substrate. A heat sink which is provided on the electronic component via a bonding layer is thus displaced with respect to the electronic component in a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120024514 - Plate cooling fin with slotted projections: A plate cooling fin with slotted projections comprises a plate member and projection parts on the plate member with slots disposed at the periphery of the respective projection and spacing apart from each other for the cold airflow being guided to pass through the slots and turned into a turbulent... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120024515 - Data center and heat dissipating system thereof: A container data center includes a plurality of server systems installed in a container. Each server system includes a power distribution units (PDU) used to manage power and a heat dissipating system to dissipate heat. The heat dissipating system includes a fan and a fan controller connected to the PDU.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120024516 - Method and apparatus for achieving higher cooling rates of a gas during bypass cooling in a batch annealing furnace of cold rolling mills: A method and apparatus to increase the cooling rate of gas used in a batch annealing furnace of cold rolling mills under bypass cooling. The invention makes use of the higher heat transfer capacities of nanocoolants developed by a high-shear mixing of nanoparticles and stabilizers in a basic aqueous medium... Agent: Tata Steel Limited

20120024517 - Heat cycle system: A heat cycle system includes: a refrigerating cycle system that circulates a refrigerant; a medium circulation circuit that includes a circulation pump for circulating a heat-transfer medium, and adjusts a temperature of a temperature control target with the heat-transfer medium; a heat exchanger that executes heat exchange between the refrigerant... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120024518 - Service water heating unit: The invention relates to a service water heating unit (2), which is provided for use in a heating installation, comprising at least one heat exchanger (6), which comprises a first flow path (10) for a heating medium and a second flow path (12) for service water to be heated, and... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

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