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Heat exchange January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/12

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01/26/2012 > 24 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120018116 - Thermal energy storage system comprising encapsulated phase change material: Systems for storing and retrieving thermal energy in encapsulated phase change material are disclosed. Thermal energy is substantially stored and/or retrieved in the form of latent heat. The capsules comprise an outer shell which is impervious to both the heat transfer fluid within which they are submerged and the phase... Agent: Terrafore, Inc

20120018117 - Indoor unit of air conditioner and air conditioner: An indoor unit includes a casing having a suction port formed in an upper part and a blow-out port formed on a lower side at a front face part, an axial-flow or diagonal-flow fan provided on the downstream side of the suction port in the casing, and a heat exchanger... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120018119 - Air conditioner for vehicles: An air conditioner for vehicles in which the probability of executing pre-air conditioning is increased so that it may be prevented that the inside of the vehicle cannot be often in a comfortable state before the driver gets into the vehicle. The air conditioner performs air conditioning of a vehicle... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120018118 - Cooling system for a vehicle with hybrid propulsion: A cooling system for a vehicle with hybrid propulsion, the cooling system including a hydraulic circuit, within which a refrigerant flows, with a main branch to cool of a thermal engine, and a secondary branch to cool electrical components and at least one common radiator, which comprises a first portion,... Agent: Ferrari S.p.a.

20120018120 - Geothermal energy extraction system and method: The present disclosure provides a system and process for extracting geothermal energy from a geologic formation. According to an embodiment of the method, coolant fluid is introduced into a first location, at a first height in the formation. The geologic coolant fluid is collected from a second location, at second... Agent:

20120018122 - Furnace and a method for cooling a furnace: A furnace for conducting a high temperature process under oxidising conditions comprises an outer shell made from a metal, one or more cooling channels formed on or joined to the outer shell and a furnace lining. The furnace lining comprises a backing lining comprising a relatively high thermal conductivity layer... Agent: First Solar, Inc.

20120018121 - Heat collection roofing system and method for collecting heat within a roof: Disclosed is a heat collection system for a roof, the system including a roof deck, a membrane upwardly adjacent of the roof deck; a fluid channel disposed between the membrane and the roof deck, the fluid channel having a defined entry port and a defined exit port, the entry port... Agent:

20120018123 - Fresh air heat exchanger with air treatment system: The fresh air heat exchangers function to supply ventilation, heating and air purification. The device does this whether the building is occupied or empty. The outside air is drawn in, filtered, then passed through the heat exchanger where room air is passed adjacent to it and its heat is extracted... Agent:

20120018124 - Solid matrix tube-to-tube heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a heat-exchange section including a first group of tubes and a second group of tubes alternating with the first group of tubes. The first and second groups of tubes are in contact with a heat-conductive medium. In one structure, a first inlet manifold at a first... Agent: Kappes, Cassiday & Associates

20120018125 - Cooling system for encased electronic devices: A server rack cooling system is described, aspects directed to a heat exchanger and a closed cooling air duct extending at least between the housing of the devices and the heat exchanger, which cooling air duct feeds the heated cooling air leaving the housing to the heat exchanger before it... Agent:

20120018127 - Charge air cooler, cooling system and intake air control system: A charge air cooler includes a high temperature side heat exchanger and a low temperature side heat exchanger. The high temperature side heat exchanger is provided on a high temperature side cooling flow path through which a first refrigerant cooled by a first heat exchanger (radiator) flows. The low temperature... Agent: Calsonic Kansei Corporation

20120018126 - Process and apparatus for synthesis gas heat exchange system: The invention provides an improved process and apparatus for integrating the heat transfer zones of spiral-wound, plate fin, tube and finned tube exchangers thus increasing the overall effectiveness of the process.... Agent:

20120018128 - Slim type pressure-gradient-driven low-pressure thermosiphon plate: A slim type pressure-gradient-driven low-pressure thermosiphon plate includes a main body closed by a cover. The main body includes a central heat receiving zone, a pressure accumulating zone and a first flow passage unit separately located at two opposite sides of the heat receiving zone, a free zone communicating with... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120018129 - Temperature adjusting apparatus, fluid supply system, heating system, installation method of temperature adjusting apparatus, and fluid supply method: It is aimed to simultaneously supply hot water at a required temperature to a high-temperature heating appliance and hot water at a required temperature to a low-temperature heating appliance, the low-temperature heating appliance requiring hot water at a temperature lower than a temperature required by the high-temperature heating appliance, and... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120018132 - Heat dissipation device: An exemplary heat dissipation device includes a centrifugal fan and a fin assembly. An air outlet is defined in the centrifugal fan. The fin assembly is located at the air outlet of the centrifugal fan. The fin assembly includes a first fin unit and two second fin units. The first... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20120018131 - Pressure difference driven heat spreader: A pressure difference driven heat spreader includes a chamber defined in a main body; a vaporizing section arranged in the chamber and including a plurality of first flow-guiding members spaced from one another to define first flow passages therebetween, the first flow passages each having at least one free end... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120018130 - Thermal siphon structure: A thermal siphon structure includes a main body, a chamber disposed therein, an evaporation section, a condensation section and a connection section positioned between the evaporation section and condensation section. The evaporation section and condensation section are respectively arranged in the chamber on two sides thereof. The connection section has... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120018133 - Thermosiphon evaporator: The invention relates to an evaporator (10) for heat exchange between fluids, comprising a housing (12) having at least one inlet (20; 27) and at least one outlet (26, 28; 29) for each fluid, the inlet and outlet for each fluid being connected to one another by a flow path... Agent: Heat-matrix Group B.v.

20120018134 - Heat exchange panel: A heat exchange panel (1) that includes a lower plate (11) and an upper plate (14) that together define a plurality of channels (51) there-between, which are in fluid communication with a plurality of upper plate extension passages (72), is described. The lower plate (11) includes a plurality of lower... Agent:

20120018135 - Header plate, a heat exchanger, a method of making a header plate and a method of making a heat exchanger: A header plate for a heat exchanger, the header plate comprising a main part defining a plurality of slots to receive tubes, and the header plate including edges for attachment to a tank, the header plate being folded over onto itself at the said edges.... Agent: Denso Marston Ltd.

20120018138 - Heat sink system and assembly: A heat sink system with reduced airborne debris clogging, for cooling power electronics, the heat sink system including a heat sink having a plurality of fins, a housing configured to direct air flow around the side, top, and/or bottom of the heat sink and then through the fins of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120018137 - Heat-dissipating assembly: A heat-dissipating assembly includes a body and a bottom plate. The body has a heat-absorbing portion. The interior of the heat-absorbing portion is provided with a chamber covered by the bottom plate. The chamber has an evaporating region for generating a high pressure, and a condensing region for generating a... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20120018136 - Universal conduction cooling platform: Disclosed is an embodiment of a module for insertion between a first shelf and a second shelf of a rack based processing system. The module includes a first thermal plate substantially parallel to a second thermal plate. An inner surface of the first thermal plate faces an inner surface of... Agent: Graphstream Incorporated

20120018139 - Cooling apparatus for server rack: A cooling apparatus for server rack is disclosed, which is disposed above at least one server rack. The cooling apparatus for server rack includes a fan module disposed at a back end above the least one server rack, a heat exchanger module disposed at a front end above the least... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

01/19/2012 > 26 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120012275 - Intelligent air mover apparatus: A system for cooling an electronics enclosure comprises a plurality of fan modules. Each fan module comprises, a motor for driving a fan at a variable rotational speed, a microcontroller for controlling the rotational speed of the motor, an interface for electronically communicating between the microcontroller and an infrastructure controller... Agent:

20120012276 - System and method for storing thermal energy: A thermal energy storage system includes a container positioned within a surrounding body of water and comprising a container wall. The wall has an interior surface exposed to and defining an internal volume of the container and has an exterior surface opposite the interior surface and exposed to the surrounding... Agent:

20120012277 - Method and system for controlling evaporative and heat withdrawal performance of an occupant support surface: A method for controlling performance of an MCM capable support surface having a flowpath for guiding a stream of air along at least a portion of the surface, comprises specifying a desired evaporative rate greater than an evaporative rate achievable with unconditioned ambient air, chilling the unconditioned ambient air to... Agent:

20120012278 - Cold row encapsulation for server farm cooling system: Apparatuses, methods, and systems directed to efficient cooling of data centers. Some embodiments of the invention allow encapsulation of cold rows through an enclosure and allow one or more fans to draw cold air from the cold row encapsulation structure to cool servers installed on the server racks. In other... Agent: Yahoo! Inc., A Delaware Corporation

20120012279 - Systems and methods for managing heat generated by electronic equipment in an electronic equipment enclosure: Certain embodiments of the present invention provide a system for managing heat generated by electronic equipment in an electronic equipment enclosure. The electronic equipment enclosure includes a first pair of equipment rails and a second pair of equipment rails spaced apart from the first pair of equipment rails. The system... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20120012280 - Device and method for generating steam with a high level of efficiency: Steam is produced from a working medium of a steam generator, e.g., a waste heat steam generator, a Kalina steam generator or an ORC steam generator, using a thermal generator mounted upstream from the steam generator. To evaporate the working medium, the steam generator uses a hot heat transmitting medium... Agent:

20120012281 - Heat sink with multiple vapor chambers: A heat sink is disclosed. The heat sink comprises a base (102, 402) with at least one vapor chamber (208, 408) containing a fluid with a first activation point. The base has at least one vapor chamber (212, 412) containing a fluid with a second activation point. The first activation... Agent: Hewlett-packard Developement Company L.p.

20120012282 - Direct air contact liquid cooling system heat exchanger assembly: A heat exchanger assembly for use in hybrid liquid-air cooling system adapted to provide a liquid cooling mechanism for components in a personal computer system. The heat exchanger assembly consists of a heat exchanger chamber, though which the thermal transfer liquid flows. An air pump injects air bubbles into the... Agent: Asetek A/s

20120012283 - Hot aisle containment cooling unit and method for cooling: A cooling unit, which is configured to contain and cool air between two rows of equipment racks defining a hot aisle, includes a housing configured to be secured mounted on the two rows of equipment racks such that the housing spans the hot aisle, a heat exchanger supported by the... Agent: American Power Conversion Corporation

20120012284 - heat sink with staggered heat exchange elements: Heat sink comprising a base and a plurality of heat exchange elements. The elements are connected to and raised above, a surface of the base. There is a first row of the elements, with each of the elements having a long dimension that is substantially parallel to the long dimension... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20120012285 - Dehumidification system: A dehumidification system includes: an auxiliary heat exchanger connected to the heating medium circuit in series with the cooling heat exchanger, and provided downstream of a cooling heat exchanger in an air passage; a first air heat exchanger connected to a circulation circuit, and provided upstream of the cooling heat... Agent:

20120012286 - Air jet active heat sink apparatus: An apparatus comprising a heat sink and a plenum. The heat sink includes a base and a plurality of heat exchange elements, connected to and raised above, a surface of the base. The plenum is located above the heat exchange elements. The plenum includes a housing configured to hold a... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20120012288 - Dynamoelectric machine assemblies operable with serial communication signals and wm control signals: A dynamoelectric machine assembly for connection to a system controller. The assembly includes at least one input contact for receiving a control signal from the system controller and a processor coupled to the input contact. The processor is configured to operate the assembly in a pulse width modulation (PWM) mode... Agent: Nidec Motor Corporation

20120012287 - Fan apparatus with fan mounting frame: An exemplary fan apparatus adapted for dissipating heat from an electronic component mounted in an enclosure includes a centrifugal blower, a mounting frame, a number of first fasteners and a number of second fasteners. A number of engaging portions are formed on the enclosure. The centrifugal blower defines an air... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120012289 - Annular axial flow ribbed heat exchanger: A cylindrical, annular axial flow heat exchanger for use as a gas cooler in a thermal regenerative machine such as a Stirling engine is provided. The heat exchanger includes an outer shell of sufficient strength and thickness to withstand the pressure exerted by the working fluid and a tubular member... Agent: Dana Canada Corporation

20120012290 - Architectural heat and moisture exchange: An architectural heat and moisture exchanger. The exchanger defines an interior channel which is divided into a plurality of sub-channels by a membrane configured to allow passage of water vapor and to prevent substantial passage of air. In some embodiments, the exchanger includes an opaque housing configured to form a... Agent: Architectural Applications P.C.

20120012291 - Plate heat exchanger and refrigeration air conditioner: It is aimed to enhance the strength of a plate heat exchanger while maintaining the heat exchange capability of the plate heat exchanger. A plate heat exchanger 20 is configured with a plurality of stacked plates 2 and 3. Each of the plates 2 and 3 includes at four corners... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120012292 - Evaporative heat exchange apparatus with finned elliptical tube coil assembly: An improved finned coil tube assembly enhances evaporative heat exchanger performance, and includes tubes, preferably serpentine tubes, in the coil assembly. The tubes have a generally elliptical cross-section with external fins formed on an outer surface of the tubes. The fins are spaced substantially 1.5 to substantially 3.5 fins per... Agent: Evapco, Inc.

20120012293 - Compact, high-effectiveness, gas-to-gas compound recuperator with liquid intermediary: A liquid-loop compound recuperator is disclosed for high-ε heat exchange between a first shell-side fluid stream and a second shell-side fluid stream of similar thermal capacity rates (W/K). The compound recuperator is comprised of at least two fluid-to-liquid (FL) recuperator modules for transfer of heat from a shell-side fluid, usually... Agent: Doty Scientific, Inc.

20120012295 - Heat exchanger and method of manufacturing the same: A heat exchanger is provided with a cooling fin including a plurality of fin portions and a base portion supporting the fin portions, and a plurality of pins press-fitted into the fin portions. In the heat exchanger, the pins each having a wider width than each space between the fin... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120012294 - Heat sink: A heat sink which is mounted in a movable body and which is to be exposed to a traveling air stream generated while the movable body moves includes a base and a heat dissipating portion having a plurality of fins. At least in a front end portion of the heat... Agent: Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd.

20120012296 - Device and method for cooling rail weld zone: A device for cooling a rail weld zone according to the invention includes a first cooler cooling a head portion of the rail weld zone, a second cooler cooling a rail web portion of the rail weld zone, and a control section controlling the first and second coolers. The first... Agent:

20120012297 - Air conditioner: In an air conditioner according to the present invention, an indoor unit includes an indoor air temperature detection unit to detect an indoor air temperature, a floor/wall/ceiling temperature detection unit to detect a floor and wall temperature and a ceiling ambient temperature, and a control device including a microcomputer in... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120012298 - Method and appratus for heating an aqueous mixture to vaporization: The present invention is generally directed toward an apparatus and method for the heating of an aqueous mixture to vaporization, more specifically toward the heating of dilution air through a dilution air heating coil that is placed within the path of exhaust gas. In a power plant utilizing an emissions... Agent:

20120012299 - Proportional micro-valve with thermal feedback: A proportional micro-valve for regulating the temperature of an electronic component comprising a cooling subsystem associated with each thermal zone of the electronic component, a cooling circuit carries cooling fluid to a heat exchanger associated with each thermal zone, the flow of which is controlled by a valve element, which... Agent: Industrial Idea Partners, Inc.

20120012300 - System and method for selectively engaging cooling fans within an electronic display: A system and method for cooling an electronic image assembly having a plurality of channels place behind the electronic image assembly. A first fan may be used to force cooling gas through a first grouping of channels while a second fan may be used to force cooling gas through a... Agent: Manufacturing Resources International, Inc.

01/12/2012 > 26 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120006504 - Shaped heat storage materials: A shaped heat storage material has a shaped body composed of a binder and heat storage capsules containing a heat storage material therein. And, the shaped body has at least one of a projection, a depressed portion and a hollow structure defining a hollow space therein.... Agent: Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120006503 - Ventilation system for tunnel engineering: The present invention discloses a ventilation system for tunnel engineering. The ventilation system is for use in a tunnel having at least one first shaft and at least one second shaft. The ventilation system includes a heat collecting device, a cooling device, and at least one piping system. The piping... Agent: Chung-hsin Electric And Machinery Manufacturing Corp.

20120006505 - Communications network node: Communications network node comprising communications equipment (10), an inlet region (3) for coolant to flow towards the equipment and an outlet region (5) for the coolant to flow away from the equipment, a pathway (7a, 7b) from the outlet region to the inlet region, and, a heat exchanger (9) in... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20120006506 - Substrate processing apparatus and heating equipment: A substrate processing apparatus includes a heating part including a cylindrical-shaped heat insulator and a heating wire arranged on the inner circumferential surface of the heat insulator, a heat-insulating part configured to define a cylindrical space between the heating part and the heat insulating part, a cooling gas introduction portion... Agent: Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

20120006507 - Multi-modular data center: A multi-modular data center includes at least one modular computing module and at least one modular power supply module. The modular computing module includes a transportable container, a plurality of computing systems, a cooling system, a surveillance system, and a network interface. The modular power supply module includes a transportable... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120006508 - Systems and methods for providing air conditioning to an electronic component in a satellite antenna installation: An air conditioning system provides air to an enclosure associated with a satellite antenna that houses an amplifier or other electronic component. The air conditioning system supplies conditioned air to the bottom of the enclosure and receives return air from the top of the enclosure for improved airflow. Various implementations... Agent: Echostar Technologies LLC

20120006509 - Nanofluids for thermal management systems: A nanofluid is generally provided for use in a heat transfer system. The nanofluid can include nanoparticles suspended in a base liquid at a nanoparticle concentration in the nanofluid of about 0.01% to about 5% by volume. The nanoparticles can include zinc-oxide nanoparticles. The nanofluid for use in a heat... Agent: University Of South Carolina

20120006510 - Novel alkyl perfluoroalkene ethers and uses thereof: Disclosed are methods of transferring heat comprising providing a device, using a heat-transfer fluid to transfer heat to or from the device, wherein the heat-transfer fluid compositions comprise at least one unsaturated fluoroether having the formula CF3(CF2)xCF═CFCF(OR)(CF2)yCF3, CF3(CF2)xC(OR)═CFCF2(CF2)yCF3, CF3CF═CFCF(OR)(CF2)x(CF2)yCF3, CF3(CF2)xCF═C(OR)CF2(CF2)yCF3, or mixtures thereof, wherein R can be either CH3, C2H5... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120006511 - Active structures for heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a plurality of channels and one or more active flow disruption members disposed at an entrance to the plurality of channels. The active flow disruption members are configured to induce unsteadiness in a flow through the plurality of channels to increase thermal energy transfer in the... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120006512 - Asymmetric dimple tube for gas heat: A heat exchanger tube for a gas furnace is provided. The heat exchanger tube may include an inlet, an outlet and one or more asymmetric dimple pairs disposed between the inlet and the outlet. The inlet and the outlet may form a passageway through the heat exchanger tube for receiving... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20120006513 - Device for cooling an electrical cabinet: Device for cooling an electrical cabinet including a hollow upright beam having a lower end, an upper end and a cavity inside, the upright beam having an air inlet at the lower end and an air outlet at the upper end, the upright beam supporting the electrical cabinet on a... Agent: Kapsch Trafficcom Ag

20120006514 - Grid heat sink: A grid heat sink includes primary fins extending from a base and cross fins which intersect the primary fins and form a number of channels. A fan moves cooling air through the channels to remove heat from the primary and cross fins. In one illustrative embodiment, the grid heat sink... Agent:

20120006515 - Directional thermal siphon type heat column: A directional thermal siphon type heat column comprises: a column body which is a sealed hollow cavity formed by a lid and a base and contains a liquid; and at least one partition element, being a hood plate fixed into the column body and extended obliquely towards the base and... Agent:

20120006516 - Exchanger-reactor with bayonet tubes and chimneys suspended from the upper dome of the reactor: The present invention describes a vertical cylindrical exchanger-reactor for carrying out endothermic reactions, comprising a shell enclosing a plurality of tubes inside which the reactive fluid moves, said tubes being of the bayonet type, and the heat transfer fluid, in this case hot gases, being channelled inside chimneys surrounding said... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20120006517 - Thermally conductive sleeve, heating system, and method of use: A thermally conductive sleeve is disclosed which is used to heat a wide range of components. The sleeve can be used in conjunction with one or more heating elements to provide a heating system. Also described are various methods of using the sleeves and heating systems and forming the sleeves... Agent: Heatron, Inc.

20120006518 - Mesh cooled conduit for conveying combustion gases: A conduit through which hot combustion gases pass in a gas turbine engine. The conduit includes a wall structure having an inner surface, an outer surface, a region, an inlet, and an outlet. The inner surface defines an inner volume of the conduit. The region extends between the inner and... Agent:

20120006519 - Vented, gas-fired air heater: A vented, gas-fired air heater especially designed for temporary heating applications includes an improved burner design providing effective air and gas mixing and efficient burning in the combustion chamber. Highly efficient heat exchanger including corrugated heat exchanger panels provides enhanced heat transfer characteristics.... Agent: Haul-all Equipment Ltd.

20120006520 - Cooling apparatus for a web deposition system: Described are an apparatus and a method for cooling a web. The apparatus includes an inner cylinder having a void therein and configured for coupling to a gas source. The apparatus also includes an outer cylinder having an inner surface, an outer surface to support a web and apertures between... Agent: Aventa Technologies LLC

20120006523 - Heat exchanger and method of manufacturing the same: A heat exchanger having a fin member which can be easily formed by extrusion molding and warps (bends) less and configured such that an occurrence of voids at a weld portion between the fin member and a frame is suppressed. A method of manufacturing the heat exchanger is also provided.... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120006521 - Heat sink for an electronic component: Described is a heat sink for an electronic component. In at least one embodiment, the heat sink includes several cooling fins and carbon nanotubes, present between the top surface of the heat sink and the cooling fins. The carbon nanotubes extend from the top surface of the heat sink in... Agent: Converteam Gmbh

20120006522 - Iron-based brazing foil and method for brazing: Disclosed are amorphous, ductile brazing foils with a composition consisting essentially of FeRestNiaCrbSicBdPe, wherein 0 atomic %≦a<25 atomic %; 0 atomic %≦b≦15 atomic %; 1 atomic %≦c≦10 atomic %; 4 atomic %≦d≦15 atomic %; 1 atomic %≦e≦9 atomic %; any impurities≦0.5 atomic %; rest Fe, wherein 2 atomic %≦c+e≦10 atomic... Agent: Vacuumschmelze Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120006524 - Optimized tube bundle configuration for controlling a heat exchanger wall temperature: A heat exchanger comprises: a first medium inlet operable to receive a first medium into the heat exchanger; a first medium outlet operable to expel the first medium from the heat exchanger; a second medium inlet operable to receive a second medium into the heat exchanger; a second medium outlet... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120006525 - Window air conditioner demand supply management response: An appliance for conditioning air of an associated room and an associated method for controlling an air conditioner are disclosed, the controller selectively adjusting operation of the air conditioning appliance based on historical operating data. The controller adjusts a set-point of the appliance for a preselected period of time in... Agent: General Electric Company

20120006526 - Single-container manufacturing of biological products: A single-pass HVAC systems to isolate zones and to maintain a required clean air quality standard is provided that operates by producing a positive pressure in all zones, while exhausting on a minimal quantity of air required by law. The zones are kept clean by a recirculating fan filter in... Agent: Therapeutic Proteins Inc.

20120006527 - Method and device for controlling outlet water temperature of water heater: A temperature controlling device includes a setting controller, a gas valve, a burner, an inlet temperature sensor, a water meter, and an operational controller. User sets a desired temperature via the setting controller. The inlet temperature sensor senses an inlet temperature of water at an inlet of a pipe, and... Agent: Grand Mate Co., Ltd.

20120006528 - Method of and system for cooling a singulation process: A system for cooling at least one singulation saw used to singulate components from a substrate. The system is comprised of a coolant loop having at one or more coolant delivery means, a coolant collection means, one or more recycle tanks for contaminate particles to settle out of the captured... Agent: Utac Thai Limited

01/05/2012 > 17 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120000624 - Radiator fastening system for hinge support: A wall-mounted radiator comprising a support (1) adapted to make it tilting with respect to a support wall and possibly comprising blocking means (2) of the radiator to maintain it in a proximal or distal position with respect to said support wall. The support may be adapted to be associated... Agent:

20120000625 - Heat dissipation device: An exemplary heat dissipation device, configured for dissipating heat of an electronic component, includes a first heat sink and a second heat sink detachably mounted to a lateral side of the first heat sink. The first heat sink is attached to the electronic component. The second heat sink has a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120000626 - Lance for cleaning the shell side of a heat exchanger core: A handheld lance for high pressure jetting of tubes of a heat exchanger core comprises a fluid conduit defining an internal plenum chamber having at least one nozzle for emitting a jet of fluid for cleaning the outer surfaces of the tubes of the core and a coupling for connecting... Agent:

20120000627 - Electrostatic precipitator pre-filter for electrohydrodynamic fluid mover: Electrostatic precipitation is performed upstream of collector electrode surfaces toward which a downstream EHD fluid mover accelerates fluid flow. In this way, the upstream electrostatic precipitator (ESP) acts as a pre-filter (with low flow-impedance) and can reduce accumulation of otherwise detrimental materials on downstream electrodes and/or arcing. In some cases,... Agent: Tessera, Inc.

20120000628 - Method for function monitoring and/or control of a cooling system, and a corresponding cooling system: Exemplary embodiments relate to a system and method for monitoring functional operational reliability of a cooling system having at least one thermosyphon for transformers provided with at least one evaporator and with at least one condenser. The cooling system using a coolant which can be vaporized and a gaseous medium,... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20120000629 - Substrate processing apparatus: A substrate processing apparatus includes a substrate stage for mounting two or more substrates thereon. The substrate stage includes substrate stage units. Each of the substrate stage units includes a central temperature control flow path for controlling the temperature of a central portion of each of the substrates and a... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120000630 - Cooling of an electronic device in an aircraft by case-by-case single-phase or two-phase cooling: s

20120000631 - Cooling of heat intensive systems: Disclosed herein is a cooling system that utilizes a supersonic cooling cycle. The cooling system includes accelerating a compressible working fluid, and may not require the use of a conventional mechanical pump. The cooling system accelerates the fluid to a velocity equal to or greater than the speed of sound... Agent:

20120000632 - Forced-fluid switch: A forced fluid switch including a first plenum in communication with a first port; a second plenum in communication with a second port; a third plenum in switched communication with the first plenum and the second plenum and in communication with a third port; a fourth plenum in switched communication... Agent: Mrl Industries, Inc.

20120000633 - Heat exchanger with welded plates: The invention relates to a heat exchanger, comprising a closed chamber in which are arranged ribbed welded plates (40) defining therebetween independent and mutually penetrating circuits in which fluids flow, the side walls defining said chamber being attached onto vertical rails, characterised in that said plates comprise at each angle... Agent:

20120000634 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger for an automotive vehicle comprises a tank and a beam of tubes, received at their extremities in openings of the tank where the tubes are linked to the tank through tube to tank junctions. Some of the tube to tank junctions suffer thermal stress. At least some... Agent:

20120000635 - Manifold assembly for distributing a fluid to a heat exchanger: A manifold assembly for distributing a fluid to a heat exchanger, and a method for producing the same, is provided. The manifold assembly includes a plurality of channels and a manifold. The plurality of channels includes one or more first channels and one or more second channels. The first channels... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20120000636 - Chip cooling device having wedge element: The present invention relates to a cooling device improving the heat transfer between a chip (2) having a semiconducting substrate (3) and a heat sink (7). The gap between a surface (11) of the chip (2) to be cooled and a surface (12) of the heat sink (7), the width... Agent:

20120000638 - Confinement group for a plate heat exchanger, a method of obtaining such an exchanger, and a method of absorbing stress in a confinement group for pack-type plate heat exchangers: The present disclosure relates to a confinement group for a pack-type plate heat exchanger including at least one pair of end heads (2) designed to be located one opposite to the other with respect to the plate pack and to be tightened against the plate pack by means of tightening... Agent:

20120000637 - Plate, heat exchanger and method of manufacturing a heat exchanger: Plate (1) intended to form a partition between two fluids circulating inside a welded heat exchanger, the plate (1) having a plurality of undulations (2) characterised in that all or part of the undulations (2) has, on at least one upper crest line (3), at least one preferred contact area... Agent: Alfa Laval Vicarb

20120000639 - Thermal energy steering device: A thermal flux steering device and method for steering thermal flux into a concentrated area is provided. The thermal flux steering device includes a matrix impregnated with a plurality of thermally conductive inclusions. The thermally conductive inclusions are angled so as to steer thermal flux into a concentrated area such... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20120000640 - Method and an apparatus for cooling a computer: A heat exchanging system comprising circulating fluid through a tube coupled to an electronic component in a first part of a computing device and to a heat transfer plate in a second part of the computing device.... Agent: Intel Corporation

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