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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110120666 - Geo-thermal and solar energy conservation system utilizing expandable fluids and methods thereof: Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to a system for geo-thermal and solar energy conservation utilizing expandable fluids and methods thereof. More specifically, embodiments of the present invention relate to system for increasing energy efficiency in residential or commercial structures through the use of carbon dioxide in a geo-thermal... Agent:

20110120667 - Systems and methods for use in freezing, thawing, and storing biopharmaceutical materials: A system for use in freezing, thawing, transporting or storing biopharmaceutical materials which includes a container, a holder and plurality of heat transfer members. The container is configured to hold biopharmaceutical materials therein. The holder has a cavity for receiving the container and includes an interior surface bounding the cavity.... Agent: Sartorius Stedim North America Inc.

20110120668 - Heat sink assembly having a fin also functioning as a supporting bracket: The supporting tabs engage with a top surface of the base plate to support the fins onto the base plate and reinforce a whole strength of the heat sink assembly. The heat spreader is mounted below the base plate. The heat pipe includes a horizontal evaporating portion sandwiched between the... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110120669 - Liquid metal thermal storage system: Embodiments of this invention relate generally to high temperature thermal energy storage, and more specifically, to the use of the latent heat of fusion of melting and solidifying metals to receive from and provide heat to a gaseous medium. Embodiments of this invention are also known as the Liquid Metal... Agent:

20110120670 - Combination portable computer cooling support and carrying case: The present invention achieves technical advantages as a combination portable computer carry case and cooling support with an deployable/expandable and retractable receptacle, such as a pocket. The device is configured to receive a portable computer for carrying in a first orientation, and also configured to support the portable computer at... Agent:

20110120671 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a plurality of tubes, a collection tank having an inlet port and an internal chamber in fluid communication with the plurality of tubes, a header coupled to the collection tank and having a plurality of apertures each dimensioned to receive a corresponding tube, a gasket separating... Agent:

20110120672 - Oil free falling film heat exchanger: A falling film plate type heat exchanger. The heat exchanger includes a pressure vessel surrounding an encapsulated stack of plates. Each plate has a primary fluid side and a secondary fluid side. The primary fluid will be a refrigerant—such as R-134a. The secondary fluid will typically be water. A film... Agent:

20110120673 - Systems and methods of thermal transfer and/or storage: Systems, methods, and computer-implemented embodiments consistent with the inventions herein are directed to storing and/or transferring heat. In one exemplary implementation, there is provided a system for transferring/storing heat comprised of a heat exchange/storage apparatus including a chamber, and a heat input device adapted to heat/provide a vapor into the... Agent:

20110120674 - Titanium-based thermal ground plane: Titanium-based thermal ground planes are described. A thermal ground plane in accordance with the present invention comprises a titanium substrate comprising a plurality of pillars, wherein the plurality of Ti pillars can be optionally oxidized to form nanostructured titania coated pillars, and a vapor cavity, in communication with the plurality... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110120675 - Device for cooling an adhesive product that is packaged in a non-adhesive envelope: A device for cooling products (12) that include an adhesive material that is packaged in a non-adhesive envelope, includes at least one sloped pipe (13) into which flows a cooling liquid that can transport the products, at least one element (20) for evacuating at least a portion of the cooling... Agent: A.g.2.n. Industrie

20110120676 - Cool ride: The present invention may include a cooling system for the user which may include a spray dispenser for dispensing fluid spray on the user, a steering handle or other available mounting surface to mount the spray dispenser, a fluid reservoir to store the fluid, and a fluid pump to pump... Agent:

20110120677 - Heat exchanger having a vortex tube for controlled airflow applications: A heat exchanger device is provided. The device includes, but is not limited to, a vortex tube and a hollow tube. The vortex tube includes, but is not limited to, a fluid supply tube connected with a swirl chamber, an inlet of a first inner tube connected with an outlet... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20110120678 - Heat exchanger network: A heat exchanger grid includes a stack including and arranged between end plates and further includes dividing plates and spacers arranged between the end plates to form sealed chambers for at least two heat exchange media. The end plates include one or both of inlet and outlet openings for the... Agent: Autokuhler Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110120679 - Piezoelectric fan and cooling device: A piezoelectric element is attached to a vibrating plate. By expanding and contracting the piezoelectric element, the vibrating plate is bent. The vibrating plate includes removed regions on both sides of a portion to which the piezoelectric element is attached. The vibrating plate includes a plurality of the blades provided... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110120680 - Apparatus and process for the separation of process condensate in steam reforming: An apparatus is provided for drying a gas by gradually releasing and condensing the moisture in various chambers of a column, different pressures and different temperatures thus being present in the chambers of the column. The gas to be dried is first fed into the bottom chamber, where the largest... Agent:

20110120681 - Heat exchanger and air conditioner having the same: A heat exchange fin in a heat exchanger is disposed between two refrigerant pipes spaced apart from each other includes a guide protrusion including first inclined planes inclined upward along opposite sides of a center line of a refrigerant pipe row in a symmetric fashion and second inclined planes inclined... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110120682 - Method and device for the absorption of heat in a vacuum coating apparatus: An apparatus and method for heat absorption in vacuum coating installations includes an absorber having a line system to supply a coolant. The line system is enclosed by a jacket tight relative to the vacuum chamber, flow spaces are arranged between the line system and the jacket, which are connected... Agent: Von Ardenne Anlagentechnik Gmbh

20110120683 - Solid matrix tube-to-tube heat exchanger: A heat exchanger includes a heat-exchange section including a first group of tubes and a second group of tubes alternating with the first group of tubes. The first and second groups of tubes are in contact with a heat-conductive medium. In one structure, a first inlet manifold at a first... Agent: Kappes, Cassiday & Associates

20110120684 - Arrangement introduced in air cooler equipment with self-drying reservoir of condensed water: “ARRANGEMENT INTRODUCED IN AIR COOLER EQUIPMENT WITH SELF-DRYING RESERVOIR OF CONDENSED WATER”, it consists essentially of an equipment (1) to be used in the tissue cooling, as auxiliary in procedures of laser treatment among others that in contact with the tissue produces a temporary cryoanalgesia, whose distinction is the fact... Agent:

20110120685 - High efficiency heat exchanger and dehumidifier: A heat exchanger (20) comprising: a pair of generally planar, heat conducting plates (10) arranged in spaced, generally parallel relationship; spacing elements (22) separating the plates (10) from one another and defining first (26) and second (28) flow channels between the plates (10) for flow in a first direction and... Agent: Oxycom Beheer B.v.

20110120686 - Dual-directional cooler: A heat exchanger for use in cooling a flow of compressed gas with a flow of cooling fluid includes a body portion having a first end, a second end, and a space between the first end and the second end. A tube bundle includes a first tube sheet, a second... Agent:

20110120687 - Channel system: Present invention relates to a channel system for improving the relation between pressure drop and heat, moisture and/or mass transfer of fluids flowing through said system, said channel system comprising at least one channel comprising at least a first and a second flow director, said channel having a cross-section area... Agent:

20110120688 - Aluminum tube - aluminum fin baseboard radiator: A baseboard radiator element is formed of an aluminum tube and fins or vanes of aluminum sheet. An elongated strip of sheet aluminum is bent into a fin assembly of generally rectangular fins alternating with spacer members, with the fins having central apertures. The fin assembly is placed into a... Agent: International Controls And Measurements Corporations

20110120691 - Air cooling equipment for heat treatment process for martensitic stainless steel pipe or tube: Air cooling equipment 100 for a heat treatment process for a martensitic stainless steel pipe P in accordance with the present invention comprises: a conveying device 10 for intermittently conveying the steel pipe P in the direction substantially at right angles to the longitudinal direction of the steel pipe P;... Agent: Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.

20110120689 - Heat exchanger radiating fin structure and heat exchanger thereof: A heat exchanger radiating fin structure and a heat exchanger thereof. The radiating fin includes a main body and at least one rib. The main body has a first plane face and at least one lateral side. Multiple depressions are formed on the first plane face. The rib is disposed... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20110120690 - Method of forming a heat exchanger having a brazed core assembly: A method of manufacturing a heat exchanger having a brazed core with parallel tubes separated by and contacting centers that extend parallel to the tubes. The method utilizes a brazing fixture that enables the core to expand during brazing due to thermal expansion of the tubes and centers and maintains... Agent:

20110120692 - Radiation transmitter: Radiation transmitter, also called radiation semiconductor, is a structure that can rectify and gather the random radiation from a single heat source. It is known from the Fermat's principle that light in a medium with graded index usually deflects from an area with high refractive index to an area with... Agent:

20110120693 - Integrated evaporative cooler and flat plate air to air heat exchanger: This invention is an integrated system comprised of a flat plate, air-to-air heat exchanger, ducting and controls, and an AZFlow™ direct evaporative cooler in configurations where the system is able to provide air that has been cooled well below the ambient wet-bulb to temperatures approaching the dew point. These include:... Agent: Az Evap, LLC

20110120694 - Air conditioner and communication method thereof: An air conditioner in which a Carrier Sensing Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA) algorithm is provided on a bidirectional RS-485 communication line, and a communication method thereof. The air conditioner includes an RS-485 communication module to transmit and receive data in an RS-485 communication mode, and a microcomputer to determine presence... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110114283 - Heating and air conditioning unit for motor-vehicles: A heating and air conditioning device for motor-vehicles, comprises a unit for suctioning and supplying air (13) and a heating and air conditioning unit (1), including a heater (2) and an evaporator (3) and a mixing lid (4) for distributing the airflow coming from the supply unit (13) between said... Agent:

20110114284 - Optimizing the efficiency and energy usage of a geothermal multiple heat pump system: The system of this invention provides a compact module containing a suitable digital data receiver and controller programmed to receive temperature and flow data and to calculate the needed flow in each loop to meet the thermal demand of the heat pump or pumps, and to signal the earthloop pump,... Agent:

20110114285 - Copper-niobium, copper-vanadium, or copper-chromium nanocomposites, and the use thereof in heat exchangers: We propose here a class of new materials for high heat-flux applications including high flux heat exchangers, rocket engines, jet engines, gas turbines, space-plane wings, and fusion reactors. The materials are nano-composites formed from copper and a refractory metal, especially niobium, vanadium, or chromium, but also potentially silver, iron, tantalum,... Agent:

20110114286 - Vehicle heat-exchange module and vehicle having the same: An object is to provide a vehicle heat-exchange module capable of optimizing the whole of a stator blade that deflects a flow in the swirling direction produced by a cooling fan, thereby reducing the work performed by the cooling fan and eventually reducing the input power to the cooling fan,... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110114287 - Chassis with distributed jet cooling: A chassis with distributed jet cooling is provided. The chassis includes one or more sidewalls defining a volume configured to substantially surround one or more heat generating components positioned within the volume. The chassis further includes at least one array of fins thermally coupled to a respective one of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20110114288 - Packing element for heat and mass transfer towers: A tower (A) for effecting heat transfer or chemical reactions contains a packing (B) formed from a multitude of packing elements (2, 28). Each element includes a peripheral wall (10, 30) and a convoluted interior wall (12, 32) that spirals inwardly from the peripheral wall toward the center of the... Agent: Acid Piping Technology, Inc.

20110114289 - Cold chassis for electronic modules and method of making same: A cold chassis and method of making a cold chassis for electronic modules featuring the fabrication of individual brazed cooling ribs each including microchannels along the length thereof and a peripheral flange. A set of adjacent ribs are secured together and assembled onto at least one face of a frame... Agent:

20110114290 - Fluid-cooled vibratory apparatus, system and method for cooling: A vibratory apparatus includes a trough assembly comprising first and second plates, the first and second plates joined together in close proximity so as to define a space through which a fluid may pass at a high velocity, a vibration generator coupled to the trough assembly, and a frame resiliently... Agent:

20110114292 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger 10 includes a conduit 12 for conveying cooling fluid relative to a body to be cooled. A heat transfer arrangement 62 is arranged in communication with an interior of the conduit 12, the heat transfer arrangement 62 and the conduit 12 together defining an assembly that is... Agent: Auckland Uniservices Limited

20110114291 - Method and reactors for gasification of fuels in the form of dust, solids, or liquids, such as coal, petroleum coke, oil, tar, or the like: With a method for cooling units subjected to stress at high temperatures, in cooled reactors for gasification of fuels that contain carbon, using gasification media that contain oxygen, whereby the reactor walls are cooled by way of a coolant circuit, penetration of substances from the reactor into the cooling circuit... Agent: Uhde Gmbh

20110114295 - Heat dissipation module: An exemplary heat dissipation module includes a base defining four through apertures and four fasteners. The base forms four sleeves surrounding the four through apertures, respectively. The sleeve has a through slot defined therein along an axial direction thereof thereby separating the sleeve into two clamping portions spaced from each... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110114294 - Heat removal in compact computing systems: A low profile heat removal system suitable for removing excess heat generated by a component operating in a compact computing environment is disclosed.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110114293 - Manufacturing method, finished product and fixture of coplanar evaporators of multiple heat pipes: In a manufacturing method, finished product and fixture of coplanar evaporators of multiple heat pipes, the method is first to provide a plurality of heat pipes, each of which has an evaporator formed a heated face thereon; then, the evaporators are moved closely to one another in a manner, such... Agent:

20110114296 - Cooling module: A cooling module is presented, which includes a heat sink and a fan unit. The heat sink provides a base plate and a plurality of fins, with an outlet extending through the base plate and the fins formed on a first surface of the base plate, and with a second... Agent:

20110114297 - Heat-dissipating device: A heat-dissipating device comprises a heat-dissipating member, at least one heat-dissipating fan, and a rotation control unit. The heat-dissipating member has an airflow chamber inside and includes a plurality of air-guiding holes in communication with the airflow chamber. Each of the at least one heat-dissipating fan has two air-guiding portions,... Agent:

20110114298 - Method of lowering temperature of substrate table, computer-readable storage medium, and substrate processing system: A method of lowering a temperature of a substrate table uses a substrate W processing system including a first substrate table 2b; one or more processing chambers 1b, in each of which the first substrate table 2b is disposed, the processing chamber being configured to perform a predetermined process, with... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110114299 - Flat tube with turbulence insert for a heat exchanger, heat exchanger having such flat tubes, as well as method and device for production of such a flat tube: The present invention relates to a flat tube for heat exchangers, particularly for charge air coolers, having a turbulence insert that lies on the inside, as well as to a heat exchanger, particularly a charge air cooler, having such flat tubes, and to a method for production of such a... Agent:

20110114300 - Heat exchanger of upward combustion type condensing boiler: A heat exchanger of an upward combustion condensing boiler maximizes latent-heat recovery efficiency by causing the flow direction of exhaust gas to coincide with the flow direction of condensed water in a latent heat exchange unit. The heat exchanger includes a sensible heat exchange unit that absorbs sensible heat generated... Agent: Kyungdong Navien Co., Ltd.

20110114301 - Heat dissipation apparatus and method for manufacturing the same: A heat dissipation apparatus includes fins each including a body and blades extending radially outwardly from the body. The blades define cutouts therebetween. The fins are stacked together in such a manner that the cutouts of the fins cooperatively form airflow guiding channels each extending spirally from top to bottom.... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110114302 - Heat exchanger: The invention describes a method for producing a plate heat exchanger 1. Wavy profiled sheets 9 and separating sheets 10, together with sidebars 11, are stacked one above the other, provided with solder and soldered together in such a way that a block 2 is obtained. The block is closed... Agent: Linde Ag

20110114303 - Ultrasonic probe having heat sink: The present invention provides an ultrasonic probe which includes a heat sink (150) provided in a rear layer (140) to dissipate heat. The heat sink is coupled to a rear surface (141) of the rear layer such that contact area there between are increased. The heat sink includes a plurality... Agent: Humanscan Co., Ltd.

20110114304 - Method for the hydraulic compensation and control of a heating or cooling system and compensation and control valve therefor: The invention relates to a method for the hydraulic compensation and control of a heating and cooling system. The system comprises at least one pump and a plurality of lines respectively comprising a compensation and control valve and a load. The method for compensation and control consists of the following... Agent: Belimo Holding Ag

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110108233 - Heating and cooling network for buildings: Device for heating and cooling, respectively, more than one house, where at least two small houses (1) are connected to a common energy storage (2) in the ground and where a control device (3) is arranged to transport a heat carrier in a pipe work (4) connected to the energy... Agent: Scandinavian Energy Efficiency Co Seec Ab

20110108234 - Fastening device and heat dissipation apparatus using the same: A fastening device includes a fixing bracket and a fastener. The fixing bracket includes a fixed arm and two adjusting arms respectively connecting at two ends of the fixed arm. Each of the two ends of the fixed arm defines a plurality of spaced retaining slots. The retaining slots are... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110108235 - Method for manufacturing a cooling element and a cooling element: A method for manufacturing a cooling element for a metallurgical furnace, wherein there is arranged a frame element mainly made of copper and provided with water cooling channels; in the frame element, there are arranged fastening elements for connecting refractory bricks to the frame element; and refractory bricks are connected... Agent: Outotec Oyj

20110108236 - Heat dissipation device: An exemplary heat dissipation device includes a round heat sink and a fixing frame. The heat sink defines receiving depressions at an outer peripheral surface thereof. The fixing frame includes a peripheral side plate disposed around the heat sink and fixing legs corresponding to the receiving depressions of the heat... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110108237 - Heatsink with flexible base and height-adjusted cooling fins: One embodiment provides a heatsink having a flexible base and height-adjusted cooling fins. The flexible base includes a single base plate, with cooling fins and heat pipes secured directly to an upper surface of the single base plate. The use of the single base plate allows the length of the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110108238 - High-efficiency enhanced boiler: The invention provides high-efficiency heat transfer devices and apparatuses In one embodiment, the invention includes a vessel capable of containing the heat transfer medium, a conduit extending through a wall of the vessel, the conduit having a first surface for contacting the heat transfer medium and a second surface for... Agent:

20110108239 - Hybrid cooling system for aircraft applications: An aircraft cooling system includes a refrigerant cycle including a first heat exchanger. A liquid cycle passes a liquid through the first heat exchanger, at which it is cooled by a refrigerant in the refrigerant cycle. An air cycle compresses air and delivers the compressed air into a second heat... Agent:

20110108240 - Tapping apparatus and cooling apparatus with two heat exchangers and method for the formation of a tapping or cooling apparatus: A tapping apparatus, provided with a first heat exchanger (9) and a second heat exchanger (11), wherein the first heat exchanger has a refrigerant side and a fluid side, and the second heat exchanger comprises a refrigerant side and a fluid side, wherein the fluid side of the second heat... Agent: Heineken Supply Chain B.v.

20110108242 - Method and apparatus for cooling a temperature-sensitive assembly of a motor vehicle: A cooling arrangement for cooling a temperature-sensitive assembly, (such as an electrical assembly) of a motor vehicle includes a condenser for liquefying at least a partial volume of a cooling medium in a cooling circuit, and an evaporator disposed downstream of the condenser on which the cooling medium can impinge... Agent: Daimler Ag

20110108241 - Method for making phase change products from an encapsulated phase change material: The present invention provides methods of producing manufactured aggregates and other compositions from an encapsulated PCM slurry, suspension or emulsion by combining a cementitious binder and an adsorbent and/or absorbent with the PCM slurry. The encapsulated PCM can be introduced as damp cake or dry form as alternatives to the... Agent:

20110108245 - Circuit board forming diffusion bonded wall of vapor chamber: A method for providing a high in-plane and through-plane thermal conductivity path between a heat producing electronic device and a heat sink is described. A vapor chamber is formed of a bottom metal shell and a top plate which are diffusion bonded together at their edges. The top plate is... Agent: Dsem Holdings Sdn. Bhd.

20110108244 - Heat sink: A heat sink includes a base board, a fin group, heat pipes, and a radiation plate. The fin group includes a plurality of fins arranged on the base board at right angles to the base board. Each of the heat pipes has the shape of the letter “U,” is arranged,... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110108243 - Plate-type heat pipe: An exemplary plate-type heat pipe includes a hermetic container, working fluid contained in the container, a first wick portion and two second wick portions formed on inner surfaces of the container. The container includes an evaporating plate and a condensing plate facing each other. The evaporating plate includes a heat... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110108246 - Tubular system for electrochemical compressor: A heat transfer system defines a closed loop that contains a working fluid that is circulated through the closed loop. The heat transfer system includes an electrochemical compressor including one or more electrochemical cells electrically connected to each other through a power supply. Each electrochemical cell includes a gas pervious... Agent: Xergy Incorporated

20110108247 - Cooling apparatus for semiconductor element: A semiconductor element cooling apparatus includes: a first member whose first surface on which a semiconductor element is mounted, and whose second surface has fins that define coolant flow paths, and that extend in a first direction, and that stand from the second surface to a predetermined height, and that... Agent: Nippon Soken, Inc.

20110108248 - Apparatus and method for heat recovery from rotary kilns: An apparatus and method for recovering heat radiating from the outer surface of a rotary kiln includes an enclosure formed as a stationary housing that has an axially extending opening and closure flaps on circumferential ends of the housing extending towards the shell to form a chamber and an exhaust... Agent:

20110108249 - Heat exchanger: In order to alleviate reduction in a heat exchange capability and to further improve the heat exchange capability, a heat exchanger of the present invention includes: a heat sink; and an electron emitting element which is provided so as to be separated from the heat sink by a space and... Agent:

20110108251 - Fan housing and heat dissipating fan with fan housing: A fan housing includes a plastic casing having a skirt-board and a lateral wall. The skirt-board includes inner and outer peripheries spaced in a radial direction while the plastic casing further includes a first coupling portion formed along the inner periphery of the skirt-board. The lateral wall extends from a... Agent:

20110108250 - Heat dissipating device: A heat dissipating device includes a casing having a compartment. At least one heat conducting board is mounted in the compartment and divides the compartment into first and second chambers. The first chamber includes a plurality of openings. At least one fan unit is mounted in the first chamber and... Agent:

20110108252 - Radiator module: A radiator module having a coolant inlet duct and a coolant outlet duct and two radiators. The first radiator has a first core connected between a first inlet tank and a first outlet tank and the second radiator has a second core connected between a second inlet tank and a... Agent:

20110108253 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger (10) is manufactured from a single piece of heat-conducting material and comprises fins (20) for guiding a fluid and for transferring heat between the fluid and the heat exchanger, wherein between the fins are provided transverse fins (24) which extend in a direction substantially transversely of the... Agent:

20110108254 - Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger collects exhaust heat of high temperature so as to warm up an engine and to heat a cabin and a battery and reduces noise of an exhaust gas. The heat exchanger may include a case provided with an exhaust inlet at one side and an exhaust outlet... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20110108255 - Plate heat exchanger: The invention relates to a plate heat exchanger that includes a plurality of first and second heat exchanger plates provided beside each other for forming a plate package having a surrounding edge side and first plate interspaces for a first medium and second plate interspaces for a second medium. A... Agent: Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

20110108256 - Total heat exchanging element and total heat exchanger: A total heat exchanging element includes a partitioning component to which a water-soluble moisture-absorbing agent has been added that is a component partitioning between a first laminar air-flow path and a second laminar air-flow path that are layered; a spacing component that forms the first laminar air-flow path and the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110108257 - Heat exchange bulkhead: A base plate is more effectively cooled, and the efficiency of cooling the base plate is further improved. In a heat exchange bulkhead 1 that includes a base plate 20 and a plurality of pin-fins 21 provided upright on the surface 20a of the base plate 20, a cooling medium... Agent:

20110108258 - Plate-type heat exchanger, particularly for motor vehicles: A heat exchanger (10) comprises an alternating stacking of first plates (12) and second plates (14) provided respectively with first corrugations (16) separated by a first pitch (P1) and second corrugations (18) separated by a second pitch (P2), which is different from the first pitch (P1). Between the plates, first... Agent:

20110108260 - Heat exchanger fin including louvers: A heat exchanger includes a first header, a second header and heat exchange tubes that extend between the first header and the second header. A fm is located between two adjacent heat exchange tubes, and the fm includes fin plates each having louvers. Each of the louvers includes a first... Agent:

20110108259 - Oil cooler for a motorized vehicle: An oil cooler which is relatively compact in size, yet provides for efficient fluid movement to reduce the temperature of the oil without requiring an external fan, fins or the like is configured to include multiple, parallel paths (i.e., pipes) through which the motor oil flows and is cooled before... Agent: Twin Air B.v. Holland

20110108262 - Hydrophilic member, fin stock, aluminum-made fin stock, heat exchanger and air conditioner: A hydrophilic member endowed with sufficient hydrophilicity and excellent in the water resistance, antifouling property and scratch resistance can be provided, which is a hydrophilic member comprising a base material having provided thereon a hydrophilic film formed from a hydrophilic composition containing (A-1) a hydrophilic polymer having at least one... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110108261 - Three-layered cold/hot controller: A three-layered cold/hot controller comprises a semiconductor plate, a first metal plate, and a second metal plate. The semiconductor plate has a top and a bottom contact surface and connected with a power source. When the semiconductor plate is electrified, the top contact surface of the semiconductor plate forms a... Agent:

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110100583 - Reinforced thermal energy storage pressure vessel for an adiabatic compressed air energy storage system: A thermal energy storage system comprises a pressure vessel configured to withstand a first pressure, wherein the pressure vessel has a wall comprising an outer surface and an inner surface surrounding an interior volume of the pressure vessel. The interior volume of the pressure vessel has a first end in... Agent:

20110100584 - Method of determining effective heat transfer capability of a fluid coolant composition: A method of determining effective heat transfer capability of a fluid coolant composition, the method comprising the steps of: determining a critical cooling effectiveness percentage value for the fluid coolant composition; and determining whether the critical cooling effectiveness percentage value is greater than zero percent, thereby determining whether the fluid... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110100585 - Cooling apparatus: A cooling apparatus is provided for an electrical device that gives off heat during operation. The cooling apparatus has a housing (2) with a cavity and inlet and outlet openings (15, 18) that communicate with the cavity. A cooling insert (8) is disposed in the cavity and has depressions (21,... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c.f. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

20110100588 - Dx system interior heat exchanger defrost design for heat to cool mode: A DX heating/cooling system includes an automatic hot gas by-pass valve (1) for preventing frosting of an interior heat exchanger/air handler (6) when the system is switched from the heating mode to the cooling mode, and a specially sized TXV (7) by-pass refrigerant flow means (12), where the automatic hot... Agent: Earth To Air Systems, LLC

20110100589 - Subsea heat exchanger: Subsea convection heat exchanger (1) for cooling or heating a hydrocarbon-containing fluid in subsea environment. The heat exchanger (1) comprises a convection section with a fluid carrying pipe (7) adapted for heat transfer between the carried fluid on one side of the pipe wall and the surrounding water on the... Agent:

20110100586 - Vertical fluid heat exchanger installed within natural thermal energy body: The present invention relates to a vertical relay fluid storage barrel installed with fluid inlet and fluid outlet for whole or in part placement into natural thermal energy body in vertical or downward oblique manner, wherein a thermal energy exchanger is installed inside the relay fluid storage barrel temporarily storing... Agent:

20110100587 - Vertical fluid heat exchanger installed within natural thermal energy body: The present invention relates to a vertical relay fluid storage barrel installed with fluid inlet and fluid outlet for whole or in part placement into natural thermal energy body in vertical or downward oblique manner, wherein a thermal energy exchanger is installed inside the relay fluid storage barrel temporarily storing... Agent:

20110100590 - Geosolar temperature control construction and method thereof: A geosolar temperature control building construction system wherein a concrete wall defines a temperature delivery system, comprising the concrete wall having insulation on at least an outer surface, the concrete wall structure positioned at a first elevation in the earth, the first elevation being below a frost line for a... Agent: Gs Research LLC

20110100591 - Metallic frame for doors and windows with thermal break by a water radiator: A metalwork frame for doors and windows with thermal break having a hollow frame and a radiator located inside the inner space of the hollow frame. The radiator includes a hot water conduit including a plurality of fins placed around its outer side. The radiator is adapted to be connected... Agent:

20110100592 - Outdoor cooling or heating system creating a substantially open temperature-controlled zone for personnel: A cooling or heating system creating an open, unbounded, temperature-controlled zone for personnel having HVAC equipment for producing and delivering cooled or heated air, an apertured deck member capable of supporting personnel, and air delivery conduits connecting the HVAC equipment with said deck member. The system may be transportable.... Agent:

20110100593 - Hybrid heat exchange apparatus: A hybrid heat exchange apparatus for indirectly transferring heat between a process fluid and ambient air includes an evaporative heat transfer cell operative in a wet mode or a dry mode, a dry heat transfer cell and a fan. The air may bypass the dry heat transfer cell to flow... Agent: Evapco, Inc.

20110100594 - Water separator and system: A water separator and system includes a compressed air aftercooler and water/moisture separator with a demister core comprising a plurality of offset fins. In one embodiment, the compressed air aftercooler comprises a compressed air core having an aftercooler inlet, an aftercooler outlet at the bottom of the compressed air core,... Agent: Api Heat Transfer Inc.

20110100595 - Fastener and heat dissipation device using the same: An exemplary fastener used for connecting at least two components together includes a bolt, a shell, and an elastic member. The bolt has a head, a shaft, an engaging portion, and a threaded portion in series. A diameter of the engaging portion is larger than a diameter of the shaft... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110100596 - Local seal casing of the \"maze\" type, for a passenger compartment heating, ventilation and/or air conditioning installation: A casing (1) is dedicated to housing a heat exchanger (3) in a heating, ventilation and/or air conditioning installation, for example of a motor vehicle. The heat exchanger (3) comprises an air inlet face (12), an air outlet face (13), a rear end face (15), a front end face (14),... Agent: Valeo Climatisation S.a.

20110100597 - Water-cooled heat sink: A water-cooled heat sink includes a base, a box, a propelling module, a driving module, and a plurality of conduits. The box is disposed above the base, and receives a cooled liquid. The driving module includes a first magnet. The base defines a plurality of channels. The propelling module includes... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110100598 - Cooling arrangement: The invention relates to an arrangement for cooling at least one electrical and/or electronic component and/or group of electrical/electronic components by means of a cooling body. The cooling body demonstrates at least one recess into which the electrical/electronic component and/or the group of electrical/electronic components to be cooled can be... Agent:

20110100599 - System for cleaning heat exchangers: A mobile heat exchanger cleaning system, in particular for power plant heat exchangers, allows a heat exchanger to be safely and reliably cleaned. The cleaning system has an apparatus for collecting, introducing and removing cleaning bodies, a pump for pumping a fluid with cleaning bodies and at least one connector... Agent: Taprogge Gmbh

20110100600 - Heat dissipation device: A heat dissipation device includes a heat conducting board attached to an electronic component mounted on a printed circuit board, a fin unit disposed on the heat conducting board, a fixing module and a fan secured on the fixing module. The fixing module comprises a pivoting post extending through the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110100602 - Adiabatic cooling unit: An adiabatic cooling unit (20) comprising a fluid conduit (26), a cooling cell (28), and a building-cooling unit heat exchanger (30) is provided. A cooling fluid (24) flows from the building-cooling unit heat exchanger (30) to the cooling cell (28) and returns to the building-cooling unit heat exchanger (30) through... Agent: United Metal Products, Inc.

20110100601 - Methods of using hydrofluoroethers as heat transfer fluids: wherein Rf may be the same or different and is, independently, selected from the group consisting of perfluorinated alkylene groups which may be linear, cyclic, or branched having from 1 to 10 carbon atoms, partially fluorinated alkylene groups having from 1 to 10 carbon atoms, and derivatives thereof wherein one... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110100603 - Microchannel cooling device for small heat sources: According to the invention, an apparatus for transferring heat with a target is disclosed. The apparatus may include a body which defines a surface, inlet and outlet ports, inlet and outlet manifold passages, and heat transfer passages. The surface may couple the target with the body. The inlet port may... Agent: Science Research Laboratory, Inc.

20110100604 - Heat radiating device and manufacturing method of heat radiating device: A heat radiating device for radiating heat of a circuit, includes a heat pipe which has a first straight portion and a second straight portion parallel with the first straight portion, and a curved portion connected to the first and second straight portions, a first base which is in contact... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110100605 - Cooling device and system: A novel heat pipe and a cooling system that employs the heat pipe are disclosed. The heat pipe has a configuration in the form of a nail that includes a flattened upper section and an elongated lower, section. The heat pipe may be in the form of nail shape or... Agent:

20110100608 - Flat heat pipe with hook capillary tissue: A flat heat pipe with hook capillary tissue includes a metal pipe, a capillary tissue and working fluid. The metal pipe is in a flat shape and formed by enclosing two opposite panels and two opposite sidewalls, and a hollow chamber is formed in the metal pipe. The capillary tissue... Agent:

20110100606 - Heat dissipating cavity: A heat dissipating cavity includes a cavity made of high thermal conductive material having a plurality of heat dissipating fins on the outside thereof, and temperature equalizing elements including heat pipes and heat expansion plates, which can be used individually or collectively. The heat generated by the heating electronic elements... Agent: Beijing Avc Technology Research Center Co., Ltd.

20110100607 - Heat dissipating cavity of looped heat pipe: A heat dissipating cavity of looped heat pipe structure includes a cavity made of high thermal conductive material having a plurality of heat dissipating fins on the outside thereof, and looped heat pipes. The heat generated by the heating electronic elements inside the cavity is first effectively conducted to the... Agent: Beijing Avc Technology Research Center Co., Ltd.

20110100610 - Heat dissipating device and heat dissipating fin: A heat dissipating device includes a base, a heat pipe disposed on the base, and a plurality of first and second heat dissipating fins. Each first heat dissipating fin includes a fin body having a first through hole for extension of the heat pipe therethrough. The first and second heat... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20110100609 - Heat dissipation device: A heat dissipation device includes a heat pipe, a first fin unit, a second fin unit, and a centrifugal fan arranged on the first fin unit for drawing air from the first fin unit to the second fin unit. The heat pipe includes an evaporation section, a first condensing section... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110100611 - Thermoelectric energy storage system and method for storing thermoelectric energy: A system and method are provided for thermoelectric energy storage. A thermoelectric energy storage system having at least one hot storage unit is provided. In an exemplary embodiment, each hot storage unit includes a hot tank and a cold tank connected via a heat exchanger and containing a thermal storage... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20110100612 - Liquid cooling device: A liquid cooling device includes a heat-dissipating member, a driving member and a heat-absorbing member connected together to form a heat transfer loop. A coolant is filled in the heat transfer loop. The heat-absorbing member defines therein a receiving chamber. A heat sink and a heat pipe are received in... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110100613 - Protective cap for coated heat sink and heat sink module having the same: An exemplary heat sink module includes a heat sink, a thermal interface material and a protective cap. The heat sink includes a base and a heat conducting block integrally projecting from a bottom surface of the base. The thermal interface material is disposed on a bottom surface of the heat... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110100614 - Heat exchanger: One or more embodiments of the present invention relates to a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger comprises a pair of header-tanks having at least one partition wall and at least one baffle; a plurality of tubes; and a plurality of fins. A communication hole is formed on the partition wall... Agent: Halla Climate Control Corp.

20110100615 - Aluminum alloy strips for brazed heat exchanger tubes: A brazing sheet made up of a core sheet made of aluminum alloy covered on at least one side with a layer of cladding forming a sacrificial anode. The layer of cladding is formed of an aluminum alloy of chemical composition, in % by weight: Si: >2.0-7.0; Fe<0.5; Cu<1.0; Mn:... Agent: Alcan International Limited

20110100616 - Heat radiating structure and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention provides a heat radiating structure including: a metal substrate having a front surface facing a light emitting device, a rear surface opposite to the front surface, and side surfaces connecting the front surface and the rear surface; an oxide film pattern covering the front surface of the... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110100617 - Air-conditioning apparatus: The invention relates to an air-conditioning apparatus which regulates at least the temperature of at least one room to a predetermined temperature desired value (TRAUM SOLL) by ventilation with heated or cooled supply air. The air-conditioning apparatus has a supply air motor (15) which feeds the supply air over a... Agent:

20110100618 - Data center with low power usage effectiveness: A system for providing cooled air to electronic equipment includes a data center having electronic equipment in operation, a plurality of on-floor cooling units, and a cooling water source. The on-floor cooling units cool air warmed by the electronic equipment. The cooling water source is configured to supply cooling water... Agent: Exaflop, LLC

20110100619 - Temperature control apparatus and method for an automotive cooling system: A temperature control valve 10 for regulating the flow of coolant 15 in an automotive cooling system 11 that includes an engine 12 and a radiator 14. The temperature control valve 10 includes a valve body 40 having an inlet 42 and an outlet 46, a first valve assembly 100... Agent: Melling Do Brasil Componentes Automotivos Ltds.

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