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Heat exchange September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 36 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20110232858 - Geothermal well using graphite as solid conductor: A closed loop geothermal system and apparatus is provided comprising a piping system inside a main well to create a closed circulation of thermal fluid to a target temperature zone underground. The piping system may have an inner pipe is inserted inside an outer pipe/casing in a concentric arrangement to... Agent:

20110232859 - Air conditioner cooling device: Described herein is a device for cooling condenser coils of an air conditioner system, where the condenser coils are located along with a compressor within a suitable housing. Cooling is made efficient by providing a manifold located adjacent to the housing for controllably carrying water and dispensing it through a... Agent: Ac Research Labs

20110232860 - Air handling unit with inner wall space: An air handling unit has an interior shell, an exterior skin associated with the interior shell to form a wall space at least partially bound by each of the interior shell and the exterior skin, and a control component at least partially carried within the wall space. A cabinet for... Agent: Trane International Inc.

20110232861 - Air handling unit with integral inner wall features: An air handling unit has an interior wall configured to selectively retain a removable component of the air handling unit. An air handling unit has an interior wall configured as a drain pan. An air handling unit has an outer skin joined to the interior wall, an insulator disposed between... Agent: Trane International Inc.

20110232862 - Fresh water heating system for mobile applications: A fresh water heating system for mobile applications is provided which comprises: a coolant reservoir for storing a predetermined amount of coolant, the coolant reservoir comprising a coolant inlet for supplying coolant to the coolant reservoir and a coolant outlet for discharging coolant from the coolant reservoir; a coolant circuit... Agent: Webasto Ag

20110232864 - Compact two sided cold plate with threaded inserts: A structural cold plate assembly includes a support structure including first and second opposite sides supporting corresponding cold plates and an insert. The insert defines a portion of a fluid passage through the support structure and secures the cold plate to the support structure.... Agent:

20110232863 - Integral cold plate and structural member: A cold plate assembly is provided having a cold plate with a generally planar member that provides a support surface. The support surface is configured to support a heat generating device. A structural member provides attaching features that are configured to secure the cold plate assembly to a support. The... Agent:

20110232865 - Cooling device for a motor vehicle: A cooling device is provided for a motor vehicle with a first heat exchanger and with a second heat exchanger that is arranged in vehicle longitudinal direction offset from the first heat exchanger. In the intermediate space between first and second heat exchanger a flow regulating device with a cross-sectional... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110232866 - Integral cold plate and honeycomb facesheet assembly: A cold plate assembly includes a face sheet assembly with an integral cold plate and a structure mounted to the face sheet assembly.... Agent:

20110232867 - System, method and computer program product for energy allocation: According to one aspect of the present disclosure, a method, system and technique for energy allocation is disclosed. The system includes: a filtration system configured to filter waste vegetable oil generated by a facility; an engine fueled with the filtered vegetable oil; and a generator driven by the engine to... Agent: Perfectly Green Corporation

20110232868 - Combined heat exchanger: A combined heat-exchanger includes a first air-cooled heat-exchanger for cooling coolant for a heat generator other than an internal combustion engine in an automobile and a second air-cooled heat-exchanger for cooling refrigerant for air-conditioning. The first air-cooled heat-exchanger includes an upstream tank into which the coolant flows, a downstream tank... Agent: Calsonic Kansei Corporation

20110232869 - Air conditioner eliminator system and method for computer and electronic systems: A computer and electronic systems air conditioner eliminator heat exchange system and method for efficiently removing thermal energy or heat from heat-generating, thermally-sensitive equipment such as computer systems, electronic devices and other electronic equipment. The system in at least one embodiment includes one or more cooling caps (114, 214), one... Agent:

20110232871 - Fluoroether diketones for high temperature heat transfer: Fluoroether diketones are provided that can be useful in apparatuses that includes a device and a mechanism for transferring heat. The provided fluoroether diketones are stable at temperatures above 175° C., are environmentally friendly, and are economical to produce. The provided apparatuses can be useful for vapor phase soldering of... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110232872 - Liquid heat-dissipating module: The present invention is related to a liquid heat-dissipating module, for dissipating the heat generated by a heating element, at least comprising: a heat-absorbing unit, being connected with the heating element, for absorbing the heat generated by the heating element; a fluid delivery device, for delivering a fluid, the fluid... Agent:

20110232870 - Nitrogen-containing fluoroketones for high temperature heat transfer: Nitrogen-containing fluorochemical ketones are provided that can be useful in apparatuses that includes a device and a mechanism for transferring heat. The provided fluorochemical ketones are stable at temperatures above 170° C., are environmentally friendly, and are economical to produce. The provided apparatuses can be useful for vapor phase soldering... Agent: 3m Innovation Properties Company

20110232873 - Cooling device: A cooling device is made compact without impairing the desired cooling efficiency. A secondary cooling device (70) has a heat exchanging part (46) for condensing a vaporized coolant flowing in a condensation path (47) into a liquid coolant, and an evaporator (EP) arranged under the heat exchanging part (46) to... Agent: Hoshizaki Denki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110232874 - Heat dissipation apparatus with heat pipe: A heat dissipation apparatus includes an evaporator receiving heat from a heat source, a condenser releasing the heat of the heat source, and a pipeline inter connecting the evaporator and the condenser. The condenser defines a flat rectangular chamber therein. A working fluid is contained in the evaporator. The working... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110232875 - Vapor vortex heat sink: A hermetic Rankine cycle in a sealed casing powers an internal centrifugal condensate pump with an internal vapor turbine during forced convective heat transfer between a heat source and a heat sink. No work is imported into the cycle during operation. A centrifugal pumping disk shears the working fluid against... Agent: Mccutchen Co.

20110232877 - Compact vapor chamber and heat-dissipating module having the same: A compact vapor chamber configured to thermally conduct heat of an electronic heat-generating element includes a flat sealed casing; a wick structure arranged on inner walls of the flat sealed casing; a working fluid filled inside the flat sealed casing; and an evaporating section formed on a portion of the... Agent: Celsia Technologies Taiwan, Inc.

20110232878 - Heat pipe, lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method: A heat pipe to maintain an object at a substantially uniform temperature is disclosed. The heat pipe includes a chamber containing a liquid reservoir and a vapor space, part of the chamber being defined by a condensing surface, and a liquid transporter to apply a force additional to gravity to... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20110232876 - Superconducting and isothermal heat-dissipation module: The present invention provides a superconducting and isothermal heat-dissipation module meeting the heat-dissipation demand for different heating elements. The superconducting and isothermal heat-dissipation module of the present invention includes a heat-conducting isothermal plate and a frame made according to the contour of the heating element. The heat-conducting isothermal plate has... Agent:

20110232879 - Compact two sided cold plate with transfer tubes: A structural cold plate assembly includes cold plates mounted to opposing sides of a panel and in fluid communication through fluid passages that extend through the panel.... Agent:

20110232880 - Heat dissipation device: A heat dissipation device mounted on a circuit board includes an electronic fan, a fin group connected to the electronic fin, and a guide plate arranged near the connection of the electronic fan and the fin group. Airflow from the electronic fan reaches the fin group and the guide plate.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110232881 - Corrugated graphite sheet heat transfer device: A heat transfer device includes at least one laminated structure. Each laminated structure includes: a graphite sheet core that has a pattern of corrugations over at least a portion thereof; a graphite sheet first outer layer with an inner surface that contacts a first surface of the core; and a... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20110232882 - Compact cold plate configuration utilizing ramped closure bars: A method of communicating fluid through a cold plate includes communicating fluid through an internal header.... Agent:

20110232883 - In-wall hydronic thermal control system and installation method: A system for installing tubing of hydronic thermal control systems in the walls of buildings. It allows for the stable incorporation of the tubing in the walls while ensuring good thermal conductivity between the tubing and the building's room. The system features a wall including a hydronic thermal management system.... Agent:

20110232884 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger comprises: a first header; a second header; a plurality of tubes spaced apart from each other and each connected between the first and second headers in fluid communication therewith; and a plurality of fins each disposed between adjacent tubes, in which the heat exchanger has a bent... Agent: Danfoss Sanhua (hangzhou) Micro Channel Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd.

20110232885 - Heat transfer device with fins defining air flow channels: An exemplary cooling system includes a heat transfer device having a base and a plurality of curved fins defining a curved air flow channel. Air flow is provided through the air flow channel, and a plurality of openings through a fin communicate air flow from a first side to a... Agent:

20110232887 - Cold plate with integral structural fluid port: A cold plate assembly includes a sheet having an aperture. A fluid port includes a body having a passage. A flange extends from the body and is secured to the sheet with a material. The passage and the aperture is in fluid communication with one another. The cold plate is... Agent:

20110232886 - Heat dissipation housing for led lamp: The present invention is to provide a heat dissipation housing for an LED lamp, which is made as a one-piece member by metal casting and formed with a receiving channel axially passing therethrough. A plurality of cooling fins axially are formed on an outer surface of the housing, wherein each... Agent: Skynet Electronic Co., Ltd.

20110232888 - Zone temperature control structure: A zone temperature control structure which has two or more zone of which surface temperatures are controlled to different temperatures, respectively. The structure can maintain a temperature difference by suppressing heat conduction in a direction in which the zones are arrayed, and prevent formation of a hot spot by ensuring... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110232889 - Computer rack cooling using independently-controlled flow of coolants through a dual-section heat exchanger: Embodiments of the present invention include a cooling system and method for cooling a computer rack by circulating liquid coolant through different sections of a rack heat exchanger under separately controlled flow and temperature conditions. In a method according to one embodiment, a first liquid coolant is supplied to a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110232890 - Thermal management methods: A thermal management system for a vehicle includes a heat exchanger having a thermal energy storage material provided therein, a first coolant loop thermally coupled to an electrochemical storage device located within the first coolant loop and to the heat exchanger, and a second coolant loop thermally coupled to the... Agent:

20110232891 - Linear reset providing adaptive response and control action reversal of pid loops: An HVAC system for controlling the temperature and humidity of air supplied to a comfort zone includes a heater and a cooler operating concurrently. In response to a supply air temperature sensor, a PID control loop with substantially constant gain controls the cooler to maintain the zone air at a... Agent: Trane International Inc.

20110232892 - Micro channel device temperature control: A micro channel device processing apparatus includes a heating/cooling chamber configured to receive at least a sub-portion of a micro channel device and a fluid control system that controls a flow of a heating/cooling fluid in the chamber. A method includes controlling a temperature of a sample carried by a... Agent: Analogic Corporation

20110232893 - Temperature detecting system: A temperature detecting apparatus for adjusting direction of airflow from a fan according to thermal status in an electronic device, includes a detection module, a control module, and a driver module. The detection module detects temperatures of a plurality of position coordinates in the electronic device and converts the detected... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

09/22/2011 > 24 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20110226440 - Energy storage systems: There is herein described energy storage systems. More particularly, there is herein described thermal energy storage systems and use of energy storable material such as phase change material in the provision of heating and/or cooling systems in, for example, domestic dwellings.... Agent: Sunamp Limited

20110226442 - Alignment mechanism: An alignment mechanism is disclosed which includes a mount, a beam having a first end affixed to the mount and a second end. The beam is an order of magnitude more rigid along its longitudinal axis than along an axis orthogonal to its longitudinal axis. The second end of the... Agent: Delta Design, Inc.

20110226441 - Structure for cooling heating element: A structure for cooling a heat element includes a heat element box containing a heat element and forms an air passageway therebetween, an intake duct connecting a passenger compartment and the air passageway, a discharge duct connecting the air passageway and a vehicle exterior, and a wall on a vehicle... Agent: Calsonic Kansei Corporation

20110226443 - Fresh air ventilation package: The invention relates to fresh air ventilation devices adapted for use with air conditioners (ACs) and/or heaters. In operation, the device supplements the recirculating air of the AC/heater with fresh air drawn from outside of the building.... Agent:

20110226444 - Portable temperature controlled container: A portable temperature controlled container having a body including an internal chamber with an opening into the internal chamber; and a temperature control unit coupled to the body arid displaced to be thermally coupled with a first portion of the internal chamber, the temperature control unit configured to selectively alter... Agent: Royal Bijou

20110226445 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger useful for mounting to an electronic component housing or other system requiring heat exchange. The heat exchanger has a manifold having a cross-sectional configured for providing an unequal coolant flow to an array of cooling channels fed by the manifold, thereby providing for preferential amounts of heat... Agent:

20110226446 - Electronic system: An electronic system includes an electronic device and a heat exchanger for exchanging heat with the device. The heat exchanger includes a flow duct for receiving a fluid, at least a portion of the flow duct being arranged in thermal communication with the device. The system further includes a pump... Agent: Aqua Cooling Solutions Ltd.

20110226447 - Chemical heat accumulator: A chemical heat accumulator includes first- to Mth-stage heat storage units and a condensing part. Each heat storage unit includes a reaction vessel housing first reactant, a container housing second reactant, and a connection passage connecting the reaction vessel and the container for guiding the second reactant from the container... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110226448 - Heat exchanger having winding channels: A winding channel heat exchanger includes a heat transfer member having winding channels, a manifold, and a cover plate. The channels' winding design is defined by a non-linear flow axis that may include a plurality of short pitch and small amplitude undulations, which cause the flow to change directions, and... Agent: Mikros Manufacturing, Inc.

20110226449 - Ventilation device for transmissions with lubricant comprising water: A ventilation device for transmissions with lubricant comprising water, the device being disposed above the transmission (1) and being connected thereto by way of a line (10) and comprising a pressure equalization opening (13) that leads to the surrounding environment, is to operate without loss of evaporating water to the... Agent:

20110226450 - Apparatus and method for a natural draft air cooled condenser cooling tower: The present invention relates to a natural draft cooling tower that employs an air cooled condenser. The aforementioned cooling tower operates by natural draft and achieves the exchange of heat between two fluids such as atmospheric air, ordinarily, and another fluid which is usually steam. The aforementioned cooling tower utilizes... Agent: Spx Cooling Technologies, Inc.

20110226451 - Cooling device and electronic device including the same: A cooling device includes: a heat sink including a plurality of fins formed to be plate shaped, which are arranged in parallel to one another; and a cooling fan arranged in a direction from the heat sink, the direction being perpendicular to perpendicular lines of the fins. A plurality of... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20110226452 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger comprising a plurality of heat transfer tubes adapted to transport heat transfer fluid from an inlet to an outlet, the heat transfer tubes comprising elongate hollow members adapted to receive the heat transfer fluid therein, the heat exchanger adapted to receive a flow of heat removal fluid... Agent: Rocore (uk) Limited

20110226454 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger 1A has: two header pipes 2 and 3 arranged parallel at an interval; a plurality of flat tubes 4 arranged between the header pipes 2 and 3 with refrigerant passages 5 inside them communicating with the inside of the header pipes 2 and 3; and corrugated fins... Agent:

20110226453 - Heat exchanger and method of manufacture: This invention relates to a heat exchanger and to a method of manufacturing a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger has a number of tubes and at least one tube plate. The ends of each tube are located in a respective opening in the tube plate(s). The ends of each tube... Agent:

20110226455 - Slotted impingement plates for heat exchangers: Impingement plates for shell and tube heat exchangers are positioned between the inlet openings and the tubes with the surfaces of the impingement plates being normal to the flow path of the liquid entering the shell from the inlet openings and having a plurality of openings through which a portion... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20110226457 - Condensation enhancement heat transfer pipe: A condensation enhancement heat transfer pipe includes an optical pipe section, a fin section, and a transition section connecting the optical pipe section and the fin section. The outer surface of the fin section is provided with a plurality of individual fins, each of the individual fins has an acute... Agent: Golden Dragon Precise Copper Tube Group Inc.

20110226456 - Heat dissipation device: A heat dissipation device has an inlet pipeline, an outlet pipeline, at least one heat-dissipating unit and at least one actuator. Each of the at least one heat-dissipating unit is connected to the inlet pipeline and the outlet pipeline and includes multiple heat-dissipating elements being connected to each other. The... Agent: Man Zai Industrial Co., Ltd.

20110226459 - Material for joining and product produced therewith: The invention relates to an iron-based brazing material comprising a brazing alloy, which alloy comprises: from about 9 wt % to about 30 wt % Cr, from about 5 wt % to about 25 wt % Ni, from about 0 wt % to about 9 wt % Mo, from about... Agent:

20110226458 - Modular heat sink and method for fabricating same: There is described a method for fabricating a modular heat sink, the method comprising: extruding N individual integral heat sink segments using an extrusion process, each one of the N segments corresponding to 1/N of the modular heat sink, N being an integer greater than one; and assembling the N... Agent:

20110226460 - Thermal design power integration: A heat dissipation device having the ability to communicate heat dissipation information and/or capabilities such as a Thermal Design Power rating.... Agent:

20110226461 - Vehicular seat air-conditioning system: A vehicular seat air-conditioning system comprising a blower (11) which generates blown air, an intake duct (12) which is connected to an intake side of the blower (11), a seat air-conditioning duct (13) which is connected to the in-door air-conditioning unit (21) and in which cool air which was cooled... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20110226462 - Voltage regulator and cooling control integrated circuit: According to an embodiment of the invention, an apparatus is provided which includes a microprocessor, and a built-in temperature sensor configured to measure a temperature of the microprocessor as a reference temperature. The apparatus further includes external temperature sensors, where at least one of the external temperature sensors is configured... Agent:

20110226463 - Temperature detecting apparatus: A temperature detecting apparatus for adjusting heat dissipating angle of a fan according to status of heat sources, includes detection module, a comparison module, a control module, and a driver module. The detection module detects temperatures of the heat sources, and converts the detected temperatures to voltage signals. The comparison... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

09/15/2011 > 26 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20110220317 - Apparatus and process for controlling the flow rate of heat transferring fluid flowing through a ground loop heat exchanging (glhe) subsystem constructed from one or more ground heat exchangers (ghe) while operably connected to geothermal equipment (gte): Apparatus and process for monitoring incremental changes in the inlet water temperature into and HTR across a GLHE subsystem, and in response thereto, automatically increasing or decreasing the flow rate of water flowing through into and out of the GLHE subsystem, so as to minimize the electrical energy consumption of... Agent: Kelix Heat Transfer Systems, LLC

20110220318 - Heat exchanger flow limiting baffle: A heat exchanger, such as a radiator, may transfer heat from a liquid and employ a first header tank, a second header tank, a plurality of tubes fluidly joining the first and second header tanks, and a baffle within one of the first or second header tanks. The baffle may... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110220321 - Geothermal tank vault with transition fittings: A geothermal vault apparatus for use in a geothermal system includes a tank vault to enclose the one or more manifolds of the system. The tank vault includes a tank shell defining an interior volume (e.g., formed of fiber reinforced plastic material), an access opening to permit a person to... Agent:

20110220319 - Low energy consumption climate control system and method for the realization of high heat-sound insulation building: g

20110220320 - Method of and apparatus for interfacing geothermal equipment (gte) in a building with a ground loop heat exchanging (glhe) subsystem installed in the deep earth environment outside of the building: A geothermal system including geothermal equipment (GTE) for transferring heat energy in a building. A ground loop heat exchanging (GLHE) subsystem is interfaced with the GTE, and a plate heat exchanger (PHE) for interfacing the GTE and the GLHE subsystem. The PHE establishes a first hydraulic loop between the GTE,... Agent:

20110220322 - Indoor unit of airconditioner comprising electric discharge generator: An air conditioner comprises a housing, a main fan, a heat exchanger, and a discharge generator. The housing is formed with an inlet, an outlet, a main airflow path. The inlet is provided for introducing outside air. The main airflow path extends from the inlet to the outlet. The main... Agent:

20110220323 - Airflow guide: An airflow guide includes a top cover and two side covers disposed on opposite ends of the top cover. The top cover includes a first top plate and a second top plate slidably connected to the first top plate. Each side cover includes a base plate fixedly connected to the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110220324 - Building for a computer centre with devices for efficient cooling: The invention relates to a structure of a multi-storey computer centre building which is suitable for accommodating a multiplicity of racks (202), each of which comprises storage space for computer hardware (101), wherein the building has a first cooling circuit (205) in order to dissipate heat generated by the computer... Agent:

20110220325 - Vehicle with pneumatic tire and method for cooling tire in the vehicle: The first invention relates to a vehicle with pneumatic tires characterized in that the vehicle comprises a cooling unit which expels a fluid to cool the pneumatic tire from the outside thereof at least when the air pressure of the pneumatic tire decreases. And, the second invention relates to a... Agent:

20110220327 - Ebullient cooling device: Provided is an ebullient cooling device that can prevent the freezing of liquid cooling medium, and which can inhibit the occurrence of burnout. An ebullient cooling device includes an accommodating unit in which a liquid cooling medium is accommodated, the liquid cooling medium receiving heat that results from a heating... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20110220326 - Energy recovery unit: Aspects relate to an energy recovery unit comprising a vessel having a condensate inlet and a condensate outlet and a fluid feed line defining a fluid path. First and second heat exchangers are located within the vessel and are arranged to transfer heat from flash vapor and condensate respectively, to... Agent: Spirax-sarco Limited

20110220328 - Flexible heat pipe and manufacturing method thereof: In a flexible heat pipe and a manufacturing method thereof, the flexible heat pipe includes a first tube body, a second tube body arranged apart from the first tube body, a flexible section, a wick structure, and a working fluid. The flexible section includes an annular elastomer and a soft... Agent: Kunshan Jue-chung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110220329 - Cooling device and method for cooling an equipment component: Described is a cooling device for cooling an equipment component with the aid of a cooling agent, as well as a method for cooling an equipment component. In at least one embodiment, the cooling device includes a heat source for transferring thermal energy from the equipment component to the cooling... Agent: Converteam Gmbh

20110220330 - Capacitive device and method for the electrostatic transport of dielectric and ferroelectric fuilds: In a method for conveying at least one heat exchange medium which includes at least one first fluid having a first permittivity and at least one second fluid which does not mix with the first fluid and has a second permittivity that differs from the first permittivity, at least one... Agent:

20110220331 - Device for heating process water for a water-carrying household appliance for the care of laundry items, and household appliance having such a device: A device for heating process water for a water-carrying household appliance is provided. The device stores thermal energy surrounding the device and transfers the thermal energy to the process water. The device is a latent heat energy store having a heat exchanger with a storage medium and a working medium.... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausger&#xc4 &#xa4 Te Gmbh

20110220332 - Micro channel device temperature control: A micro channel device includes at least one micro channel and at least one heating/cooling channel. The at least one heating/cooling channel is in thermal communication with the at least one micro channel. A temperature of a heating/cooling fluid in the least one heating/cooling channel determines a temperature of a... Agent: Analogic Corporation

20110220333 - Method and materials for improving evaporative heat exchangers: A corrugated laminate material (44) for use in an evaporative heat exchanger, said material including a water retaining medium having a wettable surface (40) and an opposed vapour resistant surface (42).... Agent: Ff Seeley Nominees Pty Ltd

20110220334 - Plate heat exchanger: The invention relates to a plate heat exchanger (1) comprising a package (3) of heat exchanger plates provided (2) with inlet and outlet ports, the ports forming channels through the package (3) for at least one heat exchange fluid, two end plates (3) between which the plate package (2) of... Agent: Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

20110220335 - Condenser: A first header tank to which first heat exchange tubes of second and third heat exchange paths are connected and a second header tank to which second heat exchange tubes of a first heat exchange path are connected are provided at the left end of a condenser such that the... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110220336 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger 10 includes a first block and a second block. The first block includes a first tank T1 having a refrigerant inlet through which the refrigerant flows in, a plurality of first tubes 21 into which the refrigerant having flowed into the first tank T1 is distributed and... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110220337 - Heat exchanger: Heat exchanger, comprising a plurality of heat exchanger plateshaving a corrugated pattern, a front cover plate and a rear cover plate, where the heat exchanger plates are fixedly attached to each other and to the front cover plate and the rear cover plate, and where the front and/or rear cover... Agent: Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

20110220340 - Heat exchanger element: The invention relates to an heat exchanger element of a plate type, with one internal flow passage, comprising two plates defining an inlet, an outlet and an internal passage extending between said inlet and said outlet, whereas said passage is between two generally parallel plates of self supporting polymer material.... Agent: Suncore Ab

20110220338 - Led heat sink and method of manufacturing same: A LED heat sink and a method of manufacturing same are disclosed. The LED heat sink includes a holding zone bordered by one or more anchor portion of a higher elevation. The anchor zone has an upper side formed a compact stamping zone. The compact stamping zone is stamped forcefully... Agent:

20110220339 - Method and apparatus for reducing acoustic noise in a synthetic jet: A synthetic jet includes a first backer structure and a first actuator coupled to the first backer structure to form a first composite unit. The synthetic jet also includes a second backer structure, and a second actuator coupled to the second backer structure to form a second composite unit. A... Agent:

20110220341 - Method of and apparatus for empirically measuring the heat transfer rate of a ground heat exchanger (ghe) installation with its surrounding deep earth environment: Methods for designing and constructing geothermal ground loop subsystems, and also improved methods and apparatus for in situ measuring the capacity of a ground heat exchanger installation to transfer heat energy with its surrounding deep Earth environment, during cooling and heating modes of operation of the ground source heat pumps... Agent:

20110220342 - Methods and apparatus for selectively reducing flow of coolant in a processing system: Methods and apparatus for selectively reducing the flow of a coolant are provided herein. In some embodiments, an apparatus for reducing the flow of a coolant may include a processing system comprising a process chamber; an abatement system coupled to the process chamber; a coolant source coupled to the process... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

09/08/2011 > 15 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20110214838 - Vehicle air conditioner: A vehicle air conditioner includes a first heat storage device having a first heat storage medium, a battery disposed under a floor of a compartment of a vehicle on a chassis side and a heat insulator covering the first heat storage device for insulating. The first heat storage device is... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20110214839 - Method to increase gas mass flow injection rates to gas storage caverns using lng: A method to increase gas mass flow loading rates to a gas storage cavern includes using liquid natural gas (LNG) to cool natural gas in a natural gas flow line upstream of a compressor used to compress gas for storage in to a gas storage cavern.... Agent:

20110214840 - Boiling heat transfer device: A boiling heat transfer device of the present invention includes: a heat receiving portion that boils a liquefied refrigerant to convert it to vapor, and contacts with a device to be cooled and cools the device to be cooled; a vapor tube that connects to an upper portion of the... Agent:

20110214841 - Flat heat pipe structure: A flat heat pipe structure includes a flat pipe, a radial capillary structure and an axial capillary structure. The pipe has a containing space for sealing and storing a working fluid, and the pipe is formed by two opposite bottom walls and two sidewalls laterally and respectively disposed on the... Agent: Kunshan Jue-chung Electronics Co.

20110214842 - Heat sink: A heat sink has a fin set and at least one heat pipe. The fin set has multiple stacked fins and at least one tapered tube. Each fin has at least one protrusion. The at least one protrusion protrudes from each fin and each protrusion has an internal surface. The... Agent: Lea-min Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110214843 - Systems and methods for thermal control of integrated circuits during testing: Thermal control units (TCU) for maintaining a set point temperature on an IC device under test (DUT) are provided. The units include a pedestal assembly comprising a heat-conductive pedestal, a fluid circulation block, a thermoelectric module (Peltier device) between the heat-conductive pedestal and the block for controlling heat flow between... Agent:

20110214844 - Cooling system for cooling of at least one circulating fluid, and a machine comprising the cooling system: The present invention concerns a cooling system for cooling of at least one circulating fluid. The cooling system comprises at least one cooling unit (20) comprising: an air inlet (22) arranged in a first side surface (35); an air outlet (23) arranged in a second side surface (36); a fan... Agent:

20110214845 - Method for improving cooling capacity of a power station direct air-cooling system and the cooling system thereof: The present invention belongs to power generation field. It relates to a method for improving cooling capacity of a power station direct air-cooling system and the cooling system thereof. According to the present invention, a transformer in a cooling system is connected to a voltage of the power grid and... Agent: China Datang Technologies & Engineering Co., Ltd.

20110214846 - Heat sink and method for manufacturing the same: A method for manufacturing a heat sink includes steps of: preparing a metallic belt; providing a spraying device for spraying a metallic coating layer on one surface of the metallic belt; providing a stamping device for blanking the metallic belt to form a heat-dissipating fin; and stacking a plurality of... Agent: Kunshan Jue-chung Electronics Co.

20110214847 - Double pipe and heat exchanger having the same: A double pipe and a heat exchanger having the same are provided. The double pipe including an outer pipe and an inner pipe formed within the outer pipe includes: a plurality of barrier ribs formed in a length direction and disposed at a predetermined distance in a circumferential direction between... Agent: Hs R & A Co., Ltd

20110214848 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes tubes layered in a layering direction, a side plate arranged most outside of the tubes in the layering direction, and a core plate extending in the layering direction. The side plate has an end portion in a longitudinal direction, and the core plate has a wall... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110214852 - Heat conductive dielectric polymer material and heat dissipation substrate containing the same: A heat conductive dielectric polymer material comprises a polymer, a curing agent and a heat conductive filler. The polymer comprises a thermoplastic and a thermosetting epoxy resin. The thermoplastic comprises 3% to 30% by volume of the heat conductive dielectric polymer material, and the thermosetting epoxy is selected from end-epoxy-function... Agent: Polytronics Technology Corp.

20110214849 - Lamp holder: A lamp holder includes a heat dissipating seat having a compartment. A substrate is mounted in the compartment of the heat dissipating seat. The substrate includes a control circuit and at least one slot. At least one lighting element is mounted in the at least one slot and in electrical... Agent:

20110214850 - Nanotube materials for thermal management of electronic components: A heat-conducting medium for placement between a heat source and heat sink to facilitate transfer of heat from the source to the sink is provided. The heat-conducting medium can include a disk having relatively high thermal conductivity and heat spreading characteristics. The heat-conducting medium also includes a first recessed surface... Agent: Nanocomp Technologies, Inc.

20110214851 - Use of a graphite heat-dissipation device including a plating metal layer: The present invention relates to a heat-dissipating device for an electronic device, comprising a graphite planar body, one or more metal layers, an insulation film and an adhesive. The heat-dissipating device is optionally attached to a heat sink. The method of using the heat-dissipating device to dissipate heat is also... Agent: Wah Hong Industrial Corp.

09/01/2011 > 18 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20110209848 - Heat transfer refrigerant transport tubing coatings and insulation for a direct exchange geothermal heating/cooling system and tubing spool core size: A method and/or apparatus for at least one of: protecting the sub-surface metal refrigerant transport tubing of a DX heat pump system from corrosive sub-surface environments via a specially designed protective coating; efficiently insulating the sub-surface liquid refrigerant transport line in a DX heat pump system; and enhancing at least... Agent: Earth To Air Systems, LLC

20110209849 - Arrangement and method for utilizing the heat built up on photovoltaic systems of domestic installations: The invention relates to a technical embodiment and a method for utilizing air in conjunction with heat pumps and other domestic installations or the house as such, e.g. basements, staircases etc., said air being heated up on photovoltaic systems. The aim of the invention is to devise a technical embodiment... Agent:

20110209850 - Thermal control system for rack mounting: A thermal control system of a 3 U height includes various modules for providing temperature control in a rack environment. The modules may be, for example, a power module, user interface module, various different pump assemblies, various different models of fan assemblies, HTAs, and/or a serial communication interfaces.... Agent:

20110209851 - Header for a heat exchanger: Disclosed herein is a header for a heat exchanger that has an inflow side, an outflow side, a bypass port therebetween, and a pressure-sensitive flapper valve proximal the bypass port. As pressure increases at the inflow side of the header, the flapper valve opens proportionally, and, as pressure decreases at... Agent:

20110209852 - Method and system for cooling apparatus racks: The invention relates to a system and method that comprises at least two parallel apparatus racks and at least two cooling units. The cooling units are configured to produce horizontal cooled airflows toward outer sides of the at least two apparatus rack. The cooling units comprise an upper side inlet... Agent: Teliasonera Ab

20110209855 - Cooling system for computer components: A component cooling system comprising a heat spreader 104 configured to contact the top surfaces of components mounted on a component board 102. A heat pipe 106 is attached to the top side of the heat spreader 104. A pair of cooling manifolds 200, where each cooling manifold 200 comprises... Agent:

20110209853 - Geometrically reoriented low-profile phase plane heat pipes: A cooling system for removing heat from at least one heat generating component with a first low-profile phase plane heat pipe having a geometrically reoriented surface adapted for receiving heat from the at least one heat generating component along a first section of the geometrically reoriented surface, and having a... Agent:

20110209854 - Heat sink: The heat sink includes a fin set and a heat pipe. The fin set is composed of a plurality of fins and has an exposed area formed on one side thereof. The heat pipe penetrates through the fin set and the exposed area. A portion of the heat pipe is... Agent:

20110209856 - Cooling apparatus having low profile extrusion and method of manufacture therefor: A cooling apparatus for removing heat having a low profile unitary member. The low profile unitary member has an evaporator portion and a condenser portion. The evaporator portion is thermally exposed to a heat generating component. The condenser portion is disposed at an elevated angle with respect to the evaporator... Agent:

20110209858 - Indirect evaporative cooling apparatus: An indirect evaporative cooling apparatus in which a substrate is disposed between a wet channel used to induce an evaporation phenomenon and a dry channel through which cooled air passes, the wet channel and the dry channel are arrayed in layers in an alternating manner, the substrate is cooled by... Agent: Earthclean Tohoku Co., Ltd.

20110209857 - Wound layered tube heat exchanger: A wound tube heat exchanger 10 article that receives a heat exchange fluid and its method of manufacture. The exchanger 10 has one or more layers 12 of a tube 14. In one embodiment, the tube surface is bare. In other embodiments, the outside tube surface is enhanced to produce... Agent:

20110209859 - Recuperative heat exchanger, fuel cell system including recuperative heat exchanger, and method of operating same: A heat exchanger, such as a cathode recuperator for a high temperature fuel cell system, has a corrugated separator, a barrier and a plurality of flow channels. The corrugated separator has a surface positioned along a heat exchange fluid flow path, opposite ends of the separator having flattened corrugations. The... Agent: Modine Manufacturing Company

20110209860 - Heat exchanger arrangement and method for the operation of same: A heat exchanger arrangement is presented having at least one heat exchanger module (2), which includes a plurality of microchannel heat transfer elements (6.1, 6.2) and a plurality of heat exchange ribs (7.1, 7.2) which are connected to the microchannel heat transfer elements in a thermally conductive manner and which... Agent: A-heat Allied Heat Exchange Technology Ag

20110209861 - Method of manufacturing plate heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger: In a plate heat exchanger, it is aimed to enhance strength, such as the pressure resistance and the internal pressure fatigue resistance, by increasing the joint area of a joint portion joined by brazing in a wave-patterned portion. Before a brazing process of the plate heat exchanger, a plurality of... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110209863 - Climate control in a radio network node: The present invention relates to an arrangement (100) and a method in a radio network node (400) for cooling electronic equipment (102) within the arrangement (100). The arrangement (100) comprises a closed space (104) for housing the electronic equipment (102) and a heat exchanger (106) for transporting heat from the... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110209862 - Heat plate unit and double facer for fabricating double-faced corrugated fiberboard: A double facer that fabricates a corrugated fiberboard and that includes heat plate units having thin walls aims at improving the heat conductive efficiency to fiberboard sheets in order to enhance responsibility to the setting temperature and concurrently avoiding thermal deformation of the heat plates due to a difference in... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Printing & Packaging Machinery, Ltd.

20110209864 - Thermal control device with network of interconnected capillary heat pipes: The thermal control device comprises at least one network of capillary heat pipes, in which each heat pipe comprises a tube enclosing an essentially annular longitudinal capillary structure, for the circulation of a two-phase heat-transfer fluid in the liquid phase, and surrounding a central channel for the circulation of said... Agent: Astrium Sas

20110209865 - Method and apparatus to transfer heat to automatic transmission fluid using engine exhaust gas feed stream: Transmission fluid is heated through a heat exchanger effective to transfer heat between transmission fluid of a transmission assembly and an exhaust gas feed stream of an engine.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

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