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Heat exchange August inventions list 08/11

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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110203765 - Multipipe conduit for geothermal heating and cooling systems: The present invention relates to a conduit for use in a geothermal heating and cooling system wherein said conduit comprises 5 or more pipes, wherein further, said 5 or more pipes comprising said conduit are arranged to be contiguous, arranged to be separated by a spacing member, or arranged so... Agent:

20110203767 - Recycling thermal sources: The invention is a thermal recycling system for converting lower quality thermal sources into higher quality thermal sources. In one embodiment, at least one photonic crystal radiator is combined with at least one substantially different radiator within a low loss thermal recycling cavity. Thermal recycling is based on the use... Agent:

20110203766 - Twisted conduit for geothermal heating and cooling systems: The present invention relates to a conduit for use in a geothermal heating and cooling system wherein said conduit comprises 2 or more pipes, wherein further, said 2 or more pipes comprising said conduit are twisted together.... Agent:

20110203768 - Refrigerator: There is provided a temperature switching compartment 3 which can switch the internal temperature thereof between a low temperature side at which a storage material is kept in cold storage and a high temperature side maintained at 50° C., to 80° C. at which cooked food is kept warm, by... Agent:

20110203769 - Cooling system for actuator: An actuator wherein an internal coolant line or chamber extends through both the housing member and the cover member of the actuator. Each of the coolant chambers terminates in a pair of ports. In one embodiment, an external line connects one of the ports in the housing member with one... Agent:

20110203770 - Equipment case: An equipment case is provided. The case comprises a sealed housing unit configured to receive an item of equipment. Cooling means, associated with the housing unit, are provided for maintaining an operational thermal environment within the equipment case.... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20110203771 - Method and apparatus for electrical control of heat transfer: A heat exchange system includes an electrode configured to electrostatically control a flow of a heated gas stream in the vicinity of a heat transfer surface and/or a heat-sensitive surface.... Agent: Clearsign Combustion Corporation

20110203773 - Cooling member, manufacturing method and apparatus thereof: A cooling member includes a heat-transfer member having a groove and a refrigerant introducing pipe pressed into the groove. The refrigerant introducing pipe has a pressed region positioned inwardly of the edge of the heat-transfer member, and at least one curbed surface portion. A method for manufacturing a cooling member... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20110203774 - Heater control in a radio network node: The present invention relates to an arrangement (100) and a method in a radio network node (200) for controlling a heater (101). The arrangement comprises a heater for warming air in the arrangement and at least a first flow generating device (102) and a second flow generating device (103) for... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110203772 - System and method for enhanced heat transfer using nanoporous textured surfaces: A system and method for performing heat dissipation is disclosed that includes contacting a heat transfer liquid with a heat exchange surface having raised hydrophilic nanoporous nanostructures disposed adjacent a central core upon a substrate. The heat transfer liquid forms a preselected contact angle when placed on the heat exchange... Agent: Oregon State University

20110203775 - System in a network node for regulating temperature of electronic equipment: A system in a radio network node for regulating temperature of electronic equipment comprises the electronic equipment and a heat exchanger unit (200), comprising an evaporator unit (202), a condenser unit (203), and a first pipe (204). The first pipe (204) is arranged to connect the evaporator unit (202) and... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (pub)

20110203777 - Heat pipe with micro-pore tubes array and making method thereof and heat exchanging system: A heat pipe with micro tubes (2), comprised of a solid heat conductor (1) provided therein with two or more parallel micro tubes (2), the micro tubes being filled therein with working medium which exchanges heat through phrase change; and the two ends of the heat conductor (1) are sealed... Agent:

20110203776 - Thermal transfer device and associated systems and methods: Embodiments of thermal transfer devices and associated systems and methods are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a thermal transfer system can include a conduit that has an input portion, an output portion, and a sidewall between the input and output portions. Heat can enter the conduit at the input portion... Agent: Mcalister Technologies, LLC

20110203778 - Reciprocating poultry chiller auger: A reciprocating poultry chiller auger including a bearing, such as a simple cylindrical bearing, mounting the shaft of an auger-type poultry chiller for both rotation of the shaft and for linear reciprocating motion of the shaft along its axis. The shaft may be reciprocated backward and forward along the axis... Agent:

20110203779 - Uninterruptible cooling system and apparatus: A cooling system and power control apparatus provides an uninterruptible power supply. In one embodiment, the uninterruptible power supply provides power to an air conditioning system for cooling telecommunications equipment in the case of an AC power failure. Embodiments of the present invention include a first port configured for coupling... Agent:

20110203780 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes headers and tubes two ends of each of which are connected with and communicate the headers. Each of fins is disposed between adjacent tubes. An end cover is formed with a center hole and fixed to a proximal end of one of the headers. A distal... Agent: Danfoss Sanhua (hangzhou) Micro Channel Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd.

20110203781 - Multiple-ring heat exchanger: The heat exchanger with a radial heat source has a first header, a second header, first tubes and second tubes. The first header is configured to allow liquid to enter and exit the heat exchanger. The second header is spaced from the first header and has at least one lower... Agent: Harsco Corporation

20110203782 - Heat exchanger fins, assemblies and methods: A bladed heat exchanger fin, tube assemblies in which the fin is installed, and methods of using the fin. The bladed fin includes a collar and a radial portion extending radially from an axis of the collar. The radial portion has a base region adjacent the collar and first and... Agent: Blissfield Manufacturing Company

20110203784 - Heat exchange device for powder and granular material, and method for manufacturing the same: An object of the present invention is to provide a heat exchange device for a powder and granular material, which is capable of suppressing an object to be processed from adhering/accumulating, and reducing the number of manufacturing processes (time), while keeping high heat efficiency, piston flowability and other advantages of... Agent: Nara Machinery Co., Ltd.

20110203783 - Holographic patterned heat management material: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate generally to body gear having designed performance characteristics, and in particular to methods and apparatuses that utilize an array of holographic heat managing elements coupled to a base material to direct body heat while also maintaining the desired transfer properties of the base material.... Agent: Columbia Sportswear North America, Inc.

20110203785 - Method and apparatus for efficiently coordinating data center cooling units: Systems, apparatus, and methods for controlling environmental maintenance modules (e.g. HVAC units) using sensors are provided. Values measured by the sensors can be used to determine a change in operation levels of the modules to keep the sensor values within a desired range. For example, a stopped module can be... Agent: Federspiel Corporation

20110203787 - Method for regulating the temperature of a climate chamber, and a climate chamber: A climate chamber and method for regulating a climate chamber. The climate chamber includes a temperature-controlled compartment containing a product such as hatching eggs, chickens, or chicks. The climate chamber also includes a fan which gives off heat during operation, a supply channel extending from the fan up to the... Agent: Hatchtech Group B.v.

20110203786 - Waste water heat transfer system: A waste water heat transfer system for actively transferring heat from waste water to incoming potable water to assist in heating the potable water. The system generally includes a holding tank for receiving wastewater, a heat transfer unit having a refrigeration system and a fluidly connected coaxial heat exchanger, wherein... Agent:

20110203788 - Hot water supply apparatus and heat medium control method: A hot water supply apparatus using a heat medium provides a heat medium circulation path that circulates the heat medium, a heat medium pump that pumps the heat medium into the heat medium circulation path, a heat source that generates heat heating the heat medium, a heat medium heat exchanger... Agent: Takagi Industrial Co., Ltd.

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110198053 - Method for heating and cooling a room and a building with a plurality of rooms: Conditioning of ambient air in a room of a building in terms of heat and/or cold and optionally humidity, and air flow is accomplished by arrangement of latent heat accumulator bodies in the room of the building. A separate air duct, which forms an incoming-air flow, is provided to blow... Agent:

20110198052 - Wall or roof of a building with at least one heat controlling element: The invention concerns a wall or roof of a building, wherein at least one heat controlling element for controlling a temperature in the building is arranged in the wall or the roof to form a segment of the wall or roof, the heat controlling element comprising at least a first... Agent:

20110198054 - Groundwater well: Disclosed is an installation for using geothermal energy, comprising a main pipe (20) in a borehole (10) of a well. The main pipe (20) has several through-holes (23) to the surroundings and is subdivided into a top and a bottom section by means of a transverse closure (21) that has... Agent: Geo-en Energy Technologies Gmbh

20110198055 - Modular, high-throughput air treatment system: Air treatment modules, systems and methods for removing contaminants from indoor air are provided. Device embodiments may include one or more air inlets, one or more air outlets and a plurality of inserts which each include at least one adsorbent material. The inserts may be arranged separate from each other... Agent:

20110198056 - Synthetic jet ejector and design thereof to facilitate mass production: A method is provided for making a synthetic jet ejector. The method comprises (a) providing first and second voice coil bodies (131) having first and second sets of channels defined therein, respectively; (b) inserting first and second sets of electrically conductive terminals (139) into the first and second sets of... Agent: Nuventix Inc.

20110198057 - Heat dissipation apparatus for data center: The present invention discloses a heat dissipation apparatus that comprises a heat transfer means and an air channel. The heat transfer means is filled with a first fluid, and it has an evaporation portion and a condenser portion where the evaporation portion receives heat from at least one server and... Agent:

20110198059 - Heat exchange structure and cooling device comprising such a structure: A heat exchange structure including a primary face including non-through holes formed in the face. The inner surface of the holes and the surface of the primary face outside the holes are covered with nanoparticles. The inside of the holes have a non-wettability property relative to a given liquid and... Agent: Universite Joseph Fourier

20110198058 - Heat exhaustion structure for heat dissipating device: A heat exhaustion structure for a heat dissipating device is provided. The present invention relates to a heat exhaustion structure for a heat dissipating device, and more particularly, to a heat exhaustion structure that may effectively exhaust an internal heat generated by heat dissipating devices included in a semiconductor package... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110198060 - Heat dissipation apparatus for data center: The present invention discloses a heat dissipation apparatus that comprises at least a boiling houses, a condenser and an air channel. Each boiling house is provided to receive heat from at least a server, and is connected with a loop pipe filled with a first fluid. Each condenser is connected... Agent:

20110198062 - Cooler arrangement for an electrical or equipment cabinet having air-to-air heat exchanger cassettes: The invention relates to a cooling arrangement (12) for an electrical or appliance cabinet (1), which has a functional area (4) with a cross-sectional area which extends along a longitudinal axis (9), wherein appliances and/or devices which produce heat during the operation can be arranged or are arranged in the... Agent: Adc Gmbh

20110198061 - Heat exchange device for closed electrical apparatus: A heat exchange unit is disclosed. At least one air opening of the heat exchange unit is formed from a sloped surface, enabling the area of the air opening to exceed the cross-sectional area of heat exchange of the heat exchange unit, and further enhancing heat exchange efficiency. A heat... Agent:

20110198063 - Tubular heat exchanger, and method of producing a tubular heat exchanger: A tubular heat exchanger includes a substantially cylindrical sheathing tube having a center piece and two end pieces of a length which is shorter than a length of the center piece. Two perforated bases are respectively received in the end pieces and sized to occupy a cross section thereof, and... Agent: Polytetra Gmbh

20110198064 - Cooling structure for electronic device, and a method: This disclosure relates to a cooling structure for an electronic device including an inlet for conveying a flow in a first flow direction towards a first component and an outlet for conveying the flow further. To deter dirt particles from proceeding to electronic components, the cooling structure can include a... Agent: Abb Oy

20110198065 - Condenser: A first header tank to which first heat exchange tubes of second and third exchange paths are connected and a second header tank to which second heat exchange tubes of a first exchange path are connected are provided at the left end of a condenser such that the former is... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110198066 - Single use heat exchanger: The present invention relates to a device incorporating a single use heat exchanger that is sterilized prior to use in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology or related industries and is used for the heat transfer between one, two or more fluids and is connected to an application, container or process by... Agent:

20110198069 - Article for magnetic heat exchange and method of fabricating an article for magnetic heat exchange: An article for magnetic heat exchange comprising a magnetocalorically active phase with a NaZn13-type crystal structure is provided by hydrogenating a bulk precursor article. The bulk precursor article is heated from a temperature of less than 50° C. to at least 300° C. in an inert atmosphere and hydrogen gas... Agent: Vacuumschmelze Gmbh & Co., Kg

20110198068 - Heat dissipation structure having combined cooling fins: The present invention relates to a heat dissipation structure comprising a metal base and a plurality of cooling fins, wherein the metal base is formed with a receiving space therein for receiving a heat generating object, an outer surface of the metal base is equidistantly formed with a plurality of... Agent: Sun-lite Sockets Industry Inc.

20110198067 - Sheet having high thermal conductivity and flexibility: [Solving Means] Provided is a sheet having a high thermal conductivity and flexibility, in which graphite layers and elastic layers are stacked alternately, and each of ends of the graphite layer in its surface direction or each of ends of a graphene protrudes from an end of the elastic layer... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110198070 - Motor-vehicle with an auxiliary cooling system including one or more radiators constituted by vehicle body components: A motor-vehicle is provided with an auxiliary cooling system, having a low temperature cooling liquid, entirely independent from the cooling circuit of the engine and including a radiator located at the front part of the motor-vehicle facing the radiator of the cooling circuit of the engine. The auxiliary cooling circuit... Agent: C.r.f. Societa Consortile Per Azioni

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110192564 - Thermally conductive foam material: An energy supply system includes an energy storage device including a housing. The energy supply system also includes a sheet material in contact with the housing. The sheet material includes a foam layer. The sheet material has a thermal conductivity of at least 0.1 W/mK and a thickness of at... Agent: Saint-gobain Performance Plastics Corporation

20110192565 - Arrangement and method for utilizing the heat of waste air for heating the bilge area of aircraft: The present application describes an arrangement and a method for utilizing the heat of waste air for heating the bilge area of aircraft, wherein the bilge area is connected to a heat transfer unit via a first air supply pipe, through which a bilge air flow drawn in from the... Agent: Airbus Deutschland Gmbh

20110192566 - Thermal storage system for use in connection with a thermal conductive wall structure: There is described a thermal storage system for transferring and storing heat in the ground, the thermal storage system comprising pumping means configured to circulate a working fluid, a heat exchanger, a supply output, a length of pipe, a return inlet and a thermally conductive ground engaging footing such that... Agent:

20110192567 - Condenser with a nebulizer having a low-voltage direct current motor: A condenser has a body mounted on the seat, a nebulizer and a nebulizing disk. The body has two condensing units. An open space is formed between the condensing units. The nebulizer is mounted beside the body and has a low-voltage direct current motor and a shaft. The shaft is... Agent:

20110192568 - Modular heat-dissipating device: A modular heat-dissipating device includes an electronic device, a cold plate and a heat-dissipating base. The electronic device includes a casing, a covering plate and a circuit board. The circuit board is disposed within the casing. Plural electronic components are disposed on the circuit board. The cold plate, the casing... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20110192569 - Portable weld cooling systems: Portable weld cooling systems include a plurality of weld cooling instruments operable to combine to provide cool air to a weld area created by a weld fusion machine, and a portable cabinet comprising a transportation section and a storage section, the transportation section operable to facilitate the movement of the... Agent: Fast Fusion, LLC

20110192570 - Heat exchanger with telescoping expansion joint: A heat exchanger comprises a shell comprising a hollow shell body and separate shell end members attached thereto. A number of tubes is disposed within the shell body which is sized to permit both ends of the tubes to project outwardly therefrom to facilitate access for attaching the tubes ends... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110192572 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger including a first heat sink, a second heat sink and a water-cooling unit. The first heat sink has a first contact section and multiple radiating fins. At least one cooling chip is attached to the first contact section. At least one first fan is disposed on the... Agent:

20110192573 - System and method for moving a first fluid using a second fluid: A first fluid is moved using a second fluid. The first fluid may be moved using a ferrofluid attracted by an electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field may be generated by an electromagnetic source connected to a conduit, and the first fluid may move through the conduit. In an embodiment, the... Agent:

20110192571 - Water-cooling heat dissipation system for led signboard: A water-cooling heat dissipation system for LED signboard includes a frame, at least one water pipe system, and at least one water-cooling unit. At least one heat receiving section and at least one LED module in contact with one another are mounted to the frame. The water pipe system includes... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20110192574 - Cooling structure, electronic device using same, and cooling method: A maintenance-free cooling structure is provided which, by removing bubbles produced on a boiling surface utilizing an action other than buoyancy, heat change (heat transfer) is effectively brought about on the boiling surface, thus enabling efficient cooling and its miniaturization and low power consumption. The cooling structure has an evaporation... Agent:

20110192577 - Heat sink for dissipating a thermal load: A heat sink for dissipating a thermal load is disclosed that includes one or more heat sink bases configured around a central axis of the heat sink so as to define an interior space, at least one heat sink base receiving the thermal load, a thermal transport connected to the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110192575 - Passive device with micro capillary pumped fluid loop: Each loop of the device includes an evaporator and a condenser connected by an outer tube in a portion of which extends a thermally insulating sleeve having one end that can lead into the condenser and another end that surrounds a first portion (8a) of a microporous mass provided in... Agent: Astrium Sas

20110192576 - Vapor chamber and edge-sealing structure thereof: A vapor chamber includes a first cover and a second cover covering on the first cover. The first cover has its periphery bent to form a first folded edge, and the second cover has its periphery bent to form a second folded edge. The second folded edge is superposed on... Agent: Leader Trend Technology Corp.

20110192578 - Vehicle cooling system: The invention relates to a cooling arrangement (20) of a vehicle (10) which is moveable in a direction of travel (30), which cooling arrangement (20) comprises two heat exchanges (22, 24) and a face (26) which, during operation, sucks air through the heat exchangers (22, 24) and discharges the air... Agent:

20110192580 - Heat exchange device and heat generating element containing device using same: The invention is provided with main body case (4) containing therein an air blower for circulating ambient air and a heat exchanger for exchanging heat between the ambient air circulated by the air blower and inside air, flange (13) provided in main body case (4) and having wall surface joining... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110192579 - Total heat exchange element and total heat exchanger: A total heat exchange element, includes: a first flow passage through which a first airflow passes; a second flow passage through which a second airflow passes; and a partition plate that is arranged to separate the first flow passage and the second flow passage from each other and conduct total... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110192582 - Multi-slab multichannel heat exchanger: Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) systems and multi-slab heat exchangers are provided that include fluid connections for transmitting fluid between groups of tubes. The fluid connections may include generally tubular members fluidly connected to manifold sections. The fluid connections also may include partitioned manifolds containing tubes of different... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20110192581 - Process for producing member for heat exchanger and member for heat exchanger: In supplying flux to a brazing heat exchanger member, a given amount of the flux is stably adhered to brazing portions without interposing any substance which becomes unnecessary for the brazing such as binder. In manufacturing a heat exchanger member, particles containing flux are injected to a surface of a... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110192583 - Aluminum alloy clad member adopted to heat exchanger, and core material for the same: A core material for an aluminum alloy clad material contains Si in a content of 0.3% to 1.5% (hereinafter “%” means “percent by mass”), Mn in a content of 0.3% to 2.0%, Cu in a content of 0.3% to 1.5%, Ti in a content of 0.01% to 0.5%, and B... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd)

20110192584 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a plurality of tubes and a plurality of projection portions. Each of the plurality of tubes has a flat cross section that is taken along a plane perpendicular to a tube longitudinal direction. The plurality of projection portions is formed on an inner wall of each... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110192588 - Heat conducting sheet, manufacturing method thereof, and heat radiator that utilizes the same: A heat conducting sheet including a composition, wherein the composition contains plate-form boron nitride particles (A) having an average particle diameter of more than 10 μm and 60 μm or less, and an organic polymer compound (B) having a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 50° C. or lower, the plate-form... Agent: Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.

20110192586 - Heat-dissipation structure of led lamp: A heat-dissipation structure of an LED lamp is disclosed. The LED lamp includes a metal profile, a lampshade attached to the metal profile from bottom, a lamp head mounted around the combined lampshade and metal profile, a printed circuit board set in receiving recesses bilaterally formed below the metal profile,... Agent: Fong Kai Usa, Inc.

20110192587 - Thermal management of electronic devices: Thermal management is provided for a device. The device may include a substrate having a mounting area on a first surface of the substrate. The device may also include first thermal vias extending from the mounting area to at least an interior of the substrate. The device may also include... Agent: Juniper Networks, Inc.

20110192585 - Water spread limiting system for pre-insulated piping: A section of pipe is used in a pre-insulated piping system where the system is made up of lengths of insulated and jacketed pre-insulated piping. Each length of piping is made up of an inner carrier pipe having an interior surface and an exterior surface. An envelope of foamed insulation... Agent: Thermacor Process, Lp

08/04/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110186263 - Heat exchanger for the outer skin of an aircraft: A heat exchanger for an outer skin of an aircraft comprises at least one feed line for a coolant, at least one discharge line for the coolant and at least one bundle of coolant channels through which coolant flows, wherein in the case of the heat exchanger being attached to... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20110186265 - Attachment arrangement for a heat sink: An attachment arrangement for a heat sink includes, but is not limited to, an attachment surface defined on the heat sink. A thermally conductive adhesive is disposed on the attachment surface. A substrate is attached to the attachment surface via the thermally conductive adhesive. The thermally conductive adhesive defines a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110186264 - Beverage bottle and can chilling device: A device attachable to a beverage container such as a bottle or can that serves to increase the rate at which a beverage contained within the bottle or can is chilled from room temperature to a cooler temperature suitable for consumption. The device is a semi-rigid disc having a serrated... Agent:

20110186267 - Heat transfer device with anisotropic thermal conducting micro structures: An isotropic thermal conducting material are arranged in a heat dissipating device to create directional adiabatic heat transfer. In one embodiment, a preferential heat conduction is provided between a heat source and an absorption layer, an absorption layer and a cooling substance, and a cooling substance and a dissipation layer.... Agent: Suna Display Co.

20110186266 - Heat transfer device with anisotropic thermal conducting structures: An isotropic thermal conducting material are arranged in a heat dissipating device to create directional adiabatic heat transfer. In one embodiment, a preferential heat conduction is provided between a heat source and an absorption layer, an absorption layer and a cooling substance, and a cooling substance and a dissipation layer.... Agent: Suna Display Co.

20110186268 - Flat type heat pipe device: A flat type heat pipe device includes a packaging unit and a bonding member. The packaging unit further includes a first shell member and a second shell member. The first shell member has a work zone, a first joining part surrounding the work zone and an upright stop part disposed... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20110186269 - Thermal module: An exemplary thermal module includes a heat absorbing member, a heat sink, a heat conducting member connecting the heat absorbing member with the heat sink, and centrifugal fan. The heat absorbing member has four fixing portions for fixing the thermal module. The heat sink includes a base and a fin... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110186270 - Heat transfer device with anisotropic heat dissipating and absorption structures: Anisotropic thermal conducting materials are arranged in a heat dissipating device to create directional adiabatic heat transfer. In one embodiment, a preferential heat conduction is provided between a cooling substance and a dissipation layer, between a heat source and an absorption layer, and between an absorption layer and a cooling... Agent: Suna Display Co.

20110186271 - Heat dissipation apparatus with coarse surface cappable of intensifying heat transfer: A heat dissipation apparatus with coarse surface capable of intensifying heat transfer comprises a base plate, a plurality of plate members, a flow passage, and a heat transfer reinforced unit; the plate members each extend upright from the base plate in parallel; the flow passage is formed between any two... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20110186272 - Radiator: A radiator comprising two or more radiator sections (1). Adjacent radiator sections (1) are in fluid communication with one another via a coupling (2). The coupling (2) comprises a fluid channel through which fluid is flowable between adjacent radiator sections (1), a liquid sealing gasket (8) for providing a liquid-tight... Agent: Sensitivity Limited

20110186273 - Conditioning module for conditioning two fluids that are substantially at rest: A fluid conditioning module, comprising: a pump and at least one additional conditioning device, wherein the pump generates a fluid cycle of at least one fluid to be conditioned between a fluid sump, the pump and the conditioning device, and wherein the at least one fluid is substantially at rest... Agent:

20110186274 - Plate heat exchanger: The invention relates to a plate heat exchanger (1) comprising at least one cassette (2a-c) formed by a pair of adjacent plates (3a, b) in a plate stack (10). An inner heat transfer duct (4) runs between adjacent plates (3a, b) within the cassette (2a-c). An insulating duct (6, 12)... Agent:

20110186275 - Tube bundle heat exchanger for controlling a wide performance range: A tube bundle heat exchanger includes tubes channeling a gas flow and a pressure shell enclosing the tubes channeling a coolant flow. First and second nozzles are disposed at a rear end of the pressure shell and third and fourth nozzles are disposed at a front end of the pressure... Agent:

20110186277 - Condenser: Three heat exchange paths P1 to P3 each formed by a plurality of heat exchange tubes 2 successively arranged in the vertical direction are provided in a condenser 1. A first header tank 3 and a second header tank 4 are separately provided at the left end portion of the... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110186276 - Heat exchanger assembly and method: A heat exchanger is described and illustrated, and in some embodiments includes a casing, a fluid flow path extending between first and second ends of the casing; first and second bundles of heat exchanger tubes in first and second portions of a fluid flow path extending through the casing, and... Agent:

20110186278 - Heat exchanger with radially arranged elements for isothermal chemical reactors: An isothermal chemical reactor (1) comprising an array of radially arranged plate-like heat exchange elements (11) inside a reaction space, each element comprising feeding and collecting ducts and a bundle of parallel tubes (15) defining channels (12) for a heat exchange medium, the tubes (15) having an elongated cross section... Agent: Methanol Casale S.a.

20110186279 - Radiator: A radiator includes a supporting part including a plurality of through openings formed therein and a plurality of cooling tubes, each of the cooling tubes received in at least one of the through openings formed in the supporting part, each of the cooling tubes having a generally U-shaped configuration, wherein... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20110186281 - Cooling tower having reduced microbial contamination: The invention relates to a cooling tower in which contamination with and proliferation of microorganisms can be prevented by incorporating composite materials and/or material combinations and an antimicrobial substance containing tungsten and/or molybdenum into the cooling tower.... Agent:

20110186282 - Method and device for adjusting the cooling and energy recovery of a steel strip in an annealing or galvanization phase: A method and a device adjust the cooling of a steel strip in an annealing or galvanization phase. The device is suitable for the forced cooling of a steel strip continuously running in a plant adapted for the continuous annealing or the continuous tempering galvanization. The device has at least... Agent: Siemens Vai Metals Technologies S.a.s.

20110186280 - Radiator fin and radiator fin component thereof: One or more radiator fins each includes two heat conducting vanes which are joined end to end and top to top. There are multiple strength vanes next to inner walls of the heat conducting vanes in the space between two heat conducting vanes. The radiator fins are made into porous... Agent: Kungtin Metallic Products Ltd.

20110186283 - Constant temperature circulator: An constant temperature circulator for maintaining a liquid at a constant temperature including a housing that encapsulates a controller, a display, a heating element, a temperature sensor, and an electric motor having an impeller. The housing includes a first port and a second port that cooperatively define a chamber that... Agent: Preston Industries, Inc.

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