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Heat exchange June invention type 06/11

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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110155343 - Heat or energy recovery housing and sealing system: A heat and energy recovery ventilator housing comprising at least one means for releasable sealing engagement of the at least one energy core to the housing and for providing an air tight seal between the at least one energy core and an interior of the housing, said sealing means positioned... Agent: Air Tech Equipment Ltd.

20110155344 - Heat dissipating assembly: A heat dissipating assembly includes a heat dissipating member, a bracket and a locking member. A male connector is coupled to the heat dissipating member with a cable. The bracket includes two securing plates. Each securing plate defines a positioning hole. A locking member is secured to the heat dissipating... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110155345 - Mounting apparatus for heat dissipating member: A mounting apparatus includes a chassis, a first securing plate, a second securing plate, and a locking member. The first securing plate is secured to the chassis and defines a through hole. The second securing plate is secured to the chassis and defines a slot. The locking member is located... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110155346 - Heat dissipation device with fan holder: A heat dissipation device includes a base plate, a bracket engaged with the base plate, a heat radiator mounted on the base plate and the bracket, a fan holder and a fan mounted on the fan holder. The base plate has first and second faces at opposite sides thereof. The... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110155347 - Economizer water recirculation system for boiler exit gas temperature control in supercritical pressure boilers: A fluid recirculation system includes an arrangement of a flow control valve located to receive a flow of fluid from an inlet. The system further comprises an economizer inlet mixing device located to receive the flow of hotter fluid from the arrangement of the flow control valve and from a... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd.

20110155348 - Liquid thermal interface material dispense and removal system: Systems and methods including testing of electronic components are described. One system relates to a system including a thermal control unit adapted to control the temperature of at least a portion of an electronic component during testing. The system includes at least one conduit extending through a portion of the... Agent:

20110155349 - Method and system for cooling hot gases by water injection: Hot gas, produced in a thermal reactor (1), can be cooled in a cylindrical cooling reactor (4) by leading the gas tangentially into the evaporative cooler through and inlet duct (2) whereby the gas perform a rotary movement in the evaporative cooler, and by injection water droplets into the gas... Agent: Dall Energy Holding Aps

20110155351 - Heat dissipation device with heat pipe: An exemplary heat dissipation device includes a fin assembly, a heat pipe, and a protective member. The fin assembly includes stacked fins and air passages between fins. Each fin includes a main body, an extending hole defined in the main body, and a flange extending from the main body around... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110155352 - Heat sink: A heat sink includes a base, a first fin provided on the base and including a first cutout portion, a first heat pipe including a first linear portion and a first curved portion, the first curved portion being provided in the first cutout portion, and a second heat pipe including... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110155350 - Structure of heat plate: A structure of heat plate includes a hollow portion formed adjacent to a side edge of a plate body or in a corner of the plate body. A seal tube is received in the hollow portion so that the plate body provides complete protection to the seal tube against deformation... Agent: Kunshan Jue-choung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110155353 - Liquid cooling device: A liquid cooling device is mounted in a large-sized overhead projector to absorb heat generated by a light-generating device. The liquid cooling device has a water tank, a heat sink, a liquid block assembly and a pump. The water tank has an outlet hole formed on the middle of the... Agent: Man Zai Industrial Co., Ltd.

20110155354 - Hvac system and zone control unit: HVAC systems, zone control units, and control systems are provided. An HVAC system employs distributed zone control units that provides for localized air recirculation. A zone control unit can include a return air section that receives return air from serviced building zones and can mix the return air with a... Agent:

20110155355 - Heat-dissipation unit coated with oxidation-resistant nano thin film and method of depositing the oxidation-resistant nano thin film thereof: A heat-dissipation unit coated with oxidation-resistant nano thin film includes a metal main body having a heat-absorbing portion and a heat-dissipating portion, both of which are coated with at least a nano metal compound thin film. To form the nano metal compound thin film on the heat-dissipation unit, first form... Agent:

20110155356 - Water circulation system associated with refrigerant cycle: The present invention relates to a water circulation system associated with a refrigerant cycle that includes an intermediate heat exchanger having a triple-pipe shape in which three independent flow passages are formed by three pipes having a concentric axis and different diameters. Accordingly, according to an embodiment of the present... Agent:

20110155357 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a shell; a pair of tube plates provided at both ends of the shell; a plurality of heat transfer tubes supported by the tube plates and housed in the shell; and a high-temperature fluid inlet connection for introducing a high-temperature fluid into the shell. A cooling... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110155358 - Heat exchanger for a motor vehicle: A heat exchanger for a motor vehicle, the heat exchanger including a collector extending in a longitudinal direction and having a bottom and a collector box, at least two connections provided in the collector box for feeding and draining a fluid, a plurality of exchange tubes ending in the bottom... Agent:

20110155359 - Hollow structures and associated method for conveying refrigerant fluids: The present invention relates to the field of flexible hollow structure suitable to convey a refrigerant fluid and methods for their use. Disclosed hollow structures comprising a layer made of a resin composition comprising one or more semi-aromatic polyamides and one or more functionalized polyolefins show a balance of properties... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110155361 - Heat dissipation module and portable device having the heat dissipation module: A heat dissipation module for lowering the temperature of a heating element is disclosed. The heat dissipation module comprises a heat dissipation module body, a container, and a liquid element. The heat dissipation module body is made of a heat conductive material; the container is installed in the heat dissipation... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20110155363 - Memory module assembly and heat sink thereof: A memory module assembly includes a plurality of memory modules and a heat sink assembly. Each of the memory modules includes at least one heat source. The heat sink assembly includes a heat dissipating plate and a plurality of heat transfer mediums. Each of the heat transfer mediums includes a... Agent:

20110155362 - Method and apparatus for heating coupling medium: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes an apparatus for heating a coupling medium, wherein the apparatus includes an external heat conductive unit, including a base for positioning a container storing the coupling medium, and an internal heat sink unit for absorbing heat from the heat generating unit of the ultrasound diagnostic... Agent:

20110155364 - Smart passive thermal devices and methods: Devices and methods for increasing and decreasing cooling capacity as thermal load increases by utilizing bimaterial. For increasing the cooling capacity, the upper plate of a thin film microchannel can be configured from a bimaterial, such that the upper layer possesses a higher linear thermal expansion coefficient than that of... Agent:

20110155360 - Surface mount heat sink apparatus: A surface mountable heat sink apparatus for use with surface mount electronic components comprises a heat dissipating body and a plurality of solderable feet complying with Surface Mounting Technology (SMT). The heat dissipating body and the solderable feet are made of different materials and of unitary construction. The solderable feet... Agent:

20110155365 - System and method for controlling a fan unit: A system and method for controlling a fan unit are described and shown. The system may comprise an electronic controller, an indoor sensor responsive to at least one characteristic of interior air, and an outdoor sensor responsive to at least one characteristic of exterior air. The electronic controller may cause... Agent:

20110155366 - Grey water heat recovery system: A grey water to clean water heat exchanger and methods of use. A heat exchanger having a copper coil carrying clean water inside a grey water discharge pipe is described. The heat exchanger can use counterflow geometry. The heat exchanger has a controller that directs grey water through a bypass... Agent:

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110146939 - Energy absorption and release devices and systems: A thermal storage device comprising a container containing a body of zeolite comprising a zeolite sieve and thermally conducting fins extending substantially into the body of zeolite in which said thermally conducting fins are thermally connected to a heat source.... Agent: Carbon Zero Limited

20110146940 - Heat storage system: The present invention relates to a heat storage system with a plurality of storage tanks, in which a latent heat storage medium is disposed, and with a conduit system with supply conduits for supplying heat into the storage tanks and with discharge conduits for removing heat from the storage tanks,... Agent: Rawema Countertrade Handelsgesellschaft Mbh

20110146941 - Energy recovery ventilator: An energy recovery heat exchanger (100) includes a housing (102). The housing has a first flowpath (144) from a first inlet (104) to a first outlet (106). The housing has a second flowpath (146) from a second inlet (108) to a second outlet (110). Either of two cores may be... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20110146942 - Distribution unit for a refrigerating fluid circulating inside an air conditioning loop and an air conditioning loop comprising such a distribution unit: The invention relates to a distribution unit (22) that is able to manage the circulation of a cooling fluid FR in an A/C loop (4). The distribution unit (22) comprises nine inlets E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6, E7, E8, E9 of the cooling fluid FR inside the distribution unit... Agent:

20110146944 - Heat exchanger mounting assembly: A mounting assembly for a heat exchanger for a gas turbine engine. The heat exchanger assembly includes a plurality of arcuate manifolds each supporting an array of fins extending from a radial inner surface. A plurality of circumferentially extending spaced weld tabs is integrally formed on the radial outer surface.... Agent:

20110146943 - Portable stand-alone outdoor air conditioning apparatus: An outdoor air conditioning tower for providing thermally conditioned air to users located proximate to the tower includes a tower housing defining at least one ambient air inlet, a first conditioned air outlet vertically positioned at a height to coincide with the torso of a standing human, and a second... Agent:

20110146945 - Vehicular control device: During the time period from the start of an engine to the completion of a catalyst warming-up, the drive of a blower in an air-conditioning equipment is inhibited to suppress the heat-exchange of the air, which is caused to flow in an air duct by the drive of the blower,... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110146946 - Method and cooler for cooling hot particulate material: A method as well as a cooler for cooling hot particulate material which has been subjected to heat treatment in an industrial kiln, such as a rotary kiln for manufacturing cement clinker may be configured such that hot material from the kiln is directed onto a grate in a cooler... Agent: Fl Smidth A/s

20110146948 - Fixing frame and heat dissipation device using the same: A heat dissipation device includes one of heat sinks with different specifications each of which includes a core and supports extending outwards and radially from the core, and a fixing frame receiving the one of the heat sinks therein. The fixing frame comprises a side plate, a plurality of vertical... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110146949 - Heat dissipation device: An exemplary heat dissipation device includes a heat-absorbing plate, a fin unit, a heat pipe connected to the heat-absorbing plate and the fin unit, and a clip spanning over the heat-absorbing plate and resting on the heat pipe. A fastening tab and a positioning tab are formed on the heat-absorbing... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110146947 - Heat dissipation device and clip thereof: An exemplary clip is adapted for fixing a heat sink to a heat generating component. The clip includes a body, a first engaging member, an operating member and a second engaging member. The body is adapted for pressing the heat sink. The first engaging member is formed at one end... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110146950 - Radiation heat exchanging air conditioning system and radiation heat exchanging ceiling thereof: A radiation heat exchanging air conditioning system and a radiation heat exchanging ceiling thereof are disclosed. The air conditioning system includes a heat pump system (7) and a water circulation system (8), and water circulation system (8) includes a heat exchanging device (11) for water, a pump (9), a heat... Agent:

20110146951 - Process and apparatus for transferring heat from a first medium to a second medium: The invention relates to a process and apparatus (1) for transferring heat from a first relatively cold medium to a second relatively hot medium, comprising a gastight rotor (4) rotatably mounted in a frame (2), and, mounted inside the rotor (4), a compressor (10), a first heat exchanger (8) for... Agent:

20110146952 - A heat exchanger: The present invention relates to a heat exchanger unit (13) for exchanging heat between a first fluid and a second fluid. The unit (13) comprises a flow passage for the first fluid and a flow passage for the second fluid, the flow passages are connected to inlets (9) and outlets... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20110146954 - Heat dissipation device: An exemplary heat dissipation device includes a fan having fixing cylinders, a heat sink having a supporting board, and fasteners fixing the fan to the heat sink. Each fastener includes a screwing pole, a first elastic member and a second elastic member encircling the screwing pole, and a fastening cylinder... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110146953 - Heat sink: A heat sink comprises a fin of the heat sink and a cooling set located on the fin of the heat sink. The fin of the heat sink includes a heat conduction portion and a plurality of cooling sheets extended integrally from the heat conduction portion. The heat conduction portion... Agent:

20110146955 - Heat-dissipation unit with heat-dissipation microstructure and method of manufacturing same: A heat-dissipation unit with heat-dissipation microstructure and method of manufacturing the same is disclosed. The heat-dissipation unit with heat-dissipation microstructure includes a main body internally defining a chamber; a wick structure formed on an inner surface of the chamber; and at least a SiO2 nano thin film coated on the... Agent:

20110146956 - High performance wick: A wicking apparatus includes a composite condenser membrane comprising a substrate layer, a vapor inlet end, a liquid discharge end, a plurality of cavities disposed in the substrate layer fluidly coupling the vapor inlet end to the liquid discharge end, and a nanoporous filler material disposed within the plurality of... Agent:

20110146957 - System and method for cooling a device subjected to heat in a vehicle, particularly an aircraft: A cooling system (10) for cooling a heat-loaded device (14) in a vehicle, particularly an aircraft, comprises a cooling circuit (12), through which flows a heat transfer fluid and which is thermally coupled to the heat-loaded device (14) in order to remove heat from the heat-loaded device (14). A heat... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20110146958 - Integrated air/oil reservoir cooler and noise reduction system: A cooling system and method are provided to cool a working fluid in an inner tank. The cooling system includes an outer tank and a gap formed between the inner tank and outer tank. The cooling system further includes a baffle disposed in the gap to damp a flow of... Agent:

20110146959 - Extended-range heat transfer fluid using variable composition: The present invention provides systems and methods for transferring heat using a variable composition organic heat transfer fluid that remains liquid over a wide operating temperature range useful for solar heating applications. Variable composition heat transfer fluids of the present invention comprise a miscible mixture, optionally a completely miscible mixture,... Agent:

20110146960 - Fan holder and heat dissipation device using the same: A fan holder adapted for fixing a fan onto a heat sink includes a frame, a fastener pivotedly connected with the frame, and a first resilient member disposed between the frame and the fastener. When the fastener is located at a first position, the first resilient member exerts a resilient... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110146961 - Method of manufacturing total heat exchange element and total heat exchange element: A total heat exchange element includes a sheet-like partitioning member and space holding members on both sides of the partitioning member to form air paths and performs a heat exchange via the partitioning member between an air flow flowing through an air path formed on one side of the partitioning... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110146962 - Arrangement in a liquid cooler: Arrangement for circulating liquid in a liquid cooler (11) intended particularly for power electronics appliances, inside which cooler at least two longitudinal main ducts (22, 23) are arranged and transverse ducts (21) arranged between them and connecting them, and in which cooler at least one of the longitudinal ducts is... Agent:

20110146963 - Heat exchanger tube and methods for producing a heat exchanger tube: The invention relates to a heat exchanger tube with a tube axis, with a tube wall, with a tube outside and with a tube inside. Continuously running, axially parallel or helically circling inner ribs are formed out of the tube wall on the tube inside, each inner rib having two... Agent:

20110146964 - Air conditioning system of portable data center: An air conditioning system of a portable data center includes a shipping container, plural data-processing devices and plural airflow-driving devices. The shipping container includes a partition plate and a bottom plate. The partition plate has plural hollow portions. The data-processing devices are disposed on the partition plate. The airflow-driving devices... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20110146965 - Cooling system with indirect humidity determination: A cooling system for a data center in which equipment racks are disposed has a cooling unit and a controller coupled to the cooling unit. The cooling system includes temperature sensors at or near the cooling unit's air return inlet, at or near the cooling unit's air supply outlet, and... Agent: Liebert Corporation

20110146966 - Cooling device: The cooling device has a fan having a fan wheel, and a heat sink, through which there is a flow for cooling purposes when the fan wheel rotates. The heat sink has guide vanes deviating from the radial direction and is embodied as an integral shaped part. In particular, the... Agent: Micronel Ag

06/16/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110139396 - Autonomous fluid mixing system and method: A vehicle includes a fluid mixing system. The fluid mixing system includes a fluid and a heat engine. The fluid has a first fluid region at a first temperature and a second fluid region at a second temperature that is different from the first temperature. The heat engine includes a... Agent:

20110139395 - Heat transport system and method: A heat transport system includes a fluid, a heat engine, and a component. The fluid has a first fluid region at a first temperature and a second fluid region at a second temperature that is different from the first temperature. The heat engine includes a shape-memory alloy disposed in contact... Agent:

20110139397 - Method for controlling the passenger compartment temperature of an electrically operated vehicle and an air-conditioning system for the electrically operated vehicle: A method for controlling the passenger compartment temperature of an electrically operated vehicle which has a battery (26), comprises the following steps: providing an air-conditioning system (10) with a coolant circuit (14), thermal coupling the coolant circuit (14) to the battery (26) in such a way that the battery (26)... Agent:

20110139398 - Cooling device for a vehicle: A cooling device for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle has a current-generating component that is embodied as a thermoelectric generator and has a side facing a cooling stream passing through the cooling device. The cooling stream dissipates heat generated by an operating unit of the motor vehicle.... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20110139399 - Heater unit, heating and cooling device, and apparatus comprising same: A heater unit has excellent uniform heat properties in a wafer placement surface, and is capable of rapid temperature increase and rapid cooling, also has high rigidity. A heating and cooling device that includes the heater unit is used as a manufacturing or inspection apparatus and is used for work... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20110139400 - Conversion set for a tube bundle heat exchanger: The present invention relates to a conversion set for a pipe bundle heat exchanger having a cylindrical housing. Using said conversion set, existing tube bundle heat exchangers can be changed over such that the efficiency and thus the heat transfer thereof is improved, large exchange surface areas are provided, and... Agent: Gesmex Gmbh

20110139401 - Ionic wind heat sink: An ionic wind heat sink includes a heat-dissipating structure and a high-voltage generator. The high-voltage generator is configured to output a positive high-voltage surge and a negative high-voltage surge. The high-voltage generator has a positive high-voltage end and a negative high-voltage end. A first electrical wire is electrically connected to... Agent:

20110139402 - Cooling system for a vehicle driven by a combustion engine: A cooling system in a vehicle (1) powered by a combustion engine (2). A first line circuit (4) for cooling the combustion engine (2) and a second line circuit (5) which receives coolant from the first line circuit (4) for cooling at least one medium in a heat exchanger (14a,... Agent:

20110139403 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger (15) comprising a plurality of generally parallel passages through which air is to pass in a first direction through a first set of passages (16) and in an opposite direction to said first direction through a second set of said passages (22), the passages of said first... Agent:

20110139404 - Heat exchanger and method for making the same: A method is provided, the method including providing a first tubular structure that defines a first passage. A sacrificial material can be disposed in the first passage. A second tubular structure can be provided so as to be adjacent to the first tubular structure, with the second tubular structure defining... Agent: General Electric Company

20110139406 - Pet cooling bed: Example embodiments of the pet cooling systems disclosed herein utilize heat transfer properties of water or other fluid in a top layer for holding a supply of water. The example embodiments herein increase the heat transfer properties of the water-filled layer by adding a second layer with an additional heat... Agent: K9 Necessity, LLC

20110139405 - System and method for heat transfer: A heat exchanger may be associated with a heat transfer system to promote flow of heat energy from a heat source to a multi-phase fluid. The heat exchanger may be associated with an expansion portion. The fluid may be a refrigerant to which nano-particles may be added. Embodiments of the... Agent:

20110139407 - Thermoelectric energy storage system and method for storing thermoelectric energy: A system and method for thermoelectric energy storage are disclosed. A thermoelectric energy storage system can include a heat exchanger which contains a thermal storage medium, and a working fluid circuit for circulating a working fluid through the heat exchanger for heat transfer with the thermal storage medium. The working... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20110139409 - Algae production: Methods and systems for algae production are provided, the methods and systems generally comprising providing at least one body of water having an algae population in suspension, growing algae, heating the body of water with a heat source, heating the algae process with a heat source, drying the algae with... Agent: Independence Bio-products , Inc.

20110139408 - Collector-radiator structure for an electrohydrodynamic cooling system: An electrohydrodynamic fluid accelerator includes an emitter electrode and leading surfaces of a collector electrode that are substantially exposed to ion bombardment. Heat transfer surfaces downstream of the emitter electrode along a fluid flow path include a first portion not substantially exposed to the ion bombardment that is conditioned with... Agent: Tessera, Inc.

20110139410 - Floating coil heat exchanger: The present application provides a heat exchanger assembly. The heat exchanger assembly may include a microchannel coil and a frame. The frame may include a slot to position the microchannel coil therein. A coil attachment may connect the microchannel coil at a first end of the frame.... Agent: Lennox International, Inc.

20110139411 - Heat transfer surface for electronic cooling: A cooling surface for cooling an electronic component, the surface having two sets of fins, each set of fins defining a set of channels, and a number of passageways connecting the sets of channels. The cooling surface can be attached to an electronic component, such as a chip, and refrigerant... Agent: Wolverine Tube, Inc.

20110139412 - Motor drive device: In the motor drive apparatus, a Hall element outputs a first sinusoidal signal and a second sinusoidal signal, of mutually opposite phases, in accordance with rotor position. A hysteresis comparator compares the first sinusoidal signal and the second sinusoidal signal outputted from the Hall element, and outputs a rectangular wave... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20110139413 - Flow distributor for a heat exchanger assembly: A heat exchanger including a pair of manifolds. An inlet is disposed on one of the ends of the first manifold. A core extends between the manifolds for conveying a coolant therebetween and for transferring heat between the coolant and a stream of air. A cross-over plate is disposed in... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110139414 - Low pressure drop fin with selective micro surface enhancement: The assembly includes a heat exchanger assembly including a plurality of tubes extending between first and second manifolds. A plurality of fins extend back and forth between and long the tubes in a continuous patch and define a plurality of legs extending between the tubes. Each of the legs includes... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110139415 - Connection device for a coaxial tube heat exchanger: A connection device of a double-walled heat exchanger tube is provided, in particular for the heat exchanger of a motor vehicle air conditioning system. The heat exchanger tube has an outer tube and an inner tube that runs coaxially inside the outer tube spaced radially apart from it. The connection... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110139416 - Internal heat exchanger for air conditioning system of motor vehicle and such a circuit: According to the invention, spacer means (30) of a thermal conductivity lower than that of the internal and external tubes are movably mounted at least in translation between these two tubes and extend over just part of the length of the external passage, at least one region of this passage... Agent: Hutchinson

20110139417 - Method for making brazed aluminum heat exchanger and apparatus: Disclosed is a heat exchanger comprising a boiling passage and cooling passage defined by opposite sides of metal walls. The heat exchanger is made with high strength alloys of aluminum that have improved creep resistance that maintain tensile strength and yield strength after use in this invention. Layers of brazing... Agent: Uop LLC

20110139419 - Heat exchanger: The invention refers to a plate heat exchanger where the heat exchanger comprises a first flow channel between a first plate and a second plate, and where the flow channel comprises a first distribution passage, a heat transfer passage and a second distribution passage, where the heat transfer passage is... Agent: Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

20110139418 - Plate cooler for fluids: A plate cooler for fluids, in particular hydraulic oil, having a parallelepiped-shaped package of plate bodies forming spaced-apart fluid channels, the air channels being interposed between adjacent plate bodies and the plate bodies communicate on their ends with fluid channels in a distributor box and a collection box, which are... Agent:

20110139420 - Heat exchanger with microchannel, parallel flow, all-aluminium flat tube welding structure and its application: The present invention discloses a heat exchanger with microchannel, parallel flow, all-aluminum flat tube welding structure, wherein the heat exchange part of the heat exchanger is formed by flat tubes composed of extruded thin-wall aluminum profiles in parallel arrangement. Compared to existing technology, the present invention has the following advantages:... Agent: Shanghai Oriental Mhe Co., Ltd.

20110139421 - Flow distributor for a heat exchanger assembly: A heat exchanger including a pair of manifolds. An inlet is disposed on one of the ends of the first manifold. A core extends between the manifolds for conveying a coolant therebetween and for transferring heat between the coolant and a stream of air. A cross-over plate is disposed in... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110139422 - Fluid distribution device: A heat exchanger assembly including a first manifold extending along an axis between first manifold ends and including an inner wall presenting an interior. A fluid distribution device is disposed in the interior of the first manifold and includes an inlet tube extending along the axis from an inlet end... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110139424 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger, especially a heat exchanger for a motor vehicle, is provided that includes a plurality of tubes, at least one collecting tube with a wall and openings in the wall, supports protruding from the wall in the axial direction of the openings being formed at the openings. Wherein... Agent:

20110139423 - Microchannel coil manifold system: The present application provides a microchannel coil manifold system. The microchannel coil manifold system may include a number of assembly inlet manifold sections that terminate in a first stub tube, a number of assembly outlet manifold sections that terminate in a second stub tube, and one or more microchannel coils.... Agent: Lennox International, Inc.

20110139425 - Two row bent evaporator: A core (26) extends through a circular bend (28) greater than 180 degrees to define a first leg (30) between the bend (28) and an inlet manifold (22) and a second leg (32) between the bend (28) and an outlet manifold (24). The legs (30, 32) are disposed in converging... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110139426 - Heat exchanger: In a heat exchanger that includes an expanded part of a duct, a heat-transfer tube bundle accommodating duct, and a plurality of heat-transfer tube bundles provided in the heat-transfer tube bundle accommodating duct in a flow direction of flue gas with a distance therebetween, a bare-tube-part upstream-side regulating plate and... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110139427 - Heat dissipation device: A heat dissipation device is that at least one rigidly heat-conducting material is disposed to a base of a heat dissipation fin set and extended among heat dissipation fins. At least one flexible superconductor passes through the heat dissipation fins. One end of the flexible superconductor is welded with the... Agent:

20110139428 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a plurality of flat tubes and at least one wavily folded fin disposed between a pair of the flat tubes. The fin includes a heat transfer portion having a folded portion joined to a planar portion of each of the pair of flat tubes, and a... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20110139430 - Heat dissipation system: A system for dissipating heat generated by an electronic system, for example an electronic device in an aircraft. The system includes a housing including an external lid covering the electronic system and configured to be in contact with a first cold source, and a second cold source located inside the... Agent: Airbus Operations S.a.s.

20110139429 - Shaped heat sinks to optimize flow: A heat sink with shape-optimized fins provides for improved heat transfer. Synthetic jets create vortices which enhance heat transfer and cooling of downstream fins, while the shape of the fins limits pressure drop in the flow over the cooling fins.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110139431 - Energy producing device: An energy producing device is provided that includes a heat exchanger section to provide a heat exchange material, and a thermal riser to receive the heat exchange material from the heat exchange section and to heat the heat exchange material based on a down-hole resource. The thermal riser may include:... Agent:

06/09/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110132570 - Compound geometry heat exchanger fin: A compound heat exchanger includes a plurality of adjacent, continuous fins. Each fin defines a channel having an associated fin axis. A first portion of each channel extends along the axis, and a second portion of each channel is tortuous in opposing directions about the axis.... Agent:

20110132571 - Systems relating to geothermal energy and the operation of gas turbine engines: A geothermal heat exchange system for use in a gas turbine power plant that includes an inlet plenum that directs a flow of air to a compressor that compresses a flow of air that is then mixed with a fuel and combusted in a combustor such that the resulting flow... Agent: General Electric Company

20110132572 - Heat exchange and waste heat recovery: A method for heat exchange between inbound vehicles and outbound vehicles moving through a drying furnace. Conveying tracks, one for the inbound vehicles conveyed into the drying furnace and another for the outbound vehicles conveyed out from the drying furnace, are provided in a single closed cross-section conduit. The closed... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110132573 - Heat dissipation device with rotation-locked heat sink: An exemplary heat dissipation device includes a heat sink and a fixing frame. The heat sink defines receiving depressions at an outer peripheral surface thereof. The fixing frame includes a peripheral side plate encircling the heat sink, fixing legs extending downwards from the side plate, and an elastic member disposed... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110132574 - Hydrogen storage system using hydrogen storage material: The present invention relates to a hydrogen storage system using a hydrogen storage material and can increase a heat exchanging efficiency by improving a contact frequency to the heat exchanger by vibrating the heat exchanger that is mounted in the hydrogen storage tank using the hydrogen storage material by using... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20110132575 - Cleaning industrial heat exchangers through utilization of thicknenss mode ultrasonics: Methods and apparatuses for cleaning heat exchangers and heat exchanger components utilizing thickness mode ultrasonics. Heat exchanger components are placed in a tank. The tank is filled with cleaning media. One or more thickness mode transducers are placed in the tank and the thickness mode transducers are operated to clean... Agent:

20110132576 - Two-phase heat transfer system including a thermal capacitance device and related methods: A two-phase heat transfer system includes an evaporator unit configured to receive heat from a source, a liquid line fluidly connected to the evaporator unit, a vapor line fluidly connected to the evaporator unit, and a condenser. The condensing unit includes a thermal capacitance device and a condenser integrated with... Agent: Alliant Techsystems Inc.

20110132577 - System for the use of waste heat: A system for using the waste heat produced from the production of liquefied or solidified heat sink refrigerant in the production of fuel that includes a liquefied or solidified heat sink refrigerant production system, a fuel production system, and a heat exchanger. The liquefied or solidified heat sink refrigerant production... Agent:

20110132578 - Heat-dissipating plate: A heat-dissipating plate has a casing and a supporting structure, where the casing has surrounding walls to define a receiving compartment therein confined by an inner wall. The inner wall is integrated with a capillary structure. Disposed inside the receiving compartment, the supporting structure includes a meshed partition and a... Agent: Cooler Master Co., Ltd.

20110132579 - Liquid submerged, horizontal computer server rack and systems and method of cooling such a server rack: Apparatus, systems, and methods for efficiently cooling computing devices having heat-generating electronic components, such as, for example, independently operable servers, immersed in a dielectric liquid coolant in a tank.... Agent: Green Revolution Cooling, Inc.

20110132580 - Device for cooling a vehicle battery: A device for cooling a vehicle battery is provided that includes a plurality of electrical storage elements, and a cooling element having ducts for a fluid to flow through, wherein the electrical storage elements are in thermal contact with the cooling elements and heat can be transmitted from the storage... Agent:

20110132581 - Temperature control for an information handling system rack: A system for controlling the temperature of a rack includes a connecting plenum configured to receive incoming cooling air from outside a rack for cooling the rack; a front plenum connected to the connecting plenum and configured to receive cooling air from the connecting plenum and deliver the cooling air... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20110132583 - Double flow heat exchanger device: The invention relates to a device (1) enabling the exchange of heat between a first fluid (2) and a second fluid (3) flowing counter current through the device, comprising: an outer casing (4) sealed against the two fluids, having a long shape that extends between first (7) and second (9)... Agent:

20110132582 - Fan module and heat dissipation device incorporating the same: An exemplary fan module a main fan and an assist fan. The main fan includes a rotor. The rotor of the main fan includes a hub and a plurality of blades around the hub. The assist fan is located below the hub of the main fan. The assist fan includes... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110132584 - Heat exchanger insulation gap: An aircraft heat exchanger that exchanges heat between fluid, like air, to be warmed and a medium, like a liquid, to be cooled has a first path that encounters the fluid to be warmed and carries the medium at a first temperature. A second path carries the medium at a... Agent:

20110132585 - Heat exchanger tube configuration for improved flow distribution: A microchannel heat exchanger includes for each channel, a serpentine shaped tube for providing a plurality of parallel flow passes for successively conducting fluid flow therethrough, and being fluidly interconnected between an inlet and an outlet manifold. Multiple circuits are obtained by the individual serpentine shaped tubes. Various methods are... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20110132586 - Heat exchanger with tube bundle: A heat exchanger includes a tube bundle including a plurality of heat exchanger tubes, each of the heat exchanger tubes having an inlet, an outlet, an outer surface, and a generally U-shaped bend region disposed between at least two straight tube ends, wherein at least a portion of the at... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20110132587 - Multichannel evaporator with flow mixing manifold: Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) systems and heat exchangers are provided which include manifold configurations designed to promote mixing of vapor phase and liquid phase refrigerant. The manifolds contain flow mixers such as a helical tape, sectioned volumes, and partitions containing apertures. The flow mixers direct the flow... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20110132589 - Heat exchanger grooved tube: A heat exchanger grooved tube is made of a copper alloy having a 0.2% proof stress of greater than or equal to 40 N/mm2, and the relationship among the fin width b, the number N of fins (3), and the root thickness t is represented by 8<bN/t<20.... Agent:

20110132588 - System and method for energy-saving inductive heating of evaporators and other heat-exchangers: The present invention provides a novel fins-on-tubes type evaporator/heat exchanger system that is optimized for energy-saving inductive heating thereof, for example by way of application of Pulse Electro-Thermal Deicing/Defrosting (PETD) or equivalent technique thereto, by configuring it to increasing its resistance to a value at which the system's reactance at... Agent: Icecode, LLC

20110132590 - Helically wound finned tubes for heat exchangers and improved method for securing fins at the ends of the tubes: A finned tube for heat transfer from one medium to a second medium, and the method of manufacture, is disclosed. A helical fin of the finned tube has an area of compressed fins positioned proximate an insertion section which has a metal tube exposed with the helical fin removed therefrom.... Agent: Harsco Corporation

20110132591 - Heat exchanger and method of manufacturing same: Provided are a heat exchanger having a novel structure and efficiently cooling a heat generating body, and a method of manufacturing the heat exchanger. A heat exchanger has flow paths formed by being closed by an upper plate and a lower plate which have rectilinearly formed upstanding fins parallelly arranged... Agent: Nippon Soken, Inc.

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20110127004 - Regenerative thermal energy storage apparatus for an adiabatic compressed air energy storage system: A system and method for a thermal energy storage system is disclosed, the thermal energy storage system comprising a plurality of pressure vessels arranged in close proximity to one another, each of the pressure vessels having a wall comprising an outer surface and an inner surface spaced from the outer... Agent:

20110127005 - Cooling module and pair of adapters for module standardization: In order to standardize the structure of a cooling module with and without a main radiator and thus to make a cooling module equally usable for motor vehicles with an internal combustion engine as well as with an electric motor and for hybrid vehicles it is provided to replace the... Agent:

20110127006 - Heat dissipation device: An exemplary heat dissipation device includes mounting feet and fasteners mounted on the mounting feet. Each fastener includes a shaft and two latching portions extending outwardly from an outer circumference of an end of the shaft. Each mounting foot defines a through hole allowing extension of the end of the... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110127007 - Cooling device and method for the manufacturing thereof: A cooling device comprises a main body (4) and an adapter device (5) arranged at an end (4a) of the main body. The main body is provided with a plurality of channels (6, 7) running from one to the other one of the oppositely located ends of the main body.... Agent: Danaher Motion Stockholm Ab

20110127008 - Valve assembly with an integrated header: A valve assembly (1) comprising an inlet opening, a distributor and an outlet part comprising at least two outlet openings. The distributor comprises an inlet part (5) fluidly connected to the inlet opening, and is arranged to distribute fluid medium received from the inlet opening to at least two parallel... Agent:

20110127009 - Heat exchanger for vehicular air conditioning apparatus: In a heater core that constitutes part of a vehicular air conditioning apparatus, a plurality of first and second tubes are provided through which heated water flows through the interior thereof, and fins having louvers therein are disposed between the first and second tubes. Further, the heater core is equipped... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110127011 - Heat exchanger: An exemplary heat exchanger includes evaporator channels and condenser channels, connecting parts for providing fluid paths between evaporator channels and the condenser channels, a first heat transfer element for transferring a heat load to a fluid in said evaporator channels, and a second heat transfer element for transferring a heat... Agent: Abb Research Ltd.

20110127010 - Multi-passage thermal sheet and heat exchanger equipped therewith: The present invention concerns further a heat exchanger having an outer cover, at least two heat transfer modules, at least one of which represents a multi-passage thermal sheet module according to the invention, and feed and discharge lines for a cooling or heating agent supply which are connected with the... Agent:

20110127012 - Heat dissipation device: A heat dissipation device includes a heat sink and a heat pipe extending through the heat sink. The heat sink includes a plurality of fins overlapped with each other. An air passage channel is defined between every two adjacent fins for an airflow flowing therethrough. Each of the fins defines... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110127013 - Heat-radiating component and method of manufacturing the same: A heat-radiating component includes a wick layer formed on an inner wall of a hermetically sealed container made of metal and a working fluid encapsulated in the hermetically sealed container. In the wick layer, micro carbon fiber is mixed into metal powder. In one aspect, the wick layer is a... Agent: Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

20110127014 - Globally cooled computer system: A globally cooled computer system for providing liquid cooling to a plurality of electrical components. The globally cooled computer system includes an electronics unit having a plurality of electronics components attached to a plurality of cards and a card cage for providing structural support to the cards, a fluid management... Agent: Isothermal Systems Research, Inc.

20110127015 - Microchannel heat exchanger module design to reduce water entrapment: A microchannel heat exchanger has a core having at least one heat exchange tube bank having a plurality of flow channels with a small hydraulic diameter less than 5 mm. A means is provided to reduce the amount of water retained on the external surfaces of the at least one... Agent:

20110127016 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a housing having first and second longitudinal housing walls disposed in opposite relationship, and plural cartridges which are made from extruded aluminum sections and have channels for flow of a first medium there through. The cartridges are received in the housing in alternating relationship in several... Agent: Benteler Automobiltechnik Gmbh

20110127019 - Bell-mouth structure of air blower: A bell-mouth structure of an air blower provided around a blade wheel of an axial-flow air blower for guiding air from an air suction side of the blade wheel to an air blow-out side including an air blow-out wall portion that intercommunicates with an air blow-out opening and extends substantially... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110127017 - Heat dissipation device and fan module thereof: An exemplary fan module includes a main fan and an assist fan. The main and assist fans each include a rotor which includes a hub and a plurality of blades around the hub. The assist fan is located below the hub of the main fan. Inner sides of the blades... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110127018 - Self-contained electrochemical heat transfer system: A self-contained heat transfer system conveys heat from a first heat reservoir at a relatively low temperature to a second heat reservoir at relatively high temperature, the heat transfer system defining a closed loop that contains a working fluid. The self-contained heat transfer system includes a hermetically-sealed housing that defines... Agent: Xergy Incorporated

20110127020 - Method for manufacturing a cooling element and a cooling element: A method for coating the base element of a cooling element used in connection with a metallurgical furnace or the like, said base element being mainly made of copper, at least partly with a metal coating involves a step wherein the metal coating is explosion welded to the base element... Agent: Outotec Oyj

20110127021 - Spiral recuperative heat exchanging system: A heat exchanging system is provided. The heat exchanging system includes multiple plates wound spirally around a reaction chamber. The multiple plates also form multiple channels that operate as a counter flow recuperator terminating within the reaction chamber.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110127022 - Heat exchanger comprising wave-shaped fins: A heat exchanger for exchanging heat between a first fluid and a second fluid is disclosed; wherein the heat exchanger has improved thermal efficiency and low fluid back pressure. The heat exchanger comprises conduits for conveying the first fluid, wherein the conduits include a plurality of flow passages. The flow... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20110127023 - Design characteristics for heat exchangers distribution insert: A heat exchanger includes heat exchange tubes, a manifold, and a distribution insert incorporating orifices that communicate a fluid into the manifold for distribution into the heat exchange tubes. A design characteristic of the distribution insert and another design characteristic of at least one of the distribution insert, the manifold... Agent:

20110127024 - System and method for cooling an electronic device: A system for cooling an electronic device having a heat-generating component includes a passive cooling device having a cooling ability designed to expire after a predetermined amount of heat is absorbed from the heat-generating component and an active cooling device configured to at least one of dissipate heat generated by... Agent:

20110127025 - Air conditioner for a motor vehicle: An air conditioner is provided for a motor vehicle, which has a controller and at least thermal conditioning element/thermal conditioner (such as a heater and/or cooler), which is coupled with at least one thermal storage medium arranged inside a passenger cell of the vehicle. The heater and/or cooler can be... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110127026 - System and method for reducing the thermal inertia of an electronic display: A system and method for controlling the cooling fan within an electronic display based on the amount of ambient light present. An ambient light sensor is used to measure the amount of ambient light which is contacting the display. To anticipate a temperature rise and lower the thermal inertia of... Agent: Manufacturing Resources International, Inc.

20110127027 - Cooling method and cooling system of electronic device: a condensation temperature or a condensation pressure of the cooling-medium gas in the cooling tower or the condenser is configured to be not varied even when the flow rate of the cooling-medium liquid supplied to the evaporator is subjected to the valve control.... Agent: Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd.

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