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Heat exchange December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/11

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12/29/2011 > 28 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20110315341 - Regenerator for a thermal cycle engine: A regenerator (100), for a thermal cycle engine with external combustion, according to the invention comprises a network of metal fibers wherein a majority of the fibers at least partially encircles the axis of the regenerator. The fibers were part of a fiber bundle which is coiled and sintered thereby... Agent: Nv Bekaert Sa

20110315342 - Heat exchange device, especially for an automotive vehicle: A heat exchange device, especially for an automotive vehicle, One embodiment comprises at least one metal foam and a thermal member, in direct contact with the metal foam, enabling heat exchange between the thermal member and the metal foam.... Agent: Valeo Vision

20110315343 - Interleaved, immersion-cooling apparatuses and methods for cooling electronic subsystems: Cooling apparatuses and methods are provided for immersion-cooling of an electronic subsystem of an electronics rack. The cooling apparatuses include a housing at least partially surrounding and forming a sealed compartment about the electronic subsystem and a dielectric fluid disposed within the sealed compartment, with the electronic subsystem being immersed... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110315344 - Interleaved, immersion-cooling apparatus and method for an electronic subsystem of an electronics rack: Cooling apparatus and method are provided for immersion-cooling of an electronic subsystem of an electronics rack. The cooling apparatus includes a housing at least partially surrounding and forming a sealed compartment about the electronic subsystem and a dielectric fluid disposed within the sealed compartment so that the electronic subsystem is... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110315345 - Indoor air conditioner able to carry out washing and cleaning automatically: An indoor air conditioner able to carry out washing and cleaning automatically includes a housing having a separating plate bored with wind outlets and through holes. Two fans are respectively received in two fan-accommodating grooves of the housing; a motor is installed in a motor-accommodating groove, having two rotary shafts... Agent:

20110315346 - Cooling apparatus and heating apparatus: The present invention provides a cooling apparatus capable of improving a cooling efficiency and realizing a high speed cooling process. The present invention also provides a heating apparatus capable of improving a heating efficiency of a substrate and heating the substrate at high speed. A cooling apparatus according to one... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20110315347 - Isolated counter-flow air heat exchanging device with vertical structure: An isolated counter-flow air heat exchanging device with a vertical structure is provided, which includes two heat exchanging cores, four flow dividers, and six air ports. A first flow divider, a first heat exchanging core, a second flow divider, a third flow divider, a second heat exchanging core, and a... Agent: Tonlier Energy Technology (beijing) Co., Ltd.

20110315348 - Magnetocaloric heat generator: A method for generating a heat flow from a magnetocaloric element (1) comprising at least one magnetocaloric material (2) comprising a hot end (3) associated with a hot chamber (4) and a cold end (5) associated with a cold chamber (6), the method comprises magnetically and alternately activating and de-activating... Agent: Cooltech Applications S.a.s.

20110315349 - Apparatus and process for thermal decomposition of any kind of organic material: The apparatus is used for thermal decomposition of any kind of organic material and comprises: an outer box (2) with a hermetic lid (19); a thermal insulation layer (5) disposed throughout the inner surface of the outer box (2) and lid, said apparatus also comprising at least a structure with... Agent:

20110315350 - Direct forced draft fluid cooler/cooling tower and liquid collector therefor: Direct forced draft fluid cooler/closed loop cooling towers and cooling towers are provided with fans at the bottom of the unit, and a plurality of layers of water collection troughs or channels above the fans to capture water droplets sprayed downwardly from the top of the device through a heat... Agent:

20110315352 - Thermal module: A thermal module includes at least one heat pipe and a heat sink. The heat pipe has a heat absorption end and a heat-spreading end extending in a direction away from the heat absorption end. The heat sink has a heat-spreading face on which multiple radiating fins are disposed and... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20110315351 - Vapor chamber having composite supporting structure: A vapor chamber having a composite supporting structure includes a flat sealed casing; a wick structure, a working fluid and a composite supporting structure. The composite supporting structure has a waved supporting rack and at least one supporting pillar. The waved supporting rack is configured to support upper and lower... Agent: Celsia Technologies Taiwan, I

20110315353 - Liquid-cooled electronics rack with immersion-cooled electronic subsystems and vertically-mounted, vapor-condensing unit: Liquid-cooled electronics racks are provided which include: immersion-cooled electronic subsystems; a vertically-oriented, vapor-condensing unit facilitating condensing dielectric fluid vapor egressing from the immersion-cooled subsystems, the vertically-oriented, vapor-condensing unit being sized and configured to reside adjacent to at least one side of the electronics rack; a reservoir for holding dielectric fluid,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110315355 - Immersion-cooling apparatus and method for an electronic subsystem of an electronics rack: Cooling apparatus and method are provided for immersion-cooling of an electronic subsystem of an electronics rack. The cooling apparatus includes a housing at least partially surrounding and forming a sealed compartment about the electronic subsystem and a dielectric fluid disposed within the sealed compartment, with the electronic subsystem being immersed... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110315354 - Multiple liquid loop cooling for electronics: The present invention relates to liquid cooling systems and more particularly to a liquid cooling system for an electrical system on an air-cooled platform. In one embodiment of the invention, a liquid-cooled system for a platform with air cooling includes an electrical system comprising first and second electrical components; a... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110315360 - Coating composition, coating method, air conditioner, ventilation fan, and electrical equipment: A coating composition having high dirt prevention properties and improved adhesiveness to hydrophobic surfaces such as those made of a plastic, and a coating method are provided. More specifically, provided is a coating composition, including: hydrophobic resin particles dispersed in an aqueous medium; hydrophilic inorganic fine particles; and an oxidizing... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110315358 - Finned air-guiding heat-dissipating structure and heat-dissipating module having the same: A finned air-guiding heat-dissipating structure includes a heat sink having heat-dissipating fins arranged at intervals. At least one heat-dissipating channel is formed between the heat-dissipating fins. The heat-dissipating fins form an intake side and a first exhaust side and a second exhaust side in communication with the intake side through... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20110315357 - Heat sink wind guide structure and thermal module thereof: A heat sink wind guide structure and a thermal module thereof. The heat sink wind guide structure includes a heat sink having multiple radiating fins and a wind incoming side. Each two adjacent radiating fins define therebetween a heat dissipation flow way in communication with the wind incoming side. The... Agent:

20110315356 - Heat-dissipating body having radial fin assembly and heat-dissipating device having the same: A heat-dissipating device includes a heat-dissipating body, a vapor chamber and a fan assembly. The heat-dissipating body includes a thermal-conductive element and a radial fin assembly. The thermal-conductive element includes a solid post and extending arms extending therefrom. The radial fin assembly includes radially-arranged heat-dissipating fins that form a central... Agent: Celsia Technologies Taiwan, I

20110315359 - Radiator fan module: A radiator fan module has a fan assembly, cooling fin and heat conductor. The fan assembly has a shell seat and fan blade, an air outlet is set at one side of the shell seat, the cooling fin is set correspondingly to the outlet, and the cooling end of the... Agent: Forcecon Technology Co., Ltd.

20110315361 - Cooling system having fins: A cooling system is disclosed in which the cooling system comprises a first manifold for receiving a thermal medium from a source, the first manifold having an output port, a second manifold for returning a thermal medium to a source, the second manifold having an input port, a conduit connected... Agent:

20110315362 - Fin and heat exchanger comprising the same: A corrugated fin includes connection segments each of which is formed with louvers. Substantially circular arc segments are connected with the connection segments alternatively in a substantially longitudinal direction such that corrugations are formed and the arc segments form respective crests and troughs of the corrugations. 0≦H2≦(H1−2R+2R sin β)/cos β,... Agent:

20110315363 - Multichannel heat exchangers employing flow distribution manifolds: The present disclosure is directed to heat exchangers with flow distribution manifolds divided into an inlet section and a distribution section by a distributor. The inlet section may have a relatively small cross-sectional area that promotes mixed phase flow of liquid and vapor refrigerant. The manifolds may be used with... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20110315364 - Multichannel heat exchanger tubes with flow path inlet sections: The present disclosure is directed to multichannel tubes with flow path inlet sections that allow refrigerant to enter the flow paths through an outer wall of the multichannel tubes. In certain embodiments, a portion of the outer wall is removed to expose the flow paths to a distribution chamber within... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20110315367 - Fluid cooled assembly and method of making the same: A method of making a fluid cooled assembly that incorporates a base that forms a partial enclosure defining an interior void space and having a top wall that has a top surface and that defines at least one opening through the top wall to the void space, the base further... Agent:

20110315365 - Heat sink and method for manufacturing the same: A heat sink composed of a fin set and a seat and a method for manufacturing the same are disclosed. One side of the seat is provided with a plurality of rail rods whose cross sections are of a hook shape. One side of the fin set is formed with... Agent:

20110315366 - Heat sink and method for manufacturing the same: A heat sink composed of a fin set and a seat and a method for manufacturing the same are disclosed. One side of the fin set is provided with a plurality of rail rods whose cross sections are of a hook shape. One side of the seat is formed with... Agent:

20110315368 - Air-conditioning apparatus: An object of the present invention is to provide an air-conditioning apparatus that can effectively utilize heat energy generated by a control unit. In an air-conditioning apparatus in which a main heat source unit having a main compressor, a main four-way switching valve, and a main heat-source-side water-cooling heat exchanger... Agent:

12/22/2011 > 23 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20110308762 - High energy density thermal storage device and method: A novel thermal storage device includes a container of metallic phase change material (MPCM). The MPCM has a high latent heat of fusion and a high thermal conductivity in its solid state. A thermal energy receiver is adapted to receive thermal energy from a thermal energy source and transfer the... Agent:

20110308761 - Regenerator, regeneration process, and liquid polymer mixture for a regenerator: Disclosed is a regenerator, a regeneration process, and a liquid polymer mixture for periodic cooling, storing, and heating of atmospheric gas. The regenerator, the regeneration process, and the liquid polymer mixture involve a liquid polymer that remains in contact with a thermally conductive solid material during a first operational period... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20110308763 - Fuel efficient powertrain cooling systems and radiator modules: Embodiments of a powertrain cooling system and embodiments of a radiator module are provided for deployment onboard a vehicle. In one embodiment, the powertrain cooling system includes a first airflow path, a second airflow path, a primary radiator core positioned in the first airflow path, an auxiliary radiator core position... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110308764 - Air-cooled condenser system and method for setting up such a condenser plant: An air-cooled condenser system (1) comprises a platform (2) carrying heat exchanger elements (4), steam distribution lines (6), and fans (5). The platform (2) is arranged on pillars (3), which previously are introduced into the soil beneath the platform. The platform (2) is mounted close to the ground, wherein the... Agent: Gea Energietechnik Gmbh

20110308765 - Thermal management system and method: A system includes an interior duct, a blower, a vent coupling, and a secondary duct. The interior duct is fluidly coupled with the inlet and with an energy storage device disposed in a vehicle. The blower draws cooling fluid received through the inlet and through the interior duct to cause... Agent: General Electric Company

20110308766 - System and method for reducing static pressure in air handlers: A system and method for improving the efficiency of air handling units by reducing the static air pressure within units. The system and method utilizes rotary union mounts to fluidly connect the heating and cooling coils within the system. The rotary union mounts allow the heating and/or cooling coils to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110308767 - Housing unit for a heating system: A housing unit (22) for a heating device with two heating circuits, one for space heating and another for service water heating, includes a pump housing (23) for a recirculation pump (8). The housing unit (22) encompasses a switching valve for switching the heating circuits, and in its rear installation... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20110308768 - Cleaning mechanism with tandem movement over emitter and collector surfaces: An apparatus for tandem cleaning of an emitter electrode and collector electrode in electrohydrodynamic fluid accelerator and precipitator devices via movement of a cleaning mechanism including respective cleaning surfaces positioned to frictionally engage the emitter electrode and collector electrode. The cleaning mechanism causes the respective cleaning surfaces to travel along... Agent: Tessera, Inc.

20110308769 - Ionic thermal dissipation device: An ionic thermal dissipation device includes an ionic wind generation system and a power system. The power system first converts external direct current (DC) power signals into first alternating current (AC) power signals, and boosts, increases voltage, and rectifies the first AC power signals to generate high voltage DC power... Agent: Ampower Technology Co., Ltd.

20110308770 - Heat dissipation structure of led head lamp: A heat dissipation structure of an LED head lamp is provided which includes heat dissipation fins mounted on a lower portion of an LED module, a cooling duct mounted on a lower portion of the heat dissipation fins, an air inflow unit making an external air flow into the cooling... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20110308771 - Exhaust gas cooler for an internal combustion engine: An exhaust cooler for a combustion motor is provided that includes a flow path for guidance of the exhaust from a combustion motor, wherein the flow path has a wall to separate the exhaust gas flow from a cooling fluid and wherein heat is exchangeable via the wall between the... Agent:

20110308772 - Heat pipe and electronic device: The Present Invention provides a heat pipe and an electronic device which can efficiently cool a light emitting element arranged in an end portion, so that it is possible to efficiently mount the heat pipe in a narrow space. The heat pipe is provided with an upper plate (3), a... Agent: Molex Kiire Co., Ltd.

20110308773 - Granular abrasive cleaning of an emitter wire: An apparatus for cleaning an emitter electrode in electrohydrodynamic fluid accelerator and precipitator devices via movement of a cleaning device including granular abrasives positioned to frictionally engage the emitter electrode. The cleaning device causes the granular abrasives to travel along a longitudinal extent of the emitter electrode to remove detrimental... Agent: Tessera, Inc.

20110308774 - Apparatus having agitator for agitating fluid: An apparatus of a heat transfer circuit in which a heat transfer fluid with small particles circulates includes a container and an agitator. The container is located in a lower position of the apparatus in a vertical direction and defines a chamber where the heat transfer liquid passes when circulating... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110308775 - Electrohydrodynamic device with flow heated ozone reducing material: A thermal management apparatus includes an electrohydrodynamic fluid accelerator energizable to motivate fluid flow. Primary heat transfer surfaces are positioned to transfer heat into the fluid flow and an ozone reducing material is positioned downstream of the primary heat transfer surfaces. Heating of the ozone reducing material by the fluid... Agent: Tessera, Inc.

20110308777 - Cooling module with multiple parallel blowers: A cooling fan module for motivating air flow through an electronics chassis includes an enclosure having an air inlet through which cooling air flow is motivated by at least two centrifugal blowers disposed within the enclosure. The centrifugal blowers operate in parallel to motivate the cooling air flow along a... Agent:

20110308776 - Dust-disposal heat-dissipation device with double cooling fans: A heat dissipation device includes a fin set, a cover, a first fan, a second fan and a control module. The fin set includes a plurality of cooling fins transversely spaced apart and has a substantially flat section at a bottom thereof for contacting a heat source. The cover includes... Agent:

20110308778 - Egr cooler: An EGR cooler includes: a casing in which cooling water flows; a plurality of tubes in which exhaust gas flows, the plurality of tubes being housed in the casing; a header plate to which ends of the plurality of tubes are bonded, the header plate being bonded to an end... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20110308779 - Port opening of heat exchanger: A brazed heat exchanger (100,200) for exchanging heat between fluids comprises a number of heat exchanging plates (110,210) provided with a pressed pattern of ridges (120,220) and grooves (130,230). The heat exchanger plates (110,210) arc stacked onto one another such that flow channels (211,212) are formed between said plates (110,210),... Agent: Swep International Ab

20110308780 - Heat exchanger for an annealing furnace for exchanging heat between two fluids: The invention relates to a heat exchanger (1) for an annealing furnace for exchanging heat between two fluids, comprising a tubular profile which comprises heat exchanger fins on its outside jacket and which is associated on at least one face side (3) with a connecting flange (4) with at least... Agent: Ebner Industrieofenbau Gesellschaft M.b.h.

20110308782 - Thermal interface material and method of making and using the same: e

20110308781 - Thermally conductive gel packs: A conformable, thermally-conductive gel pack is provided having a thermal gel encapsulated by a compliant packaging material formed from a dielectric polymer. The gel pack is adapted for emplacement between opposed heat transfer surfaces in an electronic device. One heat transfer surface can be part of a heat-generating component of... Agent: Parker Hannifin Corporation

20110308783 - Fluid-powered heat exchanger apparatus for cooling electronic equipment: A heat exchanger is located in an electronic equipment enclosure as part of a system for transporting heat away from the electronic equipment. The heat exchanger comprises first and second coolant loops. The amount of electrical power consumed within the equipment enclosure is reduced by employing the motive force of... Agent:

12/15/2011 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20110303388 - System and method for using recyclables for thermal storage: A thermal storage system (100) and related method, comprising: a thermal collector (101); a thermal storage sink (102); at least one thermal storage transport conduit (8) for transporting thermal energy from the thermal collector to the thermal storage sink for storage therein; at least one thermal delivery conduit (11) for... Agent:

20110303389 - Fluid storage tank having active integrated cooling: A fluid storage tank including heat extraction arrangements is provided. The fluid storage tank includes a passive and an active heat exchanger. A fan draws ambient air through both the active and passive heat exchangers to dissipate heat energy stored in the fluid passing through or stored within the tank.... Agent: Helgesen Design Services, LLC

20110303390 - Combustion chamber cooling method and system: A cooling system for use with a gas turbine combustion assembly having a flame tube and a surrounding air delivery sleeve, the system comprising a vessel shaped and dimensioned to surround the air delivery sleeve and adapted for fluid flow there through. A method of cooling a combustion assembly includes... Agent: Vykson Limited

20110303391 - Fluid cooling system particularly for cooling towers: A fluid cooling system has a liquid distribution system with feed pipe and distributor pipes connected thereto. The distributor pipes have full cone nozzles tangentially attached to the distributor pipes. The full cone nozzles each have a nozzle housing that has a rotation-symmetrical nozzle chamber with a rotational vertical axis,... Agent: Cts Cooling Tower Solutions Gmbh

20110303392 - Flat heat pipe: A thin flat heat pipe capable of transporting heat even if it is bent is provided. The flat heat pipe comprises: a working fluid to be evaporated when heated and to be condensed when the heat dissipates; and a wick, which is formed by bundling a plurality of thin wires... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20110303394 - Liquid cooling system for a server: A method of cooling a computer server that includes a plurality of server modules, and is positioned in an enclosed room, includes transferring heat generated by a server module of the plurality of server modules to a hot plate of a liquid cooling system. The liquid cooling system may be... Agent: Asetek A/s

20110303393 - Thermal distribution systems and methods: Thermal distribution systems and methods are provided. A thermal distribution system can include a first surface having a perimeter and a second surface. At least a portion of the perimeter can be disposed proximate the second surface, forming a void between the first and second surfaces. The first surface can... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20110303395 - Vehicle heat exchanger assembly: A vehicle heat exchanger assembly includes first and second heat exchangers including first and second heat exchange units, respectively, a blower and a fan shroud. The blower causes air to flow from the first heat exchanger to the second heat exchanger, and is arranged in an air passage formed in... Agent: Calsonic Kansei Corporation

20110303396 - Heat exchanger, outdoor unit and refrigeration apparatus: A heat pump chiller includes a casing having a compressor, etc. inside thereof and four flat-plate shaped air heat exchangers disposed on side surfaces of the casing and extending vertically. Two air heat exchangers constitute a first heat exchanger body and a second heat exchanger body. Respective heat exchanger bodies... Agent:

20110303397 - Heat exchange media for managing silica build-up in a regenerative thermal oxidizer: A heat-exchange medium for use in a regenerative thermal oxidizer has a coating of potassium aluminum silicate which prevents the build-up of silicon dioxide from processed gas on the surface of the ceramic heat-exchange media.... Agent:

20110303398 - Surface cooler with noise reduction: A surface cooler is provided and includes an oil layer through which oil flows, fins extending into an air flow pathway and being disposed at a first side of the oil layer in heat transfer communication with the oil, an acoustic lining to reduce noise present in or transmitted by... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20110303399 - Thermal diffuser and cooling apparatus for cooling heat source using the same: A thermal diffuser includes a plurality of thermally-conductive plates, each of which has a strip-like shape. The plurality of thermally-conductive plates is laminated onto one another in a plate-thickness direction of the strip-like shape to form a laminated body. Each of the plurality of thermally-conductive plates has thermal conductivities in... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110303400 - Counterflow heat exchanger: A counterflow heat exchanger having a plurality of heat exchanger elements in a stacked, spaced-apart arrangement forming a plurality of inter-element passages. Each element has fluid passages formed between facing sections of a first plate and a second plate. A first-fluid passage has an outer passage circumscribing an inner passage... Agent: Pb Heat, LLC

20110303401 - Evaporator: A leeward tube row of an evaporator includes first to third tube groups, and a windward tube row thereof includes fourth and fifth tube groups. Within a third section of a leeward upper header portion with which heat exchange tubes of the third tube group communicate, a resistance member for... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110303402 - Heater core: Provided is a heater core which has a simple structure using a pipe connector formed by coupling a first plate and a second plate, thereby facilely manufacturing it, and also which can have a smaller size, since an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe are disposed to be adjacent to... Agent: Halla Climate Control Corp.

20110303403 - Flexible heat exchanger: An embodiment of the invention comprises a method for constructing a heat exchanger for cooling one or more semiconductor components. The method comprises the step of providing first and second planar sheets of specified thermally conductive metal foil, wherein each of the sheets has and exterior side and an interior... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110303404 - Wear-resistant conformal coating for micro-channel structure: A conformal, multilayer micro-channel structure having a wear-resistant interior micro-channel surface coating of an ALD deposited conformal alumina (Al2O3) ceramic of about 1000 Å in thickness and a titanium nitride (TiN) of about 300 Å to about 1000 Å in thickness. The Al2O3/TiN multilayer structure is resistant to erosion and... Agent: Irvine Sensors Corporation

20110303405 - Three phase fin surface cooler: A surface cooler is provided and includes an oil layer, through which oil flows, a separating plate disposed in heat transfer communication with the oil and fins extending into an air flow pathway and being disposed in heat transfer communication with the separating plate, the fins being arranged with varied... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20110303406 - Air-conditioning system and control device thereof: A computer room air-conditioning system includes a temperature detection unit which is provided for each of a front and a back of each rack, and measures air temperatures of the front and the back; and a control device for acquiring a measured temperature by each temperature detection unit, and performing... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

12/08/2011 > 20 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20110297346 - Methods and systems of regenerative heat exchange: The present disclosure teaches apparatuses, systems, and methods for improving energy efficiency using high heat capacity materials. Some embodiments include a phase change material (PCMs). Particularly, the systems may include a re-gasification system, a liquefaction system, or an integrated system utilizing a heat exchanger with a regenerator matrix, a shell... Agent:

20110297347 - Heat dissipating system for electric vehicle drive controller: The present invention provides a heat dissipating system for an electric vehicle drive controller. The heat dissipating system for electric vehicle drive controller includes: high power MOS transistors for controlling magnitude of power supplied to an electric vehicle drive motor and for switching current direction, and a radiator connected to... Agent: Liuzhou Wuling Motors Co., Ltd.

20110297348 - Heating and air conditioning system: A heating and cooling system for a building utilizes lower vents which open into lower portions of rooms of a building, and upper vents which open into upper portions of rooms of the building. When the system is operating in a heating mode, heated air is delivered into the upper... Agent:

20110297351 - Electronic equipment cabinet: There is provided an electronic equipment cabinet including a cabinet carcass (15) mounting fan cooled equipment (16) venting to the cabinet rear. A hinged front closure assembly (11) includes a frame (14) and an outer filter and perforated metal screen assembly on the outer face of the frame, and a... Agent:

20110297349 - Enclosure of electronic device: An enclosure includes a case and a heat dissipating area formed on the case. The heat dissipating area defines a number of heat dissipating holes in the heat dissipating area. The material of the heat dissipating area is thermo-responsive shape memory polymer. The heat dissipating holes have a first size... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110297350 - Plate heat exchanger: The invention relates to a plate heat exchanger (1) including a first and second end plate (2, 3), and a core of heat exchanger plates (4) arranged between the first and second end plate (2, 3), whereby a plurality of threaded tightening bolts (5a, 5b, 5c) extend between the first... Agent: Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

20110297352 - Preheating device for a fluid/fluid heat exchanger of an aircraft: An aircraft includes a heat exchanger between, on the one hand, a first fluid that flows into the narrow pipes (22) of the exchanger and that is able to contain solid elements that can melt, and, on the other hand, a second fluid to be cooled. The heat exchanger includes... Agent: Airbus Operations

20110297353 - Oilfield heat exchanger: A fluid heating system and method are disclosed. The apparatus incorporates a two-stage heating system. The first stage uses heat produced by a large, primary heat source, such as a diesel engine. The primary heat source is used to heat a coolant solution contained within a closed loop. The first... Agent:

20110297354 - System and method that dissipate heat from an electronic device: The electronic system includes an electronic device and a liquid holding section that is thermally coupled to the electronic device. The electronic system further includes an impermeable section that engages the liquid holding section. The impermeable section includes a channel and a plurality of passages that provide fluid communication between... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110297356 - Heat dissipation device: An exemplary heat dissipation device includes a heat pipe and a fin unit. The heat pipe includes an evaporation section and a condensing section formed at opposite ends thereof, respectively. The fin unit includes plural stacked parallel fins. Each of the fins defines a through hole therein for receiving the... Agent: Furui Precise Component (kunshan) Co., Ltd.

20110297355 - Heat-conducting module and heat-dissipating device having the same: A heat-conducting module for heat conduction of an electronic heat-generating element includes a heat pipe and a vapor chamber. The vapor chamber has an evaporating section brought into thermal contact with the electronic heat-generating element and a heat-conducting section located away from the evaporating section and wrapping around the heat... Agent: Celsia Technologies Taiwan, Inc.

20110297357 - Adjustable loop rotor air cooler and fuel gas heater: A cooling system for turbine engines for controlling cooling of rotor cooling air and heating of fuel gas is disclosed. The cooling system may be formed from a housing formed from a main plenum, a rotor air cooler positioned at least partially in the main plenum and a fuel gas... Agent:

20110297358 - Nano-coating thermal barrier and method for making the same: A coating is adapted to be applied to a substrate for managing the flow of heat traveling through the substrate. The coating comprises an array of metal nano-particles held in a glassy matrix.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110297360 - Heat transfer between tracer and pipe: A heat transfer element includes curved mounting surfaces configured to mate with an outer surface of a pipe for attachment thereto; and a channel configured to receive a tracer therein. The heat transfer element is configured to effect conductive heat transfer from the tracer to the pipe, or to process... Agent:

20110297361 - Low stress-inducing heat sink: A low stress-inducing heat sink may reduce thermally induced stress and strain in the heat source. The low stress-inducing heat sink may be made of materials with low thermal conductivity. The heat sink may have in-plane flexibility and hence reduce thermally induced stress and strain generated in the heat source... Agent: Sunmodular, Inc.

20110297362 - Micro-chimney and thermosiphon die-level cooling: A method and arrangement for dissipating heat from a localized area within a semiconductor die is presented. A semiconductor die is constructed and arranged to have at least one conduit portion therein. At least a portion of the conduit portion is proximate to the localized area. The conduit portion is... Agent:

20110297359 - System and method for attaching stainless steel side plates to the copper/brass tubes of a heat exchanger core: A system and method for attaching very thin stainless steel plates to a radiator or heat exchanger core using the CuproBraze® brazing technique. The use of thin stainless steel side plates produces the structural strength needed in the radiator or heat exchanger core assembly without adding an excessive amount of... Agent:

20110297363 - Air-conditioning apparatus: An air-conditioning apparatus is provided with a heat-source device that supplies a refrigerant, a relay unit that exchanges heat of a heat medium such as water or anti-freezing fluid supplied from the heat-source device in an intermediate heat exchanger and supplies the heat medium, an indoor unit that exchanges heat... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110297364 - Method of automatic hydraulic equalization in a fluid-flow system: A heating-cooling system has a plurality of users, a piping system subdivided into a plurality of zones in each of which a respective group of the users is connected in parallel, a heater or cooler having a supply line and a return line connected to the zones, a pump connected... Agent:

20110297365 - Cooling device for vehicle: In a cooling device for a vehicle having a main passage through which coolant water is circulated between the interior of an engine and a radiator 13, a heater passage through which the coolant water is circulated between the interior of the engine and a heater core 15, and a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

12/01/2011 > 26 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20110290445 - Heat conveyance and storage system: P

20110290446 - Heat transfer unit for an internal combustion engine: A heat transfer unit for an internal combustion engine includes a first channel with an inlet and an outlet. The first channel is configured to have a fluid to be cooled flow therethrough. The second channel is configured to have a cooling fluid flow therethrough. A partition wall(s) is disposed... Agent: Pierburg Gmbh

20110290447 - Method for exchanging heat in vapor compression heat transfer systems: A multi-step method is disclosed for exchanging heat in a vapor compression heat transfer system having a working fluid circulating therethrough. The method includes the step of circulating a working fluid comprising a fluoroolefin to an inlet of a first tube of an internal heat exchanger, through the internal heat... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110290448 - Dehumidifying cooling apparatus and method for an electronics rack: Dehumidifying cooling apparatus and method are provided for an electronics rack. The apparatus includes an air-to-liquid heat exchanger disposed at an air inlet or outlet side of the rack, wherein air flows through the rack from the air inlet to the air outlet side. The heat exchanger is positioned for... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110290453 - Air cooling and air dehumidifying module comprising capillary tube mats and method of using it: The invention relates to an air cooling and air dehumidifying module comprising plastic capillary tube mats, which are formed by folding and/or winding into a compact assembly with a virtually cuboidal outer shape, which cools and dehumidifies the air stream passed through the mat assembly when cold water is conducted... Agent: Clina Heiz- Und Kuhlelemente Gmbh

20110290454 - Air cooling and air dehumidifying module comprising capillary tube mats and method of using it: The invention relates to a method of operating the air cooling and air dehumidifying module in combination with cooling ceilings or suspended cooling panels. Such solution serves for the decentralized cooling of rooms and for dehumidifying the air in a room.... Agent: Clina Heiz- Und Kuhlelemente Gmbh

20110290449 - Cooler device: A cooler device includes a metal base panel, radiation fins fastened to the metal base panel at the top, and heat pipes fastened to the metal base panel and respective top notches of the radiation fins. Each top notch of each radiation fin has a narrow notch portion disposed at... Agent:

20110290452 - Folded fin heat transfer device: A system for cooling a heat producing device is provided. The system can include an air mover (110) wherein at least a portion of the discharge airflow (115) is directed radially outward. The system can also include a thermal conduit (120) and a thermal member (130). The thermal member can... Agent:

20110290451 - Heat cooler: Provided is a heat cooler configured to rapidly cool a heat-generating device by transferring heat generated from the heat-generating device to an outside area. The heat cooler includes a heat conductive body having a predetermined volume and sealing members. The body includes a plurality of penetration holes formed through top... Agent: Joinset Co., Ltd.

20110290450 - Heat dissipation module: A heat dissipation module includes a cooling base, a heat dissipating component, and at least one heat pipe. The cooling base includes a heating surface and a conducting surface. On the heating surface is disposed at least one joining part to hold and connect the heat pipe. The heat pipe... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20110290455 - Heat dissipating apparatus: A heat dissipating apparatus includes a heat sink, a fan, and an airflow guide. The heat sink includes a conducting base board and a number of parallel fins vertically extending from the conducting base board. An air intake and an air outlet are defined in opposite ends of the heat... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110290456 - Micro cooling fan: A micro cooling fan includes a housing, a fan wheel, and a main circuit board. The main circuit board has a stator and a driving circuit. The stator is electrically connected to the driving circuit. The stator is disposed on a first inner surface, and the driving circuit is disposed... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110290457 - Endothermic cracking aircraft fuel system: A method of controlling cooling in an aircraft system includes providing a fluid having a cooling capacity to cool a heat source, and selectively endothermically cracking the fluid to increase the cooling capacity.... Agent:

20110290459 - Moisture separator/heater: A moisture separator/heater that removes moisture from highly moist steam and heats the steam from which the moisture has been removed to produce superheated steam is provided. The moisture separator/heater includes a cylindrical main shell, a moisture separator that removes moisture in steam to be heated that flows in through... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110290458 - Multi-layered aluminum strip for brazing, brazing component, manufacturing method and heat exchanger and use: An aluminum strip for a component, in particular a brazing component, in particular a tube or a disk, includes a profile having a brazing connection, wherein in at least one area, in particular in the area of the brazing connection: a first part of the strip thickness is taken up... Agent:

20110290460 - Multipass tubular heat exchanger and associated pass partition plate, channel cover, and methods: A multipass tubular heat exchanger utilizing a pass partition plate and a tubesheet is described which is suitable for use with high differential pressure tubeside fluid without deformation or dislocation of the pass partition plate, thereby avoiding the problem of tubeside fluid bypassing. The pass partition plate has an edge... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20110290462 - Port opening of brazed heat exchanger: A brazed heat exchanger (100, 200) comprises a number of heat exchanger plates (110, 120, 130, 140, 150) provided with a pressed pattern of ridges and grooves to form flow channels for media to exchange heat between neighboring heat exchanger plates (110,120,130,140,150). The flow channels are in selective fluid communication... Agent: Swep International Ab

20110290461 - Reinforced heat exchanger: A brazed heat exchanger comprises a number of heat exchanger plates (100, 200, 300) provided with a pressed pattern of ridges (110a) and grooves (110b) arranged such that flow channels for media to exchange heat are formed between neighboring plates (100,200,300). The plates (100,200,300) are further provided with port openings... Agent: Swep International Ab

20110290464 - Header for heat exchanger and method of making the same: A header box for a heat exchanger assembly and the method of manufacture. The header box has a first header component and a second header component. The first header component has a first corner portion with a first wall and a second wall extending therefrom. The second header component has... Agent: Harsco Corporation

20110290463 - Heat exchanger header assembly: A freeze protection system to repeatedly protect the coils or tubes of a heat exchanger/radiator that does not require any maintenance after the contained fluid in the heat exchanger/radiator has experienced a freeze. The system lends itself to construction as a repeatable grouping of diversely different geometric shapes that can... Agent:

20110290466 - Heat exchanger with heat exchange chambers utilizing respective medium directing members: A heat exchange unit having a plurality of chamber units, said chamber units including an inlet orifice member, an outlet orifice member, and a plurality of walls defining a chamber interior, said chamber interior having lateral walls with plurality of protrusion members. The inlet receives a heat exchange medium flowing... Agent: Mikutay Corporation

20110290465 - Orientation insensitive refrigerant distributor tube: A heat exchanger assembly having an inlet header, an outlet header spaced from the inlet header, a plurality of refrigerant tubes hydraulically connecting the inlet header with the outlet header. A distributor tube having a plurality of orifices disposed in the inlet header, wherein the orifices are arranged along the... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110290467 - Heat sink module: A heat sink includes a base member having stepped channels spaced on the surface thereof in a parallel manner and first and second ribs protruding from the surface and respectively extending along two opposite lateral sides of each of the stepped channels, and radiation fins respectively mounted in the channels... Agent:

20110290468 - Heat conductive adhesive composition and heat conductive adhesive sheet: An object is to provide a heat conductive adhesive composition containing boron nitride particles and an acrylic polymer, which is capable of forming a molding having a good heat conductivity, and a heat conductive adhesive sheet with the heat conductive adhesive composition therein, which has a good heat conductivity and... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110290469 - Installation for homogenization of temperature in an enclosure: It has been forecasted for its mounting at the vent of an air conditioning equipment (1), and comprises two independent ducts (2 and 3), one of them with its vent at the upper part of the enclosure and the other with its vent at the lower part of the same... Agent:

20110290470 - Controlling under surface heating/cooling: The invention relates to controlling an under surface heating/cooling. During a heating mode, the room temperature is increased by increasing the flow of the liquid in a supply loop (3). If the set point has an increase that is greater than a pre-determined value, the supply temperature of the liquid... Agent: Uponor Innovation Ab

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